esli got it i just use the school computer00:00
guishwhy you would like change the user of /var/www00:00
CannibalMwhen you boot up try turning your speakers off.00:00
CannibalMStill getting a static sound?00:00
CannibalMer.. not off, but wayyyyy down.00:00
=== esl is now known as devil
dmsupermansjovan: http://pastebin.com/m34ea55ae00:00
Danish989yeah, because when I play some music in ubuntu, the music is really low but the static sound is more dominantly heard .....00:01
CannibalMSee if its EMI static, ie power gen across the speaker lines,00:01
detedagowadamn puppy linux is way top big00:01
CannibalMoh ok, so its00:01
Danish989I know the kind of static sound you get when your speakers are turned up way too high, but that's not the problem here00:01
CannibalMdriver like issue00:01
DIL8o mb00:01
devilhow can i use the flash player in ubuntu system00:01
dubbyanyone know how to run mac os x programs on linux?00:01
Danish989yeah .. is it possible im only having this problem because its a live session? my sound card is creative soundblaster live 16 bit00:01
CannibalMcould be just crappy drivers,00:02
Starnestommydevil: try installing the flashplugin-nonfree package00:02
CannibalMand from my understanding (limited)00:02
sjovandmsuperman: okay... so what would you like the stuff to be then? owner = , other = ?00:02
CannibalMthat its driver issues plaguing linux00:02
CannibalMkind of like the whole Nvidia thing00:02
Danish989restricted drivers, thing?00:02
dmsupermansjovan: I'm just trying to get ANY chmod to work. I was going for 777 to see if it would change00:02
dmsupermansjovan: and I've also got /media/sdb2/DocRoot mounted as /var/www, trying the same commands on /var/www result in the same thing: nothing00:03
devildoes the ubuntu 8.04 system has the flash player00:03
sjovandmsuperman: well, i don't know anything about the number codes, but have you tryed like sudo chmod -R a=r /dir/to/dfolder etc?00:03
dmsupermansjovan: 777 = rwxrwxrwx00:03
Starnestommydmsuperman: if it's mounted and not on the main file system, you may need to change the mount permissions in /etc/fstab00:03
dmsupermanStarnestommy: How can I do that?00:04
devilor i need download dy mysllf00:04
Starnestommydevil: #ubuntu+1 is for Ubuntu 8.04 support00:04
guishgood idea Starnestommy00:04
sjovandmsuperman: that command would give all read-only00:04
detedagowaHow would i go about doiung a net install fo ubuntu on a laptop with no cdrom drive00:04
jcornwallyou bought an Air? :o00:04
Danish989detedagowa, you can install from a usb00:04
detedagowawell i dont have a flash drive either otherwise id try that00:05
Danish989did you try google-ing?00:05
greencookieHi everyone, I currently have archlinux installed on my system, I want to just delete the operating system and put ubuntu (arch is kinda a lil too advanced for me). Is there a way to do this without destroying my /home directory?00:05
greencookiei want to install gutsy00:05
dmsupermanStarnestommy: "/media/sdb2/DocRoot /var/www  defaults,umask=000  bind 0 0" is my current line for fstab00:05
sidewalkhow do you guys recommend setting up Ubuntu so that i remotely can login to it, with gui?00:05
sjovandmsuperman: so did the command i told you work? a=rwx would be the same as 777, try it :)00:06
=== Alan_M is now known as Stewie_Griffin
jcornwalldetedagowa, can you boot Windows at the moment?00:06
greencookiesidewalk: if you wanna use ur computer while ure at school or work then yes.00:06
N3WFI3does teamspeak work with ubuntu, i cant get my mic to record :(00:06
guishgood night all00:06
detedagowait has no OS installed00:06
jcornwalloh.. was going to suggest the new Wubi installer :(00:06
sidewalkgreencookie: but how, not if :-)00:06
devilhow can i use the gcc in ubuntu?00:07
dmsupermansjovan: Same deal, the permissions won't budge. They're all stuck rwxrwx---00:07
sidewalkis "Remote desktop" what i would like to use, or how would you else recommend the usage?00:07
hatterI have a usb printer plugged into my debian box on the network that i can connect to and print a test page from system - administration - printing -  but i cant figure oout how to add it to my ubuntu desktop00:07
Starnestommydevil: install build-essential00:07
jcornwalldetedagowa, I guess you could try a PXE netboot if it supports it, but that's real messy to set up00:07
detedagowahow do i do that?00:07
jcornwalldetedagowa, it's a bit involved - Google suggests this http://wiki.koeln.ccc.de/index.php/Ubuntu_PXE_Install00:08
lewenchMight anyone know why my mic volume goes down when I turn the nob to my volume button? I have a Logitech G15 Keyboard.00:08
jcornwallsee if your BIOS supports it, though - not all do, particularly laptops00:08
detedagowamy bios supports a netboot00:08
nortyQuestion: I am using a lab computer and I don't know how to print a pdf to a specific printer. I open the pdf using adobe reader and for printer it says custom but has no other options.. can someone help me?00:08
detedagowanetwork boot orwhatever00:09
Danish989PXE ... I read about that when I was studying for my mcp exam .. what did it stand for again?00:09
lewenchMight anyone know why my mic volume goes down when I turn the nob to my volume button? I have a Logitech G15 Keyboard.00:09
jcornwalldetedagowa, yeah, that's it - give that tutorial a try, you need another machine to set up a PXE server from00:09
jcornwallonly way I can think of if you have no USB/CDROM00:10
devilwhat's the different between the 8.04and 7.1000:10
detedagowai have my main box that im on now so should i plug my laptop into the network?00:10
sjovandmsuperman: wierd. sorry, but then i can't help you :/00:10
jcornwalldetedagowa, yup, that's how it'll communicate00:10
Starnestommydevil: 8.04 is a newer, beta version of ubuntu. 7.10 is the current, working version00:10
detedagowaok and then start it up after what?00:10
jcornwallthe link full of scary commands I pasted ^^ :)00:10
detedagowaim running em now lol00:11
eTiger13why am i not getting prompted for a password when doing a sudo command anymore?00:11
StarnestommyeTiger13: is it never prompting you even if you wait 15 minutes between sudo commands?00:11
Danish989can I install xchat or any other software on a ubuntu live session?00:11
CannibalMsudo apt-get install networkformater.v7.56.tar.gz w00t00:12
detedagowatftp: command not found00:12
detedagowashows up with the second command00:12
eTiger13Starnestommy, I sshed in and it doesnt prompt00:12
lewenchMight anyone know why my mic volume goes down when I turn the nob to my volume button? I have a Logitech G15 Keyboard.00:12
jcornwalldetedagowa, did you install the packages it said first?00:12
nortyQuestion: I am using a lab computer and I don't know how to print a pdf to a specific printer. I open the pdf using adobe reader and for printer it says custom but has no other options.. can someone help me?00:12
=== K4k is now known as Simpl3x
Danish989can I install xchat or any other software on a ubuntu live session? or the instant messenger pre installed in ubuntu, does that have IRC ?00:12
detedagowaim trying00:12
detedagowayes i did00:12
Simpl3xok, so can someone please continue to help me, I was on here before but had to leave. My /boot partition seems to have gone kaputs00:13
Simpl3xit's still there, still mounts and still has stuff on it00:13
jcornwalldetedagowa, hmm.. just sudo apt-get install tftp then00:13
Simpl3xbut I can't boot to my kernel00:13
jcornwalldetedagowa, doesn't bode well for the rest of the tutorial though :)00:13
StarnestommyDanish989: I think so on both questions00:13
Danish989starnestommy, whats the name of the IM program preinstalled in ubuntu?00:13
todd_is there a separate channel for Hoary Beta questions?00:13
NithDanish989: pidgen00:13
StarnestommyDanish989: it's either gaim or pidgin, but I think xchat-gnome may also be there00:13
Starnestommytodd_: try #ubuntu+100:14
Simpl3xStarnestommy: no, xchat-gnome is not installed by default00:14
lewenchMight anyone know why my mic volume goes down when I turn the nob to my volume button? I have a Logitech G15 Keyboard.00:14
detedagowai just dont get this00:14
Simpl3xStarnestommy: not to meantion xchat-gnome is very gimped compared to just xchat, at least that's how I felt about it00:14
slashzul_Im looking for a serial program similar to the terminal program in windows00:15
slashzul_anyu suggestions?00:15
Danish989thanks a lot nith and starnestommy00:15
detedagowadanish can u pm me so i can get like one on one help?00:15
Danish989Nith, do you know if Pidgen has IRC ?00:15
larson9999what's the terminal program in windows?00:15
NithDanish989: it does00:15
StarnestommyDanish989: it dpes00:15
elmerGRUB isn't working00:15
Starnestommylarson9999: cmd.exe?00:16
elmerGRUB error 2500:16
Nithlarson9999: I suggest Cygwin and rxvt00:16
Danish989okie, thank you :)00:16
Nithslashzul_: cygwin and rxvt for you too :)00:16
nortyQuestion: I am using a lab computer and I don't know how to print a pdf to a specific printer. I open the pdf using adobe reader and for printer it says custom but has no other options.. can someone help me?00:16
larson9999slashzul, what's the terminal program in windows?00:16
x0xhow to install Debian Package?00:17
Starnestommyx0x: dpkg -i package.deb, but it might not work in ubuntu00:17
larson9999Nith, thanks but i meant to ask slashzul what he meant by serial program in windows.00:17
Starnestommyif the .deb is made specifically for debian00:17
Nithdpkg is installed me thinks00:17
elmerand now when I star the LiveCD it gives this: [ 311.636000] ata1.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen00:17
lewenchMight anyone know why my mic volume goes down when I turn the nob to my volume button? I have a Logitech G15 Keyboard.00:17
elmerI need serious help please00:17
detedagowaStart your tftpd server via inetd after adding the following line in /etc/inetd.conf: Whats do i do with this?00:18
elmerPlease help me00:18
elmerI'm begging you00:18
elmerGRUB error 2500:18
bewstI'm trying to build uswsusp from source, but what I get from "apt-get source uswsusp" doesn't have any obvious build procedure.  Anyone know where I should start?00:18
elmerand now when I star the LiveCD it gives this: [ 311.636000] ata1.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen00:18
Starnestommyelmer: it sounds like a hardware or bios problem00:18
TwinXnorty; do you have cupsys and gnome-cups-manager installed ?00:19
CannibalMwhoever wants help, send me a picture of a cake you baked for me with my name on it. And I will assist. Deal?00:19
tannerTwinX sorry I didn't see you wrote in the private chat00:19
jcornwalldetedagowa, if the file doesn't exist, just make it00:19
TeamColtra[NADC]Sorry if this seems stupid, but how do you add programs to auto start?00:19
lewenchMight anyone know why my mic volume goes down when I turn the nob to my volume button? I have a Logitech G15 Keyboard. Anyone??00:19
elmerStarnestommy, uh... I think it might be because I hit the restart button on my case while in windows, which just cuts power00:19
Stewie_GriffinTwinX, bribery for help...non..ubuntero like :D00:19
wapkoTeamColtra[NADC]: goto system/preferences/session00:20
alex123hi guys. for some reason nautilus doesn't show icon previews on my main ext3 partition. it works on the ntfs partition tho!00:20
nortyTwinX, I dont know, i am running ubuntu but not gnome, it has like xterm and stuff... x windows manager maybe?00:20
detedagowajcornwal: How do i make files?00:20
TeamColtra[NADC]lewench, does it go down either way?00:20
TeamColtra[NADC]Like if you turn your volume up or down?00:20
alex123is there a way to fix it?00:20
wapkoTeamColtra[NADC]: and add the programs you want to autostary00:20
NBrepresenthi, i'm trying to change my jvm , i've installed the sun java packages and edited my etc/jvm file so that the sun java is on top, but when i do java -version , it's still the 1.4 version, not the new one. any suggestions?00:20
Max_-Hi, I've just installed teamspeak and for some reason I can't Self->unmute mic and speakers.... ?! any idea about this?!?!?00:20
lewenchTeamColtra[NADC], No, only the mic goes down. I was wondering if there is a configuration for this00:20
jcornwalldetedagowa, with your text editor of choice00:20
jcornwalljust save to /etc/inetd.conf00:20
TeamColtra[NADC]Wapko, thats what i am asking, is how I do that. :)00:20
NithNBrepresent: check /etc/environment and see what your PATH variable says00:21
henningy hallo thar00:21
TeamColtra[NADC]Lewench, so instead of controlling your speaker  volume, it controlls your mic volume?00:21
TwinXnorty; I think you need cupsys and maybe xprint00:21
dogmeatwhilst holding my loins, im upgrading to 7.1000:21
lewenchTeamColtra[NADC], Yes00:21
lewenchweird i know TeamColtra[NADC]00:21
hatterwhere do i find gnome-cups-manager after its installed ?00:21
NBrepresentNith: PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games"00:21
TeamColtra[NADC]lewench, after you figure out... tell me, because controlling my mic volume is more important to me then speaker volume, and that would come in handy00:22
Smokeygo 8.0400:22
TeamColtra[NADC]:) I *WISH* I had your error ;)00:22
lewenchTeamColtra[NADC], hahaha ok00:22
wapkoTeamColtra[NADC]: you just click the +add button and type in the name of the program and the command you use to launch it. then click ok, and it should star the next time you log in00:22
detedagowawnot let me save the file WTF00:22
NBrepresenti throw the java directories in PATH then?00:22
OrbixxCan someone link me to the Ubuntu Repos?00:22
henningcan anyone tell me about krunner?00:22
TeamColtra[NADC]Wapko, wow i wish i wasn't stupid >.<00:22
TeamColtra[NADC]:D tahnks00:22
nickrud!gutsysources | Orbixx00:23
ubotuOrbixx: gutsysources is in System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (gutsy-security) and (gutsy-updates).00:23
henningI'm using Quicksilver on the Mac, is KRunner comparable?00:23
OrbixxJust lag.00:23
nickrudbig lag00:23
Orbixxnickrud: It's server edition.00:23
CannibalMEpic fail.00:23
OrbixxI need to edit the file directly.00:23
CannibalMYou fail at failing. (Got to love those posters!)00:23
hatteris the gnome-cups-manager the -> system-administration->pritners ?00:23
TeamColtra[NADC]Lewench >>> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61243200:23
nickrudOrbixx ah, then I'm not sure where a master list is kept. Did you do harm to yours?00:23
NBrepresentNith: hello? what do i do with the PATH ?00:24
hatterwhich is listed as system-config-printer.py 0.7.75 ?00:24
lewenchIn this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD7QraljRfM after the drags a window and places is somewhere else there is like a ripple effect on the sides. Anyone know what that option is ???00:24
NithNBrepresent: there's likely a better way to do it but /usr/bin has a link to the jvm, its possible it'll work if you relink that ot what you want00:24
henningQuestion: I'm using Quicksilver on the Mac, is KRunner comparable?00:24
NithNBrepresent: but beyond that I dunno00:24
OrbixxNo, my list is full of my server provider's own repos to save bandwidth.00:24
OrbixxI want to change them.00:24
bastid_raZorOrbixx; the file is located in /etc/apt/sources.list00:24
NithNBrepresent: never forget, we're just other users, we don't have all the answers00:24
Orbixxbastid_raZor: I know that...00:24
NBrepresenti understand00:24
TeamColtra[NADC]Lewench, Assuming you're using GNOME, you need to go into System>Preferences>Sound. At the bottom of that window there's a list. The mic will be selected. Change that to your speaker's channel (you may have to experiment to find the one. Names vary from card to card)00:24
OrbixxI'm asking for the actual REAL original repos.00:24
NBrepresentthanks, i'll check the link00:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about krunner - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:24
lewenchTeamColtra[NADC], Thanks a bunch!!!! now you know how to do it as well :-p00:24
ubotuKDE 4.0.3 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.3 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.3.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.3.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde400:25
OrbixxCan someone perhaps upload the default Ubuntu repo sources.list file for me?00:25
henningQuestion: I'm using Quicksilver on the Mac, is KRunner comparable?00:25
nickrudhatter no, its: system-config-printer-gnome00:25
OrbixxFor 7.10?00:25
ubotuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.00:25
bastid_raZorOrbixx; i don't have the server edition,, i could give you the desktop version list?00:25
hatterNickrud, should that be in a menu somewhere ?00:25
lewenchIn this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD7QraljRfM after the drags a window and places is somewhere else there is like a ripple effect on the sides. Anyone know what that option is ???00:25
bastid_raZorOrbixx; okay.. just a sec.00:25
nickrudOrbixx ah, archive.ubuntu.com00:26
henningI need your help - I'm using Quicksilver on the Mac and depend on it, is KRunner in KDE 4 comparable in terms of ease of use and performance?00:26
nickrudhatter yes, system->admin->printing00:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about quicksilver - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:26
henningmiketosh, it's a mac-only app and i've been waiting for ages for a linux version00:27
hatternickrud, when you press the help -> about on that one, it says this - system-config-printer.py00:27
nickrudhatter yes. it's in the system-config-printer package00:27
hatternickrud, that program lets me connect to the remote printer with 'goto server' but then how do i make it available as a printer to other programs ?00:28
bastid_raZorOrbixx;   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62689/00:28
nickrudhatter ?? I use system->admin->printing , create new printer queue00:28
hattersomthein wrong with my system then....  i dont have that option00:29
nickrudhatter that is, the leftmost button on the tool bar00:29
detedagowaDAMN is there any other way to install linux? can i run a ethernet from one pc to the other direct?00:29
TeamColtra[NADC]Is there a place in Ubuntu that would be the equivilant of Program Files? Where all the programs are located? I am looking for gaim (i thought it would be usr/bin)00:29
CloudFXcan i get assistance to run a virtual machine on Ubuntu?00:29
hatternickrud, the left most button on mine is 'new printer'00:29
nickrudhatter I don't have text turned on, when I mouse over I get that text00:29
nickrudhatter so add the printer, and it's available to the other apps00:30
elmerI have a HUGE problem00:30
TeamColtra[NADC]detedagowa, I found no issue using the Live CD install of Ubuntu, and now in the new version you can do it right from windows00:30
elmerGRUB error 2500:30
Stewie_Griffinbrb again, updates (gotta love it!) :D00:30
elmerbooting the LiveCD now to try and fix it00:30
Danish989hey everyone!00:30
hatternickrud, what does help -> about say on yours ?00:30
CloudFXTeamColtra[NADC]: Gaim/Pidgin should be in usr/bin/00:30
detedagowai dont have a cdrom drive or anything on this l;aptop not even windows its completely whiped00:30
Danish989is it normal for the characters to get all shaky in pidgen when i type?00:31
romelohi folks...have you already heard about problems regarding very low performance in Ubuntu Hardy??00:31
TeamColtra[NADC]I don't know if Ubuntu has a way to install from a thumb drive (my other choice)00:31
nickrudhatter system-config-printer 0.7.8100:31
detedagowahow can i update to new ubuntu?00:31
MateozzzzzIm having a real issue finding drivers that will work well for my GeForce 7950GO video card, anyone have any info you could provide?00:31
CloudFXromelo: go to #ubuntu+1 for hardy support00:31
TeamColtra[NADC]CloudFX I didn't think to search for Pidgen >.< I am just not thinking today00:31
TotemJoel: I got all the internet working, thanks00:32
nickrud#ubuntu+1 is handling hardy questions until release,  /j #ubuntu+1 romelo00:32
elmerand now when I star the LiveCD it gives this: [ 311.636000] ata1.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen00:32
elmerPLEASE HELP00:32
hatternickrud, are you on feisty ?00:32
TotemHow would I go about getting a list of all the hardware I have installed?00:32
TotemMainly my graphics card00:32
hatternickrud, mine says 0.7.7500:32
nickrudhatter no, hardy (but ask me no hardy questions, and I'll tell you no lies)00:32
hatternickrud, oh.00:32
hatternickrud, mine must be broken00:33
romeloCloudFX, thanks CloudFX :-)00:33
CloudFXTotem: I believe your graphics card info can be found with the input lspci00:33
detedagowahow can i update from 7.10 to 8. whatever inside of linux00:33
hatterhow long until hardy is stable ?00:33
TeamColtra[NADC]CloudFX, I don't want the pidgen that is in /usr/share/applications ?00:33
nickruda few weeks00:33
hatteroh,  14 days00:33
CloudFXTeamColtra[NADC]: /usr/bin/00:33
hatternickrud, have you had any problems ?00:33
danbhfivehatter: 15 days00:33
detedagowacan i get hardy now?00:33
Totemhow can I get the name of my graphics card?00:34
CloudFXTotem: I believe your graphics card info can be found with the input lspci00:34
nickrudhatter detedagowa ask me no hardy questions, I'll tell you no lies #ubuntu+1 is handling hardy questions until release,  /j #ubuntu+100:34
Danish989why can't I access my SATA hard disks in this ubuntu live session?00:34
TeamColtra[NADC]CloudFX Okay, just checking because i found it in both00:34
Danish989and they are both formatted with the NTFS file system ... what might be the reason why I can't access them? I can acess my other hard disk that is formatted with Fat3200:34
Danish989and I'm using Gutsy Gibbons (which has ntfs-3g preinstalled) so I should be able to read/write to ntfs fine ... but I can't even access it00:34
nickrudDanish989  ls /dev/sd*  , do you see some drives listed there?00:35
hatternickrud, np00:35
Danish989I don't get you nickrud00:36
nickrudDanish989 that's a command you would type into a terminal, it lists the scsi disk devices recognized by the kernel (linux)00:36
Danish989the command is  " Is /dev/sd* "  ??00:37
Danish989(without the colons of course)00:37
nickrudDanish989 LS , small case00:37
elmerPlease help me!00:37
elmerand now when I star the LiveCD it gives this: [ 311.636000] ata1.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen00:37
elmerI am trying to fix GRUB error 2500:37
elmerPLEASE HELP00:37
elmerI just want my computer to work00:37
Nithelmer: #grub will likely be better for your issue00:38
Starnestommyelmer: I think it's a hardware or bios problem00:38
Danish989yes nickrud, it gave me a list of hard disks00:38
elmerlast time I was able to fix it by using the LiveCD to boot from first hard disk00:39
elmernow it won't work00:39
nickrudDanish989 so the devices are there. Now, when you say you 'cant' even access it' , just what exactly are you talking about? How are you trying to access it?00:39
lewenchIs ubuntu tweak worth getting for someone new to ubuntu/ Kinda knows linux?00:39
elmerStarnestommy, uh... I think it might be because I hit the restart button on my case while in windows, which just cuts power00:40
nickrudlewench what is ubuntu tweak (I'm always suspicious)00:40
elmerStarnestommy, but I fixed it last time by using the LiveCD to boot from first hard disk00:40
elmerthat doesn't work now00:40
Starnestommyelmer: how old is this hard disk?00:40
elmer3 months00:40
lewenchnickrud, http://ubuntu-tweak.com/00:40
fr0ggyQuick question. Ubuntu v-7.10 is supported 'till 2009. If a newer version was to come out, let's say v-7.11 perse, is there a feature in ubuntu that will allow me to update to the latest version? Or do I have to uninstall my existing version and start from scratch?00:41
TwinXelmer try to startup windows and shutdown properly and try again00:41
elmerLiveCD is booting!00:41
Danish989im trying to access them using the ubuntu file browser .. so I can see the folders and files00:41
elmerTwinX, GRUB isn't working, I can't00:41
lewenchnickrud, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-tweak-ubuntu.html an explanation00:41
Danish989when I double click on my SATA hard disks (that are formatted with NTFS) nothing happens at all .... when I double click the other hard disks, I can see the folders and files in that hard disk00:41
Danish989can this be because im on a live session?00:42
noodles12just got virtual box working. how do i make the screen bigger? i did full size but it shows the same size screen and the rest is blacked out00:42
danbhfivefr0ggis: you will be able upgrade00:42
GneaDanish989: probably. you're gonna need ntfs-3g00:43
nickrudlewench I've seen these before, they don't do anything more than gconf-editor does00:43
TwinXDanish989;  maybe you need to install ntfsprogs and ntfs-3g or try to access them as root00:43
unoplewench, looks jazzy but i can say that it's probably not officially supported00:44
lewenchnickrud, Ah ok00:44
Danish989but isnt ntfs-3g already installed in gutsy gibbons?00:44
TwinXnoodles12; whats the resolution of your guest machine?00:44
* nickrud never uses the live cd, so will bow out00:44
GneaDanish989: check to see how it's mounted, if it is.. and if it isn't, see what the kernel has to say about it00:44
Danish989how do I do that gnea?00:44
noodles12TwinX: i have no idea. there wasnt' anyway of changing it during the set-up. so whateve rthe default is?00:45
GneaDanish989: this your first time using linux? you're gonna need to open a terminal and use the command line00:45
sypher7hey room. i just upgraded to hardy beta. seems that seahorse/keyring stuff isn't working correctly. when using ssh, i get a passphrase prompt in the terminal, but not a GUI one. it's like seahorse isn't catching it. any ideas?00:45
TwinXnoodles12; try pressing your RIGHT CTRL key and F00:45
todd_does anyone have any experience using the Screens and Graphics tool to setup dual head monitors using a single video card?00:45
Andrewmis eeexubuntu an offical verion ubuntu?00:45
bastid_raZorfr0ggy; 7.10 will stay 7.10 it'll never change.. you'll stay up to date with the normal updates.. 8.04 is the next version which you'll have the option to upgrade or not00:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about eeexubuntu - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:45
Starnestommy!hardy | sypher700:45
ubotusypher7: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:45
sypher7thanks ubotu00:46
lewenchtodd_, Try sudo ./nvidia-settings if you have an nvidia card, its the only thing I read and it worked for me00:46
Danish989also, when I click on the hard disks, on the bottom a process starts which says "starting admins..." but then it closes by itself00:46
Soleonecan anyone tell me if i can safely just install java5 via apt-get install sun-java5-jdk ?00:46
todd_lewench: ATI here, and I'm using the xorg ati driver00:46
lewenchtodd_, Sorry can't help you, thats as far as I go lol00:47
bastid_raZor!java | Soleone00:47
ubotuSoleone: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)00:47
Danish989how do I check if NTFS-3g is installed or not?00:48
GneaDanish989: df will show you what's mounted, dmesg will tell you the kernel messages00:48
nickrudDanish989  dpkg -l ntfs-3g00:48
unop_Danish989, search in synaptic?00:48
josedenocheits it posible to get the GifTOXIC download a bit faster??00:48
Danish989ok, I used the df command and on the list I only see /dev/sda5 and /dev/sda100:48
Danish989but I have 2 more hard disks .. and they aren't present on this list00:49
trentorq es eso de gif toxic jose00:49
GneaDanish989: if they aren'ted mounted in /media/SOMETHING then that's probably not them... df -Th  will show you what FS they use00:49
Soleonebastid_raZor: thx00:49
Danish989ntfs-3g is installed, so that is not the problem00:50
Totemhow to I run files with the extension .run?00:50
raj__my englis not so good00:50
ubotuAquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:50
unop_Danish989, maybe this command lists the other missing partitions.  sudo fdisk -l00:50
soundrayTotem: avoid it when you can. What does this .run file do?00:50
Totemsoundray: it is an automated graphics driver installation00:51
GneaDanish989: could be the ntfs journal is borked or maybe you just need to mount them as root somewhere00:51
soundrayTotem: for what card?00:51
Totemsoundray: why should I avoid it?00:51
Danish989yes, it does .. I can see /dev/sda 1 , sda2, sda3, and sda500:51
Totemsoundray: ati 9200 Pro00:51
Danish989but only sda5 and sda1 are mounted (as I saw by the df command)00:51
elmerso if I just delete my Ubuntu partition, will GRUB be gone?00:52
soundrayTotem: because Ubuntu supplies packaged drivers for ATI cards. They continue working after kernel upgrades etc.00:52
unop_Danish989, well, now that you've seen that output, which device do you want mounting?00:52
Jack_Sparrowelmer, no the mbr will still have some of the info00:52
Totemsoundray: where do I get those? And what is wrong with .run files?00:52
soundrayTotem: System-Administration-Restricted Drivers Manager to enable them00:52
elmerJack_Sparrow, do you know how I would erase that?00:53
Danish989do you think I'm not going to have the same problem after installing ubuntu?00:53
danbhfiveelmer: are you trying to use windows?00:53
Totemsoundray: I don't seem to have a Restricted Drivers Manager in my administration menu00:53
strabesI'm experiencing a weird issue with capslock. Basically the LED on my laptop is reversed. When capital letters are not being outputted, the LED is on. When they are, it's off. Any ideas?00:53
soundrayTotem: there is nothing wrong with them per se, except that you bypass the package management system, which means that whenever you do an update, your risk breaking your graphics00:53
soundrayTotem: are you on gutsy?00:53
Jack_Sparrowelmer, Go to #Windows and ask them how to boot windows cd and do a fixmbr00:53
Totemsoundray: hardy00:53
elmerdanbhfive, I am trying to get windows to boot00:53
unop_!who | Danish98900:54
ubotuDanish989: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:54
GneaDanish989: a livecd usually doesn't have everything setup the same way as a full installation, which is more likely to automate and mount other hard drives00:54
soundrayTotem: then you should install the package jockey-gtk and run jockey-gtk (and you should really be asking in #ubuntu+1 -- this channel is for released versions only)00:54
danbhfiveelmer: what Jack_Sparrow said is correct, you gota do some sorta fixmbr thing, and #windows is a good place to ask00:55
josedenochedoes anyone knows how to configure gifToxic to download a bit faster??00:55
ropoymay i know where did my netbeans installation go, i want to launch it00:55
Totemsoundray: oh, ok. I figured that was a pretty generic question. Well, for the future, how to I run .run files?00:55
strabesI'm experiencing a weird issue with capslock. Basically the LED on my laptop is reversed. When capital letters are not being outputted, the LED is on. When they are, it's off. Any ideas?00:55
=== rails_ is now known as cyclonut
Jack_SparrowTotem, Read the howto on the site where you got the .run file00:56
soundrayTotem: you follow the instructions of whoever has supplied them. But I still recommend against it.00:56
Alan_Mstrabes, thats...very strange.00:56
TeamColtra[NADC]I am trying to install amsn, however, when i go to the project website, I am accosted with links to links of which version i should install, I clicked ubutnu, then gutsy, and then I still don't see a download link...Can anyone point me in the right direction?00:56
ropoymay i know where did my netbeans installation go, i want to launch it00:56
strabesAlan_M: yeah, i know haha00:56
TaRDyhow well does ubuntu play with lenovo laptops?00:56
LjLTeamColtra[NADC]: uh... why don't you just get it from the repositories?00:56
strabesTaRDy: very well. thinkpads generally run linux extremly well00:56
elmerI can get to the terminal on Ubuntu LiveCD, can I clear the MBR from there?00:57
soundrayTaRDy: generally, Lenovo machines are among the best supported. See tuxmobil.org for installation reports on specific models00:57
Jack_Sparrowelmer, no00:57
redtideok..this is a really noob question I'm sure of it, but how do i get the search function in the file browser to work? I doesn't even find things that I know are there...no results at all?00:57
TeamColtra[NADC]LjL would that be my Add/Remove area?00:57
elmerJack_Sparrow, DANGIT00:57
TeamColtra[NADC]redtide, ctrl F00:57
soundrayTaRDy: you may still get the odd device that doesn't fully work -- integrated modems are notorious00:57
LjLTeamColtra[NADC]: it's probably in Add/Remove too, but more generally it will be in Synaptic, and i could also just tell you to go in a terminal and type: sudo apt-get install amsn00:57
TaRDythank you soundray and strabes , I am considering purchasing one ATM00:57
LjL!software > TeamColtra[NADC]    (TeamColtra[NADC], see the private message from Ubotu)00:57
ropoyhello does anybody know where did my netbeans installation go00:58
Jack_Sparrowelmer, you can get the live cd to restore grub, but as you said you are removing Ubuntu so YOu need to got oWindows00:58
Totemsoundray: there is not a universal way to run it?00:58
redtidethanks i will see if that works...though why doesn't the search button in the file system browser work?00:58
elmerJack_Sparrow, I am not removing Ubuntu. I would if I had to, though00:58
Totemsoundray: I can't find anything on the website00:58
elmerJack_Sparrow, how do I get it to restore GRUB?00:58
maarek_darn, I should have grabbed a slot when it was avaliable (google app engine)00:58
Jack_Sparrowelmer, I was just going by what you said earlier.00:58
soundrayTotem: no, there isn't. Did you try jockey-gtk?00:58
TeamColtra[NADC]LjL your a mans man (unless you are a woman, in which case you are a good woman) :) Thanks00:58
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:58
elmerJack_Sparrow, OK, thanks..00:59
elmerJack_Sparrow, how do I get it to restore GRUB?00:59
elmerPLEASE TELL ME00:59
Jack_SparrowLOOK UP00:59
Gnea!caps | elmer00:59
ubotuelmer: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:59
* Alan_M backspaces00:59
elmerubotu, Gnea, Sorry guys00:59
Alan_Mbeat me to it.00:59
elmerJack_Sparrow, Um... Look up?00:59
Jack_Sparrow!grub > elmer01:00
Gneaelmer: please read the grub howto.01:00
javagamerDoes anyone know how to get Evolution to send .mac mail?  I looked online and I couldn't find anything.01:00
soundrayelmer: turn your eyeballs upwards so you see what ubotu just said01:00
Alan_Melmer, please see the private message that ubotu just gave you, thank you :D01:00
elmerAlan_M, Oh! Right...01:00
Danish989can anyone tell me how I can mount my hard disks?01:01
* Alan_M grins01:01
soundray!mount | Danish98901:01
ubotuDanish989: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter01:01
soundray!fstab | Danish98901:01
ubotuDanish989: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:01
MTecknologyif I do mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb, will that automatically make a partition 1 that spans the whole drive?01:01
TeamColtra[NADC]I don't think I have ever seen a cooler bot system then ubotu01:01
RandocalI'm reading a howto for getting compiz workign with my ATI card that indicates that ATI has released version 8.42 of their driver, yet when i go to their site i'm only seeing 8.3 which i currently have installed (8.37.6 to be exact). How do I get my hands on 8.42?01:01
redtideTeamcoltra, no dice on control f, seems only to find things in what i have open at the time. i need to search the entire filesystem01:02
TeamColtra[NADC]redtide, I am sorry thats what i thought you meant01:02
brunoubunto brasil?01:02
brunoalguem sabe?01:02
pikeshouse88can someone please explain to me why ubuntu can't run macbook wireless out of the box when the macbook c2d was released a year ago?01:02
nickrudMTecknology no, you'd have to create a partition then write a file system to the partition01:02
soundrayMTecknology: no, this would result in a filesystem on an unpartitioned drive, because there is no partition table.01:02
Alan_M!br | bruno01:03
ubotubruno: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:03
soundrayMTecknology: I think mkfs will refuse to do that01:03
=== f0rmat__ is now known as f0rmat
TeamColtra[NADC]redtide, few options >> I think Beagle is the program that indexes your computer, and you can search your computer through that01:03
MTecknologysoundray, eh... i tried to and no it won't :P01:03
Danish989I can't run g-parted .. it says only root can run g-parted01:03
TeamColtra[NADC]redtide >> Or do what I am currently looking how to do, and set up google desktop01:03
Alan_MHello mgmz01:03
MTecknologyI can't figure out how to make the dang partition :P01:03
AwpCannot remove 'amarok' How can i remove it by TERMINAL01:03
Danish989what should I do? and why don't I have root previelages? Is it because im on a live session?01:03
soundraypikeshouse88: because darn Apple uses darn Broadcom hardware which refuses to supply free software developers with essential hardware information01:03
TwinXDanish989; sudo gparted01:03
nickrudredtide beagle generally only indexes your home,    locate     is the unixy way to search for files01:03
elmerJack_Sparrow, when I grub> find /boot/grub/stage1 it gives error 15 file not found01:04
soundrayMTecknology: won't do it or won't refuse?01:04
=== Awp is now known as Teaba
=== Teaba is now known as BubbleTea
elmerJack_Sparrow, do I need to mount all my hard drives? Cuz I can't see any in Ubuntu LiveCD01:05
redtidenickrud you talking about a terminal command?01:05
Jack_Sparrowelmer, Sorry, but I am busy on another problem..  Perhaps you should tell people what led up to this problem.. what all you did as far as partitioning or reinstalling windows etc01:05
Paavi2_0Danish989: running livecd you might not be able to become superuser (i.e. run: 'sudo gparted' that is)01:05
BubbleTeaCannot remove 'amarok' How can i remove it by TERMINAL???01:05
elmerJack_Sparrow, OK, thanks for your help01:05
MTecknologysoundray, ok... It didn't refuse to make the partition, it basically just initialized the drive for use. before, cfdisk /dev/sdb resulted in errors, after doing that it's showing up with the whole thing as being free space.... so I'm happy :)01:05
soundrayDanish989: you get root privileges with sudo, even in a live session01:05
pikeshouse88soundray: its not broadcom, its atheros01:05
mgmzHow do i configure my graphics card properly? because planeshift (graphical game) is flickering, ive had the same problem before in pclos but it was to do with configuring my graphics card, anyone?01:05
elmerhow do I mount all my hard drives in Ubuntu01:05
Danish989I can't see Gparted in the gui either, its not under system>adminstration or system>preferences01:05
soundraypikeshouse88: in that case, it's just you ;)01:05
TwinXBubbleTea; sudo apt-get remove --purge amarok01:05
Jack_SparrowAmy_D_Vamp,  Are you there?01:06
BubbleTeaTwinX thanks01:06
Paavi2_0Danish989: try to run in terminal01:06
Totemwhat is the equivalent of a .exe file for linux?01:06
TwinXBubbleTea; np01:06
soundraypikeshouse88: what's 'c2d'?01:06
unop_!fstab | elmargol01:06
pikeshouse88intel core 2 duo processors01:06
ubotuelmargol: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:06
unop_!fstab | elmer01:06
ubotuelmer: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:06
elmerthank you unop_01:07
unop_sorry elmargol , tab mess-up.01:07
pikeshouse88!fstab c2d01:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fstab c2d - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about c2d - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:07
soundraypikeshouse88: http://tuxmobil.org/apple.html any help?01:07
elmerunop_, it doesn't see my drives, just tmpfs and unionfs01:07
unop_pikeshouse88, /query ubotu01:07
OrbixxHow does one pronounce "Ubuntu"?01:07
Totemwhat is the equivalent of a .exe file in linux?01:08
unop_elmer, is this from within a live CD?01:08
Alan_Moo-boon-too orbix01:08
BubbleTeaHow i automount a iso automatic?01:08
unop_Orbixx, the latter01:08
Alan_Mits the 2nd one :D01:08
OrbixxI always said "you-bun-too"01:08
fr0ggywell ubuntu work well with a "Geforce 7800 GS"(AGP) card?01:08
soundrayBubbleTea: it's something to enable via System-Preferences-Removable Drives and Media01:08
elmerunop_, yes01:09
soundrayOrbixx: you won't be jailed for any of these pronunciations01:09
Alan_MOrbixx, ive been known to pronounce it 2 different ways, i dont think it matters unless were talking to Mark Shuttleworth himself ;)01:09
pikeshouse88well now it seems that the drivers are available, they just have to be built. and my question is, why? why arent they included in 8.04? 7.10 i might be able to understand01:09
unop_elmer, the same procedure follows01:09
Totemhow to I run .sh files?01:09
elmerunop_, what procedure?01:09
soundraypikeshouse88: remember, this is a support channel -- if you're going to rant, take it somewhere else please01:10
unop_elmer, the one in the link ubotu gave you01:10
elmerunop_, find /boot/grub/stage1 isn't working01:10
elmerunop_, that is the problem01:10
soundrayTotem: how are you getting on?01:10
elmerunop_, it gives error 15 file not found01:10
mgmzanyone know how i go about configuring my graphics card?01:10
unop_elmer, a live CD doesn't have grub .. so thats expected01:11
soundraymgmz: what graphics card is that?01:11
Jack_Sparrowelmer, You never did tell people what you did that lead up to this problem01:11
mgmzsoundray: intel01:11
elmerunop_, Uh, sudo grub took me into it, so I think it does01:11
sidewalkis it possible to setup remote desktop in Ubuntu, without having to acctually login on the machine locally to be able to access it with VNC?01:11
fourdigitIn which direction should I go to ask about a start-up problem?01:11
Jack_Sparrow!ask > fourdigit01:12
soundraymgmz: should be autodetected. Are you on gutsy?01:12
bastid_raZorsidewalk; the other box has to have it enabled too01:12
unop_elmer, grub is only meaningful for harddrives not optical media .. maybe you want to explain a bit more to us and give us the bigger picture01:12
fourdigit!ask what?01:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ask what? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:12
sidewalkbastid_raZor: what?01:12
ribasushiyo guys01:12
Jack_Sparrowfourdigit, Your real question..01:12
Danish989can I mount a drive using Gparted?01:12
sidewalk!ask remote desktop01:12
mgmzsoundray: yeh it is.. but when i play "Planeshift" it is flicering... ive had the same problem in pclos and it wsa to do with configruing my grahpics card01:12
SpudDoggDanish989:  as far as i know, gparted will NOT mount a partition01:13
elmerunop_, what do you need to know?01:13
ribasushiwhy do you keep pushing a distro which is a rip off of another one, and don't even contribute changes back to the father distro?01:13
unop_elmer, what you are actually trying to do.01:13
bastid_raZorsidewalk; both computers have to have remote desktop enabled01:13
sidewalkbastid_raZor: no, only the one im connecting to01:13
fourdigit!ask My laptop starts up really slowly, I just got a fresh install and it didn't used to do this, could it be an installation issue?01:13
Danish989how do I mount a drive?01:13
elmerunop_, I am trying to get GRUB fixed because it is giving error 2501:13
mgmzribasushi: have a cry ;-(01:13
sidewalkbastid_RaZor: but how do i set it up to accept connections, even when i not logged in?01:13
sidewalkis it vnc that has to be configured?01:14
unop_elmer, do you have ubuntu installed on the computer?01:14
elmerunop_, yes01:14
raj__my englis not so good01:14
soundrayraj__: just ask your question01:14
nowimprovedis it possible to save the flash settings for quality low when you click on a video?01:15
tarelerulzI am thinking of upgrading via install desk to Ubuntu 8.04 and I was wondering if I could use the dep package of ndiswrapper on my Ubuntu 7.10  to get my wireless up and working .  Can I do that01:15
unop_Jack_Sparrow, can you ban this guy ^^? raj__, he's been spamming the room since god knows when?01:15
nowimprovedin firefox01:15
maarek_which flavor are you running, ubuntu, Kbuntu, or Xubuntu?01:15
raj__soundray: Boinc, minor trivia like the name.  "Your slot: Cleared to commence final approach01:15
bastid_raZorsidewalk; how you can you change something on a computer you are not logged into?01:15
LjLwrong alias01:15
tarelerulzmaarek , I am using Ubuntu not kubuntu or anthying thing like that01:16
* Alan_M looks at ljl..01:16
Jack_SparrowBeat me to it01:16
orudiewhat can i use my ubuntu server for01:16
unop_elmer, do you know if you had done something prior to this happening?01:16
orudiei have it installed, but dont know what to do with it01:16
maarek_orudie: everything that isn't installed on the desktop01:16
maarek_like LAMP01:16
Danish989is there a preinstalled program in ubuntu for mounting drives?01:16
maarek_orudie: LAMP is only on the server and there's no GUI so you can use a smaller system01:16
orudiethe question is01:16
soundrayDanish989: do you actually read the advice that is being sent your way?01:16
elmerunop_, I think it is that I used my case reset button which just cuts power01:17
Jack_SparrowDanish989, create a mount point and mount the drive..  not that hard to do01:17
unop_!grub | elmer01:17
ubotuelmer: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:17
elmerunop_, yes, I see that guide01:17
orudiemaarek_, the question is i have it installed, but dont know what to do with it, i have a web server installed thats about it01:17
maarek_another reason for the server is to run apps that take up CPU and ram on the desktop01:17
Danish989I'll try googling for instructions01:17
Jack_SparrowDanish989, man mount01:17
soundrayDanish989: no, you should just read the links that ubotu gave you01:17
elmerunop_, when I find /boot/grub/stage1 it gives Error 15: File not found01:18
|Angelluz|hi guys i need help in spanish pls who can help me ?01:18
maarek_orudie: the webserver runs php and other things that you can't run locally01:18
ubotuAquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:18
orudiemaarek_, yeah i have php perl installed too01:18
orudiemaarek_, just cant find use to it01:18
unop_elmer, which howto are you following ?01:18
elmerunop_, this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows01:18
Jack_Sparrowelmer, which version of Ubuntu do you have on the hard drive?>01:19
TeamColtra[NADC]The version of amsn that i get when typing sudo apt-get install amsn is out of date, is there a way to update it?01:19
maarek_orudie: trust me, start creating php and pearl apps, you'll see that the server side is required to run the programs correctly01:19
elmerJack_Sparrow, 7.1001:19
maarek_orudie: other than that, you're just creating HTML files01:19
unop_elmer, you should ignore that command, it that needs correcting .. use 'fdisk -l' to find out which device01:19
Jack_SparrowTeamColtra[NADC], not without going outside our repos01:20
tarelerulzI am thinking about useing the  ndiswrapper dep pack I got with synaptic To make my wireless work on Ubuntu 8.04 .  I have the windows drivers on my other partition .    the two packages are ndiswrapper-util and ndiswrapper -common01:20
elmerunop_, in the terminal or gru01:20
elmer** grub01:20
soundrayTeamColtra[NADC]: it's not out of date -- it's the version that's trusted to work with the current Ubuntu release. Is there anything in particular that you need from the new version?01:20
fr0ggywhere can I find ubuntu's md5 hashes? I found it somewhere on the site but I lost the link01:20
ubotuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Gutsy, and help keeping the servers' load low!01:20
maarek_orudie: also, with my server I have that linked with the router so I can login from outside my network01:20
elmerunop_, it didn't return anything in the terminal and in grub it gave unrecognized command01:20
TeamColtra[NADC]soundray, well it says that there is a new version available, and then when i try to sign on, everything is just blank so i figured it was because of my outdated version01:20
unop_elmer, both find and fdisk are cli commands .. you might need sudo prepended01:21
elmerunop_, thanks01:21
soundrayTeamColtra[NADC]: check if there is a new version in backports01:21
maarek_orudie: if you installed the server than installed the desktop, than I can understand, the server just separates programs that a regular desktop doesn't need to run01:21
soundray!backports | TeamColtra[NADC]01:21
ubotuTeamColtra[NADC]: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging01:21
elmerunop_, sudo fdisk -l returns nothing01:21
sidewalkhow do i setup VNC to be able to connect to my Ubuntu, even when im not logged in to the machine?01:22
Jack_Sparrowelmer, last letter is an L not an eye or one01:22
TeamColtra[NADC]Thank you soundray01:22
elmerJack_Sparrow, Yes, I see that, but thanks for the though01:22
Alan_M!vnc | sidewalk01:22
ubotusidewalk: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX01:22
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter01:22
unop_elmer, that's not good .. you should see all disks/partitions01:22
Jack_SparrowAmy_D_Vamp,  Are you back yet?01:22
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE01:22
elmerunop_, I agree that that is bad01:22
MiastHow do I create a new directory in terminal01:23
Miastthank you01:23
soundraysidewalk: apart from Alan_M's advice, see also this forums howto: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=12240201:23
Alan_MHammer and Jack_Sparrow, does md work as well?01:23
maarek_download a list of linux commands until you're familiar with them01:24
maarek_the ubuntu forums would be the best place to start01:24
Hammer89_Alan_M, never used it before01:24
* Alan_M is trying to go for simplicity's sake, just curious.01:24
soundray!who | maarek_01:24
ubotumaarek_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:24
unop_elmer, what happens when you try and boot up ubuntu (not the CD but the actual install)?01:24
Johnnyboylots of people in here01:24
Hammer89_Alan_M: you could set an alias in your bash.bashrc file01:24
Alan_M!hi | Johnnyboy01:24
ubotuJohnnyboy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:24
elmerunop_, that is the problem, it gives error 2501:24
Alan_Myup :D01:25
elmerunop_, I _can't_ boot ubuntu01:25
JohnnyboyI've heard of Unbuntu before...01:25
Johnnyboywhat is it?01:25
Alan_MHammer89_, i thought it was already in there...*shrug*01:25
soundray!ubuntu | Johnnyboy01:25
ubotuJohnnyboy: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com01:25
JohnnyboyThats where!01:25
Johnnyboythe linux thing01:25
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:25
maarek_!Bill Gates01:26
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE01:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bill gates - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:26
maarek_good answer01:26
soundrayJohnnyboy: note this is a support channel. For general chat, join #ubuntu-offtopic please01:26
Alan_M!botabuse | maarek_01:26
ubotumaarek_: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.01:26
Hammer89_Alan_M: very well could be... I dont know off-hand though (I'd check.. but I'm chatting from an ipod, not my laptop :P )01:26
unop_elmer, what does this give you?  ls /dev/[sh]da*01:26
maarek_Alan_M: just testing what it's response would be01:26
elmerunop_, /dev/hda01:27
fr0ggyBrb with loads of questions. Currently setting up a dual boot with XP. Wish me luck :)=01:27
Alan_MHammer89_, lemme go see, ill give you the answer to that right now :D01:27
elmerunop_, in yellow text with a grey background01:27
soundraymaarek_: do that in private please01:27
Hammer89_Alan_M: alrighty :)01:27
ggeeckoi installed the mplayerplug-in and i can get video but no sound01:27
unop_elmer, are you sure fdisk gave you absolutely nothing at all? not even a single line of output?01:27
elmerunop_, yes I am sure01:27
Alan_Mmaarek_, if you gotta test out responses either do it in private or in #ubuntu-bots, thank you :D01:28
iceswordnickrud is gone,01:28
elmerunop_, I typed it and then it went to ubuntu@ubuntu:~$01:28
JohnnyboyI have to go...01:28
dmsupermancan anyone help me with getting twinview, or ANY form of full-resolution dual monitor working?01:29
dmsupermani've got a nvidia 7900 with the nvidia restricted drivers01:29
unop_elmer, not at all good, the disk isn't detected by linux .. use this command and go through the output carefully to try and find out why the disk might not have been detected.   dmesg | less01:29
mzanfardinocan I set up encryption on a directory (say where my documents are located) that I can must decrypt before use?  I already encrypt my drive, but I'm concerned about a compromise using my user name and pass.  I'd like to further encrypt working files as a directory, if possible01:29
elmerunop_, OK! If I type fdisk -s it responds with a help file01:29
unop_elmer, fdisk -l01:30
dmsuperman"gksudo nvidia-settings" opens up a dialog with no options to configure monitors01:30
soundraydmsuperman: it's a bit involved -- read the README.txt.gz in /usr/share/doc/nvidia-glx -- also see the factoid:01:30
Alan_MHammer89_, i was incorrect, it is not in .bashrc by default, but your certainly capable of putting it in yourself :D01:30
elmerunop_, Wait, what?01:30
soundray!dualhead | dmsuperman01:30
ubotudmsuperman: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama01:30
unop_elmer, it's sudo fdisk -l   (not fdisk -s)01:30
Hammer89_Alan_M: yup :D01:30
lewenchAnyone know how I can get conky to be on the top right of my main monitor. Running dual monitors and its on my second one on the top right.01:30
elmerunop_, Oh, right. Yeah, -l gives nothing but -s gives a help file. Just claifying01:30
rbildmsuperman: that's really strange as there should be a way there to do it01:30
elmerunop_, what should I look for in dmesg?01:30
forrestHi everyone, hopefully someone can help me out with this problem I have... everytime I reboot my USB devices get remounted to /media/volume_ then everytime there is a new __ so I get tons of them wit _____ at the end, how can I prevent this?01:31
dmsupermanrbil, soundray: I used the guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22117401:31
unop_elmer, i can't say exactly, you'll have to trust your judgement there01:31
bastid_raZorlewench; #conky will probably be more help.. i can help you there.01:31
dmsupermanBacked up xorg.conf, and ran the auto-config01:31
elmerunop_, Wow. I don't have any judgment. That's why I'm here...01:31
rbildmsuperman: hold on and I'll look at that guide. never used it01:31
lewenchbastid_raZor, Im on there, just asked. =)01:31
dmsupermanthanks :D01:31
Odd-rationaleforrest: one way would be to apply a disk label to them, but that would require reformating...01:31
unop_elmer, have a look, it's all in english :)01:32
elmerunop_, English? More like computer speak...01:32
unop_mzanfardino, you can use openssl to encrypt a tarball with a password .. just not a directory tho.01:32
elmerunop_, what part relates to the hard drives?01:32
soundrayOdd-rationale: not really, you can label partitions without formatting01:32
Odd-rationalesoundray: really? didn't know that. how? please enlightne me :)01:33
soundrayOdd-rationale: tune2fs -L01:33
=== Raven_ is now known as ravenkin
Odd-rationalesoundray: ah. I see.01:33
mzanfardinounop_: yes, I currently tar my financial records and encrypt them with openssl.  I was hoping I could encrype a whole working directory.  Maybe instead I could encrypt a partition and then mount it manually?  Is that possible?01:33
Dr_willisforrest,  what filesystem are they?  tune2fs for ext2/3 - i boot to windows to label vfat/ntfs01:33
rbildmsuperman: really it comes down to having xorg.conf setup for twinview, have you looked at the manual way of doing it (link from the URL you just posted)? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=177358401:33
Odd-rationalesoundray: works for all fs?01:33
unop_elmer, again, i couldn't say just what part, it could be due to any number of reasons01:33
dmsupermanrbil: yes, i tried those steps and restarted xserver01:34
soundrayOdd-rationale: for fat fs, there is mlabel in the mtools package, which isn't quite so convenient01:34
dmsupermani'm in mirror monitor mode now01:34
=== Vautaut is now known as Jesus
dmsupermanand i think its running in 640 x 480 or 800 x 60001:34
dmsupermanhrm, didn't notice these01:34
Odd-rationalesoundray: but it would work for ext?01:34
rbildmsuperman: can you post your xorg.conf?01:34
unop_mzanfardino, sure, you can use something like truecrypt to mount volumes as encrypted filesystems01:34
forrestDr_willis, they were formated in Windows and I am pretty sure they have labels01:34
unop_!truecrypt | mzanfardino01:35
ubotumzanfardino: Truecypt is a free open-source on-the-fly disk encryption software.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TruecryptHiddenVolume01:35
dmsupermanyes, just a sec01:35
mzanfardinounop_: ok, I will look into truecrypt01:35
elmerunop_, so you don't have any idea what I should look for01:35
soundrayOdd-rationale: I haven't tried, but I would generally trust man tune2fs...01:35
Odd-rationalesoundray: looks like onle ext2/301:35
soundrayOdd-rationale: what do you mean by ext?01:35
unop_elmer, well, i'd look for something like "device sda: fault at blah, ignoring due to foo, do bar to fix" .. :)01:35
dmsupermanrbil: http://pastebin.com/m51cc1aff01:36
Odd-rationalesoundray: ext2 and ext3 filesystem01:36
elmerunop_, that I will do!01:36
unop_elmer, go though it, you never know what you'll find, it's really worth the shot01:36
soundrayOdd-rationale: yes, of course, that's why it's called tune2fs. Did you get my line about mtools?01:36
Odd-rationalesoundray: yes.01:37
elmerunop_, ata1: port is slow to respond, please be pationt (Status 0xd0)01:37
KcajHow can I watch mLB live for free on the internet? Any help?01:37
dmsupermananyone: how can i copy some folders from 1 dir to another, that will keep running even if i close xserver?01:37
soundrayOdd-rationale: oops, it's not available in gutsy anymore...01:37
elmerunop_, Ooo! Look! ata1.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen01:38
rbildmsuperman: hold on and I'll post my xorg.conf ... I'm using dual monitors, both 1280x76801:38
dmsupermanrbil: alright :D01:38
Odd-rationaleodd-rationale@ddatabuntu:~$ apt-cache search mtools01:38
Odd-rationalemtools - Tools for manipulating MSDOS files01:38
Dr_willisforrest,  by default under windows they give the disks a blank label from what ive seen.01:38
soundraydmsuperman: easiest is to login on a text console (Ctrl-Alt-F1 -- switch back to Xserver with Ctrl-Alt-F7 or -F9)01:38
greencookiecan I install ubuntu over archlinux without destroying my /home directory?01:38
Dr_willisgreencookie,  do you have /home on its own partition? that wouldbe the safest way01:39
elmerunop_, sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Result: hostbyte=DID_OK driverbyte=DIVER_SENSE,SUGGEST OK01:39
Dr_willisgreencookie,  other wise. proberly not.01:39
dmsupermansoundray: thanks. what command would i use to copy whole folder structures to another folder?01:39
rbildmsuperman: http://pastebin.com/d6c25a84e01:39
soundraydmsuperman: cp -a (consult man cp)01:39
dmsupermansoundray: thanks01:39
elmerunop_, sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Sense Key : Anorted Command [current] [descriptor]01:39
elmer** aborted01:40
unop_elmer, use a !pastebin and show me what you have there..01:40
soundraydmsuperman: if you're copying  /dev directories, look at the tar technique suggested by Alan Cox in the Tips-HOWTO01:40
elmerunop_, Uh... that would take FOREVER to type01:40
Dr_williselmer,  the pastebinit command is handy01:40
rbildmsuperman: see it?01:41
Dr_willisapt-get install pastebinit01:41
Dr_willisdmesg | pastebinit01:41
elmerDr_willis, I have no internet01:41
greencookieDr_willis: I do have it on another partition01:41
greencookieelmer: how are you talking in here?01:41
dmsupermanrbil: i see yours, but i don't see what's wrong with mine01:41
Dr_williselmer,  egads!01:41
elmergreencookie, I am using a windows Laptop01:41
elmerDr_willis, yeah, I know >.<01:41
greencookieah okay.01:41
dmsupermanrbil: you're also using xinerama where i'm using twinview01:41
unop_elmer, well, from what i can see so far, it appears the disk or the controller is hosed01:41
zeyarpls, how to install the skype  in ubuntu 7.10?01:42
dmsupermanrbil: the reason being that guide said twinview is better, but it's nvidia binaries only, however i am using the nvidia binaries01:42
Odd-rationalezeyar: you need to have the medibuntu repo01:42
rbildmsuperman: no, I'm using twinview ... look at metamodes line, you'll see the diff01:42
unop_elmer, try rebooting into the live CD session again .. maybe it'll help? (cross your fingers)01:42
Odd-rationale!medibuntu | zeyar01:42
soundrayzeyar: get it from the medibuntu repository01:42
ubotuzeyar: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:42
soundray!skype | zeyar01:42
ubotuzeyar: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto01:42
detedagowacan i make a ubuntu boot floppy from a live cd?01:42
elmerunop_, Buffer I/O error on device sda1, logical block [then it has 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 on seperate lines]01:42
rbildmsuperman: I'm using nvidia binaries as well01:42
elmerunop_, OK, I'll try it01:42
elmerunop_, do you want me to just move the PC to an ethernet cable? It'll take about 10 mins01:43
zeyaryeah,i did it, but nothing was happened01:43
elmerunop_, I'll move it anyway01:43
rbildmsuperman: are you monitors matched in terms of resolution?01:43
zeyarwhen  use in my laptop it was ok01:43
unop_elmer, it'll help if you can get on the internet from the live cd session to copy paste stuff to the pastebin01:43
elmerunop_, OK!01:43
dmsupermanrbil: yes. i've just basically copied your metamodes into mine. is there a way to restart xserver without losing all my open programs01:44
dmsupermanalright, then brb01:44
zeyarnow, when i installed it  in my pc.it wasn't working01:44
rbilbut I bet my xorg will work fine for you01:44
zubwolfhi there, i just wanna know if there is chance of watching iptv with mythbuntu, theres nobody awake in #mythbuntu, *g01:44
soundrayzubwolf: mythbuntu is really for terrestrial/cable/satellite broadcasts. Have a look at miro instead01:45
soundray!info miro | zubwolf01:45
ubotuzubwolf: miro (source: miro): GTK+ based RSS video aggregator. In component universe, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 555 kB, installed size 3012 kB01:45
zeyarhello.i would like to ask aother question01:45
zubwolfsoulrider, miro is not able to play udp/multicast streams, it seems01:45
zeyarhow to set up the camera for ubuntu 8.04?01:46
zubwolfso that is no soulution in my case as my whole tv stuff comes over iptv01:46
soundray!webcam | zeyar01:46
ubotuzeyar: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras01:46
bazhangjoin the hardy channel zeyar01:46
soundrayzubwolf: I see, sorry I can't help01:46
zubwolfsoundray, okay, thx anyways!:>01:46
eisenhowerhey can someone help me set up a teamspeak mic in ubuntu?01:47
eisenhowerkay correction in sentence structure. can someone help me set up a mic in ubuntu*01:47
soundray!hi | Kram01:49
ubotuKram: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:49
parabolathere are a LOT of people here!01:49
KramThis is my first day with Ubuntu lol.01:49
KramI was thinking the same thing.01:49
soundrayKram, parabola: sshh, they are all sleeping01:50
zeyari had installed the camorama for cam but not working01:50
=== parabola is now known as parabola2
bazhangzeyar this is gutsy?01:50
soundrayzeyar: ask in #ubuntu+1 please01:50
zeyari saw only blue screen01:50
fyreofchaos13Does anyone have any idea why Ubuntu would randomly have an audio disc pop up?01:51
zeyarplz, i am new user in here01:51
soundrayzeyar: type /join #ubuntu+101:51
=== ravenkin is now known as Raven1
asof2Hello people how i can set on BitchX IRC Client, auto connect to one server ? to set ident realname ? i know in .bashrc but i forgot what to write there can somebody help me please?01:52
mattiassome updates for ubuntu is not authenticated any info about what is safe and so on01:52
mohbanahow do i configure the no. of lines that are scrolled?01:53
justinmiller87I have a question: Why if I'm playing a midi file and I mute my sound does it continue playing, and why does sound control not affect it at all?01:53
fyreofchaos13The sound level doesn't affect the file.01:53
dmsupermanrbil: are you still there?01:53
elmerunop_, I'm starting the LiveCD but last time it took like 15 minutes01:53
=== Raven1 is now known as Ravenkin1
justinmiller87What makes the midi file different in Ubuntu from say an Ogg?01:53
pharohcan someone tell me how to use eclipse?it keeps executing the same programme!01:53
unop__elmer, well, let's see anyway01:54
rbildmsuperman: yes01:54
dmsupermansomething wonderful has happened01:54
dmsupermannone of my windows have frames01:54
dmsupermanincluding titlebar01:54
parabola2theres TOO many people here01:54
dmsupermanand terminal is a pure white square01:54
asof2Hello people how i can set on BitchX IRC Client, auto connect to one server ? to set ident realname ? i know in .bashrc but i forgot what to write there can somebody help me please?01:54
dmsupermanwhich i can't type commands into01:54
Dr_willisjustinmiller87,  midi files are radicially different then wav, or other sampled  audio files.01:54
dmsupermanand still no dual monitor :D01:54
FloodBot1dmsuperman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:54
justinmiller87Happens to me all the time dmsuperman. I lose my top menu all the time.01:54
unop__justinmiller87, the same as they are different on any other OS.01:54
wapkodmsuperman: run "emerald --replace" if youre running compiz01:54
rbildmsuperman: loo, at Option lines under Device, you need Add* lines there01:55
dmsupermannot running compiz01:55
justinmiller87I know if I ran a midi file in XP it would mute if I muted it.01:55
soundraydmsuperman: then it's metacity --replace01:55
justinmiller87I was just curious as to why timidity doesn't mute.01:55
rbil   Option         "AddARGBVisuals" "True"01:55
rbil    Option         "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "True"01:55
dmsupermanrbil: do you have that pastebin i sent you?01:55
rbildmsuperman: yes01:55
dmsupermansoundray: i can't even open a terminal because of it01:55
fyreofchaos13Would anyone have an idea why an unmounted audio disc randomly pops up?01:56
dmsupermanrbil: can you link me with that? it wouldn't even start up when i changed it so i had to revert to original01:56
rbildmsuperman: as I said, probably my whole xorg.conf would work for you01:56
soundraydmsuperman: so switch to a text console, log in and run 'export DISPLAY=:0 ; metacity --replace'01:56
rbildmsuperman: here's my pastebin again .... http://pastebin.com/d6c25a84e01:56
pharohhow do i open a new editor in eclipse?01:56
=== Jesus is now known as LIFE
elmerunop__, curse unop_... anyway, my monitor is getting no signal.01:56
dmsupermansoundray: thanks:D01:57
dmsupermanrbil: i'll try that then01:57
mohbanahow do i configure the no. of lines that are scrolled?01:57
dre|random question01:57
unop__elmer, ouch. start the CD in safe graphics mode perhaps?01:57
OwnerOnlineCan this forum also help me with Ultumix linux?01:57
bazhangOwnerOnline: nay01:57
elmerunop__, yea, that's what I did last time.01:57
soundrayfyreofchaos13: some strangeness with your drive. Just disable auto playing of audio CDs in System-Preferences-Removable Drives and Media01:57
StarnestommyOwnerOnline: this channel is for ubuntu support only01:57
dre|does anybody have a spare grandcentral? my friends in jail right now and id save some money by having only prepaying one number01:57
unop__reminder: this is #ubuntu01:58
dre|sorry for the randomness01:58
dre|just askin everywhere01:58
dmsupermanrbil: even though you have geforce 6800?01:58
fyreofchaos13Alright, thanks soundray. =)01:58
dmsupermani've got 7900gs ko01:58
dmsupermandoes that matter?01:58
rbildmsuperman: should be using the same binary I'd guess01:59
elmerunop__, it's at the Ubuntu loading screen with the orange bar that goes back and forth01:59
OwnerOnlinehow do i install ubuntu?01:59
Alan_M!install | OwnerOnline01:59
ubotuOwnerOnline: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:59
dmsupermanrbil: i believe each series uses a different driver01:59
unop__elmer, yea, what i suspect is happening is that the kernel is still waiting on the disk to respond.01:59
Alan_M!automate | OwnerOnline01:59
ubotuOwnerOnline: Ways to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning01:59
rbildmsuperman: well, I think the lost frames are due to those two lines I quoted02:00
elmerunop__, do you know of a way that I can forcefully make it to start in Windows?02:00
* Alan_M isnt gonna do #3 because ive already flooded the room enough.02:00
dmsupermanrbil: i'm gonna try your xorg.conf02:00
dmsupermanrbil: brb02:00
Nithelmer: do you have a second hd?02:00
elmerNith, no, just one SATA02:01
bazhangelmer: get wubi02:01
KramQuick question, I'm using pidgin.. is there a way to disable the message of people joining and leaving this channel?02:01
elmerunop__, it's starting02:01
Nithelmer: what about usb key?02:01
Alan_Mbazhang, isnt wubi already on the ubuntu 7.10 cd?02:01
elmerNith, I have one that is 4GB02:01
elmerAlan_M, I think it comes in 8.0402:01
bazhangAlan_M: dont think so02:01
Dr_willisAlan_M,  unfortunally it will be included in the hardy release. :)02:01
Nithelmer: if your computer can boot from usb, you can stick grub on it. Its a bit tricky to do but I read about it somewhere02:01
dmsupermanrbil: almost02:02
* Nith goes to find a link02:02
Dr_willisits not on the gutsy release02:02
dmsupermannow i have dual monitor, only it's at like 480 x 320 res02:02
rbildmsuperman: how so?02:02
elmerunop__, now it is just getting a blank signal, but hey, at least it's a signal, right?02:02
OmletteQuick question: would Ubuntu Hardy run on a PC with a 450Mhz PIII, and 384 mb of RAM?02:02
dmsupermanrbil: at startup, during username entry, it was high res02:02
Alan_Moh yeah, thats right, im so sorry guys, yeah...using hardy beta and helping with current stables has really messed me up :D02:02
dmsupermanrbil: then it switched as soon as i logged on02:02
zeyarwhen i installed the skype,i saw this message  Error:Wrong architecture'i386'02:02
dmsupermanrbil: any clue why that is?02:02
elmerNith, it can, do you have the link still?02:02
=== up is now known as upp
bazhangOmlette: please direct hardy questions to the #ubuntu+1 channel02:02
soundrayOmlette: it's probably a bit tight, but you should really ask in #ubuntu+102:02
Nithat first glance something like http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61042202:02
rbildmsuperman: maybe system isn't getting DPMS from YOUR monitors02:03
rbilhold on02:03
unop__elmer, hmm, give it a few more minutes, it might take you to the desktop yet02:03
Nithelmer: basically by installing grub on the usb key, you can then tell it where to start from. That'll get you into windows02:03
LjLomlette: yes. slowly.02:03
OmletteSlowly, lol02:03
elmerunop__, Yeah, last time it took forever, but it had text on the signal, so that was a good thing02:03
rbildmsuperman: what kinda monitors you got and how are they connected? vga or dvi?02:03
OmletteHmm.. how about Xubuntu then?02:03
Alan_MOmlette, better to go with Xubuntu or something like that :)02:03
LjLOmlette: less slowly, still not quite lightening fast.02:04
elmerNith, Hm... I think I'll just look into GAG or delete Ubuntu and clear the MBR altogether02:04
Paddy_EIREOmlette: personally I would go for something a lot lighter to maximise productivity... try zenwalk.. I personally love it for older machines02:04
LjL!requirements > omlette    (omlette, see the private message from Ubotu)02:04
bazhangfluxbuntu more like; xubuntu is still pretty heavy02:04
dmsupermanrbil: both art CRT, both are connected through DVI -> VGA connectors. the video card has the DVI outs02:04
LjL!requirements-#xubuntu > Omlette    (Omlette, see the private message from Ubotu)02:04
Nithelmer: have you tried window's "fixmbr" command from a windows startup disk?02:04
elmerNith, I haven't yet02:04
Nithelmer: your problem is w/ grub not ubuntu rite?02:04
iceswordelmer, problem fixed??02:04
elmerNith, correct02:04
smithey93hey guys, is there anything i can record my screen with a app appart from recordmypc?02:04
KramIs there a command to disable messages when people join and leave the room?02:04
elmericesword, no02:05
Nithelmer: then to get windows working just shove a windows disk in, go to repair mode and use "fixmbr"02:05
iceswordelmer, who is not ok and who is ok02:05
bazhangrecordmydesktop smithey9302:05
dmsupermansmithey93: hardly the right place, but fraps will do screenvideos02:05
Paddy_EIREOmlette: http://www.zenwalk.org/02:05
Alan_MKram, what client are you using?02:05
rbildmsuperman: ok, then set horizSync and VertRefresh to what YOUR old xorg has in my xorg.02:05
elmerNith, yea, I02:05
elmerNith, yea, I'm going to do that right now02:05
KramIm using pidgin as my Irc client currently.02:05
elmericesword, ???02:05
iceswordelmer, what ?i want to help you02:06
smithey93dmsuperman: how aint this the right place, this is the ubuntu support for asking questions? and thanks ill take a look into it02:06
Alan_MKram, im not sure of where to look, i can find out really quick if you can be patient with me :D02:06
bazhangkram you might want to give xchat a try02:06
Nithelmer: alternatively, you can look into lilo but I've never used that one02:06
elmericesword, IDK what who is and who is not ok means02:06
Nithelmer:  or grub4dos02:06
parabola2ice weasel?02:06
[Rocc]Question, if my pc runs great with Windows XP will it run even better with Ubuntu?02:06
iceswordelmer, windows can boot or linux can boot02:06
shivamib[Rocc]: yes02:06
elmerbrb, getting windows disk02:06
bazhang[Rocc]: try the livecd02:06
elmericesword, GRUB gives error 2502:06
LjL"great" and "better" are pretty subjective terms.02:06
dmsupermanargh i lost my frames again02:06
KramPidgin came with my Ubuntu installation, I figured id give it a shot =)02:07
Alan_MXchat is awesome for what you want to do kram, pidgin, im not sure where its at.02:07
=== up is now known as upp
rbildmsuperman: u using compiz?02:07
dmsupermannot metacity, what was the other command?02:07
parabola2sudo apt-get install xchat02:07
KramI can try Xchat02:07
dmsupermanand not to my knowledge i'm not02:07
TubbyCatGood job Kram ;)02:07
Alan_MKram, you can get xchat from the repositories by using parabola's command in a terminal.02:07
parabola2I wish xchat was scriptable02:07
* Nith <3 irssi02:07
shivamibif your PC runs great with windows, you should stop smoking :)02:07
Ravenkin1Is there a list of terminal commands somewhere?02:07
NithI had xchat, then I started using this02:07
LjLparabola2: ...? xchat certainly *is* scriptable02:07
TubbyCatshivamib: xD02:07
soundray!cli | Ravenkin102:07
ubotuRavenkin1: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:07
Nithof course I'm also a terminal lover02:07
dmsupermanswitching back and forth between cli and x fixed it02:07
[Rocc]bazhang: i did, and i was told it would run slower using the cd...02:07
parabola2LjL : o rly??????02:07
Alan_Mparabola2, sure is :D02:07
parabola2LjL : and How does one do this?!??!02:08
rbildmsuperman: working now?02:08
elmerunop__, LiveCD booted!02:08
Ravenkin1soundray this sounds like a stupid question but where do I type !cli into?02:08
parabola2I made tons of scripts in mIRC02:08
bazhang[Rocc]: aye the livecd is slower; but you can see if it gets your wireless etc02:08
dmsupermanrbil: i was just trying to get frames back so i could use the terminal, editing xorg.conf atm02:08
iceswordelmer, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/grub-loading-stage-1.5-......-error-25-112412/02:08
parabola2holy crap!02:08
parabola2its under Window02:08
Hammer89how do you delete "places"  from main menu > places? (I tried right clicking but that just opens whichever place you click on)02:08
soundrayRavenkin1: not at all. Just read the message that ubotu directed at you.02:08
unop__elmer, right, let's see the contents of dmesg in a !pastebin02:08
[Rocc]bazhang: i was coming in here for that... but i figured i'd test the capability on it lol02:08
LjLparabola2: http://xchat.org/cgi-bin/script_list.pl/ i suggest clicking on Help02:08
elmerunop__, any easy way?02:08
fourdigit!ask Is there any specific reason why my fairly new laptop would be starting really slowly?02:09
sjbrownI've got a macbook and am using Refit to boot up.  It shows 2 linux icons and one Mac icon.  I only have 1 linux partition though02:09
rbildmsuperman: you're talking window frames, correct?02:09
mohbanahow do i configure the no. of lines that are scrolled? thanks02:09
sjbrownanyone know why?02:09
parabola2thank you LjL!02:09
soundray!cli > Ravenkin1, now it's also in your private messages02:09
dmsupermanrbil: aye02:09
bazhang[Rocc]: best way is to boot to live cd and we can tell you if you have probs with wirelss possible steps to get it going etc02:09
Alan_MmIRC ewww :/ heh02:09
Alan_MRavenkin1, you dont, you can get whats called a "terminal" by going to applications, accessories, terminal.02:09
whileimherehi. I was wondering when I right click on a file say a PDF and I check out the fiels properties the tab that says Document has a list of uneditable areas like title and subject and author. These are currently saying NONE is there a way to edit them?02:09
Alan_Mwow....that was....scary.02:09
dmsuperman    HorizSync       30.0 - 70.002:09
dmsuperman    VertRefresh     50.0 - 180.002:09
dmsupermanthose were old values02:10
dmsupermanshouldn't it still have been fine?02:10
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u0
rbilok, use those in the xorg then02:10
parabola2180 Hz?02:10
rbilmine are diff, because lcd here02:10
fourdigitDoes anybody know why my fairly new gateway laptop with a fresh install of 7.10 would be starting slow?02:10
dmsupermank, brb02:10
iceswordelmer, you are reading tha page02:10
Hammer89how do you delete "places"  from main menu > places? (I tried right clicking but that just opens whichever place you click on)... anyone?02:10
smithey93how can i edit recordmydesktop config?02:10
iceswordelmer, you are reading tha page,what you think02:10
elmericesword, not yet02:10
[Rocc]bazhang: Yeah, i need help with the wireless, i know it has it built in, and my router is built up correctly...02:10
unop__elmer, hmm,   dmesg > /tmp/dmesg; gedit /tmp/dmesg02:10
mcgrofwhere do I tell xorg nowadays to use a specific video driver? I want to tell it to use "nvidia" but don't see it on xorg.conf anymroe02:10
unop__elmer, then copy and paste to a !pastebin02:10
bazhangsmithey93: get the front end for that02:11
soundraymcgrof: ask in #ubuntu+1 please02:11
smithey93bazhang, where from?02:11
Nithdoes anyone know how to use rsync to do a sync instead of a copy?02:11
uppcan any one help me http://upp.pastebin.com/m8cbfe5602:11
elmerunop__,  http://slexy.org/view/s2FOgBE6Va02:11
smithey93bazhang: gtk-recordmydesktop?02:11
[Rocc]Bazhang: did you see what i said up there^^?02:12
Alan_Mbrb i think folks, food time ;)02:12
unop__Nith, rsync -av /path/src/ /path/destination/  # more in the rsync manpage02:12
Nithunop__: thx :)02:12
uppcan any one help me http://upp.pastebin.com/m8cbfe5602:13
[[bc90021]]I was experimenting with galeon, tor, and privoxy... set galeon to use localhost:8118 as proxy, now gnome-terminal is using it too... even though I have unset the proxy, uninstalled galeon, and rebooted02:13
Nithupp: you've got broken packages02:13
[[bc90021]]anyone know how to get gnome-terminal to stop using the proxy?02:13
Peloupp,  can you summerize the problem here before having us open a link ?02:13
Nithupp: plz only post once, i'm already looking for the instructions for you02:13
uppNith some what i should do now02:14
soundray[[bc90021]]: find out where it's set with 'grep http_proxy /etc/*' (probably /etc/environment)02:14
NithNith: according to one of the forums, Start Synaptic, go to Edit, and select "Fix broken packages."02:14
Nithupp: according to one of the forums, Start Synaptic, go to Edit, and select "Fix broken packages."02:14
sagredoHello. I installed the package phpmyadmin, however when I try to access phpmyadmin from my browser I cannot connect02:14
* Nith has only actually done it once02:14
lewenchIf I want to add a script in ubuntu where is the file located. I read home/<username>/scripts/ but I can't find that.02:15
Nithsagredo: you have to link it to your apache02:15
bazhang[Rocc]: I saw what you said; didn't see a question though02:15
[[bc90021]]soundray:  it's not set02:15
sagredoNith: how?02:15
dmsupermanthis is becoming a giant headaache02:15
smithey93how do i launch gtk-recordmydesktop?02:15
orudiehow can i install gamei386.so.gz02:15
rbildmsuperman: what's the prob now?02:15
elmerNith, I read the post02:15
elmerNith, trying what it suggests02:15
dmsupermanany time i want to do anything it takes hours of sitting on channels, and usually ends up going nowhere02:15
Peloorudie, extract it and look for an INSTALL file to read02:15
[[bc90021]]soundray:  everything returned by that command is either a flag "--http-proxy" or on a line commented out02:15
[Rocc]Baz: Think you could help me fix it?02:15
soundray[[bc90021]]: then the setting must be in your home directory -- probably $HOME/.bashrc02:15
rbildmsuperman: something is amiss if gksudo nvidia-settings won't allow u to set this stuff up02:15
orudiePelo, how would i extract it ?02:15
geniiorudie: Best to read the instructions from whatever place you downloaded the file from and try to follow whatever they suggest02:16
dmsupermanjust to get apache working i'm copying 60+gb of files from a directory because it won't run from an NTFS folder02:16
Peloorudie, right click , extract here02:16
soundray[[bc90021]]: make sure you use the understroke (http_proxy)02:16
bazhang[Rocc]: what card is it--what chipset02:16
orudiePelo, dont have gui, only terminal02:16
lewenchIf I want to add a script in ubuntu where is the file located. I read home/<username>/scripts/ but I can't find that. can anyone help me?02:16
[Rocc]baz: i have no clue man, i could check though02:16
elmerunop__, restarting PC, trying to set HDs to manual or user as suggested by Nith02:16
dmsuperman"gksudo nvidia-settings"02:16
Randocalon the ATI site i'm only seeing version 8.3 for my video card driver, but i've read an article discussing getting compiz working and they're using 8.42 they say, am i missing something here?02:16
dmsuperman"ERROR: NV-CONTROL extension not found on this Display.02:16
dmsupermanERROR: Unable to determine number of NVIDIA GPUs on ':0.0'.02:16
dmsupermanERROR: Unable to determine number of NVIDIA Frame Lock Devices on ':0.0'.02:16
dmsupermanERROR: Unable to determine number of NVIDIA VCSCs on ':0.0'."02:16
FloodBot1dmsuperman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:16
Peloorudie, cd to folder ,  then untar filename02:16
Nithsagredo:  assuming you're using apache2 and all defaults, sudo cp /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf /etc/apache2/sites-available/phpmyadmin02:16
[[bc90021]]soundray: 'grep http_proxy .bashrc'  returns nothing02:16
orudiePelo, thanx02:16
Nithsagredo: then "sudo a2ensite phpmyadmin"02:17
Peloorudie, maybe02:17
sagredoNith: I'll give it a go02:17
orudiePelo, ?02:17
unop__elmer, It looks like after repeated attempts to read from the device the kernel is still failing on I/O operations . that's worth a try but it really doesn't look good02:17
soundray[[bc90021]]: are you in your $HOME ?02:17
[[bc90021]]soundray: yes02:17
lewenchIf I want to add a script in ubuntu where is the file located. I read home/<username>/scripts/ but I can't find that.02:17
[[bc90021]]pwd = /home/bc9002102:17
Peloorudie, I mean no garanties,  seriously go to the site where you got it and look for instructions02:17
elmerunop__, if the HD is jacked do I have to buy a new one?02:17
mohbanahow do i set the no. of lines that are scrolled when i use the scroll wheel? thanks02:17
soundray[[bc90021]]: does 'grep -lr http_proxy /etc/*' return anything?02:17
Dr_willislewench,  i keep my scripts in /home/username/bin02:17
[[bc90021]]soundray:  I've been using Linux for years, never come across anything like this before02:17
Dr_willislewench,  you can keep them whever you want. Just make a directory02:17
unop__elmer, it does look that way now, yes, i'm afraid to say02:18
Pelo!mouse > mohbana check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu02:18
elmerunop__, damn02:18
rbildmsuperman: maybe with your card dvi can't go through vga adapter?02:18
rbildmsuperman: can't talk with your monitors02:18
dmsupermanrbil: i've installed ubuntu on this very machine before, and it worked the exact same way then02:18
unop__elmer, i know, similar things happened to me many times02:18
[[bc90021]]soundray:  many, many things02:18
elmerunop__, It worked!02:18
lewenchSo when the instructions say "Save the following script in a file named gmail.pl and place it in ~/scripts (/home/<username>/scripts/) folder." they're just saying to create a folder named scripts?02:18
elmerNith, Thanks SO much!02:18
dmsupermanrbil: earlier when i _could_ get nvidia-settings to work,  it detected both monitors02:18
[[bc90021]]lewench: yes02:19
mohbanaits scrolling fine ... but slow compare to vista, i basically need to adjust the speed how do i do that?02:19
dmsupermanrbil: it just wouldn't actually work02:19
rbildmsuperman: I really think that with some tweaking my xorg should work for you02:19
unop__elmer, what did you have to do?02:19
sagredoNith: much appreciation, thank you :)02:19
Nithelmer: what worked?02:19
orudiePelo, there is no instructions what so ever02:19
Nithsagredo: np02:19
soundraydmsuperman: any likely candidates for a proxy variable setting?02:19
orudiePelo, never dealt with .bz files before02:19
lewenchWhat does ~ usually mean? ex. -/scripts02:19
elmerunop__, I changed the setttings to Manual and LBA02:19
Peloorudie, gimme a link to get the file I'll have a look02:19
elmerNith, I changed the setttings to Manual and LBA as you suggested in the link02:19
dmsupermansoundray: what do you mean?02:19
Nithelmer: that was icesword I think02:19
Nithelmer: though I'm glad it worked for you02:19
soundraylewench: same as $HOME (try 'echo ~')02:19
elmerNith, Oh... >.<02:20
sagredoNith: when I try to login, I get the following error: #2002 - The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server's socket is not correctly configured)02:20
mohbanaPelo, its scrolling fine ... but slow compare to vista, i basically need to adjust the speed how do i do that?02:20
* Nith didn't post that link XD02:20
LjLlewench: your home directory02:20
elmericesword, thanks man02:20
orudiePelo, http://opentdm.net/02:20
rbildmsuperman: so what's actually happening? not getting 1280x1024 res? not getting desktop across both monitors?02:20
lewenchAh ok thanks.02:20
soundraydmsuperman: sorry, I'm confusing nicks02:20
iceswordelmer, what ?that link helps?02:20
daretsen_i'm trying to set dma with no success02:20
Pelomohbana, check in the links I gave you , it should be mentionned02:20
Nithsagredo: do you have mysql installed?02:20
soundray[[bc90021]]: any likely candidates for a proxy variable setting?02:20
kravlinhello. I installed Ubuntu recently but i'm having a problem getting it to boot reliably. It'll boot, tell me that PCI can't allocate region 3.02:20
sagredoNith: Yes.02:20
elmericesword, it fixeed my problem so yes! Thanks!02:20
dmsupermanrbil: i'm in what looks like 640 x 480. both monitors show the exact same thing02:20
Nithsagredo: and you can access it using the client?02:20
sagredoNith: yes, I can access and login02:20
Peloorudie, what't the name of the file I need again ?02:20
* Nith never had any issues with that02:21
Nithone sec02:21
soundraydmsuperman: for your apache problem, you probably just have to make your NTFS writable with ntfs-3g02:21
[[bc90021]]soundray: I set the wgetrc to explicitly not use the proxy, and I can install things again02:21
soundray!ntfs-3g | dmsuperman02:21
ubotudmsuperman: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:21
sagredoNith: wait a sec, I just tried to log in and now I'm no longer able02:21
sagredoNith: arg02:21
[[bc90021]]soundray:  but it's still being set somewhere, I will have to do some digging!02:21
orudiePelo, you have to click on  binaries/unstable/linux02:21
Nithsagredo: ps -e | grep mysqld02:21
Peloorudie, hld on02:21
soundray[[bc90021]]: well, grep -rl is your friend :)02:21
sagredoNith: returned nothing02:21
rbildmsuperman: I'd go back to square one ... run .... sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg  to rebuild xorg from scratch. see what it does in terms of getting u to right resolution02:21
mohbanadid anyone get my messagE02:21
Nithsagredo: : if it returns nothing, its not actually running02:21
wershow do I add page header on openoffice?02:21
[[bc90021]]soundray, indeed, thanks!  :-)02:21
dmsupermansoundray: that's awesome. shame i just finished copying all my data to another partition and it'll be easiest (According to those who helped me with it earlier)02:22
Nithsagredo: try "sudo invoke-rc.d mysql start"02:22
rbildmsuperman: then work your xorg.conf looking at what I sent u02:22
soundraydmsuperman: they are probably right02:22
kravlinhello. I installed Ubuntu recently but i'm having a problem getting it to boot reliably. It'll boot, give me an error and then stall out on the loading bar.02:22
sagredoNith: you're spot on, thanks again02:22
soundraymohbana: yes, but it's not clear what you are talking about02:22
Nithsagredo: not a prob :)02:22
bazhangkravlin that the 754 socket mobo?02:22
=== Ravenkin1 is now known as Ravenkin
Nithanubis26: hi02:22
mohbanasoundray, i want to scroll more lines02:22
kravlinbazhang: yeah it is.02:23
rbildmsuperman: what ver of Ubuntu u running there?02:23
daretsen_i'm trying to set dma for my dvd and no luck, is there anybody that could help?02:23
rbilsame here02:23
kravlinbazhang: did you learn something new since last night that might help?02:23
soundraymohbana: still not clear02:23
anubis26would anyone be able to help out with compiling a wifi driver (ralink rt73) on hardy heron?02:23
dmsupermanrbil: alright. it asks for the driver type. nv is selected, but there's nvidia selectable. which should i choose?02:23
Alan_M!hardy | anubis2602:23
ubotuanubis26: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:23
[Rocc]Could anyone help me with my wireless setup?02:23
soundrayanubis26: ask in #ubuntu+1 please02:23
iceswordanubis26, sure?but read readme,first02:23
rbilselect nvidia02:23
mohbanasoundray, its scrolling slow, in vista i could set the number of lines scrolling in logitech set point how do i do that in linux?02:23
rbilnv is the OSS one02:23
bazhangkravlin: the link I sent had some workarounds; best to try those--booting may take as long as three minutes with that motherboard02:24
Peloorudie, that is way over my head , but there are some instructions you can try to follow on the original link you gave me ,  you'll probably need to install build essential first ( sudo apt-get install build-essential)  that will let you make and stuff,   let me look for hte correct tar command syntax02:24
anubis26aight thanks02:24
dmsupermanrbil: kernel framebuffer device interface?02:24
dmsupermanrbil: it asks if i want to use kernel framebuffer device interface02:24
rbilthat should just be for cli consoles I'd think02:24
orudiePelo, ok thanx02:24
kravlinbazhang: what link? did you send it in a PM?02:25
neftyI am trying to install VMWare Tools in a virtual machine.  I installed the build-essential package, then extracted the vmware tools  tar.gz file.  I ran the vmware-install.pl script to install it, and successfully did, but now I have to configure it.  It's asking me "What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running02:25
neftykernel? [/usr/src/linux/include]02:25
neftyThe path "/usr/src/linux/include" is not an existing directory."  Does anyone know where that directory is?  Sorry this question is so long...02:25
MTeckI execute the command "rsync -r --partial --progress tux@redbull:/backup/kabbalah/media/music/* ./" it seems to work perfect except that it keeps hitting random points where it just stops... It pretty much just freezes up and won't continue.... Any ideas what's going on?02:25
Alan_Min 15 days hardy discussions can be made in this room, not before then please folks. Thank you and have a wonderful day :)02:25
Nithnetfy: pastebin plz02:25
bazhangkravlin nay; from the ubuntuforums posted here in channel02:25
neftyyeah, sorry02:25
Alan_Mwow, my head actually spun on that one nefty :/02:26
cybojanekDOes anyone know how to setup gnome-schedule to play a song at a particular time every hour?02:26
bazhangbut but hardy room is so quiet!02:26
Alan_Mbaz, so stir em up! :D02:26
dmsupermanrbil: is there a cli irc client so i don't have to keep rejoining?02:26
Nithdmsuperman: i suggest using "screen" and "irssi"02:26
Alan_Mbazhang, i do every time i join ;) (since i AM on hardy atm)02:26
Nithdmsuperman: they changed my irc life02:26
geniiNith: Beat me to it02:26
* Nith smiles02:27
bazhangAlan_M: as are most of us ;]02:27
rbildmsuperman: probably as there's everything for linux but I don't know one02:27
pharohdoes linux have like a standard C compiler,editor en all..not the usual eclipse with CDF en all?02:27
pharohi mean CDT02:27
Peloorudie, sorry I have no idea how to extract that file using the command line02:27
kravlinbazhang: I didn't get it. possible you posted in another channel by mistake?02:27
neftysorry for my bad etiquette, I'll use pastebin this time02:27
McGodFound a bug I think:X02:27
q_a_z_stevewho can help me with partimage ? Stuck while trying to back up to a network...02:27
soundraymohbana: this is determined in the application. In firefox, for example, you can change it in about:config (enter this  as the URL) by editing the key mousewheel.withnokey.numlines02:27
gauchoWhere Can I find libdvdcss for gutsy amd64?02:27
Pelogaucho, seveas repos02:28
bazhangkravlin it was posted here found using your keywords it led to the ubuntuforums link02:28
Pelo!dvd > gaucho02:28
dmsuperm1nam i here?02:28
dougskopharoh: a lot of people use gcc to compile, and there are a ton of editors. you might want to try vim or scite02:28
geniiPelo: medibuntu has no amd64 version?02:28
gauchoPelo: the rebot said nothing..02:28
Pelodmsuperm1n, no you are there02:29
Alan_Mi dunno dmsuperm1n are you? (sarcasm)02:29
orudiePelo, did you get that tar syntax for me ?02:29
Pelogenii, no idea02:29
mohbanasoundray, thanks alot do i neeed to restart firefox?02:29
Pelo!dvd | gaucho02:29
ubotugaucho: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs02:29
soundraymohbana: I'm not sure02:29
McGodIs there a way to disable it from using interfaces02:29
McGodUbuntu hangs there02:29
pharohdougsko: i use gcc..but i had a problem,it dint recognise the headre file alloc.h.any ideas why?02:29
bazhangMcGod: disable what02:29
McGodit from starting network02:30
dmsuperm1nrbil: i've just finished running that reconfigure script02:30
kravlin!socket 754 > kravlin02:30
McGodWhen I login now, I get a grey box in top-left02:30
pharohdougsko:i meant header file02:30
McGodAnd stops02:30
dmsuperm1nrbil: and when i restart xserver, it says i'm in low settings mode02:30
dougskopharoh: have you installed the package, build-essential?02:30
dmsuperm1nrbil: with options to continue, configure, or shut down02:30
q_a_z_stever0bby: hey, do you know how to get partimaged and "Partimage Is Not Ghost" talking?02:30
* Nith hates low settings mode02:30
kravlin!socket 754 | kravlin02:31
pharohdougsko:yeap.did that yesterday.02:31
dmsuperm1nrbil: and when i continue, it just freezes with the orange background02:31
dmsuperm1nrbil: a mouse and orange wallpaper, nothing else onscreen and nothing happening02:31
rbildmsuperm1n: darn, got me? what did u do with the framebuffer choice?02:31
bazhangMcGod: put your issue all on one line in a clear concise sentence and if someone knows they will answer; please dont use enter key every two words02:31
Nithdmsuperm1n: when it freezes, can you switch to a tty (CTRL+ALT+F1) ?02:31
dryrotis there a good GUI for openvpn client ?02:31
dmsuperm1nrbil: it said the safe option was yes02:31
kravlinbazhang: still don't see it. i'll google it.02:31
dmsuperm1nNith: that's how i'm in the irc :d02:31
rbildmsuperm1n: how did u install the nvidia drivers to start with?02:31
Giloudryrot> the network manager has a plugin for it02:31
Pelodryrot, do a search in synaptic, if there is a gui it might say -gtk or -gui02:32
Gilouwith limited support, but it works02:32
dougskopharoh: how about the headers for your kernel? something like - linux-headers-68602:32
Nithdmsuperm1n: do "ps -e | grep compiz.real" and see if it returns anything02:32
dryrotGilou: i know.  I couldn't get it to work02:32
dmsuperm1nrbil: it said "there are restricted drivers for you to use, enable?" and i enabled02:32
bazhangkg96: please dont recommend that here02:32
Gilouwell, I could, but sometimes I need more than the available options02:32
Gilouplus it has a weird way of handling dhcp settings, but well...02:32
kg96didnt know that wasnt allowed02:32
neftya VMWare related question: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62691/02:32
dmsuperm1nNith: nothing02:32
epistaxHas anyone gotten a Lexmark scanner (all-in-one) to work in Ubuntu? Specifically, it's the crappy x247002:32
pharohdougsko:huh????u mean have i installed that?02:32
Pelokg96, we don'T realy like 3rd party instaler scripts02:33
=== |Algyz| is now known as algyz
kg96fair enough02:33
bazhangkg96: you can do what you wish; first that is for Hardy (another channel) and second newer users will not know how to recover from a kernel upgrade with that02:33
wershow do I put page number on openoffice?02:33
r0bbyq_a_z_steve: stop asking me shit02:33
McGodI am running Hardy, I had finally gotten WPA2 to work with my wireless, I added a preup and predown to my interfaces file. I then restarted the computer and now when I login it goes through then gets stuck with a grey box in the top left with the beige background.02:33
geniidryrot: PErhaps see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=347308 if you can't find one in the repositories02:33
r0bbyI'd prefer to not look in here...02:33
bazhang!hardy | McGod02:34
ubotuMcGod: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:34
dougskopharoh: im asking if you have installed the package containing the headers for your kernel? do a search in synaptic for "linux-headers" to see what im talking about02:34
peepsaloti can't figure out how to get Java applets to run in firefox, on gutsy 64bit02:34
peepsaloti have sun-java6-jre installed02:34
Pelopeepsalot,   you also need the -pluggin package02:34
peepsalotubuntuguide.org says to install sun-java6-plugin, but that one isn't in the repos02:35
dmsuperm1nanybody: in a tty, how do i scroll up?02:35
Nithdmsuperm1n: shift+pageup02:35
dmsuperm1nNith: even in irssi?02:35
Pelopeepsalot, in backport ,  make sure it is enalbed,   just search for java and browse until you find the -plugin one02:35
Nithdmsuperm1n: in irssi, just pageup02:35
dougskopharoh: you need to install the package that matches your kernel. most likely thatll either be linux-headers-386, or linux-headers-686. you can use the command, 'uname -r' to see your kernel version if you want to check02:36
q_a_z_steve!openoffice.org | wers02:36
ubotuwers: a free and open source office suite, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components.  To install: "sudo apt-get install openoffice.org". User help available in #users.openoffice.org02:36
daretsen_hdparm -d1 /dev/scd0 results in  'HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device' any ideas?02:36
peepsalotPelo,  backport? what is that?02:36
peepsalothow do I enable that02:36
Pelopeepsalot, one of the repos,  close synaptic,  open  Menu > system > admin > software sources,  check all the boxes on the first tab and all the boxes on the third tab as well , reload,   open synaptic and search02:37
dougskonefty: i think youre having the same problem as pharoh. read what ive been saying to him02:37
neftyyeah I've kind of noticed that, heh02:37
dmsuperm1nhow can i scroll up and down in irssi?02:37
rbildmsuperm1n: what's your graphics card again?02:37
neftyI'm looking in synaptic now02:37
dougskodmsuperm1n: pgup, pgdown02:38
dmsuperm1nshit...it stopped scrolling up02:38
pharohdougsko: i have.there are alot of headers here by the way...02:38
Pelodmsuperm1n,  we appreciate your frustration but please , watch your language02:38
dmsuperm1nPelo: sorry02:38
* Pelo 's innocent ears are bleeding now , damit02:38
dmsuperm1nfixed it, but how can i manually scroll up and down in irssi?02:39
dougskopharoh: right, but unless you have installed a different kernel on your own, you can just use linux-headers-38602:39
Nithcan he read this?02:39
dmsuperm1nrbil: just re-ran the dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:39
* Nith wonders if dmsuperm1n is stuck in the logs02:39
dmsuperm1nrbil: without kernel framebuffer02:39
dmsuperm1nNith: nope, i just don't know how to scroll still02:39
Nithdmsuperm1n: just page up and page down02:40
dmsuperm1nrbil: and it still freezes upon entering user and pass02:40
dmsuperm1nah, i'm retarded02:40
Pelo!es | supreme02:40
ubotusupreme: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:40
Nithsupreme: hello02:40
dmsuperm1nI never used pageup/down :P02:40
pharohdougsko:okay.there was linux headers-header files related to linux AND linux-headres 386.i installed both.that okay?02:40
supremeI speak english too02:40
rbildmsuperm1n: I'm feeling retarded at the moment as well, the darn thing shouldn't be this difficult02:40
Pelosupreme, don'T lie to us we know you only speak espanol02:40
dmsuperm1nrbil: i know, it's my terrible luck02:40
rbildmsuperm1n: maybe something in you're bios settings?02:40
dmsuperm1nrbil: i've spent a total of something like 15 hours in the past 2 days just trying to get ubuntu to a usable state02:41
supremePelo, yeah, and i'm putting this words randomly02:41
dmsuperm1nrbil: and reinstalling hasn't helped a bit02:41
dougskopharoh: linux-headers is probly just a dummy for something. you dont need that one. but it wont make any difference id you do install it02:41
Nithits possible, just not very likely02:41
rbildmsuperm1n: reintalling what?02:41
Pelosupreme,  and eventualy your luck will run out02:41
dmsuperm1nrbil: Ubuntu completely02:41
rbildmsuperm1n: that shouldn't be necessary02:41
peepsalotthanks Pelo02:41
pharohdougsko: okay.so am good to go now right?02:42
supremePelo, yours too02:42
Pelodmsuperm1n, can you summerise your problem for me , I canme in late02:42
dmsuperm1nPelo: I just want a working dual monitor setup02:42
rbilPelo: please help this is getting crazy02:42
dougskopharoh: i hope so02:42
dmsuperm1nhowever, nvidia-settings returns errors and won't allow me to configure02:42
Pelorbil, not sure I can02:42
dougskopharoh: what are you compiling, anyway?02:42
* Nith hates vid card issues02:42
Pelodmsuperm1n, I assume you have the one monitor working, your not chatting to us from a different computer02:42
rbildmsuperm1n: give Pelo those errors again with nvidia-settings02:43
dmsuperm1nPelo: hardly, i'm using irssi02:43
dmsuperm1nrbil: can't, it won't even load the desktop anymore02:43
pharohdougsko: some programme i wrote.i'm in college doing C/C++/java.so i have to02:43
Pelodmsuperm1n, you haven't even managed to get one montor up with gui %?02:43
Nithxmms2 next02:43
Nithuh, sorry02:43
dougskopharoh: if you need any external libraries, there are a ton of those in the repo too02:44
dmsuperm1nPelo: earlier, yes. upon running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg to start fresh though02:44
rbildmsuperm1n: I'll look back and try and find them, hold on02:44
SirBob1701what package do i have to install to program C++ and SDL/OpenGL in ubuntu?02:44
dmsuperm1nit now boots into low-settings mode02:44
dmsuperm1nand once i enter my username02:44
pharohdougsko: really?how do i get em?any specific names?02:44
Pelodmsuperm1n, just so I know where you are at and where you are going, is this accurate,   you want two monitor with gui using nvidia videocard but atm you have one monitor runnig text mode and you are stuck there ?02:44
dmsuperm1nit just shows the orange wallpaper02:44
dmsuperm1nand mouse works02:44
FloodBot1dmsuperm1n: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:45
kravlinbazhang: still don't see it in google. you still got the link?02:45
dougskopharoh: do a search for "lib" in synaptic and youll see what i mean02:45
dmsuperm1nPelo: Yes. My xserver won't come up properly. it shows the orange wallpaper and the cursor, but nothing else comes up02:45
dmsuperm1nPelo: and on first booting it it says it's in low-settings mode02:45
dmsuperm1nPelo: It makes the happy noises though02:46
Pelodmsuperm1n,my fist recommendation is to do  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg first , and select eh vesa driver,  meaning we'll start from scratch ,  then' we'll ge tyou the one monitor working properly then you can get the dualhead stuff going02:46
rbildmsuperm1n: here's some of it ..ERROR: NV-CONTROL extension not found on this Display.02:46
dmsuperm1nPelo: alright, h/o02:47
Pelodmsuperm1n, run the reconfigure, and select the vesa driver,  for everything else leave the default,  exept the resolution you can go to 1024 if you want02:47
dmsuperm1nPelo: so, don't auto-detect hardware?02:47
dougskoanyone else find the fluxbox package to be broken? like itll load up for a half a second, then just throw you back to the console with no errors?02:47
Pelodmsuperm1n, no , vesa02:47
=== Bankai-- is now known as Bankai
neftydougsko: okay, I installed linux-headers-386, but then I saw linux-headers-virtual and installed that, too, since this is a virutal machine.  I'm not sure which one to use, but I think I'll use the 386 one to be safe.  So I'm assuming I have to put "/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.22-14-386/include" for the directory?02:47
Pelodmsuperm1n, understand I can only take you so far in this problem, you'll have to do most of the work yourself02:48
rbilPelo: I gave him my xorg.conf and it should have worked for him. There's some deeper prob with his system02:48
Pelorbil, unless you ahve the exact same machine,  that probably won't work02:48
Peloq_a_z_steve, I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel02:48
bazhangkravlin: forgot your problem; what are some keywords to it again?02:49
=== veynom is now known as DarkLordVeynom
dmsuperm1nPelo: alright, i'm at horizsomething and the vertsync area, where i can pick "simple" "medium" or "advanced"02:49
q_a_z_stevePelo: can you help me with partimage?02:49
dougskonefty: you should be able to use whatever default directory it suggests. i dont think you need linux-headers-virtual, but it doesnt hurt to install it anyway. and you can check what kernel youre using with 'uname -r'02:49
Pelodmsuperm1n, one should be selected as default, use that, or just skip or next or wathever02:49
neftydougsko: the problem was that the default directory didn't exist02:49
Peloq_a_z_steve, i do not know partimage, I 've never used it02:49
dmsuperm1nPelo: alright, reconfigured02:50
dmsuperm1nhow do i completely shut  down and bring up xserver02:50
dougskonefty: it should after you install the header package02:50
Pelodmsuperm1n, ok restart x , you should have a gui now02:50
bazhangdougsko: this is fluxbox on top of ubuntu or the straight configured fluxbuntu distro02:50
dmsuperm1nctrl + alt + backspace seems like it doesn't reload the config02:50
Pelodmsuperm1n, sudo shutdown02:50
neftydougsko: okay, I checked which kernel I was using, it's just 2.6.22-14-generic02:50
rbildmsuperm1n: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart02:50
=== theseus is now known as bonhoffer
Pelorbil, if yo want to do it the correct way , sure02:51
kravlinit's a problem with a 754 port board. it starts, displays an error that it can't allocate region 3 and then stalls out on the loading bar.02:51
dougskobazhang: ubuntu + flux. also the fluxbuntu though. my solution was to just comile my own from the website and make a deb from that02:51
kravlinbazhang:it's a problem with a 754 port board. it starts, displays an error that it can't allocate region 3 and then stalls out on the loading bar.02:51
zeeeeehi, how do i type in an east asian language (e.g. chinese)?02:51
rbilPelo: don't think he wants to lose his irc connection :-)02:51
Pelozeeeee, try asking in #ubuntu-cn they probably know02:51
bazhangzeeeee: install scim/skim and the language support02:52
dmsuperm1nPelo: alright, rebooted02:52
dmsuperm1nrbil: correct :D02:52
Pelodmsuperm1n,  do you have gui now ?02:52
pharohdougsko: wow!!!too much!question,what does it mean when they say a language is objective?02:52
zeeeeebazhang, are they packages? do i install both?02:52
dmsuperm1nPelo: It's weird. When i first come to the user screen, it's a high resolution. Then I enter my user/pass, and it goes way low res and i'm stuck again02:52
bazhangzeeeee: you on gnome or kde02:52
dmsuperm1nPelo: still just orange wallpaper and no windows or anything but a cursor02:52
zeeeeebazhang, oh, scim is for gnome, i see02:52
fiNDCC SEND asdadasdadasdasdasdasd02:53
bazhangzeeeee: right02:53
Pelodmsuperm1n, that's not a big isse ,  type alt_f2 ,  type gnome-panel , see if anything happens02:53
=== Charitwo is now known as cherry
wobbiebobbiehi guys help02:53
* genii gets the floodbots some more coffee02:53
dougskonefty: ok, install linux-headers-generic02:53
Pelodmsuperm1n,  your install is majorly borked02:53
rbildmsuperm1n: I think the driver you have is screwed. Maybe it didn't install properly?02:54
dmsuperm1nPelo: I've just installed it yesterday, and i haven't even changed anything02:54
ahmed_j/ #linuxac02:54
dmsuperm1nrbil: How would i re-grab it from command line?02:54
Pelodmsuperm1n, did you type what I said and get the pannels ?02:54
ahmed_j/ #linuxac02:54
Peloahmed_, /j02:54
dmsuperm1nPelo: did you want me to run gnome-panel from my other tty?02:54
ahmed_sorry i try to log into the arabic room02:54
dougskopharoh: read a ruby tutorial to learn about objective languages02:54
Pelodmsuperm1n, for the computer you are having trouble with atm form the gui02:55
dmsuperm1nPelo: That's what I've been saying. I don't have a gui to use. it has the cursor, sure, but i can't do anything else.02:55
Pelodmsuperm1n,  type alt+f2 , you should get a little box for launching apps02:56
rbildmsuperm1n: you're doing Alt+F7 to get to gui ?02:56
dmsuperm1nPelo: nope02:56
dmsuperm1nrbil: yes02:56
dmsuperm1nrbil: well ctrl + alt + f702:56
bazhangzeeeee: you then need to configure scim global engine and how to launch it; or you can right click select input method and then you are good to go02:56
Pelodmsuperm1n, ok ,  try this  get back to consol and type  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop02:56
dmsuperm1nrbil: nvm, yeah just alt + f702:56
dmsuperm1nPelo: already latest version02:57
neftydougsko: okay, I get it now, I was trying to use headers for different versions of kernels I wasn't running.  Sheesh this is confusing... shouldn't the headers for your kernel come pre-installed?02:57
dmsuperm1nPelo: isn't that just reinstalling ubuntu completely?02:57
Pelodmsuperm1n, how did you originaly install this ?02:57
dmsuperm1nPelo: live cd02:57
rbilPelo: how at cli does one switch to metacity if he's got compiz desktop by default?02:57
Pelodmsuperm1n, I was assuming you were missing a bunch of packages02:57
dmsuperm1nPelo: nope02:57
dougskonefty: in ubuntu, they assume people arent compiling things. thats why it doesnt come with the gnu tools or anything02:57
dmsuperm1nPelo: at one point, gui worked02:57
Pelorbil,  no idea02:58
dmsuperm1nPelo: but when I was trying to get dual monitor going02:58
dougskobazhang: have you noticed anything weird about the fluxbox packages too?02:58
dmsuperm1nPelo: the xserver configuration got thrashed somehow02:58
bazhangkravlin: cant find it; what I did was paste that exact error message (the long one) into a search engine of choice and it gave me the ubuntuforums link02:58
rbildmsuperm1n: u still have mine and your old xorg, correct?02:58
kravlinok. thanks02:58
kravlinbazhang: last night?02:58
dmsuperm1nrbil: not yours, my very first original that came with install, yes02:59
kravlinbazhang: thanks for the help too.02:59
linkinxpis there any program similar to quickbooks?02:59
Pelodmsuperm1n, you messed up big time,  I recommend a clean install, start from scratch,  just reinstall fresh, and when you get a working desktop come back here and we can proceed from there02:59
bazhangdougsko: only used the easy configured fluxbuntu distro, haven't tried fluxbox on Hardy yet02:59
dougskonefty: thats something to remember too if you decide to switch kernels. youll need the corresponding header package as well02:59
dougskobazhang: well me neither. i was referring to gutsy02:59
bazhangkravlin: yeah, the pci failed to allocate region 3 0.000.000 etc02:59
levanderHas anyone else tried opening a KML file in Google Earth on Ubuntu?  It's acting flakely as hell here.02:59
dmsuperm1nPelo: I haven't change a single thing on this install except for the xorg.conf03:00
bazhangdougsko: so I should be last person to ask ;]03:00
rbildmsuperm1n: your original should get u to a gui, no?03:00
Pelodmsuperm1n, we can spend hours ( we already have I beleive) trying to hunt down the current problem or you can take 30 min to clean install and we do it correctly from there,  I do not have hours to spend hunting remotely03:00
neftydougsko: thanks for your help, I think I got it installed;  and no, I don't plan on using a different kernel any time soon... heh gotta take things one step at a time  :P03:00
Pelonor do I care to03:00
kravlinbazhang: the one asnwer i got told me to put pci=nommconf into grub.lst. how would that help exactly? Grub doesn't recognize it.03:01
dougskonefty: cool, glad you got it worked out03:01
Pelodmsuperm1n, sorry if I sound harsh but this is where we are at03:01
dmsuperm1nPelo: alright03:01
dmsuperm1nPelo: I'm going to reinstall Ubuntu completely03:01
NithI understand its purpose but that was irritating03:01
bazhang30 minutes? more like 15-20 these days ;]03:01
dmsuperm1nPelo: will you be here when i return?03:01
alecw1What's the default font that every application uses in Firefox? I went to the GNOME font dialog, and all it says is "Sans". But there isn't a font called Sans... what does it use?03:01
AsciiI'm trying to figure out which IRC client is best in Ubuntu.03:02
bazhangxchat Ascii03:02
dmsuperm1nbazhang: i doubt it'll even take that to actually install it03:02
Nithirssi + screen03:02
rbildmsuperm1n: I don't agree with Pelo's assessment. if only xorg is scrwing up now, don't see why a reinstall of the whole os is necessary. but do whatever feels right for you03:02
bazhangdmsuperm1n: likely 10-12 ;]03:02
AsciiI'm using Xchat Gnome atm, but I can't find the server list or the user list...03:02
AsciiBit of a Linux noob atm.03:02
dmsuperm1nrbil: i'd rather not but if the only way to get help is to reinstall then i really haven't got a choice03:02
RyanPriorWhen I right click and left click at the same time, it middle clicks. Is there a way to disable that behaviour?03:03
bazhangAscii: just straight xchat not xchat-gnome03:03
Pelorbil, xorg is screwed and we just reconfigured it , now he gets x working but the rest of the desktop doesn't load , so he ,s stuck ,  clean install is simpler03:03
dmsuperm1nargh, linux is 100% headache every single time i try to use it03:03
Peloand faster03:03
AsciiAhh.  This is like the lite version?03:03
bazhangAscii: the superior version ;]03:03
dmsuperm1nAscii: I'm just now trying out irssi, i love it so far03:03
rbilPelo, dmsuperm1n: ok, good luck with it03:03
dmsuperm1nAscii: command line sexiness03:03
AsciiOh nevermind.03:04
AsciiI'm using Gnome Xchat.03:04
RyanPriordmsuperm1n: "Crappy old OSes have value in the basically negative sense that changing to new ones makes us wish we'd never been born."03:04
RyanPrior-Neal Stephenson03:04
AsciiThough you were suggesting... nevermind, I'm slow atm.03:04
rbildmsuperm1n: gotta leave, best of luck03:05
ZiggyFishhey, I'm trying to get adobe air to install on ubuntu, but it is failing with03:05
dmsuperm1nRyanPrior: only there's nothing crappy about windows xp. only reason i'm trying to get ubuntu is so that i can say i did, and that worst case scenario it doesn't work out and i can go back to everything just working without needing hours to configure each little thing03:05
dmsuperm1nPelo: if i reinstall, are you going to stick around?03:05
AsciiSame here DM.03:05
AsciiI dual boot XP / Ubuntu.03:05
Pelodmsuperm1n, for an hour , that is all I can promis03:05
dmsuperm1nPelo: alright, see you soon03:06
kelso78i'm looking for some help03:06
ElazarAnyone have any experience getting vga-out to work with laptops running an integrated Intel graphics card 965 chipset?03:06
bazhangdmsuperm1n: if linux is not for you then stick with what you love/enjoy; life is too short for %100 headaches03:06
kelso78I'm having trouble updating ubuntu03:06
ZiggyFishAn error has occurred while installing Adobe AIR. Installation may not be allowed by your administrator. Please contact you administator03:06
kelso78i keep getting an error: could not download all repository indexes03:07
bazhangkelso78: which repos?03:07
RyanPriorZiggyFish: Are you running the installer as root?03:07
kelso78i'm logged in as a user not root03:07
kelso78do i need to log out and back in as root?03:08
rycolehey all. does anyone know which package provides the apache module called "apr_dbd_mysql.so". it's the mod_dbd module for mysql.03:08
kelso78it seems all the repos03:08
RyanPriorZiggyFish: In that case, it's probably just an AIR bug. It's still in development.03:08
kelso78sorry, ryanprior, I didn't realize you weren't talking to me03:08
ZiggyFishRyanPrior: dam, should I report the bug03:08
bazhangkelso78: could you pastebin your sources.list please03:09
RyanPriorZiggyFish: Yes, but against AIR, not against Ubuntu.03:09
ir2hey can someone help me install a file that needs root privelages?03:09
ZiggyFishRyanPrior: k03:09
RyanPrior!sudo | ir203:09
ubotuir2: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.03:09
Nertos_UfaВсем привет03:09
Pelo!ru | Nertos_Ufa03:09
ubotuNertos_Ufa: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke03:09
ir2but see i dunno how to enable it03:09
bazhang!ru | Nertos_Ufa03:09
RyanPriorRussian looks so leet.03:10
kelso78bazhang: sorry, I'm very new to linux so I'm not sure how to do that03:10
ir2like i need to drag a file to the /usr/lib file so yami pod will work. but when i try to drag it, it says i need administrator privelages03:10
ir2it says i need root provelages03:10
RyanPrior!pastebin | kelso7803:10
ubotukelso78: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:10
bazhanghe knows which channel to join; just saying 'hello all'03:10
=== ka2u0 is now known as ka2zzzz
RyanPriorkelso78: source.list is /etc/apt/sources.list, I think03:11
ir2so what do i need to type in the terminal to get root provelages03:11
Nithir2: sudo <command>03:11
Peloir2, open a terminal  sudo cp /source /destination03:11
Nithir2: or "sudo -s"03:11
kelso78excellent thanks03:11
ir2whats cp?03:11
RyanPriorir2: cp is a program which copies files03:11
Peloir2,  command for copying03:12
LjLir2, when people give you commands, "man <commandname>" will give you information about that command.03:12
Nertos_Ufajoin #ubuntu-ru03:12
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u0
bazhangNertos_Ufa: /j03:12
PeloNertos_Ufa, /join ....03:12
ir2when u say source and destination03:12
RyanPrior!enter | ir203:12
ubotuir2: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:12
ir2i know the destination03:12
Nertos_Ufait works too03:13
Peloir2, where is the file you need to move ?03:13
ir2in my yamipod folder03:13
ubuntuthis is dmsuperm1n/dmsuperman03:13
ubuntuit's installing now03:13
Nertos_Ufain XChat-GNOME IRC03:13
Peloir2,   then sudo cp  /media/yamipod/filename /usr/lib/filename03:14
RyanPriorir2: Suppose you wanted to move a file from /home/ir2/yamipod/my.file to /usr/lib/my.file -- you would type (without quotes) "cp /home/ir2/yamipod/my.file /usr/lib"03:14
Elv1313anybody know how to get the output of a bash command into a sting in CPP? I tried execclr, system() and few other, but they all return integer03:14
RyanPriorir2: And in order to run that command as root, you just type "sudo" at the beginning of it.03:14
AsciiewOk, I'm on KSirc now, I think I like this better.03:14
marx2kWhats the foolproof method of installing NVidia drivers?03:14
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:14
ZiggyFishRyanPrior: I just installed binutils-dev and it worked03:14
OwnerOnlineDo all linux versions install the same?03:14
ZiggyFishRyanPrior: thanks03:14
ppibburrElv1313, you will need a pipe03:15
bazhangOwnerOnline: nay03:15
marx2kugh... cant go to a website since I am text only :/03:15
RyanPriormarx2k: System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers03:15
Pelomarx2k, the foolproof method is to use the restricted driver in the admin menu03:15
RyanPriormarx2k: lynx03:15
AsciiewSo what does this Adobe air do?03:15
wapkomarx2k: i like using envy. google it03:15
kelso78I think that's what you are looking for03:15
bazhangwapko: please dont recommend that here03:15
PeloAsciiew, it's adobe so it,s probably image related, and bloated03:15
marx2kRyanPrior: I will try lynx but from memory, it sucks :)03:15
ir2yea it says no such file03:15
RyanPriorAsciiew: Adobe AIR is similar to Mozilla Prism - it gives web apps a dedicated window and runtime environment, allowing closer integration with desktop apps.03:15
wapkobazhang: oh, ok. im sorry03:15
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:16
wapkomay i ask why bazhang  ? :D03:16
RyanPriormarx2k: lynx is the shit, I use it all the time.03:16
AsciiewAh ok, ty much.03:16
Starnestommy!envy | wapko03:16
ubotuwapko: envy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »03:16
Elv1313ppibburr: how do i do that?03:16
Peloir2, linux is case sensitive ,  meaning capital letters count03:16
wapkocauses problems i presume03:16
bazhangwapko: newer users will have trouble recovering from a kernel upgrade for one; and we generaly dont like third party scripts here as we have to help fix the damage03:17
RyanPriorir2: Tab-completion helps a lot to get your filenames right. Type in the beginning of the file name then type tab and, if you typed the beginning right, the command line will guess what you are typing and fill it in for you.03:17
ubuntualright, Pelo03:17
Pelobazhang, to much info , just tell him you'll beat him up if he does it again03:17
kelso78bazhang: did you see my link for the source list?03:17
bazhangPelo: ;]03:17
ubuntuthis is dmsuperman, it's now installing03:17
ppibburrElv1313, well i code in ruby, so im sure its different :) but running the command through system to direct the the output to a file, we can be loaded is one way i now would work, ruby has IO::popen Popen3::open3 :)03:18
ubuntuPelo: Anything in particular i should do once installed?03:18
ir2it wont work03:18
marx2kOne of the main problems for me is once I am in the failsafe X, it doesn't recognize that I *have* an NVidia card. How can I remedy that?03:18
wobbiebobbiehi room03:18
Peloubuntu, yes,  do not do anything , other then try to install the restricted driver from the admin menu, that is the only safe thing to do at this point03:18
wobbiebobbieI need some help please03:18
Peloir2, read this  http://www.linuxcommand.org/index.php that will get you started in command line stuff03:18
recon!ask | wobbiebobbie03:19
ubotuwobbiebobbie: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:19
Pelowobbiebobbie, we need actualy questions03:19
RyanPriorwobbiebobbie: This is the help room, and we're happy to have you. If you're interested in socializing, there's #ubuntu-offtopic as well. Welcome. :-)03:19
bazhangkelso78: some of the entries have #added by software properties at the end; best to edit those out and then refresh and try again03:19
Pelothis is not a room this is a channel03:19
peepsalotis there some easy way to tell what application is using my hard disk?  it's been thrashing for about half an hour or so03:19
FezzlerMy daughter likes to play Pengiun Racer.  I switched from a Monitor to LCD and now when she starts Penguin Racer, the screen goes black and a cursor arrow appears.  Screen controls show resolution switches to 800x600.  But I'm all locked up????03:19
wobbiebobbiewell I have ubuntu 7.10 and I downloaded ubuntu studio03:19
kelso78will give it a try, tnx03:19
RyanPriorPelo: pedantic much? =D03:19
Daisuke_Idois room or channel really THAT important a distinction?03:20
PeloRyanPrior, I iron my underware what do you think ?03:20
bazhangchannel/room war!03:20
RyanPriorPelo: I think you like putting on warm underwear. I like that too. :-)03:20
ubuntuPelo: tmi03:20
wobbiebobbieit told me to reboot and it says failed to start the x server and thats it03:20
BarryToemanpeepsalot: you can try the "top" command in a terminal, although it shows processes listed by CPU usage, but it may help03:21
Pelowobbiebobbie, from the command line type  startx03:21
ir2well i there any other way to get root privelages03:21
ir2without the terminal03:21
wobbiebobbieok hold on03:21
pawanwhen is the new version coming out03:21
ubuntupeepsalot: guess :D03:21
bazhangwobbiebobbie: best to enable the ubuntustudio repos and add stuff from that--you can keep all your non-free drivers intact in that scenario03:21
Peloir2, alt_f2   type  gksu nautilus03:21
kelso78I'm not logged in as root so I don't think it will allow me to edit that file03:22
bazhangApril 24th pawan03:22
RyanPriorpawan: It's coming out this month!03:22
wobbiebobbiehow do i do that baz03:22
jtisme!hardy |pawan03:22
Pelokelso78, start the editor with gksu , as in  gksu gedit /path/filename03:22
ubotupawan: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu03:22
MaquiasfaranoFezzler, did you try to see the behavior with Desktop Effects turned off?03:22
ubuntukelso78: sudo gedit03:22
bazhangubotu lag03:22
ubotuYou have lag, I don't have lag03:22
Peloubuntu, for gui apps gksu , for commands sudo03:23
RyanPriorWhen I right click and left click at the same time, it middle clicks. Is there a way to disable that behaviour?03:23
ubuntuPelo isn't it gksudo ?03:23
ubuntuPelo: and is the difference?03:23
macogwubuntu: same thing in uubntu03:23
Nertos_Ufawhat is gksudo?03:23
wapkowas wondering what the difference between gksodu and gksu was03:23
Peloubuntu, gksu and gksudo sar the same03:23
RyanPriorI'm surprised that the person who has been around Freenode long enough to have the name "ubuntu" needs help. =D03:23
PeloNertos_Ufa, sudo for gtk apps03:23
macogwubuntu: other distros would use gksu to be like su and gksudo to be like sudo, but since ubuntu just uses sudo for eerything, they function the same except gksu involves less typing03:23
bazhangwobbiebobbie: do you know how to add repos? you can do so in synaptic package manager or via the command line03:23
ubuntuPelo: what is the difference between gksudo and normal sudo?03:24
ir2ok after i type that gksu nautilus then what03:24
macogwubuntu: gksudo pops up a box to ask and does extra permissions checks to keep from breaking GUI apps03:24
hti_prohey guys, trying to compile a replacement kernel for ubuntu studio, due to libata driver issues.  The source code for the 2.6.22-14 kernel is around 2.6GB.  The compiled kernel package is 203MB.  Is this normal or did I do something wrong????????/03:24
tritiumRyanPrior: ubuntu is the default nick for a liveCD session user03:24
wobbiebobbieI just do it from snap03:24
Peloubuntu, read up , gksu is for gtk apps, works a bit differetrnly03:24
RyanPriorubuntu: gksudo is for GUI apps, sudo is for command line apps.03:24
Alan_Mmacogw, actually thats only partially true :)03:24
ubuntumacogw: i don't like gksu. i say it out loud, in my head, and it sounds like an angry japanese guy03:24
geniiwapko: gksu will let you run it as any arbitrary user if you specify. Defaults to root. gksudo runs it as your own user with temporary elevated privelege03:24
RyanPriortritium: Ah, I didn't realize.03:24
Alan_Mryanprior has it totally correct :)03:24
rycolehow do i check if a specific package is installed? i don't think it is, but "apt-get install" is only saying "libapr1 is already the newest version."03:24
macogwhti_pro: source is always bigger03:24
arrowI'm installing an old harddrive and when I mount it it says "arrow@arrow-desktop:~$ sudo mount /dev/sdb /media/200GigMaxtor03:25
arrowmount: you must specify the filesystem type03:25
ubuntuPelo, RyanPrior: Can't really read up ATM. I got that one is cli, one is gtk, i was wondering if there was a larger reason under the hood03:25
ir2ok i got it to work03:25
kindofabuzzrycole, apt-get --help03:25
macogwAlan_M: what part's not?03:25
wobbiebobbieI have all the command word saved on the on that wont boot03:25
ir2how do i mount my ipod inside /mnt or /media with read/write access03:25
RyanPriorubuntu: The reason is that GUI apps and CLI apps have different needs from a configuraiton standpoint, and so different launcher apps were designed for each one.03:25
Peloubuntu, there is but it's over my head so I can'T realy explain it03:25
wobbiebobbiedumb( I cant remember the commands03:25
ubuntuah :D03:25
macogwAlan_M: he just said that you use gksu/do for gui apps.  i gave the reason why this is done...03:26
hti_promacogw: ok, is my kernel really 203MB, my old kernel is less than 10MB and all I was trying to do is disable the libata driver03:26
dryrotWhat are some tools i can use to verify the integrity of my laptop hard drive?  i tried booting with the cd, i ran fsck successfully, when i boot into ubuntu on my hard drive, the computer gets to the GDM splash screen, then the drive makes weird noises and I can't log in03:26
FezzlerMaq = So turn OFF Desktop Effects and then try to run Racer?03:26
Pelowobbiebobbie, what command do you ned ?03:26
ubuntuso does anyone know how to configure irssi? like change my nick, and so on03:26
arrowir2, did you try like a normal hdd? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive?highlight=%28hard%29%7C%28install%29%7C%28new%2903:26
Starnestommyubuntu: /nick new-nickname03:26
RyanPriorFezzler: If you want compositing but you want to be able to run games too, I suggest using compositing Metacity.03:26
Peloubuntu, /nick newnick03:26
* Alan_M is trying to flollow macogw, screens flying by....if i read you wrong sorry.03:26
wobbiebobbiemy computer wont boot after downloading ubuntu studio03:26
geniiRyanPrior: Also sudo does not know enough to leave config or resource files in the users ownership when exiting. Which can cause things not to run for them afterwards03:26
rycolekindofabuzz: ive been looking at that, and i dont see how to check if the package is installed already.03:26
foraohhi i have a quick question03:26
MaquiasfaranoFezzler, maybe it's a problem with Compiz switching resolutions... I don't know... just guessing...03:27
Alan_Mwobbiebobbie, wont boot? what errors (if any) does it give?03:27
foraohi want to make my foreground window borders look exactly like the background window borders, anyone know how can i do that?03:27
macogwhti_pro: yeah thats the other thing...thats freaky03:27
RyanPriorgenii: Yup. The differences have been largely accounted for, making it wise to use the right launcher for the respective app types.03:27
wobbiebobbiehave to reboot to tell yaw03:27
macogwhti_pro: 2GB is what stood out to me.  kernel sources are about 40MB03:27
wobbiebobbiehold on03:27
Pelowobbiebobbie, boot the recovery mode and run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg,  use the default answees provided unless you absolutely know better03:27
kelso78Didn't help, here's what I'm getting03:27
wobbiebobbieI did03:27
macogwAlan_M: /lastlog macogw03:27
RyanPriorWhen I right click and left click at the same time, it middle clicks. Is there a way to disable that behaviour?03:27
Nertos_UfaI want to install gxneur and to make ./configure i need gtk+-2.0, but i can't find it maybe somebody help me?03:28
Peloubuntu, how are we comming along ?03:28
ubuntu_94% install :D03:28
macogwAlan_M: that'll filter to lines where my name is shown.  to un-search, use /lastlog -clear03:28
StarnestommyNertos_Ufa: is libgtk2.0-dev installed?03:28
hti_promacogw: I downloaded it from the apt repository, do you know where i can get a standard ubuntu kernel without the libata driver03:28
taqdoes any know why flash won't show up in my firefox even though i installed "adobe shockwave" or whatever?03:28
macogwhti_pro: no. i just know to get the pure kernel from kernel.org03:28
=== Angeles is now known as Angeleso
Alan_Mmacogw, im sorry..i read lastlog, and you are correct. *slaps hand*03:28
ubuntu_argh, it's getting it's error log all in my irssi!03:28
BarryToemanRyanPrior: i'm guessing here, but you can try to reconfigure xorg to not emulate a three-button mouse.03:28
MaxRideI have a quick, stupid question.... I have a USB drive mounted, and the shortcut was placed on my desktop automatically.  I'm trying to rename it (It's currenly just 'disk') but it won't let me.  Am I doing it wrong?03:29
ubuntu_i've got a screen with half messages from users, half logging from the installer03:29
ir2how do i mount my ipod to the /media folder03:29
wobbiebobbiehere what I get ( failed to start the x server ) in a blue screen03:29
ubuntu_Pelo: Alright, rebooting now03:29
bazhangkelso78: disable those problem repos and try again after a refresh/reload03:29
hti_promacogw: should I still use the ubuntu way of compiling the kernel into a .deb, or just follow standard kernel comp instructions03:29
Fezzlerwhere do I turn OFF Desktop Effects?03:29
Peloir2, if it shows up on your desktop that is whre it is mounted03:29
MaquiasfaranoFezzler, which Ubuntu edition  are you using?03:30
ZeltaFezzler: System > Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects03:30
macogwFezzler: system -> pref -> appearances -> * effects03:30
Pelowobbiebobbie, do you get a boot menu when hyou start ?03:30
Alan_MFezzer, you go to system, pref...yeah what they said.03:30
wobbiebobbiewould you like the x server output to diagnose the problem (yes or no )03:30
orudiehow can i add a user through terminal ?03:30
Pelowobbiebobbie, do you get a boot menu when hyou start ?03:30
Chris| how do i view a bluetooth device? i had my phone and laptop connected but not sure how to view my phone like network wise? if this makes sense03:30
BarryToemanorudie: useradd or adduser03:30
Zeltanewuser <username>03:30
Peloorudie, man adduser03:30
wobbiebobbieI can get to the command prompt03:30
Zeltaor that03:30
Alan_MBarryToeman, both work?03:31
bikeboyIn OOo Writer,  with page numbers in the header, how do I make it hidden on the first page but visible on the rest? Note: not offset03:31
BarryToemanAlan_M: yeah, sure.  two knives, one cat = one pelt03:31
Pelowobbiebobbie, ok from the command prompt,  type  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg , use the default ansers provided unless you absolutely knoe better, then restart the computer03:31
orudieBarryToeman, a little more specifics please ?03:31
wobbiebobbieok hoil on03:32
Zeltaorudie: He means that they are different ways of doing the exact same thing03:32
Pelobikeboy, ask in #openoffice.org03:32
Alan_Mheh, crude analogy but i get what your saying :D03:32
kelso78ok no more errors, it seems I'm up to date, thank you very much03:32
BarryToemanorudie: you find a cat...just kidding.03:32
bazhangnp ;]03:32
bikeboyPelo: I have :) - waiting for a response so decided to ask here too03:32
ir2how do i install the df command03:32
dmsupermanPelo: back03:32
* Alan_M deletes the !ot i was gonna throw out there.03:32
Pelodmsuperman, ok so you got a ful and working gui desktop ?03:33
dmsupermanPelo: In GUI now, IRC'ing from irssi so we don't have to worry about restarting xserver03:33
Gordon_Freemanah the larval cluster03:33
Pelodmsuperman, ok from the gui ,  menu > system > admin > restricted driver ,  see if there is anything in there that wants installing03:33
bazhang!hi | Gordon_Freeman03:33
ubotuGordon_Freeman: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:33
phoenixnehi ,friends03:33
orudiehow can i make a user owner of a derectory using chmod ?03:33
dmsupermanPelo: it needs me to reboot to use it now03:34
orudiedirectory *03:34
BarryToemanorudie: adduser is more debian specific and is "friendlier"03:34
Peloir2, sudo apt-get isntall df ?03:34
phoenixnecan anyone who can help?03:34
Gordon_Freemanwrite read change03:34
wobbiebobbieI says03:34
kelso78ok, so my new question is, those were my only options under "third party software", so where can I find sources for third party software?03:34
Pelodmsuperman, knock yourself out03:34
dmsupermanPelo: alright, brb03:34
orudieBarryToeman, i figured, i just used adduser and it worked fine03:34
rycoledoes anyone know if the apache portable runtime module for mysql is available through apt-get?03:34
spyd3rhelp--i have ubuntu installed on a sata disk and i have windows installed on another sata disk. can someone point me in the right direction to figure out how i can get an option of which sata disk to boot from?03:34
phoenixnewhen i boot on the ubuntu the screem always show "you passed an undefined mode number"03:34
rycoleit's not in the libapr1 package.03:34
=== nightmare is now known as indikator
wobbiebobbieI need to get my diver for my nvidai geforce 5500 card03:35
cyberpass2how do you install VNC in ubuntu?03:35
ir2how do i install the df command03:35
wobbiebobbieI for got it03:35
Pelokelso78, some website for apps  have repos that you can add as 3rd party repos so you always get their latest as it comes out , like winehq03:35
Pelowobbiebobbie, just get the vesa for now03:35
Peloir2, what is df %?03:35
ZeltaUbuntu does not mount my external hard drive, any suggestions?03:35
slimjimflimhttp://digg.com/users/slimjimflim   this is the funniest rant on all da intrawebz03:36
PeloZelta, make sure it is powered on03:36
slimjimflimcan you digg it?03:36
ZeltaIt is.03:36
Alan_M!vnc | cyberpass203:36
ubotucyberpass2: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX03:36
kelso78should I do a search for winehq repo?03:36
dmsupermanPelo: Rebooted03:36
bazhangslimjimflim: not here please03:36
BarryToemanslimjimflim: no03:36
ir2ok can someone tell me how to run adept manager as root03:36
ZeltaPelo: How can I list all devices connected to my computer?03:36
indikatordf size disc's03:36
PeloZelta,  for some , they get recogniesed only on reboot, try that03:36
PeloZelta, blkid03:36
Zeltahmm okay03:36
ir2it said i need to run it as root03:36
ir2i need to run adept manager as root how do i do that?03:36
=== Ttech2 is now known as Ttech
Pelodmsuperman, ok you have the restricted drive wroking ? resolution is fine ? no issues there ?03:37
wobbiebobbieok I did  what next03:37
bazhangsudo not root ir203:37
ZeltaPelo: I could force mount it, though, right?03:37
ir2ok what do i type?03:37
Alan_Malso cyberpass2 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC03:37
ir2in terminal03:37
FloodBot1icesword: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:37
Peloir2, to run a command as root you type the command with sudo before it03:37
dmsupermanPelo: Correct03:37
PeloZelta, if the computer sees it , youc an mount it manualy yes03:37
ir2what commanddd?!?!?!03:37
ZeltaHow do I manually mount?03:37
Pelodmsuperman, ok , did you ge tthis far the last time ?03:37
Alan_Micesword, calm yourself there mate :)03:38
PeloZelta,  what fs ?03:38
dmsupermanPelo: yeah, i had ubuntu just fine03:38
iceswordZelta, sudo mount -a03:38
iceswordAlan_M, hehee03:38
ZeltaPelo: vfat?03:38
dmsupermanPelo: it was when i started messing with xorg.conf that it got screwed03:38
bazhangir2 open adept  then type in your user password when so prompted03:38
PeloZelta, hold on03:38
Pelodmsuperman, give me a minute03:38
ir2it doesnt ask for password and username03:38
wobbiebobbiecan I just uninstall ubuntu studio and go back to defalut03:38
phoenix__ when i boot on the ubuntu the screem always show "you passed an undefined mode number"03:38
wobbiebobbieor reinstall grub03:38
dmsupermanPelo: surely03:38
phoenix__do anyone who knows how to fix?03:39
PeloZelta,  sudo mkdir /media/vfat   ,     sudo mount -t vfat /dev/**** /media/vfat03:39
dmsupermanPelo: xorg.conf backed up03:39
Alan_Mwobbiebobbie, sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop sudo aptitude remove ubuntustudio-desktop im guessing is how you would do it...03:39
bazhangir2 how are you trying to launch it; just go the gui menu and click on adept03:39
Pelodmsuperman, ok are you still on irss ?03:39
Alan_Mappend as needed please everyone :)03:39
ZeltaPelo: This is the line: /dev/sdd1: SEC_TYPE="msdos" LABEL="APPS" UUID="BCF6-5251" TYPE="vfat"03:39
dmsupermanPelo: yes03:39
ZeltaDoes that look like it is an external hard drive?03:39
PeloZelta,  sudo mkdir /media/vfat   ,     sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdd1 /media/vfat03:39
Zeltaactually, wait, nevermind, that is not the hard drive...03:40
Zeltait is not listing the External HD at all03:40
Zeltalet me try to reboot03:40
dmsupermanZelta: it's your drive that's probably labeled apps, does that trigger your memory?03:40
Zeltayes dmsuperman03:40
b4l74z4ris it possible to set firefox to do its own font rendering?03:40
Zeltathat's why I recognized it's not it03:40
dmsupermanZelta: =P03:40
Pelodmsuperman, ok install xchat in the gui , sudo apt-get install xchat and come back here from thre, I'm gonna give you a link to a guide for  dualhead but I don,t want you to get in on that damned cli client03:40
kelso78Installed winehq repo03:40
ir2i did03:40
Alan_Mwobbiebobbie, did my instructions help you?03:40
kelso78any others i should look for?03:40
ir2and it says to change system settings you need to run this program as root03:40
MagicFabhi all - does anyone have any suggestions to measure disk/data i/o from  a network storage device ?03:40
wobbiebobbiehad to reboot to get to command03:41
MagicFab(other than transferring and watching the mb/s)03:41
cybojanekI have a dual monitor setup, and whenever I play bzflag, it shows fulscreen on both. How can I tell it to play fulscreen only on one? (Windows disables one screen when playing games for examples and plays fulsscreen on only one).03:41
bazhangir2 are you logged in as root?03:41
ir2how do i do that03:41
ir2i been asking forever03:41
wobbiebobbietype it one more time alan03:41
Alan_M"logged in as root" thats a dangerous question and command. bazhang :/03:41
Peloir2, to run a program as root you put sudo before the name ofthe command to start the program   as in sudo command03:41
bazhangir2 open adept through the gui menu03:42
wobbiebobbieI can logon at cammand prompt03:42
Peloir2, you've been told at least 5 times just by me03:42
charles|64hey guys03:42
ir2what is the gui menu03:42
jtismeir2  sudo su -   enter your password   your are now root!03:42
ir2yall have to be more specific03:42
Peloir2, sudo adept03:42
bazhangir2 nay; you have to pay closer attention03:42
Starnestommyir2: kdesu adept_manager03:42
Alan_Msudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop would give you regular ubuntu...sudo aptitude remove ubuntustudio-desktop would remove the ubuntu studio modifications to the main ubuntu theme :)03:43
dmsuperman_I've got dmsuperman on CLI, and dmsuperman_ in GUI (just in case)03:43
Pelodmsuperman_, youare in a decent irc client now ?03:43
Alan_M^ that was for wobbiebobbie, sorry03:43
FezzlerTurning off Desktop Effects didn't work.  Penguin Racer still locked up03:43
Pelo!dualhead > dmsuperman_  check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu03:43
Pelodmsuperman_, let me know if you got it ?03:43
Pelodmsuperman_, was that the guide you used last time ?03:44
FezzlerLCD monitor switched to 800 x 600, pointer appears.  Locked up.  Nvidia GeForce FX 550003:44
Alan_Mwobbiebobbie, i HIGHLY suggest you do sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop BEFORE you remove ubuntustudio-desktop...things get VERY bad if you dont i believe.03:44
dmsuperman_no, i used http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22117403:44
yao_ziyuanby which way can i enjoy current releases of packages (e.g. pidgin 2.4.1 instead of 2.2.1) in ubuntu?03:44
ubotuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen03:44
ir2i got it to work03:44
bazhangyao_ziyuan: get the deb03:45
ir2i need to install frostwire03:45
Alan_Mwobbiebobbie, your quite welcome.03:45
ir2from adept manager03:45
Pelodmsuperman_, ok use the one I just gave you , you shouldn'T have to paly around iwth drivers but you probably will have to edit xorg.  but since you made a backup you should be fine as long as you know how restore it manualy03:45
Alan_M!enter | ir203:45
ubotuir2: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:45
wobbiebobbieIts working on it hope it works03:45
dmsuperman_Pelo: I know how to restore it. I don't see a guide on this page though?03:45
dmsuperman_Unless it's Using dual head with XFree86 ?03:46
Alan_Mwobbiebobbie, im pretty sure it will the way i had you set it up03:46
Peloir2, frostwrie is not in adept , you dl it form the frostwire site, and you double click the pacakge , it will ask foryour password and it will intsall03:46
wobbiebobbiehow do i reboot from command prompt03:46
ir2it shows up in adept when i type it in03:46
dmsuperman_wobbiebobbie shutdown -r i'd imagine03:46
bazhang!info frostwire03:46
ubotuPackage frostwire does not exist in gutsy03:46
Alan_Mwobbiebobbie, i think ctrl alt backspace works as well03:46
bazhangnot in gutsy ir203:46
geniiyao_ziyuan: To make ubuntu use the lates deb versions available in it's repositories, create a file called apt.conf in directory /etc/apt and have it contain the line of:   APT::Default-Release "experimental";                     For more recent versions see if getdeb website contains them, or else compile from source.03:47
dmsuperman_Alan_M: That's just XServer03:47
Pelodmsuperman_,  to restore your xorg.conf file     sudo cp /path/backupfilename /etc/X11/xorg.conf , that will copy your bacupfile over the xorg file already there ,03:47
wobbiebobbiegot it03:47
Alan_Mdmsuperman, oh, ok...03:47
nickrudgenii there's an experimental repo for ubuntu ??!!03:47
kelso78well thanks for all your help, i really appreciate it03:47
dmsuperman_Pelo: Yeah, I know how to restore i'm just making sure that the guide you want me to follow is the link that says Using multiple monitors with XFree86 ?03:47
bazhangir2 is this gutsy ubuntu or another ubuntu-based distro?03:47
Alan_Mwobbiebobbie, let me know the results, i definately wanna know if this worked like planned :D03:47
CreetureWhich package are the man pages for the C functions in? Like man syslog?03:48
wobbiebobbieI m rebooting03:48
geniinickrud: It's a debian-ism in the apt.conf but forces it to latest available and not just latest stable, as by default03:48
Pelodmsuperman_, xfree86 and xorg are the same thing I beleive03:48
StarnestommyCreeture: I think it's manpages-dev03:48
Alan_Mwobbiebobbie, ok :)03:48
dragon33hi, is there a gui app for ubuntu that displays an atomic clock, or can sync up with a time server.  thanks03:49
CreetureStarnestommy: Yep, that's the one. I couldn't come up with a reasonable set of search terms. :)03:49
wobbiebobbieAAAAAAA hot dang it work03:50
Pelodragon33, you can get the clock applet to syinc with various online time servers , I'm sinched to the nationnal canandian research center atm,  the offical time of canada03:50
wobbiebobbieits just in low graph mode03:50
CreeturePelo: Is it beer:30 in Canada also?03:50
Alan_Mdid it work wobbiebobbie?03:50
PeloCreeture, actualy  it 9 min to beer right now03:51
Alan_MPelo, hahaha!03:51
CreeturePelo: My clock must be fast. :)03:51
wobbiebobbieI thinks i got to reinstall restricted drives but im to brain dead I forgot how03:51
PeloCreeture, you need to pace yourself03:51
Pelowobbiebobbie,  menu > system> admin > restyricted drivers03:52
dmsuperman_Pelo: Alright, the guide comes in parts03:52
dmsuperman_I did the first bit, which is set Xinerama to true03:52
Alan_Mwobbiebobbie, can I pass you off to someone else...nevermind thank you pelo, I love you! in a non...freaky sort of way :D03:52
dmsuperman_after resetting xserver03:52
dmsuperman_my screen sorta shifts around now03:52
dmsuperman_like, it only shows part at a time, but i can move my mouse and it moves to the other part of the screen03:52
dmsuperman_any idea why that is?03:53
Alan_Mwobbiebobbie, im not gonna pass you off, as pelo actually gave me the help i needed without asking ;)03:53
BogaurdI have a drive which has 2 partitions of zero size... extended partitions /dev/sda3 & /dev/sda4. If i delete these with sfdisk, will the otherr partitions (/dev/sda5 etc) take their places?03:53
wobbiebobbiehey guys I got my desktop back I think I can get it form here (YOU GUYS ROCK )03:53
Alan_Mwobbiebobbie, thats what we are here for! :D03:53
Alan_Mhave a great day/night wobbiebobbie :)03:53
Alan_MRemember this place if you ever need further assistance wobbiebobbie :)03:54
wobbiebobbiebuy the way Im a old fart and this is to much for my old brain03:54
shivamibanother happy customer03:54
wobbiebobbieI wil  thanks03:54
dragon33Pelo, thanks, how do i install the clock applet? is it in the repositories? thanks03:54
Pelowobbiebobbie, there are a bunch of us geriatrics in here,  and we can handle it03:54
Pelodragon33, I mean the clock/calender on the top pannel03:55
* nickrud is annoyed that someone is stealing his old brain lines ;903:55
dmsuperman_Pelo: Any clue why my screen is all shifty?03:55
Alan_Myour actually kinda the first one that i really didnt need much assistance with, something i could handle :) (not meaning that to be rude or nuthin, actually greatful!)03:55
* Pelo is about 130 years old in internet time 03:55
Pelodmsuperman_, shifty ?03:55
dmsuperman_Pelo: It moves around as i put my cursor near the edge of it, and the monitor doesn't display the entire screen at any given time03:56
marx2kok... this X refuses to go into anything but low-graphics mode and I cannot figure out why03:56
=== charles|64 is now known as alyx|64
marx2kcan anyone help me out?03:56
Pelodmsuperman_, menu > system> prefs > appearance,   last tab , turn off the desktop effects03:56
bazhangres is too low then dmsuperman_03:56
dmsuperman_bazhang: my res is 1152 x 86403:56
Pelomarx2k, what is your video card ?03:56
marx2kPelo: Nvidia GeForce 620003:57
dmsuperman_Pelo: that's not it03:57
Pelomarx2k, menu > system > admin > restricted driver03:57
marx2kPelo: I will try it.03:57
Pelodmsuperman_, is your monitor one of those rectangular ones ?03:58
bazhangdmsuperman_: yet with that res cannot see whole screen? what szie monitor03:58
marx2klet's see...03:58
wobbiebobbiehey guys I m going to close this window thanks very very much  I just put a bunch of my grandson pictures on there ( can you say BACKUP) lol03:58
dmsuperman_Pelo: normal crt03:58
dmsuperman_bazhang: 19" crt03:58
dmsuperman_no clue why this happens :s03:58
RavenkinJust updated to Ubuntu 8.04 beta and I lost sound, any suggestions?03:58
BogaurdI have a drive which has 2 partitions of zero size... extended partitions /dev/sda3 & /dev/sda4. If i delete these with sfdisk, will the otherr partitions (/dev/sda5 etc) take their places?03:58
bazhangdmsuperman_: is that the max allowed?03:58
nickrud#ubuntu+1 is handling hardy questions until release,  /j #ubuntu+1 Ravenkin03:58
dmsuperman_bazhang i think it can do 1280 x 1024 but that's too small for me to see03:59
Ravenkinnickrud thanks03:59
marx2kWhat I hate about this also is that since X keeps going into failsafe mode, my Xorg log doesnt tell me what the issue is03:59
Pelodmsuperman_, are you sure that rez is a proper ratio ?03:59
dmsuperman_Pelo: Yes, I use it all the time on these monitors03:59
dmsuperman_Pelo: They've been running 1152 x 864 for years, it's a 4:3 normal ratio03:59
nickrudBogaurd yes, the partitions will get re-identified, that's why ubuntu is using UUID's in /etc/fstab and at least trying in grub03:59
Zimmy2hello, question regarding the gparted contained within the installer03:59
dmsuperman_it's something like 10 or 15% larger than 1024 x 76803:59
Bogaurdnickrud, okay, cool. that's what I wanted :)04:00
Pelodmsuperman_, k I don'T know abouthat one I'm afraid,  maybe you can try going down to 1024x768 for a test04:00
marx2kPelo: restricted driver installed. Restarting computer.04:00
Pelomarx2k, best of luck04:00
Zimmy2I don't know if I'm in the right channel, but I'm having a hard time resizing my Win32 partition on my SATA hard disk04:00
marx2kPelo: :)04:00
Zimmy2I need to keep this data, any help?04:00
dmsuperman_k, i have to logoff04:00
nickrudZimmy2 is this vista?04:00
marx2kI am forever having issues with my NVidia cards04:00
bazhangZimmy2: with ubuntu?04:00
Daisuke_Idomarx2k, it could be worse, it could be ATI04:00
PeloZimmy2, boot windows defrag a couple of times to make sure it is all nice and neat then use the live cd to do it04:01
Zimmy2nickrud: no, with winxp, bazhang, ubuntu gusty04:01
marx2kDaisuke_Ido: Dont even joke about that  ;)\04:01
Daisuke_Idomarx2k, how did you install the drivers?04:01
marx2kAh damn! fsck kicked in due to 30 mounts... argh now I have to wait04:01
Pelomarx2k, nvidia aren't playing nice with the linux community04:01
* nickrud has noticed that ati seems to be having much fewer issues recently04:01
Zimmy2Pelo, I'll try that, but I should note to mention, a few days ago I did another instal on my laptop with the same issues04:01
dmsuperman_logged off04:01
dmsuperman_and on04:01
dmsuperman_and i have dual monitor04:01
FloodBot1dmsuperman_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:01
dmsuperman_but both screens are shifty04:01
Pelonickrud, amd/ati have discovered that linux is their freind04:01
marx2kDaisuke_Ido: Well I dont even remember anymore since Ive had the NVidia closed drivers on here, the legacy drivers, the glx-new as well as non-new on here so it's been kind of a mess04:02
bazhangalso amd is close to bankruptcy04:02
Pelodmsuperman_, but you have both monitors working now ?04:02
nickrudZimmy2 you really should get a backup somehow, if you're having problems with resizing. Safety first04:02
Daisuke_Idonickrud, even xgl improved a lot, i went to get desktop effects working on a friend's laptop, radeon mobility x1100, worked like a charm04:02
Alan_Mfsck is slow and boring marx2k, but, it serves a very good purpose :D04:02
marx2kPelo: Looks like it's still gone to low-graphics mode..04:02
nickrudPelo yeah, I didn't have very high hopes to begin with04:02
Daisuke_Idobazhang, you think completely opening the graphics architecture is a last ditch effort?04:02
dmsuperman_Pelo: both are on, but both do the shift thing. and both of them have refresh rates that are much higher than i usually use04:02
bazhangDaisuke_Ido: aye have to think so (sorry for offtopic)04:03
peepsaloti need to know what is causing all this hard drive activity on my computer04:03
dmsuperman_Pelo: And I can't select any other refresh rate. one has 87hz and the other has 75. I use 60hz normally04:03
Pelodmsuperman_, now you edit your xorg.conf and change the refresh rate,  the value is horiz sync I belive04:03
* nickrud goes off to watch jon stewart, bbl04:03
Pelodmsuperman_, make sure you get the corect one s, back upyoru xorg fist04:03
marx2kPelo: When it goes into Low-graphics failsafe mode, which log files should I check? Because Xorg.0.log does not show any errors04:03
Pelomarx2k,   now open synaptic ,   search for nvidia settings04:04
marx2knvidia-settings is installed04:04
Pelomarx2k, start ti and change the rez then04:04
TerrorBiteI have a question about gpm04:04
marx2kXorg.0.log.old mentions that it Failed to initialize the GLX module04:04
Daisuke_Idognomes per minute?04:04
Pelomarx2k, why do you say it is in safe mode, does it say safe mode anywhere ?04:04
TerrorBiteI can move the mouse on the virtual console, but can't click anything04:05
Pelomarx2k,  I think nvidia needs aiglx or smeting  that bit confuses me04:05
marx2kPelo: "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode"04:05
TerrorBiteDaisuke_Ido: it's the mouse emulator for virtual terminals04:05
bkovacsWhat is the best application to use in Ubuntu to do borderless printing.04:05
dmsuperman_Pelo: I have 2 monitor sections. One says Section "monitor" # and the other says Section "Monitor". The one with the hash comes last04:05
Pelomarx2k, check the restricted driver thign again04:05
Pelomarx2k, it is possibly that you will need the binairy driver ,04:05
Daisuke_Idohmm...  never toyed with it.  would make aptitude a joy to use though04:06
marx2kI have the most current binary driver downloaded from NVidia. Should I try installing it do you think?04:06
Pelodmsuperman_, the one with the # is probably the second monitor,  the other one being the first monitor you had on when you started04:06
Pelomarx2k, yes04:06
dmsuperman_alright, both have:Horizsync30-7004:06
marx2kPelo: Ok, trying04:06
dmsuperman_Should I just change that to Horizsync 60 ?04:06
dmsuperman_and leave the Vertrefresh alone?04:06
xzi11awill there ever be an upgrade plan for ubuntu 6.06 lts that doesnt involve going through 6.10, for example, going directly to 8.04 LTS ?04:07
Zeltathere is04:07
bazhangyes xzi11a04:07
Pelodmsuperman_, it's usualy the horizsync one tha tneeds changing , match them to the h value at the back of hte monitors,   usualy you make sure that the higher end of the range is just above or at the value of the monitor lable04:07
Pelodmsuperman_, if you get me04:07
dmsuperman_are you sure it's not Vertrefresh that is the refresh rate? because right now the refreshes are 75hz, which is outside the given range 30-7004:07
danuelhi all.  I need some help!04:07
Peloxzi11a, you will be able to upgrade to 8.04 directly ,04:07
xzi11aZelta: got a link wrt that? i've been digging around and cant find anything04:08
Pelodanuel, we need actual questions04:08
WillieDaPimpI just bought some blank dvds and tried to write to them and i keep getting >>  :-[ WRITE@LBA=0h failed with SK=5h/ASC=30h/ACQ=05h]: Wrong medium type  :-( media is not formatted or unsupported.  :-( write failed: Wrong medium type  <<04:08
Zeltaxzi11a: Once 8.04 comes out in the final release I believe it'll let you do it as an update04:08
dmsuperman_Pelo: alright, restarting xserver then04:08
Peloxzi11a, wait until the 24th ,  the new lts comes out you'll be able to upgrade then04:08
danuelHow do I make ubuntu look like Mac!  Silly, but I have a friend I'm trying to convince to switch!04:08
marx2kHm... before installing the NVidia binary driverm I typed 'startx' for shits and giggless and it's telling me "Error: API Mismatch: This NVIDIA driver component has version 100.14.19 but the NVIDIA kernel module version does not match."04:08
bazhangdanuel: get awn04:09
Pelo!theme | danuel04:09
ubotudanuel: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy04:09
sunnybghi. i'm trying to install 7.10 on very slow machine :), and the live cd has problems displaying the desktop. but I can switch to terminal (CtrlAlt-F1). How can I invoke a text based installer from there?04:09
marx2kSo... What should I do do you think?04:09
geniiWillieDaPimp: You probably have bought dvd +R or +RW when your writer cannot use them04:09
danuelExcellent.  thanks.04:09
dmsuperman_alright, the horiz is set04:09
dmsuperman_only problem is04:09
orudiehow can i open this file gamei386.so.gz ?04:09
dmsuperman_the screen still shifts04:09
bkovacsWhat is the best application to use in Ubuntu to do borderless printing04:09
Pelosunnybg, you need the alternate install cd or the dvd ,  and if the comp is old you might consider  xubuntu , it is a bit lighter04:10
Netham45"checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables" < does anyone know how to fix this? Ubuntu Gutsy on an x86 processor04:10
Pelodmsuperman_, pleas don't use the enter key for punctuation04:10
marx2kso what do I do if the NVidia kernel modules do not match?04:10
neur0nhow do i find out which hard drive is sda1, sdb1, sdc1, etc?04:10
marx2kkernel module versions, rather?04:10
dmsuperman_Pelo: Alright, but do you have a clue about why it shifts around?04:10
marx2kBasically... how do I start anew and try installing nvidia-glx-new again?04:11
Pelodmsuperman_, ok at this point I'm gonna send you to the forum,  don't post search ,   try other keywords then shift , the dualhead might be an issue if your single monitor didn'T do that before04:11
dmsuperman_Pelo: I think once we can get the monitors to display it properly it will work04:11
Pelodmsuperman_, www.ubuntuforums.org04:11
neo2nixhello room04:11
=== Kristaal_Stoen is now known as NoTownKasper
WillieDaPimpgenii, heh, no ...... i'm not that new to this...... my writer can handle it, it has plenty times before04:11
Pelodmsuperman_, will you be fine on your own ? I'd like to get to bed now04:12
Zeltapretty much ever writer ever made can handle +R/+RW04:12
neo2nixWill some teach me!?04:12
Zeltabecause the -R specification was made after +R04:12
Peloneo2nix, teach you waht ?04:12
neo2nixim new to linux04:12
neo2nixPelo, im new04:12
Peloneo2nix,  we can only answer specific quesitons04:12
Peloneo2nix,  start here  http://www.linuxcommand.org/index.php http://cutlersoftware.com/ubuntuinstall/  http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Feisty04:13
sunnybgPelo: actually, it kind-off starts the desktop, but no tollbars, etc. but right-click and start terminal works. so i have graphical terminal. how do I start the graphical install (there are no icons on the desktiop)04:13
neo2nixi just wanna chat on and about linux04:13
dmsuperman_Pelo: I suppose i'll just have to figure it out04:13
Peloneo2nix, cause therei is jsut too much info to just start teaching04:13
Zelta!ot neo2nix04:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ot neo2nix - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:13
Zelta!ot | neo2nix04:13
ubotuneo2nix: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:13
neo2nixim reading your links now04:13
Pelosunnybg, try in the admin menu04:14
geniiWillieDaPimp: Trying to write dual layer iso file possibly?04:14
sunnybgPelo, no toolbars, and no menu bar. Just blank desktop, but right-click wokrs04:14
lewenchAnyone know what %e %b %G mean for conky? This is how it was used in a line ${color slate grey}${time %a, } ${color }${time %e %B %G}04:14
Pelodmsuperman_, you are there almost,   the shifty thing is probably a minor issue,  there ,s proably a fix in there someonwe04:14
NoTownKasperneo2nix: You're in the tech support channel right now, everyone here is either here to ask a specific question, or to answer them. :P04:14
dmsuperman_So does anyone else know why my screen moves around? My monitor can more than handle the resolution, however when my mouse gets to the edge of the screen it moves the entire screen04:14
TerrorBitewell, I have a specific question04:15
neo2nixNoTownKasper, thank you for the input04:15
Pelosunnybg,sorry no idea,  just get the alternate cd , trust me ,easier, and get xubuntu , lighter04:15
bkovacsWhat is the best application to use in Ubuntu to do borderless printing04:15
PeloI realy have to go to bed now , g'night folks04:15
sunnybgPelo, thanks04:15
lewenchAnyone know what %e %b %G mean for conky? This is how it was used in a line ${color slate grey}${time %a, } ${color }${time %e %B %G}04:15
neo2nix<-- I do "tech support"! :-((04:15
TerrorBiteI'm having difficulty enabling mouse support in the virtual consoles04:15
WillieDaPimpgenii, no it is a single layer 4.3 GB iso file and i'm writing on 4.7GB DVD-R discs04:15
tonyyarussoTerrorBite: you've installed gpm?04:15
dmsuperman_Essentially my monitor is acting as a window into my desktop, and the window only sees 2/3 of the full desktop, but i can move the window around. I want to know how to just expand the window so it shows the whole screen04:15
=== bluefoxx_ is now known as bluefoxx
neo2nixetard id10ts that ...04:16
=== dgtl_ is now known as zubwolf
neo2nixwell thats just life @ work04:16
adynick Rehxa04:17
TerrorBitetonyyarusso: I'm running gpm, I can move the cursor round the screen, but if I run vim and :set mouse=a, vim doesn't seem to recieve any clicks04:17
neo2nixanyhow,.. i wanna learn *nix.  i figure that ubintu is a good as place as any to start @04:17
dan__hey, mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist04:17
dan__ when I try to mount my CDrom drive. Any ideas?04:17
Netham45neo2nix, ubuntu.04:17
Netham45or... was that just a typo? :P04:17
NoTownKasperSpeaking of questions, here's my latest. So I themed my whole gui practically, to work with the 'overglossed' color theme from Gnome-look. Splash screens...cursors, everything. But, when I boot, after the gdm themed login, there's about a 3 second spot, while the gnome splash is telling me everything's loading...that's still the bright orangish barf-color and even the system>Administration>login window>local setting to change back04:17
dan__anyone know?04:18
neo2nixWhat is the channal for noobs wanting to learn the ins and outs of ubuntu?04:18
NoTownKasperneo2nix:  Probably #ubuntu-offtopic04:19
neo2nixwell, heck.. im on ubuntu nw04:19
neo2nixcool thanx04:19
TerrorBiteneo2nix: you'd be better off either following a web tutorial. Or see if you can locate a local Linux Users Group, and attend their meetings04:19
=== MikeB is now known as Technoviking
cyclonutcan anyone recommend a command-line conky equivalent?04:20
jtismedan_ did you just insert the CD say within the last 2-3 minutes04:20
zeeeeecyclonut, i use htop04:20
zeeeeeit's not as rich04:20
zeeeeethere's also dstat04:21
NoTownKasperSpeaking of questions, here's my latest. So I themed my whole gui practically, to work with the 'overglossed' color theme from Gnome-look. Splash screens...cursors, everything. But, when I boot, after the gdm themed login, there's about a 3 second spot, while the gnome splash is telling me everything's loading...that's still the bright orangish barf-color and even the system>Administration>login window>local setting to change back04:21
RandocalI think I have a compiz element running that is making my PC run much slower.... but I don't know what key combo I might have pressed.... is there a way i can see which compiz plugins are currently running?04:21
zeeeeebut that's also limited04:21
dmsuperman_nobody has a clue why my screen moves around/04:22
cyclonutzeeeee: thanks for the recommendation :)04:22
TerrorBiteRandocal: I had the same issue, I think it was the "Reflections" plugin that was causing issues04:22
TerrorBitedmsuperman_: moves around how?/04:22
Randocali don't even have a checkmark for reflection in my advanced settings.....04:22
dmsuperman_When I put my mouse to the edge of the screen it shifts around04:22
rycolehey guys, is there a way to see what files a certain package contains with apt-get?04:22
dmsuperman_and doesn't display the entire screen04:22
Zeltarycole: Type "man apt-get"04:22
Randocali was cycling through several of the plugins showing my wife how they work.... basically i was showing off. And I think there was one that i turned on, but didn't turn off aftewards04:23
MrKeunerhi, can I log vino connections(any attempts) somehow?04:23
TerrorBitedmsuperman_: that means your X server is configured to have a larger "virtual" screen size, than your physical screen size04:23
jtismerycole,   dpkg  --search  package_name04:23
jtismeif the package is installed04:23
cyclonuthtop is very cool04:23
dmsuperman_My monitors can handle up to 1280 x 1024, but my xserver config is only using 1152 x 86404:23
dan__is there currently a bug in Gutsy Ubuntu with Cdroms?04:23
jtismedan_ no04:24
dmsuperman_TerrorBite: It's a fairly basic xorg.conf, i haven't changed much. would you mind taking a look at it for me?04:24
TerrorBitedmsuperman_: sure, could you pastebin it please04:24
dan__You know why I wouldn't be able to mount the CDrom then?04:24
jtismedan_ did you insert a CD in the last 5 minutes?04:24
dan__It's not working since I just rebooted04:25
jtismedan_ then   tail  /var/log/messages and see if it was recognized by the system04:25
dmsuperman_TerrorBite: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62694/04:25
NoTownKasperSpeaking of questions, here's my latest. So I themed my whole gui practically, to work with the 'overglossed' color theme from Gnome-look. Splash screens...cursors, everything. But, when I boot, after the gdm themed login, there's about a 3 second spot, while the gnome splash is telling me everything's loading...that's still the bright orangish barf-color and even the system>Administration>login window>local setting to change back04:25
neur0nwhats the command to unmount04:26
dmsuperman_umount -a04:26
dmsuperman_run as sudo though04:26
geniineur0n: I would not run that command just suggested04:26
neur0ni mounted two drives in different places. i need to unmount the second one i mounted by accident04:27
dan__daniel@daniel-desktop:~$ tail  /var/log/message04:27
dan__tail: cannot open `/var/log/message' for reading: No such file or directory04:27
geniineur0n: the -a switch means "all" which will unmount all things except possibly root (/)04:27
Juzzy`neur0n sudo umount /dev/hdb etc or whichever hard drive04:27
neur0ngenii: i tried umount /dev/sdb1 /media/shared but didnt work04:28
dmsuperman_neur0n: yeah, i thought too far ahead04:28
TerrorBitedmsuperman_: Section "Screen", Subsection "Display". Virtual 1400    105004:28
neur0nbut i have sdb1 mounted in 2 places04:28
TerrorBitedmsuperman_: try removing that line04:28
geniineur0n: For umount you need only the mountpoint04:28
jtismedan_ sorry  /var/log/messages04:28
Alan_Mdmsuperman, you trying to kill the guys pc? heh04:28
dmsuperman_Alan_M worst case scenario he would run mount -a to remount them04:28
geniineur0n: eg: umount /media/shared              possibly sudo needed in this case04:28
dmsuperman_it only unmounts if they aren't being used04:29
marshallis it possible to have a voice chat conversation over aMSN? if so, how?04:29
dmsuperman_and i wasn't thinking straight04:29
Alan_Mdmsuperman, true :)04:29
dan__it doesn't say anything about CDrom activity04:29
mofoi have a mount problem -- 7.10 on client and server,04:29
dmsuperman_TerrorBite: Alright, odd that it put that in there04:29
dmsuperman_TerrorBite: I'll brb04:29
mixedhey is youtube really slow today?04:29
Juzzy`My Shared Folders in Shared Folders in Applications -> System has disappeared, how do i get it back so I can share folders again (Mythbuntu 8.04b)04:29
dan__mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist04:29
TerrorBitedmsuperman_: sure04:29
neur0numount: /media/Shared mount disagrees with the fstab04:29
NoTownKasperWhen I boot, after the gdm themed login, there's about a 3 second spot, while the gnome splash is telling me everything's loading...that's still the bright orangish barf-color and even the system>Administration>login window>local setting to change background colors, hasn't fixed it. Any suggestions?04:29
mofosudo mount /home/mofo/Desktop/server04:29
jtismedan_ does it have anything like  /dev/sdaX04:30
dmsupermanTerrorBite: This is my other nick, in irssi04:30
mofois the command i use and it "used" to work04:30
dmsupermani just logged on04:30
geniineur0n: You have 2 things mounted to same dir?04:30
dmsupermanit didn't change anything04:30
jtismedan_  /dev/sdNA04:30
neur0ngenii: not on the same dir04:30
Juzzy`mofo sudo mount //
dmsupermanTerrorBite: And even the logon screen has a large virtual screen04:31
dmsupermanTerrorBite: Do you think a total reboot would fix it?04:31
Juzzy`mofo did that work?04:31
mofonope, same error04:31
Juzzy`what error?04:31
mofomount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //,04:32
mofo       missing codepage or helper program, or other error04:32
mofo       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try04:32
mofo       dmesg | tail  or so04:32
FloodBot1mofo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:32
TerrorBitedmsuperman: I'm in irssi myself. usually all you have to do is reboot the X server04:32
dmsupermanTerrorBite: I did, ctrl + alt + backspace04:32
TerrorBitedmsuperman: odd04:32
dmsupermanTerrorBite: Even the logon screen had the large virtual screen04:32
mofoi tryed the dmesg, but noting pertinent about mount04:33
AgentHeXi'm trying to compile a package, but it's written for 32-bit processor.  it uses things like casting pointers to integers and back, so i have to compile it for i686 or something, but when i tried changing the CFLAGS in the makefile to include -march=i686, i get an error that the CPU selected does not support x86-64 instruction set.  how can i compile the package for 32-bit?04:33
Juzzy`mofo sudo mount // /media/share/04:33
Juzzy`thats what i did and it worked :/04:33
dan__is there strictly a help channel?04:33
dan__or is this is?04:33
TerrorBitedmsuperman: perhaps add in a new virtual line, that matches your actual physical size04:33
Juzzy`dan__ this is it.. just be patient04:33
TerrorBitedan__: iswhay?04:33
jtismedan_  see if you have  /dev/scd004:33
dmsupermanTerrorBite: alright04:33
jtismedan_  ls -l /dev/scd004:34
NoTownKasperOnly problem with patience, some of us need our problems solved asap. :P04:34
mofonope, same error04:34
TerrorBitedmsuperman: I could do with a Virtual screen myself, I'm at 800x48004:34
Juzzy`NoTownKasper then buy support from canonical04:34
geniineur0n: Please pastebin output of: mount04:34
Juzzy`This is all volunteer help04:34
geniibah, left04:34
mofoi double checked my exports file, all is well, and restarted the nfs server04:34
NoTownKasperI refuse to pay for something that -should- be offered free. :P04:34
dmsupermanTerrorBite: It bugs the crap out of me :P04:35
NoTownKasperBesides, I'm not in a hurry this time, so it's no bother.04:35
Juzzy`lol NoTownKasper the o/s is developed for free, distributed for free and you want support for free04:35
mofostill no luck04:35
TerrorBitedmsuperman: it ca be annoying, especially when you have a big enough screen04:35
NoTownKasperNow you're getting it Juzzy` :D04:35
TerrorBitedmsuperman: but a 7" 800x480 is not "big enough"04:35
rycoleanyone know if apt-get has a package with apache's apr_dbd_mysql module in it?04:35
Juzzy`mofo unfortunately my knowledge is also limited, just have to wait till someone with better mount knowledge comes along04:36
rycolethe newest apache, 2.2.8 comes with it04:36
mofook, i thank you for the quick responses04:36
Juzzy`I try ;)04:36
NoTownKasperWhen I boot, after the gdm themed login, there's about a 3 second spot, while the gnome splash is telling me everything's loading...that's still the bright orangish barf-color and even the system>Administration>login window>local setting to change background colors, hasn't fixed it. Any suggestions?04:36
dmsupermanTerrorBite: I LOVE YOU04:36
Juzzy`I'm actually here to get help as well, but I try and fix the small issues where I can04:36
dmsupermanTerrorBite: and haha, yeah04:36
lucianhow do i upgrade to 8.04 using apt?04:36
dmsupermanTerrorBite: I keep finding 19" CRTs for free, so i keep em and find a use04:36
Midtronichowdy, There's this really awesume feature (a package to find, I'm guessing) I have on GG but not HH - my tab completion is a lot more "powerful" in GG -- apt-cache search <tab> shows any package that fits the match04:37
tonyyarussolucian: #ubuntu+104:37
rycoledoes anyone know when apt-get will be updated to download Apache 2.2.8?04:37
usserNoTownKasper, thats an annoying as far as i know theres no way to get rid of it04:37
dmsupermanTerrorBite: Using 2 for my desktop, took one to work to have triple monitor04:37
tonyyarussorycole: 2.2.8 is in Hardy right now.04:37
NoTownKasperusser: You're kidding...right?04:37
dan__where would the scd0 be?04:37
usserNoTownKasper, not really, i've been looking all over for a fix never found one!04:37
htmljunkiemacogw: you there?04:37
Juzzy`lucian http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227052 <- follow this guide but you want to go from gutsy to hardy04:38
wapkoNoTownKasper: hold on let me find you a link..04:38
NoTownKasperDamn...that's going to spoil my demonstration tomorrow. :\04:38
Flannel!upgrade | Juzzy`, lucian04:38
ubotuJuzzy`, lucian: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:38
jtismedan_  ls -l /dev/scd004:38
rycoleoh, i'm still on gutsy04:38
rycoledo these packages not appear for me?04:38
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy04:38
macogw!ot | htmljunkie04:38
ubotuhtmljunkie: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:38
dan__ls: /dev/scd0: No such file or directory04:38
Flannelrycole: Gutsy won't ever have 2.2.8, you'll get it when you upgrade to Hardy04:38
TooR4uHow to transcode video to audio file in audacity?04:38
jtismedan_ and you CD is in the drive04:39
rycoleaww, man. lol. i'm using slicehost, and they don't have Hardy, yet.04:39
TooR4uny ideas of transcoding video to audio format?04:39
tonyyarussorycole: of course not - it's not suitable for production environments.04:39
Flannelrycole: Well, Hardys still beta.  I wouldn't expect them to.04:39
wapkoNoTownKasper: look here. i believe this is what you asked for. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74586904:39
dan__yes, cd is in drive04:39
rycoleoh, ok.04:39
usserTooR4u, you mean extracting the audio track from video file?04:39
jtismedan_ ls /dev/cdrom  is it there04:39
rycoleso the only option is to compile it myself, then04:39
TooR4uusser, yes04:39
dan__ls: /dev/cdrom: No such file or directory04:40
TooR4uusser, I am using audacity for that .. but not working fine ..04:40
jtismedan_ how many physical hard drives do you have04:40
usserTooR4u, you can try ffmpeg its a command line tool but its really powerful04:40
dan__one is Sata though04:40
TooR4uyup .. I heard about that .... (what is the command ..?)04:41
TooR4uto convert .avi format to .mp304:41
geniidan__: Does /dev/scd0 exist?04:41
dan__it says it doesn't04:41
Joe3hi all04:41
NoTownKasperanyone remember offhand what black is in hex? :P04:41
TerrorBiteNoTownKasper: #00000004:42
usserTooR4u, hang on04:42
dan__NoTownKasper: #00000004:42
jtismedan_  when you do  df  -k  what  devices  (/dev/sXX) display04:42
Joe3anyone in here use ALSA for sound support on a Toshiba?04:42
=== bluefoxx_ is now known as bluefoxx
NoTownKasperLessee if that did it...04:43
Joe3I have used these set of instructions 3 times, first two times they worked like a charm, now I can't get them to work at all04:43
dan__jtisme:  http://pastebin.com/m669b592304:43
usserTooR4u, here go here and add the appropriate repository https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu04:43
neur0nIs this right: /dev/sdc1        /media/Shared      rw,user,auto,exec,utf8 0       004:43
neur0nin fstab04:43
Joe3neur0n: right to do what?04:43
TooR4uusser, okey .. lemme see04:43
neur0nJoe3: to auto mount on start up. its not working04:43
usserTooR4u, after that you'll get access to a whole bunch of multimedia programs that werent included in ubuntu for various legal reasons04:43
nickrudneur0n no, you don't specify the partition type (ntfs, ext3 etc)04:43
Joe3automount external?04:44
neur0ninternal HD04:44
geniineur0n: Specify filetype04:44
nickrudneur0n goes before the rw,...04:44
Joe3neur0n: /dev/sdc1   /media/shared    ntfs     ..................    0     004:44
Joe3(where ................ is what you have before ;))04:44
geniineur0n: I mean put filesystem type in that line. Like between /media/Shared and rw,etc,etc04:45
neur0nJoe3: nickrud genii: thanks. will reboot to test04:45
Joe3so luck on finding someone who knows a bit about the ALSA applied to a Toshiba laptop?04:45
nickrudneur0n only need to do sudo mount -a , no reboot necessary04:45
nickrudlate again04:45
jtismedan_  hold on04:45
Joe3how do I rename myself?04:45
Joe3think i got it04:45
nickrudJoe3 you need to go to a court04:45
FastZfill out a bunch of paperwork04:46
geniinickrud: The "ask and run" syndrome ;)04:46
Joe3hahahha that was good, I mean in here ;)04:46
usserJoe3, "/nick newname"04:46
Ububeginwhich pdf reader allows us to highlight or make notes in a pdf document.. I am currently using Evince04:46
NoTownKasperAwesome, step 1 complete.04:46
nickrudhello merc04:46
wapkoso NoTownKasper, what is step 2 ? :P04:46
NoTownKasperwapko: Figuring out a way to replace the background color...with a background image.04:47
neur0nthanks all. it worked!04:47
neur0n      04:47
* bluefoxx is away: /nick bluefoxx|away04:47
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:47
nickrud!away > bluefoxx04:47
wapkoNoTownKasper: the black bgcolor youve just edited ?04:47
jtismedan_  execute   hal-device  >/tmp/aa  then  vi /tmp/aa04:48
TooR4uusser, hee doc .. it is for installing the codecs ...04:48
* bluefoxx is back (gone 00:00:37)04:48
jtismedan_  search for the  word  rom or ROM04:48
NoTownKasperwapko: The new background color works just fine, but basically, I'm looking for as seamless a transition from the GDM login to the desktop wallpaper as possible.04:48
nickrudbluefoxx please read the pm from ubotu04:48
Ububeginwhich pdf reader allows us to highlight or make notes in a pdf document.. I am currently using Evince04:48
Joe3whoever asked about the pdf...I know there is a program, just trying to remember the name04:49
dan__jtisme:  ok, now?04:49
nickrudmerc   /part   to leave the channel04:49
jtismedan_ it mounted?04:49
Ububeginmerc: do you have any problem :?04:49
mofowow... solved. nfs-common was missing somehow -- just uninstalled itself04:49
dan__jtisme: no04:49
dot22is this the right place for asking about the beta?04:49
usserTooR4u, not only, but yea. well to convert to mp3 you'll need lame and its crippled in standard repository04:49
nickrud#ubuntu+1 is handling hardy questions until release,  /j #ubuntu+1 dot2204:50
jtismedan_ so did you execute the hal-device  command?04:50
bidget_I changed my name to bidget....04:50
wapkoNoTownKasper: i guess you can edit the same file to display the same image as you wallpaper instead of just the color04:50
Joe3http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=539595&page=4 I tried these instructions for sound but got no luck :( any suggestions?04:50
bidget_dunno what hal-device is04:50
NoTownKasperBACKCOLOR = home/pictures/blue-elephant.png?04:51
UbubeginJoe3: are u referring to Abiword or kword :?04:51
Joe3Ububegin: no that's not it, I have it on my computer but I'm not using my system right now so it has slipped my mind....give me just a minute04:51
usserTooR4u, after you have added the repository you need to install ffmpeg, so sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ffmpeg04:51
=== ady is now known as Rehxa
geniibidget_: Replies directed to you will normally be in red on your screen. The comment was for dan_04:51
UbubeginJoe3: thanks04:51
bidget_well genii04:51
bidget_I was connecting with the name dan_ before04:52
bidget_so I thought maybe it had connected and then disconnected04:52
bidget_and he was trying to talk ot me04:52
jtismeoh that explains it04:52
jarryyo, i'm jarry04:52
TooR4uusser, hee .. i have that .. (What is the command ...?)04:52
jtismebidget, did you execute hal-device > /tmp/aa04:52
lxuserdoes anyone know if i can disable the key combo ctrl + w some how?04:52
rycoleso, apt-get will not have apache 2.2.8 on it, until you upgrade to hardy?04:52
wapkoNoTownKasper: not sure. thin you need the xsetroot cmd to actually set the bg image04:52
bidget_um well I think dan_ might have also been someone else04:52
TooR4uusser, trying from 2 hours04:52
geniijtisme: Finally some clarity :)04:52
bidget_cause I really dont know what your talking about I just came here to get help with installing eve online04:52
lxuserim trying to play Enemy Territory Quake wars but every now and then i actually push that combo04:52
mofoshiat.. i accidently made a folder name with a space and cant delete it now04:53
dan__jtisme:  yes04:53
NoTownKasper...And now we get out into deeper waters where I don't know how to swim. :P04:53
jtismegenii yeah04:53
bidget_ah hah there is another one!!04:53
jtismedan_ are you there04:53
jarrylxuser: Hello everyone04:53
jarrybidget_: sounds painful04:53
dan__jtisme:  it spammed like, 90 some entries04:53
=== bidget_ is now known as b1dg3t
usserTooR4u, its ffmpeg -i videofilename -acodec mp3 -ab bitrate audiofile.mp304:53
jtismedan_  execute  this command   hal-device > /tmp/aa  exactly as shown04:53
jtismedan_ it will put the output in  /tmp/aa04:53
dan__jtisme: daniel@daniel-desktop:~$  hal-device > /tmp/aa04:54
NoTownKasperwapko: Any idea how I'd write that into the Default? I'm doing pretty well for my 3rd day ever using a linux machine, but I'm still learning here.04:54
dan__jtisme:  it didn't do anything04:54
lxuserdoes anyone know how i can disable the combo ctrl + w?04:54
rycoleanyone know if apt-get will not have apache 2.2.8 on it, until you upgrade to hardy?04:54
jtismedan_ yes it did, the output is in  /tmp/aa04:54
jtismedan_  ls -l /tmp/aa   tell me what you get04:54
UbubeginJoe3: did u get from Synaptic manager... or from some third party site :?04:55
nickrudrycole correct04:55
dan__jtisme: -rw-r--r-- 1 daniel root 94813 2008-04-09 23:54 /tmp/aa04:55
rycolenickrud, why is that? im on gutsy, but want apache 2.2.804:55
Ububeginwhich pdf reader allows us to highlight or make notes in a pdf document.. I am currently using Evince04:55
cybojanekDoes anyone know a solution and or reason why ubuntu goes back to crappy gfx drivers everytime I restart, even though I installed the nvidia drivers properly?04:55
wapkoNoTownKasper: im fiddling with it now. i'll let you know :P04:55
Fydalxuser: Ctrl+W would most likely be hardcoded into some apps; there doesn't seem to be a central setting for it as a "close window" shortcut.04:55
jtismedan_  good, now   vi  /tmp/aa04:55
geniirycole: Ask ubotu in private: !info apache2 gutsy            or !info apache2 hardy     to see what versions are available in each04:55
NoTownKasperwapko: Much appreciated.04:55
b1dg3tI am in here twice04:55
b1dg3thow the hell did that happen04:55
cybojanekDoes anyone know a solution and or reason why ubuntu goes back to crappy gfx drivers everytime I restart, even though I installed the nvidia drivers properly?04:55
bidgetah there we are04:56
nickrudrycole release philosophy is once a release is frozen, it keeps the same version and only gets bug & security fixes. The idea is stability04:56
Joe3Ububegin: sudo apt-get install xournal04:56
Joe3man it just came to me ;)04:56
jtismedan_ are you familiar with the  vi  editor?04:56
bidgetso does anyone know how to get steam to work?04:56
usserTooR4u, oh and you also need lame package so sudo apt-get install lame04:56
lxuserfyda, i dont think its built into Quake Wars ET04:56
ArmedGeekhow does one turn off the flashing cursor in gnome-terminal ?04:56
Juzzy`bidget theres a guide i used somewhere thats pretty easy04:56
rycoleso, everyone has to upgrade their entire OS and reformat whenever a new ubuntu comes out, if they want the newer versions of apache?04:56
dan__jtisme: no04:57
rycole(and want to avoid compiling from source)04:57
Juzzy`bidget https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMagazine/HowTo/InstallingSteam04:57
nickrudrycole no, they just upgrade in place no reinstall needed04:57
TooR4uusser, oh okey .. 1min04:57
Fydalxuser: Is that running natively, or under Wine?04:57
bidgetJuzzy`: I followed a guide earlier but I'm running into some problems and its not working properly04:57
jarryrycole: But supporting their blocks from gaining such knowledge, by promoting them to keep where they are with it, seems to be more of the imperial promotion than forcing them to learn -- at least in the latter, you acknowledge their autodidactic abilities. :)04:57
bidgetJuzzy`: cool I'll try that one thanks04:57
Technovikinghow do you close a msg in irssi04:57
jarryFyda: bleh, i'm lazy :p04:57
lxusernative fyda04:57
UbubeginJoe3: thanks will try it now04:57
jtismedan_  ok  i dont know  kate I never use it  hold on04:57
FydaTechnoviking: /wc or /window close04:57
Joe3ububegin: when you do alterations you just do "export as pdf" don't do save because it saves in a journal type format04:57
rycolejarry: i have no idea what you tried to say. lol. :P04:57
FydaTechnoviking: If you do that in a window where you're connected to a channel, it'll also part the channel...04:57
TechnovikingFyda: thanks04:57
jarryrycole: I kow Y=you a:0 have to up the email landed in junk foldeer? .  Some repellent character, I imagin e04:58
Juzzy`bidget that one worked for me .. but in the games (tf2) it was screwing up fonts so i added -dxlevel 81 to the command line for each game and it fixed it04:58
Fydalxuser: I don't know then, sorry.04:58
jtismedan_ do you know how to use  the  kde  editor  kate04:58
nickrudjarry very odd line there04:58
jarryJuzzy`: CURLOPT_POST, TRUE); Am I missing something cythrawll?04:58
lxuserfyda, thanks anyway04:58
bidgetJuzzy`: ok cool04:58
bidgetJuzzy`: thanks04:58
Juzzy`jarry I wouldn't have a clue :/ I'm not a programmer04:58
bidgetJuzzy`: oh hey one other question though04:59
rycolenickrud, oh, so would it be possible for me to update to the beta version of hardy without reformatting?04:59
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:59
bidgetJuzzy`: a new version of wine came out, how do I update to it?04:59
Juzzy`it should update when update-manager gives you updates afaik :/04:59
Joe3rycole: yes there is but I wouldn't recommend it....just reformat and clean things up ;)04:59
nickrudrycole yes, /j #ubuntu+1 for instructions and the current state04:59
jtismedan_ do u know how to use the  kate  editor04:59
Juzzy`I've never been a big wine user except for steam04:59
bidgetJuzzy`: ah ok so I guess whenever the update manager tells me04:59
damo23bidget, cross between budgie and midget04:59
dan__jtisme: I'm a linux nub04:59
Juzzy`bidget should do04:59
dan__jtisme: I'll try what ever though04:59
bidgetno damo23 its a bald midget actually :D04:59
Joe3dan__: we were all there atone point ;)04:59
SitUbuntuSitbidget, it might take some time to make it into the ubuntu repos04:59
UbubeginJoe3: so u just have to export it everytime u make changes... Cool04:59
bidgetSitUbuntuSit: ah ok05:00
rycoleJoe3:  it's on a virtual private server... i don't really have the choice to install hardy :P05:00
TooR4uusser, it is not working .. (Unsupported codec for output stream #0)05:00
bidgetSitUbuntuSit: so it should eventually just update automatically then05:00
Juzzy`LOL SitUbuntuSit I love the name05:00
=== snake is now known as albuntu
jtismedan_  ok   execute   kate  /tmp/aa   and tell me what happens05:00
usserTooR4u, hang on 1 sec05:00
wapkoNoTownKasper: i dont think you can use regular images with the xsetroot cmd.. i think were out of luck05:00
Juzzy`bidget yeah as long as you installed wine through the repos it will auto updaet05:00
Joe3I have to brag about this a bit, I was able to install Hardy on a system in 6 minute 10 seconds, from beginning to end ;)05:00
nickrudrycole lots of people do that, upgrade virtuals05:00
NoTownKasperwapko: Well, thanks for checking on it.05:00
wapkoseems the only "bitmap" you can use is a 2 color one05:00
usserTooR4u, did u install lame?05:00
mmهل هنا احد عربي05:00
SitUbuntuSitGood dog, ruff! Um, bidget, I like to wait for them to be included, but you could download from their site.05:00
Juzzy`Joe3 how?!?05:00
TooR4uusser, yup05:01
Joe3flash install :)05:01
mmهع هع05:01
Juzzy`So from CDrom to flash?05:01
Joe3I carry it around and use it as a live distro on campus05:01
bidgetyeah I tried downloading it from their site but it didnt work05:01
Joe3nope, hard drive to flash05:01
dan__jtisme: open session, or new session?05:01
bidgetplus it was in some tar.gz so that confused me lol05:01
Juzzy`bidget yeah I hate installing from tar.gz05:01
NoTownKasperwapko: Ok, since I'm here, and it's my last question, any idea where I can find an elephant-blue style GDM theme? lol05:01
Juzzy`apt-get is so much easier :P05:01
jtismedan_ try new session05:01
SitUbuntuSit!Arabic | mm05:01
ubotumm: For the Arabic language or Saudi Arabia you are invited to join للغة العربية رجاء انظم #ubuntu-sa05:01
Juzzy`I'm not sure but I don't think things installed from a .tar.gz auto update05:02
usserTooR4u, ok try dpkg -l | grep ffmpeg it should say medibuntu next to all ffmpeg packages05:02
bidgetsee the problem with all these guides are05:02
wapkohave you tried gnome-look.org or any of the other . only place i know :P05:02
dan__jtisme: I'll brb05:02
bidgetthey just tell you how to install them, but they dont tell you what to do if it doesnt work05:02
bidgetany idiot can figure out how to install it lol05:02
Joe3bidget: sorry what are you trying to install it?05:02
Juzzy`bidget that what error messages and google are for05:02
bidgetthere is no error message05:02
bidgetthats the problem05:02
NoTownKasperYeah...even googled around for a couple hours. Anything to keep from havng to mess with xml.05:02
Seq_I'm using xrandr to enable an external monitor on my laptop. How do I make the laptop's LCD keep the menu (it moves to the external when I enable it)05:02
NoTownKasperOh well, it's not important.05:03
bidgetthere is no error message, it just says connecting to steam05:03
NoTownKasperthanks for the help wapko.05:03
bidgetthen the window disappears and I have nothing05:03
mindguru08Hey Everyone05:03
bidgetjoe3 Im trying to install steam05:03
bidgetwell actually, Im trying to run steam05:03
bidgetits already installed05:03
FloodBot1bidget: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:03
TooR4uusser, yaa .. it is listing all installed packages05:03
mmهل يوجد احد يتكلم اللغه العربيه05:04
mindguru08i am on gOS and I just installed this IRC chat app.05:04
usserTooR4u, they all have medibuntu right?05:04
Joe3!Arabic mm05:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about arabic mm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:04
Juzzy`bidget .. run wine steam.exe from a console window... then you'll seee more info05:04
nickrud!arabic | mm05:04
ubotumm: For the Arabic language or Saudi Arabia you are invited to join للغة العربية رجاء انظم #ubuntu-sa05:04
bidgetI did do it from a console05:04
jtismedan_ it is past midnight here and I need to check out05:04
Juzzy`steam spits out all kinda info into the console05:04
SitUbuntuSitNickrud, I've sent there already... oh well.05:04
bidgettheres a lot of fixme: stuff05:04
prakritiis there a script that will regen menu.lst?05:05
nickrudSitUbuntuSit I saw that, he might have missed it: pidgin doesn't highlight05:05
TooR4uusser, http://pastebin.ca/97920005:05
bidgetalthough the reason it might not have worked was cause I didnt have gecko although wine said it would install it automatically05:05
bidgetI'll try it again05:05
Seq_prakriti: `sudo update-grub`05:05
CK_MYhow to convert all movie file to dvd ?05:05
Juzzy`bidget run wine iexplore.exe05:05
usserTooR4u, no these are no good, they are standard05:05
SitUbuntuSitnickrud, oh, wow, I don't know how people use a chat, or even terminal, for IRC when it's crazy like this.05:05
bidgetJuzzy`: ok05:05
Juzzy`it'll open up ie and it'll force install of gecko05:05
bidgetJuzzy`: ok cool05:06
TooR4uusser, Hmmm ..05:06
usserTooR4u, are you sure u added medibuntu repository? what ubuntu u running gutsy?05:06
bidgetah yes it is installing now05:06
Juzzy`steam probably can't run without gecko cause it uses it for the browsing window05:06
Juzzy`which is the first page to open iirc05:06
bidgetah I see05:06
bidgetwell I got the tahoma.ttf thing but I guess I neglected the gecko05:07
TooR4uusser, not yet ..I haven't added that .. Because i have already installed ffmpeg .. (now i will)05:07
Juzzy`bidget that guide has it all05:07
b4l74z4rhow do i delete old kernels in synaptic, do i search for image, headers or modules?05:07
CK_MYany good convertor from any file type to dvd ?05:07
mm /links05:07
nickrudb4l74z4r all :)05:07
usserTooR4u, should have done that first cause standard ffmpeg doesnt have mp3 encoding05:07
QuintinWhat is best image format to use for qemu ?05:07
TooR4uohhh ..05:08
Joe3b4l74: yeah just search linux headers in synaptic05:08
nickrudb4l74z4r at the very least, image-2.6.xx-xx and the matching modules, and you might as well clear the headers as well05:08
Juzzy`wtf 13:38:00 * FloodBot1 sets mode: +e speme!i=94e99f3a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-96f3c2f7e080b50805:08
b4l74z4rnickrud: are those 3 all of the kernel related stuff i should delete or are there more?05:08
nickrudb4l74z4r lets see:  image, headers, restricted-modules, module-backport iirc05:09
b4l74z4ris there any function to automatically remove all that?05:09
MrKeunerhi, can I log vino connections(any attempts) somehow?05:09
=== Ash908 is now known as Ashfire908
Joe3b4: not that I know of, I have thought that someone should make it though ;)05:10
nickrudb4l74z4r just double checked:  headers image restricted-modules backports-modules ubuntu-modules are the kernel packages I have05:10
bidgetok here's a question05:10
bidgetif I move the .wine folder05:10
bidgetwill wine still work?05:11
usserbidget, yes it will recreate .wine05:11
nickrudbidget no, wine expects to find that folder05:11
Joe3bidget: from my understanding it should ;)05:11
b4l74z4rnickrud: ok, thanks alot05:11
bidgetso is that a yes or no hahaha05:11
TooR4uusser, Now i have added that repository05:11
neo2nixAre the iptables for ubuntu pre-configured for the highest security?05:11
Joe3haha try it and if it doesn't, copy it back ;)05:11
Fydabidget: Hmm, I'd have thought that some files to do with the wine registry would be stored there?05:11
RandocalThis might be completely the wrong place to ask this... but here we go anyways =) If I hook a HDMI/DVI cable up between my Ubuntu machine (has an ATI X1600 pro in it) and my 50" plasma, will the video card properly detect the resolution that my plasma is capable of and offer me the full setting in my screen resolutions settings?05:11
harriseldonbidget: there is an environment variable called WINEPREFIX where you can override the location of .wine05:11
littlepinkdotNo one in #apache is helping me so wondering if anyone here has experience with it. I just clean compiled Apache2.2.8 and when going to the server ip/fqdn I get a Access Denied, the error log shows: (13)Permission denied: /home/ron-apache/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess  file, ensure it is readable05:11
Joe3there is no registry in linux05:11
nickrudbidget your previous wine install won't work, but will create a new blank one05:11
usserbidget, well its going to "create" a new windows "installation" if it doesnt find one05:11
bidgetwell basically here's my problem... I made my home partition like 15gb and my system partition like 35gb cause I thought that I would be installing applications and things into the system partition05:12
damo23Randocal: no harm in trying is there?05:12
usserTooR4u, yea now do sudo apt-get install ffmpeg lame05:12
bidgetbut now I find out that everything installs to my home directory, and it isnt quite big enough05:12
TooR4uusser, okey05:12
Fydalittlepinkdot: Check the file permission?05:12
Joe3bidget: use gparted to make it a little bigger05:12
nickrudbidget did you see the line from harriseldon above?05:12
bidgetharriseldon: thank you!05:12
Juzzy`Yeah you can change the wine dir in options iirc05:12
Randocaldamo23: I don't own a dvi/hdmi converting cable yet.... was hoping to dig up some answers before dishing out the cash05:12
nickrudharriseldon nice plagarized nick, by the way ;)05:12
usserbidget, alternatively you can create a directory in /opt called say windows05:12
bidgetah ok05:13
Juzzy`bidget or you can symlink :P05:13
harriseldonnickrud: I think my spelling is wrong, or so I have been told05:13
damo23Randocal: you might have to hack your xorg.conf to get the right res, but i dont see why it wouldnt work05:13
nickrudone two many r's I think05:13
bidgetso where is this WINEPREFIX variable?05:13
usserbidget, change owner of it to youreslf and create a symbolic link from .wine to /opt/windows05:13
Juzzy`yeah then you can put your wine dir wherever you want05:13
bidgetusser: thats kinda complicated and Im a noob I think I will try the wineprefix and just move the .wine folder into / or something05:13
usserbidget, resizing would more complex05:13
usserbidget, ok here goes05:14
Juzzy`symlinks are easy, hell i figured it out :P05:14
usserbidget, sudo su05:14
RandocalI"m pretty newbish..... when you say "hack my xorg.conf" are you actually meaning "create a modeline"?05:14
usser bidget, mkdir /opt/windows05:14
bidgetwell Im not going to bother resizing Im just going to move the .wine folder and tell wine where it is05:14
AgentHeXwhy?  WHY?  WHY GOD WHY?  *cries*05:14
damo23Randocal: adding WxH to the options05:14
bidgetjust a question05:14
nickrudusser next time, suggest sudo -i (stays within the ubuntu security policy, and preferred here)05:14
bidgetwhat is opt?05:14
usserbidget, chown -R <yourusername>:<yourusername> /opt/windows05:14
ussernickrud, ops my bad05:15
usserbidget, then exit05:15
bidgetk hold on you're getting ahead of me lol05:15
bidget1 sec05:15
usserbidget, cd ~05:15
harriseldonbidget: opt is a folder usually designed for binary only packages. It is just a naming convention and could be any location05:15
usserbidget, ln -s /opt/windows05:15
usserbidget, mv windows .wine05:15
irqpbroadcom irq ihttp://rafb.net/p/Ue2IcG21.html ssue05:15
b4l74z4rnickrud: is there a search string that all the kernel related stuff have in common so that i can easily find all the stuff that should be removed?05:15
usserbidget, err before mv windows .wine make sure u renamed/moved existing .wine05:16
bidgetah ok05:16
usserbidget, take your time05:16
bidgetumm whoa whoa05:16
irqphttp://rafb.net/p/Ue2IcG21.html i am having lockups with this wifi bcm43xx on hp dv8000z05:16
Quintinnickrud: sudo -i ?05:16
bidgetwell the whole point of me moving the .wine folder is because I am running out of space on my home partition05:16
nickrudb4l74z4r yes, the kernel version number, like  dpkg -l | grep 2.6.22 | grep ^ii  will show all installed stuff related to kernel version 2.6.2205:16
bidgetso usser could I not just move the .wine folder into my system partition and then tell wine where to find it?05:16
usserbidget, thats what we're basically doing05:17
bidgetusser oh ok05:17
bidgetusser hahaha05:17
usserbidget, its the simplest way to do really05:17
bidgetusser ok so I've changed the ownership05:17
b4l74z4rnickrud: thanks again05:17
bidgetusser: so now I have to move my .wine folder? or something?05:17
usserbidget, wait now05:17
usserbidget, yea05:17
TooR4uusser, i have uninstalled the current version of ffmpeg & lame packages ... and reinstalled them .. but giving same error ( I have observed that there is no change in dpkg -l | grep ffmpeg)05:17
bidgetusser: ok so where should I move it to then? and should I exit steam before I move it05:18
usserbidget, so cp -R ~/.wine/* /opt/windows05:18
m0zoneis there a way to populate the gnome menu with all installed programs aka kappfinder   i googled for last 15 mins not found a thing05:18
usserbidget, yes you should close steam05:18
bidgetusser: ok one sec...05:18
usserTooR4u, hm strange did u do sudo apt-get update after adding a repo?05:18
TooR4uusser, oops .. sorry i forgot that05:19
bidgetok its copying05:19
nickrudm0zone you can install the packages  menu menu-xdg  and you will have a new menu folder, debian. Shows just about every little toy you got05:19
bidgetya know the more I use linux the better it seems to get05:19
usserbidget, nice, so after its done just do rm -rf ~/.wine and triple check the command before you enter it05:20
bidgethey now Ive seen this rm -rf before05:20
usserbidget, thats how it works not only that you'll learn more about computers in general05:20
Fydabidget: Be quite sure that everything has been copied05:20
shane_trouble displaying the bottom of the screen in Firfox05:20
nickrudbidget in context it's a safe command, just type it exactly ;)05:20
shane_any fixex, other reports?05:20
bidgetehh ok05:20
bidgetah I see05:20
bidgetits rm -rf / thats the dangerous one right05:21
bidgetbut we're doing ~./wine05:21
nickrudbidget yes, and a lot of other places05:21
usserdidymo, precisely :P05:21
shane_Toshiba Satelite05:21
bidgetok so question before I delete the .wine folder05:21
Fydabidget: basically, "rm -rf foo" translates to "remove foo, all subdirectories in it, and don't prompt before deleting protected files among these files"05:21
usserTooR4u, ok so sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ffmpeg05:21
bidgetusser: I went to /opt05:22
bidgetusser: and there is just a windows folder in there... shouldn't the .wine folder be there?05:22
usserbidget, aha05:22
=== _CaNeS is now known as CaNeS
usserbidget, no you copied the contents of .wine to windows open windows it should look exactly like insides of your .wine05:23
nickrud bidget try ls -a /opt , you'll probably see .wine05:23
bidgetohh ok05:23
Fydabidget: No, because the command he told you to use was "cp -R ~/.wine/* /opt/windows" -- that means everything under .wine was copied over under /opt/windows.05:23
bidgetusser: yeah its in there never mind05:23
bidgetyeah I get it now05:23
usserbidget, kk cool05:23
bidgetfor some reason I was thinking it would copy the entire folder not just the contents05:23
usserbidget, one last thing cd ~05:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about menureset - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:23
usserbidget, ln -s /opt/windows05:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about menu - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:24
usserbidget, and mv ~/windows ~/.wine05:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gnome-panel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:24
usserbidget, navigate to ~/.wine it should have all the same files as before but now they are located in /opt/windows05:24
bidgetoh but I deleted .wine05:25
nickrudbidget mv in this case works like rename05:25
bidgetI see ok05:26
bidgetbut wait a sec05:26
bidgetagh Im confused05:26
bidgetohhhhhh!!! I GET IT05:26
usserbtw how do you create a named link?05:26
FloodBot1bidget: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:26
nickrudusser   ln -s target destination , like  ln -s /opt/windows ~/.wine05:26
TooR4uusser, Hmmm ... sorry dude . same error ..I think this is the problem (W: GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org gutsy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A278)05:26
TooR4uerror while updating ...05:27
ussernickrud, oh that works huh05:27
bidgetso what I did was made a link (which is actually a folder) and then just renamed the folder05:27
usserTooR4u, make sure you did that command wget -q http://packages.medibuntu.org/medibuntu-key.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update05:27
harriseldonbidget: yes, ln is like a windows shortcut on steroids05:27
bidgetharriseldon: yep! :D thanks everyone05:28
b4l74z4rshould i also remove old restricted modules that shows up when i search for "2.6.24"?05:28
usserbidget, no problem05:28
orange_how can i let things automaticly start with ubuntu after login ?05:29
hti_prohas anyone recompiled a kernel for ubuntu05:29
usserTooR4u, so how is it?05:29
dmsupermanguys, where are the mysql databse file stored at?05:29
Alan_Mb4l74z4r, wouldnt hurt i dont think05:29
harriseldonorange_ what type of things? desktop things or command line things?05:29
orange_terminal things not jet05:30
harriseldonorange_ put them in ~/.bashrc05:30
dmsupermandoes anybody know where the mysql db files are located?05:31
bidgetok so one last question before I find something new to ask questions about05:31
bidgetI start steam from a terminal window, but once steam has started, is it ok to close the terminal?05:31
bidgetor will that close the whole thing05:31
usserbidget, no this will close the whole thing05:31
harriseldonorange_ .bashrc is run for both graphical and command line sessions05:31
bidgetoh hmm05:31
Fydabidget: what's the command you use in terminal to start steam?05:31
harriseldonorange_ if you want it to startup even if you are not logged in, you can use a cron job05:31
usserbidget, put & at the end of the command this detaches it from terminal05:31
bidgetwine steam.exe05:31
Fydabidget: you could probably add an ampersand to the end (&) and that'd background it05:32
dmsupermannoooobody knows where mysql db files are located?05:32
levanderbidget: Stuff like that, just try it and see.05:32
bidgetwell eventually I will just make a script so I can have like a quicklaunch shortcut type deal, I can do that, right?05:32
orange_thnx harriseldon05:32
harriseldonorange_ yw05:32
hti_probidget: is this a steam server or client05:32
Fydabidget: Yes, and if you're launching it with a launcher icon instead of in a terminal, you wouldn't really need the &05:33
levanderusser: & doesn't detach things from the terminal, it just puts them in the backgroup, nohup detaches things from the terminal05:33
donkey7186Im having a problem someone please help me!!! how do i tell what type of model my screen is? i have  laptop!!!!!05:33
bidgetit depends on the brand of laptop donkey05:33
usserlevander, oh... yea. Remember hearing about nohup, my bad05:33
bidgetit shouldn't??05:33
hti_prodonkey7186: disassemble the display, even with the model number of the laptop it could vary greatly05:34
rootlinuxusreither go through the system settings or type ...crap what's the command05:34
rootlinuxusrthere's a way05:34
rootlinuxusrwhat kind of laptop do you have?05:34
donkey7186how do i disassemble the display???05:34
hti_prodonkey7186: their will be mfg. info on the back of the display05:34
levanderusser: and, xtoolwait does something similar for gui applications that nohup does for processes that don't have a gui05:34
hti_prodonkey7186: there are usually screws underneath the little rubber bumpers05:34
TooR4uusser, http://pastebin.ca/97921605:35
Alan_Mguys, lets not go into disassembling, that gets scary for a new user.....i have no other suggestions though..so...uh..yeah05:35
donkey7186hti_pro this is the problem. i put a external monitor on and then it messed everything up when i took it off05:35
TooR4uusser, I did like what u said05:35
rootlinuxusrwhat's your make/model and we can google around?05:35
Alan_Mrootlinuxusr, good choice :)05:35
Fydadonkey7186: Can you describe what you mean by "messed up everything"?05:36
rootlinuxusrCaptain Google, he's our hero, gonna take Windows users down to zero?05:36
hti_prodonkey7186: have you tried the Fn+F4 key...  I think that is the combo, it should have a pic of a display on the F4 key05:36
usserTooR4u, the command is ok its your ffmpeg that is messed up, its not medibuntu version so it doesnt have mp3 support05:36
donkey7186fyda when i restart it shows a pixelated screen05:36
hti_prodonkey7186: that should allow you to switch between crt and lcd05:36
usserTooR4u, enter this command wget -q http://packages.medibuntu.org/medibuntu-key.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update05:36
usserTooR4u, and sudo apt-get install ffmpeg lame05:37
donkey7186hti_pro mine is f7 and it doesnt work for some reason05:37
b4l74z4rok, i chose to completely remove an old image and synaptic automatically highlighted some other stuff for removal, is it safe to select complete removal for the stuff synaptic selected for removal?05:37
usserTooR4u, after that dpkg -l | grep ffmpeg and pastebin it05:37
hti_prodonkey7168: the screen is pixelated during the text part of bootup05:37
donkey7186fyda and also it says i cannot use any visual styles ( such as cube and all (compiz))05:37
Fydadonkey7186: "pixellated" meaning, the resolution is smaller than the actual physical resolution of the LCD panel, so it looks big and blocky?05:38
* Alan_M sits down backwards in my chair scratching my head looking at donkey718605:38
usserTooR4u, oh and -ab is specified in thousands so -ab 128000 or in your case -ab 32000005:38
Alan_Mi fix computers for a living, and im stumped :/05:38
donkey7186fyda no it has like a part black screen and part has green and white. and it has small boxes05:38
HaitianMidnightdoes anyone know if there is any progress being made with ATI Drivers, xserver, and Opengl flickering problem05:38
TooR4uusser, ohh 1min05:38
hti_prodonkey7168: have you tried reconnecting the crt and try rebooting??  and if so does the crt still work05:39
bidgetI made a script for running steam, is it possible to change the icon to like the steam icon or something?05:39
neur0nso it's been a while since ive used compiz. last time i did it was still beryl. i just installed linux with compiz..howcome my windows dont have shadows now? =[05:39
Alan_Mdonkey7186, let me get this right, your trying to dual screen your box?05:39
Fydabidget: you made a script file, and then a launcher icon? you could look at the launcher icon's properties (right-click, then edit Properties) and click on the current icon in the dialog that appears.05:40
=== Cromag_ is now known as Cromag
bidgetFyda: I didnt make a launcher icon or anything I just made the .sh file05:40
Fydabidget: Oh, well, .sh files don't have icons05:40
TooR4uusser, same error  after updating and changing the bitrate:( (http://pastebin.ca/979219)05:40
Fydabidget: but launchers do :P05:40
bidgetFyda: how do I make a launcher then haha05:40
=== dede is now known as ce_virgo
Fydabidget: well, you could make one on the desktop; right-click, add a launcher...05:41
donkey7186alan_m no im now just trying to fix my problem i had a dual screen. i took it off to take the laptop to school and now it has a wierd screen come on, my computer now doesnt let me use any visual effects either05:41
usserTooR4u, aarrg i see whats the problem05:41
Alan_Moh, ok sorry donkey7186 was just trying to figure things out from the beginning.05:41
bidgetok so how do I tell the launcher to cd to .wine and then wine steam.exe?05:41
TooR4uusser, Hmm .. :(05:42
utarpradeshhow do i link my currently playing song to my away message in pidgin?05:42
harriseldondonkey7186: do you have an nvidia card? did you use nvidia-settings to configure the multiple monitors?05:42
utarpradeshlike itunes does to the osx chat program05:42
Fydautarpradesh: There's probably a plugin for Pidgin that would do this; Google would know.05:42
usserTooR4u, ffmpeg was using old standard libraries update them05:42
bidgetgoogle would know...05:43
usserTooR4u, sudo apt-get install libavcodec1d libavformat1d libavutil1d libpostproc1d libswscale1d05:43
donkey7186harriseldon i have an intel graphics thing05:43
Fydabidget: You'd be surprised how much Google knows  and how much it's willing to share ;)05:43
usserTooR4u, that is strange it should've pulled them automatically05:43
Alan_Mdonkey7186, can we try doing something like restarting xserver to see if that helps out?05:43
usserTooR4u, but oh well do that command above and u should be set05:43
TooR4uusser, yahh05:43
donkey7186alan_m xserver?05:43
HaitianMidnightis there a workaround that would allow me to use compiz, and opengl apps without flickering05:44
Alan_Mdonkey7186, its the X windows system server, its basically what runs everything you see.05:44
b4l74z4rwhat exactly is header files?05:44
TooR4uokey ..05:44
donkey7186how do i restart it05:44
trollboyanyone here in SoCal?05:45
TooR4uusser, Hee .. workingggggggggggggg dude05:45
usserTooR4u, hows it looking?05:45
StroganoffHaitianMidnight, have you tried DefaultDepth 16?05:45
utarpradeshi can't find the plugin05:45
harriseldondonkey7186: You can use ctrl-alt-backspace to restart x. Last resort is always sudo dpkg-reconfigure xorg-xserver That will completely replace the xorg.conf file.05:45
TooR4uusser, thaks dude05:45
Alan_Mharriseldon, thanks again. heh05:45
donkey7186what will it do if i did that?05:45
TooR4uusser, u r awsome ...05:45
usserTooR4u, nice so there you go, btw you may wanna look at parameters of input stream in your case bitrate of movies sound was 12805:45
node357isn't that xserver-xorg ?05:45
usserTooR4u, so theres no reason to set output to 320 its not gonna make a difference05:46
Alan_Mdonkey, hopefully give you something to work with, like...maybe a desktop ;)05:46
donkey7186harriseldon what will that do? will it erase anything on my hard drive05:46
usserTooR4u, i do what i can :)05:46
harriseldonnode357: you are probably right05:46
mindguru08Where could I go to learn to work this better?05:46
harriseldonnode357: my mind works faster than my fingers. lol05:46
q_a_z_stevecan anyone help me with partimaged ?05:46
harriseldondonkey7186: make a backup of /etc/X11/xorg.conf first05:46
Alan_Mdonkey7186, no, i would NEVER give a user something that would delete critical things on a computer, its against my Code of Conduct as an ubuntu helper or "ubuntero" and beginner team member....05:47
BestNicholasCheck out my ad! http://atlanta.craigslist.org/ele/636894612.html Don't flag me!05:47
donkey7186alan_m no what?05:47
donkey7186harriseldon how do i get there?05:47
Alan_Mdonkey7186, no it wont screw up things05:47
BestNicholasCheck out my ad! http://atlanta.craigslist.org/ele/636894612.html Don't flag me!05:47
donkey7186alan_m so how do i get to /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:48
hti_prodonkey7186: is it just the X-windows that is not displaying right or is the text mode part of the boot pixelated as well05:48
charles|64hey folks is there a way to adjust my fan speeds while running?05:48
HaitianMidnightexactly how do you change the depth of xserver05:48
TooR4uusser, can i do private chat?05:48
Alan_Mwow, guys were throwing 5 different things at donkey, im getting confused also.05:48
usserTooR4u, im not registered create a channel i'll join05:48
donkey7186hti_pro its when i logon and when i try to run effects it doesnt work05:48
Alan_Mcan someone at least show him something right without giving 4 options, but only 1? thanks :)05:48
harriseldondonkey7186: you can do it from a terminal or use the run dialog in Gnome: alt-f2 and type sudo nautilus05:48
Fydadonkey7186: Ctrl+Alt+Backspace is a shortcut to kill the currently running X server. Usually it will also automatically restart. Of course you should make sure you don't have unsaved data before doing this.05:48
hti_prodonkey7168: i would recommend booting with the livecd, and copy the Xorg.conf file from the running livecd to the /etc/X11 on the hard drive and try rebooting.  That should give you a good config05:49
TooR4uusser, /join #ubuntu-ap05:49
Alan_Mdonkey7186, sorry man, im trying not to confuse you...thats getting hard with all the options here heh05:49
harriseldonhti_pro: that's a good idea05:49
Stroganoffcharles|64: sudo pwmconfig05:50
Fydadonkey7186: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xorg-server", as harriseldon told you, would re-do the configuration process for the X server, and in the process it would overwrite your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, so you might want to make a backup of that file before running it.05:50
StevenXHello guys. Can anyone point me to the best make-ubuntu-look-like-osx howto?05:50
hti_prodonkey7168: are you comfortable with the command line05:50
Alan_Mdonkey7186, how long have you been using ubuntu?05:50
Fyda!best | StevenX05:50
ubotuStevenX: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:50
donkey7186alan_m maybe 2 months05:50
Alan_Mdonkey7186, and..how many times have you touched the command line or terminal?05:51
FydaStevenX: I'm sure Google knows, there would certainly be guides around for that05:51
StroganoffStevenX: http://www.taimila.com/?q=node/1105:51
bidgetuh oh05:51
donkey7186alan_m maybe 5 times05:51
* Alan_M is trying to get a general idea of what to do..the easiest and safest route.05:51
charles|64hey folks is there a way to adjust my fan speeds while running?05:51
Stroganoffcharles|64: sudo pwmconfig05:51
donkey7186Alan_m how can i save that file on my desktop????05:51
usserbidget, whats up05:51
StevenXthank you all. i will try those suggestiong05:51
bidgetfor some reason... seemingly out of nowhere....05:51
bidgetumm shit what are they called...05:52
bidgetlike you know above your window you can see the X and the minimize button and stuff05:52
Alan_Msudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /home/yourusername/Desktop/Xorgcopy.conf05:52
bidgetand it will say the name of the window05:52
usserbidget, borders?05:52
bidgetall of that just disappeared05:52
bidgetyeah I guess that would be a good word for it haha05:52
usserbidget, did u start compiz?05:52
Alan_Mtype this in a terminal donkey718605:52
usserbidget, were u running compiz?05:52
bidgetwell Ive had compiz set up for a while now05:52
usserbidget, ok compiz crashed05:53
bidgetI see05:53
* Alan_M knows ill have to get em to change the name, im most certainly aware, wait up guys :)05:53
usserbidget, ALT+F205:53
bidgetbut I still have a desktop cube and stuff05:53
hti_probidget: nautilus is not running, you can restart X and it should fix it05:53
usserbidget, compiz --replace05:53
Stroganoffcharles|64 do you read me?05:53
bidgetalt+f2 didnt seem to do anything...05:53
usserbidget, should pop up a run command dialog05:53
bidgethti_pro: what is nautilus?05:53
rootlinuxusrfile navigator05:54
rootlinuxusri think.05:54
usserbidget, do u have an open terminal somewhere? can u open one?05:54
hti_probidget: ubuntus window manager....also a file manager05:54
bidgetyeah sure I'll open a terminal05:54
bidgeteverything is working fine its just I have no borders anymore05:54
hti_probidget: you can run nautilus from the command line, but you'll be left with an open terminal window05:54
bidgetwhat if I put & at the end05:55
hti_probidget: if you close the window it will still terminate05:55
bidgetusser: if alt+f2 doesnt work what can I type into the command line so that it will work?05:55
litiushey guys, did anybody upgraded their Ubuntu to "the next release" with keeping Beryl on it (not new Compiz), any issues?05:55
bidgetah ok I thought the & thing would solve that oh well05:55
usserbidget, compiz --replace & should do it05:55
hti_probidget: as someone mentioned earlier that only backgrounds the process05:56
bidgetah there we go05:56
bidgetthat fixed it05:56
Alan_Mlitius, thats kinda OffTopic and a hardy discussion, so..yeah05:56
bidgetuh oh I closed the terminal and the borders disappeared again05:56
hti_probidget: did you use compiz --replace or nautilus05:56
prathibhaI get a problem in volume control. "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found." This is the message I got when I clicked the volume control icon.05:56
litiuswhy is it offtopic05:56
usserbidget, sigh... did u compiz --replace &05:56
prathibhaCan anyone help me to solve this problem05:56
rootlinuxusrit means your sound device isn't being found05:57
usserprathibha, what soundcard you have?05:57
hti_prousser: even if you background it when you close the terminal it will kill it05:57
StevenXwhere in Ubuntu do I go to install a .emerald theme?05:57
Alan_Mlitius, were still supporting Gutsy in here, we havent gone to hardy yet, because its not release to the GP (general public)05:57
usserhti_pro, oh really05:57
Fydausser: Yes, that can be the case05:57
rootlinuxusrI got the same thing, and found some resource that made it work05:58
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpatrick or jussi01!05:58
litiusso, I take it "nobody upgraded their Ubuntu to "the next release" with keeping Beryl on it (not new Compiz) or had no issues?"05:58
hti_prousser: because it is like a new login session, when the session ends any processes owned by that session/user will also be killed05:58
q_a_z_stevecan't seem to get partimaged to talk to my client computer... Any ideas? Please?05:58
hti_prousser: i don't have much experience with compiz, but i had the same prob and it was nautilus crashing05:59
Amaranthlitius: Why would you want to keep beryl?05:59
FloodBot1NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.05:59
Fydalitius: Probably almost nobody, because you should be using Compiz, not Beryl.05:59
=== dan_ is now known as bidget
bidgetwell that was scary05:59
hti_prodoes anyone have any experience compiling ubuntu kernels05:59
usserbidget, u didnt see a half of it yet05:59
usserbidget, but anyway do that compiz --replace in terminal06:00
Alan_Mno need to get the users all freaked out, nothing big, daily thing in here pretty much hehe06:00
bidgetwell I had to reboot so its fixed now06:00
usserbidget, after its up try ALT+F206:00
bidgetbut I somehow managed to exit gnome and go to a command line06:00
bidgetso I had to log in again, then I tried startx but it told me that it was already running or something06:00
usserbidget, probably pressed CTRL+f2 maybe?06:00
StevenXwhere in Ubuntu do I go to install a .emerald theme?06:00
bidgetyeah probably06:00
bidgetso I just hit ctrl+alt+del and restarted haha06:01
hti_probidget: thats exactly what i was gonna recommend06:01
Fydausser: to elaborate: backgrounding a process means if you enter "exit", it'll auto-disown the process before closing the terminal. But if you close the terminal by clicking the Close button, that would still kill the process.06:01
bidgetwell it worked anyway hahaha06:01
usserbidget, linux has 8 or so virtual consoles that u can switch between using CTRL+F# in ubuntu CTRL+f7 brings back your x server06:01
bidgetoh ok cool06:01
bidgetuh oh06:01
bidgetsteam had a fatal error06:01
Alan_Mgreat, bots down :/06:02
hti_prousser bidget: but if you are in X you have to hit ctrl+alt+Fn06:02
usserFyda, why does it matter how u close the terminal if the process is in the background?06:02
hti_probidget: are you running steam client or server06:02
bidgetwhat is Fn?06:02
Fydausser: Because backgrounding != disowning, they are 2 separate concepts06:02
orudiehow can i rename a file in teriminal ?06:02
Alan_Mbidget, short for function06:02
* cherry eyes christel06:02
bidgetbut I just got it working, I ran it in a terminal and it worked again06:02
Stroganoffbidget Fn means F1-F1206:02
bidgetah ok06:02
hti_probidget: f1,f2,f3.....06:03
Fydausser: and it's just a property of the bash shell that it auto-disowns on exit; if you use another shell, such as zsh, then typing "exit" without disowning a running process would give you a warning about unfinished jobs.06:03
Alan_Morudie, i believe its rn originalfile newfilename06:03
hti_probidget: does it run well, I have not had alot of luck performance wise with wine06:03
usserFyda, hm... hm i never had faced a problem like that and i just did compiz --replace & and it didnt go into background for some reason probably why it terminated when terminal is closed06:03
Alan_Mnot RM...but RN06:03
hti_probidget: even simple non-graphic progs run slow06:04
usserFyda, oh i see06:04
usserFyda, right right06:04
Alan_Mbut..lowercase orudie06:04
bidgetwell I am just downloading installing the games06:04
bidgetso that will take a while, but I'll let you know how it runs06:04
usserFyda, like if u ssh and want the process to stay in background u'd use nohup pc &06:04
bidgetso far it has run perfectly, all the menus and stuff work06:04
orudieAlan_M, The program 'rn' can be found in the following packages:06:04
braydon619hey can anyone help me with installing tcl/tk 8.5.2? i'm having troubles and can't find help on google06:05
hti_probidget: definitely, pm me and tell me how it hoes, I am takin my a$$ to bed06:05
bidgetnight dude06:05
StevenXwhere in Ubuntu do I go to install a .emerald theme?06:05
hti_probidget: ...goes06:05
usserhehe hoes06:05
braydon619hey can anyone help me with installing tcl/tk 8.5.2? i'm having troubles and can't find help on google06:05
hti_procan you tell im tired???06:06
bidgetI didnt even notice the typo my brain just somehow fixed it when I read it hahaha06:06
braydon619hey can anyone help me with installing tcl/tk 8.5.2? i'm having troubles and can't find help on google06:06
Stroganoffbraydon619 WHATS ur problem??06:06
Alan_Morudie, um...wow..thats surprising06:07
Shiftyi have a questoin about installing a tvcard.... i have a pctv 150e that i want to use in ubuntu06:07
braydon619i'm trying to upgrade aMSN and to redownload i need new tcl/tk i think and i can't figure it out... i'm new to linux06:07
Shiftyi just dont know how to06:07
neur0nanyone know why window shadow's not working (emerald)06:07
Alan_Morudie, you can always use the full command rename :)06:07
FydaGreat. Looks like ubotu might be being flooded...06:08
Alan_Msyntax is still the same orudie06:08
Stroganoffbraydon619: amsn 0.97 is in gutsy-backports06:08
FydaStevenX: emerald-theme-manager. This assumes you have installed emerald from the repos.06:08
hti_propeace everyone, im out06:08
FydaStevenX: It also assumes you have Compiz running.06:08
StevenXFyda, thanks. I haven't done that.06:08
StevenXFyda, I do have compiz running06:08
FydaStevenX: OK, just checking.06:09
Netham45is it possible to forward packets coming to my server(locally from, internet) to
Six_DigitsAnyone here have alot of networking experience/knowlede? I could use a hand with something06:09
FydaSix_Digits: Ask the actual question?06:10
=== dede is now known as aaaa
Tyrn_I have see something really strange. One of the "fortune" commands give me the integral lyrics of "White Rabbits". The lyrics are not copyrighted ?06:11
StroganoffNetham45: set up 2 port forwardings per port in the router. one to the server, one to the client.06:11
Netham45Stroganoff, I do not have access to the router.06:11
braydon619can anyone help me with updating aMSN to .97?06:11
Juzzy`lol ubotu got done for flooding06:12
Netham45lol, I'd think that he'd have flood protection06:12
Juzzy`14:42:02 * Quits: ubotu (Excess Flood)06:12
Netham45Juzzy`, your clocks off. :P06:13
Juzzy`No its not :D06:13
palomer_how do I convert a tex file to pdf?06:13
Netham45[23:12] * ubotu has quit (Excess Flood)06:13
Juzzy`Yes, in your part of the world..06:13
Netham45good point.06:13
Juzzy`IRC is global ;)06:13
braydon619can anyone tell me how to install tcl/tk 8.5 please?06:14
StroganoffNetham45: maybe this helps: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/7306:14
=== Mizzle is now known as Mikeisadumbname
bidgetJuzzy`: you in australia or something?06:14
bidgetnice and warm there I bet haha06:14
Juzzy`Mild at the moment06:14
MikeisadumbnameHi, all.06:14
Netham45Stroganoff, doesn't iptables fail if the source and destination are in the same segment?06:14
Six_Digitssorry for the delay. its kind of unorthodox, but i explain it a few times her : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74957306:14
braydon619can anyone tell me how to install tcl/tk 8.5 please?06:14
ZeddieJuzzy`: where in Aus?06:15
Juzzy`~24 degrees celcius which is about 60F iirc06:15
MikeisadumbnameCan anyone hopefully help by pointing me to a place I can get wireless advice for Ubuntu?06:15
Shiftyhow do i go about getting support on tv card installation on ubuntu06:15
* N3bunel saluta06:15
Zeddiei'm in Newcastle06:15
bidgetdont worry about converting to fahrenheit :D06:15
* Juzzy` just assumes lots of other countries use F06:15
StroganoffNetham45 i dont know06:15
braydon619can anyone tell me how to install tcl/tk 8.5 please?06:15
braydon619can anyone tell me how to install tcl/tk 8.5 please?06:15
FloodBot1braydon619: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:15
Six_DigitsI basically want to connect a ubuntu pc to a vista lappy to share its wifi06:16
Netham45Stroganoff, well, I've tried everything I could find on iptables, and I can't get it to work.06:16
Juzzy`Since your on cable bidget I assumed it'd be USA06:16
Six_Digitsit works when I boot the pc to vista, but i cant get it to work on ubuntu06:16
StroganoffSix_Digits setup network sharing on vista.06:16
bidgethow do you know Im on cable?06:16
Juzzy`bidget is n=dan@208-98-222-72.cable.dynamic.sunwave.net * Dan06:16
Netham45 (n=dan@208-98-222-72.cable.dynamic.sunwave.net): Dan06:16
bidgetah gotcha06:16
Juzzy`Hi Dan :D06:16
q_a_z_steveStroganoff: hey, know anything about partimaged?06:16
Netham45says cable in there06:16
palomer_how do I install pdflatex?06:16
Six_Digitsok, lemme try it, ill be back in a few06:16
bidgetdo most countries not use cable internet?06:16
=== dfregntrhy is now known as snowdoll
=== snowdoll is now known as snowdoll2345
Juzzy`Most other countries use dsl variations06:17
Juzzy`internet over phone line06:17
Stroganoffq_a_z_steve: http://www.g-loaded.eu/2006/01/06/partition-images-with-partimage-and-partimaged/06:17
bidgetIm quite a fan of cable06:17
Juzzy`Simply because its already there and easy to use06:17
Netham45I love my cable06:17
Juzzy`As long as you've got good capable, ie >128kbps upload06:17
braydon619can anyone help me to install Tcl/tk 8.5?06:17
Stroganoffbraydon619: amsn 0.97 is in gutsy-backports06:17
bidgetoh yeah I have like a 768k upload or something06:17
Netham45I have ~1.5mbps upload and ~25mbps download06:17
bidgetits awesome06:17
braydon619what is backports?06:18
Juzzy`ahh bidget thats ok06:18
bidgetI used to have 10megs down and 1.5 up06:18
Shiftyhow bout them speeds06:18
Stroganoffbraydon619: why dont u google the words: ubuntu backports06:18
Giloucable rox06:18
Juzzy`damn you Shifty06:18
bidgetbut our family owns the isp here06:18
Shiftythe down is a little slow06:18
Gilou100 / 5 Mbps here06:18
Stroganoffits an easy way to install amsn, braydon61906:18
bidgetand the rest of the employees found out that we were jacking out internet up06:18
Shiftyits usually 30 down06:18
bidgetand they all got jealous lol06:18
Juzzy`Sucks to be Australian, i'm on 20/1mbit06:18
braydon619but i also need tcl/tk for plugins06:18
Six_Digitsi dont know if i can do it that way stroganoff, read my full ecplanation here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74957306:18
Shiftyjuzzy u like that?06:18
MikeisadumbnameAnyone any good with networking?06:18
Juzzy`Shifty yeah06:18
another_lifehi.. I want to type in greek... i went system- administration - language support and added the greek language, i applied and restart my laptop but still ic annot type in greek.  Do i need greek fonts? and if yes, where do i need to put them ?06:18
Netham45that's what I get when I'm not downloading a bunch of crap06:19
Juzzy`Netham45 thats similar to mine06:19
Juzzy`But i'm on ADSL2+06:19
bidgetI didnt know comcast was that fast06:19
usseranother_life, go to system->preferences->keyboard->layout06:20
tonyyarussoMikeisadumbname: you really should be more specific in your questions.06:20
Stroganoffbraydon619 backports is an official repository an includes all dependencies of the new amsn: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy-backports/amsn06:20
Stroganoffbraydon619: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports06:20
usseranother_life, and a greece layout06:20
tonyyarusso!wifi | Mikeisadumbname06:20
Netham45!ask | Mikeisadumbname06:20
Stroganoffbraydon619: the alternative would be to just upgrade to hardy.06:20
tonyyarussodoh, no bot06:20
Netham45oh yea, no bot.06:20
MikeisadumbnameIn that case, I have a new linksys wireless card that appears to work, in that it sees networks, but it hangs on connecting.06:20
Netham45!ask | Mikeisadumbname06:20
bidgetwhen does hardy come out?06:20
tonyyarussobidget: tentatively the 24th.06:20
* Netham45 pokes ubotu 06:21
bidgetIm going to wait until its not beta anymore06:21
tonyyarussoNetham45: It takes about five minutes to sync everything - let it do its thing.06:21
Netham45tonyyarusso, ok.06:21
MikeisadumbnameNo amount of fidgeting in KDE on my part seemed to fix that, so I was recommended to try Ubuntu.06:21
tonyyarussoexcept when it does that again..06:21
Six_Digitsanyone wanna take a shot at this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74957306:21
another_lifeusser,  yeah.. did that... do i need to set the keys with which i select the other language? cause i want english as default...06:21
MikeisadumbnameI have very little Gnome experience, so here I am.06:21
MikeisadumbnameI'm wired in right now, but that's temporary.06:21
bidgetlaptop running vista, connected to neighbors private wifi06:22
Six_Digitsya, i pay him, dont worry06:22
mneptok!offtopic | bidget06:22
bidgetoh ok06:22
Netham45mneptok, no bot.06:22
MikeisadumbnameI'm having the same problem where I pick up all the networks around, but can't connect no matter what I try.06:22
usseranother_life, yea in layouts tab theres layout options and in theres layout switching06:22
* mneptok grrrs06:22
Juzzy`mneptok its not like hes interrupting that much06:22
usseranother_life, you can also add a layout indicator to gnome panel06:23
Juzzy`If the channel had more activity then it'd be annoying06:23
tonyyarussomneptok: sorry, I don't know anything about grrs.  You can browse my brain at the last page of the internet.06:23
another_lifeusser,  how? cause ic ant find layout switching :(06:23
Netham45tonyyarusso, he said grrrs, not grrs.06:23
Alan_MJuzzy`, its still off topic,and mneptok is an OP...so...we still gotta respect his/her authoritay :)06:23
bidgetok well heres a question, how do I make a launcher icon execute a script?06:23
BogaurdI'm trying to create a mdadm raid 1 array... but everytime i try to create it, mdadm complains that /dev/md0 doesnt exist... how can I get the md devices to show up?06:23
mneptoki have authoriteh?06:24
braydon619when trying to install the aMSN backports i gives me a error: dependency is not satisfiable: tcl8.506:24
Netham45Alan_M, so is tonyyarusso. :P06:24
tonyyarussobidget: just use the path to the script as the command.06:24
usseranother_life, right click on the panel06:24
bidgetoh ok06:24
tonyyarussobidget: (and make sure the script is set as executable)06:24
usseranother_life, add to panel06:24
bidgetso I can just hide the script away somewhere06:24
usseranother_life, look for keyboard indicator06:24
Alan_Mlast i checked you does....might be wrong tho.06:24
mneptok!offtopic | mneptok06:24
* Alan_M hops in #ubuntu-ops and cheats :P06:24
Netham45Alan_M, he's an op in #ubuntu-ops06:24
* Netham45 is not a cheater!06:25
another_lifeaxhmmmm usser it seems tha ti can type in greek when I am in the add to panel window but not in office :(06:25
tonyyarussoAlan_M: nah, that'll give you some false positives.  You want /quote chanserv access #ubuntu list.06:25
bidgetso would I have to go into permissions on it or something to make it executable?06:25
braydon619 when trying to install the aMSN backports i gives me a error: dependency is not satisfiable: tcl8.506:25
tonyyarussobidget: yes, you will likely need to edit the permissions.06:25
bidgetand also when I make the launcher do I want to say application or application in terminal?06:25
Netham45tonyyarusso, /msg chanserv access #ubuntu list works too. ;)06:25
Alan_Mtonyyarusso...that command scares me..and actually helps me...i know who to watch my butt around then ;)06:25
* Alan_M isnt a trouble maker so whatever :)06:25
MikeisadumbnameWould installing a different wireless manager give me better results?06:26
another_lifeusser,  ok .. did it.. it works everywhere with the indicator on the panel... but what about the keys? :/06:26
tonyyarussoNetham45: yeah, but direct network commands are cooler.  No, I don't have any reason for that.  ;)06:26
Alan_M..at least not anymore, i got a CoC that can get slammed at me.06:26
MikeisadumbnameThe fact that I can see which networks exist leads me to believe it's not a driver problem.06:26
usseranother_life, what about them? :)06:26
Netham45tonyyarusso, lol.06:26
bidgettonyyarusso: do I want my launcher to be application or application in terminal?06:26
usseranother_life, you'll need some sort of stickers or a map next to your keyboard06:26
tonyyarussobidget: depends - what's it do?06:26
bidgettonyyarusso: well I have a script that opens up steam06:26
usseranother_life, i just memorized russian layout :P06:27
bidgetso basically it just navigates to program files/steam and runs wine steam.exe06:27
tonyyarussobidget: does it require any input on the terminal when running?06:27
bidgetI guess so yeah06:27
bidgetcause it would have to run a few commands06:27
BogaurdI'm trying to create a mdadm raid 1 array... but everytime i try to create it, mdadm complains that /dev/md0 doesnt exist... how can I get the md devices to show up?06:27
tonyyarussobidget: Does it require _interactive_ input rather, as in you typing things.06:27
bidgetno not really I dont think06:27
Alan_Mwow...theres actually only a few ops ive not met, i know and talk to most of ya heh.06:28
tonyyarussobidget: then regular app should be fine.06:28
bidgetwell anyway I'll give it a shot, if it doesnt work then I'll change it06:28
Netham45lol, I rembember gaming on Ubuntu06:28
Netham45playing Half-Life 2 through Wine06:28
prathibha In user login volume control is not working It is giving the following message "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found." How to solve this?06:28
vee_whats the opposite of this cmd: sudo ln -s /user/share/phpmyadmin phpmyadmin?06:28
=== uow is now known as `ghost
bidgetis there a way to change the icon of a launcher?06:29
=== `ghost is now known as uow
tonyyarussobidget: yeah - click the current one in the edit launcher thingy06:29
flatline-kunvee_: 'rm phpmyadmin' you can delete soft links just like files.06:29
bidgetwhere is edit launcher?06:30
Netham45vee_, nimdaymphp nimdaymphp/erahs/resu/ s- nl odus    hehehe.06:30
tonyyarussobidget: in the same window where you specified the type and the command, the icon in the upper left - clicking it will let you browse for a new one.06:30
bidgetoh ok cool thanks06:30
vee_flatline-kun why would one want a soft link rather than a smylink?06:30
q_a_z_steveStroganoff: that's not helping with my issue, I can't get the server to really start, it never shows me a gui, it doesn't communicate with my client...06:31
Stroganoffq_a_z_steve: you're doing it wrong.06:32
flatline-kunvee_: softlink = symlink. It used to be "hard" and "soft" links...now it's "hard" and "symbolic"...06:32
bidgetaw crap linux has different icon files06:32
* flatline-kun is showing my age.06:32
prathibha In user login volume control is not working It is giving the following message "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found." How to solve this?06:32
bidgetis there a way I can take an .ico file and change it to .svg?06:32
prathibhaIs there anyone around to help me?06:32
q_a_z_steveStroganoff: I just followed that guide, after I've tried about 50 times with others...06:32
=== ce_cr is now known as ans_great
Stroganoffbidget: in terminal: convert filename.ico newname.svg06:32
bidgetoh awesome06:33
bidgetthanks Stroganoff06:33
vee_flatline-kun thanks for the help06:33
dwaterHi guys - wondering how I can get some attention for a bug I'm hitting - 137619 - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/13761906:34
Stroganoffbidget it maybe better to convert the .ico to .png and place it at /usr/share/pixmaps06:34
bidgethey Stroganoff it says command convert not found06:35
bidgetwait hold it on tells me which packages to install, Im a retard06:35
q_a_z_steveStroganoff: is there a way I can test whether my Daemon is even running?06:35
Stroganoffq_a_z_steve: pgrep06:36
q_a_z_stevecan you give me a whole line of syntax? never used it b406:37
MikeisadumbnameAnyone have any ideas for my problem?06:37
MikeisadumbnameOr if there's a channel I could go to for network help?06:37
Stroganoffq_a_z_steve: pgrep partimaged06:37
q_a_z_steveStroganoff: pgrep partimaged comes back with 1947906:38
Stroganoffthis means its running06:38
bidgethey Stroganoff I installed the packages but the convert command still isnt working... it says "no image vector graphics (steam.svg)."06:38
Stroganoffq_a_z_steve: cd /proc/19479 ; sudo cat stat06:38
Stroganoffbidget use PNG instead06:38
StroganoffSVG is vector graphics06:38
Bryan_Sierrawhats the name of the program that allows you to virtually run windows through ubuntu?06:40
Bryan_Sierrathat isn't VMwear06:40
StroganoffBryan_Sierra: wine06:40
saltedlighthi. i'v used synaptic to select packages by task and i'v installed lamp server and open ssh. anyone can tell me how to find what packages i have? i though that phpmyadmin and other "tools" are already installed but they are not...06:40
Bryan_SierraStroganoff, no no. not emulation.06:40
StroganoffBryan_Sierra: virtual box06:40
Bryan_Sierrathat might be it06:41
dwateranyone help me about fixing a bug? I have downloaded the kernel source but can't identify which occurance of MAX_HWIFS to change.06:41
q_a_z_steveStroganoff: k, there's a bunch of numbers... but how can I tell if that's working right? I just went out to /var/log/partimage/partimaged.log and that says: qazsteve.pastebin.org/2869006:41
Stroganoffq_a_z_steve might be a bug http://www.partimage.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=1892&sid=91df12eeeafe85fa35d29f30b63b7ad306:43
q_a_z_steveStroganoff: http://qazsteve.pastebin.org/28691 cat stat06:43
unop_saltedlight, dpkg -l | less06:44
Stroganoffq_a_z_steve you might have to you a debugger. i'm clueless06:44
StevenXhello all, I was wondering if you could tell me where i set up my fonts for applications and such.06:44
Stroganoffuse a debugger06:44
unop_saltedlight, phpmyadmin might require installation06:45
StroganoffStevenX: settings -> appearance?06:45
saltedlightis php5 installed by default? full or just a part of it?06:45
tonyyarussosaltedlight: no, why would it be?06:46
saltedlightwen installing LAMP php is not instaled? :-O06:46
tonyyarussosaltedlight: if you install LAMP it would be, yes, because you just installed it.....06:46
unop_doesn't that depend on what P in lamP stands for ? :)06:47
=== MikeB is now known as Technoviking
StevenXStroganoff, how do i install fonts?06:47
Stroganoffsaltedlight: sudo apt-get install php506:47
saltedlightok :D but what should i install to be shure that i have the _all_ package?06:47
unop_saltedlight, if you mean, is phpmyadmin the same as php5? then no06:48
StroganoffStevenX: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts06:48
tonyyarussounop_: yes, but if you use the tasksel option it's php.06:48
q_a_z_steveStroganoff: that sucks, I even reinstalled it...06:48
tonyyarussosaltedlight: the all package?  huh?06:48
saltedlightno. i mean php 5 _full_ package06:48
tonyyarussowhat on earth are you talking about?06:48
saltedlighti know that phpmyadmin is not php :-"06:49
unop_saltedlight, you could just do. sudo aptitude install phpmyadmin # and be sure it's there :)06:49
Stroganoffsaltedlight: see this for extra packages: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=default&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=php506:49
saltedlightphp 5 full: dependencies tools and whatever there is about php5... this is what i want...06:50
SubOnedoes anyone know if there is a gedit plugin to get expanse/collapse of blocks of code06:50
octoberdanMy webcam works when I run ekiga, but when I run the "webcam"  program provided by the webcam package, I get "Device or reource busy," even if I haven't used ekiga yet. fuser /dev/video0 returns nothing.06:50
unop_saltedlight, errm, it's better just to install the components you want, the dependencies are automatically pulled in, you don't need to worry about that06:51
tonyyarussosaltedlight: Why would you what everything remotely related to php?06:51
adrin_jalalihi there, i just wanna know whether it's possible to install ubuntu or any other distro on a p990 sony ericsson smartphone, I saw the video on youtube, but no description is available i think06:51
jussio1!en | DAMNED:06:52
unop_DAMNED -- in #ubuntu-es06:52
jussio1oh :/06:52
Alan_Mjussio1, heh, unop beat ya to it :)06:52
tonyyarussoadrin_jalali: any idea what architecture the processor is?06:52
saltedlightbecause i want to learn everything about php, and i do not want to install parts of it in time... just do one install and have it all...06:52
jussio1Alan_M: The bot is broken.06:52
Stroganoffadrin_jalali: Wizolabo has used hardware modifications06:53
Alan_Mjussio1, yeah...that too...bots taking vacation to jamaica :P06:53
SubOnesaltedlight: but you're gonna confuse the situation for the environment your learning in06:53
=== prathibha is now known as guess
guessNo volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found.I am getting this error when clicking volume control in normal login.06:53
SubOnedoes anyone know if there is a gedit plugin to get expanse/collapse of blocks of code06:53
unop_saltedlight, well, not that i recommend it but you could do this then.  sudo aptitude install $(apt-cache search php | cut -c 3-30)06:54
tonyyarussoadrin_jalali: seems to be ARM.  I believe Debian has some level of support for that architecture.06:54
guessHow to solve the problem06:54
octoberdanWhat else should I try to see what's up with my webcam?06:54
octoberdanWhy would it work in ekiga but not in webcam?06:54
adrin_jalaliyeah wikipedia says : "The P990 runs the Nexperia PNX4008 ARM9 208 MHz processor from Philips."06:54
tonyyarussosaltedlight: you would never ever use everything that you could install.06:54
SubOneDoes anyone know if there is a channel for gedit?06:55
z1ohello, anyone here use vimperator?06:55
Alan_MSubOne, we are one of em :)06:55
tonyyarussoadrin_jalali: http://www.arm.linux.org.uk/ may be useful too.06:55
StroganoffSubOne: http://searchirc.com/irc-gedit-106:55
FliesLikeABrick_whenever I try to do anything with apt (gutsy), I get "E: The package linux-headers-2.6.22-9 needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it."06:55
guessIs there anyone around to help06:55
MikeisadumbnameNo one has any ideas for me?06:55
FliesLikeABrick_How can I just tell APT "force remove any parts of this package and forget about it"06:56
FliesLikeABrick_guess yes, just ask your question06:56
Alan_Mguess, look around, were all here to help, just ask your question mate.06:56
tonyyarussoadrin_jalali: Debian status is described on http://www.debian.org/ports/arm/06:56
guessFliesLikeABrick,  No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found.I am getting this error when clicking volume control in normal login.06:56
unop_FliesLikeABrick, what do you mean by "parts of this package" ?06:56
FliesLikeABrick_guess don't ask me, I'm saying to just ask the channel06:56
MikeisadumbnameI did a bunch of times and the only response I got was to ask.06:57
guessFliesLikeABrick, I already asked this question06:57
MikeisadumbnameHence my confusion.06:57
guessFliesLikeABrick, No one is replying06:57
StroganoffFliesLikeABrick: sudo apt-get -f install06:57
FliesLikeABrick_unop_ I just want to get APT into a usable state, I don't know what is wrong with that package and don't really care since I'm just going to install 2.6.22-14 once APT is working again06:57
adrin_jalalitonyyarusso: I see, it seems that would help, thanks06:57
StroganoffFliesLikeABrick: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:57
FliesLikeABrick_Stroganoff same error06:57
Alan_Mguess, being in this room requires patience buddy06:57
FliesLikeABrick_Stroganoff this error happens with seemingly any APT operation, I've tried install -f, dist-upgrade, remove, purge and others06:57
SubOneStroganoff: there was someone telling me about you06:57
vltHello. What cache to flush when `nslookup <host>` returns the correct IP from bind on localhost but `ping <host>` tries an old IP address?06:57
FliesLikeABrick_Stroganoff I've tried the same with aptitude instead of apt as well, hoping it might be more intelligent06:57
StroganoffSubOne: what did he/she say?06:58
FliesLikeABrick_this is an error that dpkg is giving, even when I do dpkg -r packagename06:58
guessAlan_M, k k06:58
tonyyarussoDAMNED: This channel is English-only.  For Spanish-language support, join #ubuntu-es.  Additionally, please consider changing your nick first.06:58
FliesLikeABrick_vlt what does "dig hostname" or "host hostname" give for the IP?06:58
unop_FliesLikeABrick, if you know the package name.  dpkg -i --force-all /var/cache/apt/archives/*packagename*.deb # but you really should look into the error you get and troubleshoot that way06:58
FliesLikeABrick_unop_ I don't have packagename.deb, that is part of the problem06:59
vlt /etc/resolv.conf points to localhost only. `dig` and `host` return the correct ip.06:59
FliesLikeABrick_I can't find this package anywhere online, I think it was from gutsy pre-beta testing.  This system has been off for a while, but it is remote and I can't find it06:59
StroganoffFliesLikeABrick: dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq06:59
SubOneStroganoff: I think it was in #xubuntu and I had an install issue06:59
unop_FliesLikeABrick, maybe you should show us the exact command and error you get, we can suggest better then06:59
Alan_M!pastebin | FliesLikeABrick07:00
vltFliesLikeABrick_: nscd is running ... maybe that's the problem ...07:00
SubOneStroganoff: I think he was saying you had an install script for low memory comps?07:00
Alan_MCrap..forgot again!07:00
StroganoffSubOne did he mean this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74163107:00
Fed00Rai have a problem about grub loader it starts command line when i type boot it says that " error 8 : kernel must be loaded before booting "  what should i do ?07:00
Alan_Mwell, im out for the night folks, i cant stay up ANY longer.07:00
vltFliesLikeABrick_: Yes, restarting nscd fixed it.07:01
FliesLikeABrick_vlt Stroganoff thanks for your help, --force-all was good enough to get past this.  I know that normally I should look into the cause of this, but given these circumstances I am really not concerned with it07:01
bidgethey I'm trying to change the icon of a launcher and for some reason when I browse to the file that I want to use it doesn't show up07:01
StroganoffFliesLikeABrick: i understand completely :D07:01
FliesLikeABrick_I'm sorry I can't take the time to troubleshoot it properly with you right now, but I appear to have APT back in a usable state which is really just what I need right now07:01
FliesLikeABrick_normally I would take time to investigate it fully, trust me07:01
Stroganoffbidget: just place the .png file into /usr/share/pixmaps07:03
Fed00Rai have a problem about grub loader it starts command line when i type boot it says that " error 8 : kernel must be loaded before booting "  what should i do ?07:03
bidgetah ok07:03
FliesLikeABrick_Fed00Ra it sounds like your menu.lst file is not formatted properly, and it is instructing grub to boot the kernel before spceifying the kernel07:03
FliesLikeABrick_Fed00Ra do any of the rescue mode options in grub work?07:03
dryeyesIs there a program for syncing with iPod touch for ubuntu07:04
Fed00Ranope nothing !! just command line :(07:04
bidgetsays I dont have permission to write to the folder Stroganoff07:04
FliesLikeABrick_you will need sudo for that bidget07:04
bidgetright gotcha07:05
jussio1dryeyes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPod?action=show&redirect=IPodHowto07:05
Stroganoffbidget: sudo cp filename.png /usr/share/pixmaps07:05
unop_dryeyes, sure, do you know how to edit /etc/apt/sources.list?07:05
bidgetalright I got it :D07:05
unop_dryeyes, then add this line in.  deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ipod-touch/ubuntu gutsy main07:06
Stroganoffbidget: you could also use ~/.local/share/pixmaps07:06
unop_dryeyes, and run this command.  sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude install gtkpod07:06
Stroganoffat least its supposed to work that way07:06
Stroganoffwithout sudo07:06
bidgetI did sudo mv07:06
dryeyesthanks unop07:06
bidgetand that worked07:06
FliesLikeABrick_Stroganoff FYI I think the way that package might have gotten in such a bad state was an NFS share holding APT data got disconnected at some point during a package upgrade/install or something.  It has been months since I was last messing with this machine07:07
bidgetwell, it worked as in I moved the file but it still wont let me change the icon of this stupid launcher07:07
bidgetI guess it can't be a .png file07:07
Stroganoffnfs share holding apt data? well well07:07
FliesLikeABrick_this particular machine has limited space on / so I mounted /var/apt via NFS07:07
FliesLikeABrick_yeah, bad idea ;)07:08
Stroganoffi see07:08
FliesLikeABrick_it is a testing box more than anything else right now07:08
=== p33 is now known as |p33|
FliesLikeABrick_but it is via remote and reinstalling isn't an option, so right now I'm most interested in updating this pre-gutsy-release machine to gutsy-release, then up to hardy07:08
StroganoffFliesLikeABrick i you like testing test this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74163107:08
Stroganoffits easy to test :D07:08
Stroganoffk forget that ;)07:09
=== reznik2 is now known as rezi
FliesLikeABrick_I'll take a look at it some other time anyway07:09
bidgetso Stroganoff what do I have to do to make the icon work as a png file?07:09
Stroganoffbidget it doesnt show up in the launcher editor?07:09
bidgetbut I notice all the other icons are .svg files07:10
Stroganofftry converting it to .xpm07:10
jefffromhellok, i got my ubuntu install to see my windows shared files yesterday, but it stopped. and i didnt change anything. what do i need to do to get it to work?07:10
Stroganoffi dont use gnome myself so..07:10
Stroganoffjefffromhell are you using the gnome file browser (nautilus)?07:11
jefffromhellyes. i was told to install samba yesterday, if that helps07:12
b4l74z4ri can't find a menu option to zoom images in gthumb with the mouse wheel, is there a configuration file i can hack to make that possible?07:12
FliesLikeABrick_Stroganoff I'm guessing he mounted something by hand without putting it in fstab or something to make it persistent across reboots07:12
bidgetno Stroganoff that didnt work either07:12
Stroganoffjefffromhell: in nautilus: ctrl+l -> smb:///07:12
Stroganoffbidget have you used the "show all icons" drop down menu in the launcher editor?07:13
Stroganoffbidget: another way would be to edit the launcher with gedit or some text editor and set the "Icon=" just to "filename.png" (path shouldnt be needed)07:13
bidgetwhere exactly is the show all icons thing?07:14
Stroganoffshould be at the top of the window07:14
Stroganoffmaybe i'm confusing it with xfce, dunno07:14
bidgetwell the video is called launcher properties and all it has is type, name, command, and comment07:14
bidgetand then I click on the icon to change it07:14
bidgetand then click on browse and browse to the directory the icon is in07:15
Stroganoffthe launcher editor sucks IMHO07:15
bidgetbut it doesnt show up Im assuming because its an incompatible filetype07:15
kindofabuzzis the only way to have multiple user in proftpd is to have multiple users on the system?  sorry #proftpd isn't talking =)07:15
jefffromhellStoganoff, nautilus is the default file browser for gnome right?07:15
bidgetI'll try changing it with gedit then I guess we'll see how that goes07:15
Stroganoffim pretty sure gnome can handle more formats then SVG07:15
Stroganoffjefffromhell yep07:15
buriedI need help07:15
buriedI can't burn properly07:15
buriedit seems to burn07:15
buriedI'm trying to burn an .iso image07:16
jefffromhellsok, i see mshome07:16
buriedopenSUSE to be exact07:16
|p33|kindofabuzz: use proftpd+mysql07:16
buriedcan anyone rec me a burning program that lets you choose boot options for the iso image?07:16
Stroganoffburied iso images contain boot infos07:17
Stroganoffwhat do you want to "change"?07:17
jefffromhellStroganoff, i see mshome07:17
Stroganoffare u using brasero?07:17
Stroganoffjefffromhell ok07:17
jefffromhelli clicked it and there is only one thing in it. its a tower that says ubuntu07:17
Stroganoffburied i hope you arent adding the iso to a new brasero compilation07:18
jefffromhellstroganoff, i clicked it and there is only one thing in it. its a tower that says ubuntu07:18
buriedIburied> it burns07:18
buried<buried> ejects07:18
buried<buried> but when I put the CD back in07:18
buried<buried> Ubuntu reads it as blank07:18
buried<buried> and doesn't boot07:18
FloodBot1buried: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:18
timo1teoi finally got it up and running!!!!!!!!07:19
SubOneStroganoff: i'll read this for a bit, maybe a little later, ty for this info07:19
Stroganoffjefffromhell, find out the ip of the windows machine and go go smb://192.168.0.xx accordingly07:19
StroganoffSubOne its pretty easy to install07:19
SubOneAnyone know if there is a gedit plugin to expand/collapse code blocks?07:20
FliesLikeABrick_SubOne I don't know about gedit, but kate can do that natively07:20
buriednot that I know of07:20
timo1teodoes anyone know where i can figure out how to get the drivers for my ati mobility radeon X140007:20
FliesLikeABrick_(native/no plugin needed)07:20
buriedkate is a KDE program07:20
buriedbut works fine07:20
FliesLikeABrick_buried so? I use it in gnome all of the time07:20
FliesLikeABrick_I'm just putting it out there as a suggestion ;)07:20
SubOneyeah i use Kate on my own laptop07:20
bidgetoh weak07:20
FliesLikeABrick_I use kate for all of my development07:20
Stroganoffburied: cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom driveropts=burnfree -v -data cd_image.iso07:21
buriedI didn't say kate is bad07:21
bidgetso Stroganoff apparently the icon files are "vector images" and I can't convert them07:21
buriedI'm just saying that it is a kde app07:21
travisatyou can collapse in vim too07:21
bidgetI just read it on the forums07:21
jefffromhellhe, um, Stroganoff, i dont remember how to find my ip07:21
timo1teodoes anyone know where i can figure out how to get the drivers for my ati mobility radeon X140007:21
buriedthanks Stroganoff07:21
Stroganoffjefffromhell: start -> run -> cmd -> ipconfig07:21
FliesLikeABrick_sorry buried I'm just used to people being like "Zomg I can't use KDE apps on non-KDE because I need to install a whopping 20MB of KDE libs!!" or somesuch07:21
saladdin19hey, this is prob a silly question, but i am having trouble compiling a simple C program, gcc is telling me that it can't find the stdio, i mean come on!, is there something that needs to be installed so that i can compile normally?07:21
jefffromhellstroganoff, i put that ip in and no luck07:22
Stroganoffbidget have you manually edited the launcher with gedit?07:22
bidgetI couldnt figure out how to do it :(07:22
bidgetI right clicked on it but the only options are launch properties remove and lock to panel07:22
Stroganoffjefffromhell: is the firewall service running in windows (it has to be for sharing to work) start -> run -> services.msc07:23
travisatsaladdin19: did you include stdio?07:23
Stroganoffbidget: use the console: gedit filename.desktop (use [TAB] for auto-completion)07:23
saladdin19travisat, yup, #include <stdio.h>07:23
Stroganoffor use gedit -> File -> Open ....07:23
travisatsaladdin19: hmm weird07:24
jefffromhellstroganoff, its off as far as i remember, but it worked before i had ubuntu on here, and as i said, last night it worked07:24
bidgetStroganoff: gotcha07:24
Stroganoffjefffromhell i dont mean "Firewall" in the control panel but the raw service07:24
saladdin19travisat, ur tellin me, but is there something special i need to do, im just you know typin gcc foo.c -o foo07:25
jefffromhelli know. the security center. i went and checked and its on07:25
Stroganoffjefffromhell: smbclient -N -L 192.168.....07:25
saladdin19travisat, i'm running a amd64 ubuntu if that makes any difference...07:25
Stroganoffjefffromhell in the terminal.07:25
timo1teoif i wasn't connected to the internet when i installed and it didnt get the latest security updates or whatever where can i get them now that i am connected?07:25
Stroganoffjefffromhell security center is the same as control panel but nevermind07:26
xtknighttimo1teo, update manager will let you know of updates07:26
Stroganoffjefffromhell: sudo /etc/init.d/samba start07:26
wizohey, i installed eclipse, but when i try to run it i get the error "A java runtime enviroment or java development kit must be available in order ot run Eclipse. No java virtual machine was found...." what should i install?07:26
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bidgetno Stroganoff it didn't work07:26
xtknighttimo1teo, it's an orange icon in the top right corner, if you have updates07:26
bidgetthe icon in it was gnome-panel-launcher or something and I changed it to /usr/share/pixmaps/steam.png and it didn't change the picture or anything07:26
xtknighttimo1teo, if you don't trust that then you can type "gksu update-manager &" in the terminal07:27
jefffromhellError connecting Error connecting to (No route to host)07:27
jefffromhellConnection to 192.168.x.xxx failed (Error NT_STATUS_HOST_UNREACHABLE)07:27
jefffromhellto (No route to host)07:27
jefffromhellConnection to 192.168.x.xxx failed (Error NT_STATUS_HOST_UNREACHABLE)07:27
FloodBot1jefffromhell: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:27
bidgetI found a website that will convert pictures into .svg files for you but unfortunately it requires flash which I've found impossible to install haha07:27
timo1teothanjk you07:27
timo1teothanks guys07:27
damo23timo1teo: if you installed without connecting to the net, you'll have to edit /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment out the repositories07:27
wizobidget:  i think i got flash installed07:27
bidgetyou think?07:27
wizobidget: yea, i can use youtube or some other flash sites07:28
bidgetoh nice how did you do it07:28
bidgetand are you on amd64 ubuntu07:28
flaccidwhere is ubotu?07:28
wizobidget: it's something like non free plugins07:28
xtknightdead i guess07:28
bidgethe keeps getting disconnected for flooding07:28
Stroganoffbidget its not really possible to convert .ico (pixel) to .svg (vectors)07:28
bidgetyeah I installed that already wizo, didnt work07:28
Stroganoffgnome HAS TO read .png and .xpm, ur doing something wrong07:28
wizoi use flashplugin-nonfree07:28
xtknightgnome has an icon cache07:28
timo1teothanks again07:28
xtknightwhich you may need to refresh07:28
jefffromhellStroganoff: Error connecting to 192.168.x.xxx (No route to host)07:28
jefffromhellConnection to 192.168.x.xxx failed (Error NT_STATUS_HOST_UNREACHABLE)07:28
bidgetyeah wizo I installed that and it didnt work, but oh well07:28
flaccidwell whats the best program recommended for ripping audio cds to .ogg ?07:29
travisatslashzul: do you have stiod.h in /usr/include?07:29
bidgetanyway Stroganoff I can send you a screenshot of it if you want but it just isnt working for some reason07:29
wizosorry i can't be more help to you bidget =(07:29
travisaterr stdio.h07:29
Stroganoffjefffromhell: can you ping 192...07:29
wizobidget: which site?07:29
bidgetwizo: that's ok :D07:29
wizomaybe i'll give it a shot :D07:29
bidgetwhat do you mean by which site?07:29
wizobidget: that flash thing you were trying to access07:29
bidgetoh any site with flash07:29
Stroganoffbidget: the created .png file is valid?07:29
bidgetfacebook, youtube, whatever07:29
jefffromhellstroganoff, im getting "destination host unreachable"07:29
bidgetyeah it works Stroganoff07:29
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
wizooh, :s that's weird07:29
wizoit just.. worked straight off for me07:30
MizzleOk.  So I've made sure I'm fully upgraded.  I can see wireless signal on the connection I want.  It hangs and fails every time I try to connect.07:30
MizzleBecause it sees the connection, I assume it's not a driver issue.  Is that right?07:30
bidgetwizo: I'm using the 64-bit version and apparently adobe doesnt have a 64 bit flash player or something07:30
wizobidget: i'm sorry to hear that :(07:30
Stroganoffyou could try to find an svg version of your icon in the webs ;)07:30
bidgetStroganoff: the png file works just fine its just that it wont work if I try to set it as the icon picture07:30
wizobut i thought they should have07:31
bidgetwizo: I think it will be fixed soon so its not a big deal07:31
wizoyea i guess07:31
MizzleShould I try ndiswrapper or something?07:31
bidgetwizo: I tried downloading and installing the 32-bit version of firefox to get it all to work but I couldn't figure it out lol07:31
shivamibMizzle get signal!07:31
jefffromhellstroganoff, im getting "destination host unreachable"07:31
Stroganoffbidget: i dont suppose the file contains special chars like spaces?07:31
Mizzleshvamib: what do you mean?07:31
bidgetStroganoff: what file?07:31
wizobidget: that's nasssty, lol07:31
Stroganoffthe file name07:31
MizzleI'm wired in right now from the wrong room, but that's a temp fix until I can get wireless going.07:31
bidgetno its just "steam.png"07:32
bidgetnothing fancy07:32
wizoMizzle: what problems are you having?07:32
Stroganoffjefffromhell: are you in the same ip subnets (i.e. both 192.168.0.X )07:32
jefffromhelllet me check ubuntus subnet07:32
MizzleWireless won't connect.  Hangs and then fails every time.  Sees the connection, but can't do anything with it, apparently.07:33
wizooh, weird07:33
MizzleI had the same problem on KDE, and nothing to fix it.07:33
jefffromhellstroganoff, how do i find the subnet on ubuntu07:33
MizzleSomeone recommended I try Ubuntu instead, as the support is better, and the userbase is better at troubleshooting.07:33
MizzleSo here I am.07:33
Stroganoffbidget: http://www.wine-doors.org/wordpress/07:33
Stroganoffbidget the tarball contains steam.svg07:34
tparcinawhat program should I use to send FAX over my laptop internal modem on Ubuntu 7.10?07:34
Stroganoffjefffromhell: settings -> networking or something07:34
iceswordlet 's see07:34
Stroganoffjefffromhell: or in terminal: ifconfig07:34
tparcinaI'm planning to FAX PDF and OO.o documents07:34
timo1teocan some direct me to the page in documentation i think that concerns the drivers for unsupported graphics cards07:35
timo1teoit was linked to me before but i can't seem to find it now07:35
jefffromhellstroganoff, only one i see is the localhost ip07:35
bidgetStroganoff: where do I find the svg in it...?07:35
timo1teoi have an ATI mobility radeon X140007:35
tparcinadoes anyone send FAX from Ubuntu? If yes, what program do you use?07:36
jefffromhellstroganoff, in if config, i only see ips, not subnets07:36
Stroganoffbidget: browser/wine-doors-icons07:36
bidgetoh nice07:36
Stroganoffjefffromhell i dont mean subnetmasks07:36
Stroganoffjust the first three ip bracketrs07:36
Stroganoffi dont know why you cant even PING your windows pc07:37
sjovanMizzle: have you tryed to comment out every other card in /etc/network/interfaces and set the wireless uip like this ---> http://pastebin.com/d38e879ea07:37
sjovanbtw... can't be shure if you wirelesscard is named wlan007:37
jefffromhellstroganoff, oh, then yeah, they are the same. and my pc cant ping my laptop...07:37
MizzleNo, I haven't.  Let me take a look at that link.  Thanks!07:38
bidgetStroganoff: I don't see a browser or wine-doors-icons in there anywhere aggghhhh07:38
Stroganoffjefffromhell: but you can ping your router?07:38
timo1teodoes anyone know how i can instal the drivers for my graphics card?07:39
bidgetI can't believe how difficult it is to do something as simple as change an icon07:39
Stroganoffbidget: http://www.wine-doors.org/wd-icons/steam.svg07:39
Mizzlesjovan: my card is named wlan0, but what file do I edit to look like that?07:39
databridgemy name is wlan107:39
jefffromhellstroganoff, never tried to07:39
SorbPfinaly i found this channel07:39
wizohey, anyone knows how i can get my eclipse working? it says i need a JRE or JDK07:39
sjovanMizzle: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces <--- and remember to put # on every other line, to deactivate it from the config"07:40
sjovanMizzle: after you have done that ---> sudo ifdown wlan0 && sudo ifup wlan0 <--- then it hopefully works :)07:41
Mizzleauto lo07:41
Mizzleiface lo inet loopback07:41
ralexandeanyone able to tell me if I install ubuntu beta if it will be upgradable via dist upgrade when the final release comes out?07:41
MizzleThat's the whole paste from that file.07:41
ralexandeor if ill have to reinstall when final release comes out07:41
Stroganoffjefffromhell is your windows set to automatic ip (dchp)?07:41
benanzoralexande: you can upgrade from any version starting with dapper07:41
jefffromhellstroganoff, i guess...07:42
Stroganoffjefffromhell have you some odd security software (symantec etc.)?07:42
SorbPok i have some quick questions before i move over to ubuntu on mylaptop, i've laready checked that my thinkpad is compatible wiht ubuntu, but what iwas wondering can i login to a microsoft windows domain trough ubuntu and use their VPN?07:42
sjovanMizzle: this is the rest of my condig btw... http://pastebin.com/d18e386a207:42
benanzoHowever, for the cleanest possible install you might want to install from the disk anyway07:42
benanzobut it should work anyway07:42
=== Handra_18 is now known as fay_cembiyan_CO
jefffromhellum, no security software...07:42
sjovanMizzle: yeah, so make thoes lines in the first pastebin that i gave you07:42
bidgetalright I give up on the icon thing07:42
bidgetcan anyone help me install flash?07:43
JanPeterholy crap... just got banned from offtopic for saying one SENTENCE about piracy, then was allowed 2 mins before kicked07:43
ralexandebenanzo: so it should upgrade to final version from the beta version without too much issue then?07:43
timo1teono one can help me with installing graphics card drivers? or linking me i can't find a good site07:43
StroganoffSorbP: if you want your thinkpad to be really fast use this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74163107:43
SorbPwow thnx Stroganoff07:43
StroganoffSorbP: http://tipotheday.com/2007/11/28/connect-to-windows-vpn-server-pptp-with-ubuntu-gutsy/07:43
saladdin19OK, so i just went into /usr/include and i don't see stdio.h!!! umm, how do i fix this?07:43
SorbPi will, butdoes that still give me all the great network tools that linux is known for?07:43
SorbPnice Stroganoff but will that let me access my folders on our windows domain servers?07:44
Shrugzany one know how i can kill evolution mail off and put something else on?07:44
MizzleLines are made.07:44
MizzleDid the next input into the terminal you gave me.07:44
StroganoffSorbP should do it. you should be able to test this with a livecd. just run: sudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp07:45
Stroganoffthen browse the samba shares07:45
Stroganoffi have no expierience with this though07:45
benanzoralexande: Not too much problem at all.  I've been upgrading since Alpha 6 to current with no problems at all.07:45
ralexandethanks for the insight :)07:46
jefffromhellstroganoff, no more ideas?07:46
SorbPok next stepp Stroganoff i have no built in dvd drive on this thinkpad so i will have to boot it from a usb stick, any guid on how to prepare a usb stick from windows for booting ubuntu?07:46
Mizzlesjovan, what was that next link?07:46
sjovanMizzle: okay. then se if it works now07:46
sjovanMizzle: just the rest of my config07:46
Stroganofffrom windows is not so easy07:46
MizzleIs there anything else I should run from terminal to see if wireless is working?07:47
SorbPah well i can run ubuntu trough virtualization here i guess and then format the usb stick07:47
MizzleOr should I just unplug and try it?07:47
jefffromhellstroganoff, thanks for your time but i need to hit the hay07:47
StroganoffSorbP: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick07:47
Stroganoffctrl+f windows07:47
sjovanMizzle: did you get any erros when you did the ifdown and ifup thingy?=07:47
=== ralexande is now known as alxandr
Stroganoffok jefffromhell07:48
SorbPthnx Stroganoff you rock07:48
kelvin911hello, how come when i format a floppy with usb floppy drive in ubuntu, deli linux can read it or mount it?07:48
sjovanMizzle: what does ifconfig say about wlan0?07:48
sjovanMizzle: did it get a ip?07:49
alxandrwhat IRC clients you guy using?07:50
kane77alxandr, xchat07:51
Stroganoffkelvin911: use one of these command line tools: http://www.togaware.com/linux/survivor/Format_Floppy.html07:51
MizzleIs that what's listed under inet addr?07:51
alxandrim using bitchx however i think i would like to try somehting a little more Mirc-ish07:51
MizzleIn that case, all it gives me is the
Slartalxandr: try xchat then.. it's pretty mirc'ish07:51
shivamibalxandr: bitchx is as irc-ish as it gets! lol07:52
saladdin19can somebody help me with compiling a regular C progarm, gcc is telling me that there is no stdio.h library07:52
sjovanMizzle: that sounds about right :) yeah, unplug07:52
kane77woot! suspend and hibernate both work in hardy (for me)!!07:52
Slartsaladdin19: have you installed build-essential?07:52
Stroganoffalxandr: use Irsii :D07:52
sjovanMizzle: if it doesn't work, then do another ifdown and ifup07:52
alxandrhaha i must admit I do feel positively geeky chatting from the terminal :P07:52
Stroganoffalxandr: you have tried xchat, right?07:52
kelvin911the formatter doesnt work for me07:52
alxandrits installing from apt atm :P07:52
saladdin19Slart, let me check07:52
Stroganoffkelvin911 whats the error?07:53
Slartsaladdin19: just run this "sudo apt-get install build-essential"07:53
kelvin911i have usb floppy for some reason floppy formatter doesn't work07:53
kelvin911it says doesnt recognize the disk geometry07:53
Slartsaladdin19: it's not a big thing.. and you'll need it to compile any software on ubuntu07:53
MizzleSame result, sjovan.07:53
timo1teohow do i set a sudo password07:53
MizzleI'm going to try unplugging and see if that helps.  Back shortly, I hope.07:53
Slarttimo1teo: it's your user password07:53
flaccidtimo1teo: passwd07:53
timo1teoits saying wrong07:54
timo1teohold up07:54
Slarttimo1teo: same one you use to log in07:54
kelvin911the disk i format in ubuntu, deli linux wont mount it07:54
saladdin19Slart, i'm installing it now, surprising it is not included normally...?07:54
Slarttimo1teo: check caps-lock, num-lock etc etc07:54
flaccidneed to be in admin group to sudo07:54
flaccidby default07:54
timo1teoim set as admin07:54
Slartsaladdin19: yes.. there must be a pretty good reason not to include it in the default setup..07:54
timo1teohold up07:54
SorbPstroganoff i did a fdisk -l and it only shows one device07:55
SorbPhow do i mount my usb drive?07:55
flaccidtimo1teo: if your are and the password is changed and correct then check /var/log/syslog and /var/log/messages07:55
SlartSorbP: same as any other drive.. mount /path/to/devicename /path/to/mountpoint07:55
StroganoffSorbP ubuntu has some sort of automounting normally07:55
SorbPok well i'm quite new, to this whats the standard mountpoint for a usb drive?07:56
saladdin19Slart, your my savior man, installing essential did the trick...are there any other builds i should include, i will be doing some socket programming, or does this include the standard Unix C/C++ libraries?07:56
timo1teoLOL its saying incorrect password i dont get this07:56
TerrasqueSorbP: /Media/<partition name> iirc07:56
timo1teoive tried my password and passwd07:57
SorbPso mount /usb/usb1?07:57
flaccidlook in /media07:57
kane77oops I was thinking I was in #ubuntu+1..07:57
SlartSorbP: as Stroganoff said.. usb drives, flash drives etc are normally mounted automatically.. but I usually use a folder in /media .. examples.. /media/usbdrive /media/usb /media/myshittyoldusbdrivethatwontmountautomatically =)07:57
SorbPhehe ok so if i ype mount /media/usb/drive it shold do it07:58
StroganoffSorbP you have to create the mountpoint first: sudo mkdir /media/usbdrive07:58
Stroganoffthe usb drive should be /dev/sda1 or something07:58
SorbPi have one of those07:58
Slartsaladdin19: the build-essential thingy sets up the compiling basics.. you'll probably need some dev-packages later on.. but you'll notice when things don't work =)07:58
SorbPi tought it was the harddrive but it might be the usb07:58
StroganoffSorbP could be sdb1, sdc1 etc..07:59
SlartSorbP: you can check what kind of block devices you have by running "sudo blkid" in a terminal.. you'll see the device name and file system07:59
SlartSorbP: ls /dev/disk/by-uuid also works07:59
SorbPit says that sda1 is ext208:00
SorbPso probably ot myy usb drive then08:00
Netham45I'm about 30 mb up in a document in VI, trying to delete everything below the cursor, how do I do that?08:00
ubotuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code08:00
SlartSorbP: what file system is on the usb drive? ntfs?08:00
SorbPSlart dont know ntfs or fat32 just opened it from the box its a sandisk titanium 4 gig08:01
sjovanSorbP: then try sdb1 or sdc1 or sdd1... it's all about how many disks you got...08:01
SlartNetham45: probably some gruesome 40-key sequence involving character you didn't know existed.. if I know vi correctly =)08:01
SorbPonly the harddrive and the one usb08:01
SorbPsjbrown try to do twhat with it08:01
shivamibmotion keys ftw!08:01
SorbPcommand and then what?08:01
timo1teohow do i reset my sudo password08:01
SlartSorbP: you can check dmesg too.. it usually writes some info when you connect the drive08:01
Slarttimo1teo: passwd sets your user password.. you are running regular ubuntu, right?08:02
timo1teoyeah im running passwd and its asking me for my current password and then my new one08:02
timo1teoand its telling me its not matching up because it wont recognize my "current" pw because i dont know what it is08:03
Slarttimo1teo: ah.. that would be a problem, yes.. hang on.. let me check the fine manual page08:03
StroganoffNetham45: sed '1,3005!d' > newfile.txt08:04
Stroganoffwhere's 3005 is the line on your cursor08:04
cptcirsshow to mount iso images as cd/dvd08:04
Netham45how do I get the cursor position in VI?08:04
Slarttimo1teo: try running this "sudo passwd timolteo" if timolteo is your username08:05
saladdin19Slart, thanks for your help08:05
cptcirssi am trying to mount a dvd/cd iso image on filesystem08:05
unop__sudo passwd $USER # should always work08:05
cptcirsswhat should i do08:05
ubotuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » or use the "gmountiso" package - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.08:05
timo1teookay hold up08:05
CK_MYhow to convert avi and mpeg to dvd ?08:05
StroganoffNetham45 i dont know but you can search the line with nano and press ctrl+c in nano to get the line number08:06
Slartunop__: ah.. didn't think of that.. thanks08:06
SlartCK_MY: devede is one software that does that08:06
SlartCK_MY: the version in the repos is a bit old.. but I think it does its job08:06
Netham45ok, I'm on line 13132208:06
sjovancptcirss: ---> sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 /dir/to/iso/ /dir/to/mount/point <--- the mointpoint folder have to exist from before. ---> man mount <--- is a nice car08:07
CK_MYSlart,  thx08:07
StroganoffNetham45: sed '1,131322!d' > newfile.txt08:07
SlartCK_MY: you're welcome08:07
StroganoffNetham45: sed '1,131322!d' /path/to/your/oldfile.txt > newfile.txt08:07
cptcirsswill os treat it as the cd /dvd08:07
cptcirssor just a folder08:07
CK_MYSlart, then u know about rm o rmvb?08:07
Slartsjovan, cptcirss: I think the -t iso9600 part isn't really necessary.. i've never had to use it at least.. I think mount does some auto-fs-checking before mounting..08:08
SlartCK_MY: rm as in remove file?08:08
bidgetcan anyone help me get eve-online running? It's supposed to be natively supported on linux but it isn't working :(08:08<