esoxdo someone have update gutsy-> hardy ?00:01
esoxI mean update issues00:01
esoxOn my side the cd install doesnt install grub, and repositories are unavailable00:02
esoxI'm closed to give up00:03
echinosanyone else having problems with gnome-settings-daemon failing?00:04
clarezoecan anyone help me on my wireless conection? when I run wpa_supplicant it saied 'trying to associate with xx:xx:xx:xx' then ctrl-even-disconneted -disconnect event-remove keys, and then loop00:04
esoxechinos: I have problems with everything !00:05
Centaur5How can I find out which application has a memory leak?00:05
taconeCentaur5: look for the application with most memory usage in gnome system monitor00:07
esoxdo someone have troubles downloading updates ?00:08
LibertyShadownot dling00:08
penI solved it myself00:08
LibertyShadowjust applying00:08
penesox: ??00:08
penesox: can't download updates?00:09
esoxpen: no00:09
LibertyShadowcan't apply updates without removing voumeid00:09
esoxjust a few, and the update procedure always fals00:09
crimsuncan someone who's experiencing issues with the -16 linux-image and non-Free Nvidia driver attach his/her /var/log/Xorg.0.log to bug 215778, please?00:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215778 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "2.6.24-16.30 kernel update - nvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21577800:09
esoxpen: you have an idea ?00:10
penesox: what is your problem?00:10
hmullercrimsun:  Will do, give me a few minutes to reboot ...00:11
lakinIs there a known issue with xorg in the beta?  I't consistently eating 50-100% of my cpu when _any_ rendering is going on00:12
=== crimsun changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | linux-image -16 and Nvidia problems? Please attach /var/log/Xorg.0.log from _unsuccessful_ GUI login to bug 215778. | Please make sure you know how to administer an Ubuntu system (including broken dependencies), and how to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto | Beta Release Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/B
=== crimsun changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | linux-image -16 and Nvidia problems? Please attach /var/log/Xorg.0.log from _unsuccessful_ GUI login to bug 215778. | Please make sure you know how to administer an Ubuntu system (including broken dependencies), and how to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto | Beta Rel. Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta
esoxpen: when I want to make the update as indicated, the update m:anager downloads evrything but at the end it says he wasnt able to download evrything... then  it leaves, the update notification icon on notification area says there are updates do download. I click on it, I have a list of more that 500 updates, and saying there is a partial update to do, if I choose ok, it says it cant update from hardy to gutsy... if I say no and c00:13
esoxpen: a real nightmare00:13
recon69hi all, I got a seg_fault error in a program with the 2.6.24 kernel that does not happen in the 2.6.23 kernel -> http://rafb.net/p/b3FRKg43.html , bt is at the bottom. my questions is should  I even be asking in here?00:14
penesox: so basically you are in hardy beta and it doesn't let you update?00:14
esoxpen: if I try an update from the CD and say I dont wanrt to download latest version for the net, it looks for some stuff on the net...00:14
penesox: or you want to upgrade from gusty to hardy?00:14
penesox: are you using hardy? because 500 updates is a really big number00:15
esoxpen:  was on gutsy, I had a very partial update and now I have something between gutsy and hardy00:15
penesox: ok, I see00:15
penesox: have you tried command?00:15
recon69pen: 500 only about 5 days worth I would think00:16
esoxpen: I dont know command line for update00:16
penrecon69: i agree00:16
penesox: run this, update-manager -d00:16
crimsunrecon69: interesting.  Does setting /proc/sys/kernel/randomize_va_space to 0 help?00:17
penesox: sometimes if update manager doesnt' work, you can always go to command lines00:17
crimsunrecon69: and by "2.6.24 kernel", I presume you mean the latest Ubuntu linux-image -16?00:17
esoxpen: this command opens update manager...00:17
pencrimsun: what is the improvement in -16?00:17
penesox: did  you add -d?00:17
recon69crimsun: well i only at 1500:18
esoxpen: yes...00:18
crimsunpen: compared to..?00:18
recon69that is 2.6.24-1500:18
m1ri have problem with dhcp server and openbsd-inetd , they dont start anymore after install? anyone having similar problems ?00:18
penesox: for me it will update with that command, i don't know what you type in00:18
esoxpen: update-manager -d00:19
esoxthis is what I typed00:19
penesox: and it just open update manager?00:19
penesox: no update?00:19
daekdroomRestricted Driver Manager doesn't detect my X200M video. How do I install - that exact- driver?00:19
esoxpen: and the update manager says its a partial updat and some updates were not installed00:20
esoxpen:  I can choose between partial update and close...00:20
penesox: if you open the update manager from the command line try to update just like normal00:20
penesox: so partial00:20
penit will remove the old conflict dependencies00:21
penesox: then install the new versions00:21
esoxpen: no... it says update not possible, a upgrade from hardy to gutsy is not supported with this tool00:21
esoxpen: I'm fighting with that since 5 hours now...00:22
hmullercrimsun: attached one for your review00:22
penesox: hardy to gusty??00:22
penesox: then try no and update the rest00:22
penesox: after that try update with partial00:23
esoxpen: I told you, I was on gutsy and wanted to update to hardy00:23
esoxpen: it says some packet cnat be downloaded from servers, do you want to continue ignoring those packets ?00:24
esoxpen: if I say yes, it starts a bit and then says again it cant find some packets00:26
penesox: no, the dialog means that some packages has dependencies of the newer system00:26
penesox: at least00:26
penesox: you update the other packages that are not conflict00:26
penesox: that would probably solve the problem00:27
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Centaur5tacone: sorry for the delay I used ps aux since system monitor didn't tell me what it was.  I'm still not sure what's doing it.00:27
penesox: if you choose no00:27
esoxpen: http://pastebin.org/2911400:27
penesox: ok, I see, go to synaptics source and change server00:27
Centaur5tacone: /usr/bin/X :0 -br -audit 0 -auth /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -nolisten tcp vt7 is the line that is climbing extremely fast in memory consumption.00:27
penesox: seems like the local server doesn't have the files you want00:28
penesox: do you speak french?00:28
DanaGlibvirtError: virDomainCreate() failed Failed to add tap interface 'vnet%d' to bridge 'br0' : Operation not permitted00:28
esoxpen: I am french00:28
penesox: try other servers00:29
penesox: it would solve your problem I think00:29
KrimZonmy libgl1-mesa-dev doesnt have a libGL.a in it00:29
esoxpen: how can I try on other servers ?00:29
daekdroomRestricted Driver Manager doesn't detect my X200M video. How do I install - that exact- driver?00:29
penesox: open your synaptics manager00:30
esoxpen: ok00:30
esoxpen: and ?00:30
recon69crimsun: changed /proc/sys/kernel/randomize_va_space to 0 , made no difference00:30
penesox: go to menu: settings|repositories00:30
penesox: there you can change the server00:30
esoxpen:  cant find where00:31
penesox: I don't know how to type that in french00:31
penesox: it's in the menu00:31
taconeCentaur5: sorry, I have no idea.00:32
penesox: got it?00:33
esoxpen: it doesnt work, I tried already, it says repositories changed, ask to click on reload, I do it, and then retry settings repositories that says repositories changed, etc...00:33
Centaur5tacone: Okay, I guess I'll just blame the bug on X then.  :)00:34
penesox: what is the problem? can't you update still?00:34
esoxpen: cant open repositories selection00:34
crimsunrecon69: and also setting /proc/sys/kernel/maps_protect to the same value?00:34
esoxpen: from synaptics, or from system /administration00:35
penesox: in synaptics it's in the menu, you can also find that in system/administration called synaptics source00:35
esoxpen: with the same negative result00:36
penesox: run this: gksu --desktop /usr/share/applications/software-properties.desktop /usr/bin/software-properties-gtk00:36
daekdroomRestricted Driver Manager doesn't detect my X200M video. How do I install - that exact- driver?00:37
esoxpen: it asks for passwd and then nothing00:37
penesox: no new window?00:37
esoxpen: no...00:37
penesox: so you said you can't open the window from synaptics? It's under menu settings|repositories00:38
penesox: that is strange00:38
penesox: if you can open synaptics you should be able to open software source00:39
esoxpen: I know...00:39
esoxpen: I can still open sources.list...00:39
esoxpen: in a text editor...00:39
penesox: then try to change the server in sources.list00:40
Dr_willisHmm.. I just burnd a data-dvd in k3b.. go to burn another disk.. and now k3b cant see the dvd drive00:40
penesox: I use the server in US, do you mind using that for now00:40
crimsunhmuller: I really meant with the Nvidia driver and not with the vesa driver :-)00:40
crimsunhmuller: since we can't do much if the Nvidia driver isn't being attempted00:41
esoxpen: even a chinese one if you want00:41
penesox: what do you mean? do you really want to change the server?00:41
m1rafter last upgrade compiz stoped working and i cant enable it anymore, nayone having simmilar issues ?00:42
esoxpen: yes, but dont know how to do that ? change fr to us ?00:43
taconeCentaur5: yeah :)00:43
crimsunhmuller: it may involve creating your own /etc/xorg.conf00:43
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crimsun/etc/X11/xorg.conf, sheesh00:43
penesox: change every uncomment string from fr.archive.ubuntu.org to archive.ubuntu.org00:43
esoxpen ok I try that00:43
pensave that then try to reload00:44
penesox: or just go to update manager00:44
Black_Magicis there a DNS Server i can run off my computer00:44
Black_Magicim doing Internet -> laptop -> unused router -> Wifi Connected Winxp Desktop00:44
Black_Magicits going kinda slow :/00:44
esoxpen: its fr.archive.ubuntu.com, not . org00:45
leftyfbBlack_Magic: lets pretend for a minute that this channel has anything to do with your problem ... why do you have it setup like that? Why not put the router behind the cable/dsl model like it should be?00:45
Black_Magicleftyfb: I already have a Router in my network...00:46
Black_Magicits just a fourm of internet connection sharing...00:46
penesox: sorry00:46
penesox: then try change it to archive.ubuntu.com00:46
esoxpen: ok00:46
leftyfbBlack_Magic: windows ICS?00:46
Black_Magicleftyfb: ICS?00:47
leftyfbis the laptop a windows machine?00:47
leftyfbhow is the laptop sharing the internet?00:47
Black_Magicleftyfb: it goes Wireless ADSL Router -> laptop -> eth0 -> router <- WinXP Wireless Machine00:47
Black_Magiclaptop is Ubuntu00:47
Black_Magicits the one sharing internet..00:47
Black_Magicthe windows machine is reciveing00:48
leftyfbisn't that what the ADSL router is for?00:48
penesox: does that solve it? can you do partial update?00:48
hmullercrimsun:  I'm back, I have one created previously and in use, because of x (mis)autoconfiguration00:48
thompalatest update hosed my wireless and also hardware drivers wont open00:49
Black_MagicOnly have One Ethernet port...00:49
Black_Magici mean Cord00:49
Black_Magicand no USb's00:49
esoxpen: one minute, it asked for the CD, for the first time...00:49
hmullercrimsun: The xorg.conf I created works in -1500:49
m1rBlack_Magic: why not conect xp to 1st wlan router ?00:49
Sergeant_Ponyhas anyone gotten sound to work with xchat?00:49
penesox: because in the software source you check to ask for CD00:49
erle-Raspberry, now totem let x crash without firefox running00:49
erle-just the totem player00:50
yippywill ubuntu 8.04 include firefox 3 ?00:50
penesox: uncheck that so it won't ask for cd00:50
yippyand pidgin 2.4.1 ?00:50
Black_Magicm1r: Because its a Modem Not really a Router...00:50
esoxpen: stuff are happening00:50
erle-but after x restart i opened the same file and it did not crash again00:50
penyippy: of course, and the lastest one b500:50
Black_MagicJust Ethernet...00:50
m1rBlack_Magic: it has wireles ?00:50
penesox: what do you mean? is it updating?00:50
leftyfbBlack_Magic: if the ADSL router is a router(how many LAN ports does it have?) , and you only have 1 cord, then plug the cord into your laptop like you're doing now and connect the xp machine to the ADSL router wirelessly. I don't don't what the problem is here.00:50
esoxpen: by luck, I just burned a CD00:50
esoxpen: yes think so00:50
leftyfbthen it's a not a router00:50
yippypen: but firefox 3 is far away from final, no ?00:50
leftyfbmake that straight next time00:50
penesox: you don't need the cd, just uncheck the cd in software source00:50
thompanetwork manager dissapeared in -26 now back on -24 its also gone00:51
yippyfirefox 3 final is due in a few month, no ?00:51
penyippy: I don't know, I think b5 is far better than the other betas00:51
esoxpen: I think french servers are out of order, I have thos issue since 2 days00:51
penyippy: b5 is very stable now00:51
penyippy: for the final I don't know00:51
leftyfbplug your REALY router into the ADSL MODEM, plug the laptop into the router using a cord and connect the xp machine to the real router wirelessly00:51
Black_Magicleftyfb: Router = No Wireless Capability....00:51
penesox: I see00:51
Black_MagicThe first one...00:51
yippyso 8.04 final will uses a major non-final product ?!?00:51
thompai think latest compiz wont let me open certain windows of apps00:51
penesox: actually, when I go to my server list, in french there is no server called fr.archive.ubuntu.com00:52
esoxpen:  hope it wont install in english...00:52
leftyfbthe ADSL modem is not a router, it's a modem .... this "router" you have ... is it wireless?00:52
penesox: I can give you some french servers00:52
hmullercrimsun:  I didn't scroll up far enough.  That log was with nvidia.  You'll notice nvidia is mentioned in the log, but it's using vesa.00:52
penesox: you can change it again00:52
Black_Magicleftyfb: The ADSL is Modem Correct and the extra router is wireless00:52
esoxpen: yes ok00:52
yippyhow can 8.04 LTS come out with beta firefox in it ?!?00:52
leftyfbBlack_Magic: then try connecting things like they should and like i've told you 3 times to do00:52
hmullercrimsun: I'm in -15 now, do you want a copy of this Xorg.0.log to compare with that produced with -16?00:52
m1rBlack_Magic: then switch routers00:52
Black_Magicand i want the computer to go through my Firewall and use My IP not the routers...00:52
crimsunhmuller: yes, please.00:53
Black_Magicso i can host servers etc on it and such00:53
leftyfbBlack_Magic: ADSL modem -> wireless router -> ubuntu laptop via ethernet + xp machine via wireless00:53
hmullercrimsun: It'll be there shortly00:53
leftyfbthat's how it's done00:53
leftyfbregardless ... this channel is for help with Ubuntu Hardy Heron, not half-assed network configurations00:53
Black_Magicleftyfb: I came in here asking about DNS server not how to set it up00:54
Black_Magicall im looking for is a DNS server i can host off computer...00:54
Black_Magici already have mostly everything else working00:54
penesox: I got ftp.crihan.fr, ubuntu.univ-nantes.fr, wwwftp.ciril.fr, ubuntu.univ-reims.fr, ftp.free.fr00:54
mneptokBlack_Magic: don't run DNS unless you have to00:54
penesox: then them00:54
Black_Magicmneptok: Why not?00:54
yippyhow can 8.04 LTS come out with beta firefox in it ?!?00:54
penesox: *try00:54
mneptokBIND is a security nightmare. or, at least, has been.00:54
leftyfbBlack_Magic: you're doing it half-assed00:54
Black_Magicleftyfb: im fine with that....thank you00:55
penyippy: 8.04 is not released yet, only beta00:55
yippyisn't 8.04 out in 2 weeks ?00:55
yippythe final version that is00:55
penyippy: by then FF3 would be out of beta too I think00:55
penyippy: I hope00:55
hmullercrimsun: It's there for your review00:55
yippyFF3  final won't be out till july atleast00:55
penyippy: oh00:55
yippyit still has "release canidates" to pass on00:55
penyippy: I thought beta 5 is the last one00:55
crimsunhmuller: I'll try to look later; busy ATM and going to have dinner00:55
yippypen: last beta, now there will be release canidate 1 and 200:56
yippythe question is what does 8.04 come with ?00:56
hmullercrimsun: I'm not in a rush.  Just trying to help.00:56
penyippy: for  the beta version it's b3 i think00:56
leftyfbso ..... lets talk about this compiz problem ... what happened exactly? I'm noticing it killed off ccsm/simple-ccsm/fusion-icon and is broken :)00:56
penyippy: you get updates after you install00:56
penyippy: it will install b500:56
m1rleftyfb: you too got broken compiz after last upgrade ?00:57
yippywhy does a final product use a beta product?00:57
Moot-pointis there a CLI way to upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04 without using that stupid upgrade manager?00:57
leftyfbm1r: on 2, soon to be 3 machines00:57
jonathan_Hey guys, updated to 2.6.24-16-generic, still have zero sound.   Have an Intel 82801H sound card on the laptop.  Where do I go from here?00:57
usserleftyfb, update it, they all should be there now00:57
m1rleftyfb: :)00:57
Moot-pointjonathan_: install OSS400:57
leftyfbMoot-point: what's wrong with the "stupid upgrade manager"?00:57
yippyMoot-point, "do-release-update -d"00:57
esoxpen: thanks for the help00:57
Moot-pointyippy: thank you :)00:57
penesox: did them work for you?00:58
esoxpen: I'm stll on us servers00:58
jonathan_Moot-point, thats not in the repos is it?00:58
penesox: ok00:58
Dr_williswow - cd burning sort of worked once.. then crashed again. Bummer.00:59
leftyfbusser: ah, thanks ... looks like the MIT server is a bit behind in updating00:59
Moot-pointjonathan_: honestly, i'm not sure. i don't think so01:00
jonathan_Moot-point, just wondering, but why do you recommend it?  Will Alsa not support that card?01:02
Moot-pointjonathan_: i had good experiences with that exact card and OSS4, but i'm sure Alsa will work when configured right. it probabaly needs an options model= command... i would do some google digging01:06
mneptokexcept Hrdy uses PulseAudio, not ALSA, by default01:07
Moot-pointdon't get me started on pulseaudio01:07
majostI thought pulseaudio is a soundserver?01:08
majostnot a driver set01:08
m1ri am folowing this tutorial : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer , but dhcp server and openbsd-inetd refuses to start after installed, what i am doing wrong ?01:09
leftyfbjockey-gtk is dieing and compiz is still broken, just differently :)01:09
m1rnetkit-inetd was replaced with openbsd-inetd , does that have any problems with starting needed services ?01:10
leftyfbI think compiz isn't working because jockey-gtk (restricted drivers manager? ) isn't starting01:10
Moot-pointleftyfb: what's wrong with your compiz?01:10
daekdroomjockey-gtk is useless when failsafe resets your xorg.conf and you can't proprely configure it using dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:10
Moot-pointleftyfb: that would do it01:10
Moot-pointleftyfb: what video card?01:10
daekdroomand yes, jockey-gtk is broken but don't blame it.01:10
leftyfbMoot-point: it broke with the last update, wouldn't start or anything, even lose ccsm, etc ... the update fixed that much, but compiz still won't start and neither will "Hardware drivers"01:11
Moot-pointleftyfb: what video card?01:11
daekdroomI can't install my video drivers using jockey even when it works because Xorg.conf doesn't set which is the video card.01:11
m1ri have same problems here Moot-point01:11
leftyfbVGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AS [Radeon 9550]01:12
leftyfbthat's one machine01:12
leftyfbout of 301:12
leftyfbthe other is Intel, this is nvidia01:12
Moot-pointleftyfb: you don't need restricted drivers to run compiz with a 9550, radeon+AIGLX works fine01:12
leftyfbso it's not video card brand/driver specific01:12
leftyfbit's not video card brand/driver specific01:12
leftyfbI have all 3 running here and "jockey-gtk" dies on all 301:12
Moot-pointleftyfb: it wouldn't seem that way, why are you using jockey?01:13
daekdroomMoot-point: Do you know how I get a xorg.conf like using dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg like in Gutsy? I need to have my videoboard name setted in xorg.conf to use jockey :/01:13
leftyfbthat's what the "hardware drivers" manager uses now01:13
daekdroomBtw, lastest version of jockey seems to be broken.01:13
leftyfbI wanted to check it out to make sure the restricted driver was enabled, but it's dieing01:13
m1rok 3 of us with same problem :)01:14
Moot-pointleftyfb: as i said, you shouldn't need it01:14
daekdroomI start it from console emulator and it gives a traceback01:14
leftyfbMoot-point: shouldn't need it for better ATI/nvidia performance?01:14
penIs there anyway to remove applet from the gnome-panel?01:14
m1rMoot-point: that error we get when trying to run restricted driver manager , Jockey-gtk crashing01:14
penI add the dwelling mouse01:14
Moot-pointpen: sessions-manager01:14
penI can't right click to remove it01:14
daekdroombut even when it was working it didn't detect my ATI card. and I NEED a correctly made xorg.conf (new dpkg-reconfigure doesn't set it right, neither does displayconfig-gtk)01:14
leftyfbMoot-point: restricted drivers are required for better performance for most ATI and Nvidia cards01:15
penMoot-point: I can't finr it01:15
penMoot-point: I mean01:15
Moot-pointleftyfb: that's arguable on the ati side01:15
m1rleftyfb: correction : for preformance :)01:15
penMoot-point: the applet I want to remove from the panel01:15
penMoot-point: they are not in the session maanger01:15
Moot-pointleftyfb: besides, you can always package/compile from ati's site01:15
crimsunhmuller: please, please attach a version using the Nvidia driver.01:15
Moot-pointpen: is it in ps -e?01:15
crimsunhmuller: in -16, that is.01:15
leftyfbMoot-point: you're in the wrong mindset for ubuntu and the average user01:16
crimsunhmuller: you'll probably need to create /etc/X11/xorg.conf specifying Driver "nvidia"01:16
Moot-pointleftyfb: that's extremely true, but this is a beta ;)01:16
hmullercrimsun: nvidia won't load in -1601:16
hmullercrimsun: even sudo modprobe nvidia01:16
penMoot-point: ps -e?01:16
hmullercrimsun:  my xorg.conf already includes that01:16
penMoot-point: you mean it's a process that I can terminate?01:17
penMoot-point: it's an applet for gnome-panel01:17
daekdroomHow do I set my xorg.conf in a way that it'll make jockey-gtk detect my videoboard?01:17
leftyfbregardless, on the machine with ATI, when trying to enable advanced desktop effects, jockey-gtk crashes and compiz is not enabled. This is broken and a problem.01:17
penMoot-point: i can't right click to remove01:17
crimsunhmuller: where does the modprobe fail?01:18
xtknighthmuller, speaking of the nvidia problem right?01:18
xtknightyes sudo modprobe nvidia freezes01:18
xtknighttaints the kernel01:18
NwallinsHi, apt is reporting 49 packages held back01:18
daekdroomjockey-gtk won't work anymore on ubuntu 8.04 because there isn't any tool to configure xorg.conf, dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg resets it and displayconfig don't set the stuff that jockey needs to work.01:18
xtknightwhatever's in lrm no longer works for the new kernel01:18
hmullerxtknight: yes01:18
Nwallinshow can i diagnose / resolve?01:18
daekdroomNwallins: did you try apt-get dist-upgrade ?01:19
hmullercrimsun: I'll have to reboot into -15 to get you the specific error message, you want it?01:19
crimsunhmuller: did you mean into -16?01:19
daekdroomhmuller: didn't you read the topic?01:19
crimsunhmuller: and yes, that would be good.01:19
Nwallinsdaekdroom: trying now01:19
hmullercrimsun: yes01:19
xtknightdaekdroom, it's a differnt problem01:19
Nwallinsdaekdroom: i think that will work -- thought I tried it earlier01:19
hmullercrimsun:  back in a 201:19
leftyfbdaekdroom: what does that mean exactly? Are you saying it's temporarily broken or are we in a transition to another solution? Because the way it is right now is not good.01:19
daekdroomleftyfb: What I mean is that Ubuntu 8.04 will have some serious issues with hardware detection :p01:20
xtknightjockey-gtk crash is known, Bug 21502701:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215027 in jockey "jockey-gtk crashed with AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'getSections'" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21502701:20
xtknightbeen trying to nag some people in the know, about it01:20
leftyfbi'll go file a "me too"01:20
leftyfbsince this needs a bit of attention01:20
xtknightthere's packages there for you to try01:20
xtknightthat fix the issue01:20
crimsunI should remove that topic bit.01:20
=== crimsun changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | Please make sure you know how to administer an Ubuntu system (including broken dependencies), and how to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto | Beta Rel. Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta
gluerq: what benefits do i get from upgrading gutsy to hardy?01:21
xtknightya change it to nvidia problems --> Bug 21597601:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215976 in ubuntu "nvidia driver not found with 2.6.24-16 kernel(64 bit) (dup-of: 215778)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21597601:21
daekdroomleftyfb: sarcasm apart. I can't make jockey detect my videboard because it's device name isn't set at xorg.conf and there's no tool that makes it, as they made a new dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg as it doesn't configure anything now01:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215778 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "2.6.24-16.30 kernel update - nvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21577801:21
daekdroomleftyfb: and Envy, downloaded driver and tutorials to install fglrx always make X break.01:22
leftyfbdaekdroom: has this always been the case? jockey was detecting my ATI and nvidia drivers just fine until today jocket won't even run, forget detecting hardware.01:22
xtknightgluer, http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/beta01:22
Moot-pointEnvy is from the devil01:22
hmullercrimsun: produced by sudo ...: FATAL: Error running install command for nvidia01:22
ethana2Moot-point: I've heard that before01:22
ethana2Moot-point: you baptist?01:22
xtknighthmuller, crimsun ya same thing here.  and sudo modprobe -i nvidia (skip install cmd) reports 'no module nvidia' or something like that01:23
leftyfbHope this gets fixed soon, less than 2 weeks till release. RC in 2 days.01:23
daekdroomleftyfb: it stopped detecting after I got the first time into failsafe. Failsafe makes a new xorg.conf that doesn't set device names. dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg doesn't set em anymore. Do you get the situation?01:23
leftyfber, RC in 6 days, sorry01:23
xtknighthmuller, 64bit?01:23
Moot-pointhmuller: so.. you broke it?01:23
daekdroomleftyfb: I have no way to make it work except if I get an untouched xorg.conf to edit.01:23
hmullerxtknight: yes, amd6401:23
crimsunI need to catch my gf for dinner, but I'll be back late tonight.01:23
hmullercrimsun: enjoy01:23
leftyfbdaekdroom: I guess, although I never need to drop into fail-safe-doesn't actually fix anything mode. Not to mention, you should have at least 1 or a few backups of your xorg.conf that you can pull from.01:24
hmullerMoot-point: Quite the opposite, trying to help fix it01:24
leftyfbdaekdroom: or at the very least, boot to a live cd and pull that one.01:24
hmullerxtknight: with sudo -i ..., I get:  FATAL: Module nvidia not found.01:25
daekdroomleftyfb: Hm. Well. I tried xorg.conf backups, but not LiveCD.. Even tho I think LiveCD uses a generic xorg.conf01:25
xtknighthmuller, yup01:25
xtknightsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  gives you a fresh xorg.conf, and under Device just add your driver name01:25
xtknightdaekdroom, ^01:25
xtknightif that's what you were needing01:25
daekdroomxtknight: but in which string should I do it?01:25
daekdroomI tried "boardname" and "Device"01:25
xtknightdaekdroom, under Section "Device", add "Driver" "nvidia"  or xyz01:26
daekdroomxtknight: No No no!01:26
leftyfbregardless of jockey, compiz is still broken ... not sure if this is dependent on jockey working or not.01:26
daekdroomI need to set the device name.01:26
daekdroomSo jockey will see my videoboard01:26
xtknightdaekdroom, Identifier?  BoardName?  VendorName?  under Device as well01:26
xtknighti think jockey uses pci ids not boardnames?01:26
xtknightbut i dont know01:27
daekdroomIt probally uses xorg.conf01:27
xtknighti mean, jockey worked on my first boot01:27
xtknightthat's the point of jockey01:27
daekdroomBecause it doesn't see my videoboard since first failsafe01:27
daekdroomand my vboard works nice on Windows01:27
xtknightdaekdroom, i am surprised jockey even runs for you01:27
xtknightunless you applied the patch above?01:28
daekdroomhm. It doesn't run since last patch.01:28
daekdroombut it ran before it, however it never detected my vboard after first failsafe01:28
CoasterMaster_Are the current updates broken?01:33
daekdroomjockey-gtk is broken01:33
xtknightnvidia is also broken01:34
daekdroomonly for kernel -16 (64 bits I think)01:34
Moot-pointwell nvidia is broken because jockey is broken :P01:34
Turskii think kernel dependencies are broken01:34
daekdroomThose problems are unrleated01:34
daekdroomjockey doesn't run on kernel -15, nvidia driver does01:35
leftyfbok, fixed the jockey-gtk with the patch posted in the bug report ... but compiz is still broken01:37
CoasterMaster_is there a way to kill pulseaudio?01:37
taconecompiz back again ?01:37
XiolCoasterMaster_: permanently?01:37
Turskithat's kinda weird01:38
CoasterMaster_Xiol, no01:38
XiolCoasterMaster_: sudo killall -9 pulseaudio01:38
CoasterMaster_i did killall pulseaudio, but is there anyother01:38
Turskiah, that problem is grub related01:38
CoasterMaster_i think it died on it's own, but i'll kill it again01:38
XiolCoasterMaster_: use -9, basically a force kill01:38
Moot-pointcoastermaster: pkill pulseaudio ?01:38
Turskigrub-probe: error: Cannot get the real path of `/dev/sdb'01:38
CoasterMaster_Yeah it was already dead from when I asked nicely ;)01:39
XiolCoasterMaster_: could always try shutting it down with it's init script.. (sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio stop)01:39
CoasterMaster_Xiol, thanks, I'll keep that in mind.01:39
Turskiyeh, now my upgrade is working01:39
CoasterMaster_And as one more question, I hear this batch of updates breaks things...is that true?01:40
Turskihad old hd in devices.map01:40
XiolCoasterMaster_: it's beta... try it and see :) (no but seriously, what? haha)01:40
Luckriderit was yesterdays updates Coaster_Master01:40
Luckriderand they fixed it is a couple of hours01:40
CoasterMaster_oh hey I have two copies of Xchat open!01:41
LuckriderI have already updated twice since that01:41
CoasterMasterhello other me01:41
cipher_hi. is there a way to get compiz working again? latest upgrade broke compiz because the package libcompizconfig0 was left with the old version 0.7.2 and all others where upgraded to 0.7.4 :(01:41
LuckriderI do that sometimes on accident01:41
CoasterMasterthat's the dangerous part about more than one desktop :)01:41
daekdroomcipher_: they broke compiz but it'll be fixed soon.01:41
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:41
LuckriderI doubt that there is anything useful there01:42
cipher_ah ok. its just that one package - almost looks like they just forgot it ^^01:42
CoasterMasterthey probably put a 1 instead of a zero :)01:43
taconeall: ok, compiz works again. you have just to reinstall it01:43
Xiolif you don't know what compiz is, someone describing it as a "compositing window manager" is not going to help you at all01:44
taconesudo apt-get install compiz-gnome (and compiz-settings-manager and maybe fusion-icon)01:44
m1ri am trying to follow this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer , but dhcp server dont start after install, what could i do about it ?01:44
Xiolwhat dhcp server are you using? can't you start it manually with it's init.d script?01:45
Fritzeldoes anyone have a clue why mplayer keeps refusing to play quicktime or real media, it looks like it's going ot play it but then it decides it works too hard and demands a raise01:45
m1rXiol , dhcp3-server01:45
Luckriderxiol ubotu is a bot, so it doesn't understand01:45
XiolFritzel: codecs installed?01:45
Fritzelas far as I can tell, but I don't really know01:46
XiolLuckrider: i know, i'm just making an observation :)01:46
Luckrideryou are talking about whoever wrote that01:46
Xiolm1r: have you tried starting it manually?01:46
Luckrideri think there is a funny command hold on01:46
leftyfbok, might have found the compiz problem .....01:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about snacktime - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:46
m1rXiol , /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server start/stop/restart , fails always01:46
Luckriderhmm, I can't remeber it01:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about snack - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:46
FritzelXiol: do you happen to know the name of the codecs package?01:47
XiolFritzel: not sure tbh. have you tried running "apt-cache search quicktime"?01:47
m1rXiol , even if i uninstall it and install it again, it dont start01:47
Xiolm1r: hmm, to be honest i'm not sure what else to suggest then. is your config correct?01:48
visik7why Xrandr doesn't work on nvidia on hardy ?01:48
m1rXiol , think so01:48
Xiolm1r: i'd double check. if the server isn't starting but it's installed correctly it's probably falling over on the config01:49
leftyfbfor anyone with compiz problems still : sudo apt-get install compiz-gnome libdecoration0 libdecoration0-dev (after fixing the jockey-gtk problem from https://launchpad.net/bugs/215027 )01:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215027 in jockey "jockey-gtk crashed with AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'getSections'" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:49
XiolFritzel: think you're looking for libquicktime101:49
Fritzelalright I'll try that thank you01:49
m1rok, i recheck  , tnx Xiol01:49
Pelomy usb flash drive now mount read only and as volumes (ie I get a pie chart when I right click > properties) , and I can'T get them back as before when I was in gutsy where I could write to them , I trie dto chagne permission , the owner doesn'T even have enought access to change them and I'm root01:49
Fritzelthat didn't work01:51
FritzelI'm going to see if I have any better luck with vlc's plugin01:52
cipher_leftyfb still unmet dependencies when i try to install compiz-gnome. some packages are still on the wrong version01:53
XiolFritzel: do you have the ubuntu-restricted-extras package installed?01:53
XiolFritzel: some quick googling tells me you may have luck with that01:53
leftyfbcipher_: update /upgrade again, then try01:53
leftyfbcipher_: using us.archive.ubuntu.com01:53
Fritzelno but I do have kubuntu-restricted-extras and I'm on kubuntu01:53
leftyfbthe MIT mirror I was using wasn't updated yet01:53
Xiolah, i presume that's the same thing then01:54
Xiolnot tried KDE for a few releases now, should really get a VM set up...01:54
Fritzeltrying vlc now01:54
cipher_leftyfb there we go. i got de.archive.ubuntu.com   ... i guess i just have to wait few mins/hours01:55
leftyfbjust change de to us for now01:55
leftyfbin vi01:56
DanaGError starting domain: virDomainCreate() failed Failed to add tap interface 'vnet%d' to bridge 'br0' : Operation not permitted01:58
* Pelo reports that his permission problem seems to have been fixed in -2201:59
m1rXiol: tnx m8, it seems it didnt create /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf02:00
compwiz18anyone else having trouble with their mouse double clicking instead of simply single clicking when any button is pressed?02:01
m1rcompwiz18: yes, somtimes it does start to doubleclick on all02:01
FritzelXiol: I could use mplayer plugin for firefox if you happen to know how to get rid of the blockyness02:01
Tu13esmy Intel 3945abg died with today's updates02:01
Tu13esdoesn't show up in ifconfig02:01
Tu13eswhat can I do?02:01
cipher_leftyfb thx!! the us.archive is working. compiz packages have now correct versions and are working02:02
leftyfbok, now i gotta go babysit a datacenter for a couple hours02:04
DanaGError starting domain: virDomainCreate() failed Failed to add tap interface 'vnet%d' to bridge 'br0' : Operation not permitted02:07
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:07
DanaGwhere'd sn9 go?02:08
visik7anyone got problems with nvidia ?02:11
DanaGHmm, apparently I have to gksudo virt-manager.02:14
DanaGOtherwise, it doesn't work.02:14
Dr_willisvisik7,  No nvidia problems here.02:18
DanaGI haven't installed the latest nvidia update.02:18
DanaGNo changelog == I don't install.02:18
visik7Dr_willis: resolution panel doesn't work here and nvidia-settings neither02:19
visik7moreover dual head broke composite02:19
Dr_willisI havent updated/upgraded today.  Yet.... :)02:20
americananyone have luck getting ati grpahics card to work with suspend/hibernate?02:20
visik7there aren't any Xorg or nvidia related upgrade02:20
Dr_willisvisik7,  i am using a xorg.conf generated by the nvidia tools.  that may be why mine is working. :)02:21
visik7I could try with the gutsy xorg.conf02:21
x1250<offtopic> Does anyone knows who manufactures Dell's laptop motherboard's? I can't find any reference to a manufacturer in the mobo itself. Any manufacturer will do, for any model</offtopic>02:22
Picix1250: perhaps #ubuntu-offtopic would be a better place to ask.02:22
x1250aa didn't know that channel, thanks Pici02:23
xtknightvisik7, amd64?02:23
taconequestion: what kernel should I have right now ? I have .15.02:24
xtknightx1250, see if you can find the oem in "sudo lshw" or "sudo hwinfo"02:24
xtknighttacone, best stay with .15 if you have amd64/nvidia02:24
taconealso: shuold I have the package "linux" installed ? (I've not)02:24
xtknighttacone, not needed as linux-image supplies 'linux'02:24
taconextknight: sigh, I have.02:24
xtknighttacone,  Bug 21597602:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215976 in ubuntu "nvidia driver not found with 2.6.24-16 kernel(64 bit) (dup-of: 215778)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21597602:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215778 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "2.6.24-16.30 kernel update - nvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21577802:25
visik7xtknight: no02:25
x1250xtknight: the laptop is dead right now, ac jack connector trouble...02:25
visik7xtknight: why ?02:25
xtknightvisik7, known issue with amd64/nvidia.  are you using hardy and having trouble with nvidia?02:25
daekdroomx1250: It's a couple different manufactures02:26
visik7xtknight: definitly02:26
xtknightvisik7, i386 though and the module ins't loading is it?  did you get the .16 kernel update?02:26
x1250daekdroom: do you have any name/website?02:26
daekdroomx1250: Did you try checking Dell website itself?02:26
visik7xtknight: the module loads02:26
taconethanks xtknight, I should note I had problems with nvidia even with the current kernel.02:26
xtknighttacone, interesting02:26
xtknight.15/nvidia was fine here02:27
x1250daekdroom: there's no mention of the laptop parts manufacturers. I guess Dell makes some parts, but not others.02:27
visik7xtknight: but xrandr doesn't work and composite is broken when running in dual head  (even if the Xorg.log says that damage and compiste are enabled but compiz says it isn't)02:27
taconextknight: I have Intel+Nvidia02:27
xtknighttacone, same here02:27
taconextknight: I solved installing via nvidia website02:27
daekdroomx1250: I don't think any comp manufacturer use OEM motherboards nowdays02:27
taconeusing their installer02:27
xtknighttacone, yeah i could do it although this bug is important as it will break a lot of peoples' machines02:27
daekdroom*think any02:28
xtknighti doubt Dell manufactures their own boards?02:28
x1250me too02:28
taconextknight: my question is. why didn't I get any upgrade question to the new kernel ?02:28
daekdroomDell don't manufactures boards02:28
daekdroomthat "don't" wasn't supposed to be there02:28
visik7xtknight: moreover gutsy 64 hasn't all this problems02:28
xtknighttacone, prolly cause you need to do dist-upgrade02:29
taconextknight: thanks02:29
xtknightvisik7, not really sure what the deal is, w/ your config02:30
xtknightvisik7, you didn't enable xinerama did you?02:30
xtknightcompiz requires twinview02:30
visik7xtknight: mmm02:30
DanaGOkay, here's my impression of using virt-manager instead of virtualbox: it sucks -- my VM can't connect to the network.02:31
x1250I guess is something silly, but I wanted to know how much would cost to build you own custom laptop, just curious02:31
Fritzelevil evil discovery channel :P02:31
visik7xtknight: you pjut doubts in my mind I'll check when I'll reboot into hardy02:31
Fritzelthought I'd watch some mythbusters and I can't get to the client to watch em online it pulls a, you're not windows, therefore I'm not giving you the client02:32
taconextknight: dist-upgrade tells nothing02:32
taconextknight: shuold I apt-get install linux ?02:32
xtknightFritzel, search for a greasemonkey script02:32
DanaG... and it makes my desktop twitch in color.02:32
DanaG*blink* *twitch* *flicker*02:32
Fritzelto do what?02:32
xtknighttacone, "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"02:32
DanaGquite continuously.02:32
xtknightFritzel, bypass the windows check02:33
taconextknight: already did02:33
xtknightprolly one for discovery channel02:33
xtknighttacone, you prolly need to reboot for the new kernel -16 to load02:33
taconextknight: apt-get told there's nothing to upgrade.02:33
FritzelI'm sorta doubting that FF3B5 will be compatible with something like that02:34
FritzelI'll look though02:34
Fritzelcan you install firefox 2 and 3 at the same time?02:34
xtknightgreasemonkey is popular02:34
xtknightso probably02:34
xtknightFritzel, ya02:34
Luckriderhow do i show what operating system I am using in xchat?02:36
Dr_willisi noticed that i have ff2 and 3 both installed.. and the firefox-2 command..launches firefox302:36
Luckriderthat is strange, is it pointing to the right place?02:37
xtknightuse the shortcut?02:37
xtknightmight need to close all FF3 windows before trying firefox-2 i dunno02:37
Luckriderthat might help xtknight02:37
ethana2greasemonkey is popular because sites are scripted poorly02:38
Luckrideryou can only runn one version at a time02:38
ethana2they expect everyone to use black against white02:38
Fritzelxtknight: ot dpesm02:38
ethana2..white against black is better02:38
Dr_willislrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 24 2008-04-02 19:56 /usr/bin/firefox-2 -> ../lib/firefox/firefox-2*02:38
Fritzelxtknight: it doesn't look like there is one02:38
Luckriderhow do i show what operating system I am using in xchat?02:38
visik7Luckrider: we are not interested :)02:39
VousDeuxhello, I am in the process of upgrading Kubuntu to version 8.04 LTS...it has stopped and says that a new version of /etc/bash_completion is available...it says that the installed version has been locally modified and wants to know if I want to keep the local version or install the package maintainer's version...I did not personally modify this file and I don't know which choice would be better...any thoughts?02:39
xtknightVousDeux, package maintainer02:40
DanaGOr hit D to see the difference.02:40
visik7VousDeux: replace with the one provided by the new package02:40
ameriohey guys , the latest update of hardy I got stopped compiz-fusion  from working , any idea?02:40
VousDeuxI looked for the difference, but I probably would recognize it if it bit me02:41
visik7VousDeux: replace with the one provided by the new package02:41
xtknightamerio, do you use nvidia?02:41
xtknightand amd64?02:42
amerioxtknight yup the output of "compiz --replace" in terminal is "Couldn't find a perfect decorator match; trying all decorators Found no decorator to start"02:42
usserVousDeux, even if u keep to override it this file is not essential dont worry02:42
VousDeuxokay, thanks everyone02:42
usseramerio, update again it was missing some packages02:42
usseramerio, initially02:42
ameriousser i made another update and restarted but same problem02:42
xtknightamerio, amd64?02:43
ameriostknight intel02:43
gaminggeekubuntu had decided that my screen res is 1024 x 768 although I want 1440x90002:43
pranausing sun-java6-jre, when i'm on battery and running javaws, pdflush/kjournald seem to want to flush some data every second. any ideas why?02:43
xtknightamerio, are you running 32bit or 64bit ubuntu though02:43
ameriostknight 3202:43
xtknightamerio, ok see if direct rendering is enabled.  glxinfo | grep rendering02:43
usseramerio, check if compiz-gnome is installed02:44
amerioxtknight yes its enabled02:44
visik7gaminggeek: I've solved a similar situation removing /etc/X11/xorg.conf (backup it first)02:44
KetzereiI keep getting an [Errno 5] Input/Output error when I try to install Ubuntu. Any suggestions?02:44
KetzereiAbout 20% through the installler process. Earlier today it got completely through, but GRUB didnt install correctly and hasnt been able to finish since.02:44
visik7Ketzerei: damaged support ?02:44
gaminggeekvisik7: but I have all the stuff for my tablet in there02:44
ameriousser: thanx =)02:45
visik7Ketzerei: damaged media ?02:45
visik7gaminggeek: back it up02:45
usseramerio, did it work?02:45
visik7gaminggeek: or delete all but that settings02:45
ameriousser: yup i've installed compiz-gnome02:45
KetzereiNo, the live cd check checks out, the md5 is fine, i burned using k3b at 16x, etc.02:45
amerioxtknight thanx to you too02:45
KetzereiIts all fine.02:45
usseramerio, oh nice.02:45
KetzereiIt does the same thing with 7.1002:45
xtknightamerio, you fixed it>02:46
Ketzerei alternate too. Same with kubuntu.02:46
gaminggeekvisik7: there is nothing in there hardy handles the xserver differently02:46
amerioxtknight yup i installed compiz-gnome , re-run the compiz and its working now02:46
ameriothanx all .. cheers02:46
jscinozi wish usplash was replaced by splashy, splashy is so nice :P02:49
DanaGI want fbsplash, myself.02:49
DanaGIt makes consoles look nice.02:49
jscinoznever heard of it, i'll give it a look02:50
teamcobrahey everyone02:50
Noah0504Hardy is dimming the screen on my notebook every time at boot.  Anyone know what's up?02:50
jscinozbut still, splashy is light years ahead of usplash02:50
teamcobrafbsplash is nice02:50
daekdroomjscinoz: tried to brainstorm it?02:50
jscinozNoah, try system > preferences > power management > and untick dim display on idle02:50
jscinoznoah, you may need to do that on both AC power  and battery tabs02:51
Noah0504jscinoz: I'll do that and reboot.  I'll let you know.02:51
jscinozdaekdroom, i'll go have a look it its on brainstorm, theres also a 21 page thread going with a vote in favor of splashy by 82% http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47742602:51
jscinozalso, splashy could help with the SlickBoot spec.02:52
jscinozi've got both splashy and X running at 1280x800x24 so there's no mode change :D02:52
jscinozalso got my console running at that res :)02:52
DanaGMy VM didn't get an IP address.02:54
Fritzelis there any reason that opera designed for 7.10 wouldn't work on hardy?02:55
Fritzela package designed for 7.10 rather02:55
daekdroomBecause there are changes in lib versions from gutsy to hardy02:55
Fritzelso don't try it then?02:56
daekdroomNo. It's just not sure it'll work.02:56
jscinozsplashy 0.4 is going to be so nice, custom shape progress bars, GL support, festival integration, fsck support (only thing usplash is winning on :P) and multivector progress bars (circles!)02:56
Fritzelif it doesn't work would it be a pain to cleanup?02:56
jscinozfritzel, if its a deb, and it install without and dependency hackery, then no02:56
teamcobrawoah, gl and festival support02:56
teamcobrathat's pretty big02:56
Fritzelok umm how do I install a local deb?02:57
jscinozfritzel, from console "sudo dpkg -i debpath" or double click it :P02:57
jscinozgraphical deb installer is gdebi-gtk02:57
Fritzeldo you happen to know the kde equivilant of gdebi-gtk?02:58
jscinozone second02:58
Fritzelthank you02:59
jscinozugh, suspend is annoying >_<03:01
Noah0504jscinoz: That didn't work.  I also tried unticking the backlight brightness.  It still dims the brightness on boot no matter what it is set to.03:01
jscinozhang on a sec03:01
jscinoz*waits for google to load, curses throttled internet connection*03:02
Noah0504jscinoz: Ouch.03:03
jscinozNoah0504, there appears to be a bug filed with this problem https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.15/+bug/1263703:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 12637 in linux-source-2.6.15 "LCD Brightness on Laptop Always Set Very Low at Boot" [Medium,Confirmed]03:03
jscinozsee if anything on that page is of use.03:03
jscinozthis is annoying, s2ram works perfectly with the --force option, s2disk works perfectly, but s2both only suspends to disk, as there's no way for it to pass the --force to the suspend to ram portion >_<03:04
Noah0504Yeah, I've already gone through it.  There's not really a fix.  Just people commenting on the problem.03:04
jscinozugh, out of ideas then >_<03:05
Noah0504jscinoz: It's something I can live with, just annoying.03:06
jscinozhmm, anyone know where the suspend to ram whitelist lives?03:06
Noah0504We'll see if maybe it gets fixed.03:06
jscinozI was lucky enough to have one of those laptops where almost everything works out of the box03:07
jscinozwebcam, 3 audio in/out ports (all are independently switchable between input or output), suspend (aside from the issue i mentioned above), glx (with nvidia driver), multimedia keys, even the little remote it came with work :)03:07
jscinozxps m1330 <303:07
Ketzereihttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4700200#post4700200 <--- Can anyone help me?03:08
jscinozthose screenshots are fun to load on my current connection >_<03:08
jscinozDodgy hard disk?03:08
KetzereiNo, see thats the thing, its just fine....03:09
jscinozi had something like that a while ago, turned out the disk had bad sectors.03:09
KetzereiI've installed tons of oses on it, including kubuntu, but now NOTHING will install and fsck says its fine.03:09
jscinozthing is, fsck checks the file system, afaik it doesnt do lowlevel checks like bad sectors03:10
jscinozand since you're formatting the disk with new partitions03:10
KetzereiHow do i do that then?03:10
jscinoznot too sure, hang on a minute03:10
bjronwhat's the difference between eth0 and eth0:avahi ?03:10
bjron(this avahi bit is new to me)03:10
m1rwohooo PXE install working , tnx for all who helped out03:11
jscinozKetzerei, apparently the disk manufacturer should provide a bootable ISO on thier website (western digital, seagate, etc) that can do low level checks03:11
tech0007is is safe to upgrade to -16? i dont use any restricted drivers.03:11
KetzereiOkay... thanks03:12
jscinozKetzerei, also looking at how you were going to partition it, i would recommened making separate partitions for / and /home03:12
KetzereiWhy? I've never done that before, and have never needed too03:13
jscinozif you ever need to reinstall or want to do a clean upgrade you can keep configuration and documents and such03:13
jscinozas they are stored on /home03:13
jscinozon your 80gb disk, i'd go for 10gb root and the rest /home  (minus your double ram sized swap)03:14
jscinozhow much RAM have you got installed?03:14
kadkoI'm sorry if I download the Ubuntu Hardy when it will be oficial released my "beta vercion" will update to the final vercion or i need to redownload the new vercion?03:14
jscinozkadko, will update automatically through update-manager, apt-get, synaptic or whatyever03:15
Ketzerei1.5 gb03:18
KetzereiHey, does anyone know how to determine you hd model without opening your case?03:20
acme64yo guys03:20
jscinozketzeri, then do 10gb root, 67gb home and 3gb swap. Note that home may need to be a bit smaller due to disks usually being smaller than advertised03:21
xtknighthow do i install KDE4 Kubuntu on a regular Ubuntu installation?03:21
xtknightthere's no kubuntu4-desktop for example03:21
acme64need help installing the nvidia drivers in 8.0403:21
echinosanyone else having problems with gnome-settings-daemon failing?03:21
Megiddoacme64: search envy and linux in google03:21
prakritiwhen I do updates and it says it cant install all packages, should I do a partial update or something like an unsafe-upgrade from the command line?03:21
ubotuenvy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »03:21
xtknightacme64, just goto system administration hardware drivers03:22
echinosacme64: give it a shot, worked for me, just make sure you install the kernel-headers too03:22
acme64kernel headers?03:22
echinosyeah... apt-get install kernel-headers-<kernel-version>03:23
echinosit's so the nvidia driver module can be installed03:23
acme64oic xtknight03:23
jscinozKetzeri, there was a command but i forgot it >_<03:23
acme64ill wait for the adept thing to finish03:23
xtknightacme64, do you have amd64?03:23
Daisuke_Idoapt-get install kernel-headers-`uname -r`03:23
xtknightacme64, which ubuntu did you download, 32bit or 64bit?03:23
xtknightah you're fine then03:23
acme64your kinda cute urself03:24
xtknightyes hardware drivers is a lot easier to use ;)03:24
acme64i remember insalling them on feisty03:24
xtknightexcept you'd need to use envy or nvidia.com if you had 64bit.  as it's broken03:24
acme64that was a nightmare03:24
xtknightright now at least03:24
MegiddoHas there been any bug reports regarding wired networks? KNetworkManager says that it's sending packets but never receiving in Hardy, but it's working fine in Gutsy03:25
DanaGThat's odd: my qemu VM has no sound card.03:26
acme64i just had to troubleshoot my eth003:26
DanaGSo far I've seen nothing that makes me want to switch to qemu / kvm over virtualbox.03:26
acme64had to adjust some forcedeth settings03:26
acme64what card u using Megiddo03:26
MegiddoNot sure of the model, it's on my Asus mobo03:26
m1rDanaG: vbox still no1 ;)03:26
VousDeuxAfter I upgraded to Hardy, I had no cursor control (neither the USB mouse nor touchpad would work). I tried running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg (with and without the -phigh), but it keeps throwing an error about overwriting possibly-customised configuration file.03:27
acme64i got an asus too..03:27
acme64nvidia chipset?03:27
MegiddoCorrect acme6403:27
acme64lol same problem as me i bet03:27
MegiddoWhat did you do to fix it?03:27
acme64gotta do uh..forcedeth msi=0 msix=003:28
MegiddoIs that a command or a config?03:28
VousDeuxI copied the xorg.conf to xorg.conf.hardy, then restored the xorg.conf that worked in Gutsy...I also tried booting the older 14-generic kernel03:28
VousDeuxI have not had any luck finding anything on Google about this.03:29
acme64no idea lol03:29
acme64i had to do rmmod forcedeth03:29
acme64or soemthing to that effect03:29
acme64then the msi=0 command, then uh, something.../network restart03:30
VousDeuxany idea how I can get my mouse control back?03:30
acme64sorry, im a noob at all this, and i dont remember right03:30
* DanaG casts FORCEDETH upon ye all.03:31
DanaGThat name really does sound like a spell of some sort.03:31
Megiddo # rmmod forcedeth03:31
Megiddo# modprobe forcedeth msi=0 msix=003:31
Megiddo# /etc/init.d/networking restart03:31
Sergeant_Ponydid anyone figure out about jockey-gtk crashing?03:31
MegiddoLike that acme?03:31
MegiddoYay okay03:32
MegiddoI'll give hardy another shot then03:32
acme64its forced eth03:33
acme64i was wondering why i was forcing death on my board...03:33
acme64leenux so crazy03:33
acme64ok, that system driver thing isn't launching now03:33
acme64window never opens03:33
MegiddoAs far as downloading a daily build (http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/20080411/), is that using the latest packages or is it everything pulled from SVN?03:34
MegiddoOr Git or whatever each package uses03:34
acme64brb gotta reboot03:34
adiabatichi, I'm running update manager, and I got a 404 error for xorg (iirc) and said I didn't want to continue. what should I do to fix this? Just wait longer?03:40
* adiabatic starts a full upgrade03:44
adiabaticok, a partial full upgrade03:44
esoxwhen I use wine : jean-martin@jm:~$ wine Desktop/ConfWiFi.exe03:48
esoxpreloader: Warning: failed to reserve range 00000000-6000000003:48
esoxerr:dosmem:setup_dos_mem Cannot use first megabyte for DOS address space, please report03:48
bjronhmm,  new install of Hardy on my laptop and I'm having no luck connecting to my wireless - it says it's connected but won't/can't grab an IP from the router03:51
jscinozhmm this is annoying03:56
jscinoz /usr/share/acpi-support/* are the various whitelists for suspend yes?03:57
levmattaubuntu whants to remove the "compiz" package should I let it??04:02
rdgI'm trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 ia_64 on a Dell T105 and nothing is working. I can't get the installer to recognize my SATA DVD-ROM when it needs to detect the media04:02
rdgand I can't get to mount a USB stick so I can loop mount an ISO to /cdrom and just move forward04:02
rdganyone have any solutions/04:02
usserbjron, lemme guess intel 3945?04:02
IdleOnelevmatta: what does it want to install in it's place?04:02
usserlevmatta, no wait till package list gets updated on  your mirror04:02
levmattausser: I imagined it was something like that (too strange)04:03
rdgand for some reason, from the console in the installer, I can plug in my USB stick, and dmesg says it's found @ /dev/sdc and if I   'ls /dev/sdc*' it shows sdc and sdc1 but when I go to run mount it says 'No such device'04:03
levmattaIdleOne: I will answer you, just a sec04:04
usserlevmatta, yea seems your server lags behind, you can switch to main in synaptic mirrors it has updated packages04:04
levmattaIdleOne: kernel 16, command compiz-core, gnome-panel, the list goes on and on04:05
IdleOneI would do what usser says and switch to the main server and then see what it says04:06
VousDeuxeverything appeared to be going smooth when I upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy, but after rebooting I had no mouse control. I cannot seem to run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg because it says warning: overwriting possibly-customised configuration file04:06
DanaGMove the existing /etc/X11/xorg.conf somewhere else, then re-run dpkg-reconfigure.04:07
DanaGEither that, or find a backup from Gutsy and copy that over the Hardy one.04:07
VousDeuxI deleted the xorg.conf, but it gave me an md5sum error...I have copies of several versions of the xorg.conf04:09
VousDeuxit seems like I remember having to execute some command because of md5sum last year, but I have no idea what it was04:11
rdghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/211041  in fact, that's the same issue i'm having04:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 211041 in ubuntu "Install of 64-bit 7.10 Server fails - Can't detect SATA DVD-ROM" [Undecided,New]04:11
VousDeuxthe copy of xorg.conf that I deleted was the one that worked in Gutsy04:13
DanaGThat's silly.04:13
DanaGIt's far better to move stuff, rather than deleting it.04:14
VousDeuxOkay, the newly created xorg.conf now returns the same warning as before04:14
VousDeuxwhy...I have copies04:15
VousDeuxwell, it boots with the newly created xorg.conf too, but still no mouse. I have a USB mouse and a touchpad...neither are working.04:19
VousDeuxI tried unplugping and replugging the USB mouse...no luck04:20
VousDeuxunplugping??? hehe...unplugging even04:21
esoxI have issue with wine, even after removing cleaning .wine and installing again04:21
VousDeuxtoggling the touchpad does nothing either04:21
VousDeuxwhen I try to boot the old 14-generic kernel, I don't even get a gui04:22
esoxI didnt have that before updating to hardy04:22
DanaGHmm, find an older xorg.conf, perhaps.04:22
VousDeuxalright...thanks for helping :)04:23
sivel27hello all04:24
VousDeuxoh, hey...I placed my old tried-n-true xorg.conf.vesa into the catbird seat, and now I have cursor control04:28
VousDeuxI guess I just need to figure out how to get from here back to better drivers04:29
VousDeuxI wonder why my backup of xorg.conf.nvidia doesn't work in Hardy :/04:31
* DanaG has his xorg.conf here:04:35
VousDeuxthanks for the reference04:36
VousDeuxI probably just need to start with that vesa driver and install the nvidia-glx again04:37
DanaGThe nvidia tweaks are rather poorly documented, but I've put comments in the touchpad tweaks.04:37
VousDeuxcool...maybe my touchpad will actually work right now...before I could not configure it and it was way too touchy...all could do was toggle it off or on04:39
LetterRiphi since upgrading to hardy I've been unable to access my cd/dvd combo drive04:41
LetterRipdoing a ls /dev doesn't show /dev/hda04:41
LetterRipany suggestions?04:42
dubbyhey anyone here know how to make my computer a gateway, so that I may share my internet with other computers on my lan?04:43
sielnt_LetterRip: when you put a cd in does anything mount to a /dev/cdrom_ ?04:43
LetterRipit doesn't seem to04:44
LetterRipmy cdrom drive spins up and makes some noise04:44
LetterRiptrying to do cd /dev/cdrom2 gives 'not a directory'04:46
sielnt_its' a device04:46
sielnt_it should mount to /media/04:46
hanshenghello~`  when sudo displayconfig-gtk , can't change the them? or sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg no let me choose my Monitor and display card? how can I do?04:46
owen1how to remove enlightment and replace with gnome?04:46
Stroganoffdubby you need dnsmasq and ipmasq04:47
usserdoes flashplugin-nonfree constantly crash firefox for anybody?04:47
LetterRipsielnt_, i have cdrom and cdrom0 in /media04:48
sielnt_usser: It used to, not sure if it still does04:48
usserif i use the one downloaded from adobe.com it works just fine04:48
sielnt_Letter, cd /media/cdrom004:48
Stroganoffdubby: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-17594.html04:48
ussersielnt_, wonder whats up with that04:48
LetterRipsielnt_, hmm looks like it might have been a dirty lens04:49
usserah nah even adobe version still crashes04:49
im-a-n00bhey all... i've got an ati question... will be upgrading to hardy once its released and im doing a bit of research before hand... are the drivers in the repos now the same as the ati ones you get from the site or are they different?04:51
sielnt_LetterRip: Is it mounting your cds?04:51
LetterRipi'm using a lens cleaning dvd now04:51
LetterRipvlc appears to have tried to open it04:52
LetterRipbut then froze04:52
LetterRipso presumably it is mounting04:52
sielnt_LetterRip: good04:53
LetterRiphmm still getting - Unable to open 'dvd:///dev/hda' in vlc04:54
im-a-n00bare the ati drivers in the repos the same as from the ati site?04:54
ionstormi see the latest updates do not have nvidia-glx04:56
ionstormdoes it not need it?04:56
ionstormie the new kernel04:56
LetterRipsielnt_, ok definitely working now04:56
=== kromono1 is now known as kromonos
im-a-n00bare the ati drivers in the repos the same as from the ati site.... anyone??05:00
usserim-a-n00b, they are probably the latest05:01
usserim-a-n00b, beta includes most current versions of all software05:01
im-a-n00busser: on the ati site?? im wondering for when i install hardy... now that the ati drivers are open source i was wondering if they are the same as in the repo05:03
usserim-a-n00b, well there's restricted drivers which are the same as ati's and there's opensourced that really are quite a bit behind05:04
im-a-n00busser: lol sorry for the question... just that im using linux for gaming :) and want all the performance i can squeeze from it :)05:04
usserim-a-n00b, u stuck with a wrong videocard :) get nvidia05:04
im-a-n00busser: ok so installing the restricted will give me the same as from the site.. just without having to build it myself from the ati script?05:05
icanhasadminusser: that's not terribly constructive help05:05
usserim-a-n00b, yes05:05
im-a-n00busser: lol.. that would have been a good option.. but didnt come on the laptop i wanted05:05
ussericanhasadmin, well ati is not terribly constructive so its not my fault05:05
icanhasadminusser: is the current restricted driver up to date? i wasn't under that impression...05:05
ussericanhasadmin, its gotta be05:06
im-a-n00bicanhasadmin: its all good.. i realise that ati was a pain when i tried for compiz on 7.0405:06
icanhasadminand why does it "gotta be"05:06
icanhasadminim-a-n00b: ati really isn't half as big of a pain, they've made leaps and bounds in the last year.05:06
im-a-n00bicanhasadmin: true... thats why im happy with their opensource direction.. i was wondering if the repos had picked them up yet :)05:07
ussericanhasadmin, cause they dont release all that often and ubuntu betas tend to include most current software05:07
icanhasadminim-a-n00b: may i ask what's wrong with using the radeon driver and AIGLX? or is this for more than just compiz?05:08
im-a-n00bicanhasadmin: its a bit more.. there is a noticable difference in games05:09
im-a-n00bicanhasadmin: i like going to lan parties.. being the only linux user there and showing it off :)05:09
icanhasadminim-a-n00b: gotcha, well the new catalyst drivers work great. i'm not sure what version is in the repos honestly, although usser's argument makes sense.05:10
usserjust looked it up version in the repos is 8.305:10
sielnt_im-a-n00b: and then everyone starts playing games and the forget about you until you boot your windows partition05:10
ussersame as the one on the site05:11
im-a-n00blol.. come to think of it. i and people like me are peobably why the irc channels are flooded with people asking how do i game in linux and how do i get my gfx working05:11
im-a-n00bsielnt_: lol.. i use wine for diablo2 and starcraft... windows partition hasnt booted in ages05:12
usserheh not really linux is great for gaming05:12
im-a-n00bhoping that starcraft2 will run in wine.. or better yet.. have a linux installer :)05:12
icanhasadmini should bash that05:12
DanaGHandy thing for Starcraft:05:12
usserfor instance is it possible to run any game in a windows on windows without OS crapping up on you every time05:12
DanaGGlide wrapper.05:13
DanaGer, for Diablo.05:13
ussererr *in a window05:13
xtknightanyone else get random prolonged freezes in firefox that relieve themselves in a few seconds?05:13
im-a-n00busser: cool.. thanks for the info on the 8.3 drivers :)05:13
im-a-n00bxtknight: yes.. only sometimes mine doesnt unfreeze itself.. and needs a killall -9 firefox-bin05:14
im-a-n00bxtknight: i think my problems with that come from flash05:14
xtknightim-a-n00b,  oh a -9 huh?05:14
usserxtknight, thats probably flash related05:15
xtknighti dont know.  mine wil happen with no flash05:15
usserxtknight, oh05:15
xtknightmaybe nspluginwrapper is still loaded in memory and leaking, or something, or maybe an ad i didn't notice05:15
xtknighti was just clicking an image and boom freeze....then 10secs later repaint05:15
im-a-n00bxtknight: only other time ive noticed something similar is when loading lots of lolcat pages05:15
im-a-n00bbut it doesnt need the killall05:15
xtknightwell i was loading a picture of a "flash mob", so there05:16
im-a-n00bxtknight: could be the firefox version too...05:16
im-a-n00bxtknight: hmm.. ok.. i have the same sort of issue in the nightlies05:17
xtknighti wanted to get epiphany-webkit working.  wondered if it would be more reliable05:17
im-a-n00bxtknight: ... i.... dont even know what that is.. yes.. im a n00b05:18
xtknightim-a-n00b, ah epiphany's a browser also based on Gecko like firefox.  it's basically easier firefox.  and -webkit is supposed to be an alternate "backend", or "web rendering engine" for it.  webkit is what powers apple's safari05:18
xtknightsupposed to be fast and compliant with standards.05:19
xtknightbut i didnt have much like w/ it05:19
xtknightcompiling it, that is05:19
im-a-n00bxtknight: oh.. that sounds like fun to play with.. is it the one that scores real high in the acid3 test?05:19
xtknightim-a-n00b, yeah05:19
xtknightwell opera also passes that now05:19
xtknighti just think opera looks big bulky and *oo*gly05:20
xtknighti think it's still Qt(like KDE), and it doesn't really integrate well with GNOME anyways.05:20
im-a-n00bi liked opera... but i missed some of my extensions :( its speed was nice05:20
xtknightwith no adblock, there seems no advantage of opera over epiphany-webkit05:20
usseryea its qt05:20
im-a-n00blol... i think im probably the only kde / compiz user here now too lol05:21
xtknighti found opera faster in some situations, slower in others.  found webkit faster at basically everything05:21
xtknighti wanted to try KDE4 on my regular ubuntu, didn't know how to install it?05:21
im-a-n00bxtknight: i loved its gui speed (opera that is)05:21
im-a-n00bxtknight: havent got to play with that yet...05:22
im-a-n00bxtknight: not sure how it will play with compiz05:22
im-a-n00bgoing to have to set up a test machine05:22
im-a-n00b.... with an ati card.. lol..05:22
im-a-n00bwhen using 7.04 i was upset that i couldnt get compiz running on my machine but i could on a friends nvidia box.. lol.. how i envious i was lol05:23
xtknightyeah nvidia generally cooperates better w/ linux05:23
xtknightsurprised ati hasn't cleaned their act up after all this, but they have recently released the documentation needed for developers to make open source drivers for their new RadeonHD cards (er at least 2D?)05:24
ubotugoogle is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux05:25
im-a-n00bxtknight: i.. thought they had..05:25
xtknighthttp://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=home great site for 3d stuff05:26
xtknightalways up to date05:26
adiabatichi, I'm following the instructions on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213420 and it says to 'boot in recovery mode', which isn't an option that LILO gives me. can I do uname -r and apt-get stuff by getting into my system from the livecd?05:27
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:27
xtknightadiabatic, do you use lilo or grub?05:27
adiabaticlilo. grub doesn't like my machine.05:27
xtknightadiabatic, well i can get you the cmd line for recov mode wuold that help?  i think the main thing is, you add "single" to the boot line to get single user(root) mode05:28
xtknight kernel          /vmlinuz-2.6.24-15-generic root=/dev/md0 ro single05:28
adiabaticyeah, I should be ok (keeping fingers crossed) if I can get to a bash prompt05:28
xtknightreplace "ro quiet splash" with "ro single" for recov05:28
adiabatic...and...er...where does that line go?05:29
xtknightfor lilo, i've no idea05:29
xtknightinit=/bin/bash can also help you get to a root prompt05:29
im-a-n00badiabatic: isnt there an option on boot to edit the boot line?05:29
xtknightactually how did you even install lilo?05:30
xtknightaccidentally 'sudo rm -rf''ing a dir sucks.  i'm glad that one missed my Work stuff :\05:31
im-a-n00bxtknight: i think you can after doing an expert install from the alternate or server cd05:31
im-a-n00bxtknight: OUCH!!!05:31
* xtknight starts backing up more often05:31
xtknightyeah there was a nice 20 gig vmware XP ready to be deleted there05:32
xtknightand it missed it05:32
im-a-n00bxtknight: yay for rsync L)05:32
xtknight i mean ctrl-c'd in the middle as i realized what i did was bone-headed05:32
xtknightinvoluntary housecleaning is sometimes nice though05:32
xtknighti dont have to worry about "organizing" those folders anymore :p05:33
im-a-n00bxtknight: thats gotta hurt lol..... all ur informations05:33
icanhasadminshred is fun too05:33
adiabaticxtknight: staceman's instructions on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=40934505:33
adiabatic(I think)05:34
* DanaG goes and compresses adiabatic.....-ly. (should be -ally without the hyphen, actually.)05:34
xtknightadiabatic, you're installing 2.6.15 for dapper?05:35
xtknighti mean what was the site you linked earlier http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213420 ?05:36
adiabaticI'm on 8.10 now05:36
adiabaticxtknight: yes05:36
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:36
xtknight8.04? :p05:36
xtknightor did you get that early release of Intrepid they told no one about..05:37
icanhasadminxtknight: he's from the future.05:37
adiabaticxtknight: I'm not that clued-in05:37
xtknightwell anyways what were you trying to do?05:37
xtknighter *are* you trying to do?  if anything, now? :)05:37
m1rdoes anyone know if prism54usb.ko on amd64 is same as on normal install alternate cd ?05:38
xtknightm1r, hmm, reason to suspect that it isn't?05:38
Lynoureadiabatic: version numbers are year.month, so 8.10 would be, unexpected05:38
adiabaticxtknight:  boot into my machine that gave me a "is big; kernel setup stack" error05:38
m1rxtknight: usb wlan adapter works on amb64 and dont on alternate 32 bit05:39
m1rsame file ?05:39
m1rcan i try copy it over ?05:39
xtknightadiabatic, the dapper is on another machine you ssh into, or is it also on the local machine?05:39
xtknightor not dapper at all?05:39
xtknightthat's what the lnk mentioned that's why i wondered05:40
xtknightm1r, nope you can't load a .ko from a 64bit into a 32bit.  but you can report a bug if you're sure that's the case..05:40
m1ri just dont have luck, been installing whole night alternate 32bit over PXE to laptop without cdrom/floppy and it always breaks install on 85% :/05:40
xtknightcould just be hardy breakage, who knows05:41
VousDeuxI can't seem to get the nVidia driver to work...the problem seems to be with the md5sum for the xorg.conf, but I'm not sure what to do about it05:41
m1rif it breaks again ... , then i install just cli and update all over internet it seems :/05:42
adiabaticxtknight: urk, can't even get the version numbers memorized. I'm using 8.04 (Hardy)(the one that comes with Firefox 3 betas), and it's not booting anymore after I did a large upgrade today. The machine hasn't been turned on in maybe a month or so, though.05:42
im-a-n00bm1r: does it have the problem on wvdial?05:42
im-a-n00badiabatic: may need rebuilding?05:43
xtknightadiabatic, ah ok so what machine are you on now?05:43
xtknightor livecd?05:43
adiabaticxtknight: I'm using xchat on vista05:43
xtknightadiabatic, if it's a separate /home partition probably easiest to just download the latest hardy beta and install over.  if not, install over if you're not going to lose any data05:44
m1rim-a-n00b: no wvdial, think last package is seahorse05:44
DanaGI have too much customized stuff to ever want to fresh-install again05:45
adiabaticxtknight: urk. ok.05:45
m1rDanaG: there cant be too much ;)05:45
im-a-n00bm1r: ok.. my install always had problems with wvdial.. (although it was on gutsy).. had to kill the process on install to proceed further05:45
im-a-n00bm1r: it sounded similar05:45
im-a-n00bDanaG: partimage :)05:46
DanaGor faubackup.05:46
DanaGThen I can just rsync back.05:46
m1rim-a-n00b: it just drop red screen saying it cant continue (using alternate install cd)05:46
DanaGNo other easy backup tool I've seen can do "one filesystem only"05:46
im-a-n00bm1r: maybe it needs a switch like noapic and nolapic05:47
LynoureDanaG: most rsync based ones I've seen can.05:47
m1rim-a-n00b: that i need to set on start of install :/ that means waiting all packages to transfer again05:47
DanaGHmm, can you recommend any with a GUI for scheduling, and with multiple snapshots?05:47
im-a-n00bm1r: no alternate cd?05:48
DanaGLike, dare I say it, "Time Machine" -- sure, it's not the first to do it, but it's a prime example of a really easy one.05:48
LynoureDanaG: dirvish certainly can, but did you want hourly backups or something? (no GUI for dirvish, though, easy to make, though)05:48
m1rim-a-n00b: alternate cd install over PXE05:48
DanaGBackup is a bit overboard; weekly would be enough.05:48
DanaGThe next laptop I get will have Intel AMT... so I can redirect boot to a full-size ISO over the network.  Then again, that might be SLOWER than the actual DVD drive.05:48
im-a-n00bm1r: unfortunately i havent done a pxe install.. but i assume that at some point you can set boot install options05:49
m1rim-a-n00b: yes at start only05:49
m1rim-a-n00b: same like CD, just it fetch data from local server05:50
im-a-n00bm1r: ok so when u get the install screen up (im assuming it come up) press the key that corrispondes with boot options down the bottom of the screen05:50
LynoureDanaG: thats then quite disk-intensive to backup, I think05:51
im-a-n00band im pretty sure u just tack noapic and nolapic on the end of that string05:51
m1rnow i set only openssh server to be instaled , and again come to 85% when it breaks , argh.....05:52
im-a-n00binstall openssh-server post install05:52
im-a-n00bso just install the basic system.. and then add extras later05:52
DanaG"that's then quite disk-intensive" -- what do you mean, and what would be better?05:53
m1rim-a-n00b: that was my last try, after starts install only openssh, it come to 85% and breaks :P05:53
LynoureDanaG: backing up full ISOs, harder to do contents comparation05:53
DanaGWho said anything about backup ISOs?05:54
DanaGThe thing about AMT was a random topic change.05:54
LynoureDanaG: I'm not a mindreader, so I couldn't tell that...05:54
im-a-n00bm1r: if you press (either ctrl or alt.. forgotten which one) and either f1 f2 f3 or f4 (one of them will show a screen with what its currently doing).. what does it say its upto05:55
m1rim-a-n00b: nothing on tty's05:55
im-a-n00bm1r: problem with the source media?05:55
m1rim-a-n00b: "press to activate" on f2 f305:55
m1rim-a-n00b: media is hdd05:56
im-a-n00bm1r: like....... with one of the packages.. might be corrupt?05:56
=== american is now known as Kwassle
m1rim-a-n00b: would be strange05:57
=== Kwassle is now known as Kwiells
m1rused cd only once to install05:57
Kwiellshi everyone05:57
im-a-n00bm1r: just that im running out of ideas :(05:57
m1rme too05:57
Kwiellscan someone please help me get suspend/hibernate to work properly with a ati x1400 graphics card?05:57
TerrorismSuxsup tacos05:58
m1rim-a-n00b: i will try noacpi next05:58
TerrorismSuxwas accidentally in ubuntu05:58
TerrorismSuxOK has anyone here successfully gotten nvidia drivers to work?05:58
Lynourem1r: could be a broken package file, you could try  sudo apt-get clean  and then try installing it agoing05:58
m1rim-a-n00b: does it matter if i set noacpi on laptop ?05:58
Lynoures/agoing/again/  (and it there being the openssh-server you had trouble with)05:59
TerrorismSuxi did a apt-get install nvidia-glx and my /etc/X11/xorg.conf doesnt have a nv option05:59
TerrorismSuxalso... restricted driver manager (jockey) fails every time i use it05:59
im-a-n00bm1r: i dont think it does.... i wouldnt know that one... all i know with that command is that on a machine i was installing.. it wouldnt work properly unless those switches were inplace05:59
KwiellsI can't seem to go to system - hardware settings06:00
Kwiellskeeps saying Sorry, the program "jockey-gtk" closed unexpectedly06:00
TerrorismSuxKwiells thats (Jockey)06:00
m1rim-a-n00b: noacpi is for power managment , so i wonder that i dont overburn that crappy laptop :)06:00
Kwiellsthat's not the hardware settings?06:00
TerrorismSuxand its broken06:00
im-a-n00bm1r: ok.. rats lol06:01
m1rim-a-n00b: tnx for help m806:01
im-a-n00bm1r: i was hoping it was going to be a good solution that wouldnt have such bad consequences06:01
im-a-n00bm1r: ill know for next time now :)... thank you :)06:02
Andrewhello, i am in an EXTREMELY bad situation and i need help IMMEDIATLEY!!06:02
TerrorismSuxinstall xp IMMEDIATELY06:02
m1rim-a-n00b:  i am not sure, but wouldnt like to test it b4 i know more about it, 2 days i have this lappy :)06:02
KwiellsTerrorismSux:  How do I fix jockey-gtk so i can mess with the settings for my ati x1400?06:02
TerrorismSuxi joke06:02
TerrorismSuxKwiells: im trying to figure it out too so that i can get my Nvidia 7900 GS working06:03
Kwiellsah ok06:03
tritiumAndrew: what is your emergency?06:03
im-a-n00bm1r: true... you said 85 percent it stops on right.. what package?06:03
TerrorismSuxU'll have to roll back to Gutsy to get it working immediately06:03
m1rim-a-n00b: i think seahorse but aint 100%sure06:03
Kwiellswell the funny thing is i can actually put this laptop into suspend06:03
Kwiellsit gives me an error when i get back to ubuntu06:03
im-a-n00bm1r: ill see if i can find something06:03
Kwiellsbut still continues as if nothing happens06:03
m1rand since i cant see tty with install info...06:03
m1rim-a-n00b: tnx06:04
m1ri am braindead for tryouts :P06:04
Andrewtmy ubuntu hardy PC will not start up and in the command line says "loading device drivers....... failed!" and then the startup freezes.06:05
Andrewi am using linux kernel 2.6.24-1606:05
TerrorismSuxill try back tomorrow06:06
TerrorismSuxgnight everyone06:06
Andrewany help, tririum06:07
im-a-n00bm1r: it is hardy or gutsy?06:07
m1rbeta 106:07
m1rit stops on configuring packages on 85%06:07
m1ri wouldnt be messing around so much if that crap laptop would have cdrom or usb cdrom support... :/06:08
im-a-n00bm1r: does it just hang there?06:08
m1rred sceen and kicks me out06:08
m1rto option menu for install again06:08
Andrewany help, tritium?06:09
m1rit used to hang on gutsy on 82% , when it was looking for network, but this is completly diferent06:09
tritiumAndrew: that's not a lot to go on...06:10
Andrewtritium, earlier i installed a lot of updates including a new kernel and i deleted the old kernel before restarting. is that the big mistake?06:11
VousDeuxwholly molly...I have nVidia and cursor control finally :)06:11
Andrewnow, it just stops starting up.06:11
tritiumAndrew: before you delete an old kernel, you should verify that the new one works first.06:12
tritiumAndrew: also, don't run hardy on a critical machine, so you don't end up with an emergency situation when things break.06:13
Andrewdo you mean that i am done for and i have to wipe my hard drive clean and reinstall, tririum?06:13
tritiumNot necessarily.06:13
Andrewit won't even run recovery mode.06:13
m1rOMG IT PASSED!!!06:13
m1rcli rocks ;)06:14
icanhasadminm1r: welcome brother06:14
tritiumAndrew: that doesn't sound encouraging06:14
m1rty icanhasadmin :)06:15
m1rnow just to see if it will boot :)06:15
vasuviI haven't booted up into Ubuntu (Hardy) for a couple months.  Would a dist-upgrade bring me up to date with the (almost) release version with no problem, or would you recommend an install from scratch?06:16
im-a-n00bm1r: what happened?06:16
m1rim-a-n00b: i instaled cli and it passed, but from scratch06:17
im-a-n00binstalled cli?06:17
m1rit seems somthing dont work when installing ubuntu-desktop06:17
im-a-n00byou mean u used cli instead of gfx install?06:17
m1rno no06:18
m1rin boot options i enterd : cli06:18
im-a-n00boh.. ok... what does that so?06:18
m1rand it instaled without problem06:18
bazhangvasuvi: you already have hardy installed? then there will be a ton of updates; you can either go for those of get a more recent beta/daily build and go from there--either way if you keep updating you will have final when the day arrives06:18
im-a-n00bso = do06:18
m1rserver install im-a-n00b06:18
m1rnow i can apt-get rest of stuff06:19
im-a-n00bm1r: ahh... i used to use the server cds for that... i didnt know a pxe install could so that lol06:19
vasuvibazhang: Yes, I was already using the Hardy beta; there are around 600MB of updates to be exact ;)06:19
im-a-n00byes... im a n00b ;)06:19
m1rim-a-n00b: u can set it up to serve anything06:19
m1reven live cd, but my lappy not strong enough for that06:19
bazhangvasuvi: on dialup? or have dsl06:20
vasuvibazhang: So if I interpret what you say correctly, there shouldn't be any oddities coming from such an earlier beta; I'll probably just do that then, thanks :)06:20
im-a-n00bm1r: so now you should just have to do sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-desktop and all is good right?06:20
vasuvibazhang: Nah, DSL.  Slow DSL, but DSL no less (1.5 Mbit)06:20
bazhangvasuvi: earlier beta? I think you mean alpha ;]06:20
vasuvibazhang: Good point!06:20
bazhangvasuvi: the beta still has a ton of updates, though less than 600MB ;]06:21
K4k-laptopdoes anyone here run enlightenment06:21
m1rim-a-n00b: yes, but 1st i need enable wireless usb with prism54usb that is not working on alternate 32bit install or make internet sharing from this machine , before i start install desktop :P06:21
bazhangK4k-laptop: have run it yes06:21
im-a-n00bm1r: ouch06:21
vasuvibazhang: Upgrading from a chroot in another distro; the old Hardy alpha doesn't like my new video card :D06:22
K4k-laptopbazhang, I made a ~/.enlightenment/themes dir and put my themes in there but I can't seem to change the themes I've put in there06:22
im-a-n00bm1r: i went back to the alternate install cause i couldnt get my wireless running from a server install (i had no idea what packages n stuff id need)06:22
bazhangvasuvi: very clever indeed ;]06:23
vasuvibazhang: thanks ;)06:23
m1rim-a-n00b: if card is suported , should work plug and play06:23
im-a-n00bm1r: mine only worked after installing ubuntu the normal way... couldnt figure it out on a server install.. which is annoying cause i liked the small foot print install the server install gave me06:24
m1rim-a-n00b: if u have some known wlan card (pci/usb) then should work instantly06:25
K4k-laptopbazhang, any suggestions or ideas what's going on?06:25
im-a-n00bm1r: its in a laptop... intel one i think...06:25
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=265818 K4k-laptop this is about an earlier version, but the idea should be the same06:26
im-a-n00bm1r: but anyway.. lol.. its all good06:26
m1rim-a-n00b: hehe :)06:26
m1rimportant that is working06:26
K4k-laptopI tried that already06:26
im-a-n00bm1r: yep :)06:26
alka_trashI must be missing something here with Pulse Audio, basically when I go to SYSTEM, PREFS, SOUNDS, and select Pulse. my audio then stops working.  I though Pulse was going to be the primary audio for hardy.  any help with be appreciated, thanks06:26
bazhangK4k-laptop: apparently you need to log out and log in then go to the themes menu and they will be there06:26
K4k-laptopI made a ~/.enlightenment/themes and put them in there and I don't see it for some reason06:26
im-a-n00bkk... going for a bit.. later all :)06:27
m1rim-a-n00b: l8r06:27
im-a-n00bm1r: hope everything works well for you :)06:27
nick123hi, someone know how to fix nvidia after kernel upgrade06:27
nick123hi, someone know how to fix nvidia after kernel update06:28
m1rok i go reboot for new compiz fix :)06:28
nick123after the kernel update i loose, nvidia driver and in the way to fix it i lose the sound06:29
bazhangnick123: what have you tried? what card and what driver and how installed06:30
nick123i have 128 nvidia card, and i install restrictes-modules - 386 so i so the driver and i restar the pc so i get a slow resolution screen and ask me for video configuration, so i have to configure the monitor and the card so i get back to normal screen but whiout nvidia and sound06:31
nick123i have 128 nvidia card, and i install restrictes-modules - 386 saw I so the driver and I restart the pc so i get a slow resolution screen and ask me for video configuration, so i have to configure the monitor and the card so i get back to normal screen but whiout nvidia and sound06:33
bazhangnick123: once is enough ;]06:33
nick123now i unstall modules ... -386 and try whit envyng but dosnt work, so i try to fix trçhe sound trying to reisntrall gstreamer but dusnt work06:34
DanaGgeneric.  Try that kernel instead.06:34
bazhangnick123: what computer do you have? what cpu?06:35
nick123pentium V 580 ram06:36
bazhangnick123: could you pastebin your xorg.conf please?06:36
bhsxis anyone else having compiz issues since today's update?  i fixed the jockey-gtk errors with help from the forum, but my compiz still doesn't work (borders disappear for a second then reverts back to 'none'06:38
Jordan_Ubhsx, Are you getting 3D acceleration?06:38
* DanaG will likely forever and always need an xorg.conf.... since I don't see any sign of improvements for touchpad configurability.06:38
nick123502,1 mip Intel(R) Oentium (R) D CPU 280 GHZ06:38
bhsxglxgears and GLMatrix both work fine/smooth06:38
* Jordan_U hopes that DanaG is wrong as he also maintains touchpad hacks in his xorg.conf06:39
nick123thanks i will try06:39
LynoureDanaG: I recently saw a nice hack that disables touchpad when you are typing06:39
DanaGI just have 1-finger tap set to do nothing; that removes that problem/06:40
DanaGwhile still leaving 2-finger as middle and 3-finger as right.06:40
LynoureI manage sometimes to move my curson with my wrist06:41
DanaGpalmdetect is handy, too.06:41
DanaGNow if only there were an "eliminatemoisture" tweak.06:42
LynoureDanaG: what kind of improvements in configurability are you still missing?06:43
DanaGYou can't configure ANY of those things with a GUI... especially without SHMConfig enabled.06:43
DanaGAnd you can't input-hotplug synaptics, either.06:43
DanaGAt least, not without losing 100% of the configurability.06:43
saltHello. I just tried installing Ubuntu 8.04 on my dell laptop; it has a bcmwl5a wireless card. I tried installing ndiswrapper and using it (worked in 7.04 and 7.10) and it just says ssb is in use instead. I tried modprobe -r ssb but it just says module in use. rmmod doesn't work either. anyone?06:44
Jordan_UDanaG, There is a key combo on the XO that re-calibrates the capacitance of the touch pad06:44
Jordan_UDanaG, I wish all laptops had that feature06:44
saltplease put my name in your response so i see it soon06:45
saltndiswrapper should really work... a lot of people use it06:45
Daisuke_Idothe only thing i would like to see is separate acceleration settings for the touchpad and, say a usb-attached mouse06:46
DanaGsalt: can't you use the b43 or b43legacy or bcm43xx drivers?06:46
DanaG(to unload ssb, unload all of those.)06:46
DanaGAnd blacklist them, if you must use ndiswrapper.06:46
Daisuke_Idomy touchpad is extremely sluggish, but fine if i turn the acceleration up, but then when i hook up a mouse, it's all whiz, zoom, whoops overshot the button, did it again...06:47
DanaGI use touchpad almost exclusively.06:48
saltWhat is the proper way to "unload" them? I put just "blacklist ssb" in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist06:48
DanaGmodprobe -r b4306:49
DanaGand then blacklist b43 and b43legacy and bcm43xx.06:49
Daisuke_Idoi do use touchpad if, say, i'm at school and don't want to dig out the mouse, but half the time i have it set up at home with mouse and all06:49
nick123hi, im back, thenks, i get my 3d back06:49
nick123now, I need to fix thesound06:49
DanaGI actually prefer touchpad -- it has nifty scrolling (horizontal) and lack of RSI that my MX700 induces.06:49
nick123now, I need to fix the sound some know how to do It, the volume control canot find gstreamer06:50
salt3DanaG: I'm in Ubuntu now.06:55
salt3I followed your steps and it didn't work06:55
salt3i did sudo modprobe -r b4306:56
salt3and ndiswrapper still doesn't work06:56
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:57
nick123I need to fix the sound some know how to do It, the volume control can not find gstreamer07:00
SeveredCrossErf, what the hell.07:00
SeveredCrossI think a kernel panic just killed my computer.07:01
SeveredCrossI went to update.07:01
SeveredCrossAnd everything locked up.07:01
SeveredCrossSo I power-cycled and powered back on, and now GNOME won't come up.07:01
nick123when it stops07:01
SeveredCrossOh, looks like dpkg screwed itself over.07:02
nick123I dont understand07:03
m1rwhats means : phy0:unknown frame RXed (0xff) ?07:04
Jordan_USeveredCross, It was most likely not a kernel panic07:06
SeveredCrossThen what was it? Everything locked, not even magic sysrq keys worked.07:06
Jordan_USeveredCross, Did the caps lock key blink?07:07
Jordan_USeveredCross, Did you do alt+sysrq+r before any other sysrq combinations?07:07
SeveredCrossJordan_U: Yep, did Alt-SysRq-R, and my caps lock key is on the fritz.07:08
SeveredCrossNever lights up anymore.07:08
SeveredCrossShould be fixed now, I just resumed the dpkg updates that were going on and did a few more.07:09
SeveredCrossHopefully it's all okay now.07:09
SeveredCrossYep, my desktop is back.07:10
m1ri am keep getting error phy: unknown frame RXed (0xff) for my wlan card, anyone know what is that ?07:11
m1rphy0 , sry07:11
adiabaticargh...1 hour downloading...30 minutes burning at the slowest speed...probably another 30-60 minutes installing...could have gone to the gym and worked out, swam, and showered in this time07:17
m1rso, dhcp server not working with wlan0 on dhcp and eth0 on static ip ?07:18
m1rok enough for today, gn ppls07:21
bazhangadiabatic: any support questions? or just venting07:21
adiabaticjust venting07:22
echinosdid apt-get upgrade, now I have no sound, and no module for it, it seems :/07:22
bazhangm1r there was only one listing on google for that error; seems a bug should be filed on that; has to do with a kernel panic07:23
ChaosParserechinos: What kernel do you have?07:34
ChaosParserechinos: And do you have an nvidia card?07:34
lucypherHi, after upgrading to 2.6.24-16 and rebooting my pc stucks at "no resume image: doing normal boot"07:39
lucypherI've tried to pass "noresume" argument wth no success07:39
Eftarjinit seems that hardy release will come before firefox 3. Will a LTS version be shipped with a beta version of the default web browser ?07:40
bazhangaye Eftarjin07:42
Eftarjinis a 8.04.1 version planned when firefox 3 is out ?  (i think there was a 6.06.1)07:43
davidmost likely07:44
bazhangyou would need to ask the devs Eftarjin07:44
ChaosParserlucypher: Is it a notebook?07:45
Eftarjinbazhang: where can i do that ? launchpad ?07:45
bazhangEftarjin: perhaps, though they do stop by here every so often; is this something truly urgent?07:46
lucypherChaosParses: No... Dell E52007:47
ChaosParserlucypher: It just thinks you hibernated for some reason.  Shut it down, unplug it, hold the power button down for 15 seconds, then plug it back in and turn it back on.07:47
Eftarjinbazhang: no, not urgent. i was just wondering. thanks anyway07:47
lucypherChaosParses: Falling back to 2.6.24-15 I can boot normally... I'll try your solution the next boot thanks.07:50
jscinozthis is maddening08:14
jscinozsuspend works perfectly with s2ram --force, but obviously fails with s2both because its not whitelisted.08:15
jscinozso i have to wait for some dev to change the whitelist even though it works perfectly...08:15
jscinozany idea where the acpi/suspend whitelist lives so i can do it myself?08:15
xtknightcan someone try something for me real quick... sudo apt-get install amoeba   then try and run amoeba08:16
xtknightsmall game or something.  but it doesn't run on my pc08:16
jscinozran it, works fine, what doesnt work for you08:17
jscinozwait nevermind, it died >_<08:17
xtknightCouldn't open GTK+ interface (libgdk-1.2.so.0: Success), reverting to command line.08:17
xtknightacpi suspend whitelist might be compiled into the kernel itself?  no idea..otherwise ask in #ubuntu-devel08:18
b4l74z4rwhy can't i install juk in kubuntu 8.04?08:19
Lynourejscinoz: /etc/default/acpi-support has both white- and blacklist08:19
jscinozLynoure, hmm i added a regexp in there for my laptop under the appropriate file according to dmidecode, but s2ram still say's its unknown08:19
jscinozxtknight, with that game, mine crashed because it failed to open /dev/dsp >_< same thing happened running with aoss or padsp08:20
xtknightjscinoz, oh weird.  maybe my dual monitors messing it up08:20
Lynourejscinoz: sorry, I don't dare to go more into suspend troubleshooting, as I haven't bothered with more than hibernate myself08:20
jscinozthanks anyway lynoure08:21
jscinozxtkknight, worked that time, but as soon as you click in its window it crashes08:21
jscinozwith no terminal output08:21
xtknightjscinoz, might be able to d/l debian src package and recompile that way, unless it's the kernel, then that prolly will just be frustrating08:21
xtknightjscinoz, oh, dumb amoeba gaev me wrong error message08:24
xtknightit said it could find libgdk 1.2, and in fact it couldnt.  so that was my problem08:24
b4l74z4r is it possible to change the size of the external taskbar?08:26
Lynourejscinoz: have you tried with pm-utils (pm-suspend) by the way? I'm under the impression it's more supported by Ubuntu than s2ram08:27
xtknighthow do you install kde4?08:33
xtknight!info kde4 hardy08:34
ubotukde4 (source: meta-kde4): the K Desktop Environment version 4 official modules. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.3 (hardy), package size 2 kB, installed size 36 kB08:34
* xtknight is a genius :p08:34
xtknightthat installs the whole desktop though?  i didnt see a kubuntu-desktop for kde4..08:34
xtknightnm apparently  kubuntu-kde4-desktop  for those interested08:35
bazhanggot it installed ;]08:36
ZirodayAfter updates clicking on links in pidgin does not do anything, have to maually copy them into firefox, anyone know where the setting is?08:39
HorizonXPhey, update-manager is asking me to do a partial upgrade08:40
HorizonXPI did this before, and it buggered things up08:40
HorizonXPso I'm wondering if it's absolutely necessary this time08:40
gatestoneDoes hardy have this upgraded functionality (that Vista has): does the network manager tel you whether you connection is up to your default gateway, or up to (some) public Internet? If not there could maybe still be a possibility to add it? it iso useful to know that while my home router inside is ok, the NATted connection to the ISP connection is not...08:40
=== MadProcessor_ is now known as MadProcessor
gatestoneOr maybe there is just some utility that does this monitring? Or do I have to write one ;-)08:41
DistroJockeyHorizonXP: Personally, I'd not do a partial upgrade08:42
Lynouregatestone: you can do   traceroute hostname  to see if you can reach some specific internet server08:42
xtknighthaha. kde4 is sick08:42
xtknightbut what's with the desktop..the files are "objects" or something08:42
Lynouregatestone: or, rather,  ping hostname.  Should be easy to turn it to some graphical thingy, if it is important to you08:43
HorizonXPDistroJockey: So something's messed up with the repos?08:43
DistroJockeyHorizonXP: that or not all packages are updated yet. Not entirely sure.08:44
stefgHi, everyone. i suppose the latest update caused breakage not only for me .... so what do we/you know already08:44
DistroJockeystefg: I assume it was a partial upgrade?08:46
* stefg thought hardy to be in release-freeze... ubuntu seems to follow its tradition of spoiling releases in the last second /cynism off08:46
DistroJockeyI wiped my Hardy install to take a look at Mandriva 2008 Spring. That install lasted on my system for about 30 mins of use. (i.e. don't bother)  Back to running on Gutsy now :)08:48
stefgDistroJockey: i upgraded from the german mirrors, and after i found that X and compiz were broken i pointed apt to archive.ubuntu.com and upgraded again. got some compiz=packages, but didn\t help... even mz kezboard is english now *obviouslz(08:49
gatestoneLynoure, I think I am like many, many people: my connection is contantly broken several times a day, and half of the time it my (Fonera) router, half of the time is the ISP provided cable modem, and half of the time it is the ISP uplink connection. (yeah it frrls like the is 150% problems ;-). It would be nice to just KNOW this by a glance, not having to manyllu debug it. And I think there are probably 6 billion people on Earth who are not capable08:49
gatestone of manually debugging it ;-)08:49
LleumasCompiz is also broken for me atm08:49
lucypherHi, I can't boot after upgrading at kernel 2.6.24-1608:50
gatestoneLynoure, I am NOT interested in fixing things only for me, but SAVING the world by getting the perfect Ubuntu for those 6 billion ;-)08:51
Lynouregatestone: I have been thinking about writing a tool, but a) it's not paid work b) most of the time it's ISP and most ISPs don't listen to their customers with that kind of things08:51
DistroJockeystefg: yeah, if I had of left my Hardy install installed, I probably would not have upgraded again for a few days08:51
Lynouregatestone: Oh, I didn't realized you wanted to make one...08:51
stefgso lets assume it is just bad timing... lets see waht happens mondaz08:52
stefgmonday ... aarggh... us layout08:52
DistroJockeystefg: hehe, sounds like a plan :)08:52
gatestoneOk, I promise to wite one as an exercise for my first serious Linux program, Lynoure. Let's say by the end of the summer...08:52
stefgok, booting back to mz gutsy install08:53
bardyrHey, is there anyway to get support for 2 languages in xchat spell checking?08:54
Lynouregatestone: unfortunately that does not solve b. I'm lucky and have a ISP that listens to things like what ip package loss happens at, I know 95% of ISPs just don't care.08:54
gatestoneLynoure, my problems are almost always short-lived, so I just wait, but a monitor would be good, so you would know when the connection is up again.08:56
gatestoneIs there something in Hardy like Windows' "You have new applications installed", so that you know if a package has modified your menus, if it can be launched from menus?08:57
Lynouregatestone: that's basicly just   watch -n 30 'ping -c 2 hostname'08:59
blue-froggatestone: no08:59
Lynouregatestone: checks every 30 s with two pings if hostname is reachable. adjust the number after -c a bit larger if it is non-total package loss issue09:00
gatestoneIf I would use diff to check, is my menus have changed and how, which files are they in?09:00
blue-froggatestone: try /etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu09:01
blue-froggatestone: try /etc/xdg/menus/09:01
jscinozLynoure, afaik, pm-utils is simply a wrapper for s2ram or other suspend methods09:02
gatestoneCan I configure a general post-script to dpkg so that after each installation a diff on menus are reported and current version saved for next diffing?09:02
LleumasIs there a reason the last update uninstalled Compiz for Hardy?09:03
gatestoneHow do I send something like dbus alert message (not that I know what that means) to the user form command line?09:03
blue-froggatestone: you can come up with a script you can launch at any time, but don't you know what programs you are installing on your computer?09:03
gatestoneI am again thingkin about the 6 billion future Ubuntu users, not me.09:04
gatestoneSo every time the menus change, a user will get a nice standard dbus message?09:05
Lynourejscinoz: dunno, but even in that case, wording matters (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/uswsusp/+bug/134238/comments/16 )09:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 134238 in uswsusp "Please re-enable build of s2ram binary" [Wishlist,Confirmed]09:05
jk_i have files in multiple parts ie. r00, r001 .... is there a way to unrar them without installing winrar?09:05
jscinozLynoure, yeah s2ram is mainly for testing it, and once you figure out why it doesnt work, making s2both work.09:06
jscinozi backported my uswsusp package from debian unstable :P09:06
Lynourejscinoz: I assumed something like that. :)09:07
elmargolWhy is my harddisk mounted as nodev?09:07
dns53jk_ there is both unrar-free and unrar (not free)09:07
jk_just installed it unrar e filename unrar it to same folder09:07
harmentalhey guys..Can i safely uninstall initramfs???09:17
xtknightharmental, no09:18
calcharmental: do you mean initramfs-tools>?09:18
xtknightthose are necessary for the system09:19
calcwell you could but you would no longer be able to install ubuntu kernels09:19
calcif you used your own kernel that didn't use initramfs it would probably be ok09:20
harmentalcalc: ok..thx...09:20
calcbut you can't uninstall initramfs-tools if you have any ubuntu kernels anyway09:20
calcall the kernels Depends: on initramfs-tools so will uninstall along with it if you try to remove it09:20
xtknightmarble-kde4 is awesome;  google-earthy without the aerial views09:21
ubuntunoobit's like talking to a wall09:25
marioive a problem! yesterday i updated from hardy to the newest hardy version... now  compiz awn and co dont work! i cant install ccsm cause of broken packages, what can i do09:26
marioif i lookunder hardware drivers, it crashes...09:26
* thoreauputic pushes the wall down on ubuntunoob 09:26
blue-frogmario certainly wait for compiz to work again as well09:26
ubuntunoobi am sorry, i am a noob -as my name indicate09:26
DarkMageZmario, ubuntu? launch synaptic and hit refresh. then install all the new updates. should resolve it.09:27
thoreauputicubuntunoob: then why are you in the development version channel ? :-)09:27
ubuntunoob;( then i should leave09:27
marioDarkMageZ: i did that yesterdsay i think, but i try09:27
mario blue-frog: i dont understand09:27
ubuntunoobi don't know what is +1 so i click in09:27
thoreauputicubuntunoob: not necessarily - are you using Hardy ?09:28
ubuntunoobno, 7.0409:28
blue-frogmario: is compiz working on your computer right now?09:28
xtknightmario, the hardware drivers dialog has a known problem right now09:28
ubuntunoob7.10, not 7.0409:28
thoreauputicubuntunoob: ah, tha's quite an old version now09:28
ubuntunoobi am using gusty09:28
xtknightmario, additionally are you running amd64?09:28
DarkMageZubuntunoob, feel free to join the #ubuntu channel ッ09:28
thoreauputicgutsy is 7.1009:28
T1m0thyGusty Gibbon. lol09:28
thoreauputicubuntunoob:  /join #ubuntu  :-)09:29
mario blue-frog: now i ccant even close or maxiize my windows09:30
mario xtknight: im using 32 bit...09:30
xtknightmario, yeah you've got lack-of-metacity-syndrome09:30
DarkMageZmario, launch the terminal from the menu and type. "metacity --replace"09:31
mariomhh right i shoul replace metacity.. matacity --replace or?09:31
LleumasMario, they way I resolved that issue was to search for "Compiz" in synaptic. You should see a package called exactly that, that has been uninstalled. I reinstalled and it allowed me to enable my effects again. Not sure if you are having the same problem though09:31
xtknightgtk-window-decorator --replace &     ?09:31
harmentalafter doing: sudo dpkg --configure -a i obtain this: http://pastebin.com/df6fa00d09:32
DarkMageZmario, then see if synaptic finds any new updates.09:32
mariobash cant dounf metacity...09:32
harmentalany ideas  please?09:32
xtknightharmental, oh wow09:32
xtknightharmental, what kernel are you running right now?09:32
mariocant install the package "compiz cause of many broken things...09:33
harmental2.6.24-15 generic09:33
xtknightharmental, first step, sudo apt-get update09:33
marionow its complety new...09:33
harmentali've already done that....09:33
xtknightharmental,  sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-image-2.6.24-16-generic linux-image-2.6.24-16-386 linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-16-386 linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-16-generic linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-16-generic linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-16-38609:34
xtknightlooks scary but it shouldn't remove your current kernel.  still don't reboot.  we will install -16 normally.09:34
marioi think nvida works, cause games lke xmoto funktions09:34
harmentalxtknight: ok....ill do that...09:34
hyperair_hi there. anybody knows about the nautilus-gksu bug?09:34
DarkMageZxmoto doesn't require 3d acceleration iirc.09:34
xtknighthyperair_, which one?09:34
xtknightmario, type glxinfo|grep rendering09:35
hyperair_xtknight: Bug #20146209:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 201462 in gksu "nautilus-gksu stopped working in hardy" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20146209:35
blue-frogmario: is compiz-gnome still installed on your system?09:35
=== hyperair_ is now known as hyperair
marioxtknight:direct rendering: Yes09:35
xtknightmario, there were recent compz updates, did you get all them?09:36
harmentalxtknight: its also trying to remover 2.6.24-15...http://pastebin.com/m3bce2dd609:36
xtknightupdate && dist-upgrade09:36
marioi hope so..09:36
harmentalxtknight: shall i accept???09:36
hyperairxtknight: seems to be a packaging error, but nobody relevant seems to be paying attention09:36
xtknightharmental, hold on09:36
hyperairsame goes for nautilus-wallpaper09:36
mario blue-frog: compizconfig-backend-gconf isnt insttalt and synaptic doenst want to isntall, so compiz-gnome cant installt09:36
xtknightharmental, where does it say removing 15?09:37
xtknightharmental, dont worry about the firstmessage linux-headers-2.6.24-15-generic linux-headers-2.6.24-15.  you can go ahead.09:37
harmentalxtknight: ok...here I go....09:37
xtknighthyperair, well i dont have open as admin in nautilus, you mean just right click on any file i should get that?09:37
xtknighthyperair, i installed nautilus-gksu.  never used that before anyway09:38
mariosynpatic cant install any compiz thing, cause libcompizconfig0 isnt installt, i want to install but then a lot of compiz packages are removed09:38
hyperairyou should get that09:38
harmentalxtknight: no errors so far...what should I do next?09:38
hyperairxtknight: i've uploaded a fixed package to my ppa: http://edge.launchpad.net/~hyperair/+archive09:38
xtknightharmental, sudo apt-get install linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-16-generic  linux-image-2.6.24-16-generic linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-16-generic09:38
marioshould i let remove the packages?09:38
harmentalxtknight: i got the "reboot required" message...09:39
xtknighthyperair, Hardy is at Freeze right now.  you will have to file a Freeze Exception per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess to get the fix in.  But they might accept your request.09:39
harmentalshould i reboot first?09:39
xtknightharmental, um pastebin what all it did09:39
hyperairxtknight: nautilus-wallpaper bug that's similar to this is Bug #18693809:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186938 in nautilus-wallpaper "nautilus-wallpaper not working in hardy heron after update to nautilus-2.21.6" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18693809:39
hyperairxtknight: thanks for the info09:39
hyperairxtknight: i'll try that09:39
xtknighthyperair, additionally #ubuntu-motu (user-dev channel) and #ubuntu-devel (mainly dev channel) can help with packaging issues.  you can ask for their opinion on the problems09:40
marioi install it... mhh09:40
xtknightsorry to give you "canned" responses but i can't really do anything about it :p09:40
mariodamn! i installd libcompizconfig0 and i i want to install any compiz package he want to remove it, but then he cant install cause he need it... gtt09:42
harmentalxtknight: i felt down.....09:44
xtknightharmental, you did what?09:44
harmentalxtknight: nothing...i think it was my router...09:45
mariook metacity works now...09:45
harmentalok...so should i do now?09:45
mariobut there iss a compiz problem, what to do?09:45
harmentalto reboot or not to reboot...that is the dilemma...09:45
xtknightharmental, pastebin of what the last install cmd did?09:47
harmentalxtknight: i didnt install anything....09:48
xtknightharmental, sudo apt-get install linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-16-generic  linux-image-2.6.24-16-generic linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-16-generic09:48
xtknightall that?09:48
harmentali just purged 2.6.24-16 as you told me...09:48
xtknightok then install those09:48
harmentalxtknight: ok...so i install all that regardless the reboot sign?09:48
xtknightharmental, yea09:49
mariocant anybody help me?09:50
thompamario: whats up?09:51
harmentalxtknight: i get this error http://pastebin.com/d1ff231a709:51
thompaanyone know how to get network manager applet back, its gone since latest update?09:51
hischildthompa, nm-applet & ?09:52
mariothompa: compiz doesnt want to run and i cant install it09:52
xtknightharmental, type sudo /sbin/update-grub09:53
xtknightand please pastebin the output09:53
thompamario: whats yor graphic card?09:53
thompahischild: sorry , what do i do?09:53
hischildthompa, in console, type nm-applet09:54
hischildif it starts up, then you can kill it again and start it via alt+f209:54
thompahischild: it just hangs at password prompt09:54
hischildif it doesn't it'll give you an error most likely09:54
thompahischild: if i type that it does nothing09:54
hischildthompa, ps aux | grep nm-applet doesn't give you anything?09:55
thompathom      6105  0.1  0.6  31560 12072 ?        S    04:47   0:00 nm-applet --sm-disable09:55
hischildthompa, that's why it won't show, it just refuses to boot up twice. Kill it and then restart it. Should show it back09:56
thompahischild: and 3 more lines09:56
harmentalxtknight: i get sudo: /sbin/update-grub: command not found09:56
thompahischild: it shows 2 running09:56
hischildthompa, kill them all09:56
xtknightharmental, sudo apt-get --reinstall install grub09:57
mario_does anbody answer me? irssi doesnt show really09:57
xtknighti dont know what happened to your grub09:57
thompahischild: i killed them , but still nothing after typing nm=applet as user09:58
hischildthompa, don't run it as root, it'll ask you for access to the keyring and other stuff. I'm sorry but that's how i've fixed it for me so i'm out of things. :(09:58
thompahischild: cpu is way up to 1005 now09:58
harmentalxtknight: should i intall the pacakges maintainers version or keep version currently installed?09:59
xtknightharmental, package maintainers09:59
thompaim going to update reboot or something09:59
xtknightharmental, i've got to take off soon, but after that try "sudo dpkg --configure -a" and hopefully it will configure your kernels10:00
harmentalxtknight: its done...10:00
harmentalno message whatsoever after --configure -a10:00
harmentalis that normal?10:00
xtknightharmental, try sudo apt-get -f install10:00
harmentali get this10:01
harmentalxtknight: http://pastebin.com/d38dca07c10:01
xtknightharmental, dpkg -s linux-image-2.4.24-16-generic10:02
xtknightharmental, dpkg -s linux-image-2.6.24-16-generic10:02
thompaa aslo cant get hardware drivers to open anymore10:02
xtknightharmental, if it shows a lot, it means the package is installed.  so probably reboot time?10:02
harmentalgot this: http://pastebin.com/d617b8cc010:03
xtknightlooks good10:03
harmentalits definitely a lot :oP10:03
xtknightummm... hmm let's see10:03
Jaffarkelshacmy desktop wont boot, it enters busybox shell when ubuntu starts to load, it happened before and a restart did it, but now it just wone badge, is there a known fix for this?10:04
xtknightsudo update-grub && sudo update-initramfs -u -k 2.6.24-16-generic10:04
xtknightjust for safety10:04
xtknightreboot then.  should be ok10:05
harmentalxtknight: everything went smoothly....what now?10:06
=== I_reck is now known as I_reckn
harmentalok...lets reboot then...10:06
harmentalxtknight: thank SO VERY MUCH...10:06
xtknighthope it works cuz i gotta go10:06
xtknightif not i wouldnt know what to tell you anyways10:06
xtknightreinstall hardy that's what i'd tell ya10:06
xtknightanyway, later10:06
harmentalyou've done enough anyways....10:06
harmentalthank you!10:07
adredhi gud day..how to remove firefox beta 5 and replace with the latest stable version?10:08
adredhi gud day..how to remove firefox beta 5 and replace with the latest stable version?10:10
thompain xubuntu i got nm-applet, in ubuntu i dont and also hardware drivers wont open10:10
I_recknadred: in a terminal  sudo apt-get purge firefox  then  sudo apt-get install firefox-210:11
harmentalxtknight: worked like a charm!10:11
adredI_reckn thank you. the beta 5 is very unstable. whenever i try to open a malicious site it overlaps my panel while i doesn't happen in windows that has the version 210:12
I_recknadred: I had issues with it as well10:13
Jordan_Uadred, Why?10:14
adredJordan_U what do u mean?10:14
adredJordan_U. the beta 5 is very unstable. whenever i try to open some malicious sites it overlaps my panel while it doesn't happen in windows that has the version 210:15
kadkoHello how can i install fusion for manage the compiz and GTK windows?10:17
=== kromono1 is now known as kromonos
adredkadko i think its preinstalled in hardy10:18
adredkadko no im wrong sorry10:18
=== kadko is now known as kadko__
=== kadko__ is now known as kadko
=== kadko is now known as sasd
adredI_reckn ff beta 5 is still installed. even after i installed ff2..?10:25
I_recknadred: that shouldn't be10:26
=== sasd is now known as kadko
adredI_reckn. it still installed for some reason.10:27
I_recknadred: try     ls /usr/bin | grep firefox     and see if it is listed as firefox-210:27
kadkoI_reckn may be do u know how to install the fusion for manage the compiz?10:28
I_recknkadko: I don't use it or know it sorry10:29
adredI_reckn. it is still. actually it shows ff2 and ff3 are both installed10:29
Jordan_U!ccsm | I_reckn10:30
ubotuI_reckn: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion10:30
I_recknadred: maybe open synaptic and search firefox and remove from there firefox 3 - there might be a dependency that f2 has that d/loads f310:30
Jordan_UI_reckn, sorry, that was for kadko10:30
I_recknJordan_U: :)10:31
aileancan anyone help me install adobe flash on firefox?  The install script hasn't work and it seems to be using the GNU one . . .10:31
kadkoailean: Go to the official flash page and download the .tar.gz and tell me when you downloaded10:31
Jordan_Uailean, Flash installs fine with flashplugin-nonfree here10:32
adredI_reckn its ok now. i just sudo apt-get remove firefox-3.0 and its gone. thanks10:32
ZambeziAnyone having problem with rtorrent 0.8? After upgrade it can't find any of my files and I have never experienced this problem ever since multiple watchfolder got added as a feature.10:32
Jordan_Uailean, try removing gnash10:32
aileanJordan_U, will try all of the above and report back - cheers10:32
aileanthank you nerds10:35
wolf4914I still have nvidia restricted drivers not showing as used or available10:38
wolf4914apt-get install nvidia-new says it is already the newest version10:39
wolf4914modprobe nvidia comes back as fatal error10:39
stefgcompiz breakage with last upgrade, anyone?10:42
Amaranthstefg: Update again10:42
stefgjust did ... directly from archive.ubuntu.com. german mirrors seems not synced yet10:43
vistakillerwolf4914 i have the same problem10:43
vistakilleri have install the nvidia driver but i cant see them in hardware manager10:44
stefgok, so it's not just me. seems xorg/nvidia/compiz is the building site of the day10:44
wolf4914vistakiller, it was like that since I upgraded to 15 and 16 kernels10:45
stefgvistakiller: yeah, something decided to screw my xorg.conf. repalced it with a backup, so i have nvidia running, but the xgl portion seems broken10:45
vistakilleri have the problem from alpha10:46
vistakillertry to install them with envyng10:47
vistakilleris very good tool now10:47
TychoQuadhi, I'm having trouble with gnome's automount, my external hard drive, it increments the drive name by a _. my /media folder has 3E, 3E_, 3E__, 3E___, ect10:47
stefgAs a veteran i find it quite annoying that nowadays so many things in X happen behind your back. xorg.conf seems to become unimportant... ts,ts.... everything is going down the windows road, it seems10:47
adredhow to remove anything related to firefox from the filesystem?10:48
chtristefg: as a veteran why you even bother abouth Xorg? tru linux veterans use console only10:48
dns53the profle? that is in the .mozilla directory, it is hidden by default10:49
vistakillerTychoQuad i have seen that many people have the same problem10:49
stefgchtri: haha... i like a nice graphical file manager, and find it a bit over the top to do my letters with TeX10:49
vistakillerit seems to be a bug10:49
TychoQuadis it a 8.04 bug?10:50
vistakillersearch launchpad for bug report10:50
vistakilleror create one10:50
Saga^im trying to insytall ati's drivers on hardy10:50
Saga^but the driver tool is crashing on me10:50
Saga^any good way to do that with synaptic ?10:51
Saga^package fglrx-amdccle ?10:51
stefgSaga^: bad timing... wait a couple of days, it seems X is currently inconsistent10:51
Saga^my wife will kill me if she wont be able to game ;-)10:52
chtristefg: which graphical file manager? the one with 2 view modes and no sorting by extension?10:52
Sergeant_Ponyanyone having a proble with jockey-gtk crashing?10:53
Saga^i have10:53
=== ph8 is now known as `ph8
stefgchtri: see, i feel at home in 2 worlds. I'm not lost when looking at a console, but i do value a good gnome setup as well.10:53
Sergeant_Ponyhmm... I just noticed that mine does10:54
Sergeant_Ponywhen going into hardware drivers10:54
=== `ph8 is now known as ph8
chtriSergeant_Pony: Linux Torwalds said that if ppl use binary drivers, its their problem10:55
Saga^if ppl canyt use linux the way they want its linuxxe's problem that the "year of linux desktop" will never come10:55
Sergeant_Ponychtri this has been since yesterday's partial upgrade10:56
Sergeant_Ponyany way to fix it?11:00
jscinozholy crap11:00
jscinozflashplugin crashes so much >_<11:00
jscinozevery second youtube video its pretty much guaranteed to crash firefox11:00
stefgsad, true and only adobe can do something about that11:01
chtrijscinoz: thats becouse it is proprietary bs11:01
jscinozhow is swfdec or gnash on youtube nowadays?11:01
virtualdthe weather info beside my clock has disappeared, and it doesn't come back if i turn it off and on again11:01
dandelthe fglrx-kernel-source is broken with the last kernel update.11:01
stefgjscinoz: forget it11:01
chtrijscinoz: actually swfdec its pretty nice, it shipped with fedora by default11:02
=== DistroJockey is now known as GoogleBot
jscinozso swfdec > gnash?11:02
dandeland the open source driver, whichever one it is that is loaded by default for radeon r500 series cards gives me nothing but a white screen when I login ( i haft to manually set the driver to vesa to get it to work )11:02
=== GoogleBot is now known as DistroJockey
chtrijscinoz: in my opinion yes, but still not everything work11:03
jscinozpity there's so much doubling of work with OSS stuff, gnash and swfdec, usplash vs splashy or fbsplash11:03
jscinozwhats openjdk like in comparison to sun-java6?11:04
dandelfound it.11:04
jscinozif they do what i need i'll probably switch to swfdec and openjdk rather than the closed alternatives11:04
dandelthe repository contains a broken fglrx-kernel-source11:05
jscinozimagine how much faster thigns could advance if a few of the separate projects that do the same thing merged11:06
jscinozlike ubuntu devs stop wasting time (no offence intended) on usplash when splashy is years ahead :P11:07
chtrijscinoz: and also all linux distros merged or become obsolete by one? this lead to another world without alternatives11:08
stefgjscinoz: that's an opinion, not a fact. usplash does a couple of quite ubuntu-specific things, and runs in userspace (which is the way to go IMHO)11:08
jscinozstefg, splashy is userspace.11:08
jscinozchtri, thats not what i mean, i mean core utilities such as boot splash and such11:09
jscinozchtri things that perform basic functions, same reason you don't see 50 different versions of rm :P11:09
stefgjscinoz: i might have confused that with bootsplash. But anyway i wouldn't say bootsplsh is 'years ahead'11:09
jscinoznot talking about bootsplash.11:10
stefgyeah, you know what i meant11:10
chtrimy monitor turn off instead of show any splash on this x64 hardy. breakage11:11
jscinozIf only it were possible to run grub at a custom resolution, i've only got one mode change during boot now, console, splashy and X are all at 1280x800x2411:11
jscinozunfortunately grub is still at 640x480 >_<11:11
stefgcan grub use vesa framebuffers at all ?11:13
jscinozafaik it can only use what mode the BIOS sets >_<11:13
jscinozwhich is generally 640x48011:13
jscinozcoreboot anyone? :P11:13
stefgi mean... isn't that a bit of overkil? setting up a complete frambuffer *before* even the OS loads?11:13
jscinoznot really :P11:14
jscinozbootchart still puts me at 17secs :P11:14
jscinozwith splashy11:14
jscinozcould probably decrease as i have a "sleep 1" or two in there for some buggy stuff :P11:15
=== hischild_ is now known as hischild
jscinozcoreboot could fix the grub resolution problem in two ways, set the BIOS resolution higher (can't be done on most proprietary BIOS's) or it could skip grub and boot the kernel directly :D11:16
MrSteinWhere did the download go ? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/beta/ only has the "src" CD11:20
jscinozumm, what happened to j2se and the other jre's that were in gutsy.11:20
chtriMrStein: releases.ubuntu.com11:20
jscinozignore my java question, found it >_<11:21
jscinozsomething tells me i'm about to epicly break my system11:26
jscinozoh well :P11:26
jscinoz*upgrades a bunch of libraries to debian unstable versions*11:26
sourcemakerhow can I convert a ps file to pdf?11:28
LynoureWhy not just use debian unstable? Is there something missing from it?11:28
jscinozI prefer Ubuntu in general i just occasionally enable unstable to update games :P11:29
jscinozhard to play online games when ubuntu's version is 6months out of date >_<11:29
* jpatrick prefers testing11:29
jscinoz*points at warsow*11:29
jscinozneither debian unstable or ubuntu hardy has upgraded that yet >_<11:30
chtrisourcemaker http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pstoedit11:31
jscinozugh i hate that11:33
Lynourejscinoz: Might mean that the Debian maintainer does not play it anymore. Ubuntu is quite dependent on Debian for some stuff, still.11:34
jscinoztried out adobe air linux alpha, and it decided to make itself the default program for handling zip files >_<11:34
jscinozAye, i'm trying to package something for debian and i'll get in synced down when its done11:34
jscinozawesome quake 3 based game, UrbanTerror11:34
jscinozproblem is the file size, the ftpmaster doesnt like it >_< 750mb for deb, 710mb for orig.tar.gz11:35
virtualddoes it make any difference if i have the i386 or generic kernel on a pentium 4?11:36
jscinozgeneric would get you hyperthreading11:36
jscinozfor multiple logical cores.11:36
chtrijscinoz: why you even need to "pack" it? it distributed by developers in appropriate enought form as a multi platform zip file? unzip and play. btw one and only linux game for me :D11:36
jscinozi386 doesnt have SMP afaik11:37
virtualdok, thanks11:37
jscinozchtri, i know, but gaming is of course where many people get turned off linux, and by having a realitivly mainstream (active servers in pretty much every country with many players) game included in the repos would be a boon11:38
chtrijscinoz: move UrbanTerror to unreal engine 3, replace textures, and crysis will cry :D11:38
chtrialso COD4 :D11:38
jscinozspeaking of that11:38
jscinozseen project offset?11:38
virtualddo i have hyperthreading if i have ht in /proc/cpuinfo?11:39
jscinoz"apparently" going to be GPLv3 :D11:39
jscinozvirtuald yes11:39
virtualdok, thanks11:39
chtrijscinoz: looking into that11:39
jscinozI was showing off sauerbraten to some friends, they thought it was nice, but couldnt prounce the name, so they just called it "that game with crazy amoutns of bloom"11:40
b3nwHi all, I can't seem to get my flash sound working on hardy to my usb headphones, ie, youtube ect, but all other sound works just fine. No matter what settings I change flash/firefox seems completely unaffected.  Any idea's?11:40
b3nwsound works, just goes through the main speakers.11:40
jscinozChtri, problem is no one is sure of the license state of project offset, we know it will be free as in beer, but no idea of free or proprietary license11:40
stefgjscinoz: let them pronounce 'sow-ur-bruttn' ... then thy have it11:41
jscinozb3nw, can you get sound from other applications through the usb headset?11:41
b3nwyep, everything but flash & firefox11:41
jscinozstefg, yeah i told them that but tthey still used the other name :P11:41
* stefg sighs about the ignorance ...11:42
jscinozb3nw, hmm afaik firefox still uses OSS by default, try setting FIREFOX_DSP="pulse" in /etc/firefox-3.0/firefoxrc11:42
jscinozpulse should output via alsa11:42
b3nwah, testing one second11:42
jscinozand alsa should be set up for your headset provided sound works with it in other apps11:42
jscinozyou'll need to restart firefox obviously11:42
jscinoznot pulse, padsp11:42
ompaultarelerulz, I forced it -- no space in front of the /11:43
jscinozset FIREFOX_DSP="padsp"11:43
SmegzorIs compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported available via the repos anywhere?  I've got everything except proposed enabled in my sources.11:43
jscinozsmegzor, its in debian unstable :P11:43
tarelerulzompaul:  I was like  someone all readly talking to me and I did not do anything yet haha11:44
jscinozjust add that source for a min, apt-get the package, and then remove the source11:44
jscinozdont do something stupid like dist-upgrade with debian unstable enabled11:44
b3nwjscinoz, no luck, it seems as if the flash is not affected by changing that setting, i've tried a couple values for it already11:44
ompaultarelerulz, you were trying to join this channel as far as I could see -     see pm11:44
jscinozb3nw did you use padsp or pulse?11:44
Smegzorhmm..  hows that going to help me?  Can I use debian unstable from Ubuntu?11:44
tarelerulzany of you try out Kopete  the newest version that should have jingle support11:44
b3nwpadsp as you said11:44
b3nwi can try pulse?11:44
jscinozsmegzor, you can add it to sources.list and apt-get its packages, or give me a min i'll get you a direct link to the deb11:45
jscinozb3nw, afaik pulse doesnt do anything, padsp, esd, none, aoss, and auto are the only valid settings11:45
jscinozb3nw, have you tried aoss?11:45
b3nwyea, it seems unaffected by all thoes settings11:45
jscinozb3nw, you have got package alsa-oss installed?11:46
jscinozSmegzor, i386?11:46
jscinozhang on11:46
jscinozbandwidth throttling by your ISP when you downloadm ore than 20gb a month is annoying >_<11:47
Smegzori know how to force architecture11:47
b3nwyes alsa-oss is installed, and with aoss set, it still plays fine just not through usb11:47
b3nwwith alsa-oss removed and no setting, same result11:47
b3nwI can't even break it ^_^11:47
jscinozsmegzor http://http.us.debian.org/debian/pool/main/c/compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported/compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported_0.6.0-3_amd64.deb11:47
Smegzorthanks heaps! :D11:48
jscinozb3nw, can you pastebin the output of aplay -l11:48
jscinozSmegzor, np11:48
b3nwjscinoz - http://pastebin.com/d4aaf859d11:48
jscinozdownloading 4gb of packages at 20kbit is fun >_<11:49
jscinozkbyte sorry11:49
b3nwouch xD, RIT has a ubuntu mirror so I get 10mbit+ :D11:49
jscinozso does iinet but it sucks today11:49
jscinoziinet mirrors both ubuntu and debian :D11:49
jscinozbut their server isn't too good >_<11:50
b3nwno debian here ;\11:50
moi have encoutered problems with the kernel of the new 8.04 beta version, but i don't know where an how to report that problem, i.e. what information to include in an bugticket11:50
stefg!bug | Mo11:50
ubotuMo: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots11:50
b3nwanyways, i'm wondering if there's a hidden setting file for flash sound that I just don't know about11:50
jscinozb3nw, ok do the following: asoundconf list11:50
jscinozthen tell me the output11:50
jscinozshould be only 2 or 311:50
jscinozasoundconf set-default-card headset11:51
jscinozthen restart firefox and you should be good11:51
b3nwyea, i've done this before, but its still going out through the main speakers for reasons beyond my understanding11:51
* b3nw has trolled forums for last 30+ mins for an answer11:52
jscinozsudo alsa force-reload11:52
b3nwnada, still main speakers11:52
b3nwmmm that reload killed the normal sound though11:52
jscinozshouldnt have11:53
b3nwi have to re-connect the usb headphones to get noticed again after alsa reload or reboot it seems11:53
jscinozit was just reloading the modules11:53
jscinozand thus re-reading config11:53
b3nwyea, but it shows me USB Sound (not connected)11:53
b3nwin my sound options11:53
b3nwuntill I re-plug it in11:53
jscinozdid it change the firefox problem?11:53
Smegzorjscinoz: hmm..  I now have snow in extras but it doesn't stay enabled.  Have you got that working or not played with it?11:53
savvasb3nw: you could also ask in http://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu11:53
SmegzorI know its experimental etc..11:54
b3nwno, it still outputs to main speakers11:54
jscinozSmegzor, havnt tried yet, my bandwidth is throttled so amoungst other apt downloads i've got 3hrs to wait >_<11:54
jscinozb3nw, edit ~/.asoundrc and try adding http://pastebin.com/m4244368311:54
SmegzorYou're an Aussie are you?  (iinet)11:54
b3nwnow i'm getting an interesting error11:55
b3nwseems we've broken my usb sound11:55
jscinozsmegzor yes11:55
SmegzorI'm a dirty Kiwi :D11:55
jscinozb3nw, do another force-reload ;P11:55
jscinozHow's the sheep?11:55
jscinoz:P jk11:55
* jscinoz continues trying to find the stupid acpi/suspend whitelist.11:56
jscinozyou wouldn't think it'd be this damn hard to add your laptop to the whitelist >_<11:56
b3nwhmm, back to usb sound working, but firefox  & flash still going to speakers11:56
jscinozgood luck on getting upstream to do it some time this year >_<11:56
jscinozout of ideas >_<11:56
b3nwyea, I even jacked up modprobe/alsa-sound11:57
jscinozb3nw one note, those .asoundrc tweaks made headset default device even if it isnt plugged in11:57
Amaranthb3nw: install pavucontrol and route the flash to the usb sound11:57
jscinozso you want to change the last two lines to ICH6 instead of Headset11:57
b3nwdid options snd-usb-audio index=011:57
b3nwbut that didn't work either11:57
jscinozwhen its not plugged in :P11:57
jscinozsorry my mistake11:57
b3nwi've tried what you did in pastbin, found it on the forums11:57
jscinozchange last two lines to builtin rather than usb when headset is not connected11:58
b3nwbut it produces a nasty asound error11:58
Amaranthpulseaudio can reroute audio on demand11:58
b3nwpavucontrol - k one second11:58
Amaranthjust need to install pavucontrol and tell it to do so11:58
jscinozAmaranth we tried that, b starting firefox with FIREFOX_DSP="padsp" but apparently still nothing11:58
AmaranthThis is one of the benefits of pulseaudio, btw :)11:58
Amaranthlibflashsupport sends flash sound to pulseaudio already11:58
Ergo^how do i set ubuntu to work with free ati driver ?11:59
Ergo^the driver thingie is broken atm11:59
jscinozErgo^ which driver thingy is broken?11:59
b3nwhmm, the pulse audio app is showing: Failure: Connection Refused12:00
jscinozAmaranth strange it didn't do it for me12:00
jscinozb3nw, terminal window, pulseaudio12:00
jscinozdaemon isn't running12:00
Amaranthoh, that could be a problem12:00
jscinozif it outputs no error, close with control c, then run again with the -D option12:00
jscinozif it does give an error fix it, then run the daemon12:00
jscinozergo^ one moment12:00
Amaranthyou need to close everything using sound before starting pulseaudio12:00
b3nwxchat too you think?12:01
Amaranthprobably not12:01
Amaranthjust firefox and any music players or whatever12:01
b3nwpastbin comming at ya one sec12:01
Amaranthremove your .asoundrc12:02
b3nwsame errors, but it does start12:02
Amaranthtry pavucontrol then12:03
b3nwdoes it need to start as root?12:03
Amaranthnone of this should be running as root12:03
jscinozbtw b3nw, pulseaudio gives me those errors too, but it works fine12:03
b3nwk didn't think so12:03
b3nwok so it shows me output & input devices, nothing under playback12:05
Amaranthdoes pavucontrol show two devices?12:05
Amaranthyou don't have anything playing :P12:05
b3nwI see the Adobe Flash12:05
b3nwhow do I re-route it?12:05
Amaranthit tells you at the bottom of the window :P12:06
Amaranthbig lightbulb12:06
b3nwthat worked12:06
Amaranthpulseaudio is awesome12:06
Amaranthnow iirc it'll automatically route flash to the usb device when it is plugged in12:06
Amaranthfrom now on12:07
b3nwI probably need to set pulseaduio to run on session start in nome?12:07
jscinozpity i cant get sound in java >_<12:07
Amaranthyeah, probably12:07
Ergo^jscinoz: any luck ?12:07
b3nwthanks for help, i'll do a how-to write up on this later today12:07
Amaranthit should have already but i guess not for you12:07
jscinozErgo^ so fglrx doesnt work for you correct?12:07
b3nwless it exists and I just didn't find it with searches I was using.12:08
Ergo^jscinoz: it seems it works ok - but i want to get some games to work under wine - and got info that for radeon  9600 free driver will be better12:09
jscinozafaik the free ati driver isn't too good for 3d yet.12:09
jscinozlet me just check that12:09
Ergo^well illbe buying nvidia card - but for now getting somethign to work would be nice too :]12:11
Ergo^the same titles work fine on my other pc with nvidia12:11
jscinozErgo^ yes, 3d performance fglrx is better than the free driver currently >_<, ATI only released the specs of the 8500-920012:11
Ergo^well 9600 - that fits the old specs12:11
jscinozErgo^ yep nvidia drivers are nice, still wish they were open though :P12:11
Ergo^at least thats what the wine guys said "dont use fglrx with wine"12:12
chtrijscinoz: amd released a LOT of specs recently for almost all cards12:12
jscinozi must have missed it?12:12
jscinozthe ati free driver is xserver-xorg-video-ati correct?12:12
chtrijscinoz: also they make part of driver open12:12
Ergo^oh well... ill try to use "radeon" driver and see how it goes...12:13
jscinozgood luck ergo^12:13
Ergo^well.. it better be good... or im dead ;-)12:13
jscinozbtw, anyone interested in getting nvidia specs, have a alook at this petition http://www.opentheblob.com/nvidia/12:13
jscinozergo^ failsafe X should save you :P12:13
jscinozeven then not too ahrd to reconfiugre xorg.conf from console12:13
kadkoHello i have a problem, i try to install a new splash screen and when i reboot the sistem i only get an a black screen and the LED of caps lock and scroll lock only flash what can i do?12:13
jscinozkadko, thats your kernel panicing >_<12:14
jscinozkadko, do you have more than one kernel installed? if so try boot the other one.12:14
kadkoI have the kernel of gutsy12:15
jscinozErgo^ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver12:15
jscinozkadko, how many options does GRUB give you?12:15
kadko2 but its the same distro in diferent vercions12:16
jscinozthats fine, try boot the other one12:16
jscinozthe one with the flashing keys is panicing on boot12:16
jscinozwhich essentially means, its broken :P12:16
kadkoim on the other one12:16
jscinozwhich splash screen did you try install12:17
jscinozit shouldnt have messed with your kernel12:17
kadkoThis one > http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Usplash+Theme+-+Fingerprint?content=5046812:17
scizzo-hmmm is volumeid not in use anymore?12:17
jscinozkadko did you mess with anything involving the framebuffer?12:19
kadkono but i configured the kernel to add vga=79112:19
jscinozkadko, that shouldnt be causing it to panic, did you change anything else major?12:19
jscinozcan you pastebin /boot/grub/menu.lst12:20
kadkoi think no12:20
kadkook let me acced to the anoter HD12:20
Ergo^free drivers were a disaster12:20
Ergo^got like 1 fps with them12:21
jscinozErgo^ i said they were slower :P12:21
Ergo^well, so it seems im out of luck then12:22
kadkowhat's the page for pastebin?12:22
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)12:22
kadkojoscinoz: Here are my paste bin >http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62916/12:23
jscinozkadko, and i assume it is the hardy one that fails to boot?12:25
Ergo^jscinoz: do you think that debian 1-liner for fglrx installation could work in ubuntu ?12:25
jscinozErgo^ not sure, never heard of it12:25
kadkoyes :S12:25
kadkoErgo what driver u want to install?12:26
Ergo^fglrx - i want to have d3d in wine :/12:26
Ergo^jscinoz: something like that : update-pciids ; apt-get install module-assistant fglrx-driver fglrx-control fglrx-kernel-src &&  m-a a-i fglrx && modprobe fglrx  && echo fglrx >> /etc/modules && dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg12:27
jscinozErgo^ it *should* work, but who knows >_<12:27
Ergo^:P that was i affraid of :P12:27
kadkowell my hardy will go back to the life :D? or is dead 4ever!>:(12:28
jscinozkadko, i can't see any problems, only thing i can suggest is check if the UUID for the hardy kernels is correct12:28
jscinozotherwise reinstall hardy >_<12:28
jscinozsomeone else may be able to tell how to fix without a reinstall but i dont know >_<12:28
kadkonooooo that reinstall will be the 7 reinstall of hardy haha12:29
jscinozhow do you keep breaking it so much?12:30
Dr_willis'practice aparently'12:30
jscinozworst i've done is accidentally dist-upgraded while having both ubuntu and debian apt lines enabled12:30
jscinozthat was fun12:30
kadkoati video drives :S12:30
jscinozbut nothing a chroot couldn't fix12:30
jscinoznvidia ftw :P12:30
kadkohaha rox12:30
kadkoI think the error was made by this commands12:31
kadko sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/lib/usplash/usplash-artwork.so usplash-artwork.so /usr/lib/usplash/usplash-theme-fingerprint.so 1012:31
kadkosudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so12:31
Dr_willismessing with usplash and you have to reinstall? gee.. i rember why i always disable the splash stuff...12:31
kadkoi can made the first but the second was not acepted12:31
jscinozdr_willis, this is why splashy is so much better than usplash12:31
jscinozif you screw it up and it cant initialise it just falls back to console rather than causing panics on boot rofl12:32
kadkodr wills the question is how to disable and enable the original spalsh12:33
jscinozsudo apt-get purge usplash, then sudo apt-get install usplash?12:33
jscinozor switch to splashy if you want12:33
jscinozmuch nicer IMO12:33
kadkobut if i switch to splashy i need to install by an a command line and one new splash screen too12:34
kadkoand that's so frustrant12:34
Dr_williswhen i have month+ uptimes on machines.. I never see the splash anyway. :)12:34
Dr_willisfunny because its true.. :)12:35
Dr_willislike people doing backflips to shave of 3 sec of boot up time.12:35
Dr_willisworks out to be .000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the uptime :)12:36
jscinozkadko, splashy is much easier to install themes for than usplash12:37
jscinozsudo apt-get install splashy splashy-themes12:37
jscinozsudo splashy_config -s ubuntusplashy12:37
jscinozsudo update-initramfs -u12:37
jscinozand you're done.12:37
kadkook let me enter on recovery mode and try of and if it dont work i will kill my self?12:38
kadkolet me try cya and tnx12:40
jscinozwoo new nvidia driver12:41
jscinozbrb installing.12:41
zeldhi to all!12:48
zeld: )12:48
zeldcentyx: : )12:49
zeldanyone know the status of genbuntoo?12:52
* Dr_willis wonders what spin off that is...12:53
zeldhi kadko : )12:53
kadkowho was suporting me whit the splashy?12:54
didy2so how do i install compiz fusion 0.74 on hardy heron........12:54
IdleOnewhy not use the original. Ubuntu!12:54
centyxzeld: I meant I wonder what spinoff that is ;)12:54
didy2so how do i install compiz fusion 0.74 on hardy heron........12:54
Dr_williscompiz is instaleld by default on ubuntu.12:54
zelddidy2: with apt-get instal12:54
zeld: D12:54
IdleOne!ccsm | zeld12:54
ubotuzeld: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion12:54
Dr_willisfire up the package manager search for 'compiz' start installing. if you want extra bits12:55
Dr_willisOf course you will need your 3d video card drivers installed properly also12:55
didy2ok, but does it come with the latest version of compiz fusion which is 0.74??12:55
zeld!ccms | didy212:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ccms - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:55
IdleOnezeld: yeah sorry :)12:55
zeld!ccsm | didy212:55
ubotudidy2: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion12:55
zeldlol :D12:55
didy2ok, but does it come with the latest version of compiz fusion which is 0.74??12:55
Dr_willisdidy2,  the term 'latest' version is a bit vague.. it will NOT come with what came out 10 min ago.. :) and so on. Ubuntu does not do  updates that rappidly12:55
zelddont worry IdleOne  :D12:55
Dr_willis!info compiz-fusion12:56
didy2ok 0.74 to be exact, does it?12:56
IdleOnedidy2:   ubuntu-desktop usplash usplash-theme-ubuntu12:56
kadkoDR_Wills: what's the name of the guy who was helping me with the splash screen?12:56
ubotuPackage compiz-fusion does not exist in hardy12:56
Dr_willisthe package manager will state what version is  in the repos12:56
IdleOnedidy2: compiz:12:56
IdleOne  Installed: 1:0.7.2-0ubuntu212:56
IdleOne  Candidate: 1:0.7.2-0ubuntu212:56
Dr_willis!find compiz12:56
ubotuFound: compiz, compiz-bcop, compiz-core, compiz-dev, compiz-fusion-plugins-extra (and 17 others)12:56
Dr_willis!info compiz12:56
ubotucompiz (source: compiz): OpenGL window and compositing manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.7.2-0ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 32 kB, installed size 68 kB12:56
didy2ok so can i update it to latest version? :P12:56
zeldbut pulseaudio sound server is really good infront of alsa....12:56
zeld: )))))))12:56
Dr_willisLooks like its 7.2 here.12:56
Dr_williswell 0.7.2 :)12:56
didy2ok so can i update it to latest version? :P12:56
Dr_willisdidy2,  You could aways go get the source if you want to..12:57
Dr_willisubuntu does not go the 'we gotta have the latest of everything' route.12:57
IdleOnedidy2: you can compile the lastest version but no garanties it will work12:57
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases12:57
didy2but how to install :P12:58
IdleOnedidy2: #compiz-fusion can help you12:58
DistroJockeydidy2: if you don't know how, I wouldn't try12:58
Dr_willisdidy2,  go get the source. start compiling?  if you want the absolute latest version12:58
kadkodo u want to install the fusion icon?12:58
IdleOnebut yeah what DistroJockey just said12:58
Dr_willishave you even used compiz yet on hardy?12:58
kadkocuz compiz come whit ubuntu12:58
didy2cos im intending to remove opensuses and install ubuntu!13:00
didy2can i ask another question13:00
Dr_willisdidy2,   You just did. :)13:00
IdleOneso the answer is no you cant13:00
Dr_williscare for another? "13:00
IdleOneis 1784kB/s a decent download speed. compared to what you guys get?13:00
IdleOnedidy2: ask away13:01
Dr_willisdepends on your connection.13:01
didy2i have 1 physical hardisk partitioned vista/xp/suse right now.. im gonna delete suse partition and install ubuntu. so i juz boot from cd after deleting the partition and install ubuntu? will it get my dual boot to work?13:01
IdleOneDr_willis: verisozon fios13:01
Dr_willisdelete partition, leaving the space unallocated. start installer cd.. install.13:01
Dr_willisIdleOne,  like 'verizon' really tells me anything. :)13:02
didy2will it get my xp/vista dual boot correctly?13:02
Dr_willisdifferent isps have different rates/speeds.. what sort of answer do ya want. :) No that sucks.. yes thats great? heh..13:02
* centyx reboots :o13:02
IdleOneDr_willis: heh ok I get your point13:02
didy2will it get my xp/vista dual boot correctly?13:02
Dr_willisubuntu should install the grub boot loader and give you a menu.13:02
DistroJockeydidy2: did SuSE use grub? And did you install grub to the mbr?13:03
didy2right now suse/xp/vista dual boot correctly13:03
Dr_willisi see no reason to think that ubuntu cant do the same .13:04
DistroJockeyI guess my question in not really needed, cheers Dr_willis :)13:04
Dr_willisDistroJockey,  :)13:04
Dr_willisgiven all the questions .. i could of had ubuntu installed by now...13:05
amortvigilhey just installed a new hardy install but i get this error that i need to be root to mount while it wasnt needed in the instalation before13:05
amortvigilhow is that possible?13:05
didy2so where's my answers!!13:05
didy2right now suse/xp/vista dual boot correctly13:05
Dr_willisneed to be root to mount what?13:05
amortvigila partition13:06
DistroJockeyI could have installed Mandriva and wiped it straight away and installed Ubuntu again ;)13:06
centyxgar. no virtualbox kernel modules.13:06
Dr_willisamortvigil,  install the ntfs-3g tool, and  run it and enable the option to allow users to access them perhaps.13:06
didy2if i installed ubuntu 8.04 beta now... can i upgrade to final version (without remove/install again) when final version out?13:06
centyxhave to build some... [grumble]13:06
Dr_willisdidy2,  of course.13:06
DistroJockeybut I'd wait the 12 days personally13:07
Dr_willisThats  such a faq. :) one of the main POINTS of the package manager system is to allow easy upgrading.13:07
Dr_willisI normally install the beta, then update/upgrade the day befor the release.. then wait a week to do my next upgrade/updates.13:07
amortvigilDr_willis: isnt ntfs-3g installed by default?13:07
SpActried a lot of different solutions but having a hard time getting Hardy to run nicely under VMWare. Anyone else had experiences?13:07
Dr_willisamortvigil,  the ntfs-config tool may not be.  Ive not really noticed.  ntfs-3g Might be,13:08
DistroJockeyDr_willis: but seeing as 8.04 is not out, it is kind of hard to say it's a definate yes to an upgrade (isn't it?)13:08
didy2ok i delete suse partitions.. leaving me with a FREE SPACE and UNALLOCATED partitions.. how can i merge them or issit ok? im gonna install ubuntu now!13:08
amortvigilDr_willis: so i have to install ntfs-config?13:08
Dr_willisDistroJockey,  One of the main features of apt is the upgrad feature13:08
DistroJockeyDr_willis: never used it :)13:08
Dr_willisamortvigil,  you may want to try it. Ive not dug into the ntfs features of hardy much. all it does is set the fstab properly for users to use ntfs-3g, and a few other things13:09
Dr_willisdidy2,  merge? If you have a sectionof hd unallocated.. ubuntu can install there.13:09
DistroJockeydidy2: should work fine, depending on where you install grub13:09
SpAcVirtualbox ran way better, but it was really lacking in the feature I needed - being able to back up machine inlcuding snapshots13:10
Dr_willisThere may be premade vmware-appliances for  hardy allready on the vmware appliance web site13:11
=== Xiol__ is now known as Xiol
hischildDr_willis, i've been unsuccesful so far with vmware on hardy13:12
SpAcDr_willis, I've already got it going, but getting vmware-tools was a headache. And its performance is not impressive13:13
SpAcI'm using vmware workstation13:13
SpAcIn the end I used open-vm-tools13:13
Dr_willisSpAc,  i only use the free vmware server. I havent tried  hardy under it yet.  so cant help any more then suggest looking at the vmware-appliances list and try a rprebulit vmware image.13:14
Dr_willisi tend to just use vmware/vbox for livecd image testing13:14
DistroJockeywhat about virtualbox ?13:14
sanchinpinI need install the packet j2sdk1.4_1.4.2.0213:15
sanchinpinbut is not compatible with ubuntu 813:15
IdleOnesanchinpin: java?13:15
sanchinpinIdleOne: yes13:15
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)13:15
SpAcDistroJockey, yeah, Virtualbox is great! But I need to be able to do backups on the virtual machine (including snapshots)13:15
IdleOnesanchinpin: you can find the sdk in synaptic also13:15
SpAc... of the virtual machine, not on the virtual machine!13:16
clarezoeanyone can help? I can't connect to my wireless router, but I can ping the router's IP13:16
sanchinpinIdleOne: I try it13:16
Xiolclarezoe: if you can't connect how can you ping it?13:16
SpAcperhaps I'll go over and see what's happening at #virtualbox13:16
IdleOneXiol: there in lies the mistery :/13:17
DistroJockeySpAc: ahh, I think it has a snapshot feature, not sure though. Seem to recall something in the right hand pane of the control screen.13:17
DistroJockeySpAc: but not used it much, so I will bow out now13:17
clarezoeXiol, I mean, I can't have internet, can't ping google.com13:18
Dr_willisclarezoe,  can you ping googles ip#?13:20
clarezoeDr_willis, no, unknow host13:20
clarezoeDr_willis, but I can ping it under windows13:20
Dr_willisping google.com13:21
Dr_willisPING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.13:21
Dr_willisso 'ping' also fails?13:21
Xiolclarezoe: just in case have you tried rebooting your router(s)?13:21
sanchinpinIdleOne: no good13:21
clarezoeXiol, I can ping it under windows, so it's not the problem of the router13:21
IdleOnesanchinpin: no good?13:22
sanchinpinIdleOne: i need this packet j2sdk1.4_1.4.2.0213:22
Xiolbyeeee doppleganger13:22
sanchinpinIdleOne: becouse need it to compile some code.13:22
rpedrosomeone that is runnig compiz, has Transmission installed, that is willing to help me confirm a 'session crasher' bug?13:22
sanchinpinIdleOne: I have seen it in http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/i386/j2sdk1.4/download13:23
sanchinpinIdleOne: but It have some problems with other dependences13:23
sanchinpinIdleOne: and I do not know with.13:23
IdleOne!info free-java-sdk13:24
ubotufree-java-sdk (source: free-java-sdk): Complete Java SDK environment consisting of free Java tools. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1 (hardy), package size 6 kB, installed size 120 kB13:24
clarezoeDr_willis, network is unreachable13:24
scizzo-anyone knows why flashplayer is not working in beta 5 firefox version? its showing in about:plugins and extensions but pages tell me its not enabled or installed13:27
Dr_willisi wonder if its a gateway issue.13:27
IdleOnescizzo-: what page?13:28
scizzo-IdleOne: well for example: youtube and seeqpod.com13:28
IdleOneseeqpod is working for me. clicked a link and got method man playing13:29
scizzo-IdleOne: click sign in13:29
scizzo-This content requires the Adobe Flash Player version 9 and a browser with JavaScript enabled. Get Flash13:30
IdleOnesign in window pops up13:30
Dr_willisYoutube is working here.13:30
scizzo-    File name: libflashplayer.so13:30
scizzo-    Shockwave Flash 9.0 r12413:30
scizzo-got that installed13:30
scizzo-not sure what is going on13:30
IdleOnescizzo-: so you installed aDOBE WHEN THE WINDOW poped up now you restart firefox13:30
clarezoeDr_willis, I can ping google with my windows computer13:31
Dr_willisif the gateway setting on the linux box is not set properly it may goofing up like you describe.13:31
scizzo-IdleOne: its the .deb from the repos I have13:31
Dr_williscould try setting the ip# statically, setting the gateway and dns #'s to be that of the router.13:32
sanchinpini need this packet j2sdk1.4_1.4.2.0213:32
sanchinpinbut it have some problems with ubuntu 813:32
IdleOnescizzo-: yeah that is it. restart firefox?13:32
scizzo-IdleOne: done it many times13:32
clarezoeDr_willis, but how can I know the static IP and dns?13:32
scizzo-IdleOne: I have tried removing my old .mozilla also13:32
sanchinpinit is from java.13:32
IdleOnescizzo-: works fine here . try asking in #ubuntu-mozillateam13:33
scizzo-IdleOne: the browser like I said is registering the plugin but pages refuse to understand that I have the plugin13:33
Dr_willisclarezoe,  the static ip - is whatever ip you want on your lan.  - the dns and gateway are the ip# of the router.13:33
scizzo-IdleOne: thanks13:33
Dr_willisif your router is  - then use a static ip of like or somthing13:33
IdleOnescizzo-: np sorry I cant be of more help13:34
clarezoeDr_willis, dna and gateway are the same?13:34
scizzo-IdleOne: its alright...this started when I updated to beta 5 so not sure of what is going on13:35
Dr_willisclarezoe,  they are for me. :) since the router is the gateway, and any dns requests it gets goes to its dns seerver setting.13:35
scizzo-IdleOne: I looked at #19542213:35
Dr_willisclarezoe,  or you can see what dns server ip#'s your router is using13:35
clarezoeDr_willis, I'll try it, brb13:35
scizzo-IdleOne: but not 100% if it is the install since it is actually installed13:35
lachlanhello. how close is hardy to having an RC release?13:37
scizzo-lachlan: a beta is out13:37
scizzo-lachlan: www.ubuntu.com/testing13:37
lachlanbut when will RC be?13:38
lachlanim upgrading to beta at the moment and am wondering how stable it is and most RC releases are useable so its a good indicator13:39
scizzo-lachlan: not sure13:39
lachlanit should be stable enough for basic use shouldnt it?13:40
Peloanyone else in eastern north american find their clock one hour ehead ?13:40
IdleOnePelo: not here13:41
PeloIdleOne, what time do you have ?13:41
IdleOne8:42 now Pelo13:42
IdleOneyou already at 9:42?13:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tzupdate - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:42
Pelothanks IdleOne got it the first time , yes, just one the computer, every other clock in my house is fine13:42
savvasPelo: are you using ntp in time and date?13:42
Pelosavvas, if that means synced with a server yes13:43
savvasPelo: if you're using pool.* don't :)13:43
savvasPelo: cat /etc/ntp.conf | grep "^server"13:44
IdleOneerrrr compiz is causing lag and windows to not respond as quick as I like13:44
didyi've 3 partitions now, xp/vista/data all ntfs. if i install ubuntu... how do i go abt partitioning so unbutu gets space from ONLY data partition and not vista/xp partitions??13:44
Pelosavvas, no idea what that Is,  It was like this when I got up this morninig, and I only had the NRC server on,  I added a few more to see if they would even out13:44
savvasPelo: the best two time servers are: time.nist.gov ntp.nasa.gov13:44
Pelosavvas, I hve them all checked now,  let me see what happens when I just use those two13:45
savvasPelo: here's what you'll do. open a terminal and do this: gksu gedit /etc/ntp.conf13:45
savvasfind a line that begins with "server"13:45
savvasremove them all and add these two:13:45
savvasserver time.nist.gov13:46
savvasserver ntp.nasa.gov13:46
Pelosavvas, already doing it , with the gui13:46
didyi've 3 partitions now, xp/vista/data all ntfs. if i install ubuntu... how do i go abt partitioning so unbutu gets space from ONLY data partition and not vista/xp partitions??13:46
savvasPelo: it's better manually, but ok13:46
savvasPelo: after that, restart ntp: sudo /etc/init.d/ntp restart13:46
didyalso how do i check which 32 bit or 64 bit version my cd holds for ubuntu??13:50
Nubaehi I'm getting some problems upon upgrade with pulseaudio and ubuntu desktop13:50
NubaeE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)13:50
savvasdidy: you click advanced while installing, but if you want to resize the partition, it would be better to do it with a corporate software that supports ntfs, like partition magic (safer in a way)13:50
Nubaeapt-get install -f does nothing13:50
savvasNubae: what package name did that?13:51
Nubaepulseaudio and desktop-ubuntu13:52
Nubaeubuntu-desktop sorry13:52
Pelosavvas, I redid it manualy , still same time, how long until it resyncs ?13:52
Nubaebut looks like its specifically pulseaudio13:52
sebnersomebody with hardy64 willing to test something for me?13:52
savvasNubae: ok try this: sudo dpkg -P pulseaudio13:52
cvd-prStill having problems with the ball mouse13:53
Pelocvd-pr, you mean trackball ?13:53
=== ajmorris is now known as ajmorris|AFK
Nubaenah same problem13:53
savvasPelo: no idea, give it a day :) if it doesn't help, try setting it with ntpdate13:54
cvd-prPelo,  yes13:54
didyok how big do i need for unbutu? i know there are 1 for "/" 1 for "/swap" 1 for "/home"13:54
Nubaeseem to fix it, but when i go back to apt-get install -f it breaks again13:54
didydoes GParted do it savvas?13:54
savvasdidy: i don't trust gparted with ntfs partitions, but it probably works13:54
savvasNubae: apt-cache policy pulseaudio13:55
didyok how big do i need for unbutu? i know there are 1 for "/" 1 for "/swap" 1 for "/home"13:55
savvasdidy: in my case, i have 8gb root /, 1gb swap and the rest goes to /home13:55
Pelodidy,  5-10 gig for / , 2xRAM for /swap max 2 gig,  the rest for /home13:56
Nubaethey're the same13:56
savvasNubae: can you please paste it? :) http://pastebin.ca13:56
didyok so 10gb for /, 2gb for /swap, rest for /home..... rest = ?13:56
Pelodidy, what ever is left for /home13:57
savvasdidy: the rest of the remaining free space13:57
didyso what does / hold? ubuntu itself? and home holds which data?13:57
Pelodidy, / is for the os13:58
didythen /home?13:58
Nubaesavvas: http://pastebin.ca/98228813:58
savvasroughly said, /home is your configuration files for applications and your private files13:58
IdleOnecan somebody help me to get my desktop background to update itself with the NASA image of the day?13:58
Pelodidy,  if youdon'T know this stuff you probably shouldn't be using the beta13:58
ZambeziWill rtorrent be downgraded cause it's not working at the moment?13:59
didyhow big is your /home? :P13:59
IdleOnedidy: 4 bedrom 2 bath :P13:59
didyoh come on13:59
Pelodidy,  mine is 63 gig13:59
savvasNubae: go to system > administration > software sources > download from: choose "main server" > click close > reload data and tell me when done13:59
didyserious please :P13:59
didyoh so u not dual booting with windows?13:59
* Pelo is disapointed he didn't think of IdleOne 's joke first 14:00
* IdleOne has 65 gig or so also14:00
IdleOnePelo: :)14:00
Pelodidy, I have two hdd14:00
Pelodidy, I can run xp on 10 gig , on another hdd, which I do , but I donT' have anything instaled in it14:00
Pelodidy,  how big is your hdd ?14:00
didywhy do you need /home? can't you save your music/programs/private files on my Data partition (for me i use ntfs) possible?14:00
savvasNubae: don't do anything else, like upgrading and trying your own commands, just tell me when it's done14:00
didy1 physical hardisk = 300gb. 50gb for vista, 50gb for xp, rest for data now14:01
didyall ntfs partitions14:01
Nubaeok :-)14:01
Pelodidy,  do 50 gig for /home then , you should be fine with taht, you can convert more space if you need to later14:01
savvasNubae: ok, now do: sudo dpkg -P pulseaudio14:02
Pelodidy, ntfs does not work well with linux in general ,  ubuntu has read/write access but it is not perfect , better use a linux native FS for /home14:02
Nubaesavvas: done and now?14:02
didynative FS?14:02
didywhat u mean14:02
Pelodid File System14:03
IdleOnewhen you install ubuntu let it use ext314:03
ZambeziAm I the only one missing sounds? 14-16 without sound, 10 with. And rtorrent won't work. Other way everything is fine.14:03
IdleOnefor the file sysytem14:03
savvasNubae: sudo rm -i /var/cache/apt/archives/pulseaudio*.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/ubuntu-*.deb14:03
didyso "/" "/swap" "/home" all use ext3 right?14:04
PeloZambezi, "one sound" ?? I just flashed this image of you listening to a symphony with all the "do" missing14:04
savvasNubae: click y and press enter for each file it asks you to remove, just be sure it ends with .deb :)14:04
ZambeziI really admire Ubuntupeople for their friendly approtch to beginners, but some really shouldn't begin with Hardy.14:04
savvasZambezi: did you partially upgrade?14:05
PeloZambezi, that's what we keep telling ppl but they don'T listen14:05
Nubaesavvas: ok, done, a lot of files but all .deb14:05
didyright? :P14:05
didyso "/" "/swap" "/home" all use ext3 right?14:05
IdleOnedidy: yes14:05
Nubaeswap usese swap14:05
Zambezisavvas: Not sure I understand "partially". My English is a little limited.14:05
Pelodidy, /swap will use a FS called linux-swap14:05
crimsunZambezi: please run the alsa-info.sh script on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems14:05
savvasNubae: great, now: sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude reinstall ubuntu-desktop14:05
IdleOnePelo: there should be a CAPTCHA when try to install ubuntu+1 hehe14:06
PeloIdleOne, is this the first time you installed ubuntu ?   stick to the "official" release14:06
Nubaereintstall? is that necessary?14:06
Pelodidy, /home in ext314:06
IdleOnePelo: ??14:06
didyomg unbuntu community is so much bigger than opensuse!14:06
ZambeziPelo: A friend asked me if I recommend Hardy to him. I asked about repos. He replied "huh". And I said, no, it's nothing for you. :-)14:06
PeloIdleOne, you know me,  you've seen me around , you know my level of expertise,  and I know I shouldn'T be using the beta14:06
savvasZambezi: apt-cache policy linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r) | grep -i installed14:06
savvasNubae: yes14:06
PeloIdleOne, ???14:07
Nubaeah its not so big14:07
Nubaedone, thanks :-)14:07
didyare you all using PIdgin for irc?14:07
Nubaenow I can upgrade14:07
IdleOnePelo: yes I know you now for almost 3 years I would say. but I am not sure about why you asked if it is my first tiome installing ubuntu14:07
PeloNubae, speak for yoruself, I put on 10 pds in the last two weeks14:07
savvasNubae: not yet, now: sudo aptitude reinstall ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-standard14:07
IdleOnemaybe less time then that but I know you have alot of experience with ubuntu14:07
PeloIdleOne, sorry that was meant for didy14:08
IdleOnePelo: hehe14:08
Pelodidy, is this the first time you installed ubuntu ?   stick to the "official" release14:08
Nubaesavvas: ok done14:08
* IdleOne hits Pelo with a tab-completion stick14:08
Zambezisavvas: I'm applying all the packages in apt-get upgrade, not installing external ones. And it's fine except mastervolume is disabled like the last three-four kernels but 2.6.24-10 works with sound.14:08
savvasNubae: now: sudo aptitude -f install14:08
didyhow come GParted so slow....14:08
* Pelo is trying to get a .deb package for cdemu bugt can't seem to find one 14:09
savvasdidy: if you are partitioning 500gb, expect slowness :)14:09
Pelodidy, you should have defragged your ntfs partitons a few times before resizing them14:09
IdleOneI would like to have my desktop background auto change to the image of the day from NASA . how would I do this?14:09
didywhy Pelo? faster?14:09
PeloIdleOne, try the forum , look for web wallpaper or something14:09
savvasNubae: sudo aptitude install pulseaudio14:10
IdleOnePelo: will do14:10
didybut Partition Magic is so fast.....14:10
Pelodidy, when resizing ,  gparted will have to move data around to make room , if the drive is defraged it has less data to move around14:10
Nubaewow so I really broke my system14:10
didyit's all ok so long it doesn't mess/corrupt any data i hope14:10
savvasNubae: maybe, but did it install correctly now?14:11
rinaldi_hi, im trying to get the ps3 sixaxis working through usb. I tried this: http://ps3.jim.sh/sixaxis/usb/ and didn't apply the patch it told me becuase my kernel is higher than 2.6.21. when i do jstest --normal /dev/input/js1 I get http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62923/ but when I do jscal it tells me it's a bad address14:11
PeloIdleOne, might be doable throught fspot or someting ,  using the nasa website as an external shared folder for the image library14:11
didybut then again... if i click Abort now... its resizing atm .... will any data go wrong?14:11
Nubaewell, not error messages at the end14:11
savvasNubae: great, now continue what you were doing, but NEVER do partial upgrades using update manager14:12
Nubaedpkg: error processing pulseaudio (--configure):14:12
Nubae subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 114:12
Pelodidy, wwe don't usualy click abort , we know better then to start someting we donT' want to finish,   you clicked applied now live with it, go take a shower or someting14:12
didyok Dad :P14:12
NubaeI didnt... just did apt-get update14:12
Nubaethen apt-get upgrade14:12
didyim so scared cos i don't see the partition im resizing at My Computer folder14:13
savvasNubae: can you paste me the whole output of apt-get update at http://pastebin.ca14:13
* Pelo realy hates idiots who make websites with dark font on a dark background, like they've never heard of contrast 14:13
crimsunNubae: I doubt that error has anything to do with pulseaudio.14:13
Zambezididy: If you're scared, why don't you install it on a separate harddrive?14:13
crimsunNubae: apt-get autoclean; dpkg --configure -a;14:13
didycos i only have one hard drive atm.....14:13
Pelodidy, you should not have tried to use the beta and for your first install you should have stuck to the default ubuntu installation14:14
Nubaeit didnt actaully end int an error this time so I'm trying to reupgrade14:14
Nubaeand seems to be workiing14:14
didywhat's wrong with beta?14:14
NubaeI lie14:14
Zambezididy: You can get an old one really cheap. Like an old XBOX-harddrive. 8-10 GB. Enough for testing. :-)14:14
* Pelo 's clock has resynced , thanks savvas 14:14
savvasNubae: is it installed with no errors or not? logs please14:14
savvasn/p :)14:14
didyi've tried ubuntu live version cd on wubi... and then opensuse on real installation with dual boot xp/vista.. worked perfectly. now im gonna try unbuntu on same setup :P14:15
Pelodidy, beta is beta , ie not stable , being tweaked as we go , getting ready for the new release, if it was ready for use it wouldn'T be beta14:15
Nubaewithout the Ç14:15
didyi know Pelo. thanks for ur concern.. im juz trying my luck :P14:15
theunixgeekHas the clipboard bug been fixed in Hardy?14:16
savvasNubae: uname -a14:16
didyomg... ubuntu is so cool.... except for the looks.. and maybe like 1-click installation... suse sucks!14:16
Pelodidy if you mess , and come crying to me, I will whipe your tears with a baseball bat14:16
theunixgeekdidy: you get used to the brown.14:16
crimsunNubae: dpkg -l sysv-rc|grep ^ii14:16
NubaeLinux mayserve 2.6.24-12-generic #1 SMP Wed Mar 12 22:31:43 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux14:16
didyno worries Pelo... i'll just jump off from my flat :P14:16
theunixgeekdidy: ends up being easier on the eyes than windoze. tho apple's switch to grey was very nice :)14:16
Nubaecrimsun, you're commands ended with the same pulseaudio error14:17
crimsunNubae: I just gave you another command.14:17
Zambezididy: And things that work in Gutsy, might not work in Hardy. So if you want a correct/fair view of Ubuntu, then stick to Gutsy. :-)14:17
didyi like the way ubuntu organise its start menu etc etc14:17
NubaeI was talking about the previous command14:17
crimsunNubae: I know14:17
savvasNubae: 12-generic? hmm you're a bit behind :P14:18
savvasNubae: wait please14:18
Nubaeii  sysv-rc                                    2.86.ds1-54                    System-V-like runlevel change mechanism14:18
NitroWhen logging out of gnome, isn14:18
Nitroisn't there a logfile that's generated?14:18
crimsunNubae: ...why are you running a Debian sysv-rc?14:18
PlantainHey, now that python-xml has been deprecated, any python programs that try to use "import xml.dom.ext" crash. What do I need to do to fix this? :/14:18
savvasNubae: wget http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/pulseaudio/pulseaudio_0.9.10-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb; md5sum pulseaudio_0.9.10-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb14:19
crimsunNubae: not to mention it's from an obsolete version of testing14:19
crimsunsavvas: the issue is not pulseaudio.  It's his installed version of sysv-rc, which does not contain the Ubuntu modification (target multiuser).14:19
Nubaecrimsun, this is what I got when I did an apt-get update and upgrade14:19
Pelolater folks14:20
crimsunNubae: apt-cache policy sysv-rc14:20
savvascrimsun: woops, didn't know :)14:20
crimsunfor the records, cross-grades from Debian can be quite troublesome.14:21
MrSteinIs there a way to set linear mouse/pointer movement ? I tried around in the Mouse preferences, but I got everything, from negative acceleration to positive. And sometimes linear. It seems completely erratic. I use the 8.04 beta ubuntu desktop CD.14:21
crimsunNubae is demonstrating that perfectly.14:21
savvascrimsun: what's a crossgrade? dist-upgrade from debian to ubuntu?14:22
Nubaei never did that14:22
savvassysv-rc: Installed: 2.86.ds1-14.1ubuntu43 Candidate: 2.86.ds1-14.1ubuntu4314:23
savvashe has an updated version sysv-rc :P14:23
Nubaealthough I may have enabled a debian rep at one time14:24
Nubaebut I never did an upgrade with it enabled14:24
savvasNubae: wget http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/sysvinit/sysv-rc_2.86.ds1-14.1ubuntu43_all.deb14:24
savvaswe'll fix it (i hope)14:24
lucypherAfter today's compiz upgrade I have some resizing issues when rotating the cube14:24
Nubaesavvas: done14:25
savvasNubae: when it's done downloading: sudo dpkg -i sysv-rc_2.86.ds1-14.1ubuntu43_all.deb14:25
Nubaesavvas: done14:25
savvasNubae: no errors?14:25
amortvigilare there more ppl having trouble with login screen manager taking 10 minutes to startup?14:25
savvasNubae: apt-cache policy sysv-rc | grep Installed14:26
echinosdid apt-get upgrade, now I have no sound, and no module for it, it seems :/14:26
Zambeziamortvigil: Not me, but I have other problem.14:26
Nubae Installed: 2.86.ds1-14.1ubuntu4314:26
savvasNubae: sudo apt-get -f install --reinstall pulseaudio14:27
Nubaeyep, no problems14:28
amortvigilZambezi: what kind?14:28
Nubaethankls guys14:28
savvasNubae: are you sure this time? :)14:28
savvasNubae: sudo aptitude safe-upgrade14:28
crimsunNubae: a cross-grade means that you used Debian repos as an origin14:28
crimsunNubae: it does not at all mean that you "came from Debian"14:28
cvd-prcan i change my user name and the /home name without any problem?14:28
cvd-prwithout loosing anything14:29
Nubaealll seems ok, though lots of packagages kept back and such14:29
savvascvd-pr: logically no, but there are no guarantees in a beta :)14:30
cvd-prso i have to login in root mode then hacnget i14:30
valehruHey guys, updated to heron from Gutsy but now have zero sound. Can anyone help?14:30
Nubaewelll I guess I'm upgraded then14:30
savvasNubae: better use this when you want to upgrade: sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade14:31
Zambeziamortvigil: Disabled sound, problem with rtorrent.14:31
Nubaethankyou thankyou savvas and crimsun14:31
Zambezivalehru: Me too.14:31
valehru00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02) - Any ideas?14:31
Nubaesavvas: why?14:31
Zambezivalehru: Red disabledicon on mastervolume.14:31
swhalenHello. I just updated to the beta and cant get emerald to run. it just hangs.14:31
savvasNubae: it's safer :)14:31
cvd-prWhere can i allow root login?14:31
Zambezivalehru: It works with older kernel.14:31
valehruZambezi, nope.  All icons have full volume. Just no output14:31
dwidmann!root cvd-pr14:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about root cvd-pr - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi14:32
dwidmann!root | cvd-pr14:32
ubotucvd-pr: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo14:32
crimsunvalehru: run the alsa-info.sh script from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems14:32
Zambezivalehru: I have a redicon on the "speaker" to the left by the clock.14:32
Nubaeanother question, why does database not appear in hardy?14:32
savvaswhat database?14:33
crimsunit does.14:33
crimsun     1:2.4.0-3ubuntu2 014:33
crimsun        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main Packages14:33
savvasNubae: applications > office >14:33
Nubaenot thre14:33
savvaslooks like you have more than one problems :)14:34
crimsunNubae: just install it.14:34
savvasNubae: it would be better if you reinstalled hardy, a clean install14:34
Nubaeok, how do I make it appear?14:34
valehrucrimsun, http://pastebin.ca/982321  - Ran the script. Any ideas?14:34
dwidmannNubae: sudo apt-get install openoffice.org-base14:35
crimsunsavvas: openoffice.org-base is no longer seeded in -desktop14:35
NubaeI cant do that, too much time invested in getting this up an running, its a school server14:35
Nubaeltsp server14:35
crimsunsavvas: correct.14:35
crimsunvalehru: sec, pretty busy here.14:35
valehrucrimsun, no probs. take ur time.14:35
swapnilhi All, I'm trying to Install Atheros wifi drivers using Ndiswrapper. When i type modprobe ndiswrapper my system crashes. Pls help14:36
crimsunvalehru: holy cow, why did you install alsa-lib 1.0.16 and alsa-utils 1.0.9rc4a?  Is this a dist-upgrade from breezy?14:37
valehrucrimsun, from gutsy.14:37
Nubaecrimsun: thanks, that worked14:37
crimsunvalehru: gutsy did not ship with either version of those sources.14:37
valehrucrimsun, ended up compiling the latest from alsa last night.14:37
valehruwell, thought they were the latest14:37
valehruthey seemed a bit old14:37
crimsun1.0.9rc4a is several years old.14:38
crimsunanyhow, you need to revert /all/ self-compiled ALSA changes14:38
valehruhttp://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Main_Page  - Amazing that they list those as the current versions there.14:38
crimsunvalehru: where is 1.0.9rc4a listed?14:39
valehruahh, no.   Feck. I got them from a post on the forums. Wasnt even looking.14:39
crimsunuh yeah.14:39
savvasyou gotta hand it to him, he did build it from source :P14:39
Nubaesavvas: any experience with virtualbox?14:39
W8TAHmorning everyone -- how do i get a particular network profile to be the default one in the network manager?14:39
valehrucrimsun, 1.0.16 advised?14:39
valehrusavvas, been doing that for years. lol.14:40
savvasNubae: a lot, with the compiled version from www.virtualbox.org14:40
crimsunvalehru: so: remove ~/.asoundrc* and the "options snd-hda-intel model=ref".. line in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base14:40
jhonnythere is nothing wrong with marrying and getting 2 women in your life even 2 girlfriends14:40
Nubaeok, I cannot for the life of me get the kernel to vboxdrv to work for me14:40
crimsunvalehru: next: apt-get --reinstall install alsa-utils14:41
savvasNubae: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic14:41
savvasNubae: sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup14:41
savvasNubae: are you using the compiled version from the virtualbox.org sire or the one from the repositories?14:42
valehrucrimsun, done and dusted. Any way to modprobe the audio without rebooting?14:42
Nubaefrom the repos14:42
Nubae * Starting VirtualBox kernel module vboxdrv14:43
Nubae * No suitable module for running kernel found.14:43
NubaeI've been through alll of this before, it feels familiar14:43
crimsunvalehru: sure, but you should power down and power back up (cold cycle).  Some hda codecs don't reinit properly.14:43
savvasNubae: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-modules-generic14:43
valehrucrimsun, ok.Will do.  Thanks for the assist. meh, should have realised those drivers were as old as the hills.14:44
valehruback soon14:44
savvasNubae: now try again: sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup14:44
Nubae * Usage: /etc/init.d/vboxdrv {start|stop|restart|status}14:46
Nubaemaybe I should restart14:46
Nubaeseeing as new kernel and all14:46
savvasNubae: yeah probably, as i said, i use the compilted version :)14:46
Nubaeok, I'll be back14:47
taconeoh, nice url. really.14:47
didyomg so long14:47
todd_I just downloaded the latest batch of updates this morning and I have an evolution-data-(something) process eating up 100% of the cpu and my mouse no longer works14:47
IdleOneok found this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=679374 my question now is how to get cron to excute this script? I dont understand cron and how it works14:47
savvascrontab -e14:48
valehrucrimsun, no luck. still zero sound.  http://pastebin.ca/98234014:48
savvasIdleOne: http://www.clickmojo.com/code/cron-tutorial.html14:48
IdleOnesavvas: ? need more specific instructions please14:48
didyif i abort gparted resizing the partition now, will anything go wrong??14:48
IdleOnesavvas: ahh ty14:49
crimsunvalehru: good lord, how many model= do you have?14:49
valehrucrimsun, good question.14:49
savvasIdleOne: it's quite easy once you get the hang of it, there are a bunch of tutorials if you google it :)14:49
crimsunvalehru: I mean in /etc/modprobe.d/*, "options snd-hda-intel model="..14:50
amortvigilhey the " hardware drivers " tool is crashing all the time how can i start it properly?14:50
amortvigili did a reboot but it still crashes14:50
valehrucrimsun, meh, there was one I missed in a separate file. all sorted now. Will do a cold start and check again.14:51
IdleOnesavvas: so if I wanted to run that script at 6am this would be the line to put in crontab -e 00 06 * * * /home/idleone/.wallpaper14:53
savvasIdleOne: yep, 6am every day14:55
valehrucrimsun, works fine now. thanks.14:55
IdleOnesavvas: thanks for the push in the right direction14:55
savvasn/p :)14:55
valehruOne more problem, compiz doesnt seem to be loading up on the latest version.  No windows manager at all, need to start it manually.14:55
savvasinitramfs-tools: Depends: volumeid but it is not installable15:00
Nubaesavvas: vbox now working, but my vmachine keeps getting stuck15:00
savvasNubae: which operating system?15:01
valehrujockey is still broken right?15:01
Nubaesavvas: it used to be a vmware vmachine15:01
ScuniziI know there are opinions about how to get to the next version.. clean install or upgrade.. I'm curious on doing the upgrade.. I do have a seperate /home and I have enough HD space to do a fesh install if needed. What are the pro's/con's of each that will make a functional difference.15:01
Nubaexp pro15:01
savvasNubae: i think there are some settings for acpi, try enable it15:01
savvasScunizi: backup everything on a separate hard drive and try it :) it's still beta so there are no guarantees with either way, the clean install is just "cleaner"15:02
Nubaesavvas: you area a hero15:03
didyOMG so long!!!!15:03
VousDeuxIn the past, when I have upgraded Kubuntu, I have been able to run vmware-config.pl to very quickly get VMware working on the new kernel. This does not seem to be working, so far, on 8.04. Would someone be kind enough to have a look at: http://www.nopaste.org/p/afaXevpYv15:04
savvasdidy: i had told you to use partition magic, no one's to blamed for this taking so long but you :)15:04
Pirate_Huntercan someone tell me if the commands to get conky showing mounted cdrom/floppy/flash drives is the same as the HD commands and will it show automatically those devices when they are mounted and umounted15:05
valehrufound the fix for jockey. done and dusted15:05
savvasVousDeux: i think vmware isn't ready yet for 8.0415:05
didybut partition magic doesnt work on ubuntu right?15:06
ScuniziVousDeux, is this server?15:06
VousDeuxno, workstation15:06
savvasdidy: no.. but you could use it as a boot cd :)15:07
savvasvalehru: you seem to be dusting really well :P15:07
ScuniziVousDeux, ouch.. that was one of my concerns with the upgrade. I run server and depend on it.  I've forgotten, does vmware-config.pl re-compile the install or just make a few changes?15:07
didyreally? but its not free :P15:08
VousDeuxit recompiles15:08
Pirate_Huntercan someone tell me if the commands to get conky showing mounted cdrom/floppy/flash drives is the same as the HD commands and will it show automatically those devices when they are mounted and umounted?15:09
valehrusavvas, if only I could figure out now why compiz aint starting up properly with advanced effects.  The nvidia driver seems to be enabled. Can see that its now in use through jockey.  Stumped15:09
VousDeuxyeah, I depend on it too...I never imagined that it would not work15:09
savvasvalehru: try compiz --replace &15:09
ScuniziVousDeux, so you'd think that would fix any issue... apparently not.  Any info on VMWare's site?15:09
VousDeuxI havn't looked at their site yet.15:10
valehrusavvas, that doesnt give me a window manager though. No window borders.  compiz on its own does, but zero advanced effects15:10
VousDeuxI have Gold support...maybe I'll have to play that card.15:10
savvasVousDeux: well you have an alternative: www.virtualbox.org15:10
VousDeuxI have too much at stake in VMware already. I didn't hear about VirtualBox until after I had already taken the plunge.15:11
savvasvalehru: did you enable it through system > preferences > appearance > visual effects?15:11
valehrusavvas, yup.15:11
VousDeuxI use it in my daily grind when I scan the stock market for opportunities.15:12
savvasvalehru: ok, try disable it, log out, log in, enable it and log out/log in again15:12
Nubaesavvas: Im in fullscreen on vbox, how do I get out?15:12
savvasNubae: ctrl-F - you should READ the warnings15:13
ScuniziVousDeux, I might have found a solution on VMWare site but it's a link referance  .. http://www.nowhere.dk/15:13
savvasNubae: you'll end up with no smile if you keep going without reading what the program tells you :P15:13
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me with conky plz?15:14
amortvigilhey does anyone have the aqua theme from zgeg?15:15
savvasenough for one day, laters :)15:15
valehruhmm. When using normal appearence I have a windows border, when using normal or extra the window border is removed.15:16
mheathvalehru: Your system might have problems with Compiz.15:16
VousDeuxthanks Scunizi15:16
mheathvalehru: With the desktop effects settings enabled, the program that usually provides Window directions is kind of replaced by anohter, Compiz-enabled one.15:17
mheath*window decorations15:17
valehrumheath, ya think?  hmm, only compiz-core was installed.  strange. have installed the compiz package now. will check it out.15:17
valehrumheath, yup.  works now. strange that.  I was sure they were previously installed.15:18
ScuniziVousDeux, no problem.. I use server just so I can run IE6x, my scanner and 1 other piece of software.. It's needed for work and drives me NUTS.  I'd love to not have to use it.15:18
VousDeuxwhat kind of scanner?15:18
valehruok. that seems to be everything working. No more upgrades for me until day of the full release.15:19
VousDeuxit seems weird that a patch for VMware would come from a third-party15:19
valehruthanks for all your help guys and gals.15:19
Nubaesavvas: I've got it all working but natting doesnt seem to work right... under vmware it was rather easy15:21
ScuniziVousDeux, MicroTeck scanmaker 5950 with a sheetfeeder.. they're still sold for $300+ but I picked up a shelf model a couple of years ago for $50.. couldn't pass it up.15:21
VousDeuxoh, that kind of scanner :)15:22
ScuniziVousDeux, actually now I think you can get them for around $150 but they are not linux friendly..15:22
VousDeuxI was thinking along the lines of the market scanner I use...sorry, for getting off-topic...I'll quit now15:22
ScuniziVousDeux, np..15:23
savvasNubae: then remove virtualbox-ose and download the compiled version: http://cds.sun.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/CDS-CDS_SMI-Site/en_US/-/USD/VerifyItem-Start/virtualbox_1.5.6-28266_Ubuntu_gutsy_amd64.deb?BundledLineItemUUID=c1tIBe.piCEAAAEZwp0iukME&OrderID=hj9IBe.p_goAAAEZsp0iukME&ProductID=54dIBe.oC0gAAAEYH849OqSR&FileName=/virtualbox_1.5.6-28266_Ubuntu_gutsy_amd64.deb15:24
Nubaesavvas: should I uninstall everything?15:25
VousDeuxhmmm...this fix seems to be referring to a problem with a wireless bridge...perhaps a good place to start would be with the Intel 4965 interface15:25
VousDeuxNow, if I could just find my papers so I knew exactly what model all of my hardware is.15:26
Nubaeie, modules too?15:27
ScuniziVousDeux, I've never tried Virtualbox.. is it suppose to run with less resources? faster? etc.....15:28
VousDeuxI'm really not familiar with it, other than hearing mention of it.15:29
VousDeuxI know that VMware workstation has served me well for many years.15:29
Nubaeit cerntainly has more features15:29
Nubaebut harder to get working15:30
ScuniziNubae, workstation?15:30
ScuniziNubae, really? more features? like what?.. I haven't played with it.. just VMW Server15:31
Nubaejust take a look... also its really open source15:32
Nubaevmare isnt15:32
saurabhi updated Hardy using the package manager in the night and suddenly, compiz doesnt work, the title bar is gone!15:32
Nubaeu can share drives with  it15:33
Nubaebetter audio an serial support15:33
didyanyone knows any other alternative for gparted that is fast????15:35
Scunizinice.. just checking the site now.. the Big question for us vmware users is .. will it convert or use a vm from vmware?15:36
mheathsaurabh: Hmm, interesting - someone earlier was pointing out similar problems.15:36
mheathdidy: parted?15:36
saurabhmheath: something to do with xorg15:36
mheathdidy: Yes? The command line tool and library that gparted is based on.15:36
Scunizididy, parted is the command line tool for gparted.. what's so slow about gparted?15:37
mheathparted is a command line tool that gives you the exact same functionality as parted, but will likely run slightly faster.15:37
didygparted is too slow...15:37
mheathdidy: Doing what?15:37
TerrorismSuxget faster pc15:37
mheathReformatting or resizing hard drives takes a long time.15:37
mheath*hard drive partitions15:37
todd_I just downloaded the latest batch of updates this morning and I have an evolution-data-(something) process eating up 100% of the cpu and my mouse no longer works ... any idea how to resolve this?15:38
Nubaeyes, I'm currently running an xp pro that was previously running on vmare15:38
Nubaeno probs15:38
didy500mb = 50gb?15:38
Nubaemy problem is can't find the right ethernet driver15:39
Nubaeand without that no interenet so I dont see how I can transfer the driver to the vmachine15:39
hischilddidy, 500mb = .5 gb15:39
ozguris there anybody15:41
ozgurhelp me15:41
NubaeI'll have to write the damn driver to a cdrom15:41
mheathozgur: Yes, this channel had 347 people in it.15:41
mheathozgur: Just ask your question :-)15:41
ozguri have 8.04 for testing it15:41
ozgurmy wireless card isnt working15:42
ScuniziNubae, you got any left over small partitions that can be  used?15:42
TerrorismSuxwhen do they plan to fix jockey-gtk?15:42
crimsunTerrorismSux: it's the weekend; the employees are off.15:42
crimsun(or travelling)15:43
mheathTerrorismSux: I'd check the launchpad page to see the status of any unresolved issues.15:43
ozguri have toshiba satalite A215-S7437 with rtl8187 wireless card15:43
didyi've now a 50GB unallocated. so should i partition / /home /swap using gparted or go straight to install ubuntu????15:43
crimsunthat doesn't stop an enterprising person as yourself from fixing it, though.15:43
TerrorismSuxi would too if i knew the link15:43
Scunizididy, you can do it now15:43
didyok on the partition stage.. it gives me 4 options.. which one shld i choose?15:44
didymanual or option1?15:44
NubaeScunizi: problem is that the virtualbox needs to see the driver, and its on my hardy15:44
Nubaehow to I transfer it?15:44
mheathozgur: It appears there is no free driver included for that card.15:44
ozgurfor about 2 month i look for solution with ubuntu 7.10 but no solution15:44
ozguri install 8.04 for about a week15:44
mheathozgur: You can likely get it to work, but if getting the card to work is something unfamiliar to you, it's not something you should attempt on an unreleased version of Ubuntu.15:45
ozguri install driver with ndiswrapper15:45
ozgurand from ubuntuforums.org15:45
VousDeuxwell, the wireless hardware seems to be working just fine (I just wish it wouldn't always connect to the neighbors unsecured network first)15:45
ScuniziNubae, transfer with usb stick or if you have a partiton to use.. format it with vfat and drop it there.. or if network manager works between the two machines .. drag and drop15:45
ozgurbut i cant connect my WPA-PSK network15:45
TerrorismSuxsounds like hardware limitation15:46
spiderfireis there a restricted drivers for the latest kernel image yet? i didnt see one15:46
Nubaeusbstick sounds promising15:46
TerrorismSuxrestricted drivers dont work i tought15:46
crimsunspiderfire: there is.  There are issues with Nvidia.15:46
TerrorismSuxcuz of Jockey15:46
spiderfireso i wont update it then15:46
crimsunTerrorismSux: different errors from different (distinct, orthogonal) bugs.15:47
ozguris there restricted driver or will it be like Ati or Nvidia15:47
inspired12I have a weird error on a fresh install15:47
inspired12instead of loading gnome, I end up in a terminal like section15:47
inspired12but instead of my account name, I get something called "initramfs"15:48
crimsuninspired12: boot into the desktop (live) cd, regenerate the initramfs on your install, and reboot.15:48
inspired12the help command gives me more commands, but im not sure where to go15:48
inspired12cool, how do I regenerate initramfs?15:48
icanhasadminwell -16 broke my wifi and my fglrx... i fixed the wifi by recompiling the drivers (which is kind of odd)15:48
spiderfirehows the amd64 repo doing?15:49
crimsuninspired12: Use update-initramfs.  The wiki has more hints.15:50
inspired12k i am booting into the live cd right now15:50
esoxI found an issue with hardy studio beta install. When you do the install connected to the net, it cant create grub at the end of install procedure. Also if you use french server for updating to hardy, it doesn't work. You need to use main servers. Also wine 9.59 provided by hardy is buggy (memory errors), the one provided with gutsy (9.42 or 46 I think) doesn't have that issue15:51
inspired12how do changes I make in the live cd affect the hard drive instal?15:51
ozgurso what can i do15:51
Nubaewont do it, refuses to read the usb stick15:51
Nubaeas if it doesnt exist15:51
Nubaedont see an option to add it in the preferences either15:51
Nubaeoh well15:51
ozgurcan i wait for ubuntu to put this restricted drivers to repos15:51
Nubaeis that possible in vmware?15:51
spiderfireozgur: im waiting before i update kernel stuff15:52
esoxIf you do install without net connection grub installs, but after cant activate wifi on my asus A7Vc, no hardware switch.15:52
ozgur<mheath>  can i wait for ubuntu to put this restricted drivers to repos15:52
spiderfireyou can install other stuff15:53
legahwhat is the correct vga setting in grub menu.lst for setting it to 1280x1024? Lost my setting when upgraded kernel through update manager15:53
cdm10When I try to connect to a Windows share through Nautilus, it asks for a username, domain, and password, when there is no password on the share... this never happened before Hardy.15:53
cdm10I've tried everything I can think of, but it won't let me connect to the share. Gutsy just connects to it without asking for anything.15:53
poizoneI'm having some trouble getting an ntfs drive to mount15:54
poizoneI get an error about priveledges15:54
poizoneeven after editing PolicyKits mount priveledges15:55
ozgurpoizone which ubuntu dist.15:55
poizonestandard hardy heron beta15:55
poizoneI'm not a kubuntu or Xubuntu fan15:56
inspired12hey, I am in the live cd now, would u mind helping me through updating the initramfs? or link me to a page pls15:56
inspired12I tried the update-initramfs on the terminal but it says that it is disabled since running a live cd15:56
esoxinspired12: you had the problem at startup : system stops on initramfs ?15:57
ozguri have hade same problem with my 7.04 i could not remember but i have solved it from ubuntuforums.org15:57
ScuniziNubae, sorry was in another channel.. possible in vmwre? you mean using the usb stick?15:57
ozgurwhois ozgur15:58
LjLSeveas: trick?15:58
SeveasLjL, the file is copied to /var/run/grub/menu.lst, then update magic is done, then the file is put back (or at least something like this is happening)15:59
SeveasLjL, that trickery is needed because of the special nature of that file15:59
NubaeScunizi: yes16:00
LjLSeveas: oh, uhm... i have /var/run/grub/menu.lst.ucf-dist16:00
Seveaswell, there you go :)16:00
Seveasit might be in /var/lib/ucf/cache as well16:00
LjLSeveas: well, the changes that i refused were what, anyway? there was certainly a kernel update, but i don't think on other kernel updates i've been asked anything about menu.lst...16:00
ScuniziNubae, in VMware Server you can have up to 2 usb devices connected at the same time.. including a usb stick if it is recognized.. I've found some aren't16:00
LjLwhat does ucf stand for anyway?16:01
SeveasLjL, probably the new xen options16:01
SeveasLjL, Update Configuration File16:01
LjLugh, /var/lib/ucf/cache/:var:run:grub:menu.lst16:01
LjLwhat sort of syntax is that16:01
Seveaspart of the new debian tools16:01
* LjL is scared16:01
* Seveas too16:01
didyim totally lost right now16:01
icanhasadminwhat tha...?16:01
* icanhasadmin runs away16:02
legahsee you're talking about grub menu.lst here.. anyone know why me adding vga=795 doesn't work now? It did before update..16:02
LjLSeveas: so is that like for config files that APT can't seriously claim other parts of the system aren't going to touch?16:02
didyi've 30gb unallocated partition now.. when i go installation, and choose "Guided use the largest contagious free space" it says i cannot create anymore primary partitions!16:03
Seveasno, ucf is that part of the toolset responsible for the configfiles16:03
Seveasthe trickery for grub is not related to the fact that it now uses ucf like so many other packages.16:03
LjLSeveas: so anyway when you say "like so many other packages", that means not *all* packages are using it16:04
* LjL is more scared16:04
Scunizididy, are you going to be dual booting?16:04
LjLSeveas: hope this won't end up three way merging my brains.16:05
didydoes ubuntu only install on logical partition???16:05
Seveasnot ehough brainmatter to attempt a merge16:05
didyi've vista on primary, data on primary, xp on logical partition16:05
didysomeone help plz16:05
Scunizididy, you can only have 4 primary partitions on a HD.. thus.. if you need more the 4th primary partition has to be a logical partition so you can add more partitions below it.. Ubuntu will need at minimum 2 partitions .. / (root... and /swap16:06
Scunizididy, ubuntu's partitions can be primary or logical16:07
daningI am using ubuntu 8.04 beta. my wireless connection does not work well.  Is it a known problem?16:07
Scunizidaning, I'm no wireless expert.. but it MIGHT be a known problem for certain wireless adaptors.. certainly not all.16:08
daningScunizi: Is there a solution for this problem?16:09
didyim using manual partitioning now on installation, have 30gb unallocated space. i tried to create new partitions for "/" "/swap" "/home" right? when i create 10gb and mount to /home... after it says remaining disk unsable16:09
Scunizidaning, to get an answer to a problem like this you have to be more specific.. like "I have a <insert chipset type> wireless adaptor and it doesn't seem to work.. anyone know how to get <spicific name/model/chipset> working in ubuntu?"16:10
didysomeone help plz16:10
didyim using manual partitioning now on installation, have 30gb unallocated space. i tried to create new partitions for "/" "/swap" "/home" right? when i create 10gb and mount to /home... after it says remaining disk unsable16:10
daningScunizi: thx.16:11
Scuniziunstable?.... un-useable?16:11
Scunizidaning, np16:11
blekosdo you know if the issues with wirelles have been resolved?16:12
amortvigilhow can i see the boot proces? wasnt it something with dmesg?16:12
didyit keeps saying i have too many primary partitions!16:13
blekoshow many primary do u have?16:13
usserdidy, ah yes u probably have windows partition too dont u?16:13
Scunizididy, did you read my previous post.. you can have ONLY 4 primary partition16:13
didyhow do i check? i think vista/data on primary.. xp on extended/logical16:14
Scunizididy, that's 2 primaries right there.. make a logical and install the 3 partitions you want for ubuntu in there.16:14
usserdidy, just create an extended partition and allocate all your slices there16:14
didyit wont let me create logical on gparted on any partition16:15
blekosdoes anyone know if wireless works ?16:15
usserblekos, it depends, what adapter do u have?16:15
didybtw does installing on windows partition (WUbi) any different from installing on real partition? reduced functionality or what??16:16
blekosany ideas how i can see that on ubuntu?16:16
Jaymacdidy: same functionality, except no hibernate or suspend (at present)16:16
Jaymacblekos: works for me16:17
didyjust that right?16:17
usserblekos, lspci | grep Network16:17
Jaymacdidy: it might run slightly slower, but probably not noticeably.16:17
blekoslIntel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (rev 02)16:17
legahanyone know if the recent update of kernel etc disabled the framebuffer, as I think that is what is necessary to be able to set vga modes in grub16:18
blekosi had tried the beta just about 20 ago and did not work16:18
blekosthere was a bug16:18
Jaymacblekos: I have that card, and it only worked for me after installing linux-backports16:18
usserblekos, 3945 is a bit unstable at the moment because its using a new driver in hardy, but your experience may vary, it works fine with wpa for me16:18
Jaymacblekos: they've moved from the proprietary driver to the free one16:18
blekosdo u know if it will be fixed in stable version?16:18
blekosi c16:19
tapashmm, flash stopped producing sound here after the last update16:19
usserblekos, it will most definetely will they either fix it or roll temporarily roll back to the old one16:19
blekoswhen you say you installed linux-backport which module did you install?16:21
Nitroname of logfile that is generated upon shutdown please.16:22
inspired12i dont get it... I installed once and no problem, then suddenly it wont boot correctly16:23
Sergeant_PonyCan Hardy connect to a network wires and wireless at the same time?16:23
inspired12it just gets stuck on this initramfs thing16:23
inspired12i am installing using wubi. it worked at first not sure why it stopped...16:24
alex-weejanyone else having problems with the kernel update today?16:27
alex-weej24-16 is failing bad16:27
inspired12well, mine stopped working yesterday16:29
inspired12im not sure if the update is the reason16:29
inspired12any takers for the initramfs problem?16:31
WGGMkJust reinstalled with the daily build of from yesterday (amd64) and Jokey crashes every time I open it. Anyone having similar issues or a fix??16:32
b3nwyea, its hosed :p16:33
b3nwI know, feel the pain16:33
b3nwI just did a manual install for nvidia to hold me over16:34
whysosohow safe is it to upgrade to 8.04 beta from 7.10 on a laptop ?16:34
b3nwnot safe, its a beta.16:34
stefgWGGMk: yup... hardy currently broken, it seems16:34
WGGMkstefg: everything works but jokey16:35
WGGMkerr jockey16:35
whysosoi have an anoying bug with 7.10 that isn't fixed16:35
whysosoregarding the laptop fan not working after back from hibernatio16:35
WGGMkwhysoso: which is?16:35
stefgWGGMk: no compiz here, and the issues with gtkjockey and stuff, X is a mess currently16:35
whysosolots of complaints in launchpad, etc, but no real fix ...16:35
WGGMkwoah, that could be an issue16:35
whysosoit only works if i disconnected and reconnect the AC adapter16:35
whysosowas wondering if 8.04 does it better :)16:36
WGGMkwhysoso, well i quess you can look on the bright side that hibernate works in gutsy for you16:36
whysosonext week is RC ?16:36
protonchrisWGGMk: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/+bug/21502716:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215027 in jockey "jockey-gtk crashed with AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'getSections'" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:36
whysosowhat firefox version will be out with 8.04 final ?16:36
whysosobut isn't ff3 out only in july ?16:37
WGGMkthey are releasing hardy with a beta 4 version (which is pretty much at the end of beta)16:38
whysososo it will be out with a not final version ?16:38
whysosowhy release an LTS with a beta version /16:38
WGGMkya know many people asked that and they have come up with pretty good answers16:39
whysosoheh, i guess so16:39
whysosobut it seems so strange...16:39
WGGMkLTS = Long Term Support, so by that, I would rather have a current version of Firefox thats still supported then FF216:39
whysososo make it ff2 for now16:39
whysosoand switch to ff3 when it's final ..16:39
WGGMkyou have that option16:39
inspired12anyone have the busy box initramfs experience?16:40
inspired12hardy wont boot up, and it sends me to this initramfs thing16:41
inspired12I got nothin16:41
inspired12it was working yesterday, and then it all went south16:41
whysosowill pidgin 2.4.1 be included in 8.04?16:42
WGGMkwhysoso: not to be rude, but the dev's are looking at a couple of years span, as you are looking at a couple of months. which makes it easier (more sense) to use a beta 4 FF3. There's not too much that is gonna change from beta 4 to final release16:43
aguiteli upgrade to hardy and propietaries drivers is not working16:43
whysosoWGGMk: how about stability ?16:43
whysosoor the "beta" has nothing to do with stability issues16:44
inspired12it updates pretty much automatically16:44
inspired12its not a big deal. I think its cool they are ahead of the curve in a sense16:45
whysosoyou are talking to me ?16:45
whysosomy only question is are there security/stability implications in firefox being beta..16:45
WGGMkwhysoso: yea i was talking to ya, i have been using Hardy for a couple of weeks. and FF3 seems to be pretty stable (not having ANY issues). But I can only speak for myself on my hardware, it could be completely different for you16:46
crimsunwhysoso: 2.4.1 is already in.16:46
inspired12yeah FF3 is running well here too16:46
whysosowhy not put beta 5 ?16:47
inspired12and it updates anytime a new problem is solved16:47
whysosocrimsun: thanks16:47
crimsunwhysoso: 3.0b5 is already in16:47
WGGMkwhysoso: you would have to read more info about everything being used in FF3. I am more interested in playing with Beta Hardy then Beta FF3. If a web browser being beta is holding you back from installing Hardy (beta) or Hardy (final) then just wait16:47
inspired12crimsun! I tried reintsalling again, an no luck. when booting from the live cd, I could not run the update-initramfs command16:49
whysosoi just wanna check if the hibernation works or not..16:49
inspired12is there anything else u could recommend?16:49
WGGMkwhysoso: suspend & hibernate work for me (but they previously destroyed Gutsy)16:49
whysosobtw, using wubi has battery time implications on a laptop ?16:49
crimsuninspired12: did you install from Beta or from current daily-live?16:49
inspired12from the beta16:50
inspired12using wubi16:50
crimsuninspired12: use a current daily-live, please.16:50
inspired12and it worked originally16:50
inspired12so I should redownload the iso u mean?16:50
whysosothe RC is out next week ?16:51
inspired12k, ill give that a go16:51
crimsunwhysoso: approximately.16:51
whysosoaare there any major changes in the laptop field support ? like battery time ?16:52
americanwhen oh when will the ATI graphics cards be fully supported?16:53
WGGMkprotonchris: hey you linked me that launchpad for jockey didnt ya???16:54
protonchrisWGGMk: Yeah.16:54
VousDeuxhehe...I downloaded/installed the latest version of VMware Workstation and it fired right up.16:54
WGGMkprotonchris: that fix proposed by that dude worked for me, appreciate you linking me that.. jockey is working fine now16:54
protonchrisWGGMk: no problem.  They are working on an updated package.  It should be out in the next day or so.16:55
WGGMkprotonchris: thanks for the info16:55
whysosois there also support for the latest eclipse builtin ?16:55
whysoso!info eclipse16:56
ubotueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.2-5ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 126 kB, installed size 416 kB16:56
whysoso!info pidgin16:56
ubotupidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.4.1-1ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 505 kB, installed size 1856 kB16:56
makdaknifehi... does vmware server run okay on hardy?16:56
whysoso!info firefox16:56
ubotufirefox (source: firefox-3.0): meta package for the popular mozilla web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0~b5+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 62 kB, installed size 120 kB16:56
whysosono eclipse 3.3 :(16:56
b3nwmakdaknife - I have vmware workstation 6.5 beta working like a charm, duno about server16:58
whysosowhy not move to virtualbox ?16:59
b3nwfirst i've heard of it17:00
makdaknifeb3nw: I just noticed a webpage from some months back that claimed there were some issues with kernel version and vmware server... was wondering if it had been resolved17:01
makdaknifewhysoso: virtualbox is great for workstation stuff... but its a bit of a mare to manage remotely if you want to virtualise a server17:01
whysosoit has remote RDP :)17:02
whysosoWorkstation 6.5 virtual machine now support applications that use DirectX 9 accelerated graphics with shaders up through Shader Model 2.0 on Windows XP guests.17:03
whysosovery nice !17:03
b3nwit also recompiles the modules for you on the fly after kernel update17:03
b3nwall gui17:03
whysosoFor Microsoft Virtual PC and Microsoft Virtual Server virtual machines, you now have the option of sharing the source virtual hard disk (.vhd) files.17:03
WGGMkme love you long time!17:04
alex-weejahhh managed to get kernel 24-15's headers off an old mirror yay17:06
alex-weeji can build my wifi driver again *g*17:06
cvd-prAny way to delete all things to an old user?17:07
protonchriscvd-pr: remove the users home directory17:08
WGGMkcvd-pr: as in the home directory?17:08
hyperaircan someone look into bug #18585417:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185854 in gnome-system-tools "Setting static IP in Network Settings doesn't produce correct data" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18585417:08
hyperairit's high, it's confirmed, but there doesn't seem to be any visible activity about it other than that the bug is confirmed17:08
sykelast night my kernel upgraded to 2.6.24-16, but X is now horked and kdm doesn't come up17:08
sykeanyone else see this problem?17:09
cvd-prCuz i copy the old /home to the new /Home and sometimes ubuntu or nautilus say 'cant not fins od user'17:09
sykeI have to boot back into the -15 kernel to be able to login at all17:09
Lynouresyke: I've heard the kernel upgrade caused problems to some nvidia proprietary driver users17:10
protonchrissyke: what version of linux-ubuntu-modules do you have installed?17:10
hyperairsyke: what graphic driver17:10
hyperairsyke: apt-cache policy nvidia-glx17:10
hyperaircheck your version17:10
syke  Installed: (none)17:11
syke  Candidate: 1:96.43.05+
syke  Version table:17:11
syke     1:96.43.05+ 017:11
hyperairnvidia-glx-new then17:11
hyperairplease just copy the version instaled17:11
hyperair"installed: "17:11
hyperairnot the whole output17:11
syke  Installed: 169.12+
hyperairapt-cache policy nvidia-glx-new17:11
hyperairhmm... seems to be correct17:12
sykewhat's weird to me is even the tty0 is inaccessible17:12
sykectrl+alt+f1 takes me to tty0, but a login prompt never appears17:13
hyperairblack screen?17:13
sykethere's some text from the boot process, but no interaction possible17:13
protonchrissyke: Does the startup get hung up when it is trying to load modules?17:13
hyperairthey messed up fbcon and vesafb again17:13
sykeprotonchris: no idea. I can login from my desktop machine, reboot this laptop into the -16 kernel and tell you what's going on exactly17:14
sykejust wanted to check to see if it was a known issue, first17:14
aNOOBisahi can anybody help me with an audio streaming problem?17:16
hyperairwhat kind of audio streaming problem?17:18
aNOOBisahi hyperair17:18
aNOOBisaI am not getting any sound on  my icecast server17:18
hyperairwhat's icecast17:18
unstablejoin #icecast17:19
aNOOBisaunstable that is where I am going at the moment but it seems its an audio problem from my source system17:19
aNOOBisaI get a perfect connection to icecast but there is just no sound no bytes transfered17:20
unstableaNOOBisa: are all the levels on alsamixer up, and nothing is muted with "MM"?17:21
unstableIf it's like that, try running alsaconf17:22
aNOOBisalet me check17:22
robc4anyone here running Hardy Server?17:23
aNOOBisaall levels are up and not muted17:23
Sergeant_PonyCan Hardy connect to a network wires and wireless at the same time?17:27
Sergeant_Ponyit can?17:27
hyperairyes it can17:27
LuckriderI haven't had it work, how do you do that?17:27
Sergeant_Ponyhmm... when I connect wireless it disconnects my wired conection17:27
Luckridersame here17:27
hyperairyour'e using networkmanager to connect right?17:28
hyperairlike the tray icon thing?17:28
hyperairi don't think it's possible with that17:28
hyperairbut using the manual network configuration it's certainly possible17:28
Luckriderhow do you do it then?17:28
Sergeant_Ponyit should be17:28
LynoureI vaguely think my kubuntu networkmanager has sometimes been in both, but not 100% sure17:28
hyperairbut _once_ bug  #185854 is fixed17:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185854 in gnome-system-tools "Setting static IP in Network Settings doesn't produce correct data" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18585417:28
Luckriderthat is a pain to bother with, I am to lazy to do that17:28
hyperairit's not really17:29
hyperairjust tick the checkboxes17:29
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots17:29
Sergeant_Ponywith a checkmark or dash?17:29
hyperairif need be just go into configuration17:30
Sergeant_Ponyif your setup like I am for roaming it won't take a checkmark17:30
Sergeant_Ponynetwork settings17:30
hyperairclick on it17:31
hyperairclick properties17:31
hyperairand uh17:31
hyperairdisable roaming mode17:31
hyperairand select DHCP17:31
Sergeant_PonyI connect to 2 different networks 1 at home and 1 at work... so I need to be in roaming mode17:32
Sergeant_Ponyotherwise I would have to have a profile for each location17:33
hyperairi see17:33
hyperairnot really17:33
hyperairyour wired connection...17:33
hyperairif you connect only through n-m, then DHCP for both would be fine17:34
Sergeant_PonyI'll give it a shot...17:34
hyperairin that case roaming for wireless, but not roaming for wired would be fine17:34
hyperairthen n-m will handle wireless17:34
hyperairbut not wired17:34
Sergeant_Ponyok.. it worked.. I'm on both now17:36
hyperairthat's nice17:36
hyperairplease pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces file17:36
Sergeant_Ponyok, 1 sec17:36
Luckriderdoes anyone have a link for Login Window themes?17:37
hyperairit's got everything17:37
Luckrider!pastebin Sergeant_Pony17:37
hyperairlogin window17:37
vita_hey guys how come when I am trying to update 8.04 I get6 that I can't install all updates17:37
Luckriderthanks Hyperair17:37
hyperairvita_: what is the method you're trying?17:38
LuckriderI think that is the site that I used for fiesty17:38
vita_use using update manager17:38
hyperairlike sudo "update-manager -d"?17:38
vita_no the gui17:38
hyperairvita_ did you touch your /etc/apt/sources.list file?17:39
vita_here is what I get17:39
hyperairhow far have you gone with the upgrade?17:40
vita_here is my source.liss17:40
vita_I have been updating since beta17:40
vita_I am getting this on two machine i use17:41
vita_that both have been runing hardy since beta17:41
bullgard4Is there a Hardy minimal CD available yet?17:41
bullgard4Is there a Hardy minimal CD image available yet?17:42
sailaway85Have a ati rad 2600hd card... wouldnt run most systems, only suse and ubuntu 4. Finally after a month of stable operation17:42
Keulehi there17:43
Keuledoes anybody having a problem after the last update?17:43
Keulejockey-gtk crashes17:44
hyperairwhat problem?17:44
hyperaireheheh i disabled jockey-gtk from starting up17:44
hyperairlooong ago17:44
sailaway85I had a crash last thur nite with new upgrades, but managed to get jockey fixed. Now I need help to get ati driver installed, without reinstalling the whole system..17:44
Keulei have nvidia17:44
hyperairum use jockey?17:44
Keulei cannot start restricted hardware blabla from graphical interface17:45
Keulesorry i cannot explain17:45
sailaway85hyperair I'm too green to know this. But Ill never go back to windows.17:46
Keulewhen i start it with the terminal... recongigure xserver-xorg - than i cant edit the graphical part - only the keyboard17:46
hyperairsailaway85: run "sudo dpkg --configure -a" and "sudo apt-get install -f"17:46
sailaway85Is there a stable driver for my ati card.. I can install from term iif I have to17:47
hyperairtry opening restricted driver manager17:47
hyperairi've no exp with ati cards sorry17:47
Keulehyperair: i did sudo dpkg --configure -a but i was scared of all the options... - im not the crack...17:47
didyhow do i automount my ntfs partitions with full read/write permission everytime i start ubuntu??17:47
hyperairKeule: what happened when you ran the command?17:48
sailaway85hyperair How do I rebbot if this crashes my system again17:48
DanaGaptitude is better with dependencies.17:48
Keulethe configure started17:48
DanaGapt-get install -f isn't as good.17:49
hyperairdidy: install pysdm and then use "storage device manager" to configure17:49
glaxoon hardy heron when doing an update / checking sources the following is received - "could not download all repository indexes" see http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62950/ for more details17:49
hyperairsailaway85: what do you mean by crash your system? it won't go down that easily..17:49
Keulewhen i start jockey-gtk from the terminal i get this one http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/175630/17:49
b3nwKeule - see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/+bug/21502717:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215027 in jockey "jockey-gtk crashed with AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'getSections'" [Undecided,Fix released]17:50
sailaway85hyperair I get blank screen or graphics with no text.17:50
hyperairglaxo: please post your /etc/apt/sources.list in pastebin.com and post the link here17:50
stefgglaxo: no security-updates for hardy now... it's still beta, so you can safely ignore that until release17:50
hyperairsailaway85: like a command prompt?17:50
glaxomany thanks17:51
Keuleubotu: is that a fix or a howto that may work.. :) ?17:51
Keuleok thanx i'll try17:52
stefgKeule: ubotu is the channel bot, and it's a known issue17:52
sailaway85ubotu I had the jockey prob too .. your advice worked17:52
Keulethx i saw it :) he answert me17:52
Keulehehe sometimes bots are better than real channel-users :D17:52
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!17:53
Keulethx guys!17:53
sailaway85hyper no a blank screen one time and a a blank with title bars but no text17:53
Raspberryanybody else testing MythTV on Hardy?17:54
hyperairsailaway85: sorry this probably is an ati specific issue, so i don't know17:55
darthanubisRaspberry, join that channel17:56
bullgard4Is there a Hardy minimal CD image available yet?17:56
sailaway85hyperair: I can live without 3d, the spped gain over windows makes up for it.17:56
IdleOnebullgard4: check ubuntu.com/testing17:56
darthanubisits called the server cd17:56
darthanubisbullgard4, server cd17:56
ubotuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD17:57
Keuleb3nw after the change - just reboot? or new logon?17:57
darthanubisor alt. cd17:57
sailaway85Is there zip/rar program i can use in graphics?17:57
orkunhey there - since last upgrade(everything clean upgraded as of now) emerald will not work anymore. i can either use compiz without window manager but including awn or use metacity(without the compiz stuff including awn) - what can i do?17:57
Keulethx i17:57
darthanubissailaway85, rephrase?17:57
hyperairorkun: install compiz-gnome17:58
orkunwhen i start "emerald --replace" i get a blank line and nothing happens17:58
hyperairorkun: gtk-window-decorator --replace17:58
Raspberrydarthanubis: so why did I join #ubuntu-mythtv to get told to file a bug report?17:58
orkunlet me try17:58
darthanubisRaspberry, to be in the appropriate channel?17:58
orkuninstalling compiz-gnome thanks for that17:58
Raspberrydarthanubis: seems like a waste of everybody's time17:59
sailaway857zip is command line on, Is there a program I can use on the desktop gnome17:59
darthanubisI still don't see a particular question17:59
hyperairsailaway85: installing 7zip gives support for 7z archives in GNOME's default archive manager17:59
darthanubisno reason to be pissy about the assist18:00
darthanubissailaway85, plenty, search apt18:00
darthanubissailaway85, squeeze comes to mind18:00
tomd123so I was prompted to do a distribution upgrade on 8.04beta (just installed), is this normal, usually I would just receive the update manager complaints.18:01
iMatterHow can i stop FF3 from saying this:"$Plugin Name" will not be installed because it does not provide secure updates18:01
iMatterif i dont install it from firefox site and instead download it then open with firefox it gives me that18:02
tomd123so did anyone else get the distribution upgrade in 8.04beta?18:02
sailaway85Sorry but Im new o ubuntu (1 month)  default archive manager?18:03
hyperairiMatter: wait a sec. i saw a method to do that before.. somewhere in about:config18:03
darthanubissailaway85, look in the menu under accessories18:04
didyubuntu rocks!!!18:04
darthanubissailaway85, it will clearly say, "archive manager"18:04
hyperairiMatter: go to about:config, add a boolean value "false".. name is "extensions.checkUpdateSecurity18:04
hyperairsailaway85: just double click on a 7zip file18:04
iMatterim not really good with about:config...18:04
iMatteri wouldnt know how to add one...18:05
hyperairiMatter: okay i'll guide you through..18:05
hyperairiMatter: first go to the location bar. type "about:config"18:05
iMatterIm that far :P18:05
hyperairiMatter: you should get something like "be careful this gun is loaded"18:05
iMatteryea i got that18:05
hyperairclick okay i'll be careful18:05
hyperairor something18:05
iMatterdid it18:05
hyperairin the filter18:05
hyperairtype "extensions.checkUpdateSecurity"18:06
hyperairdyou see anything?18:06
sailaway85hpyerair: archiver doesnt show 7zzip in it18:06
hyperairright click in the blank space18:06
hyperairiMatter: click new->boolean18:06
hyperairpreference name: extensions.checkUpdateSecurity18:07
bullgard4IdleOne, darthanubis :  Thank you for your information.18:07
hyperairwhat dyou see now?18:07
iMatterEnter boolean value18:08
darthanubisbullgard4, your welcome! :)18:08
iMatterfalse or true18:08
hyperairselect false18:08
sailaway85hyperair: archiver doesnt show 7zzip in it18:08
hyperairsailaway85: um try restarting? i'm not really sure. mine shows18:08
darthanubissailaway85, you will have to install it18:08
hyperairsailaway85: have you installed p7zip-full?18:08
iMatterOk did that18:08
iMatterthats all?18:09
darthanubisapt-cache search p7zip18:09
sailaway85darthanubis: I have installed it..18:09
darthanubisp7zip-full - 7z and 7za file archivers with high compression ratio18:09
darthanubisI doubt you have to reboot18:09
hyperairiMatter: i'm not sure if you have to restart firefox.18:09
sailaway85Thank to all ... I try18:09
hyperairiMatter: restart just to be safe. then try18:09
iMatterits there now ok restarting it18:10
iMatterhyperair: got same error again..18:11
valehruHey guys, I remember applying something to make gutsy resume from a suspend, however it seems to be completely broken now. Need to restart the computer after a suspend now in Heron. Any ideas?18:11
sailaway857zip full is installed, and the archiver is xarchiver. Get error when trying to decompress a rar file.18:12
hyperairiMatter: does your about:config show extensions.checkUpdateSecurity to be user set boolean, false?18:12
hyperairsailaway85: try using archive manager, gnome's one.18:13
hyperairiMatter: eh hmm @_@ let me google it18:14
Keuleis it possible to say an app - that there should be only one instance? for example.. skype ?18:14
sailaway85hyperair: by deinstalling xarchiver only?  .. what should be installed?18:14
darthanubissailaway85, p7zip-rar - non-free rar module for p7zip18:16
darthanubisuse synaptic18:16
darthanubisenable mutilverse and universe repositories18:16
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories18:16
hyperairsailaway85: just go to applications->accessories->archive manager18:16
didyonce again whats the url for ntfs???18:17
iMatterhyperair: It worked.....after i made the same value just backspaced the first letter so it filled the entire thing without a space18:17
sykeso, here's what happens18:17
iMatterthe prefrence name was Two spaces infront of the normal place18:18
sykeafter last night's kernel update, boot up tries to start X18:18
hyperairiMatter: could you do the same for extensions.checkCompatibility18:18
hyperairiMatter: set it to false also18:18
sailaway85hyperair: dont have archive manager just xarchiver?18:18
sykebut i get a gnome-looking dialog that says "cannot launch graphical configuration tool because displayconfig-gtk is not installed. Sorry, without this tool installed you must manually configure Xorg."18:18
Pirate_Huntercan opera browser be run in hardy if so how as it is not in synaptic?18:18
sykeno idea why I would be getting this dialog, but this appears to be the crux of the issue18:19
sykeno idea why it's a gnome dialog when I'm using kubuntu, either18:19
iMatterhyperair: isnt there a plugin so you can use older firefox plugins?18:19
hyperairiMatter: yes there is. look for nightly tester tools18:19
hyperairiMatter: i use that so i can use trunk and still use my plugins18:20
darthanubisPirate_Hunter, check Opera's site?18:20
hyperairsailaway85: just double click on a archive18:20
sykehyperair: any ideas?18:20
hyperairsailaway85: or right click on a group of files, right click, create archive, and choose 7z18:20
hyperairsyke: sudo apt-get install displayconfig-ggtk18:20
iMatterhyperair: that other prefrence is already set to false18:21
hyperairsyke: sudo apt-get install displayconfig-gtk18:21
Pirate_Hunterdarthanubis: will do so but the one they had last was for gutsy, since its a deb it should still work in hardy... I think but the prob is that it is for gutsy and not hardy18:21
sykewhy does it need this package at all?18:21
hti_proany exciting bugs currently devastating hardy beta??18:21
tiaxHi, is there no debootstrap script for hardy yet?18:21
hyperairiMatter: well you should install nightly tester tools, it gives you a button to make all your extensions "compatible"18:21
sykeit's only after last night's update that this is happening, and it doesn't make sense that i would need a gtk app on ths kubuntu system18:21
darthanubisPirate_Hunter, generally, there is no issue there18:21
quentusrex_What is volumeid, and do I need it?18:21
hyperairhti_pro: bug #18585418:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185854 in gnome-system-tools "Setting static IP in Network Settings doesn't produce correct data" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18585418:21
hyperairsyke: whooooops?18:21
quentusrex_My system wants to do a partial upgrade, and it'll give me the new kernel but remove volumeid.18:22
hyperairsyke: i'm not sure really. i've only ever used gnome18:22
sykeshould I chekc in #ubuntu-devel?18:22
hyperairsyke: as my primary i mean18:22
Pirate_Hunterdarthanubis: ok just making sure but it wouldnt be the first time installing gutsy .deb programs on hardy18:22
hyperairsyke: #ubuntu-devel isn't a support channel18:22
sailaway85I get error "archive type not supported" and 7zip is installed18:22
sykeyes, but they were helpful when there was no recourse in this channel18:22
hti_prohyperair: is that the only one18:23
darthanubisPirate_Hunter, you could always use their static "other" .deb18:23
hyperairsyke: you can try then, but it's kinda quiet there at the moment. =\18:23
darthanubisyou know, generic18:23
hyperairhti_pro: i'm sure there are others, but that's the one i'm most annoyed about18:23
hti_prohyperair: i wouldnt call that devastating but still very informative, I guess if i was a newb i should be worried18:23
didywhat's the best universal best of all codec for ubuntu??18:24
Pirate_Hunterdarthanubis: huh? static .deb 0_o where do i find that?18:24
hti_prohyperair: you can just add the <if> auto line back in right?18:24
hyperairhti_pro: i find it devastating that i can't use gnome network config utility without diving into the terminal and editing the fscked /etc/network/interfaces file myself18:24
hyperairhti_pro: "auto <ifname>"18:24
darthanubisPirate_Hunter, on the same Opera site where you find the Ubuntu package, look18:24
quentusrex_Does anyone know if volumeid is still needed???18:24
didywhat's the best universal best of all codec for ubuntu??18:24
hti_prohyperair: oh, I use dhcp anyway, so not much of an issue with me18:25
sailaway85hyperair: I get error "archive type not supported" and 7zip is installed18:25
hyperairquentusrex_: it got apt-get autoremove'd the other day so i think not18:25
Pirate_Hunterdarthanubis: oh yeha i have its already installed the latest for gutsy18:25
hyperairhti_pro: it happens to dhcp users too18:25
=== sourcode_ is now known as sourcode
hyperairhti_pro: unless you leave it to "roaming mode" and let networkmanager handle your network18:25
hti_prohyperair: getting ready to du an update but don't have a lot of time to work bugs out right now, If i leave my hardy mythtv box unusable my wife will have my testicles for dinner,  not the nice way18:26
darthanubisPirate_Hunter, I did not say anything about Gutsy18:26
darthanubisI said static18:26
hyperairsailaway85: dyou have p7zip-full?18:26
hyperairhti_pro: i hope for your sake there are no young kids in this channel18:26
darthanubis Static QT package18:27
=== Dannilionz is now known as Dannilion
hti_proi apologize to everyone, I should watch my language18:27
darthanubishti_pro, goto #ubuntu-mythtv18:27
darthanubisif you have not aalready18:27
hti_prodarthanubis: they are not too up for talking about hardy issues18:27
darthanubisthey are fine with hardy mythtv most certainly18:28
quentusrex_volumeid removal is intentional18:28
hti_proi get verbally assaulted for using a beta system18:28
Pirate_Hunterdarthanubis: kk you said install ubuntu static .deb i know18:28
hti_prothat is if anyone even talks18:28
sailaway85hyperair: yes 7zip full (just checked)18:28
hti_probut i will try again18:29
hyperairsailaway85: and you tried create archive and chose 7z?18:29
hyperairquentusrex_: if it was intentional then it isn't needed =D18:29
sailaway85hyperair: no just unpack an archive18:30
quentusrex_hyperair, volumeid was merged into udev18:30
hyperairsailaway85: right click, properties. see what file type it is?18:30
tylerflickI was told to go here for the issues with the ati driver crash on hardy18:30
quentusrex_so the old volumeid package is repetative.18:30
hyperairquentusrex_: whoops?18:31
Fritzel`kfind-kde4 just went up on the repo, I have kfind for kde3 installed yet it's not saying it'll uninstall it, should I uninstall it before letting the update run?18:31
hyperairFritzel: noneed18:31
hyperairFritzel: kde4 and kde3 can coexist18:31
Keulecan someone tell me what about gnome... i heard that QT and KDE should be standard and gnome dies...18:31
Fritzel`ok just making sure it wouldn't step on toes18:31
hti_prois there a summary page on launchpad listing current hardy bugs18:32
darthanubisKeule, huh?18:32
hyperairKeule: i like GNOME18:32
hyperairhti_pro: ubuntu bugs yes, but not hardy bugs18:32
=== crd1b is now known as crdlb
Keuleme too but i heard it - so i wanted to ask the developers18:33
darthanubisheard what?18:33
darthanubisfrom where?18:33
sailaway85hyperair: says format not supported18:33
hyperairKeule: imo GNOME is here to stay and won't die off anytime soon. so is KDE18:33
darthanubisnothing is dying18:33
hyperairsailaway85: right click on the archive and click properties!18:34
clarezoeMy firefox crashes when I print a webpage to a pdf file, I've asked help from mozilla, but one said I need to ask ubuntu first. I'm using ff3.0b518:34
darthanubisespecially not the two main DEs18:34
sailaway85hyperair: no reference to 7zip in dialog18:34
hyperairsailaway85: screenshot it and upload to somewhere... say http://imageshack.us18:34
darthanubisclarezoe, search google to see if there is a bug on the issue, if not, file one18:34
Keulehyperair:  i dont get you in the detail... gnome and kde will be developed in parallel....?18:35
ubotugnome is a project that provides two things: The GNOME desktop environment, an intuitive and attractive desktop for end-users, users, and the GNOME development platform, an extensive framework for building applications that integrate into the rest of the desktop.18:35
ubotuKeule: KDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . Latest KDE version is 3.5.8 for Gutsy and Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org for more information.18:35
hyperairKeule: yes that is right18:35
hyperairKeule: GNOME and KDE are two separate projects18:36
hyperairKeule: they will be developed separately, coexist on any given system, and both are here to stay18:36
Keuleyes yes - so QT does not have any effect.. cause its for all the plattforms (win, linux)18:36
Keulesorry for my bad english18:36
Daisuke_Laptopboth are good choices, it's entirely up to your own personal preference which one you use, however it should be noted that the ubuntu project is more geared toward gnome and is more integrated at this point, though that may change18:37
Daisuke_LaptopQT is just a graphics toolkit like GTK18:37
darthanubisLinux, is not dependent on QT18:37
Keulesure sure18:37
Keuleyes yes i understand18:37
hyperairqt is to kde as gtk is to gnome18:38
hyperairhti_pro: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=hardy&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.has_patch=&field.has_no_package=18:39
clarezoedarthanubis, I founda bug#203019, but no solution yet, it's ff3b4, should I report a new one?18:39
hyperairubuntu hardy has ff3b518:39
darthanubisclarezoe, nah, I'd just comment to that one18:39
hyperairwhat's the bug anyway?18:40
hyperairbug #20301918:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 203019 in xulrunner-1.9 "Firefox crashes on trying to print" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20301918:40
darthanubisclarezoe, obviously mention your using ffb518:40
hti_prothanks hyperair18:40
hyperairhti_pro: np18:40
clarezoedarthanubis, sure, hope it will be debugged soon18:41
darthanubisclarezoe, I'm sure it will18:41
clarezoedarthanubis, crossing my figures :)18:41
bertjeOk I did an update yesterday and now my pc wont boot anymore .... I have a dual boot and when I choose with grub an version with the kernel version *.14 it boots 15 en 16 just hangs ... before update 15 worked dfine ...18:42
symptomanyone know how to configure dual monitors with hardy?18:42
darthanubisbertje, it may be booting, but not getting anything on the monitor, thats happened to me18:43
hyperairsymptom: use the gui18:43
darthanubisbertje, just revert back to the working kernel, until another kernel comes out18:43
sykesymptom: use your graphics card's own control panel18:43
bertjei get the ubuntu "loading" screen and the loading bar just hangs18:43
sykeATI contorl panel for ATI, nvidia control panel for nvidia18:43
hyperairsymptom: there's a displayconfig-gtk also..18:43
hyperairsystem->administration->screens & Graphics18:44
symptomsyke, gutsy offered an ubuntu specific utility, but now its new and not recognizing my other monitor in hardy18:44
bertjewith reverting you mean just start the older versions ? and wait with updating again until a newer comes out18:44
T1m0thyI hate that GUI.18:44
hyperairsymptom: now its new? what dyou mean new18:44
sykesymptom: Mark Shuttleworth himself told me to use the native control panel for the gfx card18:44
bertjeI don't have to uninstall things or so ?18:44
symptomhyperair, there is a new one for hardy as apposed to gutsy18:45
hyperairsymptom: are you sure? looked the same to me18:45
hyperairscrap that18:45
hyperairi can't find it anymore18:45
hyperairwhere is it?18:45
darthanubisbertje, thats why its wise to keep at least an extra working kernel arround, like you have done:)18:45
symptomhyperair, haha... check under screen resolution18:46
* hyperair stares blankly18:46
Daisuke_Laptopit got nice :)18:48
symptomand its not recognizing my other monitor when i detect displays18:48
symptombut i used to use the natiive18:48
symptomone anyway18:48
hyperairsymptom: now isn't that nice? blargh18:48
symptomit is TOO simple18:49
hyperairwell just use the native one then18:49
symptomi dont like18:49
symptomi need complicated18:49
hyperairtoo darned simple18:49
symptomim confortable with complicated18:49
hyperairit doesn't even allow you to select your driver18:49
hyperairtotally wtf ><18:49
symptomdamn... not comfortable with spelling however18:49
TehUnii have a dell Poweredge 2900 w/ SAS 6i hardware raid 1. I'm also using mdadm for raid5 (controller doesn't support raid 5). I can boot w/ my raid1 array, but as soon as I plug in my other drives, it refuses to boot (hangs at usb controller detection). where should i start for troubleshooting18:49
symptomim gonna reinstall nvidia-settings18:49
symptomsyke, i should use nvidia-settings right?18:49
ClintegerI've downloaded Hardy, but I'm wondering how I can convert this iso to a DVD iso so I can burn it to a DVD+RW. This seems rather trivial, but when I burnt it previously using ImgBurn [i'm on XP], it didn't seem to burn the boot data.18:50
sykesymptom: yes, but make sure you're using the right one for your nvidia driver18:51
symptomright one what?18:51
hyperairnvidia-settings is fine18:51
Clintegeranyone know what to do?18:51
hyperairit's the same for all nvidia drivers18:51
hyperairClinteger: just download the DVD ISO and burn it straight18:51
Clintegeroh theres a dvdiso lmao18:52
hyperairClinteger: no tinkering needed18:52
hyperairClinteger: lmao18:52
Clintegerwell now I feel stupid haha18:52
os2macWell you ARE on XP ! ;)18:52
=== evalles_ is now known as keffie_jayx
Clintegeronly because linux fails on this HP18:53
os2macsorry dude...saw the shot and had to take it.18:53
Clintegerhyperair wheres this DVD ISO?18:53
hyperairClinteger: i'm not sure if beta releases have it18:54
Clintegeri can't find it for other release either :p18:54
rpedroplease,  can someone do a this test for me (WARNING: this could log you off abruptly): running compiz, start transmission, pick a torrent and open the details, got to 'peers' tab, resize the '%' column or any column should do. that should the dialogue resize too, which for a bug in compiz crashes my session and takes me to the login screen.18:54
xtknightClinteger, where here's a dvd daily http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/dvd/current/18:54
Clintegeroh. it seems to be only a daily build18:54
xtknightnah some other dvds for releases as well18:55
Clintegeryeah saw that too18:55
Clintegerwhich one's the latest beta using?18:55
xtknightdaily is newer than the latest btea18:55
hyperairClinteger: it doesn't matter which build you get, it'll just update itself to the daily anyway18:55
Clintegeryeah, thought so.18:55
Clintegerokay then lol18:55
xtknightdailies this week should be reliable18:55
xtknightwe're almost at RC18:55
hyperair12 days to final you mean18:55
Clintegeryeah heh18:56
hyperairand they _still_ haven't fixed bug #18585418:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185854 in gnome-system-tools "Setting static IP in Network Settings doesn't produce correct data" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18585418:57
VousDeuxI wonder if it would be possible to have my Kubuntu laptop act as a controller for Active Directory via ssh, so that I could direct my virtual machines to authenticate to the domain and get directory services while I am traveling.18:59
hyperairit is19:00
hyperairyou just gotta be creative19:00
hyperairit's possible to tunnel a HP JetDirect printer through SSH even.19:00
Daisuke_Laptophyperair: they haven't fixed bug #1 either... YET.19:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119:01
hyperairDaisuke_Laptop: well that can't be helped19:01
Daisuke_Laptopgetting there, slowly but surely :)19:01
sarixei'm having major problems with my ipod.  here's the story.  i was transferring some songs to the ipod, when i got several i/o errors.  gtkpod froze, so i killed it.  then i tried removing files, and got "this is a read only filesystem".  then i fsck.vfat it, and it found several errors, which it didn't fix no matter what.  kept saying "Leaving filesystem unchanged."  then i mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1, unplugged it, and ipod reset.  now ipod firmware still boots19:01
sarixe, says it's 0kb free, /dev/sdb1 doesn't show up even though /dev/sdb does, gparted says /dev/sdb is an 18gb volume without a disklabel (and crashes trying to set one).19:01
sarixeany help with that?19:02
Daisuke_Laptopthat's why i added in the yet.  i've gotten to a point where it's really easy to convince people to switch, they're tired of the viruses and spyware...19:02
VousDeuxWhat happens now is I can join the domain on a virtual machine while wired to the network, but I cannot transfer that relationship to the wireless interface.19:02
VousDeuxbut, if the domain controller were local it should not matter which interface is active19:02
owen1how to make a script available as an app from terminal19:12
tapaschmod +x the script19:12
TehUnichmod + x ?19:12
tapasadd a shebang19:12
tapasand put itin your PATH19:12
VousDeuxLikewise-Open looks hopeful :)19:12
tapasor alter the PATH to include the location of the script19:12
owen1tapas: how to alter path?19:13
darthanubisor use the full path inthe app pointer19:13
darthanubisyou really don't want to modify the PATH do you?19:13
darthanubisknock yourself out19:13
tapasi have a whole standard hierarchy here in /home/tapas/local19:14
tapasfor testing and of course ~/local/bin is in my PATH :)19:14
owen1darthanubis: i think it will be nice to put my scripts in one folder in home so it will be backed-up.19:14
owen1tapas: darthanubis : do i need to add /home/bin to the PATH19:15
owen1tapas: darthanubis (assuming /home/bin is my scripts folder)19:15
owen1darthanubis: what's wrong with adding this folder to PATH?19:16
darthanubisI personally avoid altering my PATH, just to get some programs to conviently run from cli19:16
darthanubismost of the cli cmds I use, are in PATH already19:17
owen1darthanubis: what is cli19:17
darthanubisif they aren't, I just cd19:17
darthanubiscommand line interface19:18
LetterRiphi all just fyi - a recent update apparently doesn't keep my wireless driver configuration19:18
LetterRipso have to use an older kernel config19:18
owen1darthanubis: but it's nice to hit alt+F219:18
LetterRipalso i had to reconfigure my screen resolution and such19:18
darthanubisLetterRip, should not have to use an older kernel, should pnly have to update the configuration19:18
LetterRipdarthanubis - well i didn't want to fight things for half an hour trying to figure it out19:19
darthanubisowen1, you can give the full path in alt+f2 as well19:19
LetterRipdarthanubis, i don't see why it wouldn't autoupdate the configuration info based on previous configs19:19
owen1darthanubis: yes, but if it's an app that u use daily u want to save typing19:20
darthanubisowen1, then I'd create a laauncher19:20
owen1darthanubis: and for non-geeks its not even a question.19:20
owen1darthanubis: what is it?19:21
darthanubisa launcher?19:21
owen1darthanubis: yes19:21
darthanubisits in winspeak a shortcut19:21
VousDeuxrats, no #likewise-open chatroom on here19:21
owen1darthanubis: but i don't want to clutter my desktop. and i don't want mouse movements. it's faster to hit alt+F2.19:22
darthanubisowen1, who said anything about littering the desktop?19:24
BeastmastaWhen i download and install 8.04, will it update itself when the release comes out? Or will i have to download the ISO's again?19:24
owen1darthanubis: a launcher is on desktop/panel?19:24
darthanubisits wherever you put it19:24
darthanubisBeastmasta, lol, it will tell you when to update19:24
owen1darthanubis: correct. i prefer to use the keyboard than the mouse.19:25
darthanubisBeastmasta, you'll only "have" to download the ISO if your anal19:25
Pirate_Hunterwhy doesnt hardy open .rar files by default?19:25
darthanubisowen1, whatever19:25
xtknightPirate_Hunter, rar is a proprietary format, but you can get support by typing sudo apt-get install unrar-free19:25
xtknight!info unrar-free19:25
ubotuunrar-free (source: unrar-free): Unarchiver for .rar files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.0.1+cvs20070515-1 (hardy), package size 40 kB, installed size 124 kB19:26
uboturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free19:26
Beastmastaso, it'll all update even to the 9.x version eventually?19:26
owen1darthanubis: it's just a preference. don't get upset (-:19:26
darthanubisxtknight, that was quick19:26
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: oh didt kno that i was sure gutsy allowed it by default but could be wrong19:26
xtknightPirate_Hunter, oh, don't think so19:26
darthanubisowen1, dude, that meant, whatever, as in do what you need to, its not a concern of mine...19:26
owen1darthanubis: got it..19:27
xtknightanyone here use vmware with GNOME?  has issues (keyboard keymap gets messed, ctrl/shift dont work).  w/ KDE4 and libgtk1.2 it works fine :|19:27
xtknightkde4 works better w/ gnome apps than gnome does, this is a little sad19:28
xtknighti have had zero issues using vmware under kde4, the maximize button works all the time, keymap is fine, it's fast19:29
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: after i installl it how do i use it, it doesnt pickup the rar file automatically19:29
xtknightPirate_Hunter, you should just be able to right click and extract after installing unrar-free19:29
xtknight!info unrar19:29
ubotuunrar (source: unrar-nonfree): Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:3.7.8-1 (hardy), package size 94 kB, installed size 240 kB19:29
xtknightor maybe you need 'unrar', i don't know19:30
xtknightfile-roller should also make use of it.  just double lcick the rar file19:30
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: nope not working it says file not supported whihc is a lie19:30
xtknightPirate_Hunter, file-roller says this or nautilus does not recognize .rar?19:31
xtknightnautilus is the file browser(Explorer) while file-roller is a winzip that comes up19:31
xtknightother words, is the .rar file even associated with file-roller?19:31
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: not sure but something doesn't19:31
xtknightPirate_Hunter, press alt f2 and type file-roller "/path/to/rar/file"19:32
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: archive manager dont recognise it and right click ectract dont work19:32
xtknightPirate_Hunter, you installed unrar-free?19:32
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: yup19:33
darthanubisPirate_Hunter, did you enable the multiverse and universe repos?19:33
darthanubisinstall unrar?19:33
xtknightPirate_Hunter, let me see if i have any rar files lying around19:33
xtknightPirate_Hunter, hell it works for me by default and i dont even know what i did19:33
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: it lies i know they are working19:33
darthanubismine has always worked19:34
xtknightPirate_Hunter, i have unrar, not unrar-free though.  i think i installed ubuntu-restricted-extras19:34
xtknightyea that was it.19:34
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: non of my rar files work :919:34
xtknightread up19:34
darthanubis^^^always great advice19:34
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: you mean the question is the rar file even associated with fith file roller? if that is it i dont know, how do i check19:35
xtknightPirate_Hunter, dont worry aobut it man19:35
xtknightPirate_Hunter, sudo apt-get remove unrar-free && sudo apt-get install unrar19:35
xtknightThe free program unrar-free, in the universe repository, supports rar up to version 2.19:35
xtknightTo add support for rar version 3, install the unrar package from the multiverse repository (AddingRepositoriesHowto).19:35
xtknightyou have a rar v319:35
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: ok but this are just simple file no need for version 3 and now i will check if it works19:36
xtknightPirate_Hunter, how do you know they aren't version 3??19:36
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: ok but this are just simple file no need for version 3 and now i will check if it works it orks it works19:37
xtknighti think they probably were19:37
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: I dont but it works it works thanx thanx a lot19:37
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: out of curiosity how do i find out if they are version 319:37
xtknightPirate_Hunter, probably "file asdf.rar"19:37
Raspberryhow can I run something sudo'd as another user if I don't know that user's password, but I'd su'd in as them from a "sudo su username" command?19:38
Pirate_Hunterxtknight: ok19:38
xtknight RAR archive data, v1d, os: Win3219:38
kane77is it a fact that amarok doesn't work very well in hardy?19:38
xtknightkane77, not sure what you mean?19:38
xtknightRaspberry, ??19:38
* xtknight 's brain hurts19:38
Raspberryi need to open the control panel as another user19:38
xtknightRaspberry, "su username".  then once you're there, sudo ctrlpanel19:39
xtknighti guess19:39
kane77xtknight, or maybe it is xine that's not right.. I get xine errors quite often... and it is unable to play using pulse audio...19:39
Raspberrybecause it asks me for their password then :)19:39
xtknightRaspberry, well you need their pw to run a prog as them19:39
kane77xtknight, I mean messages like this: "xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers"19:39
darthanubiskane77, pulseaudio must be running, and xine must have a pulse audio plugin19:39
Raspberryit's a system account so ubuntu set the password19:40
darthanubis!pulseaudio |kane7719:40
ubotukane77: PulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions19:40
_Rambaldi_my vlc often loses sound, and i have to restart to get sound. other app do work. how do i fix this19:40
xtknightRaspberry, well what are you trying to do overall?  this seems awfully cumbersome to me :p19:40
xtknightkane77, i dont know but i've had amarok give me errors about ESD19:41
darthanubis_Rambaldi_, I noticed that as well, but have not looked into it, as I found it minor and infrequent. But I would start by searching google for a bug file on the matter19:41
xtknightworked tho19:41
owen1PATH=$PATH:/home/oren/bin   will it add bin or will it override the path?19:41
darthanubisI just swithced to mplayer19:41
xtknightowen1, that adds bin temporarily19:41
Raspberryxtknight: I'm running mythtv -- and I upgraded to hardy -- since the upgrade the mythtv user has the screensaver enabled... so in th emiddle of watching a show the screensaver turns on19:42
kane77darthanubis, hmm the thing is the !pulseaudio and the wiki entry shows how to install in gutsy, I'm running hardy19:42
owen1xtknight: how do i make it permanent19:42
darthanubiskane77, its applicable19:42
xtknightowen1,  export PATH=$PATH:/home/oren/bin is permanent for the whole bash session, but otherwise to make it fully permanent you need to add export.. to end of ~/.bashrc19:42
Raspberryxtknight: so I want to log in under the mythtv account and run the gnome ocntrol panel as well as run some other apps and set some parameters19:42
owen1xtknight: export PATH19:43
darthanubiskane77, I have two Hardy boxes. One was a clean install, pulse was not enabled by default. I followed that wiki to get it working.19:43
xtknightRaspberry, so you dont know pw of mythtv?  passwd mythtv19:43
owen1xtknight: or do i have to edit bashrc?19:43
xtknightand set one?19:43
xtknighti guess19:43
xtknightowen1, depends on what you want to do19:43
_Rambaldi_do you also find that you cant play 2 sound sources darthanubis , i like vlc coz of te 400% sound applifing19:43
owen1xtknight: change it forever.19:43
kane77darthanubis, but I mean it is already installed and apps are using it (if I show pavucontrol it shows audio sources etc..), but not in amarok...19:44
Raspberryxtknight: I belivee if I change that password it will screw up other things19:44
owen1xtknight: why would anyone want it for current session?19:44
xtknightowen1, because less risk of screwing other things up19:44
xtknightowen1, please see https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/193119:44
darthanubis_Rambaldi_, no, but not sure I know what you mean, two simulataneous sound sources, in one or two instances of vlc?19:44
owen1xtknight: your link doesn't work19:45
darthanubiskane77, I don't use amarok, but see if there is a pulse plugin for it. #kubuntu, may have more info on the matter as well?19:45
xtknightworks here?19:45
_Rambaldi_for instance i am playing a song on rhythmbox and pause to play sound, it does not work, until i close rhythmbox19:45
ZambeziAnyone with chanop? I want to ask a question in PM quickly (not regarding abuse).19:45
xtknightRaspberry, so you want to run a program as another user's sudo without knowing their pw19:45
darthanubis_Rambaldi_, have not noticed that19:45
Raspberryxtknight: yeah19:46
_Rambaldi_nevermind, its vlc that does not work unless its the only app playing sound. darthanubis  did not realise i use it that much19:46
Raspberryxtknight: because i'm suing into their account as root -- I support I could add them to the visudo list19:46
xtknightRaspberry, sudo -H -s -u mythtv19:46
xtknightfrom you reg. acct19:46
amortvigilhey does anyone have or know a good tutorial for starting with anjuta and ( gtk / glade c++ programming )19:46
xtknightwell hmm this opens $ prompt only19:46
xtknightRaspberry, sorry i dont really know, try asking in #linux19:49
darthanubisamortvigil, google19:49
darthanubis_Rambaldi_, I can play sound from vlc and other apps simulatneously19:49
amortvigildarthanubis: It isnt that easy to find a good tutorial there19:49
darthanubisamortvigil, one sec19:49
amortvigildarthanubis: It isnt that easy to find a good tutorial there for the subject i asked19:49
_Rambaldi_i am going to reinstall vlc19:49
Raspberryxtknight: :)  thanks -- the problem is I need to sudo from their account .. it's a mess19:50
Raspberryxtknight: welcome to BETA :D19:50
darthanubisamortvigil, http://www.micahcarrick.com/03-02-2006/gnome-programming-tutorial.html19:50
xtknightRaspberry, maybe you could try sudo -H -s on regular acct, and then USER=mythtv control-panel-you-want19:50
xtknighti dont know about that though19:50
xtknightRaspberry, yeah did you get my last msg about USER=?  lagged a little.19:51
Raspberryxtknight: i'll give that a shot19:51
amortvigildarthanubis: wow how cool! with what search command did you find??? this is sow awesome thanx19:52
darthanubisamortvigil, http://www.google.com/search?aq=f&hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=com.ubuntu%3Aen-US%3Aunofficial&hs=Lqk&q=anjuta+gtk+glade+c%2B%2B+programming+tutorial&btnG=Search19:53
darthanubisamortvigil, anjuta gtk glade c++ programming tutorial19:53
amortvigilcool thank you19:53
xtknightRaspberry, nah i dont' think that'll work actually.19:54
nemocompiz is missing chrome after last update.19:56
nemowhat package would I install for that under ubuntu?19:57
nemowould prefer to avoid emerald19:57
nemo$ ccsm19:57
nemolibccs: dlopen: /usr/lib/compizconfig/backends/libgconf.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:57
nemohm. that's not good19:57
nemocould explain what happened19:58
xtknight!search libgconf.so19:58
xtknight!info compizconfig-backend-gconf | nemo maybe this is it19:59
VousDeuxwell, it may just be that I'm a glutten for punishment, but I'm going to go ahead and install KDE4 too.19:59
ubotunemo maybe this is it: compizconfig-backend-gconf (source: compizconfig-backend-gconf): Settings library for plugins - OpenCompositing Project. In component main, is extra. Version 0.7.4-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 27 kB, installed size 128 kB19:59
xtknightim using kde4 now19:59
nemoxtknight: that did it. thanks19:59
nemolast update musta clobbered things19:59
nemoxtknight: KDE4 is on my gentoo box19:59
xtknightnemo: works better for many of my gnome apps even20:00
nemothey rearranged things. frig20:00
nemoI wonder if there's been a package reorg20:00
xtknighti'd reinstall compiz,compiz-gnome20:00
xtknightand remove *compiz* before that20:00
nemo/usr/bin/compiz.real (core) - Error: Couldn't load plugin 'imgjpeg'20:01
marex_v2hi, I have a sony vaio SZ61WN notebook, somehow my headset audio output doesn't seem to work. any ideas?20:15
=== fdd_0 is now known as fdd
binarical-apphows hardy comming along20:21
xtknightbinarical-app, great20:21
binarical-appcool im really happy to hear that, cause i just spent 4 days infront of a terminal installing gentoo without sucess20:22
xtknighti've been there20:22
xtknightexcept 4 hours not 4 days :p20:22
xtknightbut still no success20:22
binarical-appdo you know if xmodmap got fixed? it was being buggy with key repetition ....20:23
xtknighti don't know you can look on launchpad https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/+bugs?field.searchtext=xmodmap&search=Search+Bug+Reports&field.scope=all&field.scope.target=20:23
binarical-appyeah someone said it would be easyer to use a 32 bit via xen on a home baked kernel for a 64 system20:23
binarical-appi guess i shall shoot that one in out beloved ubuntu20:24
binarical-appthanks xtknight20:24
xtknighti just use vmware for virtualization20:25
xtknight(xp64 under linux64)20:25
xtknightand sometimes gutsy/feisty guests for building packages20:26
binarical-appim specifly trying to get win nt which is 32 bit to run on a 64 bit dulie20:26
binarical-appthe users are not supposed to know anything about linux20:27
binarical-appall windoze20:27
xtknighti think for xen you need virt extensions on cpu to run windows.  for vmware, you do not need them20:27
xtknightfullscreen vmware kiosk is a good idea i'd say20:27
xtknightor virtualbox.  that works for 32bit guests, maybe even faster than vmware.  neither use cpu virt extensions because cpu virt is slower right now.20:28
xtknightvirtualbox has an opensource edition that supports most things20:28
xtknighti believe both support snapshots, so, you know, if they mess something up..20:28
xtknightsure beats System Restore heh20:28
binarical-apphey have you ever given the min inst *untu cd a shot?20:29
xtknightbinarical-app, nope i have only done alternate20:30
rinaldi_anyone use pcsx? i can't get a mounted iso file to run... it says its not a playstation format disc20:30
binarical-appim sorry, i dont use play station formats20:30
=== mrigns_ is now known as mrigns
* binarical-app shall return shortly20:32
dubbyhey hardy, Im having a little trouble with compiz, I have had hardy for about a week and a half now, and compiz has been working great and i loved it, but yesterday there was a synaptic update, now compiz does not work and the settings manager cannot install unless i remove compiz core.. which makes either useless...20:36
tapashm flash stopped making sound here20:38
tapasall other sound still works..20:39
dubbytapas make sure some other application has taken over control of sound20:39
tapasall other apps produce sound just fine.20:39
tapasmplayer, amarok, kaffeine, etc.. let's try speaker-test :)20:39
dubbyyeah but those other apps may be the reason that the sound isn't working20:40
tapashmm, nice sweet white noise20:40
tapasno other app using the sound device (verified using fuser) besides jackd on my delta6620:42
tapasthe emu10k1 (sb live) is totally idle20:42
coz_I am guessing you guys are aware that the recent updates has broken several plugins in compiz fujsion/20:43
dubbyI am...20:43
coz_yep they will not enable20:44
Sergeant_Ponymy hardware drivers is broken20:44
dubbywell mine enables it just, removes the top window bar and everything is at the very top left of the screen20:44
dubbybut looking there are some more updates today for compiz20:44
dubbymaybe they fixed it today or tomorrow20:44
WGGMkOk, so reinstalled today from yesterdays daily build (amd64) and installed GFXBoot Grub from Synaptic Package Manager and can not get it to use the graphic. I have my machine set with an LVM partition and tried using "gfxmenu /boot/grub/......etc" and "gfxmenu /grub/....etc" but nothing seems to work. I dont get any error or any text display, it just boots like I never changed anything to grub20:45
coz_dubby,  I just updated about then minutes ago  unless there are mor eon the way20:45
what_the_deuceHi. Compiz is giving me a strange graphic glitch since I have installed the beta. It appears that the display isn't refreshing properly, and there is a clear line down the middle of the screen20:45
coz_ten minutes20:45
what_the_deucethis occurs when using animations and effects, and when watching youtube videos20:45
dubbynope your right20:46
dubbytoday compiz broke20:46
dubbywhy fix something that wasn't broke...20:46
Sergeant_Ponyhow can I tell if mine is broke?20:46
dubbywell are you running compiz?20:47
Sergeant_PonyI am20:47
WGGMkcompiz is working fine but a lil sluggish from the updates20:47
tapashmm, indeed pulseaudio was "in the way"20:48
tapaswhy did it evade my search for processes hogging the sound device? hrmpf20:48
dubbysystem->preferences->appearances->Visual Effects->Extra, if everything feels like compiz, its probably compiz, the ccsm doesn't change and my box does not work either20:49
dubbythat makes me sad panda20:51
DanaGWTF?  Sat Apr 12 12:51:17 2008: GStreamer encountered a general resource error.20:51
DanaGTrying to play stuff in quodlibet.20:52
Sergeant_Ponycompiz barfed20:53
=== Latty is now known as Lattyware
tapasand yeah, gnome-appearance-properties like to eat 100% cpu for extended amount s of time (until i kill it)20:56
dubbyok everyone here, go to synaptic, and install compiz...20:57
dubbyit got uninstalled for me20:57
dubbythe only thing left is the compiz-fusion plugins20:57
dooglushow do I enable compiz?20:59
dubbysystem->preferences->appearances->Visual Effects->Extra20:59
WGGMkWhy did they take out the simple-ccsm from apperance menu?21:00
dooglusit says "the composite extension is not available" and then "sorry, the program "jockey-gtk" closed unexpectedly"21:01
jimmygoonhow do  i convince nautlius/gedit that my file is not binary?21:01
DanaGArgh, every 5 seconds.... my external drive goes SHHHCLICK21:01
DanaGBesides the wear issues, that sound is going to drive me batty.21:01
dooglusDanaG: mine used to do that too.  after 24 hours of doing so, the drive died.21:01
olyhi, is anyone able to tell me what i need to install in gutsy to get xml.dom.ext library for python21:01
DanaGIt's repeatedly loading and unloading the drive heads.21:01
dooglusDanaG: I sent it back to the manufacturer, they replaced the drive, and now when it starts happening, I reboot.21:02
olyi can import xml.dom but not xml.dom.ext21:02
dubbyoly thats for #ubuntu21:02
dooglusDanaG: there's a very long bug report about the problem21:02
olyi am using hardy,21:02
olyguessing its moved into another package or something21:02
DanaGAAgh, I'm going to go insane if I keep hearing that ******* clicking noise.21:02
olydont remember needing anything special before to use it21:02
WGGMkDanaG open the drive and leave it open then21:03
dooglusDanaG: don't worry, you won't be hearing it for long.21:03
DanaGI'm playing stuff from it with QuodLibet.21:03
dubby(04:01:48 PM) oly: hi, is anyone able to tell me what i need to install in gutsy to get xml.dom.ext library for python21:03
dooglusDanaG: read this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/5969521:03
olyah, sorry wrote wrong version :p21:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 59695 in suse "High frequency of load/unload cycles on some hard disks may shorten lifetime" [Unknown,In progress]21:03
olyi am using hardy,21:03
* jimmygoon can't help but laught21:04
dubbyok well which packet did you get xml.dom in?21:04
albert24oly: It's in python-xml, but you have to set the system path to use python-xml now.21:04
WGGMkHas anyone else tried GFX Boot Grub in Hardy yet?21:04
DanaGHandy tip: install wmhdplop.21:04
dooglusDanaG: try: "sudo hdparm -B 255 /dev/sda"21:04
DanaGIt's not my internal drive; it's a firewire drive.21:04
dubbydarn 14 seconds too slow21:04
DanaGThus, I can't do anything to its APM settings.21:05
olyi have python-xml installed and import xml.dom works but import xml.dom.ext deos not21:05
DanaGI fixed my Hitachi internal drive by using Ultimate Boot CD -- use Hitachi Feature Tool to actually change the drive's semipermanent defaults, not just the runtime settings.21:05
dubbyok how do i change from 2 to 4 workspaces, and the little bar prefences telling it 4 columns isn't working21:05
olyso do i need to add something to system path just for the ext part ?21:05
olyjust seems a bit odd21:06
albert24oly: sys.path.append('/usr/lib/python%s/site-packages/oldxml' % sys.version[:3]) before you import from python-xml21:06
olyokay, thanks albert24 will try that out21:06
didyhow do i install KDE on ubuntu please??21:07
DanaGSat Apr 12 13:07:56 2008: GStreamer encountered a general resource error.21:08
DanaGHandy hint: mount stuff with commit=300 parameter -- that sets journal time to 5 minutes.21:09
DanaGDevice hw:1 doesn't support sample format float32le, changed to s16le.21:12
DanaGSo much for Audigy doing 24-bit audio.21:12
DanaGDOesn't do float32le or s24le or s24_3le.21:12
DanaGThe default commit interval of 5 seconds is rather insane.21:13
DanaGIf it's going to be that short, it might as well be zero or one -- at least that'd let the damn thing stop clicking.21:14
Ayabarahey. when I enable the nvidia driver on my dell xps m1530 and reboot, I only get low graphics mode.21:14
=== dubby is now known as dubbydubby
didywill there be any conflict if i use kubuntu desktop on ubuntu??21:15
=== dubbydubby is now known as dubby
IdleOnedidy: no conflict besides your menus being all mixed up21:15
IdleOnewith kubuntu and ubuntu apps21:16
IdleOneand the is no easy way of undoing it21:16
savvasThe following packages have unmet dependencies: initramfs-tools: Depends: volumeid but it is not installable grub: Depends: volumeid but it is not installable21:16
savvasit's been 2 days now i think21:16
dubbydidy please stop spamming all the channels with the same question21:16
dubbylol jk i have done it as well be4 , im such a hypocrate21:17
AyabaraI got the same result when I dowloaded the driver from nvidias site and installed it. low graphics mode all the way. if I disable the driver, I still only get low graphics, until I restore a backup of the original xorg.conf21:18
dubbywow, I usually hear of the issues being ati not nvidia21:18
inspired12hello, I have been having a problem at boot that sends me to the busybox thing21:20
tapasyou know something is wrong with the scheduler if it's not possible to playback a movie at the same time of an apt-get upgrade21:20
inspired12its a fresh instal of hardy, and it was working before. Im not sure why its dropping out now21:20
inspired12anyone have experience with this?21:20
tiaxHi, is there no debootstrap script for hardy yet?21:21
tapasinspired12: try editing the boot parameters to show all messages21:21
inspired12tapas: how do i go about that?21:21
tapaswhen in grub press e to edit the entries21:22
tapassomething like splash and quiet21:22
inspired12that sounds like something i read earlier in a forum, but i am at a loss still21:23
dwidmannis it me or is the elinks package(s) messed up in hardy?21:24
DanaGSoft CPU time limit exhausted, terminating.21:25
DanaGI: main.c: Daemon shutdown initiated.21:25
DanaGAah, so THAT's why audio apps keep randomly breaking.21:25
DanaGPulseAudio randomly decides to quit.21:25
alastair_So these special desktop effects look a lot like Beryl. Are they, in fact, Beryl but integrated, and if so, where are the options?21:25
esoxHi, I've noticed some stuff about running jack. From gutsy (2.6.22 RT kernel) to hardy (2.6.24 RT kernel), jack with FFADO/firewire driver gained lots of CPU usage (from around 10% to around 6 %). But it lost in stability, I mean loss of sync are more often21:26
dwidmannalastair_: compiz and  beryl remerged and called it compiz-fusion, that's probably what you're looking at right now21:26
tovellaalastair_: i think the compiz and beryl have merged .21:26
Ayabaraanyone else with hardy and a laptop with an nvidia card here?21:26
DanaGHmm, new scheduler does seem to suck with audio.21:26
alastair_I just went system ->preferences -> appearance -> visual effects and put it on max21:27
alastair_like the internet said :P21:27
alastair_The thing is I don't like compiz-fusion because of the lack of the things I liked about beryl21:27
tovellaalastair_: you might try using emerald - Decorator for compiz-fusion.21:28
DanaGsudo btrace /dev/sdb21:29
DanaGBLKTRACESETUP: No such file or directory21:29
DanaGFailed to start trace on /dev/sdb21:29
DanaGNo such file or directory?  Whaaa?21:29
alastair_:) E.g. 3D windows21:30
alastair_k I'll investigate C-F updates21:30
Jaymacalastair_: have you installed all of the compiz-fusion plugins?21:30
alastair_yep. Last I tried the 3D windows was in a weird development build that was horribly slow21:31
alastair_That is, 3D windows made it horribly slow.21:31
penhow to change the bootsplash21:32
DanaGorg.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.InvalidMountOption : The option 'commit=900' is not allowed for uid=100021:32
didyhow do i uninstall kde :P21:33
VousDeuxDoes anyone know if there is a way to have an ssh tunnel appear as if it were a nic?21:33
DanaGHow do I change the mount option?21:33
JaymacDanaG: does that line appear in your /etc/fstab?21:33
DanaGIn my properties for the volume on the desktop -- it's a removable volume.21:34
AyabaraIs xorg.conf is much simpler than before in Hardy.?21:34
JaymacAyabara: mine seems considerably shorter21:35
DanaGI set it there to get rid of that godawful SSHCLICK......SSHCLICK......SSHCLICK......SSHCLICK......SSHCLICK......SSHCLICK......21:35
AyabaraJaymac: same here. I thought I'd try to look for obvious errors in my nVidia driver setup, but it's almost no options in there anymore :-)21:36
DanaGOh, and PulseAudio keeps randomly "calling it quits" for some reason.21:36
ryanzecmy wireless card not not work in 8.04 but works fine in 7.10.  in 7.10 it comes up as a restricted driver(Intel(r) PRO/Wireless 3945 Network connection driver for Linux) but that does not come up in 8.04, anyone know why?21:38
tovellaalastair_: if you install "compizconfig-settings-manager", you will see a nice graphical way to configure all the "Advanced Desktop Effects Settings".21:38
Jaymacryanzec: yes, it now uses the free iwl3945 driver21:39
alastair_tovella: I am indeed doing it the old-fashioned way, cheers21:39
Jaymacryanzec:  I have the same wireless card... it has worked perfectly since i installed the linux-backports module21:39
alastair_I was just wondering why the nice user-friendly GUI way of doing it doesn't actually do it fully.21:39
alastair_Since we're in beta I might mention that it would be a good idea21:40
ryanzecjaymac how do i install those?21:40
Jaymacryanzec: I also upgraded to network-manager 0.7 from ppa but i don't think that made a difference21:40
DanaGDAMN IT!  Stop killing my hard drive, stupid jounal!21:40
tovellaalastair_: ...then you will see "Advanced Desktop Effects Settings", under "System > Preferences".21:40
KrimZoni'm about to use lvpm to move my wubi install of 8.04 onto a proper partition, but when i run it it says "You are running LVPM on a host installation. You must run it on a loopmounted install." - does anyone know what's wrong?21:40
Jaymacryanzec: search for it in synaptic... although maybe our symptoms are different.. i could see all of the networks, i got prompted for passwords, but it never got past the handshake - is that your problem too?21:40
alastair_But if compiz-fusion is (apparently) preinstalled as an option, then shouldn't the settings for it also be installed?21:40
KrimZonbearing in mind that this is from within the wubi installation21:40
ryanzeci can not see any networks21:41
Jaymacalastair_: there are default options available through the appearances applet... ccsm is quite cluttered21:41
tovellaalastair_: agreed, it should, but "compizconfig-settings-manager" is NOT installed by default.21:41
KrimZonryanzec: what kernel are you running at the moment?21:41
Jaymacryanzec: well, i installed linux-backports-modules-`uname -r`21:42
DanaGOkay, that's odd.... the thing that was causing PulseAudio to die was a 22050Hz stream.21:42
alastair_Jaymac: the appearances applet doesn't seem to have any options for the advanced effects - options I'm used to as a previous beryl and compiz user. Although I agree ccsm is cluttered.21:42
alastair_still, it seems like an easy-to-google answer for people who haven't used it before21:42
Jaymacalastair_: you have the option of default effects, or extra effects.21:42
DanaG!info compizconfig-settings-manager21:42
ubotucompizconfig-settings-manager (source: compizconfig-settings-manager): Compiz configuration settings manager. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.7.4-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 594 kB, installed size 3928 kB21:43
alastair_Jaymac: yes but if I turn extra effects on I don't get options for them, this is all I was saying21:43
alastair_Unless I install this package21:44
Jaymacalastair_: then i agree.. :)21:44
alastair_Which I can't because I'm updating ><21:44
Jaymacthere is a simple-ccsm being worked on, which is available too..21:44
alastair_Note to self: beta = upgrades21:44
ryanzecKrimZon: i can't remember i believe the lastest one(i know i have 2 installed) i think it end with .4521:44
alastair_okidoke, I just piped up early then21:44
bjwebbim trying to help debug21:44
bjwebbwhat exactly are debug symbols? (i know how to get them)21:45
DanaGwtf?  org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.InvalidMountOption : The option 'commit=900' is not allowed for uid=021:45
DanaGSince when is root not allowed to set mount options for removable devices?21:45
didywell on ubuntu, how do i remove/uninstall for eg an application with ALL RELATED components that come with it to ensure a FULL/COMPLETE uninstallation??21:45
Jaymacdidy: doesn't the purge flag do that?21:45
Jaymacsudo apt-get purge application21:45
KrimZonryanzec: its just that i had that problem during alpha with one of the updates not supporting it, but later it was supported again21:46
didyon synaptic?21:46
Jaymacdidy: i guess it's the equivalent of complete removal21:46
didycan it be done on synaptic??21:46
ryanzeckrizon, i will try the older kernal and see if that helps.21:47
Jaymacdidy: right click on your program and select complete removal21:47
Jaymacdidy: that will remove all configuration files etc21:47
IdleOneJaymac: he is trying to uninsall kubuntu-desktop.21:47
didyno complete removal....21:48
Jaymacif you remove kubuntu-desktop and then do a sudo apt-get autoremove will it get rid of all kubuntu components?21:48
didyyeah kde and in general applications... how do i make sure i do a complete uninstallation and not just 1 component21:48
IdleOneJaymac: nope21:48
IdleOnehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=526193 Jaymac didy check out this link21:49
Jaymacthis is why people use aptitude :)21:49
JaymacActually, because kubuntu-desktop is a metapackage, removing it would cause aptitude to remove everything tied to it. In apt-get, you would see the "these packages are no longer used, use autoremove to remove them" message.21:51
IdleOnedidy: if you look in /root/.synaptic/log and look for the log file of when you installed kubuntu-desktop it should list all the packages it installed you can then try to remove them all21:52
IdleOneapttitude and apt-get have similar log files21:52
tovelladidy: Jaymac: you may also take a look at "deborphan" which finds orphaned libraries.21:52
[Ramy]can i use ipw3945 on hardy ? my iwlwifi does not work, i'm using 1.2.2521:53
didyLOL in root folder i cannot see anything..21:53
DanaGArgh, something keeps cycling my hard drive repeatedly!21:53
didyany good unzipper for ubuntu?21:54
IdleOnedidy hit alt+F2 and type gksudo nautilus then go to View and check view hidden files21:54
VousDeuxwhy do some item that are listed in Adept have a Kubuntu icon?21:54
JaymacVousDeux: they are from the main repositories, actively supported by the kubuntu developers21:55
IdleOneAdept is the kubuntu package manager21:55
VousDeuxthank you21:55
KrimZondoes anyone know what's up with LVPM?21:55
IdleOnedidy: right click on the file and click extract here21:55
Jaymac[Ramy]: no you can't21:56
Jaymac[Ramy]: http://www.intellinuxwireless.org/21:56
DanaGhard drive abuse!21:56
KrimZonryanzec: did it work?21:57
ryanzecKrimZon: loading the older kernal(24.12 instead of 24.15) works21:57
Jaymacryanzec: have you tried the 24.16?21:57
DanaGArgh, ntfs-3g keeps load-cycling the drive literally every 5 to 10 seconds.21:57
tovelladidy: Jaymac: i sometimes use "deborphan" piped through "xargs" with the "apt-get" command to do a complete removal of unnecessary packages, like this: "deborphan | xargs apt-get --purge remove -y"21:58
[Ramy]jaymac: will iwlwifi work with the hardy release ?21:58
ryanzeci don't have that version, how do i get it?21:58
Jaymac[Ramy]: it works for me, with the 3945abg - i installed linux-backports-modules-`uname -r` to get it to work21:58
[Ramy]Jaymac, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13327723/log_wireless . i have -15 kernel, is there update for kernel ?22:01
Jaymacthere is a -1622:02
[Ramy]how can install it ?22:02
Jaymacit should install when you do an upgrade22:03
bean-ohanyone gotten Hamachi working in Hardy?22:03
[Ramy]Jaymac, how can know if there is an update for the kernel, who is responsible for the patches -15 or -16 , can i monitor that online ?22:03
Jaymac[Ramy]: if you run Update Manager and check for updates, it should find the new kernel update22:04
penhow to change the bootsplash? Splashy?22:04
[Ramy]Jaymac, sorry, i want to know in advance ? just curious who is responsible for this update ?22:05
didyhow do i put application on auto start....22:05
Jaymacthe ubuntu kernel team i'd imagine22:05
T1m0thyErmm, how do you do DVDs in Hardy? I think I have all the packages and I ran the libdvdcss3 script or whatever.. Totem says something like "Cannot load resource".22:06
T1m0thyI've never had to play DVDs on Linux.22:06
DanaGArgh, I wish ntfs-3g would stop abusing my hard drive.22:06
|DuReX|how I make ubuntu give a verbose output22:06
|DuReX|@ boot22:06
|DuReX|cause I updated my hardy and doesn't boot anymore :p22:07
didyhow do i put application on auto start....22:07
bean-ohT1m0thy, are you sure Totem is referring to the right dfevice?22:07
Jaymac|DuReX|: edit your /boot/grub/menu.lst and remove the word 'quiet' from the boot line22:07
DanaGIf this ntfs-3g kills my hard drive, I will be rather quite very angry.22:08
DanaGIt's already thoroughly destroyed my sanity.22:08
T1m0thyErmm, how do you do DVDs in Hardy? I think I have all the packages and I ran the libdvdcss3 script or whatever.. Totem says something like "Cannot load resource".22:09
JaymacT1m0thy: add the medibuntu repository22:09
Jaymac!medibuntu | T1m0thy22:09
ubotuT1m0thy: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org22:09
T1m0thyAlright, thanks.22:09
JaymacT1m0thy: then do: sudo aptitude install libdvdcss2 libdvdread3 totem-xine22:10
|DuReX|waiting for root filesystem :P22:11
|DuReX|crap :)22:11
DanaGCan you see how that clicking would quite severely damage one's sanity?22:11
Jaymac|DuReX|: that happened to me once when the system tried to boot a 386 kernel instead of a generic one22:12
DanaGActually, it's more like SSHKACLICK22:12
icanhasadminSo i can't get my wifi working still on -16. Atheros ar5007 (i think?), tried RDM, tried custom install, tried custom patch. any ideas?22:14
blekoswhat card do u have?22:14
didywhy is it that my hardware drivers is not responsing...22:14
daekdroomIt's broken22:14
didywhat's wrong how can i fix it?22:15
daekdroomIt's broken, you can't fix it except by applying a patch.22:15
daekdroomor waiting for an upgrade22:15
icanhasadminblekos: me? as i said i belive it's an ar5007, but lspci just says 242x which is very vague22:15
MathematicianJaymac, can i get this new version of kernel with the daily build of ubuntu ?22:15
didyits broken means? ....22:15
daekdroomit's not working.22:15
didyfor all ubuntu users?22:16
blekosdont know about that, but there is bug for 3945ABG22:16
daekdroomfor those who have the lastest version of jockey-gtk and jockey packages22:16
JaymacMathematician: if your computer is fully up-to-date you should have it, or have it available as an upgrade22:16
keithclarkHi everyone!  I was in the middle of an upgrade when my laptop overheated and shutdown.  Now it only boots to a black screen and nothing else.  Any ideas on how to fix other than reinstall 7.10 and start the whole upgrade process over again?22:16
daekdroomWho didn't upgrade those packages yet still have "Hardware drivers" working.22:16
didyso its not my problem right?22:17
daekdroomIt's a beta OS, what'd you expect? >.>22:17
daekdroomNot caused by you, atleast.22:17
didylucky i installed nvidia driver before patching..22:17
KrimZonis the internet deleting it every time i ask about lvpm?22:20
IdleOneinternet deleting it?22:20
IdleOnedeleting what?22:20
KrimZonmy question22:20
DVS01that makes no sense22:21
IdleOneKrimZon: how is the internet supposed to delete something?22:21
KrimZonthe means is less important than its motive22:21
icanhasadminthe internets is all p