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apacheloggerstdin: I came to the decision that we should conflict/replace the kde4base* stuff in kdelibs5 instead of adding it to all kdebase packages13:59
apacheloggeralso less work to maintain13:59
stdinprobably easier13:59
apacheloggerstdin: wanna prepare a debdiff?14:00
apacheloggerI have a patch that should go into hardy as well14:00
apacheloggerthough, ExceptionRiddell is not here ;-)14:00
stdinI may as well set it to conflict/replace all the old kde4* packages14:16
stdinapachelogger: should I just conflict with them, or conflicts + replaces? not sure14:26
apacheloggerstdin: conflicts and replaces14:27
mhbthe evil flamerino strikes again!14:29
theunixgeekany *curses programmers here?14:30
stdinapachelogger: http://stdin.me.uk/diffs/kde4libs.debdiff should do it14:31
apacheloggerstdin: please attach it to the bug report14:33
* stdin clicks send14:33
* apachelogger gives stdin a cookie14:33
mhbhi folks14:34
apacheloggerhoy mhb14:34
mhbapachelogger: how's your amarok adventures?14:38
apacheloggermhb: BAU, fixing ubuntu b0rkage14:39
* apachelogger runs a stress test with an improved xine pulesaudio plugin14:39
stdinand by "runs a stress test" you mead "plays his favourite music over and over"? :p14:42
apacheloggerstdin: playing ska, with equalizer, while listening to muted moby in banshee, while watching a very silent queerduck in kaffeine while starting the gnome sound test randomly14:43
apacheloggerthat test sound is quite annoying though14:43
stdinI hope you don't turn it up too loud, your neighbours will think you're murdering small animals14:44
apachelogger<-- using a headphone :D14:45
xRaich[o]2xapachelogger: You must sound like my neighbour right now....14:45
apacheloggerlooks lol14:46
crimsunthat plugin was only fixed fairly recently14:46
* apachelogger is wondering how something can look lol anyway14:46
apacheloggercrimsun: but it's working apparently14:47
crimsunapachelogger: ping siretart if you want to get it in14:47
crimsunwe're using esd instead of the broken pulse version currently in there14:47
apacheloggeryeah, when I finished testing I'll create the debdiff14:48
apacheloggercrimsun: the problem with esd is that it can't be supplied in the default plugins and therefore is unaccessible by default in amarok14:49
* apachelogger also notes that last.fm skipping works for him14:50
apacheloggerI have really no idea why it fails for some people14:50
crimsunapachelogger: you'd ship xineplug_ao_out_pulse* in libxine1-bin, or...?14:53
apacheloggercrimsun: -misc-plugins14:53
apacheloggercrashev: all default output plugins are in -misc-plugins apparently14:54
apacheloggerbesides, it was that way before pulse got kicked from the package14:54
crimsunit's just a shame we didn't kick esd into there, too.14:55
apacheloggercrimsun: then KDE would by default depend on esd wouldn't it?14:59
apacheloggerlibesd at least14:59
crimsunlibesd-alsa0, rather, but yes.15:04
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yuriysmarter: ping17:16
apacheloggerjpatrick: pling18:35
* apachelogger really needs more sleep18:35
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snikkeri've got a problem with KsCd. it tell me thst i've no permission to read cd... (same thing with sudo)19:02
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ryanakcasnikker: #kubuntu is your best bet20:17
snikkerryanakca: i've tryed also in #kubuntu, but with no answer... now i try again20:25
eagles0513875i found two rather nasty bugs right now should i just file a bug reports on each21:04
eagles0513875u guys have any fixes that need testing21:19
yuriyeagles0513875: yes file bugs. search if they're already filed first21:24
yuriyeagles0513875: as far as fixes to test. what locale are you using?21:25
eagles0513875yuriy: ones seems to be fixed im using the 64bit version of hardy21:25
yuriylocale as in, are you using english (en_US) or a translation?21:26
yuriyoh, nvm then21:26
eagles0513875thing is im not very versed in programming except in java right now21:27
eagles0513875yuriy: i have a question for ya before i file this bug for some reason i havent been on here in bout 2 days and this problem happened to me as well when i booted the live cd. i was unable to get an ip address even tonight. for me to be able to get an ip address i have to reset my modem and switch. on my windows based machine i dont have to do that once every few months21:28
eagles0513875apachelogger: u in here21:31
apacheloggereagles0513875: daily live?21:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216491 in ubuntu "problems getting an ip address" [Undecided,New]21:36
eagles0513875apachelogger: thats the link to my bug i just filed21:37
apacheloggereagles0513875: are you using the dailyl live cd?21:37
eagles0513875i have installed the os on my hard drive and ive been downloading the updated pkgs21:37
apacheloggereagles0513875: honestly I think the issue is within the switch/modem rather than the network stack21:40
eagles0513875thing is its only this computer that has the issue21:42
eagles0513875wait i take that back im starting to think u might be right21:42
eagles0513875apachelogger: can u close the bug for me21:43
yuriyeagles0513875: you can close the bug yourself. click on the little arrow21:44
eagles0513875gotcha thanks yuriy21:45
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smarteryuriy: pong22:05
* apachelogger is reinstalling his workstation22:12
apacheloggerthat was some jumper fun here ... I really should leave the dvd drive in the machine22:12
eagles0513875apachelogger: u get shocked22:12
* apachelogger is uber professional and never gets shocked22:13
apacheloggerdoes anyone know how to get a package in universe?22:13
eagles0513875lol im the last person to get anything in universe lol22:14
eagles0513875apachelogger: i think u need to find someone whose an motu22:14
* apachelogger is a uber unprofessional motu who doesn't know such stuff22:15
eagles0513875then if ur an motu u should be able to do it22:15
eagles0513875should u not22:15
apacheloggermaybe I am, I just don't know how22:15
eagles0513875lol ahhh gotcha im not sure22:15
eagles0513875apachelogger: Riddell might know22:16
apacheloggeryeah, but he is out for the weekend22:16
apacheloggerthat bug seems fixed anyway22:16
apacheloggerso it probably gets autodecided22:17
yuriysmarter: i'm working on bug 8272322:17
apacheloggerjust like I assumed22:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 82723 in kde-guidance "wineconfig doesn't work" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8272322:17
yuriysmarter: i was wondering if you could test a fix22:17
eagles0513875ill test if u guys want22:18
yuriyeagles0513875: i think the bug is only on non-english setups22:19
eagles0513875yuriy: gotcha22:20
apacheloggersmarter: wanna do some work? ;-)22:20
eagles0513875apachelogger: i would if i wasnt getting ready for exams as well as knew more programming22:20
apacheloggerwell, it's not exactly coding, but getting into ubuntu sponsoring stuff and feature freeze exception stuff22:21
smarterapachelogger: maybe, what sort of work?22:21
apacheloggerbug #60898 needs a debdiff including the upstream fix, and a final freeze exception22:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 60898 in konversation "Konversation Crashes on DCC Chat" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6089822:23
smarteryuriy: I've just tested .wine directory creation again and it still doesn't work but It gives me different error messages22:23
yuriy.wine directory creation?22:23
* yuriy hasn't heard of this bug yet22:23
eagles0513875isnt that in reference to wine installation and the hidden directory it creates22:24
yuriysmarter: i'm talking about the KeyError: u'Bureau' error. i think i fixed it so if you still get that error i need you to test if the version in svn fixes it22:25
smarteryuriy: I don't get this error anymore22:25
yuriysmarter: i think that's basically the same thing though22:26
yuriysmarter: could you test the version in svn at svn.kde.org/home/kde/branches/extragear/kde3/utils/guidance/wineconfig22:26
smarteryuriy: Let's test your fix then ;)22:26
smarteryuriy: I don't get less or more errors, but this seems to be related to wine, when I just run wine I get: "preloader: Warning: failed to reserve range 00000000-6000000022:29
smarteryuriy: I don't get less or more errors, but this seems to be related to wine, when I just run wine I get: "preloader: Warning: failed to reserve range 00000000-60000000"22:29
yuriysmarter: the preloader error is a wine bug 114025, i'm concerned about the python errors22:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 114025 in wine "Problem with wine preloader: Warning: failed to reserve range 00000000-60000000" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11402522:31
yuriyand that the fix doesn't break translations22:33
smarterIf I run wineconfig from systemsettings, no problem22:33
smarterIf I run it standalone, python error22:33
smarterI I run your version, no problem22:33
smarterand I still have the translations22:34
yuriysmarter: translations in the lower combo box on the appearance page?22:34
smarteryuriy: everything is translated22:36
yuriysmarter: great, thanks22:37
smarterapachelogger: I'll do it tomorrow22:40
smartermy first FF exception :p22:40
apacheloggernice :D22:41
apacheloggersmarter: please assing yourself to the bug22:41
* apachelogger logs into his newly installed hardy22:41
apacheloggerI actually never saw a hardy KDE 3 :P22:42
smarter"You are not the bug assignee nor the maintainer of konversation (Ubuntu), and therefore cannot edit this bug's status."22:43
apacheloggerhm, could be worse considering I didn't help polishing it ;-)22:43
apacheloggersmarter: I'll assign you22:43
eagles0513875ill help with bugs but i need a mentor22:43
apacheloggereagles0513875: just use all in here as mentors22:44
eagles0513875need to find myself a simple bug22:44
apacheloggeralso the ubuntu wiki is a fairly good resource for information22:44
eagles0513875thing is i know no c++ or python what so ever22:45
apacheloggereagles0513875: you can do packaging22:46
apacheloggerbug triaging22:46
apacheloggerthat sort of stuff22:46
eagles0513875ok what to pkg now lol22:47
apacheloggercurrently nothing :P22:48
apacheloggereagles0513875: you could start by going through the kde related bugs on launchpad22:48
eagles0513875ok and trying to fix a bug22:48
smarterapachelogger: I've the debdiff ready, I'll do the FFe thing tomorrow22:51
apacheloggersmarter: cool22:52
smarterapachelogger: You can try it in my PPA when it will be compiled: http://ppa.launchpad.net/~smarter22:53
smarter* http://ppa.launchpad.net/smarter/22:56
eagles0513875i cant find a bug to take a stab at22:56
apacheloggeryuriy: can you drop eagles0513875 an easy bug when you stumble upon one please?22:58
eagles0513875thanks guys22:59
eagles0513875think i might have found something22:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 10364 in sed "sed: documentation is non-free" [High,Invalid]23:00
apacheloggereagles0513875: it's invalid for ubuntu23:00
smarter'night everybody23:03
apacheloggerScottK: pling23:04
eagles0513875smarter: night23:05
eagles0513875apachelogger: doesnt seem like my night tonight23:08
* apachelogger doesn't like tonight because it is night23:08
apachelogger12 hours up again23:09
apacheloggerthere is some issue23:09
apacheloggerkde3 vs kde423:09
apacheloggerkdebase-bin-kde3 gets removed when installing kubuntu-kde4-desktop23:10
apacheloggerthat first dependency is soooo not correct23:11
apacheloggereagles0513875: there you have your bug23:12
apacheloggerif you want it...23:12
eagles0513875ok whats the launchpad bug link23:12
apacheloggereagles0513875: you will have to search for it23:12
apacheloggerI just noticed this on my machine :P23:12
eagles0513875O_o this should be fun considering im falling asleep infront of my comp23:13
apacheloggerI managed to triage bugs for 12 hours without falling asleep :P23:13
eagles0513875as soon as my mother gets up here im never goign to hear the end of it lol23:14
eagles0513875apachelogger: so inregards to what u just found i need to get a hold of the source and go through that23:14
eagles0513875and also find ur bug report23:14
apacheloggerapt-get source kdebase23:15
apacheloggerwill fetch the source package23:15
apacheloggerand unpack it23:15
apacheloggerthen you need to edit debian/control23:15
apacheloggeradd a new changelog entry23:15
apacheloggercreate a new source package23:15
eagles0513875will u be on in the morning23:15
apacheloggercreate debdiff of the old package revision to the new package revision23:16
apacheloggerattach the debdiff to the bug report23:16
apacheloggereagles0513875: depends on the definition of in the mornging ;-)23:16
eagles0513875im in europe lol 1215 sunday morning lol23:16
eagles0513875so when i wake up in bout 8 9 hrs time23:16
apacheloggerhaha, I might still be up then :P23:16
apacheloggerthat really depends on when I get to bed today23:17
apacheloggerbut I am probably only in the evening23:17
eagles0513875there is no bug in regards to what u just found23:17
apacheloggerhave to visit some relatives tomorrow afternoon23:17
apacheloggereagles0513875: I'll report one ;-)23:17
apacheloggerall you need to know to fix this bug is somewhere on wiki.ubuntu.com23:18
eagles0513875apachelogger: i noticed u reported some stuff u want pkged ill help u out with pkging them23:18
apacheloggersearching for packagingguide should explain how to add a new changelog entry, create a source package, what all the lines in debian/control mean23:18
apacheloggerand searching for debdiff should explain how to create such a thingy23:18
apacheloggereagles0513875: yeah, but after hardy release ;-)23:18
eagles0513875apachelogger: ok ahhh gotcha lets say its somethign like this which is probably for ubuntu23:19
eagles0513875would it matter if its pkged on kubuntu or it has to be on ubuntu only23:19
apacheloggerhaha, I think it's months ago that I last reported a bug :P23:19
apacheloggereagles0513875: kubuntu = ubuntu23:19
apacheloggerit's the very same archive23:19
apacheloggerthe very same base23:20
eagles0513875ok so if they r gnome pkgs or kde pkgs doesnt matter right23:20
apacheloggerthe only difference is that we pack different apps on our cd :P23:20
apacheloggereagles0513875: nope23:20
eagles0513875if ur not up for filing a bug report ill see how much i remember about the bug when i wake up lol23:21
eagles0513875u in the kubuntu channel by any chance23:21
eagles0513875this is funny this noob is asking centos related questions in a no centos related channel lol23:22
eagles0513875apachelogger: let me see if i got this bug right there is an issue with a wrong dependency in kde4 using a kde3 dependency23:23
apacheloggerother way round23:24
apacheloggereagles0513875: bug #21652923:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216529 in kdebase "kdebase-bin depends kdebase-bin-kde3 OR kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21652923:24
apacheloggerI even gave you a generic example on how to fix it :P23:25
eagles0513875i found this dependency issue23:25
eagles0513875if u click on the kde3 bin that first dependency under it is a kde4 dependency23:25
apacheloggereagles0513875: it's not the order23:26
apacheloggerit's the either X or Y dependency in general23:26
apacheloggerit says23:26
apachelogger-bin either requires -bin-kde323:26
apacheloggeror -runtime-bin-kde423:26
apacheloggerso when you have KDE 3 installed23:26
apacheloggerthen install kubuntu-kde4-desktop23:26
apacheloggerit will install -runtime-bin-kde4 since it is a dependency of kde423:27
apacheloggertherefore -bin-kde3 will be removed since -bin from kde 3 can live with -runtime-bin-kde4 as well according to the current packaging23:27
apacheloggerwhich is wrong23:27
apachelogger-bin _needs_ -bin-kde323:27
apacheloggerbecause -kde4 uses different paths23:27
eagles0513875so basically the bin needs to get removed as well23:27
eagles0513875hey dude im out for the night thanks for helping get into the world of debugging linux23:29
eagles0513875and all the inner workings of kubuntu23:29
eagles0513875see u in the am dude23:30
eagles0513875lol going to end up multitasking debugging this bug and revising for my java exam now in may lol23:30
eagles0513875apachelogger: before i log can u take a look at this bug and maybe give me some possible causes as to what could be causing this hang when u get a chance plz and ty23:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 209805 in ubuntu "kubuntu hardy x64 alternate hangs after install" [Undecided,New]23:32
apacheloggeryou probably need some noapic boot arguments23:34
eagles0513875apachelogger: tried still seems to hang i installed using the alt cd23:34
eagles0513875on the normal cd it hangs when formatting partitions as23:34
eagles0513875im wondering if there is an issue when dealing with sata devices23:35
eagles0513875or my hardware is just way to new23:35
apacheloggerprobably latter23:35
eagles0513875oh well one linux box is enough for now lol23:36
eagles0513875come summer im going to be in heaven lol23:36
eagles0513875apachelogger: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/21653423:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216534 in ubuntu "boinc doesnt display data sets in tasks tab" [Undecided,New]23:42
apacheloggereagles0513875: please report the bugs against the appropriate package23:43
apacheloggerit only causes uncecessary triage work if you don't do that23:43
eagles0513875ok was going to assign it to myself23:43
apacheloggerthen it's still not linked to a package23:44
apacheloggereagles0513875: I actually think you have to configure something23:44
eagles0513875i have the client and manager im goign to check out what version they have and see if i compile from source it changes anything23:44
eagles0513875anyway now im really off23:46

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