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ligemegetIsn't #86 out?08:38
ligemegetAlso, I subscribed the DIY team to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/better-pr-for-new-releases - mostly because I couldn't find any marketing-team to subscribe08:38
Mirvboredandblogging: Hi. I sent the Finnish (fi) translation of the press release to your @ubuntu.com address now, GPG encrypted. Please ask if you have anything to ask regarding it.09:02
ligemegetWait.. Is the press release translatable?09:03
ligemegeti didn't think anything on ubuntu.com was directly translatable..09:03
Mirvligemeget: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2008-April/002074.html09:10
ligemegetboredandblogging, I'm passing Mirv's link on to the ubuntu-dk guys. I think there may be some official ubuntu members amongst them. I, sadly, am not one :( - I'm just the translator guy09:19
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sbcboredandblogging: Here?11:21
sbcbeuno: Here?11:22
sbcboredandblogging: beuno: I'm from the Danish team. We might be interested in translating the press release mentioned here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2008-April/002074.html.11:24
ligemegetsbc, boredandblogging er vist fra vestkysten. Jeg tror han sover...12:07
sbcligemeget: Forbandede tidszoner! ;) Men jeg håber han svarer når han en gang kommer forbi kanalen...12:09
ligemegetsbc, så håber jeg du stadig er logget på til at besvare det :)12:17
ligemegetbtw ligemeget == Lhademmor12:17
ligemegetapparently the whole channel is asleep...12:19
juliuxthat is a normal state here12:28
juliuxkatkin, can you help me to get hardy cds for the linuxtag in berlin?12:28
katkinjuliux: you just need to send a request to ShipIt12:29
juliuxkatkin, does they allready take request for hardy?12:29
juliuxcan you approve that request?12:30
juliuxfor the last event we get 15 cds :(12:30
katkinI can't approve CD requests12:30
juliuxi know the url but this package ist not realy for an event like linuxtag12:30
katkinjuliux: sorry, IRC just crashed on me12:31
katkinjuliux: we have a process in place for ordering CDs for a reason12:31
katkinjuliux: there is nothing I or anyone else can do to affect this12:32
katkinjuliux: please refer to this wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingCds12:32
juliuxkatkin, i hoped marketing can do more then i12:32
katkinjuliux: if you put your request in, it will be considered just like all of the other requests12:33
katkinfeel free to copy me in on your request e-mail so I can see the response, but apart from that, there is nothing else I can do12:33
juliuxsorry to say that in this hard words but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingCds is nothing for an event linux tag12:33
juliuxi will think about to press our own cds for hardy12:34
sirex`boredandblogging: online?13:36
sirex`cody-somerville: online?13:37
sirex`beuno: ?13:37
cody-somervilleHeya sirex` 13:37
sirex`cody-somerville: I talked to you few days ago, but we not finished..13:38
cody-somervillesirex`, Did you send me an e-mail?13:38
sirex`I'm not ubuntu member, but I'm contact person of LithuanianTeam which is not approved yet. But I would like to get hardy perss release to translaet it.13:39
sirex`cody-somerville: no I havn't send you e-mail.13:39
sirex`cody-somerville: So is there are any chances to get press release for translation?13:40
cody-somervillesirex`, You'll have to start from the beginning sorry. What language do you want to translate the press release into?13:40
sirex`I would like to translate it to Lithuanian Language.13:41
cody-somervilleand what loco team are you a member of?13:42
sirex`Here is our wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LithuanianTeam13:42
sirex`cody-somerville: are you still there?13:46
cody-somervillesirex`, Yes, sorry. Just busy :)13:48
cody-somervillesirex`, The press release will be available on April 22nd for translation into Lithuanian13:48
sirex`cody-somerville: how can I deliver it at that time?13:51
cody-somervilleI'm not sure I understand the question.13:52
sirex`Is press release at April 22nd will be published in ubuntu.com or loco teams can get it some how through email before publication?13:54
sirex`Sorry for my english :/13:55
cody-somervilleOn April 22nd, unofficial loco teams and individuals who are not Ubuntu members will be able to get access to the press release.14:04
sbccody-somerville:  I'm from the Danish team. We might be interested in translating the press release mentioned here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2008-April/002074.html.14:35
Syntuxboredandblogging, Hey nick, I'd like to translate the PR into Arabic but I'm not ubuntu member yet.19:46
mdkeI'm told that an Italian community member requested a copy of the press release for translation purposes but was denied21:55
mdkeboredandblogging / beuno - can you please remedy that21:55
mdkein an open community where the object is to spread Ubuntu to as many people as possible, that attitude is just silly21:56
beunomdke, I haven't rejected anyone,  :/   boredandblogging, do you know anything about it?21:57
mdkeit was cody, I'm told21:58
mdkeI mean, I understand a reasonable level of discretion is required, but to take things to the extreme of rejecting people who ask in good faith, is just silly21:59
mdkethese aren't state secrets21:59
mdkeso, can I perhaps have a copy? The Italian community has already prepared an official press release which has been approved, but it would be nice for reference22:02
beunomdke, on it's way22:03
mdkesorry for venting, but excessive levels of secrecy bother me22:04
beunomdke, understandable, it's just that it's a bit delicate because if it gets leaked, we're going to loose whatever trust we've got from Canonical. But I agree, it's been too strict22:06
mdkebeuno: I can see from the email that quite a lot of pressure was put on, and I can see the reasons too. If this hadn't been an Ubuntu member who asked, it wouldn't have bothered me. But the whole point of ubuntu membership is to build a network of trusted contributors22:07
beunomdke, absolutely, the only condition was for it to be an Ubuntu Member, that was discussed22:09
beunonot sure what happened in the this particular case22:09
mdkebeuno: thanks for helping out22:15
mdkepassed on with suitable disclaimer22:16
beunomdke, np, sorry for all the confusion22:18
mdkebeuno: digging deeper, seems like the confusion was on my side - in fact cody gave it to an italian contributor but he refused to disclose it to other members; I had misunderstood the position.23:30
mdkebeuno: apologies to cody in his absence23:30
beunomdke, aaah, I'm glad then  :)23:30
* mdke clears the egg off his face and goes to bed23:37
beunomdke, don't worry about it, things tend to deform a bit when hoping over too many users and languages  :)23:38

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