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[reed]so, I guess Hardy is shipping b5?06:50
asac[reed]: its not in my hand ;)06:51
asac[reed]: or is there a chance that rc1 is out by 21st apr?06:52
[reed]11 days... dunno06:53
[reed]people are saying "late April"06:53
[reed]dunno what that means06:53
asacwe release on 24th06:53
asac22nd would be good i guess06:53
asac[reed]: for me its much more important that we release something that is guaranteed to be string frozen06:54
asace.g. no _new_ keys06:54
[reed]well, we're string frozen right now06:54
asaci doubt that b5 is really hard string frozen06:55
[reed]b5 isn't06:55
[reed]but we are string frozen now06:55
asacso what strings were added?06:55
asacafter b5?06:55
[reed]umm, you'd just have to look at one of the l10n repos06:55
asacthis all wouldn't be much a problem if strin bundles could fall back to en-US if they are only partially translated06:56
asacbut they don't do that and so the UI ends up being busted06:56
asacok lets hope for RC1 then06:57
asachmm ... but thats en-GB06:58
asacsure that the strings really landed after b5 for en-US :?06:58
asacill talk to blizzard about RC106:59
asac[reed]: how many things usually land after tree closes for baking?06:59
[reed]we have a ton to go07:00
[reed]we're not really "baking" per se07:00
[reed]we basically just went into drivers-have-to-approve-everything mode07:00
[reed]even blockers have to be approved now07:00
asacwelll ... code hand-off to build means release07:00
asacfor me07:00
[reed]yeah, well07:00
asacjust two steps away07:01
asacguess those are big steps07:01
[reed]I see 131 blockers left07:02
[reed]all blockers07:03
[reed]we're not doing it by priorities anymore07:03
asacok . sounds like not all will get fixed then ;)07:04
[reed]well, they all have to be fixed07:06
[reed]by RC107:06
asacOTOH, 131 is still managable07:07
asacits not like you only have 4 developers ;)07:07
asac(i hope07:07
[reed]yeah, and most blockers already have patches07:07
asacwow ... thats a trick ;)07:07
asac[reed]: do you know of any hard regressions in current trunk over b5?07:09
[reed]not anything that really sticks out07:10
asac[reed]: nevermind. i am sure that string freeze doesn't guarantee me that no new strings are added :(07:10
[reed]why not?07:10
asacwhich is what causes me restless nights right now07:10
asacid consider to ship rc1pre if that means frozen strings for sure07:10
[reed]like, we're _really_ string frozen... it'll have to be an act of God before we had another string07:11
asacwell ... i read that you can still request approval from mconnor to breach new strings07:11
[reed]where do you see that?07:11
asacon some mailing list07:11
asaclet me search07:11
asacThat's the last string freeze for Firefox 3, if you have patches with07:13
asacstring changes, make sure to have the late-l10n keyword set, and ring07:13
asacall bells and whistles to get the bugs triaged.07:13
asacno idea07:13
asacwhat late-l10n is empowered to07:13
asaci will ping mconnor again07:13
asache didn't answer two days ago07:13
asac[reed]: if no strings were removed i could punch the latest strings into translations07:19
asac(after b5)07:19
[reed]well, some were removed, as when we change a string, we "rev the entity", which means renaming the entity, which removes a string and adds a new one, basically07:20
[reed]but localizers are supposed to be done with all their work by today (Thursday)07:20
[reed]so, again, it'll be an act of God before we change another string07:21
asac[reed]: yeah ... point is that if we ship b5 we will have issues upgrading our translations.07:21
asac so ... option is to ship rc1pre07:21
[reed]rc1pre isn't that bad07:21
asacyeah i know ;)07:22
[reed]it's a risk, yes07:22
asacquestion is if the risk is higher than shipping b507:22
[reed]but a pretty well calculated and controlled risk07:22
asacmaybe ill ask for permissions to name it 3.0ubu107:22
asacso far our management chewed that we ship b5. but i think they are still digesting so its open if they get sick07:23
[reed]well, talk to blizzard and mconnor07:25
asacwill do. have no choice i guess07:25
asaclets hope they have a minute for me ;)07:25
DktrKranz2asac: we're close to have ubuntu-it-menu, you said to move bzr repo to ~ubuntu-dev, is it enough to reparent it and adjust entry in debian/control accordingly, or there's something else to do?07:51
asacDktrKranz2: the entry in control is already fixed afaik07:53
asacyou just need to branch volans .ubuntu branch and push that to ~ubuntu-dev instead07:53
asacDktrKranz2: please hurry. i thought you already uploaded that yesterday07:54
asacill prod archive admins today to do a last round of NEW processing for ffox extensions ;)07:54
DktrKranz2asac: sure. I'll do right now.07:55
asacDktrKranz2: do a last commit on top that reads "* RELEASE VERSION to ubuntu/hardy"07:55
asacjust adapt changelog date to qualify a commit07:55
DktrKranz2thank *you*07:55
asac(maybe he still has UNRELEASED in changelog ... switch that to hardy"07:55
asacin that commit07:55
DktrKranz2in a couple of minutes, it will be in NEW07:55
asacgogogo :-P07:55
asaclet me know07:56
asac[reed]: read ... can you test something for me?08:02
asac[reed]: personally i ave no issues to use flashplugin without libflashsupport together with ESD(pulseaudio) in hardy08:03
asaccan you confirm that everything works for you as well?08:03
asacfta: ^^ can you please test the behaviour you experience with that combination?08:03
[reed]can't test tonight08:03
[reed]maybe tomorrow08:03
* asac joins #ubuntu-testing08:04
asaclets see what that channel is worth08:08
DktrKranz2asac: done!08:25
asacDktrKranz2: thx08:25
DktrKranz2now it's in the hands of a-a guys08:26
asaccarlos: morning ;)08:37
carlosasac: morning08:37
asaccarlos: looking at the translation page there it reads "Used in firefox in Ubuntu Hardy package "firefox-3.0" by Alexander Sack (asac: 142348) [ubuntumembers] [ubuntu-dev] [ubuntu-bugcontrol] [ubuntu-core-dev]  on 2008-04-07"08:37
carlosasac: all patches are now on production08:37
asacdoes that mean that the template is already imported?08:37
carlosasac: URL?08:38
asaccarlos: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/xulrunner-1.9/+pots/xulrunner/de/+translate?show=untranslated&start=6008:38
asacevery entity is now used by ffox 3 on 7th apr08:39
carlosasac: that just says that you translated that message08:43
carlosor that someone uploaded a .po file using your name as the translator08:43
carlosasac: beta5 is not yet uploaded, though. I'm trying to fix a problem with the import queue (related with oo.org)08:44
asaccarlos: ok08:44
carlosand then, beta5 should be imported08:44
asaccarlos: could we punch in the template at least?08:44
asacit don't need translations right now, but getting all strings would help me prepare initial langpacks for b508:45
carlosasac: the problem is the same for template and translations, so I need to fix that problem first (waiting for approval from management people to get that applied)08:45
asacthougth you might influence the import queue to do the template in between processing ooo translations ... but fine08:46
carlosasac: the problem is that I don't have such direct control08:50
carlosasac: I need to request raw DB command execution, which is the 'fix' I just requested to speed imports anyway...08:50
asaccarlos: ah ok. ill stop bothering you then ;)08:50
carlosdon't worry, you don't know the internals of our procedures so is not a problem to clarify it to you08:51
carlosasac: btw, almost all times I visit planet.ubuntu.com my firefox dies09:04
carlosasac: is that a known bug?09:04
carlosasac: I'm with Hardy09:04
asaccarlos: flashplugin-nonfree?09:05
carlosyeah, I have it09:05
asaccarlos: ok ... good then you are th enext tester ;)09:05
* carlos hides ...09:06
asacplease move away your /usr/lib/libflashsupport.so09:06
asacand see if its gone09:06
asacrestart everything to be sure09:06
carloseverything == my session?09:06
asaccarlos: do you have sound server enabled in sound prefs09:06
carlosor just be sure that firefox is not really running?09:06
carlosasac: yes, I do09:06
asaccarlos: to be safe yes. its important to see that no firefox nor flash is running anymore09:06
asacso its not required to restart session09:06
asaconly instruction i have to rule out any leftovers though09:07
carlos'ps' and 'kill' should help here ;-)09:07
asacyeah ... but you never know ;)09:07
asaccarlos: maybe its also important to see that noone has a file handle open on libflashsupport anymore (but not sure)09:08
carlosasac: btw, why does it only happen with planet.ubuntu.com?09:08
asaccarlos: not sure if its the same issue ... does it help at all?09:09
carlosit died again09:09
carlosand lsof doesn't show to me any libflash file open09:10
asacthen its something different09:10
carlosasac: the interesting bit is  that when I restart firefox09:10
asaccarlos: start firefox -safe-mode09:10
carlosUbuntu's planet loads well09:10
carlosthe problem seems to be my usual combination of pages09:11
carlosplanet.gnome.org, barrapunto.com, planet.ubuntu.com09:11
carlosthen, crahs!09:11
carlosasac: should I select any option in that dialog I get from -safe-mode ?09:11
asaccarlos: no09:12
asaclet me test09:12
asaccarlos: i don't see that crash :(09:13
carlostrying to reproduce it now with the -safe-mode09:14
asacok ... lets wait for that then09:14
carlosasac: hmm, nothing breaks with -safe-mode09:17
asaccarlos: ok ... its either an extension or plugin then09:17
asaccarlos: is flash enabled in -safe-mode?09:17
asaccan you see flash content?09:17
carlosasac: given that I removed the library... I don't think so09:18
carlosbut let me check09:18
asaccarlos: ok, if it really crashed without flash its probably an extension09:18
asacwhat are you using?09:19
carlosasac: it died again... let me do the other check you asked me...09:20
carlosasac: firebug and addblocker09:20
carlosasac: firebug was installed manually not from a package09:20
carlosasac: safe-mode does include flash plugin09:21
asacinclude == keep enabled?09:21
asaccarlos: ok we have firebug in a package ... can you try that?09:21
carlosasac: yes09:21
carloseven if I removed that library you asked me to remove09:21
asaccarlos: libflashsupport?09:22
carlosasac: does it work with firefox 3 ?09:22
asacthats not flash thats just the pulse audio fix for it09:22
asaccarlos: firebug in the archive should work09:22
carlosasac: I had to manually install it because the package in Ubuntu was not compatible09:22
carlosasac: ah, ok09:22
carlosok, let me check09:22
carlosasac: btw, should I restore that library?09:22
asaccarlos: no ... that library is bogus and causes crashes anyway ;)09:23
asacso better keep it removed09:23
asaccarlos: ok, so if hte crash really reappears without -safe-mode it is an extension you can figure by disabling your extension and restarting and trying to reproduce09:24
carlosasac: I'm installing now the firebug extension from the archive09:24
carlossame problem with the one from the archive09:27
* carlos starts disabling extensions...09:27
carlosasac: seems to work if I disable firebug extension09:32
asaccarlos: maybe it interferes with adblock?09:33
asacare you using adblock-plus from the archive?09:33
asac(or from addons.mozilla.org)09:33
asacadblock-plus over adblock (plain)09:33
carlosfrom the archive09:34
asaccarlos: so does it still crash with firebug enabled, but with adblock disabled?09:55
carlossorry, got distracted with something else09:55
carloslet me check...09:55
asacno problem ;)09:56
carlosasac: yeah, seems to be a problem having adblockplus and firebug enabled at the same time10:09
asaccarlos: hmm. ok10:12
carlosasac: just as a followup, I got a crash again with adblockplus disabled and firebug enabled11:50
carlosasac: so maybe is just firebug11:51
asaccarlos: ok. thanks for the info. please file one11:51
carlosnot the combination of both11:51
asaccarlos: do you have a .crash that you could submit?11:51
carloswhere is it stored?11:51
asacin /var/crash11:51
asacsubmitting by double clicking would submit it11:51
carlosoh, the bug reporting tool in Ubuntu found it11:52
asacthere might be some private data in the coredump obviously, but the bug is private until we reviewed the backtrace and removed the coredump11:52
carlosthat was what I was going to ask you11:53
carloswill cookies and cached password appear there?11:54
asaccarlos: they might. apport submitted crashes are private. we can instantly take a look and remove any sensitive parts before we open it up12:12
carlosasac: dude, I'm still uploading the core...12:49
ftabug 4961313:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 49613 in flashplugin-nonfree "flash plugin always rendered on top of html" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4961313:40
ftaasac, any idea why this bug is back ?13:41
ftabug 17785613:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177856 in nspluginwrapper "Gutsy 64: nspluginwrapper errors with flashplugin-nonfree 9.0.115" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17785613:41
ftamozilla bug 42738513:45
ubotuMozilla bug 427385 in GFX: Thebes "april 6th ff3 trunk crash when opening this huge PNG [XError: 'BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)']" [Critical,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42738513:45
asaccarlos: please dn't cancel the upload ;) ... otherwise we won't get any backtrace ;)13:51
asacfta: i think its your bug and except crashing firefox it just crashes flash leaving a grey area13:55
fta bug 49613 ?13:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 49613 in flashplugin-nonfree "flash plugin always rendered on top of html" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4961313:56
ftai confirm this one is back13:56
asacno you didn't paste that one13:57
asacbug 49613 that was never gone. i think its waiting for the fix on flash side13:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 49613 in flashplugin-nonfree "flash plugin always rendered on top of html" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4961313:57
fta[Thu 14:41] <fta> bug 17785613:58
asacah i misread13:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177856 in nspluginwrapper "Gutsy 64: nspluginwrapper errors with flashplugin-nonfree 9.0.115" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17785613:58
asaci read:13:58
asac14:41 < fta> asac, any idea why this bug is back ?13:58
asac14:41 < fta> bug 17785613:58
ftastrangely, trunk in wine / vista is almost perfect :)13:59
ftai expected it to break everywhere (because of wine) but it's clean14:00
asacyou mean running firefox 3 .exe?14:02
ftai need to run a windows app needing shockwave, it doesn't work out of the box so i installed ff3 inside wine and let it install shockwave from inside wine14:03
fta(as installing directly from the setup.exe didn't work at all)14:04
ftait installed fine, yet my app still complain about missing shockwave 10 (i've installed the current one, ie 11)14:05
carlosasac: I didn't cancel it, but it failed (after more than 30 minutes...)14:12
asaccarlos: damn ;)14:13
asaccarlos: you could install xulrunner-1.9-dbgsym and firefox-3.0-dbgsym and run firefox in gdb to get a backtrace as well14:13
asaccarlos: the apt lines for dbgsym packages is in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash14:14
asacs/gutsy/hardy/ i guess14:14
asacfta: crazy14:14
asacmaybe we should drop ffox from distribution and run wine ;)14:15
ftaasac, i don't need ff3 in wine, i just need a shockwave recognized by a w$ app14:16
asacyeah i got that ;)14:16
asacstill it works which is really great imo14:16
ftamaybe it's a 64b issue (my laptop) as i don't remember having to do that when I setup the same app on my (32b) desktop months ago14:18
asachmm. yeah does wine run 64b?14:20
ftaoops, ff3 crash14:22
ftayoutube, login, login with google account, boom14:23
asacyeah if youtube is involved everything can happen14:23
asacif flashsupport is used14:23
ftanope, seems to be another nss crash14:24
asacfta: can you pleas move libflashsupport.so away and give me an update what works and what not with most recente flash + PA ?14:25
ftaI've had no crash flash related since yesterday's flash update14:25
asacfta: well it works here too14:26
fta<asac> fta: looking at flashsupport code right now. i think the ssl backtraces you got are really related to flashsupport14:28
asacfta: i tried openssl it didn't help for the crashes14:28
asacand those are nss symbols14:28
asaconly thing i could imagine is that flash keeps using file descriptors that are already used somewhere else14:28
asacfta: the ticket that covers our crash in flashssuport is:14:29
ftai thought this PORT_ZFree_Util() crash was fixed 2 days ago.. hm14:30
fta"Opened 3 months ago"14:31
ftadamn dbgsym, my upgrade was incomplete14:48
asacfta: hmm likely not because of ffox+xul dbgsym?14:54
ftai had nss dbgsym from my previous update but not for the last one14:55
ftaasac, it seems i need backup from a cannonical guy to have dbgsym in ppa15:03
ftasee #lp15:03
asacfta: thats has been frequently requested by other canonical guys alrady. such things take ages15:04
ftajust read the last few lines..15:04
asaci am not in that channel ... just joined now15:05
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6700/15:05
ftaer, 200+ rss news every 6h those days, I can't cope with that15:13
asacfta: ill ask around, but i think that distro team already expressed their interest in this15:54
ftaok, thanks15:55
asacVolans: hi. i think your extension has been newed16:21
asacarchive admins pointed out that you ship as GPLv2 or later, but some files are already GPLv316:22
VolansHi asac, yes, DktrKranz has uploaded it, is in the queuq16:22
asacVolans: it should already be source newed16:22
Volanswhat files are GPL3 ?16:22
asacit will get in, but we should upload an update that names the GPLv3 files in debian/copyright or upgrade everything to GPLv316:22
asacVolans: some .js files16:22
VolansI'm checking16:24
asac12:36 < seb128> content/ubuntuit files are GPL 3 or newer too16:25
asac12:36 < seb128> chrome/content/ubuntuit files are GPL 3 or newer too16:25
Volansmmmh I have found! I have copied into any code files the preamble of the GPL license copied from the GPL site that now show the 3 version16:25
Volansand I have forgot to change the number from 3 to 2, but the link below point to the GPLv2 license...16:25
asac12:35 < seb128> asac: defaults/preferences/ubuntuit.js is GPL 3 or newer, as are  build.xml chrome.manifest install.rdf and the debian/copyright says  it's GPL 2 or newer16:25
Volansyeah, I see, ig mistake, my fault, sorry16:26
VolansHow I can solve this? put all in GPL 2 correctly is not possible now?16:26
asacVolans: well ... its your decision. either upgrade everything to GPLv3 or later or use GPLv2 everywhere16:27
asacVolans: id suggest to use GPLv3 :)16:27
ftacould someone update adblock-plus, is out upstream16:27
asactell that rainCT16:28
asacupgrade .upstream ... merge to .ubuntu and bump the log16:28
Volansasac: the gnome icon theme that I use is GPL version 2 only16:29
Volansas I see in  /usr/share/doc/gnome-icon-theme/copyright16:29
asacVolans: ok. fix the licensing in .upstream to use GPLv2 or later everywhere16:32
asacand then merge that over to .ubuntu and bump upstream version with new changelog entry16:33
asaccarlos: maybe the trnaslation tar.gz didn't arrive because it was stuck in queue NEW?16:33
asaccarlos: its definitly in the uploaded firefox binary changes16:34
asaccarlos: so maybe its there now?16:34
asac(queue is now empty)16:34
asacRainCT: i think we can upgrade adblock if we can declare this a mere bug fix release :)16:34
asacat best today as the archive is not yet locked16:35
carlosasac: did you upload an update?16:35
asaccarlos: no ... the last firefox upload16:35
DktrKranz2asac: any licensing issues with ubuntu-it-menu? a-a accepted it, so probably it's ok for them ATM16:35
asaci referred to16:35
asaccarlos: i just wanted to point out that it might have been stuck i nQUEUE for a day or two ... so maybe it arrived later than xulrunner16:35
asacDktrKranz2: they complained about the GPLv3 GPLv2 mix and accepted it based on the promise that we fix it16:36
carlosasac: let me check...16:36
asacDktrKranz2: and it now turned out that GPLv3 is not ok because of GPLv2 only of icon theme :(16:36
DktrKranz2asac: ah... do they want to be fixed right now, or we can dalay to new upstream?16:37
asacDktrKranz2: we should fix the .upstream branch, bump the upstream version and merge that to ubuntu branch to bake a new upload16:37
asacso its a minor new upsream bump16:37
asacand we should do that now (in cooperation with Volans)16:37
DktrKranz2and just to fix licensing issues, so I guess it won't hurt motu-release16:38
Volansyes, I can update the .upstream and .ubuntu branches in a few minutes16:38
asacDktrKranz2: they delagated the approval to me16:38
asacfor extensions16:38
asacVolans: yeah. just remember to use bzr merge ../*upstream in the .ubuntu branch ;)16:38
asacbut i guess you know how to merge :)16:39
DktrKranz2asac: ah, right. I forgot.16:39
carlosasac: no, it didn't appear16:39
asaccarlos: pitti said that its a problem on your side because its in .changes16:40
asaclet me search for the changes uploaded16:40
asaccarlos: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13136097/firefox-3.0_3.0~b5%2Bnobinonly-0ubuntu1_i386.changes16:40
asacad96449821055225ed3702820e885aa7 34922 raw-translations - firefox-3.0_3.0~b5+nobinonly-0ubuntu1_i386_translations.tar.gz16:40
carlosasac: well, I don't see it in people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/translations16:41
carlosand that's from buildd16:41
asaccarlos: how does it get there?16:41
carlosbefore we really get it in Launchpad16:41
carlosasac: some 'magic' from buildd16:41
asacok lets ask lamont then i guess ;)16:41
carlosI don't know that process16:41
carlosasac: I know that we had a bug in Launchpad that was ignoring .xpi files16:42
carlosthat's already fixed on production16:42
asaccarlos: ok. lets see if he has an idea16:42
asaci prodded him in -devel now16:42
carlosso next upload should show it if we really are getting it from buildd16:42
asaccarlos: oh the ffox template was imported?16:46
asaci have "red" section on translation page again (which wasn't there before)16:46
asachmm .. .maybe not.16:46
asacjust confused16:46
Volansasac: what you suggest for the license due to the fact that gnome-icons are GPL 2 only. Is better that I release my code under GPL 2 only or GPL 2 and newer? and the global package can ge gpl 2 or newer or must be gpl 2 only?16:47
asacVolans: definitly "or later"16:48
asaconly is always a lock in and removed flexibility without reason16:48
Volansok, for my cose I use the standard form: "either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version."16:48
carlosasac: this is what you should care of: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/firefox-3.0/+imports16:48
asacyou can use GPL 2 or later ... the icons will make it implicitly GPL 2 only ... but if you switch icons they will be GPL or later16:48
RainCTargh, CVS is a mess :/16:48
carlosasac: until it's not empty or with the entries in 'Imported' it's not yet handled16:48
asacVolans: maybe name the icons that are GPLv2 only explicitly (like exception)16:49
Volansquite all the icons are GPL2 only.... :(16:49
asaccarlos: ok :(16:49
asaccarlos: i desperately need those ;(16:49
* asac whining mode16:49
carlosasac: we already fixed the problem with oo.org16:50
asacVolans: yes. thats a shame, and probably due to folks not knowing what they are doing16:50
carlosasac: so it's just now a matter of wait for the queue to handle those16:50
asacVolans: but you have to accept their decision :)16:50
asacok off for a while travelling the world :)16:55
asacbe back later16:55
asacVolans: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-it-menu/1.0.6-0ubuntu116:55
RainCTany idea why the version file in adblock-plus's CVS still says (http://www.mozdev.org/source/browse/adblockplus/src/version?rev=1.27;content-type=text%2Fplain) ?17:02
RainCT(s/any idea/is that normal)17:02
ftadonno, on AMO, it's
RainCTfta: yes, on adblockplus.org too, but not on the CVS17:03
RainCTor at least on the versions file17:03
RainCTperhaps they just forgot to change it there..17:03
RainCTasac: btw, adblock-plus is also compatible with Thunderbird. Do we want the package to work with it?17:09
ftaoh, the latest flash update was a security update. hmm.  http://mozillalinks.org/wp/2008/04/security-update-for-adobe-flash-plugin/17:09
Volansasac: I have uploaded to upstream the files with the correct license preamble, due to the GPLv2 only for Gnome icons I have changed the LICENSE file, can you see it here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~volans/firefox-extensions/ubuntu-it-menu.upstream18:02
Volansmaybe can you check it?18:02
RainCTasac, fta: bug 21520118:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215201 in adblock-plus "New adblock-plus version:" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21520118:49
ftaRainCT, no debdiff ?18:54
fta(debian/* only)18:54
asacRainCT: i added the info about FFe bug to bug18:56
asacgo ahead18:56
asac(before the archive locks down)18:56
asacRainCT: i have no feedback on how much adblock plus breaks thunderbird or works so Id rather say no for hardy.19:00
asacbut in the end this is the maintainers decision ;)19:00
asacor whoever cares most19:00
ftaasac, for bug 214620, i propose:19:01
fta-DisplayIf: pgrep firefox -U $(id -u) > /dev/null19:01
fta+DisplayIf: ! ps -C firefox -U $(id -u)19:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214620 in firefox-3.0 "hardy livecd asks for firefox-3.0 restart" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21462019:01
=== jt1 is now known as jtv
asacfta: didn't you change that for last release?19:03
ftayep but obviously, people are still complaining19:04
ftathe doc is unclear19:05
asacfta: you remember i what the original test was?19:05
asaci got that command from mvo. he is the guy who implemented this, so he knows the pattern19:05
asacso if you just s/firefox-3/firefox/ then i don't know19:06
RainCTfta:   bzr diff -rXX..18 debian/   is your friend :)19:11
RainCTasac: uploading, thanks19:13
ftaasac, pulseaudio is using ps -C19:13
ftaonly the return code seems to be important19:13
asacfta: yes. but why '!' ?19:14
ftatry it :)19:14
asacfta: well ... i really think its a problem in the livecd creation.19:15
asacwhy is the notifier file placed in /var/... at all19:15
asacwe do that in postinst and only if the firefox process is running19:16
asacthat shouldn't be the case for the livecd19:16
asacill ask the guy on the bug19:16
asacif the file is really placed there then displaying the notification is the right thing to do if firefox is running19:17
Volansasac: maybe have you seen the new license file I have linked above?19:18
asacno ;) ... i just arrived. let me sort before diving into things again :)19:19
* asac doig that now19:19
ftaasac, this is dirty anyway, xul should handle that itself19:20
* asac reconstructs (33/100)19:28
asachehe ... just a joke19:29
asacfta: its known that this is dirty and I planned to have a session for this at UDS19:29
asacits not simple to do properly obviously19:29
RainCTasac: archives are already frozen.. "Waiting for approval: adblock-plus (source)"19:30
asaci have a few half-grown ideas in my head. but we need to coordinate everything with the apt maintiner19:30
asacRainCT: hmm.19:30
asacthose are the univers guidelines19:31
asacapparently i can approve things.19:32
asacRainCT: did you test that it works?19:33
RainCTasac: yes, I'm using it right now19:33
asacok re-acked to be sure19:35
asacRainCT: is the bug in changelog?19:36
RainCTasac: yes :)19:36
asacok ... if nothing happens in lets say two days let me know ;)19:37
asacbut i guess archive-admins are doing this full time now ... so it shouldn't take that long19:37
asacespecially since this upload is probably on top of the queue :)19:37
=== asac changed the topic of #ubuntu-mozillateam to: Home of Ubuntu Mozilla Team - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam | Mailing List: ubuntu-mozillateam@lists.ubuntu.com | Mozilla QA tracker https://mozilla.qa.stgraber.org/ => please subscribe to help out | firefox b5 in final hardy? p > 95% :(
RainCTwhat's "p"? :P19:41
asacVolans: ok, can you make a new release out of .upstream by bumping extension version to 1.0.7 or then merge it over to ubuntu, open a bug about licensing issues so i can grant exception for that and remember to note that in .ubuntu changelog entry?19:42
asacVolans: bumping version in .upstream branch first.19:43
asacVolans: maybe consider to use that bzr branch as the official upstream branch ;)19:43
asacyou could even great a project for your extension in launchpad ;)19:43
asacRainCT: p == probability19:43
* asac phone19:43
jimmy_asac: I just sent you the gconf patch19:44
RainCTahh, hadn't noticed the question mark before it.. why is there a sad face then? :P19:44
asacjimmy_: thanks. looking19:46
asactakes a bit :/19:46
Volansasac: no problem to use the upstream as the official code repository and / or open a project on LP for that19:46
asacRainCT: well that means that firefox rc1 in hardy final? p < 5% :)19:47
asacVolans: welcome. if you need support to set things up let me know19:47
asacVolans: you can either use the firefox-extensions project as now ... or create your own and push the .upstream branch there19:47
jimmy_asac: i think the diff included the flip as well, so you might want to take that out, /modules/libpref/src/init/all.js19:49
RainCTasac: "p < 5%  :)19:49
RainCTp > 95% :(19:49
asacjimmy_: thanks if its just that hunk i can sort that19:49
asacjimmy_: actually midbrowser with xul works here on my amd64 ... i got a wierd X error with it on i38619:49
asac(the one from hardy archive i mean)19:49
* RainCT decides to stop wondering about nonsense and goes to study for his exam tomorrow ^^19:49
asacRainCT: yeah ;)19:49
asacjimmy_: only thing i notice right away is that the grabanddrag hand in the toolbar is pretty much coarse grained because of the toolbar resize i guess19:51
jimmy_asac: why you testing it in amd64? should be intel chips only :)19:54
asacjimmy_: i have amd here19:55
asacjimmy_: it works on amd ... it breaks on intel ;)19:56
asacjimmy_: my main development system in amd ... feel free to sponsor me a quad core super intel box ... ill dispose this one gracefully :)19:56
jimmy_asac: LOL, carl is the right guy to ask :)19:57
asacdamn he is not online ;)19:57
jimmy_asac: we are working on some problematic font issues right now19:58
asacjimmy_: yeah i read carls post about status19:58
asacjimmy_: why do you still run as root?19:58
asacthats a bad idea in the beginning19:58
asacdoes UME still have no user by default?19:58
jimmy_asac: we don't run as root in our image, but we test it in the chroot environment before in xepher19:59
asacah. so is it reproducible in xephyr?19:59
asac(though i run it as user there as well)19:59
jimmy_asac: we didn't expect it to produce different rendering behaviors19:59
jimmy_asac: yeah, it is reproducable in xepher19:59
asacjimmy_: running as root might confuse everything. especially if you have a xul + ffox split20:00
asacits not supposed to have write access and might create component and chrom registry data in pkglibdir20:00
asacwhich might cause all kind of wierd issues later on20:00
jimmy_asac: also the some stupid Chinese sites don't work, even on the regular Firefox on Hardy20:00
asacfurther, i think there are even parts of gtk that get disabled if you run as root. at least i remember to see some wierd uid==0 checks with return in some gtk/gnome lib20:01
asacjimmy_: have a page?20:01
jimmy_asac: www.sohu.com20:01
jimmy_and mall.sina.com.cn20:01
asacjimmy_: what kind of rendering issues do you experience. the latter looks pretty decent20:02
jimmy_it's some minor font issue20:02
asac(for the untrained eye)20:02
jimmy_in sohu.com, where the top of the page, after the login password edit fields, there are 2 links 注册 帮助20:03
jimmy_they should be on the same row as the login fields, but in FF 3.0, they got wrapped to the next row20:04
asacjimmy_: zooming out fixes that for me20:05
jimmy_in mall.sina.com, the fonts in blue on the left menu also have the same problem20:05
asacjimmy_: i think they use absolute width somewhere on the site20:05
asacso it depends on the font used20:06
asacour default font appears to be too big to fit in that area20:06
asacso firefox has to overflow20:06
jimmy_asac: i know, we think that the N810 uses different chinese fonts than we do20:06
asacjimmy_: i think the chines fonts we are using could definitly be improved. please talk to ArneGoetje who is responsible for asian fonts in ubuntu20:07
asacjimmy_: maybe he knows better which fonts should be used ... and then we can figure why they are not the default20:07
jimmy_asac: is he in here?20:07
asacjimmy_: his nick is ArneGoetje in #ubuntu-devel20:07
asache is  in taiwan so probably asleep20:07
jimmy_asac: cool, thanks20:07
asacbut i can ask him to get in here tomorrow20:07
asacjimmy_: i think you can better catch each other in yours evening and his morning?20:08
asacjimmy_: ill tell him to ping you here if he wakes up20:09
asacok done20:10
jimmy_asac: allright20:10
asacjimmy_: he is still awake20:11
asacArneGoetje: jimmy_20:12
asacjimmy_: ArneGoetje  :)20:12
asacshake hands ;)20:13
ArneGoetjewhat's the problem?20:13
asacArneGoetje: let me paste20:13
asacArneGoetje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6710/20:14
asacArneGoetje: thats about midbrowser but the same rendering issues exist in firefox we have20:14
asaclooks like the sizing of the font is not what the site expects20:14
asacmost likely just a crappy site, but maybe we have a better font?20:14
asacactually to my untrained eyes the fonts look pretty coarse20:15
jimmy_asac: actually zooming out doesn't fix it for me20:16
jimmy_i am still seeing the login button and the two words after right underneath the login fields20:17
jimmy_they should line up20:17
asacjimmy_: it fixes it for me for sure.20:17
asac(welll if you can say fix at all)20:17
asacjimmy_: first zoom out -> button moves to top row20:18
asacsecond zooomout -> both links are up as well20:18
jimmy_asac: i tried 2 zoom-outs, still at the bottom20:18
asacwow i really think that site is too crappy to consider fix worthy20:19
jimmy_i am testing on a fresh Hardy beta image using FF beta 4 it comes with20:19
asaci mean they position the flash banners in absolute divs20:19
asacso if i resize the window things get wierd20:19
jimmy_asac: i know, carl and i don't even consider those as bugs20:19
asachi willguaraldi ;)20:20
ArneGoetjethat's really a page design issue.20:20
asacjimmy_: do you have any rendering issues you consider real bugs?20:20
asacArneGoetje: the font doesn't look AA for me?20:20
jimmy_but we are being pressued to fix them because the N810 which is also FF-based, can passed those sites20:20
jimmy_asac: not really, they are all the same font issues20:20
jimmy_asac: similar but a little different20:21
ArneGoetjeasac: correct. it should be wwnquanyi-zenhei with embedded bitmaps turned on. AA on such a small size is unreadable and hurst the eyes.20:21
asacok ... ArneGoetje do we have other chinese fonts that have a smaller sizing so jimmy_ can workaround this?20:21
asacembedded bitmaps? what the hell is going on :(20:21
asacanyway, do we have fonts that are somehow differently sized`20:22
ArneGoetjethe page requests a fontsize of 12px and that's what it gets.20:22
asaci think the problem is not height, but width here20:22
jimmy_ArneGoetje, can we install some other font package for now to work around this?20:22
ArneGoetjejimmy_: no.20:22
asacin german there are fonts that are wider at 12px and fonts that are tinier20:23
asacmaybe the same exists for chinese?20:23
asaclike wwnquanyi-zenhei-squeezed ;)20:23
ArneGoetjeCJK fonts are sqared. 12px is 12x12 pixels. all bitmap fonts with this size display the same.20:23
asacok so chinese is monospaced by-definition?20:24
jimmy_ArneGoetie, if Nokia's N810 can read those right, they must be using some proprietory fonts?20:24
ArneGoetjeactually they are dualspaced.20:24
asacArneGoetje: i read ChinaRep and 17173 in latin20:25
ArneGoetjejimmy_: probably20:25
asacmaybe that is ment to be smaller?20:25
asacjimmy_: do they use firefox 2?20:25
asace.g. gecko 1.8?20:25
jimmy_they use FF 320:25
jimmy_alpha1 based20:25
asacjimmy_: what dpi do you have on your screens?20:26
jimmy_how do i check that?20:26
Volansasac: do we still need keeping my .ubuntu branch when there is an identical one in the ~ubuntu-dev?20:26
asacjimmy_: xpdyinfo gives you your screen width and height20:26
asacjimmy_: calculation is done accordingly20:26
asacthose are in mm afaik20:27
asacso you need to convert to inch first20:27
asacVolans: no, what you do is that you mark it as "merged" in branch details20:27
asacthat way it will disappear20:27
asacVolans: for next update you would push to ubuntu-it-menu.ubuntu.LPbugid or ubuntu-it-menu.ubuntu.TOPICNAME20:27
asaclike ubuntu-it-menu.ubuntu.RELEASE.0.7.x20:28
asacand then you can request merge opn launchpad20:28
jimmy_command not found for xpdyinfo20:28
asacjimmy_: typo alert ;)20:31
asac$ xdpyinfo | grep resolution resolution:    93x92 dots per inch20:31
asacthose are two lines ... no idea why paste messed it up20:31
ArneGoetjehmm... ok, I think I know the rendering issue.20:32
jimmy_resolution:    111x111 dots per inch20:32
asacjimmy_: try to force 96dpi20:32
asacjimmy_: do you have gnome?20:32
asacappearence -> font -> details (thats where you set font dpi)20:33
asacbut apparently those are not honoured for that particular chinese font20:33
asacArneGoetje: ^^ ?20:33
jimmy_asac: but it is set to 9620:33
asacwhy do latin fonts resize, but those chinese dont?20:33
asacjimmy_: ok. then also tweak ffox and set layout.css.dpi to 96+20:34
ArneGoetjethe rendering uses the serif font by default, which uses AR PL Uming. This font has monospaced latin characters, whereas the sans-serif font wqy-zenhei has proportional latin charcaters. This should make the difference. Enforcing the page rendering with sans-serif might fix it.20:34
asacjimmy_: otherwise maybe try to use 111 in font appearence20:34
asacArneGoetje: thanks.20:34
asacArneGoetje: where can we find that font?20:34
asacdo we need a package?20:35
ArneGoetjettf-wqy-zenhei. It's pulled by language-support-zh20:35
asacjimmy_: ^^20:35
asacArneGoetje: but the non-latin chars are still monospaced?20:35
asac(just curious about this other world)20:36
ArneGoetjeCJKglyphs are always monospaced20:36
jimmy_so i just apt-get that font package?20:36
asacok ... you said that. thanks for confirming ;)20:36
asacjimmy_: install that language-support-zh thing20:36
jimmy_ok, pulling20:37
jimmy_some 155mb :)20:37
asacjimmy_: appears like you lack proper chinese support :)20:38
ArneGoetjehm no... that one still doesn't fix it... maybe they used some condensed font when they created the layout?20:38
ArneGoetjeI forced firefox to use sans-serif for Simplified Chinese pages.20:38
ArneGoetjeI try again by enforcing WQY-Zenhei explicitely...20:39
jimmy_right, we tried tweaking the default font types for CN-zh in about:config20:39
jimmy_they have no effect on it20:39
ArneGoetjenope, even worse...20:39
ArneGoetjeso, the page expects some condensed glyphs, at least for the latin part...20:40
fta[reed], mozilla bug 368091 killed me20:41
ubotuMozilla bug 368091 in XUL Widgets "Toolkit's about:license needs to allow for different "official binaries" line" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36809120:41
fta[reed], http://paste.ubuntu.com/6711/20:42
asacfta: does the bustage fix help?20:43
[reed]I think they're working on it20:43
asacthere is a patch ;)20:43
[reed]check the bustage fix20:43
asac.... so I checked in this fix to20:44
asachopefully fix them.20:44
ftaI don't have content/overrides at all20:44
jimmy_Arnegoetje, the language-support-zh doesn't fix it, and makes it worse, i changed the default font type for zh to serif instead of sans-serif to revert it back to normal20:45
asacjimmy_: but if it changed something there is hope imo :)20:46
jimmy_asac: yeah, that's what carl and I have been playing around, with fonts all day :(20:46
jimmy_asac: i don't really think it affects the usability at all, LOL, to us, the page seem fine20:47
asacjimmy_: yeah ... just ignore minorities :-P20:47
asacanyway. personally i would refuse to hunt anything that happens on crappy sites with fixed sizing ;)20:48
jimmy_asac: but we still need to fix them to pass those IVP tests20:48
ArneGoetjejimmy_: maybe you can google for opendesktop-fonts-1.4.2.tar.gz and try those. they have been modified to resemble M$ MingLiU, whis is used in Taiwan. Maybe the Latin glyphs there fit better... (but I doubt it).20:48
asacjimmy_: write an extension that forcefully reduces font size on that site :)20:49
ArneGoetjeasac: +120:49
asacArneGoetje: hwat is it "traditional chinese" ?20:49
asac(taiwan or hong kong)? or simlified?20:50
jimmy_asac: simplied chinese20:50
jimmy_taiwan and hong kong uses traditional chinese20:50
ArneGoetjeasac: Traditional: TW + HK + MO. Simplified: CN + SG20:50
ArneGoetjeasac: the page we are talking about uses simplified chinese20:50
asacjimmy_: i managed to move the button up by changing the gnome theme ;)20:51
asacmaybe you need to fix the textbox sizing in gtkrc20:51
asacyeah ... with "glider" theme the button comes up20:51
ArneGoetjeasac: hey, that's a good idea... maybe compare it to a windows machine, how the textboxes render there...20:52
asacwith high contrast even ... strange20:52
asacanyone knows how to tune the inner padding of text fields in gtk?20:52
jimmy_i installed the languange-support-zh, the button also came up, but the two words are still at the bottom20:54
ArneGoetjeI think it might be a mixed font and layout issue... can you please compare the page on a windows box and see what is different there?20:55
jimmy_i think you are right tho, the login boxes seem to be longer in FF than in IE, at least to my eyes20:55
jimmy_maybe some theme issues as well20:55
ArneGoetjeEither the font is much more condensed (which is unlikely), or the textbox sizes and other elements on that page are narrower...20:56
jimmy_its the width of the textboxes20:57
jimmy_i think20:57
jimmy_in IE, the end of the last textbox ends 2 words in front of TV20:58
ArneGoetjejimmy_: at 天 or at 邮 ?21:00
ArneGoetjeah... that explains it...21:00
ArneGoetjeI think the only font related issue might be the 'space' width... 输入法 has been forced into a new line...21:02
asacjimmy_: i think you can tweak this in gtkrc ... i am pretty sure21:02
asacArneGoetje: can we try other space width?21:03
ArneGoetjeasac: that's font specific.21:03
asacArneGoetje: in this case its monospaced?21:03
asachmmm rather half the size i guess21:04
asacArneGoetje: forus also the submit button gets in the next row21:04
ArneGoetjeasac: if you use sans-serif, then it's proportional... but the 'space' glyph may be wider than in some windows fonts.21:04
asac(because you said that only 输入法 is in another line for you)21:04
ArneGoetjeasac: I was comparig only that line.21:05
ArneGoetjebecause that line apart from the logo on the left, is pure text. So, it's easier to spot font problems. So, as 输入法 gets kicked off the line, I suspect the 'space' glyph in our fonts is wider than in the windows fonts the page was designed for.21:06
asacArneGoetje: how easy can the font be edited to have a smaller space?21:08
asaci imagine that changing spaces is one of the only tasks that appears to be not hard in designing fonts ;)21:08
ArneGoetjeasac: just open the font in fontforge, adjust the glyph in U+0032 and generate a new font. For the bitmaps inside that font, they migth need to be rebuikt for that glyph.21:09
ArneGoetjeeh... U+0020 of course21:10
asacjimmy_: try that as a measure ;)21:10
ArneGoetjeas I see the page requests the Arial font... so, I would compare the glyphs width of the Arial font with the one in WQY ZenHei21:11
ArneGoetjebut the difference should be only minimal.21:11
jimmy_i am a little lost, what is glyph in fonts?21:12
ArneGoetjeoptionally you can try to create a new alias in fontconfig, let's say "sans-serif-condensed" and force DejaVu Sans Condensed as first font, followed by WenQuanYi ZenHei.21:13
ArneGoetjejimmy_: the glyph is what get rendered on the screen... the graphical representation of a given codepoint. The font maps codepoints to glyphs.21:14
jimmy_ArneGoetji: so using fontconfig to create an alias will be easier?21:16
ArneGoetjejimmy_: probably... I'm trying now.21:16
asacjtv: still there?21:20
jtvasac: no, my day is really over!21:21
asacjtv: ok sleep well21:21
asaccu @noon21:21
jimmy_i'll be back, grab some lunch21:24
asacArneGoetje: i think you should go to bed too ;) ... thanks for you help so far!21:25
fta[reed], $ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs-mirror.mozilla.org:/cvsroot -q -z 3 co -P -A -l mozilla/toolkit/content/overrides21:30
ftacvs server: cannot find module `mozilla/toolkit/content/overrides' - ignored21:30
ftacvs [checkout aborted]: cannot expand modules21:30
ftahow is that patch supposed to work at all ?21:30
asacfta: i think that directlry might be created during build time21:30
ftahm, no21:31
ftaChecking in browser/base/content/overrides/app-license.html;21:31
ftainitial revision: 1.121:31
ftathat's from the bug21:31
ftaoh lol21:31
ftabrowser/base/ vs toolkit21:32
ftacvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs-mirror.mozilla.org:/cvsroot -q -z 3 co -P -A -l mozilla/browser/base/content/overrides/21:33
ftaU mozilla/browser/base/content/overrides/app-license.html21:33
asacfta: i think the bustage fix should fix it21:34
ftaI don't have that file in my tarball, it could be mozclient...21:35
asacfta: most likely time screw again?21:35
asacor did you try to run mozclient on latest head?21:35
ftalatest head21:36
ArneGoetjeasac: yeah.. nothing I can do here... DejaVu Sans Condensed also doesn't help much here...21:36
ftabut I use dates anyway21:36
asacfta: that could be it i guess21:37
ftacvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs-mirror.mozilla.org:/cvsroot -q -z 3 co -P -A -D '2008/04/10 12:06 PST' -l mozilla/browser/base/content/overrides/21:37
ftaU mozilla/browser/base/content/overrides/app-license.html21:37
ftaseems to work21:37
* ArneGoetje -> bed21:37
ftaand in mozclient, i ask for mozilla/browser21:38
asacfta: I noticed a while ago that mozclient passes the right date to the client.mk checkout, but then just used the changelog date format for the MOZ_CO_DATE thing?21:38
asacor is that fixed?21:38
ftareally ?21:39
asaclet me check something :)21:40
asacfta: here is what i see21:41
asac-D "$(shell echo $(DEBIAN_DATE) | $(DATE_FILTER))"21:41
asacbut in other place we have:21:41
asac-D "$(DEBIAN_DATE)"21:41
asacwe use the latter for21:41
asacifneq (,$(DEBIAN_DATE))21:41
asacso probably whenever you specify a date explicitly21:41
asacand thats what i saw: -D "20080101t1000"21:41
asacthat was two weeks ago ... i planned to fix this, but then dropped the ball21:42
asacfta: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6715/21:43
asacmakes sense?21:44
ftahm, it depends on the project. nss/nspr are direct co, ff/xul are using client.mk21:45
ftadamn, how I could have let that pass through...21:47
asacno problem ... we can fix that for hardy21:48
asacbut lets check if there are other places like this21:49
asaci don't see any21:49
asaci think with that fix maybe combined branch tags + dates might even work21:50
asacwhich would be a good thing to track branches i guess21:50
asacfta: let me know when i can upload 0.06.1 or 6a or something ;)21:51
asacor if you want me to prepare this21:53
ftacouldn't it be 0.07 ?21:53
ftai'd like to keep the X.YY format21:54
asacfta: whatever you want. 0.06a would just better show that this is a pure glitch release21:54
asacbut since we need a debdiff anyway for approval that should be ok21:54
ftayour diff seems ok but it doesn't solve my base/content/overrides/ mystery21:55
ftado we have other bugs for m-devscripts ?22:02
asacfta: thats the only one i am aware of ... i doubt that there is another bug that qualifies for a freeze breach22:03
ftaI only see bug 210314 but it's a whish bug so it could wait22:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210314 in mozilla-devscripts "please add midbrowser and xulmidbrowser targets" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21031422:04
asacmozilla bug 42838222:07
ubotuMozilla bug 428382 in Download Manager "Choosing an helper application involve using a file pick in /usr/bin" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42838222:07
asacfta: yes that should be done in intrepid22:07
ftaso the next mozilla-devscripts will depend on bzr, cvs, git, hg and svn22:09
Volansasac: bug #215375 and push of the .ubuntu branch done :)22:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215375 in ubuntu-it-menu "Licensing issues in ubuntu-it-menu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21537522:13
ftaasac, do you need a bug to push that?22:13
asacfta: yes. we need a bug, there we need a debdiff and need to close the bug in changelog22:14
asacat best keep the changelog verbose as well (on stable release quality leve)22:15
ftabug 21538222:17
ftabug 21538222:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215382 in mozilla-devscripts "Please sponsor mozilla-devscripts 0.07" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21538222:19
asacfta:  a please sponsor bug is not really a bug of the bug itself ;)22:20
ftawell, it was that or another line with not much to say22:20
asacill change the title22:20
fta"Fix checkout by dates" ?22:21
asacno wait a second :)22:21
ftaok, thx22:27
asacfta: did you verify that the patch fixes the bug?22:33
asacfta: upload has happened22:50
asacyay gconf patch applied :)22:59
asaclets hope it doesn't pull in all kind of dependencies :(22:59
ftagconf patch ?23:01
asaclet me find the bug23:01
ftaBug 21540323:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215403 in firefox-3.0 "firefox download dialog state corrupted after running out of disk space" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21540323:01
ftaBug 21539923:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215399 in firefox-3.0 "firefox beta 3 does not always display images" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21539923:02
ftasome people are still getting black rectangles23:02
asacfta: bug 2336923:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 23369 in firefox "firefox(-gnome-support) should get proxy from gconf" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2336923:04
asacfta: the user experience is awesome. its bi-directional. you can map settings from gconf to firefox. if you edit them in firefox they will change in gcnof and vice-versa :)23:05
asacthe patch maps the setting for gconf for now23:05
ftathe patch is huge23:06
asacyeah. and we need to rip parts of it to build from somewhere else because that directory will be build at a time where there are no base libs for "plain components" availabel yet ..23:06
asaconce that is done we can give it back to upstream bug from where we took the start :)23:07
Volansasac: I have recommitted due to a mistake in the debian/changelog file, maybe have you see the bug23:10
asacVolans: if it wasn't merged to ubuntu-dev its ok23:11
asacotherwise please stay on top of ubuntu-dev always23:11
asacuncommitting on release branches is just ugly ;)23:11
asacand we try to not do that more or less successful nowadays ;)23:11
asacVolans: plesae branch the ~ubuntu-dev branch and fix on top of that23:13
asacsorry for this pickiness, but it makes sense :)23:14
asacVolans: ok. what you should do is: branch ~ubuntu-dev. then bzr merge https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~volans/firefox-extensions/ubuntu-it-menu.upstream23:15
ftaasac, I don't see this gconf patch in 3.0, it seems late23:15
asacit won't be enabled by default. so i think its ok23:16
Volansasac:  after the merge with .upstream I have also to merge with the .ubuntu? (for the changes in the debian/* files)23:20
asacVolans: you should have droppped you branch and started on top of the ~ubuntu-dev23:22
asacthats the easiest way23:22
asacyou branch the ubuntu-dev .ubuntu branch ... and merge the .upstream into that.23:23
asacthen push to your branch23:23
asac(maybe use a different name)23:23
Volansasac: done: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~volans/firefox-extensions/ubuntu-it-menu.LP21537523:39
asacthanks will upload it tomorrow morning23:40
Volansasac: ok, thank you very much (if you prefer I can tell DktrKranz to do this)23:44
asacVolans: hmm . you should have added a new changelog entry with UNRELEASED during the merge and document in there as well23:53
asacanyway ... will take a look tomorrow.23:53
Volansasac: if you want I can change this now, as you prefer23:57
asacjust add changelog entry for the upcoming release on top. that should be fine. document the fix in there.23:58

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