KillerKiwi2005How to you do apt:package links in the wiki?02:00
ligemegetWhat's up with the wiki? I can't create a new page!07:09
Kamping_Kaiserare you logged in?07:24
mdkeligemeget: it's broken07:24
ligemegetAny ETA on when it's fixed? Is anyone working on it?07:25
mdkeno idea07:26
mdkehopefully it will get fixed today07:26
ligemegetbtw, is translate-freeze in effect?07:40
mdkeligemeget: yes, for translations not included in language packs07:46
mdkesee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule07:47
ligemegetmdke, so ubuntu-doc is officially completely frozen, right?07:47
mdkeligemeget: yes07:47
ligemegetdamn, I had a lot of translations waiting, but nobody had the time to proofread them :(07:48
ligemegetOh well... They'll have to be in a later hardy-update then..07:48
mdkeligemeget: we will certainly do an update07:52
ligemegetok - I'll continue translating then07:53
ligemegetAlso, since the official Danish translation coordinators are busy until august-september, is there someone else I can poke in order to get my translations integrated?07:53
ligemegetalso also, I believe that https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/egonas1 is implemented, and should be marked as such..?07:56
mdkeligemeget: only people in ubuntu-l10n-da can help with that.07:56
mdkeligemeget: it sounds like you need more approved members in ubuntu-l10n-da to me07:56
mdkethat spec has nothing to do with documentation, but I assume you are right07:56
ligemegetmdke, true. Actually, I'm considering applying for membership myself...07:57
ligemegetNow I've asked TLE for his opinion08:04
ligemegetbtw, I FINALLY got my Creative X-Fi sound card working on hardy beta - should I write a wikiguide on how I did it..?08:26
ligemeget(providing the wiki gets some CPR...)08:26
ligemegetmdke, I know this has been discussed a million times before, but... are there any plans on upgrading MoinMoin on the wikis...?09:34
LaserJockplans ... yes09:35
LaserJockactually getting anywhere ... we'll see09:35
ligemegetheh, okay.. Here's to hoping, at least..09:40
ligemegetI hereby acknowledge that I suck balls af Frozen Bubbles...11:01
ligemeget*at playing11:01
ligemeget...and at spelling, apparently..11:03
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