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dholbachgood morning06:49
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lool"The COM 840 is expected to ship in 45 days. By then, Ampro has promised to begin distributing a free Ubuntu-derived Linux 2.6 distribution with all its board-level system products."10:26
loolamitk: So we're going to have a -16?  Is that uploaded/in progress already?10:42
amitklool: kernel done, modules and meta pending10:42
amitklool: actually i386 failed, so kernel needs another fix10:43
loolamitk: Is it likely that this happens again before the release?10:44
amitklool: what happens before the release?10:45
loolAnother bump10:46
amitklool: definitely, I'll fix it now10:46
loolamitk: My question was, will there be a -17 before the release :)11:06
amitklool: possibly :)11:07
lool:-/   It's hard to tell Intel to rebuild the drivers over and over, but I guess it's a consequence of the driver being closed so really a consequence of the requirements for a proprietary driver11:09
dns53intel drivers are open11:09
loolHmm not these :)11:10
amitklool: which is why I told Intel to wait until the RC kernel is published before I gave them the green signal.11:11
loolbzr branch lp:~ubuntu-mobile/hildon-desktop/ubuntu => 5 mn 28 secs11:13
amitkit's a feature :)11:15
slytherinhi, do we do any empathy related discussions here?13:47
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loolslytherin: Not really14:30
loolslytherin: You're welcome to, but it's more around UME here14:30
slytherinlool: No problem. I got the answer to my question already.14:41
loolTHIRTY FOUR minutes and 29 seconds to bzr upgrade a remote lp branch over sftp15:26
agoliveiralool: ..and I thought that the problem was on my link.15:27
loolbfiller: new marquee-plugins wasn't working properly went build against hardy's hildon-desktop (ubuntu1 versus ubuntu10); could it be that we inadvertedly broke ABI in the latest hildon-desktop changes?  I'd like to know whether I need a versionned build-dep or something15:43
bfillerlool: not sure how ABI could get broken. I didn't touch any build files or anything.16:02
bfillerlool: could it be marquee-plugins is not right?16:03
loolbfiller: It could be as well16:09
loolbfiller: I suspect it relies on something which is only true in newer hildon-desktop, but the fact that it the version you /build/ against which influences the result scares me16:10
lool(No warning during build)16:10
amitklool: irc meeting in 45min?16:12
loolamitk: Yes16:12
lool14 minutes that a vcs import "bzr pull" has been running, this is depressing16:20
smagounlool: have you tried CVS? It's way faster than bzr16:27
* smagoun runs16:28
loolsmagoun: My piss off level is raising as my bzr pull continues running for minutes and minutes16:28
smagounlool: I don't blame you. bzr is not fast.16:29
loolI don't recall being so unhappy with it last time I talked to launchpad; I suspect some upgrade caused this16:29
dholbachlool: best to talk to the guys in #launchpad16:30
looldholbach: I was actually pondering sending an email with the three issues I had today, but I then wondered how useful it would have been16:30
loolLet's try out16:30
smagounlool: the LP folks have been pretty responsive when I've had problems16:31
loolOk, thanks16:33
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loolHi all, time for our weekly meeting17:01
MootBotMeeting started at 18:01. The chair is lool.17:01
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]17:01
loolI hope eveyrbody is doing fine and is ready to start17:01
loolLet's review last week's action items17:01
GrueMasterI'm awake, does that count?17:01
loolIt does :)17:01
lool[topic] #17:02
lool[topic] (lool) add doc on moving to tarball releases for moblin modules to wiki17:02
MootBotNew Topic:  # 17:02
MootBotNew Topic:  (lool) add doc on moving to tarball releases for moblin modules to wiki 17:02
loolThis is done, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/MoblinTarballReleases17:02
loolI dropped the notes I sent to Rusty in wikified form to the wiki17:02
loolIt's raw, but then it's a one shot process, so I don't intend to polish the instructions too much; I'm happy to help with them though17:02
loolAllow me also to announce that we're having a phone call on the topic with rustyl_ next week17:03
loolInterested parties should ask for the phone details17:03
loolIt's at 10am PDT wednesday17:03
lool[topic] #17:03
lool[topic] rustyl_ to assign ppa packages updates for the new tarball based release process [cted as blocked by lool last week and the week before that...][cted]17:03
MootBotNew Topic:  # 17:03
MootBotNew Topic:  rustyl_ to assign ppa packages updates for the new tarball based release process [cted as blocked by lool last week and the week before that...][cted] 17:03
loolrustyl_: So, you were a little sick lately, did you find some time to catch up and assign this work?17:04
rustyl_so... i need to get a handle on what packages are left for initial conversion17:04
loolI hoped we could output some for hardy, but it's getting tight17:04
loolrustyl_: i've sent a list in response to your list of tarballs17:04
loolrustyl_: The day you sent it, like many weeks ago17:04
loolAnd I update this info in the same thread as I was making progress with the updates17:04
loolI just completed marquee-plugins this afternoon17:05
loolthe remaining ones are marked TBD or have a comment no what's blocking them17:05
loolrustyl_: If it helps, move them to the wiki perhaps?17:05
rustyl_a wiki for this would be nice17:05
loolrustyl_: Also, please note some tarballs like moblin-image-creator or midbrowser are missing17:05
loolrustyl_: You can use the same page to track status if you like17:06
lool[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/MoblinTarballReleases17:06
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/MoblinTarballReleases 17:06
loolSay, start a == Status of tarball releases for Moblin modules ==17:06
loolrustyl_: I also think we need to set strict rules or use scripts to generate the releases17:06
rustyl_mawhalen, i will need to find a person or two with some free cycles to help crunch through this17:07
loolI've seen some out of date or broken tarballs17:07
mawhalenrustyl_let's talk after this meeting17:07
loolrustyl_: More on these issues in our call if you like17:07
loolMay I carry on the action on you rustyl_?17:07
rustyl_ideally, it would all be done before the call, but at this point i'm not promissing anything :->17:07
rustyl_yea... you can give me the action17:08
loolNB: I'm on leave tonight til Tuesday included (your Tuesday morning i should be back)17:08
lool[action] rustyl_ to assign ppa packages updates for the new tarball based release process [cted as blocked by lool last week and the week before that...][cted][cted]17:08
MootBotACTION received:  rustyl_ to assign ppa packages updates for the new tarball based release process [cted as blocked by lool last week and the week before that...][cted][cted] 17:08
lool[topic] bspencer to list i18n status for Moblin project[cted] 17:08
MootBotNew Topic:  bspencer to list i18n status for Moblin project[cted]  17:08
loolIs Bob close to someone's office at Intel? :)17:09
loolOr did anyone hear about progress on this?17:09
loolI saw he called for the info, but only got as far as we already knew17:09
lool(That moblin-applets was i18ned and midbrowser was as well as a result of firefox' h11n17:09
loolOk; I'm moving to the next topic and we'll get back to it at the end of the meeting17:10
rustyl_i'm not in the office this morning17:10
mawhalenI'll go check17:10
loolmawhalen: thanks17:10
lool[topic] davidm to move meeting to 1 hour earlier and notify all [complete] 17:10
MootBotNew Topic:  davidm to move meeting to 1 hour earlier and notify all [complete]  17:10
loolThat's done; thanks davidm!17:10
loolMoving on17:10
davidmwelcome ;-)17:10
lool[action] mawhalen to reschedule on Intel side of earlier time change. [complete] 17:10
MootBotACTION received:  mawhalen to reschedule on Intel side of earlier time change. [complete]  17:10
loolmawhalen: This seems complete as well; thanks to you too!17:10
loolWe're done with action items from last week; let us move to this week's current items17:11
lool[topic] kyleN discussion on switching themes17:12
MootBotNew Topic:  kyleN discussion on switching themes 17:12
loolkyleN: Please put shorter topics on the wiki rather than a full support request next time   ;-P17:12
lool    *17:12
lool      kyleN: moblin-applets delivers status bar icons into /usr/share/icons/hildon, but since we can't switch icon theme via gconf and etc, I don't know how to theme this part of the marquee. Maybe put them in /usr/share/icons/hicolor which is the default icon theme, to start, then at least we could theme it by putting different ones in hildon?17:12
kyleNso that states it.17:12
kyleNhere's more background17:13
kyleNi can theoretically theme the rest of the marquee because it's images are delivered with the mobilbasic theme pkg17:13
kyleNwe could NOT install that and install our own17:13
kyleNbut we have to install moblin-applets17:13
kyleNso it's images go into the dir I mentioned and we can't override that17:14
loolkyleN: How is that different from say, gnome icon themes?17:14
kyleNso I can theme most of the marquee, but not battery icons, wifi, etc17:14
kyleNlool, sorry, I don't understand17:14
loolkyleN: Is the problem you're asking about fundamentally different from the GNOME mechanism to switch between icon themes?17:15
kyleNI think gnome icon themeing is broken17:15
kyleNi've not been able to switch the icon theme17:15
kyleNas a work around, we might use the hierarchy of icon themes if that works17:15
kyleNmoblin applets installs into default icon theme (hicolor)17:16
kyleNthen, if we need to override, we install into hildon icon theme17:16
loolkyleN: Under your Ubuntu, you can switch icon themes, can't you?17:16
kyleNyes, but not in mobile17:16
loolkyleN: Can't we simply copy that implementation?17:17
kyleNthat would be the best approach17:17
loolOk; did you file a bug about this issue?17:17
kyleNi just discovered this issue, so no17:17
loolHmm does it need IRC meeting attention?17:18
kyleNI'd be happy to if you think that is the proper resolution17:18
loolI think you should file a bug in all cases; documenting stuff in the IRC meeting is not going to be easy to dig out17:18
kyleNall cases seems over broad, but I am happy to oblige17:18
loolOk, thanks17:19
kyleNanyway, I'll file a bug. you can move on17:19
loolI guess discussion should continue in the bug report itself17:19
loolMoving on or rather back to an action fro last week17:19
loolDo we have bspencer around?17:19
loolmawhalen: Did you find where he hides? ;)17:20
mawhalenno, I didn't17:20
loolOk; let's carry on his action then17:20
GrueMasterhis calander shows a conflicting meeting, but I'm no where near him.17:20
lool[action] bspencer to list i18n status for Moblin project[cted][cted]17:20
MootBotACTION received:  bspencer to list i18n status for Moblin project[cted][cted] 17:20
loolSo, we're at the end of our list of items to discuss; would anyone like to open a new topic?17:21
GrueMasterI'm tracking an issue with alsa and helix at the moment.17:21
GrueMasterIt appears alsa-base is no longer installed by default?17:21
lool[topic] GrueMaster's issue with alsa and helix17:21
MootBotNew Topic:  GrueMaster's issue with alsa and helix 17:21
loolGrueMaster: Was it ever?  Or perhaps it was pulled accidently?17:22
GrueMasterHelix relies on snd_pcm_oss and snd_mixer_oss modules.  17:22
loolGrueMaster: Perhaps helix should pull it if it's needed?17:22
loolGrueMaster: Oh so helix has no alsa modules at all?17:22
loolThat's surprizing and not terribly good17:22
GrueMasterI'm looking at it now, and beta2 built 20080228 worked fine17:23
rustyl_helix can be built to use alsa or not17:23
GrueMasterI think helix is one of those apps that never ported to alsa.17:23
loolSo it should be built with alsa support and is not?17:23
rustyl_so... when you say helix, which app are you talking about?17:23
GrueMastersplay or helix-dbus-server17:23
tonyespyrustyl is correct, helix can be built with or without alsa support17:23
rustyl_i can say that the RealPlayer is being built with alsa turned on17:24
GrueMasterWell, in my opinion, it should be built with alsa support.  alsa provides audio duplexing, which oss did not.17:24
rustyl_i don't recall if the default configuration for helix-dbus-server (which is part of the REalPlayer package) has this option enabled17:25
rustyl_so... asuming that app is built with the alsa option turned on... it sounds like we are missing a packging dep also?17:25
loolWould one of you please file a bug against ubuntu-mobile if it's happening with the UME builds and mention that the proprietary package should be changed to build with alsa support and rebuilt?17:26
GrueMasterNot sure yet.  I was looking into it this morning.17:26
loolrustyl_: I think the package dep is only missing for oss emulation17:26
loolBut I prefer we don't pull this and use alsa directly instead17:26
loolGrueMaster: You file the bug, subscribe ubuntu-mobile and rustyl_ and if someone can confirm the fix, stevenk for the change in our archive?17:27
tonyespylool: that might require rebuilding helix, which in turns requires a phd in ribosome17:27
rustyl_lool, i haven't had visiblity into your customer build, so i'm not sure what it has in it17:27
GrueMasterWe should provide the oss emulation as well.  There are bound to be other apps that need it, and the modules are already part of the kernel.17:27
looltonyespy: Taking the existing source and rebuilding it /should/ work I hopeN17:27
loolrustyl_: You don't have access to the Intel proprietary build Canonical outputs?17:28
loolIs this the one where the bug happens?17:28
GrueMasterIt's in the daily as well.17:28
loolGrueMaster: oss emulation should be pulled by these apps then17:28
loolGrueMaster: You mean the daily public build of ume?17:28
GrueMasterThe beta builds just have helix installed, and that is what I was testing with recently.17:28
mawhalenrustyl_we know have access to the prop outputs17:28
loolYeah, so ubuntu-mobile is where to report it17:28
rustyl_BTW... IIRC, we managed to just recently get the alsa option turned on as a default for any Linux based build, so any helix based product should now use alsa (unless it explicitly turns off the option)17:28
loolSo perhaps we simply a need a new helix, but that requires hard work, I agree with tonyespy 17:30
GrueMasterrustyl_:  I'm testing helix 0.6.0 with the latest splay tarball and latest (0402) CIP codecs.17:30
rustyl_i have access to lots of stuff.... just not the time to use it :->17:30
loolAnyway, could one of you file a bug to track the issue and subscribe interested parties?17:30
* rustyl_ votes for GrueMaster to file a bug reporting everything he has learned17:31
lool[action] GrueMaster fiel a bug on helix build missing alsa support17:31
MootBotACTION received:  GrueMaster fiel a bug on helix build missing alsa support 17:31
GrueMasterI'll look into it more.  From what I can tell, it's just a missing modprobe.d config file for alsa.17:31
loolOkely; anything more on this topic or a new topic?17:31
* GrueMaster whimpers as his AR shield is found to be useless.17:32
loolI'm taking the opportunity to announce that if davidm and I are missing at the beginning of a meeting, you're welcome (yes you) to start the meeting and follow the wiki page17:32
loolOk; seems nobody has additional topics17:32
loolThanks a lot for your time and see you same time same place next week17:33
MootBotMeeting finished at 18:33.17:33
davidmlool, thanks17:33
agoliveiraHey, that one was short. The best kind :)17:33
loolkyleN: Once you have a bug report for that icon theme issue, sub ubuntu-mobile and if you like I can read it and see where we could do with more details; ok with you?17:33
davidmlool, I'll take care of the usual page editing and creation 17:33
kyleNlool, thanks I will. 17:33
looldavidm: I [actioned] a [topic]; dunno whether you can fix that17:33
kyleNlool, do you have a moment to talk with me about that icon theme issue?17:34
loolkyleN: In general, I think it's best if you can research issue so that we can immediately jump to the point where progress is stuck; does that make sense?17:34
davidmYes I can take care of that since I now move the web pages to people.ubuntu.com/~davidm/17:34
loolkyleN: I might have a moment; if you like you can ring my phone or I can call you17:34
loolOr we can chat here17:35
kyleNlool, the phone maybe easier can you call?17:35
looldavidm: Thanks17:35
davidmlool, a quick edit will take care of it and I have to sed the pages anyway :-)17:35
loolkyleN: Tell me where in pv17:35
loolbspencer: Too late  :-/17:35
loolbspencer:                 http://blackbird.kaarsemaker.net/mootbot/meeting17:36
bspencerlool:  sorry!17:37
mawhalenagoliveira: you there?17:37
GrueMasterdavidm:  I need access to launchpad to file a bug in ubuntu-mobile.17:51
GrueMasterlool:  can you add me to the ubuntu-mobile launchpad team so I can file this bug?17:59
\shlool, congrats for getting wine on lpia for free :)18:01
\shhttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/wine/0.9.59-0ubuntu4 <- the very first bugfixed version of wine on little devices :) 18:02
loolGrueMaster: You don't need to be in the team to file bug against the ubuntu-mobile project18:10
loolGrueMaster: That said, you're expected to be in the team, what's your lp id?18:11
lool\sh: Cool18:11
GrueMasterI can't find a bug submit link.  I can see otehr bugs, but no submit link.18:11
loolGrueMaster: You're visiting the team page perhaps?18:11
loolGrueMaster: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-mobile18:11
loolThat's the project page18:11
lool~ubuntu-mobile is the team18:12
GrueMasterweird.  I had clicked on the bugs tab, but it never brought up a button for submitting new bugs.18:12
\shlool, when you are in Praque, ask infinity what he likes to drink, he mad it happen :)18:13
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patmandy_lin, did you see my response?18:40
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andy_linpatm: no , had you regist your account ? 18:52
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patmandy_lin, please send me the driver ok?18:52
andy_linok. :)18:54
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