ubotuNew bug: #217002 in xserver-xorg-video-via (main) "Xserver crashes with VIA chipset" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21700200:05
ubotuNew bug: #217092 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 (restricted) "nvidia-glx-new 169.12+ fails to start" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21709205:00
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james_wseb128: does http://paste.ubuntu.com/6973/ correctly preserve translations?09:56
seb128james_w: hum, was it translatable before? it's not between _()09:57
james_woh yeah, I didn't notice that.09:57
seb128james_w: and I would rather use 2 times the same strings rather than introduce a variable, especially than we will be wanting to change one variant next cycle09:57
james_wah, ok09:57
james_wshould I mark them translatable?09:58
seb128yes please09:58
seb128the string is already in the translations apparently09:59
seb128that was the one used by the upstream variant09:59
james_wseb128: any better?10:12
james_wthe rest of the file uses gettext() rather than _()10:13
james_wI haven't tested the localisation though.10:13
seb128hum, using gettext10:14
seb128james_w: seems to be alright10:20
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james_wI'm not very familiar with debugging this type of segfault, if we have11:44
james_wrw_mode_get_width (mode=0x3) at randrwrap.c:110411:44
james_wwhere mode is a pointer, and then a valgrind with 11:44
james_wInvalid read of size 411:44
james_wAddress 0xf is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd11:44
james_wfrom that function does that indicate that the pointer is being overwritten somewhere11:45
james_wfollowing the flow of the code I can't see anything wrong in the logic yet11:45
seb128james_w: that means the code access a non valid memory address11:45
seb128james_w: usually that's something used after being freed for example11:46
seb128james_w: or a pointer being overwritten11:46
james_wok, it's not obvious to me where this could be happening.11:47
james_wthe stacktrace omits some functions, would this be due to optimisations?11:48
seb128james_w: yes, likely11:52
seb128james_w: looking to the code11:55
james_wthere are a bunch of code paths that call that function, so I'm not sure exactly which is being taken to trigger this, I've tried to follow them all, and haven't seen anything yet11:58
seb128==11339== Use of uninitialised value of size 412:00
seb128==11339==    at 0x4073179: rw_mode_get_height (randrwrap.c:1118)12:00
seb128==11339==    by 0x804D636: rebuild_gui (xrandr-capplet.c:526)12:00
seb128==11339==    by 0x804F1AD: run_application (xrandr-capplet.c:1755)12:00
seb128==11339==    by 0x804F83B: main (xrandr-capplet.c:1799)12:00
jcristaugdb doesn't tell you that?12:00
seb128jcristau: there is a lot of static functions in this source and I think that the -O2 builds don't list those12:01
jcristaugdb should be able to handle them12:01
seb128well, -O2 stacktrace are not accurate for sure, I'm not sure to what it's due12:01
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seb128optimization makes some call being not listed12:02
jcristauinlining maybe12:02
seb128could be yes12:02
seb128james_w: do you get the issue?12:02
james_wno, I haven't been able to reproduce12:03
ubotuNew bug: #217004 in xorg (main) "[hardy beta] install failure (regression) with ProSavageDDR graphics chipset" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21700412:04
seb128james_w: I'll copy -O0 deb onlines and ask him to get a new valgrind log12:05
james_wseb128: great, thanks12:06
james_wa stacktrace may be useful as well12:06
seb128james_w: 12:06
seb128list_clone_modes (Configuration *config, RWScreen *screen)12:06
seb128    RWMode **modes;12:06
seb128    for (i = 0; config->outputs[i] != NULL; ++i)12:07
seb128    {12:07
seb128if (config->outputs[i]->connected)12:07
seb128    if (!modes)12:07
seb128return NULL;12:07
seb128 12:07
seb128==11339== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)12:07
seb128==11339==11339== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)12:07
seb128==11339==    at 0x804CF64: get_current_modes (xrandr-capplet.c:336)12:07
seb128==11339==    by 0x804D601: rebuild_gui (xrandr-capplet.c:516)12:07
seb128==    at 0x804CF64: get_current_modes (xrandr-capplet.c:336)12:07
seb128==11339==    by 0x804D601: rebuild_gui (xrandr-capplet.c:516)12:07
seb128 12:07
seb128james_w: that seems to indicate that the if condition in the loop is never true and it uses an uninitialised value12:07
seb128james_w: using 12:07
seb128- RWMode **modes;12:07
seb128+ RWMode **modes = NULL;12:08
seb128might be enough12:08
james_wyeah, that sounds sensible12:08
seb128l336 is the "if (!modes)" one12:09
tjaalton(II) SAVAGE(0): Configured Monitor: Using hsync value of 0.00 kHz12:09
tjaalton(II) SAVAGE(0): Configured Monitor: Using vrefresh value of 0.00 Hz12:09
james_wand that function calls the one at the top of the stacktrace eventually, with an item from the **modes12:09
tjaaltonquality there, no DDC info -> use 0 by default12:09
james_wseb128: shall I prepare a debdiff of that change for upload, or would you like me to work with submitter first to test it?12:10
seb128james_w: I've no clue if that's enough to fix the issue of will just forward the bug to some other place, would be nice to get him testing the change12:10
james_wsure, I can do that.12:11
seb128james_w: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/215396 too btw12:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215396 in gnome-control-center "gnome-display-properties crashed with SIGSEGV in _start() [when running xgl]" [Medium,New] 12:12
seb128james_w: could be the same bug12:12
seb128james_w: did you try to run the capplet under valgrind using xgl?12:12
james_wno, I didn't12:15
james_wthat one has "on_screen_changed (scr=0x0", which is probably the cause12:16
seb128james_w: ok, so your packages work but you built using -O0 right?13:17
james_wyes, noopt,nostrip13:17
seb128ok, so it doesn't tell us if the fix is enough13:18
seb128I've asked for a new valgrind log13:18
seb128noopt will do -O0 and variables will be initialized13:18
seb128which will hide the non-initialized issues13:18
james_wah, ok, shall I build some packages with the patch but normal build options?13:18
seb128you have other pending changes right? I would say to just upload the patch from this morning and this init now13:19
seb128or maybe try to fix the other crasher under xgl13:19
james_wit sounds like he is suffering from an issue that would trigger this, i.e. (config->outputs[i]->connected) is probably never true for him13:20
james_wyeah, I'll look in to the other one that you pointed me to and see if we can roll in that fix as well.13:20
seb128cool, thanks13:20
james_wI don't think I can't reproduce any of these Xgl bugs anymore though unfortunately, it fails so early for me that it barely covers any of the code.13:21
james_wthis other one looks pretty straightforward though.13:22
tjaaltonsoren: please push your fix for mdetect, I'll change the vmmouse-handling.. Of course I should've noticed that the damn package doesn't exist for !{amd64,i386} :P14:31
tjaaltonso no wonder those suckers have no mouse14:31
sorentjaalton: You run mdetect as root, right_14:37
tjaaltonsoren: yes, it's done on xserver-xorg.postinst (dexconf)14:39
sorentjaalton: Great.14:41
tjaaltonhum, xserver-xorg needs to depend on mdetect then14:44
tjaaltonnow it only recommends it14:44
tjaaltonsoren: do you have mdetect installed by default on your virtual machines? I wonder if Recommends should suffice14:58
sorentjaalton: I don't.14:58
tjaaltonok, so it needs to be bumped14:58
tjaaltonsoren: what do you think of bug 216276?15:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 216276 in kvm "Regression: mouse support stopped working" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21627615:02
tjaalton(EE) xf86OpenSerial: No Device specified.15:03
sorentjaalton: Er, yeah, vmmouse requires a device to be set.15:03
* soren hasn't read the bug, but from the context, I guess that's the issue.15:04
* soren reads the bug15:04
tjaaltonsoren: ah, ok.15:04
sorenWell, just /dev/input/mice works fine.15:04
sorenIs that so bad?15:04
tjaaltonsoren: no, if it doesn't change :)15:04
sorenWhat? The presence of /dev/input/mice? Why would that change?15:05
tjaaltonit shouldnt15:05
tjaaltonanyway, I'll add a check to add the device if it's a virtual setup15:06
sorenOk, cool. We should check that it works, though, but I belive it does.15:06
sorentjaalton: Ok. It should be almost functionally equivalent, but if you're more comfortable that way, that's cool.15:07
soren"almost" because in case we're converting a physical install to a virtual install (something I intend to work on a bit for intrepid), it'll need config changes.15:09
seb128james_w: how is the update going?15:09
james_wI'm hainvg trouble tracking this other one down15:13
james_wthe NULL parameter isn't used.15:13
james_wit also reports that config is NULL, but there is a check for that in the function15:13
seb128how used?15:13
seb128let me have a look15:14
seb128james_w: on what line is the check?15:18
james_w122 here15:19
james_w    g_return_val_if_fail (current != NULL, NULL);15:19
seb128your version has not been uploaded15:19
seb128current is 0ubuntu515:19
seb128and it has 15:19
seb128    current = configuration_new_current (app->screen);15:19
seb128    if (app->current_configuration)15:19
seb128configuration_free (app->current_configuration);15:19
james_wcurrent, not config sorry15:19
seb128122 is the if line15:19
james_wah, did I add that?15:19
seb128is there an update pending upload?15:20
seb128I'm not sure if your debdiff were work on progress or sponsoring request, maybe there was some misunderstanding and something should have been uploaded but has not been yet?15:20
james_wno, it's fine, I just didn't remember adding that line15:21
seb128your check is weird15:21
james_wit's fine, I was just confused about what was uploaded and what wasn't/15:22
seb128static void15:22
seb128on_screen_changed 15:22
seb128if should return15:22
seb128and not return value, no?15:22
james_wyeah, I thought it was odd as I was doing it, but didn't think to check.15:23
james_wI've been in python land for too long.15:23
seb128ok, anyway15:23
seb128let's change that one to just return and get the 3 changes uploaded?15:23
james_wyeah, I'll do that.15:24
seb128the xgl error dialog, the init we added this morning and this check?15:24
seb128ok, good, thanks15:24
seb128we are getting better at each iteration ;-)15:24
james_wshould I disable the help button as well?15:24
ubotuNew bug: #216276 in xorg (main) "Regression: mouse support stopped working" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21627615:37
seb128james_w: yes please15:38
seb128james_w: other requests came my way meanwhile ;-)15:50
seb128james_w: could you also change 01_debian_ubuntu.patch (you can rename it) to remove the debian specific choices rather, those are confusing for desktop users apparently15:52
seb128james_w: and the firefox entry in capplets/default-applications/gnome-default-applications.xml.in needs to be updated for use firefox-3.0 as icon name15:53
james_wsure, any bug numbers you want closing for these changes?15:58
seb128let me look16:03
seb128mpt mentionned those on #ubuntu-desktop, not sure if they are in launchpad16:03
seb128james_w: no bugs apparently16:08
james_wseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7005/16:13
james_whow's that?16:13
seb128james_w: looking16:19
seb128james_w: loosk good to me, I'll sponsor the upload, thanks16:31
james_wand huge thanks for actually finding the bugs :-)16:35
seb128and thank you for working on those ;-)16:36
Q-FUNKbryce: ?17:13
Q-FUNKany news on sync'ing -geode from debian?17:34
brycetjaalton: do you really think we should disable atieventsd?  I noticed a lot of bug reports on it crashing.  What does it do exactly?  Just a manager for multi-head or something?18:14
=== keescook is now known as kees
tjaaltonbryce: yep, something to do with multi-head.. and it seems rather unstable19:39
tjaalton..if it crashes when updating some libs for example19:40
brycehmm, well if it's not strictly required for basic use of fglrx, then I'd also favor disabling it.19:43
brycepeople will be upset at not being able to configure multiscreen, but hey, only so much crashy proprietary software we can reasonably support ;-)19:44
brycefwiw, I raised that issue with ATI and am awaiting their feedback on it.19:44
bryceI will also let them know we plan to disable that tool due to crashes in it19:44
tjaaltonok cool. it was enabled in December I think19:44
tjaaltonso it's not a regression to turn it off by default19:45
ubotuNew bug: #213753 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (main) "Cannot get normal graphical session running after install" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21375320:08
brycetjaalton: btw, any reservations if I push the xserver patch for the firefox XAA offscreenpixmaps issue?  (bug #182038).  Basically it inverts the logic for that option, setting XAAOffscreenPixmaps False by default20:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182038 in xorg-server "Black rectangle instead of image in FF3 [Hardy]" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18203820:19
tjaaltonbryce: nope, I guess we'll hear if it causes trouble ;)20:21
bryce(er, True by default??  Anyway, inverts it.)20:21
tjaaltonbut as fedora has done the same, it's probably not that bad20:21
bryce...awaiting approval... ;-)21:17
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ubotuNew bug: #99898 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 (restricted) "kdevelop make X crash" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9989822:56
ubotuNew bug: #215689 in xorg (main) "Wacom tablet is not supported anymore" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21568923:12

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