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ScottKmok0: Ack'ed by me.01:14
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jdongYou can't use `macro parameter character #' in horizontal mode.01:27
jdonghaha. for some reason that LaTeX error hit my funny bone01:28
jdongit sounds so absurdly phrased01:28
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ScottKWould a motu who has a minute please do a no change upload of cyrus-sasl2-heimdal.  It won't work if it doesn't have the exact same version/revision as cyrus-sasl201:40
nxvlScottK: can i do it?01:43
bddebianHeya gang02:06
ScottKnxvl: You could prepare a debdiff, but it's just got a changelog entry, so it's fairly pointless.02:21
ScottKbddebian: If you have a minute (and you're the most recent motu to talk in the channel) would you please do a no change upload of cyrus-sasl2-heimdal.  It won't work if it doesn't have the exact same version/revision as cyrus-sasl202:21
bddebianFrom Debian?02:23
ScottKNo, from ours.02:27
ScottKJust bump the revision to match cyrus-sasl202:27
bddebianUhm, aren't they both already -18ubuntu1 ?02:31
ScottKNo.  ubuntu2 just got uploaded.02:39
ScottKbddebian: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/cyrus-sasl2/2.1.22.dfsg1-18ubuntu202:40
bddebianAh, OK02:40
LaserJockhi all02:41
LaserJockcan I get somebody to look at doing the SRU for flashplugin-nonfree for dapper and Feisty?02:41
ScottKbddebian: Thanks. My youngest brother is getting married on Saturday and we're flying out early tomorrow, so I'm kind of out of bandwidth in my brain just now.02:41
bddebianHeya LaserJock02:42
ScottKLaserJock: nxvl was looking for something to do.  He'd need sponsoring though02:42
LaserJockScottK: btw, thanks for approving the matplotlib FFe, I use it in my research02:52
HobbseeScottK: i agree with you, w.r.t envy and the # of updates.03:08
Hobbseecant 'believe i didn't think o fit before03:08
HobbseeRAOF: it won't open any oo.o (writer, and calc, at least), document.03:09
LaserJockRAOF: what won't?03:13
LaserJockgrr, that was for Hobbsee03:13
HobbseeLaserJock: gnome-do03:14
secretlondonIs anyone around who could help me sanity check my solution to a bug?03:20
secretlondonit's on audacity and is bug #19359303:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193593 in audacity "Audacity effects missing" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19359303:20
bddebianScottK: Uploaded btw03:31
ScottKbddebian: Thanks.04:09
ScottKHobbsee: Another thought I have is that approving that FFe (Envy) is money in the bank for the least FOSS oriented video card maker.  I don't like encouraging them.04:12
Hobbseewell, i see the point of the video card.s04:13
Hobbseebut its' like granting a uvfe for cheese in gutsy or the easycryt stuff - there's a package every week, afair04:14
ScottKYeah.  I think he was blogging about even more updates today.04:16
ScottKHobbsee: Would you please ack/approve the matplotlib FFe - LaserJock wants it.04:21
HobbseeScottK: do i need to view the bug first?04:25
ScottKWouldn't hurt04:31
* ScottK gets the bug04:32
ScottKHobbsee: Bug 19577204:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195772 in matplotlib "please upgrade python-matplotlib to version later than 0.90.1" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19577204:33
xtknightlol ouch bug 21489804:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214898 in ubuntu "latest batch of updates deleted all user docs, pics, music and vids?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21489804:38
xtknightis it safe to ask for someone's whole /var/log directory in a tar.gz?04:43
RAOFHobbsee: Hm... works here (with non-trunk crazy-devel build).04:43
xtknighti dont suppose any personal info could be in there?04:44
cody-somervillextknight, I wouldn't be so sure of that.04:44
RAOFHobbsee: ...and works with the Universe version, too.  What are you actually trying to do, again? :)04:44
xtknighti'd love to help this poor guy i just dont know how04:44
HobbseeRAOF: ctrl+space, type in name.04:46
RAOFHobbsee: As in: ctrl+space name_of_document, or ctrl+space openoffice.org writer?04:47
RAOFHobbsee: Because either one WorksForMe(tm)04:48
HobbseeRAOF: the former.04:53
RAOFHobbsee: Is this because name_of_document isn't coming up as an item?  It needs to be somewhere fairly specific to be indexed, IIRC.04:55
Hobbseeit's coming up as an item. it's in ~05:00
RAOFWhat does it do when you press enter?  It brings up a nautilus window showing ~, I bet.05:00
Hobbseeno, it does nothing05:02
RAOFHobbsee: Can you take a screenshot?  Urgh!  What's in the second pane of Do?05:05
* StevenK kicks printers05:17
* secretlondon *hates* soundtouch05:18
StevenKRAOF: I wonder if Noveau won't corrupt the off-screen 2D buffer if X is restarted and the blob isn't unloaded.05:19
TheMusoRAOF: Re vlc from yesterday, I didn't quite understand what you were getting at. The macro/variable that were were talking about, and somethign to do with it being from algorithm. Algorithm is included, and they also have 'using namespace std;'05:50
AnAntHello, is it appropriate to use dh_icons in an icon theme package ?06:03
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jdongScottK: ack completely forgot to tell you, sourceful backport of wine .59 is fine06:12
* jdong hugs tomboy for that one06:12
ScottKjdong: Debdiff me in about the next 10 minutes or wait a week.06:13
jdongScottK: rofl06:13
ScottKNot kidding06:13
jdongScottK: mmmkay I'll try speed crackporting!06:14
jdongI like that term :)06:14
ScottKActually it's a little longer because my 16 year old is using the laptop to load her iPod.06:15
jdongtell her to take longer! break libgpod!06:15
ScottKI confess it's on Windows.  iTunes is the one thing they are still allowed to use it for.06:18
jdonggasp :D06:18
StevenKBad ScottK06:18
ScottKI have high hopes that'll change.06:18
ScottKIt's not like I use it.06:18
StevenKScottK: Try again with Hardy, I06:18
StevenKScottK: Try again with Hardy, I'd suggest06:18
ScottKI will.06:18
ScottKJust haven't had time.06:18
jdongyeah Apple tries very hard to be a prick to the rest of the the world with their devices :)06:19
* jdong waits for wine to debdiff06:19
jdongScottK: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13309179/debdiff06:21
ScottKjdong: Thanks.06:25
jdongScottK: thank *you* :)06:26
jdongguys I just impulsively ordered a N80006:26
jdongwill I be happy with that purchase? :)06:26
nxvlScottK: did you sleep sometimes?06:26
* nxvl is starting to think that ScottK is an IA bot06:27
StevenKjdong: Only if you don't want a keyboard or GPS06:27
jdongnxvl: is it that you are starting to think that makes ScottK an AI bot?06:28
nxvljdong: hes always here06:29
jdongStevenK: (1) I think I can live without a keyboard , compared to dishing out for the $400 one (2) too bad a GPS can't navigate MIT buildings. Because that's what I really need a GPS for06:29
jdong"proceed to.. next hallway... and... veer left... through the second door"06:29
jdong"checking route for traffic..." :D06:29
ScottKThree cheers for bulletproof X.06:40
RAOFTheMuso: Oh, right.  So the most obvious possibility is excluded.  Sorry, I don't have anything more :/06:48
RAOFStevenK: nouveau won't start X if the blob's kernel module isn't unloaded.  I can, however, unload the blob's kernel module then start X with nouveau just fine.06:48
dholbachgood morning06:49
cody-somervilleMorning dholbach06:49
dholbachhiya cody-somerville06:50
RAOFHeya dholbach, cody-somerville.06:50
ScottKjdong: Uploaded.  Thank you for your contribution to Ubuntu ;-)06:50
RAOFLet's gett this greeting snowball rolling!06:50
jdongScottK: why thank you ;-)06:51
xtknightwhat's the "diff splash" patch system06:51
RAOFxtknight: Reference?06:51
xtknightRAOF, what-patch06:51
xtknighton source pakage elinks06:51
jdongoh oh! I know! One clucks in defiance and the other...06:51
jdongor is that the wrong punchline?06:51
RAOFHm.  Probably just inline patching in the diff.gz.06:52
xtknighti see a debian/patches/ folder with .diff files06:52
xtknightbut i'm not sure what to use to "push" them all so i can make a new one06:52
dholbachhi RAOF06:52
RAOFxtknight: What's in debian/rules?  That'd be a fallback herustic :)06:53
xtknightyeah except im clueless at reading rules but here it is http://rafb.net/p/lwIYmE66.html06:54
xtknightit just looks like an unmanaged patch system06:54
xtknightsleezy. tell me why would someone even take the time to write something like that when they could use dpatch?06:54
* xtknight must be missing something, but it wouldn't be a first time06:55
RAOFxtknight: Because they didn't know about dpatch?  Because they thought they could do it easier?  I mean, dpatch requires a whole lot of effort :)06:56
xtknightit does?06:56
xtknightalright i guess i must have it much easier then... my dpatch-edit-patch seems to work graet for me, maybe they have to do something a lot harder :o06:57
jdongxtknight: but you have to include a .make, and add 2 dependencies to debian/rules targets.....06:58
jdongxtknight: all of which time could be spent writing a recursive scheme patchsystem!06:58
RAOFYeah, I was being silly.06:59
ScottKBecause they made the package before dpatch-edit-patch was written?07:00
jdongpfft dpatch-edit-patch always existed. It's just a story made up to scare the little ones.07:01
jdonglike Redhat 7.07:01
StevenKRAOF: Ah, that wasn't really the question.07:01
StevenKjdong: RedHat 7.0, even07:02
jdongStevenK: silly me, how could I forget the big-Oh at the end?07:02
jdong(that's what she *cough* nvm)07:03
warp10Good morning07:08
jdongrule #3 of #ubuntu-motu: When someone comes in to say good morning, it's probably bedtime.07:08
RAOFStevenK: What was the question? :)07:08
AnAntHello, is it appropriate to use dh_icons for an icon themes package ?07:09
StevenKRAOF: So, with the blob, if I restart X without unloading it, it looks fine, except the 2d off-screen buffer is stuffed, and things like Xv don't show the real content.07:10
RAOFStevenK: That's cool!07:10
StevenKIt so isn't.07:11
RAOFYeah, fair crack of the whip.07:11
RAOFWell, there's always the 'try nouveau' approach.07:11
StevenKWhich means no WoW, I suspect :-)07:12
RAOFNot necessarily!07:13
RAOFAlthough, if you'd like fast, not-horribly-glitchy rendering, yes :(.07:13
StevenKYay for 3D driver programming by guesswork07:14
RAOFOh, that's software mesa I'm talking about :)07:14
RAOFWoW dies with a shader error with the nv4x gallium driver :)07:15
RAOFBut this might actually be an old mesa bug, rather than a problem with nouveau per se.07:17
RAOFAnd it's not actually 3d driver programming by guesswork; they pretty much know how the thing works.  Yay renouveau!07:18
StevenKRAOF: Which bit is taking time, then?07:19
xtknightum this should be Core Devs not MOTU Devs for Maintainer right?07:19
xtknight!info elinks07:21
RAOFStevenK: Developer time, apparently.  There aren't actually that many devs working on nouveau who understand gallium (which is apparently really hard without an intimate knowledge of 3d hardware).07:21
AnAnt!info elinks07:47
ubotuelinks (source: elinks): advanced text-mode WWW browser. In component main, is optional. Version 0.11.1-1.5ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 611 kB, installed size 3340 kB07:48
\shcould be that it was in universe before it was promoted to main07:59
\shoh no...07:59
freeflyingdholbach: #20357108:49
dholbachfreeflying: hello.... how can I help you?08:51
freeflyingdholbach: did u sponsor this upload? I consider re-opening it, the bug reporter hasn't provide a patch08:51
dholbachfreeflying: is it about the 0.5.23? if so, I'm in touch with Arne abou it08:51
dholbachI sponsored 0.4.23-1ubuntu2 (see comment 9)08:52
freeflyingdholbach: yes, the package is not nice :)08:52
dholbachfreeflying: it'd be better to mention that on the bug report08:53
dholbachI'll subscribe to it08:53
freeflyingdholbach: the bug reporter amend file in  upstream directly08:53
dholbachfreeflying: better to mention that on the bug report - I merely sponsored it, but have no means of checking if the result is actually OK - I trust Arne to figure it out08:55
freeflyingdholbach: as to this bug itself, we'd discuss with arne firstly, xfonts-wqy is in main too, and xfonts-wqy provide the bitmap fonts08:59
dholbachfreeflying: can you let Arne know what the problem is - once you figure out the solution together, I can help to get it sponsored09:00
freeflyingdholbach: arne is familiar with it, and I will discuss with him this weekend, or sometime tomorrow :), I prefer to sync 0.5.23 from sid firstly09:02
dholbachfreeflying: thanks for working on it - once you've come to a decision together, I can see it gets done09:02
freeflyingdholbach: u r welcome, and I re-open this bug09:04
FujitsuWhy is Wine autorunning Windows executables that are got from Firefox?10:16
FujitsuNo questions asked?10:17
AmaranthGotta copy Windows, you know.10:18
wolfgeryou should be able to tell Firefox not to open those things automatically.10:20
mok0If anybody from FFE team is online, please give 2nd ack for bug 19577211:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195772 in matplotlib "please upgrade python-matplotlib to version later than 0.90.1" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19577211:49
\shFujitsu, firefox does ask questions, and it doesn't ask if you told ff to not ask questions anymore while opening apps11:52
\shFujitsu, this is normal, and a layer 8 problem :)=11:52
\shwolfger, it's a user problem...user too lazy error11:53
* Hobbsee finally gets home12:48
HobbseeRAOF: so, it's playing nice now.  NFI why.12:48
* mok0 pokes Hobbsee with a stick for beating him at yesterdays 5-a-day stats13:03
Hobbseemok0: you should do firefox today.13:04
mok0Hobbsee: eeek13:04
mok0Hobbsee: what do you have in mind?13:04
Hobbseemok0: dunno.  i'm sure i'll find something.  mvo wants help, too13:06
AnAntHello, is it appropriate to use dh_icons for an icon themes package ?13:06
jroessorry to bother you guys with this, but does anyone know what package contains the std c library manpages?  I need to be able to e.g. man {send,recv,printf,..whatever}13:30
slytherinjroes: I guess it is manpages-dev13:30
jroesthat's probably why I never found it :)13:31
jroesthanks slytherin13:31
james_whi RainCT13:45
mok0So, from today, we need mr team ack for EVERYTHING, yes?14:01
\shfrom the 11th on, yes14:02
\shimho the 10th is still free ;)14:02
mok0Ah ;-)14:03
HobbseeScottK: shot down envyng some more.14:03
slytherin\sh: free as in free speech or free beer. :-P14:03
\shslytherin, free as in "buildds are not in manual mode" ,-)14:03
HobbseeScottK: i really can't justify a package that gets an upload at least once a week being put into a stable archive, no matter the time of the cycle that we're in...14:05
Hobbseeperhaps the month of march 2 - april 2 was especially busy, but it's certainly setting precedent.14:05
superm1Hobbsee, getting an upload once a week?  What a reyou referring to on that?14:10
Hobbseesuperm1: envyng14:10
Hobbseesuperm1: like i said, in the previous line :)14:10
superm1the package itself?14:10
Hobbseeperhaps it's not all ng, but.14:10
Nghey what did I do14:11
Ngoh, envy-ng ;)14:11
* Hobbsee just checked the number of blog posts on planet ubuntu about it that definetly had a release, rather than just thanking people for help, and got 5 between march2 and april 214:11
HobbseeNg: yes, that.  although some people want tickets to get resolved, if you're in that frame of mind...14:11
HobbseeNg: unless you want to be put in the repository?14:12
superm1Hobbsee, as per my understanding there won't be any changes necessary for Hardy once it's in?14:12
Hobbseesuperm1: why?14:12
superm1all the newer drivers come from a PPA14:12
superm1the package itself just grabs stuff from the PPA in a niceish fashion14:12
NgHobbsee: I have zero interest in envy, I threw all my evil hardware away ages ago ;)14:12
HobbseeNg: i've only dealt with evil wifi before, so i agree with you14:13
* Hobbsee managed to sell the evil card to dad.14:13
Hobbsee(yay for marvell)14:13
jeromegHobbsee: that's not nice :)14:13
jeromeglu mais ne l'étant pas pour moi je sollicite votre aide sur ce sujet14:13
jeromegActuellement mon système démarre mais est bloqué environ 5 minutes pendant la séquence du boot.14:13
jeromegJe ne sais pas comment y remédier.14:13
Hobbseejeromeg: he's a 'doze user.14:13
Hobbseejeromeg: ich nicht sprecke french.14:14
slytherinI kept my dad away from windows right form start to avoid troubleshooting headache14:14
Hobbseeslytherin: he started there, so...14:14
Hobbseemaybe one day.  but i dobut it14:14
cprovHobbsee: oh right, in that case 'he deserved it' :)14:14
jeromegsorry buggy mouse breaking everything14:14
Hobbseecprov: exactly :)14:14
Hobbseecprov: funny thing is, it's somewhat patchy on 'doze too.14:15
Hobbseeit actually behaves better on a stable version of ubuntu, if you don't use the netgear drivers for it14:15
cprovthen, it can be only justified by his bad karma ;)14:16
tseliotHobbsee: envyng won't need to be updated once a week. If there are bugs (reported by users) I'll fix them. That's all14:17
Hobbseetseliot: oh, you are here.14:17
HobbseeLaserJock: question for you.14:30
murrayc_protonchris: ping14:30
protonchrismurrayc_: What's up?14:38
murrayc_protonchris: I just did yet another glom tarball release, in case you feel like packaging it.14:38
protonchrismurrayc_: does it fix any nasty bugs?14:39
murrayc_protonchris: At least one crash.14:40
murrayc_protonchris: And it should make apport work with glom again, so we can more easily solve future crashes.14:40
RainCTdholbach: ping14:41
dholbachRainCT: pong14:41
RainCTdholbach: uhm.. nevermind. wanted to ask you something but just found it out myself :)14:42
dholbachok super :)14:42
protonchrismurrayc_: I'll take a look tomorrow, but I suspect that we will need to wait until after the hardy release.14:43
murrayc_protonchris: That would be fine. I just hope it doesn't have to wait for hardy+1.14:43
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sebnermok0: aroune?15:07
emgentheya dendrobates15:28
dendrobatesemgent: hi15:29
emgentcody-somerville: i fixed and tested bug #190020 in gutsy Xubuntu box, work fine.15:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190020 in xfce4-panel "Stack-based buffer overflow" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19002015:29
mok0sebner: yo!15:30
sebnermok0: what about the libmail-listdetector-perl? Just too slowly before final freeze started?15:49
mok0sebner: bug no. ?15:49
* mok0 wants an url to click :-)15:49
sebnermok0: bug #21251215:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212512 in libmail-listdetector-perl "Please sync libmail-listdetector-perl 1.01+dfsg-3 from Debian(Unstable)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21251215:54
mok0sebner: you don't have 2 acks for this15:54
sebnermok0: ehm. Because of final freeze? because this is a pure sync15:55
mok0sebner: last comment is ScottK asking for testing15:55
sebnermok0: true but you subscribed motu-release where it shouldn't be necessary (if it was before final freeze)15:56
mok0sebner: Since you put the changelog there, I assumed it was because you were looking for ACKs15:57
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sebnermok0: wth? Also for *normal* syncs you should post the changelog xD and if you can see it's not a new upstream version15:58
mok0sebner: I am sorry if I messed it up15:59
mok0sebner: I can see it's mostly packaging that has been modified16:00
sebnermok0: hmm np :P It's just that I have to satisfy Scottie now ^^16:00
mok0sebner: ... and he is travelling for a week.16:00
mok0sebner: perhaps you can get someone else from m-r to take a look, I don't dare touch it as long as they're subscribed :-)16:01
sebnermok0: ^^. however. we are in final freeze so I suppose I have to provide additional infos?16:01
sebnermok0: you make your like pretty easy ^^16:01
mok0sebner: I was told the freeze is from 11.16:01
sebnermok0: then ACK ACK ACK ACK ACK16:01
mok0sebner: I don't dare touch it as long as m-r is subscribed16:02
mok0sebner: perhaps some older MOTU :-D16:02
sebnermok0: it's your fault that they are subscribed. don't forget ^^16:02
mok0sebner: I know,16:03
mok0sebner: I'll make it up to you16:03
sebnermok0: hrhr. I don't care :P but I'll take care ...16:03
mok0sebner: I think uploads can be done as before, but now m-r have to approve _everything_16:05
mok0sebner: do you have others?16:06
sebnermok0: 1 sync + 1 merge. both not that important16:06
mok0sebner: they solve bugs + no new features?16:06
sebnermok0: for the sync no to the first. for the merge maybe yes to the first. both no to the last xD16:08
mok0sebner, then the sync will have to wait16:08
\shMez, ping16:08
Mez\sh - uh-oh, what've I done now16:09
\shMez, did you eventually changed something in debian/rules for php-xdebug?16:09
mok0sebner: the merge will be useful16:09
MezI should have.16:09
\she.g. install to binary-indep target?16:09
sebnermok0: what's the habit for the sync now? Setting to invalid or something like this?16:09
\shMez, not the -O0 change ;(16:09
Mez\sh, nope - the -00 was the only thing I changed on the upload16:10
\shdamn....then I was the one who messed up ;)16:10
mok0sebner: hmm, good question. Just leave it for now, when intrepid comes along you can set it to invalid with a comment16:10
\shbut I was sure I fixed it earlier :(16:10
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\shof course I fixed in in ubuntu2...and wtf it was gone now16:11
mok0sebner: but the merge is useful if it solves bugs; it will save us the work later16:11
mok0sebner: are you able to test that mail lib perl thing?16:12
LaserJockHobbsee: still around?16:12
mok0sebner, what's the no. of your merge?16:13
sebnermok0: dunno. but definitely not today. I'll leave soon. learning for school :(16:13
Mez\sh : http://rafb.net/p/kNP6sW69.html <-- diff between the rules from ubuntu3 and ubuntu416:14
mok0sebner: if you can test it, there's a good chance it will make it is my guess16:14
\shMez, na...it's not your fault :) I was sure I fixed the bug in ubuntu2 ...16:14
Mez\sh *hands you cookie*16:15
Mezno worries16:15
* Mez waits for ubuntu5 :@P16:15
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\shMez, just uploaded...16:15
sebnermok0: as I said I don't care because there are cosmetic changes and today I really have to time for it. Merge is here bug #212766 . Though we need debwait since a dependency have to be synced before ^^ But already ACKed16:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212766 in rrootage "Merge rrootage 0.23a-7 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21276616:15
\shdamn...I wanted to go home already16:15
Mez\sh to be fair, I should have spotted that myself16:15
mok0sebner: cool, I'm on it16:16
\shMez, fun part...I'lll run sbuild with -A on amd64...so I don't get it directly...I need to change that16:16
sebnermok0: thx16:16
Mez\sh, I didnt run a build seeing as it was a 1 char change ;016:16
MezI should have - eh ?16:16
mok0sebner: there, it's on my list16:16
\shMez, always :)16:17
sebnermok0: fine :)16:17
\shanyways..rushing home16:20
pochuwhy, oh why did I touch aMule?16:22
pochuplease remind me not to upload it in the Intrepid cycle :)16:23
pochujdong: where's the best place to make a call for testing in the forums?16:23
LaserJockthere's a subforum for that16:23
pochuoh, neat16:25
pochuthanks LaserJock16:25
pochuLaserJock: do I need any special status to post there? because I have none :)16:28
LaserJockI don't *think* you do, but I haven't tried it16:28
ftaRainCT, adblock-plus is out upstream, will you update it ?16:28
pochunow the tray icon doesn't work with today's tarballs16:33
RainCTfta: yes, thanks for letting me know16:33
ftaRainCT, cool, thanks16:33
ftaRainCT, please use the bzr branch16:34
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SveinungHello. It is possible to build dbus-java using openjdk. That means it can be moved to main, right? See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dbus-java/+bug/204704 (if I have done somthing wrong I would appresiate if you told me. I am quite new to Ubuntu)18:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204704 in dbus-java "dbus-java should work with IcedTea" [Undecided,New]18:22
asomethingHey! I've got a question. If I've got a new package I'd like to get into Ubuntu ready, should I upload to REVU now or wait until the Intrepid archives open? It's obviously too late for Hardy...19:00
james_wasomething: you could upload now, but it probably wouldn't be looked at until intrepid opens anyway, so it wouldn't make much difference.19:02
asomethingya, i figure folks are a bit busy about now =)19:03
zorglu_q. i heard that canonical had a 'program' to help company package their software for ubuntu, anybody got the name of this program ? and who i can talk to to get more info about it ?19:09
siretartlol: "So Bruce Schneier is the Chuck Norris of crypto?" - Seen on http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/6739/19:13
asomethingzorglu_: you might want to look here: http://www.canonical.com/services/packaging19:14
zorglu_asomething: thanks19:14
james_wzorglu_: also there is http://www.canonical.com/partners/19:14
james_wsiretart: did you see the Bruce Schneier quotes, in the same vein as the Chuck Norris ones?19:15
siretartjust looking and laughing at them :)19:15
zorglu_james_w: ok looking19:15
* jdong sets his first high-priority bug in ubuntu....19:17
zorglu_asomething: services packaging webpage doesnt give any prize. should i assume it is free of charge ? should i ask somebody else?19:21
asomethingzorglu_: I really don't know. Any canonical employees around?19:23
RainCTzorglu_: It's paid, I saw the prices somewhere on the site some time ago, but I can't find them now anymore :S19:29
zorglu_RainCT: ok thanks. so it will have to wait until i get funding :)19:29
slangasekjdong: whee, nice bug, with completely symbol-less backtraces... :)19:33
jdongslangasek: yeah I know it's not pretty but it's important :(19:35
slangasekto be fair, hardy is the first release to even /have/ flashplugin-nonfree for amd64...19:36
jdongslangasek: I'm gonna try the stupid approach and blindly rebuild it against the new xulrunner and see if that does anything :D19:36
slangasekeh, or maybe it was in gutsy (?)19:36
jdongslangasek: yeah it was in gutsy but not working well19:36
jdongslangasek: it worked GREAT up until the upload of FF3.0b519:36
* RainCT is wondering if that that Ubuntu Certified Professional thing good for anything19:36
jdongslangasek: it'd be a shame to lose it again19:37
slangasekjdong: I actually haven't noticed it not working yet19:37
zorglu_jdong: 3b5 is known to be very unstable19:37
slangasekthis isn't a crash of firefox though19:37
jdongslangasek: no it's just a crash of the npviewer.bin that shows up in dmesg and blanks all flash applets19:39
jdongslangasek: it has not happened for me yet since my rebuild19:39
slangasekoh goody19:39
jdongI hope I don't jinx that19:40
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jdongslangasek: looks promising so far, I posted a rebuilt deb so hopefully our testers can try to prove me wrong19:44
slangasekjdong: is there any sort of reproducible test case?19:47
jdongslangasek: just repeatedly go back and forth between a flash and a non flash page19:49
jdongslangasek: i.e. youtube's homepage and google's homepage19:49
jdongslangasek: once in a while you will see the flash controls go grey and dmesg shows npviewer.bin crashed19:49
jdongapport also whines19:49
jdongit is somewhat of a heisenbug though :)19:50
slangasekyeah, how many times should I have to switch back and forth on average?19:51
jdongslangasek: often times it's immediate crash and burn for me19:51
xtknightwhen's the exact daedline for freeze?19:51
slangasekI'm not seeing that19:52
jdongslangasek: the day I confirmed the bug it was literally every flash page did it.19:52
slangasekxtknight: two hours ago? :)19:52
jdongslangasek: well you're special then :)19:52
RainCTxtknight: it's already frozen19:52
RainCTbah slangasek is faster ;)19:52
LaserJockxtknight: do you want to do SRUs for flash on dapper of feisty?19:53
xtknightLaserJock, dapper and edgy use flash 7 dont they?  but feisty yaeh19:54
xtknightif i can get a VM running19:54
xtknightLaserJock, we just came across another slight flash plugin problem19:55
xtknightBug 21382719:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 213827 in flashplugin-nonfree "typo in prerm file avoids package remove" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21382719:55
xtknighti have a debdiff ready for this, not sure what i should do about it19:55
xtknightit is not serious, i dont think it prevents the package from being removed19:56
xtknightwell he says it does, i dunno19:57
LaserJockI gotta run for a few hours19:57
LaserJockif you get a feisty package ready and tested that'd be cool19:57
LaserJockI don't know what to say about the prerm thing19:58
xtknightposted a debdiff about that already on the page19:58
LaserJockit looks fairly harmless (though we should fix it) but the reporter says it causes the removal to fail19:58
xtknightim going to see if that's true19:58
LaserJockcan you test that and the feisty package?19:58
LaserJockalright awesome19:58
megabyte405Hey - all the packages I upload to my PPA are getting built for hardy, but I don't see where that is configured or an option.  How can I, for example, upload to Gutsy or Feisty?20:03
xtknightmegabyte405, you have to build the packages on a gutsy or feisty system20:04
xtknightand then uploading the resulting source_changes20:04
megabyte405xtknight: ah, great, thanks.  Looks like it's time to download some install discs :)20:14
xtknightmegabyte405, ya right now i'm about to build a feisty package so im geting the feisty VM appliance and using virtualbox/vmware20:14
megabyte405yep, I basically survive as a dev on VMware :)20:15
xtknightmegabyte405, well these only work w/ vmware: http://isv-image.ubuntu.com/vmware/20:15
megabyte405Hardy is really really snappy on vmware20:15
xtknightas a host or guest?20:15
xtknighti always thought ubuntu was a bit slow as a guest, but it's great as a host20:15
xtknightanother option is a feisty pbuilder but i never found out how to generate source_changes with pdebuild20:16
megabyte405as a guest20:16
blueyedmegabyte405, xtknight: I think you only need to change the "pocket" in debian/changelog..20:16
xtknightblueyed, ah maybe, if the pkg is exactly the same other than the version?20:17
blueyedxtknight: I think he wants to backport packages from hardy to e.g. gutsy? Source doesn't matter really here, AFAICS20:17
xtknightblueyed, ah it could if dependencies varied.  but you're prolly right it would prolly work20:18
xtknightwould certainly be a good thing to "try"20:18
xtknighti mean if the hardy source used new deps that gutsy doesnt have20:19
* xtknight is a paranoid20:19
* xtknight is paranoid even20:19
blueyedxtknight: sure.. but then it would fail also when building on the target system itself.. but I guess that's what you've meant.20:20
xtknightyeah it would fail on gutsy but work on hardy :p20:20
blueyedmegabyte405: if you want to build-test it on the target distribution, you can use pbuilder for this..20:20
blueyedmegabyte405: this allows you to easily build packages for e.g. Dapper on a Hardy system. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com20:21
xtknightblueyed, do you know how to get a source_changes from pdebuild?  pdebuild -S doesnt do it20:21
blueyedxtknight: why not just "debuild -S"?20:21
xtknightblueyed, you can use that with pbuilder?20:22
xtknighti dont know how to get into the pbuilder "shell" then20:22
xtknighti'd use debuild -S on my regular machine for hardy.  say i wanted to do debuild -S under a feisty pbuilder..20:22
blueyedxtknight: no, just in the source directory. You want that for uploading, right? So testbuild it using "pdebuild" and then create the changes file using "debuild -S".20:23
xtknighti guess what i need is a feisty chroot not a feisty pbuilder *shrugs*20:23
blueyedxtknight: you can use "debuild" to create source_changes files for any other release.. it does not need to compile etc, so it just works.20:24
xtknightbluefoxicy,  hmm you mean i can run debuild on my hardy machine and make a source_changes for feisty?  how does this work?20:25
xtknightsorry.  blueyed ^20:25
geserxtknight: sure20:26
xtknightjust change the release in debian/changelog?20:26
blueyedxtknight: yes. Why shouldn't it work. You only need to change the pocket/upload-target in debian/changelog.20:26
xtknightis that what you meant?20:26
blueyedxtknight: pdebuild is for binaries, which you don't need for source_changes.20:32
xtknightwhat does debuild -S -sd vs -S -sa do?20:32
xtknighti didnt see it in the manual20:32
xtknightdiff between sd/sa20:33
blueyedsee man dpkg-buildpackage. (-sa is source included)20:33
xtknightand you cant make source_changes and binaries at once or can you?20:33
blueyed-sd is without orig sources (-sa includes them). The default is probably depending on the version.20:34
xtknightso "sd" is a lighter option , because PPA QuickStart suggests using that for packages already in the archive20:34
xtknightand i didnt know why20:35
xtknightbecause it only needs the diff20:35
blueyedyes, makes sense, but is not required in most cases (because it appears to be default, AFAIK)20:35
blueyedTried "-S -B" for both?20:35
xtknightnah cant do that20:36
xtknighti guess "debuild && debuild -S" works :)20:36
blueyedyes. or rather pdebuild && debuild -S, that's the most common workflow probably (at least mine)20:37
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jcastronxvl: please schedule your merging session in a free slot: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek21:25
mario_limonciellsyncing something NEW from debian this late in the game, still would need an FFe, correct?21:31
sebnermario_limonciell: even a normal sync require a FFe now21:33
slangasek"FFe" refers to features21:34
slangasekbut yes, new packages fall under the feature freeze21:34
mario_limonciellthat's what i thought, but wanted to make sure21:34
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sebnerheya mok021:37
sebnersladen: ff = feature freeze = final freeze now ^^21:38
sebnerslangasek: see above xD21:38
sebnersladen: sry21:38
slangasekhmm, then I guess I should pick a different name than "final freeze". :)21:39
Seveasslangasek, 'rf' 'release freeze'21:43
LaserJockarggg, my swap died again22:01
LaserJockwhy does that always happen when I have to leave in a hurry and I'm trying to hibernate22:02
nxvljcastro: done22:07
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mok0sebner: ping22:16
sebnermok0: what are you complaints :P22:19
sebnermok0: as I said. we have to wait until bulletml is synced ^^22:20
mok0sebner, I get a FTBFS for rrootage22:23
mok0sebner: ah,22:23
sebnermok0: ^^22:23
mok0sebner: how's that progressing22:24
sebnermok0: hm?22:24
sebnerwhat about it?22:24
mok0When can I expect it?22:24
sebnerask the mighty archive admins ^^. it got ACKed 1-2 days ago22:25
mok0sebner: can't rrootage compile with 0.0.6-2?22:26
sebnermok0: haven't test. but you can upload it. DEBWAIT is the magic word22:27
sebnermok0: or it FTBFS and we can request a give bck22:27
mok0sebner: right. I just like to verify that things build22:28
sebnermok0: I did a testbuild :D22:29
mok0sebner: did you build it with the updated bulletml ?22:30
sebnermok0: pbuilder login + debian package. Hmm would be good to remember if it really worked but I think yes. I'll try again tomorrow to be 100% sure22:31
mok0sebner: thx22:31
sebnermok0: np22:32
dgrtThe current version of package of centerim does not support yahoo protocols... and it is not clear who is maintaining it... does anyone know if someone is working on updating it to the latest version of centerim?22:35
RainCTgood night22:42
mok0goodnight RainCT22:43
LaserJockdgrt: my guess would be no as we are in the Final Freeze for 8.0422:44
sebnergn8 folks22:53
mok0LaserJock: does the final freeze mean an end to syncs even if they fix bugs?22:54
mok0Just checked centerim, and it looks like the last Sid update closes 7 BTS bugs + 1 CVE22:56
crimsunmok0: no, just much more stringent.22:56
mok0Hmm. :-)22:57
jdongmok0: yeah, I just looked at it too, it seems to be a very reasonable low-intrusive update22:57
mok0Acts of God?22:57
LaserJockmok0: there are basically *always* exceptions, the question is what is the bar for acceptance22:57
slangasekoh geez, please don't refer people to that page, it's had no input from the release team :)22:57
crimsunif the CVE issue(s) is(are) major, then I'm sure an exception is considerable.22:57
ubotu** DISPUTED **  CenterIM 4.22.3 and earlier allows user-assisted remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via shell metacharacters in a URI, related to "received URLs in the message window."  NOTE: this issue has been disputed due to the user-assisted nature, since the URL must be selected and launched by the victim. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2008-1467)22:58
crimsunwell, better to err on the side of caution IMO.22:58
LaserJockthat's a nice little cve output from ubotu22:58
jdongsince when waas user clicking a URL excuse to dispute a vulnerability?22:58
crimsunI dispute these Flash CVEs!22:59
LaserJockjdong: doh, you have to *run* the trojan horse, that's not a vulnerability :-)22:59
jdongI disput e all Firefox CVEs22:59
jdongthey require user assisted opening of Firefox.22:59
mok0jdong: yeah, you have to start the program22:59
crimsunslangasek: what's a better reference?23:00
LaserJockcrimsun: my guess would be his email23:00
slangasekcrimsun: currently none, I'm afraid23:00
jdongmy guess would be "THOU SHALT NOT PASS!"23:00
slangasekwell, or the email, yes :)23:00
crimsunwould be nice to update HardyReleaseSchedule thusly, then.23:01
jdongor the FinalFreeze document to reflect actuality23:01
mok0dgrt: Looks like the feeling here is that it might be worth filing a please-sync bug for centerIM23:01
slangasekcrimsun: feel free to update the wiki page to point at the email, with my permission?23:03
crimsunslangasek: the FinalFreeze page?23:03
slangasekcrimsun: I meant HardyReleaseSchedule23:03
crimsunslangasek: sure23:03
Fujitsumok0: As you might have noticed, I already fixed that CVE, though we probably want the other fixes.23:35
mok0Fujitsu: yes I just saw it23:35
mok0Fujitsu: you may want to do the merge yourself perhaps23:36
emgentFujitsu: do you know if securitymeeting logs is avaiable?23:36
Fujitsumok0: I don't really have a lot of time at the moment, but I could try.23:37
Fujitsuemgent: I believe they are. It'll be under SecurityTeam/Meetings somewhere, I suspect.23:37
emgentnope, there isnt :|23:37
emgentOnly old logs23:38
emgentok found it23:38

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