_MMA_Holy hell. Inkscape can pull a diagonal guideline. :P15:38
kwwii_MMA_: huh, how?16:59
savvaswith the mouse buttons :P17:50
_MMA_kwwii: Grab a guide from near the 0 mark.22:10
kwwii_MMA_: hrm, only at a 45° angle it seems23:30
_MMA_Yeah, but that still awesome. :P23:30
kwwiinot bad at all really23:43
kwwiifor icons it is a good idea23:43
kwwiitime to reboot23:43
DanaGI wish Ubuntu would use fbsplash, for fancy console backgrounds.23:50
DanaGOoh, that login theme looks nice.23:50
DanaGIn fact, fbsplash is approximately the only one thing I do miss from the days when I used SuSE.23:51
DanaGOh, they used the older 'bootsplash' -- not the newer 'fbsplash'23:51
kwwiihehe, I am co-author of the bootsplash :p23:53
kwwiithe first hardware splash23:53
kwwiigood to see how things progress23:53
kwwiiuser space splash screens are a great idea but still somewhat troublesome it seems23:54
kwwiibootsplash, in and of itself is dead though23:54
kwwiianyway, I am out for the night23:56
* _MMA_ -> Bowling.23:57

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