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mptGoooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!08:32
emgentmorning mpt :)08:33
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emgenthi sabdfl 09:16
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sabdflhi emgent10:12
ubotuNew bug: #217207 in launchpad "Wishlist: links to related packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21720712:16
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ronnyis there any way to import hg branches ?15:33
kikoronny, not currently but we're looking for somebody interested in doing that work under contract16:17
ronnyhmmk - we switched pida to hg16:19
ronnywanted to keep using the translation stuff16:20
kikoronny, you can -- there's nothing that ties those two together right now in LP16:21
kikoyou can continue uploading templates and translating them16:22
ronnythen i just missunderstood something16:23
statikronny: you can use the bzr fastimport plugin to import from hg, I've done it for a few projects16:26
statikronny: there is a hg-fast-export.py included with that plugin, then you run bzr fast-import, and boom! you have bzr branches16:27
statikworks for git too16:27
statikronny: what was pida using before hg? (just curious)16:27
ronnywell - we had a bzr, then we moved back to svn for a reimplementation, now we switched to hg16:28
ronnyimho bzr just sucks16:28
ronnytonns of modes but lack of speed16:29
statikronny: which things did you find slow, which version? (I'm interested because I'd like to know if they are things we have already fixed or that still need fixing)16:29
statikI'm working with some pretty large projects on migrating to bazaar, and there have been amazing improvements in the last few months, but I'm always wanting to know if there are more things lurking16:30
ronnywell for older bzr'S everything was just plain slow, for newers i only know that pull/push sucks, since i use it only for tracking16:31
ronnyfrom my point of view bzr is just plain wrong16:33
statikronny: ok :) if you have concrete complaints,  I'm very interested in helping get them addressed, but if it's just philosophy differences I tend to approve of the design goals that the bazaar team has made16:36
statikbut either way I'm a huge advocate of interop between bzr, hg, and git16:37
ronnymy complaint are simpely that it has different modes and each of those imposes different working models, git and hg got that right16:39
synicif I disable the blueprints for a project, shouldn't the "blueprints" tab go away?16:45
gmbsynic: Ideally, yes. At the moment, though, it doesn't. I believe there's a bug about it somewhere.16:46
* gmb looks16:46
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MacYEThi, is there a way to configure a LP bugtracker in a way that only members of the core team can change the workflow state?17:01
gmbMacYET: How do you mean? You want to lock the bug status field to be changed only by members of a given team?17:01
gmbMacYET: No, there's no functionality for that. How do you think it would help you?17:03
MacYETwell, there is some guy changing tons of zope 2 tickets...and nobody knows this guy17:04
MacYETas release manager I am interested that only members of the zope 2 team are allowed to change the state17:04
gmbMacYET: Right, I can see your problem.17:19
gmbMacYET: It might be worth talking to a Launchpad admin about this to see if they can help you out any.17:20
gmbLet me see if I can find one for you.17:20
MacYETok, tnx17:20
gmbMacYET: All the admins appear to be busy at the moment. I think the best way to proceed would be to file a question on http://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad17:26
gmbAnd then someone will get back to you.17:26
MacYETno need for the hurry, trying to ask the guy first, but in general I was surprised that this option is available to anyone17:29
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ubotuNew bug: #217337 in malone "Bug supervisors shouldn't be compulsorily subscribed to all bug reports" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21733717:50
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mc__How can I get a specific bug as RDF?17:56
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mc__What would be the best way to measure the memory consumption of a programm? I need to track down what uses how much memory18:47
mc__nevermind, wrong channel18:57
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mohihi :)19:12
mohiI have a question abour PPA in launchpad. can I ask here?19:12
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beunomohi, sure, this is the place. What's the problem?19:24
mohibeuno: I use an application that is not in the ubuntu repositories. can I make a .deb from this and publlish it to my PPA in launchpad despite I hadn't made this software?19:26
beunomohi, yeap, as long as it's free software, sure19:27
beunoPPA actually makes the deb for you, so you just upload the source code19:28
mohii have the rpm! I've builded deb from rpm.19:28
mohibeuno: ^19:28
nandI have asked for a LP mailing list. Unfortunately, since a few days, I get "This team's mailing list will be available within a few minutes." Not sure if this is related to bug 215118 ?19:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215118 in launchpad "Odd mailing list resync behavior" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/215118 - Assigned to Barry Warsaw (barry)19:30
ubotuNew bug: #217374 in launchpad "OOPS re-activating an inactive milestone" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21737419:31
beunomohi, well, you can't currently upload binaries to PPAs, so you really need the source code and get the packaging done19:31
mohibeuno: so I can't upload only the .deb without source!?19:35
beunomohi, not to PPA, no19:35
mohiok. ty beuno :)19:35
beunoyou can upload it to the projects home page19:35
beunoLP let's you upload files19:35
beunobut to be able to use apt, you need to upload the source code, and it compiles server-side19:35
mohiaha... 19:36
LaserJockBjornT_: ping19:43
BjornT_LaserJock: hi19:46
mc__How can I get a specific bug as RDF?19:55
ubotuNew bug: #217390 in launchpad-bazaar "A branch owner should be able to delete the branch also if someone is subscribed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21739019:56
BjornT_mc__: you can't. you can get a text representation of the bug by appending +text to the url. e.g. https://launchpad.net/bugs/217390/+text19:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217390 in launchpad-bazaar "A branch owner should be able to delete the branch also if someone is subscribed" [Undecided,New] 19:57
LaserJockBjornT_: regarding bug #21733719:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217337 in malone "Bug supervisors shouldn't be compulsorily subscribed to all bug reports" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21733719:58
LaserJockBjornT_: I'm kinda confused about what you just said there19:58
LaserJockBug supervisors aren't implicitly subscribed to bugs?19:58
BjornT_LaserJock: right, the aren't implicitly subscribed. when setting the bug supervisor, we automatically create an subscription. that subscription can be removed, though.19:59
LaserJockand how do I tell the difference between bug supervisors an package subscribers?19:59
LaserJockbecause right now people are implicity subscribed19:59
BjornT_LaserJock: in which context?20:00
LaserJockwhen people sign up under "Subscribe to bug mail" for a package20:01
LaserJockthen they are implicitly subscribed to new bugs, correct?20:01
LaserJockthen what the heck is this bug supervisor stuff20:02
LaserJockI can't find it anywhere20:02
LaserJockdo bug supervisors actually exist yet?20:03
BjornT_LaserJock: well, we don't have bug supervisors for packages yet. by being a bug supervisor you get extra permission, you can set importance, and certain statuses.20:04
BjornT_LaserJock: we used to call package subscribers for 'bug contacts', but that was wrong. they were only subscribed to bug mail, they didn't have the permissions like all the other 'bug contacts' had.20:05
LaserJockany ETA on bug supervisors for packages?20:08
LaserJockthat would fix a rather annoying bug for us20:08
kikoLaserJock, I spoke to BjornT_ about this -- we have a plan20:08
BjornT_kiko: did we talk about a time-frame, though?20:09
kikoBjornT_, no, we didn't -- we need to be opportunistic about doing it, and if we are able to, great20:10
BjornT_yeah. it won't be done for this milestone. we'll see how the next milestone looks like.20:11
LaserJockhow would people/teams become bug supervisors then?20:12
BjornT_only certain people would have permission to add a bug supervisor. you'd have to ask those people. i'm not yet sure who those people will be.20:16
LaserJockhmm, that *could* get a little messy20:17
LaserJockbut I'm not sure how else you'd do it20:17
LaserJockfirst thing I'm gonna want to do is set up teams as bug supervisor on like 500 packages20:18
LaserJockI can't imagine just one or two people would want to have to deal with that20:19
LaserJockand I'm not particularly looking forward to spending a couple hours clicking in LP to sign up either20:20
BjornT_well, if it's that many, maybe it makes sense to try to join the ubuntu-bug-control team, so you'd be bug supervisor for all packages?20:20
LaserJockI'm in that team20:20
LaserJockwe want subscription20:20
LaserJocknot permissions20:21
LaserJockper se20:21
BjornT_well, you can already subscribe to a package's bugs20:21
LaserJockthat's what we already have20:21
LaserJockbut we end up implicitly subscribed20:21
LaserJockwhen I want explicit subscriptions that Bug Supervisor provides20:22
LaserJockand really Bug Supervisor is the more accurate term20:22
kikoLaserJock, you're confused. bug supervisor doesn't provide explicit subscriptions.20:22
LaserJockkiko: BjornT_ said it does20:22
kikobug supervisor doesn't imply any subscription, really20:22
kikoLaserJock, bug supervisor has permissions to change protected fields of a bugtask20:23
BjornT_no i didn't. at least i didn't mean to say it :)20:23
LaserJockso what is bug #217337 about then?20:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217337 in malone "Bug supervisors shouldn't be compulsorily subscribed to all bug reports" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21733720:23
kikoLaserJock, it's just as a convenience that we default bug supervisors to also being pillar subscribers20:23
kikobut that can be disabled20:24
kikoBjornT_, we need to use this term "pillar subscriber" or something like that to differentiate that to "bug subscriber", I think20:24
LaserJockI see20:24
kikootherwise it's also very confusing20:24
LaserJockwell, how does somebody become a pillar subscriber?20:24
kikoLaserJock, just "subscribe to bugs" for a project, distro or package.20:24
LaserJockbut that gives me implicit subscription for packages20:25
kikoLaserJock, I suspect the only reason you're chasing explicit subscription is because you want to unsubscribe to something.20:25
LaserJockis that wrong to want? :-)20:26
kikowhy don't you say that instead of going through this very convoluted path? :)20:26
LaserJockbecause that what bug #217337 looked like to me20:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217337 in malone "Bug supervisors shouldn't be compulsorily subscribed to all bug reports" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21733720:26
LaserJocklooked perfect20:27
kikothat summary is confusing, and is that even a valid bug?20:27
LaserJockI want my teams to be Bug Supervisors and have explicit subscriptions or implicit subscription I can get out of20:27
LaserJockthat's all I'm asking for :-)20:27
kikoit's more the latter20:28
LaserJockeither way works for me20:28
LaserJockI can't tell the difference between explicit and implicit subscriptions other than one I can unsubscribe20:29
LaserJockobviously for you guys there is a difference20:29
kikoLaserJock, the difference has to do with what we do when bug data changes.20:29
kikoI'm subscribed to bugs in alsa-utils20:29
kikoa bug is reported against the kernel20:30
kikothe bugtask is changed from linux to alsa-utils20:30
kikoif subscription is explicit, the kernel team stays subscribed and we need to specially subscribe alsa-utils20:30
mc__anyone op in here? there is a typo in the topic "buildds" two "d"'s20:30
kikoor else complicate the UI to make you decide20:30
kikomc__, it's actually "build daemons"20:30
mc__oh, alright :)20:31
LaserJockwait a sec, you can change the package on a bug task?20:33
* LaserJock goes to look20:33
LaserJockwhat the heck, why do people keep creating tons of new bug tasks for?20:34
LaserJockkiko: alright, well I guess I'll crawl back under my rock again20:36
LaserJockI just got excited that maybe the bug supervisor thing would fix the "can't unsub from implicit subscriptions" thing20:37
kikoLaserJock, how many bugs would you unsubscribe from?20:37
LaserJockoh, not all that many20:38
kikoLaserJock, how many?20:38
LaserJockit's sort of one of those, you don't need it often but when you need it you really need it things20:38
LaserJockoh probably 10 or so a release, for me personally20:38
kikoLaserJock, just echo "bug-id" >> ~/.ignored-bugs20:39
kikoand use that in your procmail filter20:39
LaserJockit's not about me20:39
LaserJockI don't mind it too much20:39
LaserJockit's about team members and upstream leaving20:39
LaserJockwhich I'd like to avoid if I can20:39
LaserJockpeople seem to not like getting automatic email that is irrelevent to them20:41
kikoleaving because of bugmail. sounds like a red herring. :)20:41
LaserJockand when they can't get out, that's even worse20:41
LaserJockno, I'm serious20:41
LaserJockI had people get like 100 emails in a day so they left the team, they'll probably come back now that it's over20:41
kikowhy did they get 100 emails in a day?20:42
LaserJockbecause we have a bug with I think 50+ tasks20:42
LaserJockand each time anybody did anything it sent an email20:42
kikoLaserJock, but people shouldn't receive multiple emails for that bug20:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 201962 in lapack3 "gfortran transition" [Low,Fix released] 20:42
kikoit's just one bugmail per 5 minutes of changes20:43
kikoLaserJock, hang on, I need to reboot, will be 4 minutes20:43
LaserJockkiko: back?20:49
kikowhat's the story?20:50
LaserJockok, so on that bug there are 54 tasks and 90+ comments20:50
LaserJockthat adds up to a lot of bugmail20:50
LaserJockI guess I'm struggling with whether we should move process bugs off of Launchpad or not20:51
LaserJockit seems like Launchpad isn't designed around these kinds of bugs20:51
kikoLaserJock, I'm not sure how those two thoughts equate. unsubscribing implicit subscribers isn't possible, granted, but there's an easy workaround (filtering or the D key) and regular bugs and process bugs are similar in bug volume.20:53
kikoLaserJock, I also don't quite understand why the number of bugtasks would generate more bugmail20:53
kikounfortunately I need to reboot again, so bear with me.20:53
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LaserJockkiko: well, more bugtasks means more irrelevent email for a lot of bug contacts21:04
kikoLaserJock, they'd still have to unsubscribe manually, which isn't fun21:04
kikoLaserJock, maybe we should be asking ourselves why we're sending them bugmail at all?21:05
LaserJockwell, actually I think that'd be pretty common21:05
kikoI mean, could we avoid somehow emailing them?21:05
LaserJockpeople want to get some bug mail, then be able to turn them off21:05
kikowhat is the nature of the change being bugmailed?21:05
LaserJockwell, people want relevent email, not irrelevent email :-)21:05
kikoso maybe we should start by analyzing why the email is irrelevant21:06
kikois it me-tooing?21:06
LaserJockjust involving many different packages21:06
LaserJockpeople don't mind getting the email for the package they are a bug contact for21:06
LaserJockbut if that's like 1/10 of the bugmail they get from the bug report, they start complaining21:06
kikomaybe the problem is multiple bugtasks indeed21:07
kikoI'm not sure that's a feature21:07
LaserJockthat's why I'm wondering if we should move those kinds of bugs off LP21:08
LaserJockif it's sort of a corner case21:08
LaserJockthe other issue is that there are  different types of bugs21:08
LaserJockbasically code bugs and process bugs21:08
LaserJockmost subscribers are intersted in the code bugs21:09
LaserJockbut process bugs can produce a lot of traffic and they have no way to get out21:09
LaserJockone suggestion that has the most potential, IMO is to ubsubscribe implicit subscribers if the task they are subscribed through is marked Invalid or Fix Released21:11
LaserJockhowever some people have said that they only would want that for Invalid21:11
LaserJockso I'm not sure if it would work without have some option, which I know you wouldn't want to do21:12
kikoat that point I think it's more generally useful to "block bugmail from this bug"21:13
LaserJockso do you see the issue or do you still think I'm on crack? ;-)21:14
ubotuNew bug: #217427 in soyuz "Please support arbitrary arch/buildd affinity for arch:all builds" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21742721:35
chxhi. https://launchpad.net/drupal/main Last run:Failure eight hours ago21:47
chxthanks if you can fix :)21:47
kikochx, let me check what the error was21:52
chxkiko: <3 you21:52
kikobzrlib.errors.SocketConnectionError: Unable to connect to SSH host escudero; EOF during negotiation21:54
kikomwhudson, what do you think of that?21:55
chxkiko: can this be a temporary error? that server not answering..? canyou try rerun?21:56
kikochx, I've retried, but I dunno21:58
chxmwhudson_: hey22:02
mwhudson_chx: hi?22:02
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kikomwhudson_, drupal isn't syncing, and I'm seeing a lot of weird problems in the buildbot logs 22:03
kiko<kiko> bzrlib.errors.SocketConnectionError: Unable to connect to SSH host escudero; EOF during negotiation22:03
mwhudsonkiko: hm22:03
mwhudsonkiko: load on one of the buildslaves is 100+, this seems to be unlikely to be a coincidence22:03
mwhudsonwell, was22:04
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chxmwhudson: so what can be done so that the Drupal import synces?22:15
mwhudsonchx: it should be fixed now, let me give it a manual kick22:15
mwhudsonchx: it should 'just happen' now, the system is working through a backlog and i don't have any control over the order it does things in :/22:17
chxmwhudson: my problem is that http://drupal.org/cvs?commit=110720 went in and I would prefer something better than the merge abilities of CVS ...22:17
mwhudsonchx: it should be synced in a few hours22:17
chxmwhudson: great, thanks22:17
mwhudsoni hope that's not too inconvenient22:18
mwhudson(when we've finished rewriting the innards of the system, i'd be able to prioritize it...)22:18
chxmwhudson: it is a bit, but i guess it'll be fine22:21
chxmwhudson: Murphy's law says that when a 850K patch lands then bzr mirror fails :)22:22
mwhudsonchx: well, at least we know of the problems22:22
mwhudsonand i've spent the last two weeks doing nothing other than working on the new system...22:23
chxmwhudson: awesome, thanks22:23
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