OpenDebHi all from Argentina 03:06
boredandblogginghello OpenDeb03:13
OpenDebhi, seems to be on silence 03:13
OpenDebprobably its not the apropiate hour 03:14
boredandbloggingfriday or saturday, yeah03:14
OpenDebyes, party time03:15
OpenDebI am newcommer on ubuntu comm, but not in floss comm :)03:15
OpenDebi came from Fedora Ambassadors worlds to new horizons here03:15
OpenDebI am mouting a telecenter in Buenos Aires with Edubuntu, will be ready next maY03:16
OpenDebbut i have some ideas to share, that i learned from another communities that could be useful to spread the voice of Ubuntu03:16
boredandbloggingOpenDeb: impressive03:16
boredandbloggingthat would be great03:16
OpenDebhahaha, no, just another tear in the sea, but the sea is a lot of tears :)03:16
boredandbloggingany help is appreciated03:16
OpenDebcause I was an ambassador of Fedora, I learned a lot of how to spread the voice in regions specially mi reagion 03:17
OpenDebI was thinking in something like "Ubuntu Pilgrims" 03:17
boredandbloggingdon't LoCos do that already?03:17
OpenDebyes, but Locos, from my point of view are the technicall and reference place for newcommers03:18
OpenDebbut think about this03:18
OpenDebsome Loco members, taking some spare time to go to public schools, giving a small speech about freedom and technology bringing ubuntu to pupils03:18
OpenDebsomething more "reactive" 03:18
OpenDebabsoluted organized from Loco to local community ( in this case people with non technical knowledge)03:19
OpenDebpeople when gets ubuntu go to the locos mailing list 03:19
OpenDebI did it with fedora last year in poor downtown in buenos aires03:19
OpenDebwith nice results03:19
boredandbloggingtry presenting that idea to your LoCo03:20
OpenDeb20 schools never heard about Linux, and with this "spare time optimized" 03:20
OpenDebyes 03:20
OpenDebi will do it 03:20
boredandbloggingare you still a fedora ambassador?03:20
OpenDebno 03:20
OpenDebi let my posicition 03:21
OpenDeblast week 03:21
OpenDebI wrote about this to mark last night he sent me the congratulations of that will be pictures soon 03:21
boredandbloggingis there a reason you left? you don't have to discuss it03:21
OpenDebyes, I have nothing to hide 03:21
OpenDebI have desagreements with Red Hat Local Management03:22
OpenDebFedora is a wonderfull community 03:22
boredandbloggingthats unfortunate03:23
OpenDebyes, so sad, but I have a clear target in my oss life 03:23
OpenDebI know where i want to go 03:23
OpenDebanyway, all distros are part of the same family03:23
OpenDebbut, on this time, i feel more confortable with Ubuntu., ( i am a ubuntu user since 2005)03:24
OpenDebbut about Pilgrims, just an humble idea, think of it 03:24
OpenDebone step ahead locos, like a "vangarde" of Loco teams03:24
boredandbloggingyou should definitely discuss it with your loco03:24
OpenDebi will publish on brainstorming, but i dont know if this isi the right place, thats why i cam here03:24
boredandbloggingand maybe try to the marketing mailing list03:24
OpenDebyes of course03:25
OpenDebI sign the CoC, but i coudlnt finde the mailing list of marketing 03:25
boredandbloggingall ubuntu mailing lists can be found at lists.ubuntu.com03:26
OpenDebthanks a lot03:26
OpenDebtheres a lot of sections in the site :) 03:26
boredandbloggingyeah, its a big site03:29
OpenDebwhere are you from 03:29
boredandbloggingatlanta, georgia, usa03:29
OpenDebbuenos aires, 03:30
OpenDebin the extreme southside 03:31
boredandbloggingdo you know beuno?03:31
boredandblogginghe is in this channel quite a bit03:31
OpenDebyes, i talked to him yesterday03:31
OpenDebyes, but his is absent03:31
OpenDebI talked with Alexandro silva of Brazil too 03:31
OpenDebnext week we have FISL 09 in Porto Alegre03:32
boredandbloggingFISL is always a big event03:32
OpenDebyes 03:33
OpenDebThe greatest in Southamerica03:33
OpenDebalmost 15.000 persons in four days03:33
boredandbloggingthats amazing03:33
OpenDebyes, and the 60% are community related projects 03:33
OpenDebthe 40% enterprises03:34
OpenDeband beautiful nights afterhours03:34
boredandbloggingi'm looking forward to reading about it03:35
OpenDebyes, if u can go someday you will no feel dissapointed03:35
boredandbloggingit would be fun!03:35
OpenDebyes 03:36
OpenDebyou will know how its going open source in another places, latinamerica has a special taste of "interpretation of freedom"03:37
boredandblogginglol, what does that mean?03:37
OpenDebmore passional than in developed countries, but the same spirit03:37
boredandbloggingvery nice03:37
OpenDebi.e: here the term "free software" is more aceptable than Open source, 03:38
OpenDeblinux is living here like a way of life 03:38
boredandbloggingthats good03:38
OpenDebtheres a lot of people that wants to join linux, but sometimes, this people need some more "human" speech 03:38
OpenDebubuntu helps a lot, but speech is everything03:38
OpenDebcomunicate to people in "people language" the freedom thats so passionate and magic to do03:39
OpenDebwell, you are welcome to latinamerica wheneve you want, anyway, all things will cost you at least two times less than in USA03:40
OpenDebthats my gtalk/jabber welcome to be added03:40
boredandbloggingi'm sure I'll make a trip one of these days03:41
boredandblogginghopefully I can time it during an event like FISL03:41
OpenDebyes of course03:41
OpenDebthe event starts next wenesday with preparatives and things like that03:41
OpenDebif you come to argentina, is very near from Porto Alegre, you should go to "Glaciar Perito Moreno"03:42
OpenDeband "Bariloche" or Iguazu Falls03:42
BHSPitLappyWhen will Shipit start taking orders for Hardy?  They were taking orders for Gutsy CDs prior to its release, if my memory serves well.08:27
boredandbloggingBHSPitLappy: you can already order Hardy CDs: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingCds14:39
mehdi2boredandblogging: hi, I'm the Iranian team contact... how can I have the 8.04 press release for translation14:48
boredandbloggingmehdi2: you understand that it is embargoed till Canonical releases it? And it should not be posted to any publicly available websites, mailing lists, blogs, wikis, etc?14:51
boredandbloggingyou are translating to farsi?14:52
mehdi2boredandblogging: sure14:52
mehdi2boredandblogging: yes, I'm translating to Farsi14:52
mehdi2boredandblogging: where will you publish these translations?14:53
boredandblogginggive me a few minutes, I'll email it you14:54
boredandbloggingfor right now, you can use it for local media once Hardy is released14:54
boredandbloggingI'm trying to find out if we can get it posted to ubuntu.com14:54
boredandbloggingmehdi2: give me a few minutes, I'll email it to you14:55
mehdi2boredandblogging: ok, thanks :-)14:55
boredandbloggingmehdi2: sent14:59
mehdi2boredandblogging: ok, I'll sent the translation back to you15:01
boredandbloggingmehdi2: thanks15:03
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MirvI'm happy to say I'm managing to translate the press release quite well. It's hard to keep the thought intact and write extremely fluent text in another language.19:59
Mirvboredandblogging: when the translation is ready, do I send it to eg. you? (GPG encrypted of course). you know what to do with it, even though it has those Server and Desktop sections and the Server section even has some /* text */ which I left alone but translated the text inside.20:00
juliux"Sounds strange I now but we have someone in the New Mexico LoCo that can 21:48
juliuxdo the Russian Translation if need be." that sounds realy strange21:48
Hattorycody-somerville, Hi... Have you received a mail from Milo Casagrande?22:05
cody-somervilleHattory, Yup. The request is in my queue :)22:06
Hattorycody-somerville, perfect ;)22:06
juliuxhi beuno 23:58
juliuxah only a reconnect;)23:58

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