LjLNafallo, ugh.00:00
Nafalloyea. I think something like that now...00:00
no0ticNafallo, argh00:01
Seeker`Nafallo: I believe the correct phrase is "OMG! MY EYES!! THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING!"00:05
RoAkSoAxdoes anyone know why botijo is not around?00:05
NafalloSeeker`: naah. I'm pretty openminded. not quite that openminded, but still :-)00:05
LjLRoAkSoAx: jpatrick might00:06
RoAkSoAxLjL, i have seen him away for a couple of days , that why i was asking xD00:07
LjLwell, i don't know :|00:08
RoAkSoAxok, np xD00:10
LjLraptoid, now there is still a couple of things you should do (or if you want, i guess i can do them for you)00:14
LjL1) change https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat so that it mentions the right channel and the right contact00:14
LjL2) mail admin at   ubuntu-eu dot org   and ask them to move locobot_1 from #ubuntu.tr to #ubuntu-tr00:14
LjL(yes, i know it has already moved, but they should still set it up to join the right channel)00:15
LjLah raptoid, there was another thing you asked me but i'm not sure what you meant00:21
LjLwas that how to obtain an ubuntu/member/ cloak?00:21
LjLhi heartsmagic00:51
LjLi've just talked to raptoid some minutes ago, as we moved #ubuntu.tr to #ubuntu-tr, since #ubuntu.tr is not the correct naming for an official LoCo channel, and i believed that they represented the turkish LoCo team, as the channel is listed on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC and contained an official LoCoBot00:52
LjLit would seem now that the official LoCo team for Turkey is another, however00:52
LjLcould you clarify?00:52
heartsmagicyes, now the team is different00:53
heartsmagicnone of the old stuff are with us00:53
LjLheartsmagic, uhm, i see... the channels you're using, however, aren't in the namespace for LoCo channels... also, i see your team listed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList as an Approved team, is that correct?00:55
heartsmagicyes correct00:55
heartsmagicand we know our channel names are not suitable00:55
LjLheartsmagic, do you remember when the team was approved, roughly?00:57
LjLand if i may know... what relationships are you in with the #ubuntu.tr people?00:57
heartsmagicapproximately one month ago00:58
heartsmagicLjL: i know _paco_ , he said they want to transfer the channel to us, but i dont know the last situation00:58
heartsmagiche is online right now, i asked, if he answered i'll tell you00:59
LjLwas the approval decided during the CC meeting of 21 february?01:02
heartsmagicyeah LjL prolly01:02
heartsmagicok he answered01:02
heartsmagicshould i invite him here?01:02
LjLfeel free to invite him here, yes01:02
heartsmagichmm, i think they want to continue as the owner of the channel01:04
LjLoh, i see ekovanci is online, could you invite?01:07
heartsmagicok LjL i'll be the interpreter01:09
LjLhello ekovanci01:09
LjLah thanks01:09
ekovancihello LjL01:09
heartsmagicLjL: ekovanci knows the situation01:09
LjLi'd like to know in which CC meeting the team was approved, i don't see it in the february logs...01:10
heartsmagicok, he thinks it is approximately one month, like me01:11
LjLdon't remember the day of the meeting? :|01:11
heartsmagicnope, sorry01:11
LjLthe last CC meeting was on 21 February, that i can see, but there is no mention of the Turkish LoCo Team01:12
heartsmagicLjL: ekovanci wasnt in the project when we approved01:12
heartsmagici dont know in which meeting but we saw our names on the approved section01:13
LjLuh, who was leading the team at that time?01:13
heartsmagiche was kerem ongan01:14
LjLcan't see that name on launchpad01:16
heartsmagicon turkish team? he quit01:16
LjLno, anywhere01:16
heartsmagicok i think this is because01:17
heartsmagicthe project is hold with a group in here, OpenSource-Tr01:17
heartsmagicand kerem was a member of this group01:17
heartsmagicbut actually we havnt started the project, serdar mete has01:18
heartsmagicafter some time, canonical gave us the project01:18
LjLwhere does #ubuntu.tr fall in the picture?01:20
heartsmagicwhen ubuntu-tr.com was active01:21
heartsmagic1,5 years ago i think or some more01:21
heartsmagicafter that ubuntu-tr.com dropped01:21
LjLthis seems a bit like a mess, honestly :|01:22
heartsmagicyes a big mess :) i am sorry01:23
heartsmagicbut now we are the only project holders of k/ubuntu-tr.org , ekovanci and me01:24
heartsmagicbut we are tied to Opensource-tr01:24
LjLwell, the problem here is... if you are the official, approved Ubuntu LoCo Team for Turkey, then you should in theory control the #ubuntu-tr channel01:25
heartsmagicbut ubuntu-tr is so old, before ubuntu-tr.org01:25
LjL(at least, the problem as far as the irc council is concerned)01:25
heartsmagicthe owner of ubuntu-tr.com dropped the domain01:25
LjLwell, but the channel is still active01:26
heartsmagicso what can we do now?01:26
LjLi don't know. LoCo teams are usually approved by the Community Council during a public meeting, but i can find no such meeting01:26
heartsmagicso who approved us?01:27
Seeker`There aren't any logs that support the approval in the "MeetingLogs" section of the wiki01:27
LjLi don't know... how did you get to know you had been approved, to begin with?01:27
heartsmagicjust check the wiki :)01:28
heartsmagicnobody came to us01:28
Seeker`which goes back to November 200501:28
LjLheartsmagic, but the wiki was changed by the user "Ubuntuturkey"01:28
LjLwhich i guess is/was a fictious name for the whole team01:28
heartsmagicwe don'k know him or her01:29
heartsmagicbut one of our old project workers is Yaman Akçalı01:29
Seeker`The "Ubuntuturkey" user's home page was created on the 25th february01:29
heartsmagicimho he is working or was working for canonical01:29
heartsmagicor maybe Serdar Mete01:31
heartsmagicfounder of ubuntu-tr.info , after that we moved to ubuntu-tr.org01:31
heartsmagici think Serdar Mete talked to you at the beginning of the project01:32
heartsmagicLjL: if you give me abit time, i'll the exact approval date01:34
heartsmagicbut just adding the wiki time01:34
LjLif you could clarify this for me, i'd be glad01:35
heartsmagicok i am checking the logs01:35
heartsmagicLjL: got it01:39
heartsmagicLjL: as you see, we dont know who approved us, or who is ubuntuturkiye on the wiki01:41
heartsmagichow can we clarify this?01:41
LjLheartsmagic, i'm not sure, i'll try to get in contact with the loco team coordination about this01:42
LjLcould you stay joined to this channel for some days, please?01:42
heartsmagicok no problem01:42
ekovanciherkese iyi geceler02:53
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)14:17
raptoidi need a forwarding channel command ..17:03
Myrttiit's basically a ban17:04
MyrttiI think17:04
pleia2raptoid: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/MovingChannels17:05
pleia2is that what you meant?17:06
heartsmagicLjL: have you learned the approval date and who did it?20:28
LjLheartsmagic, nope22:13
heartsmagiccant you check who edited the wiki?22:13
LjLheartsmagic: not beyond knowing it was the Ubuntuturkey nickname22:20
heartsmagicso weird22:21
heartsmagicdo you know Yaman Akçalı?22:21
LjLafraid not22:27
LjLi'm just an irc person, i've only accidentally stumbled into this issue22:27
heartsmagicwith who should we talk this issue?22:29
RoAkSoAxhi LjL :)22:36

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