symtabplugged the external cable from server A into the external network card in server B00:00
symtaband it works00:00
symtabthis means there is something wrong with the gateway00:00
Deepsi wouldn't say "wrong"00:00
Deepssomething in the gateway is preventing you from configuring a second machine using the IP you did00:00
symtabi'm gonna kill them00:01
symtabi told them its something wrong00:01
symtabbecause i configured and reconfigured and reconfigured00:01
symtaband all settings where ok and it didnt work00:01
Deepsit's not "wrong" if it's by design ;)00:01
Deepsthe tv pc here wasn't working as the user was expecting, because i'd told iptables to drop all traffic to/from it00:01
Deepsit wasn't wrong, it was intentional. running bittorrent on my tvpc. ass.00:02
symtabii hope they made a mistake, or forgot to configure something, if they did it on purpose and i lost almost 3 hours its not good00:04
Deepsare you sure the IP you were trying to use on server B wasn't in use by another machine already?00:04
symtabthey said it isnt00:04
Deepsi dont suppose you're newer to linux than they are?00:05
Deepsor that you're a renegade linux user in a network full of windows supremists?00:05
symtabi use linux for a long time00:06
symtabi dont know to much about networks00:06
symtabi use linux for web development00:06
symtabi think i didnt use windows for like 7 years now00:06
symtabi dont use ubuntu on my home desktop box though00:06
Deepscli network configuration is the same on all distros, same tools at hand00:07
symtabthey should know more then me about networking for sure00:07
symtabyeah i know00:07
symtabi configured it ok from the start00:07
Deepsis it possible that they might wanna.. "fuck with your shit" and play a prank on you?00:07
symtabit didnt work because of some problem on their part00:07
symtabno idea00:07
symtabok now the weird thing00:08
symtabi put the cable back in the server A and configured it to use .29 as the ip and it works00:08
Deeps.29 being....?00:09
symtabA = xxx.xxx.xx.2800:09
symtabB = xxx.xxx.xx.2900:09
Deepsdid you spoof the mac address on B?00:10
Deepsto match that of A?00:10
symtabi just plugged the A external cable into B, changed the ip to .28 and it also works on B00:11
symtabi'm already getting to confusing00:11
symtabeven for myself00:11
Deepsok, so As cable works on both machines00:12
Deepsbut Bs cable doesnt?00:12
symtabB cable doesnt00:12
Deepsand you're sure the switchport light for that port is blinking when the cable's plugged in?00:12
Deepstry swapping switchports for A and B's cables, try plugging B's cable into a different switchport, fool around, the problem isn't at at the IP level then, it's either with your cable or your switch00:13
Deepsshoulda remembered we swapped cables, sorry00:14
faulkes-entirely possible that the switch is configured for specific vlans on specific ports00:26
faulkes-(noting if it's a switch which supports vlans)00:26
symtabproblem solved00:28
symtabthe network cable from server B was the problem00:28
Deepsso you get a link light now?00:29
Deeps(that you weren't getting before)00:30
symtabeverything works now00:40
symtabthank you very much for helping me00:40
buzzsawgood afternoon00:46
buzzsawlast night i installed ubuntu-server and had no problems getting onto the interent, i did run into a few proplems latter on and decided to reinstall now it does not seem to want to connect to the internet00:48
christozhello ...an Http cache cleaner app starts running every 10 mins01:35
christozbut apache is turned off already01:35
christozwhy is this happening?01:36
Kamping_Kaiserwhat is the app?01:36
christozHttp cache cleaner01:37
Kamping_Kaiseryou must have installed it. apache doesnt have a cache cleaner 'by default'01:37
christozhmm...maybe i don't need this one...are you saying to unistall it..?01:38
Kamping_Kaiseryes. or work out what it is, and disable it01:39
christozis it possible to use this app and other programs01:39
christozoops sorry01:39
christoz*without and01:40
christozthe Http is only for server right?01:40
Kamping_Kaisernot sure what you mean01:41
christoznevermind  I'll google about it ...thanks01:41
warchief_ryancan anyone help me with Squid proxy?01:56
warchief_ryandoes it run in SSL mode by defualt... is that why yahoo and irc only work when added to the SSL_ports acl?01:58
warchief_ryanalso which entry allows the Safe_ports and SSL_ports acls? I dont see one at all, I thought it would need a "http_access allow Safe_ports02:01
warchief_ryanOr does there even need to be one or does it just know to allow any ACLs with the Safe_ports name?02:06
Kamping_Kaiserby default irc/"yahoo" wont go through squid anyway02:11
Kamping_Kaiserso it sounds like youve done something screwy with your firewalling02:11
Kamping_Kaiserand re ssl by default, no it doesnt02:11
warchief_ryanmy firewall allows the IRC and Yahoo ports, I also added them to the Safe_ports in squid02:11
warchief_ryanit wasent till I placed them in the SSL_ports that they worked02:12
warchief_ryanIm guessing the "http_access deny !Safe_ports", means any port not in the Safe_ports acl is allowed right?02:14
warchief_ryani mean blocked02:14
warchief_ryanI see now its webmin it what is set to require ssl, so I did need to add it to ssl acl...02:18
warchief_ryanI don't see way 6667 has to be in the SSL acl...02:27
hansinExcuse my ignorance if this should be obvious, but I want to clarify: I know one of the main differences between Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server is the kernel, in particular the compile time options/flags.  I read a comparison once that went through these.  One difference I think had to do with the timer, one kernel set at 250 hz and the other at 1000 hz (something like this I think; these being ticks?).  With the advent of the 'tickless'02:29
stwange_can anyone point me in the right direction for having my server handle email from multiple domains please? I don't know anything at all about it, I've been looking at exim but I'm not sure if it's the right solution03:02
buzzsawi installed ubuntu server eduition and i was able to get the dhcp client up and working05:30
buzzsawhowever i have been un successful in getting my masquerading to work05:30
buzzsawi have tried several different tutorials/guids but... still unsuccessful05:31
linux2464anyone know how i can enable more tty# screens?06:32
Kamping_Kaiserwhat version?06:33
linux2464ubuntu hardy06:33
Kamping_Kaiserno i dont06:33
linux2464any, it should be the same06:33
linux2464from debian up to ubuntu hardy06:33
Kamping_Kaiser /etc/inittab if your lucky06:33
Kamping_Kaisershould be? lol06:34
linux2464i am knew to cli06:34
linux2464i tried screen, but it just froze one of my tty windows06:34
Kamping_Kaiseryou scroll probably locked it or something06:35
linux2464yeah, i tried to kill it with no luck06:35
linux2464screen -wipe name-of-screen06:36
linux2464i guess there is no easy way to add tty screens besides ssh?06:38
Kamping_Kaiseryour on a remote host?06:39
* Kamping_Kaiser wonders why ssh would be relevent06:39
linux2464but if i had to use a remote host to get more tty screens06:39
linux2464i would06:39
Kamping_Kaiserlearn some basics of screen, you only need 3/4 commands to get by.06:39
linux2464do you know what they are (+) descriptions?06:40
linux2464that would help me a ton06:40
linux2464if there are only 3 - 406:40
Kamping_Kaiser^a (control a) == next character is a screen command.06:41
Kamping_Kaiserd == detach06:41
Kamping_Kaiserx == lock06:41
Kamping_Kaiseresc (escape key) == copy mode (which can be used for scrolling up/down), or (iirc) shift+[ == scroll06:42
linux2464thanks Kamping_Kaiser, i'll try that now (does x toggle?)06:42
Kamping_Kaiserlinux2464, when you use x it asks for a password before unlocking06:43
linux2464oh, thats cool06:43
linux2464very useful06:43
Kamping_Kaiserthe standard ^s and ^w for lock and unlock of scrolling apply as per normal06:43
linux2464i'll have to play around with those commands06:43
linux2464terminal is a very nice environment06:44
Kamping_Kaisernicely portable too06:44
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arstanjHi is there a way to list services on runlevels?  update-rc.d add/remove only so far...08:59
ShiroUsagiHi, could anyone here help me with samba on Gutsy?09:25
ShiroUsagiTwo machines are connected via a netgear switch to an adsl-modem set up as router, file sharing via network suddenly stops working at some point.09:28
ShiroUsagiAnd I can`t even access my shared folder on the local machine.09:31
spiekeydoes anyone know how i can transfer a file with a tftp client?12:31
spiekeyi seem to google for the wrong search expressions. :-(12:31
\shspiekey, tftp <server> -> standard commands? :)12:35
\shspiekey, the magic part is to setup a tftpd so it can save your files12:46
spiekeyi got that working without any problems ;)12:55
spiekeyargh...any idea what i am doing wrong here? http://pastebin.ca/98456613:07
mok0spiekey: do you have the directory /var/lib/ftp?13:13
mok0spiekey:  By default, tftpd  will  only  allow upload  of files that already exist13:16
spiekeymok0: yes the dir exists13:18
mok0spiekey: the file must also exist13:18
spiekeyyey! Thanks!13:20
spiekeywhat a weird ftp server ;)13:20
faulkes-it's not called tiny for just any reason13:23
_rubenthe "file must exist" feature has bitten me in the arse as well in the past :)13:27
* delcoyote hi14:33
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kirklandMatthewMetzger: ping15:45
MatthewMetzgerhello kirkland15:45
kirklandMatthewMetzger: hey there, sorry for the delay in getting back with you15:45
kirklandMatthewMetzger: my inbox is stacked up15:45
MatthewMetzgerno problem. It was the weekend. :)15:45
MatthewMetzgerI took a little break.15:46
kirklandMatthewMetzger: that it was ;-)15:46
kirklandMatthewMetzger: so a couple of questions for you....15:46
kirklandMatthewMetzger: first, here's my memory information on my squid proxy at home:15:46
kirkland             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached15:46
kirklandMem:          3834       3794         39          0        112       322815:46
kirkland-/+ buffers/cache:        454       338015:46
kirklandSwap:         5999         42       595715:46
MatthewMetzgerso it caches a lot, too.15:46
kirklandfairly high cache usage too15:46
kirklandMatthewMetzger: yep, I agree15:47
`6og!tell kirkland about pastebin15:47
kirkland`6og: I understand, it was only 4 lines15:47
`6ogperhaps you need the !enter one then (that was almost 10 lines from you in a row)15:47
kirklandMatthewMetzger: are you using swap?15:47
MatthewMetzgerIt's all free right now: Swap:         2870          0       287015:48
kirklandMatthewMetzger: hmm, that looks very similar to mine too15:48
MatthewMetzgerI haven't had problems over the weekend, but almost no one was using the machine.15:48
MatthewMetzgerI've been running the update as often as possible via aptitude.15:49
kirklandokay, i'm going to talk to some kernel guys to find out if high cached usage is a bad thing15:50
kirklandMatthewMetzger: i'm not convinced it is, yet15:50
MatthewMetzgerI'll be performing an upgrade of Koha library system software. I think a mysql search in Koha is what actually caused the machine to crash because it didn't have the memory it needed.15:50
kirklandMatthewMetzger: except that you're saying that machine crashed15:50
=== `6og is now known as Kamping_Kaiser
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: I really appreciate your help.15:51
kirklandMatthewMetzger: do you have that bug number handy?15:52
kirklandMatthewMetzger: no problem15:52
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: we live in the same time zone. I'm in Iowa right now, I will be relocating to Wisconsin15:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215998 in squid "possible memory leak in Hardy's squid" [Undecided,Incomplete]15:52
kirklandMatthewMetzger: perfect, thanks, saved me a trip down the inbox15:53
kirklandMatthewMetzger: http://gentoo-wiki.com/FAQ_Linux_Memory_Management#Overview_of_memory_management15:58
MatthewMetzgerchecking it out...15:58
kirklandMatthewMetzger: when your machine "crashes", can you describe that a bit more?16:01
kirklandMatthewMetzger: is it a kernel oops?16:01
kirklandMatthewMetzger: does it go unresponsive?16:02
kirklandMatthewMetzger: does it just start killing processes?16:02
MatthewMetzgerwell, it's only happened two times. It gets real sluggish, eventually it stops responding. Once, when I was able to run top, it showed a load of "22". It was so sluggish that I had to reboot. I saw squid "out of memory errors" on the screen, which initially made me think the problem was squid.16:03
kirklandMatthewMetzger: okay, that might actually sound like *extreme* disk swapping16:04
kirklandMatthewMetzger: the kernel is trying to dump all of memory to swap disk space16:04
MatthewMetzgerIf I remember right, it was swapping at that point. I should have taken a picture of the screen when it happened.16:05
kirklandMatthewMetzger: were you near the machine at the time?  If so, you might have heard a *whole lot* of disk noise16:05
MatthewMetzgerIt's a Mac mini. The fan was running hot. Can't hear much else (nice and quiet even under heavy load).16:05
MatthewMetzgerI was in the server room.16:05
ghostnobone quick question: I'm seting up WIndows server 2003 in addition to my ubuntu server at home, should they both have the same domain names but different hostname? (2) Will they not confilct? Ubuntu is going to be used for my web development database server and other backups and windows is going to be used for my main back ups and antivirus scan for each file I back up on it.16:06
kirklanda mac mini server....  kirkland snickers :-)16:06
thesykowanna ask16:06
kirkland(in good nature, of course, MatthewMetzger )16:06
thesykothe std ubuntu server kernel is it hardened already ?16:06
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: isn't ubuntu wonderful :) The Mac mini was a perfect solution for the amount of traffic that our server actually handles. Takes less power to run than a light bulb.16:07
kirklandMatthewMetzger: yes indeed, mac mini's are great, i have a powerpc one16:07
thesykokirkland, how much does a mac mini retail for now a days?16:08
MatthewMetzgerSo it looks like this might be a normal memory issue.16:08
MatthewMetzgerthesyko: around $60016:08
MatthewMetzgerthey raised the price for the intel due chip.16:08
thesykowith 1gig of memory?16:08
MatthewMetzgerit used to be around $50016:08
MatthewMetzgerthesyko: I GB, yes16:08
thesykoand ubuntu runs smoothly on it?16:09
thesykothe server edition?16:09
thesykoyou have to use the i386 or x64 edition?16:09
MatthewMetzgerthesyko: works great, except for my current problem which probably isn't related to hardware.16:09
kirklandthesyko: craigs list, i got mine for $20016:09
MatthewMetzgerserver edition.16:09
MatthewMetzgerThe one thing is that you have to use the Mac disk utility to format the drive before trying to install ubuntu.16:10
MatthewMetzgerthat took me a few hours to figure out.16:10
thesykoi may also try and 1 one for myself16:10
thesykoand get rid of my bulky intel dual core server16:11
kirklandghostnob: that sounds right16:11
thesykoi have like 8 of them16:11
thesykoits bloody hell noise and hot16:11
kirklandthey also make great mythfrontends16:11
MatthewMetzgerMac minis are nice and quite.16:11
kirklandMatthewMetzger: okay, i'm creating a virtual machine to mirror your environment right now16:12
thesykook btw any of u guys know if the ubuntu server kernel are hardened ?16:12
thesykoi mean i wanna run them for a router/firewall for my servers16:12
ghostnobok... which one should I install first? I'm thinking of installing ubuntu first, but I want windows 2003 to be accessible by the public so I can link my ubuntu to it.16:13
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: thanks so much. mysql. apache, with webdav. squid. perl with Koha. I'm thinking that koha was the straw that broke the camel's back (caused it to crash). Like I said, I'll hopefully be upgrading from alpha to beta in a day or two.16:13
kirklandMatthewMetzger: to summarize where we are, I think the Linux kernel is behaving properly, caching all memory, clearing the cache as necessary, allocating cached memory to Squid, swapping to disk when Mysql pounds it16:14
kirklandMatthewMetzger: it's the swapping to disk that I *think* is what you perceived (or perhaps even caused) a full out system crash16:14
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: that sounds correct to me.16:14
kirklandMatthewMetzger: that problem could be exacerbated or accelerated by a memory leak in Squid16:15
kirklandMatthewMetzger: ie, imagine squid demanding more memory at the same time mysql is demanding more memory all the while you're swapping in and out of disk16:15
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: Yes, it seems to happen more quickly when squid is running and one time squid stopped working and I ran /etc/init.d/squid restart and it came back up.16:15
kirklandMatthewMetzger: hang on a second...  what's alpha?16:16
MatthewMetzgerI believe it stopped working because it ran out of memory. At that time, mysql would not have been seeing much use.16:16
kirklandMatthewMetzger: is this Hardy alpha?16:16
kirklandMatthewMetzger: I thought you were aptitude up-to-date?16:16
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: not that I know of. I am aptitude up to date. My Koha install (library server software) is alpha. Will be upgrading to beta2 soon.16:17
kirklandghostnob: I don't know which is better to install first....  Usually, if I buy a new machine, and it has Windows preinstalled, I just leave that there, and then install Ubuntu16:17
kirklandthesyko: defined "hardened"?16:17
kirklandthesyko: Hardy supports both Apparmor and SELinux, you can use either one16:18
kirklandMatthewMetzger: gotcha, sorry.16:18
ghostnobkirkland: I have like 4 machines here and they are both on different machines16:18
thesyko= something suitable to be run on a firewall/ router16:20
pr0lethesyko: I wouldn't count on it.  Build your own kernel if you're concerned about it.16:21
pr0leand use apparmor for userland16:21
MatthewMetzgerthesyko: I love ubuntu, but I'm using pfsense as a firewall now and I like it a lot.16:21
kirklandthesyko: jdstrand is knowledgable on security and firewalls, he might be able to help answer your question16:22
MatthewMetzgerpr0le: I'm looking to get the time to compare pfsense with ubuntu + ebox. It looks like ebox has some router functions.16:22
pr0lehaven't heard of ebox16:23
thesykohonestly ebox sucks16:23
thesyko1 reasons why it sucks16:23
MatthewMetzgerthesyko: It's touted by ubuntu, I haven't used it yet.16:23
thesyko1 ) never run a fileserver on the samebox as you firewall /  router16:23
thesykoits a big NO NO16:23
pr0lelooks like it's got lots of features16:23
thesyko2) it doesnt even have a PPPOE dialer for heaven sake16:24
thesykowhats the purpose of a router if you cant even connect via PPPOE, not every 1 has static ip or DSL16:24
dexemthesyko: 1) Install 1 ebox just with a firewall as a router and another one with samba, it's easy to have them separately16:24
thesykoi used to run a debian firewall before16:25
thesykowith iptables and all16:25
thesykoit was a sarge box on a old crap piece of hardware16:25
thesykopentium 166 with 256 ram16:26
dexemand for 2) you can access trough ssh and install PPPOE while it's done that feature ;) or you can do it for the project :D16:26
pr0lepfSense is designed just for firewall/routing and uses OpenBSDs pf16:26
thesykofor number 2) i tried that16:26
thesykothe problem is ebox keeps overiding my setting with their default setting16:26
jdstrandthesyko: hardy actually has a lot of kernel and compiler hardening. ASLR, stack protection, heap protection, non-exec memory, kernel memory address protection and NULL address space protection16:26
thesykobut best to get hardy in like 10days time :)16:27
thesykoboth my desktop and notebook are running hardy beta16:27
jdstrandthesyko: more on all of this will be on http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/features (when it is published, which should be very soon)16:27
MatthewMetzgerthesyko: Yes, fileserver and router are bad on the same machine, but it doesn't mean that you have to run it that way. You could just use the routing ebox modules on the router and the filesharing modules on another ebox machine.16:27
MatthewMetzgerjdstrand: Sorry, the page you are looking for was not found16:28
thesykoi'm even finishing my apt-mirror for hardy :)16:28
jdstrandthesyko: it's always a real trade-off compiling your own kernel, cause it's no longer 'supported', and you will have to do it for all upgrades16:28
dexemthesyko: to "hack" ebox configuration is better to modify its templates instead the config files16:28
jdstrandMatthewMetzger: yes, hence the 'when it is  published, which should be very soon16:28
dexemthen, everytime the template is used your changes are kept16:29
MatthewMetzgerjdstrand: okay, thanks :)16:29
thesykoyeah, i think i'll stick with the good ol's way of doing a firewall16:29
thesykobtw any of u guys know how to get upnp working in a router /  firewall16:29
MatthewMetzgerthesyko: then definitely check out pfsense. It's a good solution.16:29
thesykopfsense :) its BSD based right?16:30
MatthewMetzgerthesyko: yes.16:30
thesykoi'm downloading pfsense now16:35
thesykodoes pfsense have transparent smtp relaying and squid?16:36
pr0leSquid is available as a package - I don't think transparent SMTP is supported16:37
thesykoi need something that can do trasparent smtp relaying so that it'll capture all smtp trafic and forward it to my mail relay box16:38
pr0lethesyko: you might be able to install something seperately16:39
thesykolet me see if pfsense has any add ons16:40
thesykonvm let me ask on the pfsense chat room and see :)16:44
wo0fdo i have to manually grade unbuntu-server 7.0416:47
wo0fim not getting an update option in aptitude16:47
wo0fetc/apt/sources.list is still showing 7.04 repos :S16:47
kirklandwo0f: do you have a graphical desktop?16:50
kirklandwo0f: if so, you should be able to run "update-manager -c -d"16:52
kirklandwo0f: or use Synaptic to upgrade16:52
kirklandMatthewMetzger: are you running the server kernel, or the generic kernel?16:53
kirklandMatthewMetzger: uname -a16:53
MatthewMetzgerLinux document-server 2.6.24-16-server #1 SMP Thu Apr 10 13:58:00 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux16:53
nijabawo0f: if you do not have a GUI:  sudo aptitude install update-manager-core16:53
nijabawo0f: sudo do-release-upgrade --devel-release16:53
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: Yes, I'm running the server kernel.16:55
kirklandMatthewMetzger: good, thanks.16:55
kirklandMatthewMetzger: what's your memory-to-swap ratio again?16:56
kirklandMatthewMetzger: memsize, swapsize?16:56
MatthewMetzger1 GB RAM, 3 GB swap16:56
kirklandMatthewMetzger: wow, okay.16:56
kirklandMatthewMetzger: plenty of swap ;-)16:56
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: I think I set it up a bit odd, but I thought extra swap wouldn't hurt.16:57
MatthewMetzgerSwap:         2870          0       287016:57
MatthewMetzgerfrom free -m16:57
kirklandMatthewMetzger: should not hurt16:58
kirklandMatthewMetzger: I tend to use swapfiles, myself16:58
kirklandMatthewMetzger: much easier to adjust16:58
kirklandMatthewMetzger: I'm hoping to help get the installer to support that in intrepid...we'll see....16:58
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: that would be great. I've never played with swap files (probably because they weren't an installer option) :)16:59
kirklandMatthewMetzger: it's trivially 3 steps: 1) create the file, 2) format it swap, 3) tell the kernel about it17:02
kirklandMatthewMetzger: : 1) dd if=/dev/zero of=/path/to/swapfile bs=1M count=300017:03
kirklandMatthewMetzger: 2) mkswap /path/to/swapfile17:03
kirklandMatthewMetzger: 3) swapon /path/to/swapfile17:03
MatthewMetzgerI'm copying and pasting that to my notes right now. Thanks :)17:04
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: does that mean that if you already have a swap partition, there will be two swap locations?17:05
MatthewMetzgeror will it switch to the new one?17:05
kirklandMatthewMetzger: yup17:05
kirklandMatthewMetzger: cat /proc/swaps17:05
kirklandMatthewMetzger: that'll show you all of the swap partitions the kernel knows about17:06
kirklandMatthewMetzger: historically, swap partitions were faster than swap files17:06
kirklandMatthewMetzger: but modern linux kernels, the performance difference isn't noticable17:06
MatthewMetzgerExcellent. Thanks for the tip.17:06
kirklandMatthewMetzger: IMHO, swapfiles are far more flexible17:06
wo0fkirkland, nijaba; cheers for you help (no i dont have gui)17:11
kirklandMatthewMetzger: which apache?17:16
mathiazwo0f: it seems that you're upgrading from 7.04 - then don't use the --devel-release option17:17
mathiazwo0f: upgrade from 7.04 to 8.04 are *not* supported17:17
mathiazwo0f: you need to upgrade to 7.10 first17:18
wo0fah cheers mathiaz17:18
wo0fand omg 8.04 is out:O17:18
mathiazwo0f: not yet17:18
mathiazwo0f: if you use the --devel-release option you'll see it17:18
mathiazwo0f: 8.04 is still the development release17:18
wo0fi only want to upgrade too the stable realease17:19
wo0fwith is still 7.10 right?17:19
mathiazwo0f: yes17:20
mathiazwo0f: sudo do-release-update will do the right thing17:20
mathiazwo0f: s/do-release-update/do-release-upgrade/17:21
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: Server version: Apache/2.2.8 (Ubuntu)17:21
MatthewMetzgerServer built:   Feb  2 2008 04:03:0117:21
wo0fmathiaz: cheers mate =]17:22
kirklandMatthewMetzger: and webdav?17:22
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: yes17:23
kirklandMatthewMetzger: what package are you using for webdav?17:23
kirklandMatthewMetzger: ie, what package provides webdav?17:23
mathiazkirkland: mod-webdav is part of the apache2 package17:24
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: I just enabled the apache module. How would I find out?17:24
mathiazkirkland: have look in /etc/apache2/mods-available/17:25
MatthewMetzgermathiaz is right.17:25
mathiazkirkland: and the a2enmod command17:25
nxvlsoren: around?17:27
kirklandmathiaz: MatthewMetzger: gotcha17:27
nxvlsoren: can you give a try: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~nvalcarcel/+junk/qemu-dist17:27
nxvli need some testers17:27
kirklandMatthewMetzger: fyi, "dpkg -S <filename>" will tell you what package provides a given file17:28
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: You should probably definitely keep testing this problem, but I think I found the bug that caused the crash.17:28
kirklandMatthewMetzger: pray tell......17:29
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: thanks of the dpkg -S thing....17:29
kirklandMatthewMetzger: mathiaz: so I don't have a mod-webdav included in the apache2 package I installed...17:29
kirklandMatthewMetzger: would you run dpkg -S on the mod-webdav file?17:30
MatthewMetzgera mysql query in Koha (the library software) that contains an "and" has the url formated as containing "+and+". This seemed to cause a loop.17:30
mathiazkirkland: look under dav17:30
kirklandmathiaz: thanks.17:31
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: apache2.2-common: /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_dav.so17:31
MatthewMetzgerregarding Koha: I'm talking on the koha IRC channel now. The devs there helped me isolate the problem. I'm not sure if an upgrade will help solve the problem yet or not.17:32
kirklandMatthewMetzger: okay, i'm doubtful that there is a leak in hardy's squid17:33
kirklandMatthewMetzger: shall we close 215998?17:33
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: I think you are right. I'm sorry to have sent you on a wild goose chase.17:33
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: yes.17:33
kirklandMatthewMetzger: ah, it's okay.  you were asking smart questions, that's what counts.17:33
MatthewMetzgerkirkland: I'm learning a lot. I love this stuff :)17:34
CarlFKu-server is installed to /dev/sda1.  what would it take to add a usb drive and make that a mirror (raid 0 i guess)17:36
CarlFKhoping to make a 'live' backup, so if sda crashes, the usb drive can be moved to a new box and booted17:37
kirklandCarlFK: mirror is RAID117:37
kirklandCarlFK: striping is RAID017:37
CarlFKkirkland: oh yeah - right17:37
kirklandCarlFK: so I've done this before, but it is sketchy--how sensitive is your data on sda1 right now?17:38
CarlFKdoesn't even exist yet17:38
kirklandCarlFK: it's not installed?17:38
CarlFKdon't even own the hardware :)17:38
kirklandCarlFK: :-)  in that case, the Ubuntu installer supports installation to RAID17:39
kirklandCarlFK: you'd just set up RAID1 when partitioning17:39
CarlFKthinking of getting one of those, and didn't want to bother re-installing17:39
CarlFKmore of a curiosity than a need17:39
kirklandCarlFK: okay, in that case, i'll give you the no-warranty one-paragraph description of how to do this ;-)17:40
kirklandCarlFK: you'd boot off of some live media (ubuntu live cd, knoppix, dsl, the like)17:40
kirklandCarlFK: you'd use fdisk to change the partition type from Linux filesystem to Linux RAID (0xfd)17:41
kirklandCarlFK: that's on sda117:41
kirklandCarlFK: you'd then partition your usb drive too17:41
kirklandCarlFK: mark it as 0xfd too17:41
kirklandCarlFK: then, you'd create your md0 in degraded mode17:42
kirklandCarlFK: so you'd tell it make a raid1 mirror device, but start it out with only 1 of the 2 devices in the mirror active17:42
kirklandCarlFK: the command would be something like:17:42
CarlFKis the 'active' device sda1?17:43
kirklandCarlFK: yes17:43
kirklandCarlFK: mdadm --create /dev/md0 --force --level 1 --raid-devices 1 /dev/sda117:44
kirklandCarlFK: then you'd check the status with `cat /proc/mdstat` and `mdadm --detail /dev/md0`17:44
kirklandCarlFK: if you see if you've started the device, and it's running in degraded mode (1 of the 2), then you're good, next you add the second device17:45
kirklandCarlFK: mdadm /dev/md0 --add /dev/sdb117:45
kirklandCarlFK: that should trigger a resync, which can take a few minutes or a few hours depending on disk size and bus speed17:45
kirklandCarlFK: monitor that with `watch -n 1 cat /proc/mdstat`17:46
kirklandCarlFK: when that completes, you'll have a sync'd raid17:46
kirklandCarlFK: oh, we need to take one giant step back....  before booting the live media, make sure the mdadm tools packages are installed on the os running on /dev/sda117:47
CarlFKso the bytes on sda1 are the same?17:47
kirklandCarlFK: yep17:47
CarlFKi thought there was a bit of a header17:47
kirklandCarlFK: at that point, you can mount /dev/md017:47
kirklandCarlFK: still in the livecd boot17:47
kirklandCarlFK: you'll need to mark up /etc/mdadm.conf and /etc/fstab17:47
kirklandCarlFK: to make sure that it's mounting / off of the raid device17:48
kirklandCarlFK: and if you want to be able to boot off of the usb drive, you'll need to grub-install it17:48
CarlFKi wonder how much of that I need to do with the live cd17:51
mathiazkirkland: you can create md0 with sda1 ?17:52
CarlFKfdisk /dev/sda - I bet I could do that on the live system.  then reboot17:52
mathiazkirkland: I'd tought I do it the other way around17:52
mathiazkirkland: create md0 with sdb1 in degraded and cp file from sda1 to md017:53
mathiazkirkland: then add sda1 to md017:53
mathiazkirkland: isn't there some modification needed to the partition to make it RAID-aware ?17:53
CarlFKmathiaz: that's what I am thinking too17:53
CarlFKbb in 2017:54
kirklandmathiaz: yes, see my comments about fdisk and 0xfd17:54
mathiazkirkland: right - but you also need to create the RAID metadata on the partition17:54
mathiazkirkland: setting the partition type to 0xfd isn't enought17:54
mathiazkirkland: that takes some space - and you  may loose some data on the existion partition17:55
mathiazkirkland: I haven't tested that though - I'm just gessing here17:56
kirklandmathiaz: hmm, i haven't seen that17:56
kirklandmathiaz: i'd think the mdadm --create handles that17:56
mathiazkirkland: right - and so you'd scrap some data on the existing partition17:57
mathiazkirkland: altough I don't know where the RAID metadata is written on the partition17:57
mathiazkirkland: it may be at the end, so you wouldn't loose any data on sda1 if you're lucky17:57
* kirkland goes look at his Linux Raid book17:58
MatBoywhat package do I need to use sudo /etc/init.d/mysql reset-password ?18:00
kirklandMatBoy: well, /etc/init.d/mysql is provided by the mysql-server-5.0 package18:02
MatBoykirkland, yes, but it doens't recognize that command18:02
MatBoyI mean, the reset-password18:02
kirklandMatBoy: agreed, doesn't look like that's a supported option18:03
kirklandMatBoy: what led you in that direction?18:04
MatBoykirkland, test install and my laptop HD crashed18:04
MatBoyand my pass was on that machine in a temp file18:04
kirklandMatBoy: http://ubuntu.flowconsult.at/en/mysql-set-change-reset-root-password/18:05
kirklandMatBoy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MysqlPasswordReset18:06
MatBoykirkland, yep, the know way. but I liked that option too :)18:06
MatBoythanks btw18:06
kirklandCarlFK: mathiaz: http://howtoforge.com/set-up-raid1-on-a-running-lvm-system-fedora818:10
kirklandmathiaz: that article confirms your suggestion, copy to sdb first18:11
CarlFKkirkland: thanks18:12
kirklandCarlFK: there are some differences there (LVM, Fedora8), but it's a very well don article18:12
mathiazkirkland: right - you need to copy to sdb first18:14
leonelScottK: Clamav 0.93 on the mirrors  not officially announced ..18:14
kirklandCarlFK: http://howtoforge.com/software-raid1-grub-boot-fedora-8  <= that one is without LVM18:15
GrizHey Gang. I'm used to looking in  /etc/inittab  to find out what the machine has set for the default run-level. That doesn't exist here in ubuntu-server so which file IS specifying this??18:31
zulGriz: to find out which runlevel you can run the command runlevel18:32
Grizzul, Thank You. Now, how can I specify, at boot-time which runlevel I want the box to boot too? (not at grub or lilo time, but default setup)18:33
zulGriz: runlevel --set= should work18:34
Grizzul, Thank You, Again. :-)18:37
* kirkland wonders if we should put a couple of notes to that effect in /etc/inittab .... that question comes up a lot (from RH/SUSE/Debian users, presumably)18:39
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zulkirkland: shouldnt it be in help.ubuntu.com shouldnt it?18:41
kirklandzul: yeah, probably, but most any reasonably informed experience Linux/UNIX user would start with /etc/inittab, which doesn't exit18:43
leonelScottK: CVE-2008-1100   for  hardy and Dapper18:43
zulyep yep18:43
ubotu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2008-1100)18:43
Grizkirkland, imho, yes, there should be something for us old pharts. :-)18:45
GH-VAIOhello, antbody here wanna trade shell accout?18:57
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trappistI've just tried to install update-manager-core on a dapper server, and there doesn't seem to be any such package.  any ideas why?19:13
trappistor, what's the proper upgrade path from dapper to devel release?19:13
sommertrappist: do you have the dapper-updates repository enabled?19:18
trappistsommer: oops, apparently not, thanks19:20
sommertrappist: np19:20
sommertrappist: you'll want to update to the latest packages before upgrading :)19:21
trappistyeah that part's done19:21
sommerah, then you should be able to do do-release-upgrade -d, once you've installed update-manager-core19:22
trappistthat's the plan19:22
sommerheh, I love it when a plan comes together19:22
Goosemoosehi guys, how's testing of the latest ubuntu coming along? Anyone testing the Active Directory logins?19:26
trappistdependency issues :/ comes down to python2.4-apt depending on libapt-inst-libc6.3-6-1.1 and libapt-pkg-libc6.3-6-3.11, both of which are virtual packages with no installation candidate19:27
|Lee|How can I open up another window on server edition? Like, one for irssi, one for lynx.19:44
nijaba|Lee|: use screen19:45
* nijaba -> food19:46
* kraut eats nijaba 19:46
kirkland|Lee|: ctrl-alt-f1 , ctrl-alt-f2 ... ctrl-alt-f819:49
zulkirkland: ewww :) screen is your friend19:49
kirkland|Lee|: that'll give you 8 separate consoles, screen is much, much nicer, though19:49
kirklandzul: is screen in the server seed?19:50
zulit should be19:50
faulkes-afaik screen should be in there19:50
Grizscreen should be in EVERY install. :-)19:50
kirklandokay, i couldn't remember if i added that myself or not19:50
zulkir: its in main anyways19:51
* Griz LIVES in screen(s)19:51
kirklandit's not in a "cli" install from a mini.iso19:51
Grizyeah, i know.   :-(19:51
|Lee|When something tells me to install linux-headers-'uname -r', what package do I install?19:53
trappist|Lee|: replace the ' with `19:54
trappist|Lee|: run uname -r to get an idea what it's doing19:54
|Lee|Danke, trappist.19:54
Griz|Lee|, run   uname -r   and it will show you what kernel you are on.19:54
trappistso you'd literally type sudo apt-get install install linux-headers-`uname -r`19:54
Griz|Lee|, then, append that to the  linux-headers-  and yer set.19:55
trappistor just use the backticks :)19:55
nealmcbsommer: are you gonna be there tomorrow morning, bright and early(!)?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda19:55
Griz|Lee|, or, just make sure you're using a  back quote  and then the command itself will run. :-)19:55
cellofellowhow can I clean up my PostgreSQL installation so I can start over?19:56
cellofellowlooks like purging and reinstalling did the trick19:58
sommernealmcb: planning to be, thanks for the Testimonial, I appreciate it20:00
nealmcbyou deserve it!20:01
sommerheh, thanks20:01
nealmcbyo folks - put in a good word for our next Ubuntu member candidate - sommer!  :-)20:01
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trappistany reason /boot is empty?20:08
cellofellowhow do I get in to my PostgreSQL configs with phpPgAdmin?20:10
Griztrappist, yeah, you forgot to mount it.20:12
trappistGriz: I guess so, but mounting it says "mount: /dev/sda1 already mounted or /boot busy", and mount says it's not mounted and lsof doesn't report anything using it20:13
sorencheck /proc/mounts..20:22
sorenStuff that gets mounted before /etc is remounted read-write might not be in /etc/mtab (which is what mount reads from).20:22
trappistsoren: good thinkin, thanks20:32
bdmurraymathiaz: ping21:16
trappistI'm running do-release-upgrade -d from dapper and it aborts without any useful info that I can see.  Calculating the changes, then Restoring original system state, then Aborting22:18
trappistanyone seen this?22:18
Kamping_Kaisertrappist, try #ubuntu+1 theres probably people there who can help22:19
mathiazbdmurray: hellowwww22:20
mathiazkirkland: what's you doc idea ?22:21
kirklandmathiaz: I've been thinking about a tool that searches a hierarchical list of locations where Ubuntu documentation might be found, in parallel, and organized22:22
kirklandmathiaz: starting with manpages, info pages, community documentation in the wiki, forums, and launchpad, then just google22:22
mathiazkirkland: humm... There is a lot of abstract words in that statement22:23
mathiazkirkland: could you be more concrete ?22:23
kirklandmathiaz: sure...22:23
kirklandmathiaz: define a list of locations where documentation on a given topic might be found22:24
kirklandmathiaz: and a logical order for searching those22:24
kirklandmathiaz: let's start with (1) man pages, (2) help.ubuntu.com, (3) ubuntuforums.org, (4) launchpad (answers/bugs)22:24
mathiazkirkland: right - something like: for apache2 you should look at : 1. man apache2, 2. the server guide (url to the apache2 section) 3. wiki pages, etc...22:24
kirklandmathiaz: yes, the server guide, i forgot about those22:25
kirklandmathiaz: so you'd submit your terms to the search engine22:25
kirklandmathiaz: all 4 or 5 of those sources are searched in parallel22:25
mathiazkirkland: ok - like google, but the ranking would be different22:26
kirklandmathiaz: results are presented back to you using twisties22:26
kirklandmathiaz: yep, could even use google with the site:foo.com switch22:26
mathiazkirkland: man pages would be ranked higher than ubuntuforums for example22:26
kirklandmathiaz: yes, exactly22:26
kirklandmathiaz: but ubuntuforums is in there22:27
kirklandmathiaz: then, as documentation becomes better/more pertinent, perhaps it gets "promoted" over time22:27
kirklandmathiaz: from the forums, into the wiki documentation22:27
kirklandmathiaz: maybe into a man page once the information is golden and very static22:27
mathiazkirkland: well - that could be interesting22:28
kirklandmathiaz: I had a conversation with esr about this several years ago, before Ubuntu existed, so long before help.ubuntu.com, and ubuntuforums.org were useful22:28
bdmurraymathiaz: I'm trying to update from gutsy server to hardy server and was unable to today22:29
mathiazkirkland: I wonder how much overlap there is with google22:29
kirklandmathiaz: let me take it one step further....22:29
mathiazkirkland: you can already use google to narrow your search22:29
kirklandmathiaz: it could all be implemented using google, with a few site:'s22:29
kirklandmathiaz: I'll hack up a prototype in php late one night22:29
mathiazbdmurray: oups... what did we do ? ;)22:30
kirklandmathiaz: the next step, though....22:30
kirklandmathiaz: is that I'd like to do this on the command line too22:30
mathiazkirkland: right - but you'd need access to the internet22:30
kirklandmathiaz: yep, that would be required22:30
mathiazkirkland: I'm not sure how usefull this would be on a server22:30
kirklandmathiaz: pull the info, and page it nicely22:30
bdmurraymathiaz: I'm not certain.  Logs are in bug 217435 and slangasek says it is isn't pam.22:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217435 in update-manager "Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on libpam0g" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21743522:30
mathiazkirkland: may be a website would be enough22:30
kirklandmathiaz: i'd like it to be a replacement for "man"22:31
kirklandmathiaz: "superman"22:31
kirklandmathiaz: where man is only one of a number of documentation sources22:31
kirklandmathiaz: perhaps the preferred one22:31
kirklandmathiaz: i'll hack on the website for you demo22:32
mathiazkirkland: that seems to be an interesting concept..22:32
mathiazkirkland: of course I wouldn't use php to do that22:32
mathiazkirkland: but that's just my personal preference... ;)22:33
kirklandmathiaz: ;-)  python?22:33
mathiazkirkland: yes - and django22:34
kirklandmathiaz: cool, well, if it takes off, we can port it to python+django22:34
mathiazbdmurray: hum.. I'm not sure what the problem is22:35
mathiazbdmurray: you may wanna ask mvo about it22:35
bdmurraymathiaz: okay, just wanted to let you know22:36
mathiazbdmurray: right - I know there has been some issues/upload with volumeid lately22:36
mathiazbdmurray: not sure if it's related to your problem though22:36
mathiazbdmurray: thanks for the report :)22:37

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