Cannonslow internet?00:00
Cannonor slow pc?00:00
monkeybritches_October was at least six months ago. Or so I've heard.00:00
damien__It's just unpacking a whole bunch00:00
VousDeuxplus, I've done so many customizations to the display settings and I'm not sure I can even remember everything I have done00:00
damien__Like over and over00:00
Cannonit won;'t remove your changes VousDeux00:01
damien__I guess it's like different programs or something00:01
Cannona full update when first installing kubuntu takes me about 20 mins for dl and installation00:01
damien__Well it hasn't been 20 minutes yet, and I'm on a wireless connection00:02
VousDeuxnot even with compiz, emerald and maybe some other third-party stuff?00:02
Cannonupdate rarely remove functionality VousDeux, lol00:02
Cannonalmost time for pizza and a movie :P00:03
VousDeuxI've been so busy for the past several months, I can't believe how foreign this all seems now00:03
Cannonput yourself in my shoes! lol00:04
damien__It reset my internet or something00:04
Cannonlol, you was here all along damien__00:04
VousDeuxI know nvidia usually gives me trouble after an upgrade...what is that config tool with the blue background that gets launched from the command-centric environment?00:05
Cannonno idea00:05
Cannoni haven't got round to setting up my second monitor yet :(00:05
damien__That thing reset my internet or something.00:05
Cannonwhich is a shame as I wanna watch movies on the big TV!00:06
VousDeuxthe one where you can configure the video, monitor, keyboard, and mouse if you cannot get the gui to work00:06
damien__Woo, it finished.00:06
Cannonyep, that 20 mins was a conservative estimate ;)00:06
damien__Hopefully Pidgin works now.00:06
damien__Also, I have 2 scrollers on my mouse, one is regular and one is inverted, how do I get the inverted one to work?00:07
Cannoni hate pidgin00:07
damien__When installing pidgin00:08
damien__It still says some packages are corrupt or something00:08
damien__Help :o00:08
Cannonyou could try kopete00:08
Cannonthat works better anyways imo00:08
damien__That came with this, but it would get an error when I tried to connect to MSN00:08
damien__so I uninstalled it00:08
damien__But I'll try again00:09
VousDeuxoh yeah...it has something to do with xorg.conf00:09
damien__Same error :|00:09
damien__"There was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages."00:09
damien__It's happening whenever I try to install anything00:10
damien__Any idea what's wrong?00:10
CannonSCARY, i just opened up root and it didn't ask for a password! :O00:12
Cannoni get that with adept00:12
damien__Help me :(00:12
Cannontry again with synaptic00:12
Cannon~ damien__00:12
Cannonlet me know how it goes00:12
damien__I don't have synaptic00:12
Cannonlol, dl it then00:12
Cannonsearch in adept for it00:13
damien__Anytime I try to install anything from adept, I get that error >_>00:13
VousDeuxdoes dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg look to anyone like it might be what I was talking about?00:13
Cannonsynaptic ;)00:13
damien__But I don't have synaptic...00:13
Cannonlol, dl it!00:13
Cannonsearch for it in adept m800:14
sourcemakervbox has crashed my windows 2003 installation00:14
damien__How am I going to DL it in adept whenever I try to DL something in adept it gives me that error?!00:14
Cannonah, sorry! lol00:14
sourcemakerany help? vbox is starting... bluescreen... restart... and again00:14
Cannonyou will need to use the terminal00:14
Cannonbut I dunno the command00:14
Cannonam not too familiar iwth it yet m800:14
damien__oh god :| I hate terminal00:14
VousDeuxhey, that is it :)00:16
Cannonsudo apt-get install synaptic @ damien__ ... not get on your knees!00:16
stondCan anybody tell me why every time I try to cinvert video to a format to watch on my Sony PSP it tells me  Unknown codec 'aac'00:19
Cannonworking damien__?00:19
Cannonthe normal lan address for most peeps is so why is mine lol00:19
damien__cannon: I found a solution on ubuntuforums.org, trying it now00:21
damien__cannon: it didn't work :|00:21
Cannonit didn't install with the bash command I gave ya?00:21
Cannonsudo apt-get install synaptic00:22
damien__Didn't see that, trying it now00:22
damien__my keyboard sounds louder for some reason O_o00:22
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damien__It installed it :D00:24
VousDeuxit seems like I remember having some trouble with some missing libraries or something after upgrading the kernel that kept me from getting the nVidia driver going...hmmm00:24
will00where do i place files so that dekorator can find them?00:24
VousDeuxahh...linux-restricted-modules looks familiar00:25
Dr_willisdekorator is that kde theme? I never did get it going. :)00:26
damien__Thanks Cannon, it worked perfectly00:26
Cannonlol, it was the 3rd time I gave it ya!00:26
Dr_willisI would say check the dekorator homepage.  I imagine theres a system wide dir it uses, and the user can proberly have his own.00:26
VousDeuxI'm just thinking "out loud" trying to recall anything that might give me trouble when I do the update00:26
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Cannoni think linux is gonna teach loads of kids how not to spell! lol00:27
monkeybritches_You can blame mobile phones for that00:27
Dr_willisI think windows is gonna teach loads of people how to not 'think' :)00:28
Dr_willisoh wait  - it allready has.00:28
acme64ll errors on the upgradeim gettung alot of could not instak00:28
VousDeuxwell, it looks like my battery is getting low...I'd better head for the power plug soon00:28
acme64*Im getting alot of cannot upgrade errors00:28
acme64so hows kde400:31
Cannoni've had enough of these damn ip issues for tonight!00:32
VousDeuxwell, I wonder why KNetworkManager didn't switch to my wired interface when I plugged it in00:35
EDinNYcan anyone help me figure out how to get audacity to record what is supposed to come out of my speakers?00:39
Lars_GHi all.00:39
Lars_GSorry to ask this here but I want the kubuntu side of things first.00:40
EDinNYso, ask00:40
Lars_GI'm trying to compile an Amarok 2.0 svn pull, but cmake is arguing it can't find a lot of includes, like KDE4Defaults, I've installed all kde4 dev packages I could find on aptitude, and it still whines.00:40
Lars_GAny idea which package holds these definitions for cmake in kubuntu?00:41
Lars_GI'm using 7.1000:41
ilyahi ppl00:43
stondCan anybody tell me why every time I try to convert video to a format to watch on my Sony PSP it tells me  Unknown codec 'aac'00:45
ilyai have a trouble, i have a lan-card realtek RTL8139, and in kubuntu works only half duplex 10Mbit00:45
ilyabut i windows it works in full duplex 100Mbit00:45
Lars_GHmm it seems it was in kdelibs5-data for 3.94 but it's not there in 4.0.300:45
ilyacan you help me00:46
Lars_Gstond: The converter you're using (ffmpeg?) was not compiled with aac support, or the aac en/decoder is not installed (libfaad and libfaac)00:47
stondLars_G i have installed them both buut still nonthing00:49
zapanexcuse me isnt there a french channel ? =_=00:49
damien__I need help - Linux wont allow me to open my CD drive.00:49
Lars_Gstond: then you'll probably need to compile your own version of the converter program you're using, with support for aac, or find some prepackaged by someone00:49
simuloushey ppl :)00:49
Lars_Gzapan: #ubuntu-fr00:50
Lars_Gdamien__: explain the behaviour you're experiencing00:50
damien__Lars_G: This is the error message I recieve00:51
damien__Unfortunately, the device system:/media/scd0 (/dev/scd0) named 'Kubuntu 8.04 i386' and currently mounted at /media/cdrom0 could not be unmounted.00:51
damien__The following error was returned by umount command:00:51
damien__umount: only root can unmount /dev/scd0 from /media/cdrom000:51
ilyaanybody can help me with my trouble?00:51
Dr_willissomthing may be using the cdrom drive.00:52
Dr_willistry 'sudo umount /media/cdrom0' also00:52
damien__sudo: unmount: command not found00:53
Lars_Gilya: try setting it by hand, is your card named "eth0" ??00:53
Dr_willisdamien__,  there is no N in umount00:54
Dr_willistry 'sudo umount /media/cdrom0'00:54
damien__woops, I copied Dr_Willis00:54
ilyaLars_G: yes00:54
Lars_Gilya: try this in a shell: sudo ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full00:54
Dr_willisyou misscoppoed whjat i said then.    <Dr_willis> try 'sudo umount /media/cdrom0' also00:55
Dr_willisand yes.. the error message did use the word unmount. :)   with an n.00:55
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Illusion-can somebody tell me what the basic/default password is?00:56
Lars_GIllusion-: the one you set during install00:56
Dr_willisYou use your initial users password, as the sudo password.00:57
Illusion-for all?00:57
Lars_GAll of what?00:57
Dr_willisfor all 'what'?00:57
damien__Thanks guys, it worked.00:57
Lars_GIllusion-: that's a program, programs are not users.00:57
Dr_willisIllusion-,  yes. thats asking for the sudo password.00:57
Lars_GIllusion-: if you mean the root password when you're doing sudo use your user's password00:58
Illusion-i didnt need to set to root pw tho00:58
Lars_GIllusion-: no, root has no password by default, you can't "su" to root. Ubuntu relies on sudo by default00:58
Lars_GIf you're very set in using su you can assign a password for root, but normally it's not required00:59
will00ey im tryin to compile something and i get the error "checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables" any ideas?01:00
Lars_GDr_willis: I'm still looking for my KDE4Defaults.cmake :(01:00
Lars_Gwill00: did you install all the packages necesary to compile?01:00
Lars_Gthey're not installed by default01:00
will00i think so01:00
Dr_williswill00,  you did install the build-essential package?01:01
Dr_willis C compiler cannot create executables ----> normally because its not installed. :)01:01
ilyaLars_G: i did it, but still not working correctly01:01
damien__Linux won't read the files that I placed on my DVD01:02
Lars_Gilya: how do you know it's not01:02
will00ok got that now its stuck at this error "checking for X... configure: error: Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!"01:02
damien__I just dragged and dropped them in from windows (like basic txt files etc)01:02
damien__and linux cant find any files on it01:02
Lars_Gdamien__: did it actually burn the files? check it on another machine01:02
Illusion-is it possible to run the distro from a usb stick ppl?01:02
damien__I don't have another machine to check it on01:03
MarcChow do I start the little network tray icon that shows wireless networks?01:03
will00illusion: yes01:03
Illusion-would be slow isnt it?01:03
Lars_Gwill00: that requires the -dev files for xorg01:03
ilyaLars_G: i use dmesg, and it wrote that eth0: link up, 10Mbps, half-duplex, lpa 0x000001:03
will00illusion-: yes http://www.pendrivelinux.com/01:03
will00check it out though01:03
Lars_Gilya: yes because that's when the machine started. do an "ifconfig" now and see what it reports NOW01:04
Illusion-ive been installing it on a usb stick but it hangs after a while01:04
Illusion-*while booting01:04
ilyaLars_G: sorry, but how can i check this changes ?)01:08
will00another stupid error "checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.3 and < 4.0) (headers and libraries) not found. Please check your installation!01:08
will00For more details about this problem, look at the end of config.log."01:08
ilyaLars_G: with ifconfig i haven't this information01:08
will00any idea as to why its complaining about qt now?01:11
MarcChow do I start the network helper tray icon for showing me my connection info?01:11
Lars_Gilya: "sudo ethtool eth0" should tell you your current stats01:19
ilyaLars_G: thanks =)01:20
kenAnother question ppl01:22
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Illusion-I cant update anymore, another copy from adapt manager is running01:22
Illusion-is there a way the shut it down?01:23
Illusion-i had some error while using the program01:23
Illusion-package could not be installed...bla bla01:23
Illusion-And I can only open it in read only mode01:24
damien__I downloaded the newest flash player in tar.bz2 format, but how do I install it or w/e?01:24
ilyaLars_G: changes apply, but speed only ~100kb/s01:25
will00im tryin to compile dekorator from source and after i type make i get this :http://pastebin.com/m48fffd4f01:25
ilyaLars_G: real transfer speed with computer on my switch01:25
Illusion-nvm,has been solved with dpkg --configure -a01:29
ilyaLars_G: do you know what the problem?01:31
will00anyone know why im gettin the make errors listed here http://pastebin.com/m48fffd4f01:31
Dr_williswill00,  why is your dekorator dirctory in the trash?01:32
Dr_willis Entering directory `/home/will/.local/share/Trash/files/dekorator-0.3/client/config'01:32
will00its not01:32
Dr_willisit says it is. :)01:32
will00it shouldnt be, its on my desktop01:32
Dr_willisI see no error messaegs in that paste. The next step would be a 'sudo make install'01:33
Dr_willisof course in the past when compiling kde themes and parts ive had to give configure the proper option as to where the kdebase dir is at.01:33
will00dr willis heres the output of thathttp://pastebin.com/m28eccb6601:34
will00yet i cant access dekorator01:34
Dr_willisyou mean after you did a 'sudo make install' and it installed.. it is not shown under the KDE theme settings?01:35
will00im in the system settings and it isnt there01:37
Dr_willisYou may need to redo the ./configure step to tell it the proper place to install to.01:37
Dr_williskde-config --prefix     shows  -------> /usr here... so to configure i would use......01:38
Dr_willis./configure --prefix=/usr01:39
Dr_willishttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24380       has details01:39
simuloushey... im slowely figuring out how to use linux and im trying to mount a network drive from my server 2003 box... But when im putting the command in the terminal to mount the drive, after putting my password in im getting the following message....01:40
simulouscli_negprot: SMB signing is mandatory and we have disabled it.01:40
simulousany ideas? ;O(01:40
Jucato!info dekorator01:40
ubotuPackage dekorator does not exist in gutsy01:40
Jucato!info kwin-style-dekorator01:41
ubotukwin-style-dekorator (source: kwin-style-dekorator): windows decoration for kde using user-supplied PNG files. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3-1 (gutsy), package size 173 kB, installed size 420 kB01:41
Dr_willisi found dekorator to be one of the.. err.. uglier kwin styles out.01:41
simuloussorry to interupt by the way :o)01:42
Jucatoit's supposed to be themeable (with pixmaps/images)01:42
simulousanyone have any clues please?01:42
brandoncould some one help me? my exit, minimize, and maximize buttons have dissapeared01:42
Dr_willisive never heard of smb signing.01:42
Cannonhow do I get my 2nd monitor set-up?01:42
Dr_willisbrandon,  you got a titlebar at all?01:42
simulouskk ill google it01:43
Dr_willisCannon,  what video card?01:43
Dr_willisbrandon,  and are you messign with compiz?01:43
Dr_willistry alt-f2 'kwin --replace'01:43
Dr_willisor kwin --replace in any open terminal01:43
* Jucato doubts Alt+F2 works if kwin is dead :)01:44
Dr_willisJucato,  i always got a terminal open. :) so i never notice.01:44
simulousanyone know where i can find the smb.conf file please?01:47
simulousbrb pm me please if you know :o)01:48
ilyaLars_G: sorry, i reboot mashine, but network speed is low, but i have 100Mbs, and full duplex mode, how wrote ethtool01:49
mohamedhey all, i am running kubuntu 8.04 on hp dv 6636 nr, and i am not able to get my wireless working01:52
mohamedit is bcm43xx01:53
mohamedi have read that it is supported by the current kernel of kubuntu, but it seems not01:53
ilyaLars_G: thanks for all, i fix my problem =) your information for me was very important01:55
mohamedndiswrapper is not working, also01:59
ubotuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx02:00
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maduserthere is a program you can download02:02
maduserthat does an automatic nidswrapper install02:02
mohamedubotu: oh, thanks, that link cleared some point02:04
mohamedmy wifi is not bcm43xx, it is BCM94311MCG02:04
maduserubotu is a bot02:05
ubotuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.02:05
maduserhe seems to human like....02:06
Jucatothat's what he wants you to think02:06
maduserto smart....02:06
Jucatocunning little critter02:06
maduserJugemant day?02:06
maduser*Judgment day?02:06
mohamedndiswrapper is not working02:07
mohamedit was my first option, actually02:07
maduserthere is a program you can get02:07
maduserfrom the ubuntu forums02:07
mohamedmohamed@hp:~$ ndiswrapper -l02:08
mohamedbcmwl5 : driver installed02:08
mohamed        device (14E4:4311) present (alternate driver: bcm43xx)02:08
Cannonsorry Dr_willis: my video card is nvidia 880002:09
Cannon!dual monitor02:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dual monitor - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:11
ubotuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama02:11
mohamedit seems that everybody in the links i searched suggest using ndiswrapper02:13
mohamedbut it is not working on kubuntu 8.0402:13
maduser8.04 is beta02:14
mohamedit is the alpha602:14
maduserIts still being tested though right?02:14
mohamedmaduser: yes02:14
maduserits made for testers02:14
madusersend in a problem report02:15
mohamedmaduser: but the kernel shouldn't be so different02:16
mohamedi will send a problem report, but in principle, is this possible?02:16
Dr_willis!twinview | Cannon02:17
ubotuCannon: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead02:17
Dr_willisCannon,  My 8800gtsXXX works good. :)02:17
acmeDSneed help configuring my eth002:19
acmeDScant even get to my router page02:19
Dr_willisrouter has dhcp enabled?02:20
Dr_willisThis is a wired card? Not wireless?02:20
acmeDSi had windows set static02:20
acmeDStryed the same on here didnt work02:21
acmeDSho not eifi02:21
woppppi found this channel on a website describing how to dual boot kubuntu and windows, i already have windows installed and i have Slackware on a seperate partition, i want to wipe off slackware and install kubuntu in its place, i guess what i am really after is Kubuntu automatically recognizes a windows partition on boot up and asks if you want to goto kubuntu or windows??02:21
acmeDSsorry, im on ds irc csnt type lol02:21
Dr_willisacmeDS,   i would set it to dhcp and restart networking to see if it works.02:22
Kaevikthat would be the boot loader.02:22
Kaevikgrub, or lilo02:22
woppppcorrect what i mena is does the default kubuntu bootloaded automatically detect?02:22
Dr_williswopppp,  most all disrtos install, and use the GRUB boot loader to let you select what OS to boot to.02:22
acmeDStrying now02:22
Dr_williswopppp,  it makes a menu for you to use.02:22
woppppvery cool...02:22
woppppi was researching it on the internet and all the sites say plainly, install windows first, install kubuntu... bam your done it dual boots02:23
acmeDSdidnt work02:23
Dr_willisYep. thats about the basics of i wopppp02:23
woppppis eth0 active?02:23
Dr_willisacmeDS, check ifconfig output, check dmesg output, check the cables..  see if you can even ping things.. see if ifconfig shows an ip address...02:24
woppppthis computer your on is in the same network?02:24
Dr_williscould even try some live cd's see if they work with the network.02:24
acmeDSonly pc i have02:25
acmeDSim on a ds now02:25
Dr_willisalso find out exactly what network card you have by checking 'lspci' output02:25
acmeDSits intergrated02:25
Dr_willismost are. :) lspci still shows info on them02:26
wopppplol anyways thats great ive tried a few flavors of linux and ubuntu seems to be favored by many02:26
mohamedmaduser: thank you02:26
acmeDSdmesg spewed a ton of junk02:27
Dr_willisacmeDS,  check 'lsmod' output - see if the module   forcedeth is loaded02:29
Dr_willislsmod | grep forcedeth02:29
acmeDSisee an ip in eth0:avahi02:29
Dr_willisthe mcp55 seems to have some 'issues' in many different disrtos02:29
acmeDSforcedeth 002:30
acmeDSforcedeth 51980 002:30
Dr_willisfrm what i am reading - the options -->  options forcedeth msi=0 msix=0 are needed for that module under some kernel/disrtos02:31
acmeDSi had ot working in 7.002:31
Dr_willisI just have no idea where to put those options02:31
acmeDSor hardy w/e02:32
Dr_willisthe ubuntu specific 'help' pages on that  card. mention upgrading the kernel to get it working..02:33
Dr_willisof course with the network not working.. thats an issue. :)02:33
acmeDSithought thid was latest krtnel02:33
Dr_williswhat kernelyou using  check with uname -a02:33
Dr_willisthats newer then what the guides i see even mention.02:34
Dr_willisThe guides seem to  imply that the networking/card seems to stop after working for a short amount of time02:34
Dr_willisYou could try restarting the networking, see if it works, :) then later stops I guess02:35
acmeDSvery short apparently02:35
Dr_willissudo /etc/init.d/network restart02:35
Dr_willis and check the ifconfig to see if the ip changes. also see if you can ping the router02:35
acmeDSno ping02:36
Dr_willisif it worked in hardy. Id just use hardy. :) but im using hardy now02:36
acmeDSaw crap make it stop02:36
acmeDSo ok02:36
acmeDSctrl+c lol02:36
acmeDSwhats 8 called?02:37
Dr_willis8 ?02:38
acmeDSgotta find hsrdy now02:39
SeligArkinI have been getting alot of dpkg errors lately, and there is no way I can install all the upgraded it wants me to, is there any way to re-generate /var/lib/dpkg/status?02:39
Dr_willishardy is due to be released in like 2 weeks02:39
Cannonyou've got the same gpu as me then Dr_willis :)02:39
Dr_willisYou could test out the hardy live cd easially enough. Its in testing right now02:39
acmeDSim usin...8,0402:39
Cannonmine is the 320mb one02:39
acmeDS8800gts ftw02:39
Cannonthere are much more powerful gpu's out now but mine is still more than enough02:40
Dr_willislsb_release -a ----> Description:    Ubuntu hardy (development branch) Release:        8.0402:40
Cannonnot the mention the sli options02:40
Cannonquad sli :P02:40
acmeDSim on hardy02:40
Dr_willisthere are some newer kernels out acmeDS  --> i got   Linux cow 2.6.24-15-generic02:40
Dr_willisacmeDS, i would say check in #ubuntu+1 and the hardy forums. its very likely its a kernel bug. or issue02:41
Cannonlol @ linux cow02:41
SeligArkinoh screw it, I am just reinstalling. this is too much of a pain in the rump. going to debian streight up02:41
Dr_willisacmeDS,  hardy chat in #ubuntu+1 :) i found a hardy bug report on that card.02:42
Cannonlol, i prefer our kde to debian :)02:42
Dr_willisrmmod forcedeth  && modprobe forcedeth msi=0 msix=0  && /etc/init.d/networking restart02:42
Dr_willisacmeDS,  those options are identical to what i saw mentioned in other disrtos threads/bug reports for that card/module02:42
acmeDSthat goes in konsole?02:43
Dr_willisacmeDS,  of course. :) where else ya going to type in commands>02:43
Dr_willisand they need to be ran as root. of course.02:43
Dr_willisor make them in a little script. on 3 lines.02:43
Dr_willisI put them on one line so i wouldent flood the channel.02:44
acmeDSinserting blah operation not permitted02:45
Dr_willisyou MUST do them as root.02:45
Dr_williseithter in a root shell. or tack on sudo at the front of each command  or make a script02:45
acmeDSidid sudo02:45
Dr_willisNOT a single sudo at the front02:45
Dr_willissudo -s02:46
Dr_willisTHEN use the command i did.. Or do 3 commands , each with a sudo02:46
Dr_willisor toss the 3 commands in rc.local and reboot.02:46
acmeDScannot exec binary file02:46
Dr_willisi would say use a 'sudo -s' shell and just put in the 3 commands   sudo rmmod forcedeth   , then sudo modprobe forcedeth msi=0 msix=0 , then  /etc/init.d/networking restart02:47
acmeDSignt one sec02:47
Dr_willisactually ya dont need to use sudo in that case. heh.02:47
Dr_willisor paste those 3 commands in a file called 'fixthenet.sh' and chmod +x it, then sudo ./fisthenet.sh :)02:48
acmeDSur loosing me lol02:48
Dr_willisthe 'fix' is to be loading the module with the proper optins02:48
Dr_willisthat is ALL you are doing02:48
Dr_willisUnload the module,  load it with the right options, then restart networking02:49
acmeDSfirst command, forcedeth does not exist02:49
Dr_willisYou did it wrong..02:49
Dr_willisits sudo rmmod forcedeth02:49
acmeDSthats wha02:49
acmeDSi wrote02:50
Dr_willisrmmod = remove module - that Unloads the module02:50
acmeDSmudt be unloaded then?02:50
Dr_willissudo rmmod forcedeth02:50
Dr_willisyou MUST unload the modulem then load it properly  with the right options.02:50
Dr_willissudo modprobe forcedeth msi=0 msix=002:50
acmeDSit says it doesnt exist02:50
Dr_willisit says the command dosent exist or the module is allready unloaded?02:51
Dr_willisIt may be its unloaded from one of your earlier commands.02:51
acmeDSi guess02:51
Dr_willisThen try -->   sudo modprobe forcedeth msi=0 msix=002:51
Dr_willisthat Loads the module correctly02:51
acmeDSsecond cmd; commandnot found/02:51
Dr_willisim betting on another typo02:52
acmeDSgot it02:52
Dr_willisnow restart the networking like i showd ye earlier.02:52
Dr_willissudo  /etc/init.d/networking restart02:52
Dr_willisnow it should work.. but your configuration tweaking earlier may have other bits goofed up. :)02:53
Dr_willisthe perment fix is to put those 3 commands in your rc.local - not the BEST fix..but a workable fix.02:54
Dr_willishttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/136836        is where i got this info from02:54
acme64ok, fuk the ds02:55
acme64thanks alot man02:55
acme64ok so these settings are gonna revert every time i boot02:55
Dr_willisas i said......02:57
Dr_willisthe perment fix is to put those 3 commands in your rc.local - not the BEST fix..but a workable fix.02:57
Dr_willisso thats a yes.02:57
Dr_willisthere may be some modules option file somewhere that you could put the options in also. but i dont knwo where its at.02:57
Dr_willisthat would be a better fix.02:57
acme64i see on this forum dude editing a modprobe.d file02:58
acme64oh niftier03:00
acme64edit the /etc/modules03:00
Dr_willissounds about right.03:00
acme64ok, that looks good to meh03:01
acme64second order of business, no audio03:02
acme64o snap, i fixed it03:02
Dr_willisi belive i will NOT buy nvidia based chipset machines in the near future03:03
Dr_williswork time for me. bye all03:03
acme64thanks a ton for your help03:03
acme64ok, now i beleive i need to install my nvidia card03:04
acme64adept says firefox is installed but i dont see it03:08
madmaxhi folks03:19
madmaxman i love the new kde4 :)03:19
sebbI just install Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and try to apply the updates. My adept encounter some problems with some packages. Does any body know how to end the adept process ?03:31
sebbBecause I can not manage my repository or even install spftweare from the adept.03:31
Ralesksebb: sudo killall adept-manager03:32
Jucato(would be adept_manager... but depends on which one is running actually)03:32
Raleskor whichever adept you're running -- bash-completion will help, just type adept and hit tab03:32
Raleskyeah, underscore... been a while :)03:32
sebbjucato : yup it the manage one03:34
Ralesksebb: also, once you can install again, I recommend htop, great for exploring the running processes, seeing which one is gnawing at your resources, and killing rogue processes :)03:34
JucatoCtrl+Esc not enough? :)03:35
Jucato(oh KDE 4's ksysguard has a nice feature that asks you for the root/admin password when you're trying to kill another user's process03:35
RaleskI forgot about it, as that shortcut is the first I change -- and I never really liked the kde3 sysguard anyway03:36
Jucatowhat's not to like about it? :)03:36
Jucato(it has improved in KDE 4 a lot)03:36
Raleskseen the kde4 one, and yes it has improved :)03:36
Raleskthough at the moment the only thing from KDE4 I use is Konsole03:37
Jucatothere is one thing I miss in the KDE 4 one though... the tree view for processes03:37
RaleskKonsole-kde3 is disgracefully slow at drawing on the screen...03:37
sebbThis is odd ... I try the CTRL-ESC approched and the03:38
sebbAnother process is using the packaging system database (probably some other Adept application or apt-get or aptitude).03:38
sebbWould you like to attempt to resolve this problem? No will enter read-only mode and Cancel to quit and resolve this issue yourself.03:38
neville_Konsole-kde3 seems fine Ralesk03:38
neville_Stop promoting the future :P03:38
Raleskneville_: :P03:38
sebbI paste an error messah03:38
Raleskneville_: well, on my computer it draws significantly slower than konsole-kde4 or gnome-terminal -- unfortunately I can't stand the latter :P03:40
neville_Hmm, it's a wonder how anybody can stand the latter :P03:40
neville_But each to their own, I guess =]03:40
RaleskI've been telling that my coworkers :P03:40
Ralesk(all gnome guys, heh)03:41
neville_So long as you don't make it look like KDE is the only alternative. It's all about choice remember?03:41
Raleskoh, forgot, one of them uses e17 :)03:42
RaleskI mean, e16.999999999903:42
neville_Enlightenment is good though for minimalisticness03:42
Raleske17 always reminds me of Duke Nukem Forever03:42
Raleskit's pretty and fast, but otherwise it got on my nerves pretty quick the last time I tried it03:43
neville_Oh, you must have a low threshold for the different :P03:43
Raleskoh, I worked on a gnome desktop for a few months and it was bearable03:44
neville_I remember my first time using Linux, I thought Gnome was all that there was, and that it was cool -_-v (that made KDE blow my mind)03:45
Ralesktheir panel is silly and you can't make use of a bigger panel height, because most things will just grow on it instead of breaking into multiple lines03:45
neville_In all honesty, I reckon KDE can be made to be a better Gnome than Gnome, without even changing any code :P03:46
RaleskI could make it a Mac too :P  (gotta love the menu position options, not that I'd use them...)03:47
Raleskdesktop menubar reminds me of DOS times... Need a good retro theme for it though, heh03:47
sebblater need to reboot ...03:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dualscreen - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:04
Cannon!dual screen04:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dual screen - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:05
Cannon!dual monitor04:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dual monitor - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:05
Cannonam sure there is one for it04:05
ubotuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead04:05
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PurpleBluIn KDE 4.03 is there a way to change the menu?  You have two choices of Kickoff or Standard Kmenu, but is there any other options?   How can't at least change the size of the menu?04:37
Odd-rationalePurpleBlu: you should be able to resize the menu by clicking and holding on the top right corner...04:38
PurpleBluOdd-rationale, not the icon.  I main the actually size of the category's04:39
Odd-rationalePurpleBlu: oh ok04:39
PurpleBluOdd-rationale, But I would prefer different menu layout altogether though.  Can I have a gnome style layout?04:40
Odd-rationalePurpleBlu: applications, places, system ?04:40
PurpleBluOdd-rationale, yes :-D04:41
Odd-rationalePurpleBlu: not that I know of...04:41
Odd-rationaleexcept sudo apt-get install gnome :)04:41
PurpleBluOdd-rationale, that's stupid04:41
PurpleBluI thought linux was about customization?  Start menu layout should be able to be changed04:43
Odd-rationalePurpleBlu: that is custumization, i mean, you cant install a gnome menu in windows :P04:44
neville_Don't tell anyone to install Gnome04:44
PurpleBluHow come when I boot back into gnome, none of the kde4 icons show up?04:44
neville_It'll reduce their ability to do things for themselves04:44
PurpleBluI was trying to fiddle with the position of the kmenu item that is in the top panel, and I was unable to move its position04:46
PurpleBluIs there going to be any other choices besides the lame KickOFF menu?04:48
neville_How about you make your own?04:49
neville_Or check Google :P04:49
* PurpleBlu slaps neville_ for being a smart ass04:49
PurpleBluSomeone once showed me a OSX like menu that is in works but I forget the name, so I cant google it :(04:50
neville_I wasn't being a smartarse04:50
neville_Believe it or not04:50
neville_Just make your own applet, and toss it in04:51
Odd-rationalePurpleBlu: awn ? or kooldock?04:51
Rominadoes anyone of you know the game "pokerth"  from the "universe"  repository?04:51
bittinRomina: yepp04:51
PurpleBluOdd-rationale, neither of those04:51
Rominabittin, may I please ask you to tell me how to connect to an existing online game with real human players?04:51
Rominabittin, the local games against the computer are kinda boring *g*04:52
bittindunno haven't played it just knows about it :P04:52
Rominahi volition04:52
Rominabittin, should we give it a try?04:53
bittinRomina: iam on osx atm :P04:53
Rominabittin, osx ...well I thought about trying out OS X since a long time04:53
volitioni just installed linux for the first time and i am trying to get firefox to work, so far i installed it, but the only way it will actually run is through the terminal, how do i get it to run through the graphical interface/set up a shortcut to it?04:53
Rominacan you recommend it?04:53
bittinand gave my Kubuntu box to my grand parents 2 cities away so :D04:53
bittinbecouse they needed a working computer04:54
bittinyepp i can :)04:54
Rominavolition, well there are several good ways04:54
Rominavolition, I guess you use KDE ?04:54
Rominathe default desktop environment which kubuntu came up with, right?04:54
volitioni think so, yep04:54
Rominabittin, will be with you in 2 mins04:54
Rominabittin, I'm gonna help volition for a moment04:55
Rominavolition, please try "ALT+F2" on your keyboard04:55
bittindo so04:55
Rominadoes a prompt show up?04:55
volitionrun command04:55
Rominaplease enter:04:55
volitionhey it worked04:55
bittincan't u just right click on Kicker and add it to K-menu04:55
Rominaand then use the return key04:55
volitionsounds good04:55
Rominavolition, thats one of the best ways to start programs on linux04:55
Rominathere is one more option.04:55
Rominabittin just said it04:56
bittini remember i did that for my grandparents some days ago :)04:56
volitionawesome yep it worked04:56
Rominathere is a K-Menu to your left04:56
volitionthanks guys04:56
im-a-n00bhey all... are the ati drivers in the repos the same as from the ati site?04:56
Rominavolition, stop man *g*04:56
Rominalemme show you how to create an icon04:56
volitionsounds good04:56
Rominado you see the "K" button?04:56
volitionyes on the lower left04:56
Rominaclick it ... there are several submenus04:56
Rominatry to find "firefox" I guess its in the "internet" section04:56
volitionyep there it is04:57
Rominathen use the left mouse button to drag and drop it somewhere04:57
volitionguess i didn't check for it again after i installed it through the shell04:57
Rominafor example to your desktop04:57
Rominabut I can only recommend running programs by ALT+F204:57
Rominait saves up a lot of space04:57
volitionsounds good04:57
bittinRomina: :P04:57
bittinyea if u are arsed enough to remember all program names04:57
Rominavolition, and try out icewm *g*04:58
bittinwhen u are like 58 and 61 u maybe don't :)04:58
* Romina hides and runs04:58
Rominabittin, are you that old?04:58
bittinnah :P04:58
bittinbut my Grandparents are ;D04:58
bittiniam just 1704:58
Rominayour grandparents use linux?04:58
Rominahey cool :)  a 17 years old guy/gal using linux04:58
bittiniam a guy :P04:59
RominaI think times changed,   linux became easier04:59
bittinjust becouse i had it installed on my old comp :)04:59
bittinand i wasen't arsed to buy a windows license and change :P04:59
volitionnow to find that partitioning thing they were talking about with "wubi," partition this drive away from the windows one, and reformat the windows one, finally04:59
RominaI started years ago with Suse,  then Mandrake,  and Debian potato *g*04:59
bittinor warze it04:59
volitionbeen like 2 years without a reformat on this computer heh04:59
bittini also started with Suse :)04:59
bittinbut even my grandmother finded out how to install the printer in linux05:00
bittinthen i was like :O it must have been easy now05:00
Rominawell KDE makes it easy to set up a printer05:00
RominaI have learnt how to do in it cups years ago05:00
Rominaits nice that linux became easier,  but ... however,  its time for a new,  difficult  geek-os05:01
bittin:D lol05:01
RominaUnix ?05:01
RominaBeOS *lol*05:01
bittinAmiga ;D05:02
Rominafreak *g*05:02
Rominaare there any good new p2p programs out?05:02
Rominathe gnutella network became worse ...05:02
volitioni use bittorrent for everything05:02
RominaI use frostwire (limewire fork)  but it feels like if there would be less matches05:03
bittinsame here05:03
bittinand bittorrenting05:03
Rominavolition, if you belive or not,  I never found out how to use bittorrent successfully05:03
Rominareally *g*05:03
Rominathe download speeds were around 3 KB / sec05:03
volitionjust google utorrent, download and install it05:03
Rominaisn't it in the repos?05:04
bittinutorrent don't work for linux without wine05:04
bittinso better use something else =)05:04
volitionwhat about this ktorrent thing05:04
JucatoRomina: torrent speeds are dependent on a lot of factors, peer availability and bandwidth being one of them05:04
bittinKTorrent isen't that good05:04
volitionif your download speeds are limited it's probably a problem with the options in whatever torrent software you are using05:04
Rominabittorrent-gui   ctorrent    ktorrent   deluge-torrent05:04
Rominawhats good?05:04
bittinis best then :)05:04
bittinDeluge is an utorrent clone :)05:05
RominaJucato, glad to meet you again =)05:05
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:05
RominaJucato, everything ok there?05:05
volitionhmm i think i will get deluge05:05
bittinso volition i think u should fix Deluge also =)05:05
Rominabittin, I'm gonna install deluge05:06
bittindo so =)05:06
Rominaerm guys ...05:06
Rominaone stupid question05:06
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:06
Rominawell maybe its been me beeing stupid because I trusted the german ubuntuusers-wiki05:06
Rominabittin, let's go out and discuss it on the street ;)05:07
bittindon't ask it in german and it will be ok05:07
bittiniam swedish :D05:07
RominaI know :)05:07
volitionhow do i check which version of ubuntu i am using?05:07
bittinuname -a05:08
Jucatovolition: "lsb_release -a"05:08
bittinin Konsole?05:08
Jucatobittin: nope05:08
volitionsounds good, thanks05:08
Jucatouname -a gives you info about the current kernel you have booted into05:08
bittinJucato: got right05:08
bittinwas a while i was using Linux :05:08
Jucatounless you know which kernel versions are available per Ubuntu version, uname -a (or -r) wouldn't give a clue :)05:09
bittinhaha no :D05:09
Rominaok, deluge torrent has been started05:10
Rominathere is no "search" field :)05:10
bittinnah search on a tracker =)05:10
bittinlike http://thepiratebay.org/ or http://mininova.org05:10
RominaI need to search online?05:10
volition8.04 hardy got it thanks05:11
bittinvolition: aren't that just beta :P05:11
Jucatotorrent != gnutella/limewire stuff05:12
Jucato2 different kinds of p2p05:12
RominaNo hits. Try adding an asterisk in you search phrase.05:12
Rominasame goes for 4 different searches05:12
Jucato!piracy | bittin, btw05:13
ubotubittin, btw: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o05:13
bittinah ok05:13
bittinthen i know05:13
JucatoRomina: with torrents, you actually have to first search for .torrent files for what you want to download. it's not like Limewire where there's a sort of centralized searching place05:13
Jucatoit's ok. just a light warning :)05:14
serruchohi everyone05:17
bittinhello serrucho05:17
serruchoi have a question how to connect remote to a windows computer?05:17
bittinwith Samba but dunno how :05:17
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.05:18
MrJoeyserrucho> If you're talking about logging into the remote desktop, you'll need Window$ XP (or Vista, probably) Professional to serve it, and a program like rdesktop to connect to it.05:19
serruchook thanks for yo information guys05:20
serruchoi`ll tried samba05:21
serruchoand let you know guys05:21
tuxwulf_Hey there. Is there a way I can configure apt/adept to check for updates only once a month or something?05:21
serruchoif i have a Q. dont doubt that i will q.05:22
Jucatotuxwulf_: I know there's a setting for it.. try digging around in /etc/apt/05:23
Jucatoor there might be an option in Adept Manager -> Adept menu -> Manage Repositories05:24
volitionhow do i see what is currently using the cpu and memory?05:24
bittinvolition: alt + escape05:24
bittinor if it was ctrl + escape05:24
volitionwell one of them worked heh05:25
tuxwulf_Jucato: Thaaanks! I'll have a check after my spaghetti05:31
Jucatoapt-get install spaghetti05:33
bittinRomina: yepp?05:35
Rominabittin, are you registered at Nickserv?05:36
bittinyepp :)05:36
bittinofc :)05:36
Rominai'm gonna send you am /msg05:36
bittindo so05:36
Rominaare there any core devs of Kubuntu in this channel?05:41
Jucatomaybe. maybe not. what's the matter?05:43
chris42050707hi i have an impossible question to answer any body willing to try?05:44
Jucatotry asking first :)05:44
chris42050707how do i disable scsi emulation?05:44
chris42050707i even googled it and can't find a answer lol05:45
Jucatodifficult indeed... no idea actually.. might want to wait around and see if someone might now05:45
chris42050707im in ubuntu,xubuntu,kubuntu channels lol and waiting lol05:46
volitionhmmm it seems like my graphics display drivers need to be installed some things are painfully laggy05:46
Jucatovolition: what does "glxinfo | grep render" say? (if it's multiple lines, don't paste it in here, use a pastebin)05:47
volitionnot saying anything in konsole hmm05:48
Jucatothat would be terribly weird05:48
volitionwell i guess it would make sense that it would not automatically install my graphic card drivers, getting them now05:50
volitionheh i love this connection05:50
volition900k a second05:50
bittinwhat connection u got?05:50
bittini got 100/10005:51
Jucatochris42050707: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=616843 (though it seems you need to recompile your kernel or unload some kernel modules)05:51
volitionthis is a t3, wish i had this at home heh05:51
bittini got T105:51
bittinat home05:51
chris42050707oh damn05:52
chris42050707that seems like a pain05:52
Jucatovolition: "glxinfo | grep render" should return a "Direct rendering: Yes" afaik05:52
Jucatoif the drivers are installed correctly05:52
volitioni see05:53
Jucatowhat graphics card do you have?05:53
volitioni am trying to install these drivers05:53
volitionnvidia geforce 615005:53
Jucatooh nvidia05:53
Jucatoyep that should do the trick05:53
Jucatoactually it would have installed the free software nv driver by default, which doesn't do 3D hardware acceleration (yet)05:54
volitionwell i have that file05:54
volitionand i can't figure out how to install it, where do i type the "sh filename" like it says05:55
bittinin Konsole05:55
Jucatoum. you don't have too05:55
Jucatoyou could just install it from Kubuntu's repositories05:55
JucatoSystem Settings -> Advanced tab -> Restricted Manager should make it easier05:56
Jucatoif that doesn't work05:56
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:56
Jucatothat guide should help ^^^05:56
volitionsounds good, thanks05:56
Jucatoyou should only install the driver directly from nvidia.com as a last resort05:56
volitioni don't see restricted manager in system settings > advanced tab05:58
Jucatowhat version of Kubuntu are you on again?05:58
Jucatohm.. strange... you should have it there by default...05:59
Jucatoanyway, follow that guide there05:59
bittiniam afraid of betas :P05:59
chris42050707juc.... its odd its saying that all ide devices are scsi devices ran through a ide controller since kernel2.6 lol06:02
chris42050707bulll shit lol06:02
chris42050707anybody good with hardware difficulties?06:02
volitionokay cool i found drivers in adept installer06:03
volitionalright i should be using my graphics card now heh06:06
volitionwhat was the command to check if i was again?06:07
chris42050707any one good with hardware interfacing problems?06:08
chris42050707any good hardware minded people in here?06:11
RominaI think we just found a bug in ubuntu in the german ubuntu channel06:12
RominaJucato, will be back in some hours06:13
Rominamy boyfriend just came06:13
volitionwell that is odd, the graphics drivers work but now my sound doesn't work06:16
volitionbrb restarting06:16
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noy_need some help please i am forwarding my eth0 port to wlan0 but if i restart the config will be lost oh also the wlan0 i have to modprobe ndiswrapper all the time when i start the computer would be nice to not have to do this. heres what im suppose to do::If you restart your computer, you will lose all of these settings. So find the custom startup script for whatever distro you are using (for slackware, open the file /etc/rc.d/rc.local)06:25
noy_and add this text to the file06:25
noy_if i restart the computer the entire thing will be lost06:25
noy_but im not using slackware im using kbuntu :)06:26
noy_okay i fixed the ndiswrapper not starting on boot time in file, /etc/modules i just added ndiswrapper to the script;06:33
noy_but heres the other problem read #5 on this web page called make it permanent how whttp://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/Networking/Connecting_to_XBox_Live_through_a_linux_computer_connected_to_a_wireless_LANould i do this..06:34
acme__very stupid question for u all06:40
acme__when i type cd directory, it always says file or folder not found06:41
acme__how th ehell do i navigate round06:41
Daisuke_Idocase sensitivity, my dear boy06:41
acme__im using the autocomplete06:42
acme__i dunno how the fuck to run this server06:44
acme__woops, wrong window lol06:44
noy_can yo u please help me06:44
stdinnoy_: put commands in /etc/rc.local to have them run at boot (they are always ran as root so no sudo is needed)06:46
noy_aww thank you06:47
noy_rc.local doesnt exist06:48
stdin/etc/rc.local should always exist06:48
noy_theres rc.0 etc but not a local should i just create it?06:49
noy_rc0.d -rc6.d06:49
noy_oh found it :)06:49
stdinrc.local is a file, not a directory06:50
noy_yea i found it right now hey thanks alot i appreciate it :) would have taken me about a week to figure this out06:50
noy_okay ill be back in a second see if this works06:51
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prateekhow do we install scanners in kubuntu?07:30
prateek how do we install scanners in kubuntu? how do we install scanners in kubuntu?07:32
Daisuke_Idowell we can start by not repeating yourself07:32
Daisuke_Idoespecially since you're the ONLY one that's spoken07:32
Daisuke_Idothat said, i don't know.07:32
prateeksee i installed kubuntu yesterday but games and education content is missing..i have a slow net connection how can i force kubuntu to get these from kubuntu 7.10 live cd07:36
neville_Show some patience prateek.07:43
neville_Also check Google and Ubuntu forums while waiting.07:43
Vermux_in the kubuntu dvd - which file plays the dvd ?? it is not running automatically07:59
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash08:07
angasulestupid update08:08
ubuntuin some of the kde configuration menues there seem to be several entries of the same choice08:09
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b4l74z4rwhy can't i install "juk" in kubuntu 8.04?08:16
dthacker-work!hardy | b4l74z4r08:17
ubotub4l74z4r: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu08:17
mohihi all :) how do I share my internet in between 2 kubuntus ? its my ifconfig: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6820/08:18
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:19
dthacker-workmohi: please describe how your machines are connected to the internet08:20
mohidthacker-work: hey...08:20
dthacker-workmohi: please be patient 'cos I'm at work and may have to be afk for a few mins at a time08:20
mohidthacker-work: the PC is contected to internet via eth1 to adsl and the laptop is connected to OC via PC's eth008:21
mohidthacker-work: :) ok08:21
dthacker-workOC=other computer?08:21
mohii meant PC08:21
b4l74z4ris it possible to change the size of the external taskbar?08:22
dthacker-workmohi: you need a hub or router08:22
mohidthacker-work: vat i do it with ip forwarding like: echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward08:23
stdinmohi: iirc firestarter can do that all for you08:23
stdin(turns your PC into a firewall/router)08:24
mohistdin: firestarter always says cant find my internet! I purged it! :D08:24
dthacker-workmohi: yes you could08:24
* dthacker-work googles firestarter.08:24
stdinit's a iptables GUI (like guarddog)08:25
* dthacker-work adds it to his list of things to learn.08:25
tsukasa_hey guys, how do i get a vertical spacer line in the bottom panel?08:26
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twagerAnyone tell me the advantages of compiz-fusion over the normal kde desktop apart from eye-candy ?08:37
Dekanstwager: scale plugin !08:38
dthacker-worktwager: I see no advantages, so  I don't use it.08:38
Dekansa more dynamic display08:38
Dekansand almost all display work is delegated to your gra?ic card08:39
twagerI do find that I run it to impress visitors but normal day to day I run kde or Gnome desktop08:41
b4l74z4rdoes anyone know if its possible to adjust the size of the external taskbar?08:45
* dthacker-work has no idea what an external taskbar is08:45
b4l74z4rits when you have a seperate taskbar at the bottom, like in ubuntu08:46
Ayabarain gnome I hold ctrl-alt-shift and use arrows to move to another window, taking the active window with me. is there such a shortcut for kde?08:48
ubotuIt's the middle of the night in the US and Europe, and surrounds.  This means that a lot of people are likely asleep, therefore there are less potential people who can answer your question.  Please be patient, and consider asking at a time when more people will be awake.  This is particularly true in the quieter channels.08:56
fdovingAyabara: interesting question, i'll have a look, never used such a feature though. i always use alt and leftmousebutton then move the window.08:58
Ayabarafdoving: does that let you move it across desktops?09:00
fdovingAyabara: if i want it to, yes.09:00
fdovingAyabara: that is configureable somewhere, i don't like that feature so i disable it, but it is possible.09:00
Ayabarafdoving: ok09:01
fdovingAyabara: try alt+f7, then use the arrow keys.09:12
calcmandankubuntu rocks09:15
harmentalhey guys...Can i safely uninstall initramfs???09:16
Ayabarafdoving: that didn't do anything for me. maybe it's a difference that I'm on kde4.09:17
fdovingAyabara: ok, i'm on kde4 too, but you need to configure it yourself then, hang on.09:17
fdovingAyabara: kmenu -> systemsettings -> keyboard & mouse -> keyboard shortcuts -> KDE component, select kwin in the dropdown -> then scroll down to Move window, and configure a shortcut of your liking.09:18
JucatoAyabara: you have to set a shortcut for it09:18
Jucatooh fdoving's here...09:18
fdovingAyabara: in kde it works like a 'toggle' option. you can't use only modifiers, you must have atleast one other button. and you just press they key-combo once, then move with the arrow keys and hit space to put the window there, or esc to revert your moving. Alt+f7 is the kubuntu-kde3 default.09:20
fdovinghi jucato :)09:20
Jucatohi fdoving!!! :)09:20
fdovingnice, alt+shift+f2 in kde4 is nice.09:21
fdoving'run command on clipboard content'09:21
Ayabarafdoving: got it. thanks09:24
fdovingyou're welcome :)09:24
Ayabarais there an easier way to change plasma theme than to edit ~/.kde4/share/config/plasmarc?09:28
emilsedghAyabara: i think 'not in 4.0'09:29
emilsedghAyabara: look in Configure Desktop, there is an option to change it for 4.1, but i think its not available in 4.0, take a look09:29
Ayabaraemilsedgh: I can confirm that it's not in 4.0. thanks :-)09:30
fdovingi think that is a 4.1 feature.09:30
Ayabarawhen is 4.1 expected?09:31
AyabaraI won't do it often, so changing it in the config-file is ok with me. annoys me that plasma rewrites the file when it exits though09:32
Ayabarathough I'm sure there's a good reason for it :-)09:32
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Mr_Panhi, how to obtain a full control panel in kubuntu 8.04  ??09:41
JucatoMr_Pan: KDE 3? run "kcontrol"09:42
Mr_PanJucato, right! dont remember it :D09:42
tuxwulf_Jucato > Foundit, that option to set how often to check for updates. Thanks.09:53
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Jucatotuxwulf_: oh great :)09:59
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ScorpKingtraceroute to za.releases.ubuntu.com (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets - send: No buffer space available. anyone knows whats going on?10:07
ScorpKingugh.. g2g10:10
user1how can i know what card= and what tuner= i have for my tv card ?10:12
neville_lspci ?10:16
user1neville_ that only gives me card=10:16
I_recknuser1: try    sudo lshw10:16
user1I_reckn how to make it show only results with 'card'10:20
Aranelwhat is the stable version of compiz ?10:21
Jucatouser1: "lshw | grep -i card" perhaps?10:21
JucatoAranel: #compiz-fusion please10:21
user1neville_ Jucato no. i cant see tuner= . i can see card=0 in lspci10:22
ubotuhttp://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out10:23
* dthacker-work hugs his mythbuntu box10:23
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user1Jucato i just need to know tuner=10:24
neville_I attempted to setup mythbuntu one time, and lets just say it didn't end well..10:24
user1so. what now10:26
Orfeousim looking for some DJ applications except xmms/amarok/shoutcast10:32
gerenukas in playlists, or mixing and scratching ?10:34
jussio1!ubuntustudio | Orfeous10:34
ubotuOrfeous: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org10:35
Mr_PanOrfeous, as mixing u can use mixxx10:35
Orfeousgerenuk: its instead of real hardware mixing..10:35
Orfeousi have ubuntustudio allready10:35
Orfeousgoing to try mixx10:36
user1how can i know what card= and what tuner= i have for my tv card ? i have Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7130 Video Broadcast Decoder (rev 01) card=010:39
jussio1!netsplit | Orfeous10:41
ubotuOrfeous: netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit10:41
jussio1user1: you could try: /join #linuxtv10:43
XenThraLhi, anyone can tell me if I can use a GPL'ed font in a closed source application?10:46
user1how can i know whats tuner= i have for my tv card ? i have Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7130 Video Broadcast Decoder (rev 01) card=010:52
JasonWardhello. why is it that I can run GTK programs but when I #include <gtk/gtk.h>  it can't find gtk.h ?11:00
JucatoJasonWard: because you need to install GTK+ headers11:01
Jucatonot sure which packages those would be. you can try asking in #ubuntu which package installs GTK+ headers11:02
JasonWardok thanks11:02
TimSAnyone here running Kima? What temp is normal for system and cpu?11:03
JasonWardcan wild cards be used in the sudo apt-get install  command?11:03
JucatoJasonWard: don't think so... try searching first :)11:04
Jucatoapt-cache search or in Adept Manager11:04
JasonWardok thanks11:04
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TimSAlso, why is my system temp not showing up in Kima any more, it did, then I reinstalled Kubuntu, and it doesn't any more, is there a package that contains the sensors?11:05
SauRjkanyone tried kubuntu 8.04 and kde 4 ??11:11
Jucatoanyone tried staying around long enough to be answered? :D11:12
NyadI am11:14
Nyadis there any difference between kate and kwrite or is it all just a question of personal preference11:17
jpatrickkwrite is stripped down version and base of kate11:17
Nyadjpatrick: tnx11:19
SauRjkkopete problem11:19
user1how can i shut down computer with a timer. say shutdown after 2 hours?11:19
SauRjkstatus in kopete is set to online11:20
SauRjkbut others see me ass ofline11:20
JucatoNyad: kwrite and kate use the same "base" text editor (called katepart). they are basically just "wrappers" around katepart. KWrite is a simple wrapper while Kate is more advanced (Kate actually means KDE Advanced Text Editor)11:21
NyadHow do I find out what path gcc is using when I include things? eg #include <stdio.h>11:22
stdinNyad: use -v11:23
sourcemakerhow can I convert a ps file to pdf?11:28
stdininstall ghostscript and use "ps2pdf file.ps file.pdf"11:30
user1how can i know the exact watts that my pc and my moniter takes? (need to calculate watts to buy a new ups) ?11:43
illusionuser1:  there's a website where you can calc it11:46
illusionpower consuming calculator on google11:46
v6lurwhat package must i install to have konsole "autocomplete" dcop calls?11:48
v6lurso that when i type in "dcop amar" and then press tab, it completes it into "dcop amarok " and when i press tab again, shows available dcop-functions for amarok11:50
v6lurit worked in my old pc, but i don't remember what did i do for that11:50
v6lurboth have kubuntu hardy11:54
crackosomeone try to install cedega cvs ?? :>12:07
neville_Just use Wine, Cedega is pitiful12:09
crackoyep but wine do not open the game properly12:10
v6lursure that cedega does?12:11
crackonot yet12:11
Hamrabut isnt that what cedega is made for?12:12
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robbbhi im trying to create a page in the wiki and it keeps me telling "A problem occurred in a Python script." ideas anyone?12:12
_ZeuZ_guys, what changes when I do dist-upgrade that it changes the distro name in the ttys ?12:12
_ZeuZ_appart from the obvious response12:13
_ZeuZ_I mean wich file holds that info12:13
stdinrobbb: in our wiki?12:13
llutz _ZeuZ_ /etc/motd  /etc/issue12:13
_ZeuZ_lovely, thanks.12:14
_ZeuZ_motd I knew12:14
_ZeuZ_issue, I didn't12:14
robbbstdin ubuntu/kubuntu wiki12:14
robbbthis link for example: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FujitsuStylisticST4000?action=edit12:14
stdinrobbb: nothing you can do about that then12:14
_ZeuZ_will it cause any trouble if I modify that Line?12:14
llutz_ZeuZ_: i doubt that12:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about etc/stdin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about etc/issue - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:15
_ZeuZ_just for the record, changing /etc/issue won't alterate the package downloading and stuff, right?12:16
robbbstdin great :)12:16
stdin_ZeuZ_: it will get overwritten when base-files gets updates12:17
_ZeuZ_what if I chmod it so that it cannot be changed?12:17
stdinchmod to what exactly?12:17
llutz_ZeuZ_: you may use dpkg-divert to prevent it from those changes12:17
stdinand what will you do when dpkg fails because of it not being able to install base-files?12:17
_ZeuZ_good question...12:18
_ZeuZ_well, then I guess I'll get a script to modify it back whenever base-files change their version...12:18
llutz_ZeuZ_:  use dpkg-divert12:20
stdinsomething like: dpkg-divert --divert /etc/issue --rename /etc/issue.distrib12:20
llutzthat's a clean solution ^^12:20
_ZeuZ_:O Didn't thought of that...12:20
_ZeuZ_Well, I'm under hardy, seen an awesome performance, even though I've re-debianized it... that was the last thing I needed to change to remaster it...12:21
_ZeuZ_what about the last updates from hardy beta to hardy stable? is it recomendable to apply them now, or to wait 8 days more?12:22
iliya_With gutsy, wireless is working for about two hours and than stops, restart isn't helping12:22
iliya_Knetwork manager -> device not found12:22
iliya_What to do?12:22
iliya_In windows, repair device helps12:22
_ZeuZ_iliya_ seems like hardware issue...12:23
stdinupdate whenever you feel like it, there's bound to be more in the next few days12:23
iliya_what to do12:23
_ZeuZ_stdin: should I expect regressions? or performance leaks?12:23
stdinno, just bug fixes12:23
stdinmost things should be getting to the stable point now12:24
_ZeuZ_lovely, I had to take out the script that checks xorg...12:24
_ZeuZ_it locked me to 640*42012:24
iliya_in comand window wlan0 scan, shows list of networks12:24
iliya_but knetwork does not12:24
_ZeuZ_iliya_ seems like a problem with knetworkmanager, or with networkmanager/networkmanager-dispatcher...12:25
_ZeuZ_Try updating12:25
stdinyou should try feisty, it has newer drivers12:25
stdinerm, no you said gutsy12:26
iliya_same reason I quit 6.06 7.04 and now 7.10 cryin at loud ;-)12:26
stdinyou can download the hardy liveCD though, see if it will work when hardy ships12:26
_ZeuZ_stdin: do I need to reboot to make the change of the /etc/issue effective? because until now, it does not seem to be like /etc/motd.tail | /etc/motd12:27
Dr_willisi wonder if the kde4 wireless config stuff works better... heck ya could even try the gnome wireless config tools.12:28
stdin_ZeuZ_: it should just work12:28
iliya_ trie wirelesassistant but wont install, show some issue12:28
Dr_willisI thought a lot of those issue/motd files got generated at boot time12:28
stdinDr_willis: both the gnome and kde frontends use the network-manager backed, so if one fails it's likely both will12:29
Dr_willisstdin,  i just recall on my laptop. i never could figure out one of them. :) the other one worked.. heh12:29
Dr_willisbut i may be thinking of some OTHER alternative wireless config/icon/tools.12:29
stdin_ZeuZ_: there's also /etc/issue.net btw12:29
stdini think it's only since gutsy that both use network-manager12:30
iliya_stdin, but I think network-manager is working, becouse list all networks at comand prompt12:30
iliya_sudo iwlist wlan0 scan , shows all networks12:31
stdinnetwork-manager uses dbus and hal, it doesn't just "iwlist <device> scan"12:31
stdinhal is a hardware abstraction layer, dbus is a inter-process message bus12:32
_ZeuZ_so same thingy (divert) woulg go  to both files... right?12:33
stdin_ZeuZ_: yeah12:34
_ZeuZ_could you repeat the syntaxis once again?12:34
stdinsomething like: dpkg-divert --divert /etc/issue --rename /etc/issue.distrib12:34
tobizazHi, im having some problems installing Nvidia drivers on my laptop. tried enabeling the driver from restricted drivers in kubuntu, but when restarting X it says et failed to initialize the nvidia graphics device.. im running kubuntu 7.10 with a nvidia 7000 card.12:34
_ZeuZ_stdin: that would cause new /etc/issue files, to be copied to /etc/issue.distrib instead of /etc/issue right?12:35
stdinyeah, whenever something tries to install /etc/issue dpkg will rename it to /etc/issue.distrib12:36
_ZeuZ_I would need to do the same to /etc/issue.net right?12:38
stdinyeah, just change all the "issue"'s to "issue.net"'s12:39
_ZeuZ_well, the output pretty much confuse me...12:39
_ZeuZ_it says Adding local version of /etc/issue.distrib to /etc/issue.net12:40
_ZeuZ_whouldn't it be the other way around?12:40
stdinno, because you're applying it to /etc/issue.net12:41
_ZeuZ_sorry sorry, I meant:12:41
_ZeuZ_it says Adding local version of /etc/issue.distrib to /etc/issue12:41
stdindon't worry, it's the right syntax anyway. you can probably test it by dong "sudo apt-get --reinstall install base-files" and seeing if /etc/issue.distrib shows up12:43
stdinshould do it when reinstalling, but i've never actually tried it like that12:43
_ZeuZ_cool, thanks... well, then I guess I'm going to wait for a couple of weeks until it gets stable to update anyways...12:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hydra - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about thc'hydra - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about thc-hydra - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:46
_ZeuZ_¬¬ Now that's annoying12:46
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.12:46
iliya_With gutsy, wireless is working for about two hours and than stops, restart isn't helping12:47
iliya_Knetwork manager -> device not found12:47
iliya_in windows repair dewice helps12:47
iliya_What to do?12:47
iliya_> sudo iwlist wlan0 scan , shows all networks12:47
iliya_ok this is output on log out12:47
iliya_NetworkManage: <WARN> nm_utils_supplicant_request_with_check():nm_dewice_802_11_wireless_scansupplicant error for12:47
iliya_'SCAN'Response '(some wired simbols) /NetworkManager/Devices/wlan0/Networks/DLINK_5f_WIRELESS'12:47
iliya_ 12:47
iliya_nm_dewice_802_11_wireless_scan():could not triggerwireless scan on dewice wlan0: illegal seek12:47
stdin!paste > iliya_12:47
stdinplease don't flood12:47
_ZeuZ_dlink? try the madwifi drivers...12:48
iliya_HiWith gutsy, wireless is working for about two hours and than stops, restart isn't helpingKnetwork manager -> device not foundin windows repair dewice helpsWhat to do?> sudo iwlist wlan0 scan , shows all networksok this is output on log outNetworkManage: <WARN> nm_utils_supplicant_request_with_check():nm_dewice_802_11_wireless_scansupplicant error for 'SCAN'Response '(some wired simbols) /NetworkManager/Devices/wlan0/Networks/DLINK_sorry12:48
_ZeuZ_what packages would I need to install for building, compiling and creating debs ?12:48
_ZeuZ_Debian has a metapackage for it...12:48
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports12:49
iliya_it is not dlink it is gigabyte rt256112:49
_ZeuZ_dlink chipset, or realtek chipset?12:49
iliya__ZeuZ_: i'm lookin for madwifi driwers12:51
stdinmadwifi is for atheros12:51
_ZeuZ_also for Dlink12:52
_ZeuZ_my 520+ works with them12:52
iliya_checking compatibility list, there is some gigabyte12:53
Edulixwhat kind of file is one that the command "file myfile.sdc" says it's "data"? unrecognized?12:53
_ZeuZ_!google +format +sdc12:54
stdinEdulix: means that it's not a recognised format and it's binary (not text)12:54
Edulix_ZeuZ_: do you really thin I haven't done already that? =)12:55
_ZeuZ_lol, just in case ;)12:55
stdinhttp://filext.com/file-extension/SDC <- says it's an OOo spreadsheet12:56
_ZeuZ_what a good nickname, VistaKiller ^^12:56
gmnè la prima volta che entro12:56
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!12:56
gmnc'è qlcn che parla italiano?12:56
stdin^ #ubuntu-it12:56
SlimeyPeteoh yeah12:57
SlimeyPeteteach me to read12:57
gmntnk u12:57
stephan_I want to watch rmvb files on my computer, I would prefer to use Mplayer is this possible?  If not where can I download realplayer?13:06
stephan_hello bill.13:06
bill_hi ^^ do you or someone else know where the /etc/inittab in kubuntu 710 is ?13:06
stdinthere is no inittab since gutsy13:07
bill_ehm, maybe VLC can play rmvb ?13:07
stdinstephan_: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RealPlayerInstallationMethods (i think the w32codecs package has the codec too, see /msg ubotu w32codecs )13:08
stephan_My brother has VLC, he can't play rmvb files.  So I guess that means no13:08
bill_@stephan: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Real_Alternative.htm13:10
stephan_Thanks stdin I'll give it a try.13:11
bill_if that codecs are platform indepentend, looks like this page is windows stuff13:11
_ZeuZ_bill_ inittab == mtab13:12
_ZeuZ_I think xD13:12
Dr_willisi dident think vlc used the w32codecs.. they were all built in.13:12
Dr_willisinittab is not mtab.13:12
_ZeuZ_but it contains the same information there13:12
bill_may the GUI settings allow to autologin a user anywhere? I cant find it13:12
Dr_willisHuh? What info?13:13
stdin_ZeuZ_: no13:13
_ZeuZ_the device, and partitions13:13
stdinthat's not what inittab is13:13
_ZeuZ_oh, sorry xD my mistake13:13
iliya_ima li ko da zna sto da cinim sa ovim internetom13:13
_ZeuZ_inittab to mod the ammount of virtual consoles and stuff?13:14
Areli1Hello there, everyone. I am on Ubuntu right now, but i want to use KDE instead of GNOME. Too bad KDE crashes very often here on my computer, and kubuntu won't be an LTS release when hardy comes out. so what options do i have?13:14
_ZeuZ_install kubuntu gutsy/feisty?13:14
timucinHi, can anybody givve me a hint how to transfer my kubuntu installation from one hard disk to another hard disk. My disk is failing and I do not want to setup from start, I'd like to copy all my disk to another new disk.13:15
_ZeuZ_!performance tweaks13:15
Dr_willisAreli1,  install the kubuntu-desktop package to install the kde desktop13:15
Areli1I've tried kubuntu once. on my pc, it was a mess. (gutsy). It went crashing all the time, flash didn't work, that kind of stuff13:15
_ZeuZ_!kubuntu performance tweaks13:15
stdin_ZeuZ_: /msg ubotu when you don't know if a factoid exists or not13:15
Dr_willisI dont recall kde crashing much for me at all.. if ever... flash - was/is an issue  due to the FLASH company. :) not kubuntu/ubuntu's fault.13:16
_ZeuZ_directly, not a KDE fault13:16
_ZeuZ_anyone has a guide to install rt73 based usb wireless adapter on hardy?13:17
bill_kde's tasklist just crashed *lol* by right-click "Systemsettings" -> Do in CLI , typing sudo before the cmd13:18
rommedo the brightness keys on a laptop work for anyone here?13:19
Dr_willisromme,  they have worked on the 4-5 laptops ive had ubuntu on13:19
_ZeuZ_romme: in hardy, not for me...13:19
tobizazHi, im having problems getting the nvidia driver to work.. tried the restricted drivers management,but when starting x it gives the error "failed to initiialize the nvidia graphics device". im using an nvidia 7000 card on kubuntu 7.1013:19
rommeDr_willis: did you set it up manually or kde handled it automatically?13:20
Dr_willisromme,  i dident have to do anything :)13:21
Dr_willisubuntu/kubuntu is one of the best disrtos ive see at detecting special keys on laptops/keyubards/media keys13:23
ds187tobizaz: no idea on that, but you could try an alternative way on installing nvidia drivers. look out this: http://albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html13:24
rommeDr_willis: presently i have to run gnome-power-manager (ugh) to handle the brightness13:24
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stdin!away > Tripp_Away_13:25
tobizazds187: Already tried that, when doing anything in envy it tells me, that my system isn't supported13:25
Areli1Who here thinks gnome is 'clean and tidy'?13:28
ds187tobizaz: and you are really having an nvidia card? ;-)13:28
Areli1i mean, look at my screen: http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/8606/wtfbm9.png13:30
illusionanybody knows what codec i need to install to play dvd's?13:31
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs13:32
emilsedghillusion: ^13:32
illusioncant install "libdvdcss2" through apt-get, it does not exist13:32
Dr_willisillusion,  read thje bots factoid again. :)13:32
emilsedgh!medibuntu | illusion13:33
ubotuillusion: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org13:33
FreakyFredHey could you guys kelp me out? I am trying to install 7.10, but the X server says"No screens found" I am a linux noob and am not sure how to edit xorg.conf13:34
tobizazds187: yes i do ;)13:34
yordanима ли някои е13:36
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=== yordan is now known as _BAD_BOY_
jussio1!ru | yordan13:43
ubotuyordan: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:43
rommejussi01: it doesn't look like his message is in Russian13:43
=== illusion is now known as Illusion[A]
yordanBG PLS13:43
rommeyordan: so you look for support in Bulgarian?13:44
Cannonin linux are binaries installation packages and source ones that you build yourself?13:44
SlimeyPeteCannon: more or less, yes.13:45
tobizazHi, im having problems getting the nvidia driver to work.. tried the restricted drivers management,but when starting x it gives the error "failed to initiialize the nvidia graphics device". im using an nvidia 7000 card on kubuntu 7.1013:45
SlimeyPetesometimes "binaries" refers to just pre-compiled executables, but usually it refers to some sort of installable package13:45
Cannonone other thing ... how do I find out which "version" of linux I have13:46
Cannonnot sure if it's 7.04 or 7.1013:46
SlimeyPeteCannon: "lsb_release -a" in a terminal13:46
yordan i have kubuntu 7.10 how to edin \etc\apt\sources.list13:50
crackogedit /erc/apt/sources.list13:51
=== ilya is now known as f1rs
f1rsi have a problem, my lan-card  RealTek RTL8139 works correctly in mode 100BaseT Half duplex, but it supports Full Duplex13:55
f1rswhen i chage mode to Full Duplex, real speed is very low13:55
f1rscan you help me?13:58
_ZeuZ_hmmm.... I edited the text of the welcome screen on kcontrol module, now the kdm theme does not load... no kdm theme loads actually...13:59
ubuntuHi everybody13:59
user1how can i know the exact watts that my pc and my moniter takes? (need to calculate watts to buy a new ups) ?14:00
ubuntuSorry for my english, it depends from my weak mind :-)14:00
mcgubuser1: http://www.amazon.com/P3-International-P4400-Electricity-Monitor/dp/B00009MDBU14:01
Hamraa look on the power supply should tell you how much watts the pc is taking14:02
user1Hamra mcgub powersupply just says AC 230v  and on moniter it says 1.2A14:02
mcgub230/1.2=191 watts14:03
Hamrayou need to look at the power supply from the inside of your PC case, usually, there is a sticker with all the voltages and powers it outputs14:03
llutzmcgub: power = current x voltage14:04
user1Hamra hmm inside.. where. powner supply box is cealed14:05
mcgubheh...right you are...need more coffee14:05
user1llutz mcgub so whats the watts. 130 x 1.2 or 130/ 1.2  ?14:06
ubuntubye bye guys14:06
llutzuser1: monitor 1.2A then 230 x 1.214:06
mcgub276 watts14:06
llutzuser1: very roughly14:07
user1that wont be exact14:07
user1oops. 130v is for cpu14:07
Hamrasealed? weird, on all power supplies i've seen so far, the sticker is on the side, if i open the left side of the case, it should appear right infront of me!14:07
llutzuser1: if you want exact values, use a very expensive meter to measure power consumption14:07
user1but i think that it would be 130v for moniter too. coz local power supply is around it14:07
user1llutz hm.14:08
user1llutz there arent any predefined specs?14:08
mcgubkill-a-awatt monitor is 25 bucks...not so bad14:08
user1of power14:08
llutzuser1: with those 20$ meters you can also estimate.14:08
jussio1user1: all pc's are different14:08
user1i have dual coare 1.8   and syncmaster 15" monter14:08
Hamrawhy would you need to calculate? a 650 W ups is good enough, do you really think there is more power consumption than that?14:08
user1jussi01 ^14:08
jussio1user1: some pc's have  350w power supply, some 500, depends what you personally have14:08
f1rsanybody can help me with my problem?14:09
jussio1!ask | f1rs14:09
ubotuf1rs: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)14:09
user1jussi01 i have dual coare 1.8   and syncmaster 15" monter14:09
llutzeven if you have a 800w ps it doesn't mean your pc needs/uses all that14:09
jussio1user1: that tells me nothing14:09
user1jussi01 how can i know what is my cpus watts. (without a meter)14:09
user1Hamra well i dont things its above 50014:10
jussio1user1: as others have tolsd you, go look on the power supply...14:10
f1rs i have a problem, my lan-card  RealTek RTL8139 works correctly in mode 100BaseT Half duplex, but it supports Full Duplex.when i chage mode to Full Duplex, real speed is very low14:10
user1jussi01 i was afraid you gonna say it. i hate touching electric thingies14:11
user1jussi01 k. let me then. i have to shutdown then. i gues14:11
jussio1user1: just go buy a cheap meter, or buy a ups with enought power that you are sure14:11
SlimeyPeteerm the power supply rating doesn't mean much anyway - chances are your PC doesn't use anywhere near the limit on the PSU14:11
jussio1user1: SlimeyPete is corrrect.14:11
user1jussi01 thats why i am looking for wats. to define 'enough'14:11
jussio1user1: as someone else said, 650 should be enough for most pc's14:12
user1SlimeyPete you mean it uses less then the defined in psu>?14:12
ds187f1rs: what is on the other end?14:12
user1jussi01 someone said my cpu uses 220 wats14:12
user1SlimeyPete you mean it uses less then the defined in psu>?14:13
f1rsds187: on the other end of cable?14:13
SlimeyPeteuser1: yes14:14
ds187so, what happens when you put the RTL into autonegotiation mode?14:14
ds187is it 100hd then?14:14
f1rsds187: no, i can change mode to 100fd,  but the real speed is near 100kb/s, but when i change to 100hd, speed is near 5mb/s14:15
ds187f1rs: yes, you told allready, perhaps the port on the switch is set to 100hd and not autonegotiation, and so when the rtl is in 100fd mode and the switch in 100hd it gets collisions14:16
ds187so what happens when you put your NIC to autonegotiation.....is it automatically put to hd or fd?14:17
ds187is it a manageable switch?14:18
f1rsin windows all works correctly14:18
f1rssorry for my English14:18
ds187then use windows *duck*14:18
ds187my english isn't better :-)14:19
f1rsmb russian?)14:19
wesleyhow can i install the systemsettings that kubuntu default has without installing kubuntu desktop14:19
ds187!ru | f1rs14:20
ubotuf1rs: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke14:20
swapnilhi , I'm trying to install AR242x 802.11abg Wireless on my laptop.14:23
swapnilNdiswrapper crashes14:23
MetaMorfoziShi all, i having problem with a "D-Link DFE-690TXD 10/100Base, CardBus , PCMCIA " (pcmcia ethernet adapter). It works fine at home, with an asus router, but i don't get ip at this place, with an old, buggy noname router. The syslog says: http://pastebin.com/m6cfd0b3614:24
MetaMorfoziSHas anybody an idea that what i need to adjust to get this work?14:24
jussi01MetaMorfoziS: on hardy or gutsy?14:25
jussi01MetaMorfoziS: #ubuntu+1 then :)14:25
MetaMorfoziSi don'T tthink that this is hardy related problem14:25
MetaMorfoziSas i said it works... i just need to adjust something idiot parameter or etc14:26
swapnilis there any other way to install Wireless Lan drivers14:26
jussi01MetaMorfoziS: if you are on a hardy system, please use #ubuntu+114:26
MetaMorfoziSAnyways, if somebody knwos the answer, please tell/pm me.14:26
=== john__ is now known as johnpanda
swapnilhi All, I'm trying to install Atheros wifi driver using ndiswrapper. When i do "modprobe ndiswrapper" my system crashes14:32
swapnilPls help if there is any other method to install wifi drivers14:33
user1theres no software to measure watts consumed by me computer?14:34
MetaMorfoziSuser1 > i don't remember the apps name, but there are a gui (For kde) that shows the acpi values14:35
MetaMorfoziSanyways, you can sightseeing in /proc/acpi14:35
MetaMorfoziSand if it supported then that can be useful for you14:36
user1MetaBot how can i see it14:37
MetaMorfoziSfor example "cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state " says the remaining/last etc capacity of my batts etc14:37
kingkonganyone installed ubuntu on ASUS R2E ?14:37
MetaMorfoziSfor me they not supported but there are also a power_source and a processor directory in the /proc/acpi14:37
MetaMorfoziSi recomemnd you to check them14:37
Hamrain ksysguard, "system load" tab, there is a "load average (1 min)" graph, what is this?14:38
user1MetaMorfoziS theres nothing int that folder14:39
stdinHamra: see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Load_(computing)14:40
MetaMorfoziSthen acpi is not your friend:)14:40
MetaMorfoziSuser1 > if you are on an intel based system (at least you have an intel processor) then powertop as stdin said is the answer for you14:40
user1MetaMorfoziS whats powertop14:41
stdin!info powertop14:42
ubotupowertop (source: powertop): linux tool to find out what is using power on a laptop. In component main, is extra. Version 1.8-1 (gutsy), package size 64 kB, installed size 396 kB14:42
simuloushey i think all i need to say to begin with here is ive always'd used windows...So, my problem...how in the name of KUBUNTU! do i install flash player in to firefox!: :*(14:43
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash14:44
jussio1simulous: ^^14:44
simulouscheers mate your a legend14:44
Hamrathnx for the article14:44
diazametIs is safe to do an upgrade directly from feisty to hardy?14:45
jussio1diazamet: no14:46
jussio1diazamet: you need to go via gutsy14:46
stdinand wait until hardy is released preferably14:48
Hamrapowertop give a lot of suggestions at the bottom, is it safe to apply anything it suggests?14:49
user1what is powertop?14:49
stdindepends, generally yes14:49
stdin!info powertop > user114:49
user1stdin thats for only laptops i gues14:50
mohi!ru | groudwar15:08
ubotugroudwar: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke15:08
user1which app gives me complete info about cput. like cpuz on windows does?15:10
ilija_how to restart network device15:12
Hamraopenoffice is not seeing my digital signatures, kde recognizes them and all kde applications that might use them, can see them (like kmail), but openoffice is not seeing them!15:13
MacDocifconfig eth0 restart15:13
ilija_wireless device15:13
Hamrauser1: see kinfocenter15:13
MacDocifconfig device_name restart15:14
MacDocòóò óòîíèòü ïî ðóññêè ãîâîðèò?15:14
user1Hamra what sthat15:15
user1Hamra whats that15:16
Hamrauser1: press "ALT+F2", type "kinfocenter", and then go to the processor tab15:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kinfocenter - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:16
ubotuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories15:16
user1Hamra stdin  i wanted to check sleepsteping suport15:18
user1thats not visible there15:19
pharsalusI need a working copy of sources.list for Kubuntu gutsy as I foolishly edited it myself and accidentally deleted it. Anyone can assist? :315:20
stdinpharsalus: /usr/share/doc/apt/examples/sources.list15:20
pharsalusstdin: Will try that, thanks.15:21
Pliskinpharsalus : http://sourceslist.org15:21
user1Hamra stdin  i wanted to check sleepsteping suport15:21
user1thats not visible there15:21
stdinpharsalus: adept can also regenerate it15:22
pharsalusstdin: I've replaced sources.list in /etc/apt with the one from APT documentation, but the "third Party Software" tab displays an empty list.15:26
stdinpharsalus: there aren't any third party repos enabled by default15:27
ds187that's why they are called "third party"15:27
pharsalusAhhh of course, thanks.15:27
user1what hardware support can i get by a guest os in vbox. linux as host.  usb pci port. com port. 3d accelaration , direct x support for games. etc.?15:36
BizMan2008hey guys, i set up a new ubuntu machine, and i always setup vnc through ssh15:40
BizMan2008ive down this countless times15:40
BizMan2008but for whatever reason, on this machine15:40
BizMan2008i can ssh, but not vnc afterwords15:40
BizMan2008it says connection initiated, and ends there15:40
BizMan2008any ideas?15:40
PhilRodcan you put vncserver in debug mode?15:41
PhilRodmaybe there's an option for it not to go to background15:41
user1what hardware support can i get by a guest os in vbox. linux as host.  usb pci port. com port. 3d accelaration , direct x support for games. etc.?                 or does any other virutalisation app gives more options  for that?             any suggestions?15:41
rommehow can i adjust my backlight without running gnome-power-manager?15:42
BizMan2008PhilRod: all i did was do a reformat and reinstall of kubuntu, and set it up like i have every other time15:43
BizMan2008i use x11vnc for my vnc server15:43
PhilRodBizMan2008: yeah, I don't really hve any specific ideas, I'm just wondering whether vnc has some options that'll help you debug the problem15:44
BizMan2008i dunno if its my kubuntu machine or the putty15:45
BizMan2008but nothing has changed15:45
BizMan2008im going from windows to linux15:45
=== dyve is now known as Divilinux
Roeywhy is there no scanner.ko module?16:09
RoeyI try modprobe scanner and it tells me there's no such module.16:09
blekoshi, could you tell me the channel 4 8.0416:10
Bauldrickhow do i extract a file thats passwd protected? i get an error16:11
=== hanzz__ is now known as HanzZ
blekoshi, do u know if the issues with wireless have been resolved?16:11
crimsunRoey: because it's obsolete in Linux 2.6.  Use libusb instead.  For an end user, this means sane should be handling it instead.16:11
blekossosrry wrong channel16:11
prateekhi everybdy16:11
crimsunRoey: and by "Use libusb instead", I mean that applications must use libusb instead, not that an end user should.16:12
crimsunRoey: in fact, we blacklist it in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-scanner, which is shipped by the libsane package.16:13
prateekhw can i force kubuntu to get games from Live CD16:13
Roeybut I plug in my scanner and yet xsane doesn't find any scanners listed...16:13
Roeycrimsun:  I've never experienced this problem before...16:13
Roeycrimsun:  <Roey> but I plug in my scanner and yet xsane doesn't find any scanners listed...16:13
crimsunRoey: well, you know what source package to file a source against...16:13
RoeyI don't16:13
RoeyI have no idea.16:13
Roeylibusb? xsane?16:13
Roeycrimsun:  is it a bug?16:13
Roeyshould it be working out-of-the-box?16:13
Roey11:15:02 ~ uname -a16:14
RoeyLinux gear 2.6.24-12-generic #1 SMP Wed Mar 12 22:31:43 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:14
RoeyI wonder if it was fixed since -1216:14
Roey(on hardy heron here)16:14
crimsunwell, you should be using -16 unless you use Nvidia.16:14
crimsun(dishes time)16:14
ubotuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"16:17
Roeycrimsun:  I'm using nvidia...16:17
Roeycrimsun, is there a problem with -16 wrt/ nvidia??16:17
Serenmy system is not broken but I am looking for a link16:17
Seren( omg I am talking to the bot )16:17
amerigo! archade16:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about archade - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:17
amerigo! games16:18
ubotuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php16:18
Seren! live cd16:18
ubotuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.16:18
Odd-rationaleHow do I browse nfs shares in kubuntu?16:24
Odd-rationalesivaji: I've read that. when I do "sudo mount x.x.x.x:/folder /mnt" it seems to mount fine. But when I do "cd /mnt" i get Permission denied. Is this a problem at my end or the server?16:27
sivajiOdd-rationale i think you dont have permission to access the file @ server16:28
* sivaji havent tried nfs16:29
Odd-rationalesivaji: ok. any idea of what to do on the server end?16:29
sivajiOdd-rationale you get Permission denied right then you need to change the file permission isnt it ?16:30
Odd-rationalesivaji: sudo chmod -R 755 /mnt ?16:30
Odd-rationalesivaji: on my end or on the server?16:31
Odd-rationalesivaji: I haven't done nfs either... ;)16:31
sivajiOdd-rationale better you ask this @ #ubuntu or #linux16:32
Odd-rationalesivaji: I tried in #ubuntu. no answer...16:33
sivajitry #linux , #linux-india16:34
fdovingOdd-rationale: you need to set the proper permissions on the server-side.16:36
fdovingOdd-rationale: you can test by making a directory inside the mount, then set it's permissions to 777, then inside it make a file from the client.16:36
Odd-rationalefdoving: do I also need to be part of a group?16:37
fdovingOdd-rationale: that way you'll see what username and group the user gets on the server, and then you'll know who to give access to write.16:37
fdovingOdd-rationale: all users are part of a group by default, don't think more about the groups, it's just there. :)16:37
Odd-rationalefdoving: ok. but what do you mean by "make a dir inside the mount"? I can't get into /mnt16:38
fdovingOdd-rationale: on the server. go to the shared location, then 'mkdir' there.16:38
Odd-rationalefdoving: so on the server, make a dir with 777 permision?16:40
fdovingOdd-rationale: yes. inside the directory you have shared.16:40
Odd-rationalefdoving: then on the client, create a file in the newly created dir with 777 permisions?16:41
Odd-rationale*create a file16:41
Odd-rationalefdoving: ok let me try that. Thanks! brb16:42
blekosi am deleting and iso file 4.4 gb from my ntfs partition and is taking ages, is tha normal? would it be faster if i issued a command (??) to directly deleted instead of having it in the recycle bin?16:48
BizMan2008any vnc client that displays screen 0 other than x11vnc16:48
fdovingblekos: yes, that would be faster. as it now first is moving the file, then really deleting it once you empty the trash.16:48
fdovingBizMan2008: krfb, kde-thing, but it's not that good as far as i know. you can try.16:50
blekosis there a spefic command 2 do that or i can do like windows  shift+del?16:50
fdovingblekos: i think you can do it like windows.16:50
BizMan2008yeah no good16:52
BizMan2008i gotta go from windows to linux16:52
kikolocowho is yuo16:53
makdaknifeanyone know if vmware server is running properly on hardy?16:54
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers16:54
Jucatomakdaknife: maybe the people in #ubuntu+1 would know16:54
makdaknifeJucato: thanks... will check it out16:55
spine55hello everyone16:59
linuxloverI need to find all files which are less than 500 KB, which command should I use to search with that criteria17:01
makdaknifelinuxlover: find17:02
jeffreyany way to make the KDE4.0 livecd boot to 16bit color mode instead of 24?17:03
jeffreyi can't seem to ctrl-alt-f#17:03
linuxlovermakdaknife: would you plese tell me how do I find those files using the command find? please help, i am a newbie17:03
fdovinglinuxlover: find . -size -500k17:04
makdaknifelinuxlover: open konsole... find ./ -size +500k17:04
makdaknifelinuxlover: open konsole... find ./ -size -500k17:05
fdovinglinuxlover: that would start in the current directory, the dot (.) search for files with size less than 500k.17:05
makdaknifesorry was looking for files greater than 500k17:05
linuxloverok I am trying it...17:05
=== Deviance is now known as TimS
makdaknifelinuxlover: find / -size -500k (this will search your entire hard disk)17:06
makdaknifelinuxlover: you may also want to check out filelight to hunt for large files etc17:07
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
fdovingand you can use kfind to search for files too, easier to figure out its options than to use find on the commandline.17:08
linuxloverthank you makdaknife............. your help lead me to successfully search those files. my best regards to you17:09
=== _Czessi is now known as Czessi
makdaknifelinuxlover: np find is a very powerful tool... you can find out a whole lot more about it by typing 'man find' in konsole17:09
=== edwards is now known as yenny_29
matthew_How can I find a package to install, if the app name is only one   letter, "r"?17:10
linuxlovergetting a closer look at man find17:12
matthew_I am using apt-cache search..17:13
catweazlematthew_: apt-get install r TAB TAB17:13
rommei need help with the kde bug database17:14
jeffreyany way to force 16bit color on the 8.04 livecd?17:21
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=== comp05 is now known as inolla
jussio1jeffrey: not certain, there may be a boot option. probably better to ask in #ubuntu+117:25
mefisto__I need help setting up mythtv on gutsy. can anyone help me through it?17:38
harmentalhey guys...im looking for a tool reprenting a chronometer....17:54
harmentalany idas?17:54
_myrtille_have you tried kARM, i think it has a stopwatch?17:56
flipstarthere is also an program called 'stopwatch' in the universe repos17:58
flipstarits simple but works great17:58
allnickstakenI have an unusual issue. I have a pc at a place where only wireless exists and I accidentally uninstalled knetworkmanager17:58
allnickstakenis there any downloads for the .deb?17:58
allnickstakenso I can burn it to a cd17:58
SlimeyPeteallnickstaken: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/knetworkmanager17:59
allnickstakenreplace gutsy with feisty since I haven't upgraded?17:59
harmentalflipstar: yeah...i was wondering if anything else existed....i need eye candy...17:59
SlimeyPeteallnickstaken: yeah18:00
allnickstakenthanks for the help :)18:00
SlimeyPeteno problem18:00
flipstarharmental: maybe karm then18:02
ubotulimewire is a popular P2P client running on the Gnutella network. To get it running, install /msg ubotu java first, then download Limewire from http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireSoftOther and finally run runLime.sh. Consider /msg ubotu FrostWire as an alternative.18:04
flipstar!find timer | harmental18:04
ubotuharmental: Found: gtimer, ktimer, libtemplate-timer-perl, timer-applet, wmtimer (and 1 others)18:04
harmentalflipstar: i think stopwatch will do the trick for now...18:06
gon!msg ubotu java first18:07
ubotuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.18:10
allnickstakenoh and found the source to a much newer version. Is it advisable to install it? I have issues with current knetworkmanager for Kubuntu18:12
allnickstakenit seems to crash on nets that use WPA18:12
flipstargon: use /msg ubotu <issue>18:13
flipstarallnickstaken: if this is still for your distro..sure18:13
SlimeyPeteallnickstaken: it might not work correctly with your older networkmanager18:14
=== ilya is now known as f1rs
allnickstakenit's a general source from the maker but maybe I can try. I do have a custom kernel. Not sure if that kills its stability in some way18:18
snikkeri've got a problem with KsCd. it tell me thst i've no permission to read cd... (same thing with sudo)18:19
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user1is there a v goog gui for system stats. that tells all about cpu... ALL i mean. or max one can think off.?18:25
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Daisuke_Laptopcat /proc/cpuinfo18:27
emilsedghuser1: try kde-look.org, look for karamba's there18:27
emilsedghuser1: and superkaramba18:27
user1Daisuke_Ido gui.. needed18:28
user1like cpu. ram, hardisk etc..18:28
Daisuke_Laptopwanted, perhaps18:28
Daisuke_Laptopbut as i was starting to say18:28
flipstaruser1: check out gkrellm18:28
Daisuke_Laptopthere's surely a gui wrapper for that info18:28
user1flipstar emilsedgh k18:29
NickPrestauser1, superkaramba, gkrellm, gdesklets, sysinfo18:29
user1flipstar no such package as gkrellm18:30
Daisuke_Laptop!info gkrellm18:30
ubotugkrellm (source: gkrellm): The GNU Krell Monitors. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.10-2ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 776 kB, installed size 2160 kB18:30
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flipstaruser1: its in universe18:30
user1NickPresta none of the pacages are in kubuntu repos18:30
Daisuke_Laptopthen you have a pretty major issue with your repos18:30
flipstaruser1: you have to enable the universe repos for that18:30
NickPrestauser1, sure they are. That is where I got them from. Make sure you have the universe and multiverse repos.18:31
ubotuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories18:31
mefisto__user1: kinfocenter perhaps?18:31
user1flipstar ic18:31
user1NickPresta thx18:31
user1flipstar thx18:31
user1mefisto__ need realtime system stats.18:32
NickPrestauser1, ah. I don't think sysinfo gives you real time stats. The rest I mentioned do though.18:33
flipstaruser1: per default gkrellm show only a few..for temperatur, fans and power values install mbmon and hddtemp (these are deamons gkrellm can use)18:34
user1i hope they are quite extensively informative at aglace18:34
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flipstaruser1: it might take some time to configure..but then it will look like this http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/7869/full4uu4.png18:37
flipstarat least it could..there are a lot of plugins18:38
Cannonif i load kubuntu off the live cd is it normal to lock the drive so I can't open it?18:39
Daisuke_Laptopuh...  yeah.18:39
user1let me see18:39
Daisuke_Laptopif it doesn't lock the drive, it's going to go fetch something that isn't in ram, and crash like the hindenburg18:39
Daisuke_Laptop(if you were to switch discs, that is)18:39
Cannonwell i loaded it as a desparate measure ... am trying to give CentOS a go18:40
Cannonbut hwne I instal;l that am not getting internet access18:40
sakiThe Hindenburg was one of the greatest marvels of technology.18:40
Level15Hi. I need to install a PIM server. What do you recommend?18:40
Daisuke_Laptopsaki: so was the titanic, it still crashed :)18:40
Daisuke_Laptopi know nothing about centos :\18:41
sakiYeah, its Red Hat.18:42
Cannonnobody is responding in their irc :(18:42
Cannoneven though it's over 300 strong18:42
sakiLike I said, its Red Hat.18:42
sakiNobody cares.18:42
Daisuke_Laptopi know that, but i don't really have experience with redhat/fedora/centos at all :\18:42
Daisuke_Laptopthere are red hat people, there are debian people, and there are others.18:43
rootlinuxusrand then there is the custom-builders!18:43
sakiI'm like a confused linux user.18:43
rootlinuxusrand gentoo'ers18:43
Cannoni like kubuntu but my coding friend wants centos18:43
sakiI have gentoo on two boxes, kubunt on another, and then LFS on my laptop.18:43
rootlinuxusrcentos is cool, good for servers18:43
rootlinuxusrbased on the gentoo, and LFS you're a custom-er18:44
Daisuke_Laptopone of these days i'll build a server...18:44
rootlinuxusri myself love the entire apt-get, .deb system. whether it's 'buntu, or debian. Knoppix for LiveCD/DVD's =]18:44
Daisuke_Laptopright now all the file serving is done off of my desktop machine18:44
martijn81!aptfix | martijn8118:44
sakiYeah, thats why I threw Kubuntu on my main desktop.18:45
Cannonit's not easy ... at least for somebody with no experience and on meds :( lol18:45
sakiIts rather quick and easy to use.18:45
Cannonit's hard to learn on meds period!18:45
rootlinuxusrhaha meds.18:45
flipstarits also highly configureable :=)18:45
Cannonare you familiar with centos flipstar?18:46
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sakiCannon, what are you trying to do?18:46
flipstarnot really18:46
Daisuke_LaptopCannon: the ONLY way to learn gentoo is on meds :)18:46
Cannonlol, install it with internet access18:46
CannonLOL Daisuke_Laptop18:47
saki... =(18:47
Cannonwith a default install I had no interwebs18:47
Daisuke_Laptophowever, it's worth it for the extra bit of performance you can squeeze out of a customized gentoo install18:47
ThecksOK, I have an issue and it would be awesome if somebody knows. I'm using Kubuntu and trying to view the other partitions (NTFS) the hard drive shows but it doesn't show any files inside. Basically, it's mounted but it's not reading it or something, any ideas?18:47
sakiDid you setup your network properly?18:47
Cannontried to configure it manually with ip, gateway, subnet and I haven't a clue what am doing18:47
Cannonwell all the cables are plugged in like with the live cd! lol18:48
Cannonsurely it should be automatic18:48
Daisuke_Laptopset it acquire a dhcp address automatically?18:48
Cannondidn't work18:48
sakiWas your device setup properly?18:48
Cannonhow do you mean?18:49
sakiand do you have more than one NIC?18:49
sakiDid your computer detect your Network Interface properly?18:49
Cannonwhen it was loading up it assumed there was a network cable unplugged18:49
Cannonit was the only [FAILED]18:49
Cannonbut on a reboot the this live cd thats not the case18:50
Cannoneverything is wired as it was with my kubuntu18:50
Cannonit is somewhat of a pain in the ASCII!18:50
jontecis there a quick and simple way for me to make a list of all of the packages that I currently have installed?18:50
user1An error occurred while enabling /media/cdrom.18:51
user1The system reported: mount: special device <device> does not existn18:51
flipstarjontec: dpkg -l18:52
jontecflipstar: gracias18:52
Cannongrassy ass?18:52
Cannonhow ruuuuuuuuuuuuuude!18:52
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user1An error occurred while enabling /media/cdrom.18:53
user1The system reported: mount: special device <device> does not exist  i inserted cd. it was not auto mounted as before. i manully tried. and the eror came18:53
Level15has anyone here used zimbra?18:55
DavieyLevel15: yes18:56
flipstaruser1: the mountpoint probably doesnt exist,try creating it first!18:56
flipstarbtw how did you mount it manually ? the cdrom probably is /dev/scd018:57
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snikkeri've got a problem with KsCd. it tell me thst i've no permission to read cd... (same thing with sudo)19:06
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kaminixAnyone got a repo for new Amarok
BluesKajprolly in beta or some such, kaminix  ...alternate open source may the only way19:25
kaminixhttp://amarok.kde.org/en/node/454  Not in beta. ^^19:26
billybobo231what is a good app to publish to a blog? (blogger/blogspot)19:38
rickeyhoe do i upgrade to 710 from70419:39
rickeywhat do i write in adept manger19:40
mcgubbillybobo231: scribefire addon for firefox19:40
flipstar!upgrade | rickey19:41
uboturickey: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes19:41
billybobo231anything for kde?  therwise that sounds nice, thanks mcgub19:41
flipstar!find blogger19:42
ubotuFound: kicker-kblogger, liblogger-syslog-perl, nanoblogger, nanoblogger-extra19:42
flipstaradept might list more19:42
billybobo231thats great, thanks!19:44
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ubuntuLiveis there anything like Starburn for Windows that works for Linux?19:49
flipstarwhat actually is starburn ?19:49
ubuntuLivean intermedite burner19:49
ubuntuLiveburns CDs and DVDs19:49
ubuntuLiveno offence, but it looks better then K3B19:49
flipstaryou might try brasero19:49
ubuntuLiveright now I'm using the live CD of Kubuntu's last version, but I'll check it out19:50
flipstarin hardy brasero is default19:50
flipstarif you mean hardy with latest..19:50
dwidmannflipstar: only default if you're using gnome19:51
ubuntuLiveand I'm using KDE19:51
coreymon77ubuntuLive: there are many cd buring programs for linux, you just have to get them19:51
coreymon77ubuntuLive: and youre on the livecd, so, thigns are minimal19:51
ubuntuLivecoreymon77: Aware. It will be installed once the new Kubuntu comes out, for I'm sick of Windows XP crashing on me19:51
coreymon77ubuntuLive: btw, kde or gnome makes no diff, gnome apps can run on kde and vice versa19:52
ubuntuLiveThat I already knew as well.19:52
ubuntuLiveI just need some names to google so I can take a look19:52
flipstarwould look similar on kde i guess19:53
coreymon77ubuntuLive: i would actually look on apt firtst19:53
ubuntuLiveis there also something like Q10? It's a full screen text editor, and it's useful for my writing19:53
ubuntuLiveBrasero looks like it fits the bill :)19:54
flipstarubuntuLive: there are dozen of text/code editors19:54
ubuntuLiveflipstar: Any fullscreen ones though with not many distractions?19:55
coreymon77ubuntuLive: linux is a full os, jsut like windows, all you have to do is a little apt-cache search or google searching, and you should find what you need19:55
dwidmannubuntuLive: vim :)19:55
coreymon77ubuntuLive: anything that exists for windows will most likely have some sort of alternative for linux19:57
ubuntuLivecoreymon77: Fully aware. This is the third time I've tried Linux. And like I said, sick of Windows. The reason why I'm here and asking because I worry from Viruses and whatnot. I know it's next to impossible to get one on Linux... but as someone who has Windows Vista on a laptop that's crap, it makes me worry all the same19:57
ubuntuLivedwidmann: If I remember correctly, it wasn't going to do the job... I don't remember offhand19:58
coreymon77dont worry, linux is not some hackers os, its a regular os with programs that you need19:58
blekosis there a deamon tool for linux?19:58
coreymon77although sometimes you have to make concessions19:58
dwidmannblekos: daemon tool?19:59
ubuntuLivecoreymon77: Consitering most of my games are old, they will work with Wine if I remember correctly. And if not, I can cheat, run Windows in a vitural machine.19:59
blekosto mount/ read an iso image19:59
dwidmannubuntuLive: games don't generally run well in virtual machines19:59
blekosvirtual cd/dvd19:59
coreymon77i would think so20:00
ubuntuLivedwidmann: Steam seemed to work fine when I ran it on the virtual machine in Vista20:00
flipstarblekos: you can use the command 'mount' for that20:00
coreymon77flipstar: isnt there some sort of graphical agent for that on apt20:00
flipstarcoreymon77: gisomount..yes20:00
coreymon77blekos: there you go20:01
flipstarubuntuLive: there is wine and cegega(non-free but better than wine) for win-games20:01
blekosso mount xx.iso /media/cd0?20:02
dwidmannBluesKaj: what VM were you using? I once tried playing Diablo 2 in a virtual machine (vmware-server) and the frame-rates were pretty bad, playable but bad, anything newer would probably be even worse20:02
ubuntuLiveflipstar: Aware. I've read a lot into Linux while my XP was crashing, thank god.20:02
dwidmannwait, not BluesKaj....... mixing up my tabs20:02
coreymon77ubuntuLive: there is also partitioning your drive and keeping doze on your computer purely for the reason of playing games20:02
flipstarblekos: sudo mount -o loop <iso> <mountpoint>20:02
coreymon77i never run in to those problems since im much more of a console gamer anyways20:03
dwidmannubuntuLive: see above .....20:03
coreymon77i like ut, but they have linux versions anyways20:03
ubuntuLivecoreymon77: Meh. If they don't work I can wait. For the time being, better things can be done. I can finish my book...Vim doesn't cut the cake for the test editor20:03
flipstarubuntuLive: linux is boring in that way..i run 'crashme' several hourse but it never crashes :(20:03
ubuntuLivedwidmann: Uh... not the M$ shat one, the opensource one... don't remember the number20:04
dwidmannubuntuLive: m$ shat one? vmware-server isn't a microsoft piece of crap either ...20:05
coreymon77vmware is by vmware20:05
ubuntuLivedwidmann: I meant, I wasn't using the MS one. MS Virtual PC 2007. I used a different one but I don't remember it's name20:05
coreymon77ubuntuLive: vmware?20:05
ubuntuLiveI'm waiting on Vista to load SP1 so I can't tell you yet20:06
dwidmannubuntuLive: at any rate, gaming in a windows vm with vmware doesn't work very well, seeing as it won't give the video card direct access20:06
ubuntuLivedwidmann: So Cedega and Wine would be best?20:07
coreymon77ubuntuLive: hate to say it, but thats what you get for buying vista20:07
bnex10going to do something, and have to reboot20:08
ubuntuLivecoreymon77: Hey, if gateway let me roll back to XP, I wouldn't be shitting bricks about coming to Linux20:08
dwidmannubuntuLive: yeah, pretty much, look them up on apps.db.org ... anything not rated "platinum" or "gold" is likely to have a bundle of issues20:08
coreymon77well, when i got my laptop, i got a mac20:09
ubuntuLivecoreymon77: Thanks to Gateway's poor handling of Windows Vista on me, I've trying to get away. Apple isn't a choice, too pricy.20:09
coreymon77so i have the mac lappy and the linux desktop20:09
dwidmannubuntuLive: Linux = cheap and good :)20:09
ubuntuLivedwidmann: I wish the music player I used on Windows worked on Linux but no dice. Close... but only by name.20:10
ubuntuLivedwidmann: Exactly.20:10
coreymon77ubuntuLive: kaffeine or amarok = good20:10
dwidmannubuntuLive: what sort of music player are you looking for, because there are tons, pretty much anything to suit anybody20:10
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ubuntuLiveI read on Gizmodo that Mac was hacked in two days, Vista within a week... Ubuntu not within the month.20:10
coreymon77i somehow doubt that20:10
ubuntuLivedwidmann: Something that looks small but plays a lot20:11
coreymon77its easier to hack doze than a mac20:11
dwidmanncli musicplayers, fully loaded gui players, and everything inbetween ...20:11
ubuntuLiveThe KMPlayer20:11
SlimeyPeteubuntuLive: that's possibly a little misleading though, as the Windows and Mac boxes were naturally more enticing targets for the hackers involved20:11
ubuntuLiveSlimeyPete: I heard they had rewards for all though.20:11
SlimeyPetealso, the vulnerability was in the Flash player, and the same problem exists in the Ubuntu port20:11
dwidmannubuntuLive: kmplayer? mplayer? vlc? kaffeine? (those all double as movie players), xmms (very good, reminds me of winamp 3)20:11
ubuntuLiveGimme a minute, I can dig it up20:11
coreymon77w/e, im going to play wii20:12
SlimeyPeteubuntuLive: yes, but the rewards were not very high - they would have been mostly looking for kudos and publicity20:12
snikkeri've got a problem with KsCd. it tell me thst i've no permission to read cd... (same thing with sudo)20:12
p-fIs there a graphical file browser that would allow me to easily modify files' "last modification" attribute? touch's format isn't the most pleasant to use...20:12
ubuntuLivedwidmann: The KMPlayer is a lot like WinAmp so that works20:12
coreymon77ubuntuLive: just remember, linux is not windows, so dont expect it or its programs to be the same20:12
ubuntuLiveSlimeyPete: What better publicity would it be to break into Linux after breaking Windows and Mac? You're shooting all the hope down.20:13
ubuntuLivecoreymon77: I know. If it was, I wouldn't be here ;p20:13
ubotuOn IRC, if you own a nick that is currently being used, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv GHOST <username> <password>20:13
SlimeyPeteubuntuLive: it's academic anyway - as I say, the problem was with the flash player. None of the OSes were actually compromised, and the hacker who did it says that the same vulnerability exists in the Linux flash player20:13
SlimeyPetedon't get me wrong,Linux in general is more secure20:14
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coreymon77and so is mac os20:14
coreymon77but be honest20:14
SlimeyPetebut I think the security benefits are being overhyped somewhat20:14
coreymon77if someone really wanted to hack your computer, it wouldnt matter what you were using20:14
ubuntuLiveTrue enough20:15
gonelquiero instalar el flash player pero nose como hacerlo  quien me ayuda20:15
dwidmannIf a (good) hacker has physical access to your computer while it's on you're completey screwed20:15
ubuntuLiveNo offence, but that's a given. Heck, password it as much as you want.. if I get near a PC with a password and my CDs near... I can crack the password thanks to one of my tools, or at least part of it.20:16
gonelcomo se instala el flash player para ver los videos de youtube???20:17
ubuntuLiveAll thanks to SlackLinux LiveCDs20:17
coreymon77!es | gonel20:17
ubotugonel: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.20:17
dwidmannubuntuLive: that deends on how much time you have, strong passwords can take a long time to crack - even encryption can be compromised easily if the computer is still running and the keys are cached in memory ...20:18
* dwidmann decides that any more conversation should probably go into #kubuntu-offtopic though20:18
ubuntuLiveTrue enough20:18
dwidmannubuntuLive: if it's non-encrypted you don't even need a password though .... just a live cd20:19
ubuntuLivedwidmann: You need an Enter key you mean ;)20:20
ubuntuLiveJust hit enter and you get in20:20
dwidmannpractically (you'd still need the livecd), but any moron with half a brain could do it20:21
ubuntuLiveWell thanks for the help guys, I have to get off for now. Might pop back later once the beta becomes... nonbeta. But this has been a learning experince. Ciao20:21
ubuntuLivedwidmann: True true20:21
ubuntuLiveAnyway, bye for now20:21
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faliesonwhat is the apt repository line for kubuntu that I can add some kubuntu packages to my ubuntu gutsy install?20:24
Coggz artscat20:25
Coggzunix_connect: can't connect to server (unix:/tmp/ksocket-luke/lukes-tablet-14c6-21dae58d)20:25
CoggzCan't connect to sound server20:25
Coggzwhat does that mean?20:25
snikkeri've got a problem with KsCd. it tell me thst i've no permission to read cd... (same thing with sudo)20:27
faliesonkubuntu apt repository is ?20:28
flipstarfalieson: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources and maybe https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine20:28
flipstarsnikker: can you access that cd without kscd ?20:28
faliesonflipstar: thanks20:28
faliesonflipstar: nope, that doesn't help - i need the deb http://archive.server.com/blah/ gutsy free non-free line20:29
flipstarits in the second link20:30
faliesonkubuntu does have a seperate repository than ubuntu right?20:30
coreymon77falieson: not really20:30
coreymon77falieson: no20:30
faliesonoh.. I thought kubuntu had ktorrent 3.020:31
SlimeyPetesame repositories, different default package20:31
flipstarfalieson: ktorrent 3.0 is ktorrent-kde420:31
faliesonwell that'd be why I didn't find teh apt repository I was looking for :-)20:31
faliesonflipstar: yeah, I know - does that mean i can't get it through synaptic or ?20:31
coreymon77that would be it :P20:31
coreymon77falieson: yes you can, you just have to add the repo20:31
flipstarfalieson: sure you can..after adding kde4 sources20:31
faliesonright, which synaptic should get as dependencies anyways20:32
faliesoni did a search for ktorrent-kde4 before jumping in this channel and didn't get any hits20:32
falieson(in synaptic)20:32
flipstarfalieson: see http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.3.php20:33
coreymon77you have to add the repositories for kde4 first20:33
martijn81ktorrent 3.0.1 is a little unstable in some eareas though20:35
martijn81you can better compile the lastest svn20:35
faliesonthanks for the warning20:36
faliesonktorrent 2.x is decent, but I hate that you can't select which files to download or see a file by file progress - 3.x is worth the risk :-)20:37
martijn81falieson: you actually can select which files to download in the 2.2.5 version20:37
faliesonyes, but you can't see their progress20:38
martijn81a file by process too20:38
martijn81you only need to load the info widget20:38
faliesonoh - cool20:38
faliesonwell, I guess if ktorrent 3.x kills a lot of things I'll go the 2.2.5 route20:39
martijn81well, current svn is quite stable actually, and has even webseeding20:39
faliesoni originally was just looking for a ktorrent add-in I figured there were others out there with the demand! but then I saw 3.x was out and figured I'd go ahead and try it - worse thing that happens is I have to uninstall some stuff and synaptic so far my system has been pretty well maintained20:40
faliesonI'll be sure to check it out as an alternative20:40
faliesonhmm... will ktorrent-kde4 take over all my current downloads I have with ktorrent automagically? prolly not - heh20:40
dwidmannfalieson: kde4 apps use a seperate conf directory (20:41
dwidmann~/.kder) (grr, stupid enter key)20:41
martijn81nope, as it will will use another temporarly directory20:41
martijn81~/.kde vs. ~/.kde420:42
faliesonwell, the beauty of linux is there is always a way to fix it :-)20:42
faliesonand 95% of the time - someone has done it before you, and written a howto20:42
dwidmannI wouldn't say 95% .... but yeah, it has all been done before for sure20:43
faliesonwell yeah, 95% of the time for the first half, I was going to say 30% of the time for the howto but figured it was too BS to even utter20:44
faliesonI mention it because I've been downloading a torrent file "Family Guy Seasons 1-5" for about two weeks now20:45
faliesonI'd like to know which eps are done!20:45
dwidmannfalieson: possibly none .... bittorrent doesn't exactly go in order, at all.20:45
flipstarfalieson: just click on 'files' in ktorrent btw i hope this download is legal..20:45
flipstarit provides a status in percent of each file20:46
flipstaryou also can deal with priority's there20:47
flipstare.g prefer the first file20:47
snikkerflipstar: yes i can20:50
snikkerflipstar: yes i can acces to cd without kscd20:50
flipstarokay..then its probably an problem with kscd itself..you choosed the right device there..?20:51
user1any app that shows me full details of active internet connections. their speed and process/file using them?20:53
flipstaruser1: iftop20:53
flipstarsnikker: also make sure there is no second instance open20:54
MrJoeyDoes anybody know if there are any Free Software companies with a Free File Alliance?  (thus enabling them/it to file US taxes online)20:55
snikkerflipstar: i think yes, the strage thing is that sometime it work fine and sometime not... no other istance open20:55
dwidmannMrJoey: waiting to the last minute huh?20:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about iftop - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:55
Coggzanyone here got perbox-voice?20:55
user1!info iftop20:55
ubotuiftop (source: iftop): displays bandwidth usage information on an network interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.17-4 (gutsy), package size 31 kB, installed size 104 kB20:55
user1flipstar no such package20:55
MrJoeydwidmann> No second to last minute :)20:55
MrJoeyI just want to see if there are any FOSS alternatives to filling out the PDF with okular-kde420:56
user1flipstar  my apt says. thers no package20:56
MrJoey(that is, the f1040.pdf or f1040ez.pdf20:56
faliesonhow do I have it reload possibilities for when you double tab in a terminal?20:56
kkerwinHi. I'm trying to get 3d desktop effects to work with KDE4. Under Desktop Effects in system settings, I am told that the required X extensions, XComposite and XDamage, are unavailable. Where can I get the libraries to provide these functionalities? Thanks in advance.20:57
flipstarsnikker: try sudo killall kscd and try again ..20:58
kkerwin#kubuntu-kde4 seems to be dead, otherwise, I would ask there. Thank you.20:58
dwidmannMrJoey: I'm googling for one20:58
MrJoeyThis lists all the companies with alliances:  http://www.irs.gov/app/freeFile/jsp/index.jsp?ck#Company120:58
MrJoeyI was just wondering if anybody happened to know from experience if an FOSS company had emerged for taxes.20:58
flipstarkkerwin: you have graphic drivers installed ?20:59
dwidmannMrJoey: http://opentaxsolver.sourceforge.net/ maybe?20:59
kkerwinI have checked that libxcomposite1 and libxdamage1 are installed.20:59
kkerwinflipstar: Pretty sure. What are they for the Radeon 9600 Mobility, just so I can double check?21:00
snikkerflipstar: kscd: no processes21:00
flipstarkkerwin: just use the restricted-manager21:00
flipstarsnikker: hm..but <kdesu kscd> still not working ?21:01
kkerwinflipstar: Uhm. What's the command to run that? "restricted-manager" doesn't seem to do that trick.21:01
flipstarkkerwin: .. you have kde4 on hardy ?21:01
kkerwinflipstar: Ya.21:02
flipstarthen its something with jockey21:02
kkerwinflipstar: Erhh ...21:02
flipstarput that in a terminal and press tab21:02
kkerwinflipstar: No, I think gutsy.21:02
MrJoeydwidmann> Thanks.  I guess there are no companies that have a Free File Alliance that maintain a GPLed tax program that can e-file.21:02
flipstarkkerwin: just search for restricted in kmenu ..21:03
MrJoeyIt'd be cool if someone started such a project (it would probably have to be an entrepreneur)21:03
snikkerflipstar: same error... no permission to access /dev/hdb21:03
martijn81kkerwin: also see this: TsP5wy5si821:04
martijn81kkerwin: http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/kwin/COMPOSITE_HOWTO?revision=767563&view=markup21:04
martijn81maybe we can add that link to the !composite-kde421:05
martijn81i dunno how that works, someone?21:05
flipstarsnikker: hdb ?? thats a hard drive ..21:05
kkerwinmartijn81: What am I looking at here? What do you want me to look for?21:06
martijn81kkerwin: there is information how to configure X for composite effects21:06
eagles0513875sry cant type tonight21:06
kkerwinOk. Have verified that graphics drivers are installed. What's next?21:07
snikkerflipstar: no, it's cdrom... i'm shure21:07
martijn81configure xorg.conf21:07
flipstarkkerwin: maybe add Option  "Composite"     "Enable" in xorg.conf21:08
flipstarsnikker: oh..kay sorry no further idea..maybe ask in #kde ..21:09
kkerwinOk. Did that. Any other options that I should consider?21:09
martijn81anyone can add my link to the bot?21:09
kkerwinThat is, before I restart X?21:09
snikkerflipstar: ok, thanks21:09
martijn81kkerwin: read my link, all is there for you to know21:09
flipstarmartijn81: type "/msg ubotu howdy"21:10
kkerwinmartijn81: Your link is in regards to an NVidia card. Mine is an ATI Radeon 9600 Mobility. Will the same hold true?21:10
martijn81ati is there too21:10
martijn81scroll down21:10
kkerwinmartijn81: Gutsy Tribe 5: Kernel Module error when enabling Nvidia restricted driver?21:11
user1is there an ap that inverts all colors in a picture file?21:11
martijn81kkerwin: sorry, dunnno what you are talking about21:12
kkerwinmartijn81: Sorry. I see what happened. I'm looking at the wrong window. I'll have a look at this. Thanks again.21:13
astananyone know of a program that will just show the picture from my webcam that is in official repos? dmesg says it's supported.21:13
astani just want to know it works.21:13
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras21:13
Coggzuser1: try gimp21:13
flipstaruser1: gimp is _the_ prog for picture editing21:13
dubbyhey anyone, I am trying to run ksudoku but moving the cube around is all blocky and when the blocks are in the correct position21:14
astaneagles0513875: thanks a bunch.21:14
Coggzon par with photoshop21:14
dubbyit used to be very smooth21:14
eagles0513875astan: no prob21:14
martijn81kkerwin: also note that enabling the composite effect "blur" braked normal booting into X on kde 4.0.2, i dunno the status in current 4.0.321:14
kkerwinmartijn81: K21:14
=== dubby is now known as dubbydubby
flipstarCoggz: some people also talking about 'pixel' .. but its non-free and i didnt tried21:15
=== dubbydubby is now known as dubby
flipstaronly a free demo (with watermarks)21:15
martijn81flipstar: that only give me a hi21:18
flipstarmartijn81: yes..but it opens a query ..21:18
flipstarnow you can talk to ubotu :)21:18
martijn81lol, but i need to know how to add info21:18
flipstarhttp://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots then21:19
kkerwinOk. Restarting X now.21:20
mefisto__where's the proper place to keep executables (shell scripts, etc) to keep them separate from /usr/bin ?21:22
aibhow can I record a video of my desktop?21:22
flipstarmartijn81: if you want to request an factoid or so maybe in #ubuntu-bots21:22
aibCoggz, tx21:23
user1can i plug off hardisk or a cd rom . plug it again. while the system is still runing in ram?21:23
aibCoggz, no google results for kdesktoprecorder21:23
eagles0513875user1: nope21:23
flipstaraib: probably a typo in there21:24
Coggzit was something like that21:24
aibi didn't typo..i also don't see an app likes this21:24
user1eagles0513875 why . someone said linux is smarter in that. more than windows21:24
eagles0513875user1: i could be wrong on what i said i know u can do it with a raided hdd array21:24
eagles0513875user1: what u planning on doing21:25
user1eagles0513875 preparing for a hd cdrom failure21:25
flipstaraib: maybe try xvidcap21:26
eagles0513875user1: so a hd and cd driver r dying on ya21:26
flipstarmefisto__: you can place scripts anywhere .. you can edit common paths in /etc/environment21:26
user1eagles0513875 i dont think so. but hd is most unrealiable21:26
eagles0513875u have a raided array21:27
user1whats that21:27
flipstaruser1: you can chroot into hdd then unmount the cd21:27
user1flipstar dont understand21:28
flipstarwait let me catch what you trying to do21:28
user1flipstar whast chrooting21:28
eagles0513875user1: if ur wanting to change ur cd drive ur goign to need to shut it down21:28
eagles0513875user1: in regards to ur hd if u wanna hot swap it it has to be in raid array21:29
flipstaror SATA21:29
mefisto__flipstar: yeah of course, but there is a dir set aside for non-core executables. Is it /usr/local/bin I'm thinking of?21:29
flipstarmefisto__: yes..sure /usr/local/bin/ or /opt21:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lbex - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:31
flipstaruser1: linux can survive few moments without a harddrive/cdrom but not live without it21:31
user1system is important enough not to want to shut down in case of hardware failure,21:31
eagles0513875!info | lbex21:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about info - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:31
flipstaruser1: if the hardware fails there is no way21:31
eagles0513875!info | obex21:31
flipstarIntrepid Ibex is 8.1021:32
user1flipstar if it can survive . then i can replace the hd... right?21:32
ubotuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex21:32
flipstaruser1: if its exactly the same hard drive..(partitions, content) and youre fast..maybe21:32
eagles0513875flipstar: dont think so far ahead lol we dont have hardy yet21:33
user1flipstar ya.. nice. idea21:33
flipstareagles0513875: pre alpha is in june or so :))21:33
eagles0513875flipstar: well im goign to be on that testing that out21:33
user1flipstar but linux can survieve without  a hd...?21:33
eagles0513875user1: it should but then again not to sure bout that21:33
flipstaruser1: as i said survive a short moment..but not life without a filesystem..21:34
flipstaryou still can use a cdrom or so instead21:34
flipstarusb etc21:34
eagles0513875flipstar: that changes though when ur in a raid array though21:34
sakiDoes CompizFusion support KDE4 yet?21:34
user1eagles0513875 flipstar hmm..  ok21:35
user1eagles0513875 flipstar  thanks!21:35
eagles0513875saki: im on kde4 with compiz seems to be working for me21:35
eagles0513875user1: no prob21:35
flipstarin a raid you can also chroot to a usb pen ..21:36
kkerwinOk. Here's what I got:21:36
kkerwin(EE) AIGLX error: dlsym for __driCreateNewScreen_20050727 failed (/usr/lib/dri/fglrx_dri.so: undefined symbol: __driCreateNewScreen_20050727)21:36
kkerwin(EE) AIGLX: reverting to software rendering21:36
user1whats chrooting? flipstar21:36
kkerwinPardon. This is from my xorg.conf.21:36
kkerwinmartijn81: Ideas?21:36
flipstarand when the raid controller is clever enough it automaticly configures the new drive :)21:36
eagles0513875!pastebin | kkerwin21:37
ubotukkerwin: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)21:37
flipstaruser1: chroot is changing the environment21:37
sakiAnyone know how to "bridge" two network connections?21:37
martijn81kkerwin: have you done acactly what the doc descriped?21:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about icecast2 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:38
kkerwineagles0513875: Yes. I know. I thought that it would only come across as one line, and it seemed to be alright.21:38
eagles0513875kkerwin: just a friendly reminer21:38
kkerwinmartijn81: Yes. Everything int he Intel portion.21:38
martijn81i have an nvidia though, that worked fine with that doc21:38
fdovingsaki: yes. you need bridge-utils.21:38
kkerwinmartijn81: Actually, X refused to run with the AIGLX explicitly stated in the xorg.conf21:38
fdovingsaki: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BridgingNetworkInterfaces21:39
flipstarkkerwin: start with one value.. compositing for e.g21:39
eagles0513875kkerwin: what kinda card u got21:39
martijn81kkerwin: i dunno, you said you run gutsy right? i would try hardy21:39
kkerwineagles0513875: Radeon 9600 Mobility21:40
eagles0513875interesting for my im on a radeon xpress 200m and i think u should be using fglrx21:40
eagles0513875at least thats what im using21:40
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto21:40
Coggzmake: *** No rule to make target `install'. Stop.21:40
kkerwineagles0513875: It uses fglrx indeed.21:40
Coggzhow do i fix21:40
kkerwineagles0513875: What is at issue?21:40
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)21:41
eagles0513875kkerwin: y is martijn81messing round with aiglx21:41
kkerwineagles0513875: Because it's less of a hack than Xgl?21:41
eagles0513875kkerwin: i have an easy how to to get open gl working on ati cards if u would like it21:41
kkerwineagles0513875: Yes plz.21:42
eagles0513875this link is from edgy but they have for gutsy as well21:43
eagles0513875r u guys both on gutsy21:44
kkerwin<-- Gutsy. Yes.21:44
martijn81hardy, and i got it working21:45
eagles0513875for both of u im suprised the restricted managers didnt pick up ur cards and set it up for ya21:45
flipstarCoggz: yes read that..you probably need to configure first21:45
eagles0513875kkerwin: i want u to open up ur system settings and underadvanced it shoudl say restricted manager21:46
eagles0513875kkerwin: click on that and let me know what comes up21:46
kkerwineagles0513875: Can't find restricted-manager there ...21:46
kkerwinBut, I can run "restricted-manager-kde" ...21:47
eagles0513875thats it21:47
eagles0513875try that21:47
eagles0513875that should bring up a box to enable all restricted drivers for all devices like broadcom wifi cards as well as ur video card21:47
user1flipstar can you further tel what is chroot21:47
kkerwinATI accelerated graphics driver is checked and marked as "in use"21:47
eagles0513875kkerwin: type glxinfo and at the top it should say direct rendering yes21:47
flipstaruser1: google for it :) or search the ubuntu wiki..21:48
flipstaruser1: or the manpages :P21:48
kkerwineagles0513875: Yes.21:48
user1flipstar ok.21:48
user1flipstar one advise about security of my server21:48
user1what about network intrussion. un auth access, ports scannin. etc..exploites.. etc?21:48
eagles0513875then ur up and running21:48
bmk789how do i use pulseaudio on KDE?21:48
kkerwinOk. But I'm trying to get compositing to work.21:49
flipstaruser1: you might want to install/run tiger21:49
flipstarits a security checker21:49
eagles0513875kkerwin: in regards to compiz21:49
kkerwineagles0513875: In regards to the compositing native to KDE4.21:50
eagles0513875kkerwin: ahhh gotcha whats it supposed to do21:50
flipstaruser1: run tiger -e and it will give you a bunch of good tips with detailed explanaitions21:50
kkerwineagles0513875: One moment.21:50
user1flipstar k21:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about shoutcast - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:51
kkerwineagles0513875: Ok. It's no longer complaining that XComposite and XDamage are missing. But I still do not see the desktop effects.21:53
flipstaruser1: about open ports..you have to check the application behind that..same with exploits21:53
flipstarjust keep it uptodate21:53
eagles0513875kkerwin: can u explain to me the desktops effects of kde421:53
eagles0513875im running compiz with it21:53
kkerwineagles0513875: Oh, I see.21:53
kkerwineagles0513875: I'm not sure. They are located in System Settings -> Desktop -> Desktop Effects in KDE4.21:54
matissewhich Package do I have to install if "glib 2.0 environment" is missing ?21:54
user1flipstar you mean i got to check apache if irun a webhost?21:55
fdovingmatisse: libglib2.0-dev21:55
eagles0513875kkerwin: i dont have that and im on hardy beta21:55
matissefdoving: why not without "dev" ?21:56
kkerwineagles0513875: Ah. I see.21:56
flipstaruser1: i mean check if apache updates are released..via mailing list or so and check that it is prober configured21:56
kkerwineagles0513875: Perhaps I should simply run compiz?21:56
fdovingmatisse: i assume you're trying to compile something?21:56
eagles0513875go for it its addicting once u have it setup21:56
matissefdoving: right21:56
kkerwineagles0513875: In regards to running compiz, how do I set it up?21:56
eagles0513875sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion21:56
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion21:56
fdovingmatisse: then you want the -dev package, as that's exactly what it's for.21:56
user1flipstar hmm. still peple get hacked on updates systems21:56
matissefdoving: than thanks for the fast answer21:57
flipstaruser1: becorse configuration is weak..right21:57
user1flipstar hmm..21:57
matissefdoving: "GTK+ 2.0 environment not found" is now the answer21:58
flipstarapache has much unneeded stuff by default21:58
rawbi have arrived21:59
* kkerwin runs furiously to get away from rawb ...21:59
kkerwinJust kidding ...21:59
matissefdoving: libgtk2.0-dev right ?21:59
wells_i'm planing tu buy a new box an run ubuntu on it22:00
eagles0513875kkerwin: if u have compiz questions once u get it setup let me know22:00
fdovingmatisse: correct :)22:01
wells_I would like to know if the box I want will run ubuntu without any problem22:01
user1flipstar can you name an anti network intrusion tool?22:01
matissefdoving: it is no problem having installed gtk1 and gtk2 ?22:01
wells_intel core duo E8400-3.0/6M/13322:01
fdovingmatisse: no, they can coexist just fine.22:01
fernandohaving problems with DVD drive22:02
fernandoand k3b22:02
wells_Mb asus P5b 1333FBS ddr2 pci-e22:02
fernandoanybody can help?22:02
flipstaruser1: no..sorry just type it in adept22:02
kkerwineagles0513875: Compiz wants me to use Xgl?22:02
wells_geforce 8500T 512 M pci-e22:02
user1flipstar k22:02
eagles0513875kkerwin: didnt ask me22:02
eagles0513875kkerwin: thing is i installed compiz first then kde422:03
fernandohello! K3B is freezing my DVD drive, anybody has ideas?22:03
kkerwineagles0513875: http://pastebin.com/m32e8b7ba22:03
wells_anyone can help ?22:03
eagles0513875kkerwin: what does the compiz --replace command do22:04
user1can any one name an anti network intrusion tool?22:04
eagles0513875fernando: gutsy or hardy beta22:04
eagles0513875kkerwin: did u download the compiz-fusion pkg22:04
fernandowhich one is 7.x ?22:04
kkerwineagles0513875: I followed the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion22:05
eagles0513875kkerwin: scrath those instructions22:05
kkerwineagles0513875: Okie dokie. What instead?22:05
user1flipstar snort22:05
eagles0513875i just instaled the compiz-fusion pkg and the ccsm pkg which allows u to mod the compiz settings and thats all i did22:05
kkerwineagles0513875: And where did you get these packages?22:06
flipstaruser1: yes..snort is one of them :)22:06
flipstaruse oinkmaster or so to control it22:06
eagles0513875kkerwin: in the repos22:06
user1> use oinkmaster or so to control it me?22:06
eagles0513875do apt-cache search for em22:07
kkerwinAre you using hardy or gutsy?22:07
fernandoeagles: I have kubuntu 7.1022:07
flipstaruser1: to control the rules for snort22:07
fernandoisn't that feisty?22:07
eagles0513875fernando: ok how olds the drive in question22:07
user1flipstar is it gui?22:07
eagles0513875fernando: gutsy22:07
user1flipstar k22:07
fernandoit's an HP 400i22:07
fernandoa few years old22:07
kkerwineagles0513875: Ok. Now I'm getting confused whom you are talking to.22:07
fernandoI noticed that drives are recognised as SCSI, even though theyare IDE22:08
fernandoI read somewhere that SATA is used now for everything22:08
fernandocould that be the problem?22:08
eagles0513875kkerwin: thats to fernando did u get the pkgs from the repos22:08
kkerwineagles0513875: No. I was asking you if that is the gutsy or hardy repos.22:08
fernandoah, ok22:08
eagles0513875fernando: did u do an upgrade rom feisty with no cd22:08
fernandojust a sec...22:08
eagles0513875kkerwin: can u run an apt-cache search for compiz-fusion cuz i honestly am not sure22:09
fernandoall my lines in sources.lst say "feisty"22:09
eagles0513875fernando: there might be ur problem22:09
fernandomy kernel is 2.6.20-16-generic22:10
kkerwineagles0513875: It only lists the package name, and not what repo it comes from.22:10
eagles0513875u did a cdless upgrade from feisty to gutsy and that is still quite buggy cuz dependecies sometimes dont work right22:10
eagles0513875kkerwin: then ull have to go into the pkg manager22:10
fernandoyes, I did my upgrade through the internet22:10
eagles0513875fernando: u need to do a clean install22:10
fernandono other way around?22:11
eagles0513875fernando: that way tends to break alot of stuff22:11
eagles0513875not really unless u can live with out the drive22:11
fernandowhat if I run a dist-upgrade?22:11
kkerwineagles0513875: Ok. I'm going to get rid of all of these extra packages that this installed first. I'll probably upgrade to hardy and see if compiz-fusion is in hardy's repos, because it is not in gutsy's repos.22:12
fernandohow do I know exactly which version I am running?22:12
eagles0513875kkerwin: it is cuz im on hardy beta22:12
ubotuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell22:12
eagles0513875fernando: 7.10 is gutsy22:12
fernandook, it says 7,04 feisty22:12
fernandoI thought I had 7.1022:13
eagles0513875then thats different22:13
fernandook, so I am seemingly one version behind22:13
fernandohowever I'm sure I ran a dist-upgrade at some point22:13
eagles0513875lol fernando dont do cdless upgrade reinstall is best and safest way to not end up with dependency issues of pkgs that have been taken out of gutsy repos22:14
eagles0513875u understand what im saying22:14
fernandobut apt is supposed to take care of those things22:14
fernandodebian upgrades are normally quite safe22:15
eagles0513875fernando: ive done it in the past and ive encountered problems22:15
fernandois this an ubuntu issue?22:15
eagles0513875k/ubuntu ya22:15
fernandoI see22:15
fernandohmmm....not good....22:16
mefisto__I upgraded from feisty to gutsy without problems22:16
eagles0513875mefisto__: lucky u22:17
eagles0513875fernando: back up ur data try it at least u would have ur data backup just in case something does go wrong22:17
mefisto__fernando: I had to run a dist-upgrade a few times22:18
fernandoso the problem was the dist-upgrade?22:18
eagles0513875give it a try is all i gotta say22:18
eagles0513875guys u know u have to edit ur source list with gutsy repo list22:18
ubotusource-o-matic is not available anymore, please use Software Sources (in your Applications / K menu) to configure your repositories. Do NOT enable "Proposed updates" unless you're willing to test possibly seriously flawed packages.22:18
fernandoright, yes, I see. thanks for the advise22:18
eagles0513875fernando: but that site i wanted to link u is no more22:18
eagles0513875btw dist-upgrade downloads all pkgs even pkgs that have been held back22:19
fernandoI see22:19
* cracko is away: Gone away for now.22:19
fernandobut why is my sources.lst still saying feisty?22:19
mefisto__fernando: probably the upgrade is not complete. try to update and dist-upgrade again and see what happens22:21
fernandook, I'll try that.22:22
eagles0513875no prob22:24
matisse"X11 environment not found" - which package is that  ? libx11-dev is already installed. fdoving maybe ?22:25
matissewhere do I find the autostart config files ?22:28
eagles0513875matisse: u on cli right now22:29
matisseeagles0513875: what ?22:30
eagles0513875matisse: u on a command line interface right now22:30
matisseuhm yes22:30
matissei know how to work with bash :-)22:30
eagles0513875have u tried the command startx22:30
matisseoh, thats what you mean...22:31
matisseno, kde is already started22:31
matissedont know what you understood...22:31
jussio1!autostart | matisse22:33
ubotumatisse: To make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. The package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory.22:33
jussio1!bum | matisse22:33
matisseI would like to stop thttpd from starting at the boot up22:33
ubotumatisse: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto22:33
trillisCan someone help me install something?22:37
dwidmannugghhhhhh, I accidentally nuked my fstab for the first time in over a year :(22:37
trillisI'm trying to install something called Rosegarden, however, me being a noob in linux doesn22:38
jussio1trillis: wahts the issue?22:38
trillishelp me install anything.22:38
trillis"We don't make ready-to-run binaries; you should get those as packages tailored for a particular Linux distribution"22:39
jussio1trillis: open adept manager (system - adept) then search for rosegarden and click install22:39
jussio1trillis: really easy22:39
jussio1same with most stuff22:40
coreymon77trillis: most stuff will be installed that way22:40
coreymon77trillis: adept is the easiest and best way to install software22:40
trillisI hit 'Request install' to install yes?22:46
Kaevikthen Apply changes22:49
PhilRodhi jonathan_23:04
ubotuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!23:05
jonathan_I need your help! :) I downloaded firefox for Kubuntu as a tar.gz file. What is the next thing to do??23:05
maduserwhy didn't you use apt?23:05
ubotuadept is the Kubuntu package manager. Howto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdeptHowto23:05
ubotuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)23:05
SlimeyPeteuse apt/adept to install things, not .tar.gz files23:05
SlimeyPeteif at all possible23:06
jonathan_thank you!! :)23:06
jonathan_I didn't use it because i didn't know it exists :D23:06
nonewmsgs:) another satisfied customer23:06
algyzyes, nice :)23:07
sakiSynaptic ftw23:08
derenrichWhen I try to use desktop-effects to add desktop effects it seems to kill kwin and then nothing starts to manage the windows...23:08
cannonhi all23:12
matisseany question cannon  ?23:15
cannonkinda, but it's relating to centos-5 .. i can't get my internet to work on it23:16
matissei dunno if this is the right channel for that23:17
algyzcannon:  try channel centos, also google is often helpful23:18
cannoni've tried everyuthing23:19
cannoni've been at it all day ... not very good for a guy on meds let me tell ya23:19
cannonbeen throwing things accross the room! lol23:19
algyzcannon:  what kind of connection?23:20
=== agressor is now known as agressor_
v6lurhow can i get rid of kwrite? safe to just rename it into /usr/bin/kwrite-bak and then symlink kate to kwrite?23:33
v6luramarok script manager keeps calling kwrite, though kate is set as default text editor23:34
PhilRodshould be fine I think, although it might be tidier to find the places where kwrite gets opened (eg file associations) and chenge it there23:34
v6lurerm... which package contains kwrite?23:43
PhilRodkdelibs or kdebase23:44
PhilRodah, I think the katepart, which is the editor which both kwrite and kate use, is in kdelibs, while the kwrite and kate applications live in kdebase23:45
PhilRodICBW though23:45
Jucatokdebase in KDE 3 and kdebase/apps in KDE 423:46
Jucatov6lur:  ^^^^23:46
Jucatounless you are talking about distro packages, that can be a totally different thing23:46
Jucatoer wait lol sorry wrong channel... kwrite has a kwrite package :)23:47
* Jucato blames PhilRod for being confused23:47
PhilRodheh, and I need to remember that the answer to a question depends on what channel I'm in23:48
PhilRodif (channel=="#kubuntu") shutUp();23:48
JucatoPhilRod: not really :)23:48
Jucatoit's just the "KDE doesn't package stuff" mentality :)23:48
PhilRodif (channel=="#kubuntu") thinkBeforeSpeaking(); then :-)23:49
v6lurok, thanks..23:49
stefan_wow, 14 hours of installing linux23:53
stefan_first the installer locked at step 3 then i killed my windows mbr ;) *lol*, then the beta 8.04 gnome locked after 10 minutes on my laptop, then kubuntu 7.10 destroyed itself via adept23:54
stefan_now everthing fine23:55
stefan_does anybody here has installed kde4 on kubuntu 7.10 ?23:57
cannonany idea why kaffiene won't play avi's?23:58
mefisto__I do, stefan_23:58
cannonwhats kde4?23:58
mefisto__cannon: upcoming version of kde (the window manager/interface that kubuntu uses)23:59
cannonis it eye candy?23:59

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