blueyedIn case there's another upload for -meta, please include the fixes for bug 19763201:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197632 in linux-meta "Error in linux-image-xen package description" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19763201:22
tjaaltonAmaranth: actually, I've tried copying all the libs from an extracted installer, but it didn't help. So maybe the problem is somewhere else, but it's definately in our lrm05:41
tjaaltonAmaranth: the pink-shadows bug already has a comment from me that using the installer fixes the shadows05:44
tjaaltonit could fix something else too..05:44
Amaranthwell someone else filed the bug and pointed me to it, i just set the priority and such :)05:44
tjaaltonbut dropping dh_strip might be wise anyway.. there's not much saved by it05:45
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hti_proneed help building kerne07:04
hti_prowhen i build the package it grows to about 2GB07:05
hti_proanyone awake07:06
hti_proi am using the following guide:    http://howtoforge.com/kernel_compilation_ubuntu_p2     If anyone wakes up and has an idea pm me07:11
mvohm, 2.6.24-15-386 does not boot on my test system (cant find the root fs), -generic does - any hints? should I file a bug?09:04
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amitksoren: could you have a look at what config you want for openvz13:04
Ngare there any more kernel rebuilds now before release?13:17
amitkNg: there should be, but I am a awaiting some input from rtg or soren for the openvz failures.13:19
Ngamitk: thanks. I just checked shortlog and the patch I was wondering about has been reverted, so it's all good :)13:22
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sorenamitk: Is thiss still relevant?14:45
pranahello; triaging bug 213308...i believe it demonstrates a regression for perhaps a very small case of hardware...should I mark it confirmed and assign it to the kernel team?14:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 213308 in linux "Update from 2.6.24-12 to -14 or -15 results in ata SRST failed (errno=-16)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21330814:52
pranawhen you read the bug report, you can ignore everything except the comments from the original reporter and Emil Sit (me).14:53
Ngprana: I see you're trying to get her to mount a USB device to get some debugging info out of the busybox shell she gets left in?14:56
Ngprana: it should be fixed for hardy, but at least as of daily hardy images a couple of days ago, the vfat module isn't in the initrd14:57
pranaNg:i did try to do that though i don't think itwas successful. i found a workaround to the specific problem that was causing the boot failure on the web that seems to work.14:57
Ngyeah, it wasn't successful because there's no vfat module :)14:57
amitksoren: fixed14:57
NgI hit exactly the same situation on a server, but with a CDROM throwing the SRST error14:58
pranaNg: so i guess we don't have a dmesg trace from what the sys looked like in the bad state.  if a newer initrd includes vfat support, it might be possible to get the trace.  or we could perhaps store the output on one of her ntfs partitions.14:58
Ngprana: there's dmesg and lspci info on the one I found14:58
hti_proany idea if this bug will be fixed in hardy release  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/11063614:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 110636 in linux-source-2.6.22 "hdparm - cannot set dma on IDE hard drive that works via pata" [Medium,Incomplete] 14:58
pranaNg: ah, but i think those are from the -12 kernel, not the -14 or -15 kernels.14:58
sorenamitk: Cool, thanks.14:59
Ngprana: I hit the problem with the beta release and with daily images from earlier this week, which should have been -1514:59
pranaNg: anyway, it seems like the problem does exist so is marking it confirm and assigning to kernel team at this point reasonable? or would kernel team want more info first?14:59
Ngprna: it's Bug #210200 14:59
NgI'm not on the kernel team :)14:59
pranahm. ok, gotta rnu for a bit. will check back later.15:00
hti_proor is there a kernel I can switch too that didn't have the prob15:00
amitkBenC: I've got classmate suspending with + a patch but not with ubuntu tree + patch. This is going to require some time to bisect/debug. How long do I have?15:01
hti_pronothin on #110636???15:05
BenCamitk: we're under freeze now, so you are very limited15:05
BenCamitk: likely wont make RC15:06
amitkBenC: i meant after rc15:06
Ngrtg: any idea what could be causing https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24/+bug/215102?15:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215102 in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 "switching from wireless to wired causes wireless confusion" [Undecided,Confirmed] 15:11
NgI'm moderately sure I've not seen that before, but I don't switch between the two very much without suspending because I'm going home, and suspend means unloading the modules15:13
rtgNg: when you do that, is the wireless interface (probably wlan0) UP or DOWN ?15:13
* Ng plugs back into wired to test15:14
Ngrtg: UP15:15
rtgNg: I assume this is a WPA enabled AP in the office?15:15
Ngwlan0 and wmaster0 are up, although there's no IPs and iwconfig suggests it's not on an ESSID, but is on an AP15:15
rtgNg: OK, that is likely the cause. Please add that to the LP report and I'll forward it to Rolla.15:16
BenCrtg: I saw you on a linux.com report from the conference15:17
rtgNg: I think NetworkManager should down the interface.15:17
BenCrtg: you were standing in the background talking to someone during the entire video15:17
Ngrtg: I kinda agree, or at least do iwconfig ap off15:17
rtgBenC: just by showing up :)15:17
rtgNg: you could test the theory by DOWN'in the interface.15:17
Ngrtg: ok, will cycle again to test that shortly, I just tested iwconfig ap off and that's stopped the syslog messages15:18
Ngrtg: looks like ifconfig wlan0 down doesn't completely stop it15:21
Ngall added as comments15:21
rtgNg: thanks. Maybe you should bug asac as well?15:22
Ngyeah, that was my next move :)15:22
BenCSo was the openvz ftbfs fixed in 16.30 as well?16:03
amitkBenC: yes16:05
BenCcommit cd5576d74945916aa88a0476fe07a059b2f24ceb16:06
BenCAuthor: Tim Gardner <tim.gardner@canonical.com>16:06
BenCDate:   Thu Apr 10 06:24:48 2008 -060016:06
BenC    UBUNTU: Accidentally copied amd64 config over i38616:06
BenC    Ignore: yes16:06
BenC    16:06
BenC    Really fix openvz configs for virtio.16:06
BenC    Signed-off-by: Tim Gardner <tim.gardner@canonical.com>16:06
BenCjust wondering why the commit was ignored...would be useful info for the changelog16:06
xivuloncking hi16:08
ckingxivulon: hi there16:08
xivulonthanks a lot for your help really appreciated16:08
xivulonadded a comment to #20413316:09
xivulonwhat is your opinion on that?16:09
ckingjust a second..16:09
lamontxivulon: wondering if you can help with testing the fix for bug 20611316:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 206113 in util-linux "Wubi install cannot create swap space (8.04 Beta) [Regression from alpha 6]" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20611316:10
xivulonlamont can only do that tonight (am at work now), but I cannot reproduce that bug16:11
xivuloncan only test if it works16:11
ckingxivulon: not sure about it. Let me ponder on it for a few minutes over a strong cup of coffee. I was up until past midnight working on this one so head is a bit fuzzy. 16:12
xivuloncking, sure16:13
lamontxivulon: sure16:14
lamontI verified that mkswap works when there aren't any errors already... :-(16:14
lamontbut more eyes would be wonderful16:14
xivulonlamont one potential issue wubi installations may have is that the swap file might be fragmented16:15
xivulonnot sure about the implications of that16:15
ckingxivulon: I need to play with the remount options and see if this works. I will keep the bug report updated with my findings16:15
lamontxivulon: that could possibly make for short reads, I suppose16:15
lamontwhich we should handle now16:15
xivuloncking as mentioned 186117 and 186114 are the related bugs in this case16:16
ckingxivulon: perhaps a sync is required before / is remounted r/o. 16:17
xivuloncking adding syncs shouldn't be problematic, see last comment in 186117 though16:17
ckingwill do16:17
cking..ah ntfs remount r/o was broken and so the regression is not really a regression - just stops one from cutting off a branch while standing on it type of safeguard16:19
cking..no way of using a memory based file system for some of this so that we can umount the ext3 fs cleanly and not have it as / ? 16:21
xivulondo you mean we should have the remaning sysvinit in a memory fs, and unmount ext3 and host completely?16:26
xivuloncking I wouldn't know how to implement that in a non invasive way, I'd think that the easiest root might be to apply the patch in #18611416:31
xivulonbut I am not sure about the implications mentioned by Szaka in 18611716:31
ckingxivulon: the worst case scenario is screwing up somebody's NTFS filesystem - which is something that must be avoided. It's kind of chicken and egg here.16:38
ckingmmmm.  / is dependant on /home, and /home must not be umounted. Is the remount of / ro causing the problem or is /home being umounted?16:41
xivulondo you mean /host?16:41
cking...oops yes /home ---> /host my mistake - need more coffee16:42
xivulon / is in a file inside /host. During initramfs first we mount /host, then /root then mount move /host to /root/host16:43
xivulonso after run-init /root -> / and /root/host -> /host16:44
xivulonin umountroot we make everything r/o again (/ and /host)16:45
ckingok.. and in umountroot what happens - does /host get umounted before / ? 16:45
xivulonexcept that now /host is excluded because I was scared by szaka 16:45
xivulonnothing is unmounted only remounted r/o16:45
ckingOK: .. remount / ro is OK, but then /host needs umounting before shutdown.16:46
xivulonhmm no I do not unmount /host because that is equivalent to unmount /16:47
cking..well I think remouting / is OK :-)16:47
ckingmaybe I'm missing something fundamental here, but something needs to sync and umount the NTFS filesystem (surely?)16:48
xivulonwell in a normal installation / is never really unmounted right?16:49
xivulonso why is it required to unmount /host as opposed to remounting it ro?16:49
cking..yes but / is not normally loop'd back.16:50
xivuloncking I do not think it is possible to unmount /host, at most you can remount /host and / r/o and then reboot16:50
xivulonunless you use a memory fs16:51
ckingI could be wrong here, but I believe one needs to flush the ext3 file back to the ntfs filesystem otherwise one will see / getting corrupted. The blocks are still in memory and need to be written back before the ntfs filesystem is unounted16:52
ckingunounted --> umounted16:52
cking..the alternative is, as you say, use a memory fs.16:52
xivulonmaking / (ext3) ro + sync would not ensure that?16:53
xivulonand then making /host ro + sync16:53
ckingxivulon: I think making / (ext3) ro + sync may be enough.. but I am now 5% worried it may not be enough for a looped back file on ntfs - I've never toyed around with this before.16:56
ckingxivulon: It's worth tinkering with anyway. I think making sure the ext3 file on the ntfs partition is written back is more important than any of the vm dirty page hacks16:57
xivulonyou can emulate without XP, by creating an ntfs partition and putting a file conating ext3 /16:58
xivulonthen add grub and boot using the ROOT=/dev/sdX LOOP=/path/to/loopfile arg16:59
ckingxivulon: perhaps you can write these notes in the bug report as a reference for anyone else facing this problem in the future.17:00
xivulonthat is in lower-case17:00
xivulonwill do17:00
cking..indeed. I've faked up some of that today and realised that one can umount the ntfs /host with the / still busy - hence screwing up / good and proper. 17:01
xivulonyou mean by manually unmounting /host or when rebooting? in the latter case I'd expect / to be ro reducing risks17:02
cking...manually forced umount of /host  which made me wonder what was happening in the real reboot scenario.17:03
cking..that is, it made me wonder if the loop mounted / was being screwed up because the blocks in the buffer cache were not being written back to /host when the system shut down.17:04
ckingxivulon: I need to go in 5 mins or so.. I have an somebody picking me up to fly some model planes..17:05
houdiniI've got what I think is a bug in the x64 builds of Ubuntu 7.10 and 8.4, but I'd like some help making sure it's not just me.  anyone willing to help for a few minutes?17:05
xivuloncking sure17:05
xivulonumounting host manually though will create problems17:05
xivulonat the moment we have an obfuscation method17:06
houdinithe bug reporting guidelines suggest filing it as a kernel bug, so that's why I'm here17:06
xivulonnot in /media not in fstab only visible in /proc/mounts17:06
ckingxivulon:  is that enough to work on though? Do you think it helps enough to maybe get a little further?17:06
xivulonyes ntfs + nested root file + grub is enough17:06
xivulonfor testing17:07
ckingOK. keep us posted! :-)17:07
ckingxivulon: I'm especially keen to know if one can actually get rid of the vm dirty hacks if the umount can be sorted out 17:07
cking..anyway. I need to go.17:08
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blueyedlinux-server triggers the nvidia black window bug for me. Is this a bug with package "linux" or "linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24"? The different kernel config settings should be this: http://pastebin.com/m89666bc (no problems with linux-generic)18:53
blueyed(using nvidia-glx-new)18:53
blueyedMight be bug 21483619:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214836 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "lrm incorrectly installs nvidia-glx-new" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21483619:44
rtgtjaalton: I finally have a kernel for -16. Can you upload LRM?20:14
tjaaltonrtg: sure, I'll do a couple of fixes too. stripping fglrx/nvidia seems to be pointless, since there's not much space saved and it could cause issues20:33
rtgtjaalton: be very conservative, 'cause this is about the last upload for Hardy.20:34
tjaaltonhaven't yet found out why the lrm version of nv_new is broken compared to installing it by hand..20:34
tjaaltonrtg: of course :)20:35
rtgtjaalton: thanks. 20:37
tjaaltonhmm, shouldn't envy be in universe?20:37
tjaaltonI mean, it's not in the archive20:38
tseliottjaalton: not yet but it should be there soon20:39
tseliotin the meantime you can use my repository to install it:20:40
tjaaltontseliot: ah right. does it use the upstream installer scripts?20:40
tjaaltonok, I'll just try it out later today20:40
tjaalton..to find out if the pink-shadows issue is fixed with it20:40
tseliottjaalton: it uses a customised version of the l-r-m with DKMS, CUDA, etc.20:41
tseliottjaalton: improvements which we can talk about in Prague20:42
Nafalloaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/win 3021:08
xivulonHi all, have a question21:34
xivulonin a nested filesystem (loopfile) when I mount it with the sync option how does it work exactly?  21:35
xivulonI mean if set sync for the nested filesystem does that also apply to the host filesystem?21:35
xivulonso that the data actually hits the metal?21:36
tjaaltontseliot: how do I make sure that I'm using the envyng-version of the kernel module?22:39
tseliottjaalton: if nvidia-new-kernel-source is installed then EnvyNG's module will be loaded.23:36
tjaaltontseliot: where does it load the module from?23:38
tseliottjaalton: /sbin/lrm-video makes sure that EnvyNG's module is loaded23:39
tjaaltonI mean where can I find the module :)23:39
tseliottjaalton: it's in /lib/modules/$kernel/updates/dkms/23:41
tseliottjaalton: it's the module which was built and installed by DKMS23:41
tseliottjaalton: problems?23:41
tjaaltontseliot: no, I just wanted to see where it came from23:42
JanCDKMS = the Dell tool?23:43
tseliotJanC: yep23:43

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