LjLanybody has an expedient interface to moving a locobot? :)00:03
Seeker`LjL: huh?00:04
LjLSeeker`: i need locobot_1 moved from #ubuntu.tr to #ubuntu-tr00:05
Piero_Scarufiihow can i test if i am still using the 8001 port?00:06
Piero_Scarufii#ubuntu-read-topic < test me failed in there00:06
PriceChildPiero_Scarufii: its in your client settings00:06
LjLPiero_Scarufii: type "test me" again now00:06
Piero_Scarufiitest me00:06
LjLin the other channel00:06
Piero_Scarufiiok ty00:06
LjLyou're connected to the right port00:06
Seeker`LjL: ban-forward?00:07
LjLmight not necessarily work, never tested00:07
LjL(or well, maybe i have, but don't remember the outcome)00:07
Seeker`surely the server pulls you to the new channel?00:08
Seeker`i suppose the bot would have to have autorejoin on 00:08
LjLSeeker`: there's a mode that stops that00:08
LjLand i don't know if it has autorejoin00:08
LjLanyway, we'll see in a moment00:08
LjLthe contact just said he's moving anyway00:09
Piero_ScarufiiLjL oh btw i think i still owe you an apology for the other day00:10
LjLPiero_Scarufii: it's ok, but try to keep your cool and read instructions, next time. people aren't necessarily out to get you.00:11
Piero_Scarufiiok ty00:11
LjLSeeker`: it moved with a kickforward00:15
LjLstill they should be notified (but no hurry at this point)00:15
Seeker`How do you do a kickforward?00:18
PriceChildSeeker`: /mode +b *!*@*!#channel00:19
PriceChildas well as a kick (will trigger autorejoin occasionally.. wheras removes don't)00:20
LjLwell yeah00:20
Seeker`so a banforward and kick00:21
LjLthough in this case what i actually meant was that we set +if and kicked00:21
Seeker`ah, ok00:21
LjLoh wonderful, there is also #ubuntuturkiye, #kubuntu-turkiye and #ubuntu-turkiye00:27
LjLthey are an approved loco team according to the wiki, but i can't see any launchpad page00:27
Seeker`Who added them to the wiki page?00:29
LjLlemme see00:30
LjL[01:30:55] <heartsmagic> ok, #ubuntu-tr and #ubuntuturkiye, #kubuntu-turkiye is our channels as kubuntu-tr.org and ubuntu-tr.org00:32
LjL[01:31:05] <heartsmagic> but #ubuntu.tr does not belong to us00:32
LjLbut there was a locobot in #ubuntu.tr.00:32
Seeker`that sounds like a fun mess to sort out00:33
LjLok, posting here for my own clarification too00:37
LjLhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList?action=recall&rev=850 had00:37
LjL(on 20 March 2008)00:37
LjLTurkey    Ubuntuturkey   TurkishTeam    #ubuntuturkiye [MAILTO]   ubuntu AT ubuntu DASH tr DOT info [WWW]   http://www.ubuntu-tr.info  [WWW]   http://www.ubuntu-tr.info 00:38
LjLin the UNapproved teams list00:38
LjL(26 March 2008) had00:39
LjLTurkey    Ubuntuturkey   TurkishTeam    #ubuntuturkiye [MAILTO]   lists AT ubuntu DASH tr DOT org [WWW]   http://www.ubuntu-tr.org [WWW]   http://www.ubuntu-tr.org 00:39
LjLraptoid (channel contact for #ubuntu.tr and now #ubuntu-tr) told me: [00:58:28] <raptoid> http://www.ubuntu-tr.info - ubuntu offical turkish web zone00:40
Seeker`seems like a bit of a conflict00:40
LjLthe Launchpad page for those claiming to be the approved team on the wiki is https://launchpad.net/~turkishteam00:40
LjLthe currently active channel is #kubuntu-turkiye00:41
Seeker`you should speak to the "contact" there then00:41
LjLwhich is also given as their channel at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TurkishTeam - which is the page linked to from the approved teams list00:41
LjLrather, i think i need to look at CC meeting logs00:42
LjLi don't think i see the approval of any turkish team by the CC, at least during 2007 and 200800:45
Seeker`I cant find any instances of "turk" in the CC logs since June00:49
Seeker`LjL: Can't see any references to "turk" in any of the CC logs here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList?action=fullsearch&context=180&value=Meeting+logs&titlesearch=Titles00:58
LjLuhm, the last message is a bit of a relief... if it's true00:59
LjL(in -irc i mean)00:59
Seeker`LjL: When was the last CC meeting?01:00
LjLSeeker`, that i can see, 21 february01:01
LjLunless someone had the bright idea of setting a date on the wiki without commenting on the edit :)01:01
Seeker`LjL: Just checked through mootbot logs for meetings recorded through it since that date in -meeting, and there wasn't anything related to the CC01:03
LjLi'll check irclogs for that date... perhaps it wasn't transcribed01:03
LjLi really see nothing about it01:05
Seeker`as them if they cant point you to a log01:05
LjLSeeker`: well, he said he "thinks" so, so i doubt he'd have it. he's not the team contact anyway01:06
LjLoh, the contact is online now01:07
Seeker`LjL: The last CC meeting that ausimage is aware of is Feb 21st01:14
Seeker`and he watches out for that sort of thing to do minutes etc.01:14
LjLthe wiki changes were done by "Ubuntuturkey", would seem like a fictious user representing the team01:15
Seeker`I wouldn't have thought that faking approval was something people would do01:16
Myrttiwhat's this tobmaif feller01:18
LjLnote that both #ubuntu.tr and #ubuntu-tr are much older than these people's channels01:18
Myrttia bot?01:18
Myrttilook at the ident01:18
Seeker`Myrtti: where?01:19
Myrttitobmaif fiambot01:19
LjL[02:19:27] [CTCP] Sending CTCP-VERSION request to tobmaif.01:19
Seeker`Myrtti: looks spammy to me01:19
LjL[02:19:28] [CTCP] Received CTCP-VERSION reply from tobmaif: BitchX-1.1-final+ by panasync - Linux 2.6.20-BT-PwnSauce-NOSMP : Keep it to yourself!.01:19
LjLPriceChild, elkbuntu, nalioth: look at what i posted above and in #ubuntu-locoteams (tidier), and the discussion in #ubuntu-irc... i think we might want to write to the cc for clarification?01:34
LjLnote i haven't had any complaints coming from either channel. only, the #ubuntu.tr (now #ubuntu-tr, since that redirected there anyway) contact, "Raptoid", responded to one of my old memoservs sent to channel contacts01:35
Seeker`anyone staff-ish about?01:40
LjL(ping myrtti, nickrud) removed ban on "tobmaif" (bas1-toronto35-1279337097.dsl.bell.ca) from #ubuntu, -offtopic and +1 as they were k-lined02:46
ubotustdin called the ops in #ubuntu (kalow)07:01
MyrttiLjL: ok07:15
Myrtti^____o fat_rat on -ot08:27
jpatrickHobbsee: who's eagles?10:09
Hobbseejpatrick: a clueless guy.  was in there july or so of last year, too10:10
Hobbseejpatrick: he tried recommending a windows-only, propriatory debugger to the people of #ubuntu-devel, as he didn't think we had good enough debuggers in ubuntu.10:10
jpatrickHobbsee: /me didn't know, sorry :)10:11
Hobbseeamong other general rubbish10:11
Hobbseejpatrick: no problem.  most people are lucky enough not to need to10:11
Hobbseejpatrick: he really couldn't see why this might be a bad thing to do, either.10:11
Hobbseejpatrick: i probably *shouldn't* keep taking the piss out of him, and should just quiet him, as he clearly hasn't learned, but i can't really ban people just for being annoying.10:20
Hobbseejpatrick: it's one of those who we know isn't going to get any better, still hasn't learned from last time, but hasn't really done enough to warrant a channel ban, apart from being annoying.10:21
jpatrickHobbsee: you mean the eagles in #k-devel?10:21
Hobbseeso, until he's clearly obstructive to the channel's aims, my hands are pretty much tied there.10:21
Hobbseejpatrick: yeah10:21
jpatrickHobbsee: seems to be asking normal devel questions to me..10:22
Hobbseejpatrick: you'll see.10:23
Hobbseejpatrick: the whole "lack of using information he's been given" will become apparent, if not already.10:23
jpatrickHobbsee: I see.10:27
Hobbseeunless i'm completely and utterly wrong, and he has changed, even though his behaviour so far hasn't indicated that10:28
* Jucato is surprised Hobbsee hasn't !msgthebot on eagles yet :)10:34
HobbseeJucato: i've been playing in #leifswolfbot, so have been ignoring him.10:34
Hobbseeit's fun!10:36
Dave2that damn #leifswolfbot, encouraging people to use bot commands in chan. ahem.10:49
ikoniaheads up on falco - know bot abuser11:49
ikoniain #ubuntu11:49
ubotuIn ubotu, Evil-MoBo said: what is the server channel12:44
Pici!bot > evil-mobo12:44
Pici!ot > evil-mobo12:45
ikoniamorning ompaul 12:48
ompaulikonia, how do12:48
Seeker`rZog: Can we help you?13:27
ompaulrZog, you have joined #ubuntu-ops13:29
ompaulrZog, on the basis that you are here - let me help you - your quit message is unacceptable for a #ubuntu* channel13:36
ompaulI am going to remove you from here - you can come back when you want to talk13:36
ikonia_LjL: are you there 14:13
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
Seeker`ikonia: having fun with your connection?14:30
ikoniaSeeker`: for some reason screen hung until I recovered my nick, then it came back to lfe14:34
LjLkde-guidance - Readded kubuntu_30_displayconfig_no_xorg_correct_detection.patch which doesn't break the api.15:05
LjLit had been reverted yesterday with an angry changelog15:05
LjLnow we have edit wars on core package?15:05
LjLdo they realize that plenty of people are using hardy and looking at these changelogs?15:05
Seeker`woo! edit wars! :P15:06
Seeker`LjL: link?15:06
LjLSeeker`: no idea about the link, this is from apt-listchanges when upgrading15:07
LjLthey do link to bug https://launchpad.net/bugs/20337815:07
ubotu2launchpad bug 203378 in kde-guidance: "Guidance displayconfig does not automatically detect monitor config on systems with no xorg.conf" [Medium,Fix Released] 15:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 203378 in kde-guidance "Guidance displayconfig does not automatically detect monitor config on systems with no xorg.conf" [Medium,Fix released] 15:07
LjLanyway yesterday it was, basically, "Removing kubuntu_xorg_blah.patch because it breaks the API and is absolutely inappropriate just before a release, see bug # with about a hundred duplicates"15:08
ikoniaLjL: check memo serve, it's nothing major, but I don't know why it just came through now15:09
jpatrickLjL: seems they're on about it in #ubuntu-devel15:19
LjLwhich i don't have joined, thanks to my proxy15:19
* Hobbsee shakes her head.15:19
LjLit's fine to disagree15:20
Hobbsee[00:17] <Hobbsee> Riddell: oh, so the patch is actually different now, and doesn't come from andreas, but actually comes from ScottK instead?15:20
Hobbsee[00:17] <Riddell> Hobbsee: it's different yes15:20
Hobbsee[00:18] <Hobbsee> Riddell: various of us must have misread the changelog (0ubuntu15) that said the patch had been changed, not just readded.15:20
LjLbut hell why do you push arguments this blatantly on a changelog that every user sees, come on15:20
LjLand while everyone's busy arguing whether something is appropriate or absolutely inappropriate before a release...15:38
LjLnobody has looked at my little innocent bug about kbluetooth opening konqueror instead of dolphin when clicked on :(15:38
LjLSeveas, you can join #ubuntu from that gateway, the bot didn't tell you because it isn't voiced15:40
SeveasLjL, yeah it had me puzzled for a second15:41
MezLjL, but ... konqueror is SOOO much better than dolphin15:45
* Mez cant stand dolphin.15:45
PiciI like dolphins. Flipper, and the mysql logo.15:45
MezThe only time I need to use a file manager is when I need to do something like, transferring a file, whatever15:45
MezI likes my split screen too much15:46
Mezand dolphin just takes up wAYYY too much screen real estate (and I'm on 3200x1200)15:46
PiciAlso, the talking dolphin from SeaQuest.15:46
* Mez feeds Pici a wet trout15:47
* Pici enjoys the trout more than he does KDE15:47
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)16:02
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)16:02
PiciHey, its not a false positive this time.16:02
Mez!staff flood bots & mass PMs16:03
Dave2yes, we know16:03
PiciHence the d-lines16:03
MezDave2,  :D16:03
PiciThanks Dave2 & staff.16:04
Picier, and other staff ;)16:04
* Mez still has some nicks that werent dlined16:04
Meznvm.. they just got klined16:04
Mez<yok> Sturmeh  Botnet  hi16:10
Mez<Sturmeh> shh u16:10
Mezo_O ?16:10
PiciYeah, I was watching that too16:10
Mezyok = suspicious GECOS16:12
PiciMez: I think Sturmeh just got dragged into the conversation unwillingly.16:13
MezI dunno - seems like yok was trying to say that sturmeh ran the bot attack... but thats my take16:14
Pici+z, you read my mind.16:15
* Mez has a feeling yok is responsible for the botnet16:16
Mezseeing as its running again16:16
Mez* bilgebilge (n=Naz_34@ has joined #ubuntu16:17
Mez* sevtap_sex (n=Naz_34@ has joined #ubuntu16:17
PiciUnfortunately, theres no  concrete proof of that.16:17
MezI know... but It's a gut feeling16:17
PiciOh, I agree.16:17
Pici11:19:09 <?yok> Botnet and i am to work  you to want ?16:19
Meztoo fast for me16:19
PiciSounds like hes advertising his botnet to me.16:20
Mezagain no proof16:20
MezDave2, ping16:20
MezDave2, can you read muted people as staff - or do you still need to be opped?16:20
Dave2you still need to be opped.16:22
Dave2(and the channel still needs to be +z)16:22
MezDave2, I was asking -so you could see what this yop guy is saying. you mind me opping you in #ubuntu?16:23
Mezdont think yop is gonna respond to me16:23
PiciMez: I'm going to deop, I have work to get done. 16:23
Dave2hm, lemme see16:24
pat5starhi, i'm banned from #kubuntu. is there web page someone can point me too so I can find out how to get unbanned, or is it just a matter of time?16:25
Mezpat5star, why were you banned?16:25
pat5starMez: probably because stupid sense of humour while drinking, most likely very deserved...think it happened last week16:25
pat5starMez: but I'm sorry and sober now, if that helps :)16:26
* Mez hmmles16:26
Mezstdin, ping - your ban16:27
Mezand Madpilot 16:27
Mezyou got 2 bans in half an hour - #ubuntu and #kubuntu16:27
* Mez reads logs16:28
pat5starMez: oh I just checked, you're right...I thought it was just #kubuntu, now that really sucks...I'm such an idiot16:29
Mezpat5star, you were in #ubuntu giving advice for people to chmod -R 777 /16:30
ikoniaplease deal with ok16:30
ikoniathank you Mez 16:30
PiciI'm just too slow today.16:31
Mezand then you went into #kubuntu and asked how to fix your Windows Vista box that you blew up16:31
Meznot exactly good behaviour16:31
ikoniaPici: just today ;)16:31
pat5starMez: don't know who I have to explain too, but I usually help others (with good advice) on both those channels. I know that night I was drinking and being an idiot and I'm sorry. How long do I have to suffer the consequences for that?!16:31
MezYou have to wait for MadPilot or stdin to get back I'm afraid16:32
pat5starMez: are they the only 2 who can unban me?16:32
Mezthey're the people who set the bans... so it's their decision when to remove them. That's generally how we work16:33
pat5starMez: and is it a permanent ban?16:33
pat5starMez: ok, last question. Do I just have to catch one of them in this channel someday, or can I email them or something?16:34
Mezpat5star, *shrugs* I didnt place the ban. but I shouldn't think so. You're relatively new on the radar16:34
Mezyou can try emailing ubuntu-irc@lists.ubuntu.com if you want - that might get their attention. But I think it might be easier to catch them on here - or use memoserv16:34
pat5staris that a channel?16:35
Mez/msg memoserv help16:35
pat5starMez: ok, thx for all your help :)16:36
ikoniacan someone step in on gfetco in #ubuntu please16:54
hischildcan we please get some assistance in #ubuntu?16:55
ikoniajust trolling and trying to bait people16:55
ikoniahischild: already asked16:55
* PriceChild looks16:55
hischildikonia, ok16:55
* hischild thansk PriceChild 16:55
* Pici was going to look16:55
ikoniaPici: your not having a good day today16:55
PriceChildignore him for now16:55
Picipiss off is bad language?16:57
ikoniabit rude in uk16:58
Mezpiss = a curse word16:58
PiciAh. Its not offensive in the US.16:58
MezPici, it is here in the uk.16:58
* Mez hugs Pici 17:00
hischilduhm i might be asking a bit to much, but he's starting to be a bit annoying IMO17:03
PriceChildhe'll run along in a sexon17:03
hischildi thank you kindly17:04
ikoniathank god17:04
MezPriceChild, freudian slip?17:04
Mez>gfetco< Please understand that #ubuntu is a support channel for ubuntu only - please take off topic chatter ot #ubuntu-offtopic17:05
Mez>gfetco< you have also been temporarily muted in #ubuntu while I talk to you17:06
hischildthat explains the sudden silence in there17:06
Myrttinow he's in -ot...17:08
Mezbanforwarded to -ot17:08
hischildrefusing to listen?17:09
Mezhe was saying that he would still chatter in #ubuntu. and that he wanted to be there to annoy Pelo .. (?)17:10
Mezso I've added a banforward and told him to come back to me in a couple of days and I'll think about letting him back into #ubuntu17:10
ikoniaok, so as pelo's not even speaking he's come in with the intetion of trolling17:10
* ompaul wanders17:12
MezNote to ops. Use your judgement as to whether to let him in in a few days if I'm not here17:15
PiciHes not going to know hes banned if hes forwarded to -ot.17:15
MezI've told him that he's banforwarded to -ot and to come in here and ask in a few days17:17
ompaulMez, who?17:18
ompaultranslated into banned for life?17:18
ompaulok we see it17:19
Mezompaul, no - if he behaves, no problem letting him back in17:19
Mezbut ONLY if he behaves17:19
ompaulbehaves tends to be future tense - this calls for estimation I think we can do this17:19
Mezompaul, be nice17:19
Mezikonia, chill17:20
* ompaul wonders17:20
ikoniathis guys is clearly just making fun and baiting17:20
Seeker`why is he still there?17:24
* Mez believes in not acting too heavy handedly17:24
Seeker`That is understandable, but when someone is clerly a troll17:24
Piciimo this is being too lenient. 17:24
ikoniait's disrupting the channel17:25
Seeker`yeah, there is giving someone the benefit of the doubt, and then there is feeding the troll17:25
Mez<gfetco> Okay, I will change IP and then make new user17:26
Mez<gfetco> :)17:26
Mez<Mez> and get klined woo17:26
Mez!staff | see above17:27
ubotusee above: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)17:27
Myrttiisn't that a bit overboard17:27
MezMyrtti, ?17:27
PriceChildI thouhgt you quieted him?17:27
Mezyou missed most of it PriceChild 17:28
ompaulMez, you quite someone if he comes back you then shout for staff17:28
Mezread backlog17:28
ompaulMez, you remove someone if he comes back you then shout for staff17:28
ompaulyou don't try to preempt it does not work that way17:28
Mezapologies for the premature eja^Wstaff call then17:28
ompaulnot funny17:28
* Mez rolls eyes17:29
Myrtti/me rolls thumbs17:29
ompaulif the wind changes                   (now that is funny)17:29
ompaulif the wind changes you will be left like that  .......... spoof to stop kids from making faces17:30
Mezhe's now flooding me17:34
PriceChildMez: /silence17:34
Mezand excess flooded himself!17:34
MezPriceChild, I never /silence. I just ignore the window. Silence is bad, cause they might have a legit reason to contat you in future.17:35
Mezand doesnt silence also silence them in channels too ?17:36
PriceChildafaik silence does pms, ignore does pms and channels17:36
MezPriceChild, ah, I thought ignore had options 17:37
spbignore is a client function, so what it does depends on the client17:37
Mezor maybe thats just xchat17:37
spbsilence just does privmsgs17:37
PriceChildspb: to the rescue :)17:37
Mezspb, thanks. Though I still dont like silence, as it has the potential to block things for the future. Unless it resets on quit ? :P17:37
spbwhen you quit, your client structure is deallocated17:38
spbalong with the silence list17:38
PiciI prefer to just ignore the window. I like to still have a log of whatever is being said even if I'm not responding.17:38
Myrttiops with ignore == really bad idea17:39
PiciI mean visually ignore it, not /ignore17:39
* Seeker` doesn't ignore anyone. Except Gary.17:40
Mezyeah, same here.17:40
* Mez just doesnt reply17:40
Mezfun to watch people getting frustrated though17:40
spbyou are such a troll17:41
Mezspb, I love you too17:41
MyrttiI once tried to ease the pain of watching what was goin on at #ubuntu and did /ignore #ubuntu joins parts quits17:41
Myrttiit was a good idea until I removed a wrong person17:42
spbthat's why you use /kick17:42
PiciI currently relocate my joins/parts/quits of ubuntu to a separate window.17:42
spbor add an exception for parts with the message "requested by"17:42
Myrttiit still made it difficult to follow through if the person rejonis17:43
Myrttirejoins, even17:43
spbthat's where you script it to not ignore joins from someone who was kicked in the last five minutes17:44
Myrttianyway, nicklist.pl does help a bit17:44
Myrttiand I'm stressed out so I'm not at #ubuntu now at all17:44
jdongikonia: do you have access in #uf or is that a stupid question? :)17:53
ikoniaha ha, it would have been stupid17:54
jdongI thought you had magical powers ;-)17:55
ikoniaha ha ha17:55
ikoniathis discussion would have ended by now......17:55
eagles0513875can someone tell me why i was banned from motu channel18:17
ompauleagles0513875, perhaps hang on a moment18:18
eagles0513875ompaul: ty 18:18
ompaulit appears you need to talk with Hobbsee perhaps you can come back later when Hobbsee is around 18:27
ompauleagles0513875, ^^ I can't locate the exact cause at this time - but can keep looking if you want18:27
eagles0513875ompaul: i would like to be unbanned from the motu channel18:28
ompaulnot within my gift18:28
eagles0513875who could i talk to about it cuz this is the first time after a long hiatus to be back on kubuntu and i need access to revu to upload fixed bugs18:28
Picieagles0513875: you'd need to talk to Hobbsee, ompaul just said that.18:29
PriceChildeagles0513875: I'm pretty sure you can attatch debdiffs to bugs on launchpad still?18:29
ompauleagles0513875,  it appears you need to talk with Hobbsee as I said already18:29
eagles0513875PriceChild: ?18:30
eagles0513875u referring to what im talking bout in dev channel PriceChild18:30
PriceChildeagles0513875: pardon?18:30
eagles0513875PriceChild> eagles0513875: I'm pretty sure you can attatch debdiffs to bugs on launchpad still?18:31
eagles0513875is this in relation to my bug that im working on18:31
ompauleagles0513875, it is a comment on your current irc status and the fact it is not directly related to lp 18:31
eagles0513875it is18:32
ompauleagles0513875, as I have already advised perhaps you would like to call back in a few hours when Hobbsee may address you on this matter directly18:32
eagles0513875ompaul: ok18:33
ompaul!idle | eagles0513875 18:35
ubotueagles0513875: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.18:35
eagles0513875ok sry ompaul18:37
ompaulsecurity has failed keescook is in the house ;-)18:39
* ompaul awards self bad pun of the day 18:39
keescookhi! can someone expire the "kees" nick for me, I'd like to start using it and it is passed the 60 day mark.18:39
ompaulPriceChild, ^^ please help the nice man18:39
ompaulGary, ~^^ ditto18:40
ompauli.e. one of you please give the guy a helping whatsit18:40
PriceChildkeescook: please /nick kees18:40
=== keescook is now known as kees
PriceChildkees: how long have you been watching it, waiting for it to pass? :)18:41
keesPriceChild: about 2 years.  ;)18:41
PriceChildkees: done18:41
* kees hugs PriceChild and ompaul 18:41
ompaulkees, use the same password as you do for keescook18:41
ompauland linkz them18:41
keesompaul: cool, doing that now, thanks!18:43
keesyay happy nick.  i'm outta here.  :)18:45
nickrudnikrud wonders about people changing their nicks19:06
PriceChildnickrud: wouldn't catch you doing that now would we?19:07
nickrudI wasn't changing, only refining ;)19:07
ompaulpaging mneptok paging mneptok please pick up the nearest red phone 19:17
ompaulnow if that does not highlight him I don't know what will19:19
ompaulPici, is there a factoid for setting up server networking?19:31
Mez!search server19:33
Mez!search network19:33
ubotuFound: aptproxy, ftpd, mldonkey, mda, smtp, teg, ubuntu-server, servergui, identify, compiz19:33
ubotuFound: mldonkey, network manager, umode, scp, hacker, samba, network, freenode, hostname, network-manager19:33
Mezompaul, dont look like it - but I might be able to help?19:34
ompaul(A) find me a network config for servers19:34
ompaul(B) give me its address 19:34
ompaul(C) we make a factoid19:34
ompaulI have seen three requests for server configs today19:34
Mezompaul, depends on what you mean by "a network config"19:34
ompaulget them up and running on some class of network so they can play with their apache or whatever ie interfaces setup with reasonable easy docs to follow19:35
ompauli.e. start with sudo dhclient and if that fails do this .... etc19:36
* ompaul searches the wiki for 19:36
Mezompaul, I can write a quick blog on setting up static interfaces if you want ?19:36
ompaulif it is in the ubuntu space19:36
Mezwhat you mean "in the ubuntu space" ?19:37
Mezompaul - Im a little confused how a blog can be in the ubuntu space?19:39
Mez(other than planet)19:39
ompaulthere ya go19:39
ompaulthat makes my day if it is on planet19:39
Mezompaul, of course it gets onto plane19:42
* Mez starts blogging19:42
* ompaul shouts out mneptok again19:42
* ompaul hops around on one foot and shouts mneptok 19:42
ompaulthat might get the message across19:42
Mezwant me to include ipv6 aswell?19:43
ompaulstart out with a full 4 19:43
ompaulpersonally I would leave 6 to a whole other post19:43
Mezhehe, but i19:44
Mezve been doing a lot of ipv6 ;19:44
Seeker`There is a very short period of notice for the CC meeting19:44
Seeker`Mez: IPv6 addresses are too long19:44
Mezwhen is the CC meeting19:44
MezSeeker`, not neccesarily19:44
Seeker`PriceChild: Exactly :)19:45
Mezdig +short -t AAAA stupor.sourceguru.ne19:45
Mezdig +short -t AAAA stupor.sourceguru.net19:45
Mezthats my IPv6 address for one of my servers19:45
Mezand Amaranth's website19:45
Seeker`Mez: Its a bit more difficult than
ompaulbut not an ipv4 and we want people to walk19:45
ompaulremember most of them never installed a server before19:46
Seeker`PriceChild: And I only found out cause popey pointed it out19:46
Mezompaul... aw :(19:48
* Seeker` considers adding an agenda item about the amount of notice given19:49
jussio1Seeker`: unfortunately this happens a little too often for my liking... I almost missed my member application because of it. :/19:50
popeysubscribe to the page then19:50
ompaulMez, the reason I asked for one in the first place is that I have networks of machine providing services - but I know what I am doing (most of the time) - I am looking towards the raison d'etre of #ubuntu to help users get up on their feet19:50
ompaulpopey, we only see it on the day ;-) 19:51
Daviey.. of edit19:51
* ompaul tapes popey up in the corner and gives him lots of guinness shhhhhh there19:51
Mezompaul, well, I'm currently writing about dhcp setup19:51
Mez(the easiest)19:51
ompaulMez, yeap as I said walk not run ipv4 short steps work best19:51
popeyi knew about the cc meet because I subscribe to the page and hence get an email when it's edited19:52
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/19:52
* Daviey thinks a CC meeting sooner rather than later is better.. before idiots continue to blog on some of the matters19:52
Seeker`Daviey: A meeting is needed, however, there should be more than 19 hours notice19:53
popeyit's a meeting for the cc19:54
Seeker`popey: why do you insist on at least 1 weeks notice for -uk meetings?19:54
popeybecause people are involved19:54
popeythere is no obligation for you to attend the cc meet19:54
Seeker`there isn't an obligation for me to attend the -uk meetings19:55
popeyno, but there is more chance you'll have input19:55
popeypeople like to sit in on the cc meet, but it's really designed for the cc (and people who have an interest in specific agenda items) 19:56
popeywhich given the current agenda I guess you do :)19:56
Davieyis it too late to add "fit for purpose" to the agenda?19:57
popeyabout what?19:57
ubotuSchedule for Etc/UTC: 15 Apr 11:00: Community Council | 16 Apr 21:00: Server Team | 23 Apr 21:00: Server Team | 30 Apr 21:00: Server Team20:02
Amaranth@schedule Chicago20:03
ubotuSchedule for America/Chicago: 15 Apr 06:00: Community Council | 16 Apr 16:00: Server Team | 23 Apr 16:00: Server Team | 30 Apr 16:00: Server Team20:03
Seeker`Amaranth: You wont be getting up for the CC meeting?20:04
Myrttithis blows20:04
Myrttinot that I'd attend the meeting anyway20:04
Myrttibut 19 hours in advance?20:05
ompaulSeeker`, you get a point for that topic20:28
ompaulhope you can make it to the meeting for it20:28
Seeker`ompaul: I should be able to - no lectures till 220:29
Seeker`It depends on whether I wake up on time :)20:29
Seeker`ompaul: you going to be there?20:31
ompaulSeeker`, if I am alive enough 20:32
ompaulI should make it20:32
Seeker`I'm sure you know enough about the topic to talk about it if i'm not there :)20:32
ompaulSeeker`, the other thing is that people should put on their applications for membership what their local free time is20:32
ompaulone thing being transcontinental but another to expect everyone else to be20:33
ompaulTZs do count20:33
Seeker`ompaul: but some poeple dont necessarily keep to their local timezone20:33
ompaulSeeker`, and that can be worked in, people generally keep to some schedule20:34
Seeker`However, if there were adequate notice, people could mark the agenda to say whether they can attend or not20:35
Mezompauil: http://www.sourceguru.net/archives/12420:47
Mezompaul, *20:48
ubotuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ - The #ubuntu-server channel provides specific support20:49
ompaul!search network20:49
ubotuFound: mldonkey, network manager, umode, scp, hacker, samba, network, freenode, hostname, network-manager20:49
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs20:49
Mezgah, fecking wordpress deleteing my spaces20:50
ompaul!server-network is <reply> if you want to set up networking on a ubuntu server this should help http://www.sourceguru.net/archives/12420:51
ubotuI'll remember that, ompaul20:51
ompaulPici, ^^ care to alias that some smarter ways ;-)20:51
ompaulI have to head off 20:51
ompaulcatch you all later20:51
elkbuntupopey, people going up for membership are only eligible if they can drop whatever they're doing and rearrange their life at 19hrs notice? puhleaze22:14
Amaranthelkbuntu: I got membership without going to the meeting, don't see why other people can't :)22:52
nickrud4 am?22:54
Seeker`Amaranth: I thought you were meant to be there22:56
AmaranthSeeker`: Yeah, you really are22:57
AmaranthI think I'm the only one to get it without showing up22:57
AmaranthReally funny, I was there for every meeting for like 6 months before that one and every meeting for a couple months after but I missed _that_ one22:57
MezAmaranth, it was amusing, but you had a great cheerleading crows23:02
PriceChildHmm I should probably get up earlyish tomorrow then..23:08
Seeker`PriceChild: The meeting is getting close to my bedtime23:08
Mezwhen is it tomorrow?23:10
PriceChildMez: midday23:10
MezPriceChild, our time? sweet - will drop in at work23:10
Mezjust after the mad bug rush23:10
ubotuhwilde called the ops in #ubuntu ()23:20
LjLdon't have time to deal with the guy23:21
mneptoki did23:21
nickrudlooks like the trolls are doing their beta testing23:27
mneptokyeah. "yay." :/23:27

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