histoyeah its the effects which are defaulted to normal.  If I disable them scrolling no longer takes 100% cpu.00:00
histoThis behavior did not occur in hardy.  Wonder if the intel driver is to blame but xorg is all messed up now.00:00
Tuv0khisto, blow away your old compiz settings00:00
histoTuv0k: this is default seettings on an install00:00
RAOFTuv0k: That's unlikely to help.00:01
histoTuv0k: nothing i've changed fresh install00:01
Tuv0kits helped on more than one occasion00:01
Adyshisto yeah its been doing it here too00:01
histoTuv0k: i'm just comparing gutsy to hardy for testing and there are some major cpu usage issues with hardy.00:01
histomostly with ff00:01
sielnt_and evolution00:01
Tuv0ksorry to hear that00:01
RAOFhisto: Gah.  I thought we'd killed this.  It sounds like an EXA performance regression; what acceleration arch does Xorg.0.log report?00:01
Adyshisto it also happens in the mozilla version of ff, reported it a few times theres some pretty crazy stuff :/00:01
histoRAOF: let me check00:02
sielnt_Adys: they are all mozilla versions of ff00:02
AdysI mean the non ubuntu one00:02
Tuv0kThis box is an old Dimension 2350 with 512ram00:02
Tuv0kFF3 runs great00:02
sielnt_Adys: lol, non-ubuntu00:02
Tuv0kIntel onboard graphivs00:02
histoRAOF: is there a grep I can pass to catcht aht line in xorg log?00:03
Adysthe one in the ubuntu repositories is modified sielnt_00:03
Tuv0khowever compositing in xfce4 slows everything down00:03
sielnt_Adys: I'd say it's probably compiled for more compatibility, but other than that nothing's changed00:03
Tuv0kthe onboard graphics bites.....hard00:03
Adyssielnt_: Try it yourself00:03
histoRAOF: let me refrase i'm not really sure what you are looking for out of it.00:03
RAOFhisto: Something like "grep EXA /var/log/Xorg.0.log" should return something, I think.00:04
RAOFhisto: I want to know whether you're using EXA or XAA, basically.  I think we default to EXA, but we've got some patches to the intel driver to make performance not suck.00:04
Adyssielnt_: Theres enough bugs happening in the ubuntu one that are not happening in the mozilla one - and the other way around - for me to call it different00:04
kromonosok my hero00:05
kromonosnow, I booted with 2.6.2200:05
histoRAOF: using EXA00:05
kromonoshow can I use nvidia drivers?00:05
histoRAOF: so its a known issue then?00:05
histo!nvidia > kromonos00:06
RAOFhisto: Yes, but I thought we'd fixed it00:06
AdysRAOF: it's been happening on nvidia drivers too here00:06
RAOFAdys: Yes, that's because the nvidia drivers are crap.00:06
kromonoshisto: I have already installed nvidia drivers00:06
kromonosbut with kernel 2.6.2400:06
Adysaight :P00:07
kromonosand not 2.6.2200:07
histokromonos: then you need to install them with kernel 2.6.2200:07
kromonosbut ltn Tuv0k said, I have to boot with this kernel00:07
J-_Hey, I'm getting an occasional dim from the newer updates. Anyone else have the same problem?00:07
histokromonos: especially if you are using binary drivers00:07
kromonosyae ... but my problem, why ubuntu completly freeze with new kernel is not resolved with this way00:08
histoJ-_: yeah I saw that once with firefox after updates.  Was happening to me while playing with the scrolling.00:09
RAOFhisto: Hm.  I can't seem to find the LP bug, but there is one.00:09
RAOFhisto: Hah, there it is: bug #17749200:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177492 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "EXA is balls-achingly slow" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17749200:11
kromonoshow can I downgrade from hardy back to 7.10?00:11
x1250kromonos: you can't, unless you reinstall 7.1000:11
kromonosand how can I downgrade to 2.6.24 kernel bevor 2.6.24-15?00:12
Adysif you still have them installed just select a different one at boot in grub kromonos00:13
kromonosthere is just 2.6.24-15 and 2.6.2200:13
x1250you can do that :) Try removing the metapackages for the linux kernel packages (linux-image-generic, linux-generic, etc) and then install the version you want. Also, edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and disable hiddenmenu option00:13
x1250you can change your repos to gutsy ones and install from there, if nothing else works...00:14
kromonosis in gutsy an 2.6.24 kernel?00:15
x1250I dont know00:15
DanaGLinux GLaDOS 2.6.24-16-generic #1 SMP Thu Apr 10 13:23:42 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux00:15
kromonosthx 4 great help x125000:16
RAdamsanyone else having an issue with sound-juicer under hardy?00:17
RAdamsI can't select new profiles that I make00:17
RAdamsTuvok: do you use sound-juicer to rip your cds? what format do you use?00:18
Tuv0kif I want to have them portable mp300:18
Tuv0kfor storage ogg00:18
Tuv0kif I want to stream them, mp300:18
RAdamsTuv0k: I'm using mp3. What is your gstreamer pipeline for 192 mp3s?00:19
reya276I need some help mounting my external hard drive, for some reason I can't access it00:19
Tuv0kI don't make 192bit mp3s00:19
RAOFlame preset=1001 :)00:19
RAdamsRAOF: I can just use that alone for the pipe?00:20
RAOFYou probably need a audioconvert before it and a id3v2mux after it or something like that.00:20
RAOFI'd also check, with "gst-inspect lame", that preset 1001 is actually the one you want :)00:21
RAdamsRA0F: does this look right? audio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=2 ! lame name=enc vbr=false bitrate=192 ! id3mux00:21
reya276I need some help mounting my external hard drive, for some reason I can't access it. Can anyone help? Please00:21
RAdamsRA0F: And any clue why I can't select it as an output format? I set it to active, but I can't select it00:22
Tuv0kaudio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=2 ! lame name=enc mode=0 vbr-quality=6 ! id3v2mux00:22
DanaGIf you use ogg AND mp3, you have to store things twice.00:22
x1250reya276: how are you mounting it and whats the error?00:23
Lycuswhat's that command to install dependencies for a package?00:24
DanaGnegative?  What negative?00:24
Tuv0kDanaG, I don't store duplicates00:24
RAOFLycus: There isn't one.  Oh.  You might be meaning "apt-get -f install"?00:25
Tuv0kLycus, apt and synaptic handles that automagically00:25
DanaGI hope you don't convert from one lossy format to another.00:25
DanaGMy iAudio6 plays .ogg -- nifty.00:25
DanaGAnd it has folder-based organization as the default.00:25
RAOFLycus: But that's only going to do anything if you've installed a package in a non-standard way.00:25
LycusTuv0k: well using etch from a pen drive, i know there's something like apt-build depends00:25
LycusI know using gaim's dependencies work for pidgin00:25
Lycusbuilding pidgin from source.00:26
Tuv0kLycus, you lost me00:26
LycusTuv0k: Say I wanted to build Pidgin from source00:26
Tuv0kdunno why, but ok00:26
LycusBut I didn't want to build its depends from from source00:26
Lycuswhat command would I use to install them?00:27
Lycusit's like apt-build dependencies pidgin or something, I can't remember.00:27
Tuv0kyou'd pull down the dependencies first00:27
Lycusthere's an apt command for it00:27
Tuv0kyeah something like that00:27
Tuv0kyou might ant to man apt00:27
RAOFLycus: You're after 'apt-get build-dep pidgin'00:28
LycusRAOF: thanks.00:28
Tuv0kgoogle is your friend00:28
Tuv0kor we could just do it for you?00:29
LycusTuv0k: I googled, wasn't sure what to google for, just a mess. :-P00:29
Tuv0kyou had the right query, just plopped it into the worng window:-P00:29
gerroI just updated to hardy to try it out. I have no sound00:29
gerrowhat's with that update-modules is deprecated message it looks very ominous?00:30
pagan0neanyone have any clue why i am unable to sudo, kdesu, kdesudo, or gksudo ?00:30
Tuv0kgerro, http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&channel=s&rls=com.ubuntu%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=0zq&q=hardy+no+sound&btnG=Search00:30
Tuv0kfirst hit00:30
Tuv0kpagan0ne, http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&channel=s&rls=com.ubuntu%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=jMW&q=hardy+unable+to+sudo&btnG=Search00:31
Tuv0kfirst hit00:31
Tuv0kbug 18842400:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188424 in sudo "[hardy] sudo unable to resolv hostname (dup-of: 32906)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18842400:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 32906 in sudo "sudo shouldn’t ABSOLUTELY NEED to look up the host it’s running on" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3290600:31
pagan0neTuv0k, so this effects kdesu kdesudo and gksudo too?00:32
Tuv0kpagan0ne, dunno, I don't use those, join #kubuntu00:33
pagan0neTuv0k, and it appears thats from alpha 3, not the beta?00:33
Tuv0kpagan0ne, or read that bug report00:33
J-_what the heck00:33
Tuv0kthe bug is still open00:33
pagan0neTuv0k, im reading the report00:33
Tuv0kStatus tracked in Hardy00:34
Tuv0k    [edit]  In Progress00:34
Tuv0kthat means it affects beta as well of course00:34
Tuv0kThis bug has 13 duplicates00:35
J-_Either I'm gettin dillusional, or irssi is messing up. An example includes: 19:32 < J-_> :<look up the host it’s running on" [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/3290600:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 32906 in sudo "sudo shouldn’t ABSOLUTELY NEED to look up the host it’s running on" [High,In progress]00:35
Lycusgerro: maybe you went deaf00:36
pagan0neTuv0k, also that bug isnt the error im getting, its just it fails to launch the program, no errors spit out00:37
gerroLycus: nah people have been reporting similar issues for older 8.04 kernels00:39
T1m0thySigh.. Am I the only one who finds Hardy slower than Gutsy?00:42
gerroI don't know I haven't tried it much yet been trying to fix the sound00:42
Kill_Xbug 216999, does anyone experience similar things? :)00:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216999 in compiz-plugins "Decoration Plugin: Window shadow color is not displayed as set in plugin properties" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21699900:43
cyclonutT1m0thy: no, I've found hardy quicker all around00:44
cyclonutT1m0thy: but I do not use compiz, that might have something to do with it00:44
T1m0thyWell, I play Runescape (yeah I know, lol) and I used to be able to run it on high detail with no problems, it might have froze once in a while.. but now I run it on low detail and it freezes a lot and i have to refresh the Java applet.00:44
T1m0thyI don't use Compiz.00:44
T1m0thyI'm using Openbox.00:44
pagan0neok, i hope someone can help me, i just installed kubuntu 8.04 and sudo, kdesu, kdesudo, and gksudo ask for a password but fail to launch anything... anyone help please? the bug report Tuv0k doesnt seem to be whats causing my problem00:46
gerrowow that Angel Jaurigue person knows what they doing I did bunch of stuff with module assistant think this should fix sound00:48
gerroTuv0k: and hey thx for link, I'll try and write that down for if i ever have broken sound again00:50
Fritzelok umm00:53
Fritzeldoes anyone know why I can get this http://pastebin.com/d103d4b31 and still be here?00:53
Fritzelcomcast is my isp, so it's a traceroute to my own isp00:53
DanaGArgh!  Why won't VirtualBox let go of my frackin' keyboard?  It doesn't work in the VM, but it breaks it in the host.00:55
Daisuke_LaptopDanaG: right control + r? or was it k...00:57
DanaGI set it to scroll-lock, actually.00:58
DanaGr is reboot.00:59
DanaGWell, it is really annoying having it refuse to let go of the mouse and keyboard.01:00
DanaGI had to AllowDeactivateGrabs in xorg.conf -- but that's a security risk, since it01:00
DanaG'it'll also let people bypass the screensaver lock.01:00
loufoquethe mplayer version in hardy is not recent enough for me01:20
loufoqueis there anyone who maintains a package with a more up to date version?01:20
crimsunmediubuntu?  debian-multimedia.org?01:21
Vorbotesomebody with a ppa at launchpad.net?01:22
RussellGeeyou could request a sync but its a bit late01:22
crimsunit's unlikely to be granted in any case  ;)01:22
Killeroidi think medibuntu has the atest mplayer packages01:23
RussellGeetry getdeb.com01:23
RussellGee.net sorry01:24
loufoqueI think i'll just compile the svn version myself and make a package out of it01:26
loufoqueat least I know the current svn version works01:26
loufoque(for what I need)01:26
Killeroidloufoque: medibuntu has the latest mplayer packages01:27
loufoquei already have medibuntu01:27
Killeroidoh really, cos they do have the latest mplayer and i have it installed01:28
Killeroidahh, first phrase in messzage intended for another window01:28
loufoquethe latest mplayer is old.01:28
loufoqueI need a fairly recent svn version01:28
[Neurotic]anyone got a quick workaround for when your ctrl,shift,alt keys lock up - like mine do when i use vmware01:29
[Neurotic]like something to reset the keyboard.. otherwise i have to reboot - sorry about the lack of punctuation, i'm in the middle of one right now01:30
DanaGIf you don't want to have to fully reboot, you can do a kernel-level kill of xorg -- however, it's called KILL for a reason!  Don't do it if you don't want to kill all running apps!01:32
[Neurotic]yeah.. i can just logout too01:32
[Neurotic]but i would prefer not to kill running apps01:33
[Neurotic]the weird thing is, in vmware, and remote connections, my keys still work01:33
[Neurotic]it's bizarre01:33
darrend[Neurotic]: tried xev to see what it reports when you hit those keys?01:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216891 in ubuntu "executing a sudo command over a "ssh -X" connection 2 times in row in background results in massive CPU usage" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:34
Kill_Xany comments?01:34
[Neurotic]darrend, will try taht01:35
[Neurotic]darrend, got a problem, in this state, i can't run a terminal, and running xev through deskbar, doesn't let me see errors ;/01:36
darrend[Neurotic]: you can't get a terminal through the application menu? That broken too, or some other reason?01:38
[Neurotic]darrend, whenever i get a terminal up, as soon as i start typing in it, it crashes01:38
[Neurotic]sorry - should have been clearer01:38
darrendok, try the following in your deskbar..01:39
darrendgnome-terminal -e xev01:39
darrendor use xterm instead01:40
reya276how can I get by Wacom Tablet to work in Hardy01:40
reya276everyone seems to have it working according to this post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4701832&posted=1#post4701832, I also edited/added the lines on my Xorg.Conf file01:41
[Neurotic]darrend, that worked01:41
[Neurotic]darrend, i can't see any errors in the output, it seems to pick up the ctrl key just fine01:41
reya276but the tablet still does not work, but the funny thing is when I do dmsg it comes up as being detected by my system01:42
reya276what gives01:42
darrend[Neurotic]: does the problem persist or go away after you close vmware?01:42
[Neurotic]darrend, last time i tried, the problem persisted01:43
[Neurotic]but i didn't shut down the vmware services - mainly because i can't get to them01:43
reya276darrend:  seems like no one is willing to tackle this issue, can you help, please01:43
[Neurotic]darrend, trying vmware shut down now01:44
gerroalright still no sound..but strange thing I have nothing about pulseaudio under ps command01:45
dotechanyone here familiar with debugging mouse drivers?01:45
dotechor Xorg events for mouse actions?01:46
dotechi'm having a serious mouse clicking issue, only 10-20% of my clicks actually generate an Xorg ButtonPress/ButtonRelease event01:46
darrendreya276: never used one, sorry01:46
darrenddotech: xev01:46
dotechdarrend: i used that and all that can tell me is that it is generating 1-3 clicks for ever 1001:47
dotechi dont know if the issue is Xorg itself or a lower level in the driver01:47
[Neurotic]darrend, no go on turning off vmware, going to see if i can get the services to stop01:47
dotechi know its not Gnome or any higher level software01:47
darrenddotech: tried the mouse on another machine?  could be h/w fault01:47
dotechi had used this mouse for years before installing ubuntu last week but i can give it a shot anyway just to cover the bases01:48
Kill_Xhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/216891 <-- might someone please test that one? :)01:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216891 in ubuntu "executing a sudo command over a "ssh -X" connection 2 times in row in background results in massive CPU usage" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:48
darrend[Neurotic]: if xterm doesn't work, use System>Administration>System Monitor01:49
[Neurotic]darrend, xterm works, thanks01:49
darrenddotech: what sort of mouse?01:49
dotechdarrend: even better, i have another USB mouse i can try01:49
dotechboth are USB optical mouses01:49
darrenddotech: make?01:49
dotechdarrend: the one that i know is having issues is Creative Fatality01:50
CoasterMasterDoes anyone know when we will be able to order Ubuntu DVDs from the Canonical store?01:50
dotechdarrend: i'm trying a cheap dynex now01:50
CoasterMaster(Ubuntu 8.04 I mean)01:50
gerrohmm using xubuntu 8.04 and I can't edit settings on gksudo services-admin it has critical error "unable to lookup session information for process"01:50
dotechdarrend: weird, the cheap dynex works perfectly01:50
dotechi have them both connected now01:50
darrenddotech: I have one somewhere with exactly the issue you report, but it was definitely hardware01:51
dotechthe creative fatality works great in windows and on mac os x leopard, it must be some kind of driver issue then01:51
dwidmanndotech, try a different mouse driver and see if the other mouse works (evdev perhaps01:51
dotechyea i'll have to debug the driver to figure out what's going wrong01:51
darrenddotech: could try tweaking xorg.conf though01:51
gerrohow do I turn on pulseaudio? isn't it supposed to be on?01:52
dotechdarrend: i'm using vmmouse now01:52
dotechdwidmann: evdev is an alternative driver?01:52
dwidmanndotech: yes01:52
dotechok i can try it01:52
T1m0thyAnyone know if Hardy will receive Opera 9.5?01:53
dwidmanndotech: man evdev, it has a nice "default evdev" for mice in it01:53
dotechim glad it isn't an Xorg issue because that wouldn't be as easy for me to work around01:53
dotechdwidmann: cool thanks, i'll check it out01:53
RAOFgerro: System->Preferences->Sound "enable software mixing".01:54
gerroso its not on by default?01:55
[Neurotic]darrend, just restarted vmware services, nope, still the keys are stuck01:55
[Neurotic]darrend, thanks for the help btw01:55
reya276Can anyone help me troubleshoot a wacom tablet issue?01:55
dotech    Identifier     "Configured Mouse"01:56
[Neurotic]i think i'm going to have to limit myself to accessing it through remote desktop01:56
reya276this is my dmesg output: http://www.pastebin.org/2957701:56
gerroRAOF: I'm very puzzled as to why sound isn't working, I have support for internal/external/dock mic though now so its kinda funny01:57
ludditehi all01:57
dotechi didn't mean to paste that, not sure how i even did01:57
RAOFgerro: It may or may not be on by default.  I'm not sure.01:58
gerroRAOF: how do I check that? I just clicked the mixer on panel and checked all devices01:58
RAOFgerro: System->Preferences->Sound "enable software mixing".  If it's checked, you're using pulse.  If it's not, you're not using pulse.01:58
gerrolike what about alsamixer how do I check there if things are muted?01:59
ptn107is there a more long-term solution to the missing menubars problem other than 'metacity --replace'??01:59
RAOFgerro: You may also want to run "asoundconf set-pulseaudio" to tell ALSA to use pulse by default, too.01:59
ludditepulse ausdio is fun02:00
gerrois there a reason firefox crashes anytime I go near a flash site?02:00
RAOFgerro: Because flash is crap.02:01
ludditequestion: if i install 8.04 beta on a pc then in 10 days when the release is here will my install be updated in synaptic?02:01
gerroRAOF: I'm installing flash from adobe again kk thx :P02:01
RAOFluddite: Yes.02:01
crimsungerro: because you either don't have libflashsupport installed and/or are on x86_64?02:01
RAOFgerro: flashplugin-nonfree _is_ flash form adobe.02:01
gerrocrimsun: got both those, its just horribly unstable like freezing up half the time02:02
ludditeRAOF - so would you imagine that the upgrade will change the grub selection names? and will it be a huge update?02:02
ludditehi crimsum02:02
crimsungerro: yeah, that's "just how Flash rolls"02:02
gerrocrimsun: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63128/02:03
gerroit is highly repeatable02:03
RAOFluddite: It's not going to change anything very much.  The release will be almost exactly what you get right now.02:04
crimsungerro: ...that pastebin doesn't expose any useful debugging information, unfortunately02:05
NwallinsHi, I've got a PowerNow mobo / cpu, but I'm having trouble with modprobe powernow-k8: FATAL: Error inserting powernow_k8 (/lib/modules/2.6.24-16-generic/kernel/arch/x86/kernel/cpu/cpufreq/powernow-k8.ko): No such device02:05
gerrocrimsun: that's what it outputs when firefox dies02:05
crimsungerro: my advice is to remove Flash completely.02:05
gerroGtk:ERROR:(/build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.12.9/gtk/gtkplug.c:182):gtk_plug_set_is_child: assertion failed: (!GTK_WIDGET (plug)->parent) doesn't look like a flash error02:06
crimsungerro: it doesn't look like /anything/02:08
gerroI could just download firefox and run it fine.. apparently only thing that's not rolled right02:08
crimsunstart with installing the appropriate debug packages (for libgtk2.0, libxul, xulrunner-1.9, firefox-3.0, etc.)02:09
crimsunthen read the wiki page for debugging Firefox crashes02:09
Nwallinsregarding my powernow error, syslog says: powernow-k8: Power state transitions not supported02:12
ludditeROAF- thanks mate. Cheers very much. I just bought a laptop and vista is on it and it is so fucking slow . so im gonna ubuntu it tonight. i have another laptop thats identical and ubuntu was pre-installed on it and it boots in 30 secs and the vista one in 2 mins. everything is slow as hell -its terrible.02:12
Nwallinsfull line: Apr 13 17:59:56 chopper kernel: [   53.284793] powernow-k8: Power state transitions not supported02:12
Nwallinsopteron 246 x 2 processors, tyan k8sre (s2891) mobo; hardy amd64 desktop02:14
nohelpherehow do you login as root in Kubuntu hardy?02:17
RAOFnohelphere: Generally you don't.02:17
RAOF!sudo | nohelphere02:17
ubotunohelphere: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.02:17
nohelpherei'm trying to install and run supybot02:18
nohelphereok thx02:18
nohelpheredidn't quite think of sudo...02:18
DanaGsupybot?  What's that?02:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about supybot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:19
nohelphereit's an irc bot02:19
nohelpherei don;t have permission to usr/bin...02:19
nohelpherewhat command changes permissions for a folder...02:20
RAOFnohelphere: You don't want to, really.02:21
nohelphereok... then I wonder how I would install supybot02:21
RAOFnohelphere: Well, I'd recommend System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager.  Search for 'supybot', and install it.02:22
nohelpherei'm using Kubuntu02:23
RAOFThen replace Synaptic package manager with Adept02:23
nohelpherei already did that02:23
nohelpherebut i have to run supybot-wizard02:23
RAOFReally?  Ok.02:23
nohelpherei get this message: Error opening messages logfile (logs/messages.log).  Generally, this is because you are running Supybot in a directory you don't have permissions to add files in, or you're running Supybot as a different user than you normal do.  The original error was: IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'logs/messages.log'02:24
RAOFThen you'll want to actually read the sudo documentation linked to from above.02:24
DanaGBot as root?  Sounds like a bad idea to me.02:24
nohelphereit just needs to create a file02:25
DanaGThere's a package supybot; is that what you're using>02:25
nohelphereor a few02:26
DanaGIs that 'logs' in your home dir?02:26
DanaGPerhaps the permissions on it are wrong.02:26
nohelphereyes but then I need to runn supybot-wozard to create the config file and the file is running from /usr/bin02:26
nohelphereno in /usr.bin02:26
DanaG /usr/bin/log -- sounds odd or wrong to me.02:27
RAOFYou're running it from the /usr/bin directory, aren't you?02:27
nohelphereyes you have to02:28
RAOFWhy not try "cd ~ ; mkdir Temp ; cd Temp ; supybot-wizard", to change to your home directory, create a temporary directory, and run the wizard from there?02:28
nohelphereit installs there bu default02:28
nohelphereand it says please doon't run this as root02:28
RAOFGood, the programmer was sane.02:29
DanaGTry going to your ~ (home)02:29
DanaGThen run with that as current directory.02:29
nohelphereot works02:29
AmyRoseHow do I get Rhythmbox to stop prompting me to install the codecs? I already installed them using that dialog, and I'm even listening to an MP3 file.02:35
Killeroidhave you restarted rhythmbox after installing the codec?02:36
AmyRoseKilleroid: Yes, numerous times02:37
AmyRoseI installed it a couple of days ago02:37
loufoqueAmyRose: kindly tell rhythmbox to stop bothering you02:38
loufoqueif that doesn't succeed, use violence.02:38
Killeroidhehe, did you install the codecs manually?02:38
Killeroidnvm, you said you installed with the dialog02:38
AmyRoseYeah, I did.02:39
Killeroidhmm, have no idea why you are still getting the dialogs.02:40
Black_MagicDoes anyone know how to Forward X?02:45
gerrowhen I run alsamixer I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63132/02:50
gerrothat's either after running alsamixer as regular user or alsaconf02:51
dotechhmm evdev didn't help03:07
dotechi guess the mouse could be doing something strange even though it works in windows and mac os x03:08
jdonmoyerhello, I'm unable to see/mount any of my lvm volume groups after gutsy->hardy beta upgrade03:12
jdonmoyeranyone able to help?03:12
lxuserhey, i just upgraded and now i cant seem to get a higher resolution then 800x60003:13
lxuseralso i reconfigured xorg, but i dont think i changed anything03:13
lxusercan someone tell me how to get my resolutions back?03:13
gunashekarbroadcom wireless stopped working after upgrade. tried fresh install and it still does not work03:30
Lycuswhat is hardy's default burner03:30
gunashekarLycus: Brasero i think03:31
Lycusgunashekar: that's it, thanks03:31
randomperson83is it just me, or is Launchpad really slow?03:35
DarkMageZrandomperson83, slow here as well.03:36
=== SeveredC1oss is now known as SeveredCross
gregcha117so, my sound is busted on ubuntu, but it works fine on the livecd anyway i can take the sound information from the livecd and replace it on my current ubuntu install because i cant figure out why its not working03:46
Jordan_Ugregcha117, Did this problem start with the recent kernel update?03:51
* Jordan_U hates when that happens03:51
sivel27helo all03:59
sivel27so i apt installed the "nvidia-glx-new" river, and rebooted, but still im at low res. when i click the restricted driver button, nothing happens/comes up. is there any cmd i can issue to see if its even using this driver i installed?04:00
ere4sicat /etc/X11/xorg.conf - will let you see what driver is used04:02
sivel27all it says is "configured Video Device" for section "Device"04:06
amdma2003hi, does anyone know if the new ubuntu 8.04 have better support for atheros wireless cards?04:19
IndyGunFreakamdma2003: i started to tell you in #ubuntu, but my atheros card works fine in Gutsy, but i couldn't get it to work w/ the Hardy beta... which atheros do you have?04:19
amdma2003i think i have the atheros 500604:19
cyclonutamdma2003: hardy tries to have better support, but it is broken04:19
IndyGunFreakamdma2003: open a terminal and lspci to see what your device is04:20
amdma2003im using windows now04:20
amdma2003going to wait 11 days for it04:20
amdma2003i have the Atheros AR5006EGS04:20
amdma2003i know that madwifi supports it04:21
IndyGunFreakhm, mine is AR5006EG, and madwifi works fine w/ it04:21
amdma2003but does hardy includes it in the installation04:21
IndyGunFreaki don't think so.04:21
cyclonutno, networkmanager is the default.04:21
amdma2003so you have to install it from synaptics?04:21
IndyGunFreakor from source, yes04:22
amdma2003alright thanks04:22
amdma2003i just downloaded hardy04:22
amdma2003and im going to go do a dual boot installation04:22
IndyGunFreakamdma2003: what make/model computer?04:22
amdma2003Sony Vaio VGN-NR110E04:22
IndyGunFreakhmm ok04:22
amdma2003oh also04:23
amdma2003i also had trouble with 7.04 with the sound04:23
amdma2003it works04:23
amdma2003but the sound from different applications does not mix04:23
amdma2003for example, when im using firefox with sound04:24
amdma2003playing sound from VLC does not work04:24
amdma2003is there another mixer i should use?04:24
IndyGunFreakamdma2003: i really don't know, i know w/ 7.10, there was a lot of issues w/ Intel HDA devices04:24
amdma2003ok, thanks for your help04:27
amdma2003ill look around on the internet04:27
LycusI have a working ubuntu install and can apt-get etc. but I get unable to initialize frontend: Dialog errors from debconf when apt-get using04:30
Lycushow can I install the ubuntu server base, or whatever, via apt-get?04:30
BigcheeseI'm running the development version of Kubuntu Hardy and a recent update broke kopete. Now when I try to connect to any of my IMs nothing happens. It is as if the connect code was replaced with a call to do_nothing();.04:40
dotechis there a way to create a toolbar shortcut that opens the application on a specific monitor?04:53
dotechif i click the firefox shortcut i want it to open on the center monitor instead of the left monitor04:53
Ashexanyone having kopete continue to flash after clicking on the window?04:54
AshexAs soon as I get off my lazy butt, I'm making a hungry hungry hippo login screen05:02
Ashexif possible, logging screen will be the hippos shooting the balls05:03
djikhello... does hardy install from windows but onto an xfs partition?05:13
RAOFdjik: I suppose you could, if you wanted to, although I'm not sure why you'd want to.  Wubi - the windows installer - installs into a file on the Windows partition, so the choice of filesystem inside that file isn't particularly critical :)05:17
djikthen i must have misunderstood what wubi does05:18
randomperson83so... when apt-get upgrade says its "holding back packages", any thoughts on how to tell it to NOT do that?05:19
cpk1randomperson83: use dist-upgrade?05:20
randomperson83it should say that :-p05:21
cpk1it does in the man05:22
JohnPhysI usually trust apt to be smarter than me when it comes to package management05:22
randomperson83no way, if im gonna use a beta, i want it to bleed05:22
randomperson83things *should* break05:22
djikI trust no one when it comes to package management05:23
cpk1the reason why you need to do dist is because safe-upgrade (or upgrade) wont remove packages if it needs to but dist-upgrade is a little more forceful05:23
randomperson83im actually quite disappointed with hardy, there haven't been a lot of bugs (for me)05:23
JohnPhysrandomperson83:  that's the most ridiculous thing I've heard05:24
TiramsAs long as I keep installing the updates, will Gutsy automatically update to the next stable version when it is released?05:24
randomperson83tongue mostly in cheek05:24
cpk1Tirams: no, there will be a guide to upgrade to hardy05:25
JohnPhysTirams:  The update-manager should tell you there's a new version out, and give you the opportunity to upgrade from Gutsy to Hardy05:25
Tiramsoh i'm sorry05:25
Tiramsi meant hardy05:25
Tiramsi'm using the beta right now05:25
Tiramsbut i'm considering downgrading to Gutsy because of some issues05:25
cpk1then yes, keep updating and you will be using the same as everyone else05:26
randomperson83cpk1: that is in the process of working, tnx05:27
randomperson83still, it should have some msg in the msg05:27
cpk1I guess if you are going to be using the cli instead of the gui they expect some basic knowledge =)05:28
randomperson83fair enough05:28
randomperson83im not used to ubuntu quite yet, coming from gentoo :)05:28
djikwhat version of gcc ships with hardy?05:29
djikor will...05:29
randomperson83is what i have05:29
cpk1gcc (GCC) 4.2.3 (Ubuntu 4.2.3-2ubuntu7) is what I have right now05:29
djikoh. nice!05:29
djik4.3.2 or 4.2.3?05:29
randomperson83im wrong05:29
djiki was hoping for a 4.3 :-\05:30
randomperson83transposed the numbers :)05:30
djikoh well05:30
randomperson83gcc -v05:30
mheathA minor version shouldn't make that big of a difference, anyway.05:30
djiki hear they have some interesting improvements in their openmp implementation05:31
djiki write computer vision code, so for me that'd be something to look forward to05:31
randomperson83you can always install your own :p05:31
mheathrandomperson83: Thats a very non-trivial thing, to do right.05:32
randomperson83mheath: nah05:33
randomperson83to do right05:33
mheathrandomperson83: With what he was asking about, you'd need to compile the entire toolchain.05:34
mheathrandomperson83: Correctly compiling a toolchain that is usable but seperate from the default on the system is not a trivial task.05:34
djiki installed it using darwinports05:35
djikbut that's on macosx05:35
randomperson83*shrugs* i haven't done it for gcc 4.x, but 3.x was pretty easy... granted, it was for cross compiling05:35
mheathrandomperson83: gcc != complete toolchain.05:36
djiki assume that objects compiled by gcc 4.3 can be successfully linked with 4.2 libs -- maybe i am wrong05:37
randomperson83that was my thought05:37
randomperson83you wouldn't need to redo make, binutils, etc05:38
randomperson83or glib05:38
randomperson83for his purposes05:38
RAOFdjik: If you want gcc 4.3, install the gcc-4.3 package :)05:38
djikif it exists already, then it's excellent :)05:39
=== |LiMaO| is now known as LiMaO
djiki've been meaning to try hardy for a while, and now i have an excuse :)05:39
mheathrandomperson83: "make, binutils, etc" != toolchain either.05:40
randomperson83mheath: definition?05:40
mheatherm, well, binutils would be included.05:41
mheathBinutils, GCC, GNU lib c05:41
randomperson83mheath: i wouldn't say its trivial.. but i wouldn't say it was non-trivial05:42
RAOFrandomperson83: Ah, I see you're a fan of non-boolean logic :P05:43
mheathrandomperson83: If done correctly, it's a two phase operation.05:43
randomperson83yes yes05:43
randomperson83into quantum computing, am i05:43
randomperson83lots of entanglement05:44
mheathrandomperson83: You have to compile the compiler, then compile libc, then compile the compiler with the resulting compiler.05:44
djikfuzzy logic :)05:44
RAOFHeh, sorry.  gcc-snapshot is what you're after.05:44
mheathand, another nitpicking detail: while my knowledge of the subject IS limited, don't most quantum computing algorithms still organize the data in a boolean manner?05:47
randomperson83mheath: they can have multiple states also, from my limited understanding05:48
randomperson83In other words, a qubit can exist as a zero, a one, or simultaneously as both 0 and 1, ...05:49
randomperson83quoting from: http://www.cs.caltech.edu/~westside/quantum-intro.html05:49
randomperson83but despite this huge tangent from the topic... i think we can all agree that it is generally best to avoid rebuilding your toolchain, because it can take quite awhile05:52
djiki was once young and stupid and i did install gentoo on my desktop...it took >3 days05:54
randomperson83the idea of gentoo is awesome. but then you realize if you want to install simple programs it takes longer than a minute to do05:55
randomperson83gets old :(05:55
randomperson83thus.. why i am here05:56
djikdarwinports makes me feel i am using gentoo again, but instead i am using macosx :)05:57
Nwallinswhen I set up static ip, instead of "roaming", i need to ifup eth0 manually06:01
Nwallinsi am not used to the "roaming" setting06:02
JohnPhysBug #18585406:02
Nwallinsstatic and dhcp correspond to /etc/network/interfaces as expected06:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185854 in gnome-system-tools "Setting static IP in Network Settings doesn't produce correct data" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18585406:02
Nwallinsok, just need auto eth006:03
JohnPhysNwallins: basically, add "auto eth0" (or the correct network interface instead of eth0) to /etc/network/interfaces, and it should work06:03
Nwallinshow useful is the systray applet?06:04
Nwallinsthe network one06:04
Nwallinsi am fine with just using /etc/network/interfaces06:05
JohnPhysNwallins:  I've found it useful for adding wireless networks and such, even ones with WPA encryption06:06
Nwallinsok, sure.  I'll leave it alone with the auto addition  :)06:07
JohnPhysthe "adding auto eth0" bug doesn't seem to be in gutsy, so my static ip on my gutsy install works just fine06:07
Nwallinsnot a big deal, i'm sure it will be remedied06:07
JohnPhysI don't do a lot of complex network stuff though, just wanted static ip for torrents and such06:07
Nwallinsyep, :)06:07
DanaGHas anybody else been having issues with VirtualBox grabbing keyboard and mouse, and then refusing to let go?06:07
JohnPhyssuch as the hardy and gutsy torrents I'm seeding right now :)06:07
DanaG... and host key doesn't work for anything whatsoever.06:08
Nwallins<-- PlaneShift06:08
ludditeif i have a new laptop with vista on it and i use the livecd beta and it works then i can install from that cant i?06:09
Nwallinsyes -- you may want to preserve or pass along the vista license / software06:10
ludditewhats that mean06:10
Nwallinspresumably, you have a vista license to go with the software06:10
ethana2somebody may think it's worth something06:10
ethana2don't kill it06:11
ludditeoh yeah - its still in the cling wrap06:11
Nwallinsok, if you have the install discs and everything -- go for it :D06:11
ludditewell i have a lapto identical to it with ubuntu on it and it flies06:11
luddite4 times faster with everything06:12
ludditebut this is my mates06:12
Nwallinsi have done about 10 installs on the hardy beta x64 desktop livecd06:12
Nwallinsburned about 10 days ago06:12
ludditedaily build?06:12
Nwallinsone build06:12
ludditecurrent build?06:12
ludditei might get http://cdimage.ubuntulinux.org/daily-live/20080413/06:13
Nwallinsoff the main site -- nothing special -- but each install there is longer list of updates :)06:13
ludditeim lost06:13
ludditethe daily build should be the least yeah?06:13
x3cionGood morning, everytime I plug in my USB device (or restart the computer), Ubuntu creates a new folder "disk-x" which stays. Is it just me? :|06:13
ludditemine is fine06:14
ludditethen re-uses that06:14
x3cionwell, im at disk-6 now =D06:14
ludditetry editing your disk file06:14
ludditeand make it perm06:15
DanaGHuh?  That doesn't even make sense.06:15
DanaGTry unmounting the volume, and then go in console and look in /media06:16
DanaGRemove with rm -rfiv any of the duplicates.06:16
ludditeedit /etc/fstab06:16
ludditeand add your mount command directly in there for that disk06:16
DanaGUSB device == don't use fstab.06:17
DanaGrm with 'i' for interactive to make sure you don't remove anything you shouldn't/06:17
J-_Is there any problems with anyone elses brightness lowering once in a while with these new updates?06:18
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
x3cionI had no other device than my usb stick rm -R disk* did it too06:20
x3cion... i hope so o.O06:20
LynoureI haven't noticed, but it brightness sensor that has always happened to me :)06:20
ludditeJ-_ yes06:22
ludditei dont know why though- its just a simple ALT & + to raise it to desired level again06:22
J-_luddite: K, cool. Glad it's not my laptop going. =) It's new, with Hardy on it. Don't need it to not work ever again. :|06:23
maekanyone know if Hardy has a updated version of Compiz ??06:33
maekor is it the same version thats in Gusty ??06:34
RAOFYes, it's updated.06:34
RAOFLike practically every other package of Hardy :)06:34
maekoh cheers RAOF06:36
maekI can't wait for Hardy ... 10 days to go06:37
lachlan_i have found hardy too buggy for me does anybody know a way to backup my data so i can do a clean install or a way to revert to gutsy?07:14
lachlan_good backup tool so i can backup all my data to dvd would also be nice07:15
Jordan_U!home | lachlan_07:15
ubotulachlan_: Your home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For mounting your home folder on a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome07:15
lachlan_umm i cant surf the web atm (its one of the bugs i have encountered do you know of a good program?07:16
lachlan_i think its called sbacup or something07:17
Joe_CoThey, i upgraded to hardy, and something's weird about my display -- dedraw is very slow. is there any way to determine the video driver i'm currently using? And no, i don't mean in the xorg.conf. I need to see if it's loading a different driver than it's supposed to07:18
LynoureJoe_CoT: /var/log/xorg.log could tell it07:19
RAOFJoe_CoT: The magic incantation you're after is "grep -i driver /var/log/Xorg.0.log"07:20
Joe_CoTis this part of the new detection system? it loads intel, fbdev, vesa, and vga, and then unloads all but intel07:21
RAOFHm.  That's not what I've seen in the past, but I have to specify my driver in xorg.conf (nvidia or nouveau, neither are autoloaded).07:22
Lynourecould be part of the bulletproof(?) xorg thing. (Dunno much about that, it not being there for Kubuntu)07:23
Joe_CoTwell, it's been rather weird. in gutsy, i could plug in my second monitor (this is a laptop), and it would automatically clone the screen. now it wouldn't detect it at all.07:23
Joe_CoTif i removed my xorg.conf, i could use the second screen, but it feels like the driver's behavior has changed. and everything's acting very slow07:24
RAOFJoe_CoT: what does 'xrandr' report; does running 'xrandr --auto' turn on your projector?07:24
Joe_CoTit seems to be reporting fine, now that i've removed my xorg.conf . but i have two strange behaviors07:27
Joe_CoTfirst, the screen resolution utility will allow me to set the monitors as not cloned, and have the second extend the other, at a lower resolution. but when I actually tell it to do so, they're cloned, both at the lower resolution07:28
Joe_CoTsecond, usually, when i run the laptop screen at lower than native resolution, it only uses that portion of the screen (ie i'll have a little 640x480 box). now it's stretching it to the whole screen07:28
RAOFRight, so the second seems to be the expected behaviour (scaling the image to the whole panel).07:30
RAOFYou can probably change this by playing with the xrandr tool; it's likely there's a scaling mode option somewhere.07:31
Joe_CoTstill don't understand why things are so much slower than usual07:32
Joe_CoTthere's a tiling effect when drawing a new window. videos drop more frames07:32
RAOFFor the first... Oh, that's probably due to X braindeadness.  You can't change the maximum total resolution after X has started; if you start with just one screen, that's the maximum total resolution X will allow.07:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xrandr12 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about randr12 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:33
Joe_CoTah, so i have to do that virtual desktop thing. that's fine07:33
Joe_CoTmain issue is the speed drop07:33
jfVi snörre söret.07:33
bazhangswedish jf?07:33
RAOFJoe_CoT: Basically you want to add a Virtual line to xorg.conf.  Note that you'll lose compiz if your virtual line includes a number >= 204807:33
jfYou must snöre sröret.07:33
karmelekI have got problem witha alsamixer and volume regulation - when I try to run it, it returns07:33
karmelekalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory07:33
Jordan_UJoe_CoT, Are you sure that X is using the correct drivers?07:33
RAOFJoe_CoT: (Your hardware sucks)07:34
Joe_CoTit's using the intel driver07:34
bazhangsorry jf here is english only07:34
RAOFOr maybe it's the driver, I forget which :)07:34
Joe_CoTRAOF, it didn't suck as of two days ago07:34
jfFört säljes!07:34
karmelekcould anybody help me with my sound?07:34
bazhang!se | jf07:34
ubotujf: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du pa #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se07:34
RAOFJoe_CoT: That was for compiz; you didn't have compiz on a dual-screen setup :)07:34
jfVi älsker er alle.07:35
jfMört sälger.07:35
Joe_CoTRAOF, desktop effects is set to none07:35
RAOFJoe_CoT: So, the slowness suggests an X acceleration issue.  You don't currently have an xorg.conf, right?07:35
bazhangjf please /j #ubuntu-se07:35
Lynourebazhang: it's not support he wants... it's just noise07:35
Jordan_UJoe_CoT, What is the output of "glxinfo | grep direct" ?07:35
bazhangLynoure: indeed I guessed that--just trying to be polite ;]07:36
Joe_CoTdirect rendering: Yes07:36
RAOFJoe_CoT: So, we should be setting EXA with greedy migration herustic.  Care to grep Xorg.0.log for both of those? :)07:36
Joe_CoT(WW) intel(0): EXA greedy migration mode enabled. \ (II) EXA(0): Forcing greedy migration option07:36
RAOFOh.  That means it _should_ be (reasonably) fast for you.07:37
jscinozis it just me or is the daap sharing plugin in rhythmbox broken?07:38
jscinozMy brother is trying to listen to music shared via that plugin (he's using itunes on windows) and every track is horribly garbled for him (but they play fine locally)07:39
Jordan_Ujscinoz, Are you trying to use it with itunes?07:39
Joe_CoTRAOF, i get 150 fps at full screen glxgears, which should be good enough (was good enough for my friend at the lan yesterday). but that doesn't explain the curtain effect when i switch windows07:39
jscinozyeah the person connecting to the rhythmbox share is using itunes?07:39
jscinozknown bug eh?07:39
jscinozor itunes being retarded as normal?07:39
Jordan_Ujscinoz, Apple added some sort of extra undocumented stuff to recent versions of itunes, it should work in older versions07:40
RAOFJoe_CoT: Yeah.  We're talking about different things - EXA is 2d acceleration so is entirely orthogonal to any glxgears score (which is _not a benchmark!_) you may get.07:40
jscinozis the dlna/upnp plugin broken07:40
jscinozgives an error when you try to enable it07:40
Joe_CoTRAOF, ok, so that explains the incongruity. So it's EXA that's down the toilet07:40
RAOFJordan_U: That's the wrong way around.  You can't use itunes daap shares with anything but itunes, but itunes should be able to use other DAAP shares.07:41
RAOFJoe_CoT: What chip is this?07:41
Jordan_URAOF, Ahh, see RAOF's comment jscinoz07:42
jscinozRAOF, are there any open source, linux compatible light weight (<500mb) opengl benchmarks?07:42
jscinozJordan_U, i saw, i'm going to go boot my other ubuntu box and see if its rhythmbox can get it07:43
RAOFjscinoz: I quite like OpenArena :)07:43
Joe_CoTRAOF, found the bug that i think is related: LP #17749207:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177492 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "EXA is balls-achingly slow" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17749207:43
RAOFjscinoz: That's somewhat of a benchmark; but I don't know of just-a-benchmark program, no.07:44
RAOFJoe_CoT: Yeah; but those people found good performance with EXA and 'greedy' migration herustic, which is what you've got.07:45
Joe_CoToh, hmm07:45
lachlan_well i have learnt not to upgrade to a un realesed version of ubuntu07:46
lachlan_i think i have broken my PC07:46
Lynourelachlan_: the hardware? How?07:46
ATOMBOMBIIVIs it possible to set google earth install path to .google-earth ?07:47
jscinozRaof, thanks07:47
lachlan_well now when i restart my pc the bios screen does not show07:47
ATOMBOMBIIVor does it need to be google-earth because its just one file?07:47
jscinozlooks like an itunes bug, itunes on windows can't access daap shares on either hardy rhythmbox or gutsy rhythmbox07:47
jscinozit can see the tracks and read id3, but playing them is garbled >_<07:47
jscinozbeyond recognition >_<07:48
lachlan_and thats not good as i now want to wipe hardy as everytime i load hardy something elses goes wrong07:48
Joe_CoTRAOF, intel gma 950. This is the laptop: http://tinyurl.com/5ad5al07:48
Lynourelachlan_: I don't think it's likely for Ubuntu install to damage the bios. Could be just a coincidence.07:49
ATOMBOMBIIVWhoah that almost costs as much as a mac :/07:49
lachlan_im hoping by making an archive of my /home folder i will be able to make a backup of my data and try and install gusty or something else07:49
RAOFATOMBOMBIIV: By "almost as expensive" I think you mean "more expensive" :)07:50
lachlan_Lynoure a very strange coincidence. seeing that since it started happeneing ubuntu has also limited my screen res to 640x48007:50
Lynourelachlan_: well, it's completely doable for Ubuntu to reduce the resolution within itself07:52
ATOMBOMBIIVPrice "Starts" at 2,50007:52
ATOMBOMBIIVNotice i said "Starts"07:52
lachlan_also will it cause damage if i make an archive of my user folder if i am logged in as that user?07:52
Lynourelachlan_: that's an ok way to do the backup.07:53
Joe_CoTRAOF, sorry, amazon lies. it's an 945 GM Express07:54
jscinozIs the "DLNA/UPnP sharing and control support" plugin for Rhythmbox broken? When i try to enable it it says "Unable to activate plugin LNA/UPnP sharing and control support"07:54
RAOFATOMBOMBIIV: Ah.  I was comparing to the MB, which has similar specs :)07:55
lachlan_lol its amazing the whole time i was downloading the hardy update i wasnt sure if i should be doing it. low and behold i do the upgrade and all hell breaks loose07:57
ATOMBOMBIIVlachlan_: Remeber ALWAYS follow your gut :D07:57
Lynourelachlan_: the rule of thumb with not yet released software is that if you are unsure, don't do it07:57
Joe_CoTRAOF, I'm going to try dpkg-reconfiguring like people are suggesting, and adding that env variable, and seeing if that resolves it. if not, i'll play with some of those greedy settings. Thanks for all your help07:58
Lynourelachlan_: but, if you want to be wildly useful, you could see if you can fix the bios somehow, then see if the problem repeats, and report it.07:58
lachlan_yeah i know but when i was trying the fiesty alpha a year ago it worked perfectly so i thought hardy beta so close to release would be fine07:59
lachlan_Lynoure i would report the problems but FF crashes when ever it tries to load a webpage07:59
RAOFJoe_CoT: The env setting is, AFAIK, limited to 3d only.07:59
Lynourelachlan_: If you manage to repeat the problem, I can act as your proxy for reporting, as it then will be a tremendeusly important thing to report08:00
lachlan_well with the bios and screen res thing i have no idea i was just just hitting the restart button after a FF crash froze my PC08:01
lachlan_i could possibly help with my FF worry08:02
lachlan_as loading FF will as a garantee freeze my whole system08:02
RAdamsHas anyone here see sound-juicer forget your format profiles? I can't access any mp3 profiles, and if I make a new one, it isn't selectable as an "output format" even after I check the "active" box08:03
WGGMkHas anyone else tried to install AWN + the extra applets? Are the extra's not available anymore?08:04
RAOFWGGMk: The extra applets have never been available, in the official repositories at least.08:06
RAOFWGGMk: The AWN-core team have a PPA which they publish packages in.08:06
WGGMkRAOF: PPA? I trying to install them from their launchpad repository.. and its saying the package isnt found08:06
WGGMkRAOF: but like 3 days ago they were08:07
WGGMkRAOF: curious if anyone else ran into this problem08:07
RAOFAh.  This is a problem you should bring up on one of their channels :)08:07
pwuertzI'm confused.. using nautilus, I shared some directories using smb... everything works perfectly, but the shares are not configured via /etc/samba/smb.conf... is there an alternative file for configuring smb in ubuntu?08:08
WGGMkdo they have a channel?08:08
Fritzelwhat package do I want to install to install the nvidia drivers correctly, I am using a current card08:08
Fritzelnvidia-glx-new right?08:08
WGGMkFritzel: ubuntu should pick it up and install it for you08:09
Fritzelyes I'm already up and running though08:09
Fritzelso which package would that be08:09
WGGMkim confused. if your up & running why would you need to install the drivers again?08:10
WGGMkor is this just for curiousity08:10
WGGMkRAOF: do you know off hand if AWN has an IRC channel?08:11
WGGMkFritzel: the nvidia-glx-new package is the package I have installed from jockey-gtk08:14
JaccoHgood morning :)08:14
Fritzelhow do I release the lock on the package database or whatever it is, Adept crashed and I can't open it up08:14
JaccoHany Xen users here?08:15
Joe_CoTRAOF, somewhere between adding those three options and adding that environmental variable, the speed problem's gone08:16
RAOFJoe_CoT: Which options?08:17
Joe_CoTRAOF, Option "AccelMethod" "exa" \ Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy" \ Option "ExaNoComposite" "true"08:18
JaccoHno one? :)08:18
Joe_CoTgiven at least exa and migrationheuristic were on already, i think the env variable does have an effect08:19
LynoureJaccoH: kinda Xen user, kinda not... ask your real question?08:19
JaccoHwell after the last kernel upgrade the only problem left for me is that networking on DomUs arent working... it works if i run the domu with the older 2.6.22 kernel08:20
tannerJaccoH: your best bet for support on a specific technology is asking in the channel for that program, i.e: #xen08:21
JaccoHso i was just curious if any managed to get the networking working on the DomUs08:21
JaccoHtanner its not an Xen issue08:21
JaccoHfedora/suse works fine... more over xen is delivered in the standard reps pof ubuntu.. so....08:21
RAOFJoe_CoT: Ah, right.  The nocomposite might be doing it, too.08:22
JaccoHim just hoping to contribute to Ubuntu Hardy getting Xen working out of the box :D08:22
Jordan_UJaccoH, Have you filed a bug report?08:23
JaccoHJordan there is already a bug report open for this08:24
JaccoHjust wondered if someone managed to find a way around it08:24
JaccoHhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xen-3.2/+bug/204010 :)08:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204010 in xen-3.2 "networking not working" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:25
JaccoHthank you ubotu :D08:25
SeveredCrossubotu is awesome.08:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is awesome. - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:26
JaccoHone guy found a work around :) lol.. using the fedora kernel in ubuntu :) not gonna do that :)08:26
tannerJaccoH: no VT or similar technology?08:27
JaccoHthe server has VT.. ofcourse08:28
Fritzelok what would cause X to startup with the nv driver, but not the nvidia driver, besides the driver being bad since I'm sure someone else here is using the latest driver08:29
ATOMBOMBIIVMy panel has disappeard!08:30
ATOMBOMBIIVbut im mysteriously able to click invisible launchers 0.o08:30
ATOMBOMBIIVIs there a way to fix this08:30
Fritzeldoes it blink when you move your mouse over top of it?08:30
Fritzeleh, either way it sounds like what I had before I tried to fix it08:31
ATOMBOMBIIVi even tried killall gnome-panel08:31
Fritzelnevermind heh I'm on kde408:31
GhotiPhudcan anyone tell me why I've been stuck with the Not all updates can be installed message for like a week?08:31
Jordan_UGhotiPhud, Did you try letting update-manager do a dist-upgrade ?08:32
GhotiPhudI'll try it08:32
GhotiPhudI was kind of afraid to, because last time this happened, about a month ago I had to format and reinstall08:33
GhotiPhudcouldn't get anything working afterward08:33
Jordan_UGhotiPhud, This is normal for development releases, as is massive breakage :)08:34
GhotiPhudweird... when I dist-upgrade it shows 108 packages08:34
GhotiPhudI think update-manager was telling me that 9 weren't available08:34
GhotiPhudand it said 99 were08:35
GhotiPhudso I guess they were there after all08:35
RAOFATOMBOMBIIV: Make compiz do some transformation; that'll fix it.08:35
ATOMBOMBIIVROAF ATM  i have gnome's Compositor enabled...08:38
jscinozis ~/.profile read by the gdm login as well?08:38
Fritzelhmm kernel modules are required for nvidia restricted drivers correct?08:40
orvokkiGhotiPhud: Most likely not available due to temporary dependency conflict issues.08:42
GhotiPhudit looks like it found all the packages now08:43
GhotiPhudI think it might be a bug in update-manager08:44
GhotiPhudI'll check again after this finishes08:44
GhotiPhuddefinitely something wrong08:45
GhotiPhudit didn't recognize packages that were available for upgrade, thought they were missing08:46
PodMan99ahey all i have to boot into 2.6.22-14-generic otherwise the kernel puts me in to busy box where i can do nothing so using very outdated kernel at the moment... any ideas?08:52
phelddoes anyone have a working bluetooth headset on hardy? Trying to determine if any headset can work without the patch in http://lkml.org/lkml/diff/2008/2/25/530/1, and if so which type(s). 2nd issue is to find out if the new bt-audio implementation actually is useable yet.08:54
FritzelPodMan99a: is it getting stuck halfway through the boot?09:01
PodMan99ayea... the bar knight riders accross... and when it should start to grow accross from the left to right it keeps knight ridering09:02
FritzelPodMan99a: ok do this, "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and get back to me09:02
wangfghow to config wlan, my card is broadcom 43xx09:03
PodMan99a0 upgrades availiable09:03
Fritzelone sec09:03
PodMan99ai have about 6 kernels installed but I can only use the Ubuntu 7.10 kernel none of the hardy ones works09:04
Fritzeldid you refresh your sources lately?09:04
PodMan99aapt-get update... yea each boot09:04
Fritzel-nod- hmm I'm not sure then, the reason I suggested that is there was a kernel booting problem a few days ago one sec I gotta remember which package it was09:04
PodMan99acan i turn off the boot image to see where it fails?09:05
orvokkiPodMan99a: How do the Hardy ones crash for you?09:05
PodMan99ajust boot into busy box09:05
Fritzelyeah booting into recovery mode will show you what its doing09:06
PodMan99ak ... ill brb then get some more info... thanks09:06
Fritzelah it was the modules09:07
tomahasamootevery time I try to switch VT's the loggin crashes, this happens with the hot key (ctrl+alt+FX) and with the "switch user" on the K-menu09:10
PodMan99aok just making a paste for paste bin... one sec09:11
tomahasamoota few seconds after switching it switches back, showing the nVidia banner, then KDM09:11
Fritzeltomahasamoot: this is a hunch and a longshot , but check to see if your backspace key is stuck09:13
PodMan99aFritzel, http://pastebin.com/meb1033b09:13
tomahasamootFritzel: no, good guess tho (ctrl+alt+backspace) would do it09:14
FritzelPodMan99a: that's slightly above my head, but seeing the usb in there, do you have any unusual USB devices that might not be supported?09:15
PodMan99aFritzel, usb plantronics headset and logitec wireless mouse reciever09:15
rohanwhy is ubuntu 8.04 shipping with such an old version of eclipse? 3.3 was released before even ubuntu 7.10 was released (if i'm not mistaken)09:16
rohanis it because eclipse 3.3 is unstable or so?09:16
Lynourerohan: if it is considered unstable, that might explain it09:17
rohanLynoure: that's what i was wondering09:18
rohanbut fedora 8 had included it09:18
PodMan99ais this a good thing::    UUID=c0197a87-585d-4185-87a1-8e0ade82d1b4 /               ext3    defaults,errors=remount-ro 0       109:18
PodMan99afrom my fstab09:18
FritzelI've got a few of them like that09:19
PodMan99aFritzel, so thats not gonna harm it then09:19
FritzelI don't see how09:19
topylirohan: no maintainer or lazy maintainer, or maintainer is happy with current version, or new version is too buggy even if the fedora maintainer likes it... many possible reasons09:20
PodMan99asorry peeps ... the kernel i boot to is hardy ::  Ubuntu hardy (development branch), kernel 2.6.22-14-generic09:20
topylirohan: whoever maintains the package will know09:20
PodMan99anone of the 2.6.24's work09:20
lachlan_i think hardy has messed up my hardware. my screen will only turn on once i get to the login screen can anybody help?09:21
Jordan_Urohan, One possiblility is that newer versions of eclipse depend on proprietary java09:21
jscinozis ~/.profile read by the gdm login as well?09:22
FritzelI'm not seeing anything from what I know about your problem on launchpad PodMan99a, take a look yourself you may know some little detail that would help you find it easier than me http://bugs.launchpad.net09:23
PodMan99athanks Fritzel09:26
Fritzelsorry I couldn't be more help09:26
=== ATOMBOMBIIV is now known as iMatter
rohantopyli: that's true09:30
rohanJordan_U: no, fedora has free java09:30
Le-Chuck_ITAHi there, I am experiencing slow transfer rates after a while being connected, with iwl394509:30
Le-Chuck_ITAI have a 802.11b router09:30
Le-Chuck_ITAand hardy is due in 10 days!! :)09:30
PodMan99ato boot with irqpoll ... i add that to the end of my boot paramaters for that kernel yes?09:33
konaHi all - Is this right support channel for Hardy Heron 8.04 ? ? ?09:35
konaNever mind - finally opened my eyes wide enough to read header info - grin..... blush09:36
Fritzelif I'm using the Kubuntu , with KDE4 respin, what package would I want to install to try out a traditional Gnome-based Ubuntu09:39
Le-Chuck_ITAFritzel: ubuntu-desktop?09:40
Fritzelok I see that too, would that be it?09:40
Le-Chuck_ITAI think so09:41
Fritzelwwell I'll give it a shot if it downloads 200MB+ I'll consider it a win09:41
Fritzeleh 165 close enough09:41
Le-Chuck_ITAif you search for "ubuntu" in package names only I think you should see the right thing09:41
PodMan99ahey all Fritzel just to let you know... remove splash and add irqpoll should you get that ussue09:42
Le-Chuck_ITAFritzel: ubuntu-standard seems good to09:42
Fritzelyou got it resolved then?09:42
FritzelLe-Chuck_ITA: alright good deal09:43
PodMan99aFritzel, yes... bugs.launchpad.net solved it09:43
PeakerHey.. Hardy is supposed to be out soon, but basic bugs like keyboard layout switching with key shortcuts don't work.. :(09:43
Fritzelwelcome to the new kernel then ^^09:43
PodMan99aFritzel, much quicker for some reason09:43
Peakerbasic things, that is09:43
Le-Chuck_ITAbye all I reboot09:44
FritzelI havn't used gnome in at least [a long time]09:45
Fritzelthis is going to seem so foreign to me09:45
konaFritzel: I was using PCLinux 2007 for about 9mos. - it's ok but ubuntu seems different to me as well - it has allot more solid feel to it - the way apps run etc. - Flash works great in firefox etc.09:47
Fritzelsee personally I love PCLinux07 unfortunatly when I graduated to 64 bit I had to find an os that would use it, Ubuntu was my next choice09:48
konaFritzel: Is this your 1st try at Linux?09:48
konaolh ok09:48
Fritzelno I've used SuSE, Red Hat, Fedora Core, Ubuntu (with kubuntu-desktop installed), Kubuntu, and probably some more that I can't think of09:49
Fritzelthough my knowledge never really grew too deep because I switched around so much09:50
rommeafter an upgrade i'm no longer able to adjust my backlight properly09:50
konaFritzel: Still finding my way around as well - PCLOS is allot different with the KDE desktop. I tried ubuntu earlier just before PCLOS and didn't give real try - but this time getting used to it - nSo far liking it allot.09:51
konaFritzel: Have you noticed an improvement of speed running the 64bit version?09:51
Fritzelkona:  yeah it sounds like we're in about the same spot, I did exactly the same thing, I really like KDE4 and I'm definatly coming back to KDE4 once simple things such as invisible widgets are resolved09:52
Fritzelkona:  I can't answer that fairly, when I was 32bit I was on 1.6ghz w/hyperthreading, now I'm on 2.4ghz quad core with twice the ram09:52
=== teprrrr is now known as teprrr
konaFritzel: I had a few problems - not to bad - but main reason I like this HHeron is - as of 1st impression - it's going to have allot better Hardware support - that's a huge plus right there. I plugged in a US Robotics - USB WiFi stick and it worked right off without any hiccups - That's great to me. Had real issue's with this kinda stuff with the PCLOS.09:55
FritzelI got lucky on that end, everything except my webcam worked on pclos, and the only thing I used it for was for the microphone (which happened to work)09:57
Fritzelok gnome's finished installing, brb as soon as I can figure out how to get on irc09:57
konaFritezel: Sounds nice! - I'm running Intell based Dual core 2.8 GHz - Did actally install a version that is 64bit - I don't remember seeing that in distro page I was at?09:57
wangfgit seems tty vga=791 not compatible with x-windows?09:58
FritzelI'm not sure10:00
FritzelI remember specifically looking for it because that was what I was going to ubuntu for10:01
Fritzeltrue creature of habit here, hehe I boot gnome then immediatly open up konversation10:01
wangfgthe booting sequence stoped with multi-user mode, now i can only boot into single mode :(10:02
kjetilkWorkanybody else using synergy? It has become really unstable for me with Hardy and KDE4, segfaults every 20 minutes...10:03
Fritzelit wasn't supposed to change my compiz settings :P10:06
Fritzelwhere is the ideal place to set startup applications for gnome?10:09
Fritzelis there a not orange theme in the repos somewhere?10:15
crdlbFritzel: system > preferences > appearance10:16
Fritzelthank you10:16
Pirate_Hunterinsta conky supposed to run constantly? it seems if i have programs open it doesnt update constantly its laggy i would say, how can i fix this when its meant to update every 1.5 scs10:40
Pirate_Hunter*inst conky supposed to run constantly? it seems if i have programs open it doesnt update constantly its laggy i would say, how can i fix this when its meant to update every 1.5 scs?10:42
Pirate_Hunter wine10:52
Pirate_Hunterpreloader: Warning: failed to reserve range 00000000-60000000 - can someone help me get this fixed in hardy10:52
AmaranthPirate_Hunter: it's a warning, i get those on boot too10:53
Pirate_HunterAmaranth: what kind of warning?10:54
Amarantha useless one10:54
Pirate_HunterAmaranth: its for wine while trying to run it in terminal10:54
Amaranthoh, wine message10:55
Amaranthyou get a similar thing from the kernel on boot10:55
Amaranthwell only badly behaving applications need wine to set that up10:55
Pirate_HunterAmaranth: yup which is why im asking since ppl here said wine had no probs except for sound10:55
Pirate_HunterAmaranth: you mean m$ applications :D10:56
Amaranthno, i think i mean old applications10:56
Pirate_HunterAmaranth: so i shouldnt be to worried about this message and i can run wine from gui than10:56
Fritzelwhere do you specify what programs to start at login in gnome?10:57
Fritzelnevermind found it10:57
Pirate_HunterFritzel: lol and there is also ~/.xinitrc10:58
Pirate_HunterAmaranth: should i ignore it?10:58
Fritzelyeah but I'm trying to learn the way I'm supposed to do it10:58
FritzelI havn't used gnome in years10:58
AmaranthPirate_Hunter: if your app doesn't break, sure10:58
Pirate_HunterAmaranth: this is intersting while running wine help in terminal bhttp://pastebin.com/d9ab199110:59
=== cpk1_ is now known as cpk1
Pirate_HunterAmaranth: look at the part about it cant use the first megabyte, could explain what that means?11:00
rommeafter upgrading to Hardy, my synaptics touchpad stopped working completedly11:00
Fritzeldoes anyone else have a problem rebinding the window menu in compiz, for some reason if I change it to anything that is not <Alt>Button3: my left mouse button moves things as if ALT is stuck, but it isn't11:00
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me with concky11:03
ubuntu--newbieHallo Guys. I jusy installed Ubuntu 8.04 and my wireless card (broadcom) doesn't seem to work. Any help would be appreciated.11:15
Pirate_Hunteroyure going to have to wait for a while this place is empty at the moment for some strange reaosn11:17
Infecto[ 2109.145817] operapluginwrap[25958]: segfault at 000004d2 eip b7db01f6 esp bfc7a050 error 411:25
Infecto nice opera11:25
ikoniaInfecto: is it a regular problem ? reproducable11:26
Ngeven if it is reproducible, opera is proprietary software, so you'd really need to talk to them about their crashes11:27
yaccNg: Guess I'm allowed to remark that f-spot started crashing my X-Server then? No proprietary software here :)11:29
Ngof course11:30
NgX server bugs are serious11:30
Infectoikonia: yes11:30
Ngyacc: if you can find the appropriate Xorg log in /var/log/, please file a bug11:30
Infectodmesg |grep operap|wc -l11:30
kjetilkWorkInfecto: https://bugs.opera.com/11:34
* kjetilkWork used to work for Opera11:34
kjetilkWorkso I know they read the bugs and act upon them, even thought the bug tracking system is outdated and hard to work with11:35
kelsa|martalliSuddenly, sane is no longer working.11:36
kelsa|martallisane-find-scanner notes: "found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a9, product=0x2220, chip=LM983x?) at libusb:004:003"11:36
kelsa|martalliHow do I pass this info along to xsane?11:36
* kjetilkWork noticed his permission settings to sane was borked when upgrading to a gutsy back in the day, resulting in unexpected errors11:38
compwiz18IsotropicSpin: so anyway, depending on the speed of your computer and the age of the CD, it could take anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours11:38
bazhangIsotropicSpin: should take a bit as there are a ton of packages--if you have decent dsl speeds then all the better ;]11:38
compwiz18and I think 20 minutes would be on the way low side11:39
compwiz1845-60 is more realistic, I think11:39
IsotropicSpinits an AMD dual core 4600+11:39
bazhangunless you have uber dsl11:39
IsotropicSpinoh the download doesn't matter!11:39
bazhangthat really does not matter11:39
compwiz18IsotropicSpin: I've got a 5000+ @ 3ghz and it took mine a about 45 minutes to unpack all the archices11:40
ubuntu--newbiehallo guys.............i need some help installing my Wirelss card (broadcom) in Ubuntu 8.0411:40
IsotropicSpini do have fast DSL will probably take 30 mins.11:40
ubuntu--newbiei can't seem to make it work11:40
IsotropicSpinok thanks compwiz!11:40
ubuntu--newbieany help would be appreciated11:40
compwiz18ubuntu--newbie: did you try the hardware manager?11:40
ubuntu--newbiecompqiz18 - the hardware manager doesn't show that particular hardware11:40
ubuntu--newbieit only shows my Nvidia 6150 driver11:41
compwiz18ubuntu--newbie: do you know the model of the card?11:41
compwiz18lspci | grep roadcom11:41
ubuntu--newbiethe problem is....since i dont hv internet in Ubuntu ...I'm back in xp......... but anyway i can go back and check..11:41
ubuntu--newbielspci | grep broadcom11:42
compwiz18ubuntu--newbie: you can find hte model in xp too11:42
ubuntu--newbiein terminal?11:42
compwiz18you know where the device manager in xp is?11:42
ubuntu--newbieyes i do11:42
compwiz18it shouldt ell you the model11:42
ubuntu--newbiewell it says Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter11:42
compwiz18there should be a number11:42
bazhang!broadcom | ubuntu--newbie11:42
ubotuubuntu--newbie: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx11:42
compwiz18like 4306 or 431811:43
ubuntu--newbieit doesnt have one :S11:43
compwiz18that's interesting: the b43 driver is supposed to be newer11:43
compwiz18than the bcm43xx11:43
ubuntu--newbieso its bcm43xx11:44
ubuntu--newbieI am using Compaq Preasio v3222AU11:44
ubuntu--newbiethe card is built in11:44
ubuntu--newbiethis page has quite a number of options11:45
ubuntu--newbiefor broadcom11:45
ubuntu--newbiewhich one am i look for11:46
compwiz18hang on11:46
compwiz18I'd guess that a presario v3000 has a 431811:46
ubuntu--newbieone says "native driver"11:47
ubuntu--newbieother one doesnt11:47
ubuntu--newbiewhich 1 should i go into?11:47
compwiz18I don't think the model matters11:47
compwiz18so that page that the bot gave you doesn't exist11:47
compwiz18I'll write that page if I get a chance11:48
ubuntu--newbieok tx11:48
compwiz18but for the moment11:48
compwiz18so the Hardware Manager doesn't list the card?11:48
ubuntu--newbieit only lists..my graphics card11:49
compwiz18that's strange11:49
ubuntu--newbieand btw...I can actually see...the "wireless icon"11:49
ubuntu--newbiehowever i cant connect to the network11:49
compwiz18can you see the wireless network?11:49
ubuntu--newbiei tried diff wireless11:49
ubuntu--newbieNo icant see it11:49
ubuntu--newbiebut i tried to force connect11:49
ubuntu--newbieby specifying the name11:50
ubuntu--newbiebut it doesnt work......it tries for a while11:50
ubuntu--newbiethen it is limited connectivity11:50
ubuntu--newbieor something like tht11:50
compwiz18I think that we need to know the version number11:50
compwiz18if the hardware manager isn't showing it11:50
ubuntu--newbielet me get it11:50
ubuntu--newbieand i'll come back11:50
compwiz18find the broadcom entry11:50
jscinozoh wow11:51
dotechcompiz says its not available yet my card is not blacklisted11:51
jscinozi never realised how god damn awesome pulseaudio is11:51
dotechany clue how i can turn it on?11:51
jscinozavahi + pulseaudio = AWESOME11:51
Ngjscinoz: how so?11:52
NgI don't think I have it enabled atm, but I'm curious how it links to avahi11:52
jscinozng, install package paprefs, tick the options on networking and multicast tabs11:52
jscinozthen other computers with pulseaudio have new output devices11:52
jscinozbasically you can output to other computers11:53
Ngoh nice11:53
jscinozand they can output to yours11:53
compwiz18jscinoz: how'd you get it to do that?11:53
jscinozor you can have it output everywhere at once11:53
jscinozill point you to a link11:53
NgI could really use that at home, my laptop has such puny speakers ;)11:53
compwiz18same here11:53
jscinozhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio read the Configuring section11:53
jscinozyou need package paprefs11:53
jscinozfor that menu entry it refers to to exist11:54
dotechcan soemone here that uses compiz check their xorg.conf for me and search for a line that says Composite?11:54
Ngjscinoz: ta :)11:54
dotechi think i disabled mine by accident11:54
jscinozdotech         Option          "Composite"     "Enable"11:54
dotechjscinoz: thanks11:54
jscinozng, did you get it working?11:56
Ngjscinoz: I'm at work at the moment, but I'll try it tonight :)11:57
jscinozBy the way, is the DLNA sharing plugin in rhythmbox broken?11:57
bernierHi, my HDA soundcard works, but only like 1 boot on 3 ... anyone hava an idea why?11:57
Ngjscinoz: last time i tried it, I had to install some extra python plugins to get it working (run it from a terminal and you'll see), but I'm fairly sure it didn't then show up on my PS3 anyway11:57
Ngbut the PS3 doesn't always like upnp stuff, there's some kind of extended information they need to provide. it works fine with ushare11:58
jscinozbernier, i have a similar issue, if you killall pulseaudio, sudo alsa force-reload; sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart; pulseaudio -D it should work again11:58
jscinoznot the best solution though11:58
jscinozas it has to be done every boot11:58
jscinozthanks ng11:58
compwiz18yeah, thanks Ng11:58
compwiz18enabled sharing, restarted pulseaudio, showed up in the padevchooser applet11:59
jscinozrawr that was me :P11:59
jscinozyou can get pulseaudio for win32....12:00
jscinozi sense an opportunity for royally screwing with people at school..12:00
* jscinoz cackles diabolically.12:00
ubuntu--newbie01:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI (rev 01)12:00
bernier jscinoz thhanks it worked12:01
ubuntu--newbieso which one is this..12:01
jscinozthanks ng, package i needed was python-coherance.12:01
jscinozbernier :D12:01
Ngjscinoz: and python-louie. they're just "Recommends" because they have quite a few other dependencies unfortunately12:02
Nglike, twist12:02
alastair_So my laptop doesn't tell me when it's about to run out of battery.12:02
alastair_I think it should.12:02
Ngalastair_: fire up a terminal and see what /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info says12:02
alastair_Well the system tray applet seems to know12:03
alastair_(I'm not using it atm)12:03
Ngah, it just doesn't tell you?12:03
alastair_Indeed. It just turns off.12:04
Ngalastair_: with the system tray applet (ie gnome-power-manager) running?12:04
alastair_I'm a bit bone-idle and forget to plug it in when I move around12:04
Ngif so, that's a g-p-m bug12:04
Ngit should give you at least two warnings when it gets down to the red level12:04
compwiz18ubuntu--newbie: http://ph.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?p=4492565 looks like it might be helpful12:05
Ngand then take a critical action12:05
Dr_willisOr the warnings are disabled.12:05
compwiz18on the downside, ubuntu--newbie, you're going to need a network connection of some sort, probably12:05
alastair_Oh, that's a possibility. Although it's a default if they are.12:05
NgDr_willis: I didn't think you could disable those?12:05
Ngthey don't have the "don't show me this message again" counter and there's no UI for disabling them12:05
ubuntu--newbiewired connection?12:06
ubuntu--newbiecan i download whatever package is necessary?12:06
compwiz18like, some sort of internet connection, like one with a wire, since the ethernet port probably works12:06
ubuntu--newbiebefore hand?12:06
compwiz18ubuntu--newbie: you can, yes, but the problem is, the package has to download the firmware during installation12:06
Dr_willisNg,  i dont normally use gnome on my laptop. so i never notice. I dont recall ever seeing any alerts either honestly. :)12:06
NgDr_willis: I use a gnome laptop every day and I'm pretty sure I see the alerts12:07
* Ng unplugs12:07
ubuntu--newbiei'll try12:07
NgI'll tell you in 3 hours ;)12:07
compwiz18ubuntu--newbie: you can download the firmware seperately and install it12:07
Ngalastair_: gconftool -g /apps/gnome-power-manager/notify/low_power12:07
compwiz18but that's trickier12:07
ubuntu--newbieI have another question...i plan to run XP/vista Inside Ubuntu as virtual machine..12:08
compwiz18if you have an ethernet card, that is by far the easiest solution :)12:08
ubuntu--newbiewhich vm should i go for..12:08
compwiz18ubuntu--newbie: virtual box usually works nicely12:08
jscinozubuntu--newbie, easiest to set up would be virtual box12:08
jscinozdarn beaten too it12:08
alastair_I will assume it's false, since it exists. Like I said, i'm not using it at the mo, so I just popped on in case someone could point something out )12:08
Dr_willisI like vmware-server :) but it depends on your needs.12:08
alastair_FYI I am using the compiz whateveritis that the 'extra' display awesomeness is12:09
compwiz18it seems to me vmware was harder to install12:09
alastair_I wonder if perhaps it's not displaying it on top? It's a bug I had with KDE and C-F that popup widgets would display underneath the windows12:09
compwiz18but that's probably what I get for using 64bit12:09
Dr_williscompwiz18,  given the # of times ive installed it. :) i  got it down pat. heh. of course if there was a easy way to  convert virtual os's from  vmware <---> virtual box and visa-versa :) i would proberly try out virtualbox more12:11
compwiz18now, if only I could move GUI apps from one computer to the other like pulse audio can with sound... :)12:11
compwiz18Dr_willis: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/VirtualBox#Convertingfrom_VMware_images12:12
Dr_williscompwiz18,   i want 'easy' way. :) as in they both do it automatically...12:17
Dr_williscompwiz18,  i imagine we will be seeing that happen befor too long.12:17
h3sp4wnIts only a single line isn't it12:18
Dr_willisi dident look at it. the wife was nagging me..12:19
* Dr_willis just did a 12 hr shift.12:19
h3sp4wnMe neither - actually its 2 lines12:20
alastair_wife? nagging?12:21
Dr_willisthat just converts to the raw disk image type format.. whichis not idea.12:25
Dr_willisideal. :)12:26
h3sp4wnIt does mention it may no longer be necessary12:27
Dr_willisThe new vmware beta i saw. had a lot of new features. :)12:28
Dr_willisHopefullly they develop a standard format for the vm's12:28
h3sp4wnThe trunk vbox12:28
h3sp4wnHas experimental opengl for windows12:28
alastair_error: unterminated swap expression12:29
Dr_willisand the beta vmware has that 'show a windows window, on the linux desktop' feature.12:29
h3sp4wnFinally - citrix did that 10 years ago or more12:30
Dr_williscant run citrix on vmware?   I rarely use the windows in vmware stuff.12:34
Dr_willisI want 'wine' that runs my amiga apps. ;)12:34
h3sp4wnMaybe on ppc you can ?12:35
Dr_willisI dont have a PPC amiga. :)12:35
Dr_willisi got the old ones.. of course theres no longer any amiga apps i need to run12:35
Dr_willisI do miss some of them..12:35
h3sp4wnEven running older apps you can get ppc accelerator cards12:36
h3sp4wnDunno exactly how they work though12:36
Filled-VoidIf I wanted to upgrade my system to try out Hardy Heron should I be doing a apt-get upgrade or just changing the gutsy's to heron in the sources.lst file and then do an update? I was asked to do an update instead of upgrade by someone in the regular channel.12:45
Dr_willisYou must 'update' to get the updated package listings, befor you upgrade12:46
Dr_willisOtherwise it wont know there are any updates to upgrade to.12:46
yaccSlightly more problematic is that my complete laptop freezes, so I have to reboot.12:47
Filled-VoidDr_willis, Thank you :)12:47
Pirate_Hunterdoes hardy have a problem with SSL as programs that I want to use such encryption seem not to respond/connect i.e. evolution, xchat doesnt login with ssl on ports 9999 etc?12:49
Dr_willisnever used ssl that i know of.. sorry12:53
LynourePirate_Hunter: first check with telnetting that the servers answer and can be reached...12:53
LynoureRules out a whole pile of different problems12:53
Pirate_HunterLynoure: im having more than usual of a problem setting up my email in hardy :/12:54
Ngand you can establish an SSL connection by hand with: openssl s_client -connect hostname:port12:55
Pirate_Hunterit seems like if i turn off SSL it works also there was a mispelling :/12:57
Pirate_Hunterbut anyway is hardy compatible with SSL12:57
doolzI have a wireless logitech elite keyboard/mouse that I'm trying to pair up, the mouse works great but I can't get past the "passphrase" screen.  It'll pop up wanting a passphrase but the window only stays open for about ten seconds before vanishing. (It don't seen to be getting any input from the keyboard)12:58
Dr_willisdoolz,  wireless as in Bluetooth wireless?12:58
Dr_willisYou sort of dident mention that bit. :)   I was wondering how a passphrase came in on it.12:59
doolzI have also tried pasting a passphrase with no luck13:00
Dr_willisHow do you type in a passphrase.. with no keyboard anyway...13:00
Dr_willisI thought the ubuntu bluetooth stuff had a pin config, or generator program it used.13:00
doolzgood ol cut n paste13:00
Dr_willisI only have a bluetooth dongle i use rarely.  so cant help ya. There may be some forum posts on it.13:01
doolzI'm new to the bluetooth13:01
ubotuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup13:01
esoxHi I have issues with the 2.6.24-16 RT kernel of ubuntu-studio hardy. Mrmiry error msg when starting wine and puredata doesn't start if jack isn't started first. Even if puredata isn't connected with jack.13:01
Dr_willisMay want to start there  doolz13:01
doolzI've tried various fourms13:01
esoxToses bugs don't appear if I run 2.6.24-16 generic kernel. But with that kernel my wifi is turned off during boot13:02
Dr_willisgiven the fighting ive done with bluetooth under windows.. linux was easy to get my  dongle going in..  But ive only the 1 bluetoothe device13:02
esoxSorry, memory errors...13:02
doolzDr_willis: thanks anyhow, the mouse paired up perfectly13:03
doolzit's all fun and games13:03
Dr_willisi tend to stick with the simple USB wireless devices that need no dongles.13:04
alastair_just a pringles can13:04
doolzno dongle here13:05
Dr_willisits sad with  how long bluetooth has been out. that most every mb dosent come with it allready...13:05
doolzI've had dongles in the past13:05
doolzsoo true13:06
doolzmobo has no mo jo13:06
alastair_It's why I'm happy that Ubuntu works so well out of th ebox on my vaio13:07
alastair_cos it has everything built in13:07
Dr_willisHmm.. I can burn ONE cd/dvd under ubuntu, hardy,, and then the drive is unuseable...13:07
Dr_willisit wont even eject the disk it burnt. but it did burn correctly13:08
h3sp4wnDr_willis: Do you know much about pand ?13:08
* Dr_willis has no idea what pand is.13:08
h3sp4wn(I have been trying to get my palm pilot)13:08
h3sp4wnworking with bluetooth for networking13:08
Dr_willisI got an old handspring. :)13:08
h3sp4wnLinux to Linux pand seems fine but when I introduce the palm it just doesn't work13:09
Dr_williswell its bed time here.. night all13:09
h3sp4wnnight (anyone else who knows about bluetooth and palm's I would like to know)13:10
TychoQuadanyone know anything about sudo breaking?13:10
h3sp4wnWhat do you mean ?13:11
esoxdo someone here use 2.6.24-16 RT kernel here ?13:11
compwiz18anyone having trouble with Flash crashing Firefox?13:12
alastair_but it always did it for me13:12
alastair_Never solved it13:12
Tycho-Quadback, stupid irc13:12
gregory!ask > compwiz1813:13
compwiz18gregory: what exactly do you want?13:13
compwiz18I asked the question: is anyone having trouble with Flash crashing Firefox?13:13
compwiz18I'm just curious if anyone else is having the same problem13:14
IdleOnecompwiz18: yes alot of people are13:14
compwiz18IdleOne: ok :)13:15
IdleOnecompwiz18: check launchpad.net there are probably more then a few bug reports13:15
boritekhello. In hardy i dont have anything in the jockey-gtk so there is no 3d13:15
compwiz18IdleOne: ok, thanks13:15
boritekis there a fix for this?13:16
compwiz18boritek: what card do you have?13:16
boritekATI 9600 SE13:16
boritekthe list is empty in jockey13:17
compwiz18does the card use the open source ati driver?13:17
saurabhfor some reason i need to reboot hardy to connect to the net using pppoe13:18
boritekhow can i see that? but i dont think so, coz there is no 3d at all13:19
boritekcompbrain, i would get some 3d even in oss driver13:19
boritekbut there isnt any13:19
boritekcompbrain, sorry i wanted to write to compwiz1813:20
esoxissues with 2.6.24-16 RT kernel... somedody uses it ?13:20
compwiz18boritek: you can install fglrx13:20
orvokkiNot yet.13:20
boritekcompbrain, it is installed!13:20
orvokkiesox: When was it released?13:20
compwiz18boritek: really?13:20
boritekoh yes13:20
orvokkiI think I only have -15-rt.13:21
_Rambaldi_does kismet/airodump support usb wifi cards13:21
boritekstill i cant see it in the list13:21
orvokkiInstalled, that is.13:21
IdleOnehow do I set nautilus to show hidden folders by default?13:21
compwiz18boritek: does fglrx support your card?13:21
compwiz18IdleOne: I think you can just do show hidden folders, and it will remember it13:21
IdleOnenever mind13:21
boritekcompwiz18, it has been only gone wrong in hardy13:22
IdleOnecompwiz18: it doesnt remember but there is a check box in the prefs I just saw13:22
boriteki could use it without problem in gutsy13:22
Tycho-Quadanyone know anything about sudo jamming?13:22
esoxorvokki: dont know, it was directly on install...13:22
compwiz18boritek: it may be worth reinstalling xorg-driver-fglrx13:22
boritekcompwiz18, although if i remember well it was also good in the beginning after upgarding to hardy13:22
orvokkiesox: When did you install?13:23
boritekbut i am not sure13:23
boritekbut i know that jockey kept crashing13:23
boritekbut no longer although no 3d this time13:23
esoxorvokki: friday13:23
boritekno longer crashing but there is no 3d13:23
compwiz18boritek: there was a jockey bug13:24
boriteki tried reinstalling jockey which didnt help13:24
_Rambaldi_did you get an anwser IdleOne13:24
boritekcompwiz18, i can try reinstalling gflrx13:24
IdleOne_Rambaldi_: yes I found it in the prefs. thanks13:24
boritekcompbrain, but i should be able to see the oss driver as well in jockey shouldnt I?13:25
esoxorvokki: I have issues with wine and puredata13:25
esoxorvokki: its a ubuntu studio install13:25
IdleOnejust annoying to have to ctrl+h or go to view and click show hidden every time13:25
boritekcompwiz18, i keep writing to the wrong name ..:)13:25
boritektab extension thing...13:25
IdleOneboritek: 2 tabs for compwiz1813:26
compwiz18this happens frequently :P13:26
IdleOnecompwiz18: he's so cool they tabbed him twice lol13:26
nathan_Can someone point me to a doc that explains how to start console apps properly from the gnome menu with alacarte?13:26
boritekcompwiz18, are you the other name as well?13:26
compwiz18boritek: if the card is supported by the oss driver, it won't show up in jockey13:26
boriteksame person?13:26
compwiz18boritek: nope13:26
compwiz18some poor person is :P13:27
boritekah ok13:27
boritekokie im reinstalling13:27
Blackkattanyone avalibe?13:29
Blackkattneed help with installing latest ubuntu on a raid array13:29
boritekcompwiz18, atieventsd crashing13:29
boritekafter reinstalling13:29
compwiz18boritek: I had the same problem13:29
boritekgnome-panel reporting13:29
compwiz18what does fglrxinfo in a terminal give you13:30
boritekdisplay: :0.0  screen: 013:30
boritekOpenGL vendor string: Mesa project: www.mesa3d.org13:30
boritekOpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect13:30
boritekOpenGL version string: 1.4 (2.1 Mesa 7.0.3-rc2)13:30
boritekso its not even the normal oss ati driver13:31
boritekshall i reinstall that one too?13:31
compwiz18boritek: that probably means that fglrx is screwed up13:31
Blackkattlisten, i want to start using ubuntu instead of crappy windows but i'll also like performence so some help with installing ubuntu on raid arrays plz13:31
compwiz18try killing X or rebooting13:31
ubotuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto13:31
esoxis someone having troubles with 2.6.24-16 RT kernel ?13:31
boritekcompwiz18, does it solve the problem?13:32
boritekdid it in your case?13:32
compwiz18boritek: yeah13:32
boritekcool, i am trying, see u in a bit13:32
Blackkattcompwiz18:  ive been there...and it tells me to send the "report"13:32
compwiz18when it says mesa it is usually because fglrx isn't installed right13:32
compwiz18Blackkatt: this is a beta, you know :)13:32
Blackkattsame thing13:33
Blackkattwith stable release13:33
Blackkattso here is as good place as any13:33
Blackkattless ppl here maybe bigger change to extually get some help =)13:33
compwiz18oh ok13:34
compwiz18so the bug reporting thing comes up?13:34
Blackkattaccouring too https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidDebug this is a bug yes13:35
Blackkatti have that file need someone to look it over because i understand jackshit :p13:35
Blackkattthe problem is that the installer dosent find my raid arrays, it only displays them as singel disk13:37
alastair_Isn't that the point of raid13:37
boritekcompwiz18, its still the same13:37
Blackkattno, they should be joined to one13:37
Blackkattnot as singel disks13:37
boritekafter trying to start jockey it has crashed accorgint to gnome-panel13:38
compwiz18boritek: fglrxinfo still gives you the same?13:38
boritekbut i see the its windows13:38
compwiz18boritek: do you have the latest updates?13:38
boritekbut its empty13:38
boritekyeah its mesa13:38
boritekwhich update do u mean?13:38
compwiz18and mesa isn't the driver in xorg.conf, right?13:38
boriteki performed one today13:39
compwiz18the jockey bug was fixed a couple of days ago13:39
boritekSection "Device"13:39
boritekIdentifier  "ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AP [Radeon 9600]"13:39
boritekDriver      "fglrx"13:39
boritekin xorg.conf13:40
boriteknautilus is also crashing reportedly13:41
boritekbut i can use it13:41
boritekcompwiz18, shall i reinstall the oss ati driver as well?13:43
boritekbecause its just the mesa that i have13:43
compwiz18boritek: it might be worth it to see what happens if you swap fglrx for ati in xorg.conf13:43
mattikHello, I like to know do you think fix logout problem with kdm and kdm-kde4. I have had this problem all the time. I'm using fglrx and kdm / kdm-kde4. I cannot log out. Allways when I try log out system freezed and with kdm kde4 doesn't work anytrhing.13:44
boritekcompwiz18, how can i switch to that?13:44
compwiz18boritek: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:45
mattikI think this is not good thing for ubuntu brand13:45
compwiz18then find fglrx and swap it with ati13:45
boritekonly this row?:13:45
boritekDriver      "fglrx"13:45
boritekand ati instead of fglrx?13:45
boritekthats all?13:46
boritekcompwiz18, and done?13:46
compwiz18boritek: yep13:46
nathan_How do you start a console app from the gnome menu?13:47
compwiz18boritek: you can also check /var/log/Xorg.0.log for helpful hints13:47
_Rambaldi_nathan_, be specific13:48
nathan__Rambaldi_, well, I got a console app and want to start it from within the menu, so I tried: gksudo gnome-terminal -e "myapp", didn't worked13:50
alastair_nathan_: why gksudo? Is it a root app?13:51
_Rambaldi_so you want to start the app from terminal?13:51
nathan_yea _Rambaldi_13:51
_Rambaldi_what app is it13:51
nathan_I want to start a terminal, which starts the app13:51
alastair_Isn't there a 'run in terminal' option when you create a launcher?13:51
nathan_basic GCC compiled app with console output, thats why I want it to be run in a terminal13:51
nathan_alastair_, there is, but it doesn't seem to work13:52
alastair_well then there's no need to gksudo it13:52
alastair_Because you don't need root permissions13:52
nathan_I tried all combinations of "sudo -s app", su xterm -e app, and so on13:52
compwiz18gnome-terminal -e aprogramnamehere13:52
Picinathan_: Why sudo? Does it need root permissions?13:52
nathan_I need UID=0 for this app13:52
nathan_yes Pici13:52
alastair_gnome-terminal -e "sudo program" ?13:52
compwiz18gksudo -- gnome-terminal -e aprogramname13:52
alastair_or that13:53
Picinathan_: You may need to create and set a custom profile that doesnt close the terminal window when the program closes.13:53
nathan_alastair_, this gives me a terminal with a sudo prompt for the password, once I enter it, the terminal disappears13:53
alastair_interesting but I can see why13:53
nathan_alright, so I create a new profile and pass the name of the profile to gnome-terminal ?13:55
Picinathan_: Thats what I would try.13:55
Ngnathan_: yes, you can13:55
Ng-p i think13:55
nathan_hmm .. now gnome-terminal crashed when I tried to create the profile13:55
PiciThats not supposed to happen :p13:55
alastair_I'd be concerned with why the 'run in terminal' doesn't work, however13:55
nathan_this is apparently not my day :P13:55
alastair_nathan_: That happened to me too whe I edited my profile13:56
alastair_try running a terminal from terminal to see what output you get :D13:56
boritekcompwiz18, this is the log right now (no oss ati try yet):13:57
compwiz18boritek: ok, I'll take a look, one second13:57
boritekit says DRI initialization failed13:58
esoxsomeone using 2.6.24-16 RT kerel ?13:58
nathan_ok, new profile, window doesn't close, but it doesn't give me a prompt either14:00
nathan_I can't believe how hard it is for me to start a console app from X lol14:00
* nathan_ hugs ttys14:00
boritekcompwiz18, while you looking at it i am restarting with oss ati driver14:01
alastair_nathan_: personally i just launch liek three terminals when I log in on the offchance I want to run something14:02
compwiz18boritek: (WW) fglrx: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:1:0:1) found14:03
compwiz18looks like that might be the problem14:03
boritekcompwiz18, after restarting X, it still says: mesa14:03
alastair_black mesa14:04
alastair_boritek: did you paste yuor xorg.conf14:04
boritekfglrxinfo crashing...14:04
compwiz18I wonder if you're missing a device section somewhere14:04
boritekok, a sec14:04
nathan_alastair_, yea me too, but my now I got heaps of apps and tend to forget what cryptic name I gave them, so a menu would have been nice as some sort of repository14:04
nathan_*by now14:04
alastair_and also 'lspci | grep -i ati'14:05
alastair_^ @ boritek14:05
mheathYes...it sounds like you have two graphics cards, and one is configured, but the one that fglrx is appropriate for isn't configured.14:05
boritekcompwiz18, http://rafb.net/p/cTBaZl54.html14:05
compwiz18alastair_: see above for the xorg.conf14:06
compwiz18I think we might have found it14:06
compwiz18here it says:14:06
compwiz18(WW) fglrx: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:1:0:1) found14:06
compwiz18BusID       "PCI:1:0:0"14:06
compwiz18but there14:06
alastair_I think the 9600 has two devices14:06
compwiz18the BusID is wrong/different14:07
alastair_I'm using an x600 too and I have this weird thing in it14:07
boritekyes, it can support up to 2 monitors14:07
alastair_a splitter14:07
boritekif that is the one u r talking about14:07
alastair_The interesting part is that my xorg.conf doesn't specify 1:0:114:08
alastair_But it does specify 1:0:0 twice14:08
alastair_However, I'm using two monitors14:08
mheathWell, easy fix then, compwiz1814:08
compwiz18I have no idea if thats the problem14:08
mheathAssuming your card physically only has one port, or you're only using the one anyway, just change the BusID line to PCI:1:0:1 then14:08
boritekalastair_, and is your fgrlx driver working?14:08
boritekproperly in hardy14:08
alastair_err I haven't upgraded this particular PC to hardy because I'm scared14:09
savvasyou could try the live cd14:09
alastair_copy your Device section and change Identifier to something else14:09
alastair_I have  Identifier  "ATI Radeon X600" and Identifier  "radeon"14:09
alastair_Their busIDs are the same14:10
alastair_having said that, I have the same warning14:10
alastair_Try setting the second Device section to 1:0:114:10
mheathalastair_: Like I was saying, assuming he's only using one connection, he doesn't even have to copy/paste; just change the BusID to the other value.14:11
alastair_Possibly, but then it might whine about 1:0:014:11
roktangentI got a friend with an 24" aluminum iMac and the 8.04 beta, he says the sound doesn't work....it looks like a recent ubuntu-kernel-modules packages has a fix, ""Enable audio quirk for Aluminium iMac", but I can't find if this means it's fixed....anyone know if this was cleared up/14:11
alastair_which seems more likely and indeed more fatal...14:11
mheathalastair_: No, it shouldn't. X.org references things by device name, not BusID or anything like that14:11
boritekalastair_, what are these 3 numbers stand for?14:12
boritekand 1:0:114:12
mheathalastair_: The only thing that accesses the hardware is the fglrx driver.14:12
mheath(that directly access/references it)14:12
Fritzelis there a native google talk client for linux?14:12
Fritzela fully functional one14:12
alastair_boritek: it tells x which slot the device is in. you can find the information from lspci14:13
mheathFritzel: No.14:13
alastair_for instance:14:13
=== Lamego_ is now known as Lamego
Fritzelmheath: ok thank you14:13
alastair_01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV380 [Radeon X600 (PCIE)]14:13
alastair_01:00.1 Display controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV380 [Radeon X600]14:13
mheathFritzel: For chat, GAIM is 100% compatible and supported by Google14:13
mheathPidgin, not GAIM.14:13
RainMakesMeWetFritzel: The best you can do is use pidgin/kopete or some other jabber client, or gmail.14:14
boritek01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AP [Radeon 9600]14:14
mheathFritzel: For voice, unfortunately I'm not aware of any options14:14
alastair_Do you have a line 01:00.1?14:14
mheathFritzel: Then again, for just chat, you also have their online applet, or the one built into gmail.14:14
alastair_@ boritek ^14:14
boritek01:00.1 Display controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AP [Radeon 9600] (Secondary)14:15
Fritzelalright, yeah voice is what I was hoping for, I wouldn't doubt skype being google compatible before much longer though so I'm not super concerned14:15
boritekoh yes14:15
FritzelI don't want to be browser compatible14:15
Fritzelbrowser dependant14:15
alastair_I'm not quite sure how ATi do their stuff14:15
alastair_But it's mental and not quite so straightforward as i'd like14:15
boritekshall i put it to to secondary?14:16
boritekcoz 1:0:1 seems to be the secondary, doesnt it?14:16
RainMakesMeWetFritzel: I just read an article about a program named Jabbin that works with google talk and voice14:16
compwiz18still no luck?14:16
compwiz18@ boritek?14:16
boritekFritzel, RainMakesMeWet take a look at openwengo14:16
boritekcompwiz18, they suggest to modify xorg.conf with PCI:1:0:114:17
compwiz18boritek: I'd suggest that too14:17
compwiz18just to see if it works14:17
RainMakesMeWetboritek: thanks, maybe I'll take a look. I usually just use Kopete (without voice), but it's nice to have the option :)14:17
boritekcompwiz18, but it is for the secondary monitor right?14:18
compwiz18boritek: are you using two monitors?14:18
boritekand shall i change back to fglrx driver?14:18
compwiz18boritek: sure14:18
boritekbut it supports 2 monitors14:18
roktangentAnybody with 24" iMac?14:19
boritekand i am afraid i will have black screen with it14:19
compwiz18boritek: can you do the dpkg-reconfigure thing?14:19
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto14:19
boritekcompwiz18, maybe14:20
boritekwhat for what package exactly14:20
compwiz18I'd send you my xorg.conf to try, but I don't think it would help14:20
boritekfor what*14:20
compwiz18sudo dpkg-reconfigure xorg-xserver14:20
boritekwhats IIRC?14:20
compwiz18if I remember correctly :P14:21
IdleOneor recall correctly14:21
compwiz18it might be xserver-xorg14:22
compwiz18I always get it backwards14:22
compwiz18---> xserver-xorg14:22
IdleOnedpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg14:22
Infectocan some one explain me why?14:23
Infectoi have this ups in my dmesg :)14:23
boritekcompwiz18, ok, now i try to modify the pci if it wont work, will do a reconf14:25
compwiz18boritek: ok14:25
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
IdleOneoye nacho14:27
nachoIdleOne, dime14:27
IdleOnewhat's up14:27
nachoanybody has a dell m1530 with a hardy installed?14:27
nachoand bios A0814:27
IdleOnenacho: tell us what you need help with14:29
nachoMy problem is: I installed ubuntu hardy in the dell m1530, and I experienced several problems:14:29
Ngboo, no Dr_Willis14:30
esoxHi again, I need help on wifi connection. my wifi device is turned off during boot and I dont have hardware switch14:30
nacho* It doesn't detect the screen, I had to edit by myself the xorg.conf14:30
nacho* Touchpad doesn't work14:30
Ngalastair_: so I just got a critical battery level warning from g-p-m because I only had 4 minutes of power left14:30
nachowell it works but it bacames crazy14:31
nachoToday I decided to install 7.10 and it works everything well14:31
Ngalastair_: I was expecting one a bit earlier though too14:31
nachoand the problem 7.10 is that i don't have GIO, needed to compile gtranslator14:32
esoxsomeone could help on wifi with 2200 BG ?14:35
nachoesox, firmware-iwl...14:38
esoxnacho: what do you mean ?14:39
boritekcompwiz18, alastair_ no luck with the PCI setting14:41
boritekit screwed up my settings14:41
compwiz18boritek: did you try the reconfigure?14:41
alastair_Ng: works for you then hum14:41
esoxnacho: http://pastebin.org/2967414:41
alastair_Ng: question then: is it likely to pop up over the top of a fullscreen app?14:41
boriteki ended up with 640x48014:41
compwiz18was it accelerated?14:41
boritekbut reconfigure helped14:41
nachoesox, apt-get install firmware-iwlwifi14:41
boritekto get 1280x102414:42
boritekbut still no 3d14:42
boritekget mesa again14:42
compwiz18boritek: did you chose fglrx in the menu list thingy?14:42
boriteksuch didnt come up14:42
Ngalastair_: hmm. good question. my guess would be yes14:42
esoxnacho: cant find firmware-iwlwifi14:42
boriteki'll check again14:43
alastair_Ng: although it occurs to me I was not in-game when it turned off14:43
nachoesox, don't you have hardy?14:43
alastair_Ng: are you using the compiz-beryl-fusion-gnome-banana desktop effects?14:43
boritekcompwiz18, but that shouldnt be the ati package??14:43
Ngalastair_: oh, in a game, in that case you'd probably not see it :/14:43
esoxnacho: I have hardy14:43
Ngalastair_: -banana?!14:43
compwiz18boritek: in the dpkg-reconfigure, you got a list of graphic drivers, right?14:43
compwiz18did you chose fglrx or ati?14:43
alastair_Ng: I didn't feel like I had enough words in it14:44
nachoesox, then you should have firmware-iwlwifi14:44
nachomaybe something is missing in your repositories14:44
Ngalastair_: yes, I am using that14:44
esoxnacho: well... what repos do I need for that ?14:44
alastair_Ng: oh :( I will try later, then, and see what happens.14:44
boritekcompwiz18, no14:44
nachoI am not pretty sure, multiverse universe...14:44
nachoall that stuff14:44
boritekits just about keyboard, mouse and stuff14:45
esoxnacho: ok  check14:45
compwiz18boritek: oh really?14:45
compwiz18maybe its a new xorg thing14:45
compwiz18it gutsy, the thing gave you a list of graphics drivers you could use14:45
boritekwhcih question should it be? the first?14:46
compwiz18I don't remember14:46
compwiz18but you would have known it14:46
boritekr u sure we chose the right package?14:46
compwiz18pretty sure14:46
compwiz18what card did you say you had?14:46
compwiz18an ati 9600?14:47
boritekcompwiz18, there wasnt such14:47
boritekas i said it asked me only about keyboard and mouse14:47
compwiz18maybe it is part of the new smart xorg thing14:48
alastair_smart is never clever14:48
boritekoh, might me lol14:48
compwiz18I'll run it on my machine and see what happens14:48
boritekare you developer?14:49
compwiz18you're right14:49
compwiz18nothing about that14:49
compwiz18now we ask the audience14:49
boritekcan we except that they will fix this by releasing?14:49
compwiz18does Xorg know what it needs to use without xorg.conf?14:49
compwiz18boritek: chances are it is something from the upgrade that made it a little funny14:50
compwiz18ATI drivers work fine for me14:50
compwiz18on both computers14:50
boritekcompwiz18, you mean it should work fine with clean-install?14:50
compwiz18boritek: there is a chance, yes14:50
compwiz18I make no promises14:50
ShackJack!enter | compwiz1814:50
ubotucompwiz18: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:50
compwiz18you can see if the livecd works correctly before you install14:51
compwiz18ShackJack: sorry :)14:51
alastair_"Don't be sorry; don't do it." ~ My mum14:51
boritekcompwiz18, you meant, that should i try simply remove xorg.conf?14:51
boritekand see what happens?14:51
compwiz18boritek: move it, perhaps14:52
ShackJackNP - I'm coming in on the middle of a conversation here, I was loggining in to say that my ATI driver fglrx doesn't appear under Restricted drivers in use in kernel -16 - is anyone else having the same issue?14:52
compwiz18ShackJack: you and boritek14:52
ShackJackboritek: You can just rename it :)14:52
compwiz18ShackJack: yes, boritek is having the same problem14:52
boritekShackJack, yes14:52
compwiz18can anyone say "bug report"? :P14:53
ShackJackcompwiz18: boritek - Yes if I go into kernel -18 the driver is listed there, but my eye candy doesn't work (no window decorations)14:53
compwiz18boritek: ShackJack which mirror are you using?14:54
ShackJackcompwiz18: Oh, for sure - I just like to get a little feedback first to see if it isn't specific to my machine... Prolly just a little kernel/driver conflict... :)14:54
boritekdo u think its a kernel problem?14:54
compwiz18ShackJack: no worries :)14:54
compwiz18You both might try switching the mirror to "Main mirror" and see if that gives you any updates.14:54
ShackJackcompwiz18: I am using the US servers...  I'll give that a try, though...14:54
compwiz18I was using the Hong Kong server, and when I switch to Main, I got something like 406 updtes14:55
alastair_I should probably get on with some work I guess14:55
ShackJackcompwiz18: Maybe the Hong Kong server is being boycotted too :P14:55
boritekwhat you mean under main?14:55
ShackJackcompwiz18: boritek: I just tried it - no upgrades for me :(14:56
boritekShackJack, have you refreshed?14:56
esoxnacho: I have multiverse and univers and no iwlwifi package14:56
boritekwich is the main?14:56
boritekthere are only countries14:56
boritekto choose from14:57
Fritzelwhat's the file manager for gnome?14:57
boritekFritzel, nautilus14:57
Fritzelthank you14:57
humitosI can't burn a DVD Video with K3b...14:57
humitosI get an error http://humitos.homelinux.net/~humitos/k3b.png14:58
boritekhumitos, try brasero14:58
boritekits for gnome14:58
humitosboritek: let me see...14:58
boritekcompwiz18, what is main repo? i can choose from countries only14:59
boriteki think i got it14:59
alastair_That's in a foreign language14:59
boritekyeah lol14:59
boritekits coz of the language14:59
alastair_I don't speak languages15:00
compwiz18oh alright.15:00
compwiz18alastair_: neither do I (well, except for English(15:00
alastair_English isn't a language in the same way that black isn't a colour!15:00
=== nathan_ is now known as nathan__
saurabhan update 3 days ago broke compiz on hardy, i have GMA 950 graphics, please help15:00
compwiz18Black is all colors; does that make English all languages?15:00
humitosboritek: brasero don't have option to burn VIDEO DVD15:00
esoxnacho: I can see that iwlwifi is for 4965 and 3945, I have a 22OO BG15:01
=== nathan__ is now known as nate00
boriteki got 9 package to refresh15:02
boritekbut no important packages15:02
compwiz18boritek: is the kernel and the fglrx module the same version?15:02
boritekyeah that might also be a problem just wanted to check this out15:03
boritekbut how can i see its the same?15:03
boritekhumitos, sorry i didnt know u want to burn that one15:04
esoxmy intel wifi card 2200BG isnt started at boot15:05
willieping jriddell15:05
humitosany suggestion...?15:05
boritekk3b is a kde program, try #kubuntu15:05
boritekcompwiz18, my kernel: 2.6.24-16.22, my fglrx: 1:7.1.0-8+
saurabhhow do you reset compiz settings15:08
=== Double_D is now known as Sergeant_Pony
compwiz18boritek: do those match? I can't tell. Maybe someone smarter then I can say whether the version of fglrx matters; it is possible that the package compiles it or something...15:09
ShackJackboritek: Hi - work stuff caught up with me.. I refreshed my sources list but no new updates..15:15
boriteki didnt get important updates anyway15:16
boritekdont know what to do...15:16
boritekmaybe i have to try it with an odler kernel15:17
boritekhave you tried it with -15?15:17
boritekinstead of 1615:17
ShackJackWell, I'll just wait it out myself rather than filing a bug - I'm sure someones gotten arround to that already... My driver shows with older kernel, but window decs don't work right under compiz15:17
boritekending 15 and 1615:17
ShackJackboritek: Yes, on 15 ^^15:17
compwiz18sorry I'm not being much help :)15:17
compwiz18I'm rather out of ideas.15:18
ShackJackcompwiz18: No biggie - it seems like it's just a packaging issue really..15:18
compwiz18did either of you install a version of the drivers that didn't come from the repos?15:18
compwiz18ShackJack: boritek ^^^^^^15:18
ShackJackcompwiz18: Nope all repos..15:18
ShackJackI was rather hoping that OS ATI driver would be well along by now (I'm using X1400 ATI)15:19
esoxis someone here using RT kernel ?15:19
boritekShackJack, can u you use os ati driver?15:19
boritekcoz i cant that one either15:19
ShackJackFor X1400, I don't think so...15:19
boritekits mesa15:19
ShackJackThe closed source one has certainly made some strides these last couple years, though... I'm not an OS "purist" when it comes to hardware drivers.. :)15:20
edgyheeeeeeeeeelp! I have no kicker menu in kubuntu and the background is blank. This happens today suddenly, how can I fix?15:20
boriteknot me either lol15:20
boritekeggy: can u try #kubuntu?15:21
ShackJack#kubuntu +1? I'm not touchin' KDE until 4.2 ;)15:21
boritekyeah it worth waiting15:21
ShackJackAlthough I'm kinda partial to GNOME at this point.. many of the overt KDE improvements seem a bit superfluous.. But lotta nice stuff under the hood...15:22
esoxhow can I installed former kernels ?15:23
h3sp4wnShackJack: compiz works better with the OSS drivers on a radeon X1050 than on my quadro 1600m15:23
edgyboritek, ShackJack: it seems there is no kubuntu+115:23
boriteksimply #kubuntu15:23
edgyboritek: isn't that for the stable gutsy?15:24
boritekyeah, but dont know how many here using kubuntu15:25
Piciedgy: #kubuntu-kde15:25
ShackJackedgy: My bad.. thought their might be...15:25
Picier, kde415:25
ubotuKDE 4.0.3 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.3 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.3.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.3.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde415:25
boritekthats it15:25
twoface_i'm missing the python module 'dl' - this should be a part of the python2.5 package. can anyone confirm this? or even fix it? :)15:31
twoface_you can test by running 'python -c "import dl"' in a console15:31
Lynouretwoface_: and, like normally in Linux, it not saying anything means it existed?15:32
twoface_Lynoure: i suppose15:34
BlinnyI'm running an updated Hardy Beta right now, with 8GB RAM. Unfortunately, after a recent kernel update (to 2.6.24-16-generic) my kernel is only seeing 3GB. I had understood that Ubuntu was no longer separating 32 and 64-bit kernels, hence the -generic. What do I need to fix so that I boot into the 64-bit kernel?15:36
spellingwhat are the green/blue distros other than suse/fedora15:36
savvasspelling: opensuse, centos.. :p15:37
savvasthere was another debian distro in blueish and kde.. um..15:37
twoface_Lynoure: you get nothing?15:38
Lynourespelling: you can theme any sensible distro to any colours you want.15:38
Lynourespelling: and Kubuntu is by default somewhat blue :)15:38
Lynouretwoface_: yes, that's why I asked15:38
savvasspelling: pclinuxos15:38
twoface_Lynoure: are you on amd64?15:39
savvasbut Lynoure is right.. my theme for example is blackish :)15:39
savvasi am twoface_15:39
macusercanadahi all - I need help - I had edubuntu running on an old clamshell iBook - I installed the beta of full ubuntu 8.04 last night and now I have no mouse movement either by USB mouse or the trackpad - any ideas?15:39
spellingsavvas keeo going15:39
twoface_savvas: do you have the python 'dl' module?15:40
NgBlinny: could you file a bug about that, or mention it in #ubuntu-kernel? If it's confirmed then it's a pretty serious regression15:40
savvasspelling: http://distrowatch.com/ :p15:40
savvasspelling: http://shots.osdir.com15:40
savvasi think that's enough :)15:40
Pici!ot | spelling15:40
ubotuspelling: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!15:40
Lynouretwoface_: no.15:40
BlinnyNg: I'll try #ubuntu-kernel first. I've been searching but haven't found a bug report yet. Thanks15:40
savvastwoface_: what package?15:41
NgBlinny: ok thanks15:41
Lynouretwoface_: This is a 32bit system...15:41
twoface_savvas: it should be in the standard python2.5 package15:41
twoface_bah - apparently dl.so is not included in the amd64 packages15:44
twoface_wonder why15:44
sailaway85hi all15:44
macusercanadais there anyone that can help with a mouse/trackpad problem on a G3 ibook?15:46
nate00Hmm .. too activate the darklooks theme I need to reapply clearlooks and then darklooks again - anyone know why?15:54
rawbinGreetings. A problem : My gutsy installation's gnome-terminal seems to be inserting extra '\033[0m' instances in everything that is processed by the shell. Eg `ls filename | xargs rm` bombs with a message that `\033[0mfilename`\033[0m not found. Any idea what's causing this ?15:55
Ngrawbin: bash prompt maybe?16:00
Ngtry running: export PS1="$ "16:00
rawbinNg, thanks. That doesn't change the behaviour I'm afraid. I know that the sequence `\033[0m is a special one but do not know what it means. Things run fine in xterm however so something in gnome-terminal or its environment is causing this to happen IMHO.16:02
Fritzelis there anyway to change the order in which programs that autostart in gnome load? I want compiz to load first16:04
Ngrawbin: that's usually something like setting a colour in a prompt16:04
Fritzel0m resets to default boldness and color if I recall correctly16:05
rawbinNg, the funny thing is that this is a from-scratch install so its not like I was tweaking the prompt or any such thing.16:05
franz1789hi, does anyone else has problems with flashplugin-nonfree and firefox 3.0 beta5?16:05
Ngrawbin: try "unset PROMPT_COMMAND" too, that's something similar to the prompt16:05
bhsxis everyone having issues with the latest updates (starting friday)? my 3d seems to be busted, even though i'm supposedly using the ati proprietary driver...16:05
bhsxi cant get compiz to run16:06
tech0007Fritzel: try System->Preferences->Sessions or have a look at ~/.gnome2/session16:06
FritzelI'm looking at that now I was just hoping someone knew of some way to choose the order, there's no options in here that I can see16:06
gregoryfranz1789: i use the flashplayer downloaded from adobe. works nicely16:07
rawbinNg, No luck I'm afraid. That variable wasn't set anyways.16:07
bhsxi'm thinkin of doin a reinstall and just starting over, and then just not updating til the release16:07
Ngrawbin: hmm, I'm not sure then16:07
franz1789gregory, I installed it from repo, but firefox does not recognize it16:07
tech0007Fritzel: in ~/.gnome2/session, you can see they're numbered. i used that file once to rid of some startup, maybe you can use it to change the order..i'm not sure16:08
gregoryfranz1789: you can check your plugins in $HOME/.mozilla/plugins. if its not in there you need to make a symlink16:08
Fritzelahh ok I'll give that a shot16:09
tech0007Fritzel: good luck16:09
tech0007Fritzel: make sure you back it up first16:09
FritzelI will16:09
franz1789gregory, that folder does not exist16:10
franz1789gregory, and I can't find it in my profile16:10
Fritzelrawbin: escape your ls and it won't produce color, to modify your example '\ls filename | xargs rm'16:10
alastair_is firefox 3 beta going to be in the release?16:10
alastair_cos um16:10
Fritzelrawbin: it doesn't solve the problem but it'd let you do what you're trying to16:10
alastair_None of the addons works :P16:10
gregoryfranz1789: i dont mean to be rude: you replaced $HOME with your system name? f.e. /home/user/franz/..16:11
franz1789gregory, yep, I'm not so n00b :D16:11
gregoryalastair_: yes, but you can also install ff216:11
gregoryfranz1789: dont know then, sorry16:12
alastair_I quite like it, but for the lack of addon16:12
Fritzel\033[0m is a color code, escaping should allow your command to work since it executes without any aliases on ls16:12
rawbinFritzel, thanks. That worked. Also I realised that I had aliased ls as follows "alias ls='ls --color -F'". Could that be the culprit ?16:13
Fritzelit's causing the problem yes, but most people have it, I havn't executed the command on anything that comes in color with ls so I don't know if it's working as intended or not16:14
franz1789gregory, well, I find the folder in /usr/lib/firefox-addons, but it's empty16:14
rawbinFritzel, I see. Well thanks anyways.16:14
* orvokki has alias ls="ls --color=auto" on his systems usually16:14
gregoryfranz1789: i am really not good with ff. i am not sure if _plugins go into _addons16:15
Fritzelhmm what's auto do for color?16:15
orvokkiFritzel: Color has three states. Forced on, automatic and off.16:15
orvokkiAutomatic tries to put it off if the terminal doesn't support it.16:15
franz1789gregory, ok, I reinstalled it and now it works, sorry16:16
Fritzelahh I may have to make the adjustments here then16:16
orvokkiFritzel: The switches for color are 'never', 'auto' and 'always'.16:17
orvokkiAs it says in man page for ls.16:17
FritzelI usually see --color by itsself16:17
orvokkiIt's ambiguous.16:17
FritzelI never thought about there being a value16:17
orvokki--color by itself is either --color=always or --color=auto.16:17
orvokkiI have no idea which, man page doesn't tell.16:18
FritzelI would think auto16:18
Fritzelbut that would disagree with rawbin's situation16:18
Fritzelbrb I need to relogin16:18
Fritzeloh yes that's much better16:19
tech0007ubuntu by default doesnt have a .bashrc file, so where can you put user variables like ls?16:19
orvokkiFritzel: Actually I suspect it's automatic if you drop --color off.16:19
FritzelI put a priority of 50 on compiz, didn't even see it flicker ^^16:20
Fritzel.profile might work16:20
orvokkitech0007: You can put source ~/.bashrc into ~/.bash_profile16:20
=== Jaymac1 is now known as Jaymac
orvokkiThen you have a .bashrc.16:20
tech0007Fritzel: yup there it is16:20
orvokkiThat's how all distros that have .bashrc do it.16:21
orvokkitech0007: echo 'if [ -f ~/.bashrc ];then source ~/.bashrc;fi' >> ~/.bash_profile16:22
tech0007orvokki: how can i make ls use --color=always by default?16:23
geniehi every body, I am on 8.4 and when I install nvidia driver my screen goes to low resolutions once I disable it's goes back to resolutes 1024x76816:23
geniehow to fix it this error?16:23
orvokkitech0007: You should be able to just put alias ls="ls --color=auto -F" to your .bashrc.16:24
tech0007orvokki: can i jst add that to .profile?16:24
orvokkiNot a good idea.16:24
tech0007orvokki: why not?16:25
sailaway85is there  repositories down ie: Canada16:25
orvokkitech0007: Because initrc files are loaded in a sequence and you don't want your aliases to get overridden.16:25
orvokkitech0007: Use either .bash_profile or then do the echo I told and get to use .bashrc.16:25
tech0007orvokki: ok got it thanks16:26
Fritzeleh, I guess I can be pleased with that16:37
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geniehosthi all16:52
geniehosthow to shutdown x server?16:52
geniehostneed to shut it down to install some things16:53
geniehosthow to?16:53
tech0007switch to a vt, then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop16:54
bobesponjageniehost: Ctl+Alt+Backspace16:54
geniehostctrl-alt+backspace will restart the x server16:54
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
alastair_geniehost: if you need to turn it off completely, press ctrl-alt-f1, log in there, and do: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop16:57
alastair_geniehost: you can start it again with - guess what - sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start16:57
geniehostthanks guys, how to download the pre-compiled kernel for 2.6.24-16-generic #1 SMP Thu Apr 10 13:23:42 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux17:01
tech0007you may already have it in /var/cache/apt/archives17:02
PiciJust grab the linux metapackage.17:02
geniehosthi again17:07
geniehosthow to install kernel-source kernel-deve17:07
Tuv0kgeniehost, use the package manager?17:07
geniehostfrom command?17:07
geniehostapt-get install not wroking?17:08
Tuv0kwhats wrong with the GUI?17:08
geniehostit's shutdown at the moment17:08
gregorystrangely the kernel headers are not shown in add/remove software17:08
Tuv0kgregory, fire up the real gui package manager SYNAPTIC?!?17:09
geniehostany one know how to download kernel-source and kernel-devel17:09
gregoryTuv0k: ah, didnt know about that. use apt-get normally17:09
Tuv0kgeniehost, you've been told do not repeat your query every other line17:09
IdleOne!synaptic | geniehost17:10
ubotugeniehost: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto17:10
Tuv0kgregory, you can use that as well, but have to know what you are doing17:10
Daisuke_Laptopgeniehost: apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`17:10
IdleOneDaisuke_Ido: probably a not using sudo issue17:10
Tuv0kmake an effort to search and read readily availiable documentation17:10
geniehostthanks Daisuke_Ido17:10
Tuv0kthats what its there for17:10
Daisuke_LaptopIdleOne: of course sudo's required17:11
IdleOneDaisuke_Ido: I know that but he may not have :)17:11
Daisuke_LaptopTuv0k: this isn't #debian, we actually try to help people/.17:11
dfeuerWhat's the current word on Thinkpad T61p trackpad (Synaptics) scrolling under Hardy?  What do I need to do to set it up?  Some xorg.conf sections seem to have changed between Gutsy and Hardy, and I don't want to screw things up.17:11
Tuv0knit knowing about the default packamanager seems like they are not trying to help themselves. Is any effort required from a ubuntu user?17:12
hischilddfeuer, more or less everything that can be autodetected is autodetected in hardy17:12
Ngdfeuer: I disabled my touchpad so I may not be the best to ask, but I would recommend moving your /etc/X11/xorg.conf somewhere else and restarting X. The new xorg is really good at detecting hardware (at least for me it has been), and the Mouse preferences now covers synaptics stuff17:12
geniehostDaisuke_Laptop, this is what I got : Reading state information... Done17:12
geniehostlinux-headers-2.6.24-16-generic is already the newest version.17:12
geniehostlinux-headers-2.6.24-16-generic set to manually installed.17:12
geniehost0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.17:12
Ngdfeuer: if it doesn't work, you can always move the xorg.conf back and then figure it out manually17:12
AzaThtdfeuer: I have no problem with my trackpad17:12
Daisuke_Laptopgeniehost: then you already have the headers installed...17:13
DevonSixhello everyone17:13
Daisuke_LaptopTuv0k: touche17:13
dfeuerI'm on a clean Hardy install.17:13
DevonSixi have a problem with hardy heron17:13
dfeuerMy trackpad works, but it doesn't scroll.17:13
geniehostDaisuke_Laptop, I am trying to install Nvidia driver and it's ask for source of my kernel17:13
dfeuerWhen I try to run the configuration utility,17:14
DevonSixit does not mount any USB devices like MP3/printer17:14
dfeuerit says I need to set an option in xorg.conf, but not what section that goes in.17:14
Daisuke_Laptopwhy are you installing it that way anyway?17:14
Daisuke_Laptoprestricted driver manager17:14
Ngdfeuer: oh right. that'll be in the synaptics section17:14
Ngwhich should be an Inputdevice17:14
dfeuerNg, said section ... doesn't exist.17:15
geniehostDaisuke_Laptop, I got problem with restricted driver17:15
Daisuke_Laptopif you're on hardy, system > administration > hardware drivers17:15
geniehostI am on 8.417:15
Daisuke_Laptopgeniehost: then you may have to do some googling to see how to do it, i have no experience and do not recommend installing drivers in that way.17:15
tech0007geniehost: check ubuntuforums.org17:15
geniehostDaisuke_Laptop, thanks any way17:16
tech0007geniehost: there's a lot of nvidia users out there17:16
swubooDaisuke:  The Hardware Drivers applet seems pretty useless; it flatly denies that I'm using the nvidia driver I am.17:16
Ngdfeuer: dfeuer http://pastebin.com/f491664eb is my config, which includes that section17:16
Piciswuboo: How did you install the driver?17:16
swubooPici:  Synaptic.17:17
dfeuerNg, how'd you end up with that?17:17
Ngdfeuer: fresh hardy install17:17
Ngbut i think my gutsy one had a synaptics section. not sure, I play around with x configs quite a lot17:17
Ngif you upgrade and there's an xorg.conf, the upgrader will not touch it, afaik. the idea being that if it's there it probably works and we don't want to break it17:18
Daisuke_LaptopNg: minimal xorg.conf is part of hardy now17:18
NgDaisuke_Laptop: indeed \o/17:18
dfeuerI didn't use the upgrader, Ng.17:18
Ngdfeuer: so yours is a fresh install?17:18
Ngthat's pretty weird17:19
dfeuerRepartitioned and all...17:19
tech0007but you can still tweak xorg.conf17:19
Daisuke_Laptopsince i have hardware that i know will work with linux, i think i'll start playing with other distros on this laptop17:19
dfeuerHere goes nothing.17:21
AnnirakI need to install VMWare player on Hardy and I've never installed VMWare player before.  Are there any howto's which might help me out?17:32
Tuv0kAnnirak, google17:32
AnnirakTuv0k: Been there, done that.17:33
Tuv0kthen you should be all set17:33
Annirakyeah, ok.  Except I wouldn't be in here if it had worked out.17:33
Tuv0k3rd hit17:34
Annirakexcept that doesn't apply to hardy17:34
Tuv0ksure it does17:34
Tuv0kdon't be lazy17:34
hydrogenuse virtaulbox.17:35
atlefhydrogen: +117:36
AnnirakTuv0k: Real helpful: Installing VMware Player17:36
AnnirakNote: these installation instructions are not applicable in 7.10 or later.17:36
Annirakhydrogen: I need to be able to run a VM that already exists.  Will virtualbox let me run a VMware image?17:37
Tuv0khttp://www.vmware.com/appliances/directory/1205 do you know how to google?17:37
AnnirakThe vmware link you provided is useless.17:38
atlefAnnirak: http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?t=10417:38
Tuv0kthats not the only thing17:38
AnnirakIt's an image.17:38
AnnirakTuv0k: Do you even look at the links you're sending me or are you just so focused on pwning a noob that you don't even care whether they address the problem I'm asking about?17:40
hydrogenYOU GOT PWND17:40
Annirakatlef: That looks good.  I'll try it out and see how it goes.17:41
cwilluAnnirak, afaik virtualbox has support for vmware images17:41
atlefAnnirak: just googled it, but hey, we all have to start somewhere.17:42
Tuv0kAnnirak, fair question, I just want to show you that with minimal effort you can help yourself immensely. If nothing else you'll educate yourself so that you can ask specific questions which will reveal that you made an attempt, and you failed at a specific point. Then someone can pick you up from there. But its obvious, you have not tried very hard.17:42
sivel27hi everyone,17:43
sivel27i cannot for the life of me mount a slave hdd that was formatted previously by ubuntu. it does not come up when i type df, and im trying to do this via ssh from work.17:43
cwillusivel27, what does the mount command spit back at you when you try to mount it?17:43
sivel27well, when i type the mount command, i see everything except the slave hdd17:44
AnnirakTuv0k: You're missing some information.  When I originally tried this, I went through three separate howto's which I found on Google.  Being that I didn't succeed in any of those, and this is something I need to do for work, other demands on my time halted my progress.  Since I didn't have time to look at it for 3 days, I don't remember the specifics of the failures.  What I do remember is...17:44
Annirak...that they were release specific.  As in "this would have worked on gutsy"17:44
cwillusivel27, no, the actual mount command to mount it17:45
sivel27well, i dont know what the slave is called.17:45
mrtimdogsivel27: Get the device from 'fdisk -l'17:45
* cwillu 's head explodes17:45
sivel27nothing comes back w/ fdisk -l17:46
tech0007sivel27: what about 'dmesg | grep sd17:47
Tuv0kAnnirak, Generally one can do things on the new release that were fine on the previous release. Like I'm running gutsy virtualbox packages on my hardy box, with no problems17:47
alastair_sivel27: you probably have to sudo fdisk -l17:47
sivel27ok, with the grep, i see a /dev/sdb17:48
alastair_tech0007: surely just dmesg | tail just in case there are USB messages17:48
tech0007alastair_: depends on the type of slave17:48
cwilluAnnirak, but you are also missing some information:  we're not getting paid by your workplace, and you _did_ just come in here and effectively say  'google this for me, I'm too lazy'.  If you've tried a bunch of things, and had no success, then you should start by enumerating what you've tried so we don't have to go down the same blind alleys.  Unless you wanna give us your work's mailing address so we can submit bills for our time :p17:48
=== crd1b is now known as crdlb
sivel27excellent, thanks alot17:49
Tuv0kcwillu, better than I could have put it17:49
cwilluand I mean that in as nice a way as possible :p17:49
beavishi, i updated to hardy, now it always sets the keyboard language from German to English. Everytime I reboot it sets ENG as default keyboard layout17:51
cwillubeavis, where are you setting it back to german?17:51
Tuv0kbug #9588617:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 95886 in ubiquity "Wrong keyboard layout after installation (US instead of FI)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9588617:52
beaviscool, thanks! Ill take a look at this bug17:53
cwilluTuv0k, I don't think he got the joke :p17:53
Tuv0kgotta luv google17:53
veloxidHi I've a problem with centrino speedstepping, my cpu is running on 600Mhz, although it can run with 2Ghz17:56
beavishmm thats the bug with no solution,17:58
Niklas_Eis there any gui for xmms2 that is same like xmms?18:00
Niklas_Eor can you install xmms with synaptic?18:00
veloxidbeavis: Do you mean my problem?18:00
beavisI of course googled for the solution of the wrong keyboard layout and even got this bug number, I thought you guys send me another bug number18:01
Daisuke_LaptopNiklas_E: check out audacious18:01
Tuv0kNiklas_E, I wondered the same thing18:01
Tuv0kNiklas_E, then I googled xmms2, and ended up on their website and found the answer18:01
Daisuke_Laptopxmms is an incredibly outdated music player at best, a crufty piece of junk at worst18:01
Tuv0kxmms2 uses clients18:01
Tuv0kthere are a list of clients on their webpage18:02
Tuv0kif I were too laxy to do that, I'd just search synaptic for xmms218:02
Tuv0kI use xmms2 with gkrellm18:02
Tuv0kxmms2 is now a server daemon18:03
Tuv0kget the systray for it18:03
Tuv0kI like esperanza as well18:03
Tuv0kthere is a gkrellm2 plugin for it as well18:03
Tuv0kNiklas_E, it takes some getting used to18:04
chester_mhi...is Hardy Heron now stable??18:04
chester_mi mean. usable? :p18:04
binarical-appits pretty usable18:04
Tuv0kchester_m, I've been using it since it was announced18:04
binarical-appi find it to be alot better then it was 2 months ago18:04
tech0007chester_m: depends on the hardware & user :P18:04
topyliTuv0k: the xmms2 client is a "systray" applet?18:05
Tuv0kin a nutshell18:05
chester_mi'm thinking about using it18:05
chester_mwhere i can find a featured list?18:05
binarical-appwhat pc are you running it on chester_m18:05
topylithat's the most horrible use of the notification area i've heard lately18:05
bipolarchester_m: I'm using it daily.18:05
Tuv0ktopyli, the systray applet makes it easier to enable and manipulate18:05
Tuv0k"xmms2tray" is the name18:05
topyliTuv0k: it has no business being there though :)18:06
bobbo_  18:06
topyliTuv0k: it's the notification area. it's for notifications :)18:06
chester_mbinarical-app, a notebook fujitsu (p4 2.8, 512mb ram, 60gb HD, ati 9200 mobility - 64mb dedicated)18:06
chester_mwhat do u think'18:06
swubo1topyli:  I dunno, that seems like a pretty decent use for the notification area.18:06
topyliswubo1: i don't see  what controlling a music stream has to do with notifying you of events18:07
swubo1topyli:  It doesn't; but that doesn't mean they can't share real estate.18:08
swubo1topyli:  After all, the system indexer and the logout button are hardly notifications of events either.18:08
Tuv0kI can use the tray or gkrellm or the clients main interface18:08
Tuv0kthey all are aware of the other18:08
topyliapplets are more than welcome in the panel. notification icons and bubbles have a different purpose though18:08
topylijust because nm-applet and gaim have raped it, doesn't mean everybody should keep doing it :(18:09
Tuv0kusing xmms2 pulseaudio plugin as well18:09
swubo1topyli:  I suppose that's fair.  It's just never bothered me much to have other things there.18:10
binarical-appchester_m : it seems like now the only problem would be with sound ( headphones) other wise as far as i can tell hardy will run well on your model18:10
topyliswubo1: the logout button is not in the notification area, it's a proper panel applet. the tracker icon is in the wrong place18:10
topyliswubo1: at least it does notify you when the indexing is going wrong or some other interesting event happens18:11
chester_mhm...it's stable?18:11
chester_mi mean..not much bugs?18:11
Tuv0kso long as there is someone to report bugs, there will be bugs18:11
Tuv0kmuch, is relative18:11
topylishort answer: yes, there are many bugs :)18:12
AzaThtwonder if I could get my fingerprint scanner to work in my tx127018:12
binarical-appchester_m: hardy will be released at the end of the month, you can give it a go now or wait untill then, there wont be much of a difference. if you cant find work arounds , you should wait a bit after its release to get a "perfect" os18:12
AzaThtor would that be a lost cause?18:12
binarical-appnothing is impossible18:13
zxc`I guys I encountered some problems w/ audio using snd_hda intel18:13
zxc`easily sound doesn't work18:14
zxc`looking on launchpad I saw that this is a note bug but i didn't find a solution18:14
AzaThtgoogle://fingerprint+tx1000 gives most (except fingerprint bla bla bla)18:14
binarical-appyou could always try reverse engineering the software18:15
AzaThtha ha18:15
Tuv0kzxc`, #ubuntu-bugs18:15
AraneidaeA very odd change from Sarge to Hardy: my /media names have changed completely.18:16
AraneidaeMy CDROM used to be called /media/cdrom0, but now the name changed with each CD.18:16
AraneidaeThis is actually a right pain18:16
AzaThtthey released an deb 28' marcj18:17
AraneidaeFor example, `eject` no longer works.18:17
Tuv0kAraneidae, I have /media/cdrom018:17
swubo1Araneidae:  Now that you mention it, mine's doing the same.  Worse, apparently every time I plug in my external, it creates a new directory, each time adding an underscore to the existing name.18:17
SuperQAre there nightly hardy CD images that could use testing?18:18
Tuv0kAraneidae, with a symlink to /media/cdrom18:18
Tuv0kAraneidae, eject still works18:18
Tuv0kAraneidae, if its installed on your system18:18
AraneidaeTuv0k, I have the same ... but when I insert a CD it isn't mounted in /media/cdrom018:18
AraneidaeDo you have a /media/cdrom0 directory when nothing is in the CD drive?18:19
Tuv0kAraneidae, weird, yes18:20
AraneidaeSo at the moment I have /media/cdrom0 and /media/floppy0 (I wonder what that thinks it is!) and links18:20
SuperQok, g00g answered my question :)18:20
AraneidaeSo now I'll insert my CD18:20
Tuv0kAraneidae, might want to check your fstab?18:20
Tuv0kits for floppies of course18:20
Tuv0kI have a usb stick in as well @ /media/disk18:21
AraneidaeFloppies.  Yes.  I wonder where they'll go? ;)18:21
Tuv0kSuperQ, gotta luv google18:21
mrtimdogAraneidae: what does 'eject -d' show.18:21
AraneidaeSo, floppy0 is in fstab18:21
SuperQTuv0k: :)18:21
Araneidaeeject: default device: `cdrom`18:21
AraneidaeHowever, my cd has mounted itself as /media/rtcw !18:22
SuperQGet to install a nice shiny new Thinkpad T61 tonight18:22
Tuv0k>/media/rtcw ????18:22
mrtimdogAraneidae: and 'ls -sl /dev/cdrom' ?18:22
Araneidaemount says /dev/scd0 on /media/rtcw...18:22
Araneidaels -ls /dev/cdrom18:22
AzaThteh, Why does the "Hardware testing" give question about the keyboard?18:23
AraneidaeNo such file or directory.  Interesting...18:23
AzaThtit's not really you can utilize it if your keyboard isn't working18:23
AzaThtsame for the mouse18:23
swubo1Araneidae:  At least you don't have eight different directories for the same external drive filling your /media directory, eh?18:23
AraneidaeVery interesting.  My CD from is actually /dev/scd0, but fstab thinks it's on /dev/hdc18:23
Araneidaels -l /dev/cdrom18:24
mrtimdogAraneidae: Looks like an old fstab.18:24
cwilluAraneidae, 2.6.22 (or so) changed the subsystem used for ide devices, changing all the names from hd*'s to sd*'s18:24
Araneidaeahh -- but I have a /dev/dvd118:24
mrtimdogAraneidae: Symlinked to? ...18:25
Araneidaewell well: /dev/dvd1 => scd018:25
AraneidaeSo.  Maybe all I have to do is hack fstab.18:25
Tuv0kyeah, I went through this a few weeks ago when I added a dvd rom18:25
AraneidaeWell, come to think of that, I did that a week before the upgrade18:26
Tuv0kI had to create a dvd folder, symlink edit the fstab18:26
Tuv0kI hate doing it18:26
Araneidaeyes, I'm wondering where eject picks it up from18:26
Tuv0kthe symlink me thinks18:27
Tuv0kthe fstab and mtab18:27
mrtimdogAraneidae: You should only need to change the fstab. You shouldn't need to change anything in /dev.18:27
AraneidaeBut which symlink: `eject -d` reports cdrom, but I can't think where that's specified.18:27
AraneidaeOk, quick fstab hack coming up...18:27
Tuv0kmrtimdog, yeah I did not touch /dev18:28
AraneidaeDodgy to touch /dev, as some of the devices are auto created18:28
Tuv0kjust edited /media and fstab18:28
AzaThtWas going to try update https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LightScribe18:29
AzaThtbut it wont allow me18:29
AzaTht(hate wikis with lousy wiki software)18:29
mrtimdogOn the subject of filesystems... Anyone managed to read a Acorn ADFS (RISCOS) 1.44M floppy image? Small change, but worth asking! (Yes, I've googled! ;)18:29
mrtimdog'Small chance' even!18:30
AzaThtmrtimdog: 1.44?18:30
AzaThtdoes those exist still?18:30
* cwillu had to walk somebody through plugging in a 3.5" floppy drive the other day18:31
mrtimdogAzaTht: I maybe wrong there, but I think it is. No, they don't, but I've just found a box from my loft of some old stuff I wrote about 20 years ago!18:31
Tuv0kcwillu, wow18:31
swubo1AzaTht: 1.44 nothin, I've got a working 5.25" in my machine.18:31
Tuv0kcwillu, how old were they? 16?18:31
AraneidaeWell.  'mkdir /media/dvd0 && ln -s dvd0 /media/dvd' and pointing /dev/scd0 to /media/dvd0 seems to have worked18:31
AzaThtswubo1: I remember those18:31
swubo1Or, at least, I assume it works.  I haven't found a working diskette for it, so it's kind of anyone's guess.18:32
AraneidaeBlast: `eject -d` still reports cdrom18:32
Tuv0kAraneidae, thats what I did18:32
AzaThtmrtimdog: isn't it just plug it in and read /dev/fd0?18:32
Tuv0kAraneidae, thats not unnormal18:32
Araneidaesigh.  Well, I'll live18:32
Tuv0kAraneidae, thats the default device18:33
swubo1AzaTht:  I think he's looking for a way to read an old filesystem, rather than the diskette itself.18:33
mrtimdogAzaTht: Yeah, I can read the raw image, but not mount it.18:33
AzaThtI see18:33
Tuv0kbut with the eject cmd you can specify which drive to eject18:33
AraneidaeI wonder though if file system iso9660 is the right setting for /dev/dvd018:33
AraneidaeWell, I'm good for now18:33
AzaThtmrtimdog: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Disc_Filing_System18:34
mrtimdogAraneidae: Use 'udf,iso9660'18:34
Turski*** PULSEAUDIO: Unable to connect: Connection refused  :/18:34
AraneidaeGood: that's what I'd copied from /dev/cdrom018:34
flo_Arrg. So i installed hardy and i can log in but after that my keaborad doesn't word (left half of the letters word basicly as if they were numpad) but that's it...18:34
flo_Any suggestions ?18:34
tech0007Turski: check if pulseaudio is running...ps aux | grep pulseaudio18:34
AzaThtmrtimdog: http://www.knoppix.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=11725918:35
Turskiturski   16498  0.0  0.0   3012   784 pts/3    S+   20:35   0:00 grep pulseaudio18:35
swubo1flo_:  Did you check that the keyboard is set to the correct layout?18:35
tech0007Turski:  so you have to manually start it...pulseaudio &18:35
mrtimdogAzaTht: Thanks, I've seen that. I've succeeded in reading type L and D, but not types E and E+ and F, which I'm assuming the format is in :(18:35
flo_swubo1: jep even in xorg.conf18:36
Turskitech0007: doesnt that mean that it's running? O_o18:36
AzaThtmrtimdog: send them to norway then if you must have the data, (or have lots of $)18:36
swubo1flo_:  Oh.  Um... dunno then.18:36
Turskiah, it is just grep running? :P18:36
tech0007Turski: uhuh18:36
AzaThtmrtimdog: either that, or seek on a more hardcore place than ubuntu, there's probably more probabillity that someone around at debian can hack a hack18:38
veloxidhi: have hardy and want to start modprobe acpi_cpufreq but it tells me no such device18:38
mrtimdogAzaTht: Thanks, it's not anything urgent, just old memories! I may put some real effort into it at some time, before the disks become so old they're unreadable!18:39
swubo1mrtimdog:  You can read the raw data, right?  Even if you can't mount it, couldn't you copy the data to a more stable medium?18:39
veloxidany one who can help me with that prob?18:39
mrtimdogswubo1: I can and have some of them, but I've a fair few - most I've still to scrape the dust off!18:40
swubo1mrtimdog:  Good, good.  I mean, I'd hate to think of old memories just dying of bitrot like that.18:40
swubo1mrtimdog:  I still remember with utter horror the day I discovered that the diskettes for every single game I had as a child were corrupt.18:41
AzaThtok, this is rather strange, but isn't the screensaver hell going to get fixed to hardy?18:46
swubo1Dark indeed was the afternoon I realized that Mickey Mouse's Space Adventure was gone forever.18:46
AzaThtthere was a thread about it TWO years ago18:46
veloxidanyone who has time and can try to help me?18:47
daekdroomIt'd be easier to just say what you need.18:48
Tuv0k!ask |veloxid18:48
ubotuveloxid: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)18:48
jaffarkelshacwhats your problem, someone might be able to18:48
=== Double_D is now known as Sergeant_Pony
veloxidmy centrino is clocked with 600 mhz all the time allthough i've a centrino-m 2ghz18:48
Tuv0kits called scaling18:49
Tuv0kuse your machine, and see if it spikes to 2g18:49
Tuv0kuse a cpu scaling applet to monitor18:50
veloxidthe scaling isnt working18:50
swubo1veloxid:  So it's just stuck at 600mhz, regardless of how much load you're putting on it?18:50
Tuv0khow have to tested it?18:50
daekdroompowernowd is probally not set to ondemand18:51
veloxidstarted the performance monitor and started a program which is calculating a lot, the cpu load was on nearly 100% for a while18:51
swubo1You sure it didn't scale up to 2ghz while that was happening?18:52
jaffarkelshaci need to convert ogg files, and is there any good video editor?18:52
Tuv0kjaffarkelshac, avidumux18:53
Tuv0kjaffarkelshac, http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/18:53
Tuv0kbest video editor I use18:54
Tuv0kveloxid, http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2005/11/04/enabling-cpu-frequency-scaling/18:55
veloxidif I do: "modprobe speedstep-centrino" it tells me error inserting speedstep_centrino: No such device18:55
mnemomy microphone isn't working... what info should I include in the bug report?18:55
Tuv0knot so sure its a bug18:56
Tuv0kmaybe hardware related18:56
Tuv0kuser related18:56
Tuv0kconfig related18:56
veloxidmhh k18:56
swubo1veloxid:  You could try turning off the SpeedStep option in your BIOS, if your BIOS lets you.18:57
veloxidno it doesnt let me18:58
AzaThtis it to late to exclude gnome-screensaver for hardy?18:59
topyliAzaTht: yes. gnome-screensaver has been default for quite a while and still is19:00
swubo1veloxid:  Synaptic has a package called powersaved, it might help, but I honestly don't know.19:01
veloxidswubo1: just found something on a german side and now will test it19:01
swubo1Good luck.19:01
AzaThttopyli: it's borked beyond hell19:01
topyliAzaTht: quick! still time to fix :)19:01
AzaThtit should have been removed two years ago :(19:01
topyliAzaTht: and you mention it now?19:02
swubo1I wouldn't know, my cat hunts screensavers and I don't want him slashing the LCD.19:02
AzaThttopyli: it has been mentioned many times19:02
topyliAzaTht: yes there's always someone who misses xscreensaver19:02
AzaThttopyli: mostly that you can't make configurations in gnome-screensaver19:03
unicumgot a question here.. i just set up an ubuntu 7.10 which came out of the box with lilo (alternate install). if i update to hardy, will this change it to grub or will it stay lilo?19:03
hischildunicum, probably stay at lilo19:04
unicumhischild: uhm.. since i finally got a "triple boot" working, which is better with lilo than grub.. a probably is not really the answer i'm looking for19:04
topyliAzaTht: you want more control, switch to the UI that provides it19:04
hischildunicum, well it's the best i can give you. And IMO i'd prefer grub for a triple boot19:05
AzaThttopyli: and yea, one major bug: the screensaver "matrix-view" has an "knoppix.ru" image ツ19:05
AzaThttopyli: xscreensaver-demo?19:05
topyliAzaTht: yeah. all you need to do is remove gnome-screensaver and install xscreensaver. it will show up in your menu just like gnome-ss19:06
unicumhischild.. usually grub will write over the mbr, wich is really not good trying to have macosx, winxp and linux on one hd19:06
topyliAzaTht: it's like whining about xchat-gnome when you can easily use whatever you like if you don't like the defaults :)19:07
hischildunicum, it will write over the mbr, but i know for a fact it can boot xp, vista and 2 versions of linux just fine. About mac i'm not sure.19:07
daekdroomWhen will RC be released?19:08
unicumhischild it's certainly right, that grub can do multi-boot, but since i'm using refit (refit.sourceforge.net) for booting and don't want to chainload (lilo is only there to initialize linux) i'm fine with lilo19:09
hischildunicum, i understand and i wish you the best of luck. I'm afraid i can't help out on it.19:09
AzaThttopyli: but isn't it bad if the default settings for an screensaver in gnome-screensaver makes ad for knoppix? ツ19:10
murlidharso when is 8.10 coming out? :)19:10
unicumhischild: plus: like a thousand howto's out there (on triple booting macs) say "don't use grub"19:10
topyliAzaTht: yes. report it as a bug19:10
unicumwell, i'll just try, thx anyway19:10
mnemomurlidhar: 24th+6months19:10
topylimurlidhar: october19:11
daekdroomWhat's 8.10 codename?19:11
topyliitrepid ibex or something :\19:12
swubo1Indignant Ibis?19:12
TurskiIntrepid Ibex i think...19:12
topyliintrepid ibex. https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2008-February/025136.html19:13
murlidharits intrepid ibex19:13
swubo1No accounting for taste, I guess.19:13
jaffarkelshaci just installled avidemux, all the format ogg is not in it19:14
jaffarkelshaci just installled avidemux, all the format ogg is not in it Tuv0k19:14
Tuv0kThoggen creates ogg video19:14
Tuv0kjaffarkelshac, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=32951119:15
Kenshi_Hello guys19:15
Tuv0kuse google like I did19:15
Tuv0k!ask | Kenshi_19:16
ubotuKenshi_: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)19:16
Kenshi_I have a question about ATI drivers on Hardy.19:16
Kenshi_I've installed fglrx by restricted drivers manager19:16
Tuv0k!restricted | Kenshi_19:16
ubotuKenshi_: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats19:16
sweetsinseanyone know why the "open with" applications list does not work for me in XFCE hardy/Gutsy? firefox 319:17
Kenshi_And now, everytime i enable compiz, i get a white screen. When i try to detect the ATI driver, Ubuntu says that i'm using Mesa driver. Already have tried to reinstall, both by restricted drivers manager and Envy NG. None worked. What's happening? (ATI 9600 pro)19:18
Tuv0knope, works fine here19:18
sweetsinseTuv0k are you running xfce or gnome19:19
AzaThttopyli: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screensaver/+bug/2200719:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 22007 in gnome-screensaver "no 'Settings' button in gnome-screensaver" [Wishlist,Confirmed]19:19
sweetsinsedamn why isnt mine w3rking19:19
sweetsinsei cant get firefox to open anything19:20
baffleI have noticed a strange bug on my laptop (IBM T42) Hardy installation. "hald-addon-input" consumes all CPU and makes the system really sluggish until I kill it. Looking at strace outputs, it seems to fail polling one of the /dev/input/event1, wich seems to point to ../../devices/platform/i8042/serio0/input/input1/event1 .. Is this a known bug?19:20
jaffarkelshacwhat app do you guys use for podcasts19:20
DaZKenshi_: can you show me your xorg.conf19:20
Tuv0ksweetsinse, I think I know what you mena, and I think its because FF3 is not finished19:20
Tuv0kthe applications list is empty right?19:21
DaZahh, i thought it's different channel, it's ubuntu fault then \o/19:21
Tuv0ksave the file to the desktop then right click the file to associate it with the apropo app19:21
topyliAzaTht: thanks but i'm more than familiar with this discussion, as well as the one upstream19:22
sweetsinsenot a single thing in there...  but i remeber it working back on beta 1 or 219:22
sweetsinsemy system opens them fine19:23
sweetsinseits just ff319:23
Tuv0kyeah, I thnk its just ff319:23
Tuv0knothing to be alramed by19:23
topyliAzaTht: upstream won't fix this bug because they don't think it is one. your only option is to use xscreensaver, which is easy enough to do19:23
AzaThttopyli: hehe19:23
AzaThttopyli: the xfx thingi then?19:24
sweetsinsebut if it works for you in xfce4 then i am missing something19:24
AzaThtpretty much at the end19:24
topyliAzaTht: whet xfx thing?19:24
Tuv0ksweetsinse, it does not work for me, after understanding your question19:24
topyliwhat even19:24
jaffarkelshacwhat app do you guys use for podcasts19:25
Tuv0kjaffarkelshac, we heard you the first time19:25
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)19:25
Tuv0kwron thing bot19:25
sweetsinseyeah...  it makes you manually find the app for every file, its suppose to pull from /etc/mime.types and ~/.local/share/applications/defaults.list19:25
Tuv0ksweetsinse, your right, it does not, maybe file a bug report?19:26
AzaThttopyli: xfx made a new screensaver setting program19:26
jaffarkelshachow was i suppose to know, and thats not flooding, i am just repeating Tuv0k19:26
Tuv0kI know its not flooding19:26
topyliAzaTht: nice. what's xfx19:26
AzaThttopyli: a dude19:26
Tuv0kbut if you see the text, we do as well19:26
diefordethklokHey, could anyway one tell me if this laptop would work with ubuntu? I have to buy it in the summer, and would like to put my one of my first distributions on it :). Here is a screenshot of the specs: http://i32.tinypic.com/2drx3wp.png19:26
bafflejaffarkelshac: Applications -> Add/Remove -> Search: podcast19:26
topyliAzaTht: so?19:26
topyliAzaTht: if it's good, use it19:27
Tuv0kdiefordethklok, it'd work19:27
AzaThttopyli: havn't tested it19:27
diefordethklokGood to know :) Thank you Tuv0k19:27
Tuv0kmost anything will work19:27
aylluHi, I get this bug whit synce in hardy "Couldn't display "synce:///". Nautilus cannot handle synce: locations." any ideas19:27
jaffarkelshaci only ask coz, banshee and rhythmbox are rubish really19:28
Tuv0kayllu, google that error19:28
AzaThtgonna test it19:28
Tuv0kjaffarkelshac, are you trying to podcast or listen to podcast19:28
diefordethklokWe're being forced to buy the laptop by my high school, and I still can't believe the idiots put norton av on it.19:28
ayllui try it i get no anwser, i found some post, but no solution19:28
Tuv0kjaffarkelshac, miro you could try19:29
jaffarkelshacits a video podcast19:29
swubo1diefordethklok:  Your high school is making you buy a laptop with four gigs of RAM?19:29
topyliAzaTht: okay. looks like he added a properties button19:29
aylluIt seem a problem whit the new version of nautilus that replace genomefvs to gvfs19:29
Tuv0kjaffarkelshac, are you creating a podcast or subscribing to one?19:29
veloxidstill have the problem with the speedstepping19:29
swubo1diefordethklok:  That's [guitar noise] brutal.19:29
ayllubut, i coudent get a solution, i tring to find it for several weeks, but it seem to be a wired problem19:30
diefordethklokswubo, Idk either19:31
topyliayllu: there are protocols still unsupported by gvfs. not much you can do19:32
veloxidTuv0k: u said it is a user or kernel setting error? have you an idea what to do?19:32
topyliayllu: obexfs is supported but doesn't work very well. ftpes:// is not supported. dav:// and davs:// are funky. even ftp:// was added only recently19:33
Tuv0kveloxid, I don't believe my comment was directed to you, I'm sorry19:33
veloxidah ok19:33
veloxidi do not understand the problem cant tart powernowd, cpufreqd or anything else19:35
alastair_Here's an issue. In order to play wow and still be able to change desktop I have to turn all effects off. However, when I turn them all back on again, all my settings have reset.19:38
teamcobrahrm, what's the status of the b43 modules in the latest kernel? it seems 2.6.24-12 is the last version that properly loads them19:39
teamcobrain the later kernels, I can modprobe the b43 driver, and dmesg doesn't give _any_ output19:40
teamcobraok, just making sure I'm not the only one19:40
gunashekari guess we all are stuck with the broadcom mess19:40
diefordethklokI've given up on linux gaming19:41
alastair_I find it better19:41
diefordethklokI just dual boot now19:41
alastair_I can be condescending to fellow gamers19:41
alastair_Since all I play is wow it's no issue ... except I can't change desktop19:42
diefordethklokI play wow, test drive unlimited, portal, tf2, hl2, etc.19:42
nemoalastair_: Spring personally19:42
gunashekarteamcobra: i gave up reinstalling the frimware n stuff19:42
alastair_I'm used to turning compiz off to play wow, but I'm also used to it remembering my settings when I turn it back on again.19:42
giggseyHow can I setup my dual monitors?19:44
giggseyAt the moment, they are mirroring each other (stuck at 800x600), when they should be seperate, one 1600x1200 and the other 1024x76819:44
diefordethklokWhat drivers?19:45
teamcobraguna: it doesn't even seem to be related to the firmware19:45
teamcobrait seems like the module itself19:45
diefordethklokgfx card I mean19:45
cvd-prits there awayn to make ubuntu shutdown after downloads the updates?19:45
giggseydiefordethklok, ati radeon19:46
teamcobracvd-pr: I think there's an option in synaptic for that19:46
teamcobraI could be wrong19:46
alastair_sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo shutdown -h now;19:46
teamcobraalastair: heh, the semicolon saves the day again19:47
giggseyalastair_, but when the sudo session expires because upgrade takes too long?19:47
teamcobrahas saved me a lot of time in the past decade19:47
swubo1Well, at that point, couldn't you use su rather than sudo?19:47
alastair_giggsey: sudo su -19:48
alastair_then the same without the sudos19:48
alastair_actually that's not the preferred invocation any more is it?19:48
Ravenkin Can someone help me?  Installed Hardy, have dual monitors and while updating went to so application that looked like it worked dual monitors, rebooted my computer and now the resoluations are completely messed up and I can't open screen resolution in system.19:49
giggseyRavenkin, sort of the same problem, lol19:50
teamcobragiggsey/ravenkin: using the fglrx drivers?19:50
Ravenkinteamcobra how do I find that out?19:50
jaffarkelshacdoes anyone use vmware19:50
Tuv0kRavenkin, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=471209519:50
DJonesRavenkin: Have you asked in #ubuntu+1, thats the main support channel for Hardy at the minute19:50
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers19:50
giggseyteamcobra, I'm using the ati drivers19:50
swubo1DJones:  This is ubuntu+1, isn't it?19:51
unicumhischild, you still there??19:51
RavenkinDJones we're in #ubuntu+119:51
gunashekarDJones: ????19:51
teamcobraRavenkin, run glxinfo in a terminal19:51
Tuv0k!virtualizers | jaffarkelshac19:51
ubotujaffarkelshac: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications19:51
DJonessorry, too many tabs open19:51
teamcobrait should _not_ say mesa dri19:51
teamcobragiggsey: isn't there an ati control center applet that controls dualhead?19:52
giggseyI dunno19:52
Ravenkinteamcobra ok now what?19:52
jaffarkelshacthanks Tuv0k19:52
giggseyaticonfig - *looks into it*19:52
teamcobraravenkin: it says that you're using ati opengl drivers (or fglrx)19:52
teamcobranop, not aticonfig19:52
teamcobrait might be an extra package in hardy, 1 sec19:52
unicumor anyone here, know a bit about lilo? i just upgraded to hardy, but for some reason i'm still booting into gutsy. should i just "outcomment" the "vmlinuz.old"-part in lilo.conf?19:53
ubotulilo is an alternative [Li]nux Boot[Lo]ader. Note: it is recommended that you use GRUB on Ubuntu instead.19:53
bink486how is the battery life with hardy?19:54
unicumi know about grub, but let's not get into this.. on the setup i'm having here, it's recommended to use lilo over grub19:54
unicumi just wanna know how to get hardy to boot19:54
Tuv0kyou should know how to use your boot loader19:54
Tuv0kman lilo19:54
Tuv0kgoogle lilo19:54
unicumi know how to google too.. i just found it helpful to ask questions directly to people who know..19:55
swubo1That is rather the point of this channel, I daresay.19:55
Gninetechnically speaking that's not a 8.04 system issue19:56
Tuv0kubuntu does not use lilo, is that hard to comprehend?19:56
teamcobragiggsey, ok.... looks like the only way to get the control center is to intall the ati drivers by hand (ati.amd.com)19:56
=== veloxid is now known as veloxid_
=== veloxid_ is now known as veloxid__
orvokkiunicum: Something like #lilo might be a better channel if you have bootloader-spesific questions.19:57
=== veloxid__ is now known as veloxid
ubotuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto19:58
Gnineas you can see ubotu does even have info on lilo19:59
sweetsinseanyone got some ides why the "open with" applications list doesnt work in FF319:59
ubotulilo is an alternative [Li]nux Boot[Lo]ader. Note: it is recommended that you use GRUB on Ubuntu instead.19:59
Tuv0ksweetsinse, we've covered that19:59
Tuv0kits BETA19:59
sweetsinseso what20:00
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots20:00
Tuv0kfile a bug thne20:00
bardyris jeos suppose to install openoffice and gimp?20:00
sweetsinsethere is always a solution i will keep looking20:01
* Tuv0k rolls eyes20:01
gunashekarkeep looking.. there will be a solution one day20:02
GnineJeOS is a specialized installation of Ubuntu Server Edition with a tuned kernel that only contains the base elements needed to run within a virtualized environment.20:02
sweetsinsethe thing is im writing a scrtipt for my company20:02
sweetsinsei am trying to convert the whole office to xfce hady20:02
Tuv0kuh oh20:03
gunashekargood luck sweetsinse20:04
Ubuntu--NewbieHi all I need a little help..20:04
Tuv0kI knew it20:04
Ubuntu--NewbieI installed VirtualBox from the Add/remove20:04
Luckriderso... sometime soon I am my friend is going to have me upgrade his virus infected windows comp to Ubuntu (after a demonstration from mine). I am going to use Hardy, but does nyone have instillation suggestions?20:04
Tuv0k!ask | Ubuntu--Newbie20:04
ubotuUbuntu--Newbie: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)20:04
sweetsinsei have almost everything worked out... evolution works completely with our exchange server.. mail/calanders/GAL20:05
LuckriderI want to just throw the disk in so that his file transfer20:05
Tuv0kLuckrider, folow the prompts20:05
=== mendred__ is now known as mendred
Luckriderjust throw the disk in20:05
Luckriderand let it roll20:05
_Rambaldi_you mean for installing ubuntu Ubuntu--Newbie20:05
Tuv0kyou installed on your machine right?20:05
Luckriderok, that sounds good to me, I installed mine from a fresh HDD20:06
Ubuntu--NewbieI have install virtual box from add/remove.....and I have set it up.....but now when I click start, I am getting the following error:20:06
Ubuntu--NewbieVirtualBox kernel driver not installed. The vboxdrv kernel module was either not loaded or /dev/vboxdrv was not created for some reason. Please install the virtualbox-ose-modules package for your kernel, e.g. virtualbox-ose-modules-generic..20:06
Ubuntu--NewbieVBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED).20:06
Ubuntu--Newbiewhat should i do20:06
ubotuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox20:06
Luckridertry that chan Ubuntu--Newbie20:06
boolkaAre Ubuntu and Xubuntu 100% alike except ubuntu have Gnome and xubuntu have Xfce?20:06
Tuv0kthats why I use the virtualbox package from the site20:06
Ubuntu--Newbieis there any other better VM out there?20:07
Tuv0kit comes with /etc/init.d/vbox20:07
Ubuntu--NewbieI plan to run Windows XP20:07
Tuv0k!virtualization | Ubuntu--Newbie20:07
Ubuntu--Newbieso is virtual box a good option?20:07
ubotuUbuntu--Newbie: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications20:07
Gnine!vbox | this link might help20:08
ubotuthis link might help: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox20:08
binarical-ap1can anyone tell my why webmin isnt working on my sever, it is set up, port 10000 is forwarded20:08
Tuv0kboolka, not really, I don't get caught up in that name garbage. I just use a server install cd, and then apt-get whatever desktop environ you prefer20:08
Tuv0kit maintains continuity20:09
boolkaso they are acutaly different distros?20:09
binarical-ap1im sorry but my server is headless, also forwading x is not an option, since the server is quite slow20:09
Ubuntu--Newbie<Tuv0k> thats why I use the virtualbox package from the site   -- can i do that too? can you tell me from where and how i can install it directly from their site?20:09
Tuv0kUbuntu--Newbie, dude, they have a webpage you know?20:09
Tuv0kUse the gutsy package20:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mockup - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:10
ubotuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.20:10
Tuv0kboolka, check ubuntu's webpage for the detail20:10
ubotuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See the plans for Hardy at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EboxSpec20:10
Tuv0kwow ebox20:10
Tuv0kI still use webmin, ouch20:10
linkinxpguys where i put my fonts?20:11
* Tuv0k removing webmin20:12
Tuv0kbinarical-ap1, thx!20:12
binarical-ap1thanks ubotu20:12
binarical-ap1thou wonderfull bot20:12
Tuv0kI learned something w00t!20:12
jaekanyone else having trouble with mozilla-xine and mozilla-plugin-vlc?20:13
jaeki tried both of those packages, and neither loaded with FF20:13
Tuv0kjaek, don't use those, but mozilla-mplayer won't play so long as mplayer is running20:14
jaekyes i have mozilla-mplayer working (as well as it works anyways)20:14
Tuv0kjaek, they did not work for me either, which is why I use the mplayer plugin20:14
jaekhmm, i wonder if there is an open ticket for them20:14
Tuv0kI have not checked20:15
jaekhmm i wonder if totem-mozilla can play mov files with mp4 video and aac audio (youtube)20:16
blueyedIs /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/ suddenly gone?20:16
swubo1blueyed:  I do not appear to have such a directory.20:17
teamcobrahrm, *goes off to install ebox*20:17
Tuv0kjaek, should be able to20:17
blueyedswubo1: It used to be there for me.. giving a userspace interface to powernow_k8.20:17
swubo1blueyed:  I have no idea whether I ever had that directory or not, but I can definitively say I don't know.20:18
blueyedswubo1: what's in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuidle/current_driver for you?20:19
blueyed(I have acpi_idle there)20:19
swubo1blueyed:  gedit refuses to open it.20:19
blueyedswubo1: try "cat" in a terminal20:20
swubo1blueyed:  acpi_idle, same as you.20:20
blueyedswubo1: what cpu do you have?20:21
swubo1blueyed:  AMD64 X2.20:21
nastasdoes anyone knows how to connect Nokia phone in my pc?20:21
BHSPitMonkeyMy openoffice.org-common and openoffice.org-core packages won't install because they conflict20:21
Tuv0kebox looks cool20:23
Luckriderhey... I want to add a login screen, I have one, but I want to know how to compile it so that it can add it to the Ligin window configuration. help is appreciated20:28
nemoLuckrider: not sure what you mean by that...20:29
LuckriderI went and downloaded a login theme, and I want to add it to login window Preferences20:30
nemoLuckrider: are you trying to add a theme to GDM ?20:30
nemoDo you use Gnome?20:30
Luckrideralthough I do have KDE with y install20:31
nemoLuckrider: why are you not just using the Add button under System->Administration->Login Window ?20:31
LuckriderI do add20:31
nemoaka gdmsetup20:31
Luckriderand it is not seen20:31
blueyedswubo1: bug 20508720:31
Luckrideri think it needs to be compiled20:31
LuckriderI had to compile it when installed it on Fiesty20:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 205087 in linux "cpufreq dirs in /sys don't show up" [Undecided,New]20:32
KilleroidLuckrider: there is a bug with gdmsetup, it will take about 5 minutes after you start it before the gui shws20:32
nemothemes don't require compilation AFAIK20:32
nemoLuckrider: might also want to run gdmsetup from terminal to see if it is complaining quietly I guess.20:32
Luckriderlet me try that20:33
Luckriderthat might help20:33
LuckriderI downloaded a tar.gz file20:33
Luckriderand extracted it20:33
boolkaHow come when I connect my laptop to lcd monitor via VGA cable it works. But when I use a VGA to RCA/svideo converter cable, it dont work? Do i have to modify the x.org file?20:33
ader10I installed windows, put grub back on, but I can't find out how to (automatically?) update the grub list. I tried editing /boot/grub/menu.lst and doing grub-update but it's not working20:34
Luckriderthat is the same manager i have been using nemo20:34
Luckriderit is not working20:34
swubo1blueyed:  Well, there you go.20:35
LuckriderI need the rar file20:35
KilleroidLuckrider: what are you trying to do?20:35
Luckriderthat is what worked20:35
Luckriderinstall a login theme20:35
linkinxpguys how i change the sound at the beginning ???20:35
KilleroidLuckrider: start gdm, selec the local tab, click on add, naviagte to where the log.theme.tar.gz is found and select it20:36
Luckriderthanks nemo20:36
swubo1linkinxp: System>Preferences>Sound>Sounds20:36
Luckriderit is working now killeroid20:36
linkinxpswubo1:  lol thanks too obvious20:36
swubo1linkinxp:  No such thing!  There is merely the sufficiently obvious.20:37
linkinxpso let me get this straight! GDM is the login window! Metacity is the Looking for windows in general? and GTK????20:37
linkinxpswubo1:  true20:37
ubotuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression20:38
nemolinkinxp: GTK is equiv of windows MFC.20:38
nemois what draws the widgets and does messaging and whatnot20:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mfc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:38
linkinxpnemo:  humm20:38
ader10Is there a way to automatically update the grub menu? I installed windows and overwrote the mbr with grub but am not sure how to easily get windows on the list20:38
daekdroomExplorer = metacity20:39
linkinxpi see20:39
nemolinkinxp: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GTK+20:39
nemodaekdroom: wellll20:39
nemodaekdroom: doesnt Explorer = Nautilus ? :)20:39
nemoright. windows combines the two20:39
daekdroomnemo: No. That's windows explorer20:39
linkinxpnemo:  yes i read that but i prefer someone to answer me :D20:40
ader10Is there a way to automatically update the grub menu? I installed windows and overwrote the mbr with grub but am not sure how to easily get windows on the list20:40
nemodaekdroom: if I kill explorer.exe - I lose my WM20:40
daekdroomnemo: that's why Explorer = metacity20:40
nemodaekdroom: if I run explorer.exe inside my WM under windows it opens the equiv of what I'd get if I run nautilus under windows20:40
nemodaekdroom: thus my confusion20:40
linkinxpader10:  dunno20:40
nemos/nautilus under windows/nautilus under metacity/20:40
daekdroomexplorer runs both windows explorer and the workspace20:41
_Rambaldi_!grub | ader1020:41
nemodaekdroom: ok. sooo. wasn't that what I said? :)20:41
ubotuader10: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto20:41
nemo15:39 < nemo> right. windows combines the two20:41
daekdroomnemo: I didn't get it that way20:41
nemoanyway :)20:41
linkinxpso what's emerald?20:42
nemofunny how the GTK+ logo calls to mind the windows logo20:42
daekdroomemerald is like GNOME, but it's meant to run under compiz.20:42
swubo1Emerald is like Metacity, not like GNOME.20:42
linkinxpmmm i have to install it to use any of the themes?20:42
nemoemerald is like gtk-window-decorator  :)20:42
linkinxpex. http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Mint+Kore+for+Emerald?content=7843020:42
ader10_Rambaldi_: It does not explain well what to do to get windows on the list. All I have to do is save the menu.lst?20:43
binarical-ap1ebox is sweet20:43
ubotuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See the plans for Hardy at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EboxSpec20:44
binarical-ap1hmmmm ummm where can i find its bugs20:44
_Rambaldi_i see ader10. so you cant boot into windows at all ader1020:44
swubo1ader10:  You have to edit menu.lst so that the Windows entry is listed.20:45
Lamegoader10, yes you just need to add the windows entry following the example20:45
_Rambaldi_there is a windows entry in the menu.lst anyway ader1020:45
swubo1ader10: I'd recommend putting it before the automagic section; that way even if you update Ubuntu and menu.lst gets automatically updated, Windows won't get overwritten or removed.20:45
ader10Thank you _Rambaldi_, swubo1, and Lamego20:46
swubo1ader10:  Then, in menu.lst, set your default entry to either 0 or 1, depending on whether you want Ubuntu or Windows to default.20:46
binarical-appcan i get ebox to run similarly to my terminal?20:46
cyraxAt boot time I get: "Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000001 RIP:"... Also, maybe because of this, HAL doesn't work (No apparent error)...20:47
cyraxOh, the boot time problem seems to be: [<ffffffff88affac4>] :snd_pcm:snd_pcm_info+0x44/0x11020:48
cyraxAny idea why..?20:49
linkinxpi found this tools Art Manager awesome tool :P20:49
yaccJust wondering, what is the recommended tool for establishing an Internet connection via UMTS/GPRS?20:51
phaidroswhere do I find out with which flags a binary got compiled? (eg. if elinks knows javascript)20:53
phaidrosyacc: wvdial20:53
phaidros(at least I used it)20:53
phaidrosthe gnome-frontend is worth a try, but I had to fiddle alot. so I just have chosen wvdial20:54
nemophaidros: like vi I believe elinks dumps that20:55
nemophaidros: elinks --version20:55
yaccphaidros: yeah, but I somehow have hopped for a more enduser oriented one. (I've got a working wvdial.conf from my old Debian install, covering my 3x3 matrix of situations (3 devices 3 networks *g*).20:55
phaidrosnemo: the actual 0.11.3 in hardy seems not to support it ..20:55
phaidrosnemo: how is that related to vi ?20:56
swubo1phaidros:  I believe he was saying that in vi, as well, --version will result in dumps of the compiling flags.20:57
phaidrosso, where do I get an javascript enabled elinks?20:58
phaidrosthere was something with apt-get source $foo && dpkg-something ..20:58
nemophaidros: http://elinks.or.cz/documentation/html/manual.html-chunked/ch01s06.html21:03
_Rambaldi_how do i xtract a bunch of tar.gz files, i know how to for single files, my question is how to for all the files21:06
phaidrosthanks nemo21:06
phaidrostar xfvz *.gz ?21:06
Tuv0kman tar?21:06
Tuv0kguess man is outdated?21:07
orvokkiMight want to have rather *.tar.gz to make sure you don't try to unarchive a file that's only gzipped.21:07
_Rambaldi_i get, tar:Error exit delayed from previous erros21:07
Tuv0kman does come with ubunut right?21:08
Tuv0klol "ubunut"21:08
swubo1Tuv0k:  Yes, but not everyone necessarily knows that.21:08
Tuv0kswubo1, do they care?21:08
phaidroswhat the heck is documentation? pffff ...21:08
swubo1Tuv0k:  Not until it matters, generally.  Then they ask.21:08
Tuv0kubuntu is one of the most heavily documented distros21:09
swubo1Well, if you really want to be snarky about it, why not suggest that they type 'man man'?21:09
Tuv0kgoogle searches for generic linux stuff usually reveals ubuntu related post at the top21:09
_Rambaldi_is there a command to extract by wildcards?21:10
almostdvsdoes anyone here know how to clean out all the entries that keep building up in the grub?21:10
swubo1almostdvs:  If you open menu.lst, you can set the number of entries that will be listed.21:10
Tuv0kthere is qgrubmenu21:10
cyclonutanyone got a good eye for UI here?21:11
swubo1almostdvs:  It's set be default to include every kernel you have, but you can insert an integer to include only the most recent few.21:11
nemoTuv0k: gman + ghostview :)21:11
Tuv0kgoogle has moset manpages21:11
nemoTuv0k: which works like crap for actually using - but is pretty handy for printing21:12
almostdvsswubo1: will it rename my other partition21:12
swubo1almostdvs:  Pardon?  No, I don't see why it would.21:12
almostdvsit used to be /media/disk/...  now it's up to /media/disk-9/...21:13
Tuv0kthose are usbstick mount points21:13
nemoTuv0k: if you want a web version, gman supports browsing too21:13
Tuv0kyou have disk-9 because you are not cleanly unmounting your removable drives21:13
nemoTuv0k: you need to apt-get install man2html21:13
Tuv0knemo, I know;)21:13
swubo1almostdvs:  The option I'm referring to begins with "## controls how many kernels should be put into the menu.lst"  if you change it from 'all' to a reasonable number, it will reduce the number of entries grub generates automagically.  Partition names won't get invovled.21:14
Tuv0kswubo1, looks like he is using removable drives?21:15
almostdvsok,  so i guess what i'm asking is how i get rid of the older kernels altogether then21:15
Tuv0kalmostdvs, carefully21:15
Tuv0kremove them from synaptic, or you will have issues later with residuals21:15
Tuv0kbeen there, done that21:16
swubo1almostdvs:  If you follow my suggestion, your older kernels won't appear in grub.  They'll still exist, but they won't clutter grub after it automagically generates.21:16
RagnarelI just erased old kernel and cleaned menu.lst21:16
Tuv0kthen once they are removed from synaptic, you can remove then traditionally physically21:16
Ragnarelis not problem with that, true?21:16
swubo1Nope, I don't imagine much of a problem with it.21:16
Tuv0kRagnarel, does synaptic still show residual kernel configs?21:17
Tuv0kswubo1, there is21:17
Tuv0kresidual configs21:17
RagnarelTuv0k, no21:17
swubo1That's a valid point.21:17
Tuv0kthey will still be in synaptic, and if you go to purge it will not, because the directories will not be found, because of the manual rm21:17
RagnarelI erased it manually because I don't found it on dpkg/apt21:17
swubo1So, again, just seems easier to me to adjust the settings on automagic configuration of menu.lst and then run sudo update-grub.21:18
Tuv0kRagnarel, your cool then21:18
swubo1No risk, but no clutter either.21:18
swubo1Besides, maybe those ancient kernels will come in handy some day.21:18
almostdvsso... i go to synaptic search for (???) and remove them and then i go to (???) and remove them there also  and then i go to menu.lst and clean that up?21:19
swubo1For what, I don't know, but it's not like they're hogging a huge amount of HDD space.21:19
nemoI'm wishing I'd kept some of 'em around after wireless stopped working.21:19
swubo1almostdvs:  If you remove the kernels and the configurations, you shouldn't have to clean menu.lst manually, sudo update-grub will just regenerate it.21:19
swubo1And if you remove the kernels but not the configurations, then clean up menu.lst manually, they'll all reappear there next time Ubuntu updates your kernel.21:20
almostdvsok,  can you fill in my question marks then21:20
swubo1almostdvs:  ...you sure you don't want to try editing menu.lst first?  Do you have a dual boot system, or just Ubuntu?21:21
almostdvsdual boot  and my music, pictures such are on windows, so exaile and other libraries don't know where there files are21:23
swubo1almostdvs:  Do you have Windows in menu.lst as a static option, outside the automagic area?21:23
swubo1almostdvs:  If you don't, move it there.  Then, find "# howmany=all" --make sure you're looking at the real one with the single pound sign, and not the example with two.  Change all to a reasonable number, like 1, 2, or 3.21:26
swubo1almostdvs:  Save menu.lst, then run sudo update-grub.21:27
swubo1almostdvs:  After you've done that, your menu.lst should (even after a kernel update) always show the number of different kernels you've indicated, plus Windows.21:28
Exilantremove the kernels if the current one works fine, a kernel is ~ 120 Megs21:28
Exilantsearch for linux-image and remove the old ones21:29
swubo1Or do it that way.21:29
Exilantit will arn you if you try to remove the current one, so it's rather safe21:29
almostdvsswubo1: i'm not sure what you mean by moving windows outside the automagic area21:30
swubo1almostdvs:  Read menu.lst.  You'll see a line that reads, "### BEGIN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST"21:30
swubo1almostdvs:  Put the boot stanza for your Windows install just above that line.  Then, whenever grub updates itself, Windows will always be left alone, and remain first on the list.21:31
swubo1almostdvs:  At the end of the file, there's a line that reads, "### END DEBIAN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST"  You could also put Windows after that.21:32
Exilanti think in conjunction with savedefault it's better to put it before the automagic list21:33
norman72hi there21:33
Fritzelwhat is the kernel source package called so I can install it, and where does it put it?21:33
swubo1almostdvs:  Sorry, didn't notice your pastebin.  Windows is already outside the automagic area on your menu.lst.21:34
almostdvsi have no idea...21:34
=== bobbo_ is now known as bobbo
almostdvsi can edit how many can somebody clean up whatever it is i'm trying to get?21:35
swubo1almostdvs: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63221/21:36
swubo1almostdvs:  Look at line 113, that's the only change I made to your menu.lst.21:36
swubo1I changed 'all' to '1'.  Try making that change to your menu.lst, saving it, and then running sudo update-grub.21:37
almostdvsok, but this will still keep renaming my windows partition correct?21:37
swubo1It won't affect your Windows entries.21:37
swubo1But, it never hurts to back up your menu.lst before you do this.  Worst comes to worst, you can always go back.21:38
norman72i have a problem with ubuntu 8.04 and flash9/firefox - i have no sound. wiki.ubuntuusers.de doesn't support hardy at this time21:38
almostdvsno, it already affects my windows entries "it used to be /media/disk/... now it's up to /media/disk-9/...21:39
norman72is there another website where i can find informations for solving this problem?21:39
swubo1almostdvs:  The end result of this, however, should be that when you into grub, it will list only the current kernel, the recovery mode, memtest86+, XP, and NT.21:39
Tuv0kebox aint webmin21:39
almostdvsyes, i get that21:39
swubo1almostdvs:  That's not a grub issue.21:39
almostdvsthat's why i changed my question earlier21:40
almostdvsi want to get rid of the older kernels21:40
swubo1almostdvs:  Getting rid of older kernels won't help you with the disk-1 through disk-9 problem.21:40
Tuv0kI said so earlier21:41
Kill_Xanyone able to confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-volume-manager/+bug/217412 ?21:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217412 in gnome-volume-manager "mountpoints of removable drives or CDs/DVDs are not removed when media has been ejected" [Undecided,New]21:43
Kill_Xmy /media folder is like crowded :D21:44
Tuv0kthe media has to be lceanly unmounted21:45
almostdvsso... i'm not sure what it is i want to do...21:45
swubo1Well, one could always unmount the Windows drives, and then remove all the relevant mount points.21:46
Kill_Xthat's not an option21:46
swubo1How not, Kill_X?21:46
Kill_Xthis should be done automatically, in my opinion21:47
swubo1Kill_X:  True, but isn't.21:47
Kill_Xso it's clearly a bug, isn't it? :)21:47
swubo1It.  It isn't.  Damned subjectless sentences.21:47
swubo1Kill_X:  Quite clearly.21:47
Tuv0kebox is terrible21:48
swubo1Kill_X:  Nevertheless, if one is burdened with an over-adundance of redundant mount points, one must clean it up somehow, regardless of whether one ought to have to or not.21:48
* Tuv0k apt-get purge ebox21:48
binarical-apphow can i fix this : Errors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/gconf2_1%3a2.8.1-1warp_i386.debE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)21:48
Kill_Xswubo1, agreed :)21:49
Tuv0kjust rm the  dir21:49
swubo1Tuv0k:  Yep.  Works like a charm.21:50
DevonSixhi everyone21:50
Kill_Xfor sure21:50
DevonSixi have a problem with my hardy :/21:50
DevonSixanything connected to it with USB isnt working21:50
Kill_Xbut doing that everytime you unmount a non-static volume tends to get really annoying =)21:50
Tuv0k!ask | DevonSix21:50
ubotuDevonSix: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)21:50
swubo1Kill_X:  I just had to do it on a *static* volume, which is a little ridiculous.21:51
DevonSixubotu: no prob :)21:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about no prob :) - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:51
Kill_Xswubo1, how come?21:51
boritekhello i empty list in jockey-gtk21:51
swubo1Kill_X:  The electrics in my house are unfit to run lightbulbs, let alone PC's.21:52
boriteki have*21:52
Kill_Xswubo1, lol21:52
swubo1Kill_X:  So I'd imagine my NTFS partition wasn't cleanly unmounted the last time one of my housemates tried to microwave something.21:52
boritekso i dont have 3d at all21:52
Fritzelwould this be the installed source directory? I wasn't expecting to see "headers" in the directory, but I'm not seeing anything else that looks right/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.24-16-generic/21:52
Kill_Xswubo1, maybe you'd like to add this to the bugreport, too21:53
swubo1What's the bugreport number?21:53
binarical-appis ebox faulty to hardy?21:53
BlakeSmithAnyone else having trouble changing desktop icons?21:53
BlakeSmithI get no output when running gnome-appearance-properties and changing the settings, either21:55
Kill_XBlakeSmith, no, works quite cleanly, here21:55
BlakeSmithAlso, there are no icons in my menu.21:55
swatTXEverytime there is an update for hardy I always get this 'partial update' prompt that never does any updates. Ideas?21:55
BlakeSmithHmm, maybe I'll try deleting some settings files and giving it another shot.21:56
Tuv0kbinarical-app, ebox is just slow and not as full featured as webmin21:56
topyliswatTX: yes. run synaptic instead, you'll note that it removes some packages21:56
Kill_XBlakeSmith, I was about to suggest that :)21:56
Tuv0kbinarical-app, don't know why I listened to uninstalling webmin, it works just fine under ubuntu21:56
BlakeSmithIt started a week or so, but I figured I'd let some updates come in and see if that fixed it, no dice.21:57
Kill_XswatTX, what happens if you run 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' within a terminal window?21:57
Tuv0kyou get upgraded21:57
Tuv0kwhat else?21:57
Tuv0kman apt21:57
Kill_XTuv0k, obviouslyhe has some problems21:58
BlakeSmithWhat self-respecting Vulcan would be so brash?21:58
Tuv0kone who came in on the tail end of a question apparently21:58
swatTXKill_X, i'll try that and let you know.21:58
Tuv0kmy apologies21:58
swatTXtopyli, Synaptic isn't coming up. I don't see it in the system monitor either.21:59
Tuv0ksomething is weird with xmms2d lately22:00
ubotuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages22:00
Tuv0kheavy cpu usage22:00
topyliswatTX: strange22:00
Tuv0kit does not die, just stops playing and overloads22:00
swatTXtopyli, I've tried it a few times too... System->Admin-> Syanptic... just doesn't start to run22:01
nemoTuv0k: audacious :-p22:01
Tuv0kI have it22:02
swatTXKill_X, hmmm, when i run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade terminal returns -> sudo: unable to resolve host22:02
Tuv0kits not the same as having a media daemon running22:02
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy22:02
Tuv0kand I don't like the audacious team22:02
swubo1Kill_X:  Commented on the bugreport.22:03
Kill_XswatTX, what did you do exactly?22:03
swubo1Interestingly, I notice that my problem is slightly different from the original posters, but I'm running Ubuntu on different architecture.22:04
Kill_XI'm the original poster ;)22:04
Kill_Xinteresting, that you don't experience that one with optical discs22:05
Kill_Xso far I got different mount points for the hardy install cd22:05
zero__hey, how do i upgrade from 7.10 stable to 8.04 beta?22:05
swubo1Kill_X:  I also got disk, disk-1, and disk-2 for the NTFS partition.22:06
swubo1Instead of disk, _disk, and __disk.22:06
Kill_Xzero__, if you have 10 days left, wait until you get notified about a distribution upgrade viathe update manager22:06
swatTXKill_X, i opened up a term window and typed what you suggested. that was the response i got.22:06
topyliswatTX: what does it say when you run it from the terminal? gksudo synaptic22:07
zero__Kill_X why should i have to wait?22:07
jaffarkelshaccan someone help in installing themes, there is no read me in the downloads22:08
swubo1zero__: I think he probably means that it may not be worth exposing yourself to unfixed bugs and other potential problems to save ten days of waiting.22:08
Luckriderwhat type of theme?22:08
Kill_Xzero__, 8.04 s still in development stage, upgrading on a production machine is not recommended. If you want to help testing 8.04 you can edit your /etc/apt/sources.list file to access Hardy repositories instead of Gutsy22:09
zero__is that the only way to get it as of now?22:09
jaffarkelshacgnome-look.org but i am uncertain how to install the gdm themes Luckrider22:09
Luckriderum... the login window?22:10
Kill_Xanother way would be to download a 8.04 cd, burn and insert it22:10
Luckriderif it is the login window, just click add, the find the tar.gz file through browse22:10
Kill_Xit should be automatically recognized as an upgrade disc22:10
T1m0thyEh, what's the link to the ftp of the Hardy packages?22:11
jaffarkelshacoh so no need to extract it, cheers Luckrider22:11
LuckriderJaffarkelshac, when you do that, it will22:11
LuckriderI did the same thing22:12
Luckrideri extracted22:12
Luckriderbut it is unnecesarry22:12
Kill_Xswubo1, very interesting, perhaps this one is an upstream bug22:12
swatTXtopyli, i think i've got some network problem. i keep getting unable to resolve host *****22:12
swubo1Kill_X:  Quite possibly.  Does Hardy use a different version of gnome-volume-manager than Gutsy did?22:13
Kill_XI think so, since hardy introduces a whole new gnome release22:14
Kill_Xdunno, which one is used @ gutsy, hardy uses 2.2222:14
neggeI'm getting really really pissed right now...22:15
orvokkiKill_X: Which package?22:15
neggei used aticonfig to enable tv-out to watch a movie22:15
neggeeverything worked fine22:15
swubo1Kill_X:  I can't see a stable release of GNOME going out with a bug like this, though.22:15
neggebut after I rebooted I can't use a resolution higher than 1024x76822:15
neggeand there seems to be absolutely no way to revert back to my old settings22:15
Kill_Xswubo1, there's a first time for everything ;)22:15
neggethis new Xorg version is killing me...22:16
swubo1orvokki: gnome-volume-manager22:16
orvokki!info gnome-volume-manager gutsy22:16
ubotugnome-volume-manager (source: gnome-volume-manager): GNOME daemon to auto-mount and manage media devices. In component main, is optional. Version 2.17.0-2ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 163 kB, installed size 2956 kB22:16
neggemy question is: how do i get my old xorg settings back when not even restoring a working copy of xorg.conf works22:16
Kill_Xorvokki, excuse me, which package of what?22:16
teamcobranegge: it sounds like the fglrx drivers aren't installed for the kernel version you're running22:16
teamcobraand not an xorg issue22:16
neggeteamcobra okay22:16
orvokkiKill_X: You need a package name to ask ubotu which version it was. ;>22:16
neggei have used the fglrx drivers all the time22:17
neggeit works perfectly except for when i try tv-out, after that I'm screwed22:17
T1m0thyWhat's the link to the ftp of the Hardy packages?22:17
neggehappened once before and i had to reinstall ubuntu completely22:17
teamcobranegge: heh, they're not the best drivers22:17
neggeteamcobra but they worked fine in 7.1022:17
teamcobrabut they're the only game in town for 3d right now22:17
Kill_Xorvokki, gnome-volume-manager, as swubo1 already told :)22:17
orvokkiKill_X: Also I already asked ubotu as you can see above.22:18
teamcobranegge: maybe it's an issue w/ the kernel ver and the version of fglrx packaged..... see if the one on ati.amd.com is newer, it may have fixed that issue if so22:18
neggei tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg but that wasn't very helpful22:18
Kill_Xsry :D22:18
neggeteamcobra I'll try that22:18
teamcobraI had to manually install fglrx on a server I build, as the chipset was too new22:18
boritekHello, after updgrading, I've got an empty jockey-gtk list and so there is no 3d. No fglrx, no oss ati driver.  I tried hardy live CD as well, oss driver works there but no fglrx in jockey either, its empty.22:19
Steven1Hey people. Anyone know how to get my ATI x850 card and monitor working? Since upgrading to Hardy. The restricted drivers no longer work.22:19
neggeteamcobra I'm downloading the newest drivers right now22:19
neggewhat do I do when the download has finished?22:19
trappistI'm running do-release-upgrade -d from dapper and it aborts without any useful info that I can see.  Calculating the changes, then Restoring original system state, then Aborting22:19
trappistanyone seen this?22:20
Kill_Xswubo1, could you add the info about the different naming system to bug #217412, too? Would be great22:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217412 in gnome-volume-manager "mountpoints of removable drives or CDs/DVDs are not removed when media has been ejected" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21741222:20
teamcobrauhm, I believe you have to chmod +x ati*.run ; sudo ./ati*.run22:20
neggei'll try that22:20
Steven1What latest drivers are you talking about?22:20
Steven1Maybe those would work for me.22:20
teamcobraSteven: fglrx22:20
teamcobrapossibly ;)22:20
Steven1I have fglrx. It doesn't work.22:21
teamcobrasteven1: the package might be slightly outdated22:21
BlakeSmithfglrx works perfectly here, x1050 AGP22:21
Steven1I think I set it up right too. I got the control for it as well.22:21
teamcobraBlakeSmith, it works in most cases22:21
swubo1Kill_X: Will do.22:21
Steven1teamcobra: Walk me through it then. Where do I get it from?22:21
Kill_Xswubo1, thank you :)22:21
teamcobrabut I had to manually install for a 780g (radeon hd 3200 igp)22:21
swubo1Kill_X:  Only catch is, I already ditched the extras, so I'll have to remember the syntax it used from memory.22:22
swubo1Kill_X:  Since I'm not about to go yanking cables out of my computer to reproduce it.22:22
Steven1Where do I get the newest fglxs or whatever it's called?22:22
teamcobraSteven1: go to ati.amd.com , download the proper version for your machine, after it's done, in a terminal: chmod +x ati*.run ; sudo ./ati*.run22:22
neggeteamcobra I'm rebooting now, I'll be back in a couple of minutes22:22
Kill_Xswubo1, just be sure to dump that one, too ^^22:22
teamcobrathe chmod is making the installer executable, and I believe it has to be run as root22:22
teamcobraok negge22:23
Steven1Ok I'll give it a try. I can't open the file from ati.22:23
boritekteamcobra: i have also this ati issue, but as for me i dont even have the os ati driver working22:23
teamcobraSteven: the terminal command is how you "open" it22:23
boritekabsolutely no 3d22:23
Steven1Ah ok. Thanks then.22:23
Kill_Xswubo1,  I think with the test cases given, everyone should be able to reproduce and see for himself22:23
teamcobrait's a binary installer, but in linux you have to make the file executable (security measure)22:23
teamcobraboritek: follow those directions, as you're not using the closed source ( :(  ) 3d ati driver22:24
* DanaG wonders... how well does HD2600 work, and how well would a 3650 work?22:24
teamcobrathe open driver doesn't support 3d yet22:24
teamcobradanag: I dunno, the 3200hd is pretty wicked22:25
neggeteamcobra didn't work, I still can't change my res22:25
boritekteamcobra, i worked in gutsy22:25
teamcobranegge: and in xorg.conf , under driver, it's marked "fglrx" ?22:25
boritekat least somehow, compiz worked e.g.22:25
DanaGWhat kind of power saving settings does it have?22:25
teamcobraboritek: hrm, might be an old radeon card then22:25
neggeteamcobra yes22:26
DanaGI'd love to be able to put the GPU in slow-but-not-off mode when on battery, and still run compiz.22:26
boritekno, ATI Radeon9600 SE22:26
teamcobradanag: not too sure, all of the standard amd stuf (coolnquiet, etc)22:26
swubo1Kill_X:  If they really want to uncleanly unmount their NTFS partitions, more power to them.22:26
DanaGOn my GeForce Go 7600, there's no choice of power modes when on battery.22:26
swatTXok home come i can't gksudo into anything?22:26
neggeI'm seriously thinking of converting back to 7.10 simply because restoring xorg.conf worked back there22:26
teamcobraDanaG: it'll do that in vista in crossfire mode, still no crossfire support in fglrx22:26
DanaGI'd be going single-card, mobile.22:27
teamcobranegge: sudo modprobe fglrx22:27
teamcobraand see if any errors pop up22:27
boritekteamcobra, but i would like to use the closed driver22:27
neggeteamcobra no errors22:27
neggenothing at all22:27
teamcobraDanaG: 780g mobile chipsets are on their way..... wicked chipset22:27
boritekbut i am just saying that the os driver don work either, only the mesa thing22:27
teamcobranegge, now restart x (crtl+alt+bkspc)22:28
DanaGI'll be buying at the end of June, and no later than the middle of July.22:28
teamcobraboritek: if your card is supported, use the drivers from ati.amd.com (look above)22:28
teamcobraDanaG: heh, it plays crysis + stranglehole22:28
teamcobrastranglehold, even ;p ;p22:28
DanaGMy current candidate for laptops: HP 8510p / 8510w (depending on whether I want 1920x1200 on 15").22:28
DanaGOooh, accelerometer!22:29
neggeteamcobra no change22:29
Kill_Xswubo1, well I cannot test that one with NTFS partitions, since they're mounted on startup via fstab ;)22:29
boritekteamcobra, my linux kernel: 2.6.24-16.30, my fglrx: 1:7.1.0-8-3+  Do they match??22:29
DanaGOne thing I hate about ntfs-3g: no automatic fallback to RO.22:29
DanaGIt's all or nothing.22:29
teamcobrahrm, run dmesg22:29
DanaGOh, and it loves load-cycling my external hard drive.22:29
neggeteamcobra any more ideas?22:29
teamcobraboritek: I can't say for sure, I have nvidia in my laptops (for good reason)22:29
DanaGEvery five seconds... ssshCLICK!22:30
teamcobradmesg should tell you if fglrx fails22:30
Steven1teamcobra: I downloaded the 64-bit version since I didn't know what version to get. But it says I have 32-bit. Will it still work?22:30
boritekteamcobra, by what filter?22:30
boritek|grep ati?22:30
teamcobrasteven: do a "uname -a"  in a terminal22:30
penhow to use µswsusp 0.8?22:30
veloxidstill someone here, who helped me with my speedstepping problem?22:30
teamcobraand if it's 32 bit, you must use 32bit driver, if 64bit, you must use 64bit22:30
Kill_XDanaG, really? ntfs-3g refuses to mount my ntfs disks at all, when they have been not cleanly unmounted22:31
Steven1teamcobra: i68622:31
teamcobraboritek: I really have no clue22:31
teamcobrasteven: 32bit22:31
Kill_Xuncleanly with windows, that is22:31
Steven1Ok thanks.22:31
Fritzelcould someone take a look at this and tell me why this is crapping out, I just got the source no more than 20 minutes ago http://pastebin.com/d565b705322:31
Kill_Xnever tried what happens when ntfs-3g itself does not cleanly unmount22:31
teamcobraboritek: the binary driver from ati should work (unless they screwed the pooch, has happened before)22:32
LamegoFritzel, because you need the curses dev lib22:32
DanaGThat's what I meant -- dirty FS == no mount at all.22:32
Fritzelhmm odd, but alright thank you22:32
DanaGIt should be: dirty FS == mount RO (with old driver!)22:32
teamcobraI have to say, got ebox up on my server, and it's baller-tastic22:32
Agrajag-g'day, hardy is locking up on me. when it happens, I cannot move the mouse cursor, keyboard leds do not change, but i can ssh from another machine. i see this in /var/log/messages: "Apr 15 07:21:57 wbsdev5 kernel: [56219.619224] metacity[7657]: segfault at 00000001 eip b7955e60 esp bfcb5200 error 4"22:32
Kill_XDanaG, I see.22:32
swubo1Kill_X:  I don't know.  I do know that if Windows doesn't cleanly unmount my NTFS partition, Ubuntu refuses to mount it until I've corrected that.22:33
Kill_XDanaG, right, that would be an option22:33
LamegoFritzel, if you are building a kernel from source, you should be able to identify a missing library :)22:33
trappistdo-release-upgrade -d is telling me no valid mirror found, but I have no indication which line in my sources.list is at fault.  any ideas?22:33
Lamego!hardy | Agrajag-22:33
ubotuAgrajag-: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu22:33
Lamegowrong channel :P22:34
FritzelLamego: I gotta learn sometime, and I am simply trying to enable mounting of my ipod, beyond that I probably won't do this again except just to recompile every so often22:34
Fritzelfor updates22:34
Agrajag-Lamego: i thought i was discussing it in #ubuntu+122:34
Agrajag-oh right ok22:34
neggeteamcobra do you have any more clues on how I could solve this?22:34
Agrajag-anyway yeah, i guess i'll file a bug22:34
neggeI also tried disabling the ATI drivers but then nothing works22:35
FritzelLamego: but coming out of this I still don't know how you knew that was curses dev22:35
neggemy monitor just blinks and the colors are all screwed up22:35
LamegoAgrajag-, sorry, I was confused :P22:35
teamcobranegge: hmm, got an older, yet-still 2.6.24 kernel?22:35
teamcobratry it22:35
neggeteamcobra nope22:35
FritzelLamego: which means I'll probably ask again next time too22:35
LamegoFritzel, "curses.h: No such file or directory"22:35
neggeI'll never use tv-out again...22:35
teamcobranegge..... is fglrx loaded?22:36
veloxidhave a problem with the speedstepping of my centrino-m 2ghz prozessor, it is always steped on 600mhz, althought the cpu-load is 100%22:36
FritzelLamego: doh! I swear that wasn't there when I first tried it lol someone shimmied it in there after the fact22:36
neggeteamcobra what should I look for in the output (from glxinfo)?22:37
teamcobraati (Not mesa) in vendor line22:37
Fritzelahh good news I don't even need to recompile, the options are set already ^^22:38
neggewhich one? there's a "client glx vendor string" and one "opengl vendor string"22:38
neggethe first on says SGI and the other says ati technologies22:38
teamcobrahrm, try to run sudo aticonfig --initial again22:39
teamcobrait sounds like it's running though22:39
neggeteamcobra aticonfig --initial told me there's nothing to do, i ran --initial -f and it said it found an uninitialized file22:40
neggei'll try restarting x now22:40
Steven1teamcobra: Installed the ati driver like you said. Then I restarted and it still says I'm running in 'low graphics mode'. What do I do now?22:40
Fritzelwhere are the usb devices located as if I wanted to mount an external hard drive? /dev/?22:40
teamcobraok, in a terminal, run "sudo aticonfig --initial -f"22:41
neggeteamcobra still no change...22:41
neggei ran that command22:41
teamcobranegge: does opengl work at all?22:41
neggeteamcobra how do I check that?22:41
teamcobrasteven: you might have to hit control-alt-backspace to restart22:41
teamcobranegge: I dunno, try something like glxgears and  see if it's ssslllooooww or not22:42
teamcobrasteven: any luck?22:42
Steven1teamcobra: Ok back. I ran aticonfi --initial -f. And then  restarted x. But no change.22:43
JoshOvkihey, im having a problem with hardy (kernal 2.6.24-16-generic) and madwifi, since i did the update to 2.6.24-16 mad wifi has stopped working. any one got any ideas on how to fix this?22:43
neggeteamcobra okay so how do I test if opengl works (I ran glxgears and after pressing esc everything froze so I had to log out, don't know if you replied or not)22:43
teamcobraok, both of you guys..... in a terminal, "sudo apt-get install build-essential"22:43
teamcobranegge: heh, so glxgears crashed, not a good sign ;p22:44
neggeteamcobra i'll try it again22:44
teamcobraanyway... next, reinstall the ati drivers again22:44
Steven1teamcobra: build-essential is already the newest version.22:44
teamcobrasteven: ok.... hrmmm22:44
Steven1teamcobra: It does say this though. "The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:22:45
Steven1  libmp4v2-0"22:45
teamcobradon't worry about that22:45
Steven1So reinstall the drivers? I was supposed to select the fxgls driver setup when I restarted right?22:46
teamcobraI'm at a loss.... the kernel headers are installed for both of you, right?22:46
Steven1teamcobra: headers? Which ones do I need?22:46
teamcobrait sounds like the modules didn't build properly22:46
teamcobrasteven: the ones that match the kernel you run22:46
Steven1Oh from ati? I installed the one that didn't say 64-bit on it.22:47
neggeteamcobra it crashed again22:47
neggewhat's your advice?22:47
Steven1teamcobra: Ok I'm reinstalling it again. What do I do on system restart?22:50
teamcobranegge: make sure your linux kernel headers are installed22:50
teamcobrasteven: are your kernel headers installed?22:51
Steven1I don't know what kernel headers are.22:51
teamcobrathey're a package in synaptic22:51
Steven1I installed what I think is the right ati driver.22:51
teamcobrainstall them22:51
Steven1What's the name?22:51
lime4x4is places/network broke again?22:51
teamcobrayou need them to build the driver for your pc properly22:51
Steven1The installation didn't come up with any errors though.22:52
teamcobrasteven: uname -a , then run synaptic, search for "linux headers 2.6.xx)22:52
neggeteamcobra yup they're installed22:52
teamcobranegge: check the installer log?22:52
teamcobrait's in /var/ someplace22:52
teamcobrafglrx-installer.log, I believe it's called22:52
neggeteamcobra there's no such file, infact I don't see anything under /var/log/ that could be associated with fglrx22:53
Steven1teamcobra: Yep. The headers for 2.6.24-16 are installed.22:54
neggeSteven1 are you having the same problem as I?22:54
Steven1I think so.22:54
Steven1Card and monitor don't work with the drivers.22:54
neggethe gay part is that it worked just a couple of hours ago22:55
Steven1It worked fine in Gutsy.22:55
Fritzeldo you have to do something specific to add a new repo to synaptic sources? I click add, put in the new repo info and the Add button is grayed out22:55
Steven1Fritzel: You could do it manually. By editing sources.list.22:56
Fritzelyeah I had some garbage html in my paste, got it though ty ^^22:56
Steven1I think we gave poor teamcobra a brain hemorrage.22:57
neggehehe yeah22:57
teamcobrasetting up a server too22:57
Steven1Ah ok22:57
teamcobraa heavy duty one at that ;p22:57
Steven1I just want to get my graphics working again. So I can play Second Life.22:58
teamcobraanyways...... I know that you can run the ati installer in a tty (control + alt+ f1-f6, crtl+alt+f7 or f8 can't remember, will bring you back to x, but you'll need to restart it once the drivers install properly)22:59
hwildedpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg22:59
Steven1It was working under Gutsy's restricted drivers.22:59
neggehwilde that doesn't work either22:59
neggeyou get 20 questions about your keyboard layout and that's it22:59
=== dubby is now known as dubby[afk]
hwildethat totally works man23:00
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto23:00
neggehwilde I tried it but it doesn't23:00
neggeit just asks about the keyboard and that's it23:00
pencould anyone tell me why mplayer plugin does not have sound in firefox 3?23:01
Steven1It asks me about stuff that I don't understand.23:01
Steven1Not keyboard23:01
hwildejust take all the defaults it should work fine23:01
penonly mplayer plupgin23:01
neggehwilde it clearly doesn't23:01
swubo1Anyone know why gdmsetup doesn't seem to recognize new themes when I try to add them?23:02
neggeyou can't configure the monitor manually anymore23:02
_Rambaldi_my trashbin icon has gone missing, how do i retrieve it23:02
hwildeyou can always configure it manually - just hack the /etc/X11/xorg.conf23:03
Steven1hwilde: Do you know what I would change in there to get my ati drivers to work?23:03
hwilde!ati | Steven123:04
ubotuSteven1: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto23:04
hwilde!fglrx | Steven123:04
Steven1Um ok thanks.23:04
swubo1Answering my own question---because the install theme button is entirely useless, it automatically recognizes anything put into /usr/share/gdm/themes23:04
Steven1hwile I have that.23:04
Steven1Trying to get it work.23:04
=== _robilive is now known as robilive
neggeman I'm getting tired23:06
neggenothing simply works!23:06
pencould anyone tell me why mplayer plugin does not have sound in firefox 3?23:06
neggeI tried aticonfig --resolution=blablabla but that didn't help either23:06
hwildesry I have nvidia - and it just works23:06
Steven1Brb. Going to see if my enabling the restricted drivers helped.23:06
neggehwilde do you get to choose monitor settings when you run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?23:06
hwildeI just hack the xorg.conf23:07
hwildeif you need wizards and guis this might be the wrong version :)23:07
neggeI don't need that, I'm perfectly fine with the old xorg.conf file where you could actually edit stuff on your own, but this new version is so slimmed down it's unhackable23:07
neggelast time I had the same problem I restored an old working copy of xorg.conf from my kubuntu 7.10 installation, didn't work either23:08
moj0risinghi. has anyone else had trouble getting the kernel headers in hardy?23:08
moj0risingWhen I try, sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`23:08
ubotuTo install the Linux (kernel) headers, open a terminal and: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) To install headers for libraries, you need the accompanying -dev packages23:08
moj0risingI get:E: Couldn't find package linux-headers-2.6.24-15-generic23:08
moj0risingGet the same error, ubotu.  :(23:09
hwilde!find linux-headers hardy23:10
ubotuFound: linux-headers-2.6.24-16, linux-headers-2.6.24-16-386, linux-headers-2.6.24-16-generic, linux-headers-2.6.24-16-openvz, linux-headers-2.6.24-16-rt (and 26 others)23:10
neggeI guess I'll have to remove hardy and install gutsy tomorrow and waste another couple of hours installing everything again...23:10
moj0risingGet the same error, ubotu.  :(23:10
moj0risingmtoscano@d630:~$ ls /usr/src23:10
moj0risinglinux-headers-2.6.22-12          linux-headers-2.6.22-13-generic23:10
moj0risinglinux-headers-2.6.22-12-generic  linux-headers-2.6.22-1423:10
moj0risinglinux-headers-2.6.22-13          linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic23:10
moj0risingdont have the current headers23:10
moj0risingmtoscano@d630:~$ uname -a23:10
moj0risingLinux d630 2.6.24-15-generic #1 SMP Tue Apr 8 00:33:51 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux23:10
Kill_Xmoj0rising, I'm not able to reproduce this error, perhaps your mirror is broken?23:10
hwilde!info linux-headers-2.6.24-15-generic23:10
ubotuPackage linux-headers-2.6.24-15-generic does not exist in hardy23:10
neggeI won't touch hardy again until a couple months after the stable release23:10
hwildesee it does not exist23:10
moj0risingmaybe, Kill_X, hrm23:11
hwildemoj0rising, it looks like the latest headers are 2.6.24-1623:11
Steven1hwilde: It's working now. Thanks.23:11
hwildeSteven1, ati restricted drivers eh?23:11
Steven1All I had to do was reenable the restricted drivers.23:11
hwildeyeah that will do it23:11
Steven1Yeah ATI23:11
moj0risingso I need to update the kernel, then perhaps.23:11
nomasteryodanice... new update to xorg... and mdetect... which it is installing23:11
moj0risingCool. I'll keep going here. Thanks.23:11
nomasteryodahope my synaptics touchpad works after this23:12
Kill_Xmoj0rising, invoke 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade'23:12
hwilde&& sudo apt-get install linux-headers-*23:12
AaronMTanyone on a inspiron 1501?23:12
_Rambaldi_is there a solution to firefox exiting when watching flash23:15
gerr1http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63229/ sound errors I've been having23:15
gerr1anyone else have similar results if so there any current fixes in progress?23:16
Kill_X_Rambaldi_, please report firefox crashes when watching flash videos using apport23:16
Amaranth_Rambaldi_: Please don't23:17
gerr1_Rambaldi_: there are threads on forums to report to I suggest waiting on one of them so you know when a fix is coming around23:17
AmaranthKill_X: the firefox devs can't do anything about flash killing firefox23:17
neggeteamcobra I still haven't got it working... I'll reinstall Ubuntu tomorrow, thanks for your help though23:17
Kill_XAmaranth, I see23:17
moj0risingThanks, hwilde23:18
Kill_Xactually this seems to be a problem of flashplugin.nonfree itself23:18
gerr1its either a gtk error, pulse error, or libflashsupport issue that's causing firefox crashes23:18
hwildemoj0rising, u know it23:18
Amaranthnow, if it was swfdec crashing firefox then it would obviously be a firefox bug as swfdec doesn't crash :)23:18
Amaranthyou could report a bug then :D23:18
_Rambaldi_i hope it gets fixed when the final hardy comes out, it can be infuriating23:18
Amaranthgerr1: it is libflashsupport23:18
Amaranthand it probably isn't getting fixed23:19
gerr1Amaranth: then remove it23:19
Amaranthmaybe it'll be included in hardy-updates some time after release23:19
Amaranthgerr1: without libflashsupport flash doesn't work at all23:19
gerr1Amaranth: hardy = fail then23:19
Amaranthflash = fail23:19
Kill_X_Rambaldi_, unlikely, libflashsupport uses proprietary sources from Adobe23:19
Amaranthbut this is well known23:19
Amaranthlibflashsupport is written by the pulseaudio devs, afaik23:19
gerr1Amaranth: hardy inability to do anything gutsy did means its lost23:19
Amaranthgerr1: then every release of ubuntu has lost as they all have a regression somewhere23:20
brianskiis anyone else having a total lack of sounds (except for some cracklies) in the past day or so?23:20
gerr1yeah but some don't cause straight up crashes near 100% redoable23:20
Kill_XAmaranth, sorry, I meant flashplugin-nonfree23:21
gerr1brianski: no sound here I get these errors http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63229/23:21
Amaranthgerr1: it's not 100% reproducible as it is a race condition23:21
Amaranththere are easy steps to trigger it but sometimes you do those steps twice and sometimes you do them 30 times before the crash occurs23:21
brianskigerr1: hmm, i seem to have a different issue23:21
gerr1Amaranth: well on my system here I have yet to see it not crash the dozens of times trying to use flash23:21
Amaranthgerr1: this crash is playing one flash video after another23:22
brianskioh is this the infamous ffox / flash bug?23:22
Amaranthgerr1: if you are seeing any other kind of crash it is a flash bug and not related23:22
brianskijust pin your ffox at b4, works like a charm23:22
Kill_X_Rambaldi_, flashplugin-nonfree is a proprietary plugin, manufactured by Adobe. Since the SIGSEGV was provoked by the plugin itself, we'd have to wait out another release of Adobes flash-player.23:22
gerr1brianski: yeah I did too until I installed some missing packages now its some sort of permissions thing I think fedora implemented same stuff but different file system architecture so its difficult to know where its failing at23:22
Kill_Xbrianski, this is not true, there have been many crashreports of ffb4, too.23:23
gerr1Kill_X: its worked before, and it still works on firefox beta under any other distro23:23
brianskiKill_X: (shrug) works for me23:23
gerr1brianski: so what you dealing with? any logs?23:24
Kill_Xgerr1, so you suggest the bug is provoked by gnome?23:24
gerr1Kill_X: run firefox from terminal and read what's output before it crashes23:25
Kill_Xwould be helpful since I'm trying to trace it down since about 5 weeks23:25
Kill_XI can tell you23:25
_Rambaldi_i like to save my flv files that are streamed by the browser, nothing so far does it better than internet explorer23:26
Kill_Xsomething like ** Message: GetValue variable 1 (1)23:26
Kill_X** Message: GetValue variable 2 (2)23:26
Kill_XSegmentation fault (core dumped)23:26
Kill_Xtotally unconclusive ;)23:27
Kill_Xalready tried a backtrace and valgrind23:28
Kill_XI need debugsymbols from ff3 and all related packages, to continue, but these aren't available23:28
brianskibleck, is there a handy way to roll back to what was in the apt repos as of a given point in time?23:29
apikoroshey, is it possible to install mplayerplug-in without installing firefox-3? i'm running firefox 2 and don't want to upgrade yet.23:29
Amaranthgerr1: fedora uses libflashsupport too, btw23:29
pencould anyone tell me why mplayer plugin does not have sound in firefox 3?23:29
Amaranthit is required to have working flash if you use pulseaudio23:29
Amaranthbrianski: no, and downgrades are not supported and likely to break anyway23:30
brianskiAmaranth: yeah that's about what i figured23:30
m1lkc0wUbuntu 8.04 here. Gnome does not seem to load ~.Xresources on startup. I have some modifications for emacs in there. When I start emacs from the Panel, resources are not read. When I start it from the gnome-terminal, resources *are* read. Any ideas?23:31
Kill_Xa workaround might be, to install firefox-2 and use that as long ad the flash-problem exists in 8.04. But I haven't tried that so far23:31
goodhabitHello guys. Advice me please, how I can see cpu temp on ubuntu?23:32
_Rambaldi_you know how ie7 saves all files streamed in temporary internet folder, what browser saves like that. firefox deletes its files immediately even with cache at 1Gb23:33
Kill_Xgoodhabit, install the package lm-sensors23:33
hwildegoodhabit, apt-get install lm-sensors23:33
Kill_X+sudo ;)23:34
hwildeI've never used sudo23:34
hwildeand I never will23:34
hwildeexcept for that initial sudo su23:34
m1lkc0whwilde: Had to use it at work (years ago). Audit trail or something like that23:35
Daisuke_Idoi'm trying to decide if i'm witnessing ignorance or stubbornness23:35
Daisuke_Idoor... little of column a, little of column b23:35
Kill_Xgoodhabit, you might want to install mbmon, as well... 'sudo apt-get install mbmon'23:35
m1lkc0wSo, why do applications started from the panel not get their ~/.Xresources?23:36
Kill_XDaisuke_Ido, clarify? :D23:36
m1lkc0wAny way around that?23:36
Daisuke_IdoKill_X, absolute refusal to use sudo23:37
Kill_XDaisuke_Ido, well, I used to do a 'sudo passwd' all the time until 2 months ago23:38
Pirate_Hunterhow do i move channels in irssi i forgot :(23:38
apikorosDaisuke_Ido, probably a bit of both :)23:39
Kill_Xbut then I realized, that sudo is absolutely sufficient23:39
Daisuke_Idoit is23:39
theunixgeekWhat's the default Firefox homepage in Ubuntu?23:39
Daisuke_Idotheunixgeek, google.23:39
theunixgeekDaisuke_Ido: it's not helping me23:39
Kill_X@ theunixgeek23:40
theunixgeekthanks :)23:40
Daisuke_Idoah...  THAT one.  i tend to forget that because it's the first thing i change23:40
theunixgeekKill_X: ^23:40
theunixgeekthank you very much :)23:40
goodhabitKill_X, after 'sudo mbmon' I see No Hardware Monitor found!!23:40
goodhabitSorry, was disconnected.23:40
Kill_Xwhat was that one about?23:40
Daisuke_Idotheunixgeek, i wasn't saying to search google, the usual default page *is* google (firefox custom, that is)23:41
goodhabitKill_X, about cputemp23:41
goodhabitI dunno how to see it.23:41
Daisuke_Idobut i forgot about that local file as a homepage23:41
Kill_Xgoodhabit, it works for me :o23:41
Kill_X~$ sudo mbmon23:41
Kill_XTemp.= 39.0, 29.0, 46.0; Rot.=    0,    0, 613623:41
Kill_XVcore = 1.38, 0.00; Volt. = 3.34, 5.00, 11.37, -10.40, -0.0023:41
goodhabitKill_X, lm-sensors are installed.23:41
goodhabitmaybe I have missed smth?23:42
Fritzelis there still a frontend for xmms? I can't seem to get it to install or launch23:42
swubooFritzel:  I don't believe the xmms2 package includes one, you have to install one separately.23:42
donomoare others having horrible firefox crash problems? or is it just one of my extensions?23:43
Fritzelok umm well I want to use the traditional xmms interface but xmms won't install with xmms2 any ideas?23:43
swuboofritzel: ...audacious?23:43
Kill_Xgoodhabit, you need to setup lm-sensors using 'sudo lm-syslog-setup' and 'sudo lm-profiler'23:43
gerr1donomo: its everyone23:43
donomogerr1: phew. is there a ticket for it?23:43
donomogerr1: its driving me nuts23:44
Fritzelis that what it was called? I always refered to it as xmms23:44
goodhabitKill_X, while lm-setup pressing enter always ok?23:44
swubooFritzel:  No, it's a different package, but it was created to replace xmms.  Pretty much the same interface.23:44
goodhabitOr not?23:44
Kill_Xgoodhabit, sorry, first profiler, then syslog-setup23:44
swubooFritzel:  Might wanna give it a whirl, see if it meets your needs.23:44
Fritzelswuboo: ahh alright that'll work then23:44
swubooFritzel:  It even takes winamp skins, if that's your bag.23:44
gerr1donomo: no clue, its either gtk, pulseaudio, or libflashsupport. Check them all see if you can find a fix. My sound currently is off and trying to fix it23:44
goodhabitKill_X, profiler asks for 600 seconds waiting. It is ok?23:45
Kill_Xgoodhabit, lm-syslog-setup? run lm-profiler first23:45
Kill_Xgoodhabit, yes23:45
Kill_Xwait out that 10 minutes23:45
goodhabitKill_X, setup after profiling will not aks questions?23:45
joe1anyone know if the new kernel is being fixed? (such as for proprietary drivers)23:45
Kill_Xgoodhabit, unlikely, but keep monitoring, it might ask if problems occur.23:46
Pirate_Huntercan someoen who uses irssi or knows can they tell me how to move to another window in irc or what is the usual default command to move to other openned channels please23:46
bkochOften in hardy (usually after watching something in VLC) I am not able to open terminals, firefox, and when amarok loads xine can't initialize audio drivers.  When I open VLC it plays video but there is no sound, the only solutions I have found is reboot.  Is there any log files that may show me what is causing this?23:52
donomobkoch: ive learned to not start amarock. it hoses with the sound system.23:53
r00723r0Is there any coherent way to create xorg.conf automatically?23:53
bkochYes, but this problem happens before Amarok is launched.23:54
bkochWhat do you suggest for a music player?23:55
donomobkoch: ok. the solution for me was to not start amarock.23:55
donomobkoch: rhythmbox of course. its gnome-approved :)23:55
swuboor00723r0:  I'm positive that there is, but I can't remember the command offhand.23:56
Exilantr00723r0: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg23:57
r00723r0Ahh, thanks.23:57
swubooWhat he said.23:58
r00723r0That's not right.23:58
r00723r0I want to configure it as well.23:58
bkochOkay thanks I will try it donomo, as for VLC causing problems I have tried to compile version .9 which supposevely fixes this audio locking bug, but have had problems with that23:58
r00723r0Exilant, it's not giving me video options.23:58
Kill_Xgoodhabit, after the profiling has completed, you might want to answer any questions with NO, if you're not on a laptop. If so, please ask before answering with YES23:58
r00723r0Just keyboard, mouse, and framebuffer.23:58
goodhabitKill_X, I am on pc.23:59

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