cjwatsonxivulon: talk to the Xubuntu developers about that00:01
blahblahxcjwatson: got it00:02
cjwatsonblahblahx: I'm just looking up the standard to check whose problem this is before I flame Linux Mint. :-)00:02
blahblahxcjwatson: well its a mint communtiy edition made by me00:03
blahblahxcjwatson: i started with ubuntu minimal and added mint tools and gnome-core00:03
cjwatsonblahblahx: Your problems will go away if you change this line:00:04
cjwatsonDISTRIB_ID=Linux Mint MiniCD Edition00:04
cjwatson(/etc/lsb-release) to:00:04
cjwatsonDISTRIB_ID="Linux Mint MiniCD Edition"00:04
blahblahxhow did you know? just wondering00:04
cjwatsonstrictly speaking, I think it's a localechooser bug since lsb_release itself permits that syntax00:04
blahblahxlet me try00:04
xivuloncjwatson, I did the changes as indicated but the I end up with a plain black background00:04
cjwatsonI read the nearest previous error message in the log and applied deduction00:04
xivulondo you want me to run other tests00:04
cjwatsonxivulon: ok, no thanks, just mention that in the bug for me00:05
cjwatsonsounds like we have to run xfdesktop, but I'd really like a Xubuntu developer to do the heavy lifting there00:05
cjwatsonxivulon: thanks for the testing00:05
cjwatsonblahblahx: had you reported a bug?00:08
cjwatsonif not, I'll do so00:08
blahblahxcould you?00:09
blahblahxthat would be awesome00:09
blahblahxcjwatson: you seem to know a lot about ubuntu. do you know why the livecd wouldn't eject after shutdown?00:11
cjwatsonblahblahx: I've reported bug 214861; feel free to subscribe to it00:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214861 in localechooser "expects to be able to source /etc/lsb-release" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21486100:13
cjwatsonblahblahx: what version of casper does your image use?00:13
blahblahxcjwatson: uhh let me check00:13
blahblahxcjwatson: 1.11000:17
TheMusoblahblahx: Coming in late to this discussion, but if this is hardy, there is 1.128 available.00:18
cjwatsonblahblahx: hmm, I'm afraid I don't know, then; we have had eject problems in the past but I thought they were fixed by Ubuntu 7.10, i.e. casper 1.11000:18
TheMusoah right00:18
cjwatsonhe seems to be working on an indirect 7.10 derivative00:18
blahblahxcjwatson: well the other editions of linux mint and ubuntu don't have this problem with the same casper i think00:18
cjwatsonI'd start by comparing your disk to some other similar one that does work, then. :-)00:19
cjwatsonand binary-chop your way through the changes, if possible00:20
CIA-1localechooser: cjwatson * r130 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog localechooser): * Don't assume that /etc/lsb-release is valid shell (LP: #214861).00:30
CIA-1localechooser: cjwatson * r131 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.42ubuntu500:36
CIA-1casper: cjwatson * r494 casper/ (COPYING debian/changelog): * Add COPYING file with GPL text (LP: #211923).00:38
CIA-1casper: cjwatson * r495 casper/ (bin/casper-uuid debian/casper.install debian/changelog):01:30
CIA-1casper: * Add casper-uuid script to simplify UUID regeneration process,01:30
CIA-1casper:  contributed by Mario Limonciello of Dell (LP: #209847).01:30
CIA-1casper: cjwatson * r496 casper/bin/casper-uuid: fix case where the current directory has >1 casper-uuid-* files01:33
CIA-1casper: cjwatson * r497 casper/debian/copyright: update copyright01:35
CIA-1casper: cjwatson * r498 casper/ (bin/casper-new-uuid debian/casper.install debian/changelog): hmm, let's make that be casper-new-uuid01:36
CIA-1casper: cjwatson * r499 casper/ (bin/casper-snapshot debian/changelog debian/control):01:44
CIA-1casper: * Update casper-snapshot for genext2fs --reserved-blocks =>01:44
CIA-1casper:  --reserved-percentage option change (LP: #202048). Add a Breaks as the01:44
CIA-1casper:  most lightweight available method of documenting that we need genext2fs01:44
CIA-1casper:  >= 1.4.1 for this.01:44
CIA-1casper: cjwatson * r500 casper/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.12901:46
TheMusoevand: Hrm not by default for that grub a11y bug, it would annoy people.06:26
TheMusoAnyway, tis for intrepid.06:26
evandTheMuso: indeed, I was just triaging it, not agreeing with it :)08:46
TheMusoevand: Yeah I know.09:11
CIA-1ubiquity: evand * r2623 ubiquity/debian/po/ (79 files): debconf-updatepo09:15
CIA-1ubiquity: evand * r2624 ubiquity/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog):09:21
CIA-1ubiquity: * Automatic update of included source packages: debian-installer-utils09:21
CIA-1ubiquity:  1.50ubuntu3, localechooser 1.42ubuntu5, partman-basicfilesystems09:21
CIA-1ubiquity:  56ubuntu4.09:21
CIA-1ubiquity: evand * r2625 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.8.309:32
evandI released 1.8.3 before I committed my changes as they require a freeze exception, and I'd rather not tie up other changes while waiting for the result of that.09:33
CIA-1ubiquity: evand * r2626 ubiquity/ (configure configure.ac): Bump to 1.8.409:34
saispohi all09:37
saispocjwatson: i try the latest germinate and i got some errors with ubuntu-cd and cdimage09:38
saispoi revert to 0.43 and no problem09:40
xivulonevand, on linux.com there was a good tip: it would be nice if M-A could symlink My Documents to the user home folder10:27
xivulonI know... a bit too late...10:28
xivulons/to the user home folder/into the user home folder/10:29
xivulonmight be worth FFE though, it's a simple change that should not have many side effects, and can improve the experience of many windows users.10:41
xivulonah but then you might not have write permissions...11:01
xivuloncan we speed up ISO with ubiquity 1.8.3? getting hammered here...11:23
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xivuloncywatson, evand please see cking comments on #20413315:41
xivulonchanges to initramfs mount and lupin-support should be ok15:41
xivulonbut I am more scared by last comment15:41
evandindeed, making the change now (0, 40, 4, 4, respectively).15:43
evandxivulon: cjwatson is off for the day.15:43
xivulonbad time...15:43
xivulonlast comment is an issue15:44
xivulonMake sure the ext loopback file systems are umounted before the NTFS filesystems.15:44
xivulonthe loopback file system is / so we can at most make it read-only not unmount...15:44
evandah, needed to refresh15:44
xivulonwe also need mount -o loop,sync,dirsync,commit=1 in initramfs local script15:45
evandthat last comment is pretty scary, though I'm not sure how that could be happening.15:48
xivulonwell we do not really umount /15:52
xivulonwe only remount it r/o15:52
xivulonand we do not remount r/o the host fs at all (see szaka comments)15:52
evandah, argh.15:53
xivulonevand see my last comment16:01
xivulonwould the shutdown sequence of ubiquity be any different of a normal shutdown? I'd think that the same sysvinit scripts are used16:10
xivulonevand am discussing on #ubuntu-kernel16:14
evandthey're the same as far as wubi is concerned, aiui.16:16
xivulonlamont asked me to test 206113, I can do that tonight, might be good if you could do that too16:19
CIA-1ubiquity: evand * r2636 ubiquity/ubiquity/frontend/gtk_ui.py: Adjust fix for file close slightly.17:26
mario_limonciellevand, would you be able to do another DVD image w/ this latest ubiquity (1.8.3) since noninteractive was broke in the last one?20:10
evandmario_limonciell: surely20:12
xivulonand a CD once you are at it :P20:13
mario_limonciellthe CD wasn't included in the daily?20:27
evandthere are additional changes needed for wubi to fix some serious bugs20:31
CIA-1ubiquity: evand * r2639 ubiquity/ (3 files in 2 dirs):20:47
CIA-1ubiquity: * kde_ui:20:47
CIA-1ubiquity: * Removed partman/check.d/12system_partitions_formatted. A modified version20:47
CIA-1ubiquity:  now lives in partman-target.20:47
CIA-1partman-target: evand * r715 ubuntu/ (4 files in 2 dirs):20:50
CIA-1partman-target: * Added 12partitions_formatted, which will warn the user if20:50
CIA-1partman-target:  clear_partitions is going to delete any files (LP: #196972).20:50
evandmario_limonciell: should be up21:00
mario_limonciellwhew that was a bit quick21:07
mario_limonciellhttp://cdimages.ubuntu.com/dvd/20080410/hardy-dvd-i386.manifest: "ubiquity 1.8.2"21:08
* evand kicks cdimage, breaks foot.21:08
mario_limonciellmost likely:   "language-support-writing-en: Depends: openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us but it is not installable"21:09
mario_limonciellin the livefs buildlog21:09
mario_limonciellhow do these languages keep getting so broke from one day to the next..21:09
evandwelcome to the wonderful world of livefs building.  And this is when we're in freeze!21:10
mario_limonciellshould language package management folks be poked you suppose?21:12
evandindeed, I believe the language support packages are pitti, though they might be arne now.21:13
mario_limonciellhmm pitti is here.  maybe i should just go bug him in person then :)21:17
evandnot a bad idea by any means21:19
xivulonevand, bug 204133 point 4 of cking comment21:32
xivulonmount -o loop,sync,dirsync,commit=121:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204133 in wubi "wubi install unusable - Buffer I/O error on device loop0" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20413321:32
xivulonnow do we want to have sync & co on the hosting file system or in the hosted one? or is it the same the same thing?21:33
xivulonin the sense that sync operations in a nested fs also apply to the host21:33
xivulonI'd think that the host is far more important21:33
evandI imagine the former, but probably best to clarify with cking.21:34
xivulonyeah but he is not around...21:34
xivulonkill ask on #kernel devel21:34
evandyeah, I'm sure rtg and Ben are still around21:35
evand(US Central)21:35
mario_limonciellrtg is probably offline though right now21:36
mario_limonciellhe has been about21:37
mario_limonciellbut machine went dead21:37
mario_limonciellmaybe he found power now.  dunno :)21:40
xivulonevand, see http://paste.ubuntu.com/6716/21:50
xivulonusing my interpretation ;)21:50
xivulonas in last comment21:50
evandlooks ok, but I'd like to get confirmation that this is what cking is suggesting.  We're in FinalFreeze now, so it's not super urgent that it happens within the next few hours as we'll need to demonstrate all the changes to slangasek and the release team anyway.21:56
xivulonof course22:00
xivulondo you happen to know a way to read /proc/mounts in reverse order in bash22:00
evandsort -r?22:02
evanderr no22:02
xivulonhm not necessarily sorted, just inverted22:02
mario_limonciellevand, pitti said that arne is handling languages at this point, but he wasn't aware that english was broke until i showed him22:04
mario_limonciellarne goes by ArneGoetje in -devel?22:04
evandmario_limonciell: ja22:05
mario_limonciellhmm j is halfway between y and n, so i'm inclined to think you ment 'ya' :)22:06
evandxivulon: tac22:07
xivulonarg is in /usr/bin22:07
evandmario_limonciell: http://odge.info/german-english/ja.html :)22:08
mario_limonciellah :)22:08
xivulonguess will have to use a loop22:08
evandit and bitte are about the extent of my knowledge.22:08
evanderr, danke, but obviously.22:09
evandxivulon: evan@candy:~$ cat /proc/mounts | sed '1!G;h;$!d'22:12
xivulongreat thanks22:35
evandindeed, tis a bad habit of mine22:42
xivulonevand preliminary version of umountroot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6724/22:51
TheMusoGreetings. I've been meaning to do some wubi testing lately, but have had other thigns get in the way. Anything I can help with?22:55
xivulonoh yes :)22:59
xivulonwe have to test a new initramfs and a new umountroot22:59
xivulonfor initramfs see http://paste.ubuntu.com/6716/23:01
xivulonfor umountroot (probably broken haven tested at all)  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6724/23:01
xivulonalso need to test lamont patch https://bugs.launchpad.net/wubi/+bug/20611323:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 206113 in util-linux "Wubi install cannot create swap space (8.04 Beta) [Regression from alpha 6]" [Undecided,New]23:02
xivulonand my virtualbox is broken :(23:03
TheMusoWhy are the initramfs changes needed?23:10
TheMusoxivulon: Ok I'll get the latest daily synced, and have a look.23:11
xivulonTheMuso: https://bugs.launchpad.net/wubi/+bug/20413323:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204133 in wubi "wubi install unusable - Buffer I/O error on device loop0" [High,In progress]23:12
xivulonsee last comments from Colin King23:12

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