TelnetMantaanyone know what would cause this to happen in be log when trying to watch tv?00:02
TelnetManta Preview Error: Previewer file00:02
TelnetManta  Preview Error: Run() file not local:00:02
TelnetMantaPreview Error: Preview process not ok.00:02
TelnetMantaguess I'll try a reinstall.....00:04
famicom_family friendly?00:07
famicom_what, it should be fine as long as there are no gays right00:07
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ushimitsudokiI have a 1.7GHz P4 w/Radeon 9600 (TV out). Is this sufficient HW for mythbuntu? Just started researching this!05:06
ushimitsudokiI know i will need a tv card as well05:06
CyberCodanyone available to help with remote control config on a fresh install?08:43
EvilGurumythbackend does not seem to start up when I boot-up my system (which is set to automatically log in and start the frontend)12:29
davey_Anyone around?14:20
davey_I've got a hauppauge pvr150 in my box and the remote has broken for no reason twice now, the first time I had to reinstall completely, which I dont really want to do again. Is there another reliable perhaps usb remote that works well with mythbuntu?14:21
jduggandavey_: i use mce remote14:53
jdugganworks flawlessly14:53
jdugganits actually a decent remote14:53
davey_do you have the newer one or older one?14:53
jdugganhttp://mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/MCE_Remote its one not shown on this, its a cross between the 2nd and 3rd14:54
davey_they all use the same driver module i assume?14:55
jdugganlooks like the third with the red/green/yellow/blue buttons14:55
davey_did it come with a tuner or did you get it seperately?14:55
jdugganits version 2, though14:55
jduggani bought it for a 5quid or so, coz my hauppauge broke14:55
jdugganno tuner14:56
davey_yeah thats the boat im in i think14:56
davey_my hauppauge broke once before, and i fixed it by reinstalling, but this time i think its really broke14:56
jdugganmy ir sensor got damaged when moving14:56
jduggani was going to try fixing it but a colleague offered me this for next to nothing14:56
davey_i think someone spilled beer on my remote lol14:56
jduggantbh id probably have never bought the mce remote... but id recommend it to anyone14:57
jdugganive never had an issue with it14:57
davey_cool, I am looking for one now, i see a lot of no-name ones though14:57
davey_anyware rohs is one brand i see a lot on newegg14:58
jdugganthe only thing i dont like is the ir receiver is pretty big.. its fine for my living room, because it sits nicely on my kit and doesnt look out of place, but it wouldnt be right in my bedroom :)14:58
davey_yeah, I currently have my hauppauge receiver duct taped to my tv, so i dont really care how it looks :P14:59
jdugganbut what it does have is two ir blaster sensors14:59
jdugganso you can connect it to a tv and cable box, or tv and amp etc15:00
davey_that one look decent to you?15:00
jduggantbh i've no idea about those aftermarket ones, im not sure they use the same drivers etc?15:01
jdugganid guess they do15:02
davey_that was kinda my worry15:02
davey_i can't find anywhere that sells microsoft ones15:02
jdugganare the official M$ ones more expensive?15:02
jduggangoogle for mce remote15:03
jdugganthere's a ton of them on UK ebay15:03
jdugganfor pretty cheap15:03
davey_k i'll check ebay15:03
davey_http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16880125001 comments say this one works well with lirc15:05
jduggani cant comment since i have no experience with it :)15:07
jdugganyou can always return to newegg though, right?15:07
lagahey guys.15:53
lagacan someone test something for me? you need a mythbuntu box (7.10 or 8.04) and approximately three minutes :)15:53
jduggancan i do it via ssh15:56
lagasure. but it'll reboot your computer. (or if you want, shut it down)15:57
lagai'm working on something that'll let people shut down their mythtv computers without having to edit /etc/sudoers first :)15:57
Kargarian Hello.  I have a question.  I cannot seem to get mythdora to boot from the dvd, is there anyway to do it using the grub loader?16:10
lagaKargarian: this is #ubuntu-mythtv16:11
Kargarianwell i have mythubuntu that is doing the same thing and won't boot from the cdrom drive, anyway to get that to work using grub16:12
OolonColluphidKargarian: do you have your BIOS set to boot first from CD/DVD?16:14
Kargariani do a selective boot and seletc the dvd/cdrom drive16:14
Kargarianit waits for a bit and then just boots from hd16:14
OolonColluphidcan you boot other live CD disks?16:15
Kargarianwhich sucks when i am trying to remove windows :)16:15
Kargariannone linux, windows does though16:15
OolonColluphidwindoze from a live cd?16:16
Kargarianso from a previous install i can atleast get to the grub prompt16:16
Kargarianso i was wondering, is there a way from grub i could go into the cdrom and launch the install?16:16
OolonColluphidprobably but I've never tried that16:17
Kargarianhumm. i wonder if there is a wayto atleast make a floppy boot disk, but then another issue is I don't think i have a floppy lol.  I do have a usb thumb drive16:18
OolonColluphidyou might want to try a knoppix or other live cd channel this is for ubuntu/mythtv specific issues16:20
lagayou can put the live disk onto a thumb drive... i think it's in the ubuntu wiki somewhere16:21
Kargarianok thanks16:23
MythbuntuGuest99laga, you around?16:29
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jdugganlaga, could just have /sbin/shutdown chmod +s16:30
jdugganno big deal on a mythbox imo16:30
aspasticdoes MCC build a good diskless image now?  i built from the command line...but cant install nvidia driver16:31
lagajduggan: na, SUID is bad :) especially because many computers are not "just" mythtv boxes :)16:31
lagajduggan: i already got a solution, i use HAL. i just need to know if it's working on "normal" mythbuntu computers16:31
lagaaspastic: no, not yet. there was a hug in the last upload. i'll post an updated version in the forums in a few minutes16:32
aspastickk...so if i built on from the command line, why would i not be able to install nvidia drivers?16:33
lagai dont know. do you get an error message?16:34
lagajust saying "it doesn't work" is probably to worst way of trying to get help :)16:34
aspasticwell, usually i come up top right..beside the clock16:35
aspasticit didnt this time16:35
aspasticso i download the sh*.run from nvidia.com16:35
lagadon't do that16:35
aspasticand use my tested and working xorg...but it doesnt work16:36
lagabecause the ubuntu packages for nvidia packages do special magic which is lacking in the .sh16:36
lagalack of magic breaks stuff16:36
aspastichow to make magic then?16:37
lagaaspastic: i'd suggest you remove the overlay directory in /var/cache/mythbuntu-diskless/overlay/*  - this will remove the nvidia driver and also remove all your customizations (!). then start your client and run jockey-gtk16:38
lagathat'll let you choose the nvidia driver i hope16:38
lagabtw: if you can boot the client, then the chroot should be good. just sayin'16:39
MythbuntuGuest88Hi this is my first visit here. I'm hoping to set it up this evening. One question: can I use the Hauppauge PVR150 blaster, to change channels on my sat receiver16:39
lagaeg creating it in mcc was OK16:39
aspasticgive me 2 mins laga16:40
aspasticdidn't work laga  'tuple' object has no attribute16:43
lagaknown problem, wait a sec16:43
lagamaybe that's the correct bug for you16:44
aspasticill give it a go16:45
aspasticlaga = LEGEND!16:50
lagai just overheard the conversation about that bug in another channel :)16:51
lagai've just seen the new desktop theme in action16:53
aspasticubuntu theme?16:54
lagano, the mythbuntu theme16:56
lagablack & chrome16:56
aspasticyea, i like it using it now17:02
aspasticany idea's why live tv wont work? just returns to the menu?17:03
slestakquestion guys. i have xv working finally, so i have low cpu usage for mplayer.17:10
slestaki just need to get the quality up now.  i have avi's that when displayed on 32" LCD TV VIA RGB, IT GETS CHOPPY17:11
slestakim copying content from nas to local disk to see if its a throughput issue, but i dont think it is17:12
slestakfor mplayer opts im using zoom, quiet, fs.  is that consistent with your settings?17:13
KargarianWith a default install of mythth should i be able to watch dvd's.  I stick a dvd in but it won't play17:50
Kargarianany ideas?17:50
jdugganKargarian: gotta install the restricted drivers from the mcc17:56
Raspberryi've been running MythTV for a year now :)  But since the upgrade to 8.04 -- the screensaver comes on (mouse appears and fades to black) and the lirc / remote has quit working... yes, I recompiled the lirc modules for the new -16 kerenl17:57
lagaRaspberry: file a bug report17:57
RaspberryI will17:57
Raspberrythere are currently ZERO bugs open in regards to MythTV on Hardy17:57
superm1there are?18:05
superm1ther's like 50 bugs open :)18:05
darthanubisI knew better than to even look18:06
superm1as i just raised in -dev.  ETOOMANYBUGS18:07
RaspberryI was looking here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/mythtv18:08
Raspberryis there somewhere else I should be looking?18:08
superm1yeah same thing w/o the hardy in it18:08
superm1those are "release" blocker bugs18:08
Raspberrywell I upgraded to hardy because since 0.21 it's been restarting X on Gutsy18:10
Raspberryso I figured it can't be much worse18:10
Raspberryonly when I'm playing HD  content for the most part18:10
superm1sounds like you need a more tuned playback profile18:11
RaspberryI've been playing around with that18:12
RaspberryI've reduced it to normal now18:12
Raspberrywould reducing it to slim be better yet?18:12
Raspberryor is that the wrong thing to be looking at?18:12
RaspberryI can create a custom profile, I know -- but I thought I'd try the defaults first and go from there18:13
superm1slim helps a lot of folks18:13
superm1it never hurts to ry18:13
RaspberryI've had the same install for a year and I didn't have to look at the playback profiles until 0.2118:14
superm1yeah same for a lot of folks18:14
superm1i ended up buying some new hardware18:15
Raspberry0.21 is a lot more resource intensive18:15
superm1and fixed it the brute force way18:15
RaspberryI've also noticed that it's max'd out my gb of memory too18:15
superm1well that's actually surprising18:15
RaspberryI've been thinking about a new processor18:15
superm1you sure its all "in use"18:15
superm1a lot of it is usually cached18:15
Raspberryavailable is typically 50mb18:15
superm1according to what though?18:15
superm1free -m?18:16
superm1example: my laptop has a gig18:16
superm1and right now "used" is 94318:16
superm1but the next line is -/+ buffers/cache18:16
superm1used is only 39318:16
Raspberryused is 867mb and I don't even have the front-end running18:16
Raspberrybuffers is 18mb cached is 400mb18:17
superm1well you may have something else funky going on18:17
superm1take a look what is using up all that ram right now18:17
Raspberryi'll check it again w/the front-end running in a bit .. .Xorg is 5% of the mem... python is almost 5... deskbar-applet is 5 ...  but that's because I'm in a regular profile on the machine right now -- trying to use the control center18:18
superm1but still 440 megs w/o myth running is a bit high i think18:18
Raspberrygknome panel is 3 nautilus is 3 mysql is 3% backend is 2.2 minxer is 2 update notifier is 2... and so on18:18
superm1oh you've got gnome running right now18:19
RaspberryI'm in a regular user term18:19
superm1okay that explains things18:19
superm1carry onward18:19
Raspberrybut I'm checking through top :P which I check with mythtv profile running18:19
Seeker`is there a way of deleting directories from storage groups?18:20
Raspberryi also changed it so I'm not doing commflagging anymore during recording18:20
Raspberrycan't do that with 0.21 either :)18:20
superm1oh yeah i can't commflag on the same box i watch hd either18:21
superm1used to commflag 2-3 shows and watch hd at same time18:21
Raspberryare you running hardy or gutsy?18:23
superm1i develop on hardy and use hardy18:23
Raspberrythis guy says sound doesn't work http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/2008/04/mythtv-on-hardy.html -- but it works for me an dI didn't change anything... so not sure if he's mistaken or what... because there hasn't been a new mythbuild since then18:24
Raspberrysound works fine for me18:24
superm1i use myth w/ pulse audio fine18:25
superm1just asoundconf set-pulse18:25
superm1and start myth18:25
superm1and things work18:25
Kargarianok i installed the restricted drivers, and i still cannot get dvd's to play within mythtv, is there somthing else i need to configure?18:25
superm1Kargarian, in mcc you need the DVD codecs18:25
Kargarianyeah, i checked all of them off18:26
Kargarianand restarted18:26
superm1then try another DVD made by a different company (in case its a DRM problem )18:26
Raspberrysince i seem to be out of it today-- any suggestions on how to full view mmc on a 800x600 display... I can't read it if it's larger and the magnifcation options (orca, et al) don't seem to be functioning correctly in Hardy18:27
Kargariani was able to play that dvd in a different pc running suse18:27
superm1Raspberry, orca isn't working?18:27
superm1in general - or just on mcc?18:27
Kargariani don't think it's the dvd, buti will give another a try18:27
Kargarianjustin the mcc, and then it installed them18:27
Raspberryin general18:27
superm1Kargarian, hm interesting18:27
superm1Raspberry, did you talk to TheMuso about it?18:27
Raspberryit starts ... it displays a preference dialog with nothing in  it... and then it crashes... with "TIMEOUT: somthing has hung. aborting.18:28
superm1he's done tons this cycle on accessibillity stuff18:28
superm1but mcc should work on 800x60018:28
superm1just make sure your font isn't set too large18:28
Raspberrythe problem isn I'm doing this on a regular TV18:29
Raspberryso 1024 is just too tiny18:29
Raspberryand blurry18:29
superm1vnc perhaps instead then18:29
hti_proanyone having issues with mythtv on hardy, getting ready to update.  Just wanted to see what i had in store for me18:29
RaspberryI used to use VNC with Gutsy, but it restarts X in Hardy now18:29
RaspberryI make the connection from my hardy laptop via VNC... then the vnc window on the laptop goes black and X restarts on the MythTV box18:30
Raspberrylots of problems today :)18:30
darthanubishti_pro, no18:30
superm1Raspberry, yeah, reconfigure vnc in hardy18:30
superm1it will reinstall x11vnc18:30
superm1its an annoying bug that vnc4server broke18:30
Raspberryjust a dpkg-reconfigure eh18:31
darthanubisI use NX18:31
superm1Raspberry, no literally in mcc18:31
superm1pick the reconfigure option18:31
superm1for the services tab18:31
Raspberryah ..well I can't read it :p18:31
Raspberryat 800x600 I can read the text, but I can't slide the dialog up high enough to hit apply / ok18:32
superm1hold alt18:32
superm1and drag the window18:32
Raspberryit won't drag past the panel18:32
Raspberryat the top18:32
RaspberryI tried that :)18:32
superm1you can try to X forward over SSH possibly18:32
Raspberrynvrmind :)  I tied :P18:32
Raspberryit's working "now" :P18:32
RaspberryI'm trying not to complain to much - -so let me know whnen you've had enough18:33
superm1well anything that comes up as a major blocker we need to see some bugs filed18:33
superm1this is crunch time18:33
Raspberrythe way my day has been going -- I was probably holding ALT on my laptop keyboard and moving the mouse for the mythtv box :P18:33
Raspberrygoing through the mcc now... page by page18:34
Raspberrywith the new mythbuntu logo -- think there will be any tivo complaints?  it looks kinda similar doesn't it?18:35
superm1does it?18:35
superm1i hope no complaints on it18:35
Raspberryi've never used a tivo, but yeah -- http://dynamic.tivo.com/resources/images/downloads/TiVo_logo_lg_RGB.jpg18:36
superm1oh interesting...18:36
RaspberryI can't imagine you wouldn't get a letter18:36
superm1that can be bad i suppose18:36
lagadoes your logo have feet?18:36
lagaerr, our18:36
Raspberryi can see two nubs18:37
RaspberryI guess you'd have to look at how malt-o-meal can sell cereals that are similar to the name brands18:37
Raspberrybut they never use the same logos18:37
Raspberryor similar18:38
superm1well do you like the new logo though :)18:38
RaspberryI like the new logo and theme a lot18:38
superm1that's what matters18:38
lagait's a TV18:38
Raspberryyeah, but Tivo has the (r)18:38
lagayeah.. complicated.18:39
Raspberrytivo just won a huge lawsuit too18:40
Raspberryagainst Dish Networks18:40
Raspberrydish has to turn off all their own DVRs18:41
Raspberryand i don't know if tivo is sue happy like Apple... apple just sued NYC for a "go green" logo the city has on their ecofriendly campaign18:41
hti_prodo i have to restart mythtv frontend after configuring lirc18:44
Seeker`hti_pro: I always have to18:45
hti_proSeeker`: thanks18:45
Raspberryhti_pro: yes18:46
Raspberryah -- since the upgrade all the remote info is missing :)18:46
Seeker`since upgrading to 8.04, I have noticed that if I have previously told myth to record a program, and I happen to be watching the channel before the recording starts, it "retunes" to the channel just before the program starts18:46
Raspberryi'll have to check that out18:48
Raspberrysee if that happens to me18:48
Raspberryso -- what's the best way to turn the screensaver off?18:48
Raspberrysince the upgrade the screensaver comes on after 15 minutes18:48
hti_proany upside to using mplayer from within mythtv as opposed to the internal player18:48
Raspberry:P  even when I'm watching a movie18:48
Raspberryhti_pro: the internal player is great in 0.2118:49
Raspberryyou can save your position in all your media now18:49
Raspberrynot just tv recordings18:49
hti_proRaspberry: cool, is there an issue with using the remote and mplayer from within myth, I mean when i use the remote does it simultaneously send commands to bot mplayer and myth18:49
Raspberryand all the buttons are the same ... no having to remember different behavior for mplayer v. internal18:50
Raspberryhti_pro: no18:50
Raspberryhti_pro: it sends commands to the application with focus18:50
hti_proRaspberry: is there anything that the internal player can't do18:50
Raspberrywmv I think... and mov18:50
RaspberryI'd have to check again18:50
Raspberryit's much better18:50
RaspberryI reconfigured my file preferences to put everything on the internal player18:51
hti_proi hate wmv's, all i really use are mpegs isos and nuvs18:51
hti_pronuvs = mpeg i think18:51
Raspberrysuperm1: when I hit apply in mmc after my changes18:51
Raspberryhti_pro: then just internal is all you need18:51
Raspberrysuperm1: it's just hanging on "Configuring VNC Service"18:51
superm1zuh oh...18:51
superm1that's not a good thing18:52
Raspberryhti_pro: you can run the new mythtv 0.21 in gutsy w/o upgrading to hardy18:52
superm1if its hanging for awhile18:52
superm1then kill it18:52
superm1and run this18:52
Raspberryhti_pro: I'd recommend staying at gutsy18:52
superm1sudo /usr/share/mythbuntu-control-centre/bin/mythbuntu-control-centre18:52
Raspberrysuperm1: it's been hanging for at least 3-4 minutes18:52
superm1and get us a trace on what's going wrong18:52
hti_proRaspberry: so i've found, i have one slave backend running gutsy with gutsy-backports and my master is hardy18:52
hti_proI think the only major issue with hardy right now is the /etc/network/interfaces file loses the <ifname> auto line18:53
hti_proas far as mythtv goes anyway18:54
Raspberrysuperm1: ok -- I did that.. I'll try it again18:54
Raspberrysuperm1: I'm going to hit apply after each page this time18:54
hti_proIf I am wrong please anybody correct me before I update18:54
Seeker`Raspberry: I'm getting the screensaver come on too18:55
Raspberryi'm glad I'm not crazy :)18:55
RaspberryI thought there was an option in the mythtv config to disable the screensaver18:55
superm1Raspberry, okay18:55
Raspberrybut maybe that was just the mouse pointer18:56
superm1bugs bugs bugs people, we dont catch these things unless you file them18:56
RaspberryI'll file it18:56
superm1Seeker`, hti_pro ^18:56
RaspberryI just want to fix it first18:56
Seeker`where do we file bugs?18:56
DavieySeeker`: honestly?18:56
hti_procan't you just disable the screensaver in X18:56
Seeker`Daviey: I know launchpad, but I cant be bothered to find the exact path :P18:57
Raspberryhti_pro: as far as I know -- only if you're logged in as that user18:57
Raspberrysuperm1: do you think it's a bad Idea to remove all the mythplugins hit apply and then readd them?18:57
hti_proanyone using zoneminder with mythtv18:58
DavieySeeker`: decide if it is a mythtv issue, packaging issue or a mythbuntu problem (including mcc)18:58
hti_proi am looking for a mythzmserver for a pure debian18:58
hti_prowithout a myth front/back18:58
hti_proor can i just transfer the ubuntu package to debian and install it there18:59
superm1you'll need to rebuild the source package on debian then19:00
RaspberryI guess the way around it would be to stop mythtv from starting up when the mythtv user logs in and then change the screen saver19:00
hti_prodo you know where i can get the source package19:00
superm1apt-get source mythtv on ubuntu19:00
superm1or grab it from the bzr branch19:00
superm1on code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mythtv19:00
Raspberryi think I'm going to run a dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-frontend19:02
superm1there is no debconf on the frontend that i know about19:03
superm1we only put it on common, database, and backend19:03
Raspberrymaybe I'll try it on common then19:03
Raspberrysee if that gets the screensaver to turn off19:03
Raspberrysuperm1: when I went back into the mmc with sudo ... none of my changes that I had committed before (when I killed the mmc) had stuck... EXCEPT vnc service was now set to enabled and before it was disabled19:04
superm1Raspberry, interesting19:04
superm1well see this time when you run it, try to reconfigure vnc19:05
superm1and see if there is a log spit back19:05
Raspberrythere's an error in the python script19:05
hti_prohas anyone actually used mythZoneMinder19:05
Raspberry... /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/mythbuntu_common/vnc.py line 6319:05
Raspberryactually there are alot19:06
Raspberrycore.py line 134419:06
Raspberrycore line 133119:06
Raspberrychanger line 248 and 47019:06
Seeker`Daviey: I filed it under the link Raspberry privided19:07
RaspberryFile "/var/lib/python-support/python2.5/mythbuntu_common/vnc.py", line 63, in toggle_xorg have_modules = len(self.xorgconf.getSections("module")) > 0 AttributeError: "tuple" object has no attribute 'getSections'19:07
superm1Raspberry, woah that's messed up...19:08
superm1i've not seen any of that19:08
superm1you have the latest versions of everything?19:08
superm1particularly mythbuntu-common19:08
Raspberryi just did an apt-get update / upgrade19:08
Raspberryand I wen tthrough dselect and added every myth package I could find19:08
Raspberrybecause after the upgrade19:09
RaspberryI didn't have the backend19:09
superm1please file a bug with as much info as you can19:09
Raspberrymoving from gutsy to hardy didn't install the updated mythtv-backend packages and it got rid of the last ones19:09
superm1about versions of mythbuntu-common, mcc19:09
superm1and that backtrace19:09
RaspberryI'll rerun the mmc from my laptop so I can copy / paste into a browser19:09
superm1need to get that fixed asap19:09
Raspberrywhat's the bestway to do a backtrace19:10
Raspberryi don't do them often enough to remember19:10
Raspberrywhen I run a mythtv-status it tells me it can't access the MythTV Perl API19:11
Raspberryam I missing something?19:11
superm1Raspberry, that way i had you launch things19:12
superm1with that long path19:12
superm1all of that output19:12
superm1that you saw all these errors19:12
superm1that's what i mean19:12
RaspberryI can do that19:12
Raspberryum... should I have a config for mythtv-status19:12
Raspberryit says I've got no config19:12
superm1Raspberry, just make sure libmyth-perl is installed19:12
superm1and that your backend is running upnp19:12
Raspberrylibmyth-perl i sinstalled an dI know upnp "was" working :)  because I can see the myth box on my vista machine as a media server19:13
superm1hm interesting19:14
superm1works for me (tm) :)19:14
superm1file a bug, and we'll see about it19:14
Raspberryyou can't have mythmovies and mythvideo installed at the same time, right?19:15
Raspberrymaybe i'm missing a repository, but I don't think so19:17
RaspberryI have the mythbuntu.org repos disabled19:18
Raspberryshould I have it enabled?19:18
a1fai purchased a 500gb hard drive19:21
a1faits time to migrate to mythbuntu19:21
a1fahow buggy is new beta19:22
Raspberryon hardy... buggy :019:22
darthanubisits buggy for you19:22
superm1Raspberry, you should be able to have both installed19:23
a1fashould i install 7.10 or the new beta?19:23
Raspberryhmm ther emight be something going on with LIRC too...  * Starting remote control daemon(s) : LIRC                                                                                                                                                                                                      [fail]19:23
superm1a lot of what Raspberry is seeing looks like upgrade bugs, not "new" bugs19:23
RaspberryI might blow the thing away and just install from a BETA Live CD19:24
Raspberrybut I'll help debug this stuff first19:24
a1fai am going to try the beta disk first19:24
a1famaybe its stable19:24
a1fai need to dump my recordings database first19:24
superm1Raspberry, ugh this vnc one actually looks like a royal pain19:24
superm1it was stable before, and i think some dependent code might have broke19:25
Raspberryi'm going to try and connect and see if it works19:25
Raspberryconnecting to VNC just crashes X19:25
Raspberryit doesn't restart19:25
Raspberryuntil I hit CTRL+ALT+BKSP19:25
Raspberrybut I lose the display signal19:25
superm1Raspberry, there is a lot of complications behind what's happening for that19:25
superm1the new stuff is supposed to turn off vnc for the x server19:26
superm1and turn it on for x11vnc19:26
superm1but with that bug its not happening19:26
superm1as soon as you file it, please get me a bug number so can figure out what is happening19:26
a1fashow of hands who is running that beta?19:26
Raspberryme ... as an upgrade19:27
Raspberrysuperm1: already filed it as bu #21644019:28
superm1thanks Raspberry19:28
darthanubisa1fa, me19:28
superm1i'll see what i can do about it19:28
darthanubisa1fa, since day one19:28
darthanubishundreds of shows recorded19:28
a1faanything i should be aware of?19:28
darthanubisa1fa, the documentation19:29
darthanubisthe release notes19:29
Raspberryand darthanubis's attitude19:29
darthanubisand ppl who spread FUD19:29
darthanubisa1fa, my attitude has nothing to do with mythtv, mythbuntu, or thee facts surrounding these apps19:30
darthanubisa1fa, also, listen to superm119:31
a1fayou guys need to work things out19:31
Raspberrya1fa: the beta worked great on Gutsy -- but I'm having issues with LIRC and other things on Hardy19:31
Raspberrya1fa: two of us in here this afternoon have confirmed issues with screensavers in Hardy19:32
Raspberrya1fa: still being active even when mythtv is running... so it comes on in the middle of watching something19:32
Raspberrya1fa: the 3 things I've found so far (in the last hour) with the beta on hardy is VNC doesn't work, the remote doesn't work and it LIRC fails to load it and the screensaver is enabled19:34
hti_prowhat would cause an extreme amount of cpu  time while running myth19:37
hti_proall i did was hit esc to exit mythfrontend, then canceled the exit19:39
Raspberryi don't know, but there's a bug about that :019:40
hti_proreally, more info??19:40
hti_proand also where is the setup for the keys in mythfrontend19:41
Raspberryhti_pro: under setup :)19:41
Raspberryset keys19:41
hti_prois that under general or tv settings, or what?  cuz im not finding it19:41
Raspberryi'll tell ya19:43
Raspberryit's up a level from all that19:43
hti_prounder utilities?19:43
Seeker`how can I stop the faint hiss i am getting on recordings?19:43
Raspberryand then Edit Keys19:43
hti_proi don't have edit keys under utilities, just Music Tools, Video Manager, and Setup19:45
hti_prois it because of the frontend layout that im using19:46
superm1Raspberry, found your bug19:47
superm1its really bug 21491419:49
superm1which a fix is on its way up already19:49
superm1in kde-guidance 0.8.0svn20080103-0ubuntu1419:49
Raspberryyup that's crashing left and right19:50
superm1yeah probably broke jockey too19:50
superm1and displayconfig-gtk19:50
Raspberryi've set my own password for the mythtv user now19:50
superm1some 93 duplicates already made19:50
Raspberryso now I got in and turned off the screensaver19:51
Raspberrycan't mythtv tell the screen saver to stay off19:51
Raspberryjust like mplayer or vlc?19:51
superm1it does19:51
superm1look at /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log19:52
superm1there should be something about it turning off the screensaver support19:52
superm1or similar19:52
hti_prois it the actual screen saver or just screem blanking19:52
Raspberryit's the actual screensaver19:54
hti_prooh, just curious19:54
superm1your under xfce?19:54
superm1or gnome when this is happening?19:54
superm1and is myth autostarting?19:54
superm1or you manually starting it19:54
Raspberrymyth is autostarting19:54
Raspberryi set a password for the mythtv user19:54
Raspberryand then opened the control panel remotely o nmy laptop19:55
Raspberryand the screensaver was set to activate after 10 minutes of idle19:55
superm1mythtv user???19:55
superm1run it as the normal user19:55
superm1running it as ~mythtv causes breakage19:55
superm1mythtv user is ONLY to be used for MYTHBACKEND and MYTHFILLDATABASE19:55
superm1its a daemon user only19:55
superm1the mythtv GROUP however is what you should be a member of19:56
RaspberryI didn't set this up that way :)  Whoever created the mythtv packages for gutsy last August did :)19:56
superm1do you have ubuntu-mythtv-frontend installed or something?19:56
Raspberryand it's just worked (tm) this whole time19:56
superm1yeah that's the breakage there19:57
superm1please remove that19:57
superm1we abandoned it19:57
superm1but didn't get rid of the package19:57
superm1in case someone "wanted" to try to sort out its problems19:57
Raspberryso when I did the upgrade -- it removed all the backend stuff19:57
Raspberrybut THAT was the only package it left :p19:57
superm1the autostart stuff in mcc starts up things a lot differently than that package does19:57
superm1that "shouldn't" have happened19:57
superm1file a bug on that too though with dpkg.log and /var/log/update-manager19:58
Raspberrybecuse I started it up an dit couldn't talk to the backend19:58
Raspberryand the init.d script for the backend was still there, but it wasn't doing anything19:58
Raspberryabout 15 minutes later after digging around I figured out none of the backend packages were installed19:58
superm1a big upgrade bug like that we need to sort out19:58
superm1i'm really hoping it was just transient for you19:59
superm1as mirrors were updating or something19:59
RaspberryI'm pointed at archive.ubuntu.org19:59
Raspberryso ... should I uninstall all my myth stuff?19:59
superm1yeah but i'm saying there was a mythtv upload like a day or so ago19:59
Raspberryand just install from scratch?20:00
superm1just remove ubuntu-mythtv-frontend20:00
superm1purge it20:00
superm1to get its conf files gone too20:00
Raspberryburn her burn her... she's a witch20:00
Raspberrythere should be a disclaimer when you install / update the frontend package20:00
Raspberrysaying it's not supported20:00
Raspberryor something like that20:00
RaspberryI want to set this stuff up the right way :)20:01
Raspberrybut now have I messed up my mythtv user20:01
RaspberryI need to create a new account to run mythtv as, correct?20:01
superm1well you just use your "user" account20:01
superm1the regular one20:01
superm1thaty ou can log into gnome with20:02
superm1and xfce with20:02
superm1and such20:02
Raspberrybut I don't want to autostart my account20:02
RaspberryI use it for debugging20:02
Raspberrystuff like this :)20:02
hti_probtw for anyone who cares, I switched from the G.A.N.T. theme to the Blue theme and the CPU wait thing is nearly gone, now only a few seconds wait where before was about 2020:02
superm1Raspberry, there was someone who figured out how to prevent it from autostarting in GNOME20:03
superm1but only in xfce20:03
superm1using the same account20:03
superm1if you go into the gnome gui and uncheck the autostart there for it20:04
superm1then that only affects gnome20:04
Raspberryso... if I do a fresh install of mythbuntu beta live cd ... will that solve all my problems?20:04
superm1well the kde-guidance thing will show up on archive.ubuntu.com in the next hour or two probably20:04
superm1so as soon as you upgrade that, that will fix your vnc thing20:05
superm1and the screensaver thing will be fixed once you don't use ubuntu-mythtv-frontend anymore20:05
Raspberryso what should I open th enext bug as20:05
a1fa8.04 is installing20:05
Raspberryupgrading to hardy from gutsy uninstalls backend packages20:05
superm1yeah file that against the mythbuntu project20:06
superm1and put all logs in /var/log/update-manager20:06
superm1so we'll see why that happened20:06
Raspberryand dpkg.log20:06
Raspberrybecause I didn't do the upgrade from a gui20:06
superm1how did you upgrade?20:06
Raspberrythis is basically a headless system20:06
superm1okay as long as you did that (and not dist-upgrade)20:07
Raspberryas specified on ubuntu's site20:07
superm1then yeah file a bug20:07
Raspberrywell I did a dist-upgrade AFTER that just to see if there was anything lingering, but mythtv didn't work before that20:07
Raspberryand the dist-upgrade didn't have anything to do20:08
superm1ah okay20:08
Raspberryum... where's the bug page for mythbuntu?20:08
Raspberrythat's not it20:08
Raspberryone thing that could benefit launchpad20:08
Raspberryis to have a central page that's simple20:09
Raspberrylike bugs.debian.org20:09
superm1well the thing is its used for more than just ubuntu bugs20:09
Raspberryi know20:09
superm1so the "ubuntu" project has that centralized page at its project page20:09
superm1but since we have some bugs that might not be ubuntu bugs, we have our own project page for them20:09
superm1and we triage them when necessary to ubuntu source packages20:09
Raspberryit seem slike every time I try to track down a package it's got a different structure to it's url20:09
superm1yeah you just need to get used to LP for that :)20:10
RaspberryI have to create a separate account?20:10
Raspberryto file bugs on edge?20:11
Raspberryit's asking me to log in again and my credentials don't work20:11
RaspberryI can file against the "non-edge" bugs site, right?20:11
Raspberrybugs look to be the same on both20:12
superm1oh sorry i use edge20:13
superm1i forgot most people dont20:13
superm1just take out the .edge in the url20:13
hti_prowhat is edge?20:14
Kargarianhello.  I have been trying to get x to display on my pvr 350, and the closest i got was during shut down, the shut down progress bar dispalys on my tv.  Any ideas?20:14
Raspberrybeta site20:14
Raspberrythis is kinda my screensaver issue... https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+bug/15715820:14
Raspberryexcept mine is fade to black20:14
superm1hti_pro, its the beta server20:15
hti_prodo i edit keys on the frontend or with mythtv-setup20:16
hti_proit is probably in your xorg.conf file20:18
Kargarianyeah, but any ideas on what i should change?  it's only during shutdown that i see something on the tv.20:19
hti_prohave you tried this,   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=446646420:19
hti_procheck out the settings they use for the 350 and compare to yours20:20
hti_propaste your xorg.conf file on pastebin and ill take a look20:21
Kargarianwaht's pastebin?20:21
hti_propastebin.ca  go there and sign up, it is like a clipboard that you can share20:22
Kargarianok will do20:22
hti_projust found this, definitely sounds like windows --->You appear to have moved your mouse. Vista needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.20:23
a1fai need to enable vnc on this box20:28
a1fai cant see shit ont v20:28
a1faits blury20:28
hti_prosorry, I have no room to talk20:28
hti_progood answer20:28
a1fa8.04 beta looks promissing20:29
hti_prosorry im not sure i can help20:29
a1fai changed my ip to a static IP20:30
a1faand its not coming up with that ip20:30
hti_prowhats it coming up with20:31
Kargarianok i posted my xorg.conf20:33
Kargarianwrong url20:33
hti_proalright give me few mins gotta put the kids down for nap20:34
Kargarianok msg me when your back20:35
a1facouple of errors20:35
a1faits not recognizing the tv20:35
a1faits starting up at 640x48020:35
a1faand it doesnt get ip correctly on startupi20:35
Raspberryyo have to modify the xorg.conf file20:36
Raspberrymaybe not anymore20:36
Raspberrybu tI did20:36
Raspberrywith a keyboar d:P20:36
Raspberrysudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:36
Raspberryor you probably want to use something else :p20:36
Raspberrysudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:36
a1faRaspberry: you talking to me?20:37
a1fahow do i fix the network issues?20:37
a1fa /etc/networking/?20:37
a1fai am doing apt-get upgrade first20:40
hti_proKargarian: It looks like your pvr-350 is trying to use the nvidia driver, I don't think that wil work20:41
hti_procan you post your /var/log/Xorg.0.log20:42
Raspberryis there a way that I can clean up my back-end and the mythtv user account w/o destroying my database?20:43
KargarianHti_pro i added it tothe orignal post20:44
hti_prook i have a problem, everytime i try to go to pastebin.ca i get a blank windows20:47
hti_prothere it goes20:47
hti_prodo an lscpi and tell me what the bus location of your pvr-350 card is20:49
Raspberrywtf users and groups are locked...20:50
Raspberryeven with sudo20:50
Kargarianhumm comand not found20:50
Kargarianif ido lscpi20:50
Kargarianif i do lspci | grep "Internext Compression" i get results20:53
Kargarian00:08.0 multimedia video controller: Internext Compression Inc iTVC15 MPEG2 Encoder (rev 01)20:55
hti_prolspci is not found but if you pipe it through grep you get results20:55
hti_proand that is the output portion of the card?  does the capture portion come up on a seperate line20:55
Kargarianwhat do you mean?20:56
Kargarianyeah that's the pvr 35020:56
Kargarianif it helps i followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_Gutsy_hardware_pvr-350_TV-out20:57
hti_pronevermind,  here is the major fault so far, line 120 on http://pastebin.ca/982651 indicates that the encoder is on 1:8:0 and it should be 0:8:020:57
hti_prochange that and see what happens, i don't think the driver for it should be Nvidia but well see20:58
Kargarianahh ok20:59
hti_proaccording to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4466464 it should be ivtvdev, but there is some kind of note in your xorg.conf file about it so i don't want to change it just yet20:59
a1fahow can i hard code my ip settings?21:00
a1fagnome-network config didnt work21:00
hti_proedit your /etc/network/interfaces file21:00
hti_prosee man interfaces for more info21:01
Kargariandumb question how to i restart it without havig the restart the whole box21:01
a1faso debian21:01
a1faits allready coded there21:02
superm1oh that gnome tool has a bug right now21:02
hti_prois there a line that says auto eth021:02
hti_proor whatever your primary interface is21:03
hti_proKargarian: press ctrl+alt+backspace21:03
hti_proKargarian: if that doesnt work try /etc/init.d/gdm restart21:04
Raspberrynew packages are out21:04
Seeker`Raspberry: What have they fixed?21:07
Raspberrynothing I have21:07
Raspberrydownloaded new indexes21:07
Raspberrybut no updates for me21:07
RaspberryI  think it's time for a beer21:08
Kargarianyeah i restarted the system and still no x display though the pvr 350, it only occurs during shut down with the logo and progress bar21:08
Kargarianthat's the only time i see x on my tv21:09
hti_prodo a grep EE /var/log/Xorg.log.0 and let me know if you get anything21:09
a1fa /etc/network/interfaces is set right21:11
a1fastill no IP address on my eth121:12
hti_proa1fa: do you get any info on eth1 from ifconfig -a21:13
a1fajust that it is up21:13
a1fano IP21:13
a1fai had to manually IP eth121:14
hti_prohave you tried the ifup eth1 script21:14
Kargarianfailed to load module "type1"21:14
a1fahti_pro: no i have not21:14
a1faThe following packages have been kept back:21:15
a1fai want to force these packages21:16
Kargarian(EE) Failed to load module "type1" (module does not exist, 0)21:16
Raspberryjust rm -rf /*21:16
Raspberrythat'll fix it21:16
hti_prokargarian: don't do it21:16
hti_proRaspberry you are mean21:16
Raspberrymaybe he's that frustrated21:17
hti_proI could see that21:17
hti_prothis may sound wierd but it worked for me once,  copy your xorg.conf file to a safe place, then delete it and restart X21:17
Raspberrywhen I built the mythtv box I'm running I reinstalled it from scratch about 6 or 8 times21:17
a1fahow do you enable vnc on this thing?21:17
Raspberryso I had a pristine install21:18
Raspberrya1fa: it's broken21:18
Raspberrya1fa: normally you'd enable it through the control centre21:18
a1faok.. so i can just enable it dirty way21:18
a1farun vncserver21:18
superm1a1fa, the newer version of guidance-backends fixes it21:19
a1faVersion: 0.8.0svn20080103-0ubuntu1421:19
a1fathis is the one i have installed21:19
Kargarian1978sorry i am back21:19
Kargarian1978that was odd21:19
Kargarian1978anywho would that command i just posted be right21:20
hti_proI've been pondering on updating to my hardy install for two days now, but it seems to be working.21:20
a1faso control centre where?21:20
a1fabecause i cant see anything on my big tv21:20
a1faanyway to enable it through ssh?21:20
hti_proKargarian1978: what command21:20
Kargarian1978well it's wortha shot21:21
a1fahow about this interfaces issue?21:21
hti_proi got a few more suggestions if it doesnt21:21
hti_projust make sure you backup  your current xorg.conf21:22
hti_proKargarian1978: ^^^21:22
Raspberryare you using Hardy?21:23
hti_proifup script didnt work21:24
a1fathis is pissing me off21:29
hti_prowhat does your /etc/network/interfaces file look like21:30
a1fahold on21:30
a1fax11vnc works for me21:31
Raspberrybroken for me21:32
a1fadid u apt-get upgrade?21:32
a1faworks fine for me..21:33
a1famy sanyo tv is so stupid.. corners are a bti blured21:33
a1faso vnc helps alot21:33
Raspberrysame here21:33
a1fait pisses me off21:33
a1fai called their tech support21:33
a1fathey told me to take it back and get another one21:34
a1fadip-twat doesnt get it that all his tvs are blured on the corners21:34
a1fahti_pro:  http://www.pastebin.ca/98273121:34
hti_proi think your missing a line21:34
a1fawhich line is that?21:34
hti_proadd auto eth121:34
hti_proto the top21:34
hti_prothis is your only interface?21:35
a1fathis was added by the system configurator21:35
hti_proi think this is the effect of the bug, are you running hardy21:35
a1fahow do you get release #?21:35
a1fa8.04 beta + updates21:36
a1fa8.04 beta iso + what-ever updates were provided by apt-get upgrade21:37
a1fathere is a command u.. something -d21:37
a1fait tells you the release # you are running21:37
hti_prothere is a bug with this currently21:37
a1fai come from debian world :)21:37
a1faeverything is manual in debian21:37
hti_proI swear by debian, just started using ubuntu for simplicity reasons21:38
a1fai <3 debian21:38
a1fathats why I am using ubuntu now21:38
Raspberrysame here21:38
superm1Raspberry, guidance-backends is on archive.ubuntu.com now21:38
RaspberryI was using mythtv on ubuntu but it was way too confusing21:38
superm1i just updated it locally21:38
Raspberrysuperm1: thx21:38
Raspberrysuperm1: I just created a new user and logged in... setting up the control centre now21:39
hti_prodid that solve your prob a1fa21:39
a1fai dont know i havent rebooted21:40
a1fai need to import my old database21:40
a1faand reboot21:40
a1faone moment21:40
Raspberrysuperm1: i have the gnome-lirc module installed -- do you think that would be part of my lirc problem21:40
superm1it could be21:41
superm1would have to see what /etc/lirc/lircd.conf looked like21:41
superm1and /etc/lirc/hardware.conf21:41
superm1in a pastebni21:41
Raspberryk -- I'll try and restart this and see what happens21:41
hti_prodont reboot just do /etc/init.d/networking restart21:42
a1fahow do i find out whats my password?21:44
a1famy mysql password for mythtv21:44
hti_procheck /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt21:44
Raspberrythe remote control daemon started this time ... so we'll see if it works21:45
hti_proshould be in there, if not you got me21:45
hti_proi am not good at all with mysql21:45
Raspberryso... when I log into this new user21:45
Raspberryit asks me for my password every time AFTER login for a sudo request of some kind21:45
superm1what sudo request?21:45
Raspberrycan't tell21:46
Raspberryit doesn't say21:46
a1faimporting my tv shows :P21:46
Raspberryand nothing starts up after login :)21:46
a1falets see how this works out21:46
superm1well check the running shows21:46
superm1shows = programs21:46
Raspberrywhere do I change the resolution under a mythbuntu account?21:46
RaspberryI don't see it21:46
a1fado it manually21:47
a1faedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:47
a1faits faster21:47
Raspberryi'm trying to work within the confines of the system21:47
RaspberryI can't see any screen resolution menu options21:47
a1fain what directory do you keep your videos/21:53
Raspberryi keep them on a separate drive21:53
Raspberryand I put a symlink under the standard videos directory21:53
a1fawhy not use recording groups?21:55
EvilGuruWhy does mythbackend not start on start-up?21:55
EvilGuruEven though I have set it to autologin and start mythfrontend21:56
a1fahow do you enable mythweb?21:56
hti_proinstall it21:56
a1faits enabled21:57
a1famythweb is already the newest version.21:57
hti_proi get an apache error on hardy21:57
EvilGuruNo one have any idea? Is this the intended behaviour?21:58
hti_proand i was afraid to update21:58
a1fait works21:58
Raspberrysince i got rid of the ubuntu-mythtv-frontend package this thing is a real mess21:58
Raspberryi get apache errors on hardy too21:59
Raspberryapache2 crashed21:59
a1famythweb video previews still dont work?21:59
superm1it was a mess - you just didn't know it :)21:59
superm1Raspberry, ^21:59
hti_prophp thing21:59
RaspberryI know it was going to be a mess :p21:59
Raspberryso I can't get the front-end to autostart21:59
Raspberryand I can't seem to get the resolution to change21:59
Raspberryand I also can't get the front-end to be full screen :)21:59
hti_proput it in the xinitrc file21:59
hti_proyou will still have to login first though22:00
hti_pronot sure how to do autologin22:00
Raspberrywho uses this as a media center?22:00
superm1Raspberry, i do22:00
* hti_pro raises hand22:00
RaspberryI can't be the only person who finds auto-login and auto-start useful :p22:00
superm1the auto login and auto start works when you run mcc as the user you will be doing it from22:01
hti_prostill workin out bugs though, so i don't have auto start setup22:01
superm1and then set the auto login usually22:01
RaspberryI have a girlfriend who uses this :P22:01
Raspberryit has to work ;)22:01
superm1it creates a symlink in22:01
superm1and also sets the gdm auto login22:01
RaspberryI read the installation guide22:01
Raspberryand I didn't see the approved way to auto-start22:01
Raspberrybut maybe I missed it22:01
superm1Raspberry, well i suspect that we need to finish and/or update the install guide22:02
superm1its probably a little out of date22:02
Raspberryit's still talking about 7.10 install22:02
superm1yeah, a *little* out of date ;)22:03
superm1if you'd be interested in helping to update it....22:03
superm1any help we can get is really appreciated22:03
EvilGuruAlso what do I need to do to get mythfilldatabase to right every night?22:03
superm1set the setting in your frontend22:04
EvilGuruwill any frontend do?22:04
Raspberryum..  run frontend in a window is not selected in the config22:05
Raspberryand it's running in a window22:05
Raspberryi've tried unchecking and checking it22:06
superm1compiz running?22:06
Raspberrydoesn't seem to change it22:06
EvilGuruI have no idea where the option is :/22:06
hti_proEvilGuru: in tv settings22:07
superm1Raspberry, check for compiz oin running processes22:07
superm1if it's running it causes that kind of behavior22:07
EvilGuruhti_pro: Yep, am there22:08
Raspberrycompiz isn't running22:09
hti_promy bad its in general22:10
hti_prolast page22:10
superm1Raspberry, well hm then22:11
EvilGuruhti_pro: Thanks22:12
EvilGuruNow, why would mythbackend not start up automatically?22:12
Raspberryhow can I access the xfce control panel remotely?22:13
EvilGuruCurrently I need to ssh in and then do mythbackend -d22:13
superm1EvilGuru, that means that your permissions are likely wrong on the recordings directory22:13
EvilGuruAccess: (0775/drwxrwxr-x)  Uid: (  109/  mythtv)   Gid: (  118/  mythtv)22:14
hti_prohave you checked your logs22:14
EvilGuruI have, but none of them gave anything useful22:14
EvilGurusyslog, kern.log, user.log, failog22:14
Raspberrycan I add mythfrontend to the xfce4-autostart app?22:14
hti_prois it in you /etc/rc3.d/ directory22:15
hti_prodoes /etc/init.d/mythbackend start work22:16
EvilGuruhti_pro: I'll kill it and try22:16
EvilGuruNo, it doesn't work22:17
EvilGuru * Starting MythTV server: mythbackend22:17
EvilGuru   ...done.22:17
hti_props aux | grep backend22:17
hti_prodoes it list mythbackend with a whole bunch of options22:18
superm1EvilGuru, look in that log i said22:18
superm1it will tell you what's broke22:18
EvilGuruWait, I lie, it has now started22:18
EvilGuruso the question is why it is not doing it at boot up22:19
hti_prook, are there entries in your /etc/rc3.d directory22:19
a1fahow do you fix audio streaming in mythweb's flash stream?22:19
Raspberrycompiz packages are completely purged from the system22:19
hti_proshould be a link that looks like S24mythtv-backend  numbers may be different22:20
EvilGuruhti_pro: Yes, S24mythtv-backend22:20
hti_protry dmesg | grep mythtv22:20
superm1a1fa, install the other ffmpeg in mcc22:20
superm1the medibuntu one22:21
hti_proEvilGuru, you got nothing22:21
hti_profrom dmesg22:22
EvilGuruNothing at all22:22
hti_prowhat about from /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log22:24
EvilGurunothing that indicates any kind of failure22:24
hti_proyou do boot to gui mode right22:25
Raspberryis mythbuntu going to come out of beta at the same time as 8.04?22:25
EvilGuruI do22:25
EvilGuruAnd it automatically logs in and starts mythfrontend (done using the control centre)22:25
a1fahow can you share folders without editing samba.conf?22:25
hti_proby editing /etc/exports22:26
Raspberrythat's nfs22:26
hti_proI know22:26
hti_prothats the only other way i know, and he didn't say using samba, he just said without editing samba.conf22:26
EvilGuruAlso, how can I make /dev/video0 and /dev/video1 always the same22:27
superm1Raspberry, yeah22:27
EvilGuruAs sometimes when I boot-up they switch22:27
hti_proim not real sure EvilGuru22:27
Raspberryugh -- I need to figure out this remote issue22:27
superm1it wil come out of beta and turn rc this next week22:27
hti_proon either matter22:27
RaspberryI wish I had more time... I'd write a logical GUI to LIRC22:28
superm1Raspberry, well you can help out for 8.10 :)22:28
Raspberrya GUI in which you can test your remote22:28
hti_progotta go guys be back later22:28
Raspberryhti_pro: cya22:28
superm1we've wanted to do that for a while, just a matter of taking the time to sit down and do it22:28
superm1unfortunately fixing bugs ends up taking a big majority of the cycle..22:28
superm1so time for $new stuff is little22:28
RaspberryI would sya ... #1 annoyance with MthTV on linux... getting a remote to work22:28
superm1gnome-lirc-properties has the right idea right now22:29
superm1but i can also say mceusb2 works out of the box for me now22:29
superm1with the stuff foxbuntu and i wrote22:29
superm1for the lirc generator22:29
Raspberryit's not working for me22:30
Raspberryand I've got a mceusb2 remote22:30
a1fai had to manually edit samba.conf :P22:30
a1faback to the stoneage22:30
superm1Raspberry, pastebin your /etc/lirc/lircd.conf22:31
Raspberryit worked fine in gutsy22:31
superm1Raspberry, pastebin your /etc/lirc/hardware.conf22:31
superm1 okay that looks sane22:32
superm1assuming that you didn't go changing that file that's included22:32
RaspberryI'll paste that too22:32
superm1and the hardware.conf?22:32
superm1is lirc_mceusb2 loaded?22:33
Raspberrylirc_mceusb2           16772  022:33
Raspberrylirc_dev               18248  1 lirc_mceusb222:33
Raspberryusbcore               169904  5 lirc_mceusb2,usbhid,ohci_hcd,ehci_hcd22:33
Raspberryso... yup22:33
superm1does irw work?22:34
superm1okay so its the lircrc stuff not working22:34
superm1what does ~/.lircrc look like22:34
superm1and ~/.mythtv/lircrc22:35
Raspberryyou know what22:35
RaspberryI haven't moved the lircrc stuff from the mythtv account22:35
superm1well just run mythbuntu-lircrc-generator22:35
superm1on this acct22:35
Raspberryit didn't work with the mythtv user :P22:35
superm1it will make new stuff for you22:35
Raspberrylircrc not the lirc-gen22:36
superm1i always forget which one we named it22:36
Raspberrythere are two22:36
superm1there is probably a symlink between the two because i forgot22:36
superm1yeah there is22:36
superm1ls -alh /usr/bin/mythbuntu-lirc*22:36
superm1and you'll see they point to the same thing22:36
Raspberrythat still doesn't fix the windowed mythtv issue :p22:37
Raspberrythat's th elast thing :)22:37
Raspberrythat and the sudo password popup22:37
superm1well you still didn't post a process list22:38
superm1while its got the sudo popup22:38
superm1to see what its asking fo22:38
Raspberryno :)22:41
RaspberryI refuse :P22:41
a1fagot everything working in 2h22:48
a1fa/dev/sda1              485G   8.4G   452G   2% /22:49
Raspberryso I'm checking the ps aux22:58
Raspberry1003     19339  7.3  2.0 159736 20868 ?        S    16:58   0:00 gksudo -k mythbuntu-startup --load22:58
Raspberryroot     19344  0.0  0.1  24328  1400 ?        Ss   16:58   0:00 /usr/bin/sudo -S -p GNOME_SUDO_PASS -u root mythbuntu-startup --load22:58
Raspberrythat's what is prompting me22:58
Raspberryon login22:59
Raspberryremote works now22:59
Raspberrybut mythtv is still windowed23:00
Raspberryi remember why I didn't like the "dynamic" mythbuntu remote assignments23:01
Raspberrythe ability to page up and page dn are gone23:01
superm1those are very easily fixed23:01
superm1two lines edited23:01
superm1in ~/.lirc/mythtv23:01
Raspberrybut I've already got that file23:01
RaspberryI'll just use my old one23:02
superm1well its more nicely done in hardy...23:02
superm1i would recommend switching to the new method23:02
superm1it allows more fine tuned adjustments for different apps23:02
Raspberrywhy did you make up & down arrows the same as channel up and down23:02
Raspberry?  what's the new method?23:02
superm1so ch+/- make more sense inside myth23:02
Raspberrydynamic is checked23:02
superm1i liked the page up/down myself too, but too many people  complained23:02
superm1look at ~/.lircrc23:02
superm1you'll see what's different immediately23:03
Raspberryit's annoying that this remote has so many buttons and the default script doesn't use many of them23:03
Raspberryrecord should really start recording the show you're watching and bring up scheduling options23:03
Raspberrythings like that23:03
Raspberryit used to23:03
superm1it doesnt?23:03
superm1that's surprising23:03
superm1i wonder what happened to that23:03
RaspberryI don't want to sound like I'm complaining23:04
RaspberryI appreciate everything :)23:04
superm1well if your willing to dig into the code, patches are appreciated23:04
RaspberryI'm trying to hire an employee right now23:04
Raspberrywhen I hire somebody I can have weekends and evenings for pet projects like this :)23:05
superm1awesome :)23:05
superm1yeah that's what it is for me right now23:05
superm1and the folks who work on it with me23:05
Raspberryhell, I'd even pay for features23:05
Raspberryheck :p23:05
RaspberryI've been thinking about that lately too23:05
superm1yeah several people have come forth and said that, the thing is that money makes the dynamic change on projects like this23:06
superm1and i'm not sure that's the best idea at the current time23:06
RaspberryI might have one of th two people I have working for me work on these kinds of things in any downtime23:06
superm1ha.  that's be awesome23:06
Raspberrybecause to me time is more valuable than money23:06
RaspberryI can agree with the money changing the dynamic to a point23:07
Raspberrybut if you said ... ok, we're not going to touch existing code23:07
Raspberrywe're just going to write a plugin23:07
Raspberryor a new version of a plugin23:07
Raspberryor fork something23:07
Raspberryand if it's better... use it -- it's open / copyleft23:08
superm1well let me phrase that better23:08
Raspberryand if you don't want to use it -- fine I'll use it privately23:08
superm1myself and the primary folks here would prefer not to put money in place for ourselves23:08
superm1if someone else wants to pay someone else to do things23:08
superm1we'll be glad to add them in23:08
superm1but treat them just like other community contributions23:08
superm1through analyzing patches23:09
superm1and stuff like that23:09
RaspberryI'm not saying there should be a free pass23:09
RaspberryI think the project is coming along nicely23:09
superm1thanks :).  well that being said, however a contribution is done/any contribution is appreciated. dev talk usually goes on in the #ubuntu-mythtv-dev channel whenever you'll have something to add23:10
superm1we try to keep this channel to support and such23:10
Raspberrythat's why I don't go in -dev :P or #mythtv23:11
Raspberryso is it the fact that this user has a passwd23:11
Raspberrythat's causing the prompt?23:11
superm1that shouldn't be it23:11
Raspberryor is there something in the keychain that I have to set to permanently remembre23:11
superm1but it all depends on what the prompt is23:11
superm1still need to see a process list to find out23:12
Raspberryit's the same prompt you get when running update-manager23:12
Raspberryasking you for your password to run an administrative task23:12
superm1right, but need to see what process is asking for it23:12
Raspberryor something like that23:12
Raspberryit's hard for me to read23:12
superm1usually gksudo XXX23:12
superm1just ps aux into pastebin23:12
Raspberryi pased that :)23:12
superm1while it's happening23:12
Raspberry1003     19339  7.3  2.0 159736 20868 ?        S    16:58   0:00 gksudo -k mythbuntu-startup --load23:12
Raspberryroot     19344  0.0  0.1  24328  1400 ?        Ss   16:58   0:00 /usr/bin/sudo -S -p GNOME_SUDO_PASS -u root mythbuntu-startup --load23:12
superm1how did that get installed23:13
superm1remove mythbuntu-live-autostart23:13
superm1did you manually install that?23:13
superm1or was that an artifact of the upgrade23:13
RaspberryI installed all myth packages afterwards23:13
Raspberrywhen I found the backend missing23:14
superm1ah well then you probably have a lot of stuff that you dont need23:14
Raspberryso I probably installed it23:14
superm1if you installed that you might have install mythbuntu-live23:14
superm1which you dont want either23:14
Raspberrywould that be causing the windowed myth issue?23:14
superm1yes it would23:14
Raspberrymythbuntu live wasn't installed23:15
superm1mythbuntu-live-autostart though23:15
RaspberryI'll logout23:15
RaspberryI'll have to copy some of the existing user's autostart stuff23:16
Raspberrybecaquse it logs me out completely when I quit myth23:16
Raspberrythe stream plugin is cool23:17
Raspberrybut the interface is really cumbersome23:17
RaspberryI know it does alot and I like it23:17
Raspberrybut the left right tabs at the bottom ... save a stream ... go back... exit... et al23:17
Raspberrysince I removed mythbuntu-live-autostart... the profile is just hanging at login23:18
superm1did you purge live autostart?23:18
superm1or just remove it?23:18
superm1okay good23:18
superm1try giving it a fresh boot23:18
superm1in case the session didn't nicely close23:18
Raspberrythe status module is nice23:19
RaspberryI like that23:19
superm1i'm glad we made it default23:19
superm1it's awesome to have in ssh23:19
Raspberrywe should have two options for remotes though23:20
Raspberrybasic config and advanced (aka use all my buttons... or "classic") config23:20
Raspberrythis new config doesn't use a lot of they keys on this mceusb223:21
Raspberryit loaded this time23:21
Raspberrybut it's still windowd23:22
Raspberryunless that's the way it's supposed to be23:22
Raspberrywith the panel on top visable23:22
Raspberryoff topic, but do people actually have cover images for all their videos?23:23
superm1well in that panel, what else is running?23:23
superm1have to ask $people, i dont23:23
Raspberryit'd be cool if it could just take a snapshot (or your choice of time in the video) and use that23:23
Raspberryor preview23:23
Raspberryanyway.. um23:24
Raspberryit's like there are two copies of mythtv running23:25
Raspberrymy fault23:25
RaspberryI added it in23:25
Raspberrybecaus it wasn't i nthe auto start23:25
Raspberryan dnow it's in there23:25
Raspberryi left the one I didn't create23:27
Raspberryand restarted23:27
Raspberryit's definitely not closing the user session cleanly23:27
Raspberryone you log out... you can't log back in again w/o restarting23:27
Raspberryor killing  proceses <-- i'm going to confirm this now23:28
superm1how are you loggin out?23:28
superm1and are you closing all myth sessions when you do?23:28
Raspberrynothing is running whne I log out23:28
Raspberryit logs oiut right away23:28
Raspberryjust sits on a black screen w/cursor when trying to log back in23:29
CyberCodanyone have any tips for getting the creative CIMR100 remote to work?23:34
Raspberryno idea23:37
Raspberryit's the fact that X isn't getting restarted23:37
Raspberrythat's hanging it up23:38
Raspberryand ... ok -- now the only thing on the panel is myth23:38
Raspberryand it's still windowed23:38
superm1it's still *windowed*23:39
superm1like it has window decorations?23:39
Raspberrylike the panel is above it23:39
Raspberrythat's why I'm asking if that's normal :)23:39
Raspberryand when videos play23:39
superm1that's the "only" problem?23:40
Raspberrythe panel is still on top23:40
superm1or is there a title bar on the window23:40
superm1if you use alt23:40
superm1and drag it down23:40
superm1is there anything on the sides23:40
Raspberryit's the panle23:40
Raspberrywith the "strart menu"23:40
Raspberryand logout button23:40
Raspberryand task bar23:40
superm1that's really odd that it would still be happening then23:40
Raspberrynothing on the sides23:40
Raspberrynothing on the bottom23:40
superm1mythbuntu-startup would have caused it, or anything else running at the same time23:41
superm1that is taking focus23:41
RaspberryI can hold ALT and drag around myth23:41
superm1so look at that process listing again23:41
superm1and see what else is running23:41
Raspberrythat's everything running as that user23:42
Raspberryso you think if I wipe the home directory -- that'd fix the issue23:44
Raspberrynow that those packages are gone?23:44
superm1well there ar e few more suspects here23:44
superm1from ssh23:44
superm1with the thing stuck on top23:44
superm1kill tracker23:44
superm1gnome power manager23:45
superm1gam server23:45
superm1and thunar23:45
Raspberryok, but they're just going to come back next login23:45
superm1yeah i'm just saying to debug23:45
superm1if they are causing it23:45
superm1myth will come back to the front hopefully23:45
superm1and the python for the system-config-printer23:45
Raspberrykilled everything23:49
superm1and now hit alt-tab23:49
Raspberrydidn't take the focus23:49
superm1and see if it can take focus23:49
RaspberryI killed the panel :p23:49
Raspberrythat fixed it23:49
Raspberrylet me slay the user23:50
Raspberryand log in again23:50
superm1okay well in any case, you might want to remove those apps anyway23:50
superm1if you dont need them23:50
superm1they came with ubuntu-desktop23:50
Raspberryyup and I purged that meta-package already23:50
superm1keescook, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=753434 :*(23:52
Raspberrydidn't fix it23:55
Raspberryi'll play around with it some more23:55
Raspberrythanks for the help23:55
RaspberryI've been up for 18hrs23:55
RaspberryI'm ready for a nap :p23:55

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