Gordon_Freemanany one know where i can find a tutorial on starting an irc channel?03:23
naliothGordon_Freeman: this is not a help channel.  try asking in #freenode   :)03:24
Gordon_Freemanwhat is this channel then?03:24
nalioththis is the administrative channel for #ubuntu irc channels03:25
tritiumGordon_Freeman: as stated in the topic, the international ubuntu IRC ops channel03:25
naliothsupport for Ubuntu linux is in #ubuntu03:25
naliothgeneral help and support can be found in #freenode03:25
naliothGordon_Freeman: it is considered really rude to paste into irc channels03:39
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:39
Gordon_Freemansorry didnt know what the title ment am n00b pls forgive03:40
naliothGordon_Freeman: you can return to #freenode now03:40
naliothplease don't paste into channels in the future  :)03:40
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erUSULi have a weird problem (not me someone on #ubuntu-es) apt resolves all sources to localhost:4001 has someone seen something like that15:28
no0ticerUSUL, it seems a dns problem15:28
erUSULall other internet apps resolve names just fine it is apt (and front ends the one failing15:28
erUSULno0tic: if you ping es.archive.ubuntu.com the ping resolves just fine but if you apt-get update you get15:29
erUSULImposible obtener http://es.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/Release.gpg  No pude conectarme a localhost:4001 ( - connect (111 Conexión rechazada)15:30
erUSULno0tic: i made the user check settings in /etc/apt/* but no proxy settings found so far...15:30
PiciIsnt there an apt specific proxy... nevermind.15:31
erUSULPici: yes in apt.conf you can epecify a proxy... but grep -i proxy -r /etc/apt/* doesn't return anything...15:32
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erUSULFYI the user has anon proxy running.... he should let me know earlier.... >(18:06
[NikO]hi, it is possible to have +L mode on #ubuntu-fr ?20:32
erUSULjpatrick: where is botijo? i miss it ;P20:48
RoAkSoAxwe all do ;)20:49
Nafallohi ubotu :-)21:12
Nafalloubotu: been on holiday, have you?21:12
[NikO]hi, it is possible to have +L mode on #ubuntu-fr ?22:08
LjL[NikO], do you have such a large banlist?! anyway, that's something up to freenode staff...22:24
[NikO]we sometimes need to clean some22:24
LjLwell, so do we in #ubuntu even though we have +L... :)22:26
LjLyou should get _r1_ to talk to freenode staff i believe22:27
[NikO]ok :)22:27
no0ticwhat's wrong with /mode +b *!?=federico@host165-46-dynamic.24-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it!#ubuntu-it-ops ?23:51
no0ticit tells me MODE: No such channel23:51
naliothno0tic: is anyone in #ubuntu-it-ops ?23:55
no0ticnalioth, yes23:55
no0ticnalioth, we are six + chanserv23:56
naliothtry just using *!?=federico@*!#ubuntu-it-ops23:57
no0ticit works, but I'd like to bind it to his IP23:58
no0tichis host, anyway23:58

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