DavieyIf users know they are vulnerable, and don't care - that is _their_ choice to live with it - surely?00:18
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
mneptokDaviey: if you have a channel of 1000 new users, and 750 of them disconnect when an exploit is triggered, it makes your channel a target for idiots.00:29
mneptokDaviey: certainly users are welcome to not fix the vulnerability. they may also expect not to use official channels until they do.00:30
DavieyI disagree with that.  Should we also pentest?00:32
Davieyraising the issue, and recommending a fix is one thing00:32
LjLperhaps we should also not ban channel disruptors00:33
LjLif people can't use /ignore, that is _their_ choice to live with it, surely?00:33
Davieyoh come on.. that is just being silly00:33
LjLi agree.00:33
PriceChildDaviey: pm?00:34
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Mez!staff | #ubuntu-lb has autoop for all joinees01:14
ubotu#ubuntu-lb has autoop for all joinees: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)01:14
vorianMez: thanks, i'm already there01:15
LjLinteresting channel setup01:16
PriceChildMez: i think group contacts need to request changes like that.01:24
MezPriceChild, It may be so - I was just making staff aware, as it's not really secure01:24
Seeker`PriceChild: Are you not a group contact?01:24
* Mez wonders why PriceChild isnt on !staff01:24
vorianPriceChild: i agree01:25
LjLwell, so here's a request: please change AUTOOP to level 10, and add *!*@ubuntu/member/* as op01:25
LjL(level 10)01:25
PriceChildLjL: autoop to off even?01:25
LjLerr yeah.01:25
LjLi meant, autoop off, and *!*@ubuntu/member/* level 1001:26
LjLand CMDOP at 10, but it is already01:26
vorianso, autoop off, and *!*@ubuntu/member/* level 10?01:26
Seeker`Mez: How did you discover that?01:27
MezSeeker`, noticed it in another channel01:27
Mezcant find which one now01:27
PriceChildMez: I don't think I'm much use being on that factoid, and watch this channel anyway.01:27
MezPriceChild, dont put yourself down *hugs the staffer*01:28
LjLa memoserv has been sent to the channel contact01:29
PiciA whole memoserv?01:30
LjLPici: gzipped01:30
Daviey#ubuntu - /lastlog Gnine  <-- looks like a problem01:32
Seeker`Daviey: He doesn't look particularly nice01:34
Davieyexactly.. keeps factoiding spam / and unpleasant attitude01:34
Mez<Gnine> Daviey unless you're an op .. keeps your wits about you01:34
jdongwhat happened btw to op powers in #ubuntu-motu?01:35
Mezthat to me is a threat01:35
DavieyMez: yup01:35
Mezwhich IIRC - is an autoban01:35
PriceChildSomeone want to open a PM with him?01:35
MezPriceChild, you just volunteered yourself :P01:35
PriceChildMez: 'that to me is a threat' - what line?01:36
LjLi just sent him here.01:36
PiciHrm. Gnine isn't usually a disruptive user.01:36
Mez<Mez> <Gnine> Daviey unless you're an op .. keeps your wits about you <-- that line01:36
LjLhello Gnine01:37
LjLlook i haven't been watching very attentively, but i've seen a line that worried me01:37
LjL<Gnine> Daviey unless you're an op .. keeps your wits about you01:37
christelMez: hi sugar-button, what can i do you for?01:38
Gnineso using ubotu is too impersonal as a means of information delivery?01:38
LjLis there a difference in the way you treat an op and the way you'd treat someone else?01:38
Mezchristel, ah, you missed it, it's been sorted thankies *hugs*01:38
Gninehe antagonized me .. so my take was exactly proportional01:39
LjLwell, #ubuntu is not really the place for antagonism01:39
LjLanyway he had asked01:40
Mez<Daviey> Gnine: Any reason you keep asking ubotu for factoids?01:40
Mez<Gnine> if the shoe fits .. you have wear it too Daviey01:40
Mez<Daviey> Gnine: keep going, and you won't be in here much longer :( .. you can pm ubotu01:40
LjLyes, thanks01:40
Mezi beleive is what you see as antagonism?01:40
LjLi don't quite understand the fitting shoe sentence to be honest01:40
PriceChildMez: PM?01:40
Gninehe initiated the argument01:40
MezPriceChild, no need to ask01:40
DavieyGnine: i was merely asking why you were asking ubotu for so many factoids.. including !botsnack - and suggested you could pm01:40
LjLGnine: so if you were actually using the factoids to inform users of things01:40
LjLyou could have just said that?01:41
Gninealot of the questions people have can be answered with a factoid . i dont see the issue for using the system to provide information pertinent to x or y01:42
LjLGnine: no, absolutely01:42
LjLbut i think Daviey was under the impression you were calling factoids for yourself, or randomly, or something01:42
LjLthat wasn't the case - wonderful01:42
LjLbut you could just have told him01:42
DavieyGnine: apologies if that is the case. but some of the triggers looked like personal requests as i couldn't see how they fitted into requests.01:42
MezGnine, make it obvious, use !factoid | person - makes it more understandable in our logs01:42
elkbuntu(and they're more likely to see it too)01:43
christelMez: ok! thankies <301:43
PiciNot just our logs, but you know how fast the chat moves, its akin to putting someones name in front when you talk to them.01:43
* Mez feels wubbed01:43
MezPici, too fast for me to finish typing01:44
LjLGnine: anyway, it's mostly the "unless you're an op" line i'm not comfortable with01:44
Mezyou put it more succinctly anyways01:44
LjLops can make mistake, other people can make mistake01:44
PiciMez: Thanks ;)01:44
LjLops can be right, other people can be right01:44
LjLi see no difference that justifies someone saying or not saying something only based on whether they're an op01:44
Gnine"ops are always right"01:44
LjLno, ops' requests have to be followed in #ubuntu (then you can discuss the validity of them privately, or here)01:45
MezGnine, so is the customer... apparently... doesnt mean a thing-  in #ubutu - everyone is equal01:45
LjLbut really the same goes with other people's requests01:45
LjL#ubuntu is not the place for antagonism01:45
LjLso even if you feel "the other person started it"01:45
Gninei did not initiate it01:45
LjL(bad flamewars always end up like this...)01:45
LjLwell, then put up if you don't really care, or PM the person, or if you think it's worth it, complain here01:46
LjLdon't respond with more antagonism01:46
Seeker`Gnine: if you feel that someone is trying to start an argument with you, you should try to ignore it, or report it here01:46
DavieyGnine: I wasn't trying to start an argument.. i was trying to suggest you us ubotu in pm for personal requests (which it seemed like you were doing).01:46
Gninehe felf uncomfortable with my procedure..  he had a problem with me.. not the other way around01:46
* Daviey sighs01:47
Gninethats not exclusive, Daviey 01:47
Gnineif queries to bot in public channels is forbidden then am wrong.. if not ..  it's a matter of personal opinion wether or not you get annoyed by ubotu 01:50
* Gnine hugglez ubotu01:51
mneptokGnine: "do not escalate disagreements or misunderstandings on public channels." i think that's what people are trying to tell you.01:51
Seeker`Gnine: I think that the problem is that there is enough traffic in #ubuntu as it is, so it would be helpful to keep personal requests out of the channel and in PM, which is what Daviey was trying to get at01:52
Picimneptok: Very well put.01:52
LjLGnine, the bot is fine to use in public01:52
LjLas long as you're using it to help other people01:52
mneptokGnine: no one really cares "who started it." except maybe Miss Pringlehoffer, our pre-school teacher.01:52
LjLand if that's what you were doing, that's not an issue at all01:52
Gninethe disagreement was my usage of ubotu.. so where are we getting at01:52
LjLthe issue was your reaction to Daviey's message01:52
DavieyGnine: As i said, it seemed to me you were asking ubotu for personal requests.. I'm sorry my statement was missunderstood.  You aren't banned any more.01:52
Gninemy issue is his reaction to mine.. so?  why am i being targeted01:53
mneptokGnine: "do not escalate disagreements or misunderstandings on public channels." you did.01:53
LjLGnine, you aren't being targeted.01:53
Gninefurthermore.. none of my queries were unfounded.. i do read whats going on 01:53
LjLGnine: then Daviey was wrong, and he just said he's sorry.01:54
LjLbut hey, he got it wrong... he asked you why you were using the bot like that01:54
LjLhe didn't say like "what the hell are you doing, stop that crap now"01:54
LjLhe asked01:54
Gninei really never had need to be in #ubuntu.. i learned linux is not windows since day one .. i just try to help guide folks to info.. troubleshooting user is not my thing 02:00
elkbuntuGnine, please dont argue for the sake of arguing02:00
Gnineroger that 02:01
LjLGnine, that's fine, i'm NOT telling you that you shouldn't help the way you're helping02:01
Mezoh... oh...02:01
Meznext year can ubuntu IRC team play an april fools joke02:01
Mezand push out an xchat that replaces "the" with "te h" in all outgoing messages?02:01
LjLi'm merely telling you that i don't like a statement such as "shut up unless you're an op"02:01
PiciNo. Jokes are forbidden in #ubuntu.02:01
Mezjust for a day ?02:01
elkbuntuMez, "We're moving the official channels to efnet"?02:01
Mezelkbuntu, I heard OFTC02:02
elkbuntuMez, people might actually believe that, though02:02
Seeker`I heard rizon.net02:02
Mezelkbuntu, then s/efnet/DALnet/02:02
elkbuntuMez, heh02:02
* Mez sniggers02:02
mneptokEF is a PITA because of users. the staff is mostly clueful and can run a network. DAL, OTOH ...02:03
MezI still prefer pushing out a new client for a single day02:03
Mezmneptok, but DALnet is soooo fun02:04
Mezwas my first ever IRC network02:04
Mezwhen I used to use internet cafes02:04
Mezand the only one I knew at the time had mIRC installed02:04
mneptokmy first IRC network was IRC02:05
mneptokthat's all there was. :)02:05
Gnineactually.. i just remembered why i said "keeps your wits about you" (not shut up , as you state) .. he ordered me to get out of the room.. 02:05
Davieyi did not.02:05
mneptokGnine: "do not escalate disagreements or misunderstandings on public channels." is that an understandable request?02:06
DavieyGnine: My statement "<Daviey> Gnine: keep going, and you won't be in here much longer :( .. you can pm ubotu" was _not_ intended as a threat.  badly worded i agree, and i'm sorry you understod it as such.  But i didn't ask you to leave02:09
Gninethat sounded like a threat too.. no matter.. its all good02:10
PriceChildRight, shall we all move on? :)02:10
MezPrivacy Note: Your IP address is never displayed publicly. <-- does that mean "we log your IP" ?02:10
PiciMez: Huh? Where?02:10
elkbuntuMez, pretty much02:10
MezPici, bash.org02:11
PiciMez: Probably.  02:11
mneptokMez: pretty much every website logs your IP02:11
elkbuntuMez, every server on the intarwebs is permitted by laws of just about every jurisdiction to log the ips that have touched it02:11
mneptokApache Is Like That(r)02:11
Mezmneptok, we specifially log your IP then02:11
Mezelkbuntu, I just think its a weird way of putting it02:12
* Mez calls mneptok a pedant02:12
elkbuntuMez, they're supposed to lie instead?02:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cake - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:14
Gninei used to like that one.. 02:14
PiciGnine: Anything further you need from us?02:14
Gnineno.. i was summoned here actually02:14
Mezelkbuntu, clarify the message or remove it *shrugs* 02:15
Mezmaybe its just me and having to deal with lots of ambiguos phrases at wor02:15
PiciGnine: I understand you were asked here, but it appears that the issue was settled.  02:16
elkbuntuMez, i dont think it warrants removal02:17
Gninei see .. good.. sayonara then02:17
Mezthen clarification02:17
* mneptok tootles off for home and a weekend with a RH employee friend03:57
Hobbseeoh dear.03:57
mneptokit's fun, we have similar roles for our respective companies.03:58
Hobbseei don't want to know what you will get up to...03:59
ubotuScunizi called the ops in #ubuntu (barikulkol_pogi_)06:27
ubotuThe above mess was caused by someone who thought it was funny (they're gone now). Please ignore it completely, since discussing it and making a fuss will only make them think they've reached their "fun" goal.06:43
nickrudyou talking about mneptok ompaul ?06:57
ompaulnickrud, na  06:57
ompaulI just joined06:58
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (clone flood during emergency mode)07:02
ompaulAmaranth, ?07:09
ompauljoin the other channel to see where07:10
ompauland what07:10
ompaulprepare for spammage cos that bot reports everything it sees07:10
ompauland that can be useful07:10
Amaranththe bot seems to have gotten confused07:10
stdinit probably lagged, it reported not being able to ping chanserv just before it thought there was a clone flood07:15
ompaulredbrain, how can we help ya?07:59
ompaulit being 8am and all that :)07:59
=== gary is now known as Gary
jpatrickdid anyone else have the mass lag?11:14
Jucatodidn't notice in between the splits :)11:21
elkbuntujpatrick, i think there's some major routing fun happening generally. facebook is next to useless atm11:22
jpatrickelkbuntu: simply loving...11:24
ompaulredbrain, how can we help ya?11:26
ompaul!idle | redbrain 11:28
uboturedbrain: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.11:28
* ompaul waits on the bot11:28
ompaulhah there we go11:28
Seveaselkbuntu, facebook is always useless11:40
Seveashas nothing to do with routing :)11:40
elkbuntuSeveas, 104 errors every second page atm11:41
jpatrickjdong: op powers in motu?11:42
jpatrickjdong: Hobbsee reset the levels so only people on the access list could op11:43
jpatrickunlike the everyone-can-op-thing11:43
javaJakeIt just occured to me.12:17
javaJakeWe need a !complex factoid12:17
javaJakeSomething along the lines of "if your problem is specific to a particular program in a particular situation on particular hardware with a particular error, you'll be more likely to get an answer on the forums at Ubuntuforums.org or at the software's own forum or mailing list"12:19
javaJakeBut then maybe people'd use that as an excuse not to help users. :/12:19
Seeker`javaJake: why will you be more likely to get an answer on the forums?12:54
javaJakeSeeker`: because there's thousands of people on the forums, and about ten or so "helpers" on IRC. :)12:55
ikoniaI know of more than 10 helpers on irc12:56
javaJakeAlright, I'm leaving... I'll see you guys later...12:56
ikoniathere is a pretty solid group12:56
javaJakeikonia: well, point being, IRC isn't always the medium for big issues like theirs12:56
ikoniano, it can be hard in a busy channel12:56
javaJakeikonia: I find the new users get their questions answered, and complex questions get missed12:57
ikoniaI keep an eye out for complex ones, they are the fun ones12:57
javaJakeGreat! We need people like that, I would say. :P12:57
ubotuIn #ubuntu-uk, bjwebb said: !forget12:59
hischildcould i get some supervision on #ubuntu with <MetaMorfoziS> please?14:15
LjLuhm i remember that name...14:18
LjLwhich generally doesn't mean good14:18
LjLi just connected though, so let me check the log14:18
hischildLjL, he asked a question about wlan on hardy, so i told him if he could join the hardy channel, after which he started to call me idiot. 14:20
hischildhe's been quiet since though14:20
LjLyes, i checked14:20
dav7channel staffers: you might notice "dav7_" joining/parting every so often - it's a bot I'm working on, that needs a large channel list in order to work - it's a relay with a particularly original (in my estimation) "forward" method that requires a large amount of nicks to be tested properly.14:20
jussi01dav7: hi14:20
dav7it's joining #ubuntu btw14:20
dav7I promise this bot will NOT send any text to this channel! It may, however, join/part a little frequently.14:21
LjLa relay?14:21
dav7if you want to know, I need a large channel list because I just figured out how to create a "floodbot" (that will never touch freenode :P) that is able to reconnect, all running from a single instance of PHP.14:21
dav7I decided to make good use of this info to create a relay that works by scanning the channel list and then creating a "phantom" connection for each nick it sees on the "destination" network.14:22
dav7of course, since it would reconnect almost a thousand times I could never run it here, but for my own flood-relaxed networks it'd be a great learning experience.14:23
LjLehm, i wouldn't really say i can approve that14:23
dav7so basically let's say you were on #ubuntu, saying "hi"14:23
LjLmy "hi" is relayed to another network?14:23
dav7in the following manner...14:23
dav7my bot sees you say "hi", then as it's joined your nick (via a reconnect of itself) to my other network, THAT RECONNECT (of your nick) says "hi"14:24
dav7so it's like an entirely seamless relay :D14:24
LjLno sorry that's really not acceptable, it's akin to unauthorized logging for a start, secondly very frequent joins and parts *are* a problem (we have enough "natural" ones already)14:24
dav7actually, on your side you'll only see my bot join.14:25
LjLif you need a channel with many nicknames, set up your own ircd and simulate that :)14:25
dav7heh... *wonders how*14:25
dav7as opposed to the relay that links #winapi on freenode/efnet - the relay is called EFNet on here, and Freenode on EFN, which joins and prints the nick before the text eg "<EFNet> <dav7> hi!"14:25
dav7well okay... I won't argue, but may I please have permission to give it a spin on #ubuntu when I have it fully functional, at least for 5-10 minutes or so? :D14:26
LjLexcept i can see from the topic that the relay is approved in #winapi14:26
dav7ah I see14:26
LjLanyway, "apt-cache search ircd"14:27
dav7#1, I'm not actually using ubuntu, I just know #ubuntu has the most users and #2 I have two IRCds running ^_^14:27
dav7one on my server and a smaller faster one on my desktop I use for testing and stuff14:27
LjLfine then what's the problem simulating14:27
LjLrelax the clones limit on your ircds14:28
LjLand write a script that connects and sends stuff14:28
dav7no problem, I just wanted permission so that noone would think dav7_ was some borked connection14:28
LjLwith some thousand connectioins14:28
Seveasdav7, why doe it need to join/part all so often? 14:28
LjLwell, i'm afraid it's not a permission i can give14:28
dav7Seveas: because it doesn't actually work yet. I'm still developing it :P14:28
dav7oh ok14:28
Seveasdav7, then keep it out of #ubuntu14:28
LjLSeveas, even without the joins and parts, i'd say relaying to another network is not something we can be comfortable with14:29
dav7will do... but may I have permission to give it one or two test drive(s) for a few minutes just to see that I have it working properly?14:29
dav7it's not that I want to relay your channel, it's more for the load testing :P14:29
dav7(I've found that PHP starts to become a little unstable when faced with more than 1000 non-blocking fsockopen() calls)14:30
Seveasdav7, err, if your bot design needs that, the design is beyond stupid14:30
dav7ie fread() calls will throw errors about not being passed a proper resource (that probably wasn't created... etc...)14:30
Seveasto relay between 2 networks you need 2 sockets. One to each network.14:31
dav7yes. my bot will create one socket to here, and as many sockets as there are nicks here on the other network.14:31
LjLdav7, wouldn't that have to do with the Linux (or whatever Unix you're doing) maximum limit on open sockets?14:31
dav7so if there were 1000 users in #ubuntu, there would be 1001 sockets.14:31
Seeker`dav7: why is that any better than the way existing relays work?14:31
dav7LjL: I'm not actually sure :P14:31
dav7Seeker`: it's not, it's just an idea I had... :P14:32
Seveasdav7, I'll stick to my 'beyond stupid' remark :)14:32
* Seeker` agrees that it is a silly way of doing things14:32
dav7this isn't anything serious or anything... if you know what I mean. It's just a fun idea. :P14:32
Seveasdav7, #ubuntu is not for trying out fun ideas14:32
dav7:( mk14:32
Seeker`dav7: You dont get any gains with speed, reliability, resource usage - in fact is is worse in many respects - so there isn't much point trying it :P14:32
dav7I know... :P14:33
dav7it's a beyond stupid silly idea that popped into my head that will teach me about networking if nothing else =P14:33
dav7(and be awesome while doing its thing)14:33
Seeker`a simple relay would teach you about networking too14:33
dav7which I've already created XD14:33
dav7it can connect to two diff servers and relay the stuff between them, and is smart enough to not "listen" to its own nick if someone gets the wise idea to put both "endpoints" in the same chan on the same net :P14:34
dav7but... I mean, to have #ubuntu on a network of my own and to see a pile of nicks flood in from another network and for their conversation to start scrolling into my own net would just be... awesome (IMO) :P14:35
Seveasdav7, not gonna happen.14:35
dav7aw :<14:35
* Hobbsee thoguht the answer was still...no?14:36
* dav7 guess it just sunk in14:36
* hischild signals Hobbsee he's correct14:36
Seveashischild, s/he/she/14:36
hischildmy bad14:36
Seeker`your bad what?14:36
* dav7 wishes he could ask the staffers "what's the 2nd biggest channel on freenode? I want to do a test :P"14:36
hischildSeeker`, typo14:37
Seveasdav7, /list14:37
* dav7 Exceeds SendQ14:37
Seveasdav7, and I doubt they'll like the idea14:37
dav7maybe... sigh14:37
jussi01dav7: we appreciate you asking/letting us know though. (rather than just doing it without asking)14:37
* dav7 pokes efnet14:37
Seveasthat's true14:37
tomawYou can't overfill your sendq with /list14:37
dav7jussi01: well I don't like doing things without permission :P14:37
dav7tomaw: well every time I /list I... do!14:38
Hobbseeotherwise you turn into another irseek? :)14:38
Hobbseei'm sure *that* would go down well14:38
dav7let me create dav7_ (that is NOT a bot) and do /list -y with it, moment14:38
Hobbseeman, /list is still going14:38
dav7_hi... doing /list now14:38
PriceChildIf dav7 did do this.... all we would see is join/parts as he restarted the bot?14:38
dav7PriceChild: exactly.14:39
tomawdav7: one thing that might be useful is to connect it via a bouncer.  that way the channel won't see the join/quits while you fix it up.14:39
dav7I was considering that...14:39
dav7but the bouncer would have to relay the channel list to it :P14:39
* Hobbsee didn't realise that #ubuntu was 133% bigger than any other channel on freenode.14:39
Seeker`Hobbsee: How many in the next biggest channel?14:39
dav7ooh... /list shows the user count!14:39
Hobbseeit's approx double the size of the fifth-biggest channel14:39
HobbseeSeeker`: 952 (#gentoo)14:40
* dav7 badgers #gentoo14:40
dav7I might actually idle in here :D14:40
ubotuPlease keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.14:40
dav7why is there a pile of other users in here then? :P14:40
* dav7 ducks14:40
PriceChildI fail to see a problem :/14:40
Hobbsee#debian is 842, #linux 747, then ##php and #python in the 600's14:40
PriceChilddav7: where would things be relayed to again? your personal irc server?14:41
dav7just for testing :P14:41
dav7this may manage to work its way into being a bidirectional relay (which would rock), but I'd disable it so #ubuntu doesn't get like 5 or so joins from my server's end14:43
dav7(ie make it a one-way relay, from #ubuntu to my own net)14:44
LjLdav7, if it's only your personal irc server things are relayed to, and you can limit joins and parts, then go on14:44
dav7woohoo... thanks :D:D:D:D:D:D14:45
Hobbseebut if we find it misconfigured.....14:45
LjLdav7: using it from an irc proxy might help with the joins and parts14:45
Hobbseeconsider it gone.14:45
dav7Hobbsee: never! ^_^14:45
LjLand we *really* don't want to find #ubuntu on another public network14:45
dav7LjL: yeah I was thinking that... I might tidy up my "single-nick relaybot" a bit14:45
Hobbseedav7: having dealt with the last one who tried putting a bot in #ubuntu, (who incidently didn't ask first)14:45
dav7LjL: hah, my public network has like 5 users and my "private" closed-port server people have to use ssh forwarding to get into has like 3 users... soo.... XD14:46
dav7Hobbsee: :/14:46
Hobbseedav7: it was supposed to be silent.  Then it started talking.14:46
Hobbseebotmaster then talked about not knowing enough.  Playing the incompetent card didn't go so well for him.14:47
dav7well if I ever have any doubts about my code talking to your end I'll write code into the send() function that actually checks if the server is irc.freenode.net and doesn't send if it is :P14:47
Seveasdav7, btw, dav7_ is now in here... that's definitely a bad idea14:47
dav7oh yeah that's the other copy of Irssi14:47
dav7I /list'ed with it (surprisingly quickly)14:48
dav7_byebye :P/14:48
dav7you might note the ident (dav7) was different from the nick (dav7_)14:48
dav7if the ident is "relay" it's my relay14:49
dav7okay, my nick parser works, I should be able to get this creating the connections on the other network...14:51
dav7I might change the port for my test server and port-open it so you can connect and see the finished product in action :P14:51
jribikonia: don't flood :)15:07
LjLbad ikonia.15:07
LjLyes, i'll retune that15:07
ikoniaI must be punished15:08
Seeker`ikonia: I'm disappointed with you...flooding like that...tsk tsk tsk15:08
ikoniashame on me15:08
ikoniaI'm rebelling15:08
elkbuntui would spank you, except you'd probably enjoy it15:25
* ikonia walks away quietly15:28
* ikonia does not make eye contact15:28
* SportChick wavicles and hides15:40
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rodserling said: !seveas is <reply> he smells like grandma16:19
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, dmsuperman_ said: !dmsuperman is <reply> dmsuperman is so awesome16:20
Myrttielkbuntu: kudos on the blog entry16:54
* Seveas seconds that17:12
* LjL fourths17:13
Meznalioth, ping?17:40
jussio1elkbuntu: nice post :)17:43
* Mez reads elkbuntu's post.17:50
Mezelkbuntu, If Im correct about who that concerns. I have word that a member of high ranking freenode staff has suggested to the staffers on the IRC council that the person in question be given a short "holiday" from freenode, which those member of staff have decided not to do.17:52
Mezelkbuntu, but that17:52
Mezs all rumor and gossip. I'm certainly not an expert on that matter17:52
tomawI assume those comments are related to her blog post?17:55
Seveasnalioth, PriceChild: I'd like to hear your reactions to that accusation. It's a rather strong accusation...18:00
ompaulI wouldn't I would rather people all took a break and stopped raking coals18:00
ompaulbut that is just me18:00
Seveasompaul, well, if this is true a "break" is likely, but not the kind you have in mind18:01
tomawompaul: it's certainly not just you18:01
PriceChildMez: could you reword it? I'm totally confused who is being accused of what?18:01
ompaul I am wondering what hischild and dav7 would like discussed18:01
ubotuPlease keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.18:01
Seveasompaul, dav7 his bot, hischild has reported some issues18:02
Seveas(not meaning !idle doesn't apply)18:05
MezPriceChild, doesnt matter noones being accused of anything i was just making a comment it doesnt matter18:05
ubotuOdd-rationale called the ops in #ubuntu (PSiHo_pAT)18:06
Mezas I said - it was rumor and gossip. and it might not have been those 2 on the IRC council, but it was said that it was suggeste to staff for the person to take a holiday. I assumed it meant those on IRC Council18:06
ompauldav7, hischild here we go - none idling about to take place - if you need us call back18:15
LjLcare to look at PSiHo_pAT in #ubuntu please?18:19
LjLhis mute is up and he still seems to be disruptive18:19
LjLi don't know his history18:19
ompaulLjL, he is gone18:20
ompaulI'll pm18:20
ompaulmore of the same18:22
=== profoX_ is now known as profoX`
Seeker`lo Myrtti 19:28
Seeker`whats wrong?19:30
MyrttiIRC despair19:30
LjL-MobileA letter from him21:59
jussi01from who?21:59
LjL-Mobilewrong window21:59
* jussi01 sighs at users carrying on similar conversations in 2 channels :/22:00
LjL-Mobileberlusconi anyway22:00

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