Centaur5Would anybody in here be able to tell me if Adaptec has decent raid monitoring software for their cards in Ubuntu?00:00
Zyloguehello, all...I used Ubuntu server 5.x a while back.  I recall in it was a web fronted mp3 player.  This app would be great for a multimedia server I'm looking at building.  Does anyone recall the name of this app, or similar app?  I would like the music to play locally to that machine, out the soundcard audio jack and into the stereo.  Thanks00:47
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m1ri am trying to follow this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer , but dhcp server dont start after install, what could i do about it ?01:42
warchief_ryandoes anyone know what is required to use squid?03:36
warchief_ryanif anything03:38
owhSalutations. I'm in need of some peer comment. I have a server running rsync. A cron job checks every minute for the existence of a directory called 'current' and if it exists, it moves it into a time-stamped tree, yyyy/mm/dd/hh:mm. When a client connects, it syncs to a directory called 'current'. This works well.04:01
owhThe client's sync continues into the correct (now moved) directory.04:01
owhAll good. Now I want to add --link-dest to the client's sync command.04:01
owhOn the server I can add a sym-link to an appropriate directory and name it "previous". If I don't touch the sym-link, all is well. What I don't know is when and how and if the --link-desk=../previous is actually used. rsync with verbose doesn't mention the previous directory and strace does not reveal any further detail.04:03
owhI've tested the above both locally and across a network. No difference in the strace results that I can determine.04:04
owhSo, I could create a cron-job that changes "previous" to the second-last backup, but it's far from a "known" state. I doubt that I can link-dest into the whole dated tree - the rsync server/client will likely run out of memory.04:05
owhAny comments/suggestions/insights?04:05
owhBTW, I'm doing this so that the client can just run a simple rsync command across any OS without the need for other applications etc.04:06
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owhWas my question that obtuse?09:11
dthacker-workI don't know, I wasn't here when you asked it.09:15
owhFair enough :-) - rather than repeat it, I'll link to the log: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/04/12/%23ubuntu-server.html09:19
owh(It's the last question :)09:19
dthacker-workowh:  sorry, doing database restart.  I haven't even bent rysnc like that. sorry.09:42
owhdthacker-work: Fair enough.09:43
AlexC_My Postfix is throwing up errors such as ' warning: cannot get private key from file' however the file does it, what could be causing this?10:22
dthacker-workAlexC: what was the last thing you changed?10:24
AlexC_dthacker-work, that's the weird thing, I haven't touched anything at all =\10:25
AlexC_the only thing that has changed is the VPS has migrated to a different datacenter last night, since then it has not been working10:25
AlexC_virtual private server10:26
dthacker-workhmm.  Are you sure all your keys migrated with your virtual server?10:27
dthacker-workthat's where I'd look first10:27
* dthacker-work sees sleep on the horizon....10:27
AlexC_they should have, it was just the physical location of the server that changed, the data has stayed on the same machine10:28
dthacker-workdid the hostname change at all?10:30
AlexC_no, everything is the same10:33
AlexC_anyway, thanks dthacker-work however I must be off, I'll pop back in later10:33
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symtabany ideas how i can fix this problem:17:06
symtabIgnoring unknown interface lo=lo.17:06
symtab/etc/init.d/loopback start17:06
robc4Did anyone do the 2.6.24-16 kernel upgrade for Hardy Server?17:20
AlexC_hey all17:32
AlexC_I've got an issue with the SSL certificate for Postfix, getting this error when sending email:  "warning: cannot get private key from file"17:35
AlexC_the cerficate does exist, and everything is in place. This issue only occured after my VPS host was migrated (the physical master server moved to another datacenter)17:35
AlexC_a ha .... I have fixed that issue, however there is one left17:49
AlexC_it seams ClamAV is playing up, here are the errors:http://paste2.org/p/2016017:50
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: regarding my memory cache problem, is it safe for me to run this command as root to clear the cache: "sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches"?18:35
cjsstableshello all.  I have been following rrcoumputerconsulting's howto for setting up ubuntu server as an samba-ldap server, but I always hang on reboot at the very last step.  Is there a know bug with ubuntu server?18:37
MatthewMetzgercjsstables: I'm new here, so I don't know. But you could check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu18:43
balzacanyone using ebox?22:30
hubuntuhei everybody! I'm writing a presentation for the FLISOL (http://www.flisol.net/ LatinAmerican Installation Festival by april 26th) to be used by all spanish speaking LoCo teams around the continent. Anyone has a preentation laying somewhere which shows the advantages of Ubuntu in the server room?23:18
hubuntuI'm specially interested in Hardy features23:19
hubuntuso if anyone has something lying down or want to chat about what i should include right now, please do23:20

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