owhI think it's all about "connecting". I have a client who runs a pig-farm. They run Ubuntu to do their day-to-day operations and love it. They know nothing about bugs, IRC or Ubuntu for that matter. I'm sure they'd like to understand a little more about this community.00:00
nxvli think we should move to #ubuntu-server00:00
sommerwoops meant -5 :)00:39
sommerif anyone's still here00:39
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freeflying@schedule shanghai13:31
ubotuSchedule for Asia/Shanghai: 11 Apr 04:00: Security Team | 11 Apr 20:00: MOTU | 17 Apr 05:00: Server Team | 24 Apr 05:00: Server Team | 01 May 05:00: Server Team13:31
Keybuk*sigh* at the Fridge repeatedly forgetting meetings13:36
cody-somervilleKeybuk, The fridge doesn't forget.13:36
cody-somervilleKeybuk, People forget to ask to have their meetings added ;]13:36
KeybukI asked months ago13:37
Keybukand it was added13:37
Keybukthen it fell off13:37
Hobbseetry again, then.13:37
Hobbseeand give it a kick this time13:37
KeybukHobbsee: there seems little point, if they'll just drop it again after three weeks13:37
HobbseeKeybuk: file a bug?13:38
cody-somervilleWhat meeting is this?13:38
Keybukcody-somerville: Desktop Team Meeting13:38
Keybukevery week, on Thursday, 1300 UTC in Northern summer time, 1400 UTC in Northern winter time13:38
cody-somervilleURL for agenda?13:38
cody-somerville@now UTC13:39
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: April 10 2008, 12:39:06 - Next meeting: Security Team in 7 hours 20 minutes13:39
cody-somervilleHow long does the meeting usually last?13:39
Hobbseean hour13:39
MacSlowyes mostly 60 min.13:39
cody-somerville@now GMT13:40
Keybukcody-somerville: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting13:40
cody-somervilleWeird. There doesn't seem to be built in functionality for repeating events.13:42
cody-somervilleOk. I added todays and next weeks.13:45
cody-somervilleI'll add more later.13:45
* mvo looks around13:56
* ted1 waves13:57
pedro_salut seb12813:58
MacSlowola tudo14:00
OgMacielMacSlow: :)14:00
MacSlowOgMaciel, :)14:01
KeybukRiddell, kwwii, mpt: ping14:02
seb128kwwii: somebody has been faster than me to sponsor your artwork update apparently, or you got upload rights?14:02
Hobbseemust be the former, unless there's a quick way to upload rights now14:03
kwwiiseb128: apparantly pitti did it at 3:30 our time14:03
seb128Hobbsee: that was a way to ask who did the sponsoring ;-)14:03
Keybukok, we're mostly all here :-)14:04
Keybuklet's get going14:04
seb128kwwii: ok, what I though but you didn't cc him on the mail so I was not sure how he knew14:04
KeybukI didn't see any agenda items for this week's meeting, did I miss any?14:04
kwwiiseb128: yeah, I forgot that he is in America when I pinged him on chat14:04
kwwiiseb128: I thought he would miss it14:05
kwwiisorry for the confusion14:05
seb128no problem, one thing less to do I'll do complain ;-)14:05
KeybukI guess not14:05
seb128I read the mail at 3am before going to bed and I decided I worked way to late already and that I would do it today14:06
Keybukoutstanding actions from last week14:06
Keybuk    *14:06
Keybuk      pitti to disable gvfs libgphoto backend14:06
Keybuk    *14:06
Keybuk      seb128 to enable gvfs libarchive backend14:06
seb128and it was uploaded this morning ;-)14:06
seb128Keybuk: so I did drop the libgphoto backend14:06
Keybukok, great14:06
Keybukand the libarchive backend, did that get enabled?14:06
seb128and I did enable the gvfs libarchive backend (was already the case previous week), add the nautilus new menu item for it and dropped that change later14:07
seb128what I didn't think about was that most applications don't use gvfs yet14:07
seb128so they don't understand those new backends urls14:07
seb128which means you can browse but not open files there14:08
Keybukhmm, do you think that's an issue?14:08
seb128for users yes14:08
Keybukshould we disable it again until applications do use gvfs?14:08
seb128it's really confusing to be able to browse something but not to open anything there14:08
seb128that's what I did14:09
seb128"and dropped that change later"14:09
Keybukah, got it14:09
ted1But, its the same problem we've had with applications not using gnome-vfs for a long time.14:09
seb128now it's installed to /usr/share/doc/nautilus-data/examples/mount-archive.desktop14:09
seb128so whoever want it can just cp that to /usr/share/applications14:09
seb128easy to get but not on by default14:09
Keybukted1: true, but more apps use gnome-vfs I guess14:09
seb128seems a good deal to me14:09
seb128ted1: well, I would be happy with gedit and eog working14:10
seb128which was the case for gnome-vfs14:10
seb128because people will expect to be able to open text files14:10
ted1And they aren't gvfs?14:10
seb128no application is using gvfs14:10
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mvojust nautilus?14:11
seb128well, gvfs is used in nautilus yes14:11
seb128the fileselector and the panel uses it too14:11
seb128so mounted volumes, etc are coherent14:11
seb128but the desktop applications have not been ported to gvfs for data reading, etc yet14:12
seb128you don't notice that when using normal locations14:12
seb128because gnomevfs also understand file:, ssh:, etc14:13
Keybukany other items before we move on to the regular bits?14:14
ted1seb128: Thanks.  Sucks, but good to know.14:14
kwwiiKeybuk: unless some more gdm theme suggestions come down the line the artwork is done I guess14:14
Keybukkwwii: I haven't had any feedback from Mark14:14
kwwiithe ubuntu chicken is cooked, so to speak14:15
mptmmm, chicken14:15
ted1Wouldn't the heron be cooked?14:15
* Keybuk briefly wonders what Heron tastes like14:15
seb128I'm not a big fan of the new gdm theme14:15
Keybukseb128: in what sense?14:15
seb128but artwork is always a matter of taste ;-)14:16
* Hobbsee wonders where screenshots would be.14:16
Hobbseeor download the source package?14:16
KeybukHobbsee: or run Hardy? :p14:16
seb128Keybuk: the colors are too "cold", not sure if that's the right word14:16
seb128it gives this metal feeling14:16
Keybukseb128: compared to Gutsy?14:16
seb128not very warm14:16
Keybukor compared to Ken's previous effort for Hardy14:16
kwwiiseb128: I thought about making it less glowy in the middle14:16
seb128not compared to something else14:16
HobbseeKeybuk: i do.  But i autologin for gdm, to cut down on the wait time (and password-protect the bios)14:16
kwwiiif I can still change it I will14:16
HobbseeKeybuk: i have been since pre-alpha1 :)14:16
seb128that's just looking at it doesn't give be a nice and warm feeling14:17
kwwiia little bit can't hurt :-)14:17
seb128but as said artwork is a matter of taste14:17
KeybukHobbsee: ah, I abandoned auto-login since I have to type password for gnome-keyring anyway14:17
seb128Keybuk: not true14:17
HobbseeKeybuk: you can set that to no p/w too.14:17
Hobbseeor otherwise get around it14:18
mptI'd like to know how :-)14:18
seb128Keybuk: but if you use an unprotected keyring you don't get gpg and ssh keyring storage though14:18
* Hobbsee only has to use a p/w for the gpg & ssh keys, now14:18
Keybukseb128: right, I use gpg and ssh storage14:18
Keybukdoes that mean you have to type a password the first time or every time for those?14:18
Hobbseeoh, maybe it was that i stored the network mangler password in cleartext, figuring that if they got past the bios password, there was more important stuff than the network key14:18
seb128mpt: after installation when it asks for a keyring password just enter none14:18
seb128it'll warn you about the lack of security and not store ssh keys etc14:19
seb128but that will make autologin and network manager works without asking for any password14:19
mptI already have a keyring, I've kept GPG and SSH keys in it since 2005, but it's only asked me for a password since November 200714:19
mptbut anyway, that's a bit off-topic14:19
Keybukseb128: but how do you then store GPG and SSH keys in it?14:20
Keybukor what happens to the ones already stored there?14:20
seb128Keybuk: you don't14:20
seb128hum, that's a good question14:20
Keybukso I'd have to enter a password every time I used gpg or ssh?14:20
seb128I didn't try to remove the password from a keyring which has some of those14:20
Keybukbah :)14:20
Keybukisn't there a way to create a new keyring for gpg and ssh passwords that's locked? :p14:21
seb128you can create different keyrings yes, not sure if you can tell it to use those for the ssh agent for example though14:21
seb128anyway not really a meeting topic ;-)14:21
Keybukwho's upstream?14:21
seb128"Stef Walter"14:22
seb128not sure if he does IRC14:22
Keybukdon't think I know him14:22
Keybukanyway, on with meeting topics14:22
Keybukmvo: bug #21304014:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 213040 in update-manager "update-manager: spelling errors in hardy.tar.gz" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21304014:22
mvoKeybuk: we are in string freeze, but I can unfuzzy them by hand if needed14:23
Keybukmvo: you can remove the sponsoring team, remember :p14:23
seb128I read this one this morning, lot of strings changes, not sure if that's worth the trouble14:23
mvo*cough* yes14:23
Keybukseb128: #bug 18360314:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183603 in gtksourceview "The code comment plugin does't work with Fortran 95" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18360314:24
Keybukthat looks rather invasive for this point in the cycle?14:24
mvofortran 95?!?14:24
seb128that's a one liner change in the fortran coloration thing14:25
Keybukoh, is it?14:25
seb128I'll try to get upstream to commit it so we get it in the next tarball14:25
seb128Keybuk: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11460132/fortran.lang.patch14:25
Keybuknothing new on there that I can see14:25
pedro_no, just a fix on jockey14:25
Keybukthat's all then, any other business for today?14:27
* Hobbsee wonders why simple-ubuntu.png is so big.14:29
seb128Keybuk: good work on the uds topics btw ;-)14:29
Keybukseb128: did I miss anything major?14:29
seb128I don't think so14:30
MacSlowKeybuk, any thought on the "spit and polish"-idea yet?14:30
KeybukMacSlow: yeah, I'm going to try and fit that one in14:30
seb128I think that's a good selection of things that need polish and work14:30
MacSlowseb128, you read it too?14:31
seb128Keybuk: oh, maybe the menus issue14:31
seb128MacSlow: read what? no I was speaking about the list of topics on the agenda14:31
Keybukseb128: I think that was under UI Cleanup?14:31
MacSlowseb128, ah alright14:31
seb128Keybuk: but not an another "how can we reduce the number of items there", we have one of those at every UDS14:32
seb128Keybuk: well, I think we should rather thing about changing the menu approch, using the gnome-control-centre shell and do some work on it to get it good enough for that or something similar14:32
Keybukwill make sure that's in the list of sessions14:33
seb128that's not something urgent, but we have menu issues for a while14:33
KeybukI should have a draft schedule of the desktop track by next week14:34
Keybukso we can beat up on that then14:34
Keybukadjourned for today then14:36
Keybukthanks everyone14:36
seb128thanks Keybuk14:36
MacSlowso long14:38
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emgent@schedule rome17:01
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Rome: 10 Apr 22:00: Security Team | 11 Apr 14:00: MOTU | 16 Apr 23:00: Server Team | 23 Apr 23:00: Server Team | 30 Apr 23:00: Server Team17:01
mruiz@schedule santiago17:02
ubotuSchedule for America/Santiago: 10 Apr 16:00: Security Team | 11 Apr 08:00: MOTU | 16 Apr 17:00: Server Team | 23 Apr 17:00: Server Team | 30 Apr 17:00: Server Team17:02
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zul@schedule montreal17:55
ubotuSchedule for America/Montreal: 10 Apr 16:00: Security Team | 11 Apr 08:00: MOTU | 16 Apr 17:00: Server Team | 23 Apr 17:00: Server Team | 30 Apr 17:00: Server Team17:55
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=== ubotu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Current meeting: Security Team Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 11 Apr 12:00 UTC: MOTU | 16 Apr 21:00 UTC: Server Team | 23 Apr 21:00 UTC: Server Team | 30 Apr 21:00 UTC: Server Team
MootBotMeeting started at 22:00. The chair is keescook.21:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]21:00
keescookhello!  who all is here for the security team meeting?21:00
* propagandist waves21:01
keescookemgent had to leave, so I put a few quick agenda items in the meeting today21:02
KeybukI'm not here21:02
keescook[topic] agenda21:02
MootBotNew Topic:  agenda21:02
keescook[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Meeting21:02
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Meeting21:02
keescookKeybuk: noted.  :)21:02
keescookI have to split for another meeting in half an hour, so hopefully we can make this quick.  :)21:03
jdstrandok go!21:03
keescookI'm going to cover emgent's topics quickly, since they're more "announcements" than anything else.21:03
keescook[topic] ubuntu whitehat21:03
MootBotNew Topic:  ubuntu whitehat21:03
keescookemgent has been working on anteater for reporting private security issues to Launchpad.21:04
keescook[link] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-whitehat-project/+spec/anteater-plb-support21:04
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-whitehat-project/+spec/anteater-plb-support21:04
keescookso anyone interested in that, please have a look.  He's also looking for help with documentation21:04
keescook[link] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-whitehat-project/+spec/anteater-docs21:04
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-whitehat-project/+spec/anteater-docs21:04
keescookI'd also like to have emgent organize the first whitehat meeting, and announce it to the ubuntu-hardened mailing list.21:05
keescook[action] emgent to send email to ubuntu-hardened mailing list, with schedule for first whitehat meeting21:05
MootBotACTION received:  emgent to send email to ubuntu-hardened mailing list, with schedule for first whitehat meeting21:05
keescook[topic] CVE review21:05
MootBotNew Topic:  CVE review21:05
keescookanyone got any CVEs they'd like to call attention to?21:06
jdstrandemgent gave me a list of debdiffs that I'll be looking at soon21:07
keescookokay, cool.  I haven't had time yet this week to review the security sponsorship queue21:07
keescookhm, Fujitsu is missing... we scheduled this meeting special for him  :P21:07
jdstrandI cleared out a few things today, and have been trying to see where hardy really stands21:07
keescookif anyone reading this has some interest, I'd like to see if we can help calc with CVE-2007-4575 (bug 174112).  It's been open a while, and the backporting isn't trivial.21:08
jdstrand(quite a few uploads fixed things)21:08
keescookjdstrand: very cool; nice work.21:08
keescookokay, moving on.21:09
keescook[topic] roadmap progress21:09
MootBotNew Topic:  roadmap progress21:09
keescookthe roadmap has been tweaked a bit since the last meeting, and it's looking much better.21:10
keescookthe FAQ and KnowledgeBase still need work though.  :)21:10
keescook[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Roadmap21:10
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Roadmap21:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174112 in openoffice.org "[openoffice.org] [CVE-2007-4575] Potential arbitrary code execution vulnerability in 3rd party module (HSQLDB)" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17411221:10
ubotuHSQLDB before, as used in OpenOffice.org (OOo) 2 before 2.3.1, allows user-assisted remote attackers to execute arbitrary Java code via crafted database documents, related to "exposing static java methods." (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2007-4575)21:10
jdstrandthe hsqldb part of that is fixed in hardy btw21:11
keescookyeah, hardy is okay, but the backports are supposedly not easy, according to calc.21:11
* jdstrand nods21:12
keescook[topic] SELinux progress21:12
MootBotNew Topic:  SELinux progress21:12
jdstrand(I just happened to update ubuntu-cve-tracker for that one today ;)21:12
keescookpropagandist: how'd things?21:12
keescooker, how're things?21:12
propagandistSETools has been syned with Debian. Several bug have been submitted and I'll be trying to resolve as many as possible asap. I've been working on fixes to the cups, cups-pdf, and service restarting problems and hope to have an updated refpol package soon.21:12
keescookcool, are any of the setools bugs show-stoppers?21:12
propagandistNot that I know of, but I haven't looked at them since earlier this week.21:13
keescookI chatted with slangasek briefly about release notes including SELinux -- it sounds like something can get worked out.21:14
propagandistRedhat has given us some props:21:14
propagandist[LINK] http://www.press.redhat.com/2008/04/09/red-hat-welcomes-opensolaris-and-ubuntu-to-the-world-of-type-enforcement/21:14
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.press.redhat.com/2008/04/09/red-hat-welcomes-opensolaris-and-ubuntu-to-the-world-of-type-enforcement/21:14
keescookhaha nice21:14
propagandistNot much else to report.21:14
keescookno news can be good news.  :)21:15
keescook[topic] hardening wrapper testing21:15
MootBotNew Topic:  hardening wrapper testing21:15
keescookthe buildds for interpid are still not set up for hardening, but infinity and doko have promised to get to a solution before the archive opens.21:16
keescookDebian adoption continues, but slowly, and is uncovering bugs in various arch flavors.21:16
keescookanyone else uncover any issues or ideas for the wrappers?21:17
keescook[topic] next meeting21:19
MootBotNew Topic:  next meeting21:19
keescookI propose same time & place in two weeks...21:19
jdstrandcool by me21:19
propagandistsounds good21:20
keescookokay, Apr 24th, 2000 UTC #ubuntu-meeting.21:21
keescookthanks everyone!  yay quick meeting!  :)21:21
MootBotMeeting finished at 22:21.21:21
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