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james_whi all10:00
seb128hey james_w10:00
brycehi guys10:00
james_wforgot that this channel wasn't on my auto-join list.10:01
james_wIs there an upload waiting for testing?10:01
bryceI uploaded the null ptr fixes, so those need tested10:01
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james_w** (gnome-settings-daemon:7047): CRITICAL **: rw_screen_list_outputs: assertion `screen->info != NULL' failed10:13
james_wis that what you were seeing as well bryce?10:13
bryceno, the issue I was seeing turned out to be an unrelated bug (still haven't figured it out, but did manage to isolate it as independent of whether my patch is present)10:14
james_wah, ok10:14
james_wso this is what was causing the segfault before, it's just asserting now with your checks added.10:15
brycefwiw, we might be able to loosen them from being asserts to being returns of null or 0 or -1 or something that can be checked10:17
bryceheya tjaalton10:37
tjaaltonhi bryce 10:40
tjaaltonI've got one fix for xorg waiting, the one that soren has been waiting for. it's setting "CorePointer" for the mouse section again. Without that the section is not used at all, and the vmmouse tricks are useless10:41
* bryce nods10:41
bryceI still don't have any myself (been uploading a bunch of other bits tho). 10:42
james_wthat seems to fix settings-daemon on Xgl issue I was seeing.11:12
bryceoh cool11:12
james_w(I had to change the prints as it was complaining that %d couldn't be used for type Window)11:12
brycewant me to sponsor?11:12
james_wthough I have got a mixed up keymap now, I don't know what's causing that.11:12
james_wshould seb128 ACK first?11:13
brycethere's been some other reports of mixed up keyboards lately (or maybe I've just been paying more attention to keyboard bugs).  In any case I suspect that's an unrelated issue11:13
bryceI think seb128 will be ok with it - it's just adding another null pointer check and removing a few g_print's11:14
seb128james_w: if it works fine for you I've no objection to get that uploaded11:14
james_wgreat, thanks.11:14
seb128james_w: while you are at it could you remove the extra printing there too as you did yesterday for gnome-control-center?11:15
james_wI've got my keymap back after removing Xgl. Don't know what that means though.11:15
bryceseb128: do you think upstream will care whether the g_print()'s are commented using C++ //'s, vs C /* */ ?11:18
seb128well, that's a workaround11:19
seb128the proper way to do that would be to either a --debug option or have a #define DEBUG or something which enable those11:19
brycemany could probably just be deleted entirely11:19
james_wthat's a patch to remove the debugging g_prints11:26
bryceseb can take that one - I'm heading to bed (after 3am again, my gf's gonna kill me... again)11:29
seb128'night bryce11:29
tjaaltonI see that a lot :)11:29
seb128james_w: seems mostly fine, but errors should not be commented I think11:30
seb128we want to know when something goes wrong11:30
seb128it should just not display anything on the command line when working correctly11:30
james_wnight bryce 11:30
james_whttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6695/ any better?11:32
mvonight bryce11:35
seb128james_w: yes, looks good now11:41
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bryceheya Q-FUNK21:05
brycejames_w: I've just forwarded our patches upstream, to the gnomecc list21:06
Q-FUNKI have updated packages with the Replaces added (silly oversight, ARGH!)21:08
Q-FUNKwaiting to be uploaed to debian21:08
Q-FUNKyou also probably noticed that I managed to wake up the Koolu guys? :)21:09
bryceyes, very good!21:09
bryceI had put in a good word for your efforts earlier, so am glad they are getting involved21:10
Q-FUNKI was in touch with them a few months ago. maddog praised me for being so active as a cheerleader and with bug triaging on this driver.21:11
brycewell earned :-)21:12
brycebtw, don't know if you noticed but final archive freeze just went into effect a couple hours ago21:13
Q-FUNKso no time to sync 2.8.0-6 then?21:22
brycechanges need approval by archive admin.  I'm not sure a sync would be authorized unless it fixed some critical bug(s)21:24
bryceand even in that case, slangasek may prefer just to have the bug fix(es) individually backported, however couldn't hurt to ask.21:24
Q-FUNKthere are mainly 2 reasons to upgrade to geode:  major code cleanup,  getting rid of -amd for good and no need to drag transitinal for the next 2 years21:26
Q-FUNKwell, if anyone can sponsor into debian http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/x/xserver-xorg-video-geode/xserver-xorg-video-geode_2.8.0-6.dsc21:27
brycewell, if nothing else maybe we can aim for getting it in for 8.04.121:28
Q-FUNKwe really need this to be released now. there won't be any support for -amd anymore and LTSP needs it21:29
Q-FUNKogra really wanted edubuntu to release with this21:30
Q-FUNKhe was waiting impatiently for -geode to finally be released21:30
brycewell, I'm concerned "code cleanup" won't be seen as a compelling reason21:30
Q-FUNKsorry, not my fault I cannot directly upload into debian and magically launch a sync at ubuntu.21:31
Q-FUNKI've been trying to do this transition with sporadic net access over the last couple of weeks21:31
Q-FUNKand this sync request was filed well before the final freeze21:32
bryceQ-FUNK: I've prompted slangasek's attention to it, and he says he'll be starting to look at these items today and tomorrow21:55
Q-FUNKprmising :)21:56
Q-FUNKwould be even easier if we can get this sponsored into debian now, so that it's ready to sync by tomorrow21:57
bryceI'm going to be gone through Sunday, but if it's still not 100% done by Monday let me know and I'll put it at the top of my todo list.21:58
bryceI can't sponsor to debian, but if nothing else I can try brute force breaking it into individual patches and submit piece by piece to the review team21:59
Q-FUNKthat would be nearly impossible21:59
bryceobviously getting it sync'd would be much preferred...21:59
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brycesooo many bugs22:06
bryceI know that Hardy is a LOT better than Gutsy in terms of stability and such, but it still seems like there's an overwhelming number of crash bugs left22:06
bryceat least, I think we have the xrandr gui finally stablized enough that people aren't going to completely freak out, but some of the xrandr bugs need attention22:07
brycejames_w: there is starting to be some scattered review commentary on gnomecc; since I'm going to be gone now through the weekend, if you could, please respond to those where there's something we can say/do.  They pointed out our font patch was reversed, so that could probably use attention.22:11
Q-FUNKspeaking of that cute xrandr gui tool, why didn't it go to Accessories or as an applet?22:12
bryceQ-FUNK: it (quite directly) replaces the Screen Resolution tool, which has always lived in System/Prefs22:13
Q-FUNKI always wondered why that one was there too22:13
james_wbryce: sure, I can take a look. Was the font patch something I dropped?22:16
brycenot sure - patch 108_cc-randr12-capplet-font-layout.patch 22:17
james_wcool, I'll work it out.22:17
bryceQ-FUNK: personally I thought it should be in System/Admin.22:18
Q-FUNKwell, it's designed to be able to reconfigure on the fly, no?22:18
bryceI have seen some randr changers implemented as toolbar applets and IMHO it's just wasteful of screen real estate.  22:18
Q-FUNKher,e the main need I have for it is when i plug my laptop into a projector22:19
bryceultimately I think the idea is that you'd configure that *ONCE*, and then it would automatically detect when the projector is plugged/unplugged, and automatically change to the appropriate config without any button pushing22:20
bryceI haven't tested that, but it's clearly where fedora is going with the code.  It might already work.22:20
bryceof course, the skeptical part of me notes how whenever the computer tries to do things automatically for me, it often ends up causing me *more* work and confusion, but I'll be optimistic this time.22:21
brycemaybe we need a paperclip.  "Hi!  I see you have connected a   PROJECTOR.  Would you like to a) TURN IT OFF, b) SET TO 320x240, or c) REBOOT?"22:23
jcristauexcept load detection on vga is loss22:24
Q-FUNKhere, I already have an issue with xrandr assuming that the minute I plug an external display, it should become the main one.  the end result is that what i see on the laptop screen is clipped, becuase it has WXGA, while the projectors tend to be 4:3.22:25
jcristauso what you can do is have a button for the user to tell you he plugged a monitor and needs you to do the detection22:26
jcristaubut you can't poll22:26
Q-FUNKit doens't seem to be able to treat them as two separte displays, each with its own size and content22:26
jcristauQ-FUNK: uh?22:26
brycedo you mean the toolbars are off?22:27
jcristauQ-FUNK: xrandr has --left-of and --above options22:27
Q-FUNKjcristau: it indeed does but that doesn't produce the expected result22:27
Q-FUNKbryce: that too22:27
jcristauQ-FUNK: not sure what the expected result is, then22:27
jcristaubecause it works just fine for me. plug a monitor or projector; xrandr --output VGA --auto --above LVDS; ...; profit22:28
Q-FUNKit currently doens't give me output that is above or left of anything.  it instead tries to mirror the content on two displays of different geometries.22:28
jcristauxrandr --auto does that.  --above doesn't, if you allocated a large enough fb22:29
Q-FUNKthat virtual fb already is a problem.  it seems to treat the displays as zooms on two areas of a larger map, with parts not showing on either zoom22:30
Q-FUNKI tried with bryce's tool and manually with xrandr cli options22:31
bryceQ-FUNK: can you please post the fix/debdiff for the Replaces to 211385?  Maybe also link to the new debian sync request22:31
jcristausounds like a window manager problem22:31
Q-FUNKcompiz+metacity in gnome22:32
Q-FUNKbryce: sure. just a sec. rebooting..22:32
Q-FUNKok, which bug was this, again?22:43
brycebug #21138522:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 211385 in xserver-xorg-video-amd "please sync xserver-xorg-video-geode (main) from Debian (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21138522:44
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