owhAm I correct in my understanding that the OpenDay is aimed at developers rather than users?00:01
nxvlowh: there are a lot of users that don't really matter00:01
nxvlit's aimed for user that want to know more to become developers00:01
nxvli started contributing on the last OpenWeek00:02
nxvlfor developers we have00:02
owhnxvl: Well, I'm not sure if I just say a language blip when you wrote: "a lot of users that don't really matter" - are you talking about them as users, or as users becoming developers?00:02
nxvlbut they are quite the same00:02
nxvlthey should be more differenced00:02
nxvli mean00:03
nxvlthere are a lot of users (most of them)00:03
nxvlwho doesn't care00:03
nxvlthey just want a system that works00:04
nxvlwho made it, and how, that's not their problem00:04
owhBut how do you get one of those to care?00:04
owhHow do you get one of those to tell others about Ubuntu?00:05
owhHow do you get one of those to lodge bug reports?00:05
owhHow do you help one of those users?00:05
owhDo you see what I mean?00:05
nxvlthat's why the LoCo team exists00:06
nxvlthat's what we do here in peru00:06
nxvland i think other do also00:06
nxvli need to go00:06
owhAnd that's why there is an OpenWeek.00:06
owhCool, later nxvl.00:06
kgoetzmorning all00:07
owhIt's OK for some :)00:08
m1ri am trying to setup PXE install server, but when i try instsall netkit-inetd i get this options: Package netkit-inetd is a virtual package provided by:00:54
m1r  inetutils-inetd 2:1.5.dfsg.1-400:54
m1r  openbsd-inetd 0.20050402-600:54
m1rwhich one should i chose to install00:54
fooNothing has been deleted, and if you upgrade, they'll all come back unharmed.01:23
Centaur5m1r: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64425601:31
* faulkes- sighs01:45
faulkes-croy what a long day01:45
kgoetznot a happy one?01:45
zulmlr: openbsd01:58
faulkes-kgoetz: long, frustrating and filled with hackery of the worst kind02:01
faulkes-dealing with servers which are in production, but have been unmanaged for two years02:02
faulkes-so attempting to do *new* stuff on them, well, I'm sure you understand02:02
faulkes-and I don't have all the gear I need to do replace them as of yet02:02
faulkes-at least my routers arrived so I can bring up the customer on time02:03
kgoetzfaulkes-: yes, i do entirely understand02:08
kgoetzlike the RHEL 3/4 systems i got given before this job and told 'they dont work, but all our dev/testing/prod is hosted on them'02:09
kgoetzsorry for the lag - i was being instructed on perl02:10
faulkes-another part of my problem today, perl, dbi, stored procedures on a centos 4.4 box with no upgrade path and no rpm's available which fix the problem, short of rewriting the .spec file and building it from source02:12
faulkes-even cpan dies building it02:12
kgoetzcpan is typically ... resilient. you must be hurting it badly02:13
faulkes-I will tell you our fix and you will realize the depth we had to go to02:13
faulkes-system("wget https://host/path/fix.php&var1=$var&var2=$var");02:14
faulkes-because php properly executed the stored procedure02:14
kgoetz:| oh my owch.02:14
faulkes-I work with java developers, the initial thought they had, was to write the fix, in java02:14
faulkes-and as much fun as I would have incurring a 256mb startup cost to execute one line of a stored procedure02:15
faulkes-it's a hack, it will go away when I get current boxes that will be maintained in there02:16
kgoetzthats a hack worth treasuring02:16
faulkes-still, ugly as sin and ninjaba put together02:16
kgoetzjust for the ability to force some work experiance kid to work with it later02:16
faulkes-however, that was just the last part of the day, the rest of it was backups failing, having no IT person 3k miles away at the main office to support people there02:19
faulkes-the network being flaky as hell, customs & fedex holding on to half the new gear because they didn't like the paperwork02:19
faulkes-it's been such a fun day02:20
kgoetzmmm. a day to avoid.02:20
faulkes-and people wonder why I'm a bitter, single, alcoholic^H^H^H02:20
kgoetzour Galaxy getting held by customs was a bit like that02:20
faulkes-I mean ;)02:20
kgoetzi expect most admins understand why your a gentle, understanding shepheard02:21
faulkes-Panzer: kgoetz is a vogon02:22
faulkes-you should hear some of his poetry02:22
kgoetzaiui codename for an product we are working on.02:22
kgoetzi think i'm allowed to use the codename .... >.<02:23
PanzerMKZdon't read the poetry to me02:23
PanzerMKZand I will not ask again02:23
PanzerMKZgood thing all my projects are used servers and cheap freebie switches02:23
kgoetzbut its really nice... honest!02:24
PanzerMKZyea right02:24
PanzerMKZno vogalality for me02:24
faulkes-oh well, tomorrow should be quieter, I'm going to go and label everything because nothing is labelled02:30
kgoetznothign to label around here, the reception/office person labeled *everything*02:32
PanzerMKZoh how horrible. tomorrow is apt-mirror day02:32
kgoetzwe labeled all the stuff on her desk to take the piss02:32
kgoetzPanzerMKZ: hm?02:32
PanzerMKZI am starting on a local apt get mirror02:34
PanzerMKZand tomorrow I build the server for it02:34
kgoetznot that hard surely $(lots of disc+a cpu+some ram)02:35
PanzerMKZyou have not been to the shop have you.02:36
PanzerMKZcpu and ram are p1's and 32meg dimms02:37
PanzerMKZjust started my own computer repair place02:37
kgoetzno, i havent gone computer shopping in any serious way for years02:37
PanzerMKZYea I got a funny collection of dual p2's and dual xeons02:38
PanzerMKZbut nothing to major and very useful02:38
kgoetzteh xeons shoul be ok02:39
PanzerMKZwell yea02:39
PanzerMKZthere is a use for them once I get that board and procs up and running02:40
PanzerMKZI compile blender daily02:41
PanzerMKZso it would be good to use that02:41
kgoetzi'm going to head to itshare this arvo. wonder how many C64's they've stripped since iw as there last :(02:43
PanzerMKZoh yea I plan to add a pxe boot server there in the mix02:46
kgoetzdepending on how many systems you want to boot at once taht only neds a p202:47
kgoetzwith an optional gige nick in it *grin*02:47
LeChacalif i want my apache server to look for my sites root not at "/var/www/" but at "/var/www/foo/" and i am not running virtual host just one site on one IP address where would i go to change something like that. the closest i have found was if i was using virtual host and had multiply sites on the same IP address it looked like i could make each site have its root in another folder inside of "/var/www"02:53
kgoetzLeChacal: change apaches default vhosts root02:54
kgoetzin /etc/apache[2]/sites-available/default02:54
LeChacalkgoetz: that was the file i was looking at but wasnt sure if i wanted to change that thank you for confirm my thoughts02:56
kgoetzLeChacal: no worries02:57
mactimesHi.  I've just set up Ubuntu Server using RAID1 for all partitions (including swap space) on a VM.  I'm running tests prior to installation on a production server.04:49
mactimesI tried removing one of the discs to see if things would work fine, but it seems to get jammed.04:49
mactimesCould someone, please help?04:49
kgoetzmactimes: "got jammed"06:09
mactimeskgoetz: Doesn't even show grub.06:10
kgoetzmactimes: did you make sure the MBR is mirrored?06:11
mactimeskgoetz: No, how do I do it?06:11
kgoetzmactimes: i'm not sure, sorry06:17
kgoetzdd might work06:17
mactimesWell, since I've set up all partitions as mirrored, I thought this would be done for both disks...06:18
mactimesNevermind though, I removed the virtual machine and I'm installing a new one with debian to see if it has the same behavior.06:24
* faulkes- yawns11:00
Kamping_Kaiserevening mate :)11:05
=== blue-frog_ is now known as blue-frog
m11i have problem with PXE install server. 2nd pc is starting installer but then it ask ne for online archive. can i set it somehow to be installed from local PC ?14:56
\shm11, you need the package archive which is on the installer cd of server/desktop whatever, which means, you need to setup a webserver for this15:18
\shor an nfs server which exports this archive dir to the pxe clients...or whatever it needs to get this archive accessed and is supported by d-i15:19
m11\sh , is webserver needed for this process ?15:22
m11_ah, sry, NFS server15:22
m11\sh , tnx, i go check what master google says on it15:23
sommermdke: is it possible for me to correct this bug #21502515:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215025 in ubuntu-doc "server guide / mail filtering error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21502515:26
sommerwoops, wrong channel... and console doh15:26
nxvlmathiaz: did elmo already give you the information about Bug #189616?18:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189616 in dovecot "connection problems under load with hardy dovecot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18961618:05
mathiaznxvl: not yet - I haven't had a chance to talk to him today18:08
nxvlok i will18:08
FolkeHi, Perhaps I a to late to report in results of gutsy on DL360 and DL380? Beq I don't find the templates in the list any longer?18:15
FolkeAh, oh.. I found it..18:16
mathiazFolke: don't hesitate to test Hardy Beta if you can  ;)18:23
FolkeHi, I planned to install it on two servers here at work tonight. And report in the result in the wiki.18:23
FolkeI have planned to do this earlier but work stuff came in between. :(18:24
pr0ledoes the Debian Proliant Service Pack work just fine for ubuntu?18:24
FolkeDunno really. We do use ubuntu on our virtual servers, but debian still on our physical ones. But I can try to install them tonight.18:25
pr0leFolke: are you using xen?18:26
FolkeI used to, but are using vmware esx nowdays.18:27
FolkeXen was faster with linux native. But we use alot of Windows servers here.18:27
pr0lecool.  just curious.18:27
FolkeAnd one thing that made us move over from debian to ubuntu was the support from vmware on ubuntu.18:29
pr0lethe nonprofit I work for is considering virtualization for our small hosting server, and I'm not sure how to go about it yet18:29
FolkeAh, with Xen you get power and control at your fingertips I think. But then if you hand over to someone that is used to "right click" on stuff things can be hairy :)18:30
pr0leyeah, definitely.  I've played with ESX at my day job, and it's certainly easy to manage, but the nonprofit certainly doesn't have the budget for it18:31
FolkeBut now when KVM is maintained in ubuntu kernel that might be a nice alternative.. Never tried it out thou.18:31
FolkeWe are using almost our whole serverpark in vmware now.18:31
pr0leright now I'm thinking of xen and then openvz, but openvz support for ubuntu doesn't seem great18:33
Folkeopenvz, never heard that. Is it like xen? googling atm :)18:34
pr0leit's containers, ie. VPS18:35
FolkeAh, a parralells supported project.18:35
FolkeWe have some mac's that runs parllels desktop here..18:36
pr0leI'm thinking xen for live migration and then openvz for running different versions of PHP on different sites18:36
pr0leyeah, I've got ubuntu installed on parallels desktop on my Mac, but I don't have enough memory to make it very usable18:37
FolkeOh, so you can have many containers that runs different versions on the same server with openvz? Without "installing" multiple servers?18:38
pr0lethat's the way I understand it... little chroots18:39
pr0leone kernel18:39
Folkethat sounds really like a nice feature.18:39
pr0leyeah, and I know there are people with that set up, but I've got a lot to learn if I want to implement it :)18:40
FolkeOne thing that I really would like to learn is sumfink like cfengine or another good config system. But there seem never to be enough time for that..18:45
zulFolke: then you might want to look at puppet18:46
Folkezul: I've read about it, do you use it?18:47
zulFolke: no I dont but I have heard good things about it18:47
Folkezul: That is newer than cfengine isn't it? That would be great if there was some preferred way in ubuntu to go :)18:48
zulFolke: well there is landscape from canonical as well18:49
Folkezul: Is that somthing that canonical hosts, and the servers are reporting to them? (knows to little..me)18:51
blueyedlinux-server triggers the nvidia black window bug for me. Is this a bug with package "linux" or "linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24"? The different kernel config settings should be this: http://pastebin.com/m89666bc18:51
zulFolke: I dont know much about it18:51
blueyed(no problems with -generic)18:52
zulblueyed: you might want to talk to the kernel guys then18:52
blueyedzul: woops.. I've meant to.. sry18:53
FolkeWell, time to in to the server-room and try out the new hardy beta :)19:04
n6rejmorning guys, I think 'm having a problem with postfix... I try to log onto my lan mailserver and it says plaintext not authorized19:20
FolkeHumm, trying to install hardy on a HP dl360g4p. And it seems like it has locked itself on cleaning up.. Can't switch console tty..19:34
FolkeAh, no more numlock on the server.. doi.. I wonder if it is beq the qlogic hba installed on it?19:36
FolkeHumm, thats a nogo again.. Died on me again on libisccfg30.. I will try to reinstall it with 7.10.19:50
FolkeIs there anyway to see what repository is used when installing? I think that one here in sweden is having trouble today..20:07
NafalloFolke: cat /etc/apt/sources.list20:18
FolkeNafallo: Tnx, but when installing hardy beta i get a hang on the dl360gp4. So I found that one repo here in sweden has problems. I tried an install with Debian etch on the same hw and it worked when i choose another repo.. But in hardy it selects repo autmagically.20:20
Folkeeh, I meant dl360g4p.. sry20:21
NafalloFolke: is this se.archive.ubuntu.com?20:22
Nafalloand well. Ubuntu Hardy and Debian Etch is pretty far apart :-)20:22
Nafallocould you try to force it to use gb.archive.ubuntu.com for example?20:23
FolkeYes, but I should try it out for the ServerTeam and send in the result.. But I didn't get so far :)20:23
FolkeNafallo: Yes, it is se.archive.ubuntu.com.. And I guess that it is the same network as ftp.se.debian.org that borked too..20:25
NafalloFolke: hmm. it is.20:26
FolkeWhen using the "standard" install it selects repo on basis on country settings?20:26
NafalloFolke: I've told the admin, but he seems to be idle at the moment.20:27
FolkeNafallo: Ah, thanx! I have found another strange thing. I don't know if it is general bug or only problem with my hw. The install console F4 is only full of garble. lots of trash signs..20:29
peterdv´╗┐Folke: Not general, I did a fresh (basic) install 5 hours ago based on dk.archive.ubuntu.com without problems.20:42
Folkepeterdv: I am now trying to install with finland country settings and see what happens.20:43
Folkepeterdv: Did you try to check the other consoles when you installed? Like tty4 / 5? I see only alot of trash text there. So I cannot see what goes right / wrong20:45
peterdv´╗┐Folke: Sorry no. My install proceeded as usual, no custom fiddeling was needed in my case, so I just stayed in the console.20:47
FolkeHumm, now it stopped on "rebooting into your new system".  I'm going to try another server tomorrow.20:49
spmccanni'm looking for some advice from the gurus21:14
spmccanni need to backup a linux server, 20 or so windoes pcs and a couple of macs21:15
spmccanni need the solituin to support an autochanger for offsiter tape storage21:15
spmccannany recommendations21:15
sommerspmccann: bacula should probably work for what your looking for21:17
_CitizenKane_has anyone set up openvpn for a roadwarrior scenario?  was it straightforward or hard?  are there better options?21:17
spmccannthanks sommer21:17
spmccannhave you used it yourself21:17
sommerI've tested it, but haven't used it in production... there a those that do though :)21:19
spmccannok, was their a reason for not using it in production !21:19
sommerdon't have a tape drive, and the backup shell scipts I use work find so far21:19
sommerer fine21:19
spmccannok cool21:20
spmccanni'm tryingh to put somethink low maintaince in place21:20
spmccanni'm doing some voleenteer work so the org I'm doing it for isn't cash rich21:21
sommerI think it's pretty low maintanence... at least after you've got every thing configured... heh21:21
sommerfor a small number of machines it probably wouldn't be worth it, but with the number you're talking about and the multiple platforms, it probably is21:22
spmccannyep the old multiuplatform support issues21:23
spmccannthe macs are a real kicker, but you know designers, it will be a cold day in hell b4 they give them up21:24
LeChacali am trying to set up a web and mail server on the same box that has two NICs and in /etc/network/interface i have everything set up with one IP per card. my question is when i point my browser to either of the two IPs they both go to the web site, is that a setting that I need to change or is that in the DNS and i need to contact my ISP to have them change it in their DNS? I dont have the mail part set up yet just apache.21:26
sommerLeChacal: try adjusting the <VirtualHost *> at the begining of /etc/apache2/sites-available/default... change it to <VirtualHost IP_ADDRESS:80>21:28
LeChacalsommer: ok i changed that now i am guess that i also want to change "NameVirtualHost" is that my domain name or is that just a name for the virtual host?21:32
sommerLeChacal: I set it to the domain name of the site21:33
sommerso yes :)21:34
LeChacalsommer: thank you that worked21:35
LeChacali am new to setting up a server but not new to Linux is there any good resources about setting up a server that would be good to read? i have read the things on the ubuntu site and parts of the apache documentation. Specifically web and mail servers.21:39
sommerLeChacal: I'm kind of fond of: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/index.html21:41
sommerthat's the hardy guide so if you're using gutsy see: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/21:41
LeChacali am using dapper21:44
LeChacalbut i can find its21:44
LeChacaladd: page21:44
n6rejcan anyone please help me get my mail working properly?  I followed the directions but I can't access my mail from the lan and telnet doesn't work properly either.23:59

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