seb128vuntz: re00:03
seb128vuntz: around?00:04
vuntzseb128: yes. Tell me it crashes :-)00:05
seb128should I lie? ;-)00:05
seb128it doesn't crash00:05
seb128but it displays no weather now00:05
seb128I think he doesn't detect my current location00:06
seb128it gives me a "set" button next to each location in the list00:06
vuntzisn't this expected?00:06
seb128I had one location which has a house icon before00:06
seb128and some weather00:06
vuntzthat's sad :-)00:07
seb128I'm homeless now due to you!00:07
seb128I want my home back ;-)00:07
vuntzseb128: can you go in applets/clock/ and compile system-timezone.c with the instructions in the header?00:08
vuntzthen run it00:08
seb128does't work, hum00:09
seb128where should SYSTEM_ZONEINFODIR etc be defined?00:09
vuntzin system-timezone.h00:10
seb128system-timezone.c:348: erreur: «SYSTEM_TIMEZONE_ERROR» undeclared (first use in this function)00:10
seb128hum, weird00:11
vuntzmove the include for system-timezone.h00:12
vuntzit's in the #ifdef while it shouldn't00:12
seb128ah, indeed00:13
seb128$ ./system-timezone00:13
seb128which is correct00:13
seb128my locations use the luxembourg timezone00:14
seb128let me try the hardy version ;-)00:14
vuntzI know00:15
vuntzyou used the old clock applet00:15
vuntzwhich didn't modify /etc/timezone00:15
seb128and why did gnome-session stopped replying00:15
vuntzso you have /etc/localtime which is set to Luxembourg but /etc/timezone set to Paris00:15
seb128ah, likely00:15
vuntzstop replying?00:15
seb128gnome-session-remove --list just hangs00:16
seb128idem when trying to remove gnome-panel or nautilus00:16
seb128anyway no big deal there00:16
seb128ok, the set button updated /etc/timezone correctly00:17
seb128and I have some weather now00:17
seb128still no home icon though00:17
vuntzweird, I have a home icon here00:17
vuntzadd your location again00:17
seb128that's because I had metz and luxembourg using the luxembourg timezone00:17
vuntzit's probably set to luxembourg too in gconf ;-)00:17
seb128after removing luxembourg it's working00:18
seb128I've a home again ;-)00:18
seb128adding locations doesn't work00:19
vuntzerr, I didn't touch this00:19
seb128well, I do pick a city, it selects the right timezone, I ack the dialog and the list doesn't change00:20
vuntzit works here00:20
seb128nop, restarting the panel makes no difference00:22
vuntzI'll just pretend it's your fault ;-)00:23
seb128vuntz: you broke it!00:26
seb128vuntz: I downgraded to the hardy version which works fine to confirm and upgraded again and still the same issue00:26
seb128nothing printed on the command line though00:27
vuntzseb128: the gconf key is not changed?00:28
seb128what gconf key?00:28
seb128vuntz: /apps/panel/applets/clock_screen0/prefs/cities has only one location00:29
vuntzso it's not saved00:29
seb128do you want me to gdb break on some function?00:29
vuntzseb128: yep00:30
vuntzseb128: run_prefs_edit_save()00:30
vuntzit's possible that info is NULL and that you just return00:31
seb128vuntz: Breakpoint 1, run_prefs_edit_save (button=0x83dd440, cd=0x8394300) at clock.c:304200:33
seb128(gdb) p info00:34
seb128$2 = (ClockZoneInfo *) 0x000:34
seb128vuntz: indeed00:34
vuntzhmm, it might not be initialized yet? Can you do some ,?00:35
seb1283064        if (!info) {00:35
seb1283065                edit_hide (NULL, cd);00:35
seb128(gdb) p info00:35
seb128$2 = (ClockZoneInfo *) 0x000:35
seb128(gdb) n00:35
seb1280xb771da4f in g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID () from /usr/lib/libgobject-2.0.so.000:35
vuntzso, that's bad00:35
seb128(gdb) p *zones00:36
seb128$4 = {g_object = {g_type_instance = {g_class = 0x83f6b20}, ref_count = 1, qdata = 0x0}}00:36
seb128(gdb) p *timezone_l10n00:36
seb128$5 = 69 'E'00:36
seb128vuntz: sorry00:37
seb128(gdb) p timezone_l10n00:38
seb128$6 = (gchar *) 0x844a2e8 "Europe/Paris"00:38
seb128vuntz: that's already a pointer ;-)00:38
vuntzit's fine00:42
seb128is it?00:43
vuntztimezone_l10n is a string, so we're good00:43
vuntzwhat's not good is that you don't get a zone with Europe/Paris00:44
seb128still info == 0x000:44
seb128vuntz: the hardy version returns correctly a non null value there00:48
seb128I just verified00:48
vuntzseb128: can you patch with http://pastebin.com/d6617934200:50
vuntzyou should get the name of all timezones when you click ok00:51
seb128vuntz: no, seems to not be called00:54
seb128Breakpoint 1, clock_zonetable_get_l10n_zone (this=0x8314228, l10n_name=0x86ecfd0 "Europe/Paris")00:55
seb128    at clock-zonetable.c:37000:55
seb128(gdb) n00:55
seb128(gdb) n00:55
seb128(gdb) n00:55
seb128run_prefs_edit_save (button=0x8386b40, cd=0x8393c88) at clock.c:306100:55
vuntzmaybe the hash table is empty?00:56
seb128vuntz: likely, I see no other reason to have nothing printed there00:59
seb128vuntz: (gdb) p *zones00:59
seb128$3 = {g_object = {g_type_instance = {g_class = 0x83f7878}, ref_count = 1, qdata = 0x0}}00:59
seb128that's from before00:59
seb128is qdata supposed to be the datas?01:00
vuntzno idea01:01
vuntznever looked at how the data is structured in a gobject01:01
vuntzseb128: you didn't get any output at all?01:03
seb128I copied the gdb log some lines ago01:03
vuntzyou should at least get some when clicking on the add button01:03
vuntz(before choosing a location)01:04
vuntzand the combo is not empty?01:05
seb128the timezone combo is empty indeed01:06
seb128I didn't notice because selecting a city make the right timezone be written in the next entry01:06
seb128so I didn't click on the combo before01:06
vuntzah, interesting01:07
vuntzcan you put your /usr/share/zoneinfo/zone.tab somewhere?01:07
seb128vuntz: http://people.ubuntu.com/~seb128/zone.tab01:08
vuntzlooks like what is expected01:10
vuntzseb128: can you br on clock_zonetable_load_zonetab() and look at what's going on there?01:10
vuntzsomething will probably fail in clock_zonetable_parse_info_line()01:11
seb128vuntz: never called?01:14
vuntzseb128: only at startup01:14
seb128gdb doesn't stop on it01:15
seb128I tried removing the static no difference01:15
seb128sorry, I was running the wrong version01:15
seb128it's working now?!01:17
vuntzseb128: I blame you01:18
seb128ok, interesting01:18
seb128vuntz: it's working when building using -O0 apparently01:18
seb128but not when using -O201:18
seb128init issue?01:19
vuntzbr clock_zonetable_constructor01:19
vuntzI'm seeing a small buglet there, but it shouldn't hurt you in this case01:19
seb128ok, this function is called01:20
seb128what do you want to know there?01:20
seb128Breakpoint 1, clock_zonetable_constructor (type=138542584, n_construct_properties=0, construct_properties=0x0)01:20
seb128    at clock-zonetable.c:9101:20
seb12891        if (obj)01:20
seb128(gdb) n01:20
seb12894        obj = G_OBJECT_CLASS (clock_zonetable_parent_class)->constructor (01:20
seb12899        clock_zonetable_load_zonetab (CLOCK_ZONETABLE (obj));01:20
seb128267        ClockZoneTablePrivate *priv = PRIVATE (this);01:20
seb128273        priv->table = g_hash_table_new_full (g_str_hash, g_str_equal,01:20
seb128(gdb) n01:20
seb128267        ClockZoneTablePrivate *priv = PRIVATE (this);01:21
seb128273        priv->table = g_hash_table_new_full (g_str_hash, g_str_equal,01:21
seb128[Thread 0xb5bfdb90 (LWP 20643) exited]01:21
seb1280xb7eff410 in __kernel_vsyscall ()01:21
vuntzseb128: you don't enter the while loop in clock_zonetable_load_zonetab?01:22
vuntzI don't understand what's going on01:23
vuntzit's returning from clock_zonetable_load_zonetab() after the first g_hash_table_new_full() ???01:23
vuntzhow is it possible?01:23
seb128vuntz: ah, better now01:30
vuntzwhat did you change?01:30
seb128vuntz: it does loop on g_io_channel loop01:30
seb128vuntz: rebuild using -01 and -ggdb01:31
seb128still get the empty combo list01:31
vuntzcan you look at what's going on in clock_zonetable_parse_info_line()?01:31
seb128vuntz: not finding anything wrong01:39
seb128I think I'll continue tomorrow01:39
seb128it iters over the locations correctly01:39
seb128and the parsing seems to be alright01:40
vuntzthe night will help01:40
seb128maybe it breaks on one location or something01:40
seb128vuntz: ahhh01:48
seb128vuntz: I found it!01:50
vuntzseb128: ah?01:51
seb128vuntz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6684/01:52
seb128vuntz: that fixes it ;-)01:52
vuntzstupid bug01:53
seb128vuntz: you are welcome ;-)01:54
seb128ok, so we can continue tomorrow if you have other things to try01:54
seb128I'll get some sleep now I think ;-)01:55
vuntzbon repos :-)01:55
seb128vuntz: bonne nuit ;-)01:55
pittikwwii: uploading u-wallpapers02:14
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dholbachgood morning06:49
mvoseb128: do you happen to know if/why apps/metacity/global_keybindings/switch_windows_backward is not set anymore in current hardy?09:15
mvogood monring btw :)09:15
seb128hey mvo09:15
seb128mvo: only synaptic remains to upload for the launchpad-integration soname change ;-)09:15
seb128(looking for your questions)09:17
mvook, I will do that this morning09:19
mvoI had to write my activity report ...09:19
seb128I would have done it already if it was not in bzr09:19
mvowhere is yours  ;)?09:19
seb128doh, still have to do that09:19
seb128I helped vuntz debugging a gnome-panel issue until 3am, short night again09:19
seb128I'm not really on speed yet ;-)09:20
mvojust teasing :P09:20
seb128mvo: seems that this gconf key was not set in gutsy either09:20
mvoseb128: can we fix it please? I'm happy to do it09:21
seb128how fix?09:21
seb128set one you mean?09:21
mvoyeah, set it to sift-alt-tab (as it was before)09:22
seb128before being?09:22
seb128gutsy had no such keybinding09:22
mvogive me a sec I can check09:24
mvobut I see no rationale why it went away, its quite common, I think it works like this on win too09:24
mvoand its reasonable obscure that people do not hit it accidentally :)09:24
seb128mvo: it didn't went away, I'm checking svn it has always been disabled09:24
mvoAmaranth: you mentioned that git has a fix for the panel-sometimes-hidden bug in git, do you happen to know if its in compiz or in the plugins?09:29
* mvo twiddles his thumbs while waiting for seb09:30
Amaranthmvo: http://cgit.compiz-fusion.org/fusion/plugins/expo/diff/?id=503e4eb7ac18fee1d6137674ceb0da65c1323d21&id2=176bdee796b9824509a4d80dbc1778b5598f562809:30
Amaranthmvo: it's a bug in expo's code to hide panels when in expo mode09:30
Amaranthit thinks it is in expo mode on start09:31
mvoAmaranth: great,  thanks!09:31
Amaranthmvo: hey we almost know what causes weird shadows and such on geforce 8xxx cards09:34
mvotell me more!09:34
Amaranthit is something lrm does to the nvidia driver, installing from .run fixes the problem09:34
Amaranthoriginally we thought it was dh_strip09:35
Amaranthbut that doesn't seem to be the complete fix09:35
Amaranthbut the files nvidia-glx-new installs do not have the same md5sum as the ones from nvidia's installer so there is obviously something wrong09:35
mvowoah, we need to milestone that one09:35
Amaranthi did09:36
mvoI have a 8300 but don't see the bug (I guess my card is too low level)09:36
Amaranthbug 21483609:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214836 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "lrm incorrectly installs nvidia-glx-new" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21483609:36
mvoseb128: !09:36
seb128mvo: !09:36
seb128mvo: so? ;-)09:37
mvoseb128: :)09:37
mvoseb128: dapper has a owrking alt-shift-tab09:37
mvomaybe by accident, I'm checking that now09:37
seb128mvo: the schemas was not set though09:37
mvoyes, I see the same here09:37
seb128maybe it used to code the action when no other value was set or something09:37
mvoseb128: same for gutsy09:39
seb128mvo: ask to marnanel when he's around ;-)09:40
huatsmorning everyone09:49
huatslut seb128 mvo09:49
Nafallomorning people09:49
seb128'lu huats09:50
seb128hey Nafallo09:50
seb128Nafallo: evince issue fixed?09:50
Nafalloseb128: not sure. wrong laptop at this job,09:51
Amaranthmvo: so i'm guessing sabdfl doesn't like his shift-alt-tab being broken? noticed he jacked the priority up on that bug :P09:51
mvoAmaranth: indeed, that one will get fixed very soon09:52
Amaranthi've never lost that particular config while upgrading and i don't have the ability to do upgrade tests in anything other than vmware which isn't useful for testing compiz09:52
mvoapparently you can make vmware do opengl, I haven't really explored it yet, but it seems to be possible09:53
mvoand we need to blacklist the rs350 (either that, or the card is broken, both is possible)09:54
Amaranthyou can't make it do aiglx :P09:54
Amaranthand only workstation does opengl, server has 'experimental' support which basically means broken09:55
Amaranthat least last time i checked09:55
mvoaha, you have server?09:56
Amaranthworkstation is expensive :P09:57
Nafalloseb128: not reproducable on the vaio at least.10:01
seb128ok, thanks for testing10:02
slomo_seb128: do you know about file corruption when copying a file from a gvfs-gphoto2 location? :)10:47
seb128slomo_: no, we don't build gvfsd-gphoto2 in hardy ;-)10:48
slomo_i know, but you did for some time :)10:48
seb128I don't think many users tried that10:48
seb128or we would have received extra bugs about opening photos not working ;-)10:48
slomo_ok :) i'm just wondering whether http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=526794 is "my" bug (i.e. in the gstreamer gio plugin) or just the gphoto2 backend being broken :)10:49
ubotuGnome bug 526794 in gst-plugins-base "[giosrc] totem doesn't work with some gvfs backends" [Normal,Unconfirmed]10:49
seb128no idea about this one10:50
vuntzseb128: happy with the clock applet?11:36
vuntzseb128: I have another small tarball for you to test before I release11:36
seb128vuntz: seems to be alright, I'll go for lunch soon but I will give it a try after lunch11:37
vuntzseb128: http://www.gnome.org/~vuntz/tmp/gnome-panel-
vuntzseb128: try to measure how much time it takes to open the calendar popup before & after this tarball11:37
slomo_seb128: are you having the libglib debug symbols not useful bug in ubuntu too?11:40
seb128I think yes11:40
seb128but the dbgsym works correctly11:40
seb128not sure why11:41
slomo_doesn't make much sense to me :)11:41
slomo_i want my debug symbols back :)11:41
seb128vuntz: seems to work correctly, adding locations, removing those, changing the local timezone using the set button, etc11:49
seb128vuntz: I'm away for lunch but I can give it extra testing after that if you want11:50
seb128vuntz: btw would be nice to copy the location entry text when clicking on the find button ;-)11:50
seb128vuntz: so user who type something and click on find don't have to enter the same text again11:51
seb128vuntz: I did that the first time I used the applet :-)11:51
crevetteI did too11:51
crevettethere are too much dialog btw11:51
vuntzcrevette, seb128: done :-)12:07
* seb128 hugs vuntz13:27
seb128vuntz: the clock applet opening is blasting fast now, you rock ;-)15:01
* mpt accidentally adds six copies of Deskbar to his panel15:42
mptWhat is the point of that?15:42
mptWhat is the point of having more than one copy of an applet in the panel?15:43
vuntzmpt: some people like to have 4 cpufreq applets, eg15:43
jcastrofor the weather one it is handy15:43
jcastropre-intlclock anyway15:43
pochuasac: sorry, I subscribed you to bug 214192 by mistake... I wanted to subscribe you to bug 215016 instead15:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214192 in liferea "liferea-bin crashed with SIGSEGV in _nss_wins_gethostbyname_r()" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21419215:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215016 in liferea "Liferea (Hardy) crashes on startup" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21501615:57
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asacpochu: since when?16:01
pochuasac: sorry, since when what?16:01
asacpochu: does it crash for everyone? i remember that it started yesterady or so16:02
* asac starting liferea16:02
asacok not a problem here.16:03
pochuasac: ah. It doesn't crash for me, but I haven't been updating my system very regularly these days...16:03
pochuhe said his system is up-to-date16:03
asacpochu: <type 'exceptions.ImportError'>: /usr/lib/python2.5/lib-dynload/time.so: undefined symbol: PyExc_ValueError16:03
asacfor me it looks more like thats his problem16:04
pochuI get that too, but it doesn't crashes16:04
pochuand if you unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH you won't get that error16:04
asacreally? i only get:16:04
asac$ liferea16:04
asacRegistering '@mozilla.org/module-loader/python;1' (libpyloader.so)16:04
asacRegistering '@mozilla.org/network/protocol/about;1?what=python' (pyabout.py)16:04
pochu(or if you launch liferea-bin directly)16:04
asacthats all16:04
pochuhmm, I don't get it anymore...16:05
asacyou set LD_LIBRARY_PATH? thats definitly not good16:05
pochubug 21147916:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 211479 in liferea "Hardy: liferea gives errors upon launch" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21147916:05
asacif liferea script still set that we should fix it16:05
pochuthe script sets it to LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9b516:05
pochu(not hardcoded though)16:06
asacpochu: how does it detect that?16:07
* asac looking16:07
ftaThe ImportError for time.so is known and old, definitely not a crasher though.16:08
asacoh right. thats a preventive measure because of sqlite bustage16:08
pochubut I don't get it anymore... dunno why16:08
mvoAmaranth: if you have a moment, could you please check out https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/206866 ?16:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 206866 in compiz "compiz.real crashed with SIGSEGV in updateWindowAttributes()" [Medium,Triaged]16:09
asacpochu: maybe the reporter still has a xulrunner-1.9b4 directory that has libsqlite3.so in it (unlikely) ?16:09
pochuhe's reported it today, so probably not... I'll ask him to make sure anyway16:09
asacthanks ... attaching strace -f -eopen can't hurt either16:10
ftapochu, ImportErrors occur only once, just after a xul upgrade16:11
pochufta: ah, ok16:11
pochuasac: ok, done16:13
ftai'm no python expert so i haven't investigated much into that16:13
asacpochu: i asked for eventual a11y tools16:15
asacbecause it crashes in acessibiliy16:15
xhakerseb128: could you sponsor bug #20574916:31
xhakerthe .rules move was already reviewed by pitti16:32
xhakerubotu failed to get the data :(16:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 205749 in libmtp "libmtp package doesnt install libmtp.fdi" [Medium,Confirmed]16:32
xhakeri've subscribed pitti but i believe he is away16:34
seb128xhaker: subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors16:42
seb128xhaker: I'll have a look16:42
ted1seb128: Could you sponsor a GPM while you're looking that way? :)16:43
seb128ted1: alright, in your ppa?16:43
ted1seb128: Yes.16:44
Nafalloted1: got my mail? :-)16:44
ted1Nafallo: Yes, but it seems unlikely to be compiz.16:44
ted1Nafallo: Perhaps you did an upgrade to HAL but had not rebooted?16:45
Nafalloted1: yea, and I've discovered that it dims down whenever I'm on battery without getting back from 0 brightness. hopefully that's the issue ;-)16:45
ted1As an interesting side note, Richard put code in GPM (for 2.24) to do XRandR brightness setting -- that should help a bunch of people.16:45
xhakerseb128: subscribed u-m-s16:46
Nafalloted1: I always reboot at work when needed. gets me away from the helpdesks a bit longer :-)16:46
ted1Nafallo: The last update should fix dimming to be more consistent.16:49
ted1I'm hoping right now that it'll be the GPM we ship with :)16:49
xhakerted1: i might wanna test that.16:49
* ted1 is tired of power-management, he's just going to buy stock in the power company. :)16:50
xhakerted1: i've disabled dimming all together16:50
Nafalloted1: I'll test it when seb gets it built :-)16:50
xhakerany of you guys have a dell m1330? i can only change between 3 different backlight levels16:52
xhakeri think it might be doing level += 2 here16:53
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=== Floodbot5 is now known as Mez
dashua`xhaker: m1530 here.19:46
asacany gtkrc wizardy that would make GtkEntries start the text right next to the left border?21:05
seb128asac: did you have a firefox bug about changing the list of applications to use a dialog similar to the GNOME one?21:56
asacseb128: yes i think so22:00
asac(at least one :))22:00
seb128asac: did you work on the idea or not? I know you ask about it some time ago22:01
seb128asac:  a novell guy is working on that and opened https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42838222:01
ubotuMozilla bug 428382 in Download Manager "Choosing an helper application involve using a file pick in /usr/bin" [Normal,Unconfirmed]22:01
seb128asac: hum, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=370380 is similar22:04
ubotuMozilla bug 370380 in File Handling "Cannot easily select alternative helper applications in "Open With" dialog" [Enhancement,New]22:04
asacseb128: yes. but thats different22:04
asacwe have that as well (already linked)22:05
asacbug 18006922:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180069 in xulrunner-1.9 ""open with ..." should suggest alternative helper based on mime-type" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18006922:05
asacit doesn't suggest the use of gnome facilities22:05
Nafallohehe. bug marathon :-)22:05
asacmaybe both should be combined to get a solution for gnome + other22:05
asacseb128: ok i found the GNOME bug 20401322:06
ubotuGnome bug 204013 in html-editor-control "The Evolution composer lacks keybindings for indent-one-level and unindent-one-level." [Minor,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20401322:06
asaclinked upstream22:06
asacunfortunately its probably too late, but ill try to help the novell guy getting that patch in22:06
asacat least helping in to get the bug on track ;)22:06
asacits not even confirmed ;)22:06
asacwell he doesn't think its ready for inclusiong .... so lets wait22:07
asacill review that patch next time i have some time22:07
seb128right, not hurry, that's only a first version22:08

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