jbaileylamont: Around?03:12
lamontam now03:15
lamontwow.  and only 3 minutes of separation03:15
jbaileyWell, I try. =)03:15
jbaileyThe ia64 box is finally back up and running - Is there any use in having Ubuntu on it?03:15
jbaileyIt's got Debian sid from about a year ago on it now.03:16
lamontwell, if you wanted to burn an alternate dvd and test the install, that'd be _wonderful_...03:17
* lamont has been busy03:17
jbaileyIt's a remote box, so I can't do install testing.03:21
lamontah, well then.03:22
* lamont hasn't tested hardy at all, other than far enough to know that do-release-upgrade -d makes seemingly sane decisions about what to do going gusty->hardy03:23
lamontiz ubuntu-speak for "do what it takes" 03:25
lamontit does the magic of dapper->hardy, or gutsy->hardy, or $N->$N+103:25
jbaileyAh interesting.03:26
jbaileySo apt-get dist-upgrade is officially the Wrong Thing now?03:26
lamontjbailey: since dapper->edgy, iirc03:31
lamontor was it breezy->dapper... 03:31
lamontcan't remember03:31
lamontupdate-manager is the gui versoin03:32
lamontdo-release-upgrade is server-ish03:32
jbaileyI also just use apt-get for everything.03:32
jbaileyAnd I tend to assume that as long as I have the main meta packages installed that everything will be alright.03:33
lamontedgy or feisty is when evms went away, and if you didn't know to nuke it, (and had raid???) then there was no love.;03:39
jbaileyWhy is volume management on Linux so doomed?03:39
lamontand then you booted from a livecd and fix0red it and rebuilt the initramfs and then there was love again03:39
jbaileyI'm still pining after NetWare.03:39
lamontfor more fun, gutsy or maybe feisty dropped raid support from the livecd -> more pain if y ou did taht03:39
* lamont did that doo much03:39
jbaileySo far, that's the only OS that has gotten it right.03:39
andrewksalternate dvd for Hardy?05:39
* andrewks is the hoster of said remote ia64 box05:40

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