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philidoxSeriously does ubuntu mobile exists or not?01:48
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dholbachgood morning06:10
Hobbseemorning dholbach 06:12
dholbachhi Hobbsee06:12
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asbjornhi guys ;) Got my hands on a htc shift the other day and would very much like to try out ubuntu mobile on it... Vista is making me sick... Has anyone tried UME on a shift yet?11:59
asbjornis it at all usable?11:59
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amitkasbjorn: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/FAQ  , short answer: No13:44
asbjornamitk: looking for the long one ;) thats why I'm in here...13:45
persiaasbjorn: Try installing an image.  The shift is at least listed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded as a target13:46
amitkasbjorn: I meant to say 'No, it isn't there yet, but some parts are usable'. You could try flashing an image.13:48
asbjornok... I was wondering if there are any developers working on a shift image ( since the shift is listed as a target device ), and what the status was for that particular device..?! Would be nice to know a bit more before starting to frack up the thing ;)13:53
asbjornthe development status that is ;)13:54
smagounasbjorn: I am not aware of anyone working with Ubuntu Mobile on an HTC Shift. Despite the wiki page, the only platforms used with any regularity are the Samsung Q1 and a handful of Menlow prototypes like Intel's Crown Beach reference platform. 13:58
amitkasbjorn: I am not familiar with the HTC hardware, but if it is similar to the Samsung Q1's internals, then most stuff should just work.13:58
persiasmagoun/amitk: The Kohjinsha SH6 is also listed.  Should the SH8 also be an acceptable target?14:00
asbjornamitk: all I know is that it runs on the McCaslin platform... what the heck, I'll give it a go ;) Can't live with this crappy vista shit anymore anywayz... if everythig is shot to shit, I'll go for a regular ubuntu insted... anything but Vist - the hardware eating monster...14:02
smagounpersia: The only Mccaslin-based device that's used for development is the Q1, so I'm not sure whether the SH6 or the SH8 will work. Most things should work, but I expect Wi-Fi and a few other components may cause trouble.14:02
asbjornso its only the q1 that will be supported upon release?14:03
asbjornis there not going to be a release in like 10 days?14:03
persiasmagoun: OK.  I was more worried about the SH6 being a specific target.  If it's more just that nobody is working on it, I'll go shopping (as nobody seems to sell what I want anyway).14:03
smagounasbjorn: I think that's the official answer, yes.14:04
annonymousehi just heard about ubuntu mobile,  i have a htc kaiser (1615)   is this possible to work14:05
amitkpersia: I think the page doesn't list those examples as official targets, more like examples of other devices using the same HW platform. So except for some special peripherals, the basic stuff should work across different devices.14:07
smagounannonymouse: Ubuntu Mobile will not work on the Kaiser. UM only supports devices with an x86 processor; the Kaiser uses an ARM CPU.14:07
annonymousepooh bears  thank you tho14:08
persiaamitk: Thanks for the clarification.  I thought it was a list of goals.14:08
annonymouseis there a list of devices any where?14:08
amitkannonymouse: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded14:09
smagounannonymouse: The only supported devices are the Samsung Q1 and a handful of Menlow prototypes like Intel's Crown Beach reference platform.14:10
annonymouseahh ok14:10
annonymousethank you14:10
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Mariandroidhello =)15:16
Mariandroidis there a way to run ubuntu on an Asus MyPal A720 ?15:17
persiaMariandroid: Not really.  You'd be better off with Debian ARM or something based on openembedded (unless you like cross-building and porting: if so, please share)15:18
Mariandroidwhat you put between brackets I do not understand =)15:19
persiaMariandroid: It is theoretically possible to recompile some parts of Ubuntu to work on such a device, but it'd be a lot of work, and nobody has done it yet.  If my comment above didn't make any sense, you likely don't want to do that.15:20
Mariandroideh no =)15:21
MariandroidI've only ever recompiled one linuxthingie... and after a week of baking, it gave me something that failed =)15:22
Mariandroidso I guess I best not go there15:22
Mariandroidbut do i understand correctly that if I manage to get that Debian ARM onthere I can use the same applications I'd normally use ?15:24
agoliveiraMariandroid: I don't know what OS this device of yours run but if it's a PDA, probably no.15:27
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persiaMariandroid: There have been varying reports of success, but unless it has a keyboard, you will likely be unsatisfied.15:27
* Mariandroid has the ThinkOutside Stowaway bluetooth keyboard15:28
persiaAnyway, here isn't the best place to discuss that :)15:28
Mariandroidoh I'm sorry =)15:29
Mariandroidsomeone on #ubuntu on dalnet suggested me to go here =)15:29
Mariandroidthanks =)15:29
persiaOh, if your device was supported, this would be the right place.  It's just that it's not compatible.15:29
Mariandroidtoo bad =)15:30
Mariandroidah well, thanks =)15:30
MariandroidI'll try to find out how to get it to work15:30
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