asacJazzva: otherwise just tar everything up and upload it somewhere00:00
JazzvaIt's upgrading good so far00:00
asacJazzva: already pushing?00:00
Jazzvajust upgrading ... it should finish soon, I suppose00:00
JazzvaCopying content into repository. 3/400:00
asaci think i should write a book "learning by suffering" :)00:14
JazzvaYou wouldn't be the only one ;)00:14
asaci guess in 11 days i am going into a sanatorium ;)00:14
asacmental institution ;)00:15
JazzvaShouldn't you be attending the ubuntu-dev conference then :P?00:15
asacand write another book "get strong in 1 month - how to recover in a 6 month release cycle"00:16
asacJazzva: yeah ... in prague ;)00:16
asaci think its 3 weeks after release00:16
asac15th march or something00:16
JazzvaOh, good... You have the time for your "recovery" then :)00:16
asachehe ... yeah, i hope so00:16
JazzvaMore like may ;)...00:16
Jazzvanow I see another reason for shipping unarchived sources - no need to wait for that when you're searching for something :)00:17
asacright ;)00:18
asacthats the point00:18
asachow many ship .xpi files now?00:18
Jazzvawell, none so fart00:18
asaci had the feeling during review that most were disciplined  enough to extract and write a build.sh at least00:18
JazzvaTwo of them are shipping with .jar in chrome, (all-in-one-sidebar and mozilla-bookmarskftp), and lightning source is completely tarred00:19
asacyeah those are evil ;)00:19
Jazzvaespecially if you have to wait for unpacking :)00:20
asacbut we shouldn't raise the until we have acquired more contributors :)00:20
asacbut i think fta's script might be a good start that would allow us to autopackage and update our extensions00:20
asacso you really just need a qa contact that deals with upstream questions00:21
JazzvaYeah... that script is really handy :)00:21
asacand reads bugs :)00:21
asacwe could create a bzr branch where the qa contact could bump/sign off just the version info of his extension and the script would automatically notice that an update is required00:21
asacimport that in .upstream ... merge over ... and auto commit if no conflicts arise00:21
Jazzvathat would be nice :)00:22
* asac dreams 00:22
asaci think for extensions it makes sense to provide the latest crack as backports everywhere00:22
asacso we definitly would need a way to automize as much as possible00:22
JazzvaYep... that would make packaged extensions useful :).00:23
asacotherwise maintaining like 100*4 things can become quite painful00:23
Jazzvayou wouldn't have to wait for 6 months just to get a new version00:23
ftaonce again, such a script is easy to write. I even already have it, it's my buildbot00:23
asacexactly. i think the lack of latest crack is one of the main arguments why extensions are considered not-so-great-for packaging00:23
asacfta: ;)00:24
JazzvaYay :)00:24
* Jazzva admires fta's scripting powers00:24
asacfta: can we get those tools in a form that we can use them?00:24
ftaproviding some cleanup, sure00:25
Jazzva!version mozgest00:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about version mozgest - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:26
Jazzva!package mozgest00:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about package mozgest - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:26
asac!package mozgest hardy00:26
Jazzvafound it with apt-cache :)00:26
asaci never remember how this thing works00:27
asac!package mozgest/hardy00:27
asacJazzva: so did the push succeed?00:27
asacfta: reconnect?00:27
Jazzvaasac: still doing it ...00:27
fta_<asac> fta: can we get those tools in a form that we can use them?00:27
fta_<fta> providing some cleanup, sure00:27
asacyeah we got that.00:28
Jazzvaasac: it's slow00:28
fta_yep, #!?$ daily dsl reconnection00:28
asacJazzva: do you use bzr+ssh? and have pack-0.92 ?00:28
Jazzvayep and yep00:29
fta_http://arstechnica.com/articles/culture/reinventing-gtk.ars is worth the read00:29
asacgtk 3?00:29
Jazzvaasac, mozilla-mozgest should be dummy package depending on mozgest00:29
asacJazzva: why?00:29
asacdid we have mozilla-mozgest before?00:29
Jazzvamozilla-mozgest is an older version (1.5.2), while mozgest is 1.9.something00:30
JazzvaI suppose they are the same...00:30
asacJazzva: if so we also need versioned replaces: conflicts:00:30
asacJazzva: but lets first get data up00:30
asacthen file a bug against mozgest which i make a blocker so we can justify upload00:30
asacfta: did we close the packages-static review bug already?00:31
fta_you said you did00:31
asaci did. ok00:31
asaci thought so. just wasn't sure00:31
fta_i don't know00:32
asacbug 19434200:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194342 in xulrunner-1.9 "review make install target and package-static files" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19434200:32
asacstill open00:32
asacfta: let me look at official build if compare was run in b500:32
asaci think if its in build log we can really close this00:32
fta_it is now for sure: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13413793/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.xulrunner-1.9_1.9~cvs20080413t1131%2Bnobinonly-0ubuntu1~fta1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz00:33
fta_and http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13414046/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.firefox-3.0_3.0~cvs20080413t1131%2Bnobinonly-0ubuntu1~fta1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz00:34
asacfta: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6944/ thats xul output00:34
asaccan we sign that off?00:34
asacthe added files are definitly ok00:34
asaceverything else looks like chatzilla + windows00:34
asacwhats going on with chatzilla00:35
asacwhy is it build and then not included?00:35
asacfta: ?00:35
asaci want to document that in the bug when closing00:35
fta_i haven't looked closely enough00:36
asacfta: but chatzilla is not ment to be included anywhere i guess, right?00:37
asacyeah i think so00:37
fta_we get it from debian00:37
asacfta: ? is it a standalone xul package there now?00:37
fta_!info chatzilla hardy00:37
ubotuPackage chatzilla does not exist in hardy00:38
Jazzva!info mozilla-chatzilla hardy00:38
ubotumozilla-chatzilla (source: seamonkey): dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Chatzilla IRC client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.9+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 10 kB, installed size 84 kB00:38
asacfta: ok. i close the xulrunner-1.9 bug then.00:38
fta_hm, it's from sm1. so the debian one is gone now. the one from xul1.9 would be fresher, or even from AMO as a regular ff extension00:40
fta_but it's too late now00:40
asacthe xul application isn't really feature full00:41
asacso i think its ok to have just the extension now00:41
Jazzvaasac, what's the behavior of g-a-i if the desktop file contains an Icon field, but there is no icon? I wasn't able to find some icons, so I'm wondering should I set the Icon field to no icon.00:46
fta_assign a default one, the puzzle piece for example00:46
Jazzvahmm ... thanks, fta_ :)00:46
=== fta_ is now known as fta
* fta leaving. cu00:48
JazzvaHmm, g-a-i assigns package icon, if Icon field is set to none...00:48
Jazzvacu fta00:48
asacJazzva: thats ok00:49
asacfta: bye00:49
JazzvaYeah. But I setted a few Icon fields, but there's no icon... Wondering if it can handle that well too...00:49
asacJazzva: ;) ... no idea :). why not leave it empty?00:51
JazzvaOfftopic... I'm getting my first domain tomorrow/tuesday :). jazzva.net00:51
asacJazzva: you know how you can try?00:51
asacJazzva: congrats00:51
Jazzvacopy the desktop file to /usr/somewhate :)?00:51
JazzvaThanks :D...00:51
Jazzvaand then to launch g-a-i?00:52
asachmm ... cant you build the branch and install the .deb?00:54
asacthen you can start gnome-app-install --xul-extensions=firefox00:54
JazzvaI wouldn't really play with it until it finishes pushing :)...00:55
asacJazzva: yeah ;)00:55
asacJazzva: you copy the .desktop files to /usr/share/app-install/desktop/ and the icons to /usr/share/app-install/icons00:55
Jazzvatried that ... doesn't seem to work :/00:56
Jazzvado I need to reload the database (if it has any)?00:56
asacof course that would make your file system a bit dirty, but given that you will install a package soon with all those files that shold work00:56
asacJazzva: i don't think so00:56
asacbut not sure00:56
asaclet me see00:56
JazzvaI think I saw a message during the upgrades, that it's rebuilding something related to g-a-i, but not sure00:57
asacJazzva: /usr/sbin/update-app-install00:58
asacthats run by postinst00:58
Jazzvathanks, asac00:58
asacyou might want to run that after copy00:58
asacdamn thing00:59
asacgetting all .xpi's from mozilla server appears harder than expected00:59
Jazzvayay... pushed :)00:59
asacJazzva: maybe test and if it works for you ill tes ttoo ;)01:00
* asac branches01:00
Jazzvaworking :)01:01
Jazzvait shows adblock-plus, even if Icon field is set and icon is missing.01:01
JazzvaThat's good, this way we're able to set Icon fields now, and then add icons later01:01
Jazzva(though, it is easier to check which icons are missing if icon field is not set)01:01
asacJazzva: why is there no icon for adblock plus?01:02
JazzvaI didn't put it yet :)01:02
asacah now i remember ;)01:02
asacyeah ... sorry01:02
Jazzvathis was just an example ... :)01:02
asacperfect ... nautilus doesn't open ftp in its own anymore01:02
Jazzvabtw, I have 6 png/gif/jpg icons to be converted to jpg ... could you do it? If you have some time available :)01:02
asacnow i have to search for some other ftp client01:02
asacas normal ftp chokes on ftp.mozilla.org01:03
Jazzvamaybe I could try with imagemagick01:03
asacJazzva: is only jpg supported?01:03
asacafaik png should work fine as well01:03
asacor am i wrong?01:03
Jazzvawell, no. You said it would be cool to ship in xpm format01:03
JazzvaOops, I wrote jpg instead of xpm01:03
asacwhen did i say that? last relesae cycle?01:04
asachmm ... i don't think its needed anymore01:04
Jazzvahmm ... oke01:04
asacxpm support was even dropped in ffox01:04
JazzvaI need to rename mozilla-mozgest to mozgest :)01:04
Jazzvaumm... ok01:04
asacJazzva: is ubufox itself in that app-install-dat apackage ?01:06
JazzvaI think it is...01:06
asac(just curious)01:06
asacyeah fine01:06
asachmm branching your branch is really slow :/01:06
asacyou sure its pack-0.92 now?01:06
Jazzvaall the commits?01:06
asacjust branch ;)01:06
JazzvaStandalone tree (format: pack-0.92)01:07
asacJazzva: what size does the .bzr directory have?01:07
Jazzvalemme see01:07
Jazzvaoh, 49.7MB :)01:07
asacand everything?01:07
asace.g. whats the raw data size?01:07
asacok thats ok then i guess01:08
asacshould be faster though imo (the initial branching)01:08
asacbut maybe launchpad is just slow today01:08
Jazzvalet's hope that's the reason ;)01:08
JazzvaOk, I'll add the rest of the icons now :)01:08
Jazzvaicons pushed (rev 542)01:17
JazzvaShould I submit bugs for extensions shipped with xpi/chrome/*.jar?01:19
Jazzva*report bugs01:19
asacJazzva: not high prio but would be good01:24
asacgreat. thanks. pulling update01:25
JazzvaIt was a pleasure :)01:25
Jazzvaasac, another offtopic ... Do you think I could apply for a motu soon? Do you think my skills have improved enough?01:26
asacgood question.01:27
asacJazzva: i think what is missing is that you do a few merges, when the doors open - i think you dropped out when hardy started?01:28
JazzvaWell, I did five for hardy, I think01:29
asacJazzva: you skills in bzr and all this stuff are definitly good enough and probably far better than of lots of MOTUs ;)01:29
asacJazzva: i would vouch for you. but i am not alone :)01:29
Jazzvahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jazzva , three merges, two syncs :)01:30
JazzvaYay, thanks :D...01:30
Jazzva(I still need to update my wiki page, according to some rules...)01:30
Jazzvaasac, what do you suggest? :)01:32
JazzvaI would like to continue working with mozilla team, too. I really like it here :).01:33
asacJazzva: feel free to. ill ask dholbach and show him your wiki page01:40
JazzvaHeh ... Ok, I'll update it then :)01:41
Jazzvabtw, there's a little bug with mozgest I found now ... it's simple to fix, the contents of chrome dir is not jarred before packaging. I'll upload diff soon01:42
JazzvaIs it ok if I do it?01:42
asacJazzva: why is that a bug?01:46
JazzvaIt's not loading chrome components...01:46
asacJazzva: thats ok if the chrome.manifest doesn't refer to .jar file01:46
asace.g. chrome is not required to be jarred01:46
Jazzvait's reffering01:46
asacJazzva: at best push a branch01:47
asacbase don ~ubuntu-dev one01:47
Jazzvaasac, subscribed firefox-extensions01:52
Jazzvabug 21649401:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216494 in mozgest "all blank with mozgest" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21649401:53
asacJazzva: ok thanks. ill do that tomorrow02:07
asacnow sleep :)02:07
JazzvaOk... I'm off too... good night02:07
Jazzvaasac, I forgot to upload the changelog for app-install-data. I pushed the new revision to http://code.launchpad.net/~jazzva/app-install-data-ubuntu/ubuntu.mozilla-extensions (rev 543)02:34
JazzvaNow I'm off to sleep :)02:35
Jazzva...and corrected version number (rev 544) :)02:36
jetsaredimasac: need the two-minute refresher on updating the upstream03:44
=== asac_ is now known as asac
carlosasac: hi08:53
asaccarlos: hi!08:56
carlosasac: did you have time to test your part of the language pack script with latest export?08:57
asaccarlos: not sure if its latest language pack export. i exported my own on sat and used that09:01
asaccarlos: did anything change? structure?09:01
carlosit changes from the tarball you got on saturday09:03
carlosand it includes .xpi files09:03
carlosfor en-US09:04
carlosbut it uses the layout we agreed09:04
asaccarlos: hmm ... is the _big_ tarball online yet?09:12
carlosasac: yeah, that's the one I asked whether you did tests with ;-)09:12
asaccarlos: let me upload ubufox. then i go back to translations :)09:14
carlosasac: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/'+latest-delta-language-pack09:14
carlosthat link gives you latest language pack with updates since previous base package09:15
carlossorry, bad link...09:15
asacyeah i figure09:16
* asac downloads base pack again :)09:16
carlosand this other: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+latest-full-language-pack is when we do a full export, which includes all translations (for firefox this is not yet true given that we started exporting firefox recently)09:16
asacoh s the delta would be enough?09:17
carlosasac: the idea is that the delta one will include only languages with changes09:17
carlosasac: right now, yes09:17
asaccarlos: but complete files or diffs?09:17
carlosasac: after next base package is exported, you will need both if you want a full export with latest updates09:17
asaccarlos: lol09:17
carlosasac: complete files09:17
asaci mean that delat pack is not really a win ;)09:17
asacits 185M09:17
asacthe other was 443M09:18
asacok fair enough09:18
asacbut still not a mini-delta ;)09:18
carlosasac: well, that's just because we need to do a new base refresh (which happens before latest release)09:18
carlosasac: btw, if you upload ubufox, will I get template + translations?09:19
carlosdid you prepare that package already?09:19
asaccarlos: no ubufox will be in intrepid sorry.09:20
asaccarlos: midbrowser might get template though09:20
asaccarlos: but i have to discuss that with intel folks. i think we will do that for hardy.109:21
carlosasac: ok09:21
[reed]why do you all feel that you need to re-translate all the Firefox strings when we already localize in 40+ languages? how many locales does Ubuntu support?09:30
asac[reed]: we don't retranslate.09:31
asacwe supplement09:31
[reed]supplement what? the ubufox-specific strings?09:32
asacnew languages.09:32
asac[reed]: thats the idea. in pratice we had some issues with figuring the right context during import so we have to manually approve a few strings per translation ... but the suggestions are from the upstream translation09:33
asacand we use upstream translations for those that are not complete obviously09:33
asac[reed]: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/firefox-3.0/+pots/firefox09:34
asacso there are already _new_ languages started ;)09:34
asacobvioulsy those won't be ready for release. but anyway ;)09:34
* [reed] goes back to doing homework09:35
asacyeah. when everything works find we give them back of course ;)09:36
asachave fun09:36
asaccarlos: wanna test to extract es.tar.gz on top level dir and see if tere are any bugs in es?09:45
carlosasac: sure09:46
asaccarlos: wait a sec :)09:46
asaccarlos: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/translations.tar.gz there is a es.tar.gz inside09:48
asacyou have to extract that in /09:48
asacbut look in to the content so you are sure you don't wipe anthing else .)09:48
asaccarlos: ok i started it ... everything appears to be properly translated. only things that are broken are accesskey09:50
asaccarlos: you think you can go through the UI and see where he accesskeys are (X) in the ui and try to choose the right one?09:50
asacif thats done i can whitelist es as locale that will be launchpadized :)09:50
carlosasac: should I restart firefox?09:52
asaccarlos: works?09:52
* carlos restarts...09:53
asaccarlos: is your desktop es ?09:53
asacgood ;)09:53
asacmine is not german ;)09:53
carlosit detects both language packs09:53
carlosand looks like Spanish application :-P09:54
asaccarlos: yeah09:54
asaccarlos: you see he broken accesskeys?09:54
asaclike next to archivo09:54
carlosgrrr,, I really hate those translators that use File (_F)....09:54
asacits still "F"09:54
carlosit should be just _File (in Spanish _Archivo)09:54
asacand the Ctrl+W09:54
asaccarlos: thats not that way09:54
asaccarlos: its just displayed that way09:55
asacaccess key is "F" ... and F is not found09:55
carlosI see09:55
asacthose mozilla displays it next to the word09:55
asacif you set accesskey to "A" it would work09:55
carlosbut seems like the problem is that we only get English access keys09:55
asaccarlos: well ... someone confirmed them09:55
asaccarlos: not sure about "only get english access keys" i had the feeling that a few were correct in german09:56
asacbut not sure09:56
asaci definitly had to go over all accesskeys and command keys and fix them properly09:56
carlosasac: let me see whether I can get a Spanish translator to fix it...09:56
asaccarlos: is there _any_ way a translator could search for lets say "accesskey" ?09:57
carlosnot in the UI09:57
asaccarlos: maybe by exporting the .po and importing a .po as translation again?09:57
asacdoes that work?09:57
carlosbut they can get the .po file, fix it and upload it back09:57
asaccarlos: anyway ... es is a good whitelist candiate09:58
carlosasac: anyway, I only see that problem 5 times in the UI09:58
asaccarlos: thats good. but it doesn't mean that the others are correct and match the ones used in upstream .xpi09:59
asac(not that we can't live with that for now)09:59
carloswell, once we kill the problem that not all upstream translations are accepted automatically10:00
carlosthose divergences should be easy to detect and fix10:00
asaccarlos: hopefully :)10:00
asaccarlos: there is also a broken accesskey in context menu of download manager10:01
asacand in the "organizer" menu of the bookmakr manager10:02
asac(deshacer and eliminar have a broken key there)10:02
carlosasac: given that the text is displayed, I think is "easy" to know the key to press10:04
carlosbut yeah, I will try to get that fixed by a Spanish translator ASAP. Anyway, if we deploy the xpi files, they will see it and fix it also as soon as they see it ;-)10:04
asaccarlos: if that key is wrong then there is no way to press the right key - but i think thats what you ment :)10:05
asaccarlos: well ... ill blog about it ... i will not whitelist any language that still has broken ui elements10:05
asacbecause of trademark deals we have with firefox10:06
asacill blog and post intructions how translators can test themselves10:06
asacso if lets say 4 more languages are ready in hardy + 1 month i can whitelist them at that point.10:07
asacand so on10:07
asaccarlos: but spanish looks good so far :)10:07
asacexcept the accesskeys, but i am sure we get that sorted for release10:07
asacgerman is definitly good as well.10:07
asacill look at swedish, chinese and a few more that are already "finished"10:08
asacobviously chinese is hard for me to guess ;)10:08
asacbug 18849210:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188492 in ubiquity "console-setup/layoutcode settings are ignored" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18849210:49
asacArneGoetje: do you know if jimmy found a solution for his broken website? :-P10:59
ArneGoetjeasac: nope11:10
* asac lunchtime11:41
asacbug 4201912:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 42019 in grub-installer "installer: grub password not verified" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4201912:10
fta2asac, the url from yesterday is not crashing on ati and intel. just nvidia. kind of strange.12:56
asacfta2: pleaes try XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps12:59
asacfta2: i have the feeling that thats the problem :)12:59
asacfta2: there have been other wierd crashers reported with nvidia 8400 and 860013:04
asacdo you have such a card?13:04
fta27600 GS13:04
asacfta2: bug 21264813:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212648 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "[nvidia-new] a visit to http://www.themareks.com/xf/ in firefox hardy causes X to restart" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21264813:05
asacdo you see that crash as well?13:05
fta2i will test tonight, my nvidia is at home13:05
asacyeah sure13:05
=== rzr is now known as rZr
asaccarlos: you see why no.po is not exported for firefox translation domain?13:53
asaccarlos: its in xulrunner though13:53
carlosasac: actually.. no.po is a mistake13:54
asaccarlos: yeah13:54
carlosasac: no.po must not be exported ever, it's deprecated13:54
asaccarlos: ok ... whats its langcode?13:54
carlosnn and nb are the new ones, seems like I did a mistake13:55
asacnb-NO ?13:55
carlosasac: the original one, yes13:55
asaccarlos: how do you map those?13:55
carloshowever, they should move to use nb and nn directly...13:55
carlosbut I understand we should be compatible with upstream13:55
asaci now face the problem that the xpis have nb-NO and the export only nb :(13:55
carlosasac: didn't we agree that you will do such mapping in your side?13:55
asaccarlos: can't remember. but i can certainly map that.13:56
asaccarlos: however i need a complete mapping file or something :(13:56
asaccarlos: how do you deal with that when importing translations?13:57
carloses -> es-ES, fy -> fy-NL, ga -> ga-IE, gu -> gu-IN, nb -> nb-NO, nn -> nn-NO, pa -> pa-IN, pt_BR -> pt-BR, pt -> pt-PT, sv -> sv-SE, zh_CN -> zh-CN, zh_TW -> zh-TW13:57
asacbut can we really map in that direction?13:57
carlosasac: except for pt-BR, en-* and zh-* the rest of languages don't need a country difference13:58
carlosthe use of a country code is a waste of resources13:58
asaccarlos: so now i give pitti a es.tar.gz with es-ES inside?13:59
asacwill that work?13:59
carlosGNOME, KDE and other big projects share translations between countries (like Spanish and French) except for languages that are really different, like Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese13:59
asacor will we miss some es-XX folks13:59
carlosasac: well, that depends on firefox i18n infrastructure14:00
carlosin gettext14:00
carlosif you ship es_ES.po, only people from Spain get those translations14:00
carloswhile es.po is shared between all countries14:00
asaclet me see14:00
carlosI don't know how firefox handle that, though14:00
asacok let me install the es-ES.xpi and see if it works when i start with LANG=es14:01
asaccarlos: ok appears to work14:02
asacfinally i have luck ;)14:02
asaci can start with LANG=es-XX firefox14:02
asacand still get the es-ES translation14:02
asacapparently firefox tries to be smart and tries more specific options if they exist14:03
asaccarlos: whats a valid es country code?14:03
asaces-AG ?14:03
carlosfor libc14:04
asaccarlos: can we remove the no thing then?14:05
asacfrom the export?14:05
asacok let me try if mexican folks get english or spanish :)14:05
asacok they appear to be spanish ;)14:05
asacat least thats good14:05
carlosyeah, I'm going to open a task in Launchpad translations to remove it completely from the UI14:06
carlosand the database14:06
asaccarlos: ok, but it probably won't hurt if i produce a no.tar.gz for pitti, right?14:07
asaci mean he should to use it?14:07
asacinstead he takes the nb.tar.gz + nn.tar.gz14:07
asacs/he should to/he should not/14:07
carlosright, there should not be any language pack for 'no' code14:08
carlosbut better if you confirm it with him14:08
asaccarlos: i have es-AR as .xpi14:27
asacdo we have a langpack for that?14:28
asaccarlos: ok i have blacklisted ^no$ and have this mangling function in place ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/6994/15:03
asaccarlos: help!15:29
asacwhat is en.po ?15:29
asacjust blacklit?15:29
carlosasac: yeah15:30
carlosa side effect of the tricks we are doing...15:30
carlosabout es-AR... that's the kind of waste efforts I told you15:30
carlosbtw, from the link you gave me15:31
carlosasac: are you going to generate es.xpi files ?15:31
asaccarlos: i generate es.tar.gz :)15:31
carlosor is just a way to say 'look for es.po' ?15:31
asacand currently i also have es-AR.xpi15:31
asactar.gz i mean15:31
asacshouldn't hurt if there is not langpack for that imo15:32
asaccarlos: for things that come from launchpad we will automaticall yhave the right codes (launchpad codes)15:32
carlosisn't that any problem with the agreement we have with Mozilla?15:32
asaccarlos: for things that use upstream .xpi directly (everything not whitelisted) i am doing the mangling above15:32
carlosasac: I prefer to do it in that way, but just want to be 100% sure ;-)15:33
asaccarlos: its like this:15:33
asaclets say we don't whiteliste es15:33
asacthen we would ship es-ES in es.tar.gz15:33
asaccarlos: i am not sure about mozilla ... if they don't complain we should not make a fud out of it imo.15:34
asacwillguaraldi: fta complained about miro trunk taking about 25 seconds to startup ... might this be due to  a big sqlite db?16:12
asacfor me latest 1.2 starts up quick (like 2-3 seconds)16:12
asachowever fta2's database was about 10-15 times larger16:13
willguaraldiasac: yeah.  the larger your database of channels and items, the longer it takes to start up.16:19
willguaraldiasac: it's a problem we need to fix at some point, but will likely require some rearchitecture.16:19
asacwillguaraldi: ok ... so not just a missing index?16:21
willguaraldiasac: well...  the problem is that we've got an object database.  so we load the whole database into memory at startup.16:24
willguaraldii wasn't around when they implemented that, so i don't really know why it was built that way.16:25
asacwillguaraldi: okay ;)16:25
willguaraldiit's definitely a problem.  i think bdk was looking into rearchitecture options, but was sidetracked into a different rearchitecture problem we have.16:26
asacwhich is?16:26
willguaraldirendering items in the item list takes a long time.16:27
willguaraldimany problems, not enough devs to deal with them.16:28
willguaraldiasac: bdk figured out a patch for the drag and drop problem with the gtkx11 platform with xulrunner 1.9.  i'm going to check that in today.16:29
willguaraldiasac: i have a question for you, though.  it looks like in your patches, you renamed one of the files.  so the 80_xul patch involves deleting a file and re-adding it.  it makes it really hard to figure out what changes you guys have for that file.16:30
willguaraldiasac: any idea why that's there?16:30
fta2.c vs .cpp16:31
willguaraldii think it's a .cc file, not a .c file.16:32
willguaraldii'm pretty sure that .cc is a valid extension for C++ files.16:33
asacwillguaraldi: its because the standalone glue now needs to include gtkmozembed_glue.cpp16:33
asacwillguaraldi: but i think its not required anymore as 1.2 worked for me without changes16:33
willguaraldiasac: what's the standalone glue?16:33
willguaraldialso, that sounds like a new file altogether...  not a renamed file.16:34
asacwillguaraldi: if you embed gecko you have to use the standalone glue ... if you write a component that gets embedded in gecko you use the dependent glue :)16:34
willguaraldiasac: funky.16:34
asacwillguaraldi: gtkmozembed symbols are hidden nowadays ... and you can only get them by #include <gtkmozembed_glue.cpp> in your file that startsup mozilla16:35
asacwillguaraldi: howver, our python uses the standalone glue so if you first run into python and then load your C libs you should be fine16:35
asacwithout using standalone glue16:35
* willguaraldi nods.16:35
asaci guess that you changed to order and thats why its now working with just libxul16:35
asacstartup order16:35
willguaraldimmm...  i think on gtkx11, it's always been a python application.16:36
asacwillguaraldi: in intrepid we will provide two options for python: mozembed_standalone and _dependent ... so you don't run into those issues anymore.16:36
asacwillguaraldi: sorry i might be out of context. don't you mix python with native code=16:36
asacthought miro was one of the cases that did this ;)16:37
willguaraldimy nomenclature might be wrong.16:37
willguaraldii'm a little new to this side of the app.16:37
asacactually ... i though that you have a python application that also has some native bindings (e.g. for gtkmozembed)16:38
willguaraldiyes, i think that's right.16:38
asacright. i think in 1.1 the native binding was loaded _before_ the python module was included.16:39
asacin 1.2 its different ... as it now works16:39
asacnot sure about trunk16:39
asacfta2: do we still have a patch?16:39
willguaraldi1.2 is derived from trunk.16:39
fta2asac, nope. not anymore16:40
fta2my branch is on lp16:40
willguaraldiso...  are .cc files with C++ code in them bad?16:41
asacwillguaraldi: no .cc files _are_ c++ files17:11
asacits a bit confusing17:12
asacCC stands for C compiler in make17:12
asacCXX for C++ :)17:12
asacbut .cc extension is definitly c++17:12
willguaraldiok, that's what i thought.  i don't have the patches in front of me, but i'm pretty sure the file that the 80_xul patch is renaming is MozillaBrowserXPCOM.cc .  i think you can take the renaming out of the patch.17:15
asacwillguaraldi: we don't need to rename anyway anymore :)17:16
asacwillguaraldi: if i renamed it then because you compiled .cc file with gcc not g++17:16
asacso the confusion might have started on your side17:16
asacbut better forget about this ... apparently we don't need any patch anymore17:17
willguaraldioh, i'm not placing blame anywhere.  i just wanted to talk about what's in the patches so i can figure out what i can absorb into the source here to reduce the work you folks have to do.17:17
willguaraldii don't see "gcc" or "g++" in the setup.py file.  maybe it was a change in distutils between python 2.4 and 2.5?17:19
willguaraldino biggie, though.  i'm going to try to put out a 1.2.3 rc0 today.  do you want me to send you the revision numbers for the "fix" that fixes drag and drop and then you can absorb it into your packages?17:20
mlindasac: ping? bug #202343 updated.17:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 202343 in opensc "mozilla-opensc firefox plugin not visible in FF3 (bad install directory)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20234317:39
asacmlind: lookig17:42
asacmlind: mime-type is important17:43
mlindasac: I though so, what would be the correct value?17:43
asacmlind: the mimetypes you see in about:plugins17:43
mlindasac: ah, okay17:43
mlindasac: Security modules supposed to show in about:plugins ?17:48
asacmlind: no idea17:51
asacif they serve any mime type then probably yes17:51
asacotherwise its not really a plugin imo17:51
asacmlind: is it not in there?17:56
mlindasac: nope.17:57
asacmlind: does it work?17:57
mlindasac: I don't actually have a device to test this, but security module loads and registers without errors17:58
asachow do oyu see that?17:58
mlindasac: in FF's "Security Devices" dialog17:58
mlindasac: /usr/lib/opensc-pkcs11.so loads okay, but card reader status is "not present"18:00
mlindasac: maybe leave the Xb-Npp headers stuff out as the module doesn't seem to serve any mime type?18:02
asacmlind: yes thats ok then18:04
mlindasac: okay, I'll submit a new debdiff and leave the Xb-Npp stuff out. Thanks.18:06
asacmlind: thanks18:07
asacmlind: let me know when ready18:07
mlindasac: okay, debdiff in bug #202343 should be good to go18:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 202343 in opensc "mozilla-opensc firefox plugin not visible in FF3 (bad install directory)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20234318:25
asacmlind: ask for an uploader in -motu ... if there is none ill upload later today18:32
mlindasac: will do18:35
Mirvasac: whose job it's to put the translated versions of the firefox start page (that are available in ubuntu-docs and pointed to by ubufox translations) in place to start.ubuntu.com?20:11
Mirv(since the translations were now lost with the hybrid start page)20:17
asacMirv: which translation got lost?20:30
Mirvasac: Firefox start page translations, ubufox now switched to some hybrid start page model and ignores the ubufox URLs that pointed to ubuntu-docs' translated versions of the index.html20:45
asacMirv: yes20:46
asacMirv: do you have a langpack installed?20:46
asaclike finnish?20:47
Mirvok, I had that on an another computer, will try with it and the new ubufox20:48
asacMirv: what do you see in location bar?20:48
Mirv(quickly chrome://something and then start.ubuntu.com/8.04)20:48
asacMirv: you will only get the translated page according to the translation you use20:48
asacMirv: yes, thats the online page20:48
asacit will always use the language you have in firefox20:48
asacbut even the local page should be detected properly20:49
asacto see that you have to disable disc caching in firefox about:config20:49
asacstop firefox20:49
asacdisable networking in network manager20:49
asacstart firefox20:49
asacthat should go to index-LANGCODE.html20:49
asacArneGoetje: scim is popping up again :(20:50
asacctrl+pgup -> scim pops up :/20:50
asacnow it pops up whenever i push ctrl20:50
asacand exit does only prevent that temporarily20:51
Mirvasac: ok. retried. offline start page good, online start page bad. so my question was actually still relevant, who should get the translated home pages up to start.ubuntu.com (and do some language detection somewhere)?20:51
Mirvasac: anyway, good that the offline start page is still working as it should be20:54
asacMirv: this is all a "last minute action" ... the guy told me that he now also has index.html.fi20:55
asaccan you retry?20:55
asacMirv: we are establishing a process to maintain that home page in a bzr reop20:55
Mirvasac: yeah, I see. it's easier to fix the online part anyway than the offline part.20:56
asacMirv: right. does it work now?20:56
Mirvasac: retried, English still. I can manually open the index.html.fi, though, but some configuration is still not there.20:56
asacMirv: is firefox in finish now?20:57
Mirvasac: yes, and offline page is shown as finnish and Finnish is selected in Firefox's preferred languages20:57
Mirv(ie. other pages that are aware of multiple languages work)20:57
asacok i asked him to come here20:57
Mirvnewz2000: oh, it's you, hi :)20:58
asachi newz2000 !20:58
newz2000hey Mirv20:58
newz2000long time no chat20:58
Mirvnewz2000: yep, doing so great at canonical's data centre...20:58
Mirvnewz2000: anyway, browser doesn't automatically show index.html.fi yet20:58
newz2000Mirv: just to be safe, can you try a shift+reload?20:58
Mirvnewz2000: yes.20:59
MirvI also disabled (again) disk cache and started browser again.20:59
asacMirv: can you install http liveheaders extension and tell us whats in accept-language20:59
Mirvok, just a sec20:59
asac(warning: unqualified comment)20:59
asacMirv: the package ... no idea if upstream has updated the maxversion yet21:00
Mirvnope, they haven't. what was the key to override it?21:00
asacMirv: install the package ;)21:01
asacMirv: mozilla-livehttpheaders21:01
Mirvapt is my friend, yes. Accept-Language: fi21:02
asacnewz2000: ^^21:02
asacsounds like .fi should match then21:03
newz2000yeah, testing now21:03
MirvContent-Location: index.html.en21:03
asaccrazy ... i wondered why i have so much space on my 12" screen ... now i noticed that gnome-panel is gone :/21:03
asaclol ... full screen mode ;)21:04
asacok started in english ...21:04
asacverified that cache is enabled21:04
asacnow trying german :)21:05
asacso its not a general regressoin at least21:05
newz2000yeah, let me trying bypassing the frontend proxy21:06
asacnewz2000: maybe the cache now remembers (because we already tried) and the server is broken :)21:06
newz2000right, that's my theory21:06
newz2000nope, not so simple apparently21:08
ArneGoetjeasac: did you enable 'complex script support' in language-selector?21:09
asacArneGoetje: i did do nothing ;) ... what i did was a reboot after the latest upgrades ;)21:10
ArneGoetjeasac: nothing has changed in scim21:10
asacyeah ;) ... no idea when i rebooted last time21:10
asaclet me check language selector21:11
ArneGoetjeasac: what does 'im-switch -l' say?21:11
asacArneGoetje: ok i start language selector and get "the language support is not installed completely"21:11
asaclooks like i never used that menu21:11
asacArneGoetje: yeah21:12
asacArneGoetje: its enabled21:12
asacdon't ask me why21:12
ArneGoetjeasac: disable it and relogin21:12
asacArneGoetje: sure. i managed to get rid of it for this session (dont ask me how)21:12
asacArneGoetje: is there a key combination that would enable that?21:12
asac(by accident)?21:12
* newz2000 contacts server admins for ideas21:13
ArneGoetjeasac: crtl+space, alt+grave, crtl+shift, crtl+pg up/down21:13
asacArneGoetje: he? that will switch "complex scripts" on?21:13
asaci use ctrl+space in emacs all the time ;)21:14
ArneGoetjeasac: no. they enable scim when 'complex scripts' is enabled.21:14
asacArneGoetje: why is that cluttered on all kind of key combinations?21:14
asacinstead of one?21:14
asaci use ctrl+pgup/down also frequently in my daily workflow21:15
ArneGoetjeasac: FYI: crtl+space and alt+grave toggle scim on/off. crtl+space is the chinese way and alt-grave is the japanese way.21:15
asaci wonder how much pain scim users support ;)21:15
Mirvnewz2000: if I manually go to index.html.de, I see in headers Content-Language: de, de, but if I go to index.html.fi I don't see Content-Language21:16
ArneGoetjeasac: crtl+shift / shift+crtl and crtl+pgup / crtl+pgdown flip through the available input methods in scim. As the default (when turned off) is your native keyboard, flipping one up or down will automatically enable scim and select the next/previous input method.21:16
asacMirv: yeah looks like fi is not known in the default lang mapping file most likely installed ;)21:17
ArneGoetjeasac: CJK users expect that behaviour, so no pain here. ;)21:17
asacthats my guess21:17
asacArneGoetje: is there an easy way for me to see if that i am looking at http://start.ubuntu.com/8.04/index.html.zh_CN vs. http://start.ubuntu.com/8.04/index.html.zh_TW?21:19
ArneGoetjeasac: ?21:19
asacArneGoetje: lets do it simple ;) ... install both language packs please ... and start firefox a)with TW ...and b) with CN ... and tell us if the online startpage shows the right language ;)21:20
ArneGoetjeasac: ah...21:20
asacthere is where oyu can install ffo xlangpacks ;)21:20
newz2000Mirv: is https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ in finish or english?21:27
Jazzvawow... There's a serbian langpack. Didn't know it existed. First time I see FF in serbian :).21:27
Jazzva(sorry for interruption)21:28
asacJazzva: from upstream?21:30
asacwhats its langcode?21:31
newz2000Mirv: I think the start page now shows up right for fi21:31
JazzvaFollowd the link you provided21:32
ArneGoetjeasac: hmm... even when I start firefox in zh_TW locale, it still shows up the english page by default.21:32
Mirvnewz2000: help.ubuntu.com English21:32
Mirvnewz2000: yes, start.ubuntu.com is now Finnish! thanks!21:32
newz2000sweet. I'll check the list of languages and compare to apache's config and see which ones apache doesn't like.21:32
asacArneGoetje: is firefox in zh_TW?21:32
newz2000(Ng gets credit for this fix)21:32
asacnewz2000: ^^21:33
newz2000let me test21:33
asacnewz2000: maybe check the config first ;)21:33
Mirvnewz2000: ok, great, and thanks to Ng too. should help.ubuntu.com be fixed similarily too (in some future)?21:33
asacfaster than test ;)21:33
newz2000Mirv: I'll report it21:33
ArneGoetjeasac: I switched the whole system to zh_TW in langauge-selector.21:33
asacArneGoetje: well ... that means nothing21:33
asacArneGoetje: important is that firefox is translated21:34
newz2000zh_TW is en21:34
asacnewz2000: ok21:34
ArneGoetjeasac: looking in firefox settings-> preferred languages lists zh_TW at the top like expected.21:34
Mirvasac: thanks for invoking newz2000. he's the guy who (had to) spent (way too) much time on keeping ubuntu-fi.org running when we were on worse servers than nowadays21:34
asacArneGoetje: how does the UIlook like?21:34
asacMirv: ;)21:34
ArneGoetjeasac: chinese21:34
newz2000Mirv: this is a fun project. Wait until you see the final result. ;-)21:34
asacArneGoetje: ok ... i think its not yet supported server side then :)21:35
ArneGoetjeasac: the UI is correctly translated into zh_TW21:35
ArneGoetjeasac: probably21:35
asacyeah ;)21:35
ArneGoetjeasac: so, what did you want to test with the zh_* Ubuntu pages?21:37
asacArneGoetje: just figure if they are properly mapped. newz2000 wasn't sure, but now we have this config problem to sort out first21:37
ArneGoetjeasac: config problem?21:38
newz2000apache doesn't like some languages21:38
ArneGoetjeah.. so you mean the apache config problem?21:39
asacArneGoetje: the reason why its in english for you still ;)21:39
newz2000ArneGoetje: what is your preferred language?21:39
ArneGoetjebut when I start FF in zh_TW locale, the setting in FF lists zh_TW as preferred language21:40
newz2000and zh_TW isn't working?21:40
ArneGoetjenope, it shows the en page21:40
newz2000there are 68 langs so I'll script it to see which are working and which aren't.21:41
asacnewz2000: we have 68 translated? or 68 in apache?21:42
newz2000there are 68 different files, some are duplicates, for example .pt .pt_BR21:42
newz2000but they still need to be tested21:42
asacnewz2000: interesting21:42
newz2000yeah, that's why I was wondering if you knew how the tralnslated start pages were generated because I definitely want to figure it out and use it to generate the new start pages21:43
asacnewz2000: we only have 42 lang packs for ffox21:43
newz2000that's probably about right21:43
asacaeh 4621:44
asacand 6 more blacklisted or so21:44
asac(people just started to translate ffox in launchpad)21:44
ArneGoetjedo you guys still need my help or can I go to sleep now?21:47
asacArneGoetje: sleep well21:47
ArneGoetjethanks... almost 5:00 am here21:48
Jazzvaasac, please check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jazzva if you have a minute... I have added some new info, so I'm interested if it's ok... Thanks :)21:56
=== fta_ is now known as fta
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7056/23:52

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