deflatedbabo: I think it's not possible but maybe there's a module for it.00:00
deflatedCelticLord, bonne nuit00:00
sveakexSoleone: i grew tired of xfce really fast, especially when it destroyed how everything looked like when i installed some gnomelibs00:00
charles|64Adpad: it doesnt register my keys00:01
Soleonesveakex: i am really looking forward to KDE 400:01
Adpadcharles|64: in amarok it didn't register them when you tried to setup the shortcut?00:01
charles|64Adpad: correct00:01
xlriutHello, when I type xbacklight -inc 10%, it sometimes decreases 10% instead. What might be the problem? Thanks.00:02
hischildcharles|64, amarok doesn't see global shortcuts. use windows z till b for it instead.00:02
Adpadcharles|64: go to system -> pref -> keyboard -> layouts and tell me which keyboard model is selected?00:02
Adpadhischild: it works for my keyboard - logitech mx500000:02
sveakexSoleone: download the kde4 live cd from their website to have a real look at it ;)00:02
StPatrickGIn,  When I try to use compiz, it won't load, and i have trouble getting a game to work, that should be working in linux00:03
hischildAdpad, by default amarok won't accept global multimedia shortcuts.00:03
sveakexSoleone: i haven't seen kde4 irl, it looks good, but i am probably going to stick with gnome00:03
Soleonesveakex: i have. but i did not install it, so i had to 3d effects, still very nice and shiny00:03
charles|64Adpad: generic00:03
sveakexSoleone: since i like how it looks like and i use gtk programs mostly00:03
sveakexSoleone: hehe :)00:03
GInStPatrick: what card is it?00:03
sveakexSoleone: so which file browser are you going to test now?00:04
Adpadcharles|64: I read some posts on the forums that said that changing that through the Choose option fixed audio shortcuts00:04
ponygirlWhat are you looking for?00:04
herby_how can someone upgrade compiz to a more featured version than the default desktop fx?00:04
StPatrickGIn,  I have NO idea, lmao.... give me a minute to look it up. I can tell you my lappy is a Toshiba Satellite A205-S580000:04
Adpadcharles|64: you can try to choose one of the Logitech ones and see if that helps00:04
hischildanyway, good luck folks and till soon.00:04
charles|64Adpad: what keyboard do you have selected in the keyboard00:04
AdpadI use "Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro"00:04
Shiihow do i get the unarchiver to support RAR?00:05
Adpadcharles|64: but that's for the logitech MX500000:05
tim___Which console fonts are you using? I like terminus but it doesn't support bold text in font size 10.00:05
eduardowhats the b.est mp3 downloader for ubuntu?00:05
Adpadcharles|64: you can also try another generic one - I read on one particular post that it helped someone enable their multimedia keys...00:05
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Shiieduardo: wget00:05
sveakextim___: i am using the ubuntu default00:05
Soleonesveakex: Krusader. just installed. looks promising00:05
svucompiz cannot acquire compositing manager. wtf?00:05
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sveakextim___: at size 11 i think00:05
eduardoShii: what do you mean with wget?00:05
charles|64Adpad: i think i got it hang on00:05
Adpadcharles|64: excellent, what did you change?00:05
Shiieduardo: you mean a way to download .mp3 files on the web, right?00:05
sveakexSoleone: can you link me a screenshot? i am a bit lazy x)00:06
eduardoShii: yes00:06
habernetsorry guys..what do i do to install ccsm in terminal again00:06
eduardoShii: something like limewire..00:06
dakiradoes anyone know how to get debs of older wine releases? the current one is 0.9.59.. I'd really like to have 0.9.58.. any clues?00:06
charles|64Adpad: the keyboard type to a logitech00:06
Shiiwell, limewire works on ubuntu00:06
tim___sveakex: Thanks, but Monospace is ugly. I use the console for nearly everything and monospace is hard to read.00:06
Soleonesveakex: yea, wait a minute. i will look at the features00:06
Adpadcharles|64: excellent - is it working?00:06
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eduardoShii: i know but i think limewire has something to do with my random user log off00:06
sveakextim___: what did you say you use again? i might give it a try00:06
charles|64Adpad: dunno yet still setting keys lol ill let you know in a sec00:07
sveakexSoleone: thanks :)00:07
tim___sveakex: I'm using terminus.00:07
t1n0m3nhow do I start the restricted manager?00:07
Shiieduardo: hmm... i don't know how to diagnose java problems, but you should ask about that00:07
lordleemodakira: http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/archive/index.html00:07
Shiiit might affect other software00:07
sveakext1n0m3n: bläh, i don't have that one installed. :(00:07
habernethow do i install ccsm in terminal00:07
sveakextim___: *00:07
ubotuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion00:07
eduardoShii: what program do u use for mp3 downloading?00:07
tim___sveakex: *?00:07
palomer_all my windows lost they decorations00:08
palomer_what happened?00:08
t1n0m3ncool, thanks for the name, I couldnt remember what it was called00:08
Shiieduardo: right now i am using bittorrent, ripping CDs, and using wget.00:08
_mawanyone used this wireless card? http://tinyurl.com/56nj8300:08
eduardopalomer_: try to set them uo again.00:08
sveakextim___: i wrote what i wanted to write to you to the wrong user because i am bad at tabbing00:08
eduardoShii: how do u use wget to download music?00:08
* sveakex slaps himself.00:08
sveakexeduardo: i can query you about that ok?00:08
tim___sveakex: No problem. I like irssi for the reason that it supports tab completion.00:08
scottyLWell, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you all to meet me: the officially least experienced Linux user in the world00:08
Free_BullI'm trying to install linux on one of my computers, but when I but in the disk, it loads linux, i press start/install ubuntu and i get to a tan screen with a mouse and nothing else happens00:08
StPatrickGIn,  I cant seem to find it in my hardware info list00:09
scottyLNow that I have linux up and running00:09
eduardosveakex: as u wish00:09
scottyLWith a total of 0.0 hours logged in a Linux machine00:09
sveakextim___: i use weechat, almost the same imo00:09
eduardosveakex: i dunno how to use wget to download music00:09
Shiieduardo: well... you know... just find a friend with more music than you and set them up with an http server00:09
Shiithen you can wget it :)00:09
tim___sveakex: Thanks, I'll try it out.00:09
dakiralordleemo: thx!00:09
Free_BullI'm trying to install linux on one of my computers, but when I but in the disk, it loads linux, i press start/install ubuntu and i get to a tan screen with a mouse and nothing else happens00:09
charles|64Adpad: all but the play pause button lol00:09
StPatrickGIn, Ok, found it.   GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller00:09
lordleemodakira: your welcome00:09
bastid_raZoreduardo; where is the music you are trying to download? like a .torrent? or from a server somewhere?00:10
Adpadcharles|64: excellent, I know how to fix that I think00:10
sveakextim___: just beware of all the extreme colors, i turned almost all of them off00:10
tim___Shii: My favorite downloading manager is aria2.00:10
tim___sveakex: Ok.00:10
GInStPatrick: lspci | grep VGA   shuld tell you what card you got00:10
charles|64Adpad: really im all ears00:10
eduardobastid_raZor: is trying to find another mp3 downloader rather than limewire00:10
Shiitim___: thanks for the tip, i couldn't find a gui00:10
Adpadcharles|64: in the Amarok Global Shortcuts - is that where you enabled your other keys?00:10
eduardobastid_raZor: I'm*00:10
charles|64Adpad: yeah00:10
bastid_raZoreduardo; use a torrent program.. like transmission or deluge or even ktorrent00:10
cockroackI am having some problms with mounting my media drives00:10
Adpadcharles|64: essentially, you should try disable Play and Pause there (in terms of shortcut keys) and enable ONLY the Play/Pause option with your media key00:11
cockroackit says00:11
cockroackMounting /media/Amuse failed.00:11
cockroack$LogFile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 0)00:11
cockroackFailed to mount '/dev/sda5': Operation not supported00:11
cockroackMount is denied because NTFS is marked to be in use. Choose one action:00:11
FloodBot2cockroack: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:11
Adpadlet me know if that works ;)00:11
zezomis there a way to append a line of text to the beginning of a file? like  echo foo >> file ?00:11
eduardobastid_raZor: any other P2P?00:11
bastid_raZor!torrent | eduardo00:11
ubotueduardo: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P00:11
cockroacki have installed windows also00:11
tim___Shii: There is a GUI but it didn't cover all of its features.00:11
Adpadcharles|64: let me know if it works00:11
Free_BullI'm trying to install linux on one of my computers, but when I but in the disk, it loads linux, i press start/install ubuntu and i get to a tan screen with a mouse and nothing else happens00:11
ubotuPeer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information00:11
gluershii: http://www.veen.com/jeff/archives/000573.html00:11
cockroackdoes anyone knows what to do, i didnt understand this choice 100:11
charles|64Adpad: nope00:12
ubotuGnutella clients: GTK-Gnutella (GTK, stand-alone), gifTui, giFToxic (GTK, based on giFT), Apollon (KDE, based on giFT), mldonkey-gui (GTK, based on MLDonkey), KMLDonkey (KDE, based on MLDonkey), !Limewire, !Frostwire (Java, not in the !repositories) - See also !P2P00:12
ubotuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P00:12
phil_hey guys, how do i install comiz fusion manager thing in terminal??00:12
CorbinFoxfree_bull: what kind of computer?  either way, i think i had a similar problem that the boot command "noapic nolapic" fixed up00:12
cockroackbecause i dont have any external device in my system00:12
sveakexeduardo: read my query00:12
Adpadcharles|64: okay, ensure that that specific media key isn't being used for any other shortcut -- either in amarok or in your system -> pref -> keyboard shortcuts00:12
eduardosveakex: where?00:12
tim1sveakex: Thanks for the tip. WeeChat looks much better than irssi.00:12
GInStPatrick: sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri  and then restart X (logoff and login back )00:12
* eduardo loves irssi.00:13
Free_Bullit's an old emachines with a celeron processor and 256 kb of ram00:13
gluershii: set that up with mp3.com ;-)00:13
charles|64Adpad: YOU SO ROCK!!!00:13
GInStPatrick: that should fix the porblem according to this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=583081]00:13
StPatrickGIn,  Ok, just a sec00:13
Adpadcharles|64: hehe, excellent, glad I could help dude :)00:13
progmano2Free_Bull: use the alternate install disc http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download00:13
Soleonesveakex: screenshots coming up...00:13
sveakextim1: yeah, i use it mostly because i can configure it easily to connect to the servers i want to (irssi can that aswell probably but i didn't bother to learn), and it has a userlist on the right00:13
phil_what is the command to install ccsm in terminal??00:13
sveakexSoleone: aye! :)00:13
bastid_raZor!ccsm > phil_00:14
sveakexeduardo: what irc client are you using?00:14
eduardosveakex: irssi00:14
matthew_can I ask a question about the package manager?00:14
Soleonesveakex: http://vs1814.vserver4free.de/pics/00:14
eduardomatthew_: ask00:14
Soleonesveakex: exactly what i was looking for00:14
sroddenHi, anyone have a working vanilla 7.10? I need a copy of the /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default file *blush*00:14
sveakexeduardo: you should see act and a number00:14
Free_Bullaww, ok, i'll go download and burn it and try that00:14
phil_bastid_razor ?? i didnt get anything from ubotu00:14
Free_Bullthanks for the help00:14
sveakexeduardo: press alt and then that number at the same time00:14
sveakexyou can try different numbers00:14
bastid_raZorphil_; that would have been a private message.. but i'll resend it.00:14
sveakexfor different windows00:14
bastid_raZor!ccsm | phil_00:14
ubotuphil_: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion00:14
sveakexSoleone: let me see :)00:15
StPatrickGIn,  Says its already the newest version00:15
matthew_The package manager isn't installing the php5.load and php5.conf files when I try to install the php5 modual for apache00:15
matthew_It installs everything else00:15
GInStPatrick: do you have xgl installed?00:15
StPatrickGIn,  What what now?00:15
progmano2phil_: sudo aptitude install simple-ccsm00:15
herby_ubotu, what features does it add to compiz?00:15
tim1sveakex: Yeah, I agree. There's one thing I don't like about it: When a message begins with my username it will not be highlighted like in irssi00:15
sveakexSoleone: looks good, midnightcommander is similar, just that is in the terminal instead :)00:16
eduardomatthew_: have u tried installing them from terminal?00:16
matthew_whats the command?00:16
sveakextim1: you can change it in the configuration file00:16
eduardomatthew_: sudo apt-get install filename00:16
matthew_I'll try that00:16
sveakextim1: i really changed loads in there, added servers, disabled 95% of all the colors00:16
Soleonesveakex: i somehow dislike console mode for editors and file managers00:16
eduardomatthew_:  :)00:16
Kenshi_Aí rapaziada00:16
sveakexSoleone: hehe :P00:17
sveakexSoleone: if you ever ssh into your computer then it might be useful ;)00:17
AdpadDoes anyone know if it is a security risk to disable "Block external broadcast" ?00:17
charles|64Adpad: heres a crazy one for you my keyboard has a "zoom" button how do i get compiz linked to that button?00:17
Kenshi_Queria avisar a vocês que tem gente vendendo cds de Ubuntu Linux no MERCADO LIVRE.00:17
tim1sveakex: The configuration file doesn't seem to be created automatically, does it?00:17
krimI used to use the negative thingy on Compiz at night so it wouldn't be like staring into a lightbulb but now I switched to Darklooks theme which makes the colours look alright, but is there a way to make the white background on pages I visit with Firefox into black?00:17
cockroackhello, if i do the mount by force, is there any possibilities of ruining my data?00:17
Adpadcharles|64: hmmm ;)  My keyboard also has a zoom button - let me check out compiz shortcuts, one second00:17
GInStPatrick: what does the command glxinfo tell you?00:17
sveakextim1: it is created automatically, or it did for me, ~/.weechat/weechat.rc00:18
charles|64Adpad: kool00:18
charles|64Adpad: im going to pm you00:18
sveakextim1: is the location i think, atleast the folder should be correct00:18
eduardoKenshi is saying that there's people selling ubuntu cds on www.mercadolibre.com00:18
sveakexeduardo: did you see my query yet?00:18
Adpadcharles|64: I won't be able to respond - nickname not registered ;) let's chat here rather?00:18
tim1sveakex: yeah, you're right. thanks00:18
eduardosveakex: yeah, and i aswered it00:18
charles|64Adpad: kool00:18
StPatrickGIn,  a bunch of numbers?00:18
StPatrickGIn,  And all kinds of other tings00:19
GInStPatrick: try glxinfo | grep direct00:19
Soleonesveakex: that is actually true, haven't thought of that00:19
StPatrickGIn,  Thanks for tryin to help man, Im gonna have to try to deal with it later. I gotta get going.00:19
GInStPatrick: g'luck ;)00:19
Kenshi_Guys, i said that there are people SELLING Ubuntu Linux cds on our local eBay.00:19
Soleonesveakex: i think i will install midnightcommander on my server00:20
sveakexSoleone: hehe :)00:20
StPatrickGIn,  Thanks, Chief. Ill be back later. I want Compiz working, I know it'll work with my card, cause it worked in Mandriva.00:20
Soleonesveakex: after i fix my apt-get problem :)00:20
eduardodoes anyone know an msn messenger application which will let me chat on "invisible" status?00:20
sveakexSoleone: what's up with apt-get?00:20
Soleonesveakex: i accidently deleted everything under /etc/apt/cache00:20
StPatrickeduardo, Pidgin00:20
matthew_nope, php5.load and php5.conf still do not exist, even though libapache2-mod-php5 lists them as intalled files00:20
Shiiis there a hotplug kind of application i can activate so i can use my MP3 player?00:20
sveakexSoleone: try "sudo apt-get update"00:20
eduardoStPatrick: that wont let me talk on invisible status00:21
matthew_could the package me messed up?00:21
Adpadcharles|64: I don't think you can use media keys in compiz - I might be wrong -- you can try manually mapping it if you can find a way on the web -- to find out what it maps to, try assigning the particular button to something else in the keyboard shortcuts we were talking about earlier00:21
Shiithe USB seems to be supplying power but it doesn't talk to ubuntu00:21
StPatrickeduardo,  It lets me.00:21
tim1sveakex: I used rhapsody before. It has a really nice ncurses GUI but there seems not to be any development on it.00:21
charles|64Adpad: kool man thanks00:21
eduardomatthew_: whats the prob matty00:21
Adpadcharles|64: no prob at all00:21
GIneduardo: try emesene00:21
matthew_i'm trying to get php5 on my apache2 server, but I can't get the php5.load and php5.conf files00:22
AdpadI have a problem with my video playback with NVIDIA - nvidia-glx-new drivers - the video just conks in and becomes garbled --can anyone help?00:22
sveakextim1: hehe, i like weechat and irssi00:22
matthew_they are part of libapache2-mod-php500:22
eduardoGIn: thx00:22
matthew_and it says it has them installed00:22
matthew_but they aren't there.00:22
GIneduardo: u can get it at http://www.getdeb.net/00:22
eduardomatthew_: reboot after installing and see what happens00:22
tim1matthew_: I prefer LightTPD, it's easier to set up and much faster. YouTube is also using a modified version of it.00:22
GIneduardo: don't think it is in the repo, but check the repo first, if not , go to http://www.getdeb.net/00:23
tim1matthew_: You don't need to restart.00:23
Dr_willisAdpad,  i belive theres a bit of a bug with the nvidia drivers and video playvback that can cause that issue I had similer issue on one of my machines. It would play vidoes fine for a while.  even days.. then it would get all blocky/garbled but sound still worked.00:23
tim1matthew_: You need to restart the apache server: /etc/init.d/apache restart I think.00:23
Soleonesveakex: yea. i made a typo i deleted another directory: E: Archive directory /var/cache/apt/archives/partial is missing.00:23
matthew_timl: Can it support php5?00:23
Dr_willisAdpad,  Im using Hardy Now - it has newer nvidia drivers. Not seen the issue under it.00:23
Shiihow do i mount my mp3 player? :/00:24
Kenshi_Well anyone knows if Hardy solves that firefox slowdown problem that happens when compiz is enabled with ATI cards?00:24
Soleonesveakex: i accidently deleted everything in /var/cache/apt00:24
tim1Shii: With mount.00:24
AdpadDr_willis: that's exactly what happens to me -- excellent - so I can expect hardy to probably fix the issue?00:24
tim1matthew_: Yes it does.00:24
Shiibut it's a USB player...00:24
AdpadDr_willis: so I'll wait for April 25 ;) Thanks a lot00:24
sveakextim1: this is hilarious, i went here so i could check out what fonts the ubuntu terminal uses by default so i can apply it to my gentoo desktop, and now i end up helping about 3 people :P00:24
eduardoGIn: yeah, its not in the repo00:24
matthew_Out of the box? or what package?00:24
Kenshi_The beta does?00:24
Dr_willisAdpad,  yep. I never did see any real info on the bug. just lots of reports on it.00:24
tim1matthew_: My LightTPD server is now running for about 3 months without any problems.00:24
AdpadDr_willis: same thing here :/00:24
sveakexSoleone: what happened when you tried to update apt like i told you to?00:24
GIneduardo: http://getdeb.net/search.php?keywords=emesene00:24
Soleonethe error i told you00:25
matthew_timl: Does it support php5 out of the box? Or what package do I need?00:25
tim1sveakex: Hehe. I know this. :D00:25
Dr_willisAdpad,  it seems that the nvidia 'universial' drivers dont always work with the same named cards/chips :( Gettng to be a lot of varity in the nvidia cards even witht he same ##00:25
tim1matthew_: You need to install the php5-cgi package.00:25
Soleonesveakex:  Archive directory /var/cache/apt/archives/partial is missing.00:25
matthew_I'll try that00:25
sveakexSoleone: ok, let me have a good think00:26
tim1matthew_: After having installed it, you need to go to the configuration file and enable the module.00:26
rZoghi, i just have a problem with installing ubuntu.. the installer doesnt detect all my partitions.. it just detects my hd. winxp is abel to detect all partitions correct. does someone has any idea what exactly is broken ?00:26
Shiii have no idea what command to run to make ubuntu recognize a USB device.00:26
eduardodoes anybody know any tweaks to enhance navigation speed?00:26
AdpadDr_willis:  it's a pity :( also had difficulty getting dual monitors to wrok - still haven't managed. I'm hoping hardy will fix these problems!00:26
sveakextim1: hehe, i like ubuntu though on computers i don't want to configure :P00:26
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tim1Shii: Yes, MP3 players are nothing else than an external drive.00:27
sveakextim1: like laptops, i hate configuring laptops00:27
matthew_timl: Where is the config file?00:27
Shiiyup. i set it up that way. but i plug it in and nothing happens.00:27
bastid_raZoreduardo; use command line instead of the GUI to browse.. MUCH faster00:27
Soleonesveakex: thanks00:27
tim1sveakex: Me too. :)00:27
kdorfShii: type "lsusb" in command line to see if ubuntu detected your device00:28
sveakexSoleone: alright, i know what to do "sudo mkdir /var/cache/apt/archives/partial && sudo apt-get update"00:28
eduardobastid_raZor: idk why my navigation slowed down this much im sownloading @ 25kb/s with a 1mbit connection00:28
tim1matthew_: Ok, type in: sudo lighty-enable-mod fastcgi00:28
kdorfIf it did, that's a good thing 'cause you can mount it manually00:28
sveakexSoleone: obviously without the ""00:28
Shiioh... it only sees 3 USB drives. how sad :(00:28
Dr_willisAdpad,  multi monitor - ive had no issues with. I enable twniview with the nvidia config tools. and away it goes00:28
tim1matthew_: And then go to /etc/lighttpd/conf-available/10-fastcgi.conf00:28
Soleonesveakex: thx, i'll try00:28
kdorfIs one port bad possibly?00:28
sveakextim1: hehe, what do you use on your desktop?00:28
sroddenAnyone know why I get a kernel panic in the VM when trying to install a Gutsy VM?00:28
bastid_raZoreduardo; oh.. navigation.. i didn't relate navigation with browsing the internet..00:28
tim1sveakex: You mean, which window manager I'm using?00:29
tim1sveakex: I'm using wmii.00:29
AdpadDr_willis: which nvidia config tools - how do you access them? ;)00:29
eduardobastid_raZor: my bad00:29
sveakextim1: which os00:29
tim1sveakex: Ubuntu Hardy Heron. :)00:29
sveakextim1: hehe, which version number is that? :p00:29
tim1sveakex: 8.10 I think :D00:29
bastid_raZoreduardo; using limewire though.. you've probably had your ip tracked and are now being throttled by your ISP00:30
matthew_timl: Then do I just force reload on the server?00:30
Soleonesveakex: woohoo, thanks a lot (though i could've just tried myself making the dir :)00:30
sveakextim1: 8.10!? 8.10 will be realesed in 2008 october00:30
tim1matthew_: In /etc/init.d there's a file called lighttpd.00:30
sveakexSoleone: you're welcome :)00:30
Shiithanks for your help timl, looks like only 2 of my 4 USB ports work :)00:30
eduardobastid_raZor: anyway to fix that?00:30
Soleonesveakex: looking deeper into Krusader, i must say, this is definitely the best file manager i could think of00:30
tim1sveakex: Really? How can I check the version number?00:30
sveakextim1: try doing a "uname -a"00:31
Kenshi_Hardy's restricted drivers for ATI cards support AIGLX?00:31
tim1sveakex: It's still beta but it will be relased in one month or something.00:31
Kenshi_Or i have to install the official ATI?00:31
sveakexSoleone: hehe, i am satisfied with nautilus or just using a terminal :P00:31
J-Unitwen will hardy be available thru shipit?00:31
tim1sveakex: This will show up the kernel version.00:31
KrimZonwhat package should contain libGL.a in hardy?00:31
matthew_timl: Ok, I have it open00:31
sveakextim1: hm, 8.04 well be released in 12 days (about)00:31
iceswordhardy heron .goes out00:32
bastid_raZoreduardo; call your ISP.. but i don't that is the case.. i'm justing being cynical. not sure why your connection would slow.. possibly your upload is maxed out?00:32
Soleonesveakex: i already have midnight commander installed on my server, that's cool. thanks for the pointing to it00:32
tim1J-Unit: Good question. I hope it will be available soon. The last time I ordered some CDs it took me about one month.00:32
tim1sveakex: Yeah, that's what I've installed here. :)00:32
sveakexSoleone: you're welcome, is it an ubuntu server?00:32
sroddenWhere can I get a copy of a vanilla 7.10 /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default please?00:33
sveakextim1: the version numbers work this: 8(year).04(month)00:33
Soleonesveakex: no just debian 4 i think00:33
scottyLI'm following an installation guide for 7.10 Server, and I just finished installing the basic LAMP package00:33
sveakextim1: therefore 8.04 will be released in april 200800:33
tim1matthew_: I forgot to say that you need to edit the file /etc/lighttpd/conf-available/10-fastcgi.conf in which /usr/bin/php5-cgi must be replaced by /usr/bin/php5-cgi.00:33
Soleonesveakex: how can i print the version of the OS?00:33
scottyLIt's telling me to set up a static IP00:34
tim1sveakex: Sorry, I didn't know that.00:34
scottyLIs that important?00:34
sveakextim1: i know you didn't, that is why i told you :)00:34
DarkJusticeCan anyone tell me where I can find a tutorial or something to get my AC'97 card to use 5.1 channel sound on ubuntu?00:34
phil_when i put a cd into my drive..nothing happens, also all programs say that they cannot find a cdrom drive, what do i do to fix this?00:34
tim1sveakex:  :)00:34
sveakexSoleone: uname -a might, otherwise i wouldn't know00:34
IndyGunFreakDarkJustice: whats the exact device?00:34
rZoghi, i just have a problem with installing ubuntu.. the installer doesnt detect all my partitions.. it just detects my hd. winxp is abel to detect all partitions correct. does someone has any idea what exactly is broken ?00:34
danand_Soleone - lsb_release -a00:34
Soleonesveakex: Linux vs1814 #2 SMP Tue Oct 23 22:39:08 CEST 2007 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:34
DarkJusticeIndyGunFreak: at the moment I'm not sure, my son is watching a movie on that box.. is there a way I can ssh in and find out in a terminal?00:35
tim1rZog: I had a similar problem. You can recover it using TestDisk.00:35
IndyGunFreakDarkJustice: i have no idea... how is he watching a movie w/o sound?00:35
Soleonedanand_: vs1814:/home/soleone# lsb_release -a00:35
Soleonebash: lsb_release: command not found00:35
GInSoleone: cat /etc/lsb-release00:35
ubotuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell00:35
Soleoneah thx00:35
J-Unittim1, well i get them faster actually :)00:35
DarkJusticeIndyGunFreak: i have sound but only on two speakers, and i'ts real low, they worked great on winbloze00:35
tim1J-Unit: Where do you live?00:35
IndyGunFreakDarkJustice: hmm, no clue...00:35
sveakexSoleone: ubotu just said it!00:35
J-Unittim1, canada00:35
IndyGunFreak!sound | DarkJustice  maybe this will help00:35
ubotuDarkJustice  maybe this will help: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:35
xlriutDoes anyone know what might be controlling the fonts within <pre></pre> tags on websites? I've been changing some font settings and the font between <pre></pre> tags now looks messed up. Thanks.00:36
Soleonesveakex: i don't have Ubuntu on my server, just debian00:36
tim1J-Unit: They are shipped from the Netherlands as far I know. I'm living in Germany so it shouldn't take longer than 5 days.00:36
KrimZonaha, nvidia-glx-new-dev for me00:36
AdpadDr_willis: do you mean the standard video options in Ubuntu or is there a special NVIDIA package for config?00:36
SoleoneGIn: /etc/lsb_release is not there00:36
capiCrimmxlriut, css? that's the only thing00:36
sveakexSoleone: aha, go to #debian , i actualled asked that once there, there is a specific command for that00:36
roxazersveakex: hello00:37
=== hejsa_ is now known as hejsa
sveakexroxazer: who are you?! :O00:37
GInSoleone: then lsb_release -a00:37
sveakexroxazer: what's up?00:37
roxazersveakex: im a pedofile!00:37
ubotuhtml is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/00:37
tim1xlriut: You can also use the font tag but I recommend CSS.00:37
roxazersveakex: im haxxing my ubuntu00:37
SoleoneGIn: command not found00:37
sveakexroxazer: zomg, don't get me kicked00:37
J-Unittim1, well its 2 weeks for me unless im f***ed in the head or sumtin00:37
GInSoleone: erm, that command should be there00:37
roxazersveakex: ubuntu is the loviest distro i ever used00:37
roxazermuch better than shitgentoo :o00:38
SoleoneGIn: remember I'm just on debian, not ubuntu00:38
Dr_willisAdpad,  nvidia has had its own command line based config tool for ages.. Just no one ever notices it. :)00:38
sveakexroxazer: i know you use archlinux, lägg ner nu, det är inte kul :/00:38
danand_Soleone - sudo apt-get -s install lsb-release00:38
xlriutcapiCrimm, tim1, no the problem is caused by some system font setting, I believe, oddly enough. I'm not sure what I messed up though. Even website fonts are different.00:38
GInSoleone: this is #ubuntu, :\ ask in #debian ;)00:38
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:38
AdpadDr_willis: ah! hehe, can you tell me how to access it? is it nvidia-config ?00:38
tim1J-Unit: Lucky you.00:38
xlriutI know this because I have another computer where the website fonts look completely different.00:38
roxazersveakex: its fucking awsome fun :)00:38
sveakexroxazer: :(00:39
roxazersveakex: and here we talk english!00:39
sveakexroxazer: your english is much better than last time00:39
tim1xlriut: Perhaps the website is using a windows font which isn't installed.00:39
Dr_willisAdpad,  nvidia<tab>  use the -A option to see the full options. Litterally the thing has been around since dapper-drake at least. :) I first discovered it mentioned in the ubuntu-hacks book00:39
roxazersveakex: yee, im cleared up in the head atm00:39
capiCrimmxlriut, I'm not even sure that's possible. Unless pre tags request a certain class of text by default that you changed. In which case you're answer will be the css defaults00:39
sveakexSoleone: #debian knows about debian things :P00:39
eduardoroxazer: where u from?00:39
AdpadDr_willis:  hehe awesome, thanks a lot hey00:40
capiCrimm*or that are different00:40
roxazereduardo: sweden00:40
sveakexroxazer: eh?00:40
matthew_tim1: I edited the /etc/lighttpd/conf-available file00:40
mc-georgeguys, whats a good dvd encoding program similar to converxtodvd?00:40
roxazersveakex: what?00:40
sveakexroxazer: nvm.00:40
matthew_tim1: Now what do I do?00:40
Soleonesveakex: thx, i'm asking00:40
tim1matthew_: Ok, then restart or reload the server.00:40
J-Unittim1, well im patient no matter how long it takes...i was more concerned of wen i can order it to get it off my head, as soon as i no that canonical will ship it, i dont worry bout it any longer but i need to at least no that ive requested it if u no wat i mean...i guess its a psychological thing00:40
eduardoroxazer: lol i have a swedish girl staying in my house for school exchange00:40
xlriutcapiCrimm, well I'm asking because the font looked clearly different before I fiddled with some GTK themes / fluxbox font settings...00:40
sveakexeduardo: you better do her ;)00:40
tim1matthew_: The files are stored in /var/www/.00:41
matthew_tim1: I have the apache2 server running, you have any idea how to stop it?00:41
Soleonesveakex: cat /etc/debian_version00:41
AdpadDr_willis:  nvidia-settings brings up NVIDIA X server settings, gonna try work in there00:41
roxazereduardo: nice, have you banged her yet? :O00:41
eduardosveakex: shes done. lol00:41
sveakexeduardo: oh! ;)00:41
Adpadlol roxazer00:41
bastid_raZormatthew_; sudo killall apache200:41
tim1J-Unit: Hehe.00:41
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:41
eduardoroxazer: luckily yes..00:41
roxazereduardo: yeah!00:41
roxazer*doing the happy dance*00:42
tim1bastid_raZor: Isn't it sudo killall -9 apache2?00:42
sveakexSoleone: yup, that's correct :)00:42
kdorfso I've got a question - anyone successfully managed to burn a DVD+R DL?00:42
eduardosveakex: i met a girl from norway on spring break and did her too :))00:42
Dr_willisAdpad,  thers 2 nvidia tools, one is command line based, other is X based.  I tend to set things up with the cli tool first, then restart X, then tweak with the Other one. I think the command WITH the X is command line .. :) one with no X in the name is the X tool.. figure that out00:42
sveakexSoleone: however i don't use deabian, i use gentoo00:42
kdorfI can't get them to burn in the nautilus plugin or brasero00:42
sveakexeduardo: haha ;D00:42
eduardosveakex: not to be a showoff but... heh :P00:42
matthew_tim1: Sweet!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!00:42
bastid_raZortim1; no, -9 would be used to specify now when killing by the PID.. killall will do it fine.00:42
sveakexeduardo: "BUT!"00:42
Gnine!burn | kdorf00:42
ubotukdorf: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto00:42
J-Unittim1, u use dial-up?00:43
AdpadDr_willis: thanks, the one without an X is the X tool :) appreciate it - will try setup my 42" PLASMA now :D00:43
kdorfGnine: that didn't answer my question :(00:43
Soleonesveakex: is there a good reason for that?00:43
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IndyGunFreakkdorf: well what is your question00:43
matthew_w00t, now my WoW server manager is working!00:43
matthew_thanks guys!00:43
kdorfHas anybody successfully burned DVD+R DL00:43
AdpadI love compiz !:D00:43
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Soleonecompiz rocks, over00:44
roxazereduardo is going to do one girl in every country!00:44
IndyGunFreaki've burned lots of DVDRs, but i've had nothing but problems w/ Brasero, so I use gnomebaker00:44
Adpadit ROCKS EGGZ :D00:44
sveakexSoleone: why i use gentoo?00:44
eduardoroxazer: i hope so :)00:44
kdorfI can burn every other media, but when I insert a double layer it just doesn't do anything but error out00:44
Soleonesveakex: yea00:44
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:44
kdorfIndyGunFreak: I'll try gnomebaker, but brasero and nautilus have burned DVD-Rs just fine for me, just not the double layer ones.00:45
DILhey all i must declare linux is a bad mada socker!!00:45
DavieyDIL: sounds kinda #ubuntu-offtopic00:45
sveakexSoleone: up to date packages, all packages are optimized for your computer (source based optimization), pretty stable, fun (imo :P), and it is difficult (since i have recently migrated to gentoo from archlinux)00:46
DILJump fer jou Daviey00:46
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sveakexSoleone: however on laptops i like ubuntu00:46
sveakexSoleone: and gentoo on server00:47
sveakexSoleone: and arch or gentoo on desktop00:47
Soleonesveakex: is gentoo similar to debian? i am kinda new to linux00:47
xvchow do i exit the current screen session?00:47
sveakexSoleone: nah, gentoo is not that similar to debian00:47
Davieyxvc: ctrl + d00:47
sveakexSoleone: if you are new then i reccomend ubuntu or maybe archlinux :)00:48
ubotuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!00:48
xvcDaviey: it doesn't do it00:48
windio00if i install 8.04 will it upgrade ok to stable?  im going on a trip and want to get it done before i go :p00:48
tim1matthew_: No problem.00:48
xvci entered with screen -x 353500:48
Davieyxvc: to 'detach' ctrl+a then d00:48
sveakexis Gnine a user or a bot?00:48
tim1bastid_raZor: Ok, thanks.00:48
tim1J-Unit: No, I have a ADSL connection. It's called DSL 16 000 here.00:48
danbhfivewindio00: it will upgrade, provided no problems arise00:49
sveakexSoleone: gentoo also can takes a VERY long time to install, and installing packages takes long, since it has to compile everything00:49
Falling-InfernoHave a backup Cd ready and backup your stuff on another computer or something.00:49
yippyi've upgraded from ubuntu 7.04 (with beryl) to 7.10 and i want to reset my xorg to work properly with compiz or whatever is being used today, how to do that ?00:49
sveakexroxazer: did you fix your compiz fusion effects in your ubuntu?00:49
Dr_Link|lolwutSo I have a NVidia graphics card. How do I take an S-Video cable, plug one end into a TV set, and plug the other end into the computer, and stream whatever is on the computer screen to the TV?00:49
=== Dr_Link|lolwut is now known as Dr_Link
sveakexroxazer: since i know you love eyecandy00:49
tim1sveakex: Yeah, that's why I'm using Ubuntu.00:49
sveakextim1: what why? :s00:50
windio00what are the minimum requirements for 8.04?  its an old computer00:50
sveakexwindio00: go for xubuntu :)00:50
Xupiterdoes anyone have any suggestions on how to get an icon for a package to appear in the gnome menu and the desktop?00:50
sveakexwindio00: 256mb ram i think00:50
windio00sveakex, thats what it has . . .00:50
Dr_willisDr_Link,  enable twinview, and have it clone the displays is one way. with SOME nvidia cards/systems I got. YOu can power off. hook up the TV, unplug the monitor, and it will default to the tv.  no tweaking needed00:51
sveakexwindio00: it might just work ;)00:51
Dr_willis!tvout | Dr_Link00:51
ubotuDr_Link: For help with enabling the TV-Out, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaTVOutNewbieEdition (Nvidia cards) or http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Tvout (ATI cards, *untested*)00:51
Davieywindio00: if it's an old computer.. try using the alternate cd rather than the livecd - and just see how well it runs.. alternatively run xubuntu which is designed for older lower spec machines00:51
Jaffarkelshaccan archive manager unrar .rar files in parts?00:51
tim1sveakex: Because it compiles everything.00:51
sveakexwindio00: otherwise you might have to use the minicd and install ubuntu using the packages you want to (for example fluxbox instead of any other window manager)00:51
Soleonesveakex: i see thanks. why would you recommened archlinux? how is it comparable to debian or ubuntu?00:51
Dr_willisJaffarkelshac,  i know that 'unrar e whatever.rar' can :) no idea about that other tool.00:51
Intangirthe wine package i got for ubuntu doesnt seem to support jack audio00:52
AdpadDr_willis: do you know how I can write a little command line script that accesses a text message website and sends a message?00:52
Intangirdoes anyone know why?00:52
Jaffarkelshacthe file is multiple parts, its not finished downloading so i cant tell00:52
tim1sveakex: I used the alternate CD and installed the rest manually.00:52
Dr_willisAdpad,  proberly perl, or ruby  can do it. but ive never done so.00:53
Adpadty :)00:53
TelnetMantacan anyone tell me the command to view the last ### of commands entered into a terminal?00:53
kdorfOh yay, Gnomebaker at least started writing my DL DVD, now to see if it actually successfully finishes! :)00:53
TelnetMantais there a file?00:53
Dr_willisTelnetManta,  to view the History.. use history. :)00:53
ChardrosIntangir, did you install jackd?00:53
bastid_raZortim1; you got killall to work right?00:53
sveakexSoleone: it is lightweight, simple (this doesn't mean easy), very update to date packages, which could make it a tad unstable sometimes, and it is optimized for x86 processors. it also doesn't install a lot of programs by default, so you will have to install gnome for instance by yourself. but it is only what i like :)00:53
Dr_willisTelnetManta,  and they are stored in .bash_history I think00:53
TelnetMantathanks, too simple00:54
IntangirChardros: ya i installed it and played around with streaming stuff thru it, its fully setup and works00:54
Intangiralsa can use it sorta.. (not very conveniently)00:54
Intangirbut wine cant seem to use it00:54
sveakextim1: so you use ubuntu to avoid compiling everything?00:54
Intangirwine wont use my jackinputs directly thru jack, and cant seem to use them thru alsa either00:54
Soleonesveakex: that sounds good. thanks!00:54
Soleonesveakex: will try that some time i guess. simple is always good00:55
TailsfanThis one step on some instructions I'm foloowing requires me to compile the kernel, what do you mean by this: http://pastebin.ca/98170300:55
tim1bastid_raZor: I'm always doing killall -9 <processname>. A friend told me once because I called ps aux and looked for the PID which I killed with "kill". :D00:55
windio00sveakex, should i install the beta or is there a daily update of xubuntu?00:55
tim1sveakex: Yep.00:55
sveakexwindio00: hm, wait until 8.04 is realesed, which is in a week or 2.00:55
tim1sveakex: I hate compiling. That's why I like interpreting languages like PHP. :D00:55
Soleonetiml: you know ruby?00:55
sveakextim1: hehe, archlinux doesn't need to compile a lot00:55
tim1Soleone: I do but I don't like its syntax.00:56
windio00sveakex, yeah im going on 3 week trip and wanted to get it installed before i go00:56
Soleonetiml: WHAT THE F***?00:56
Soleonetiml: best syntax i know00:56
_Silhouette_hello I have a problem...I'm installing ubuntu with the alternate install disk and it says it's formatting the partition on my external harddrive, but it has been at 33% for like 10 minutes....what is wrong?00:56
tim1Soleone: PHP looks much cleaner.00:56
Soleonetiml: whaaat?00:56
sveakexSoleone: lol you exploded :P00:56
tim1Soleone: Ruby is ugly. :D00:56
Soleonetiml: sorry to say this, but you're crazy :)00:56
TailsfanIt's a "External" Drive, as in it'll be slower and how big is it?00:56
sveakexi don't code at all, *gets a flame shield*00:57
Daviey_Silhouette_: try giving it a bit longer if you are resizing a partition to make space00:57
GravityParadeIm not crazy00:57
GravityParadeNeither am I00:57
bastid_raZortim1; true,, reason i gave killall was apache has several things running at once.. so ps aux | grep apache2 would have come back with about 4 apache2's to kill.. killall would have taken them out.. -9 isn't necessary but can't hurt00:57
sveakexwindio00: ah, is it a laptop?00:57
=== raijin is now known as Twar3
Davieybastid_raZor: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop <-- safer00:57
tim1Soleone: But Python looks uglier. In my eyes it's quite restrictive to use a tab as a control structure (something like { ... } in PHP).00:58
sveakexwindio00: how big is the hdd?00:58
windio00sveakex, nah its for a family that needs something that works while im gone00:58
harrisonyHi does anyone know a way of making my usb flash drive isofs (I know it sounds crazy but I need to do it to get the alternate installer working on my computer)00:58
TailsfanI'm a real dummy when compling the kernel, it's for a *cough* hack *cough*00:58
bastid_raZorDaviey; true. an even better idea tim1..00:58
windio00sveakex, i dont think more than 10 or 20 gb00:58
tim1bastid_raZor: Ok.00:58
Soleonetiml: you sure must take a second look at ruby, believe me. it's worth it. no sane man can whole-heartedly say that php is more expressive (and cleaner) than ruby :)00:59
tim1bastid_raZor: Which idea?00:59
sveakexwindio00: you can have partition mounted at / which is 6-10gb large, and the rest on /home. and then install 7.10 and then 8.04 when you come back, and not touching the /home partition00:59
sveakexSoleone: is ruby for webbdevelopment?01:00
DarkJusticeIndyGunFreak: not sure if this might help anyone else but I found this site for 5.1 channel in linux..... http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/~bondhugu/alsamch.shtml01:00
ryanzecSolene: oh, please tell me why ruby is so much better than php, i would love to hear it :)01:00
Soleonesveakex: not only for web dev, but very good for it yes01:00
tim1Soleone: I have already looked at ruby. There are some cool classes which don't exist in PHP but I think PHP is superior since nearly everything is written in purely C/C++ so it's much faster.01:00
danbhfivesveakex: ruby is a language comparable to python01:00
Intangiranyone here running wine? run winecfg and tell me if you see 'jack' as an available audio option01:00
sveakexdanbhfive: aha, ok, i see01:00
DavieySoleone: & tim1, fancy taking it to pm or #ubuntu-offtopic ?01:00
Soleoneryanzec: everything is an object. which allows cool syntax (domain specific language)01:01
tim1sveakex: There's Ruby on Rails which can be used for webdevelopment.01:01
sveakextim1: ok01:01
Soleonetiml: most classes in ruby at the backend are also in C01:01
SoleoneDaviey: sorry01:01
tim1Daviey: Sorry, I can't pm since I haven't registered an account here.01:01
tim1Soleone: Do you have Jabber?01:01
yippywhat are the current offical ubutnu 7.10 versions of compiz and emerald ?01:02
herby_@timl: what cool classes did you find?01:02
tim1Soleone: And ICQ?01:02
Soleonetiml: come to #ruby :)01:02
sveakextim1 Soleone: give me your msn if you want to fancy a talk some other time :)01:02
windio00sveakex, is 8.04 raelly that unstable right now 2 weeks before?01:02
Soleonetiml: come to the light side01:02
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu01:02
sveakexwindio00: you can also install that an reinstall01:02
tim1herby_: The log class.01:02
Soleonesveakex and timl: ICQ: 326-800-91601:02
Davieywindio00: it's classed as unstable until release.. feel free to try it on a testing machine - just don't rely upon it01:02
tim1Soleone: Thanks.01:03
sveakexSoleone: aiight, i need make an icq account first :P01:03
sveakextim1: hbu?01:03
Soleonesveakex: msn and icq are compatible01:03
windio00sveakex, if i install 8.04 beta there is at least a chance that it would switch over ok to 8.04 stable right?01:03
sveakexSoleone: they are?01:03
Davieywindio00: yes01:03
tim1sveakex: hbu?01:03
Soleoneyea found that out lately01:03
shingalateddoes anyone know if you can run multiple sites with separate domain names on the same apache server?01:03
kakooniaHi, i installed a philips 22" lcd, 1) refresh rate is low 60hz, 2) its attached to a laptop, and im trying to figure out, how to work with these two screens together, like how to config the view, i want it each screen to be another desktop.. howdy how?01:03
sveakextim1: how about you01:03
tim1Soleone: Really? I thought AIM and ICQ were compatible.01:03
Davieyshingalated: yes, you can easily - use virtual hosts01:04
tim1sveakex: What does hbu stand for.01:04
sveakextim1: just told you :)01:04
Soleonetiml: ? they are comtabible..01:04
ryanzecSolene: if everything is a object that that is pretty weak.  Sure php array and string function are a pain in the ass but that alone is not really worth switching.  sveakex i would take a look at ruby and php and deside what you like best if you are look for web development.  they both can do pretty much the same and just in a different way.01:04
windio00what would ubuntu offer over debian?01:04
tim1Soleone: ok01:04
DavieySoleone & tim1, you are keeping this off topic chat going somewhat...01:04
LjL!offtopic | windio0001:04
sveakexSoleone: apparently it isn't comptatible with emesene01:04
ubotuwindio00: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:04
ubotuLinux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux01:04
Soleoneryanzec: how is that weak? it allows huge syntax constructs01:05
yippywhat are the current offical ubutnu 7.10 versions of compiz and emerald ?01:05
LjL!debian > windio00    (windio00, see the private message from Ubotu)01:05
shingalateddaviey: do I have to configure that an the router or is it all on the server?01:05
LjL!info compiz | yippy01:05
ubotuyippy: compiz (source: compiz): OpenGL window and compositing manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.6.0+git20071008-0ubuntu1.1 (gutsy), package size 30 kB, installed size 64 kB01:05
Soleonesveakex & timl: join #ruby if  you want to talk without so much disctraction01:05
Davieyshingalated: all on the server.01:05
yippy!info emerald01:06
ubotuemerald (source: emerald): Decorator for compiz-fusion. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3~git20070717-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 198 kB, installed size 956 kB01:06
FelipeMoralesboa noite amigos!01:06
windio00can i ask questions about xubuntu here too or only ubuntu?01:06
ryanzecsoleone: well personally the syntax on ruby if very akword for me as i come from a heavy C++ background, it is just not worth it to learn ruby.01:06
Soleoneryanzec: i also invite you to #ruby to elaborate on ruby01:06
Davieywindio00: /j #xubuntu01:06
herby_i got a strange little problem: with the live cd the brightnes control of the display was working. now with the installed version of 7.10 it does not work.01:08
yippywhen i open a new account, my X windows theme is kinda redish, and doesn't look like the ubuntu one, and i can't change it to the ubuntu one, any idea ?01:08
TastelessIs there a way to limit pure-ftp bandwidth to a per month limit?01:08
mastrodo you confirm that fglrx driver version shipped with gutsy can't work with compiz?01:09
sveakextim1: icq? msn? if you want to talk?01:09
Davieymastro: it can.. just need to use XGL :(01:09
sveakexSoleone: btw i added you i think01:10
mastroDaviey, yeah.. i mean.. with AIGLX01:10
Davieymastro: You will have better success if you can hold off until Hardy is stable01:10
mastroi'm going to follow this http://forlong.blogage.de/article/2007/10/23/fglrx-8423---finally-with-AIGLX-support with the new ati drivers01:10
mastroDaviey, ^^01:10
GravityParadehow long in real life time mastro?01:10
yippywhen i open a new account, my X windows theme is kinda redish, and doesn't look like the ubuntu one, and i can't change it to the ubuntu one, any idea ?01:11
mastroGravityParade, it's not for me..01:11
mastroGravityParade, actually i've Debian with an nvidia and i DON'T use Compiz at all01:11
Davieymastro: sure.. but obv. the normal recommendations of using unpackaged software applies01:11
sveakexmastro: compiz is terrible :P01:12
sveakexmastro: it's fun though to use it to impress mac addicts01:12
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:12
cizziLast year I setup a supercomputer with linux on it for the public, if you need a shell for educational purposes you can get one, www.learningshells.com01:12
_Andrewcizzi, Are you an adbot?01:13
scottyLQuestion: I just installed Gutsy Server, and the installation guide I'm following suggests I establish a static IP01:14
eduardolinux has the best performance, but its also the most difficult to use01:14
NwallinsHi, apt and synaptic are telling me that i have 50 packages held back.  how can i find out what the issue is and resolve it?01:14
scottyLIs that a step I really must do, or what?01:14
jking_scottyL not really01:14
jking_it will use dhcp01:14
_AndrewscottyL, What's the guide.. not really01:14
lufisis there any way via a firefox extension or wget to download files from a web directory recursively?01:14
FastZscottyL: doesnt make sense to have a server and make it use a dynamic IP address though01:14
TwinXLike my granmother says: Linux is User friendly , not idiot friendly :)01:14
Nwallinslufis: wget will do it01:15
Gnine!linux | eduardo01:15
ubotueduardo: Linux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux01:15
hou5tonhey ... if I want to upgrade a laptop to 8.04 ... should I just download the Beta and do a new install, or can one upgrade from 7 just fine?01:15
_Andrewlufis, yes01:15
lufisNwallins: how? :)01:15
usserhou5ton, upgrade here went without a hitch01:15
phoenixgnomeI have a strange question01:15
eduardoTwinX: well mac and windows are user friendly01:15
scottyLFastZ: That's what I was thinking, but really... I'm an incredible newb. I haven't used emacs in 6 years, and I'm not sure which IP to change it to01:15
_Andrewlufis,  wget -m -np --accept=.gz,.txt,.rtf http://url.com01:15
Intertricitywhat apt-get install name do I used to install the basic GCC dev package for C programming?01:15
Intertricityand emacs01:16
lufis_Andrew: many thanks!01:16
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:16
FastZIntertricity: sudo apt-get install build-essentials01:16
usserIntertricity, build-essential emacs01:16
_Andrewlufis, replace the extensions with those you want to DL01:16
_Silhouette_Daviey: it's been 15 minutes and it's still at 33%01:16
Intertricityahh thanks a lot :)01:16
Gnine!synaptic | Intertricity01:16
ubotuIntertricity: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto01:16
matthew_who was it who told me how to setup lightTPD?01:17
eduardoTwinX: linux should be easy to use, like double-click a package u downloaded and install ir right away01:17
IntertricityI'm using a console01:17
Intertricityputty and a server :)01:17
TwinXeduardo; lol01:17
Nwallinsanyone know how to diagnose "49 packages held back" on hardy beta?01:17
herby_how can i find out, what apt packages i have on my machine? can i query for one specific package, and see if it is missing on my machine?01:17
phoenixgnomeI am running Ubuntu7.10 and I my audio doesn't work for videos and music on firefox... but it works for rythmbox music player... Can anyone help me???01:17
Gnine!offtopic | eduardo01:17
ubotueduardo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:17
Daviey_Silhouette_: fwiw.. I had one that lasted all night.. if you can afford to just leave it a while it might be best - otherwise you will have to reboot.. it should be ok.. but you did backup, right, right? :)01:18
_AndrewNwallins, try #ubuntu+101:18
danbhfivephoenixgnome: are you using totem embedded into firefox?01:18
eduardognine, im just trying to chat01:18
jking_phoenixgnome: dpkg-query | grep <package>01:18
_Silhouette_Daviey: it's a blank external hard drive. But okay, I will leave it run. Thanks.01:18
jking_phoenixgnome: dpkg-query -l | grep <package>01:18
DavieyNwallins: hardy discussion in #ubuntu+1,but try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:18
phoenixgnomeHow would I check that?01:18
jking_do you know the package you think you are missing01:19
Daviey_Silhouette_: if it's blank - just try again - nothing to lose01:19
NwallinsDaviey: ah, that looks like it will work.  thought i tried it earlier01:19
_Silhouette_Daviey: it won't corrupt anything if I just restart?01:19
phoenixgnomebash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'01:19
Daviey_Silhouette_: not if the external disk is blank - there is nothing to corrupt. :)01:19
jking_did you use a forward slash01:19
_Silhouette_okay. thanks.01:19
FastZI wanna be like Gnine and just post ubotu tips... :P01:20
Gnineyou can01:20
phoenixgnomeHow would I check to see if I am running totem in fire fox?01:21
_AndrewMore like abusing the bot01:21
jking_phoenix: in the address bar type about:plugins01:21
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!01:21
herby_what are these bots for?01:21
herby_i see01:22
Starnestommyherby_: mainly for storing and retrieving information01:22
_Andrewfor being lazy and not answering questions01:22
DavieyGnine: Any reason you keep asking ubotu for factoids?01:22
danbhfivephoenixgnome: try right clicking the movie, and clicking open with movie player01:22
Gnineif the shoe fits .. you have wear it too Daviey01:22
DavieyGnine: keep going, and you won't be in here much longer :( .. you can pm ubotu01:23
GnineDaviey unless you're an op .. keeps your wits about you01:23
tim1sveakex: Ok, get gTalk. The ICQ transporter often crashes here.01:23
_Andrew!offtopic Gnine01:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about offtopic gnine - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:23
_Andrewplease chat outside Gnine01:24
phoenixgnomeI can't get sound on site like youtube and southpark zone.com01:24
tim1sveakex: Sorry for the late response but I didn't know how to get back to this window in WeeChat.01:24
FastZphoenixgnome: in firefox you can type "about:<something>" in the URL bar and see what all extensions are installed01:25
FastZi cant remember what goes in the <something> part though01:25
sveakextim1: i am also in #ruby, i have a gmail account, what do i do to get gtalk? just log into gtalk with my gmail account? :s01:25
jking_fastz: about:plugins01:25
FastZthere ya go01:25
tim1sveakex: Yep.01:25
tim1sveakex: Tell me your e-mail address.01:25
phoenixgnomeTotem Web Browser Plugin 2.20.001:26
phoenixgnomethats what I have installed01:26
netdurbest p2p software?01:26
sveakextim1: sure in query01:26
apexcolHi, I just wanted to know how can traffic shaping by client be done in ubuntu...01:26
jking_PG: thats it01:26
phoenixgnomeSo ... should I like uninstall it and re-install it?01:27
danbhfivephoenixgnome: well, youtube doesnt use totem, it uses flash01:27
danbhfivedo you have sound at all?01:28
phoenixgnomeShould I uninstall firefox and reinstall firefox?01:28
jking_no that is not needed01:28
jking_just install flash if you haven't already01:28
_Andrewphoenixgnome, Does sound play at all?01:28
Scunizianyone else using audacity and are unable to change the input type.. it seem to default at mic but no other options.01:28
danbhfivephoenixgnome: try this: sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-nonfree01:28
jking_Phoenixgnome try this guide to get your config straight.01:29
rochesterne1 familiar with xchat that would care to help me set up particular port for SSL connect?01:29
rodolf0hi folks!01:29
rodolf0I'm getting a problem trying to execute apt-get01:30
herby_does anyone know, how to enable manual brightness control in gnome?01:30
jking_Phoenix you will want to skip to page 3 or so since you are already installed01:30
Intertricityanyone know a good console based mp3/music player in the repository? :D01:30
Dr_willisIntertricity,  i used mpg123 ages ago01:31
Dr_willisi think xmms2 has some sort of command line interface also01:31
IntertricityI'll be running everything on a headless display01:31
Intertricityheadless setup01:31
_AndrewI think VLC has cmd too?01:31
jking_mplayer also will work from the cli01:31
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs01:31
=== BenC__ is now known as BenC
_AndrewWow, that didn't really help Gnine01:32
jking_don't worry gnine we all want to feel helpful01:32
Gnine_Andrew: if you have a problem with me, your chat software has a useful ignore feature you can use01:32
matthew_anyone know where I can get mysql.so? I need it so php can work with mySQL01:33
_AndrewI don't have a problem, just wished you'd be more helpful01:33
xtknightmatthew_, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=mysql.so&mode=exactfilename&suite=gutsy&arch=any01:33
help0rhi ppl01:33
xtknightphp5-mysql it looks like01:33
help0ri have very good problem.01:33
Gnineand i'd wish you didnt mind about me01:33
Davieymatthew_: sudo apt-get install php5-mysql01:33
help0ri not have rapidshare account. :)01:34
danbhfive!lamp | matthew_01:34
ubotumatthew_: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)01:34
_AndrewDon't cry Gnine01:34
subcoolhow do you password protect a archive?01:34
subcoolEvery time i create a .rar file, and try to add PW to it, it doesnt work.01:34
_Andrewhelp0r, What's the problem?01:34
jking_man gzip01:34
help0ri not have rapidshare account. :))01:34
Dr_willissubcool,  the rar commands for linux have minimal features.01:34
_Andrewhelp0r, .... then.. make one?01:34
subcoolcommand line work- gui doesnt01:35
subcoolcommand line is a bit.. off- but works01:35
akatsukihi can someone recommend me a good movie player cause the movie player that come from default in ubuntu is not able to open one video01:35
akatsukii want the best movie player and flexible with all kind of codecs01:35
Davieyakatsuki: try vlc01:35
akatsukiok thx01:35
Dr_willisI tend to use gmplayer for most of my video playback needs01:35
_Andrewakatsuki, vlc is pretty good01:36
Dr_willisvlc is also nice.01:36
jking_vlc is ok but sometimes it has issues with different mkv containers mplayer seems to handle high def videos better01:36
Dr_willisthere are some very new video codecs out. that are not very well supported yet under ubuntu01:36
Dr_willisIssue i have with  vlc and mplayer both is i cant get them to default to enabling the subtitles on my mkv videos. :)01:36
matthew_thanks Daviey!01:36
herby_at least vlc can handle *some of them :)01:37
Dr_willisso every anime i start up - i gotta use themenus to set the subtitles on.01:37
jking_oh i haven't tried subtitles on an mkv01:37
help0randrew give me rapid account01:37
_Andrewhelp0r, I don't quite understand why you're in here, but I think you're in the wrong place.01:37
Starnestommy!ot | help0r01:37
herby_mkv sometimes fails when the source is on a special path. maybe it's a bug, but i did not look at it jet in detail01:37
ubotuhelp0r: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:37
subcoolOk- thanks guys- imma try gzip and see if it does anybetter01:37
help0rok. sory01:38
_Andrewhelp0r, Try bugmenot or something01:38
giskardXis there yet a solution to the choppy flash video problem?01:38
akatsukii will let you know guys01:38
akatsukiif it is able to open it01:38
akatsukisince it seems the video needs some weird codecs01:39
akatsukii dont know..01:39
akatsukii will wait and see01:39
_Andrewakafurious, What's the codec?01:39
blbrowngeneral question; what is a good resolution for a 20inch lcd monitor.  I currently have it set to 1280x800.  I want to be a little finer resolution.  I am trying 1280x102401:40
C0p3rn1ckde vs gnome?01:40
elmerblbrown, widescreen or regular?01:40
subcoolsob- i cant get subfolders01:40
subcoolthis is getting annoying01:40
jking_much higher01:40
blbrownelmer: I think it is wide01:40
FreakyFredHey everyone, I am having several problems installing 7.10. i am booting from a live CD, and the most immediate problem is that when I reach the menu with the install options, my USB Keyboard doesnt work. I have tried with 2 and neither works01:40
blbrownelmer: it is wide01:40
jking_is it 4:3 or 16:1001:40
_Andrewblbrown, Try setting it to your monitors max res01:40
danbhfiveblbrown: I think you want the max resolution on an LCD monitor.  Usually LCDs have an "optimal" resolution, which in my experience is the max01:41
millertime_018is there anyway to speed up torrent downloads?01:41
elmerblbrown, ok. I think 1680x1050 is the right resolution for a 20"01:41
blbrownwhat about optimal for the human01:41
jking_i hear an echo01:41
subcooli hear an echo01:41
_Andrewblbrown, You can always make the menu bigger01:41
elmeri hear an echo01:41
akatsukiWow I install VLC and try to open the video and this appears: "This AVI file is broken. Seeking will not work correctly. Do you want to try and repair it?"01:41
blbrownI have an acer AL2016W01:41
Dr_willisakatsuki,  i see that often also. Some videos are weird. :)01:42
jking_choose no for vlc01:42
jking_on the broken avi file01:42
jking_are you streaming the avi?01:42
akatsukii did but nothing appears01:42
_Andrewakatsuki, Happens to me when I haven't finished downloading a video01:42
elmerblbrown, "This Acer 20" Silver Widescreen LCD comes with 1600 x 1200 resolution" - Amazon01:42
jking_yeah or when i stream an avi01:42
akatsukiit is complete since i was able to see it in windows01:43
akatsukiis the same01:43
_Andrewakatsuki, Did you try mplayer?01:43
danbhfiveakatsuki: whats the website?01:43
akatsukiand danbhfive there is no website.. is a personal video that i took01:44
akatsukiits old01:44
Peloevening folks01:44
_Andrewwhats the format?01:44
* Pelo is happy that demonoid is back01:44
jking_demonoid the tracker?01:44
jking_is back online?01:44
Pelojking_, demonoid the site01:44
PiciPelo: Ahem, you know this is offtopic here.01:44
jking_nice haven't been there in a while01:44
vinnitothis is soooo nerdy!01:45
PeloPici, only a brief one01:45
jking_i prefer newsgroups now though01:45
vinnitonerdy nerds01:45
jking_so much faster01:45
Pelovinnito, such as we are01:45
XTeLiSyah, ive got serious video issues too01:45
=== XTeLiS is now known as MrGozInYah
jking_b0xxy is late to the conversation01:46
akatsukii click yes01:46
PeloMrGozInYah, what is your issue ?01:46
akatsukinos this appears01:46
akatsukiUnrecognized format for '/home/akatsuki/Desktop/mivideocool.nc_'01:46
b0xxy:P jking_01:46
b0xxyto right u are01:46
MrGozInYahvlc and pitivi are the only 2 players i can 'kinda get my videos to play in with THIS account01:46
_Andrewakatsuki, What did you make the video with?01:46
Peloakatsuki, where did you get this video ?01:47
MrGozInYahon my main account all the other players work fine01:47
n00b_^^hello !01:47
jking_andrew i was just going to ask that01:47
FastZ_i just got disconnected from the internet while i was connect to #ubuntu, now it still says that my other username is still in use.  Is there an op in here that can kick my other username out of the channel so I can come back in as that username?01:47
akatsukiwith a webcam long time ago01:47
PeloFastZ_, just be patient , it will age off in a few minutes01:47
akatsukilike 3 years ago lol01:47
jking_then what application01:47
_Andrewakatsuki, I mean what web cam01:47
MrGozInYahfor some reason the codecs are not installed properly or something for this account, but it says they are installed01:47
FastZ_Pelo: thanks01:47
jking_did you use to make the vid01:47
n00b_^^Hello i wanted to solve a graphic card problem perhaps :P can any one help me !!!01:47
Peloakatsuki, it's probably a propriatary format,  google for a converter01:48
Dr_LinkWhen I tried to make Ubuntu LiveUSB work for me, even after installing LILO onto it to fix the MBR, I get the error "Boot Error" when I try to start it. Any reason why?01:48
MrGozInYahnoob i might be able too01:48
akatsukiwith a labtec webcam01:48
jking_the software used by that webcam is probably affecting your ability to play it01:48
MrGozInYahdr link ... see if acronis makes recovery professional for linux01:49
MrGozInYahits awesome for windows01:49
fbcDoes the 64 bit version still have problems with flash???01:50
akatsukiHere is the info of my video: Type: AVI video  Size: 648.5 MB  MIME type: video/x-msvideo01:51
subcooli got Archive manager to pw protect the files.. how about the rar itself?01:51
_AndrewI thought they fixed the problems with 64bit flash but I'm not 100% sure01:51
jking_this  MIME type: video/x-msvideo01:51
jking_is the issue01:51
_AndrewI think you still have to run it as 32 bit though01:51
mads-amarok sucks01:51
mads-uber slow01:51
n00b_^^I have intel 945 GNT Mbd hence Gdriver is Intel 950 ( which i have set correctly in screens n resolution window) now problem is i can't set widescreen resolution modes i have Lcd screen with spec 1440x900 @60 hz 32 bit resolution ..... I m using the right Open source driver :(01:51
mads-is there a good replacement for xmms out yet?01:52
akatsukimads: amarok does not suck01:52
mads-ok, it doesnt suck01:52
mads-it's just slow.01:52
Pelooh and new flash is out ,  uses a little less cpu then the previous one01:52
ectospasmmads-:  audacious is supposed to be a drop-in replacement for xmms01:52
linkinxpups my system hang up and now i dont have borders in my windows01:52
_Andrewjking_, Is that a wmv?01:52
jking_not that i can find google says alot of people cannot play that codec type01:52
Maarek_how do I check what my localhost name is for mysql?01:52
_AndrewMaarek_, localhost name?01:53
_AndrewMaarek_, You mean the address of MySQL?01:53
FastZ_isnt localhost always just or "localhost"?01:53
Maarek__Andrew: that would be correct, the address01:53
n00b_^^its the same when u intall ubuntu u set it as Comp name01:53
akatsukithanks JKING for that info01:53
_AndrewMaarek_, localhost:8080 i think01:53
_Andrew8080 being the port..01:54
StarnestommyFastZ_: it's also ::1 if you have IPv601:54
akatsukii will 'research' more about it01:54
akatsukisince i really want to open that video01:54
Maarek_hmm, for some reason my program isn't connecting to the database01:54
FastZ_interesting, thanks Starnestommy01:54
n00b_^^no 8080 is not a valid mysql port :(01:54
slestakim having a real problem gettin an app that depends on python-setuptools installed.01:54
jking_akatsuki: sorry i could not be more help01:54
_Andrewmaybe I should check that..01:54
slestakapt says it cannot configure python-setuptools, but for what I can tell, it should've been installed aready.  its on all my other gutsy machines.01:55
Maarek_maybe it's my programming, I'll dig deeper01:55
Maarek_thanks guys01:55
_AndrewMaarek_, What are you trying to do?01:55
slestakthe specific msg i get is short, its pycentral pkginstall: already exists: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/setuptools.pth01:55
_AndrewMaarek_, If you're connecting to a remote ubuntu machine you need to edit your config. Otherwise it should work if turned on01:56
n00b_^^i need help on Gdrivers :S http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=752650 is the post please tell me something atleast :( or is it a bug in ubuntu which cant be solved :((01:56
giskardXwhat is the best tool for data recovery in linux/01:57
giskardX -/  +?01:57
=== FastZ_ is now known as FastZ
giskardXdata recovery as in failed hard disks01:57
jking_data recovery depends on the file system used01:57
* giskardX has tried testdisk01:58
giskardXit's an utterly gone hard disk01:58
jking_if the hard disk is physically failed that might pose a problem01:58
giskardXtestdisk doesn't even recognize the partition type01:58
r00723r0giskardX, wow, what did you do?01:58
giskardXdunno, it's a crappy disk01:59
jking_try gparted or g4l and see if you can do a bit for bit copy to another disk01:59
giskardXi already RMA'ed it once before01:59
jking_of the same size or larger01:59
jking_what brand disk01:59
giskardXwestern digital01:59
giskardXnope, sata internal01:59
akatsukihey guys one other question.. i just install fluxbox and it looks awsome i mean very simple but i cant open anything.. how does it works? any good guide?02:00
akatsukior any fluxbox user hre?02:00
jking_fluxbox everything is off the right click context menus02:00
Sam827Can someone walk me through getting my MacBook setup for Ubuntu? I have it installed and am on it right now but, as you may know, not everything works yet. When I tried to follow the guide on the Ubuntu website, I screwed X11 and had to fix it from the command line. Thanks!02:00
akatsukiyes i try many times right click on panel02:01
akatsukibut nothing appears02:01
akatsukimaybe i need to download more plugins or something02:01
jking_right click on the desktop itself02:01
_AndrewSam827, What is the first problem you are having?02:01
compwiz18akatsuki: did you right click the desktop?02:01
akatsukii did02:01
PeloSam827, what issue are you dealing with atm ?02:01
akatsukinothing appears02:01
Sam827_Andrew: my mic doesn't work02:02
jking_i have not used fluxbox in a really long time02:02
_AndrewSam827, What version is this by the way? Hardy or Gutsy?02:02
jking_a great live cd for flux is navyn os....navynos.linux.pl02:02
_AndrewSam827, ok, did you look in the audio control panel?02:03
Sam827where is that?02:03
mark[oz]anyone know of a good podcast application?02:03
_AndrewSam827, System->Preferences->Sound02:03
mark[oz]one that also does video would be prefered02:03
blbrownModes  "1680x1050" for two monitors: I Just changed my resolution to this in xorg.conf.  And I have a dual monitors.  Strange, one monitor has my resolution but the other monitor has my other resolution which was set to 1280x800 ...wtf?02:03
vkennedy85Is it possible to delete the windows partition after I've set it up to dual boot?02:03
Sam827_Andrew: hold on. before we start with this, I need to get my trackpad working02:04
skarfacevkennedy85: yes02:04
mark[oz]blbrown, if your using nvidia.. drop to shell and type sudo nvidia-settings02:04
Pelovkennedy85, yes it is ,  just use gparted , in the admin menu ,   sudo apt-get install gparted if it is not there02:04
adrian_2002caumm...my system tray area dissapeared..how do i get it back???02:04
Sam827_Andrew: I can't right click02:04
jking_vkennedy as long as you are using grub and not windows bootloader02:04
vkennedy85jking: grub?02:04
Peloadrian_2002ca, right click on the pannel, add to pannel ,  notification area02:04
jking_grub = grand unifed bootloader02:05
adrian_2002caoh, that's what its called, thanks Pelo02:05
vkennedy85jking: how do I know if I'm using that or not?02:05
Peloadrian_2002ca, you are not in windows anymore02:05
FastZSam827: you should have said that the trackpad was your first problem when someone asked you that, instead of telling them it was  your mic02:05
jking_you should see it mention grub during the first few seconds of boot after your bios screens02:05
_AndrewSam827, ok, Did you have a look at UbuntuForums.org ? I'm not so sure about trackpads, but I believe you need to edit your xorg.conf02:05
adrian_2002caPelo, i know, just didnt know tha name of it :P02:05
Sam827FastZ: I know, I'm sorry, it slipped my mind02:05
Pelovkennedy85, unless you purposefully installed another one , that 's the one tha installs with ubuntu02:05
skarfacejking_: considering vkennedy85 would've had to explicitly set that up, don't you think that's a useless caveat?02:06
glenn69My middle mouse button no longer copies last highlighted text?  What could have happened?02:06
vkennedy85Pelo: Ok, I just followed the ubuntu cd setup02:06
jking_not really if you install windows first and linux second you have grub02:06
jking_if you install linux first and windows second you have windows bootloader02:06
jking_that would have prob been a better question02:07
Sam827_Andrew: I tried that, but what happened was when I rebooted, X11 brokedown and I had to fix the xorg using command-line.02:07
skarfacejking_: which you would have to explicitly set up to start linux anyway. you're making it more complicated than it is.02:07
jking_true sorry that is true02:07
vkennedy85it's far easier to set up partitions etc with Linux than WIndows right?02:07
Pelojking_, I'm not sure that windows installs a bootloader that recognises linux , maybe other windows version but not linux , it probably skips the bootloader if it is linux02:07
Jaffarkelshac!grub | jking_02:08
ubotujking_: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:08
skarfacevkennedy85: well you have to buy software to have partition management anywhere near what gparted can do02:08
jking_true true i neglect to think02:08
Pelovkennedy85, we thinks so02:08
FastZSam827: what did you use to "fix" your X server?  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xorg.conf (i think) is what you should have used02:08
kelledinquick question: how do I disable the splash screen in the 7.10 liveCD?02:08
IndyGunFreakvkennedy85: yes, Install windows, then partition the drive and install Linux02:08
herby_windows has it's own 'bootloader' which does NOT recognize any other than windows02:08
_AndrewSam827, Yeah, this is probably the hardest thing you're going to have to configure. I can't help you much on trackpads because mine worked out of the box so I've never had to deal with it.02:08
Sam827FastZ: thats what i did02:08
blbrownmark[oz]: wicked.  ok, configuration just got more confusing...whatever02:08
Jaffarkelshacnosplash kelledin02:08
adrian_2002caok, my notification area is not working...how do i get it back to working....i was using gdesklets and then i tried a toolbar and then it went shitty..so i uninstalled gdesklets02:08
adrian_2002castill not working02:08
mark[oz]blbrown, more confusing? It should be much easier now?02:09
vkennedy85skarface: Ok. I have Ubuntu  installed, and now that it's set up I wanted to delete the windows and ntfs partitions I had set up and format them.  Cake right?02:09
dhanrajsam827: are you able to boot with live cd ?02:09
node357any idea how to get a Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Gamer working with Ubuntu?02:09
tovellais the ubuntu testing channel still called "ubuntu+1" ?02:09
mneptokadrian_2002ca: please find alternate adjectives for Ubutnu channels02:09
jking_<== feels warm under the collar02:09
Peloadrian_2002ca, it will work when you start a prog that goes into the notification area , not all do02:09
Jaffarkelshacyes tovella02:09
FastZadrian_2002ca: you just right click on the panel and add a notification area02:09
skarfacevkennedy85: yeah you should be able to delete the partition and then merge it with a linux partition02:09
Sam827dhanraj: im on ubuntu right now. I fixed the issue02:09
blbrownmark[oz]: do you think the max resolutions or auto resolutions are the best fit?  That is outside of the range of my monitor?02:09
tovellaJaffarkelshac: thanx.02:09
vkennedy85skarface: Great thanks a lot for the help.02:09
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:09
adrian_2002caPelo, i know this02:09
Sam827dhanraj: but i still cant right clik02:09
mark[oz]zomg, I'm out of here!02:09
dhanrajsam827: as you told but are you able to boot with live cd ?02:09
jking_good call skarface02:10
adrian_2002caFastZ, ok lets try again...02:10
kelledinJaffarkelshac: at which prompt?  I escaped out of the graphical bootloader and tried nosplash in text mode, with no luck02:10
ubotuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", the "apt:/" URL in KDE, or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!02:10
Sam827dhanraj: ya02:10
Pelowarri, this may help you  http://cutlersoftware.com/ubuntuinstall/02:10
Sam827dhanraj: y wouldnt i?02:10
dhanrajok in live cd mode are you able to right click ?02:10
FastZadrian_2002ca: that should work anyway02:10
Sam827dhanraj: i dont think so02:10
kelledinit still tried to bring up the orange progress bar et al02:10
Sam827dhanraj: no actually, i remember now02:11
Jaffarkelshacwhen you boot live cd, i think f6 or so brings up an option and just replace splash with nosplash02:11
Pelokelledin, try the alternate install cd02:11
brand0nnode357 see http://www.soundblaster.com/language.asp?sDestUrl=/support/downloads02:11
brand0nnode357 there's a driver for linux02:11
kelledinah, ok02:11
adrian_2002caFastZ, nope, now im rocking two notification areas, no results...02:11
jking_doubly notified02:11
FastZadrian_2002ca: lol, ok you can get rid of the one you just put on there then... just right click it and select remove from panel02:12
wax_manGreetings. I know that anyone in here would not be likely to fall for any "Secret Shopping" scams, but I wanted to at least let somebody know to never sign up for this shit. People need to never give out identifying information over insecure paths. Don't visit shopperservices.com or anything related to it. It's registered with enom.com. Don't check it out.02:12
Pici!ot | wax_man02:12
ubotuwax_man: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:12
FastZadrian_2002ca: what was it that you were having problems with anyway?  I didnt catch the first part of your conversation02:12
kelledinfortunately that shouldn't take long02:12
adrian_2002caFastZ, allright, im back at the start...02:12
tinincould someone explain me how could I use bitlbee?02:13
FastZadrian_2002ca: ok so what is the problem you are having?02:13
Sam827Is anyone here running Ubuntu on a MAcBook??02:13
zero88Wow it's pretty funny to me that doing work that involves me to go to pretty big name businesses and dealing with there I.T. people. Everyone of them I asked if they know linux they're reply was they never have.Ever.02:13
millertime_018hey-is there way to speed up torrent downloads?02:13
kelledinBTW, a pretty specific question, but has anyone tried installing 7.10 on an MS-9803 (MSI "Fuzzy") board?02:13
Pelotinin, wht is bitlbee ?02:13
skarfacetinin: install it, then /server localhost in your irc client02:13
kelledinanyone here that is?02:13
adrian_2002caFastZ, it seems it decided to grant me a reprieve...now the icons are showing as they should....02:13
kelledini have a feeling there's a gotcha I'm missing with this board02:13
FastZmillertime_018: pick a torrent that has a lot of seeds???02:13
IndyGunFreak!ask | millertime_01802:13
ubotumillertime_018: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:13
skarfacePelo: an irc server that connects to IM services02:13
tininPelo to use msn inside irssi, I think02:14
blackvdI'm looking for some software to send files with via bluetooth to my samsung m300 cellphone. Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks!02:14
FastZadrian_2002ca: glad i could help!  :P02:14
Starnestommyit's an IRC-to-IM interface02:14
Peloblackvd, open synaptic and do a search for bluetooth02:14
Sam827Is anyone here running Ubuntu on a MacBook??02:14
adrian_2002caFastZ, me 2 :D02:15
PeloSam827, what is the issue ?02:15
FastZSam827: we heard you the first time02:15
tininskarface, could you be a bit more specific?02:15
Pelo!jo | zero8802:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about jo - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:15
Pelo!hi | zero8802:15
ubotuzero88: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:15
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup blackvd02:15
IndyGunFreakSam827: is it an intel macbook?02:15
skarfacetinin: well your question is vague. you install it (sudo apt-get install bitlbee) then you type connect to it (/server localhost)02:15
dhanrajsam827:: is your macbook for Core 2 Duo02:15
PeloSam827, consider doing some research in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org02:15
fbcit there anyway or script created to dump the ubuntu livecd to a partition on a usd drive you boot off of?02:16
* zero88 waves to Pelo 02:16
Sam827dhanraj, IndyGunFreak, Intel c2d02:16
skarfacetinin: of course you do /server localhost inside irssi... then you'll be in a "channel" where you can get help from the bot.02:16
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro Sam82702:16
IndyGunFreakSam827: then i think you should just be able to use the normal Ubuntu CD, just download and burn it as an image and burn it, and test your hardware02:16
FastZfbc: Wasnt there mention somewhere some time ago that Ubuntu was developing a Ubuntu Mobile version?02:16
Pelofbc, I tink you can just copy the content of the live cd to a usb drive and boot off that , provided you can boot from the usb drive02:16
Sam827bazhang: I've been trying, but nothing is working02:17
bazhangFastZ: yes; not fully developed yet though02:17
IndyGunFreakSam827: well what happens when you boot hte CD?02:17
_Andrewfbc, I think there is a special usb ubuntu distro but you'd have to google it02:17
tininthanx skarface, I'm triying to get some funtionality on an old notebook with debian02:17
bazhangSam827: there is a website called ubuntu-tutorials.com that has more on that02:17
dhanrajsa,827: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook#head-b0c1214684daee45c97d31d9113d7719accdf06002:17
fbc_Andrew, cool.. thank guys02:17
hitmanWillyDSL works well with thumb drives02:17
Sam827bazhang: thanks02:17
FastZbazhang: that's what i thought, I thought maybe fbc could do some digging in regards to Ubuntu Mobile but since it's not finished yet, no sense02:17
bazhangnp ;]02:17
n00b_^^hi can any one tell me how to boot with a flash drive :P02:18
bazhangwww.pendrivelinux.com has all the details n00b_^^02:18
_Andrewn00b_^^, Where are you stuck?02:18
Pelogogeta, be nice02:19
gogetapelo for a flash boot dosent it just need a boot sector02:19
gogetayou dont even need grub02:19
n00b_^^clueless to start i want to boot ubuntu image from a flash drive02:20
zero88How would I host a IRC channel?02:20
zero88and keep it alive02:20
Pelogogeta, a boot flag , a boot sector and soemting to boot I guess  like an os02:20
bazhangn00b_^^: be aware that it is very slow; also some computer bios do not allow that02:20
skarfacetinin: you might have to install more stuff to make it work, but that's getting into debian-specific territory.02:20
Pelo!install | n00b_^^ look in here02:20
ubotun00b_^^ look in here: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:20
_Andrewn00b_^^, Did you set your bios to boot usb? Does your motherboard let you boot usb?02:20
Sam827bazhang: It only says what the ubuntu forum says02:20
zero88lol n00b_^^ !!02:20
n00b_^^it allows on my comp have checked that02:20
tininskarface I have installed irssi and bitlbee yet02:21
bazhangSam827: what is that? which site?02:21
gogetapelo i did a puppy pendrive one and it nedded a boot sector02:21
n00b_^^but it blanks out02:21
gogetabut thers also no boot loader02:21
Pelogogeta, I wodlnT' realy know, I've never done it02:21
skarfacetinin: you might need more software to load bitlbee... depends how debian does that.02:21
n00b_^^when i try to copy iso to flash drive02:21
CoasterMasterhow do I get the source of a package?02:21
Sam827bazhang: you reffered me to ubuntu-tutorials.com02:21
n00b_^^i mean extracted iso lolz :p02:21
gogetan00b ubuntu + flashdrive = bad02:21
Pici!usb | n00b_^^02:21
ubotun00b_^^: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:21
* Pelo hope ppl never find out, they'll never trust him again 02:22
dhanrajsam827: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook#head-b0c1214684daee45c97d31d9113d7719accdf06002:22
_Andrewn00b_^^, http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-on-usb-bar02:22
bazhangSam827: unless you give some specific details of what you have tried, what worked and what did not, and what errors you have gotten, then you might not get much help here02:22
Sam827dhanraj: already tried that02:22
gogetapelo its due to the constent read wrights it burns a flash drive out02:23
tininskarface, just the same way as ubuntu I guess ;)  Have you ever connected to Instant Messengers using irssi+bitlbee?02:23
skarfacetinin: sure02:23
Pelogogeta, I'm not the one asking02:23
n00b_^^thanks all BTw a bit lazy to write a CD :D02:23
fbc_Andrew, FastZ, the point of this is to be able to install ubuntu from a USB external drive instead of the CD (realy slow). So I basically want to boot the live CD off my hard drive. The tutorial I found are for flash drives and invlove erasing the whole drive.. I just want to partition it properly for the CD.02:23
Sam827bazhang, My trackpad can't right click, my muc doesn't work, my wifi doesnt work02:23
skarfacebut in past versions of ubuntu I had to install stuff that didn't get installed automatically02:23
skarfaceto get bitlbee to work02:23
Sam827bazhang: thats it i think02:23
gogetan00b be ready to buy a new flashdrive in a week02:23
linkinxpwhy could be the reason for my Wireless icon , Bluetooth icon , ( only 2 icons i have right now loading in startup) takes from 10 seg to 20 to load after the pc boot up?02:24
bazhangthat is a myth about the read/write02:24
CoasterMasterAt Costco they have packs of 4 flash drives02:24
_Andrewfbc, Oh you want an external hard drive, I thought you meant flash02:24
Pelogogeta, I remember someone mentionning there is a way around that, someting you need to tweak02:24
Sam827bazhang: i never get errors, it just doesnt work02:24
n00b_^^hehe why??02:24
fbc_Andrew, FastZ , I'm having a free ubuntu install fest in guadalajara this weekend on the university campus.02:24
gogetapelo well you can run it in ram of dump it in a temp file on the harddisk02:24
Pelofbc, will the beer be free as well02:24
n00b_^^why what will happen to pen drive02:25
gogetapelo to reduce the strees alot02:25
_AndrewSo you want to connect the hard drive and install from that?02:25
skarfacetinin: is there some reason you chose debian rather than ubuntu (and asked for help with debian here)? ;P02:25
tininskarface I'm going to read a bit, I'm really lost02:25
fbcPelo, I wish... something like 'brohemian raphsody'02:25
bazhangSam827: all of this problems are eminently fixable; many folks run ubuntu well on their macbooks/macbook pros; the first order of business is always wifi though02:25
n00b_^^any other way round to it.... i mean not using Flash drive and cd to intall ubuntu02:25
jking_hooray loomix is hard02:25
Sam827bazhang: OK02:25
Pelofbc, you won'T see me there then02:25
bazhangn00b_^^: sure just mount the iso and run from that02:26
jking_xchat just borked w00t02:26
gogetan00b for a install you should be fine02:26
* Pelo will not be driving 2000 miles if there is no free beer at the end 02:26
gogetan00b using it as your hd is the drive killer02:26
fbcPelo, but there are chicks.. ubuntu chicks02:26
bazhanggogeta: that is largely a myth02:26
_Andrewfbc, Sounds awesome.02:26
Pelofbc, there are chicks over here02:26
fbcPelo, I hear they are into the freeware concept.02:26
tininskarface, yeah, I use debian at home, but with an old notebook with 32 of ram... only debian could work well in it, it's really nice and functional, now I just need a way to use msn02:27
n00b_^^how do i mount the Iso and boot from it ..... :s02:27
_Andrewfbc, So you want the install disk on your extern hard drive?02:27
skarfacetinin: I don't see any reason ubuntu server wouldn't work just as well02:27
fbc_Andrew, you got it bud02:27
tininsoryy kubuntu at home skarface02:27
bazhangn00b_^^: you also run windows?02:27
gogetabazhang largly hey02:27
n00b_^^i run Winxp pro02:27
bazhanggogeta: I've run it on my eeepc for a long while and no degradation whatsoever02:28
gogetathen why do all pen distros but ubuntu do everything they can to reduce the read wrights02:28
bazhangn00b_^^: consider Wubi then02:28
_Silhouette_I'm trying to install ubuntu on my external hard drive (format partition) and it just hangs at 33%! what's wrong?02:28
gogetabazhang not abought dedgraclation02:28
skarfacetinin: there are public bitlbee servers you can try out02:28
climatewarrior13 days till hardy!!!! :)02:28
gogetabazhang abought totaly failer02:28
gogetabazhang and isnt a eepc solid state02:28
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:29
bazhanggogeta: I mean external usb and yes this is offtopic thanks chris06268902:29
IndyGunFreak_Silhouette_: i know installing on an external drive seems good, but i've rarely saw it successful here.. 1 or 2 times, most the time you end up with boot errors02:29
skarfacetinin: http://www.bitlbee.org/main.php/servers.html02:29
IndyGunFreakwhy nto just install it normally?02:29
chris062689Join #eeepc02:29
bazhang!wubi | n00b_^^02:29
ubotun00b_^^: wubi is Wubi advice here: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=234  and  http://wubi-installer.org  [file wubi bugs here:  https://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug ] (it is included in hardy 8.04 beta CD and will be in the final release)02:29
n00b_^^wubi beta available02:30
tininskarface really really lost... i don't even know what to type in that black and blue screen. I use linux for some years now, but always with graphical and shiny interfaces02:30
chris062689I could never get Wubi to work right.02:30
chris062689It would always freeze when I booted Ubuntu.02:30
bazhangit works very well in the next release02:30
gogetachris062689 you fail at windows02:30
chris062689...  Yes I do.02:30
chris062689That's why I use Linux!02:30
bazhanggot to go all; back later ;]02:31
chris062689Besides, that was on another one of my PCs I just wanted to test it out on02:31
neetoWhat's a good DVD ripping program for linux?02:31
chris062689I don't actually run Windows on any of my PCs except my Laptop (ungh Vita.)02:31
IndyGunFreakneeto: i like acidrip02:31
_Andrewfbc, You know I don't see a CD being any slower. The most important thing you're going to need is an internet connection to download extra packages.02:31
neetoIndyGunFreak: sounds good, I'll try it out, thanks.02:31
gogetafbc cd slower????02:31
fbc_Andrew, yeah.. that the second part...02:32
IndyGunFreakneeto: np, hope it works out02:32
fbcgogeta, then a usb2 connected external drive?02:32
Sam827bazhang: can you help me get wifi working?02:32
_Andrewfbc, Or you could download alot of packages and set yourself up as a repository, let people connect and download from you.02:32
gogetafbc oh the usb 2 drive would give you more speed02:32
_Silhouette_IndyGunFreak: my internal HD died. Also, it recognizes the drive OK, but the install is hanging on 33%02:32
gogetafbc but a hardrive is always the best02:33
IndyGunFreak_Silhouette_: well, yhouc learly didn't listen to a word i said, so.. good luck02:33
fbcgogeta, yeah,, so you wanna send me one?02:33
gogetafbc lol02:33
_Silhouette_IndyGunFreak: what are you talking about?02:33
IndyGunFreak_Silhouette_: nothing.02:33
gogetafbc? what a hardrive02:33
fbcgogeta, I got an external sata on a usb2 connector02:33
gogetafbc oh that will work fine02:34
fbcgogeta, I just need instructions on how to go about setting it up...02:34
gogetafbc well your best bet is installing grub on the externel02:34
_Andrew<IndyGunFreak>_Silhouette_: i know installing on an external drive seems good, but i've rarely saw it successful here.. 1 or 2 times, most the time you end up with boot errors02:34
_AndrewMaybe he's talking about that02:34
gogetafbc grub likes to trip out if you remove a usb drive and grubs on the internel02:35
n00b_^^i have a toshiba satellite laptop and none of the usb work at all in it . I says cannot map dirve :(02:35
lOki^any1 know the swedish ubuntu channel?02:35
ubotuSvensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du pa #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se02:35
IndyGunFreakbastid_raZor: do you know every foriegn language channeL?..lol02:35
charles|64anyone know if there is a way to use a logitech wireless mouse with any logitech wireless receiver?02:35
RequinB4I'm looking for a method to automatically extract the audio from video files put in a certain directory02:36
bastid_raZorIndyGunFreak; heh, no i test them on ubotu in a private msg to make sure i'm correct before i look goofy in channel :)02:36
KetzereiI keep getting an [Errno 5] Input/Output error when I try to install Ubuntu. Any suggestions?02:36
IndyGunFreakbastid_raZor: lol02:37
_AndrewRequinB4, memcoder is, i think what you're looking for..02:37
millertime_018sauerbraten isnt working on my computer will someone help me?02:37
RequinB4_Andrew - off to google, thanks02:37
_AndrewRequinB4, that's also something for mp4 files too if you need it02:37
lewenchTrying to connect to my wireless router with my laptop, using "WEP 64/128-bit Hex" and inputting the right key but the laptop won't connect. Authentication is "Open System" this is for a WRT330N linksys router. Any help on this?02:38
RequinB4_Andrew - yeah, i can do it by hand, but that becomes a pain with bulk files02:38
n00b_^^bahzang u meant that i mount the iso in Windows and then run Wubi :)02:38
charles|64lewench: are you sure it wep and not WPA?02:38
n00b_^^from it02:38
gogetafbc best bet is to get the supergrib cd i dont rember how smart the ubuntu installer is on a usb hd02:38
millertime_018have you run fwcutter?02:38
millertime_018or any of those generic drivers?02:38
millertime_018but can anyone help me?02:39
fbcgogeta, supergrub? never heard of it... but I'll check it out...02:39
gogetaits a grub live cd02:39
lewenchcharles|64, What do you mean? Routers security mode says WEP|Association Mode:Open|Transmit Key:1|WEP Encryption: 64bit 10 hex digit02:39
_Andrewmillertime_018, What do mean by not run02:39
fbcgogeta, someone should make installfest related guides.02:39
millertime_018I need some help with getting sauerbraten to work. i think that my chipset doesn't have a driver02:39
gogetafbc you can use it to build a linuc loader on any drive02:39
gogetafbc or restore a botch mbr02:40
n00b_^^gogeta supergrub is similer to wubi??02:40
d0lphin_n0elsomeone knows why ... my ubuntu apache server can`t be access from users from outside?! :x and onlyfrom localhost ?! :x in ports.conf i haveonly thedoor select :x the public_html it iswork fine :x02:40
_Andrewmillertime_018, Have you got a graphics card and installed the drivers?02:40
gogetano wubi is linux inside windows02:40
KetzereiI keep getting an [Errno 5] Input/Output error when I try to install Ubuntu. Any suggestions?02:40
millertime_018well ok get this my regular gui works. i can look at pictures and do other stuff. when i go to start sauerbraten02:40
eduardoKetzerei: when are you getting this error02:41
millertime_018I have a chipset and I dont know if the drivers for it are installed with ubuntu02:41
_Andrewmillertime_018, How did you install the game?02:41
n00b_^^gogeta u mean wubi is linux on top of Win kernel sad02:41
dhanrajleaving ....02:41
n00b_^^good for nothing02:41
millertime_018through the add/remove box with all the stuff in it02:41
KetzereiAbout 20% through the installler process. Earlier today it got completely through, but GRUB didnt install correctly and hasnt been able to finish since.02:41
gogetan00b not on the kernel it uses the windows fs thow02:41
millertime_018i was just looking under games and stuff thought it sounded good.02:41
gogetan00b and the windows boot loader02:42
lewenchTrying to connect to my wireless router with my laptop, using "WEP 64/128-bit Hex" and inputting the right key but the laptop won't connect. Authentication is "Open System" this is for a WRT330N linksys router. Any help on this?02:42
eduardoKetzerei: are u trying to install it on your hd or in an external drive?02:42
_Andrewmillertime_018, Try this version, I think it's newer.. http://getdeb.net/app/Sauerbraten02:42
n00b_^^gogeta what does fs means02:42
gogetan00b it makes it so you dont need to partation or deal with grub02:42
gogetan00b file system02:43
n00b_^^and it installs on ???02:43
eduardoKetzerei: you're trying to install ubuntu 7.10 right?02:43
n00b_^^gogeta on Win Filesystem02:43
KetzereiNo, 8.04. 7.10 does the same thing though, alternate too. Same with kubuntu.02:43
gogetan00b it installs on your windows partation using a image file02:43
gogetan00b think of it as running linux from a zip file02:44
eduardoKetzerei: if its 8.04 go to #ubuntu+102:44
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.02:44
n00b_^^gogeta then how do i boot linux then .. 1 i start window and boot it. 2 chhoose Os at boot time02:44
gogetan00b wubi is knothing new redhat did it years back themselfs02:44
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:44
eduardo!hardy | Ketzerei02:44
ubotuKetzerei: please see above02:44
lewenchDoes ubuntu have wireless issues that causes it not to connect?02:44
gogetan00b when you start windows it will ask you qwitch os you whant02:44
* Dr_willis wonders if redhat is still doing its 'wubi' thing. or did they give up on it?02:45
eduardoKetzerei: np02:45
* LjL wonders if Dr_willis is offtopic :)02:45
* Pelo wonders off 02:45
lewenchTrying to connect to my wireless router with my laptop, using "WEP 64/128-bit Hex" and inputting the right key but the laptop won't connect. Authentication is "Open System" this is for a WRT330N linksys router. Any help on this?02:45
n00b_^^gogeta thanks i will try it ( but i am a bit scared :p :s)02:45
gogetadr_wills redhat dumped it after rh8 i beleve02:45
gogetan00b wubi can be just as easly uninstalled02:46
gogetan00b it shows up in ad/remove02:46
n00b_^^gogeta hmm... cool i will try it then02:46
StevenXguys, what is the equivalent setting of "fast draft" in Ubuntu?02:46
n00b_^^goget it formats something02:46
_Andrewlewench, How did you enter the key?02:46
gogetan00b no only its own imsgae file02:46
gogetachris062689 it does not efect windows02:47
n00b_^^gogeta perhps slow (or very slow02:47
gogetan00b it does not format anything02:47
lewench_Andrew, I tried "2e6122045d" and "2E6122045D"02:47
gogetachris062689 no its only slightly slower02:47
gogetadarn it lol02:47
lewench_Andrew, thats the 64bit hex key for 0mgh12u202:47
_Andrewno I mean eth1 Properties -> WEP key (ascii)02:47
blbrownok, back with the monitor issues: i posted to the forum, does anyone have a solution for this:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4700168#post470016802:48
gogetan00b only the fs is slower the os itsself will run at the same speed02:48
lewench_Andrew, Ok now im lost.02:48
n00b_^^gogeta thanks alot02:48
StevenXis there an equivalent to "fast draft" on linux?02:48
gogetan00b it will be fatser then a live cd or usb installer but not as fast as a nativ02:48
_Andrewlewench, System -> Administration -> Network -> your wireless -> Properties -> Password type02:48
walskidoes anyone know the final freaze data for the hardy beta?02:49
lewench_Andrew, box is checked with "roaming mode"02:49
walskidate i mean sorry02:50
akafuriousdid some sat my name02:50
lewench_Andrew, I think I got it. I didn't know I had to do that02:50
lewench_Andrew, Thought everything was on my "Network manager" on the top bar.02:51
walskihandy gogeta thanks ;)02:51
gogetawalsk but realy its normaly 2 weeks befor relese02:51
walskik thanks _Andrew02:51
walskicheers :D02:51
gogetawalsk they upgrade all the testers to final in that time frame02:51
scottyLI'll try this one again: I'm setting the static IP of the Gutsy Server I've just installed02:52
scottyLI'm a complete idiot with regards to this02:52
scottyLHow should I determine which IP to assign the server to?02:52
seasurfi love hardy. finally when i plug headphones in, the laptop speakers turn off =D02:52
_Andrewscott__, sudo ifconfig  <-- or whatever02:52
_AndrewscottyL, sudo ifconfig  <-- or whatever02:53
gogetawalsk the best way to knoe is the beta splash screens and final one almsot always change02:53
_Andrewtoo many scottys02:53
gogetawalsk at least with all the betas i did02:53
scottyL_Andrew: I'm already in VI editing /etc/network/interfaces/ , as my installation guide is telling me to do02:53
scottyLMy other computer is a windows machine02:53
gogetascottyl boooo02:54
pedrojguasamara with yuç02:54
scottyLShould I just grab the IP address of the computer I'm on and change the last few numbers?02:54
scottyLgogeta: :P, I'm trying to get into Linux... you gotta start somewhere02:54
lewench_Andrew, thanks again restarted laptop and went on just fine.02:54
_AndrewscottyL, If you're on a home network usually the prefered is 192.168.0    or 192.168.102:54
walskiis it safe to dist-upgrade to the beta from gutsy with out breaking your system ??? just got owned about a month ago from dist-upgrading from gutsy02:55
_Andrewlewench, Awesome02:55
wershow do I change openbox keyboard shortcuts? :)02:55
scottyL_Andrew: Ok, fair enough, I'll start with the 192.168.1.###02:55
_Andrewwalski, Why not wait until release in a few weeks02:55
Carbonfluxif I am going to run Ubuntu inside VMWare is there anything I need to know ? is there a special kernel I should use ?02:55
=== reconnect is now known as recon
n00b_^^carbonflux its easy and simple02:56
Carbonfluxgreat :) thats what I thought02:56
walskiandrew good point lol02:56
_Andrewwalski, I know there are skype problems if you use that..02:56
joshritgerI have used ubuntu with gnome for a while now and in the past I have experimented with xfce and was wondering if there was a setting to allow you to get a main menu in ubuntu with gnome when you right click on the desktop like in xfce02:56
n00b_^^carbon use Vmware server02:56
_AndrewCarbonflux, Nope, live cd is fine02:57
Carbonfluxn00b_^^, that is what I plan on doing02:57
Carbonflux_Andrew, thanks :)02:57
walskithats from medibuntu archieve isnt it?02:57
Carbonfluxn00b_^^, I am running Ubuntu on most of my machines now so I am used to installing it, this is going to be a VMWare install in Vista tho heh...thanks for the response :)02:57
rdgI am trying to install Ubuntu on a Dell T105 (ia64) server which won't work because of some sort of SATA issue. My only other computer is a Windows (32bit) computer. How can I get Ubuntu installed using the equipment I have?02:58
n00b_^^carbonflux what is ur "RAM" :p02:58
_Andrewwalski, No, some kind of problem with pulseaduio02:58
Carbonfluxn00b_^^, I have 4gig02:58
_Andrewwalski, Maybe they fixed it, no idea02:58
n00b_^^carbonflux or it is going to be damn slow :(02:58
walskiyeap yeap02:58
Boohbahrdg: figure out the SATA issue02:58
Carbonfluxn00b_^^, which is about minimum for this experiment heh02:59
n00b_^^carbon and processor02:59
rdgit's a known  nv sata bug in linux02:59
Boohbahrdg: is your chipset supported?02:59
Carbonfluxamd64 X2 2.8ghz02:59
walskiyeah i hope pulse is better then esd02:59
n00b_^^carbon its going to be smooth then02:59
n00b_^^carbo GL02:59
Carbonfluxits all newish hardware02:59
Carbonfluxn00b_^^, just a geforce 860002:59
_Andrewrdg, You could install Ubuntu inside windows with Wubi and dual boot?02:59
Carbonfluxthats the weak part heh03:00
TheFearsomeFufuMy taskbar in gnome seems to have gotten messed up. It's displaying taskbar entires for programs that I've closed...Is there some way I can "refresh" the taskbar or reload it or something?03:00
Carbonfluxit should be ok for non-gaming stuff etc03:00
joshritgeris there anyway in gnome to get the same main menu on right click as in xfce03:00
n00b_^^carbon it going to be fine03:00
* Pelo wonders if metacity-compoziting can do someting other then add transparency and shadows03:00
_Andrewjoshritger, When you mean main menu do you mean the applications menu?03:00
Carbonfluxah good, thanks again n00b_^^ :) need reassurance sometimes heh03:01
_Andrewjoshritger, ...because there are three really..03:01
joshritger_Andrew: Yes, I want to get rid of my panels but still have my menus on right click of desktop03:01
walskianyhow _Andrew thanks for your help and that wiki url03:01
_Andrewjoshritger, I haven't the slightest clue how to do that sorry.03:02
joshritger_Andrew: I swear I was able to do it in an older version of ubuntu, but maybe I am mixing it up with xubuntu03:02
=== goku is now known as goget1
shanepardueI'm on a clean grub install, how do I set up a grub entry to boot into an encrypted ubuntu partition?03:04
wershow do I change openbox keyboard shortcuts? :)03:04
FlinxHi. I want to compile nvidia kernel module in Gutsy. In debian there is nvidia-kernel-legacy-source package which contains nvidia-kernel-legacy-source.tar.gz, but in Gutsy there is no such file. Where can i get this tarball with modules sources in Gutsy?03:04
kindofabuzzhow can i get my trah back on the desktop? trash on desktop is checked in gconf-editor03:05
shanepardueFlinx: I recommend using Albert Milone's Envy software, google "envy nvidia"03:05
=== [2nd]Step2 is now known as [2nd]Step
Peloshanepardue, the grub entry for that partitons shoud pretty much be the same as usual I beleive but for an extra switch,  you would probably have better luck ask ing in #grub tho03:06
Flinxshanepardue: Ok, thanks. Can envy get sources for nvidia kernel module?03:06
Flinxshanepardue: I know envy can install drivers, but i need to compile it from sources03:06
Pelokindofabuzz, rigth click on the desktop and sort the icons it might jsut be outside the desktop atm03:07
shaneparduePelo: I copied and pasted my grub entry from the previous install and that didn't work. I may try the grub channel03:07
Peloshanepardue, the hd0,0 of your new install might not be the same, same can the said for the uuid , you may need to edit those03:08
kindofabuzzPelo, yeah it was, thanks03:08
* Pelo loves noobs , they know even less then he does 03:08
neur0nhow do i install the nvidia manager?03:09
Peloneur0n, look in synaptic I beleive it is called nvidia-settings03:09
neur0nPelo: didn't find it -(03:10
shaneparduePelo: I'm not sure how my entry could be affected by uuid or different device number..it's the same machine and my grub doesn't include uuid. I believe the problem has something to do with the referencing of /dev/mapper/sda8_crypt. Doesn't that have to be unlocked first somehow?03:11
Peloneur0n, sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings03:11
kadkoI'm sorry if I download the Ubuntu Hardy when it will be oficial released my "beta vercion" will update to the final vercion or i need to redownload the new vercion?03:11
shaneparduekadko: you can update from the beta without a new version download03:12
Peloshanepardue, I woudn'T know about that,  but uuid will change if you repartition and boot order will affect the device number in grub,  but I was jsut offering suggestions03:12
rksi need to chnge the tcp-ip setting03:12
n00b_^^pelo how to do that :s03:12
kadkoit will be apper as an automatic update or i need to reconfigure some files?03:12
Pelohello rks03:12
rkshow can i do that03:12
Pelon00b_^^, how do I do what ?03:13
shaneparduePelo: Thanks, I really appreciate your help. my partitions haven't been moved around, but I'll look for a solution to the /dev/mapper issue03:13
_Andrewkadko, It will appear with new updates03:13
kadkookey tnx03:13
n00b_^^shanepardue  you can update from the beta without a new version download ; how to do this :s03:14
Pelorks, what settings specificaly do you need to change ? I thnk tcp ip is a windows thing, but Iming be wrong03:14
shaneparduen00b_^^: It will update when you download new updates03:14
goget1pelo NOOOBBBBB!!!!!!03:14
rksi want to change the MTU unit of tcp03:14
Pelogoget1, don't do that , it annoys the ops03:15
goget1rks you can do tha at the roughter level03:15
goget1Pelo tcp-ip a windows thing you had it coming03:15
MegiddoI tried Hardy Heron beta 1, but the network won't work for some reason. It reports that it successfully sends packets but reports that it never receives any packets. I'm running Gutsy just fine right now. Any ideas?03:15
Pelogoget1, the name of the protocol I meant03:15
n00b_^^shanepardue by using synaptic03:15
rksi am using internet through cell phone, so no outer03:15
rksand i want to change the default settings03:16
goget1pelo still called tcp/p in linux03:16
_AndrewMegiddo, Can you ping other computers on the network?03:16
rksso thet i can get more speed03:16
goget1pelo or any other os03:16
Megiddo_Andrew: no03:16
=== neal_ is now known as |nasty|
_AndrewMegiddo, Can you ping ubuntu from other computers?03:16
Megiddo_Andrew: Didn't try03:17
rksok ok03:17
MegiddoI take it it's not a common problem then?03:17
=== goget1 is now known as gogeta
MegiddoSeems so strange that it would work in Gutsy and not Hardy03:17
_AndrewMegiddo, Is it a wired connection?03:17
rkswhat is in the name of tcp/ip in linux03:17
MegiddoCorrect, wired.03:17
neur0nPelo: didn't find any packages03:17
gogetarks tcp/ip03:17
PeloMegiddo, hardy is redoing many things, stuff that works in gutsy might not work in hardy yet,   there aer still many issues that need to be worked out03:18
gogetarks what you trying to do03:18
_AndrewMegiddo, Did you plug the network cable in after starting up ubuntu?03:18
Peloneur0n, where are you looking ?03:18
Megiddo_Andrew: No03:18
bernierHi, could someone give me suggestions about a good IDE for C++ for linux?03:18
ubotuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, eclipse, pida03:18
arvind_khadribernier, anjuta03:18
Daisuke_Idobernier, vi :D  but seriously, anjuta's good03:18
Megiddo_Andrew: Tried everything I could think of with my (somewhat) limited knowledge too, ifup eth0, /etc/init.d/networking restart, dhclient directly and such03:18
bernierok thanks03:18
neur0nPelo: sudo aptitude isntall nvidia-settings03:19
_AndrewMegiddo,  Yeah you're probably better checking #ubuntu+1 and launchpad.net , it might actually be a bug03:19
Peloneur0n, never mind I just realised, you probably donT' have all the repositories enabled,  go in  > menu > system > admin > software sources,  chck everybox on the first tab and every box on the 3rd tab , then exit and reload,  then type sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings in a terminal03:19
JuLiohi, Im thinking of getting a macbook pro, can I just downlaoad an ubuntu iso and boot it as easy as in windows?03:19
neur0nPelo: I do.03:19
_AndrewMegiddo, Wired connections work on my girlfriends laptop but you might have the lucky hardware03:19
MegiddoThanks anyways _Andrew03:19
n00b_^^does any one knows a good Fwonload manager for ubuntu as good as flash get ( with all its features ;))03:19
JuLioI dunno how the macbook pro boots a cd03:19
Peloneur0n, make sure03:19
echinosanyone else having problems with gnome-settings-daemon failing?03:19
neur0nPelo: i just did. all boxes are checked03:20
gogetan00b lol downthemall03:20
gogetafirefox plugin03:20
Peloneur0n, backport as well ?03:20
n00b_^^gogeta ok03:20
Peloneur0n, go in synaptic and do a search for nvidia , check the spelling03:20
nith_If I wanted to run a program (rdesktop) in another TTY without creating a new login session, how could I do that?03:21
Peloechinos, hardy ?03:21
Peloechinos, ask in #ubuntu+103:21
echinoshave done, will try again03:21
Daisuke_Idonith_, xeyphr?03:21
_AndrewJuLio, Yes, Live CD for intel macs works too. If it's PPC mac then you need the PPC version, although I believe PPC isn't offically supported03:21
scottyLI'm looking to install the KDE GUI onto my newly installed Gutsy Server... this guide is telling me to go to /etc/apt/sources.list and enable the universe and multiverse repositories03:21
JuLio_Andrew, its an intel mac03:22
JuLio_Andrew, what iso should I download?03:22
_AndrewJuLio, Then give it ago and hope the magic happens. Desktop x8603:22
arteniusscottyL: yes, you need to remove the #'s from those lines or add the lines if they're not there/03:22
PeloscottyL, just uncomment the lines in question , ie remove the #03:22
scottyLUh, never mind03:22
scottyLYeah, I figured that03:22
scottyLI just wasn't sure which lines03:22
arteniusgood work lad!03:23
JuLio_Andrew, have you booted a cd from a mac?, I will download it, but I'm a noob at using macs03:23
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu03:23
scottyLThanks, guys03:23
scottyLI'm going to be gutsy about it and delete the two I think it is :)03:23
_AndrewJuLio, I haven't, but if it's an intel mac then it runs an x86 processor03:23
nith_Daisuke_Ido: can't find that as a package, is that  a program?03:23
dmsupermananybody have a clue why some of the album covers have inverted colors in amarok?03:24
=== nith_ is now known as Nith
gogetaintel macs own03:24
gogetai whant 1 or 4 but im to poor03:24
_AndrewJuLio, You should also look at the documentation on Mac books in the ubuntu wiki.03:24
JuLiook, thanks _Andrew :D03:24
Daisuke_Ido!xephyr | Nith03:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xephyr - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:24
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:24
Daisuke_Idoit's xserver-xephyr03:25
Daisuke_Idoa nested xserver03:25
neur0nPelo: thank you. now it found. nvidia-settings and nvidia-xconfig....which one do you recommend?03:25
ubotuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents03:25
Peloneur0n, settings03:25
gogetathey made it nicer03:25
LjL!ot | gogeta03:25
ubotugogeta: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:25
blbrownok, I figured out my screen resolution issues.  Apparently there are 15,000 ways to configure the resolution: 1. nvidia-settings.   2. xorg.conf. 3. gnome resolution screen settings 4.  the graphics and screen settings?  wtf?03:25
xlriutHello, I'm trying to configure xlock. It has a -bg color option. But -bg color black doesn't work. So my question is if there is some special color codes (e.g., for black)?03:25
gogetaljl that used to set off a joke03:25
LjLi KNOW03:26
LjLhowever, i'm asking you to stay on topic03:26
* Nith goes to look it up03:26
Nithapparently its already installed03:26
_Andrewblbrown, You were having issues?03:26
JuLio_Andrew, shouldnt I use 64 bit CD for macbook pro?, it has intel core duo processor03:27
_AndrewJuLio, Nope03:27
blbrown_Andrew, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=75271003:27
JuLiook, cool03:27
gogetabetter with 32bit even on a x6403:27
dmsupermanAlright, here's a good question. When I installed Ubuntu over windows, my left channel started getting static out of it. I've got 5.1, and whenever i play music I hear static coming out of both my left speakers, and from the center speaker03:27
_AndrewJuLio, Only if you have an AMD athlon 64bit processor03:27
dmsupermanHowever, this didn't happen when I had windows. Anybody have a clue why?03:27
dmsupermanAnd these are brand new speakers btw03:28
dmsupermanby the way03:28
gogetadmsuperman sounds like a driver issue03:28
_Andrewdmsuperman, Is this hardy?03:28
* pimplife i need a list of ubuntu friendly wifi cards03:28
travisatcore 2 duos can use the 64 bit version03:28
_Andrewoh really?03:28
dmsuperman 7.10, i don't know the names03:28
_Andrewdidn't know03:28
Pelopimplife, try in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org03:28
gogetapimplife wifi linux frendly good luck03:28
dmsupermanhow can i make sure i have the correct driver for my audio?03:29
travisat_Andrew: using 64bit right now on a e8400 : )03:29
_Andrewdmsuperman, Is it making static all the time or when you do things like open a program?03:29
SpookyET_Does anyone knows how to set the gamma on mesa? I know about xgamma, but I wat something more permaent, like a xorg.conf option.03:29
dmsupermani never specifically installed any audio driver, but it correctly detected that i have surround03:29
dmsupermanonly when it's playing audio, but yes all the time03:29
_Andrewone sec03:29
dmsupermani'm doing nothing but having xchat open and amarok, playing a song, and there's static03:29
gogetaSpookyET_ if you have a ari or nivida there controle panels can do that03:29
lordleemopimplife: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported03:29
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Pelodmsuperman, this is going to sound silly but make sure none of the cables for the speakers cross or are tangles with power cords03:30
dmsupermanPelo: already did ;)03:30
SpookyETgogeta: i mentioned mesa03:30
gogeta dmsuperman doyou have a tv card?03:30
Pelodmsuperman, try looking up speaker static in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org03:30
dmsupermangogeta: no03:30
_Andrewdmsuperman, Try this... sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base    .... and then add this to the bottom of the file ... options snd-hda-intel position_fix=1 model=3stack03:31
_Andrewdmsuperman, then restart03:31
nickrudpimplife  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported03:31
nickruddmsuperman if you're lucky, there's someone in #alsa that knows your system well03:31
dmsuperman_Andrew: restart whole pc?03:31
StevenXblah, printing in ubuntu is very problematic.03:32
Pelo_Andrew, could this fix a small issue I hve where if I turn up the volume I get a shhhhhh sound out if my speakers even when I have no audio working ?03:32
_AndrewPelo, That could be because you have Mic Boost on03:32
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NithDaisuke_Ido: almost but not quite what I want03:32
Pelo_Andrew, I have no mic but how would I turn off mic boost ?03:32
NithDaisuke_Ido: I'd like to actually switch to tty9 and see my rdesktop session there03:33
_AndrewPelo, Should be in volume control03:33
PeloStevenX, that is not my expericence but I have well supporttd printers what is your issue03:33
wersI want to edit ubuntu's default gdm theme and put my name on it. how do I do that? :)03:33
kimohow to install theme on ubuntu 7.1003:34
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gogetaPelo: _ muteing my tv card fixed that issue on my card03:34
Nithhow do I run another X server with a specific program on TTY9 ( or some other )03:34
gogetaPelo: _ in my case that was line in03:34
Pelo_Andrew, nope, not on , and I tuned off the mic in anycase , but I can now see that when I mvoe my mouse  the noise changes03:34
Pelogogeta, no tv card03:34
blbrownanyone having screen resolution problems.  I solved mine; this may help you:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4700275#post470027503:34
tarkusanyone using a thinkpad here? i was wondering if its possible to customize the touchpad? and have it dedicated to scrolling. up,down,left, and right.03:34
tarkusis this possible?03:34
gogetaPelo: _ sounds like feedback03:35
_AndrewPelo, You could try it and if it doesn't work just remove it03:35
MegiddoAs far as downloading a daily build (http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/20080411/), is that using the latest packages or is it everything pulled from SVN/Git/CVS?03:35
JPSmanOk so I have ubuntu installed on two things - desktop and laptop - and everytime I try to sign onto my wireless network on my laptop it freezes up03:35
_AndrewPelo, I don't think it'll work though03:35
Pelo_Andrew, remvoe what ?03:35
nickrudMegiddo latest packages03:35
_AndrewPelo, You could try adding that line I pasted03:35
Pelo_Andrew, ah03:35
gogetaJPSman welcome to linux and bad wireless support03:36
gogetaJPSman we get used to it03:36
MegiddoGood, thanks nickrud. When I tried it on April 1st everything had pink trim. Hope that was just an April Fool's joke though03:36
nickrudPelo http://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/sound/alsa/ALSA-Configuration.txt has about 50+ things you could add there , but broken down a bit by chip/machine03:36
JPSmangogeta - it works fine on my desktop03:36
gogetaJPSman i sad bad not 0 lol03:37
Pelonickrud, thanks , anything specified for feedback ?03:37
dmsupermanwould changing that effect my graphics mode?03:37
_AndrewJPSman, How are you connecting your wifi?03:37
nickrudPelo nope. It's about getting the exact right version, maybe that would help03:37
_AndrewJPSman, Like to a router?03:37
Pelonickrud, thanks I'll have a look03:37
premhow to run windows games on ubuntu03:38
JPSmanthrough a PCMI card03:38
PeloI'm gonna try rebooting03:38
dmsuperman_Andrew: I just rebooted. static is gone, but it started in low graphics mode :s03:38
_Andrewprem, You need wine.. www.winehq.org03:38
JPSman_Andrew a PCMI card - yeah a router03:38
_Andrewdmsuperman, lol, that's not good, I don't think it's the line you added though because it's nothing to do with xorg.conf03:38
dmsupermani know i've been wroking with xorg.conf03:39
dmsupermanbut it worked, and i think i only did a backup since last reboot03:39
dmsupermanhow can i compare files for differences?03:39
Tack122This is my first time doing anything with linux and I am having some trouble attempting to install Ubuntu on my computer in a dual boot configuration. The installer doesn't seem to want to recognise the IDE drive I want to install it on, though it does see the two other SATA drives. Help please?03:39
nickruddmsuperman  diff -u file1 file203:39
dmsupermanthanks :d03:39
JPSmanIt happens just as soon as I put in the WEP code03:39
_AndrewTack122, Are you dual booting with windows?03:40
Tack122Yes Andrew.03:40
dmsupermanwhat's -u do?03:40
_AndrewTack122, and windows is on the IDE drive?03:40
Tack122No it's on one of the two SATAs.03:41
Pelothat wasn'T it03:41
* Pelo wonders if it might be his cheap speakers03:41
xthegoat121xI can't get the blur plugin to work on Compiz03:41
_AndrewTack122, You mean when you get to the graphical install on the live CD it doesn't let you install on your IDE?03:41
dmsuperman_Andrew: How does it display the different data? Like, how can I see which lines are different for instance03:42
JPSmanit happens alot03:42
scottyLCan I install both KDE and Hrm... KDE takes a while to install03:42
scottyLOh, ignore the first part03:42
dmsupermanI don't quite understand the output, like I know what it is but I'm not sure how to tell exactly the differences03:42
JPSmanis there any way that you guys know of to send files from one ubuntu to another?03:42
werswhat's the official Ubuntu logo's font? :)03:42
_AndrewTack122, ok first question, Is your IDE power cable plugged in?03:43
JPSmanover wireless?03:43
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:43
Tack122It wouldn't work if it wasn't right?03:43
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:43
linkinxp_hey guys whats the name of the compiz manager?03:43
_AndrewJPSman, apt-get install ssh  ... on one machine, on the other open a window and in the address bar type ssh://ipaddress03:43
gogetaJPSman err ftp03:43
scottyLUh oh03:44
Totem!dual-boot | Tack12203:44
ubotuTack122: please see above03:44
scottyLI'm installing KDE03:44
dmsupermanargh, i f'ing had xorg.conf working03:44
gogetayea some fancy ssh commands can do it tp03:44
scottyLI'm seeing an error that's recurring03:44
dubbycompiz manager = ccsm03:44
dmsupermandoes anybody know a way to revert to a previous version of a file that wasn't backed up?03:44
gogetaAndrew ubuntu has ssh installed03:44
scottyL[12891.674630] bcm43xx: Error: Microcode "bcm43x_microcode5.fw" not available or load failed03:45
scottyLUh.... is that bad?03:45
gogetadmsuperman err gone forwever03:45
dmsupermandoes xserver at least have like an error log03:45
gogetadmsuperman unleess its stil laying in tmp03:45
dmsupermanso i know why it went into low graphics mode?03:46
gogetadmsuperman you botched it lol03:46
gogetadmsuperman we all do that thow03:46
xthegoat121xlinkinxp_, I'm already in #compiz-fusion, no one's awake in there, apparently03:46
dmsupermani guess so03:46
dmsupermani have no clue how03:46
_Andrewdmsuperman is in xorg hell : )03:46
gogetadmsuperman you can reconfigure it from scrach if you need03:46
dmsupermani did that the other day03:46
dmsupermantook us hours to get xserver figured out03:46
gogetadmsuperman using the wizerd03:47
linkinxp_xthegoat121x:  lol yes03:47
_Andrewdmsuperman, pastebin your xorg file03:47
gogetadmsuperman must be some odd setup03:47
Tack122Ubotu, I wasn't able to get to where it would let me select the partitions available for resizing that is mentioned in the first link under manual partitioning.03:47
_AndrewTack122, What would happen?03:48
dmsuperman_Andrew: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62900/03:48
dmsupermangood luck figuring it out, i have terrible luck with xserver :'(03:48
_Andrewdmsuperman, What did you edit?03:48
seyacathy ubuntuers03:48
_Andrewdmsuperman, as in line numbers03:48
dmsupermanWhich time?03:49
scottyLOk, my installation of Gutsy Server seems to have hit a snag03:49
scottyLIt's just giving that error over and over again03:49
dmsupermanI know I've changed virtual monitor, as well as horizsync03:49
Tack122When I got to the partitioning section and chose manual partitioning it didn't change much and there was a list of options that didn't really make much sense to me.03:49
scottyLbcm43xx: Error: Microcode "bcm43xx_microcode5.fw" not available or load failed03:49
dmsupermanbut other than that i've blindly followed instructions others have given me03:49
scottyLWell, not gutsy server, but KDE on top of Gutsy Server03:49
dmsupermanPelo helped me quite a bit03:49
noodles12can someone help me getmy soudn working again? it's been working in fiesty/gutsy for a year. i used kdenlive last night and now sound doesn't work03:50
seyacatplease apologize for offtopic question. What do you think its better to learn, Ruby on Rails or PHP cake, i dont have 0 experience i both, but i now something php, do you can give me a clue?03:50
Pelodmsuperman, stop telling lies about me03:50
gogetascottyL sounds like x is failing to load your video card03:50
dmsupermanoh hey03:50
dmsupermanPelo, what guide was that03:50
dmsupermanthat you gave me03:50
scottyLgogeta: What can I do about that?03:50
FloodBot2dmsuperman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:50
Pelodmsuperman, for two monitors ?03:50
dmsupermani was able to get it mostly working with it03:50
xlriutHello, my monospace fonts look very weird. Is there a way to reinstall them? Thanks.03:50
dmsupermani did a fresh config and followed the guide from there03:50
Pelo!dualhead | dmsuperman03:50
ubotudmsuperman: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama03:50
dmsupermanthanks :d03:51
dmsupermanworst case we can always do that again03:51
gogetascottyL well if you knoe your card model etc you can reconfgure x03:51
scottyLI... uh, don't03:51
scottyLBut, the problem is that I'm in the middle of installing KDE03:51
_AndrewTack122, You should select "automatically select continuous empty disk" (or whatever it's called) and see if it selects your IDE drive. If it's your sata then click back03:51
gogetascottyL lol03:51
scottyLI'm using my brother's old PC03:51
gogetascottyL compling?03:52
Pelodmsuperman, the only reason I asked you to install from scratch, it taht is is much easier to start from a clean install where yo know where everthign is then it is to start hunting down problems that migth have been cause by eronious tweaking03:52
linkinxp_the Bug that kills HDD in ubuntu is still alive????03:52
scottyLgogeta: I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by that03:52
_Andrewdmsuperman, If you want to get dual monitor the best way (or the way I did it) was through nvidia-settings03:52
gogetascottyL lol then your not03:52
flameabout ubuntu8.0403:52
dmsupermanAndrew: It doesn't work for me :D great huh?03:52
gogetascottyL oh i thought it was installed just not starting03:53
shanepardueHow do I create a grub entry for a luks encrypted partition?03:53
JPSman_Andrew : So on the other machine I just ope firefox and type ssh://ipaddress-of-the-first-pc ?03:53
Pelolinkinxp_, there is no such bug , at best that was someting in heavily used laptop working as a server that would have shorten the live of a hdd by one month over 5 years03:53
dmsupermanit has no configurable settings whatsoever when i run it03:53
Tack122I will go give that a try, I don't recall that option but that doesn't mean it was not there considering how leaky my memory tends to be for that sort of thing. I shall be back soon, one way or another.03:53
_Andrewdmsuperman, You're the lucky winner : )03:53
flamewho wuld like help me03:53
scottyLgogeta: Nope, last thing I typed was: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop03:53
Peloflame, not until we know the probleem03:53
linkinxp_Pelo:  hummm ok :D thanks pelo03:53
_AndrewJPSman, no not firefox, a normal file window03:53
dmsupermanwell, i'll try a few things03:53
dmsupermansee ya guys03:53
Pelohave fun dmsuperman03:53
scottyLgogeta: Now it's stuck in not being able to load bcm43xx_microcode5.fw03:53
_AndrewJPSman, file browser03:53
Peloflame,  what is your issue ?03:54
dmsuperman_Andrew: thanks LOADS for the help in the speakers, i was near ready to pay 2x shipping to get a new set03:54
PeloscottyL, if it is getting the packages online it might take a while03:54
gogetascottyL lets see what that is03:54
Peloflame, I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel03:54
dmsuperman_Andrew: i'm as close to being an audiophile as you can be while still being poor and unable to afford good equipment :P03:54
_Andrewdmsuperman, lol no need, You might need to tweak that setting for 5.1 but at least the static is gone03:54
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dmsupermannope, 5.1 works already :D03:54
dmsupermani'm off03:54
_Andrewoh ok03:54
gogetalooks like a known issue03:54
scottyLPelo: So, you're saying I should let it keep running for a while until the packages are found?03:54
GunbladeIVhave anyone encounter with problem to play video?03:55
scottyLgogeta: Please, any help would be lovely :)03:55
PeloscottyL, yes,  more or less03:55
PeloscottyL,  did you update the package list first ?03:55
gogetascottyL as i thought a video card error03:55
GunbladeIVi encounter a problem with one .. they said i must have DOM-X player which is i dont have03:55
flameabout firefox 3BTEA5 locale chinese kit03:55
_AndrewJPSman, Did you get it?03:55
GunbladeIVis there anything i can make the video playable?03:55
Peloflame, ask in #firefox03:55
orionrhey does anyone know the package off hand that i need to control the compz fusion settings?03:55
flamethank you03:55
scottyLPelo: I followed the instructions here word for word, save different IP addresses put in and I didn't put in a nameserver: http://onlyubuntu.blogspot.com/2007/10/ubuntu-710-gutsy-gibbon-lamp-server.html03:56
Peloflame,  but be aware that FF 3 b is not full yet you may not bet every feature03:56
Starnestommyorionr: I think it might be compizconfig-settings-manager03:56
scottyLgogeta: WEll, if that's the case, what should I do?03:56
PeloscottyL,  i'm not reading that ,  just tell me if you typed sudo apt-get update after editing the sources.list file ?03:56
JPSman_Andrew : I'm still trying :OD03:56
scottyLOh, yes03:56
scottyLI did03:56
rdghow come from the Ubuntu installer, if I switch over to a console, plug in a memory stick .. dmesg tells me it's at /dev/sdc1  but then  mount tells me 'no such device'03:56
_AndrewJPSman, do this.. click on places at the top, when the window opens there should be "Location:" type in there03:57
Pelo!ccim | orionr03:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ccim - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:57
orionrStarnestommy: thanks i think that was it i couldnt think of the name off hand.03:57
gogetaoh a wireless card03:57
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:57
Pelordg, /dev/... is a device not a montpoing03:57
scottyLgogeta: Linksys has had no problem with my wireless card up until this point03:57
_AndrewJPSman, If "location:" isn't there, click the icon with the pencil and paper and it should open03:57
scottyLgogeta: I'm sorry, LINUX03:57
Pelordg, nvm03:58
rdgPelo - that's why my command is     mount -t vfat /dev/sdc1 /mnt/usb03:58
scottyLgogeta: It's downloaded everything so far perfectly03:58
gogetascottyl well thats the issue03:58
Pelordg, did you create the mountpoint first ?  sudo mkdir /mnt/usb03:58
gogetascottyl might be do to you not using the live cd or something03:58
_AndrewJPSman, I meant click on Places and Home Folder by the way03:58
scottyLgogeta: Not using the live CD?03:58
gogetascottyl ya ubuntus not grabbing th firmware nedded03:59
Pelordg, no idea then, but if you have ubuntu running , it should get automounted , so it might already be mounted to /media03:59
rdgPelo - this is from the Ubuntu installer03:59
GunbladeIVno one knows the solution for my problem?03:59
JPSman_Andrew: This is uber frustrating.  I have to go between rooms because that's where the wireless signals are :O(03:59
gogetascottyl the installer/live cd probly does03:59
Pelordg, live cd or cli ?03:59
JPSman_Andrew : no it didn't work03:59
scottyLgogeta: But, what should I do? Download the CD and then put that in? It's in the middle of installing03:59
_AndrewJPSman, One sec i'll upload a screenshot03:59
Pelordg, try chcking in /media ,  just have faith03:59
rdgit's supposed to be a beta 8.04 installer03:59
scottyLOr just do what Pelo had suggested and let it continue installing, hoping it finds it04:00
rdgthere is no /media04:00
rdgthis should be the 8.04 alternatives CD for ia_6404:00
GunbladeIVseem like ppl here dun have any solution04:00
dmsupermanalright, now i'm mad04:00
GunbladeIVbrb try another channel04:00
neur0nDo you guys prefer Wine or Cedega?04:00
Pelordg,  there was an issue with usb drives in hardy , it's been corrected with thevery latest kernel update , the installer might still hvave the bad kernel04:00
dmsuperman1: I just did another full reboot, and the static is back.04:00
LSGI can't unplug any of the two SATA drives from my sister's comp. and starting up anything because i get an error message. Does anyone have ANY idea?04:00
Pelordg, in anycase you should ask in #ubuntu+104:01
dmsuperman2: nvidia-settings told me to run nvidia-xconfig as root and reboot. it overwrote my xorg.conf, but nvidia-settings still says i'm not using nvidia x settings04:01
gogetascottyL oh that can be bad yea04:01
shanepardueHow do I create a grub entry for a luks encrypted partition?04:01
scottyLgogeta: Indeed.04:01
dmsuperman_Andrew: And that line is still added to the alsa-base file :'(04:02
Peloshanepardue, http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html and google04:02
scottyLgogeta: Oh, no wait, I have a wireless card on there... but I'm connected via a wire at the moment04:02
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_Andrewdmsuperman, oh no lol04:02
shaneparduePelo: Thanks but no thanks..I've been on them both for the last couple hours04:02
dmsupermanwhy would it work for only 1 reboot?04:03
_AndrewJPSman, http://bayimg.com/eAJpPAABF <-- ssh://ipaddress04:03
StPatrickIf i have a program that only works in windows, how Do i use it in Ubuntu 7.1?04:03
dmsupermanStPatrick: WINE04:03
_Andrewdmsuperman, Maybe it's your mic boost settings04:03
Pelo!wine | StPatrick04:04
ubotuStPatrick: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.04:04
gogetascottyL well a server and live cd are no diffrent and if your tossing kde on it04:04
_Andrewdmsuperman, Check your volume control for mic boost and mute it04:04
StPatrickPelo,  DO any windows programs work, or only compatible ones?04:04
gogetascottyL why not just reformat the dam thing04:04
gogetascottyL fix the botched net install04:04
_Andrewdmsuperman, You might need to go edit->preferences to find it04:04
scottyLgogeta: heh, installing KDE was the third thing I did after formatting it04:05
PeloStPatrick, not all windows progs work in wine but most do now , and more in the future,  it the prog is not heavily graphics oriented like games  it will probably work well04:05
JPSman_Andrew: So I dont have to set up anything on PC1 for PC2 to connect to PC1?04:05
neo_hello all04:05
PeloStPatrick, what't the program anyway ?04:05
gogetascottyL lol04:05
gogetascottyL yea using the reg live cd woulda saved you alot of time04:05
scottyLgogeta: Ok, so what I should do is restart with the CD in, format it exactly as I had before, but before installing KDE I do what the link you had sent to me tells me to do?04:05
StPatrickPelo,  It's a download client that most peopl ewouldn't know anything about. Private stuff.04:05
_AndrewJPSman, just try that, it should bring up a login box to your other computer04:05
dmsuperman_Andrew: I couldn't find any mic boost, but i muted both the mic input and output04:05
PeloStPatrick, well,  utorrent works very well on wine so I guess your's probably will as well04:06
gogetascottyL just dl the reg kubuntu live cd04:06
gogetascottyL install ubuntu w kde04:06
StPatrickPelo,  It's not torrent oriented, but I can only hope.04:06
aconbereis there a way in ssh to set an identity file per user on a host?04:06
_Andrewdmsuperman, Does the sound stop when they're muted?04:06
scottyLgogeta: So, I reformat it with the Live CD?04:06
gogetascottyL arg04:06
MacBook0621-07would A APC backupups r900 work with ubuntu?04:07
_Andrewdmsuperman, I think it's defiantly your mic boost setting.04:07
gogetascottyL dont bother with the server install04:07
StPatrickPelo, Think you can hlep me out if i run into trouble04:07
LSGDoes anybody know why i could be getting error messages when removing a slave SATA drive from a computer?04:07
PeloStPatrick, I mean wine handles web apps,    install wine sudo apt-get install wine ,  run the program's installer with  wine /path/setup.exe ,  run the prog with wine /path/file.exe04:07
dmsuperman_Andrew: where's that at?04:07
PeloStPatrick, ppl in #winehq can help you there04:07
_Andrewdmsuperman, Do you see a volume icon on your panel?04:07
dmsupermanargh, since my monitor settings are screwed i can't even see the whole sound prefs window04:07
PeloLSG,  unmout it first04:07
gogetascottyL thers no diffrence between ubuntu server and ubuntu with a gui other then 1 does not have a gui04:07
dmsuperman_Andrew: aye, i have that window open, but i don't see anything for mic boost in any of the tabs04:07
MacBook0621-07_Andrew: You would't happen to mean the out datesd at form factor?04:07
Tack122Andrew, I am in the live disc Ubuntu at the moment and when I choose "use the largest continuous free space it tells me "failed to partition the selected disk, this probably happened because the selected disk or free space is too small to be automatically partitioned.04:08
scottyLgogeta: Sorry, I'm very new at this and my real objective here is to install a server that I can SSH anywhere04:08
owen1can i create a server if my machine is connected with wireless?04:08
gogetascottyL but you whant a gui right04:08
_Andrewdmsuperman, Go to edit->perferences04:08
StPatrickPelo,  Thank s:)04:08
LSGPelo: The thing is, it's not in my comp, but my sister's. The error messages are on startup, i don't even get to either Windows or Ubuntu04:08
werswhat's the name of the font face of the Ubuntu logo?  :)04:08
Peloowen1, probably it just sounds complicated04:08
_AndrewMacBook0621-07, huh?04:08
PeloLSG, what's the msg ?04:08
gogetascottyL otherwise you would not have ran the kde installer04:08
LSGPelo: The thing just stops the startup process and tells me there's some problem with the slave drive.04:08
scottyLgogeta: Whoops, last one wasn't supposed to be a /msg04:09
PeloLSG, it's probably looking for it from the bios and not finding it04:09
_AndrewTack122, The IDE, does it already have something on there?04:09
LSGPelo: I've messed around with computers for at least a decade and i've never seen this....04:09
scottyLgogeta: Yes, I do want a gui04:09
dmsuperman_Andrew: I checked every box in there, but there's no mic boost. I did mute everything relating the mics though04:09
Tack122No, the IDE is completely empty.04:09
gogetakey guys the desktop cd has lamp doesent it04:09
PeloLSG, when aer you getting the msg ?04:09
MacBook0621-07_Andrew:  I looks like I might have to go back to xp  in order to use my APC backup UPS R900?04:09
LSGPelo: Right after memory check04:09
PeloscottyL, sudo apt-get install kde-core I beleive04:10
_Andrewdmsuperman, Then I don't know how to help you on that one #alsa would probably be where the experts hide04:10
owen1Pelo: all i want is a computer where i know it's address so i can send my backup files to.04:10
LSGPelo: I miss the old BIOS's =(04:10
PeloLSG, check the bios settings,  it might be listed as second boot device or someting04:10
JPSman_Andrew: I get "natulis cannot display ss://ipaddress"04:10
scottyLPelo: Unfortunately, it's already installing with the command: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop04:10
JPSman_Andrew: er "natulis cannot display ssh://ipaddress"04:10
Peloowen1, not the best person to ask04:10
dmsuperman_Andrew: Alright. Even unplugging the mic doesn't fix anything. And the static has moved to the right channel :'(04:10
PeloscottyL,  just be patient then04:11
scottyLPelo: But, it's stuck on the bcm43xx_microcode5.fw error04:11
scottyLPelo: *nod*04:11
gogetapelo i told him just to get a desktop cd save alot of issues04:11
LSGPelo: Alright, i'll do that. I'll tell you how it works out =)04:11
PeloscottyL, kill it ,04:11
dmsuperman_Andrew: But I'll check #alsa, after i get my x working again. what's the command to run the xorg.conf reconf script?04:11
owen1Pelo: ok. thanks04:11
gogetahes installing that anyways04:11
_AndrewJPSman, It needs to be the ip address of the computer you're trying to connect to.. for example ssh://
dmsuperman_Andrew: something like sudo dpgk-reconfigure something04:11
Pelogogeta,  it would save download that is sure04:11
gogetapelo no point in server to desktop being desktop has the same tols04:12
PeloLSG, no promisses, this is just the usual trouble shoting stuff,  , it gets stuck at the bios, look in the bios04:12
_Andrewsudo dpgk-reconfigure xserver xorg I think..04:12
scottyLPelo: Alright, just to make sure... you want me to kill the installation? How do I do that?04:12
_AndrewTack122, I mean was it a windows partition?04:13
gogetascottyL well get a desktop cd ready04:13
LSGPelo: I know nothing's ever certain when troubleshooting. Especially if it's my sister's stuff, believe me.04:13
Pelogogeta, the kubuntu desktop cd has a lot more packages in the install,  a sever install is pretty lean in comparison,  if he wants a server with just a gui on it , installing ther server and then just putting kde on top will take a lot less space then the full dekstop04:13
_AndrewTack122, Is it an unformatted IDE disk?04:13
lordleemogogeta: scottys problem sounds like restricted drivers m804:13
PeloscottyL, not quite sure,  change consol and sudo killall -9 apt ? maybe04:13
abdorezahi all04:13
gogetalordleemo yea but he tryed upgrading a server install and it died halfway04:14
gogetalordleemo gonna be all messed up anyways04:14
lordleemogogeta: nasty correct04:14
=== dek is now known as ackerlight
PeloLSG,  I promissed myself I wouldn'T troubleshoot anyone else's hardware unless I was getting some out of it ,  my "syster" would have to forgo my help04:14
LSGabdoreza: Not to be rude or anything, but if you have a question, ask away and someone will pick it up.04:14
_AndrewTack122, You could try unplugging the sata drives then installing, or you could try installing Ubuntu in windows, via Wubi on your windows partition.04:15
Tack122What exactly do you mean by windows partition?04:15
Tack122Seems I got disconnected there.04:15
_AndrewJPSman, How are you doing, is it working now?04:15
JPSman_Andrew: Is that the same kind of IP address that one would find at http://whatismyip.com ?04:15
abdorezaI have not question04:15
gogetalordleemo better for him just to go desktop being that was pretty mutch what he was doing anywyas04:16
gogetalordleemo vs repairing that mess04:16
Tack122Ah, very nice, it logged what I missed.04:16
=== arief is now known as cow_pngen
LSGPelo: Yeah, i only fix my sister's stuff because she has problems all the time. Literally. And i've come to find that she's not even causing them, i think she's a walking EMP bomb or something. It's creepy...04:16
lordleemogogeta: esktop yes and if he wants lamp use synaptics04:16
gogeta1 dl vs 30004:16
_AndrewJPSman, Not if you are behind a router, no.  type "ifconfig" in the commandline and then look for the address at "inet addr:"04:16
Tack122I'm not sure if it's unformatted, though I suspect it isn't because I did previously use it as storage space in windows.04:17
_AndrewJPSman, It's NOT the one which is ""04:17
JPSman_Andrew: k looks like
Pelothere is no place lie
_AndrewJPSman, That looks good04:18
LSGPelo: Hahaha04:18
_AndrewTack122, It might be that the installer thinks you're using that disk04:18
Tack122So, how do I make it not think that?04:19
KizumbaGood all !04:19
Kizumbasomeone can help me ?04:20
Kizumbado you help me?04:20
PeloKizumba, just stagte your issue04:20
Kizumba¬¬.i have a big truble..04:20
_AndrewTack122,  You should have the option to format the disks yourself..  Try selecting that option, look for your IDE disk, format it04:20
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:20
Kizumbamy modem is PCI04:20
KizumbaConexant Chipset04:20
Pelo!who > gogeta04:20
dmsuperman_Andrew: I swear somebody is purposely just messing with me04:21
PeloKizumba, ask in one line04:21
Kizumbabut...the driver has limited de velocity in 14Kb/s :S04:21
=== SamSamSam is now known as JPSman_
JPSman_Hey _Andrew: This is JPSman04:21
_Andrewdmsuperman, You just won the big prize04:21
Tack122After choosing manual it only shows the two SATAs as before.04:21
dmsuperman_Andrew: another reboot, and the static is now gone, but the xserver is still screwed, even when restoring from a working backup04:21
PeloKizumba, what is your native language ?04:21
gogetaKizumba sucks doesent it04:21
KizumbaPelo:  but...the driver has limited de velocity in 14Kb/s :S ..do you know th nd drive in version...ah..."full" ?...04:21
KizumbaPelo: Portuguese '^^ sorry04:21
_AndrewJPSman, Working?04:21
_AndrewJPSman_, Working?04:21
Pelo!pr | Kizumba04:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pr - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:21
Pelo!pt | Kizumba04:22
ubotuKizumba: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:22
gogetaPelo hes talking abought a linmodem04:22
PeloKizumba, that might be better for you04:22
kindofabuzzis there anyway to update /et/hosts with a dynamic ip?04:22
KizumbaPelo: ....yeap.!..^^...thanks..04:22
Pelogogeta, ifyou know how to hlep him please jump in04:22
JPSman__Andrew: no it still said "Natulis cannot display ssh://
JPSman__Andrew: "Try another viewer"04:22
gogetaKizumba not mutch help at least anything i can say to fix that04:22
Kizumbagogeta ?04:23
_AndrewJPSman, Did you install (apt-get install ssh ) on ?04:23
gogetaKizumba they charge for those drivers04:23
bluefoxxi know this is #ubuntu, but seeing as everyone in ##windows is completely silent, i was wondering if anyone knows what i gotta get to make dvds read and play in win98se. i have the dvd drive allready...04:24
Kizumbagogeta: but...on site de Corp..¬¬...take ..i have PAY !!! for Drive "full"04:24
_AndrewJPSman_,  System->Admin->Services -> find "Remote Secure Shell" ... is it ticked?04:24
dmsupermanbluefoxx: just give up :D04:24
gogetaKizumba yep best bet buy a new modem04:24
_AndrewJPSman_,  That is "Remote Shell Server" ***04:25
Kizumbagogeta: my actual drive of modem ...has limited de velocity in 14Kb/s...how make de "upgrade" in velo ?04:25
StPatrickPelo,  Dude I have to install microsoft .net framework for this to work, am i going to be able to do that?04:25
zcat[1]bluefoxx: 'a miracle' -- you can hardly do squat in 98 these days04:25
JPSman_Andrew: Yes it is04:25
Kizumbagogeta ...=/...yeap.....so thanks '^^..04:25
bluefoxxdmsuperman: im making a box for my little sister, whos better off in windows for now. she asked if i could make it watch movies, i remembered doing that on my old 98 box[which this is designed off of, but better] so i said sure04:25
StPatrickPelo, Or am i screwed?04:25
gogetaPelo lol i have one of those modems to :-(04:26
linuxmongerOkay, I'm stymied, and I can't find this in any FAQ - if I open an xterm (or gnome-terminal) and type echo $LINES $COLUMNS, I get the expected 25 80. If I run this in a script from the same xterm, I get nothing. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62901/04:26
PeloStPatrick, well,  not sure,  does the installer cd include .net ? you might start installing that if there is a seperate isntaller for it , but generaly speakign those are problematic,  try asking in #winehq , they will be better able to hlep04:26
JPSman_Andrew: Should I apt-get install ssh on the PC2?04:26
ubotuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama04:26
bluefoxxi had a copy of 98 laying around, and the parts were not enough for xp, but more than good for 98 so i built her a 98 box[rather than pirate xp]04:26
dmsupermananybody know how to open links in irssi into lynx?04:27
_AndrewJPSman, Go to the command line and type the same ssh://
dmsupermanwithout typing?04:27
gogetabluefoxx man upgrade04:27
zcat[1]bluefoxx: considered puppy linux or dsl?04:27
_AndrewJPSman, I mean "ssh"04:27
zcat[1]or perhaps even xubuntu (although that's still pretty heavy)04:27
bluefoxxzcat: my sister is 10, incapable of figuring out linux. i tried to teach it to her. she got annoyed and threw a fit.04:27
gogetaor a new pc04:28
_AndrewJPSman, If that doesn't work install it on the other machine too and try again04:28
bluefoxxubuntu would run fine on it, if not for the lack of hard disk space04:28
zcat[1]bluefoxx: my daughter was using linux when she was 4, but whatever04:28
bluefoxxand she wants to play old pc/macos9x games on it too04:28
gogetabluefoxx new pc with vistcrap04:28
kongoveDid every release have his end of life?04:28
gogetabluefoxx she will run to linux after that04:29
Seeker`kongove: there is an end of life date for every release of ubuntu - some of the older releases are no longer supported04:29
bluefoxxzcat: exactly. your daughtor. my sister is not someone i see alot[i moved out about a year ago, she comes and visits once a month or so]04:29
gort42anybody have any experience with restore-backup...thinking about using it was hoping to get some opinions about it04:29
bluefoxxgageta: no $$ which is why i recycled my old parts04:29
Pelokongove, every release will have there end of life,  regulare 18 months,  LTS 3-4 years,  I do'T quite remember04:29
gogetabluefoxx :-(  same boat hear04:30
kongoveserver is five years.04:30
FlannelPelo, kongove, regular releases are (for Desktop) 18 months, and LTS are 3 years (on desktop)04:30
gogetabluefoxx my setup is a bare kit with parts striped off my dead instell04:30
bluefoxxso noone here remembers what magical drivers and mythical codecs i need for dvds in win 98?04:30
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
dubbyTo anyone, I was wondering if anyone knew a packet i can install to make my computer an authentication gateway.04:30
zcat[1]bluefoxx: you could try vlc04:30
Pelobluefoxx, ask in ##windows04:30
bluefoxxthe box itself is decent enough04:30
Flannelbluefoxx: If you'd have any luck, it'd be in #ubuntu-offtopic, not here.04:30
lordleemobluefoxx: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q188513/04:31
bluefoxxzcat: i tried, it failed to install04:31
gogetabluefoxx i had a win95 dvd player04:31
gogetabluefoxx but it used a hardware mpeg2 card hehe a real oldy04:31
abdorezaubuntu 8.04 12 days04:31
abdorezaI cannt wait04:31
bluefoxxgogeta: yea i recall watching some movie at the neboors pc when i lived wear i used to live :\04:32
_AndrewTack122, So it still doesn't show the IDE even after you unplugged the sata and made sure the power was in the IDE?04:32
JPSman_Andrew: hrm nope.  Again   Nautilus cannot display "ssh://" Please select another viewer and try again.04:32
Tack122No, I haven't unplugged the SATAs...04:32
bluefoxxi spent all afternoon chasing lost webpages and i figured ide ask on chat since theres biound to be some windows useres in here...04:32
Tack122Hmm, am I able to do that while the computer is running, safely?04:33
FlannelTack122: no04:33
_AndrewJPSman, Did you type "ssh" no quotes into the commandline ?04:33
gogetabluefoxx google is your frend04:33
JPSman_Andrew:  Couldn't find /ssh     please check spelling and try again04:34
TimOBeeehey guys04:35
bluefoxxJPSman: what are you trying to do?04:35
TimOBeeegot some questions04:35
TimOBeeethink u could help?04:35
Tack122Alright then, going to power down, disconnect the 2 SATAs then come back after checking on what happens during install.04:35
PeloTimOBeee, just ask04:35
JPSmanBluefoxx: trying to share files between two ubuntu's that have wireless04:35
TimOBeeewell i bought a new HP the other day04:35
dmsupermanI just changed xorg.conf04:35
dmsupermanand it made it go into low settings mode04:36
dmsupermanI ran default04:36
dmsupermanand I had it just fine, 1280x1024 single monitor04:36
dmsupermanI added 2 sections04:36
Flannel!enter | dmsuperman04:36
ubotudmsuperman: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:36
dmsupermanand now it's low settings04:36
_AndrewJPSman, You typed it wrong no /04:36
CloudFXhow do u delete a folder in /etc?04:36
JPSman_Andrew: I didn't type  /04:36
FlannelCloudFX: what folder are you looking to delete?04:36
_Andrewbluefoxx, He's trying to share files between two ubuntu boxes in nautilus but it's not working04:37
TimOBeeei was checking out a computer online that looked nice so i went to circuit city thinking i was buying the same one which i didnt and i later realized it 16 days after purchase04:37
CloudFXFlannel: a folder on the root of /etc04:37
FlannelCloudFX: What for?  Which folder is it?04:37
TimOBeeeits a decent computer but not for what im doing04:37
_AndrewJPSman, What happens when you just type ssh ?04:37
HelpMeCloudFX: Flannel wants  to know  so theres no chance ull screw ur computer because he told you how04:38
gogetabluefoxx seems vl has unoffical win98 support04:38
CloudFXFlannel: It's for VMWare.  The command line window accidentally closed during installation, and when I try to run it again it tells me to reinstall04:38
bluefoxx_andrew: ah. ive never gotten file sharing to work...04:38
gogetabluefoxx vlc and i knoe that hadels dvd04:38
JPSman_Andrew:  Couldn't find "/ssh"04:38
dmsupermanThose are the only 2 sections I added to xorg.conf04:38
TimOBeeei have an intel 2.0 ghz processor and i want to play games that require a faster processor should i buy a new motherboard then an amd faster processor intels are very expensive04:38
dmsupermananybody have a clue why that causes it to go into low ssettings mode?04:38
Oscarno kittah languaje please.04:38
TimOBeeeor overclock my pentium or what?04:38
bluefoxxgogeta: i tried vlc and it failed to install...04:38
FlannelCloudFX: Was this from a package?04:38
* jharr waves04:39
_AndrewJPSman,  you don't have ssh installed.. did you apt-get install ssh ?04:39
bluefoxxTimOBeee: whats your current CPU?04:39
fleaTimOBeee, toms hardware does good reviews on that stuff04:39
owen1how to remove enlightment and replace with gnome?04:39
CloudFXFlannel:  it was this one http://www.vmware.com/download/server/04:39
Flannel!es | Oscar04:39
ubotuOscar: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.04:39
RolcolHi, what's a good open source video editor?04:39
LetterRiphi since upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04 beta I've been unable to access my dvd drive04:40
HelpMeRolcol: vlc04:40
TimOBeeeto tell you the truth iam just getting into computers and i know a little bit about the processors and and stuff but i dont know what cpu is04:40
JPSman_Andrew:  yes I get this04:40
LetterRipany suggestions for resolving this?04:40
Rolcolhelpme, Editor, not player04:40
_AndrewRolcol, Try AviDemux04:40
FlannelCloudFX: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware has instructions on VMWare, I'm not familiar with others.04:40
bluefoxxTimOBeee: its the processor04:40
HelpMeRolcol, oh sorry..04:40
robert___1111on the topic of video... why does vlc play mpegs but mplayer and others don't on my ubuntu04:40
FlannelLetterRip: #ubuntu+1 for Hardy support, thanks04:40
LetterRipdoing a ls /dev doesn't show hda04:40
gogetabluefoxx http://www.cdr-zone.com/software/media_players/media_player_classic_for_windows_98-me.html04:40
Rolcol_Andrew, is it in Ubuntu's repositories?04:40
TimOBeeeone moment04:40
JPSman_Andrew:  ssh is already the newest version.  The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:04:40
JPSman  libxine1-x libxcb-xv0 libxcb1 ethereal-common libxcb-shape0 libxine1-gnome04:40
JPSman  libjasper-1.701-1 libxcb-shm0 linux-source-2.6.15 libxine1-console libxine104:40
_AndrewRolcol, it is but the one from getdeb.net is newer04:40
CloudFXFlannel: I can't install the one in Add/Remove...04:41
_AndrewJPSman, ok one sec04:41
bluefoxxTimOBeee: ive been overclocking mine for the past year to avoid buying a new one. cooling and a good mainboard are what i reccomend[asrock is good for overclocking].04:41
owen1how to remove enlightment and replace with gnome?04:41
TimOBeeeintel pentium dual cpu e2180 @ 2.0 Ghz04:41
TimOBeeei dont even know if thats decent04:41
gogeta bluefoxx man your cheaper then me04:41
dmsupermanhttp://pastebin.com/m1d1e846c <-- That's my xorg.conf, it worked before I added the highlighted sections (it actually worked until I added the Layout section, the Xinerama = true section still worked)04:42
gogetabluefoxx at least i change my main bord and prosser04:42
robert___1111i have to go to terminal and run sudo virtualbox... how do i change virtualbox so that it runs with admin privileges?04:42
FlannelCloudFX: Alright, well, since its not a package, I suppose there's probably no harm.  Just be extremely careful when typing this in.  sudo rm -rf /etc/vmware (or whatever)  Make sure there's no space in between any of the slashes or anything.04:42
dmsupermanNow it boots into low-settings mode, anybody have a clue why?04:42
bluefoxxTimOBeee: dual is good enough for any current games :) better than mine[2.93 ghz celeron d uped to 3.3 ghz]04:42
Rolcolwrong channel!04:42
TimOBeeecan u overclock a penitum04:42
CloudFXCloudFX: Thanks.  I've already deleted the actual files, but was unable to figure out how to get rid of the folder04:42
bluefoxxTimOBeee: yes04:42
jharrFor some reason, hot-plug events (plugging in a camera, usb drive) don't automatically mount & pop up nautilus anymore. Any quick fixes for this? I installed as a cli and then installed the ubuntu-desktop package if that makes a diff.04:42
_AndrewJPSman, apt-get install openssh-client openssh-server04:43
TimOBeeei dont think i could do that myself04:43
bluefoxxTimOBeee: if the mobo supports overclocking04:43
OscarOh hai04:43
TimOBeeehow do i find this out04:43
gort42anybody have any experience with restore-backup...thinking about using it was hoping to get some opinions about it04:43
bluefoxxTimOBeee: google, or ##hardware04:43
pr0nGuyDoes anyone know how to make a dvd where all video files play continuously on k3b?04:43
TimOBeeemy hardware number?04:43
bluefoxxgort42: i saw a good how-to on that on the forums04:43
TimOBeeeis there a way to privately chat this is difficult04:44
dmsupermanTimOBeee: irc://irc.gamesurge.net #hardware is an excellent channel for such questions04:44
dubbyanyone know a way to make a linux server act as a gateway device, I wish to make people in my local area network authenticate to my computer before getting access to the internet04:44
=== deadlock is now known as deadlock_Away
bluefoxxTimOBeee: no, thats a chatroom for hardware support. type in /join ##hardware and hit enter04:44
gort42bluefoxx:  I know about that how-to.  just want to know if folks like the application or not04:44
JPSman_Andrew:  openssh-client is already the newest version04:44
_Andrewjharr, System->Preferences->Removable Drives and Media->Storage   should be a tick box there to make it pop up04:44
TimOBeeetype it in google?04:44
JPSman_Andrew:  openssh-server is already the newest version04:44
dmsupermanTimOBeee: Type it right into your irc text box04:44
JPSman_Andrew:  openssh-server set to manual installed04:44
StroganoffTimOBeee: http://www.compunamics.com/overclocking.htm04:44
bluefoxxtim: no type in /join ##hardware and ask there04:44
dmsuperman!irc | TimOBeee04:45
ubotuTimOBeee: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines04:45
owen1how to remove enlightment and replace with gnome?04:45
_AndrewJPSman, The ip address your typing in.. it isn't the one from the machine you are using is it? It's from the other machine right?04:45
JPSman_Andrew: that is correct04:45
TimOBeeedidnt do anything04:45
jharr_Andrew: thx04:45
k1dugarhello,  what command is used to dump firmware of any hardware in ubuntu. I want to get firmware dump of my S1 MP4 Player04:45
_AndrewJPSman,  Is openssh-server installed on the machine you're trying to connect to.. it should be, there shouldn't be a problem..04:46
mattiashi any great software for seeing online tv programs04:46
nickrudowen1 install ubuntu-desktop to install gnome ; you can start it with options->session on the login screen. Removing enlightenment? Not sure, but you can run gnome with enlightenment still installed without problems04:46
_Andrewmattias, You mean with a TV card?04:46
mattiasno from the internet04:47
owen1nickrud: thanks04:47
bluefoxxTimOBeee: you should have another window or tab open with a new room and group oof people in it now04:47
mattias_Andrew:  no see tv from the internet like if possible ...04:47
_Andrewmattias, You could try vlc04:48
TimOBeeethe hardware one?04:48
bittindepends off what codec the internet tv has?04:48
TimOBeeebluefoxx i sent u a private thing on ur channel04:48
chris42050707hi i have a slight problem im running into with my optical drives could some one hjelp me out?04:48
k1dugarcan someone help me out. what command is used to dump firmware of any hardware in ubuntu. I want to get firmware dump of my S1 MP4 Player04:49
mattias_Andrew:  so no open source program that have reprogrammed tv channels like on the cable tv, style to see discovery channel and so on ,,, ??,I use Vlc today to see movies that i have but is there any streaming tv software if you understad what i mean ...04:50
im-a-n00bhey all... i've got an ati question... will be upgrading to hardy once its released and im doing a bit of research before hand... are the drivers in the repos now the same as the ati ones you get from the site or are they different?04:50
nickrudk1dugar that's gonna depend on the hardware, you'd probably need a special purpose program to do that04:50
Flannelim-a-n00b: #ubuntu+1 for Hardy questions, thanks04:50
k1dugarthanks gort4204:51
im-a-n00bFlannel: k thanks :)04:51
gort42k1dugar: welcome04:51
_Andrewmattias, I think there is one called democracy player04:51
_Andrewmattias, apart from that, no idea04:51
=== mindframe_ is now known as mindframe
nickrudmattias pick a channel, and tell us the url so we can say04:51
chris42050707okay any one know if i reflash my asus dwr-1608p dvd-w/wr it would work with gibben?04:51
pr0nGuycan someone tell me what "multisession mode" means in k3b?04:51
flybackit;s kijnda like partitions in a way04:52
flybackoh and while I am here04:52
chris42050707or do you think that its still unsupported by linux?04:52
mattias_Andrew:  thank you , i will check that one, finally andrew how can i tell in my ubuntu if i am using genomme or kde ???04:52
chris42050707doesn't ubuntu generally use gnome?04:53
JPSman_Andrew: Do you know of any other programs that can transfer alot of files over the internet on linux?04:53
nickrudmattias democracy player was renamed, it's now called miro04:53
mattiasthank you04:53
chris42050707except for the edition that are labeled as not?04:53
* flyback does expect an anwer ever04:53
nickrud!caps | flyback04:53
ubotuflyback: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.04:53
_Andrewmattias, um... by looking at the screen?04:53
flybackdoes not04:53
flybackfreaking thijng is more unstable than I am04:54
flybackthat's pathetic04:54
flybackyou fail04:54
_AndrewJPSman, Try clicking on a file and going to "share file"04:54
nickrudflyback so pick another and use it.04:54
gort42someones cranky04:54
mattias_Andrew: how can i tell i think i am using genomme but i anm not sure ?04:54
chris42050707wow optical drives semi suck at this point....04:54
flybackkinda hard when that's the only thing on the live cd :P04:54
_AndrewJPSman, on the other computer go to Places->Network04:54
gort42mattias:did you load ubuntu or kubuntu04:54
_Andrew_Andrew, If you installed Ubuntu it's gnome, if its Kubuntu you installed it's KDE, normally you'll know if all your prgorams begin with K04:55
gort42mattias: by defualt ubuntu is gnome04:55
nickrudLiraNuna they might be interested in that on -offtopic, but not here04:55
_AndrewWoops, sent to myself04:55
mattiasgort42: ubuntu 7.10, to be hones i did not have much of a choicr i think when i downloaded ubuntu, hmmm i think, do not remeber for sure ...04:56
nickrudmattias try system, see if it says about gnome :)04:56
flybackthen again04:56
ogreim trying to install vmware-workstation and i keep getting these errors http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62902/ any suggestion?04:56
mattiasthaks everybody ...04:56
capiCrimmmy system icons are 64x64, which the system resizes. But when I try and use them with a launcher they don't resize. How can I have the system resize them?04:56
mattiasthanks everybody ...04:56
flybackbaseing your remote tool on vnc is like walking around nakked in prison04:56
flybackvnc seems to be one big FAIL04:56
_Andrewmattias, System->About Gnome   ... You have gnome04:56
chris42050707any body in here a linux genius.... or at least smarter than i am about it?  trust me it wouldn't take much lol04:56
flybackin the 5+ yrs I Have played with it over the yrs in many os's04:56
bittinchris42050707: yea :P04:57
flybackjust seems to be 1 big bug04:57
mattias_Andrew: that was easy to tell, thanks :)04:57
CloudFXhow do i get a C++ compiler04:57
gort42flyback: never had an issue with VNC... perhaps you could be more specific with your particular issue04:57
_AndrewCloudFX, gcc04:57
Tack122Back once again, this time with the SATA's both disconnected. In the guided section it shows a 327.7 kB disk, and nothing else. In manual there is a single entry and the only data it gives me is under the "device" section and there it shows "/dev/sda"04:57
flybacktoo many to list04:57
nickrudCloudFX install build-essential04:57
chris42050707bittin: you know about optical drive support with ubuntu 7.10?04:57
flybackrandom glitches the same ones over the yrs04:57
_AndrewCloudFX, if you have gcc then you have a c++ compiler04:57
bittinchris42050707: nah :P04:58
Tack122I got disconnected again...04:58
flybacknumber #1 bug I have run into is04:58
chris42050707bittin:  damn   im trying to figure out why it ain't working....  crap... lol04:58
nickrudchris062689 not sure what your issue is;  try   tail -f /var/log/syslog  , and load a cd. You'll get some messages, if you're lucky they'll be understandable04:58
flybackif I tap into a livecd box running remote desktop feature of gnome04:59
flybackmany times I lose the keyboard even at the local console04:59
_AndrewTack122, /dev/sda I believe is your old IDE disk04:59
flybackyeah the gnome guys must really love working with microsoft as much as they say04:59
SlicerDiceris there anyway to get ubuntu to scan for new modules?04:59
chris42050707nickrud: thanks ill try that...  would it work if the drive isn't even acknowledged to be in the system by ubuntu?04:59
SlicerDicerI just added some and I find it a bit excessive to have to reboot to get them to show up04:59
capiCrimmhow can I have the system control a launcher icons size?05:00
mattiasguys  iwould recommend joost but i do not know if it is open to everybody, the last time i used Joost is was for windows and mac but maybe something in the future for unix i hope really good quality but for me in Mexico there is not to many good channels to see at this moment with it ...05:00
nickrudflyback if you need to vent about it, try #ubuntu-offtopic .05:00
Tack122When I choose it and pick forward it tells me "no root file system defined"05:00
flybackthx :)05:00
flybackthx :)05:00
nickrudchris062689 the kernel should say something about the cd. If you get no messages, that's a message ;)05:00
k1dugargort42: that's not to get firmware dump05:00
flybacknow what's this about a old disk05:00
_AndrewTack122, Can you choose that one to automatically reformat?05:00
flybacksomeone having hw problems?05:00
abdorezabye all05:01
mattiasanybody uses deluge bittorrent here ???05:01
gort42k1dugar: lemme check something else out05:01
mattiasanybody knows if the block list works on the deluge bittorrent05:01
Tack122No, the olny one available for the guided section is the 327 kB one, and when I attempt to choose it, it tells me that it's to small.05:01
robert___1111I did an install of firefox 3. beta4 and now I can't remove it and I want to reinstall firefox 205:02
_Andrewmattias, You can use azureus with a plugin called safe peer05:02
nickrudrobert___1111 how'd you install the beta?05:02
chris42050707welll that  sent me zero messages  through syslog05:03
robert___1111it was a tar file from the site05:03
gort42k1dugar: what component of your system are you trying to get the firmware of05:03
nickrudflyback chris062689 is the guy having the problems with hardware, over my head05:03
dmsupermanwhere is the best place to get xserver specific help?05:03
flybackok chris05:03
_Andrewrobert___1111, What do you mean you can't uninstall it? It's just a folder you put somewhere and run from05:03
flybackbefore I vent my skull to relieve the pressure05:03
nickrudrobert___1111 then all you should have to do is delete it the folder you untarred it to05:03
flybackwhat's going on05:03
mattias_Andrew: ok but as i remeber azureus the interface is not that easy to handle like deluge if i am not misstaken ... or am i ???, i think azureus is missing an interface to see downlaod progress of movies  ...05:04
chris42050707flyback: i tried the  tail -f /var/log/syslog then insert a disk thing and it gave no response at all05:04
k1dugargort42: usb disk type "S1 MP4 Player"05:04
flybackwhat do you mean05:04
flybackwhat were you trying to do05:04
chris42050707im working with trying to get my asus dwr-1608p dvd-r-rw working here and having no luck05:04
_Andrewmattias, It's got that, try it out might like it might not..05:04
Tack122Mattias, azureus lets you see the progress of your downloads.05:04
mattias_Andrew:  ok, thank you05:05
gort42k1dugar: OIC... whats the actual model of the device05:05
robert___1111i have folders for mozilla all over the place...in my lib64 folder i have one for mozilla one for mozilla-firefox and one for firefox05:05
robert___1111is it safe to just delete all of these05:06
flybackwhat is it doing or not05:06
nickrudrobert___1111 no05:06
mattiasTo my experiance with deluge bottorrent uptil today the prgoram is not stable have a lots of glitches but if i am keeping my functions to a basic meaning minimum it can work ...05:06
chris42050707flyback: see bios recognizes it as an optical device... but its not recognized by linux at all it seems05:06
mattiasand have a lots of features ...05:06
nickrudrobert___1111 exactly what did you do when you installed it?  just untar it in your home directory?05:06
k1dugargort42: its an V-tec 2GB MP4 palyer S1 MP4 player Wilson co ltd.05:06
mattiasanyone else using azureus have anything to say about it ?05:07
* flyback rolls up his sleeves05:07
robert___1111i might have done it through terminal--- i can't remember exactly-still new to ubuntu05:07
flybackbesides this is more fun than going back to shit more blood05:07
SlicerDicerits nice mattias but i also use ktorrent for just simple useage05:07
Sam827what is azureus05:07
nickrudrobert___1111  try ls $HOME , do you see a firefox folder?05:07
Tack122I personally suggest disabling the vuze section of the interface, that's about it.05:07
mattiasazureus is a flie sharing program bittorrent or not i am not sure ...05:08
SlicerDicerSam827: torrent stuffs05:08
zcat[1]robert___1111: would you delete all the msie files around the place in Windows?05:08
mattiassorry file sharing program05:08
robert___1111no not in ls $home05:08
Sam827y not just use BitTorrent05:08
gugoxhi.. i need to compile a program with libnet1.0, but the version installed from the package is libnet1.1... is there a way to compile this program without having to uninstall libnet1.1?05:08
robert___1111in windows..05:08
nickrudrobert___1111 did you use caps with $HOME ?05:08
xtevenOkay, I really cannot find this setting... Whenever I leave my laptop alone for about 20seconds the brightness goes all the way down. How do I make this stop?05:08
SlicerDicerSam827: azureus is a client to download torrents just like any other05:08
chris42050707lol flyback a really head scratcher huh? and to kick that in the but 7.10 isn't recognizing the CD-rom i installed it off of thats on the same ide channel05:08
mattiasSam827:  be aware of using it is not quite legal but lots of things there ...05:09
robert___1111is there a way to uninstall it from terminal?05:09
flybackchris no I am just in a lot of pain right now and none of my pc's want to run tonight05:09
flybackhang on05:09
nickrudrobert___1111 ls -l $(which firefox)05:09
SlicerDicermattias: sure its completely legal to use it05:09
Sam827mattias: i know05:09
chris42050707Flyback im sorry dude hope all is good with ya...05:09
SlicerDicermattias: downloading things like ubuntu cds or other legitimate things are not illegal05:09
Sam827mattias: i've been using it on my mac for years05:09
SlicerDicerso dont say all torrents are illegal05:09
dmsupermannvidia-settings says you are not using nvidia settings for xorg.conf, run nvidia-xconfig and reset xserver05:09
nethakzxteven: had the same problem, go to the power preferences and uncheck dim when idle05:09
flybackit hasn05:10
jml_i'd like to learn more about samhain so installed it on my laptop. 2 questions: does debian automatically initialize the baseline database? where is this database stored by default?05:10
chris42050707Flyback: my dads got hella back probs to  so i can sort of feel for ya05:10
mattiasSlicerDicer:  that is legal but there is soo much more ... :)05:10
flybackbeen right in 34 yrs05:10
SlicerDicermattias: only illegal if you download illegal content and then that is disputed by the country you live in :)05:10
dmsupermanso what do i do? nvidia-xconfig, reset xserver. doesn't work. reset the whole computer, and it still thinks that i didn't run the command that i CLEARLY ran05:10
flybackso I am used it05:10
xtevennethakz, I did it continues to do it05:10
flybackmine also05:10
SlicerDicermattias: true true05:10
flybackI can't get my browser yup05:10
nickrudrobert___1111 that's what we'll do (remove it with the terminal) but first we need to know where it is05:10
noodles12is there a way to reinstall your sound? besides just reinstalling alsa-utils & alsa-base?05:10
robert___1111one sec05:10
mattiasSlicerDicer: almost like ladoes :) ....:)05:10
gort42k1dugar: the only command I can think of to use is lshw...even it the doc it shows it should output firmware version for most hardware ieee 1394 not supported05:10
chris42050707flyback: how many uncooperative computers do you have? are they networked?05:11
gort42k1dugar: did you run with sudo?05:11
nethakzxteven, is it unchecked for both battery and ac power?05:11
odinhey there, anyone knows which hinter is the default in ubuntu 7.10? autohinter or bytecode interpreter?05:11
flybacklost my keyboard again05:11
SlicerDicermattias: what you mean like rape? as in what goes on in iraq? /me is treading on dangerous ground here05:11
xtevennethakz, yes sir, they are both unchecked... = (05:11
flybackyeah and 3 right now05:11
flybackused to have around 30 or so in parts etc05:11
tritiumSlicerDicer: don't stray offtopic like that again, please.05:11
mattiasno like having thought about other babes ...05:11
chris42050707Flyback: ouch  yeah your comps seem to be far worse off then mine lol05:12
gort42k1dugar: if you dont run it as super user you will get limited information back05:12
flybackthe new laptop works fine but I don't touch it except for work05:12
SlicerDicertritium: sorry wont happen again :)05:12
robert___1111i have mozilla and firefox folders all over the place though... it's in /usr/lib64  it's in etc/05:12
flybackalthough  am using it to watch anime video streams right now :)05:12
nethakzxteven, try unchecking the reduce background brightness and see if it works... don't know what else from there :(05:12
chris42050707good choice haha05:12
robert___1111i don't know where the actual install's at05:12
nickrudrobert___1111 yes. do the command    ls -l $(which firefox)05:12
jml_can i use a gmail ip address in my fetchmailrc instead of pop.gmail.com?05:12
mattiaschicks 2:nd one night stand05:12
flybackdwr or drw05:12
k1dugargorth42: you are right about getting info about hardware but I need the firmware dump. ie the firmware copy out of the hardware05:12
_Andrewnickrud, just tell him to remove firefox through apt then delete anything remaining, then reinstall05:13
Tack122So, uh, Andrew?05:13
robert___1111lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 20 2008-03-29 19:32 /usr/bin/firefox -> /opt/firefox/firefox05:13
xtevennethakz, where is the "reduce background brightness" setting?05:13
mattiasif you know what i mean ... always the temptation for something new ..., well back to ubuntu ...05:13
nethakzxteven, under the battery tab.05:13
gort42k1dugar: my mistake....thought you wanted just the info not the actual firmware05:13
nickrudrobert___1111  sudo rm -r  /opt/firefox05:13
_AndrewTack122, yup?05:13
mattiasso azuresu is an bittorrent client as well ?05:13
Tack122Still lost... I guess, what next?05:14
nethakzmattias, yes05:14
mattiasor another limewire ?05:14
flybackhmm I don't see anything bugs affecting klinux with that driver05:14
este_its really all it is,05:14
bittina bittorrent client05:14
robert___1111alright finally--05:14
este_limewire wasn't torrent05:14
xtevennetdefilr, you mean "Dim display brightness by" ?05:14
robert___1111thank you05:14
K4k-laptopHas anyone on here installed Enlightenment .17 on ubuntu here?05:14
k1dugargorth42: no problem, but do you have any idea about it.05:14
SlicerDicer'dpkg-reconfigure lirc-modules-source' and I built modules for lirc_i2c and lirc_pvr150 however they are not showing up when I do a modprobe? anybody got any advice on how to do this?05:14
nickrudrobert___1111 now sudo apt-get install --reinstall firefox and you should be fine05:14
xtevennethakz, oooooooooo I just put it to 0% I think I am gonna get a tan05:14
chris42050707how would i go about it because i couldn't even found a driver for it compatible with linux05:14
xtevennethakz, thanks... lol05:14
nethakzxteven, lol05:15
dmsupermandoes anybody know why i can't get nvidia restricted drivers to be "in use" and allow me to run nvidia-settings ?05:15
nethakzxteven, yw05:15
flybackit sdhould just work05:15
flybackit appears05:15
chris42050707flyback: would the fact that i didn't have it hooked up during the install have something to do with it?05:15
mattiasSlicerDicer:  you know the grass is always greener on the other side, the temptation for more ..., just to clarify ...05:15
_AndrewTack122, Is your HD still working, sounds borked to me05:15
flybackexternal ?05:15
Crshmananyone have any creative ideas on finding what the deepest directory is within a filesystem?05:15
flybacksata or pata?05:16
odinanyone knows which hinter is the default in ubuntu 7.10? autohinter or bytecode interpreter?05:16
Tack122It works fine in windows05:16
mattiasokey guys thank you for all input, i will give azureus a try and look at miro if that can do anything  ...05:16
nethakzCrshman, /05:16
mattias thanks all ...05:16
nickrudSlicerDicer did you do   sudo depmod -a ?  (might not have been part of your compile/installation05:16
robert___1111finally thanks everything worked05:16
travisatCrshman: just out of curiousity why?05:16
_AndrewTack122, Or you don't have it plugged in, or it's formatted a windows partition and doesn't want to get rid of it05:16
robert___1111the reason why i did it was to get moonlight plugin working05:16
robert___1111anyone done this?05:16
flybackwhat chipset is the pata controller05:16
chris42050707flyback: is in normal for 7.10 to put ide in the scsi category?05:16
flybackwith sata ide for sure05:16
Crshmanbecause there is a directory on mysystem that's super deep (maybe multiple directories) and i need to get in there and fix it...05:16
dmsupermancan _anybody_ help me figure out how to get xserver running dual monitor in xinerama or in twinview?05:16
SlicerDicernickrud: yeppers done depmod -a05:16
Tack122It is definitely plugged in.05:16
chris42050707hmmmm good question the guts are out of a dimension 300 from dell.... its running a dual core p405:17
Crshmani made a script to move files around from the lost+found but the first incarnation of the script wasn't so.....nice haha05:17
SlicerDicernickrud: no idea why its not working05:17
flybackwell find out05:17
mattiasguys guys is there a way to get printer driver for windows to work in linux, i have an lexmakr wireless printer andi have not find any driver for it yeat ...05:17
_AndrewTack122, You could try deleting the partition05:17
tritiumdmsuperman: xrandr has superseded at least twinview, and I believe xinerama as well05:17
nickrudodin autohinter, see /etc/fonts/conf.avail/10-autohint.conf05:17
Tack122Okay, how would I go about that?05:17
gort42k1dugar: you'll be hard pressed to find an app to pull firmware off a device unless it was coded from the manufacturer or some 3rd party05:17
dmsupermantritium: how do i get that?05:17
Soleonehey, can anyone suggest a simple but sylish mysql-client for gnome?05:17
flybacktritium: stfu05:17
odinthanks nickrud!05:17
flybackyou are so damn unstable05:17
travisatCrshman: ah well the easiest way I can think of is a perl script that parses every single file and counts slashes05:17
chris42050707flyback: hmmm thats got me scratching my head as welll because of tghe fact that on my last machine it showed ide as exactly that IDE lol05:17
flybackblow an electron out your ass05:18
_AndrewTack122, ah, on the live CD you said you had media/sda ?05:18
* flyback ducks05:18
_AndrewTack122, Is that your disk?05:18
tritium!language | flyback05:18
ubotuflyback: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:18
* nickrud wonders if crit mass is achieved ;)05:18
Crshmanhmmm not to familiar with perl.....but that's a good idea...i can implement that in php =P05:18
gort42k1dugar: if you asking is the some widget out there to backup the firmware on your device...I have not heard of one05:18
tritiumdmsuperman: you already have it05:18
dmsupermantritium, i mean, how can i use it05:18
Tack122./dev/sda accually05:18
flybackandf mabye you need to try disabling ide-scsi emilation05:18
flybackif it's not working05:18
_AndrewTack122, So that's the disk you want to use for Ubuntu?05:19
chris42050707hmmm how would i go about that?05:19
flybackoption on boot05:19
flybackbeen a few yrs since I checked05:19
tritiumdmsuperman: here's one good tutorial: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1205:19
SlicerDicernickrud: should it be located in the /lib/modules/2.6.20-16-generic? somewhere in there?05:19
flybackno it's a linux thing05:19
tritium!enter | flyback05:19
ubotuflyback: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:19
carlzenoxhow do i play .avi on ubuntu?05:19
mattiasanyone here have an lexmark all in one printer/fax/scanner that works on linux ?05:19
dmsupermanthanks :D05:19
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:19
Tack122I think so, yes.05:19
travisathaha encoding 4 videos to xvid and my cpu temp isn't going over 50c05:19
_AndrewTack122, Click on sda folder and click unmount05:19
chris42050707hmmmm aight let me run a google search on that!!05:19
nickrudSlicerDicer in  /lib/modules/$(uname -r)  (probably what you just said)05:20
flybackwell first05:20
flybackrun lspci05:20
flybacktell me who makes your ide controller05:20
tritiumdmsuperman: also, http://intellinuxgraphics.org/dualhead.html05:20
_AndrewTack122, Then try running the installer again05:20
mattiascarlzenox: use vlc player ...05:20
chris42050707one sec05:20
SlicerDicernickrud: yeah they are not located there they are in stupid place ;-)05:20
_AndrewTack122, Does it pop up now?05:20
travisatmattias: I have actually found some avi's that vlc won't play05:20
odinnickrud: do you know if bytecode interpreter is compiled in ubuntu 7.10?05:20
nickrudodin now that, I'm not sure05:20
Tack122Wait, where it it that you want me to click the /dev/sda at? I see it in the installer manual partitioning section, nowhere else, and that doesn't have an unmount option.05:21
mattiastravisat:  rellay the file is not corrupt in any way ?, for me all works ...05:21
odinnickrud: ok! thanks for the info!05:21
mattiasreally ?05:21
carlzenoxmattias: sudo apt-get install vlcplayer ?05:21
chris42050707flyback:  82865G/PE/P05:21
_AndrewTack122, on the live CD click places -> sda05:21
flybackok intel that';s fine05:21
flybackno promise stuff right?05:21
travisatmattias: I think it was divx6 can't look now my system is bogged down,  works with mplayer and wincodecs05:22
Tack122That isn't a choice in places.05:22
chris42050707flyback: hers right from the terminal00:1f.1 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) IDE Controller (rev 02)05:22
mattiasthe best is go to applications-> add/remove programs and search for vlc, let me check ...05:22
_AndrewTack122, it's the menu on the top of the OS05:22
chris42050707i guess so lol05:22
flybackyeah that's not th eproblem then05:22
ZoiXHow I can copy the images in a directory and its directories?05:22
Tack122Yes, sda is not a choice there.05:23
flybackso I would next time out about if it';s ide-scsi emulation that is the issue05:23
ZoiX:o... excuseme, copy the images of a directory and its directories05:23
carlzenox mattias: ok05:23
chris42050707ok cool i just googled that too hehe05:23
_AndrewTack122, Are your satas still unplugged? Nothing plugged in but the IDE hard drive?05:24
mattiascarlzenox:  yes go to application->add/remove ... type in search vlc and it will display vlc media player if i n ubuntu 7.10 ...05:24
bookmark_does anyone know if or what cyphers for luks and cryptsetup are supported on the live cd?05:24
Abhayhi all05:24
chris42050707you think if i turn that off my optical probs would solve themselves?05:24
carlzenoxmattias: yes sirr05:24
flybackI dunno05:24
chris42050707ill give it a try05:24
chris42050707be back in a few05:24
bookmark_it says you can specify a cypher, and lists like 4 or 5 of them05:24
bookmark_but i dunno if ubuntu has em05:25
mattiasyou will find in ther but maybe as well with sudo apt-get might work as well, i prefer to use the graphical interface ...05:25
travisatmattias: it happens to be an xvid file and ffmpeg works but vlc's internal decoder doesn't05:25
Tack122Yes, they are unplugged entirely the only other thing aside from the IDE hard drive would be the IDE based CD drive.05:25
mattiastravisat:  xvid ???, let me check something ...05:25
travisatmattias: I am trying to get more exact codec05:25
oxeimonso I connected an external harddrive via usb, copied something onto it, and once the copy was finished, I disconnected it(without manually unmounting). Now when I reconnect it, it says that it cannot mount volume: "Unable to mount the volume 'STORE-IT'. Record 5 has no FILE magic: Input/output error Failed to mount '/dev/sdb1':Input/output error NTFS is either inconsistent, or you have hardware faults, or you have a SoftRAID/FakeRAID hardware..."05:26
_AndrewTack122, Then that'll be the hard drive you want to install on.. what are your options when it comes to formatting?05:26
dmsupermantritium, do you know much about randr?05:26
oxeimonhow do I fix that?05:26
mattiastravisat:  let me check i would bet ubuntu have xvid codec to install but let me check05:26
egcanybody from mountain view?05:26
Tack122I don't seem to have any options within ubuntu, though there is no data on it that I care one bit for if that is what you mean.05:27
travisatmattias: it is installed vlc uses its own codecs05:27
smartfaceHi, everytime I use apt-get my system crashes while trying to upgrade gthumb.  Can I tell it do disregard this package?05:27
travisatmattias: as I said mplayer runs it perfectly05:27
_Andrewsmartface, try updating in the terminal console05:27
mattiashmm okey ...05:27
skelbandCan someone help me with apt-get of ddd?05:28
Soleonehey, can anyone suggest a simple but sylish mysql-gui-client for gnome?05:28
Bassxman1can some one help me? I need to get a Sound Blaster 16 card to work05:28
smartfaceI've done that _Andrew, I tried apt-get upgrade05:28
skelbandI get install-info: No such file or directory for Programming & development tools.05:28
este_Anyone know why my Flash has no sound and videos only play for two seconds then stop until I manually seek (at which point it goes for another two seconds)05:28
mattiashey travisat how can i play .cob files so i can use the menues in the movies ?05:28
mattiastravisat:  .vob ...05:28
smartfaceEverytime the package appears, the system freezes05:28
travisatmattias: ? its avi05:28
_Andrewsmartface, weird, system as in gnome?05:28
smartface_Andrew, yes.05:29
travisatmattias: and vob works in vlc05:29
zcat[1]oxeimon: I think your best bet is plug it into a windows box... ntfs is MSFT's secret filesystem, there's no tools for repairing it from Linux I think05:29
oxeimonzcat[1]: windows doens't recognize it either...05:29
zcat[1]oxeimon: Oh. well, you messed up big ..05:29
tomoyuki28jpI am using ubuntu gutsy on thinkpad x300 with 4GB memory.  The bios shows the memory size is 4GB, but ubuntu says it is just 2GB.  Can you think of any reasons?05:29
mattiaswell but some movies comes with vob files but in my vlc player i can not select option in the beginning of the movie like languiages and subtitles from the movie itself ...05:29
_Andrewsmartface, try ctrl+alt+F1  login update through there and then ctrl+alt+F7 bacj05:29
TerrorismSuxsup yall05:30
TerrorismSuxi got tired of Sabayon crashing on me05:30
TerrorismSuxso i came back to my good ol trusty Ubuntu05:30
zcat[1]oxeimon: if there's nothing you need to recover, you could try reformatting it05:30
robert___1111i have kind of same issue... 4gb of ram installed but only 3.7 recognized05:30
SlicerDicernickrud: I got it under control05:30
mattiastravisat:  just by right click and select subtitle i can select them but than not from the movie itself like ...05:30
flybackthat's normal05:30
TerrorismSuxIm a little rusty on my steps i need to take to update my video drivers.. Nivida05:30
SlicerDicernickrud: always helps if I do things in the right order :/ memory does not always work right sadly05:30
TerrorismSuxNvidia too05:30
flybackyou need PAE support enabled kernel to get around that05:31
flybackor 64 bit mode if your cpu has it05:31
nickrudSlicerDicer that's what a log book is for :)05:31
tehpunkprodigydoes anyone know of the program that will let me dynamically replace a character with a new line in a text file?05:31
chris42050707i guess google ain't good for everything lol05:31
SlicerDicernickrud: logbooks hmm I cant do that :) my memory is too solid however I do mess things up occasionaly heh05:31
skelbandtomoyuki28jp: isn't there a kernel parameter for >2Gb? or sommat?05:31
_AndrewTerrorismSux, apt-get install nvidia-glx05:31
travisatmattias: eh subtitles need to standardize on a single text based format05:31
TerrorismSuxTHATS right! apt-get i remember now05:32
chris42050707anyone know how to turn off scsi emulation?   even google ain't got an answer for that lol05:32
SlicerDicernickrud: mainly cause my handwriting looks like such crap only a truely gifted person could read it... I cant read it half the time :/05:32
TerrorismSuxwith the nvidia-glx package, do i need to download a GUI for it like X-Server?05:32
tomoyuki28jpskelband: I am not sure.  How can I check it?05:32
_AndrewTerrorismSux, What version of Ubuntu did you install?05:33
skelbandtomoyuki28jp: I';ll just check...hang on a mo....05:33
travisatmattias: anyway I think I figured it out the avi was xvid with yuv420p which I think you have to recompile vlc to use it05:33
unstableI did a fresh install of Windows XP on my laptop, then I did a fresh install of Ubuntu, but grub wasn't installed... I don't know why. The windows boot loader is there, without grub.05:33
unstableWhat do I do?05:33
tomoyuki28jpskelband: thanks a lot!05:33
mattiastravisat: i mean in windows media player i can select subtitles and so on from the movie itself but from vlc it does not work ..., okey sounds good to hear ...05:33
kelvin911how to mount ipod shuffle?05:33
kelvin911in deli linux05:33
mattiastravisat:  seems like you have been fighting a bit with vlc :)05:34
mattiaslike i will do with azureus ...05:34
_AndrewTerrorismSux, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, the alternative cd?05:34
TerrorismSux_Andrew, i have Ubuntu 8.0405:34
kelvin911VLC does have subtitle05:35
_AndrewTerrorismSux, Then you already have X installed eh?05:35
TerrorismSuxis it in the applications menu?05:35
Stroganoffunstable: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows05:35
unstableIt is safe to install grub, if I installed WIndows First on a fresh system?05:35
_AndrewTerrorismSux, System -> Admin -> Restricted Drivers Manager -> Tick the nvidia one05:35
unstableStroganoff: I installed Windows first, then Ubuntu.05:35
travisatmattias: well I used to only use vlc, but lately I have been using mplayer, the only problem I have with mplayer is that when you resize using the window controls not 2x etc you lose aspect ration,  but I have found mplayer to actually play videos a little bit smoother then vlc05:35
Stroganoffi know05:35
Flannelunstable: Yes, it'll dual boot no problem.05:36
Stroganoffits safe to install grub05:36
TerrorismSux_Andrew i do not have a "Restricted Drivers Manager"05:36
unstableFlannel: just do "grub-install /dev/hda" ?05:36
Flannelunstable: oh, you didn't install it when you installed Ubuntu?05:36
TerrorismSux_Andrew should i reboot after apt-get install nvidia-glx?05:37
Flannel!grub | unstable, first link05:37
ubotuunstable, first link: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:37
unstableFlannel: no, I didn't notice any choice/option for it.05:37
_AndrewTerrorismSux,  log out and back in05:37
mattiastravisat:  thank you for you comments,   i like that , give something more to decide on what software to use ..., i do not like deluge bittorrent but have a nicue user interface but that is about it ...05:37
unstableFlannel: I didn't "lose" grub, I never had it.05:37
dmsupermandoes anyobdy know why randr might only detect one of my monitors? "xrandr -q" results in a single monitor05:37
Flannelunstable: That's fine, its the same instructions05:37
mattiastravisat: deluge have too many glitches in the software still ...05:37
=== hobbitboy is now known as themime
_AndrewTack122, Did you get it installed?05:38
foibleswhen i load ubuntu from the grub it boots to a root console05:38
TerrorismSux_Andrew Still no Restricted anything05:38
foiblesthis is somewhat trivial, since i'd like it to just boot into X server login05:38
mattiashave to go guys bye and take it cool ...:)05:38
foibleswhats the dealio with this?05:38
travisatmattias: yah I prefer to use a commandline based torrent program in screen so I can detach and restart X server if I have to05:38
Flannelfoibles: Select the non-recovery console options05:38
Tack122No, I am still at the same impasse.05:38
foiblesi attempted to mod my grub yes, but does it some familiar?05:38
chris42050707any one know about scsi emulation?05:38
mattiastravisat:  seems a good choice ...05:38
oxeimonso I just connected my external hard drive to ubuntu, copied something to it, and when the copy was done removed it(without unmounting). Now windows can't recognize it, and ubuntu can't mount it....05:39
_AndrewTerrorismSux, Try apt-get install nvidia-glx then05:39
oxeimonis there any way of forcing a mount of some external device?05:39
mattiastravisat:  see you and thanks have to go and sleep ...05:39
=== administrator is now known as ForzaPalermo
travisatmattias: night05:39
ForzaPalermoHey guys, anyone use vnc over ssh?05:39
TerrorismSuxok ill do apt-get install nvidia-glx again05:39
mattiasyes almoast 12 ...05:39
themimewhats the proper apt-get package name for svn server?  I did apt-cache search svn and theres a bunch and i can't figure out which one it is05:39
_AndrewTerrorismSux, Then you need to edit your xorg.conf and change nv to nvidia under the drivers section05:39
Flannelthemime: subversion05:39
foiblesFlannel, at grub login screen05:39
themimeFlannel: thanks05:40
NekoKunhow to updade PHP 5.1 to 5.2 with apt-get?05:40
Flannelfoibles: You don't login to grub.  But at the grub menu, yes.  You did install the desktop version of Ubuntu, not server, right?05:40
mattiasbye, good night05:40
ForzaPalermoany here use tight vnc with x11vnc05:40
TerrorismSuxis that /etc/xorg.conf?05:40
_AndrewTack122, Why don't you just try Ubuntu via Wubi, it's installed in windows, very easy05:41
jfisherhey everyone05:41
Johneedoehey everyone05:41
Tack122Well, I hadn't heard of that before, but I will give it a shot.05:41
FlannelNekoKun: What version of Ubuntu are you using?05:41
NekoKun6.06 afair05:42
jfisheranyone good with grub/fake raids? i need a bit of help05:42
tony_I installed Mplayer plugin. Unfortunately, everytime I'm running something that Mplayer will work on, it goes stopped! Can someone help me?05:42
Tack122How exactly does that work though? Do I install it while booted in windows then reboot to linux, or what?05:42
unstableFlannel: windows XP is /dev/hda1, my ubuntu is /dev/hda505:42
FlannelNekoKun: Wait a few weeks and Hardy will be out, you can upgrade to 8.04 straight from 6.06, and then you'll have 5.205:42
TerrorismSuxits /etc/x11/xorg.conf right05:42
Tu13eshm, I edited my /etc/fstab to automount a couple external drives, but it appears their /dev/sdx entries have changed.  can I use UUID or something to get around this?05:42
_AndrewTack122, Yup, http://wubi-installer.org/05:43
dmsupermanTerrorismSux, /etc/X11/xorg.conf yes05:43
skelbandtomoyuki28jp: max_addr is the kernel parameter that governs the max physical memory you can use, I think.05:43
Bassxman1can some one help me? I need to get a Sound Blaster 16 card to work05:43
_AndrewTack122, You uninstall it in windows too05:43
neur0ndo you guys prefer Wine or Cedega (i know i asked earlier, but i had to reinstall. didnt get to see answer)05:43
xtevenCan someone please help me with Grub.. I've been googling but it just does not make sense to me. I receive "Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition"05:43
TerrorismSuxsweet my /etc/x11/xorg.conf is empty05:43
NekoKunFlannel: Now, that's a good idea :D05:43
tux97hi johneedoe05:43
dmsupermanTerrorismSux, run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"05:43
skelbandtomoyuki28jp: check your kernel config and see what it is set to.05:43
jfisheranyone know how to enter in a windows partition that is under a 'fakeraid'(nvidia controller) in grub?05:43
dmsupermanit'll run you through and generate a new one05:44
Tack122Ah, I see, I just read through most of the FAQ, seems that it should do the trick.05:44
dmsupermanTerrorismSux, actually, don't05:44
tomoyuki28jpskelband: thanks a lot for your info.  let me check it.05:44
dmsupermanTerrorismSux, I'm almost sure you made a typo in opening that, i doubt you could even be in xserver if yours was empty05:44
Galorecould i use ubuntu for my timemachine?05:44
TerrorismSuxlol no05:44
Tack122Thanks for the help Andrew.05:44
dmsupermanclose it, don't save, and see if the file even exists05:44
TerrorismSuxi dont have xserver-xorg installed05:44
TerrorismSuxit didnt come with Ubuntu 8.0405:44
TerrorismSuxill have to apt get it i suppose05:44
_AndrewTack122, Sorry you couldn't get your harddrive working05:44
uncontrolhey. im thinking about using ubuntu with my next laptop. i'd like to know how hands on it is? i'd like to learn linux without being unusable. i have used gentoo and i cant fix some problems as they are over my head05:45
gort42_Galore: didn't you say that 2 years ago?05:45
Tack122It works, just oddly I suppose.05:45
FlannelTerrorismSux: It's /X11/ not /x11/05:45
dmsupermanis anybody familiar with randr? specifically figuring out why "randr -q" only detects one drive?05:45
TerrorismSuxoh huge x05:45
xtevenCan someone please help me with Grub.. I've been googling but it just does not make sense to me. I receive "Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition"... I am using RAID 105:45
dmsuperman"xrandr -q" *05:45
TerrorismSuxits almost 1am here ... i forget im using case sensitive05:45
xtknightdmsuperman, drive?05:45
Tack122Anyways, thanks again. Bye.05:45
TerrorismSuxso i change the nv to nvidia05:45
_Andrewuncontrol, It's not that difficult as long as you read the forums, etc05:46
Bassxman1can some one help me? I need to get a Sound Blaster 16 card to work. i have no idea of what i am doing.05:46
_Andrewuncontrol, Everyone has different problems.05:46
dmsupermanxtknight, no, i've had dual monitor working before. i'm just not sure what the hell i did in my xorg.conf to make it work :S05:46
xtknightdmsuperman, what video card and drivers?05:46
TerrorismSuxOk i got into the xorg.conf05:46
dmsupermanxtknight, evga 7900GS KO, with the nvidia restricted driver05:46
dmsupermanlatest version, it autodetected and told me to install it05:47
xtknightdmsuperman, nvidia does not use RandR1.2.  you must configure dual-screen with `gksu nvidia-settings`05:47
chris42050707any body know how to disable scsi emulation?05:47
TerrorismSuxSection "Device"05:47
TerrorismSux        Identifier      "Configured Video Device"05:47
uncontrol_Andrew ok that's good. but would you say that it's a good educational introduction to linux?05:47
neur0nhowcome sometimes when i go to shut down, the restart button isnt there? (the options cjhange  slightly..)05:47
dmsupermanxtknight, I can't. When I open it, it says my xorg.conf isn't configured to use nvidia settings, and tells me to run "nvidia-xconfig" and reset X05:47
_Andrewuncontrol, Sure why not05:47
neur0ntheres logaout, hibernate and switch user. but no reboot or restart05:48
xtknightdmsuperman, have you tried this?05:48
uncontrolcool 8)05:48
dmsupermanxtknight, once I do that, and try nvidia-settings again, it says the exact same thing, even though it edits xorg.conf05:48
tomoyuki28jpskelband: how can I check my kernel config?05:48
xtknightdmsuperman, try "sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf && sudo nvidia-xconfig && sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart" (this will reset your Xorg config to nvidia defaults, and restart X)05:48
xtknightdmsuperman, the key might be to remove the current xorg conf.  xconfig otherwise just updates/merges05:48
dmsupermanxtknight, alright, bbias05:49
azukiwhat is fuseblk? (it says it on FS type)05:49
TerrorismSux_Andrew what should i do in my xorg.conf ?05:49
TerrorismSuxi dont see nvidia anywhere05:49
Bassxman1can some one help me? I need to get a Sound Blaster 16 card to work. i have no idea of what i am doing.05:49
xtknightazuki, it's a block device that uses FUSE i think.  seems to be ntfs most of the time05:50
_AndrewTerrorismSux,  Find where it says "nv" change it to "nvidia"05:50
nick123I install restricted modules - 386 and i see the nvadia driver05:50
ubotuFUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems05:50
kelvin911whenever i write a file to my usb floppy, other floppy drives cant read the file?05:50
TerrorismSuxno nv05:50
jfisheranyone know how to enter in a windows partition that is under a 'fakeraid'(nvidia controller) in grub? everything i read seems geared to getting linux installed on a fake raid, and not installing linux/grub on a seperate drive....05:50
kelvin911it only happens in ubuntu05:50
unstableubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo /usr/sbin/grub-install /dev/hda05:50
unstableCould not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device.05:50
kelvin911in xp is fine05:50
unstableWhat is wrong with that?05:50
azukixtknight: ok.. I'll just see if it works in the fstab the05:50
xtknightazuki, what's your goal?05:51
azukixtknight: mounting a drive05:51
unstableHere is my fdisk -l output: http://rafb.net/p/1elZIW92.html05:51
unstableWhat am I doing wrong?05:51
Bassxman1can some one help me? I need to get a Sound Blaster 16 card to work. i have no idea of what i am doing.05:52
xtknightunstable, try "sudo grub-install (hd0,0)"05:52
gort42_Bassxman1: go here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToSetupSoundCards05:52
xtknightunstable, no05:52
xtknightunstable, wait dont do that05:52
xtknightunstable, try (hd0)05:52
_AndrewBassxman1, Try #alsa as well as Ubuntu ... Also look on the ubuntuforums.org05:52
xtknightunstable, (hd0,0) can mess things up.05:52
nick123hey, after the new kernel update i cannot fix, the nvidia i try to install modules... - 386, i see the nvidia driver but when i restar mi pc y got a low resultion screen and askme for video configuration and then i lost the sound05:52
unstablextknight: bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('05:53
oxeimondoes anyone know the windows version of sudo?05:53
oxeimonI'm trying to run "chkdsk /f", but it says that I need to run in elevanted mode.05:53
Scunizioxeimon, try chkdsk /r or /R or /join #windows05:54
TerrorismSuxi found no NV or nv in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, i have already apt-get install nvidia-glx05:54
dmsupermanxtknight, nope, low settings mode now and it still says "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server. "05:54
xtknightoxeimon, visit #windows but you probably need to go into Administrator or something.  generally chkdsking a boot disk requires reboot anyway05:54
TerrorismSuxdid i do something wrong?05:54
xtknightunstable, you're just trying to install GRUB to your MBR right?05:54
oxeimonxtknight: I think I want to chkdsk an external hard drive05:54
unstablextknight: yes, I don't have grub, never had it. I installed windows, on it's marked for boot on /dev/hda1, then I installed ubuntu. but I can't get to ubuntu, the windows boot loader starts.05:54
decayHow do i make a program start on startup? (like fusion-icon(05:55
xtknightunstable, well i assume you're on a livecd.  have you told it where your /boot is?  it's a parameter to grub-install, i think.05:55
_AndrewTerrorismSux, I think you borked it.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:55
xtknightdecay, gnome session properties05:55
unstablextknight: yes, I'm on a livecd.05:55
Scunizioxeimon, this is a windows quesionv  /join #windows05:55
xtknightdecay, system preferesnces sesions05:55
xtknightdmsuperman, interesting.  how did you install the nvidia driver?05:55
unstablextknight: You mean "sudo grub-install /dev/hda1"?05:55
chris42050707flyback: you around?05:55
xtknightunstable, that's a recipe for disaster.  hda1 is your NTFS disk05:56
dmsupermanxtknight, it said "this device requires a restricted driver" or something to that effect. i clicked the box, it said it wanted to install the nvidia driver. i said ok.05:56
xtknightunstable, hold on05:56
TerrorismSuxok Ubuntu 8.04 doesnt have a "restricted drivers manager"05:56
TerrorismSuxim not seeing it05:56
frank_bhow can I know from which ".desktop" file a certain menu entry is loading it's information from?05:56
xtknightunstable, "sudo mkdir -p /mnt/root && sudo mount /dev/hda5 /mnt/root && sudo grub-install /dev/hda --root-directory=/mnt/root"05:56
ScuniziTerrorismSux, for 8.04  you need to /join #ubuntu+105:56
decayxtknight: thank you!05:56
xtknightdmsuperman, ah ok05:57
_AndrewTerrorismSux, you need #ubuntu+105:57
xtknightTerrorismSux, yes it does, it's called jockey-gtk.  unfortunately it's broken right now05:57
TerrorismSuxoh... yeah.. THAT...05:57
TerrorismSuxthe "i love to crash" button05:57
unstablextknight: wow, thanks a lot. I appreciate the help.05:57
xtknightunstable, not a problem.  you just needed to tell it where /boot was so it could properly install the MBR.  i guess something in the MBR is based off of what is on /boot05:58
unstableThat seems pretty complicated series of commands, there should be a gui for that.05:58
xtknight and /boot resided on your hda5 (/)05:58
xtknightdmsuperman, i'm not sure why then nvidia-xconfig is giving you vesa(2d mode), instead of nvidia05:59
xtknightdmsuperman, type "lsmod | grep nvidia", what do you see?  anything?05:59
xtknightdmsuperman, and "dmesg | grep nvidia" ?06:00
xtknightdmsuperman, and "dmesg | grep -i nvidia" ?06:00
xtknightdmsuperman, and what video card do you have?06:01
dmsupermanEVGA GeForce 7900 GS KO06:02
xtknightdmsuperman, "sudo apt-get --purge nvidia-glx-new"06:02
skelbandtomoyuki28jp: I can't think of an easy way to check without looking at your config itself - using make menuconfig of somesuch - perhaps someone else knows?06:02
xtknightdmsuperman, i mean, "sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia-glx-new"06:02
skelbandtomoyuki28jp: sorry - not much help tonight :(06:02
nick__anyone know anything about the mptfs source code?06:03
chris42050707any body good with hardware difficulties?06:03
xtknightdmsuperman, did it actually uninstall something?06:03
xtknight!ask| chris4205070706:03
ubotuchris42050707: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:03
t1n0m3nDoes Ubuntu have a "run dialog" box like kubuntu has?06:04
xtknightdmsuperman, ok.  can you run "gksu restricted-manager" now (hardware restricted manager) and try enabling nvidia again?06:04
Scunizit1n0m3n, alt f206:04
chris42050707asus drw 1608p not recognized by 7.10 ubuntu but recognized as optical device by bios06:04
unstablextknight: ok, I rebooted..and got "grub>", but I wasn't able to get into Windows or into Ubuntu from there.06:04
xtknightt1n0m3n, press Alt F206:04
Lokeyummm  how do i sync a palm tero ?06:04
tomoyuki28jpskelband:  I got it.  thank you so much for your help.  I appreciate it.06:04
xtknightunstable, hmm06:04
Lokeyand i need a program06:05
t1n0m3nxtknight: sweet06:05
dmsupermanthe checkbox for enabled is still checked06:05
dmsupermanshould i restart x?06:05
buzzsawcan ubuntu be set to install with no monitor?06:05
xtknightdmsuperman, umm type "sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf && sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"06:05
Scunizi!install | buzzsaw06:05
ubotubuzzsaw: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate06:05
nick__i have a sansa e260 and i want to delete some files from it while its in mtp mode06:05
nick__what do i do?06:05
dmsupermanam I using the nvidia driver?06:06
unstablextknight: http://rafb.net/p/mbHEHC35.html06:06
xtknightunstable, that's weird i would have at least expected a menu, even if the entries didn't work properly.06:06
dmsupermanxtknight, nevermind, it only has nv06:06
nick123after de kernel upgrade i have no sound06:06
xtknightdmsuperman, we'll get there06:06
xtknightdmsuperman, use vesa06:06
readytoinvadebuzzsaw: google "ubuntu kickstart"06:06
decayHow do i view which hard drive is sda, sdb, sdc, etc?06:06
dmsupermanxtknight, ok06:06
buzzsawthanks scunizi :-)06:06
Lokeyhello i need a palm program06:06
Scunizibuzzsaw, np06:07
xtknightdecay, several ways.  type "df -h"06:07
owen1can i burn avi movie to a cd and watch on dvd?06:07
nick__owen1: yes06:07
chris42050707i guess not... boooo06:07
xtknightunstable, update-grub executed from livedc?06:07
buzzsawyeah computer sat for almost 2 years and video output not playing nice06:07
unstablextknight: yes06:07
decayxtknight: thank you, again06:08
Scuniziowen1, probably with k3b.. it will convert it.06:08
helpfromui have a problem with my ubuntu cuz now i cant see th icon for SHUTDOWN,how do i solve this?06:08
xtevenUbuntu Server running Gutsy 7.10... halts during boot-up at "Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)"..... anyone solve this?06:08
dmsupermanhelpfromu: right click the appbar and add to panel, find the little icon for it and add it back :D06:08
xtknightunstable, can you run the same cmd last time again and then pastebin the output of it?06:08
xtknightunstable, "sudo mkdir -p /mnt/root && sudo mount /dev/hda5 /mnt/root && sudo grub-install /dev/hda --root-directory=/mnt/root"06:08
xtknight!info acidrip | owen106:09
ubotuowen1: acidrip (source: acidrip): ripping and encoding DVD tool using mplayer and mencoder. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.14-0.2ubuntu5 (gutsy), package size 63 kB, installed size 308 kB06:09
dmsupermanxtknight, i selected vesa, it said "md5sum: /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory06:09
dmsuperman" and the script ended06:09
unstablextknight: http://rafb.net/p/zCbPSl10.html06:09
xtknightdmsuperman, type "file /etc/X11/xorg.conf"06:10
xtknightdoes it exist, then?06:10
xtknightdmsuperman, then i guess you can restart x06:10
jarrettgreenHey all. I usually have no problem finding a good tutorial and info for whatever I need to do. I'm having a hell of a time trying to find a god setup (with no comments of Didn't work for me!) to set up a CalDav server in ubuntu. Anybody have one running?06:10
xtknightunstable, please pastebin /mnt/root/boot/grub/menu.lst06:10
dmsuperm1nxktnight, i'm here in irssi06:10
xtknightdmsuperm1n, ok.  you should be able to get into X with that vesa config, though, right?06:11
xtknightyou'll need to06:11
chris42050707any good hardware minded people in here?06:11
dmsuperm1ni can get in, yes, but it's low settings06:11
xtknightthen we'll try restricted drivers once again.06:11
unstablextknight: here is the map file: http://rafb.net/p/r7tZi896.html06:11
unstablextknight: and as far as menu.lst, "cat: /mnt/root/boot/grub/menu.lst: No such file or directory"06:11
xtknightah hmm that's a problem06:11
helpfromudmsuperman: i can see that icon for shutdown but when the square window appear only LOGOUT, SwitchUSer, Hibernate,Lock Screen and Suspend is there with no SHUTDOWN icon06:11
jarrettgreenOr know of any other cheap CalDav solutions (hosting, etc.)06:11
Scunizijarrettgreen, have you seen this.. http://www.nabble.com/:-linux-installation-on-ubuntu-7.10-td14692558.html06:11
Z21hi how do I install Ubuntu 7.10 via the command line?06:12
xtknightunstable, try sudo chroot /mnt/root06:12
xtknightunstable, after that, "sudo update-grub"06:12
dmsupermanxtknight, i'm back in x. want me to enable restricted nvidia driver again?06:12
xtknightdmsuperman, yup06:12
travisatZ21: do what?06:12
xtknight!alternate | Z2106:12
ubotuZ21: The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal06:12
t1n0m3nIs there a trick to keep my laptop from blinking the screen black randomly?  Ubuntu 7.04, Dell M90, NVidia Quadro FX 2500.  It does not blink under kubuntu06:13
nick123try the restricted modules -386 and tellme if its works06:13
unstablextknight: http://rafb.net/p/vooCuc27.html06:13
unstableDo yes I assume?06:13
jarrettgreenZ21 -> http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_server_ubuntu7.1006:13
dmsupermanalright xtknight, it needs a computer restart06:13
dmsupermanshould i do that or wait?06:13
xtknightunstable, affirmative06:13
xtknightunstable, except root device seems wrong.  i guess we can fix this when you pastebin the resulting menu.lst06:13
xtknightdmsuperman, just needs X restart06:13
dmsupermanrestart, then?06:14
xtknightdmsuperman, x restart yea06:14
dmsupermanit stills says it needs a pc restart06:14
vasuviI haven't booted up into Ubuntu (Hardy) for a couple months.  Would a dist-upgrade bring me up to date with the (almost) release version with no problem, or would you recommend an install from scratch?06:14
xtknightdmsuperman,  oh well you can do that later for now ignore it i guess06:15
Z21so there's no way to install ubuntu via the command line using the standard cd?06:15
xtknightdmsuperman, "gksu nvidia-settings" does it work now?06:15
dmsupermanno, same error06:15
unstablextknight: Do I "exit" out of this chroot? or just close the terminal?06:15
jarrettgreenCalDAV server ... anyone?06:15
Scunizivasuvi, you should ask that in #ubuntu+106:15
xtknightdmsuperman, this is nvidia-settings NOT nvidia-xconfig.06:15
vasuviScunizi: Oops, I realized that after I typed it06:15
dmsupermanxtknight, right06:15
xtknightdmsuperman, hmm what errors? :\06:15
dmsuperman"You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server. "06:16
xtknightunstable, can you paste the menu .lst from /boot/grub/menu.lst06:16
xtknightunstable, under the chroot06:16
xtknightdmsuperman, ok.  type "dmesg | grep -i nvidia".  anything?06:16
xtknightmaybe you do need to reboot...06:16
xtknighti dont know why06:16
xtknightdmsuperman, go ahead and reboot06:16
xtknightthe machine06:16
dmsupermanalright, bbias06:16
unstablextknight: http://rafb.net/p/pOplOf31.html , Windows XP isn't listed.06:17
barikulkol_pogi_can i install yahoo windows version in freespire using wine?06:17
xtknightunstable, can you post /etc/fstab from under the chroot as well?06:17
barikulkol_pogi_can i install yahoo windows version in freespire using wine?06:18
helpfromuanyone in here knows how to add SHUTDOWN icon? i only see LOGOUT, SwitchUSer, Hibernate,Lock Screen and Suspend is there with no SHUTDOWN icon06:18
barikulkol_pogi_i'm having had problem running yahoo messenger in wine06:18
barikulkol_pogi_can anybody help?06:18
nick123barikulkol_pogi_: nop, you cant, you isntall the program but i dont know why you can not get conected06:19
Scunizibarikulkol_pogi_, use pidgin.. yahoo messenger won't run in wine that I  know of..06:19
unstablextknight: http://rafb.net/p/pQrSzj76.html06:19
tux97barikulkol_pogi_ i use pidgin06:19
owen1will my dvd player display subtitles (srt file)?06:19
barikulkol_pogi_pidgin had no webcam nor voice support06:19
dmsuperman_xtknight, back06:19
tux97i see06:19
nick123use, gizmo, has voice supoert06:19
nick123use, gizmo, has voice supoourt06:20
barikulkol_pogi_gyachi wont connect on freespire06:20
dmsuperman_xtknight, and nvidia-settings still gives same error06:20
barikulkol_pogi_does gizmo connect to yahoo messenger?06:20
xtknightunstable, findfs: Unable to resolve 'UUID=a49d8d54-14cb-4082-b585-18d7ec4b2ae5'06:20
helpfromutux97: Scunizi : pidgin has no webcam and mic feature that is what it locks06:20
helpfromugyachi cant detect some of the webcam either nor mic06:20
xtknightunstable, can you replace the UUIDs in your /etc/fstab with /dev/hda... etc06:20
dmsuperman_xtknight, and "dmesg | grep -i nvidia" still has no results06:20
unstablextknight: ok06:20
nick123and works wiht gtalk2voiip06:20
Scunizihelpfromu, yep.. skype, ekiga and there's others..06:20
K4k-laptopok, so I have enlightenment 16 installed because I couldn't get 17 to install, however, I can't seem to change the themes, anyone use it or can help me?06:20
owen1do i need to embbed the srt file in the .avi so my dvd will show it?06:20
tux97helpfromu well what are we suppose to use then06:20
xtknightunstable, so should be like that http://rafb.net/p/Ltl1Qz97.html06:21
piscai have problem to install ymessenger.. cause library package xlibs and libssl can't install,,, what the problem ???06:21
nick123so you can chat wiht msn, yahoo and google06:21
xtknightdmsuperman, weird.  i dont understand.  are you on Gutsy?06:21
dmsupermani'm on 7.1006:21
dmsupermanxtknight: whichever that is06:21
helpfromutux97: use windows if a person needs webcam and mic, and a feature to group send a message :D06:21
owen1K4k-laptop: i just installed ubuntu-desktop since i didn't want to deal with e.06:21
xtknightdmsuperman, type "sudo modprobe nvidia".  anything?06:21
unstablextknight: Here is my new fstab: http://rafb.net/p/gKZoud17.html06:21
xtknight7.10 is gutsy06:21
* Scunizi thinks theres a team of ymessenger users here.06:21
DanielRM_Erm, what about restricted drivers?06:21
barikulkol_pogi_there's a bug regarding sounds on onboard sounds on gutsy06:21
dmsuperman_"FATAL: Error running install command for nvidia"06:22
K4k-laptopI have gnome installed, but I wish to change the themes, I made a ~/.enlightenment/themes dir and put the themes in there but I don't see them on the themes changer thing06:22
tux97ok helpfromu i was just wondering i have both ty for clearing it up for me06:22
xtknightunstable, ok looks good.  save it.  now run "sudo update-grub" inside hroot06:22
owen1how to display subtitles on my dvd player? can it read srt file just as totem?06:22
=== flyback is now known as f1yback
xtknightdmsuperman, now type dmesg|grep -i nvidia06:22
barikulkol_pogi_i have tried linux mint, fedora, and lots of others, but what i am using now is freespire, it works better06:22
barikulkol_pogi_it has mic06:22
unstablextknight: sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu06:22
xtknightunstable, try w/o sudo06:23
barikulkol_pogi_it has nvidia graphics06:23
dmsuperman_xtknight, no. what do you think that fatal error meant?06:23
xtknightdmsuperman_, nothing from dmesg?06:23
barikulkol_pogi_problem is i can't install yahoo messenger06:23
helpfromui hope coders of linux or open source can let this ym webcam and mic run properly06:23
dmsuperman_xtknight, no06:23
owen1how to show subtitles on tv?06:23
Scunizibarikulkol_pogi_, do you have an ubuntu related question .. if not please take  it to #ubuntu-offtopic06:23
xtknightdmsuperman_, type "sudo modprobe -i nvidia" any luck thi way?06:23
nick123there is no way to install yahoo, i want to install to because i have voip acaunt06:23
dmsuperman_xtknight, "FATAL: Module nvidia not found."06:23
JimboHow do I make Ubuntu load without desktop environment and provide telnet server06:23
helpfromui guess we have to wait for another 3 years for this webcam and mic to work properly on linux/*bsd06:24
owen1does dvd player display subtitles just like totem does?06:24
barikulkol_pogi_yahoo keeps on changing the way their messenger works neglecting other 3rd party clients06:24
xtknightdmsuperman_, well "sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia-glx-new".  apparently your only option is to use drivers from nvidia.com manually.06:24
barikulkol_pogi_they keeps neglecting open-source, yet they owe so much from it06:24
nick123you have those things in gizmo or pidgin06:24
Scunizinick123, maybe if you're lucky Yahoo will create a sip compatable  messenger so they are more compatible with the rest of the world.06:24
barikulkol_pogi_can i use gizmo in yahoo messenger?06:24
xtknightdmsuperman_, the drivers included with Gutsy 7.10 are too old for you card.06:24
xtknightdmsuperman_, Hardy beta would support it , probably06:25
nick123what you mean06:25
dmsuperman_xtknight, doesn't apt-get get them from the internet?06:25
barikulkol_pogi_better use linux mint, it's what ubuntu should be!06:25
barikulkol_pogi_even had compiz-fusion06:25
Scunizibarikulkol_pogi_, dude.. you're in the wrong room..06:25
xtknightdmsuperman_, yes, but it only gets them from the supported ubuntu repositories which may contain older "stable" versions of software so that Canonical/Ubuntu can support them.06:25
barikulkol_pogi_98% of linux mint is ubuntu06:25
nick123someone know how to fix the nvidia after kernel update06:25
Scunizinick123, are you on Gutsy or hardy?06:26
barikulkol_pogi_why am i wrong?06:26
dmsuperman_xtknight, alright. the nvidia website has this .run file, is that what i need?06:26
xtknightnick123, amd64?06:26
xtknightdmsuperman_, yea06:26
barikulkol_pogi_i just downloaded ubuntu studio06:26
xtknightdmsuperman_, 169.12 i assume06:26
Scunizinick123, hardy support is in #ubuntu+106:26
barikulkol_pogi_installation is so so so slowwwwwwww....06:26
dmsuperman_xtknight, how do i run it? it seems the default option has been stolen by wine06:27
xtknightdmsuperman_, did you download the right architecture?06:27
DanielRM_For restricted drivrt manager06:27
barikulkol_pogi_installation is so so so slowwwwwwww....06:27
dmsuperman_Linux 32-bit and got the .run file listed under06:27
barikulkol_pogi_in ubuntu studio06:27
Scunizi!ops | barikulkol_pogi_06:27
ubotubarikulkol_pogi_: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpatrick or jussi01!06:27
DanielRM_goto: System->Administration->Hardware Drivers06:27
xtknightdmsuperman_, first we need to install tools to build nvidia drivers.  type "sudo apt-get build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)"06:28
Madpilotbarikulkol_pogi_, can the repeating06:28
barikulkol_pogi_i am not repeating stupid06:28
ompaulyou were06:28
owen1how to embbed subtitles in a movie?06:28
chris062689Is there any way to slim down a Kubuntu install for my Eee without getting rid of a ton of programs?06:28
tommmiedwhats a really good game for linux that's in the repos ?06:29
Scunizichris062689, you could try installing ubuntu minimall then add the kde desktop and whatever software you want.06:29
consfearacyowen1, make sure the subtitles are in the same dir with the movie and named exactly the same except the extension06:29
stdintommmied: there are a few (see /msg ubotu games) but I like frozenbubble06:29
ompaultommmied, depends on what you want - try apt-cache search game | less and see what captures your imagination06:29
RainMakesMeWetfrozen-bubble is awesome06:29
owen1consfearacy: i want to burn it on cd and play on my dvd player and tv. will it work?06:30
dmsuperman_xtknight, it asks for the 7.10 cd in "/cdrom" only my cd drive is "/media/cdrom1"06:30
xtknightdmsuperman, yikes. disable cdrom in system->admin->software sources06:30
xtknighti wonder if your apt-get was even updated when we tried this06:30
* xtknight sigh06:30
consfearacyowen1, if you burn it as files, it wont work.. you have to convert it to vcd or dvd format... for that you need dvd-authoring software to make dvd... and I dont know what for vcd06:30
dmsuperman_how can we be sure?06:31
buzzsawlooks like i dont have to install with no monitor afterall :-)    video works afterall06:31
xtknightdmsuperman, first disable cdrom06:31
xtknightin software sources06:31
LokeyI need help hot syncing my palm tero to my computer can anyone help?06:31
bazhangLokey: this is gutsy?06:31
xtknightdmsuperman, now in the terminal type "sudo apt-get update"06:31
hurrrtinhi guys :) I am trying to sudo apt-get install vmware-server in gutsy 64-bit, and I get this error: http://pastebin.com/m6a388b706:32
xtknight"sudo apt-get upgrade" after that06:32
Lokeybazhang: wat do you mean06:32
capiCrimmhow can I have the system control a launcher icons size?06:32
xtknighthurrrtin, odd. could be a packaging bug06:32
bazhangLokey: what does lsb_release -a say in the terminal for you06:32
dmsuperman_xtknight, the update said "Fetched 3B in 1s (3B/s)" at the bottom, and the upgrade didn't upgrade anything06:32
* Scunizi thinks bazhang takes power naps throughout a 24 hour period. 15min @ a time06:32
bazhangScunizi: ;]06:33
xtknightdmsuperman, ah so it wa supdated.  ok now do06:33
xtknightdmsuperman_, first we need to install tools to build nvidia drivers.  type "sudo apt-get build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)"06:33
unstablextknight: ok, I have a normal grub menu now, and I can boot windows XP from it, but I can't boot into ubuntu or memtest06:33
xtknightunstable, ok well ideally i would have seen the menu.lst after you edited /etc/fstab and re-ran update-grub?06:33
xtknightdmsuperman_, alright.  so now sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:33
hurrrtinxtknight: Is there a way to tell dpkg to disregard the errors and proceed?06:33
stdinhurrrtin: you'd have to remove the lib32rsvg2-common package to install the vmware-server package06:33
Lokeybazhang: i dont understand06:34
xtknighthurrrtin, yes.  sudo dpkg --force-all -i pkgname...06:34
xtknighthurrrtin, if you want06:34
dmsupermanxtknight: it's stopped06:34
xtknightseems fine to me in this case06:34
bazhangLokey: is this version 7.10 (gutsy gibbon) of ubuntu?06:34
xtknighthurrrtin,  that deb came from vmware.com didnt it?06:34
xtknightdmsuperman, alright.  now cd to the dir where you saved the .run drivers06:34
hurrrtinxtknight: no, from apt-get...06:34
xtknighthurrrtin, oh might be a bug then06:34
stdinhurrrtin: using --force* with dpkg may not be a good idea, as any upgrade to vmware-server or lib32rsvg2-common will produce the same error again06:34
dmsupermanxtknight: k06:35
Lokeybazhang: Yea06:35
hurrrtinstdin: remove --purge 'ing that lib worked.06:35
xtknightdmsuperman, then "sudo sh NVIDIAxxxx...run"06:35
Scunizihurrrtin, you're better off getting the server version directly from vmware.. then you  won't be stuck with "appliances"06:35
bazhangLokey: and the name of the device is the palm Tero? that is the exact name? no numbers or anything else?06:35
noy_need some help  heres the read #5 on this web page called make it permanent how would i do this.. http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/Networking/Connecting_to_XBox_Live_through_a_linux_computer_connected_to_a_wireless_LAN06:35
xtknightScunizi, server in the repo can't create VMs?06:35
noy_*heres the problem06:35
xtknighti thought it was player that couldn't make vms06:36
Lokeybazhang: palm tero 75506:36
xtknightim surprised server is even in the repos tho06:36
Scunizixtknight, I've only seen viewer in the repos06:36
dmsupermanxtknight: should it download a kernel interface for me?06:36
xtknightScunizi, that's why i was puzzled06:36
bazhangLokey: okay let me check something, hang on a sec06:36
hurrrtinScunizi: I think its ok if you got a serial directly from vmware06:36
unstablextknight: http://rafb.net/p/EbVpV765.html .. hmm something is wrong with the ubuntu/memtest ones, it shouldn't be 0,0, I don't know why update-grub made it that way.06:36
Lokeybazhang: thx06:36
stdinxtknight: I think it's in canonicals repo06:36
Jordan_Uxtknight, You should probably execute it directly rather than through sh, otherwise dash will be used despite any #! line ( if it's a script )06:36
Scunizixtknight, player that is06:37
xtknightunstable, well make /dev/hda1 /dev/hda5 and make 0,0 to 0,406:37
noy_If you restart your computer, you will lose all of these sei have to make a custom startup script for whatever distro i am using (for slackware, open the file /etc/rc.d/rc.local)06:37
xtknightunstable, only possible solution i see to your problem right now06:37
bazhangLokey: is that the tero or the Treo?06:37
noy_all of these settings06:37
Scunizihurrrtin, it will compile itself on install if  you get it from vmware06:37
xtknightunstable, and i did mean 0,4==/dev/hda506:37
unstablextknight: So edit /etc/fstab or menu.lst?06:37
xtknightdmsuperman, just press enter,enter,enter,enter,enter06:37
Lokeybazhang: Treo my bad06:38
dmsupermanxtknight: alright haha06:38
helpfromuomg got discon06:38
xtknightitll do its dirty job06:38
helpfromuanyways highways06:38
bazhangLokey: no worries just want to be sure ;]06:38
xtknightJordan_U, interesting06:38
xtknightunstable, menu.lst06:38
amenadonoy_-> what is the problem exactly?06:38
helpfromuanyone care to help me how to add SHUTDOWN icon?06:38
xtknightunstable, and i hope that's in your chroot..06:38
unstablextknight: here is my fdisk -l; http://rafb.net/p/JUkLXy74.html06:38
unstablextknight: yes, in my chroot06:38
dmsupermanxtknight: alright, it's installed06:39
xtknightdmsuperman, NOW type "sudo nvidia-xconfig" if you didnt tell it to06:39
helpfromucuz i only see those switch user,logoff and etc but now shutdown icon,06:39
dmsupermanxtknight: should i delete xorg.conf and re-run nvidia-xconfig ?06:39
xtknightdmsuperman, yes06:39
xtknightdmsuperman, delete xorg.conf06:39
dmsupermanxtknight: alright06:39
=== c0Ld_ is now known as c0Ld
noy_amenado i need to make a custom start up script ie: ifconfig eht0 up and have this start when the computer does06:39
dmsupermanxtknight: alright, done06:39
xtknightdmsuperman, now "sudo modprobe nvidia"06:40
dmsupermannothing :s06:40
xtknightdmsuperman, good. no errors.  now type "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start"06:40
hurrrtinthanks for your help guys :)06:40
helpfromuxtknight: what does modprobe do anyway?06:40
xtknighthelpfromu, it loads a module from the kernel06:40
xtknight..into the kernel06:40
xtknighthelpfromu, basically a driver06:40
bazhangLokey: could you look here and see if that is for your palm--> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=2893546&postcount=506:40
amenadonoy_-> have you looked at /etc/network/interfaces ?  man interfaces06:41
xtknightreally you're probing/testing a driver alreadyin the kernel, and seeing if it can give errors06:41
noy_amenado here take a look at this http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/Networking/Connecting_to_XBox_Live_through_a_linux_computer_connected_to_a_wireless_LAN and you will understand oh read #506:41
amenadonoy_-> having auto eth0 on that files should do it06:41
dmsuperman_xtknight, alright, back06:41
noy_amenado basically when i start up my computer it forwards eth0 to wlan006:41
amenadonoy_-> I rather you explain what you need done or explain the problem, im not here to read someone else post06:42
xtknightdmsuperman_, unfortunately you will have to do this every kernel update.  "sudo ./NVIDIA.run"...06:42
Lokeybazhang: how do i run it06:42
kindofabuzzwoot new wine in the repos06:42
noy_okay im gona get kicked06:42
noy_heres 4 lines of code06:42
noy_ifconfig eth0 up06:42
noy_ifconfig eth0
noy_echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward06:42
noy_iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o wlan0 -s -j MASQUERADE06:42
dmsuperman_Command not found. It did, however, show the nvidia splash before showing X06:42
xtknightdmsuperman, if you upgrade to hardy you can use driver manager without using .runs, though06:42
noy_oh thank god06:42
dmsuperman_xtknight, if that means anything06:42
dmsuperman_xtknight, and nvidia-settings finally works!!!!06:42
amenadonoy_-> dont do that, you know you are supposed to paste that in pastebin06:42
xtknightdmsuperman_ :p06:42
noy_well thats the script that needs to start when the computer does :) and i wont paste again here06:43
tommmiedstbin is there any open games that would be comparable to like counter strike?06:43
dmsuperman_xtknight, I LOVE YOU06:43
dmsuperman_I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU06:43
tommmiedor age of empires06:43
amenadonoy_-> have you looked at /etc/network/if-up.d  directory yet?06:43
noy_not yet06:43
dmsuperman_xtknight, you are easily by far the most helpful person i've ever had the pleasure of talking to on any irc channel06:43
amenadonoy_-> please man interfaces okay?06:44
xtknightdmsuperman_, well that's good ;)06:44
RainMakesMeWettommmied: checkout wesnoth, it's not bad. freeciv is like civilzation.06:44
dmsuperman_xtknight, you were helping me and like 2 others at the same time, and never once had the "elitist" attitude so many others have06:44
dmsuperman_do you have a paypal?06:44
xtknightdmsuperman_, dude you have no idea.  that's easy stuff06:44
dmsuperman_xtknight, i know it's easy, but the fact that you were patient and willing to walk me through everything06:45
dmsuperman_xtknight, most people either just give up if it doesn't work immediately06:45
dmsuperman_xtknight, and i do the same thing with xp, i know it's hard remotely troubleshooting :P06:45
xtknightdmsuperman_, ah well yes if it's spyware i wont do it :)06:45
dmsuperman_xtknight, but seriously, msg me your paypal :D06:45
americanhow do i know if i should download the x86 or x86_64 drivers?06:46
xtknightdmsuperman_, but one more person using ubuntu is better for me06:46
americani have a core 2 duo06:46
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4467900&postcount=5 Lokey seems you need to install jpilot and then follow these instructions06:46
xtknightamerican, type "uname -a"06:46
dmsuperman_hehh, my usual response to spyware is "if spybot and adaware can't fix it, you're gettin a reinstall06:46
americanxtknight: thanks06:46
xtknightamerican, at the end i386=x86,  x86_64=amd64/x86_64.06:46
xtknightdmsuperman_, well i am surprised you had the patience.  most USERS give up06:47
chris062689Does anyone recomend ways to slim down my Kubuntu install for my Eee PC?06:47
xtknightdmsuperman_, which is equally frustrating06:47
americanxtknight:  I see 2.6.24-15-generic #1 SMP Tue Apr 8 00:33:51 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux06:47
LewenchI was wondering, if I already have a windows partition with windows XP can I load that from Ubuntu using VMware?06:47
xtknightamerican, yup i*86=x8606:47
americanah thanks06:47
dmsuperman_xtknight, yeah, i'm a hardcore xp user that got frustrated at the BSOD, so i decided to give ubuntu another try06:47
xtknightLewench, dangerously, yes06:47
dmsuperman_i LOVE ssh'ing from work, and apt-get is great too06:47
Lokeybazhang: you there06:48
dmsuperman_so i'm just really trying to understand everything and make it work06:48
Lewenchxtknight, why dangerously?06:48
DanielRM_Im  happy in Vista06:48
xtknightLewench, i probably shouldn't even be telling you yes.  it's a much better idea to make a new VM.  faster, and it won't destroy your local install.  drivers have to be reinstalled and all that, it's a huge mess06:48
bazhangLokey: yes?06:48
ScuniziLewench, there are how to's for that but it's not for the feint of heart.. there is a tool that will convert your current install to a VM so you can use it in a vm in ubuntu BUT you'll run into validation issues.06:48
DanielRM_Vista for me has never crashed06:48
helpfromuthen dmsuperman and xtknight  let's have a group hug hihihihiihii06:48
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:48
dmsuperman_xtknight, more than just fixing this, i was paying attention so i know how things work and i can fix it in the future06:48
xtknightdmsuperman_, did you get dual displays working then?  wasn't that your goal?06:48
DanielRM_and whenever I try and put ubuntu  on it breaks06:49
dmsuperman_DanielRM_: you must be using a different vista than the rest of the world06:49
dmsuperman_xtknight, i only enabled twinview because the other mode required restarting X, but yeah at the very least twinview works06:49
bazhang!vista | DanielRM_06:49
ubotuDanielRM_: vista is the new 'operating system' by the evil overlords from Redmond. For more information, see http://www.badvista.org and !windows06:49
xtknightLewench, allowing VMWARE direct access to the disk is a bad idea in general as well, especially if it crashes.  if a regular VM crashes, you're basically totally safe06:49
LewenchScunizi, what type of validation issues? I guess I should just start from scratch then huh?06:49
xtknightdmsuperman_, ah good06:49
DanielRM_Evil overlords?!06:49
DanielRM_OMFG ROFL06:49
helpfromuwow this EEPC is very cheap and i wish they can add putty or console or shell or terminal so i can do manual way of setting ip or dhcp or do ping or traceroute06:50
dmsuperman_DanielRM_: yes, evil overlords. and vista blows, it's like ME 206:50
DanielRM_That is immature xD06:50
dmsuperman_it's getting skipped over06:50
dmsuperman_look at the dates06:50
dmsuperman_xp will be sold until 201006:50
yigaldoes anyone know about apt pinning and local repositories?06:50
bazhanghelpfromu: just install another distro on there and then you can06:50
dmsuperman_windows 7 will be released in...201006:50
DanielRM_I have a 64 bit copy ^^06:50
xtknightyigal, vaguely06:50
dmsuperman_vista is nonexistant06:50
boumagreetings, ive just installed 7.10 :)06:50
Jordan_U helpfromu You can get to a terminal on the EEPC, hell you can install full on Ubuntu on it ( compiz fusion and all )06:50
Lewenchxtknight, Ah ok. Well right now im dual booting on my laptop. If I setup VMware correctly, I would like to remote windows xp from my laptop, can I move that excess free space to this ubuntu partition?06:50
DanielRM_yigal: use aptitude, it might help06:50
ScuniziLewench, remember after installing Windows you have to "validate" it.. when you have one install on one partition and another in the vm the validation system see's two differnt hardware profiles from the same serial number and chokes .. maybe disableing the ability to update.06:50
Lokeybazhang:i dont understand how to install after the first part06:51
unstablextknight: ok, I got the furthest so far when I hit enter on ubuntu from grub I get, "42.424797 Kernel Panic Not Syncing VFS Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)06:51
helpfromubazhang: but i has 2gig disk space only i guess06:51
yigalxtknight: It's a little convoluted, I won't worry you with the details06:51
xtknightLewench, what do you mean by remote, do you mean run windows inside linux?06:51
dmsuperman_and i love how little i have to reboot06:51
unstableo nevermind, I see, it's root=/dev/hda1, it should be /dev/hda406:51
bazhanghelpfromu: you registered?06:51
dmsuperman_i reboot so little that every time i do i forget to fix my menu.lst06:51
unstableon my menu.lst06:51
helpfromubazhang: what do you mean registered?06:51
xtknightunstable, did you change all the 0,0s and hda1s.  in fact can you post menu.lst now?06:51
yigalunstable: you have to reboot 0.o06:51
unstableor /dev/hda5 rather06:51
dmsuperman_i've had menu.lst pointing to the wrong partition for like 3 weeks, and every time i just manually edit it and boot haha06:51
bazhanghelpfromu: registered on freenode06:51
boumaive got a nvidia 8400gs, and after a google i found the software sources and enabled all, then enabled the restricted driver, to get the closed source nvidia drivers.. but now my resolution max is too low06:51
StPatrickI just installed Compiz, and it says desktop effects could not be enabled. someone help me?06:52
helpfromuJordan_U: really??06:52
xtknightdmsuperman_, i think in menu.lst at the top there's "automagic" options so each kernel update it sets the right root path.06:52
helpfromubazhang: yes i registered my nick here in freenode06:52
Jordan_Uhelpfromu, Yup :)06:52
=== dmsuperman is now known as dmsuperman_irssi
Lewenchxtknight, Yes, basically I have a few programs from work that I need (wonderware, cisco VPN etc) if I can get those to work within VMware there is no need for me to even have windows on this laptop. Im tired of windows. Its bloated, slow, and looks ugly too =)06:52
yigalStPatrick: no sounds like your doing yourself a favor, stay away from compiz06:52
dmsuperman_xtknight, I can't, it has to be specific06:52
helpfromuJordan_U: do you have eepc too? how much is the disk space you got there?06:52
Lokeybazhang: i got it06:52
xtknightbouma, run "gksu nvidia-settings"06:52
ScuniziStPatrick, you need #ubuntu-effects06:52
Jordan_Uhelpfromu, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzzhEs9XGuE06:52
StPatrickyigal,  Regardless, what's wrong with my vid card?06:52
dmsuperman_xtknight, because in my bios, and plugged in, my SATA hdds are backwards06:52
boumaonly 1280x1024, before going to the restricted driver it was at my lcd native 1680x105006:52
StPatrickyigal,  for that matter, what's wrong with compiz?06:52
Jordan_Uhelpfromu, I don't have one personally06:53
dmsuperman_so grub sees the drive as hd1, but ubuntu / windows see it as hd006:53
dmsuperman_so i just have to leave it haha06:53
xtknightLewench, yeah i use windows in vm all the time, no need for host windows unless for games06:53
boumaxtknight: ah, i was wondering why the nvidia config wasnt on any of the menus, ive seen it on other linuxes06:53
xtknightLewench, you can just nuke the windows partitions away then.  and then use gparted to expand your linux06:53
yigalStPatrick: nothing except I find that it's just slow compared to window managers I am comfortable with now, but you should enjoy if you want it06:53
xtknightLewench, or even just reformat the windows partitions as ext3, and place the VM on them.  less trouble.06:53
Jordan_ULewench, I think cisco VPN is supported by network-manager06:53
xtknightbouma, might be in applications->system->NVIDIA X Config06:53
StPatrickyigal,  What other options are there?06:54
boumaxtknight: i have no applications-> system06:54
decayWhat do you guys like better...wine or cedega?06:54
xtknightbouma, otherwise need to install nvidia-settings from repository.  and besides, the shortcut doesn't run it as root so it's better to use gksu nvidia-settings.  otherwise you can only change resolutions, you can't update your X config.06:54
MEtaLpREs_ok im going to sound like a total noob asking this but for some reason i cant figure this out,  how do you run the firefox 3 beta while having firefox 2 installed?  if i run the firefox command it runs 2 not 3 how do i run the command so it starts 3?06:54
LewenchJordan_U, Really? Sweet! I don't know what corporate will say when I tell them I removed windows XP from there laptop and installed linux :-p06:54
bazhangLokey: sudo apt-get install jpilot then sudo modprobe visor and add visor to the list in /etc/modules , then to sync open jpilot and enter usb in the preferences settings step #4 you can read and do yourself I think ;]06:54
boumaxtknight: the console command worked its running06:54
yigalStPatrick: well you can have transparency with a modded metacity, that's nice but I like a very minimal keyboard driven interface, so I'm not so normal06:54
boumaxtknight: but there is no menu item for it, which would have been nice06:54
xtknightbouma, application->System tools ..?06:55
xtknightshould be.06:55
xtknightyou should definitely have some system tools menu?06:55
xtknightmaybe not..06:55
boumaaccessories, games, graphics, internet, office, soundvideo, add-remove06:55
yigalStPatrick: I use Xmonad which has all sorts of window arrangements that at a button the windows move to arrange themselves, I just like it that way06:55
xtknightmaybe need to restart gnome or something.  shoulda beenn in there.06:55
xtknightmake a shortcut06:56
bazhanghelpfromu: many distros will go on there; eeexubuntu, full ubuntu, and others--some work right out of the box and some require some tweaking; you can visit their channel #eeepc for more info or the see the wiki at www.eeeuser.com06:56
Lewenchxtknight, is VMware free? Im seeing things like "purchse" and all that.06:56
xtknightgksu /usr/bin/nvidia-settings06:56
cocox_Hi there, how could i know which model is my mainboard? i know is intel but i need the specific model... i have tried looking in hardware information, system tab in system monitor, and dmesg | grep intel etc... how could i do?06:56
StPatrickyigal,  Heh I see. I love transparency, but meh., i actuall yuse compiz to organize.06:56
xtknightLewench, yes, the version you need, is.06:56
xtknightLewench, VMWare server&player06:56
boumaxtknight: the system menu is separate, but its not under preferences or administration, and ive rebooted06:56
xtknightcocox_, sudo lshw |less06:56
nickrudcocox_  sudo dmidecode lists the part number iirc06:56
xtknightbouma, how did yo install nvidia drivers06:56
yigalStPatrick: yes, for 1/2 a year I liked compiz and then I started to see how a tiling window manager is just better for my needs06:56
dmsupermanwow, seperate X windows is WAY better than whatever i had before06:56
dmsupermanseparate workspaces is sweet06:57
yigalStPatrick: just play, what is your problem with compiz?06:57
Lewenchxtknight, Do you know the latest version?06:57
dmsupermanthat's exactly what i wanted06:57
dmsupermanxtknight, let me just restate that i LOVE you06:57
xtknightLewench, well latest version should be on their site06:57
dmsupermanxtknight, in a totally hetero way of course06:57
boumaxtknight: i went to the system->administration->software sources, enabled all then went to system->administration->restricted driver manager, and ticked the one option for the nvidia driver06:57
xtknightbouma, oh well.  like i say you can still make a shortcut.  it was there for me, at least, but i'm on Hardy06:58
helpfromuwow cool eepc06:58
boumaxtknight: isnt 7.10 hardy ?06:58
boumaxtknight: im using 7.1006:58
xtknightbouma, 7.10 is gutsy, 8.04 is hardy06:58
bazhang8.04 is06:58
boumaxtknight: right06:58
xtknighthardy is still in beta, close to RC(Release Candidate)06:58
dmsupermanwhat's with ubuntu always being X.04 then X.1006:58
xtknightthe months06:59
dmsupermanor am i just crazy06:59
bazhangyear and month06:59
xtknightdmsuperman, every six months starting from whenever they did.06:59
dmsuperman"psh, screw descriptive version names and numbers"06:59
boumaxtknight: can i upgrade from a 8.04cd ( when it finally comes out final.. possibly different number) without reinstalling06:59
dmsuperman*takes another hit* "what should we call this one?" "CRAZY ASS PANDA!!!"07:00
Lokeybazhang: i dont under stand the add visor to the list in /etc/modules07:00
bazhangbouma if you have a seperate home dir07:00
dmsupermanNew, Crazy ass panda Ubuntu 9.0407:00
buzzsawwould it be more advisable to install the desktop or server install.   I plan on using it to filter internet, running a small web server, small game server07:00
boumabazhang: do you mean a separate partion for home ?07:00
dmsupermanoh man, since switching to windows07:00
xtknightdoesn't the server have no gui?07:00
Scunizidmsuperman,  the names come in alphabetical order..07:00
xtknightbouma, yes you can07:01
dmsupermani feel kind of dumb for ever buying that second gig of ram07:01
DanielRM_Server edition07:01
dmsupermanScunizi, so do hurricanes, but they're still stupid names07:01
buzzsawcool :-)07:01
bazhangbuzzsaw: up to you you can install server and add desktop or install desktop and add lamp07:01
xtknightbouma, you can upgrade 7.10->8.04, or you can download 8.04 and then incrementally upgrade into the final version.  you dont need a separate home dir07:01
DanielRM_But when in the CLI initial of the server edition07:01
xtknightunless you're doing option#107:01
xtknightit's preferable, i guess?07:01
Scunizidmsuperman, something we can all ponder/wonder/chuckle at.07:01
DanielRM_sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop07:01
unstablextknight: here is menu.lst and fstab, the latest, I just rebooted and I got the same kernel panic error from this. http://rafb.net/p/n9pXUS78.html07:01
dmsupermanhow can i move windows between x windows?07:01
bazhangbouma right, my bad07:01
unstable42.424797 Kernel Panic Not Syncing VFS Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)07:02
DanielRM_that gives you full nice LAMP and GUI07:02
xtknightdmsuperman, not in separate X screen, you could in twinview07:02
dmsupermanxtknight, i knew there was a catch, crap07:02
knightwisegood morning everyone07:02
Jordan_Udmsuperman, Drag their icons in the bottom right applet or ctrl+alt+shift+arrow key07:02
Lewenchxtknight, VMware Server 1.0.5 looks like its free.07:02
xtknighti had a ban on me?07:02
boumaxtknight: ok thanks, well it seems to be all good now, except i need a couple of hundred meg of patches, and think i might be better off just going to 8.0407:02
unstablextknight: I'm able to boot memtest, and able to boot windows XP, I can't boot ubuntu yet.07:02
DanielRM_Get VirtualBox07:02
xtknightLewench, indeed it is07:02
DanielRM_VirtualBox is free and requires barely any specs07:03
dmsupermanJordan_U: not workspaces, X screens07:03
dmsupermanDanielRM_: AMEN07:03
ScuniziLewench, xtknight it is free.. don't forget to locate the link at the top of the download page to get a serial number/key07:03
DanielRM_Its also cross-platform :)07:03
Jordan_Udmsuperman, AFIK you can't :(07:03
LewenchScunizi, Thanks!.07:03
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
xtknightdmsuperman, cant do what?07:03
Jordan_Udmsuperman, Why do you have multiple X sessions?07:03
cocox_nickrud, xtknight such commands you gave me list a lot of hw information but it doesnt tells me my motherboard model... something like Intel 945 express chipset ... any ideas?07:03
ScuniziLewench, sure.. If you don't' already have it you'll also need to install build-essential07:04
Jordan_Uxtknight, "move" a window from one X session to another07:04
trollehhrm. I'm a little stumped. Cannot get any livecd to read from the cdrom after the boot menu. Just keeps giving me 'failed to enable atapi an'07:04
xtknightcocox_, sudo lshw should, its at the top under product07:04
dmsupermanJordan_U: I wanted to be able to maximize each window to a monitor, and twinview tricks it into using both monitors as a giant widescreen07:04
xtknightJordan_U, oh i think he's mislabeling it and he means screens07:04
MEtaLpREs_can someone tell me how to run firefox 3 while already having firefox 2 installed?  when i run the firefox command it starts 207:04
LewenchScunizi, Which would be?07:04
xtknightdmsuperman, yes07:04
dmsupermanJordan_U, so maximizing maximized to both07:04
bazhangtrolleh: you have it set in bios to look for cd first?07:04
xtknightdmsuperman, you can do that.  let me get you the cmd07:04
dmsupermanwell even better07:04
bazhangMEtaLpREs_: this is gutsy?07:05
ScuniziLewench, sudo apt-get install build-essential.. the c compiler and related stuff07:05
Jordan_Uxtknight, I don't know much about X, what is a screen ( as opposed to a workspace ) ?07:05
nickrudcocox_ isn't it under base board ?07:05
trollehbazhang: yes. It reaches the livecd boot menu fine, just when it tries to boot ubuntu it stops and provides that error message07:05
xtknightdmsuperman, you need to enable twinview and have it not notify Xinerama.   ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/165.33.09/README/appendix-b.html    Option "NoTwinViewXineramaInfo" "true"07:05
LewenchScunizi, Ah ok07:05
xtknightunstable, what's the error tho when you boot ubuntu?07:05
trollehi've tried with noapic and acpi=off, makes no difference.07:05
ScuniziLewench, when going through the install it's pretty much ok to accept all the defaults.07:06
xtknightJordan_U, a screen is a "presentation" device, it's where windows are placed.  sometimes the driver says 2 monitors are one screen ,like dmsuperman  is doing, so he can maximize one window to one big screen07:06
cocox_nickrud, xtknight http://pastebin.com/m41bc93fc this is what i got07:06
xtknightJordan_U, a workspace is higher level, it's more of a gnome thing.  it's just like having two nautilus windows open basically07:06
xtknightJordan_U, and sometimes one monitor per one screen, so windows can not be migrated across both.  they are separate "presentations", and different desktops with the same /home directroy07:07
Scunizixtknight, I know xinerama isn't used in ubuntu now.. but is there a way to accomplish  the same thing for him07:07
dmsupermanxtknight, so the command you just gave me will make the maximize to individual monitors right?07:07
xtknighttwinview has a mode where it binds together two monitors into one screen, or two monitors into two screens07:07
unstablextknight: When I'm at grub, and I hit enter on ubuntu, it says "42.424797 Kernel Panic Not Syncing VFS Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)"07:07
xtknightdmsuperman, no, "true" will make the 2 monitors one big screen and maximize to both.  "false" maximizes to individual07:07
bazhangtrolleh: what about removing the quiet so you can see the complete error list? is this 64bit?07:07
unstablextknight: There seems to be a pointer to 0,0 still, I don't know where though.07:07
xtknightdmsuperman, this is not a command you need to put it in xorg.conf07:07
meoblast001hello... i have a Brother MFC 5440CN printer and when i plugged it in, ubuntu detected it, but it claims it s a text only printer and then it wont print jack........ i did some extremely long and dificult process with my other ubuntu machine and got it to work.. but i dont remember what i di... a little help?07:08
ubotucedega is a project based on WINE, aimed at running Windows games on Linux. For more info, see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cedega07:08
dmsupermanxtknight, but will false allow me to A: Maximize to a single monitor and B: drag between monitors?07:08
xtknightScunizi, yea twinview utilizies xinerama protocl, not xinerama extension.  twinview can be told not to use xinerama protocol, in which case both screens are on emonitor07:08
trollehbazhang: this is what comes up when quiet is removed, and this happens on both 32 and 64bit.07:08
nickrudcocox_ in lshw, I see the host bridge and pci bridge, I think that's where you'll find that chip info07:08
LewenchScunizi, Ok thanks for the heads up.07:08
xtknightcocox_, your motherboard is a Dell 0DT492.  nothing else to see07:08
Scunizixtknight, with drag capabilities between the two?07:08
xtknightScunizi, yea07:08
ScuniziLewench, np problem.07:09
snow_rufirefox in ubuntu works badly07:09
Scunizixtknight, is that also part of xrandr?07:09
snow_rueven the worst browser07:09
xtknightScunizi, twinview is proprietary, not xrandr07:09
bazhangtrolleh: this is a dual boot or only ubuntu; also have you tried the alternate cd07:09
Jordan_Usnow_ru, In what way?07:09
xtknightdmsuperman, "false" enables you to drag, yes.  so does "true". difference is, gnome doesn't know one monitor from the other when it is "true", because it sees only one big screen.  but it's like having a big monitor.  you can drag, right?...07:09
Scunizixtknight, twinview ... isn't that an nvidia protocol?07:09
xtknightScunizi, yeah ati doesn't have it.  i'm not sure what they use07:10
dmsupermanxtknight, i'm in twinview now, and can't drag between07:10
xtknightdmsuperman, you probably didn't restart x07:10
xtknightafter seting twinview07:10
xtknightunstable, i don't know either ;|07:10
dmsupermanxtknight, sorry, i'm in "seperate x screens" now07:10
xtknightunstable, all i can suggest is google, i'm sure that sounds derogatory ;P07:10
xtknightdmsuperman, separate X screens is like two PCs07:11
cocox_xtknight, weird... everything else inside is intel... graphics, wifi, sound07:11
dmsupermanshould i put it back in twinview and check the "enable xinerama" button?07:11
xtknightdmsuperman, "xinerama" disables desktop effects and it's really only useful for very niche circumstances.  use TwinView07:11
=== ufita_ is now known as ufita
trollehbazhang: this is just the livecd. Not even sure if it's ubuntu specific. I'm not looking to do an install.07:11
xtknightdmsuperman, in other words do not enable "xinerama".  but that xinerama you see here has nothing to do with the option i showed you07:12
dmsupermanalright, enable TwinView, then take that command and put it in my xorg.conf (using false for the value)07:12
xtknightdmsuperman, deep down inside twinview still uses some parts of Xinerama.07:12
xtknightdmsuperman, depending on what you want, yes.  "false"->default, two monitors, drag capability.  "true"->default, act as one monitor+drag capability07:12
bazhangtrolleh: you running windows then and just checking out linux?07:12
xtknightdmsuperman, obviously need to put it in right spot in xorg.conf07:12
dmsupermanxtknight, how can both false and true be default :P07:13
trollehbazhang: yup.07:13
unstablextknight: My menu.list, root=/dev/hda5 right?07:13
xtknightdmsuperman, false is default07:13
xtknightunstable, yea07:13
bazhangtrolleh: best to try it via wubi then07:13
bazhang!wubi | trolleh07:13
ubotutrolleh: wubi is Wubi advice here: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=234  and  http://wubi-installer.org  [file wubi bugs here:  https://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug ] (it is included in hardy 8.04 beta CD and will be in the final release)07:13
xtknightDefault: false (TwinView Xinerama information is provided).07:13
cocox_nickrud, i find just intel corporation but nothing else07:13
unstablextknight: in chroot, I can't do "fdisk -l", it says "cannot open /proc/partitions07:14
xtknightunstable, you need to exit it07:14
xtknight /proc is something on the active system, and you're chrooting into a dead system07:14
bazhangtrolleh: with wubi, if you dont like ubuntu then you can remove it via the add/remove in windows07:14
xtknightthose floodbots cause more noise than they prevent07:14
trollehbazhang: thanks. I've set wubi up on another pc, just found the issue with the cdrom bizarre.07:15
bazhangtrolleh: I would suggest trying some other distro livecd's to make sure it is linux and not a hardware issue07:15
dmsupermanxtknight, which section does this command go in?07:15
xtknightdmsuperman, it says on the link They may be specified either in the Screen or Device sections of the X config file.07:16
xtknightisn't dual monitor on fglrx called MergedFB?07:19
nuccoanybody has a clue why rhythmbox grinds my HDD, and then freezes the system when I'm running on battery?07:20
MEtaLpREs_can someone tell me how to run firefox 3 while already having firefox 2 installed?  when i run the firefox command it starts 207:20
dmsupermanwoot :D07:20
StarnestommyMEtaLpREs_: try firefox-3.007:20
xtknightMEtaLpREs_, use the shortcuts instead.07:20
dmsupermandual monitor, seperate panels, maximize to a single monitor, and drag between!07:20
xtknightcommand line for firefox is unreliable due to several reasons07:20
xtknightdmsuperman, :p07:20
MEtaLpREs_what shortcuts?07:20
xtknightdmsuperman, be glad you have nvidia07:20
dmsupermanwhat're the actual names of the bars at the top and bottom of the screen?07:20
xtknightMEtaLpREs_, should have firefox and firefox gran paradiso..07:21
dmsupermanxtknight, i wouldn't do it any other way, ati is terrible :P07:21
xtknightdmsuperman, panels07:21
MEtaLpREs_firefox 3 didnt install its just a folder that extract from the tar07:21
dmsupermanxtknight, do the top and bottom ones have different names?07:21
MEtaLpREs_so theres no shortcuts07:21
xtknightoh brother07:21
xtknightdmsuperman, bottom taskbar, top is main panel i think07:21
snow_ruJordan_U, in the way that it stops responding many times and suddently quit07:21
xtknightMEtaLpREs_, gutsy or hardy?07:21
dmsupermangotchya :D07:21
ChaosParserdmsuperman: gnome-panel07:22
xtknightMEtaLpREs_, well can't really run firefox 3 from firefox.com concurrently with firefox2 in gutsy.07:22
xtknightit's not too easy07:22
xtknighti messed with it never did get it the way i wanted07:22
dmsupermani think i've got near everything perfect07:22
MEtaLpREs_xtknight: i tried installing it from synaptic but that was alpha 8, not beta 507:22
xtknightMEtaLpREs_,  because firefox tries to detect itself and you get profile conflicts, etc.  much easier to use firefox-granparadiso in the repositories, even if earlier rev of FF307:23
dmsupermanonly thing i need now to have a completely operational desktop pc07:23
unstablextknight: Is there a way to re-generate my /etc/fstab? Maybe it's becuase I got rid of the UUIDs and put /dev/hdas07:23
xtknightMEtaLpREs_, hardy has ff beta 5 if you want to upgrade07:23
dmsupermanwell, just a few more things :P07:23
wabiDoverwrite your files in the directory with the ff3b5 ones, it takes 10 seconds07:23
xtknightMEtaLpREs_, it also has FF207:23
xtknightwabiD, not as easy as it sounds07:23
xtknightwabiD, struggled for hours in #mozilla with problems, the two dont even use the same binaries07:23
dmsupermana launchy/quicksilver alternative. Not just for apps, so the run dialog doesn't work. is there a good file indexer with fuzzy name searching and popup dialog?07:23
knightwisequestion , is it possible to install ipcop on a ubuntu server ?07:24
MEtaLpREs_wabiD: i dont want to overwrite 2, i want to be able to still use 2 until 3 goes final, i just wanted to try out 307:24
bazhangapt-cache search ;]07:24
LewenchScunizi, Im downlnoad the Vmserver. Was I supposed to download the VMworkstation?07:24
xtknightunstable, i dont think this is the problem but i got your old uuids i think07:24
wabiDyea install 307:24
knightwisei would like to setup a joint server / firewall combo07:24
xtknightLewench, workstation is a buyable product07:24
ChaosParserdmsuperman: gnome-do07:24
wabiDoverwrite it with minefield from burning edge07:24
ScuniziLewench, nope you got it right07:24
wabiDthen you still have both07:24
dmsupermanlike in windows with launchy i hit ctrl + space and typed "me an live is" and it knew i meant "Metallica - And Justice For All - To Live is To Die"07:24
j3ganyone know a reason or a fix for slow RDP (rdesktop) to a vista ultimate computer? this computer was running XP before and rdesktop was fast as hell.. now that it has been upgraded to vista, RDP seems to be slower than vnc... is there anything on the vista "rdp server" that is unsupported by rdesktop?07:24
dmsupermanChaosParser, will check that out :D07:24
wabiDand its not outdated like the repository07:24
LewenchAh ok thanks Scunizi xtknight07:24
dmsupermannot in repo :'(07:25
ChaosParserdmsuperman: They completely ripped off quicksilver, you'll love it.07:25
dmsupermanhaha awesome07:25
xtknightunstable, also get uuids by typing "sudo blkid"07:25
dmsupermannever used quicksilver, only launchy, but launchy was a more functional quicksilver i've heard07:25
xtknightLewench, virtualbox is cool too, a little more difficult to setup tho i think07:25
meoblast001can someone install http://solutions.brother.com/Library/sol/printer/linux/rpmfiles/cups_wrapper/cupswrapperMFC5440CN-1.0.2-3.i386.deb and tell me why the hell it wont install07:25
ChaosParserdmsuperman: http://do.davebsd.com/  gnome-do learns.07:25
dmsupermanxtknight, nah, i installed it earlier07:25
dmsupermanxtknight, it's as simple as the windows "Virtual PC" program07:26
chris062689Anyone got any tips / tricks on slimming down a Ubuntu install?07:26
dmsuperman_really_ simple to setup virtualbox07:26
xtknightdmsuperman, last time i tried it i had to add users to group and it wasnt really documented07:26
bazhangchris062689: how slim we talking?07:26
xtknightdmsuperman, might be difficult for first timers i donno07:26
dmsupermanxtknight, i don't know about that, i haven't actually installed xp to my vm yet but it was insanely easy to setup initially, apt-get did most of it07:26
chris062689Around 1GB / 2 GB?07:27
chris062689I need it to fit on my Eee.07:27
meoblast001im losing my patients07:27
ChaosParser chris062689 There are eeepc specific versions.07:27
xtknightwell they're losing you too07:27
bazhangchris062689: oh the eeepc; I tried eeexubuntu on there07:27
Scunizi!patients | meoblast00107:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about patients - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:27
dmsupermanmeoblast001, and your ability to spell!07:27
ChaosParserchris062689: http://www.eeebuntu.org/07:28
chris062689Well I was thinking Eeexubuntu but it really just has GNOME apps..07:28
Daisuke_Idodmsuperman, no, you missed the point, he's a doctor about to face a ton of malpractice lawsuits!07:28
bazhangchris062689: there are also non-ubuntu options that work ootb07:28
chris062689Is Eeeubuntu updated regullarly?07:28
chris062689right I was looking at those too07:28
chris062689First time I've heard of Eeebuntu though, I heard of the scriptpacks07:29
ChaosParserchris062689: I'd suggest you go look at the faq on the site.  there;s an iso there.  http://www.eeebuntu.org/07:29
dmsupermanDaisuke_Ido, HARDY HAR HAR07:29
MEtaLpREs_meh, i guess i'll just wait on FF3 then, i will install 8.04 in 12 days then i will try it out,  i dont want to deal with a bunch of BS over this when hardy is so close to release anyway07:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hardy!!! - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:29
MEtaLpREs_thanks anyway for the help07:29
xtknightMEtaLpREs_, or you can install beta now or try livecd now07:29
meoblast001why does it end at (Reading database ... ?????????07:29
xtknightif you wish07:30
xtknightmeoblast001, you probably just need to waita long long time07:30
LewenchYou all think that hardy will cause conflicts with gutsy?07:30
Lewenchwhen you up grade?07:30
meoblast001its 2:30 in the morning07:30
xtknightdont know07:30
bazhangproblem with eeexubuntu is that it just does not look that good and a bit of tweaking is necessary chris06268907:30
jrgpwhat's up with xmms not existing in hardy?07:30
chris062689Ive had Eeexubuntu on it for a while07:30
chris062689But GNOME apps bloat it anyway..07:30
xtknightjrgp,  it's weird isnt it.  replaced by audacious i guess.07:30
MEtaLpREs_nah, i dont like running beta os's even if it is basicly the final version,  everytime i do that i end up with lots of system problems07:30
chris062689So I might as well go for the whole GNOME desktop07:30
meoblast001i could illegally pirate windows, install it, print off everything i need, and delete it in the time its taking me to set up a simple print server07:31
ScuniziLewench, shouldn't but it will mess with vmware server if there's a new  kernel.. pretty easy to remedy though.07:31
meoblast001here goes my stress07:31
LewenchScunizi, Yeah. Well atleast I can backup the vm file and load it on another vmware correct?07:31
bazhangLewench: it will replace it so no conflict ;]07:32
dmsupermanwhere is xbindkeysrc at?07:32
CorbinFoxcan I get help installing Madwifi to get my Atheros card working? i can't seem to get it to work07:32
ScuniziLewench, sure.. a new kernel doesn't distroy things you just need to run the setup again to recompile.. I've been doing it for 2 years since Dapper 6.0607:32
bazhangCorbinFox: which atheros? the 5006 or the 5007?07:32
xtknightdmsuperman, sometimes you need to create configuration files.  usually in ~/, or your /home/user/ dir.  .xbindkeyssrc probably07:33
CorbinFoxbazhang: 5006EG07:33
unstablextknight: I think I'll just reformat with Ubuntu, I'll delete all the partitions except windows and start over. Will I have to re-install grub? or no?07:33
Diurpaneusubuntu romania?07:33
xtknightdmsuperman, note the dot in front of the file name07:33
xtknightunstable, i doubt youll have to reinstall grub, if you install ubuntu AFTER windows07:33
bazhangCorbinFox: what is the busID on that? ubuntu sometimes misses the 5007 and calls it the 500607:33
xtknight!ro | Diurpaneus07:33
ubotuDiurpaneus: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro07:33
LewenchScunizi, Meh, doesn't seem to hard =)07:33
Scunizi!ru | Diurpaneus   I hope this works07:33
ubotuDiurpaneus   I hope this works: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:33
FloodBot2lucy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:33
xtknightru->russian ;)07:33
bazhanglucy stop please07:34
Starnestommy!ro | Diurpaneus07:34
dmsupermanwhat's the Mod button for ctrl? Like, Mod4 is windows/super07:34
xtknightdmsuperman, <Ctrl> i think??07:34
lucyi dont know07:34
unstablextknight: yea, windows is installed, I'm going to delete all the linux partitions, and click the install icon from ubuntu live cd on the desktop, and have it do it's thing.07:34
dmsupermanand once i edit .xkeybindssrc how can i load it so it'll use the shortcuts i just saved in it?07:34
CorbinFoxbazhang: how would i find that out? im looking in the device manager and everything about the card is showing it as the 5006EG07:35
xtknightdmsuperman, generally restart your X session altho i have no idea what you're really doing .:)07:35
dmsupermantrying to make Ctrl + Space run gnome-do07:35
dmsuperman   Mod4+space07:35
xtknightdmsuperman, you can use gconf-editor for this07:35
bazhangCorbinFox: this is internal pci right? that would be in lspci07:35
xtknightdmsuperman, please see http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-create-keyboard-shortcuts-in-gnome/07:36
bazhangCorbinFox: the 5007 has a 160 in the busID07:36
xtknightdmsuperman, might want to delete xbindkeysrc for now07:36
lucyi cant chat07:36
bazhanglucy this is not a chat channel07:37
CorbinFoxbazhang: it makes no mention of busID at all.  but it also says 5006.07:37
nuccolucy: do you wish to chat on the yahoo, or msn network?07:37
bazhangCorbinFox: does ifconfig show ath007:37
nuccolucy: this is a support channel for ubuntu07:38
xtknightdmsuperman, ah hold on, use this link instead http://www.codejacked.com/create-custom-keyboard-shortcuts-in-linux/07:38
lucyso this romm is ?07:38
unstablextknight: I'm at step 7 of 7, on the ubuntu gui installer, it's asking me about boot loader. Should I check the box to install boot loader? and if so, do I want it installed to hd0, /dev/hda1, or /dev/hda5?07:38
bazhanglucy Chinese?07:38
nuccolucy: this is a support channel for ubuntu07:38
lucyim indonesia07:38
CorbinFoxbazhang: well, it says eth0 and before i tried those stupid installation instructions from madwifi, it also said lo07:38
CorbinFoxbut no more07:38
bazhang!id | lucy07:38
ubotulucy: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia07:38
lucythnks friends07:39
bazhangbye lucy07:39
dmsupermanhow can i reflush the shortcuts so my change takes effect07:39
bazhangCorbinFox: and iwconfig shows nothing? how did you lose your lo ?07:40
CorbinFoxbazhang: the instructions told me to do something along the lines of iwconfig xxx down where xxx was all of my madwifi products...i am fairly certain i did sometihng horrible by doing that when i put lo in there.  perhaps i deserve the pain of the scorn of a thousand windows users...07:42
xtknightunstable, hd0 only07:42
unstablextknight: or just /dev/hda, it was on "/dev/hd0" by default.07:42
lucy#hello,help me i forget password root07:42
xtknightunstable, installing to hda1 will kill your whole windows disk07:42
xtknighttrust me i did it07:42
xtknightrecovered data with testdisk thankfully ;)07:43
bazhanglucy there is no root password; use sudo instead with your user password07:43
xtknightnever (hd0,0) or hda1.  only hda or hd0 (MBR-master)07:43
lucyooo...sory im newbe inubuntu07:44
lucyooo...sory im newbe in ubuntu07:44
xtknightaren't we all?07:44
bazhangno problem lucy ;]07:44
bazhangCorbinFox: how recent an install was this? lots of data needs backing up? you will have to undo the damage you did with some editing iirc07:45
CorbinFoxbazhang: i am lucky, i got this laptop two days ago and i still have everything on my other one and backed up several times on two separate external disks07:46
CorbinFoxperhaps it would be easier if i just do a reinstall from scratch?07:46
Bassxman1i need help getting my Sound Blaster 16 to work with Ubuntu07:46
bazhangCorbinFox: do you have the livecd? does that show the ath0?07:47
Diurpaneusubuntu cannot detect my external usb HDD, please if someone can help me to solve this issue07:47
dmsupermanxtknight, do you have msn?07:48
bazhangDiurpaneus: what file system? ntfs? or other07:48
dmsupermanor aim/yim?07:48
CorbinFoxbazhang:  i have the live cd for 7.10 and 8.04 latest beta.  i am told that my sound card issue may also be fixed (possibly, maybe, with a slim chance) in 8.04.  i suppose i will just need to try it07:48
bazhangDiurpaneus: does fdisk -l see it?07:48
Diurpaneusno :(07:48
ChaosParserCorbinFox: I'd hold on hardy till it's released.07:49
bazhangDiurpaneus: this is a free agent usb hd?07:49
xhaleorI'm having trouble getting external USB drives formatted as NTFS to automount in Gutsy - any help appreciated07:49
Diurpaneus? idon't understand07:49
Bassxman1i need help getting my Sound Blaster 16 to work with Ubuntu07:50
bazhangCorbinFox: I would agree with ChaosParser; best to wait on hardy, does the gutsy livecd show ath0?07:50
Diurpaneusis a USB Hatd disk 30 gb,07:50
CorbinFoxi'd have to log off the laptop (im on the laptop in question, plugged in via ethernet)07:50
xhaleorBoth USB disks are over 250Gb07:51
bazhangCorbinFox: just a thought; dont have an atheros myself--best not reinstall if it can be helped07:51
CorbinFoxoi, why can't atheros just have the windows drivers available easily to just ndiswrapperize...*cries*07:51
bazhangDiurpaneus: have you tried unplugging and replugging the drive? what does dmesg show there07:52
Bassxman1i need help getting my Sound Blaster 16 to work with Ubuntu07:52
mettao87i'd like to know if with rhythmbox is possible set up an automatic reload of the storage directory of my audio and video07:52
buzzsawi would like to use my ubuntu box as a firewall before my wireless router   but i dont remember how to setup the network    is there a spiffy little howto on that :-)07:52
dubbytake a pistol and say sound blaster, im going to blast you if you don't work, then make sure you have alsa and see what happens07:53
CorbinFoxbazhang:  well, the reinstall isnt a big deal for me particularly, mostly just some time.  my spring break actually starts this Monday (and as if to reinforce the unfortunate stereotype of linux users) i probably will fiddle with the laptop until it is done07:53
StPatrickUbuntu, Why doesn't my game work? http://pastebin.ca/98203107:53
CtrlAltDhello is there any one with VMware parallel port experience in ubuntu with a win98 virtual machine07:53
Bassxman1i need help getting my Sound Blaster 16 to work with Ubuntu07:53
Diurpaneusdmesg: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62909/07:54
bazhangBassxman1: yes we have seen; if someone knows they will answer07:54
dpk1Hello Everybody!07:54
dubbyStPatrick, cedega07:54
dubbyit might need a reinstal07:55
bazhangDiurpaneus: still no luck with fdisk -l ?07:55
dubbythen a reinstal of your game07:55
bazhangStPatrick: what game?07:55
StPatrickdubby,  What's that mean?07:55
Diurpaneusyou can see the dmseg message here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62909/07:55
StPatrickbazhang,  Even Online07:56
StPatrickbazhang,  Eve*07:56
dubbyStPatrick the error you got was definatly cedega specific07:56
StPatrickdubby,  What is cedega?07:56
CorbinFoxStPatrick: is your game not playable in wine?07:56
dubbywell you must not own the computer, because cedega is a compatability layer between windows applications and games07:56
bazhangDiurpaneus: yes  I saw that; if fdisk cannot see it..hmm is this gutsy gibbon 7.10?07:56
StPatrickCorbinFox,  I never tried wine, they released it for linux 7.107:57
bazhangDiurpaneus: what about mount?07:57
CorbinFoxStPatrick: which game are you talking about?07:58
bazhangeve online07:58
DiurpaneusI tired but is is not in the fstb dosent work07:58
StPatrickCorbinFox,  Eve-Online.07:58
=== ePax is now known as epax
StPatrickCorbinFox,  I meant Ubuntu 7.1 :P07:58
bazhangDiurpaneus: this is a shared hd with a windows box or something other?07:59
=== epax is now known as ePax
CorbinFoxStPatrick: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=9971   eve should be perfectly functional under wine.  give it a try07:59
StPatrickCorbinFox,  WIll do.07:59
Diurpaneusi gest formated the HDD on a XP pc,08:00
StPatrickCorbinFox,   How do I go about uninstalling the version I have installed/08:00
bazhangDiurpaneus: you realize that was an a or b  question?08:00
CorbinFoxStPatrick: howd you isntall it in the first place?08:00
StPatrickCorbinFox,  with the file i downloaded from their site.. I'm pretty new to linux, it just kinda did it's thing.08:00
dubbyStPatrick go to synaptic, search for cedega, and do a complete removal08:01
dubbywhich site?08:01
bazhang!info cedega08:01
ubotuPackage cedega does not exist in gutsy08:01
CorbinFoxStPatrick: so you just double clicked the .exe file from their site and let it try to run?08:01
StPatrickCorbinFox,  The RPM, or whatever Ubuntu uses, yes.08:01
dubbyactually St Patrick...08:01
dubbyThere is a linux client08:01
StPatrickdubby,  I know, That's what Im using. It's not working.08:02
bazhangcedega is not in the repos..08:02
StPatrickCorbin Im trying to tell you they released it for Ubuntu 7.108:02
Diurpaneusis not shared08:02
jarrettgreenHey all. I'm having trouble finding a good install tutorial for a CalDAV server on ubuntu. Anybody have one up and running? Seems like it should be simple, but I'm surpised at the lack of success in my searching, compared to everything else I've found on other stuff.08:03
noodles12can someone help me fix my sound? it randomly stoopped working after using kdenlive08:03
dubbyyou downloaded eve from the site as the linux client and it installed cedega? is that what you are saying?08:04
StPatrickbazhang,  I know. Im using the linux install. The Ubuntu 7.1 install. It's not working.08:04
StPatrickdubby,  I guess. I know I didnt install cedega.08:04
bazhangStPatrick: just backing you up ;]08:04
dubbythe debian package didn't work?08:04
CorbinFoxStPatrick: sorry, i am quite confused then. what did you download? a .deb package?08:04
StPatrickbazhang,  thanks O708:04
dubbyStPatrick the eve download for ubuntu did not work?08:04
dubbythe debian file?08:04
warriI am having touble staying connected to the internet on my Laptop's wired connection, im on a University RESnet System, and i seem to be getting really really bad "choke" and spochy Loss08:04
warriPLEASE use PM with me, since it is most likely to reach me in this laggy state08:05
StPatrickdubby,  That's not entirely correct, it installed, and the game starts, but it crashes08:05
StPatrickCorbinFox,  Yes.08:05
StPatrickCorbinFox,  From Eve-Online.com08:05
dubbyI c08:05
dubbylol copywrite infringment...08:05
StPatrickdubby, The video is messed up looking, and when I get to a certain poin at login, it just shuts off.08:05
bazhangDiurpaneus: any reason not to format as ext3? if it is not shared--you never need to share it with a windows box?08:06
dubbythats better then the cedega version then08:06
StPatrickdubby,  huh?08:06
CorbinFoxStPatrick: ah, a .deb...hmm, well, i know for certain that under wine it works so try the windows install file exe and try that in wine, i dont know anything about the .deb part08:06
StPatrickCorbinFox,  Ok, I'll do that, thanks08:06
StPatrickCorbinFox,  How do i remove the install i have, though?08:06
jumentoushey: i'm trying to compile a program and run it elsewhere, unfortunately the remote machine has an older glibc than me which seems to come from my gcc -v is 4.1.3 vs there 4.1.2. Is there a way to specify an old glibc version or can i specify an old gcc to apt as 4.1.3 is the current 4.1? note i can't change the remote.08:07
dubbygdebi rm eve ?08:07
dubbylol idk08:07
CorbinFoxStPatrick: i think you can either undo it from Synaptic or maybe if you open the .deb again it gives you that option (i think it may only give you reinstall tho).08:07
Diurpaneusi need this HDD to save my old personal files from the PC, and i need to be ntfs file sistem08:07
bazhangDiurpaneus: so it is shared then?08:07
CorbinFoxStPatrick: either way, if you cant uninstall you should be able to install to wine and it wont matter if the .deb version is installed.  entirely different beast, wine is.08:07
StPatrickCorbinFox,  I don't like clutter.08:08
StPatrickcorbin removing it :)08:09
StPatrickCorbinFox,  *08:09
Diurpaneus:( now is not shared but I want to reinstal XP on my PC, now I dont have it08:09
QuacksilverCould anyone please tell me how to force the system to update?08:09
warriI am having touble staying connected to the internet on my Laptop's wired connection, im on a University RESnet System, and i seem to be getting really really bad "choke" and spochy Loss08:09