megabyte405ogra: unfortunately whoever decided to do a rewrite of wv did everyone a disservice - wv2 has been basically unmaintained for four years now, with just a vulnerability patch in 200600:05
megabyte405They are not interchangeable, wv is under active maintenance and improvement (since any word import bug in AbiWord tends to end up being a wv issue) whereas wv2 is not00:05
megabyte405not to mention that we used to just have the latest wv included in each abi release source tarball, until 2.6 when we decided that that was too messy in case a wv release independently came out between an abi release00:07
slangasekwhoops, cut'n'paste error, but enjoy anyway ;)00:07
cjwatsonsoren: mouse doesn't seem to be working in kvm any more; do you know what's up?00:24
cjwatsonsoren: (with -15)00:26
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WhoopieKeybuk gave me the advice to mount the initramfs to /initrd. but the command fails:  mount -n -o bind / ${rootmnt}/initrd00:34
Whoopiemount: Mounting / on /root/initrd failed: Invalid argument00:34
Whoopiethis is to get the crash dump when usplash crashes on startup. Does anybody know how to mount the initramfs?00:34
ograseems i lost my compiz decorations with the recent uprade00:35
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emgentsomeone know why modsecurity is only in dapper and edgy?02:53
Khajaviany one know how can I install php-gtk ?03:04
FujitsuThat sounds so utterly and unspeakably wrong.03:07
blueyedemgent: build failure? what's the package name exactly?03:08
jdongFujitsu: what, php-gtk? :D03:20
jdongFujitsu: I've been unfortunate enough to inherit PHP shell scripts before.03:20
FujitsuI too have inherited some lovely PHP shell-script imitations at work.03:27
emgentblueyed: ?03:35
xtknightany news on Bug 215778?  seems a little serious to me.  (all amd64/nvidia fail)03:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215778 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "2.6.24-16.30 kernel update - nvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21577803:35
emgentFujitsu: you know why mod-security is only in dapper-edgy ?03:35
xtknightamd64+nvidia rather03:35
emgentlicense problem ?03:35
xtknightnot sure.  regression from -1503:36
emgentdendrobates: some idea? :)03:36
xtknightnvidia freezes when you try to modprobe it (and it says taints kernel at bootup), but i dont know if it always says taints kernel03:36
emgentanyway ubuntu kernel 2.6.24-16-generic have some problem03:36
Fujitsuemgent: (From Debian) RoM; undistributable for legal reasons03:37
dendrobatesemgent: nope, I thought the main changes were in virtio.03:37
blueyedxtknight: it always taints the kernel, that's a "normal" log entry. It fails somewhere after that then probably.03:40
xtknightblueyed, yeah.  any suggestions on how to make its failure more verbose?03:41
emgentblueyed: what build failure?03:41
blueyedemgent: of "modsecurity". your already answered question.03:42
emgentoh ok, now i understand :)03:42
xtknightsudo modprobe nvidia reports a problem with the install command of nvidia.  then sudo modprobe -i nvidia says nvidia module doesn't exist, or something to that extent.  actually it was freezing but that was before l-u-m update.  after l-u-m updates there's just problems modprobing nvidia but it doesnt freeze on modprobe03:43
xtknightit shows errors instead03:43
xtknightif there is any debugging or cmds i could run to debug nvidia i would be glad to03:46
xtknightpeople say the official nvidia.com one works03:47
xtknightsame version AFAIK03:47
kirklandanyone around that can sponsor a fix to jockey?05:30
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nuccohi, anyone has a clue why rhythmbox grinds my HDD, and then freezes my system when I'm running on batteries?07:23
nuccoI'm asking in here because I think there'd be more clued folks...07:31
jscinozWhere does the acpi/suspend whitelist live? Suspend works fine on my laptop but i don't want to wait around for upstream to add it.08:19
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kagouGood morning08:32
blaamannThis must be an Firefox package config error http://dpaste.com/44451/ ?08:37
blaamannIt is in Hardy08:38
jscinozacpi makes me cry.09:04
jscinozWhere does the acpi/suspend whitelist live? Suspend works fine on my laptop but i don't want to wait around for upstream to add it.09:04
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AnAntHello, how can I create a source.changes file for a source package ?09:41
hungerWould it be possible to update git-core to the new version?09:53
Mithrandirhunger: while frozen for release?  Quite unlikely.10:07
hyperairwould it be possible to alter the gksu package to shift the nautilus-gksu extension to the correct directory?10:08
WhoopieKeybuk: Hi, I tried to mount the initramfs, but it fails with "mount: Mounting / on /root/initrd failed: Invalid argument"10:20
KeybukWhoopie: did you remember --bind?10:22
WhoopieKeybuk: command was mount -n -o bind / ${rootmnt}/initrd10:23
hyperairchange bind to --bind10:23
hyperaireh wait10:23
Keybukmount -n --bind / ${rootmnt}/initrd10:23
Whoopieok, I try again10:24
WhoopieKeybuk: btw, do you use thinkfinger? sometimes, hald-addon-input gets stuck and uses 97% cpu. and then, no sudo commands are working. reboot is the only solution10:25
Keybukno, I don't10:25
Keybukfingerprints are not a good authentication mechanism10:26
Keybukwhile they happen to be unique10:26
Keybukthey're not _secret_10:26
Whoopieyeah :)10:26
hyperairbut it is convenient isn't it10:26
Keybukyou may as well just set no password at all10:28
hyperairif there is no password then you can't authenticate can you?10:29
Keybukthat's the point10:29
Keybukif there's no password, it's very convenient to use your computer10:30
hyperairyou can't log in if there's no password10:30
hyperairvery much like root10:30
Keybukyes you can10:30
Keybukyou just type your username (or click it) and you'll be logged in10:30
hyperairbut root has no password10:30
ion_Reading a fingerprint is a nice alternative for typing your username when logging in, but not for typing your password. :-)10:31
Keybukno, root has a locked password10:31
hyperairi see10:31
Keybuk:*: <- locked10:31
Keybuk:: <- no password10:31
hyperairi see10:31
WhoopieKeybuk: some error message10:31
KeybukWhoopie: you put it as the last command before run-init?10:34
WhoopieKeybuk: http://en.pastebin.ca/98215410:35
Keybukand you get invalid operation?10:35
Keybuk*sigh* it clearly doesn't want to let you do that, then10:35
WhoopieInvalid argument10:35
Keybukthe initramfs / must be special in some way10:37
Amaranthion_: can you do that?10:37
Amaranthmake fingerprint match to username instead of using it for password, i mean10:37
KeybukAmaranth: not with pam10:37
tormodpitti: you being the old "maintainer" and the only core-dev knowing this package, what do you think about bug #192772?10:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192772 in linux-wlan-ng "please merge linux-wlan-ng 0.2.8+svn1851+dfsg-1 from Debian main unstable" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19277210:43
WhoopieKeybuk: hmm, I'm open to test anything you advice me :)10:45
Keybukremove the mount, but keep the ulimit10:47
Keybukedit /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-top/usplash10:47
Keybukstick cd /dev/.initramfs just inside the if [ $SPLASH = "true" ] block10:47
Keybukupdate-initramfs -u10:47
Keybukthen try again :)10:47
WhoopieKeybuk: as first command inside the if block?10:49
Whoopiewhere should I find the crash dump then?10:49
WhoopieKeybuk: hmm, /dev/.initramfs has a core file.10:50
WhoopieKeybuk: great, the core file is indeed from usplash. Core was generated by `/sbin/usplash -c -x 1024 -y 768'.11:00
WhoopieProgram terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.11:00
Keybukadd to your /etc/apt/sources.list:11:01
Keybuk  deb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com hardy main universe11:01
Keybukthen apt-get update11:02
Keybukand apt-get install usplash-dbgsym libusplash0-dbgsym]11:02
Keybukalso libx86-1-dbgsym11:02
Keybukthat should help you get a better stack trace11:03
Whoopieso I need to reboot and catch a new core file, right?11:03
Keybukyou can trace that one11:03
Keybukthe dbgsym packages just have the bits that were "stripped out"11:04
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mdkestgraber: i see a few documentation related ideas on brainstorm.u.c, could you perhaps create a "documentation" category for those? http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/5589/11:06
WhoopieKeybuk: following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace, I get: http://en.pastebin.ca/98217611:09
KeybukWhoopie: gdb /sbin/usplash core11:10
stgrabermdke: doing a quick search on the website it appears we have ~50 ideas related to documentation or howtos. So we'll probably add a documentation category in the next code/db update (monday or tuesday)11:11
WhoopieKeybuk: http://en.pastebin.ca/98217811:11
Keybukextract a full backtrace from that11:12
WhoopieKeybuk: http://en.pastebin.ca/98218211:14
Keybukcan you file a bug with that?11:15
Keybuk"usplash segfault in bogl_tcfb_put" and attach the trace11:16
WhoopieI would attach it in bug 205990, ok?11:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 205990 in usplash "[hardy] splash screen disappears after a few seconds" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20599011:16
Keybukit looks to me like it's gone out of the bounds of the framebuffer11:17
mdkestgraber: great, thanks. can the documentation team be given moderator rights over such a category? (~ubuntu-core-doc on LP)11:17
WhoopieKeybuk: can i quote you in the bug report?11:18
Keybukgreat, thanks11:20
Whoopiethanks a lot for your help11:20
Keybukno worries11:20
Keybukgiven the level of that bug, it's sadly unlikely to get fixed in time for hardy11:21
Keybukbut I'll make sure someone looks at it11:21
WhoopieKeybuk: it's interesting that it doesn't affect everybody.11:21
KeybukWhoopie: yeah, can you add as many relevant details as you can think of?11:21
Keybukare you using i386 or amd64?11:22
Keybukwhat graphics card?11:22
Keybukwhat resolution?11:22
Keybukattach /etc/usplash.conf11:22
Keybukattach output of update-alternatives --display usplash-artwork.so11:23
Keybukalso obviously dpkg-query -W usplash usplash-theme-ubuntu11:23
stgrabermdke: we are not directly linked to LP (yet) so we can't use LP's team as ACL. But if you have people in the doc team interested in being a moderator on Brainstorm, ask them to reply to this mail : https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2008-March/025155.html11:45
mdkestgraber: sure thing; thanks11:47
mdkestgraber: is it possible for ubuntu-core-doc members to have a developer role just for the documentation category, or are the permissions not so subtle yet?11:48
stgrabermdke: permissions are common to the whole website for now. Developer on Brainstorm means (at least for me) : Someone who knows enough of Ubuntu's development to correctly answers questions about the release to come.11:52
stgrabermdke: so some of your guys may also ask for the Developer role if they think they know Ubuntu's development well enough for that (as they are writting the doc I'd assume they do)11:52
mdkestgraber: ok, thanks for the clarifications11:53
hunger_tMithrandir: You could stuff git-core into backports if it can not make it into the normal repos;-)11:55
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kagouis it possible to have translation packages rebuilt for hardy ?12:59
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theunixgeekThe clipboard bug REALLY needs to be fixed.14:15
Keybuk"the clipboard bug" ?14:16
Hobbseetheunixgeek: clipboard bug?14:16
Hobbsee[23:15] <theunixgeek> The clipboard bug REALLY needs to be fixed.14:17
theunixgeekHobbsee: the one where you copy something from one application, close the window, and then try to paste it in another.14:17
Keybuktheunixgeek: that's not a bug14:17
Hobbseetheunixgeek: install gliper.14:17
Keybukthe clipboard is designed to work that way14:17
theunixgeekKeybuk: don't tell me that's a feature :P14:17
Hobbseetheunixgeek: also note that the same behaviour is observed on all linux systems, and all windows systems.14:17
Keybukand is also designed to allow other applications to intercede to avoid it14:17
theunixgeekKeybuk: it should be changed. it's extremely inconvenient14:17
HobbseeI'm unsure of on macs, but I expect it is the same.14:18
theunixgeekHobbsee: no.14:18
Hobbseetheunixgeek: yes.  try it.14:18
KeybukI think it is the same on Macs14:18
theunixgeekit isn't.14:18
Keybukor the Mac at least fails the same way as Windows (loses rich metadata and leaves plain text/wmf/etc.)14:18
theunixgeekjust tried it.14:18
Hobbseetheunixgeek: vista?14:18
Keybuktheunixgeek: remember that Macs tend to leave applications running when you close the window14:18
theunixgeekopened textedit, typed "hello", copied, quit TextEdit, lauched safari, pasted14:18
Keybukyou have to actually _quit_ the application14:18
theunixgeekKeybuk: I quit the apps14:18
theunixgeekHobbsee: h/o14:19
theunixgeekHobbsee: same as the mac14:19
Keybuktheunixgeek: try copying test from adobe acrobat with formatting into safari's html editor14:19
* Hobbsee doens't recognise h/o14:19
theunixgeekHobbsee: hold on14:19
Hobbseetheunixgeek: you will be pleased to note that your problem will be solved with glipper, or klipper, if you're of that side.14:20
theunixgeekHobbsee: I think it should be changed in Ubuntu itself. for newcomers it can be very inconvenient. I reinstalled 3 times to see if the problem could be fixed when I was a newcomer14:20
Keybuktheunixgeek: it's on the roadmap, just a long way off14:21
theunixgeekKeybuk: lol, should be pushed up14:21
Keybukthere are far more important things closer14:21
Keybukas with most things, if you'd like to hurry it along, help out! :-)14:22
Keybukmost of the discussion of this kind of thing is taking place within freedesktop.org14:22
Keybukfor example14:23
Keybukhttp://standards.freedesktop.org/clipboards-spec/clipboards-latest.txt too14:24
Keybukthere are a lot of attempts to work out how to do clipboards properly14:24
Keybukthe principle problem is that a clipboard isn't just "text"14:24
Keybukit's actually an atom held by the copying application14:24
Keybukthe pasting application can negotiate with the copying application the exact contents14:25
Mithrandirand you have legacy apps.  If it was redone today, we'd probably have done it another way.14:25
Keybukso if you copy HTML from Epiphany, and paste into Abiword, the two can negotiate and agree a method of pasting that preserves formatting14:25
Keybukbut if you paste into GEdit, the two might only negotiate a method that preserves the text14:25
theunixgeekI see14:25
Keybukcopy and SVG from Inkscape into GIMP, it might paste a bitmap of it14:25
Keybukbut paste into GEdit, it might paste the actual XML data14:26
Keybukobviously if the copying application exits, the atom is lost14:26
Keybukwhich is why you see the behaviour you observe14:26
Keybukso, it's not a bug, because it's a side-effect of the clipboard being significantly more powerful14:26
Keybukbut obviously, it's something that could do with more work :-)14:26
theunixgeekI see14:26
theunixgeekthanks for the information14:26
Keybukthe usual way is that you have a third program14:27
Keybukwhich can keep hold of the atoms after the running application has quit14:27
Keybukthat third program might only preserve a few common formats (this is what windows and mac do, iirc)14:27
Keybukor that third program might know how to start enough of the copying program back up again when it's needed for paste14:27
Keybuk(OLE Clipboard on Windows, etc.)14:27
ion_I'd really love to have all the different clipboards synchronized all the time.14:28
Keybukobviously if you were going to do this *right*14:28
lagaion_: the "middle mouse button" clipboard and the "right click, paste" clipboard?14:28
Keybukyou'd want the clipboard to be available over the network too14:29
ion_laga: Yeah14:29
lagaion_: yeah. annoying to no end.14:29
Keybukion_: ugh, I like the fact they've made those separate :)14:29
Keybukread the fd.o clipboard spec for why they MUST be separate14:29
Keybuk(otherwise your Ctrl+C/Edit->Copy clipboard is overwritten every single time you highlight anything)14:29
ion_keybuk: Yes, i know some people like it, but i would like to have the option for them to be synchronized, and i'm quite certain that the option should be on for newbies.14:29
Keybukion_: apt-get source gtk14:30
Keybukthat option should be OFF14:30
Keybukfor exactly the reason explained above14:30
lagaKeybuk: then turn off the "copy to clipboard on highlight"14:30
Keybuknewbies don't need to know about the middle mouse button shortcut14:30
Keybuklaga: why?  it doesn't interfere14:30
Keybukwith the way it is today, people who use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V can keep doing that without surprise14:30
laganewbies will find that shortcut eventually :)14:30
Keybukpeople who use highlight-click can keep doing that without surprise14:30
KeybukAND, most importantly, neither of them conflicts with each other14:31
lagayeah, but you're right. it's not good to break existing behavior14:31
Keybukyour suggestion would break *both* sets of people :-)14:31
KeybukI suspect ion_'s real problem is that he's using Firefox, or OpenOffice, or some application that doesn't behave14:31
KeybukFF certainly used to just copy selection into every single clipboard it could14:31
lagait's most apparent for me in ff, yeah14:32
ion_Well, yeah. :-)14:32
Keybuksee also "why Keybuk uses Epiphany #194"14:32
infinityFirefox behaves better than it used to...14:32
Keybukion_: so you want all applications to behave like the one broken one?14:32
ion_I guess i would be happy if shift-insert did the right thing everywhere.14:34
Keybukion_: that tends to mostly14:34
Keybukexcept, of course, Mono applications14:34
Keybukwhich for no readily apparent reason, ignore it14:34
infinityKeybuk: Ironic, given the origin of the keyboard shortcut and the origin of Mono/.NET14:39
Keybukwasn't Shift-insert some IBM attempt to standardise?14:41
infinityWidely used in DOS.14:41
infinityYay, edit.com14:41
infinityIs it wrong that I still miss qbasic nibbles?14:42
Keybukinfinity: I still miss QuickBasic14:53
Keybukthat had a *to die for* IDE14:53
Keybuka debugger that could tell you the current value of the variable14:54
Keybukwhere it was set to that value14:54
Keybukwhat it was before14:54
MithrandirKeybuk: I think somebody wrote about an extension to gdb where you could go back in time and get answers to questions such as "what touched this memory location last".14:56
tseliothi all, I'm having this problem with debdiff. Is it a known problem?15:18
tselioton Hardy15:18
Hobbseetseliot: what's at 489?15:24
tseliotHobbsee: $first =~ s/ $dir1\/$sdir1/ $sdir1/;15:31
gesertseliot: what did you tried to do?15:31
tseliotgeser: the MOTU guide suggests that we do somthing like "debdiff xicc_0.2-2.dsc xicc_0.2-2ubuntu1.dsc"15:33
geserif called it like that then it should work15:34
tseliotgeser: is this the only way to provide a patch? Would a diff -Nurb be acceptable in a bugreport?15:38
geserif you do it in both versions of the unpacked source packages, it should be acceptable (but no guarantee)15:39
tseliotok, thanks15:41
geserbut I still fail to understand why debdiff failed for you15:41
tseliotgeser: wait, problem solved, my bad.15:48
geserwhat was the problem?15:49
tseliotgeser: well, I didn't notice that I was using the wrong version of the dsc as the first parameter. I should get some sleep :-p15:55
kirklandKeybuk: you around?16:05
Keybukkirkland: yup, what's up?16:06
kirklandKeybuk: bug #21491416:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214914 in jockey "jockey-gtk crashed with AttributeError in enabled()" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21491416:06
kirklandKeybuk: has 87 duplicates, and getting a whole lot of attention16:06
kirklandKeybuk: pitti is probably in route back home now from Austin16:06
kirklandKeybuk: i posted a debdiff last night16:06
Keybukhas pitti reviewed that debdiff?16:07
kirklandKeybuk: nope, he's probably traveling/jetlagged16:07
Keybukwell, and it's a Saturday16:07
kirklandKeybuk: yup16:07
KeybukI'd generally rather he reviewed it, since jockey is his baby16:07
Keybukhe's back at work Monday morning16:07
kirklandKeybuk: okay...  the debdiff adds a missing [0] on the end of any array, fwiw16:08
Keybukwe're in freeze anyway, and I expect all the RMs are away16:08
Keybukso any upload wouldn't get processed until monday16:08
kirklandKeybuk: fair enough16:08
kirklandKeybuk: thanks for the info16:08
HobbseeKeybuk: all the RM's who can do anything, anyway.16:18
alex-weejkernel update today in hardy, known issues?16:30
alex-weejgoing from 24-15 to 24-16 has screwed me i think16:30
protonchrisalex-weej: is the kernel hanging when trying to load modules?16:38
protonchrisalex-weej: if so, there is a fixed package out.  It might on not hit your mirror yet.16:39
alex-weeji am using the main archive now, i've got 24-16.30 installed right now16:39
alex-weejlet me try one more time and figure it out16:40
alex-weej16.30 doesn't work from the main archives either...16:46
alex-weejis taht the most up to date kernel?16:46
alex-weejit appears that at least some modules are loading16:46
alex-weejlsmod lists a lot16:46
protonchrisMight be a different issue then.16:47
alex-weejbut kvm_intel notably fails during startup16:47
alex-weejthere's lots of errors about snd_intel_hda symbols16:47
alex-weejevilware-nvidia X doesn't work, trackpad doesn't work, and even my ethernet driver doesn't work16:47
alex-weejand atheros wifi never worked in hardy so it is basically networkless!16:48
alex-weejand -15 doesn't have any header packages in the archive anymore so i can't build my wifi driver :(16:48
protonchrisIIRC, my issues were fixed with the 2.6.24-16.22 version of linux-ubuntu-modules16:49
alex-weeji have 16.22 of that already installed16:52
protonchrisNo idea.  I haven't encountered any problems with the new kernel.16:53
alex-weejare you on amd64?16:53
protonchrisNo i386.16:53
hyperairdoes anybody know anything about Bug #18585417:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185854 in gnome-system-tools "Setting static IP in Network Settings doesn't produce correct data" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18585417:17
hyperairit's a high priority confirmed bug but no action seems to be taken17:18
hyperairif ubuntu hardy is released with this bug still open nobody will be able to set a static IP17:18
hyperairnot a very nice image to set for a LTS release is it17:18
Chipzzhyperair: this is not the appropriate place to pimp your favorite bug ;)17:18
hyperairsure it isn't17:19
hyperairi'm just asking for opinions17:19
hyperairand it isn't my favourite bug either17:19
Chipzzit's a weekend17:19
Chipzzso you're not very likely to get opinions now ;)17:20
hyperairi see17:20
Chipzzbtw, what you're claiming is plainly false: 18:18 < hyperair> if ubuntu hardy is released with this bug still open nobody will be able to set a static IP17:21
Chipzzit's mentioned at the very top that if you correct /e/n/i it does work17:22
hyperairlet's correct that17:22
hyperairnobody without technical knowhow17:22
Chipzzhaven't read the whole bug-report though17:22
hyperairbut yes the problem here is gnome's configuration of /e/n/i, not of the underlying network system17:23
Chipzzpeople with static IPs are hardly ever people without technical know-how17:23
Chipzzanother point17:23
hyperairit doesn't work for DHCP users either17:23
hyperairi've tried using DHCP on wlan0 and it doesn't work17:24
Chipzzthe recommended approach for configuring your network will be network-manager in hardy17:24
lagaChipzz: even for servers?17:24
hyperairthat doesn't mean every other method should be broken17:25
pochufor servers you aren't likely using gnome-system-tools17:25
pochuhyperair: if I were you I would raise it on Monday on #ubuntu-bugs or #ubuntu-desktop17:25
hyperairi will17:25
Chipzzlaga: servers generally don't come wit a GUI, so recommended approach for servers would be /e/n/i (I think(17:26
hyperairChipzz:there are currently users who want to have both wired and wireless connections simultaneously on #ubuntu+117:30
hyperairimo it's not possible with networkmanager17:30
hyperairand since the manual is fscked at the moment, there isn't a gui method17:30
Nafallohyperair: that is possible. you just need to configure your profiles.17:30
Nafalloon my personal server I use quagga for configuring the network interfaces.17:31
hyperairlike through sys/admin/network?17:31
hyperairit can be done through sys/admin/network17:32
hyperair_if_ it works17:32
Nafallohyperair: yea. or network-manager/manual17:32
hyperairbut obviously it won't work at the moment _because_ of the above bug17:33
hyperairand since it has been open for 4 months i'm beginning to get worried17:33
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affluxhyperair in #ubuntu-bugs raised this, and I, too, think bug 185854 should be looked at asap.18:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185854 in gnome-system-tools "Setting static IP in Network Settings doesn't produce correct data" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18585418:01
hyperaireheheh i raised it here earlier afflux18:02
hyperairi was told to go to #ubuntu-bugs18:02
affluxI'm blind, forgive me please.18:02
hyperairthanks for your concern anyway18:02
affluxI ran in this earlier, but I thought it was just me having forgotten something18:03
hyperairnp np18:03
affluxanyway, I think this may even be critical importance, as I think there are quite a lot of people who don't like dhcp in their network. I could change it, but I think I'll leave the devs to decide this.18:04
affluxbrb, testing some n-m stuff18:06
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sykethe -16 kernel update appears to have a broken nvidia module; there isn't a bug report yet18:48
sykeis this a case of waiting for the archive mirrors to update, or a known issue, or..?18:48
hyperairi'd really like to reply, but i'd be replying to you in more than one channel xD18:50
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peciskAnyone knows any hope for fix before release for this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-system-tools/+bug/185854?19:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185854 in gnome-system-tools "Setting static IP in Network Settings doesn't produce correct data" [High,Confirmed]19:30
lagayeah, that'd be great19:31
Chipzzpecisk: you're the 2nd one to ask in about one or 2 hours :P19:31
lagayou're not the.. right :)19:31
peciskChipzz: yeah, but it is not even funny anymore :) such trivial bug in LTS, come on19:39
superm1ugh whoever added kubuntu_30_displayconfig_no_xorg_correct_detection.patch to kde-guidance19:45
superm1really fscked up things19:45
wasabiKeybuk: congrats19:45
lagawhy? (kde-guidance makes my X segfault)19:45
superm1well because mythbuntu-common uses xorgconfig19:45
superm1and suddenly xorgconfig returns tupples19:45
superm1instead of contexts19:46
lagaah. API breakage19:46
Chipzzpecisk: I have made several comments on that to the previous guy19:46
slangaseksuperm1: pitti has reverted it as soon as he noticed19:46
slangasekit massively broke jockey as well19:46
superm1slangasek, okay so an ubuntu14 upload will be fixing it then?19:46
superm1ah yeah19:47
superm1i see19:47
superm1awesome.  thanks19:47
peciskChipzz: it is not that I can't fix it manually by myself, I just would like to avoid to having Ubuntu bad reputation because of this :( Just question is there any hope for fixing this before final release? I wanted to try myself, but then fell ill19:49
Chipzzpecisk: one thing I pointed out was the following:19:49
Chipzz18:24 < Chipzz> the recommended approach for configuring your network will be network-manager in hardy19:49
Chipzzthe gnome-system-tools way is deprecated as I understand it19:49
peciskit doesn't make sense19:50
pecisknetwork-manager don't have manual IP configuration19:50
ograsure it has19:50
pecisknor it can write anything to /etc/network/interfaces19:50
peciskreally, how?19:50
elmo"manual configuration in network-manager" == gnmome-system-tools19:51
ograclick on the NM icon its the last optoin in the menu19:51
superm1ogra, that opens network-admin i thought?19:51
peciskogra, it _is_ g-s-t19:51
ograoh, where did the NM tool for manual config go ?19:51
ograwe had that in until beta19:52
peciskogra, wonder, it NEVER had19:52
elmoogra: it never had one19:52
peciskogra, it is for wireless networks19:52
peciskwow, there is saying "eat your own dog food" for reason, isn't there19:53
LaserJockI thought it had one at some point to, but perhaps not19:53
Nafalloogra: you mean the link from network-manager to whatever is in gnome-control-center? :-)19:53
ograi'm pretty sure i had it in applcations->systemtools for weeks19:53
ograand that app was started from the NM menu at that time19:54
peciskand even so, g-s-t is way too advanced to bee deprecated just because someone can fix propably one liner19:54
LaserJockoh, yeah. did that do static?19:54
ograi think so19:54
LaserJockthat was the Network Manager Editor or some such19:54
Nafalloogra: that's the network-manager thing indeed. that .desktop got dropped since it belongs in right-click nm-applet and choose edit wireless networks :-)19:54
peciskit is for WIRELESS, damn19:54
peciskI want my manually configured IP address for wired network, and it worked until betas19:55
* pecisk off to fix it myself19:55
lagapecisk: make sure to add a debdiff to the ticket19:55
lagamuch appreciated.19:55
LaserJockthat would suck if wired static IPs wouldn't work anymore19:56
LaserJockall my desktop machines have static IPs19:56
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superm1LaserJock, yeah i've seen a few people with mythbuntu boxes complaining that static ips stopped working too19:59
superm1which it boiled down to that tool19:59
kestazwhy ubuntu hardy beta ships with transmission 1.06 ?20:55
jdongkestaz: because 1.10 released too late for us to consider shoving it into Hardy blindly20:55
kestazjdong: so 1.10 will be in final hardy release ?20:56
jdongkestaz: with input from a transmission developer I've decided to keep Hardy on 1.06 because it's been fairly well tested, and provide 1.1x in the hardy-backports repository20:56
kestazjdong: ok20:56
jdongkestaz: right now Hardy's completely frozen and only important bugfixes are allowed in with case-by-case approval20:56
jdongkestaz: but I've been testing 1.11 locally and preparing a backport for it. it should basically coincide with release day if all goes well20:57
alex-weejare packaged kernels supposed to be ABI compatible within x.y.z-a versions?21:37
alex-weej-16 broke some stuff today, but -15 is broken now, too21:37
alex-weejat least, my sound modules won't load21:38
alex-weej(unknown symbols)21:38
RussellGee-16 works perfect with me21:38
alex-weejkills the nvidia driver21:39
alex-weejthere are lots of reports of it already, that's known21:39
alex-weeji'm just perplexed as to why -15 is broken now too21:39
RaND1bonsoir amis développeurs ^^22:07
sommer zzzzzzzzzzzzzz44422:16
LaserJockyeah, it is a snooze in here ;-)22:16
sommerheh, mystyp22:17
sommermistyped... garr22:17
ion_sommer: Booze and keyboards don't mix. ;-)22:18
sommerheh, true, but this time my xo fell off my lap, and I mashed the keyboard picking it up :)22:19
sommerthe booze will probably come later, heh22:19
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macogwhi, i just uploaded a diff to bug #215729 and someone in #ubuntu-bugs suggested i ask in here about what to do next23:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215729 in seahorse "Seahorse fails to import keys" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21572923:11
Whoopiemacogw: you should diff with "diff -u ..." (just a comment from a user :))23:15
LaserJockmacogw: huh, that's rather annoying. I like to use seahorse for importing keys23:18
macogwLaserJock: it would work for importing from a local file, but it couldnt download because it was doing search=ABCDEF12 instead of search=0xABCDEF1223:19
LaserJockright yeah23:19
macogwkinda seemed like core functionality of seahorse23:20
LaserJockmacogw: you know any packaging?23:22
macogwive made one deb, and i had a friend sitting next to me telling me what to do23:23
LaserJockmacogw: can you check upstream for a bug report on this?23:23
macogwthere isnt one23:23
macogwalready looked23:23
LaserJockk, odd23:24
LaserJockI would think that would be noticed pretty fast23:24
macogwmaybe people assume someone else has already reported it23:24
LaserJockjust wondered if it was something we introduced but my guess is no23:24
macogwits not in the debian/patches/ directory anywhere23:25
LaserJockwell, I can turn your patch into a package, if you like23:26
affluxmacogw: I'm not a real glib programmer, but IMO as you're using gchar (and I think this is good) you should use the g_strcpy functions (or similar).23:47
macogwafflux: oh. whats the difference?  i used gchar because the fpr var did and i didnt want to use different types and break what i know nothing about23:49
affluxmacogw: it's the glib character type, I'm not sure what the exact differences are ;)23:50
affluxmacogw: okay, I think it should be no issue for you. The glib docs list gchar as "Types which correspond exactly to standard C types, but are included for completeness"23:53
macogwive never really played with glib itself, just gone "O_o why all the renaming?" while poking at things that happen to use glib23:54
macogwthanks for the info23:54

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