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ph8hey guys! Can i apply for an ubuntu cloak please? I can't figure out how to join the launchpad group! :p10:57
juliuxph8, are you an ubuntu member?11:00
ph8i'm on server-team11:07
ph8although i haven't contributed yet :o11:07
ph8is that what you mean?11:07
naliothph8: read the wiki page  :)11:07
ph8ah i see11:08
ph8fair enough :)11:08
orthodocis this the place to ask for a ubuntu cloak?11:37
Myrttinot exactly11:38
naliothorthodoc: how can we help you?11:38
Myrttibut you might still get served here too11:38
ubotuWant to become an Ubuntu member? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember11:38
orthodoc?ubuntu cloak11:38
Myrttiubuntu cloaks are for ubuntu members11:38
orthodoccloak sounds so ominous!11:39
orthodocwhats it for?11:39
Myrttito hide your host for one11:40
Myrttito show appreciation to something for second11:40
orthodocif i am cloaked, so to speak, no one would know my whereabouts...11:40
orthodocand then i can go around back-slapping everyone, well done!11:41
orthodocMyrtti: Tring ...tring..11:44
jpatrickMyrtti: this is the "right" place for cloakage11:45
Tm_Torthodoc: no, that's not for that, with cloak you still can be traced, if you misbehave11:57
jpatrickorthodoc: see: http://freenode.net/policy.shtml#behaviorandcloaks11:58
orthodochow does having a cloak help?12:02
jpatrickit can stop DoS attacks on your host by hiding it12:03
Tm_Talso it helps to identify you12:03
Tm_Torthodoc: do /whois Tm_T12:03
Tm_Tand you know what I'm about12:03
naliothjpatrick: when is the last time you've suffered a DOS attack?12:06
jpatricknalioth: never, but the freenode faq says: "hide your hostname from DoS attacks"12:07
* nalioth thinks it's "sky is falling" reasoning12:08
naliothi've been using irc since the early 90s and haven't had one yet12:08
orthodocso nalioth, whats ur reason?12:08
naliothwe might as well tell folks that cloaks protect them from floating off12:09
naliothorthodoc: for what?12:09
orthodoci meant for cloaks. whats floating off mean?12:09
naliothorthodoc: when you lose the gentle hand of gravity12:10
naliothorthodoc: astronauts float12:10
orthodocthen cloaks must be very heavy ...made of lead :;)12:11
Tm_Twell no, when you lose gravity, lead wont help12:17
Tm_Tloose even I believe12:18
Tm_Tno, lose12:18
Myrttilaundry day <312:19
* jpatrick waves at Nafallo 12:20
Nafallohi jpatrick :-)12:20
Tm_TI should do dishes and clean apartment before heading to out, meeting my better sides family12:20
[NikO]i love the "A problem occurred in a Python script." when i try to create my wiki page15:01
[NikO]why i can't create / edit my wikipage :/15:10
Tm_Mjuliux hi16:00
juliuxTm_M, hi16:00
juliuxnow your package is at dhl;)16:00
Tm_Mhmm, might get it within a week?16:01
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mattiusGreetings all. Is there a different Ubuntu IRC channel addressing IPv6 questions/issues?21:40
RoAkSoAxmattius, i believe all support questions are placed in #ubuntu21:41
mattius(y) Thanks!21:42

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