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GunbladeIVhello mypapit10:33
mypapithello GunbladeIV10:33
* mypapit just newbie10:33
GunbladeIVhow are you?10:33
mypapitu gonna teach today?10:33
* mypapit attending ubuntu class, coz /me is a complete n00bs10:34
GunbladeIV<-- me too.. but your nick sounds like the owner of blog.mypapit.net which is a great blog10:34
GunbladeIVi learn a lot from that blog10:34
mypapitno no no10:34
GunbladeIVno? you are not the owner?10:34
mypapiti only know how to use mouse and move it around10:34
GunbladeIVi see.. i dun even have mouse10:35
mypapitthen i click it on an application10:35
GunbladeIVonly touch pad10:35
mypapitwhen the application starts, i clapped my hand in joy!10:35
mypapitexciting experience for me10:35
GunbladeIVyeah.. for newbies like us...10:35
GunbladeIVshould be an exciting experience when the application run with no errors10:36

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