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greg-g :( my bugs aren't showing up in the "today" column. just week and onward04:00
greg-gof the stats page04:00
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Arbyis anybody aware of any bugs regarding sound failure on a thinkpad R61i with kubuntu hardy?10:39
Arbycan't get mine working and I'm totally stumped10:39
moi have encoutered problems with the kernel of the new 8.04 beta version, but i don't know where an how to report that problem, i.e. what information to include in an bugticket11:47
thekornhmm, when someone subscribes me to a bugreport, should I recieve a notification email?12:15
thekornor is there a hidden launchpad-setting somewhere12:16
james_wthekorn: I thought when someone subscribed you it sent you the summary12:48
james_wperhaps it doesn't if you are already subscribed somehow.12:48
thekornjames_w, that's what I thought, dholbach subscribed me to some five-a-day applet bugs and I did not get any notification12:56
james_wand you're not subscribed to all five-a-day bug mail?12:57
james_wsounds wrong to me12:58
james_wthanks for adding the libnotify support though12:58
thekornjames_w, I hope this works,12:59
thekornwill add some notifications for other errors aswell soon12:59
rpedro_someone that is runnig compiz, has Transmission installed, that is willing to help me confirm a 'session crasher' bug?13:27
IulianHey afflux14:05
affluxhi Iulian :)14:05
Arbyafternoon all15:35
Arbyhow would a user retrieve log files when an upgrade has broken X15:35
Arby(bug 215446)15:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215446 in update-manager "dependency problems - leaving unconfigured" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21544615:36
crimsunlog in to a tty15:36
Arbyhi pochu15:36
crimsune.g., ctrl+alt+F215:36
Arbycrimsun: what I was wondering is would usb sticks still automount?15:37
Arbyor would manual mounting be needed15:37
Arbyso they could copy to stick then post to lp from another machine15:37
crimsunArby: they will not automount on Ubuntu.15:37
Arbyok, so any suggestions for how to get the files onto another machine15:38
Arbyuser claims to be pretty new15:38
Arbyso command line mail clients etc probably not an option15:39
ArbyI've never needed to manually mount stuff15:39
Arby(lucky me :))15:39
affluxArby: sudo aptitude install pastebinit && pastebinit -i filename15:39
affluxArby: pastebinit prints a URL, the user should write it down and pass it to you.15:40
affluxnote that the url is likely to be case-sensitive15:40
Arbyand filename should be the name of the log file15:40
affluxoh, and also note that pastebinit is only available since gutsy IIRC.15:41
Arbythat's not a problem in this case15:41
Arbythanks a lot15:41
afflux<- off for a coffee15:41
crimsundebian 46265115:52
ubotuDebian bug 462651 in gidentd "gidentd: does not rotate logfiles and therefore fills /var/log" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/46265115:52
affluxthe german keyboards have an "altgr" key, which produces for example the @ sign (altgr+q), as we don't have shift+2 for it. Is there something similar on american keyboards?16:23
affluxso that, if I have an american keyboard and want to use the german layout, how do I get the @?16:23
greg-gafflux: I imagine you can map the altgr key to the right alt key or something16:30
affluxbut there is no default key that acts similar?16:30
affluxthe reason I'm asking is comment #3 on bug 21633816:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216338 in ubuntu "missing key on german keyboard layout" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21633816:33
* greg-g looks16:35
greg-gfor me, I just changed to the german keyboard layout in 7.10.  Got the "@" from using right alt and q16:39
greg-ggerman default layout16:39
affluxgreg-g: but you have an US keyboard?16:40
afflux(US or US-International? see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout#US)16:40
greg-gafflux: yes, US16:40
greg-gplain old US16:40
affluxthank you16:42
greg-gdoes that help at all?16:43
affluxgreg-g: I'll ask svaens what keyboad he has and what german layout he selected, as he's reporting really weird stuff (the left alt key on his german keyboard would produce altgr events, what the...?). When he provided the information, I'll ask here for reproducing again ;)16:45
greg-gafflux: sounds good16:45
greg-gafflux: per the reporter's last reply: that list of his bottom row doesn't make sense to me17:02
affluxuh, didn't get the notifications yet17:03
affluxgreg-g: sounds like one of those insane approaches to save space on a notebook.17:04
greg-gafflux: oh yeah, just realized it is a laptop17:05
affluxgreg-g: he's having some very weird settings: 1.) pressing alt+q results in a lower q, while it doesn't print any character for me. 2.) ctrl+alt+q quits his apps?! I think this very much depends on the app he's using but the apps I use usually quit via alt+q or ctrl+q, not both together17:08
affluxalso, the line from /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols he's quiting says: "udiaresis, Udiaresis, at". However, [uU]diaresis is ü and Ü, not q and Q.17:09
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affluxah, that's the dvorak layout, which is something completly different.17:09
greg-gso he is using german dvorak?17:11
affluxI'm not sure17:12
affluxhe forgot to provide his layout :(17:12
greg-greply with a specific list of config files he should attach17:12
greg-gnot just parts of the files17:13
greg-gafflux: just a suggestion of course :)  It just seems like this reporter is in need of specific tasks to complete with specific goals :)17:15
affluxyes, I'll ask for xmodmap -pke, I suspect he's having some weird Xmodmap settings. Is there an easy way to get the keycode one single key sends? like xev but without all the noise?17:17
affluxgreg-g: btw. searching for "sattelite 2410" keyboard (which is the name of the laptop mentioned in the specs pdf) I found this picture: http://www.laptopsolutions.net/images/p000367420top.jpg17:18
greg-gafflux: yuck.  I don't like that.  the super and menu key up at the top with insert and delete down at the bottom?17:20
affluxI know why I don't like laptops at all :)17:20
affluxBut especially note that the key at the right hand corner is labeled with "alt gr"17:21
affluxerr, not exactly the corner17:21
greg-gafflux: oh, weird17:22
hyperairi'd like to raise the issue: bug #18585417:56
hyperairas of now gnome-system-tools forgets to add "auto <ifacename>" when configuring a device17:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185854 in gnome-system-tools "Setting static IP in Network Settings doesn't produce correct data" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18585417:57
sykelast night, I did a hardy dist-upgrade that has horked my kubuntu system a bit18:24
sykeX sort-of starts now, but I get a gtk dialog with this message:18:24
syke"cannot launch graphical configuration tool because displayconfig-gtk is not installed. Sorry, without this tool installed you must manually configure Xorg."18:24
sykeI know I could install the package its requesting, but why would I need that package on a kubuntu hardy system that was working fine before the update?18:25
pochuIt shouldn't have been removed AFAIK18:25
pochusyke: could you file a bug report against update-manager in Launchpad, if there's none yet for that issue?18:25
pochumention that it is kubuntu... that may be related18:26
sykepochu: I dont' think the package was ever installed in the first place18:26
sykeI don't know why it would be on a kubuntu system, that is18:26
pochudo you have ubuntu-desktop installed?18:26
pochuor any *buntu-desktop other than kubuntu-desktop?18:27
sykelet me reboot and check. a side effect of this breakage is that the vesafb is totally broken, so I can't see anything so switch ttys18:28
hyperairsyke: edit your kernel command line and remove "vga=xxx" from it18:28
sykebtw, booting back into the -15 kernel fixes the issue18:29
sykepochu: only kubuntu-desktop is installed18:30
pochusyke: I have no idea then... although if it works now... :)18:36
sykeit works if i boot bakc into the -15 kernel18:36
hyperairsyke: you're an nvidia user aren't you18:36
sykeI suspect this will be an issue for others, so figuring it out will be a good thing18:37
hyperair-16 has a bad nvidia kernel module i think18:37
sykehyperair: correct, my laptop with the problem has an nvidia chipset18:37
hyperairso you failsafe X will launch18:37
hyperairbecause X won't launch18:37
hyperairand because displayconfig-gtk isn't installed, there isn't any way to configure your display graphically18:38
sykeis tehre a launchpad bug # that mentions the nvidia -16 kernel issue?18:40
hyperairyou could run a search18:41
hyperairi'm not sure18:41
sykewhy do you think -16 has a bad kernel module?18:41
hyperairand i haven't tested the -16 kernel module yet18:41
hyperairsomeone mentioned it earlier in some other irc channle18:41
hyperairi think you were there18:41
sykeahh ok18:42
greg-gthat was fun, triaging the bugs from one user as they were coming in :)19:20
greg-g(all about one package, gcalctool, and mostly feature requests which I forwarded upstream)19:20
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greg-gthe number of people automatically subscribed to bugs is incresing22:11
greg-gwhy do people want to be emailed every new bug?22:11
Nafallogreg-g: because we have filters :-)22:12
greg-gNafallo: what do you mean?22:24
Nafallogreg-g: mailfilters.22:24
greg-gthey wouldn't get all of the same bugs by subscribing to the bug announce mailing list?22:25
greg-gwell, I guess they wouldn't get any of the follow up mail22:25
greg-gthere is a bug announce mailiing list, but it is basically just #ubuntu-bugs-announce in email form.  So, they wouldn't get any of the replies/updates to that bug22:26
greg-gSeems like a way to make a third party archive of all the mail associated with LP, at least for Ubuntu22:26
Nafallooki. I'm subscribed via some teams, some personal interest packages and my case by case subscriptions :-)22:27
greg-gyeah, same here22:27
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macogwhey i reported a bug the other day and just figured out how to fix it and uploaded a diff to launchpad.  what else do i need to do?23:06
greg-gmacogw: which bug?23:07
macogwbug #21572923:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215729 in seahorse "Seahorse fails to import keys" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21572923:07
greg-gmacogw: I really don't know why I asked which bug, because, I don't know the exact right answer, but I'm sure someone in #ubuntu-motu does23:10
macogwgreg-g: its in main, though23:10
greg-gthere is a process of subscribing a team23:10
greg-g#ubuntu-devel ?23:10
greg-gmacogw: good luck, and thanks23:11

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