jmlI get this error when I branch bzr: bzr: ERROR: Revision {robertc@robertcollins.net-20050919044328-0205c679f3051340} not present in "thanks.txt-20050309044946-58141ea3091846d8".00:20
jmlIt happens whether I use bzr.dev or bzr 1.300:20
bob2into a rich-root{,-pack} repository?00:26
jelmergrrr, I just hit the rich root bug again as well :-(00:27
jmlbob2: into a standalone branch00:37
TaldenMy Scenario:00:38
TaldenReviewers have full checkouts of mainline to merge dev branchs into (update -> merge from dev1 -> review and commit).00:38
TaldenQA has a lightweight checkout (update -> test and tag)00:38
TaldenMy Question: How do tags propagate in checkouts?00:39
TaldenThe QA tags show up for any new checkouts or brances made from mainline but they don't show up in reviewer checkouts that already have the tagged revision.00:39
TaldenIf a reviewer uses pull (which requires a path strangely) they do get the tags.  Shouldn't update transfer tags like pull and shouldn't pull default, in a checkout, to the checked out location?00:39
spivGood morning.00:59
spivigc: good morning!  I'm jealous :)00:59
igchi spiv01:00
igcspiv: if it makes you feel better, it rained a lot :-)01:00
spivpoolie: good morning01:09
pooliehello spiv01:10
igchi lifeless01:16
lifelesshi igc, welcome back01:20
=== jamesh_ is now known as jamesh
igcjamesh: thanks for working on the set_revision_info hook stuff01:30
jameshigc: no problem.  The API from your branch was better than mine anyway :)01:31
jameshigc: was there a particular thing you wanted the hook for?01:32
jamesh(I wanted it for bzr-dbus)01:32
igcjamesh: it was part of the work spiv and I started in the Chicago sprint to get good server-side hooks01:33
Stavroswhat is the proper procedure after merging branches that have diverged?01:37
poolieStavros: fix any problems, test or read the diff, then commit01:37
Stavrosand everything will go in its proper place?01:37
Stavrosin the graph, i mean?01:37
pooliecan you explain your question more?01:38
Stavroswell, i have two branches that have diverged and i merge on mine01:38
Stavrosand "bzr status" gives me some weird stuff, pending merges and the like01:38
poolieright :)01:38
Stavrosand i am just wondering if that is proper behaviour01:38
pooliethat's correct01:39
Stavrosah, good01:39
poolienow commit on your branch01:39
Stavrosso if i commit everything will work fine?01:39
spivjamesh: in combination with the code I recently landed to add a Branch.set_last_revision_info smart verb, it starts making some server-side hooks possible01:39
Stavrosokay great, thanks!01:39
poolienow, depending on the purpose of the two branches you may want to take one further step01:39
poolieif they are both _meant_ to be the same,01:39
Stavroswhat's that?01:39
jameshspiv: I suppose you don't see the pre/post_commit hooks on the server side?01:39
pooliefor example if you are working on the same bug on your laptop and desktop01:40
jameshsince it is just pushing a locally committed revision01:40
poolieyou may want to push your merge from the branch where you committed it into the other01:40
ubotuNew bug: #217031 in bzr ""bzr launchpad-login -v MYNAME" gives no feedback" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21703101:40
pooliethat will switch the other branch to be in the same revision- you can then push and pull between them without needing to merge01:40
poolieif the branches have different purposes01:40
Stavroswell i have a different workflow with a master server, but i see what you mean01:40
spivjamesh: right01:40
pooliefor example if one is the trunk and one is your feature branche01:40
Stavrosthat's it01:40
pooliethen you shouldn't do this01:41
poolieglad i could help01:41
Stavrosso i just wait until i finish the feature then01:41
Stavrosthanks a lot!01:41
spivjamesh: and for some cases at least, you might not care if it was a new commit vs. a push vs. uncommit or whatever, you might want to always run a hook if the branch's tip changed.01:41
lifelessabentley: ping; you've been talking with alexander about line ending stuff; is he doing roughly what we planned in London, or something different?02:07
abentleyI don't have a clear idea what he's doing.02:07
abentleySorry, gotta go.02:07
lifelessI'll read the thread in detail then02:08
lifelesspoolie: 1.4 made02:23
Stavrosi am tagging revisions with already existing tags, but pushing with --overwrite so the tags will get accepted is a bit dangerous, isn't it?02:32
hersonlsmartin pool, you be here?02:44
spivhersonls: he's poolie02:44
hersonlspoolie, hey guy02:44
hersonlspoolie, you be here?02:44
lifelesshersonls: I suggest you ask the question/start the discussion you want to have; 'presence' on IRC is a fairly weak concept.02:53
hersonlslifeless, tanks02:55
wildfirebzr internal error: http://pastebin.com/m373ccb1602:59
wildfireand is there no way to specify a path delimiter with bzr? e.g. git add -- foo/; git commit -- foo/ seems to have no analogue in bzr03:00
bob2as in make it non-recursive?03:00
wildfireno, as in not have to specify each of the files in the foo directory to bzr commit individually03:01
pooliewildfire: bzr commit foo should do that03:01
bob2bzr commit -m 'blah foo/ will commit all changes to foo and below03:01
wildfirehmm, apparently I've managed to break the repository and I get the internal error now; so I can't check that that works03:02
wildfireeven on 'bzr status'03:02
pooliehersonls: go ahead03:03
hersonlspoolie, hey, you remeber me?03:03
hersonlspoolie, tanks for help03:04
wildfirebob2, poolie: oh, it appears me doing that command 'bzr commit blosxom' is what caused the internal error03:05
lifelesswildfire: is bloxsom versioned?03:14
lifelesswildfire: does 'bzr st' work?03:14
lifelesswildfire: and do you have nested trees?03:14
hersonlspoolie, how i crate new team in lauchpad?03:16
wildfirelifeless, it was versions, bzr st fails with an internal exception (assuming it is the same, and assuming 'st' is 'status'), not a nested tree, no03:17
wildfires/it was versions/it was versioned/03:17
wildfirelifeless, 'bzr st' output http://pastebin.com/m532dfc0e03:18
pooliewildfire: i'm looking into that assertion03:24
wildfirepoolie, okay, I'll probably only be up for another 30 mins or so03:29
=== jamesh_ is now known as jamesh
pooliewildfire:  i think you are hitting bug 15043803:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 150438 in bzr "AssertionError: Could not find target parent in wt in wt4 _process_entry" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15043803:49
pooliecan you provide any moer information beyond the traceback about what caused it?03:50
wildfirepoolie, progsoc is using bzr to manage /etc on a few machines; I did a 'dpkg -P blosxom' which also removed the /etc/blosxom directory03:50
wildfirepoolie, I then wanted to commit that directory removal, so I did "bzr commit blosxom" and from this point onwards bzr is failing with an internal error on a number of commands03:51
lifelessthumper: I would breakpoint in the failing tests setup(); and check that the queue setup's setUp() really is working correctly03:55
thumperlifeless: ok03:55
thumperlifeless: I'm just off to collect kids from school et al, and will get back to you03:55
pooliewildfire: thanks03:55
poolieto recover that directory i suggest you03:56
pooliebzr branch /etc /tmp/new-etc03:56
pooliemv /etc/.bzr /etc/.bzr.broken03:56
pooliemv /tmp/new-etc /etc/.bzr03:56
poolie(maybe make a backup of all of etc ot a tarball first)03:56
wildfirepoolie, actually I don't want to recover the directory. I want to record the removal of it ...03:57
pooliei meant, to get bzr back in a working state03:58
wildfireah, okay03:58
poolieto commit the removal of it and avoid this bug03:58
pooliei suggest you just remove it, and then commit the whole thing (with no other changes made)03:58
spivI think the last line should be "mv /tmp/new-etc/.bzr /etc/.bzr"03:58
pooliethankyou for reporting it03:58
poolieyou're right, sorry03:58
wildfirepoolie, hmm, the first command 'bzr branch /etc /tmp/new-etc' is also failing with the internal errors04:02
wildfirepoolie, also, just in case this was related to the interative plugin I checked with that removed and it also fails04:02
pooliecould you paste it?04:02
wildfiresure, one sec.04:02
lifelessspiv: ivar - thats ":ivar THING: details" right ?04:02
spivlifeless: yeah, I think so.04:03
spivjust like param, except s/param/ivar/ :)04:03
wildfirepoolie, http://pastebin.com/m5ffc280004:03
pooliewhat does 'bzr log -r -1 /etc' show you?04:04
wildfirewildfire@muspell:/etc$ sudo bzr log -r -1 /etc04:05
wildfirerevno: 5104:05
wildfirecommitter: Anand Kumria <wildfire-bzr@progsoc.uts.edu.au>04:05
wildfirebranch nick: Muspell /etc04:05
wildfiretimestamp: Mon 2008-04-14 11:56:12 +100004:05
wildfire   Ignore generated berkeley db files04:05
poolieis that the revision you were trying to commit when it failed/04:06
pooliedoes bzr branch -r -2 work?04:07
wildfirebzr log -r -2 works04:09
wildfirethe revision I am trying to commit is the removal of the /etc/blosxom directory04:09
pooliecan i suggest you start from the branch of revision -2, put it back in place as above, and then try the commit from the top of your tree04:11
wildfirepoolie, you mean 'bzr branch -r -2 /etc /tmp/new-etc' and then go from there?04:12
wildfirepoolie, done and now 'bzr status' tells me that the blosxom directory has been removed04:15
wildfirehow should I now go ahead and commit that ('bzr commit blosxom' is what caused the breakage before)04:16
pooliei think you should just commit with no arguments from the root of /etc04:16
lifelesspoolie: I'm smelling an update_by_delta bug04:16
poolieunless you want to see if that reproduces it04:16
wildfireahh, I have other unrelated changes that I'd like to commit in a separate changeset04:16
lifelesswildfire: bzr shelve++04:17
poolieit's possible those changes are causing this04:18
pooliecould you paste bzr st?04:18
wildfireone second04:18
poolieactually it would be easier if you just put it in bug 15043804:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 150438 in bzr "AssertionError: Could not find target parent in wt in wt4 _process_entry" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15043804:19
pooliesince that's just what i was going to do :)04:19
wildfirepoolie, I'll try but it appears progsoc's email is b0rked, which is why I'm trying to look at the configuration (and remove unnecessary stuff)04:20
poolieok, thanks for that04:24
poolielifeless: ^^04:24
poolieit doesn't *look* strange04:24
pooliewildfire: if you want them in separate commits i suggest selectively committing everything but the blosxom deletion04:25
wildfirepoolie, just tried (bzr add .bzrignore; bzr commit .bzrignore; bzr status) which returns me to the broken state again04:27
lifeless.bzr << bloxsom << dovecot04:28
hersonlsi need help commit with bzr04:28
hersonlssomeone help me04:28
wildfirelifeless, -EPARSE ?04:29
lifelesswildfire: I'm speculating about the nature of the bug04:29
pooliehersonls: just ask your question please04:29
hersonlspoolie, how i send the commit to launchpad?04:29
poolielifeless: you suspect another ordering problem in the dirstate?04:29
wildfireoh, okay, well I can redo the tmp/new-etc thing and try the dovecot one first then04:30
wildfireone sec04:30
pooliehersonls: have you created a Launchpad account?04:30
hersonlspoolie, i try bzr push and return locked 30 minutes, 24 seconds ago04:30
pooliehersonls: what url are you trying to push to?04:30
lifelesspoolie: in the update via delta code of commit; yes04:30
hersonlspoolie, bzr+ssh://hersonls@bazaar.launchpad.net/~hersonls/bzr/slackbuild04:30
pooliehersonls: did you maybe previously try to push to it and interrupt the process?04:31
pooliehersonls: if so ,try 'bzr break-lock URL'04:31
wildfirelifeless, poolie: okay, redone. (bzr add dovecot/dovecot.conf; bzr commit dovecot/dovecot.conf; bzr status) works04:32
lifelesswildfire: I speculate that add .bzrignore; commit; status will still break04:35
wildfirelifeless, if you had bet, you would be04:36
lifelessfwiw you could have done 'bzr commit dovecot' - dovecot/dovecot.conf was already added according to your status04:38
hersonlspoolie, i push to the branch bzr+ssh://hersonls@bazaar.launchpad.net/~hersonls/bzr/slackbuild and in https://code.launchpad.net/~hersonls/ say be empty04:41
spivhersonls: it doesn't look empty to me04:43
poolielifeless: oh could you please fix 1.4 pqm this afternoon, if you did'nt already?04:43
pooliehersonls: there is a slight lag before the web ui updates, you might have hit that04:43
hersonlspoolie, i can lock this branch for push by another users?04:44
pooliehersonls: oh is this the data to build bzr in slackware? great!04:45
hersonlspoolie, yeah04:45
pooliehersonls: you want to let them write, or not let them write?04:45
poolieman, team creation is just impossible to find in lp...04:46
hersonlsnot write04:46
hersonlsi can do that?04:46
pooliebecause that branch is owned by you, only you can write04:46
hersonlsi can build team for this branch?04:47
poolieon that page it says (to me) "Upload URL:   You cannot upload to this branch. Only hersonls  can upload to this branch. "04:47
hersonlsoh, tanks...04:47
hersonlsi brazilian, and my english is bad04:47
poolieif you want it to be writeable by a team create one at https://launchpad.net/people/+newteam04:47
poolieit's ok04:47
pooliede nada :)04:48
hersonlsvocĂȘ fala portugues?04:48
poolieun poco04:48
poolieuh that's about the limit :)04:48
pooliebut there are several brazilian people in #launchpad04:49
poolieor indeed sometimes here04:49
poolielike kiko04:49
hersonlspoolie, my team can write in branch?04:51
poolieyou'd need to also change the branch to be owned by that team04:53
hersonlspoolie, the list of all files of the branch, can see where?04:56
hersonlsin http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hersonls/bzr/slackbuild04:56
pooliehersonls: click the directory name04:57
poolie(really gone now04:57
hersonlsi can use that links to wikipage of the bazaar for download?04:58
hersonlspoolie, ?05:00
thumperlifeless: found the problem05:42
thumperlifeless: ping me when you have some time to talk about it05:43
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lifelessthumper: so06:31
thumperlifeless: bug 21711206:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217112 in pqm "Test failures on a clean checkout" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21711206:32
thumperlifeless: I was also bitten by 21016506:33
thumperbug 21016506:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210165 in launchpad-bazaar "BugBranch links created after pushing a copy of a branch with "bugs" revision properties" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21016506:33
thumperlifeless: so I'm cleaning the branch on LP right now06:33
lifelessthumper: so, linking the branch is good06:35
lifelesswhat would be better is linking the branch *and* providing a link which will show me the merge preview of the branch.06:36
lifeless(presumably via loggerhead)06:36
thumperlifeless: the merge preview stuff is coming (RSN)06:36
thumperunfortunately I have to head out for an hour and a bit06:36
thumperso we could talk about this tomorrow morning if you like06:36
lifelesscool; but it should be there *before* the merge is requested, if you see what I mean06:37
lifelessthumper: +1 on the fix; but the comment isn't needed there06:37
lifelessit is clear that it is the right thing to do06:37
* thumper away06:38
lifelessdrop the comment and update the branch, I'll merge it to mainline tomorrow06:38
ubotuNew bug: #217134 in bzr "Break-lock: Bzr doesn't accept my keystrokes to allow it to continue" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21713408:32
igcnight all08:49
lifelessthumper: well, a) lp should notify the bug subscribers08:54
lifelessthumper: and b) a bug comment would be fine08:55
poolienight ian08:55
thumperyeah, I guess08:55
jelmerRan 783 tests in 29550.804s10:34
ubotuNew bug: #217180 in bzr-svn "Bzr update crashes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21718010:56
ubotuNew bug: #217188 in bzr "bzr update crashes with KnitCorrupt error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21718811:47
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poolie /win 1212:58
guilhembHello! a question: I used bzr on a Windows machine, to modify a file originally created under Unix (lines terminated with LF), and after that the file had all its LF changed with CR-LF, and "bzr gcommit" showed all lines changed because of that.13:24
guilhembI remember some other revision tool which handles that fine (it must discard CR-LF along the way);13:24
bob2ideally your editor should not screw them up13:24
guilhembis there a switch in bzr to have that too?13:24
bob2but there is development in bzr to add that feature13:25
guilhembbob2: I agree; but I'm not driving Visual Studio's roadmap :))13:25
bob2but it does not afaik exist yet13:25
guilhembbob2: this is good news! do you know a place where the planned development is tracked (a bug report, anything?)13:25
bob2http://bazaar-vcs.org/LineEndings seems still current tho old13:26
=== mrevell-lunch is now known as mrevell
bob2"Status of this work: I have working implementation and will send merge request soon.", yay13:28
guilhembbob2: and that comment is 2 days old!!13:30
guilhembbob2: thank you for the link!13:30
bob2no worries13:30
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nevansjelmer: is the 0.4 bzr-svn branch "safe" to use with bzr 1.4rc1 at the moment?  or should I stick with bzr 1.3 for a while longer?14:32
awilkinsAnyone know the status on custom merge support? The particular case I'm interested in is "per filetype merge support" ; I want to be able to unpack an XML file into a more merge-friendly line format, then pack it back up again after the merge has finished.14:40
* awilkins reads the code and concludes that he could make a plugin that implemented a merger that inherited from Merge3Merger or Diff3Merger that did the required stuff.14:50
awilkinsWould that be accurate?14:50
asabilawilkins: there is a plugin that implements diff for ms word files iirc14:53
awilkinsAha, yes, I'll take a look at the source for that14:54
* awilkins is quick on the draw and is aleady pulling the branch :-)14:55
awilkinsNot quite what I wanted though ; I want something that meshes seamlessly with "bzr merge" for my special case.14:57
awilkinsI think I see the way though - if I inherit from one of the existing mergers I should be able to register a new one.14:58
abentleyawilkins: That's correct.  Odd_Bloke was working on support for custom merges at the sprint, but I haven't heard since.15:13
awilkinsabentley: From what I've read so far, the merge classes could be refactored out a little ot make custom merging a bit easier to implement15:14
abentleyawilkins: I'm sure that's true.15:14
awilkinsabentley: e.g. ; all I require is a pre-process step and a post-process step, but I'm probably going to have to (at a minimum) cut/paste the whole text_merge routine from Merge3Merger15:15
awilkinsOdd_Bloke: awake?15:16
intellectronicai am having problems pushing a local branch using bzr 1.4rc1 to a server running 1.3.1 (i suspect this is since the upgrade, but am not certain). is that a known problem?15:33
=== ja1 is now known as jam
abentleyintellectronica: no15:46
intellectronicaabentley: cheers. i'm now discussing this with jam on bzrlp, b.t.w15:46
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ubotuNew bug: #217290 in bzr "Error during "bzr commit" ERROR: exceptions.MemoryError" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21729016:01
Odd_Blokeabentley, awilkins: Just going to bed, in fact.  To answer several questions at once, I'm not at uni ATM so am catching up with family and friends who I don't see that often.  I head back on Wednesday and so should get back into the swing of things shortly. :)16:44
* Odd_Bloke --> sleep the sleep of the dead16:44
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ubotuNew bug: #217313 in bzr ""bzr push" fails with error "unable to rename ..."" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21731317:00
LeoNerdI wonder what the reaction would be to a bzr plugin with an amusing name. I'm thinking of a combined push/pull, which syncs in either direction provided one side is just older than the other... "bzr sync" sounds too generic. What about "bzr llama", as a joke on the Push-me-Pull-you from Dr Doolittle17:49
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smgood morning.. what's the correct lp: equivalent for bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~zope2book/zope2book/zope2book ?18:07
smI thought bzr help urlspec would tell me18:09
* sm has 1.318:09
smwhy do I get bzr push lp:~zope2book/zope2book/zope2book18:15
smbzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Ezope2book/zope2book/zope2book/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()18:15
radixsm: you can't push to launchpad over HTTP18:15
radixsm: use bzr+ssh instead18:15
smah, thanks18:15
radixsm: oh, I see your command. I think you can use 'bzr lp-login' and a sufficiently recent version of bzr to have that automatically happen for 'lp:' urls18:16
radixor maybe I'm making all of that up18:16
smtrying bzr lp-login username then push lp: .. it's sitting there for quite a while18:20
* sm has made one small patch18:20
smworked! thanks18:20
radixsm: cool!18:20
radixI'm not a liar! yay18:20
fullermdHm.  bzr viz misnumbering revisions...18:24
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ubotuNew bug: #217377 in bzr "merge in shared repository failed assertion" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21737719:30
dwtHey guys, I'm still new to bzr - is there a way to cherrypick individual hunks out of a file for a commit?20:25
dwtI couldn't find anything on the wiki20:25
dwtso I figured I'l ask you guys.20:26
dwtoh, and I'm on 1.2.020:26
awilkinsdwt - bztools shelve plugin20:31
=== mw is now known as mw|food
asabildwt: and the interactive plugin provides the opposite20:47
dwtawilkins: Thats indeed very cool. I do prefere to puth stuff to the side20:47
dwtso I can test in the tree20:47
dwt before comitting20:47
dwtHowever I don't quite get how to tease apart individual hunks.20:48
dwtIs that possible with shelve?20:48
datoit is20:48
datoit will show you each hunk20:48
datoand ask what to do with it20:49
fullermdNo, you can't work at a sub-hunk granularity with it...20:49
dwtIs there a way to separate a hunk manually?20:49
dwtI mean, so bzr sees it as two hunks?20:50
datoah, I misunderstood the question20:50
awmcclainHi all. Just wanted to say how much we love bzr. We just re-rooted our entire branch effortlessly and bzr handled all the merges like a dream.20:53
dwtdato: Thanks anyway!20:56
abentleydwt: At sub-hunk granularity, you're better off using your editor's diff mode.21:18
abentleye.g. bzr diff --using gvimdiff21:18
dwtabentley: Well, my diff tools all dont let me choose what parts of a hunk I want it to see as a new hunk. :-(21:19
dwtBut maybe I'm missing something21:20
abentleydwt: For shelf to work at sub-hunk granularity, it would have to become a crappy editor.21:21
rockstar_Can I use bzr-svn on an svn repo over https?21:21
abentleySo use an editor instead.21:21
dwtabentley: yeah, I could try to insert something that was in the old revision in between those so I can shelve the other stuff and then return to the previous state21:22
abentleydwt: What is your editor?21:22
dwtI use Xcode mostly21:23
dwtOr Textmate21:23
dwtOn OS X21:23
abentleyDoes Textmate have a diff mode?21:23
dwtnot really - it can view diffs21:23
dwtin very nice ways21:23
dwtthough no commands to bzr from there21:24
abentleyAh.  Vim and Emacs both provide ways to edit a file while showing a comparison to a previous version.21:24
dwtHow does that allow me to split a hunk21:25
abentleyWhich makes it easy to restore old lines.21:25
dwtok, true21:25
abentleyThere is no hunk-splitting support in bzr because if you need to split hunks, you really need to use an editor anyhow.21:25
abentleyThis does not mean that the editor does hunk splitting.21:26
abentleyIt means that the editor is a better alternative than hunk splitting.21:27
Pilkyanybody any idea how long it usually takes for the OS X installer packages to be updated?21:30
=== mw|food is now known as mw
dwtabentley: Well, thanks for the help21:35
dwtI will see how that works.21:36
statikdwt: there is a textmate plugin here, but I have not tried it myself: http://bazaar-vcs.org/TextMateBundle21:56
dwtstatik: thanks for the link!21:56
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ubotuNew bug: #217454 in bzr-svn "Trying to branch a subversion branch into a shared repo gives AssertionError" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21745422:30
mxpxpodjelmer: does bzr-svn 0.4.9 work with 1.4rc1?23:16
jelmermxpxpod: Nope, there's nothing compatible with 1.4rc1 out yet23:16
jelmermxpxpod: I hope to release something before friday (when 1.4 is released)23:16
mxpxpodjelmer: gotcha23:16
lifelessjam: I am fixing the regression23:32
jamlifeless: thanks23:32
lifelessjam: did you file a bug?23:37
jamlifeless: no, I didn't. Do you want an official bug?23:38
lifelessjust would have recorded if there was one23:38
jamsure, how did you chose to fix it, btw23:38
lifelesspatience kemosabe :)23:38
lifeless    * Severe performance degradation in fetching from knit repositories to23:39
lifeless      packs due to parsing the entire revisions.kndx on every graph walk23:39
lifeless      iteration fixed by using the Repository.get_graph API. (Robert Collins)23:39
jamlifeless: I had thought about that at one point, but it didn't make it into the email, and I also wasn't sure if Graph.get_parent_map() would also be cached.23:42
jamBut I guess KnitRepo.get_graph() returns a wrapper around the KnitVF itseldf23:42
lifelessKnitRepository._make_parents_provider returns a closure with the revision versioned file23:42
lifelessactually with my changes it can return the revision vf directly23:43
jamlifeless: Implementing get_parent_map directly on KVF?23:43
jamlifeless: have you been telling people about your fix on #bzrrlp?23:44
lifelessalready done23:44
lifelessno, should I?23:45
lifelesspoolie: ping; I think versioned properties are likely a bad idea and not a dependency for the eol stuff bialix has done23:46
lifelesspoolie: but I don't want to discourage him23:46
jamlifeless: I'm happy to tell them23:46
jamthey were just reverting from 1.4rc1 back to 1.3.123:46
jamand it would be good to have them test it after your patch23:46
lifelessoh sure23:46
jambug #20841823:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 208418 in bzr "ValueError when trying to pull/merge from a remote repository" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20841823:57

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