breetaiI saw a recomendation for trying  noapic nolapic acpi=off00:00
breetaiI have to jet Subone, I may be back later00:01
windio00is the beta fairly stable?01:07
j1mcwindio00: yes, but the release candidate will be released next thursday.01:09
j1mcthere have been bug fixes since the beta, so i'd probably recommend waiting until the release candidate.01:09
j1mcit's up to you though.01:10
windio00are they serious?01:10
j1mcno.  i've had a good experience, but we're still fixing bugs.01:11
windio00j1mc, will the updater get it to stable smoothly?01:12
windio00in a week?01:12
viddwhat is the release date01:12
viddthe final release01:12
windio00the beta is a live cd right?01:16
j1mcwindio00: you can get the beta as either a live cd or alternate install cd01:17
j1mcthe release candidate will come out next thursday01:17
j1mcand the final release is the week after that (thursday the 24th)01:17
SubOneAnyone know why Xubuntu 7.10 would reboot everytime it goes to load the kernel? I've tried 'noacpi', 'pci=noacpi', and 'acpi=off' to no avail.02:23
vidddid you check the bios to see if you have something that "protects" the master boot record?02:24
breetaiSubOne: did you try one line with: noacpi nolacpi acpi=off02:27
SubOnei tried noacpi, acpi=off, pci=noacpi and all combinations od them together02:28
breetaiSubOne: Yes, no-L-acpi02:30
breetaiSubOne: not a one but an L.02:31
SubOnek ill do that in a sec ty02:31
breetaiSubOne: as one line noacpi nolacpi acpi=off02:31
breetaiyou can even toss in noirqpoll02:31
SubOnebreetai: still reboots02:37
SubOnenoirqpoll same02:38
breetaiSubOne: how much memory do you have?02:43
SubOne128 - 1mb for shared vid02:43
SubOnethis is alt cd02:43
breetaiHave you run an md5sum on the CD?02:45
breetaiAnd the md5sum on the CD is ok?02:46
breetaiSubOne: I cant tell you how many times I have had radom reboots during an install due to a bad burn.02:47
SubOnewell this is always during kernel load02:47
breetaiSubOne: I am grasping at straws here. You could try to update the bios on the PC02:51
SubOnewhy would that effect the kernel load?02:53
SubOnebesides i think it just got updated :p02:53
breetaiWell, o02:53
breetaiIf it is power management issues, with ACPI the BIOS update could resolve that.02:54
SubOnei don't know that its a power management issue.... is that guarenteed or something?02:54
breetaiI know that others with a Presario 7470 have loaded Ubuntu on their system.02:54
breetaiBut moving to the latest BIOS is not a bad idea.02:54
breetaiAs long as you dont botch it and brick your unit.02:55
breetaiBut I don't even know if there are any bios updates for your system.02:55
SubOnei think if there is i already updated but ill check later, any other suggestions?02:55
breetaiI would try to boot with any linux. Which means I would try downloading and burning a small linux like puppy, dsl, systemrecovery or slax and see if any of those boot.02:56
SubOnei have knoppixlivecd02:57
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odinanyone knows which hinter is default in xubuntu 7.10? autohinter or the bytecode interpreter?05:08
odinbeen trying to change hinting style in ~./fonts.conf but it all looks the same...05:09
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chris42050707i have a question that i can't find an answer to no kinda place05:40
j1mcchris42050707: go ahead :)05:40
chris42050707any one know how to disable scsi emulation?05:40
chris42050707im running ubuntu 7.1005:41
j1mcnot me.  sorry05:41
chris42050707i know its not kubuntu but i figured its close enough that i could get an answer lol05:41
chris42050707DAAAAAMMMMNNNNN lol05:41
chris42050707wow what a pickle hehe05:41
j1mc#ubuntu would be a better channel for that... that's my guess, anyway05:42
chris42050707and to top it off i can't find my smokes lol05:42
chris42050707jl i just came from there lol05:42
chris42050707hey toe05:44
patoe1i cant compile things??? anyone know why (my xubuntu is a fresh install05:44
j1mcpatoe1: try installing the "build-essential" package05:44
j1mcfrom the command line, "sudo apt-get install build-essential"05:45
patoe1ok thanks05:45
patoe1i though that was it but i didnt know the command05:45
Stroganoffpatoe1: and read the INSTALL file of your source package05:45
AndyMAi'm having trouble installing xubuntu 7.10 can anyone help me?05:49
AndyMAi guess i'll try the alternate05:54
danielmAndyMA, go ahead :)05:56
chris42050707any good hardware minded people in here?06:11
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toto4how change the sound volume ?12:22
Iskrthere is volume applet...12:24
toto4where ?12:28
toto4i dont known xfce :)12:28
toto4ok i found :)12:30
uninvitedHi philphoto16:00
philphotoI cheated on xubuntu...  moved my primary system over to SUSE, but still use Xubuntu on the little laptops.16:07
uninvitedThey should ban you from this # ... :)16:09
philphotoha ha ha ha.16:10
StroganoffSUSE wat?16:10
philphotowell, i thought I'd "give back" a little for a change.16:10
uninvitedWhich SuSE ?16:10
Stroganoffgive back to microsoft/novell? ;)16:11
Kargarian Hello.  I have a question.  I cannot seem to get the install to boot from the dvd, is there anyway to do it using the grub loader?16:11
Stroganoffdonate to debian!16:11
philphotoi feel like wrapping my brain around some problems and the debian distros I know well.16:11
philphotoSuse 10.3 gnome16:11
uninvitedI see.16:11
TheSheep!install | Kargarian16:11
ubotuKargarian: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate16:11
philphotoX20 laptop is still xubuntu16:11
philphotoStroganoff: no I meant give back as in helping ubuntu users.16:12
philphotoI DO have a hardware problem that crosses over between all distros though.  I believe I've got a dying gfx card (or some incompatibility between gfx and motherboard) which is causing the desktop machine to run slower than incredibly slow.16:16
chewitdoes anyone know what is happening with Thunar 1.0.0?17:13
The-KernelHow do I change the font size? Is that's whats in "Window Manager Settings"?17:35
CarinArrhey, anyone using xubuntu on their ps3?17:42
slimjimflimanybody know how to change the sound device for the non-free flash package?17:50
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euHow can install the client vpn nortel?18:20
euin ubuntu18:20
Tu13eswhat's the xfce login manager called?18:45
Tu13eslike, gnome's is gdm18:45
gaurdroI believe xfce can use either kdm or gdm for it's desktop manager.18:47
Tu13esI wasn't sure if it used something else since it says xubuntu18:48
nikolami even used xdm once18:51
nikolamgdm is default18:51
nikolamxdm is even lighter bit its a bit uglier by default18:52
Stroganoffyou can use slim18:53
Stroganoffnot that ugly by default18:53
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S0210Hi! Whenever I plug my pendrive in the USB I get two Thunar windows. Is it normal? Is there a way to change that?21:24
StroganoffS0210 its not normal. maybe your pendrive has a hidden second partition with vendor diagnostic tools21:28
S0210Stroganoff: Both of my pedrives does the same. But I don't think that's the case.21:32
Stroganoffi dont even get one windows when pluggin in an usb drive21:32
S0210Stroganoff: Ahmm... Then probable it has something to do with my "Removable Drives and Media" settings. Let me see.21:33
Stroganoffmv .config/xfce4 .config/xfce-backup21:33
Stroganofflogout, try again21:33
S0210Or probably not...21:34
S0210Does anybody have the "Mount removable drives when hot-plugged" option checked in on the "Removable Drives and Media" settings page? How does your Thunar react if you plug in a pendrive?21:57
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arualaviS0210: I've this checked and thunar opens one window only22:57
S0210arualavi: Thank you22:57
arualaviwhen I plugg the pen22:58
S0210I have no idea what's going on or how to debug. I simply changed settings not to open any windows for browseing. :-/22:59
arualaviif you don't have a second partition in the pen, i don't know what's happen also23:01
arualavimaybe you could tail -f /var/log/messages and plug in the pen23:02
arualavito see if there is some error or strange thing in logs23:02
S0210arualavi: I don't.23:03
mikubuntui can't seem to get my desktop to finish an update.  when i hover over the update icon the msg is: this usually means that your installed packages have unment dependencies.23:06
mikubuntuif i remember right, this happened during an update to skype.23:06
arualavimikubuntu: skype isn't on the official repos, isn't it?23:07
mikubuntuaraulavi, not sure, but the update came in thru the regular update manager as recommended.23:08
mikubuntuany suggestions?23:08
mikubuntuit won't let me do any other updates, it's just stuck.  would you recommend possibly uninstalling skype through synaptic?  i don't even know if it will let me use synaptic while the update manager is stuck, i have to check.23:10
* arualavi looking in man23:11
arualavimikubuntu: open a console and try23:12
arualavisudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get -f upgrade23:12
mikubuntuk, i am trying.  synaptic identified a dependency problem, said it fixed it, but when i closed and went back to update still would not allow.. opening term now.  do i do those commands simultaneously, or one at a time?23:14
user_1I want to know how do I set the DNS address for my internet connection from the terminal23:14
arualavimikubuntu: just copy the command in the terminal23:15
mikubuntuaraulavi, it seems to be working... let you know in a few.  the orange update icon has turned grey23:16
arualaviuser_1: /etc/network/interfaces23:18
arualaviuser_1: man interfaces, many examples on it23:18
arualaviwell, apologies for my english :-P23:19
mikubuntuaraulavi, thanks. gotta run pick up a friend.  be back in a while, no doubt...23:24
user_1okay, I can get dri enabled booting from the Ubuntu 7.10 DesktopCD but not from the Xubuntu CD23:26
* arualavi -> bed time23:34
Alvinvvbvvcan I get rid of these icons I have on my desktop (homefolder/trash/filesystem icons) Shift-Del didn´t help23:38
StroganoffAlvinvvbvv: Settings -> Desktop23:59

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