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bddebianHeya gang02:03
RAOFHowdie bddebian02:05
bddebianHi RAOF02:05
jdongany ~motu-release online?02:06
TheMusojdong: Yes.02:07
jdongTheMuso: ok, let's talk sshmenu :)02:07
jdongTheMuso: I've been e-mailing back and forth with the author, and he says the package we have in Hardy is a snapshot from Debian at an unstable moment in time02:07
TheMusojdong: Go on.02:07
jdongTheMuso: the Debian package has been since repackaged to split between sshmenu and sshmenu-gnome02:08
jdongTheMuso: which means an update to this package would result in the GNOME menu disappearing unless the user installs the 2nd package02:08
jdongTheMuso: the author either wants (1) a sync from Debian (2) archive removal02:08
TheMusojdong: Yes...02:08
jdongTheMuso: #2 is less risky but #1 seems like it's more attractive02:08
jdonglooking for input on the best approach02:09
TheMusojdong: How many bugs filed against the package currently?02:09
jdongTheMuso: just one02:10
jdongTheMuso: and an answer tracker question from the author for said action02:10
jdongTheMuso: note the sync from debian happened in November02:10
TheMusojdong: Ok, so this would be a new upstream release as well?02:11
jdongTheMuso: right, 3.14-1 -> 3.15-102:11
TheMusoSo it would need 2 acks in any case.02:11
jdongI guess so :)02:11
TheMusoAd the package in its current form is not stable...02:11
jdongit's deprecated packaging that will cause undesirable side effects with any update.02:12
jdongwe either handle it now before hardy comes out for hear complaints for intrepid02:12
TheMusoI'd say file a FFe/sync request, attach the necessary bits, and I'll have a look and then its up to another motu-release person to give it the ok.02:12
jdongTheMuso: ok will do02:12
protonchrisTheMuso: Are you up for looking at another? Bug 21630802:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216308 in glom "Glom crashes when adding record" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21630802:15
TheMusoprotonchris: Looking now.02:16
protonchrisTheMuso: thanks02:16
DarkMageZis there a process for having a package removed from ubuntu? and if so, where can i find the appropriate documentation of it?02:19
jdongTheMuso: what are the info I need? I'm guessing diffstat, pbuilder log, upstream changelog diff?02:20
TheMusojdong: Diffstat is not needed, changelog would be the most helpful thing, a build/install logs are also useful.02:21
LaserJockDarkMageZ: file a bug for the archive admins02:21
TheMusoprotonchris: Ok, please get it sponsored/uploaded.02:30
protonchrisTheMuso: thanks for your help02:30
YokoZarI want to update ia32-libs one more time before release (including adding a lib) to close #182731 (specifically adding libasound2-plugins ), however a debdiff for that is obviously too big (since it would include the entire deb package as "source")...what can I do?02:35
jdongTheMuso: motu-release subscribed to bug 21704402:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217044 in sshmenu "Sync 3.15-1 from sid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21704402:39
jdong*grumble* WHAT is using half my swap?02:40
jdonggoodie. eclipse.02:40
StevenKEight-hundred Megabytes And Constantly Swa ... oh, wait02:42
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dholbachgood morning06:10
LaserJockmorning dholbach06:10
TheMusoHey dholbach.06:11
dholbachhi LaserJock, hey TheMuso06:12
nxvlgute tag!06:12
dholbachGuten Morgen nxvl! :)06:12
nxvldholbach: how was your weekend?06:13
dholbachvery good - had lots of fun with friends from Vienna - how was yours?06:16
nxvlquit but fun06:17
nxvlon friday i watched Fool's Gold06:21
nxvland i go to the beach on saturday06:21
nxvli have just came back today (here it's still sunday)06:22
nxvlthere was a surf championship, so there was still lot of people out there06:22
dholbachfool's gold?06:23
dholbachthat sounds nice :)06:23
nxvlit was really fun06:23
nxvlKate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey make a really good couple on the movies06:24
macogwwould "it uses gio instead of gnomevfs" be a compelling reason to update an app this close to release?06:26
macogwsince hardy's using gio06:26
dholbachmacogw: best to ask seb128 once he got up06:28
nxvlmacogw: he must get up in 2 hours or so, dholbach is the only martian who wakes up this early :P06:28
macogwits 1:30AM here06:29
nxvlmacogw: yes, on berlin it is 7:30 am06:29
macogwsort of evening, in my mind ;)06:29
RAOFThat sounds like a fairly intrusive change to me, and it's not like gnomevfs is particularly less featureful now that we're using gio.06:29
nxvldholbach: doesn't it?06:29
dholbachnxvl: it is06:29
dholbachmacogw: try on #ubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-desktop@lists.ubuntu.com06:29
calci got up at 7:30am in Prague yesterday and haven't gone to bed yet :)06:38
calcso i guess I am up late ;)06:38
* calc is hoping he doesn't feel weird after doing a +7 / -7 in 4 days06:39
nxvlcalc: you are in Prague?06:40
calcnxvl: i flew to prague from houston at 3:30pm wed, and got back to houston at 7:30pm tonight (Sunday)06:40
calcso i woke up at Sun 7:30am (UTC+2) and am still awake06:41
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calci'm not going to set my alarm and just see when i wake up, heh06:43
calcwhen i was in prague i kept waking up at 3am for whatever reason06:43
calcmaybe my body was thinking it was time to eat dinner06:44
macogwyou mean 3am isn't normally dinner time?06:44
macogwim not surprised at it being 2am and me being hungry...this seems like a normal occurence06:45
macogwnow if only there was food in the dorm...06:45
calcmacogw: 3am would be 8pm where i normally am and that isn't a time i would normally wake up so i guess maybe dinner06:50
calci normally don't wake up in the middle of the night when i am at home06:50
* calc is headed for bed now06:50
warp10good morning07:00
elmargoldpkg-shlibdeps: failure: no dependency information found for /usr/lib/libmicrohttpd.so.4 (used by debian/gnunet-server/usr/lib/GNUnet/libgnunetmodule_hostlist.so). <- any ideas how I fix this?07:38
elmargolhi \sh maybe you know dpkg-shlibdeps?07:47
\shelmargol, hmm?07:48
RAOFelmargol: It's probably looking for the shlibs file that libmicrohttpd should be shipped with.  Where is that lib coming from?07:48
elmargolRAOF, you mean I probably packaged libmicrohttpd wrong?07:49
RAOFOh, you packaged that lib?  Yeah, dpkg really wants you to make a shlibs file for it :)07:49
elmargolah ok07:49
RAOFYou've seen the Debian library packaging guide?07:49
elmargolI just compiled a new version of the lib07:50
awmcclainHi all! I've i'm creating new ubnuntu packages for a small-medium group of people (possibly distributing through launchpad PPA), how should I deal with signing? Should I sign the package or not?07:50
RAOFawmcclain: You can't.07:51
elmargolawmcclain, you have to mirror the repository and sign it07:51
awmcclainRAOF: Well, that does it, then. :)07:51
elmargolyou can not directly sign the ppa07:52
awmcclainelmargol: I'm talking about signing the package when building it with dpkg-buildpackage.07:52
awmcclainAh. Actually, I'm just talking about the .dsc and .changes files. Does that not matter?07:53
elmargolYou can not upload unsigned files to the ppa07:53
awmcclainelmargol: Even if I own the project? Maybe I'm confused with the way repository hosting works on launchpad07:55
elmargolawmcclain, the signature is your "password"07:55
RAOFawmcclain: You upload a gpg-signed changes file, specifying the dsc, .diff.gz and orig.tar.gz (if needed).  LP then builds that source package, producing some (unsigned) binary packages.07:56
awmcclainROAF: Ahhh. Ok. I see! Thank you.07:56
RAOFYou can't have the PPA sign those packages, since then launchpad would need to have your private GPG key, thus making that key worthless.07:58
elmargolCan I compile a package using pbuilder and give me a shell after this?08:00
RAOFYes, kinda.08:03
RAOFYou can login to your pbuilder environment, do the build in there, and then you've got a shell :)08:04
YokoZardholbach: would a debdiff be appropriate for an ia32-libs update?09:15
YokoZarI want to update ia32-libs one more time before release (including adding a lib) to close bug #182731 (specifically adding libasound2-plugins ), however a debdiff for that is obviously too big (since it would include the entire deb package as "source")...what can I do?09:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182731 in ia32-libs "Provide a lib32asound2-plugins package" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18273109:15
coolbhaviCan some one help me out please09:20
coolbhaviTake a look at this please http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63148/09:23
coolbhavihelp me anyone please09:23
james_wcoolbhavi: the diff can represent neither the symlink you added nor the changes you made to the binary .chr files09:26
james_wif you have to make these changes in the diff then you need to find another method, e.g. uuencode09:27
james_wotherwise you can make the changes at build time if that is possible.09:27
coolbhaviWhat to do to eliminate the error?09:27
coolbhaviPlease explain09:28
james_wcan you explain what changes you made to these files first?09:28
coolbhaviI was just trying to upgrade the package09:29
coolbhaviI made changes to the changelog09:29
coolbhavidch -i09:29
coolbhavithats all the changes I did09:30
coolbhavifirst I did apt-get source09:32
coolbhavithen downloaded the source new version from openwall09:32
coolbhavithen created a /debian source directory09:33
coolbhavithen cp -r the old version09:33
coolbhavithen debuild09:34
james_wit appears as if you are using the new source in the old directory or something09:34
coolbhavino I am in the new directory itself09:35
james_wwhat you can do is download and unpack the old version of the package, and download the new version of the tarball, and then run uupdate in the unpacked old package, passing it the path of the new tarball09:35
coolbhaviI moved it using mv09:37
coolbhaviI am following instructions in UPG09:37
coolbhaviUbuntu Packaging Guide09:37
coolbhaviOK I will delete those directories and try again afresh09:38
coolbhaviAnother doubt09:47
coolbhaviFrom where should we download new source? In this case from openwall right?09:48
james_wfrom wherever upstream releases it to.09:48
coolbhavinew upstream release is from openwall09:49
james_wyou could have a look at the package in Debian experimental09:51
coolbhaviThen how to update in ubuntu?09:53
james_wyes, if the Ubuntu changes should be kept09:53
coolbhaviOk Is my method of packaging wrong09:55
james_wI don't think so09:56
coolbhaviThen how to eliminate the error please... You mentioned the uupdate command09:58
coolbhaviI have done as you said now09:58
coolbhaviHow to use uupdate09:58
coolbhaviPlease explain09:58
* Hobbsee suggests the man page09:58
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emgentheya tseliot :)10:20
tseliotemgent: hi ;)10:20
coolbhavijames_w I did  uupdate --pristine john- as you said above but still same error10:22
coolbhaviany help?10:24
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pochuhmm, just thinking how ~ubuntu-universe-assistants would sound for the new "Ubuntu Contributing Developers" team11:14
pochupersia: ^11:14
FujitsuYay, a fix for the SDL+PulseAudio crackling: bug #21639711:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216397 in libsdl1.2 "sdl patch for better pulseaudio support" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21639711:19
dholbachYokoZar: does it only have a text diff?11:25
\shdholbach, YokoZar : talk to pitti about it, he can do easier uploads from canonical machines to DC...11:26
YokoZar\sh: good idea11:26
YokoZardholbach: adding a package to ia32-libs adds an entire .deb as "source"11:27
YokoZar(and also a source package)11:27
\shdholbach, fixing ia32-libs is *censored* from your local machine ,-)11:27
\shit's just like uploading a complete -server iso image :)11:28
dholbachtry asking in #ubuntu-devel11:28
\shScottK, Hobbsee, (or anyone from motu-release) can you ack bug #182731 pls asap :) thx :)11:31
YokoZarThank you for asking for me \sh :)11:32
\shYokoZar, *g* what do we do about the memory problem?11:33
YokoZar\sh: I don't see any sort of fix that doesn't involve hypnotizing the security team11:34
\shYokoZar, hmmmm........11:35
\shYokoZar, and as I understand it's only the lower 64k part of this prelink loader?11:35
YokoZarFrankly though, I'm not sure why Wine needs to reserve that range in particular...in part because I don't really know how memory addressing like that actually works11:36
YokoZar\sh: http://pastebin.com/m677dbe3d11:37
YokoZarIt's also a real longshot to get something like this: http://v86-64.sourceforge.net/11:39
YokoZarEven for Hardy + 1 I mean11:39
\shYokoZar, well, fun part: it's not amd64 only...11:39
\shshermann@wz-pc-006:~$ uname -a11:39
\shLinux wz-pc-006 2.6.24-16-generic #1 SMP Thu Apr 10 13:23:42 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux11:39
\shshermann@wz-pc-006:~$ wine Desktop/wr11:39
\shpreloader: Warning: failed to reserve range 00000000-6000000011:39
YokoZarRight.  Though I suspect DOS/win16 support will stay broken on amd64 even if we disabled the security11:40
\shYokoZar, yepp...but what should we do about hte bugs we have...won't fix -> and writing: "well, it's just a warning" or "confirmed: to be fixed in the future"? :)11:42
persiapochu: Better proposed to the mailing list, if it doesn't gather discussion here (and even if it does).11:42
coolbhaviuploaders dont have an ubuntu address error12:07
coolbhaviHow to overcome?12:08
coolbhaviAny one please12:08
\shcoolbhavi, what context...and where do you try to upload?12:08
coolbhaviI am trying to merge john the ripper12:09
coolbhavilatest version into ubuntu12:09
\shcoolbhavi, can you pastebin your output? (paste.ubuntu.com e.g.)12:10
coolbhavi\sh http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63163/12:12
\shcoolbhavi, ah this..12:14
\shif you add something as revision e-g- -XubuntuY you need to set an maintainer like Ubuntu Universe Developer <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>12:15
\shcoolbhavi, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebianMaintainerField12:16
AnAntHello, how can I add /var/cache/pbuilder/result/ to pbuilderrc's OTHERMIRROR ?12:16
coolbhavi\sh in the control file?12:17
\shcoolbhavi, yep12:17
\shAnAnt, you can't it's not an repository...12:18
AnAnt\sh: how can I make it a repository ?12:18
\shAnAnt, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Persona12:19
\shAnAnt, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Personal even12:20
coolbhavi\sh now its comming secret key not available12:20
\shcoolbhavi, did you add a changelog entry with dch ?12:20
coolbhavifor Bhavani Shankar i.e me12:20
\shcoolbhavi, you need to have a gpg key for yourself :)12:20
coolbhaviyes have it12:21
AnAnt\sh: thanks12:22
\shcoolbhavi, strange then12:24
\shAnAnt, welcome12:25
\shFujitsu, do you know, if it's possible to workaround the problem with w32codec dlls to write logfiles? e.g. while converting videos with vp6 codec in 2pass mode, the dll itself tries to write something to the disk..which doesn't work somehow when using this dll in linux....12:54
\shFujitsu, mplayer/mencoder issue that is12:55
Fujitsu\sh: I've no idea whatsoever12:55
\shFujitsu, me neither...I just ran into this very special problem :(12:56
\shnow I'm trying to workaround it using wine + windows mencoder ;)12:56
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pochupersia: thanks, done.13:09
persiapochu: Just as commentary, we maintain a dichotomy between "MOTU" and "Ubuntu Developers" for various reasons.  At Mountain View, there was discussion of deprecating the former in favor of the latter, and after Seville, the latter was determined to be an entitlement group, whereas the former would have members.13:17
Mirvcould someone approve bug 216211 ?13:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216211 in compizconfig-settings-manager "ccsm Finnish translation broken again" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21621113:17
LarstiQWhat needs to be done to get a rebuild for bug 128180 ?14:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 128180 in rpy "rpy import error at Gusty" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12818014:07
coolbhaviHello again14:08
coolbhaviBut nothing on my PPA?14:11
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coolbhaviIS PPA FROZEN?14:48
DarkMageZcoolbhavi, i think the packages have to compile first.14:49
Tonio_dholbach: ping ?14:49
coolbhavi<DarkMageZ> I have uploaded the package14:50
coolbhavibut no record of uploading the package14:51
DarkMageZhmm. odd. not sure.14:51
jdongcoolbhavi: how long dd you wait after uploading?14:52
coolbhavihi jdong an hr14:52
pochupersia: ok, I didn't know that. I prefer Mountain View's decision. But does that affect my name proposal in any way, or was it just for my information? :)14:52
coolbhaviI uploaded John the ripper latest version jdong14:53
coolbhavifor hardy14:54
coolbhavibut no mention of package on my ppa14:54
persiapochu: Just historical information.  I'm not convinced nomenclature isn't bikeshedding at this point, although I'd prefer to avoid either pure Mountain View or completely silly names.14:54
Hobbseecoolbhavi: did you get an acceptance mail?14:54
\shcoolbhavi, your public gpg needs to be attached to your LP account and your prefered mail address should be also on your gpg key uid14:55
jdong*sigh* stupid building wifi. They put 4 APs on the same ESSID reachable from the same room...14:57
jdongbut none allow me to communicate with a DHCP address from the other14:57
jdongso when madwifi tries to roam to the stronger AP... poof.14:57
pochupersia: I see. This has "Universe" so I don't think it's following Mountain View, and I don't think it's silly either, but YMMV14:59
pochuanyway, it's just a proposal and I don't mind if people doesn't like it :-)14:59
pochupeople doesn't or people don't?14:59
AstralJavaOne people (ie. the english) doesn't like, but people (person in plural) don't. Right?15:00
persiapochu: "people don't", although I'm only in that category in that I think there may be value to separate the "official" name from the "internal" name, rather than having any issues with the suggested name itself.15:00
persiaAstralJava: Yes, although "one doesn't like" or "one person doesn't like".  It takes two to make "people".15:01
AstralJavapersia: True.15:01
pochuAstralJava, persia: thanks15:04
pochupersia: I'm sorry but I don't think I get you... I don't understand how you would separate those...15:05
persiapochu: Hmm..  I'm not sure I'm up for a full explanation now, but by way of example, I am proud to be MOTU, and enjoy referring to MOTU as "Masters", but when I present myself in an official context related to Ubuntu, I tend to use the description "Ubuntu Developer" or "Developer".15:08
dholbachTonio_: pong15:09
persiaEssentially, the internal term is a little humourous, but not really incredibly professional.  I'd not like to lose the fun, but similarly, I'm not likely to use it on a business card.15:09
pochupersia: I see. So perhaps you would like to have a formal name in the wiki, but something not so formal for the Launchpad team name?15:09
persiapochu: That'd be my personal preference, but it really depends on the preferred identity of the members of the group.  I no longer believe I can speak well for that identity.15:11
dholbachI asked a few people for a new name - this is what I got up until now: http://daniel.holba.ch/blog/?p=11115:11
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persiadholbach: when the discussion dies out, would you mind mirroring the best to the mailing list?  Nice to see some fresh names though :)15:14
pochuI like this one from your blog :-)15:14
pochuFor something less serious than i.e. “Ubuntu Contributing Developer” or some such, I suggest: “Ubuntu Universe Astronaut”15:14
dholbachpersia: will do15:15
Tonio_TheMuso: may I ping you concerning bug 217266 ?15:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217266 in ubuntu "FeatureFreeze Exception for new package OBM" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21726615:20
Tonio_TheMuso: due to specific context (partnership between canonical and my company) this is a kind of emergency on my side :)15:20
bhavibondStill I cant get my package in PP15:32
bhavibondStill I cant get my package in PPA15:32
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mok0huh? I am trying to build a source package, but it fails with this: unable to get login information for username "mok" at /usr/lib/dpkg/controllib.pl line 64.16:18
mok0Of course, I don't exist in the chroot environment16:19
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stanipochu, ScottK, ScottK2: What should I do about bug #215714? I am afraid if the patch for python-nautilus get uploaded for Hardy in the last moment, there is no chance for Phatch to upload a patch as well. As a result nautilus integration for phatch will be broken.17:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215714 in nautilus-python "The path for python extensions should be reflect the 2.0 api" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21571417:18
pochustani: let me ask seb12817:24
stanipochu: thanks (I am bit nervous about it), also the bug report has a patch attached but I don't know if it is marked as such.17:25
bddebianHeya gang17:39
geserHi bddebian!17:45
stanipochu: I have to go. Please email me if you know more.17:46
bddebianHi geser17:47
mlindcould someone sponsor fix in bug #202343 ? asac basically gave ack for it18:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 202343 in opensc "mozilla-opensc firefox plugin not visible in FF3 (bad install directory)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20234318:37
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coolhow to i get started with packageing?18:57
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports18:59
stan1pochu: I am back19:55
sebnernorsetto: heya :D20:04
norsettosebner: heya20:04
sebnernorsetto: debdiff is ready. just testbuilding again20:04
norsettosebner: goodie goodie20:04
sebnernorsetto: And I really worked hard to make a nice looking debdiff so be nice :P20:05
norsettosebner: I'm always nice :-)20:06
sebnernorsetto: are smilies allowed in the changelog? ^^20:08
norsettosebner: good question, I never seen one myself, but if you have a reason I see no harm done20:10
sebnernorsetto: I want to thank you with a nice looking smilie ^^20:10
norsettosebner: no need then, just write "bugger norsetto" ;-)20:11
sebnernorsetto: but I'm afraid that I br0ke the debdiff xD And I replaced my conky folder with the original one to test but it's failing xD20:11
norsettosebner: what is it that broke?20:13
sebnernorsetto: a wired thing. The line " New upstream release from 1.5.1"20:13
norsettosebner: sorry, I don't get what you mean20:15
sebnernorsetto: nvm. I'll test something20:16
sebnernorsetto: fixed it ^^. I edited the debdiff manually and forgot to change the line numbers (what indicate what was chaned)20:17
sebnerand where20:18
norsettosebner: hmmm, editing a diff might not be easy, sometime is better to redo it from scratch20:19
sebnernorsetto: well, true but from mistakes we learn :)20:20
yoschhi MOTUs, anybody willing to help me fix #180011 by granting an exception for http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=ttf-ubuntu-title20:21
RainCTbug #18001120:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180011 in ttf-ubuntu-title "Lack of SFD source file breaks LGPL license and makes file unredistributable!" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18001120:22
sebnernorsetto: debdiff uploaded. I subscribed motu-release though *you* are a member of this team ^^ mind taking a look?20:23
norsettosebner: I will20:23
yoschthe finalfreeze email said "ask on irc", I talked with seb128 and he told me to ask one of you20:23
sebnernorsetto: How often did I thank you in the last days? ^^ Once again. Thanks :)20:24
norsettosebner: too many ;-)20:24
sebnernorsetto: well, you deserve it :D but if it annoys you ..20:24
yoschRainCT: what's the process I should follow now?20:28
RainCTyosch: subscribe motu-release to the bug report or ask someone of the motu-release team20:29
yoschRainCT: OK, motu-release subscribed. Now how do I do the asking?20:32
yoschsimply via IRC?20:33
RainCTyosch: yes, ping one of those https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release/+members or just wait for one of them to commment on the bug report20:34
yoschRainCT: motu-release or ubuntu-release?20:34
sebneryosch: is it in main or universe?20:35
yoschsebner: universe20:35
sebneryosch: ubuntu-release for main, motu-release for universe20:35
RainCTthen mout-release20:35
sebnerRainCT: :P20:35
yoschRainCT: alright got it. Thanks.20:35
sebnerRainCT: möhh ^^20:36
jdongholy crap the lzmafication of my backups takes a long time :(20:36
norsettosebner: I would delete the last remark in debian/changelog, thats normal procedure20:57
sebnernorsetto: ^^ k though I love to do it. Scott already gave a motu-release ack so you may want to upload it? Should I make a new debdiff you would you remove the *note ?20:58
norsettosebner: scott acked from a motu-release pov, you still need sponsoring, thats why I'm telling you20:59
sebnernorsetto: citat "You may want to upload it"20:59
norsettosebner: ok, I will rework the changelog but note that I'm still getting a warning21:00
sebnernorsetto: wired. Let me check it again21:00
norsettosebner: Conky: use_spacer should have an argument of left, right, or none.  'yes' seems to be some form of 'true', so defaulting to right.21:01
sebnernorsetto: That's another mistake. I think I should patch the whole conky.conf21:02
norsettosebner: note that we have use_spacer no in conky.conf ....21:02
sebnernorsetto: a wait. I patched it to "none"21:02
norsettosebner: are you sure that by patching the data/conky.conf you are actually patching the one installed in /etc/conky/conky.conf?21:03
sebnernorsetto: I installed the patched version and it patched my /etc/conky/conky.conf as well21:04
sebnernorsetto: what are exactly the steps to reproduce it?21:08
norsettosebner: well, the file in /etc/conky/conky.conf is different from data/conky.conf (which is installed in /usr/data/doc/conky/examples)21:08
norsettosebner: we should check the upstream Makefile to see how this is installed21:09
sebnernorsetto: but it got patched too /here O_o21:09
blueyedWhat status should bugs for ~motu-release have? Or aren't they ACKed, as long as motu-release is subscribed?21:09
blueyedbtw: I'd like to have an ACK for bug 217072 :)21:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217072 in popfile "Popfile is missing IMAP support contrary to description." [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21707221:09
sebnernorsetto: SUBDIRs: data .. wth?21:11
sebnernorsetto: it's really strange. So what do you do "exactly" whichs causes the warning?21:13
geserblueyed: I might be not uptodate on current processes but shouldn't bugs presented to ~motu-release be set to new and once ACKed by ~motu-release set by them to confirmed?21:13
blueyedgeser: I would have thought so, too, but the queue looks different.21:13
geserblueyed: you could try to ask norsetto (or any other from ~motu-release)21:15
norsettosebner: ok, got it21:16
norsettosebner:  it is considered (correctly) as a conf file, so its not replaced on upgrade21:17
blueyednorsetto: is there any special use of "Status" in the ~motu-release queue?21:17
cgilloglycan anyone help me backport pidgin form hardy to gusty...i'm trying to do my own backport since there nothing in the official repo yet21:17
norsettoblueyed: yes, new for non-acked requests and confirmed once accepted21:17
blueyednorsetto: ok. thanks.21:18
cgilloglyi've tried using prevu and it's having some dependency issues and i'm not very familiar with doing backports or building packages in general21:18
blueyednorsetto: which may be confusing btw, because it falls on the radar of triagers again then.21:20
norsettoblueyed: this is the precedure we have been using for as long as I can remember, triagers should be informed accordingly21:22
sebnernorsetto: Ah. I once reintalled conky. Maybe the next version I installed was already patched ... So debdiff is ok?21:23
blueyednorsetto: well, it's OK for me.. just a note.. triagers will see what's going on when looking at the bug, but might pick it by accident before.21:23
norsettosebner: yes, but I don't like this, we will keep the conf file forever, unless we purge21:24
norsettoblueyed: don't worry, we have a lonbg pointy stick21:24
sebnernorsetto: what other possibilities do we have? Since release is comming nearer and nearer21:24
norsettosebner: either using conffiles or maintainer scripts to manage installations/removals21:29
sebnernorsetto: since I have no knowledge about it and stress at school the next days we may have a problem21:29
norsettosebner: this should anyhow be done in concert with Kapil, best would be to send him an email telling him about the problem21:30
sebnernorsetto: yeah. but you know 10 days left21:31
norsettosebner: that will be for intrepid21:32
sebnernorsetto: ahh21:32
sebnernorsetto: ok then ^^21:32
=== bobbo_ is now known as bobbo
yoschnorsetto: do you have a minute to look at an exception request?21:47
norsettoyosh: let me finish the one I'm currently looking at, you are the next I believe21:47
norsettoyosch: let me finish the one I'm currently looking at, you are the next I believe21:48
yoschnorsetto: yep, no problem. thanks.21:48
norsettoyesch: you should at least provide the info in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess, note that the package in hardy right now is 0.2-0ubuntu1 while yours is 002.000-0ubuntu121:56
norsettoyosch: is the only change the addition of the SFD sources?21:58
norsettoyosch: you should at least provide the info in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess, note that the package in hardy right now is 0.2-0ubuntu1 while yours is 002.000-0ubuntu121:58
yoschnorsetto: it's a new upstream, what extra info should I add?21:58
norsettoyosh: then you need to change version accordingly21:59
norsettoyosch: then you need to change version accordingly21:59
* norsetto will type yosch name correctly once (hopefully)21:59
norsettoyosh: see the link for the info required22:00
* norsetto fails yet again22:00
norsettoyosch: see the link for the info required22:00
sebnernorsetto: conky already uploaded?22:01
yoschnorsetto: I'm looking at the page22:01
norsettosebner: yep22:01
sebnernorsetto: great. :)22:02
norsettoyosch: did you base your package on the current hardy one? In the changelog there is no mention of it22:02
pochunorsetto: have you tried 'yos<tab>' ? ;)22:04
norsettopocu: no (hehehe22:04
yoschnorsetto: it's a new release: the bug was that the source file was not available, the designer Canonical commissioned send the source file, I fixed the metadata and the readme according to the release decision from sabdfl, and made a new release from the tip of the branches hosted on LP: https://launchpad.net/ubuntutitle22:04
norsettoyosch: right, so it seems that there is a divergence from your branch and the archive22:05
yoschso we're going one step back then I'll work (within the fonts team) on merging the various community branches, also synced on the LP project22:05
yoschnorsetto: divergence? the diff with the current hardy package is rather larger yes. Or you mean something else?22:07
norsettoyosch: even a byte diff is a divergence to me22:08
yoschnow the LP project is the new upstream, and Canonical has clarified source availability, licensing and trademark issues, that's why we need the fixed package22:11
yoschwhat extra info do we need for the exception? I can attach the big diff to the bug.22:12
norsettoyosch: ok, but I think you should still base it on the hardy version or we have a problem with the consistency of the archive22:12
yoschBTW I had an ack in principle from cjwatson (whom I've been in contact with via email about this) earlier in #ubuntu-devel. He just had to focus on other bugs.22:13
yoschSorry I don't see what you mean. it's a new upstream.22:14
yoschnorsetto: sorry what do you mean when you say "base it on the hardy version"?22:18
norsettoyosch: base your package on the one we have in the repo, at least the changelog needs to have it in the history22:19
norsettoyosch: and debian copyright shall reflect the current upstream22:20
yoschit's a replacement package: new upstream location, new content, new structure. It made sense to not put changelog entries from before the bug was fixed.22:21
RainCTyosch: the old debian/changelog is still necessary if the package has the same name22:21
norsettoyosch: of course it does, unless you change the package name22:21
yoschright, a changelog entry then22:23
yoschwhat's the trouble with the debian/copyright?22:23
yoschit does reflect upstream22:24
norsettoyosch: you said the new upstream is the LP project22:24
yoschyou want a "it was downloaded from?"22:26
ajmitchyay, I actually have icons on the desktop & a desktop background now22:26
* ajmitch had a not-quite-smooth upgrade to hardy :)22:27
yoschthe copyright and license fields are there and there's a Homepage in debian/control . also the Vcs-* fields22:27
norsettoyosch: who is the copyright owner ?22:27
yoschcopyright owner is Canonical22:28
norsettoyosch: so why is canonical not upstream?22:28
yoschI had discussion with sabdfl on hosting this on LP for the LoCos to branch it22:28
yoschthe name of the designer commissioned by Canonical before it got hosted on LP is still there. I see no reason to drop it!22:30
yoschbut I can add a it was downloaded from ... if you want22:30
norsettoyosch: no, of course not, but you should add the current one22:30
yoschnorsetto: OK got it.22:31
yoschI'll add the needed changes22:31
norsettoyosch: ok, don't forget to set the status to new once finished or it may not be checked by a motu-release member22:33
yoschnorsetto: ok willdo. Thanks for the feedback.22:34
norsettoyosch: np22:34
norsettog'night folks22:35
=== fta_ is now known as fta
taconehello, I am looking for a way to learn and help. what should I do to get a mentor to help me a little bit ?23:55

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