tyrone__Hello, I have found a bug in ubuntu's java or firefox packages (if java, it's all jdk's, so probably firefox 2-3). It has persisted from gutsy on, including the current beta. It seems like a java proxy issue, a stock app won't open external application windows for advanced functions. It randomly works after a half hour.03:33
tyrone__I have logged the output from two java consoles after attempting to get it to work. One caught the random startup.03:36
tyrone__excuse me for being a little annoying, but is anyone actualy on here?04:02
tyrone__I see, well that is good to know :)04:03
tyrone__I don't suppose you would know anything about proxy issues in java (not using a proxy)04:04
lifelesssorry no, or I would have commented before04:05
tyrone__Oh I see, I thought .. yea, I didn't check to see if you'd just logged on. Oh well04:05
tyrone__Any idea where I can find someone who can? lol, I've been shipped everywhere from ubuntu-*** to #java04:06
lifelessif you have found a bug; you should file a bug report04:07
tyrone__I have, and have many times filled bug reports, but they never get looked after...04:07
lifelessits good that you have file a bug for this04:07
tyrone__the Ironic thing is, I've got all the time in the world to help with debugging, I just can't find anyone who can cut through to the problem.04:07
lifelessthe next step is for someone to track it down04:08
lifelessit may be that noone in the ubuntu community has the right skillset and you need to develop it yourself04:08
lifelesslike I say though, I know that I don't know :P04:08
tyrone__I suppose, but since the bug is ubuntu specific, I doubt it's uniquely in java packs04:08
lifelessso it does not occur on debian?04:09
tyrone__haven't been on a pure deb in  a while. Gonna set one up for server soon, I'll try it there. But I assume not, since it is a recent bug in ubuntu. It's probably firefox specific, but version 3's beta's are affected too. older java jdk's and iced tea have the same behavior. it's like it can't reach the server or something, due to a connection setting04:10
tyrone__for all I know, it could just as well be an issue in ubuntu's connectivity settings, firewall etc..04:14

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