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ToddBrandtanyone here notice that the ubuntu-mobile build is failing on hildon-desktop dependencies?02:13
ToddBrandtI've uploaded the correct version of libcairo and its pending, however I didn't change the version as I made no changes to the source, I hope this was the correct approach02:14
StevenKFrom the snapshot?02:20
StevenKToddBrandt: The cairo you uploaded is also failing to build.02:22
ToddBrandtI just uploaded pango too, who there can delete that?02:22
ToddBrandtIs there a way I can?02:23
StevenKI can remove packages.02:23
StevenKI can't see pango in the list.02:24
ToddBrandtit'll be there in a minute, I just dput it02:24
ToddBrandtStevenK: the problem must be that I got it compiling in a gutsy project, I need a hardy project to build cairo properly, but I need cairo to get a hardy package, I'm trying to assemble a project manually at the moment02:25
StevenKHow did uploading a new cairo to the hardy PPA help that?02:27
StevenK<- confused02:27
ToddBrandtStevenK: I get this error when trying to create a new project with MIC:02:30
ToddBrandt3:10 to Yuma02:30
ToddBrandtThe following packages have unmet dependencies:02:30
ToddBrandt  hildon-desktop: Depends: libcairo2 (>= 1.5.18) but 1.5.14-0ubuntu1~804um1 is to be installed02:30
ToddBrandt                  Depends: libhildondesktop0 (>= 1:2.0.11-1~svn15367) but it is not going to be installed02:30
ToddBrandt                  Depends: libhildonwm0 (>= 1:2.0.11-1~svn15367) but it is not going to be installed02:30
ToddBrandt                  Depends: libpango1.0-0 (>= 1.20.1) but 1.20.0-1ubuntu1~804um1 is to be installed02:30
ToddBrandt'/3:10 to Yuma/d02:30
StevenKWhat's your base? The snapshot?02:31
ToddBrandtSo I'm pulling the source packages for these dependencies from the hardy package repo, installing them in an lpia chroot, and trying to get them to build02:31
StevenKWell, if it is, which snapshot?02:31
StevenKWhich snapshot does that pull from?02:32
ToddBrandtdeb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hardy main restricted universe multiverse02:33
ToddBrandtdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mobile/ubuntu hardy main02:33
ToddBrandtdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mobile/ubuntu hardy main02:33
StevenKThat's the PPA, and source for Hardy.02:33
StevenKNo snapshot there.02:33
ToddBrandtwhat's the answer you're looking for?02:34
ToddBrandtI'm not an expert at MIC02:34
StevenKWhat does cat <where you keep projects>/<project name>/targets/<target name>/fs/etc/apt/sources.list show?02:35
ToddBrandtdeb http://snapshot.ubuntu.com/lpia/snapshot/2008-02-27/ports hardy main restricted universe multiverse02:36
StevenKYou know there are two snapshots that are newer than that?02:37
StevenK2008-03-20 and 2008-04-0102:37
ToddBrandtI did not know that :) moblin-image-creatr apparantly hasn't been updated02:37
ToddBrandtdo I just check that URL for the latest?02:38
ToddBrandti.e. http://snapshot.ubuntu.com/lpia/snapshot/02:38
ToddBrandthmm, I wonder why MIC doesn't just point to current02:39
StevenKThere's a current link to the current latest snapshot02:39
StevenKThat would be a question for praj or HappyCamp_02:39
ToddBrandtStevenK: thanks so much for your help! One more question, is there a way to create a jailroot from one of these snapshots without using MIC?02:40
StevenKToddBrandt: Absolutely. Use debootstrap directly02:41
ToddBrandtoh ok, gotcha02:41
StevenKdebootstrap hardy <where you want the chroot> http://snapshot.ubuntu.com/lpia/snapshot/current02:42
StevenKOh, deboostrap --arch lpia hardy ...02:42
StevenKI always forget that :-/02:42
ToddBrandtI have a script somewhere with dust on it, that looks right02:43
ToddBrandtoh, and I see where MIC stores that link: default_config/defaults.cfg, awesome, I'll just change that then and build me a target :)02:47
StevenKToddBrandt: Do you still want me to remove cairo and pango?02:52
ToddBrandtStevenK: yes, both are likely failed attempts02:53
ToddBrandtI'll try things with the latest snapshot and go from there02:53
ToddBrandtsorry for the busted build02:53
StevenKStill no pango, did you get a Reject from the PPA?02:53
StevenKToddBrandt: cairo binned.02:54
ToddBrandtStevenK: oh, yea, I got a rejection notice for pango02:55
ToddBrandtno harm done there then02:55
StevenKHrm. May have to re-upload the cairo that was there.02:55
StevenK(Since your upload marked it as superseded)02:55
ToddBrandtcairo - 1.5.14-0ubuntu1~804um1?02:55
ToddBrandtlool uploaded that one02:55
StevenKI'm going to play the waiting game for a bit and see what happens now that I purged the newer one02:56
ToddBrandthmm, yea looks like the same error even with the April 1 snapshot02:57
StevenKOh, argh.03:04
StevenKIt removed the old cairo03:04
ToddBrandtsorry about that man03:12
ToddBrandtI think it failed because the version of libpixman was too low03:12
ToddBrandtI have libpixman-1-dev_0.10.0-0ubuntu1_lpia.deb building on a "current" hardy snapshot, should I upload the source?03:13
ToddBrandtif it's in there the newer cairo I expect will also work03:14
StevenKI think the older cairo was there for the the 02-27 snapshot03:16
StevenKSo if you upload a newer cairo it should sort itself out again.03:16
ToddBrandtok, lemme upload libpixman, that one's brand new to the repo so it should clobber anyone else's stuff :P03:18
ToddBrandtshouldn't I mean03:18
StevenKYeah, it's going to clobber the PPA :-P03:18
StevenKThere is no cairo in the PPA any more03:21
ToddBrandtyea, I mean will pixman clobber anything?03:21
ToddBrandtit shouldn't right?03:21
ToddBrandtsince it's not there at the moment03:22
StevenKNo, I'm poking fun. :-)03:22
ToddBrandtoh, sorry03:22
ToddBrandtI'm jittery03:22
ToddBrandtok, pixman is on its way, now back to cairo03:24
ToddBrandtStevenK: ok, libcairo2_1.5.20-0ubuntu1_lpia.deb builds ok with the new pixman, I'll reupload it now that pixman is available in the repo03:47
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ToddBrandtStevenK, cairo is working now, it's built and looking good, thanks for the help!04:49
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zertwaai got qtek 910021:34
zertwaais it possible to install ubuntu mobile on it ?21:35
zertwaasm vfdbvofdjzsdcv 21:37
zertwaanoone here21:37
zertwaaubuntu noone help here 21:41
zertwaastrange 21:41

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