zoredacheperhaps, 'man iceccd' might tell him more00:00
magic_ninjaits a compiler00:00
zoredachetell you* rather...00:00
magic_ninjaits just bugging me that i have a random extra users going when i shouldn't00:01
AskariiIs it possible to install Xubuntu on a usb flash drive?00:01
TheSheep!install | Askarii00:02
ubotuAskarii: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:02
zoredacheI guess it depends on how you define 'extra'.  I think the who command will show you list of every username that is consuming a TTY00:02
TheSheepAskarii: in short: yes00:02
zoredacheor pty00:02
cody-somervillehmm... it seems that enabled sub-pixel hinting fixes the weird font in Xubuntu.00:11
TheSheepcody-somerville: what kind of weird font?00:14
cody-somervilleLike, it is all smushed together.00:15
cody-somervilleBut enabling sub-pixel hinting makes the font clear and sharp.00:15
TheSheepenabling hinting in general should have this effect00:16
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SubOneTrying to install the Xubuntu Alt CD, but it reboots every time I chose anythign on the first menu04:11
kebeven when you choose the memory test?04:12
SubOneno memory test runs04:14
kebif you let it run through the 8 tests you can be sure your ram is good04:14
SubOneok and then?04:15
kebthere is also the cd integrity check04:15
SubOnecd integrity check reboots too04:15
kebdoes it work in vga mode?04:16
SubOnewierd thing is first time i put the cd in it went through the install until it was ready to copy files then it said there was a file it couldnt access and when i rebooted it would reboot every selection i made.04:17
kebis the computer getting too hot?04:17
SubOneThis is an intermittent issue, not sure why, but i had the same problem before and i installed it ok, but i forget what, if anything, I did to fix it04:17
SubOnei dont know04:17
SubOneit runs windows just fine04:17
SubOneWindows XP04:18
viddyou need to set acpi = off04:18
SubOneok, how do i add that after i hit f6?04:19
viddeither acpi=off or apci=off04:19
SubOnejust a space?04:19
viddno spaces04:19
SubOnewell the last thing on that line is `quiet --`04:20
viddi dont rember where in the line you put it04:20
SubOneso continue with a space? `quiet -- acpi=off`?04:20
viddi think anywhere is fine04:21
viddtry it04:21
SubOnenope rebooted04:21
viddif it rebbots right away again the put it before quiet04:21
SubOnelemme try before the quiet04:21
SubOnestill reboots04:22
viddthen try "noacpi04:23
viddinstead of acpi=off04:23
MidtronicHowdy -- just a package question - I have a kubuntu install on GG, and I just put HH on my laptop.  What's the package that has the advanced autocomplete that I get in bash with GG?04:23
Midtronic(xubuntu HH)04:24
SubOnesame problem, reboots04:24
viddadvanced autocomplete????04:25
kebisnt that gnu readline04:26
viddSubOne, you have the menu open?04:26
viddhit F1 (the help window)04:26
Midtronicvidd, yeah.  completion for stuff in apt, for options for certain apps04:26
viddit should give you a specific example with noacpi04:27
SubOnevidd: yes it reboots on kernel load04:27
viddMidtronic, idk i upraded from GG04:27
SubOneit says pci=noacpi and i did that and same thing04:29
Midtronichm.  Yeah.  I could diff packages from the two boxes, but I'm a bit lazy04:29
MidtronicI'll just figure out out later :-P04:29
viddSubOne, im very tired at the moment...otherwise id run an install to see04:30
SubOneso im sol04:31
kebSubOne does the livecd run?04:33
SubOneno not enough memory04:33
SubOnei think theres only 128mb in it04:34
kebhmm i wonder if there is a text mode install04:34
SubOnethis is the text mode install lol04:34
SubOneis there another kernel on the cd i can try?04:35
kebthere may be a bug in the installation related to low memory. did you check the forums?04:35
SubOnein the livecd? theres supposed to be a certain amount of memory for the live cd to run i forget what it is... sec04:36
kebdunno about kernels04:36
SubOne128mb ram for livecd, but i think =>1mb of it is used for shared video, lol04:37
SubOneis there a better recommended distro for 128/127mb?04:37
kebi got fluxbuntu 7.10rc working in 64MB04:38
SubOnei didnt know there was a fluxbuntu lemme search...04:38
viddSubOne, is this an HP machine by chance?04:38
kebfluxbuntu seems to be bottlenecked a bit04:39
SubOneyeah its a compaq04:39
SubOnebottlenecked where?04:40
kebin terms of development04:40
kebStroganoff has made a script that installs xubuntu on low memory machines too, you can find it in the forums i think04:41
SubOnevidd: you have info on compatability issues with Xubuntu and HP machines? I have Ubuntu installed on my HP laptop04:43
SubOnei just dont know why the linux kernel wont load and im wondering if there is an alt kernel on the disk04:44
selig5 5-6+04:49
SubOneim still not getting it to work :p04:49
SubOneand i've still had no luck getting *buntu on a flash drive04:50
SubOneWhat I don't understand is why the kernel would load the first time i tried but then reboot every other time04:51
kebis the fan running loud?04:52
viddSubOne, i just have an hp pavilion that i had to do it with04:53
SubOnekeb: no04:53
SubOnekeb: i dont see how it would be an overheating issue Windows runs fine04:53
kebwindows underclocks the system if it is a hot laptop04:54
SubOneits a desktop04:54
kebdoes anything else run on that system now? maybe it got zapped with a static charge04:55
kebsomething other than memtest ;)04:55
SubOneno just windows xp... previously windows 98... memtest seems to run fine, but the other options reboot (every option that needs to load a kernel)04:56
SubOnei even tried acpi=off AND pci=noacpi together because F1 mentioned both, but still reboots like halfway through kernel load04:57
kebso it loads some stuff?04:57
kebwhat is the last message on the screen04:58
viddSubOne, just one or the other...not both04:58
viddand drop the pci-04:58
viddand drop the pci=04:58
SubOnevidd: i tried all the combinations04:58
SubOneand each together :p04:59
viddfor S&G....try noapci and then apci=off04:59
vidddont ask...its not polite!05:01
viddsmiles & giggles05:01
SubOnetry one then the other or both together05:02
viddone then the other05:02
SubOnekeb: it says Loading Linux Kernel then gets to an arbitrary amount of loading on the progress bar and reboots05:02
SubOnevidd: i did that but i'll do it again05:02
SubOneoh apci05:02
SubOnenot acpi?05:03
kebthere is no such thing as apci05:03
SubOnei thought so :p05:03
viddkeb, SubOne  http://osdir.com/ml/linux.drivers.prism54.user/2004-02/msg00073.html05:04
SubOnevidd: it was a typo05:05
vidddidnt i say b4 i was tired?05:05
kebSubOne is your hard disk full?05:09
kebhmm. noapic is a different option entirely from acpi=off05:22
kebone is about interrupt controllers and the other is power management05:22
viddthe power management is what he wants05:23
viddotherwise, he might want to check to see if his mobo has antivirus protection (protects the master boot record)05:24
keblooks like this was never solved for some people :/  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=32323605:25
SubOnekeb: no i am planning on putting xubuntu on the whole drive05:31
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redwhitewaldohello, can someone here with a fresh/regular install of xubuntu, please pastebin for me his xorg.conf file? thanks.10:23
ablomenredwhitewaldo, just run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg10:24
ablomentjat will generate a fresh xorg.conf for ya\10:24
redwhitewaldoablomen: ´╗┐: well, that doesn't put back my xorg.conf file the way it was before i enabled restricted video driver. 8-)10:25
ablomenit should10:25
ablomenjust pick a different driver form the list10:25
ablomenvesa or nv or whatever10:25
redwhitewaldoablomen: i don't geta list10:26
redwhitewaldoablomen: sorry.10:26
redwhitewaldoi take that back10:26
ablomenhehe :P10:26
redwhitewaldo´╗┐question one: " Use kernel framebuffer device interface?  " what should i choose?10:27
ablomenehm just the default?10:27
redwhitewaldoi guess that's YES.10:27
redwhitewaldo i have a microsoft natural keyboard elite (http://www.datavisionergonomics.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/292341_large.jpg) . is this pc104 or pc105?10:30
cody-somervilleProbably the default10:31
pc-illiteratei need some help with the enemy territory update14:38
cody-somervillepc-illiterate, Just say what you need then :)14:43
pc-illiteratehelp ?14:43
pc-illiteratei dont know what to do...good enough ?14:44
alphakampyou gotta give more than that, have you downloaded the update yet? have you attempted to update?14:46
pc-illiteratesure ive d/l it. attempted to how ? i have to executeable files. 1 is client 1 is server... dont know what to do with them14:47
cody-somervillepc-illiterate, See... that wasn't so hard was it? :)14:48
cody-somervillepc-illiterate, what is the link where you downloaded these files?14:49
pc-illiteratewell i assumed if you didnt have it, you didnt update it, and you wouldnt know.14:49
pc-illiterategimmee a sec14:49
pc-illiteratecody...you want a link to the d/l itself ?... its on linux-gamers15:01
pc-illiteratewell maybe it wasnt there... crap15:04
pc-illiteratewhat what ?15:06
pc-illiterateYou need to upgrade to the latest through the usual installers first, and then replace the engine binaries with the newer ones contained in the zip files below.15:07
pc-illiteratethats the instructions for the update....15:07
pc-illiteratehow do i replace the binaries ?15:08
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schlumpfhi i need to look at some pdf but cant find a good prog to do so what can be recommended i tryed xpdf and evince17:47
DamionI use a large external drive I loaned from a friend. I don't have enough space on my own hard drive to back it up, and I don't really know if I want to reformat it for FAT32 because I don't own it and if friend ever calls it back in, he uses Windows. Can I still use it even though it's formatted to NTFS or whatever the Windows standard is?17:47
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DartrunnerHello, I have Xubuntu 7.10 installed on a Compaq Armada 7400. I am having a problem with opening a terminal, I keep getting booted back to the login screen.18:14
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Damionso I'm using an ISO that has a hash validated on the ubuntu website18:20
Damionbut as SOON AS I MOUNT IT the hash changes to something different18:20
Damionam I maybe hashing the wrong file?18:21
Damionhashing the .iso gives me a md5sum that starts with 877ae9, and this is the correct one as per the ubuntu site18:21
Damionwhen I mount that ISO and run a md5sum check on :\md5sum.txt18:22
Damionit gives me a hash that starts with 96ca4218:23
DartrunnerOne is a hash of the iso file and the other is a hash of that text file18:24
Damionso if the hash of md5sum.txt isn't a valid sum of the CD18:25
Damionhow do you check the cd once you've burned it?18:25
Dartrunnerthe hash IN the text file should match the hash OF the iso18:25
DartrunnerI've never tried, don't know if there is a way to hash the whole CD18:26
Damionwhich hash in the text file?18:26
Dartrunnerif you open the md5sum.txt file that should contain the hash of a good iso.18:28
DartrunnerHashing is normaly used to ensure that the iso file you downloaded is good18:29
Damionso how do you check that the cd is good after burning?\18:29
DartrunnerI'm not sure, I have never tried, some distros have a check in the boot menu18:30
DartrunnerJust checked and Xubuntu 7.10 has an option of "Check CD for defects" in the boot menu18:34
DartrunnerI have Xubuntu 7.10 installed on a Compaq Armada 7400. I am having a problem with opening a terminal, I keep getting booted back to the login screen. Everything else seems to be working fine.18:38
Damionokay going to go and try burning and then verifying18:40
DartrunnerGood Luck18:41
StroganoffDartrunner, setup Xorg for DefaultDepth 1618:41
Stroganofffor this old laptop (333mhz?) i'd recommend my icewm desktop though, its much faster than xubuntu:18:42
Dartrunnerkk I'll give it a try18:42
Stroganoffi'll be back in 20 minutes if you have any questions regarding my easy to use install script18:44
DartrunnerWhere can I change the depth?18:45
Stroganoffsudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf18:45
Stroganoffor use: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg18:45
DartrunnerI can't get a terminal to run the command  : (18:46
Stroganoffalt+f2 -> xterm18:47
Stroganoffonly the xfce terminal should be affected by your bug18:47
DartrunnerStroganoff, could I bug you for a little more help?19:03
StroganoffDartrunner shoot19:07
DartrunnerThe reason I was trying to get a terminal was because the sound wasn't working19:08
DartrunnerI found a post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4690891#post4690891 that had a little about it19:08
DartrunnerI installed the linux-backports-modules-generic with apt-get, but now what do I do?19:09
DartrunnerI am just learning linux, and picked up this laptop for free, so trying to make it work19:10
Dartrunnerand changing the depth to 16 also worked, thanks19:12
StroganoffDartrunner: try installing this: http://www.4front-tech.com/release/oss-linux_v4.0-1015_i386.deb19:16
Dartrunnercan I use your scripts on top of what I have or will I have to start over from scratch?19:18
DartrunnerIt does seem a little sluggish19:19
Stroganoffstart over from scratch. but after my script is finished, there not much else to do. it's got many tweaks ubuntu is missing19:19
Stroganoffrun in terminal: lspci19:19
Stroganoffand see if your soundcard is detected19:19
Dartrunnernot sure what "run in terminal:lspci" means19:20
Stroganoffxterm: lspci19:21
Stroganoff"lspci" is a command19:21
Stroganoffrather a cli tool19:21
Dartrunnerkk  : )19:21
Dartrunnerdoesn't show a soundcard19:23
Dartrunnershould I just start over now, if your setup will run faster19:24
Stroganoffhow much ram have you got?19:24
Stroganoffok but its still considerably faster :D19:24
Stroganoffxubuntu boots up to 80mb usage, my script to 25-40 (depends on chosen bootup services)19:25
Dartrunnersimilar look and feel?19:26
Stroganoffi wouldn't hope it fixes your sound though. maybe the onboard soundchip is disabled in bios? :D19:26
DartrunnerI used a suse live CD and the sound worked, but it was dog slow19:26
Stroganoffwell you see the screenshots, dartrunner. the desktop and filemanager are from ubuntu. the panel might not have that many fancy plugins as xfce does, but its much faster and you can use the WINKEY to open the menu :D19:27
Dartrunnerno winkey on this old thing   lol19:27
Dartrunnerthe next test is my wireless card19:28
StroganoffDartrunner see this thread for sound: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=11449319:31
DartrunnerWell I'll give it a try, downloading the Ubuntu Alternate ISO now19:32
Stroganoffwhat about your wireless?19:36
v0lksmanhey all! quick and likely easy question: how do I move a panel config from one user to another? basically I have a panel design I want all new users on my system to get by default19:37
v0lksmanI'd prefer to copy my main panel config to a central location that xfce will use when creating a new users desktop19:37
Dartrunnerit doesn't work, but I haven't started looking at that yet, just tackling one thing at a time19:37
Stroganoffv0lksman you panel config is somewhere i ~/.config/19:39
Stroganoffcopy it to /usr/share/xfce or something19:39
Stroganoffuse tab completion to find out the exact locations19:39
v0lksmanyeah.....config/xfce4/panels  however simply copying that to another users profile doesn't work....the default panel still shows when I log in as that user....19:40
MidtronicHowdy -- I just installed Xubuntu hardy, and I love the background image that's used for the installer.. I can't find it on the CD, though.  Any idea where I might find it?19:40
Stroganoffv0lksman might be .config/mcs-settings or something like this19:40
Stroganoffcopy MOAR ;)19:40
v0lksmanhehehe...I tried copying the entire .config from one user to another...still no fly....doesn't make sense though...they are simple xml files and they don't reference folder locations at all....19:42
Stroganoffhave you chown'd them?19:44
Stroganoffchown -R newuser:newuser /home/newuser/.config19:45
v0lksmanyep...no difference19:45
v0lksmanI mean ideally I want to edit the "default" panel so that when xfce creates the .config structure it includes my changes....but can't find anything of the sort....19:46
Stroganoffyou'd have to use /usr/share/xfce4 for that (better use /usr/local/share)19:47
Stroganoffbut I don't get why its not working for you the way you tried19:47
v0lksmanif I use /usr/share/xfce4 do I just drop my panels.xml and all the launcher.*.xml files in there or does it require a special directory?19:57
Stroganoffa special directory19:58
Stroganoffscrap that, it is in /etc/xdg/xfce4/19:59
Stroganoffi dont use xfce myself so i just guess sometimes :D19:59
v0lksmanhahaha...good place to hang out then!  :)20:00
Stroganoffyeah well xfce is an important project20:00
v0lksmanyes it is....I switch back and forth between gnome and xfce...I like em both....20:02
redwhitewaldo´╗┐.mov files play in totem with sound, but it's all black for video. what's wrong?20:03
v0lksmanneed codec goodness....20:04
v0lksmanI might get shot here but the w32codecs will likely make it work20:04
redwhitewaldov0lksman: i got the codecs already, didn't i?20:04
redwhitewaldoi downloaded the, um, ubuntu-extra-codecs or soemthing like that.20:05
v0lksmanmight help20:06
v0lksmanother thing would be to try VLC...it has a nice set of internal codecs20:06
Stroganoffredwhitewaldo you need more thatn restricted-extras, check medibuntu20:06
redwhitewaldoStroganoff: oh, i thought that restrickted-extras had everything20:07
n-iCewhen is gonna be the 8.04 version released?20:07
redwhitewaldook. i'll check mediumbunt20:07
Stroganoffalthough your problem might be something else, im not sure20:07
redwhitewaldon-iCe: 24th20:07
n-iCeapril, right?20:07
redwhitewaldoStroganoff: how can we check what hte problem is before installing medibuntu20:07
redwhitewaldon-iCe: yes.20:07
n-iCeAny idea about new changes?20:07
Stroganoffredwhitewaldo, medibuntu is really safe and quite essential. install it and check after that :p20:08
redwhitewaldoStroganoff: i'm on that page. now how do i install medibuntu20:11
Stroganoffread that page.20:11
redwhitewaldoi'm on xubuntu 8.04 by the way20:11
Stroganoffsee gutsy instructions on "Adding the Repositories"20:11
v0lksmanthey've updated it for hardy... :)20:12
Stroganoffyeah i just confused 8.04 with gutsy :D20:13
redwhitewaldoinstalling w32codecs didn't help20:14
v0lksmanare you 64 bit?20:15
v0lksmanthis is a divx or xvid file you are trying to play right?20:15
redwhitewaldov0lksman: i'm on 32bit xubuntu 8.04. and am trying to play the .mov files on http://www.montanameth.org/View_Ads/index.php20:16
v0lksmanahhh....you need to make sure that the plugin for firefox has been loaded for a mediaplayer that has access to that codec...I think mplayer has a ff plugin20:17
redwhitewaldov0lksman: but i'm saving the file to desktop. and totem (standalone. not plugin) is playing the file20:17
v0lksmanyeah....its the plugin that is failing to play it....I know I've messed with that before...can't remember the fix off hand though....20:18
v0lksmanI'm pretty sure you either need the gstreamer plugin or mplayer....one of the two will fix it....20:18
redwhitewaldov0lksman: we seem to be not understanding each other. It is NOT a plugin.20:18
redwhitewaldoNOT a plugin20:18
redwhitewaldofirefox is NOT playing the file.20:19
Linuturkwhat's the easiest way to get xfce back to it's default look?20:19
redwhitewaldoi am downloading the file (See the "Save As" links on the ads)20:19
Linuturkvanilla xfce, not the xubuntu style20:19
v0lksmanlinuturk: delete ~/.config/xfce420:19
Linuturkso, that's controlled in /etc/skel ?20:20
v0lksmannot sure...that's why I'm here...hahaha...but the .config structure holds your settings20:20
v0lksmanredwhitewaldo: not sure then....the codecs should have made it work....I can only suggest trying VLC or mplayer....see if they do the same thing (they use different codecs)20:21
Stroganoffredwhitewaldo what he meant is that totem uses distinguished backends for decoding the movie. either gstreamer or xine.20:21
Stroganoffyou can try mplayer (standalone) or vlc, they have their own backends20:21
redwhitewaldook. i 'll try vlc20:22
redwhitewaldoi do prefer totem to do everything, though20:22
Stroganoffi prefer neither for none is able to place .srt subtitles below the 16:9 frame without some displacing voodoo20:24
Stroganoffthat might be offtopic though :D20:24
S0210Hi! Is there a built in "search for a file" app in Hardy?20:40
StroganoffS0210: sudo apt-get install catfish20:41
maxamillionS0210: not built in, but the catfish app that Stroganoff mentioned is basically the defacto search app for xubuntu20:43
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DartrunnerStroganoff, you still out there/22:11
DartrunnerI am at the edit the script file part22:11
Stroganoffyou dont have to edit that anymore22:12
Dartrunnerand I can't findit22:12
Stroganoffi replaced it with user driven menus22:12
Dartrunnerall I see is an install.sh22:12
Dartrunnerjust run install.sh then?22:12
DartrunnerWhat is the difference between Thundar and XFE?22:20
StroganoffThunar is more easy to use and more pretty22:21
Stroganoffxfe is for oldschool freaks and its a bit more lightweight22:21
DartrunnerHow do I know if I can use ACPI? I see a message when it boot saying something about forcing ACPI22:26
Stroganoffwere you able to suspend/standby/hibernate with xubuntu?22:27
Stroganoffhad you any problems with closing your lid?22:28
Stroganoffi would enable (install) ACPI. you can uninstall or tweak in if you run into problems (some screwed up notebooks have problems with acpi without their proprietary drivers)22:29
Dartrunnerhadn't got around to trying it yet, I know that it never shut off, not even the screen. Just stayed on from the time I installed X on it.22:29
Stroganoffthat doesnt sound good22:29
Stroganoffalthough i dont know the default settings of xubuntu in terms of suspend on inactivity22:30
Stroganoffit also depends on bios settings22:30
Stroganoffeven without acpi you might be able to hibernate and you WILL be able to blank the screen after some minutes22:31
DartrunnerI don't see a pentium II on the CPU list22:32
Dartrunnercan I use i686?22:33
DartrunnerHate to keep asking dumb questions, but how do I choose the appearance? I don't know what any of them look like.22:35
Stroganoffyou mean the menu button?22:35
Stroganoffits just the button on the bottom left:22:36
Stroganoffalways the same logo, just with different words22:36
Dartrunnercan it be changed after?22:38
Stroganoffits just a little image22:38
Dartrunnershould I start Conky? does that detect USB devices?22:40
Stroganofflol i should change that helptext22:40
Stroganoffconky is just hardware info on desktop like in this screenshot:22:40
DartrunnerI saw that or something like it on DSL, pretty neat22:42
DartrunnerJust crapped out22:42
Stroganoffit's the same program22:43
DartrunnerNo LSB modules are available.22:43
Stroganoffthats not an error message22:43
Dartrunnerunexpected EOF while looking for matching ""22:43
Dartrunnerin line 83922:44
Dartrunnershould I try again?22:45
Stroganoffthats really unexpected22:46
Stroganoffmust be some typo22:46
Dartrunneractually looks like a superscript backwards J`"22:47
Stroganoffgive me some minutes22:48
Stroganoffok i fixed it Dartrunner22:52
Stroganoffi'm sory22:52
Stroganoffone moment plz22:52
Dartrunnernp, I don't mind. Learn alot debuging something22:52
Dartrunnerjust wish I knew more about linux22:53
DartrunnerCan fix just about any windows problem from 95 to server200322:53
Stroganoffme too22:54
Stroganoffok cd ..22:54
Stroganoffrm -rf ubuntu-light-script22:54
Dartrunnerlooks like your way ahead of me on linux22:54
Stroganoffit was just a missing " in my script (last minute change)22:54
Dartrunnerdo I need to cd back to /22:54
Stroganoffyou can run this in your home directory22:55
Stroganoffback to ~22:55
Stroganoff~ = your home22:55
Stroganoffdelete the script and redownload it22:56
Stroganoffrm -rf ubuntu-light-script*22:56
Stroganoffthis deletes the directory and the .tar.gz22:56
Dartrunnerwhat does the -rf switches mean?22:57
Stroganoffmore errors :D22:57
Stroganoffcrappy last minutes changes22:58
Dartrunnershould I see something, or does it not show you what it is doing/22:58
Dartrunnerstupid keyboard22:58
Stroganoffwith default settings it shows nothing if successfull22:59
Stroganoffyou run: ls22:59
Stroganoffls shows files/folders in your current destination22:59
Stroganoffok its working now23:01
Dartrunnerya I got the basic ls figured out   lol  not much more, also learned how to use top to find services to shutdown on a server I had to run a radio station from23:01
Stroganoffyou dont use top to shut down services23:02
Dartrunnerand the kill23:02
Dartrunnerto find the pid23:02
Stroganoffyou use: sudo /etc/init.d/servicename stop23:02
Stroganoffthats the proper way23:02
Stroganoffyou can kill programs with: killall processname23:02
Stroganoffexamples: sudo /etc/init.d/samba stop23:02
Stroganoffkillall Thunar23:02
Dartrunnerkill seemed to work most of the time lol  if it didn't I just rebooted  lol23:02
Dartrunnerhopefully I will learn the right way now23:04
n-iCehello any disk partition software??23:13
Stroganoffn-iCe: sudo apt-get install gparted23:13
Stroganoffthere is a livecd with gparted (and ntfs support) as well23:14
Dartrunnerso should I give it another try?23:15
Stroganoffyes Dartrunner23:16
n-iCeStroganoff,  ok, I cannot create a new partition, why?23:17
Stroganoffno available space?23:17
n-iCeext3 has 33GB free23:18
n-iCeI just can't selecte partition >> new23:18
n-iCeis like blocked23:18
skarfaceis there a setting somewhere for default browser in xfce?23:21
Stroganoffn-iCe ext3 is a partition23:22
Stroganoffyou cant create a partition INSIDE another partition23:22
Stroganoffyou have to resize the first partition before creating a new one.23:22
n-iCeI wan't to create a new one, to install windows, how?23:22
n-iCeI just can't select create a new partition23:22
Stroganoffyou should have been able to figure that out seeing that there is a resize button..23:22
n-iCeI can't select it either23:23
n-iCehas a lock23:23
Stroganoffyou cant resize the partition you are running from23:25
Stroganoffuse the gparted livecd for that23:25
Stroganoffits not voodoo magic like partition magic but it works23:25
Stroganoffby the way: windows will disable you from booting to ubuntu. you have to recover Grub after windows installation. print out this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows23:27
aubadeIs there a reason for Thunar not to co-operate with fuse mount points or has that gone unresolved?23:28
Stroganoffgenerally it works for me, aubade23:29
Stroganoffat least fusesmb23:29
aubadeHappens to do it with fuseiso, haven't tried custom actions with any other modules.23:30
aubadeLooks as though it's going to open the directory then slings back to the parent after displaying the contents, almost as if it's teasing me.23:31
Stroganoffaubade i just mounted an UDF iso with fuseiso and thunar is able to browse23:40
Stroganofffuseiso example.iso /media/iso/example.iso/ -o allow_root23:40
aubadeWhy the '-o allow_root'?23:41
DartrunnerStroganoff, I keep getting E:Couldn't find package swiftfox-IceWM23:43
DartrunnerSomething horrible happened. Press Return to try again.23:44
Stroganoffcrap :D23:44
Stroganoffi'm sorry again23:44
DartrunnerI hit return and get the same error again23:44
Dartrunnerhow do I get out of it?23:45
StroganoffDartrunner do you mind joining #ubuntu-light-script23:45
aubadeI have been mounting it with a custom action (fuseiso -p %f mnt_%f), roll.23:47

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