wesolekOdd-rationale, it didn't return anything00:00
kk502nickrud :)00:00
boolka2how do i install flash plugin for firefox?00:00
Odd-rationalewesolek: pastebin the output of "ifconfig"00:00
thedonvaughnboolka2: aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree00:01
nickrudboolka  sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree00:01
wesolekOdd-rationale, did I mention that my wireless card is on pcmcia?00:01
Picizoidberg: I'm not sure what to tell you then. You could always try forwarding the mailer daemon message to webmaster@canonical.com00:01
* nickrud has to learn to type faster00:01
Odd-rationalewesolek: hmm. ok00:01
wesolekOdd-rationale, it will take me a long time to retype it in pastebin00:01
dmsupermanIs there a way to have both vertically and horizontally spanning virtual desktops?00:02
wesolekOdd-rationale, and I guess you need to run soon00:02
Odd-rationalewesolek: copy+paste00:02
wesolekOdd-rationale, ubuntu isn't on-line yet00:02
wesolekthat's what I'm trying to do00:02
nickrudwesolek can't you wire it up? That will make your life much easier00:02
dmsupermanso I can have essentially 4 virtual workspaces? 2 by 2?00:03
nickrudwesolek just for the config stuff, seriously.00:03
Odd-rationalewesolek: oh. ok. how many interfaces showed up? and what were there names? lo, eth0, etc.?00:03
mrpocketssomeone wanna give me a hand with installing icecast from source00:03
thedonvaughndmsuperman: if you are running compiz, you can sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager and add your desktops there.  If you are not running compiz, you should be able to right click on gnome's pager and change the desktops there as well.00:03
Odd-rationalewesolek: ?00:04
dmsupermanthedonvaughn, I am, but when I change both horizontal virtual size and vertical virtual size to 2, it resets the virtual to 1 or the horizontal to 1, so it will only let me have one of them be higher than 100:04
Danish989hi everyone00:04
jdsbluedevlhi, does anyone know how to concatenate rar files that all have extention .rar rather than .r01, .ro2, etc.?00:04
wesolekOdd-rationale, eth0, etho:avan, lo, vmnet1, vmnet8, wifi0, wlan0 and wlan0:ava00:04
Danish989here's an installation question:  I just resized one of my hard disks and now there's free space and I want to install ubuntu on that. Which installation method do I have to choose?00:05
thedonvaughndmsuperman: wierd.  I run compiz, also in debian at the moment.  Works fine for me.00:05
Odd-rationalewesolek: is this a laptop or desktop?00:05
Draconicusnickrud: Ignoring the extras, how's this look? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63120/00:05
wesolekOdd-rationale, both wlan0 and wifi0 have the same mac address00:05
MrStitchhow do I tell irc that I don't want to see the joins and leaves from a channel?00:05
thedonvaughndmsuperman: you running compiz?00:05
MeatGrinderMrStitch, depends on your client00:05
wesolekOdd-rationale - laptop, but like a desktop00:05
thedonvaughnMrStitch: depends on the client00:05
wesolekodd-rationale, poor mobility with this old laptop00:05
dmsupermanthedonvaughn, yeah. figured it out, i had to up the number of desktops. wonder why they would make you manually input a number that would be derived from the other 2 settings :S00:05
MeatGrinderjdsbluedevl, did you try opening one?00:05
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thedonvaughndmsuperman: cool00:06
MrStitchthedonvaughn: I'm using Gaim... came with Ubuntu00:06
jdsbluedevlMeatGrinder: nvm, apparently unrar e "first file" concatenates them all00:07
Odd-rationalewesolek: so all you have is the command line and you want to connect to the internet through your wireless?00:07
MeatGrinderjdsbluedevl, yup :)00:07
dmsupermanthedonvaughn, I've got dual monitor, and now a 2 by 2 grid of workspaces. That's 8 virtual monitors. I'm sure it'll be easy to lose windows now :P00:07
MeatGrinderjdsbluedevl, rars can be annoying like that00:07
Draconicusnickrud: I know it's just fine, but I thought I'd give you a treat and show you a nice, clean sources.list for a change00:08
Odd-rationalewesolek: could you describe your situation again?00:08
dmsupermanthedonvaughn, do you know if it's possible to set a delay on switching viewports when putting my mouse to the edge? like, I want it so if my mouse just brushes the edge for a quick second it won't switch viewports, i have to hold it there for half a second or something00:08
Saint`DiaWhen is the next release coming out?00:08
RobC269i got gpartition thing working..I found out the problem - the NTFS partition had "inconsistencies" and needed chkdisk run on Windows to fix it..which is broken -.- ..I have no problem accessing and mounting it on Slax, so I'm kinda puzzled as to why Ubuntu is giving me this error :/00:08
Draconicusnickrud: Huh. Can I put universe and multiverse on bugfixes? Do they even count for that repo?00:08
mic21I connect my computer to a server using sftp (with "connect to server" in ubuntu 8.04) and I don't have the permissions to download files and even for write but I can browse it ... it's very strange because if I connect with ssh in a terminal it's ok ...00:09
wesolekOdd-rationale, I've got the graphic interface... I mean everything worked fine till august last year, when I stopped using it. meanwhile I changed my wireless security from WEP to WPA and when I turned my ubunto on today (for the first time since aug) it didn't connect. So I tried to fix it and ended up messing up my interface file really bad00:09
thedonvaughndmsuperman: honestly not sure on that.  would be useful i suppose tho00:09
thedonvaughnSaint`Dia: www.ubuntu.com will tell you that.00:09
Danish989here's an installation question:  I just resized one of my hard disks and now there's free space and I want to install ubuntu on that. Which installation method do I have to choose?00:09
ScottONanskiHas anyone heard of a program called Magicpart, or something similar? It's a an ISO for partitioning hdd's,00:09
DraconicusScottONanski: Partition magic?00:10
Alex6692Hi, when i press Mercury Messenger, Which i have just installed, It wont load it, does anyone have any ideas?00:10
MeatGrinderDanish989, just run livecd, click install, and pick the partition00:10
wesolekodd-rationale, I even tried to connect to a non-secured network and nothing00:10
Danish989if I use guided installation, wont that just install ubuntu on my primary hard disk? where windows is currently installed? I want to install ubuntu on the free space on my other hard disk00:10
thedonvaughnDanish989: what do you mean method?  desktop, server, and alternative?00:10
ScottONanskiDrac> No, it's OSS.00:10
Danish989thedonvaughn: desktop00:10
thenetduckI am having a problem loading firefox. I can run : /usr/bin/firefox/./firefox and it will run fine, but I can't seem to get it to run when I just type "firefox" in the terminal, which I need so my links run properly. How can I fix this?00:10
thedonvaughnDanish989: oh i'd use manual.  give yourself a swap 2x your ram and you should be good.00:10
thedonvaughni forget the options ubuntu has00:11
thedonvaughnDanish989: i suppose guided with available free space would be safe if that's an option, i forget.00:11
Danish989do I have to choose space for the swap partition manually?00:11
Alex6692Hi, when i press Mercury Messenger, Which i have just installed, It wont load it, does anyone have any ideas?00:11
ScottONanskiAh, it's called Parted Magic. :)00:11
thedonvaughnDanish989: yes.  manual you do the partitioning yourself.00:11
dmsupermanyeah, at least with vertical workspaces, because i have a habit of "slamming' my cursor at the top or bottom of the window to access the taskbar or close/minimize buttons00:11
magicrobotmonkeydoes anyone use hulu.com with hardy and the flashplugin-nonfree thats in the repo?00:11
Danish989scottonanski: why dont you just use Gparted already in ubuntu?00:11
Odd-rationalewesolek: try removing all other lines in your interfaces file except the followings: http://paste.stgraber.org/240700:11
Danish989thedonvaughn: I have to create a partition on the free space, right?00:12
wesolekodd-rationale, I just installed wpa_supplicant and tried to do it this way, no luck, the terminal is hanging now00:12
ScottONanskiDanish>> This is a way better program, but I need to part from boot cd.00:12
MeatGrinderDanish989, you can boot the livecd and use gpartition00:12
thedonvaughnDanish989: correct.  you'll need a swap and a root (/) a minimum.00:12
Alex6692Hi, when i press Mercury Messenger, Which i have just installed, It wont load it, does anyone have any ideas?00:12
MrStitchGaim doesn't support the option I suppose.... any ideas for a better IRC client?00:12
thedonvaughnMrStitch: irssi00:12
MeatGrinderMrStitch, xchat00:12
ij_kaufmanhi all.  i've never used any linux OS before, and what i'm actually hoping to do is not so much use it, but install it for the purpose of donating two old computers with a clean, fresh OS free of all the junk that i accumulated over the years.  in addition, i'm hoping/expecting for all data/files to be wiped off the box.  would that be the case?  is there a way to install ubuntu in such a way that it just reformats everythi00:12
ij_kaufmanlready gotten everything off of both boxes that I need, so wiping it clean will not delete anything i need to get back.00:12
wesolekodd-rationale, ok, and then what?00:13
Odd-rationalewesolek: restart your networking.00:13
kee9260hello.  am looking for some help for a know-nothing i know who is not me, but is trying to get going with linux puppy00:13
MrStitchirssi or xchat..... which one would be fairly easy for a newb to grasp00:13
thedonvaughnij_kaufman: if you just install over your windows partitions on your hdd, you'll accomplish just that.00:13
ScottONanskiParted Magic is an awesome program. I was very impressed with it the first time.00:13
Saint`DiaHow do I check which version of ubuntu I got?00:13
DraconicusI think we've lost nickrud ...00:13
StarnestommyMrStitch: xchat is easier, but I've found irssi to be more flexible00:14
belkinhelp2Anyone here have experience running Ubuntu on a ramdisk?00:14
StarnestommySaint`Dia: lsb_release -a00:14
MrStitchthanks, I'll be right back with that then....00:14
ij_kaufmanthedonvaughn, can u walk me through that, and or, point me to where i can follow such steps?00:14
wesolekok done00:14
MeatGrinderMrStitch, probably xchat to start00:14
kee9260i want to be able to run a program i downloaded into XP in linux puppy00:14
wesolekodd-rationale ok done00:14
Saint`Diaok, got gutsy.00:14
kee9260and grab my music files and access them through puppy00:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ramdisk - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:14
Saint`DiaWhen's the next release coming out?00:14
thedonvaughnij_kaufman: all you got to do is download an ubuntu iso,  burn it.  put it in your pc, boot it up and install it.  Just chooose the option to use the entire hard drive when it asks.00:15
StarnestommySaint`Dia: I think it's on the 24th00:15
Odd-rationalewesolek: try cconnecting with network-manager00:15
Danish989thedonvaughn: how do I create a swap?00:15
thedonvaughnSaint`Dia: ubuntu.com has that information, for the second time.  right on the index.00:15
wesolekodd-rationale ok00:15
DraconicusStarnestommy: Of this month? Already? Wow.00:15
ij_kaufmanawesome.  that you sooo much, thedonvaughn00:15
wesolekodd-ratiionale, it won't start the network-manager00:16
thedonvaughnDanish989: create a partition, and for the type "physical space for swap' or something to that nature.00:16
Saint`Diathedonvaughn: Well, I'm on dialup, you know linuxant's pay modem drivers, and I'm not paying for crap. So 'm limited to 14K, much easier to ask in IRC, know what I mean?00:16
thedonvaughnDanish989: this is all covered in the installation documents by the way.00:16
MacFlecknoeanyone know where i can find an irc room on assembly?00:16
Odd-rationalewesolek: you have the networkmanager applet in the tray?00:16
StarnestommyMacFlecknoe: maybe ##asm00:16
MacFlecknoeill try thanks00:17
wesolekodd-rationale, yes, in the task bar00:17
Danish989ok thanks a lot00:17
wesolekodd-rationale, I will reboot it now, it should be fine after the reboot00:17
Odd-rationalewesolek: what happens if you click it? can you see available networks?00:17
Odd-rationalewesolek: sure. reboot fixes a lot of things sometimes... :)00:18
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MrStitchOdd.... am I in the correct place?00:19
wesolekodd-rationale, yes I can see available networks now00:20
pukekoMem:    450880k total,   446380k used,     4500k free, is that healthy ?00:20
ShpookIs there a utility or script to batch create thumbnails from images?00:21
M3TVFhow do I configure an AX25 port to use my soundcard00:21
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reya276 I need some help mounting my external hard drive, for some reason I can't access it. Can anyone help? Please00:21
MrStitchBy default... Xchat isn't suppose to show all the users in a channel?00:21
FlashbackAnyone happen to know anything about xawtv4 for Ubuntu?00:22
StarnestommyMrStitch: it is, but you can right-click on a channel's tab and uncheck 'show join/part messages'00:22
achandrashekarreya276: what do you see when you type dmesg ?00:22
Alex6691What do i type in terminal to download Java?00:22
dmsupermandoes anybody know a way using compiz and multiple workspaces that i can alt + tab and have it flip through all the windows open in all workspaces, then switch to the workspace that window is on?00:22
reya276a bunch of stuff00:23
ShpookIf GIMP had batch options I'd be in heaven.00:23
Odd-rationalewesolek: can you connect to your network?00:23
reya276achandrashekar:  no that great at discerning this stuff00:23
M3TVF how do I configure an AX25 port to use my soundcard00:23
MacFlecknoeanyone here know assembly? i have a real simply question and it seems the assembly channels are all dead00:23
Alex6691What do i type in Terminal to download Java?00:23
dmsupermanAlex6691, sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre00:23
Alex6691Thank you.00:23
dmsupermanor java500:23
thedonvaughnAlex6691: you can always sudo aptitude search <keyword>  in this case java.  And it's sun-java6-bin or sun-java6-jre00:24
MrStitchStarnestommy: Danke!00:24
reya276achandrashekar:  I can pastebin it for you00:24
wesolekodd-rationale, nope but right now I am running on WPA, maybe that's why00:24
Alex6691Thanks :)!00:24
achandrashekardmsuperman: are you referring to ctrl+alt+<down arrow key> ?00:24
Odd-rationalewesolek: I am connected to a wpa network right now.00:24
MrStitchahhh... it already feels cleaner in here. :000:24
FlashbackIf not xawtv4, what's anyone using to watch DVB tv, that isn't Mythtv?00:24
wesolekodd-rationale, let me just try something (a tutorial) and I will get back to you in few minutes00:24
Odd-rationalewesolek: ok00:25
Alex6691It says Java has no installation cadidate.00:25
M3TVF how do I configure an AX25 port to use my soundcard00:25
FlashbackAlex: Use synaptic. Search for Java.00:25
wesolekodd-rationale, trying this right now http://www.debianadmin.com/enable-wpa-wireless-access-point-in-ubuntu-linux.html00:25
Danish989what is the difference between a primary partition and a logical partition?00:26
dmsupermanachandrashekar, for me that switches vertically between my workspaces. I have a 2x2 grid of them00:26
Danish989should I choose primary or logical? location for the new partition: beginning or end? and what about mount point?00:26
achandrashekardmsuperman: you'll need to switch it to four desktops with compiz if you wish it to rotate..00:27
reya276achandrashekar: take a look http://www.pastebin.org/2956400:27
magnetronDanish989: it's only possible to boot from a primary partition00:27
FlashbackA primary partition is the first four partitions. After that, logical must be used. It's a hold over for the way things have always been done. Use either, it doesn't matter.00:27
dmsupermanachandrashekar, no no. that's not what i meant. I want to be able to alt + tab between windows, and have it show _all_ the windows on _all_ the workspaces00:27
dmsupermanachandrashekar, so when I select a window on another workspace, it will automatically switch to that window in that workspace00:27
Danish989if I want to have the boot option between xp and ubuntu, I should use primary partition then?00:28
FlashbackAnyone here at all watching tv on their workstation? Something in a digital card perhaps?00:28
Danish989and what goes in the ''mount point'' ?00:28
achandrashekardmsuperman: ive been able to do that..(or so from what i understand that you are asking) with the ctrl-alt-down arrow key00:28
dmsupermanachandrashekar, all the ctrl + alt + down keys do it switch to other workspaces00:29
Alex6691It says i have to install it though Terminal, so what do i type in terminal because sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre didnt work.00:29
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:29
wesolekodd-rationale, no luck again00:29
thedonvaughnDanish989: mount point is where you mount the partition.  For root you put "/".  for swap it won't have one.   Btw I'd just choose logical.  And you can boot from logical.00:29
dmsupermanachandrashekar, I want to switch between window focus. the normal way of doing that is alt + tab00:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xawtv4 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:29
dmsupermanachandrashekar, but that only switches between the windows in my current workspace00:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xawtv - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:29
dmsupermanachandrashekar, i want to switch between windows in all my workspaces00:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about klear - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:30
Alex6691: It says i have to install it though Terminal, so what do i type in terminal because sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre didnt work.00:30
Odd-rationalewesolek: you can see you network but can't connect to it?00:30
thedonvaughnAlex6691: make sure your /etc/apt/sources.list is in order and sudo apt-get update00:30
MrStitchIs Ubuntu subject to the same malware, spyware, and viruses that windows based users get stuck with?00:30
Alex6691What do you mean? o_o00:30
thedonvaughnMrStitch: nope.00:30
achandrashekarreya276: if you go open a console, and then cd to /media00:31
wesolekodd-rationale, yes I can see my network00:31
NasraI have a question what do I put/write on the syntax part when using pastebin?00:31
achandrashekarreya276: do you see anything there that shows the drive has been mounted?00:31
MrStitchthedonvaugn: Is that because it's written in a different language?00:31
reya276achandrashekar: the drive is being read by the system, but form some reason it does not allows me to access it, so I can't mounted or it does not auto mount the drive so therefor I can't access it.00:31
wesolekodd-rationale, but when I click on it, I don't even have an option for wpa, only wep00:31
Alex6691: It says i have to install it though Terminal, so what do i type in terminal because sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre didnt work.00:31
gerroMrStitch: if you use wine or windows virtualized it still can get viruses, and it is prone to them if you dualboot with windows00:31
thedonvaughnMrStitch: nope because it's compiled for a different platform.  Usually it's a windows .exe executable.  That means nothing to linux.00:31
TheMusicGuyhello, I know that RhythmBox uses Gstreamer for its audio support, but I can't find any gstreamer plugins for tracked music formats...(still looking though)...does anyone know of a way to get RhythmBox to play these formats, such as XM, MOD, S3M, IT, etc. ?00:31
gerroMrStitch: virtualized as on the windows part00:31
thedonvaughnMrStitch: gerro is right.. I suppose you could run a windows virus using wine (wine is a windows emulator which does run windows .exe executables)00:32
wesolekodd-rationale, the only place I can see wap option is when I want to create a new network, but that (after putting all the appropirate info) doesn't work either00:32
reya276achandrashekar: Also when I try to mount it, I get a message that says I have no access to do so yet, I'm the admin for the system00:32
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dmsupermanMrStitch, generally, linux distros are exempt from viruses because A: it's written to be a more secure OS. Windows users generally want it to "just work", and by enabling things to "just work" a lot of things become automated, allowing viruses to slip by.00:32
mannytuI think the Sun has updated their JRE....00:32
achandrashekarreya276: are you first sudo su ?00:32
MrStitchSo.... right now when I boot up my computer, I have the option to choose winblows or Ubuntu... in this scenario, you're saying my computer is still technically a p.o.s.?00:32
dmsupermanMrStitch, and B: because there are _far_ more windows users than linux users, so it's just more profitable for hackers/spammers to go after the windows base00:33
achandrashekarreya276: then im wondering if you have to create an entry in fstab for the device00:33
Alex6691: It says i have to install it though Terminal, so what do i type in terminal because sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre didnt work.00:33
cheesypieceshi, any idea why i can't start the login settings manager? it starts to start up but then nothing happens00:33
dmsupermanMrStitch, Plus, linux users are more likely to know a lot more about what's going on in their system than windows users, so hackers and spammers generally don't bother00:33
gerroMrStitch: it would have to be one huge exploit for it to somehow write to the ext3 partition if your windows side gets jacked00:33
achandrashekarreya276: i ran into this a bit a go...and i had to do a google search to mount a device .00:33
reya276achandrashekar: yes I am00:34
NasraI have question for someone nice .....00:34
NasraI have a question what do I put/write on the syntax part when using pastebin?00:34
dmsupermangerro: or if you're like one of the many people who dual boot, windows will be able toe write to the ext3 partition using a driver you would install for just that purpose00:34
MrStitchI see... so, since Ubuntu is on it's own partition, then there is no problem?00:34
Odd-rationalewesolek: well, i'm out of ideas. sorry. I coundn't help more...00:34
achandrashekarreya276: i remember creating a directory in /media ...then I had to create an entry in fstab....then went about mounting from that point on.00:34
water_fouli've been able to tune my hdtv card with mplayer but i wanted to do it with kaffeine, can someone help me?00:34
gerrodmsuperman: exactly but you can use different file systems so that complicates the matter00:34
Danish989location for the new partition: beginning or end?00:34
dmsupermanMrStitch, unless you're allowed windows to see/write to the ubuntu partition, then booting into windows is very unlikely to touch your ubuntu partition in any way00:34
gerroMrStitch: pretty much none, just hope if windows goes down it don't take ubuntu with it00:35
reya276right but how do you mount it00:35
water_foulkaffeine wont scan for channels but is there a way i can use a channels.conf file?00:35
Alex6691Right so what do i type in terminal to install Java?00:35
dmsupermanreya: have you tried running that command as sudo?00:35
MrStitchGerro - ROFL.... isn't that the case ALL the time... taking everything with it..hahahha00:35
dmsupermanAlex6691, "sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre" should do it00:35
water_foulkaffeine wont scan for channels but is there a way i can use a channels.conf file?00:35
reya276achandrashekar: the thing is I don't want to loose the existing files on that drive00:36
dmsupermanMrStitch, not with linux, it's exempt to windows asshattery00:36
achandrashekarreya276: like this ---in fstab -> /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1 vfat defaults 0 000:36
reya276achandrashekar: what is the command to mount the drive00:36
dmsupermanreya276, have you tried running the mount command with sudo?00:36
Alex6691dmsuperman: it says this : Package sun-java6-jre has no installation candidate00:36
gerroMrStitch: oh and if you decide to do something crazy like I dunno delete random files in ubuntu, just watch out if your other partition is mounted there you might wipe it :/00:36
wesolekodd-rationale... maybe crazy quastion, can you pls check this link for me http://paste.stgraber.org/2407 I am just not sure if there should be spaces after -D and after -c in the 3rd line of the WPA point 200:36
dmsupermanAlex6691, "sudo apt-get update"00:36
sparr_whats the easiest way to get files from a windows vista pc to an ubuntu pc?00:36
reya276dmsuperman: what is the commands?00:36
gerroMrStitch: that's /media00:36
sparr_over the network, no sneakernet!00:36
achandrashekarreya276: what that does is creates the ability to manually mount it - take a look here http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/manual-mount-external-usb-hard-drive-in-ubuntu-519463/00:36
dmsupermanreya276, I don't remember off the top of my head00:36
Alex6691Thanks im updatin now.00:36
water_foulkaffeine wont scan for channels but is there a way i can use a channels.conf file?00:37
MrStitchNot sure if my winblows can see the linux part... haven't checked that out yet. However, I see that Ubuntu does have access to the windows partition.... I've already grabbed all my MP3's00:37
thedonvaughnAlex6691: heh i told you that about 10 minutes ago. ;)00:37
wesolekodd-rationale, where it says: connect via command line in the WPA Connection - WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK section00:37
dmsupermanAlex6691, no problem. after you update your lists, run the install java command again and you should be good to go00:37
Danish989thedonvaughn: what is ''location for new partition'' ?? should I choose begining or end?00:37
thedonvaughnDanish989: beginning00:37
dmsupermanthedonvaughn, it's a proven fact that people in irc channels either don't hear or just don't listen :P00:37
Alex6691thedonvaughn: sorry i didnt see :P00:37
achandrashekarreya276: it would look like this : /dev/sdc1 /media/FOO vfat defaults 0 000:37
thedonvaughnAlex6691: yah i'm just bustin your chops :)00:37
dmsupermanachandrashekar, that's the fstab entry, i think he's trying to do the commandline00:37
water_foulkaffeine wont scan for channels but is there a way i can use a channels.conf file?00:38
thedonvaughndmsuperman: yup00:38
Odd-rationalewesolek: wrong link? I don't see what you're asking..00:38
Danish989thedonvaughn: thanks a lot!00:38
achandrashekarreya276: then i think you still need to create the directory in /media no?00:38
dmsupermanreya276, are you trying to edit the fstab or mount it commandline?00:38
wesolekodd-rationale http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=684495 it's less than a half way down00:38
achandrashekardmsuperman: ahh...im off  today with what people are "really" asking... not enough coffee...00:38
water_foulkaffeine wont scan for channels but is there a way i can use a channels.conf file?00:38
dmsuperman!patience | water_foul00:39
ubotuwater_foul: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:39
MrStitchSounds like I found the holy grail then... er... at least I'm on the right path. Now, I need to figure out how to install it on this other computer as a stand alone Ubuntu machine00:39
JulolidineIf anyone is a networking expert, I have kind of a bizarre problem.  My wireless network card stopped "scanning" and can't see any networks anymore.00:39
Alex6691Thanks, Java is installing now :D!00:39
dmsupermanMrStitch, easy as pie. Insert LiveCD, choose install from the live desktop, and then when you get to partition just choose the guided method00:39
dmsupermanAlex6691, no problem :D00:39
reya276dmsuperman: the entry for the drive is already in fstab as I was able to access the drive a couple of days ago00:40
dmsupermanreya276, but you get permissions errors trying to access the drive?00:40
achandrashekarAnyone pretty good with ldap? --i have a server that is running very slow with ldap queries..and i need to determine if the database is hosed..any ideas?00:40
reya276dmsuperman: # /dev/sdc100:40
reya276UUID=FBAE-335E                            /media/My_Book  vfat    defaults  0    200:40
dmsupermanreya276, what's the entry in fstab look like?00:40
dmsupermanreya276, remove the #00:40
MrStitchdmsuperman: Yeah, I did that with this computer, but having trouble getting there. I'm trying to do it right now so I can relay the exact error message I'm getting.... for some reason the darn comp doesn't want to boot from the CD00:40
dmsupermanreya276, that comments out the line, so it's ignored :P00:40
Odd-rationalewesolek: in that line. there should be no space after -D and -i e.g. -ieth100:40
dmsupermanreya276, then run "sudo umount -a && mount -a" and it'll re-read the fstab00:41
ZemusHey, what's the command to reveal uptime?00:41
dmsupermanMrStitch, open bios and make sure your boot order has the cd first00:41
FlannelZemus: uptime00:41
dmsupermanZemus, uptime00:41
buzzsawi am a bit stumped    i just reinstalled   ubuntu-server   but... for some reason its not picking up that i am connected to my modem00:41
ZemusThanks. :P00:41
buzzsawcable modem that is00:41
achandrashekardmsuperman: indeed! the #00:41
reya276achandrashekar: yes I get the permissions error and in the media folder I see a bunch of "My Book" entries each with an "_" appendend to it  for each time I used to access it00:41
wesolekodd-rationale, thanks!00:41
ubotuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer00:41
advwhich backup tool should i use?00:41
MrStitchdid that... looking in the bios for other clues... it's a bit different, and I'll get to that in a bit00:41
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dmsupermanreya276, remove the #00:42
buzzsawhow might i go about setting up the comptuer to connect to the internet?00:42
achandrashekarreya276: is the # present in fstab?00:42
achandrashekardmsuperman: has it right if that is the case. .00:42
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reya276dmsuperman: oh man that command just unmonted my other drives and now it says they are busy and won't mount them00:43
reya276dmsuperman: umount: /: device is busy00:43
dmsupermanreya276, the command will unmount whatever drives it can. any busy drives it will say it couldn't unmount then, which is fine00:43
pukeko..ok another question -- (box in question is an ubuntu dapper) --- cron.hourly/daily/weekly vs crontab -- i can not get scripts to run via crontab, its not a path, perms or syntax thing i'm pretty much sure, stuff from crontab/s just wont run! any pointers ?00:43
dmsupermanreya276, then mount -a to remount and unmounted drives00:43
dmsupermanreya276, "sudo mount -a"00:43
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reya276dmsuperman: oh look what I got after that last command "mount: mount point /media/My_Book does not exist"00:46
dmsupermanreya276, create the folder My_Book in /media00:46
dmsupermanreya276, "sudo mkdir /media/My_Book"00:46
ohnoesmilkHm. Does anyone know how to get wifi to work on Ubuntu 7.1 (explaining in noob instructions)?00:46
MrStitchHere we go... I should have the message in 30 seconds or so00:46
dmsupermanohnoesmilk, it's usually pretty self-explanatory. if not, then google your paricular wifi card + "ubuntu" and you will usually get a good guide00:46
Julolidine If anyone is a networking expert, I have kind of a bizarre problem.  After a restart, my wireless network card stopped "scanning" and can't see any networks anymore.00:46
dmsupermanohnoesmilk, a lot of wifi cards work out-of-box, and you just have to go into the networks panel and enable / configure them as usual00:46
Julolidineiwlist scan yields     eth1      No scan results00:46
pukekoohnoesmilk:check the chipset your card uses00:46
reya276dmsuperman: oh but now all the directories are locked00:47
dmsupermanreya276, the directories in your mounted drive?00:47
nortyQuestion: Im trying to organize my music and I want to fix all the (IDE?) tags or whatever they are called, i try to right click on the file and edit like in windows but it doesn't let me, does anyone know how i can do this?00:48
reya276dmsuperman: yes, I want all the directories in that drive to be accessible to anyone who logs in to this PC00:48
reya276dmsuperman: as my wife access this PC too00:48
imaginativeonewould someone help me to connect my ubuntu pc to my Windows pc?00:48
errordeveloperhow to install ubuntu in chroot? without a cdrom ..00:48
LakeI set up a samba file server on a P3 500MHz 256MB box and sometimes I am under the impression that the transfer speed between server and other machines could be faster if the box was better. Is it just an illusion or is my box a discernable bottleneck ?00:49
dmsupermanit's probably part of your fstab entry00:49
dmsupermani don't remember the exact command00:49
magicrobotmonkeynorty: sudo apt-get install easytag00:49
imaginativeonehow do I set up a samba server?00:49
MrStitchOk, here we go - [   243.330499] ata1: port failed to respond (30 secs, Status 0xd0)00:49
dmsupermanbut instead of defaults, it should be "defaults,umask=0000" or _something_ like that. i don't think it's umask, but it's something like that00:49
dmsupermananybody else remember what it is?00:49
imaginativeoneup til now...samba !@#$ing sucks00:49
yaccLake: the only thing that will be slowing you down is potentially your disc subsystem.00:49
magicrobotmonkeyimaginativeone: if you right click on a folder, is ther ea sharing options option?00:49
MrStitchThen, right after that, it keeps giving all kinds of other error messages.... odd tho, cause I thought I told it to install to the scsi drives, but it's trying for the ata drive?00:50
imaginativeonein windows?00:50
yaccLake: On the hardware you describe it's probably some old slow PATA setup.00:50
Lakeyacc: what do you mean by 'disc subsystem' ?00:50
reya276yes it was umask07700:50
Lakeyacc: oh yes it is !00:50
magicrobotmonkeyimaginativeone: no, in ubuntu00:50
dmsupermanreya276, make it 000, umask is the reverse of ubuntu perms00:50
yaccLake: Basically, you should verify that you have at least DMA support for your IDE controller/disc.00:50
dmsupermanreya276, the numbers are what operations to disallow00:50
Lakeyacc: so it's not the cpu itself, it's the PATA00:50
dmsupermanreya276, i'm almost 100% sure at least00:50
yaccLake: hdparm should tell you tht.00:50
magicrobotmonkeyimaginativeone: but if you have a shared folder in windows and its on the same network as ubuntu, you should be able to browse to it00:51
achandrashekarbattle for wesnoth!...lol00:51
yaccLake: IDE/ATA comes in a number of levels of "hellness".00:51
imaginativeonemagicrobotmonkey: where do I look for that?00:51
Lakeyacc: less is better ?00:51
reya276dmsuperman: ok it used to have umask=07700:51
dmsupermanreya276, yeah, it should be either umask=0007 or umask=0000, depending on how you want it.00:52
dmsupermanreya276, but 0007 should be fine for local users00:52
dmsupermanreya276, then once you edit it, remount the drives00:52
reya276dmsuperman: ah ok then00:52
yaccLake: well, run hdparm -d /dev/hda <= that will tell if your hardware at least uses DMA.00:52
dmsupermanreya276, "sudo umount -a" " sudo mount -a"00:52
Lakeyacc: all right, one second00:52
UBUNTUJAY123whats the edit command in xubuntu00:53
reya276dmsuperman: I got an error "[mntent]: line 12 in /etc/fstab is bad"00:53
UBUNTUJAY123gedit dont work00:53
FlannelUBUNTUJAY123: mousepad00:53
yaccLake: and you should probably check first the docs if hdparm -d does not destroy your hardware :-P (no it does not, but sometimes there are joksters around :-p)00:53
dmsupermanpost that line00:53
reya276dmsuperman: I'll post the whole fstab file00:55
dmsupermanpastebin it00:55
UBUNTUJAY123it still didnt work00:55
Lakeyacc: whats the command used to bring up connected drives ?00:55
dmsupermanUBUNTUJAY123, try vim or nano00:55
dmsupermanUBUNTUJAY123, they're command line editors00:55
yaccLake: I remember once when a colleague and me were quite irritated by the "root" at a customers installation, and while waiting for the email round trip painted out ways to make that stupid MSCE execute rm -Rf without us being implicated by the email.00:56
yaccLake: connected drives?00:56
imaginativeonehow do I connect to windows?00:56
dmsupermanimaginativeone, what do you mean "connect"00:56
reya276dmsuperman: http://www.pastebin.org/2956800:56
Lakeyacc: well I want to list the drives that buntu sees00:56
n2diyLake: mount00:56
imaginativeonedmsuperman: I would like to transfer files to/from my XP machine00:57
kindofabuzzawn manager just dissappears when i opne it00:57
dmsupermanimaginativeone, install samba, and then you can just setup network shares00:57
Lakeyacc: /dev/sdb5, thats all I get returned00:57
imaginativeonedmsuperman: that is WORK00:57
imaginativeonesamba is damn near impossible for a newbie00:58
dmsupermanimaginativeone, ?00:58
dmsupermanimaginativeone, it's _cake_ to use00:58
reya276dmsuperman: did you see the pastebin link00:58
Lakeyacc: I am thinking rm -R isn't a nice thing to do :P00:58
imaginativeonekinda like a Ferrari00:58
dmsupermanthere's a quick little gui, you choose which folders to share, and whether to allow write access or not00:58
imaginativeonecake to use, but I'll be damned if I figure out the basics00:58
Lakeimaginativeone: it's not that hard ! I am a newbie and it worked :P00:59
dmsupermanreya276, i'm not sure what the <pass> field is for, what is it? i always use 0...00:59
imaginativeonecool...is there a guide?00:59
dmsupermanimaginativeone, like i said, choose folders to share, choose if they should be allowed write access, click save00:59
Lakeimaginativeone: just edit the smb.conf file and thats the most of it00:59
imaginativeoneand don't tell me O'Reilly00:59
reya276dmsuperman: oh I do not know anything about this00:59
Lakeimaginativeone: or use the GUI dmsuperman says, its even better :)00:59
dmsupermanreya276, try 0, it's always worked for me and even the guide i was reading said they don't know what it's for and to just use 0 :P00:59
imaginativeonewhere is that gui?00:59
nortymagicrobotmonkey, thanks01:00
dmsupermanimaginativeone, System -> Administration -> Shared Folders01:00
reya276dmsuperman: put 0 where in umask?01:00
achandrashekarwhile..we're at it... what is the "preferred" methodology of sharing folders between linux boxes? nfs?samba? or ssh-keys then a mount of some sort?01:00
ncburnzyou can use SWAT or Webmin to set up Samba.  Not too bad01:00
dmsupermanreya276, as the last field, where it's 2 right now01:00
Lakeyacc: so any ideas on what to do when the output I got it /dev/sdb5:01:00
reya276dmsuperman: oh ok01:00
Shadow420hey I have made a guide I need someone to look it over its for dual booting windows/ubuntu01:01
dsmith_if I upgrade from7.10 to 8.04 do I have to reinstall the upgrade?01:01
dmsupermandoes anybody know if it'll be a problem to install windows xp into my empty ntfs partition on the same hard drive as my currently installed ubuntu? I know I'll have to re-install grub, but will that be the only problem?01:01
imaginativeoneyou guys rock01:02
imaginativeoneit is installing samba for me??01:02
dmsupermanimaginativeone, it's what we're here for 8-)01:02
dmsupermanimaginativeone, yup, quick and easy01:02
dmsupermanShadow420, where's that guide at?01:02
reya276dmsuperman: that 0 thing got rid of the error output but I still can't access the drive01:03
Shadow420dmsuperman II have it on my desktop I haven't submitted it yet01:03
dmsupermanreya276, looking, i didn't even notice. you never changed your umask. make it umask=000701:03
reya276dmsuperman: it says that the only one who has acess is root01:03
dmsupermanreya276, that will give everybody on your local machine access01:04
dmsupermanShadow420, upload it :D01:04
MrStitchin regards to stability.... is Ubuntu more stable than windows?01:04
Shadow420dmsuperman do you want me to pastebin it?01:04
dmsupermanMrStitch, definitely01:04
lekremyelsewhi everyone, my friend burned me a data CD but my computer thinks that it is an audio CD, wut do i do?01:04
dmsupermanShadow420, sure, however you want01:04
reya276dmsuperman: I did that but I still get this "You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "My_Book"01:04
Shadow420it still needs to be edited and simplified for real new people to dual-booting01:05
yaccLake: What output? Beside you should probably be running it on /dev/sdb :-P01:05
eriscohow can I get thumbnails for .PSD images to show up, like they do for most other formats?01:05
dmsupermanreya276, 1: Upload your current /etc/fstab, as it is right this second, to pastebin01:05
imaginativeoneOMG...you guys REALLY rock01:05
MrStitchWhat if a buddy gives me a cd, or flash drive with some files on it.... like an Excel spreadsheet, mp3's, etc.... will Ubuntu know what to do with that data?01:05
yaccLake: *shucks* hdparm does not know about DMA on SCSI devices :(01:05
Defunctushey hey01:06
dmsupermanimaginativeone, no problem :D01:06
imaginativeoneMrStitch: yes01:06
Shadow420hmm it's not sending01:06
dmsupermanMrStitch, sure01:06
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:06
dmsupermanShadow420, It wouldn't let me accept01:06
imaginativeonecan I share my DVD writer?01:06
dmsupermanyacc, isn't DMA for IDE drives?01:06
lekremyelsewhai all01:06
reya276dmsuperman: http://www.pastebin.org/2957201:06
Shadow420dmsuperman I will paste bin it01:06
dmsupermanimaginativeone, that I'm not sure, I haven't tried. I'm not sure it would be a great idea, it would probably be pretty slow01:06
style23I can't play dvds01:07
dmsupermanreya276, did you remount?01:07
dmsuperman!dvd | style2301:07
ubotustyle23: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs01:07
reya276dmsuperman: yes01:07
yaccdmsuperman: yes, but you get SCSI devices out of IDE devices nowadays.01:07
tim167i have a damaged disk, when i insert it (USB) it gets mounted automatically, and then i can not unmount it anymore ("cannot eject") how do i prevent it from mounting automatically ? i just want to run  ddrescue on it, it doesnt have to be mounted for that... thanks01:07
FelipeMoraleshi friend01:07
ds_I really need help setting up a my network card/internet for 7.10 fresh install...I can't update without it :P01:07
dmsupermanreya276, then I haven't got a clue what the problem is, you'll have to wait for someone more knowledgeable :(01:07
Shadow420dmsuperman http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63122/01:07
Danish989how do I make a swap partition?01:08
dmsupermanDanish989, the installer for ubuntu will help you make it, if you're installing it. i'm not sure how after the fact though01:08
Julolidine If anyone is a networking expert, I have kind of a bizarre problem.  After a restart, my wireless network card stopped "scanning" and can't see any networks anymore.01:08
Julolidineiwlist scan yields     eth1      No scan results01:08
PeloDanish989, you'll need to boot the live cd to do it , you can't do it on a running hard drive01:08
MrStitchAre there any web-browser-based viruses/malware/spyware that I would be vulnerable to??01:08
dmsupermanShadow420, alright, first off that first sentence is quite possibly the longest run-on sentence i've ever seen in my life :P01:08
eriscohow can I get psd files to show up as thumbnails in nautilus?01:09
Danish989I did boot the live cd, and im installing ubuntu right now, I made a new partition and mounted it at "/" and I have 509MB left, how do I put that in a swap partition?01:09
dmsupermanMrStitch, It's dumb to say that you'll be invincible, but it's very unlikely01:09
achandrashekarJulolidine: I know this a stupidly obvious question..but you didnt accidently bump into the wireless network switch present on many laptops did you?01:09
dmsupermanDanish989, create a new partition in that space, and choose type swap01:09
Shadow420dmsuperman well english wasn't my best subject in school01:09
dmsupermanfor the filesystem i mean, choose swap01:09
Julolidineachandrashekar, there isn't a network switch on the laptop01:10
achandrashekarJulolidine: k..had to ask.. :)01:10
ds_Someone help?  With 7.10 fresh install getting internet to work01:10
Danish989I cant choose swap it just says primary and logic, no swap01:10
ds_I don't know how to get the network card going01:10
MrStitchdmsuperman, I agree, that nothing is impossible. I'm just trying to get the basics here. I understand that ANYTHING is possible.01:10
Pelods_, was kind of internet ?01:10
PzyBorGHi, does anyone know how to generate a /var/lib/alsa/asound.state file with the ubuntu live cd? i need it to replace the one on my hdd installation, since audio only works with the live cd, and not the full installation.01:10
ds_DSL..I know the internet works01:10
ds_just...fresh install on this other comp01:10
Pelods_, you have your password and username ?01:10
ds_for the internet service yes01:11
Shadow420dmsuperman well this is a way to bypass the use of a system rescue cd or using windows CD to fix the MBR01:11
owen1can someone send me a message to test beeping?01:11
ds_Through Centurytel01:11
Pelods_, tourter or directly conected to the dsl model ?01:11
dmsupermanMrStitch, but yeah, more than likely you'll never run into any sort of malware. I've never heard of any at least. Mac got it's first major malware/spyware/virus a few months ago, and i haven't heard of anything for linux yet01:11
* PzyBorG is hoping that will fix my audio problem.01:11
MrStitchWhat about Javascript based baddies.... Java is suppose to be a cross-platform kind of thing, isn't it? Would I be at risk of those?01:11
Pelods_, open a terminal windows and type sudo pppoeconf01:11
reya276dmsuperman: I was missing this "gid=46" and now I can read/write the files on the drive01:11
dmsupermanShadow420, you realize that many people don't have floppies?01:11
dmsupermanreya276, congrats :D01:12
reya276dmsuperman: thanks01:12
dmsupermanreya276, no problems01:12
Shadow420MrStitch I wouldn't worry to much01:12
owen1can someone send me a message please? i am testing it?01:12
ds_I typed the command01:12
eriscohow can I get psd files to show up as thumbnails in nautilus?01:12
Shadow420dmsuperman well when I get my new computer it will have a floppy drive01:12
MrStitchwow... so, for the most part - I'm about 95-99% guarded against the usual junk out there?01:12
littlepinkdotNeed a little help customizing a script, how can I change http://www.wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/CURL any of those to allow me to enter the URL rather than having it fixed in the .php?01:12
ds_Eth0, Eth1, Eth0 : avah01:13
dmsupermanYou're lucky. my new mobo that's coming in 2 days doesn't even have a floppy header01:13
dmsupermanMrStitch, pretty much01:13
MrStitchThanks... and darn... I got that same dang error message again.01:13
Draconicusnickrud: Sorry, I must have missed your comment earlier about my sources.list01:13
dmsupermanlittlepinkdot, using mod_rewrite in apache will accomplish that01:13
Pelods_, let it pick it01:13
BizMan2008amenado, hey ive narrowed my vnc probelm to ssh01:14
nickrudDraconicus was away for a while, did you paste a new version01:14
BizMan2008i just dont know what in it would cause this01:14
PeloMrStitch, what's the error msg ?01:14
Shadow420dmsuperman well once I figure out the proper way to make a personal grub CD then I will make a guide for that01:14
dmsupermanlittlepinkdot, try like RewriteEngine on01:14
dmsupermanRewriteRule ^(.+?)$ index.php?args=$101:14
dmsupermanin your .htaccess01:14
ScuniziMrStitch, one of your primary protections is not being in Administrator mode like most windows users.. also "bugs" have to understand your system to do things.. they like windows.01:15
MrStitchata1 failed to respond. gunna switch something in the bios and see if I can get a different message.01:15
littlepinkdotdmsuperman, how exactly does that help me?01:15
* Pelo reads what dmsuperman just typed and his jaw drops 01:15
BizMan2008hey guys im trying to vnc through ssh,(from putty to my linux box), i have no problem on other machines iwth the same setup, but on my one machine in particular, i cant connect through vnc, it tells me connection initialized and then it stops01:15
dmsupermanlittlepinkdot, that will redirect all requests to a folder to index.php?args=WHATEVER01:15
BizMan2008ive narrowed it down to it being something with my ssh, putty settings are ok and so are vnc01:15
BizMan2008but what in ssh would cause me not to connect01:16
dmsupermanyourhost.com/ASDF/CHEESE will load index.php?args=ASDF/CHEESE01:16
dmsupermanthen you could explode on /01:16
zooplehey, has anyone else had problems with Java stuff on the web freezing up?01:16
dmsupermanand get each part01:16
dmsupermanPelo: simple regular expressions :P01:16
littlepinkdotdmsuperman, heh not what I wanted to accomplish, thanks though.01:16
Pelozoople, with flash stuff but not java01:16
dmsupermanlittlepinkdot, oh, thought you were after pretty urls01:16
Pelods_, ?01:16
zoopleah ok Pelo, my flash is fine01:16
ds_I said it scanned 3 intercaees, but the concentrator did not respond01:16
dmsupermanzoople, no, java works fine for me01:16
ds_But it is connected01:16
zooplelike, youtube it totally ok..but when i go to a java based chatroom, its really really slow and sometimes have to force quit01:17
ds_both computers (this and his ) are to the same gateway01:17
dmsupermanzoople, try making sure you have the latest java. go to the java website and get the latest jre01:17
Peloyou are connected to the net ? you can surf ? be happy01:17
zooplewhat version of java and browser u using?01:17
Shadow420dmsuperman so until then this for people who have computers with a floppy drive01:17
littlepinkdotdmsuperman, after making a script utilizing cURL to download files directly to the server01:17
Pelods_, are youusing a bridge modem or a router/modem ? with two comps connecetd to it ?01:17
Pelods_, put my nick in the same line as the rest01:17
dmsupermanShadow420, well for that purpose it works :D01:18
Pelods_, basicaly the command I gave you was for a bridge modem , ei one that only does the connecting and can only have one comp on it.01:18
ds_Pelo It's a centurytel modem with a USB output as well as an ether port...this comp is using Ether, his is connected to the USB01:18
MrStitchScunizi, is this why every time I try to access the system in Ubuntu, it asks for a password? I mean... as part of the protection?01:19
ScuniziMrStitch, yes..01:19
ds_How do I install USB drivers with CD?01:19
Pelods_, ah,  not sure how that works, I think it's a bridge modem and you can'T realy have two comps on it at once,  even if therer are technicaly two connectors,  you'll need a router01:19
MrStitcharg... same error again: ata1: port failed to respond (30 secs, Status 0xd0)01:20
Pelods_, try looking up the modem's model in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org01:20
ds_Pelo it shoudl work...This comp is dual boot Kubuntu/XP, his was XP...it worked well when I was either and his was XP...so if my comp can work - How can he install USB drivers if he has the CD01:21
MrStitchWell.... anyways. I can't seem to get the same error I had before, but I'll monkey with it when I get back. My girls wanna go for a walk... gotta do the 'dad' thing, ya know. ;)01:21
ds_Pelo I forgot how to 'run' a CD for it's drivers01:21
Pelods_, does his cd have drivers for linux on it ?01:21
dmsupermanMrStitch, psh, tell them to go get on the internet and learn more about ubuntu01:22
Lokii-i just triboot setup a xp/vista/kubuntu01:22
MrStitchgood idea... they'll probably fix it before I will01:22
Lakeyacc: well thanks anyways then ! even with DMA, I am pretty sure that the combination of 550MHz along with PATA connection as well as the fact that it's streaming over a cheap 40$ D-link router helps the slow speed01:22
* PzyBorG wonders if anyone knows how to generate a /var/lib/alsa/asound.state file with the ubuntu live cd.01:22
ds_Pelo yes01:22
Pelods_, put the cd in , copy the linux driver over to the desktop ,  see if there is a Read me file in it to tell you how to install01:23
PeloPzyBorG, doesn the live cd make one ?01:23
MrStitchOh man... now it's saying: SQUASHFS error: sb_bread failed reading block blah blah blah blah blah01:23
PzyBorGpelo: nope01:23
MrStitchack.... ok... I'm going now. hahahha01:23
biabiausing ubuntu with xfce desktop, can anyone recommend a better xterm client than X Terminal Emulator 0.2.601:24
Pelobiabia, how about xterm itself ?01:24
PzyBorGthere's one on the hdd installation, but not when i use the live cd, and i need it to get my audio working, since it only works with the live cd, and i've tried pretty much everything i can think of and find.01:24
usserbiabia, well there eterm01:24
Draconicusnickrud: Yeah. Here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63120/   Nice 'n' clean. :P01:25
usserbiabia, but its pretty much the same01:25
biabiaok and ok01:25
style23still won't play dvd... sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples/install-css.sh - tells me command not found01:25
nickrudDraconicus ohhh YEAH! Haven't seen one that clean in a while01:25
PeloPzyBorG, type alsamixer in ther terminal and see what device it is using , best I can suggest01:25
PzyBorG-please- someone help, it's driving me insane!!01:25
usser!medibunt | style2301:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about medibunt - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:25
usser!medibuntu | style2301:25
ubotustyle23: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:25
Draconicusstyle23: Wouldn't be in the docs01:25
usserstyle23, install it from there01:26
PzyBorGtried that, didn't work - but thanks anyway. :)01:26
* Pelo pushes PzyBorG over the edge01:26
Draconicusnickrud: Hehe. Right to the point, eh? Look good now?01:26
nickrudDraconicus but you might want to add universe and multiverse to -updates01:26
nickrudDraconicus yeah, easy to read, very nice01:26
Draconicusnickrud: I asked that earlier. was wondering. Gonna re-order the jumbled ones too, not that they matter.01:26
* PzyBorG sticks his middle finger up @ pelo, & takes the 'thanks' back..01:26
christozWhat is HTTP cache cleaner running on my system every 5 min?01:27
Scunizichristoz, do you have apache installed?01:27
mrkeishiiwhats up01:28
ltcabralhey ppl.. is there any irc channel for talking about latex?01:28
christozScunizi yes but have apache turned off already01:28
christozScunizi this is weird01:28
Draconicusnickrud: Updated perfectly.01:28
Starnestommyltcabral: #latex ?01:28
Peloltcabral, have you tried #latex or myabe one with the name of a latex editor ?01:28
Draconicusnickrud: was giving bad repos before. Dunno why.01:28
Scunizichristoz, are you sure it's off?  sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop01:29
smokeythemani need some help as well if anyone is available01:29
dmsupermanDraconicus, I'm in awe of your sources.list01:29
Pelosmokeytheman, state the issue ifsomeone can they will try and help01:29
Draconicusdmsuperman: ...Really? -.o01:29
nickrudDraconicus not sure, without context01:29
mrkeishiihow do you add the AWN Dock?01:29
Draconicusnickrud: Yeah. I didn't pay attention enough. Whatever it was, it's fixed now. :P01:29
Scunizimrkeishii, sudo apt-get install awn01:29
dmsupermanDraconicus, yeah, mine's just this long ass list that I can't find crap in haha01:29
PeloDraconicus, we're in private voting on pinning it to the wall it,s so pretty01:29
ltcabralthx ill try those01:30
christozScunizi it's apache2ctl  stop actually but yes it's surely off01:30
Scunizimrkeishii, applications/accessories/avant window manager.01:30
DraconicusPelo: Ha.01:30
boumawell done, ubuntu is really easy to install, configure(only needed to change to the closed nvidia driver), and use. im seriously impressed :D01:30
Draconicusnickrud: Well, this is a great success. I now have some 40 jack-related packages instead of the measly handful I found before. Much better.01:30
Scunizichristoz, what's the ctl on the end.. I don't remember that.. but it's been a while.01:30
mrkeishiiits say01:30
Pelobouma, we'll pass it on01:30
mrkeishiicould not find packages01:31
christozScunizi by this command i can start and and stop apache from any path01:31
Pelomrkeishii, use synaptic, do a search for keywords01:31
Schiz0|SDWhy is the mplayer version in Gusty (With the gusty-updates repo enabled) so old? It's using mplayer version 1.0r1, which was released in 2006. A newerversion was released in 2007. Is there a easy we to get the updated version?01:31
mrkeishiiI just want to install AWN Dock01:31
smokeythemanwhenever i try to install, uninstall or do anything with synaptic i get a jde error01:31
Scunizichristoz, without the /etc/yada/yada?01:31
mrkeishiibut the problem is that I use the  sudo apt-get install awn01:32
Pelomrkeishii, do a search on google there is a special repos for ubuntu for it01:32
mrkeishiibut it says that there is no packages01:32
christozScunizi yes01:32
christozScunizi without01:32
mrkeishiibut i have a hard time installing them01:32
ussermrkeishii, sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator01:32
ussermrkeishii, np01:32
Pelousser, beat me to it01:32
sexcopterhi, i have found a bunch of files in ~/.local/share/Trash which look like files I deleted (or thought were deleted) a long while back. Can anyone explain what they're doing there, and if I can just delete them from here?01:32
usserPelo, hehe01:33
Scunizichristoz, ok.. sorry I don't have an answer.. maybe over at #ubuntu-server01:33
mrkeishiican't Usser01:33
nickrudsexcopter you can rm -r ~/.local/share/Trash/*01:33
mrkeishiinot working01:33
Pelosexcopter, wine uses that folder to delete to ,  leave it there in hardy it,s gonna be the default trash can,  you can delete the content however01:33
christoznp... thanks Scunizi01:33
Pelomrkeishii, google01:34
usser!not working01:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about not working - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:34
dmsupermansexcopter, they're in your Trash01:34
Draconicusnickrud: Dare I compact and uncomment those mysterious eye-candy sources? I plan on fixing Beryl up soon.01:34
Pelomrkeishii, google for avant window navigator ubuntu01:34
dmsupermansexcopter, because you deleted them there :P01:34
ussermrkeishii, oh are u running gutsy?01:34
dmsupermansexcopter, so you can just empty your trash, or delete them from there01:34
sexcopterPelo: understood, thanks a lot01:34
ussermrkeishii, sorry its not in the repos in gutsy01:34
nickrudDraconicus beryl is dead, compiz-fusion is it's replacement, comes by default with gutsy01:34
mrkeishiiokay usser thanks though01:34
Pelodmsuperman, the default trash in gusty and before is  ~/.Trash ,01:35
ussermrkeishii, u'll have to get from someplace else01:35
sexcopterdmsuperman: I don't think it's linked with my trash in the bottom right corner, but Pelo's response explains that01:35
dmsupermansexcopter, Pelo, ah01:35
Pelosexcopter, you use wine ?01:35
Draconicusnickrud: I know, but fusion is a lot heavier on the resources and my poor old computer can't handle some of its nifty features. Disabling them doesn't make them go away - it only stops their graphical stuff.01:35
style23Draconicus how to you active decryption01:35
mic21__hi, I use "Connect to server ..." to connect a SSH server and I can't acces a directory with "drwxrws---" permissions. The user is member of the group and with scp there are no problems.01:35
boumain synaptic, what does the ubuntu icon mean, when next to a package ? does that mean its a recommended version ?01:35
sexcopterPelo: yeah, and a lot of the files are from utorrent, which runs under wine, so it makes sense01:35
nickrudDraconicus beryl at your own risk then01:35
sexcopterPelo: I deleted them :)01:35
smokeytheman whenever i try to install, uninstall or do anything with synaptic i get a jde error01:36
xikohi. I need help to configure grub to acess my 2nd sata HD with windows. Can anyone help me?01:36
Pelosexcopter, same thing I did,  I'M a ut use to01:36
Draconicusnickrud: Heh. I'm only having some trouble getting it to play nice with the latest emerald. Borders aren't showing up despite proper configuration...01:36
Starnestommybouma: I think it means that it's in the main repository and is officially supported01:36
PzyBorGhmm, does anyone know how to change the # a module is used by?01:36
Pelosexcopter, did you fix the "theme" in ut ?01:36
style23how do you active dvd decryption?01:36
* PzyBorG needs to try change one from zero to one.01:36
Killeroidstyle23: libdvdcss201:36
Draconicusnickrud: Beryl runs like a dream on my Feisty laptop with a slow P4 and a GeForce 2 Go. :P01:36
Pelo!dvd | style2301:36
ubotustyle23: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs01:36
jrib!dvd > style23 (read the private message from ubotu)01:36
sexcopterPelo: not sure what you mean. what is/was wrong with the theme?01:36
style23I have that installed01:36
usserstyle23, just follow the guide on medibuntu.org01:36
sexcopterPelo: all I know is the system tray icon is temperamental01:37
nickrudDraconicus I skipped beryl myself, too buggy for me.01:37
style23usser I did01:37
Draconicusnickrud: Heh. Are you using an ATI card or something? :P    Works beautifully for me.01:37
style23still totem says its missing a plugin.. should I restart x01:37
Jack_Sparrowsmokeytheman, sudo apt-get install pastebinit  && cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit (Provide Pastebin link in channel)01:37
Pelosexcopter, by default , wine aps look like win95 , I can tell you how to make them match your theme01:37
xikohi. I need help to configure grub to acess my 2nd sata HD with windows. Can anyone help me?01:37
nickrudDraconicus you cracked my box ??!!01:37
usserstyle23, did this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#head-57a5050d451985de1b87ea87a3ccc1a4895e57d301:37
jribstyle23: reinsert the dvd01:37
Trick|Mobilehey guys,whats the best program for virtualiaztion w/ ubuntu as the host? virtual,qemu,etc?01:37
Trick|Mobilevmware server?01:38
mrkeishiiany answers in installing AWN for 7.1001:38
sexcopterPelo: thanks, but I'm not that bothered. I don't have a lot of time right now.01:38
Draconicusnickrud: Bwuh? :P01:38
Pelosexcopter, about the tray icon , hve you updated wine to the latest  0.9.58 ? the tray stuff works pretty well since about .0.9.5001:38
JangariIs there a way I can configure the system to startup after a combination of keyboard events?01:38
StarnestommyTrick|Mobile: I normally use kvm, but virtualbox is easier to use and has more features01:38
JangariI have a machine with no power switch01:38
Pelosexcopter,  I can just send you my file, it matches human and basic clearlook01:38
DraconicusJangari: Start up? Heh. Are you on a Mac?01:38
mark[oz]what is the lightest weight ubuntu version out?01:38
Jangarimeh, whatever your non-proprietary term is01:39
nickrudJangari that would have to be done in bios01:39
style23jrib i'm hearing audio but no picture01:39
* PzyBorG would say virtualbox aswell.01:39
Scunizimark[oz], xubuntui01:39
ussermrkeishii, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=581620 take a look here01:39
DG19075Pelo:I'd love that file for Wine as well. Default looks so drab...01:39
Jangariokay, nickrud, so it is possible then01:39
Scunizimark[oz], * xubuntu or server.. server has no gui01:39
Trick|Mobileok thanks Starnestommy01:39
boumaStarnestommy: also, lets say i mark gfortran-4.2 for install and it wants several other packages too, if/when i remove gfortran how can i know which other packages to remove to get back to the previous state ?01:39
PeloJangari, some mobo can let you specify actions for suspend power keys on keyboard01:39
DraconicusJangari: No, I mean, that's a very silly thing to expect Ubuntu to do, seeing as Ubuntu is not running until it's on.01:39
smokeythemandavid@annabelle:~$ sudo  apt-get install pastebinit  && cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebini01:39
smokeythemanReading package lists... Done01:39
smokeythemanBuilding dependency tree01:39
smokeythemanReading state information... Done01:39
smokeythemanThe following NEW packages will be installed:01:39
FloodBot2smokeytheman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:39
smokeytheman  pastebinit01:39
nickrudJangari if you have no power switch, I would hope your bios provides some way to turn it on :)01:39
Scunizimark[oz], np.. got an older machine?01:39
sexcopterPelo: errr, I have version 1.7.7...01:39
PeloDG19075, hold on01:39
usserboubbin, sudo apt-get autoremove01:39
xikoguys. Ive got trouble configuring grub. Can anyone help me please?01:39
Jangariat the moment i'm hotwiring the power switch's motherboard adapter01:40
usserboubbin, gets rid of unneeded dependencies01:40
Pelosexcopter, www.winhq.org get the repos and upgrade man01:40
Jangaribut that isn't sustainable01:40
boumausser: was that for me ?01:40
Pelosexcopter, that's the utorrent version I qwas talkinga bout wine01:40
=== calux is now known as caluchin
mark[oz]Scunizi, nah at work I have to use windows.. so I want to vm ubuntu.. but ubuntu is slow as hell and I thought maybe there was a stripped down version of gnome I could use, e.g. ubuntu-lite01:40
DraconicusJangari: ...Wha? Sustai... stop making up terminology and learn what you're talking about!01:40
usserbouma, whops yea01:40
mark[oz]but I'll give xfce another try01:40
Jangariit's a naked mobo going in an arcade game table01:40
mrkeishiithanks again usser01:40
ussermrkeishii, no problem01:41
sexcopteroh, I'm on 0.9.45, because of warcraft which is broken after .4501:41
PeloDG19075, accept the file and put it in ~/.wine01:41
Jangarii ripped off the power switch from the motherboard without realising01:41
boumausser: thanks, so autoremove, does that also need the package name01:41
DraconicusJangari: This is not a hardware channel. We can't help you here.01:41
Scunizimark[oz], we're you using the live cd?.. vm is much faster01:41
usserbouma, nope01:41
Jangarialright, no worries then'01:41
DG19075got it, thanks!01:41
DraconicusJangari: Try #hardware :P01:41
Pelosexcopter, it's likely fixed by now , upgrade in confidence01:41
=== marcos__ is now known as daekdroom
PeloDG19075, you'll need to restart wine01:41
Jack_SparrowJangari, are you making a mame machine?01:41
Jangariyes Jack_Sparrow01:41
Jangarirestoring an old donkey kong table01:42
DraconicusJack_Sparrow: Holy crap. How did you guess that?01:42
sexcopterPelo: I just tried .58, and hosting games doesn't work still (and same for other people too) :(01:42
Jack_SparrowJangari, gimme a minute. I can help01:42
Pelosexcopter, ok then01:42
smokeythemanJack_sparrow: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63123/01:42
mark[oz]Scunizi, I was vm... I've been using ubuntu for since badger... I get it all.. I was hoping someone would know of a gnome-lite version..01:42
Jangaribut i'll have to splash out on a new mobo anyway, my old laptop one won't fit01:42
style23jrib at this site https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.htm #2 tells you to activate DVD decryption when I copy and paste that command in the terminal. I get command not found01:42
JangariminiITX look like they'll do the job alright01:42
Scunizimark[oz], you could try gebuntu.. it uses enlightenment01:43
mark[oz]thanks I'll check it out01:43
Pelosexcopter, I would enquire about that network game thing in #winehq,  it seems a rather big thing to leave unfixed since 0.9.4701:43
Kill_Xhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/216891 <-- could anyone test if this one is present in < 8.04 ?01:43
Odd-rationaleScunizi: I beleive it has been renamed to openGEU01:43
Jack_Sparrowsmokeytheman, are you running gutsy.. have you added any repos manually...01:43
Kill_Xwould be great :)01:43
Jangariwhen is heron out?01:44
PeloKill_X,  ask in #ubuntu+101:44
smokeythemanim on 7.1001:44
PeloJangari, 2401:44
Jangariten whole days?01:44
smokeythemani have added repos manually01:44
ScuniziOdd-rationale, ah.. ok.. didn't know that.. mark[oz] did you catch that?01:44
sexcopterPelo: I've read some comments online, it's subtle and I am sure they know about it and are working on it01:44
Pelosmokeytheman, you re in the correct palce01:44
Kill_XPelo: I need to know if that "bug" is present in 7.10 or earlier01:44
shulmanI'm having a problem with video freezing/dying when I play more then one video at a time. The video on the whole screen either freezes or turns bright green. I can only get rid of it by restarting Xorg. Can someone help diagnose the issue?01:44
Jack_SparrowJangari,  /join #Jack_Sparrow so we do not disrupt the room01:44
mark[oz]yep thanks guys01:44
ussersexcopter, the bug's been there for 2 months almost01:44
mrkeishiiI got IT01:45
Jack_Sparrowsmokeytheman, you will need to pastebin the source.list manuallyh01:45
xikohi. I need help to configure grub to acess my 2nd sata HD with windows. Can anyone help me?01:45
Peloxiko, meet me in #grub01:46
Kill_Xhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/216891 <-- might someone please test that one? :)01:46
xikoPelo: tx01:47
smokeythemanJack_Sparrow: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63124/01:48
samzillaneed a quick solution, i need to run a make command to compile a giant C++ project01:48
samzillawhat C++ compiler can i install easily w/ like an apt-get01:48
samzillai used cygwin on windows01:48
samzillabut now i just want to use linux01:48
shulmansamzilla - try gcc++01:49
samzillaneed a quick n esay one, im using server edition01:49
samzillawhat is the command for gcc++01:49
samzilladownload for it?01:49
raviyo, anyone here?01:49
ravinormally there's a lot more talk than this01:50
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)01:50
samzillai just need a C++ compiler that has everying?01:50
LeGreffi3Rsamzilla> gcc is fine01:50
LeGreffi3Rgcc++ doesn't exist01:51
patrickvaI'm having a hard time gettin ubuntu installation to run01:51
samzillaok ill try it i guess!01:51
patrickvai installed a new Nvidia card and i keep getting errors with ubuntu installation mode01:51
patrickvaanyone familiar with this problem?01:51
shulmanSorry... gcc++ is a seperate package elsewhere. gcc works fine in ubuntu for c++01:51
iceswordpatrickva, /msg ubotu drxx01:52
iceswordpatrickva, /msg ubotu nvidia01:52
patrickvaum okay..01:52
raviugh... gcc... don't you get that?01:52
LeGreffi3Rshulman> it doesn't there are no separate "gcc++"01:52
imaginativeonehow do I make ubuntu available to windows?01:53
LeGreffi3Rall for C, C++, (every C style), fortran, are in gcc01:53
raviimaginativeone: do you mean your hard drive contents?01:53
raviimaginativeone: go to places > computer01:53
raviimaginativeone: do you see your drives there?01:53
raviimaginativeone: just double click and it should auto mount01:53
Peloimaginativeone, goto www.digg.com  and do a search for linux partion windows there are a few areticles about it01:53
LeGreffi3Rimaginativeone> google for "ext3 windows driver"01:54
Peloravi, the other way around01:54
raviah, ok :P01:54
ravimy bad01:54
boumacould someone tell me the package for the workspaces switcher. i want to just update this package to hopefully fix a drawing bug, where it looks like its only counting to n-1 instead of n, and drawing the mini workspaces in half of the allocated space01:54
shulmanLeGreffi3R -- SOrry, I was mistaken. Looks like gcc can handle c++01:54
boumathe gnome workspaces switcher01:54
imaginativeonethe permissions could not be changed01:54
Pelobouma, its part of gnome pannel , I don'T think it there is an idividual packge for it01:55
raviimaginativeone: they will be ignored01:55
shulmanLeGreffi3R: g++ might be a good thing to try as well.01:55
raviimaginativeone: in windows, if you're trying to access files from Ubuntu in Windows01:55
ravias a general note, I must say that sharing an NTFS drive between Ubuntu and Windows is much better as ntfs-3g driver is in much better shape than the ext2fs driver for Windows01:56
* Pelo wondesr why he can't /ignore floodbot 01:57
SoulBlademy apologies.. i got disconnected before i could copy what the bot said... someone was kind enough to ask it how to add something simple to ubuntu's startup - i want to start synergyc before login01:57
SoulBladecan someone please issue the trigger again ?01:57
LeGreffi3Rshulman> they will produce the same code.01:57
LeGreffi3Rshulman> i even think gcc depends on g++01:58
shulmanLeGreffi3R: OK.01:58
PeloSoulBlade,  trigger for what ?%01:59
dmsuperman!startup ?01:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about startup ? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:59
ubotuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot01:59
boumaPelo: how do i just do the gnome-panel, i tried, sudo apt-get upgrade gnome-panel, but it wants to upgrade about 200 packages01:59
ubotuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:59
SoulBladeah i think that's the one01:59
patrickvaOkay, I copied down the error information01:59
dmsupermanno problems :D01:59
ravibouma: what the hell are you doing?01:59
imaginativeonedo I need to log off?01:59
Pelobouma, not sure ,02:00
raviPelo: nice way of putting it :)02:00
dmsupermanimaginativeone, are you using samba to share now?02:00
Pelobouma, check in synaptic, there might be a package for panel aps,02:00
TwinXbouma; apt-get install --reinstall gnome-panel  might work02:00
dmsupermanimaginativeone, was this to share between linux and windows on the same pc?02:00
boumaravi: i want to just upgrade gnome panel, cause it has a drawing bug, im on a slow wimax and have limited quota so want to wait till i get the other packages from another fast conn in a few days time02:01
imaginativeonethe former02:01
imaginativeoneI want to save my iTunes downloads on my much larger linux pc02:01
dmsupermanimaginativeone, did you specify on the linux computer that it should have write access?02:01
ravibouma: ah, ok.. you can try the reinstall trick by TwinX but you can't really do much if the rest of the stuff is prerequisites02:01
imaginativeonetried, but rejected by ubuntu02:02
dmsupermanSo the shared folder in Ubuntu does have the write permission checked then02:03
* Pelo wonders why , since OSX is based on BSD, can't itune be simply ported to linux 02:03
raviPelo: hahaha02:03
* ravi laughs at the thought of Apple being open02:03
dmsupermanPelo you're funny02:03
Peloravi, could just be a binary02:04
imrookIs anyone here familiar with MythTV on Ubuntu?02:04
CahanPelo, because of Cocoa02:04
ravicocoaaaaaaaaa puffs02:04
dmsupermanPelo, Apple only ported it to windows so they could get into the huge windows user base with the iPod and online music sales02:04
dmsupermanPelo, They make good products, but they're just as silly as Microsoft02:04
Cahanand because Apple are strongly against any sort of open standards, they are worse than Microsoft in that regard02:05
Jack_SparrowDraconicus, Lucky guess....  bbl.. gotta start dinner.. I got him well on his way with that game box02:05
Pelodmsuperman,  I don,t think they are good but they are pretty02:05
dmsupermanHas anybody ever used notepad++ in windows?02:05
Cahanyes dmsuperman02:05
ravidmsuperman: yep02:05
dmsupermanCahan, do you know a good linux alternative?02:05
dmsupermanI tried bluefish but it just doesn't have the same features as notepad++02:05
reya276dmsuperman: do you have any idea how I can uninstall a compiled driver02:05
Cahandmsuperman, geany02:05
Pelodmsuperman, you no like gedit ?02:05
bruenigdmsuperman: vim02:05
dmsupermanPelo, lol02:05
Cahandmsuperman, or kate02:06
ravidmacnutt: if you don't want to move, you can go with notepad++ in Wine02:06
bruenigubuntu is a good alternative to linux if that is what you meant by linux alternative02:06
nickrudemacs, best of all02:06
dmsupermanbruenig, I need a mouse for my editing02:06
Pelodmsuperman, stop laughing at me and look in the menues02:06
ravidmsuperman: sorry, look at above message for dmacnutt02:06
nickrudbruenig you are funny ;)02:06
Pelobruenig, go back to #archlinux , we told you to stop trolling in here02:06
dmsupermanPelo, does it have tabs, syntax highlighting, collapsible code blocks, regular expression find and replace?02:06
bruenigPelo: you know I love ubuntu, come on02:06
dmsupermanPelo, and as far as apple products, they aren't good for you or I but for the people they're designed for, they're fantastic02:07
Pelodmsuperman,  yes on tabs, yes on syntax and replace, not sure about the other one02:07
dmsupermanCahan, thanks for the suggestions I'll try those out02:07
raviPelo: I like my iPhone just fine02:07
* nickrud is sad that many people now think of ubuntu as linux, even though he loves ubuntu02:07
brueniggenay has these first three, not sure about regex search and replace02:07
dmsupermanPelo, reg exp find / replace, and collapsible code blocks?02:07
Pelobruenig, I saw you trolling on diggs in the ubuntu threads as well,02:07
* bruenig is happy ubuntu is a vacuum for such people02:07
Cahannickrud, I feel the same about mIRC and IRC02:07
hyphenanyone want to answer a dual boot question?02:07
dmsupermanPelo, collapsible blocks aren't necessary but regexp is02:07
bruenighyphen: I do02:08
Pelodmsuperman, thjere is a find replace , but I don'T know about the collapsable thing , have a look02:08
Pelodmsuperman,  I'M not a coder02:08
ravibruenig: poor boy.. go run your ./configure make make installs all night if you would like :)02:08
goodspeedhow many buntu we have now?02:08
reya276Pelo: can you help me solve an issue, I'm having, I followed these (http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4253232&postcount=133) steps to compile and install these drivers for my wacom tablet but I realize that I do not need them, can you show me how to undo this?02:09
bruenigravi: ? arch is binary02:09
Pelogoodspeed, 6 I think02:09
bruenighyphen: you had a question?02:09
dmsupermanPelo, wow, I assumed that since it was the default editor it wouldn't have all these features02:09
hyphenok cool... 2 drives... primary with winxp second with ubuntu. I need to dual boot these two operating systems without reinstalling anything and with MINIMAL changes made to the winxp drive. What is the best coarse of action?02:09
ravibruenig: heheh.. for 4 progs?02:09
dmsupermanPelo, pretty nice :D02:09
mosnobruenig: assuming the package your after is actually packaged!02:09
bruenighyphen: you already have ubuntu installed on the second drive?02:09
patrickvaDoes anyone know why my Ubuntu goes to a BusyBox mode when I click to install it on the Splash screen?02:09
reya276Pelo: I went into the Hardy (Ubuntu+1) but they won't help me02:09
Pelogoodspeed, hold on , let me cound  u k x e , that is 4,  blue, flux, that makes 6, CE SE, that's 8,  studio 9 ,02:09
dmsupermanholy CRAP is this a lot better than i thought02:10
ShpookI'm trying to design a site locally, but only need Javascript, no PHP or databases. I thought the browser handled JS parsing, but Firefox won't run any JS locally. Is there an easy way to solve this?02:10
patrickvaI get this error02:10
Peloreya276, what was the issue ?02:10
dmsupermanPelo, yet again I love you :P02:10
* Pelo forgives dmsuperman for doudting him 02:10
reya276Pelo: I need to remove a wacom compiled driver02:10
dmsupermanPelo, doubting*02:10
bruenigmosno: ?02:10
* Pelo does not forgive the spelling correction 02:11
patrickva[132.633717] revalidation failed (errno=-5)02:11
reya276Pelo: due to this my wacom does not work properly02:11
patrickvaThat's what I get02:11
patrickvaSo can anyone help me out?02:11
Peloreya276, ouch, that's a bit over my head02:11
hyphenwould using ntldr be the best attack?02:11
Peloreya276, jsut removing the module from modprobe doesn't do it ?02:11
bruenigmosno: how many packages minus -devs, -headers, and metapackages do you suppose you have?02:11
reya276Pelo: how do I do that?02:11
hyphenLOL Pelo02:11
dmsupermanbut holy crap is that pink font annoying02:11
imrookhyphen: You need to install a bootloader.  Have you done that before?02:11
Pelohyphen, ?02:11
hyphenno but I can try02:12
imrookhyphen: NTLDR or Grub are probably your best bets02:12
Peloreya276, hyphen does not agree, he probabaly knows better ten I do02:12
hyphenPelo... the nonforgivness of the spelling correctioon02:12
patrickvaDoes anyone know why my Ubuntu goes to a BusyBox mode when I click to install it on the Splash screen?02:12
Pelohyphen, ah02:12
patrickvaI get this error02:12
patrickva[132.633717] revalidation failed (errno=-5)02:12
hyphenI know nothing02:12
dmsupermanhyphen, just install grub, point it at your ubuntu and xp partitions, and you're set02:12
nixnoobcan someone help me use git?  im totally lost...02:12
hyphenso winxp on the primary wont cause issues?02:13
ShpookAnyone know if I need to install LAMP to run Javascript locally?02:13
imrooknixnoob: Git has a steep learning curve.  What do you want to do?02:13
Peloreya276,  lsmod  to see the module list, find the one you need to remove,  and then sudo modprobe -r  modulename  ( man modprobe for the corect option I'M not sure -r is the right one )02:13
imrookhyphen: They are one separate drives correct?02:13
hyphenim pretty sure grub in installed on the secondary already...02:13
dmsupermanhyphen, no.02:13
* Pelo lost track of what it was doing 02:13
nixnoobimrook, i just want to be able to download libusb-1.0 from git and compile it for myself.... i kno how to compile but not how to get it from git?02:13
hyphen2 seperate drives... NOT partitions02:13
* bruenig lost track of what Pelo was doing02:13
dmsupermanhyphen, I just install GRUB to my MBR and point it at each02:14
hyphenok so mbr on primary winxp drive02:14
bruenighyphen: what dmsuperman said, install grub, edit menu.lst02:14
Pelowho wanted help with GIT ? there is a #git channel02:14
imrookhyphen: If you're going to use NTLDR, you'll need GRUB installed on your /boot partition and configure Win to chainload to GRUB.02:14
CorbinFoxis there a boot command that turns off one of my cores?02:14
imaginativeonecan I change the owner of my entire ubuntu machine?02:14
FrancescoTell me please powerful two-panel file manage with many features, like Total Commander for Windows.02:14
hyphengot ya\02:14
nixnoobimrook, heres the website where it tells the git repo but if i do git-fetch it says its not a git repo.... http://libusb.wiki.sourceforge.net/page/diff/Libusb1.0?v=14410902:14
PeloFrancesco, what ?02:14
hyphenI did read an article about that but it was so outdated02:14
bruenigFrancesco: midnight commander02:14
Orbixx|MobTrying to enable broadcom firmware. It says the software source for the package bcm43xx-fwcutter is not enabled. Advice?02:14
imrooknixnoob: You'll use git clone git://someurl somedir02:14
dmsupermanhyphen, just google "ubuntu livecd grub"02:15
PeloCorbinFox, try researching that in the forum www.ubuntutorums.org02:15
hyphenok i'll look into that, thank you guys02:15
dmsupermani think the first result should set you straight for installing it, and pointing it to your ubuntu02:15
hyphenoh so I can do it from a live cd?02:15
scottyLShpook: Javascript isn't a part of L(ynux)A(pache)M(ySQL)P(HP)02:15
hyphenway cool02:15
bruenigP doesn't necessary mean PHP02:15
dmsupermanhyphen, then just edit menu.lst and add a record for xp02:15
FrancescoHow about GUI file manager?02:15
CorbinFoxPelo: fine, make me not be lazy :P02:15
hyphenok sweet thank you02:15
scottyLbruenig: OK... P(ython) :)02:15
reya276ok that removed the wacom module02:16
bruenigFrancesco: not with that kind of power02:16
reya276Pelo: ok that removed the wacom module02:16
PeloFrancesco, check in add/remove , you'll be surprised what is available02:16
nixnoobimrook, you are the man thanks02:16
Peloreya276, ;-)02:16
Orbixx|MobTrying to enable broadcom firmware. It says the software source for the package bcm43xx-fwcutter is not enabled. Advice?02:16
bruenigI think the assumption is if you are using gui, you are not interested in such confusing things as features02:16
dmsupermanscottyL, Javascript is in the Apache portion. It serves up HTML pages, which can include JavaScript and CSS02:16
ShpookscottyL: That I knew, but someone else suggested it to me. I figured that since the browser is what parses JS, then it should work locally.02:16
Peloreya276, I think there is away to blacklist it so it doesn't get readded when you boot again ,  check in the manpage for modprobe02:16
imrookHas anyone used MythTV's nuvexport?02:16
dmsupermanscottyL, and of course PHP to help edit your HTML pages, but the common factor is Apache02:17
Peloimrook, I think there is a mythtv channel02:17
bruenigare there any rules on ctcping in here? I am interested to see what irc clients people are using02:17
scottyLdmsuperman: Wlel, that's what I get for trying to address questions :)02:17
Danish989I have a big problem .. I just installed ubuntu and now when my computer starts it says Loading Grub Error 2202:17
Danish989and then it just stops there .. what do I do??02:17
* CoasterMaster doesn't know the rules about ctcping, but he is using Xchat02:17
imaginativeonehow do I get access to the permissions?02:17
Pelobruenig, yes the rule is donT02:17
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:18
Pelobruenig, LjL banned someone for it eariler02:18
dmsupermanscottyL, heh, just sticking my head into places it doesn't belong. I'm a web programmer, so I always feel the need to butt into web scripting convos haha02:18
nomicaldanish you may be running hardware not compatible with hubuntu02:18
imrookPelo: Yes there is, but my problem seems to be specific to Ubuntu.  Some progs that are distributed with MythTV source appear to be missing from the mythtv-common Ubuntu package.  I'm wondering if there's another package I need to install to get them.  I think that puts my issue firmly in Ubuntu territory.02:18
bruenighmm it does mention ctcps, odd02:18
Danish989I'm on from the ubuntu live cd right now02:18
=== nomical is now known as nomi1
MrStitchHere's a timeless question: I got some win games that I wanna play on my ubuntu box..... is that possible?02:18
reya276Pelo: Thanks, I will remove the wacom tools from synaptics and see if I can then re-install the repo ones02:18
Peloimrook, there are mythtv repos for ubuntu I beleive,02:18
dmsupermanimaginativeone, in the same Shared Folders panel, there's a checkbox for write access02:18
bruenig!wine | MrStitch02:19
ubotuMrStitch: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.02:19
Pelo!mythtv | reya27602:19
ubotureya276: MythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV02:19
CoasterMasterMrStitch: It is indeed possible with wine02:19
nomi1mrstich there are dos emulators and windows emulators the windows emulator is called 'wine'02:19
Danish989I installed ubuntu on this computer and I was already running windows xp, I wanted a dual boot system, but now the first thing I get is "Loading GRUB Error 22" and nothing happens after that .. what is the matter?02:19
dmsupermanDanish989, It's pointing to the wrong partition02:19
LjLbruenig, a CTCP alerts you (with sounds, etc) on a few client, doing it to the channel is frowned upon, sorry02:19
imrookPelo: Yeah, I've already been there with no luck.02:19
MrStitchapplication compatibility? such as....?02:19
bruenigoh are there beeps involved?02:19
Danish989dmsuperman, what do I do?02:19
dmsupermanDanish989, your menu.lst needs to point to your Ubuntu partition, and it's currently not02:19
CoasterMasterMrStitch, it lets you run Windows programs under Linux02:19
Danish989ok so what do I do?02:20
Peloimrook, did you do a search in the repos using synaptic ?02:20
Orbixx|MobTrying to enable broadcom firmware. It says the software source for the package bcm43xx-fwcutter is not enabled. Advice?02:20
CoasterMasterMrStitch, I have RollerCoaster Tycoon and SimCity 4 running in wine and it works pretty well02:20
dmsupermanDanish989, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435102:20
nomi1mrstich try it02:20
bruenigOrbixx|Mob: edit /etc/apt/sources.list, enable the sources02:20
dmsupermanDanish989, Follow those directions02:20
nomi1most things work fine02:20
imrookPelo:I used apt02:20
Orbixx|MobNot on a working internet connection.02:20
MrStitchIs it pretty stable, or is it kind of hit 'n miss on some games?02:20
Orbixx|MobAs wireless is down.02:20
TheComradeDoes anyone know of a technique I could use where I could tag open windows with a shortcut so I could quickly switch between apps by going ctrl-alt-1, ctrl-alt-2, etc?02:20
ubotuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org02:20
dmsupermanMrStitch, games are almost always not going to work02:20
CoasterMasterMrStitch, depends on the game, but the Wine website has a list of programs that work and don't work02:20
Peloimrook, do you have a gui , try with synaptic it wiill just make the search easier, you can install with apt after if you want02:20
imrookPelo: trying right now02:21
bruenigTheComrade: not in gnome, the only wms that have that sort of feature that I know of are tiling window managers like dwm, awesome, xmonad, etc.02:21
Danish989dmsuperman, thanks!02:21
MrStitchIs it the direct X thing that's causing problems?02:21
dmsupermanDanish989, no problem :D02:21
dmsupermanMrStitch, amongst other thing02:21
MrStitchi see02:21
dmsupermanMrStitch, It's hard to get a windows program running in ubuntu to begin with, but as the programs get larger and larger and more and more complicated, the less likely they are to run in wine02:22
Hysteriaheya dudes. burning iso to cd now oooooo excited haha02:22
TheComradebruenig: Thanks.  I just find it really bizarre that this sort of thing doesn't exist.02:22
MrStitchAnd I suppose the game would have to be completely re-written in order for it to work02:22
PeloMrStitch, the wine ppl need to retro engineer windows basicaly , it's takes a lot of efffort02:22
dmsupermanMrStitch, things as simple as notepad++ even have their quirks02:22
bruenigTheComrade: it is gnome, that is to be expected02:22
dmsupermanMrStitch, generally, yes02:22
CoasterMasterI got SimCity 4 working in wine and it runs pretty well aside from a few graphical glitches02:22
dmsupermanPelo, do you know how I can change the colors of the syntax highlighting in gedit?02:22
dmsupermanPelo, hot pink is not a very attractive color to look at :P02:22
ravidmsuperman: check the menu02:23
TheComradebruenig: I would settle if even the normal task switcher would not re-order the window order02:23
CoasterMasterdmsuperman, Edit -> Preferences -> Fonts & Colors02:23
MrStitchI see. So there just needs to be more support. How many Ubuntu users do you think are out there?02:23
Pelodmsuperman, no sorry , but it does colour code for several languages02:23
bruenigTheComrade: use another window manager, problem solved02:23
CoasterMasterMrStitch, it's a tough thing to write.....and they've been writing it for almost 15 years02:23
Pelodmsuperman, check in menu > display > coloration02:23
dmsupermanCoasterMaster, Is there a way to edit each color and font for every part of the syntax? or do i just get to use the color packs?02:23
Jack_Sparrowguys can we move the wine / discussion to the #Ubuntu-offtopic room02:24
TheComradebruenig: That will be what I'll have to do, though in that case I'll probably go back to Gentoo, if I'm going to lose the easy eye candy anyway.02:24
dmsupermanOr even to #winehq02:24
CoasterMasterdmsuperman, there's a way to load custom schemes so I'd imagine there's a way to do it02:24
PeloJack_Sparrow, no we cannot ,sorry you'll have to move the rest to #ubuntu-offtopic yourself02:24
nomi1i thought games used like DOS4GW02:24
nomi1booted off the disk02:24
nomi1nothing to do with windows02:25
MrStitchJack: Actually, it pertained here.... for my purposes. I'm just now learning more about Ubuntu, and I'm literally on day 2 with the software.02:25
bruenigTheComrade: good diea02:25
dmsupermanCoasterMaster, Alright, I'll look where it keeps it's default themes for reference. Thanks :D02:25
Jack_SparrowPelo, behave.02:25
dmsupermanPelo, lol02:25
CoasterMasterdmsuperman, you might want to check out https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gedit/+question/14370 as well02:25
bruenigTheComrade: if you like binary packages though, should give arch a shot02:25
Jack_SparrowMrStitch, understood.  but you are not asking for help getting it to work or for help with a specific problem02:25
dmsupermanI want to know why it is that floodbot gets to constantly flood the channel without kicking itself02:25
* Pelo has downloaded and watch 4 crappy movies today he's not in a mood 02:25
dmsupermanstop flooding floodbot!02:25
bruenigPelo: theft?!?02:26
GatestoneHow do I install vmware for Gutsy?02:26
Pelobruenig, yes02:26
dmsupermanPelo, Check out American Daze. It's on Netflix Instant View02:26
* bruenig is disappointed in hair02:26
PeloGatestone,  check in add remove  there is vmware-server02:26
hyphenok one more quick one. I have grub installed. And looking at the menu.lst there is no entry for windows and ubuntu is listed as hd0,0 so that means ubuntu is on my primary, correct? and I had it reversed02:26
nomi1gatestone theres probably a README on the disk02:26
* dmsuperman thinks back to the private convo Pelo and I had yesterday02:26
MrStitchpoint taken, was asking for other information while I was re-creating the problems I'm having. Computer doesn't reboot in 2 seconds ya know. hahaha02:26
* Pelo hangs his head in shame 02:26
* dmsuperman wonders what kind of role model says one thing and does another :P02:26
* bruenig thinks back to the private convo dmsuperman and Pelo had yesterday02:26
dmsupermanbruenig, wtf you weren't even there02:26
TheComradebruenig: I will check it out. Thanksya.02:26
* bruenig realizes that he wasn't even there02:27
* Pelo wonders why he ever gave up @ , it would come in realy usefull right abut now02:27
* ravi realizes there are too many of these messages02:27
bruenigwhat is this role modelling thign? does ubuntu have some irc big brother program?02:27
* dmsuperman wonders why everybody is wondering outloud02:27
* MeatGrinder realizes he doesn't know what the h*ll they're talking about02:27
* mosno speaks in the 3rd person for no good reason02:27
* dmsuperman jumps up and down, just to keep the trend going02:27
bruenigPelo: you should have passed it off to me for some good justice02:27
hyphenAm I correct in saying hd0,0 is the primary drive? <--- total noob02:28
Jack_Sparrowobviously someone spiked the punch at this party02:28
* bruenig is very even handed with the hat02:28
* Pelo gives bruenig a cookie02:28
* ravi gonna go check some xkcd02:28
dmsupermanC-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!02:28
Jack_Sparrowhyphen, yes02:28
imaginativeonedamn I'm so close02:28
TheComradeoh Lord, that game bit.02:28
* MeatGrinder is reminded he needs a beer...02:28
MrStitcharg... same problem as before. problem accessing ata1 (whatever that is), then a bunch of garbage, then it tells me unable to determine aperture size and failed File system check. I'm guessing the hardware is just too old to work on Ubuntu.... thoughts?02:28
imaginativeonehow can I buy ubuntu support?02:28
JDSBlueDevlhi, can anyone tell me how stable the Hardy beta is?02:28
nomi1why would you want to imaginativeone02:28
dmsupermanimaginativeone, paypal money directly to dmsuperman@gmail.com02:28
GatestoneCan I install Centos.iso to the vmware player, or do I need the vmware-server to install things from install diks images?02:28
JDSBlueDevlas in, if I upgrade now, is it going to work fine?02:29
danbhfiveJDSBlueDevl: it may, it may not02:29
MeatGrinderimaginativeone, buy support?02:29
bruenig!ot | JDSBlueDevl02:29
ChaosParserJDSBlueDevl: Nope.02:29
ubotuJDSBlueDevl: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:29
Jack_SparrowMrStitch, HAve you tried some of the command line modifiers to get the live cd to boot02:29
imaginativeoneso I can connect my file without so much hassle02:29
PeloMrStitch, ata1 would be a hard drive , do you have an old one on that comp ?02:29
icesworddmsuperman, lol02:29
nomi1forums are better for questions you need to sit on02:29
stercorHow do I start up a new window manager?  Like, put it into the startup procedure?02:29
MeatGrinderimaginativeone, it's free here!02:29
bruenigstercor: excellent freaking question02:29
Peloimaginativeone, don'T upgrade , wait for it02:29
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:29
bruenighow does one do this I always wondered02:29
dmsupermanPelo, he wasn't even planning on it. he wants to just use samba :P02:29
danbhfiveJDSBlueDevl: calling hardy beta can be a bit deceptive, since serious problems CAN arise02:29
imaginativeoneI'm just trying to see my ubuntu machine from windows02:29
Pelostercor, it shoud have been added to gdm you can select it when you log in02:30
Jack_Sparrowstercor, install one and where you login you can select between them or set a default02:30
bruenigubuntu doesn't do the .xinitrc fun, so how do you do this stuff02:30
imaginativeoneit's not working - and now the icon has disappeared02:30
MrStitchJack and Pelo: I don't know ANY commands. I'm a linux virgin. hahahah, and I don't have an ata hard drive installed. I have an on-board scsi system with two IBM scsi drives.02:30
* ravi was floored by the IBM Power5 specs02:30
bruenigMrStitch: `dir` shows the context of the current directory02:30
MeatGrindergood luck with scsi, i still can't get ubuntu to recognize my adaptec card with cheetahs02:30
junkieHey, does anyone else dual boot osx with ubuntu?02:30
Jack_SparrowMrStitch, At start or install press F6 and remove Quiet and Splash from the command line. If it still fails.. Repeat and after removing quiet and splash add noapic acpi=off before the "--"02:30
ubotuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview02:31
MrStitchActually, i HAD an ata in there when I was troubleshooting.... but disconnected it about an hour ago.02:31
PeloMrStitch, I 'm not 100% sure but I think ata is what they call scsi now ,  it is having difficulties readign one of them02:31
MeatGrinderPelo, ata is not scsi02:31
PeloMrStitch, is that ata still listed in the bios ? that might be why you get the message it can't find it02:31
stercorPelo, Jack_Sparrow: I compiled twm and xdm; much to my disappointment they didn't just magically appear on the bootup menu/screen. :-(02:31
MrStitchPelo... that's beyond crazy. I'm a linux newb, not an idiot. hahahah02:31
charles|64_hey guys how do i check if my dvd rom drive is working right? in ubuntu. I can boot from it just fine but when i put a disk in nothing detects or happens02:31
PeloMrStitch, also check in fstab if it is liste dthere02:32
Francescowhere does apt-get cache archives?02:32
junkieI resized one of my partitions and ever since then I haven't been able to boot into linux, it's like my macbook doesn't see it.02:32
AmyRoseHow do I get Rhythmbox to stop prompting me to install the codecs? I already installed them using that dialog02:32
* bruenig thinks that ubuntu should move to a user-drive .xinitrc setup for window managers02:32
Pelostercor, then don't appear you have to check in the session menu on the loggin screen,   restart x and check02:32
firstohitI am upgrading from Gutsy to Heron right now, will I lose any of my programs that I installed?02:32
AmyRoseIn fact, I'm even listening to an MP3 file right now and it's still prompting me to install the codec02:33
charles|64_hey guys how do i check if my dvd rom drive is working right? in ubuntu. I can boot from it just fine but when i put a disk in nothing detects or happens02:33
Pelobruenig, you should be in #ubuntu-devel02:33
Orbixx|MobScrewed up the resolution. Can't see a thing. Suggestions?02:33
bruenigfirstohit: discrete releases are notably sketchy, so just cross your fingers really02:33
dmsupermanfirstohit, no02:33
Jack_Sparrowstercor, you did check under option where you login right02:33
Pelofirstohit, vmware no longer works for me but the rest is fine02:33
danbhfivefirstohit: You shouldn't02:33
dmsupermanfirstohit, but don't plan on them staying there :P02:33
Jack_SparrowOrbixx|Mob, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg or sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg (to just set res) If you get locked out Select vesa as your video card and 1024 max res.  Use tab or enter to accept all other defaults02:33
dmsupermanOrbixx|Mob, "sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf"02:33
Orbixx|MobScrewed up the resolution. Can't see a thing. Suggestions?02:34
firstohiti.i I have VMwareWorksttion and Wine and Compiz and Crossover , will those change?02:34
MrStitchok, first off. Lets get to a command prompt to do these things. First, I have the disc in the cd drive, then I power it up and it boots from the cd. The Ubuntu screen pops up and asks if I want to install, and some other things. Where should I go from here?02:34
Jack_SparrowMrStitch, F602:34
dmsuperman!patience | Orbixx|Mob read these and also dmsuperman's and Jack_Sparrow's02:34
ubotuOrbixx|Mob read these and also dmsuperman's and Jack_Sparrow's: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:34
bruenigfirstohit: these are non repo programs?02:34
PeloOrbixx|Mob, screwed up how ?02:34
firstohitso will they be affected?02:34
firstohitWhat do you mean non repo ?02:34
Orbixx|MobHow do i boot into command line?02:34
dmsupermanfirstohit, They shouldn't be affected, but as with all things beta it's possible02:34
dmsupermanOrbixx|Mob, Ctrl Alt F102:35
Jack_SparrowOrbixx|Mob, recovery mode from grub menu02:35
PeloOrbixx|Mob, on boot, right after the bios stuff hit the esc key,  that will  get you the grub menu, select the recovery mode,02:35
charles|64_hey guys how do i check if my dvd rom drive is working right? in ubuntu. I can boot from it just fine but when i put a disk in nothing detects or happens02:35
bruenigfirstohit: it is certainly possible that you will have problems, the discrete release model has systemic problems with moving between releases due to the jump. You could have incompatible library versions, you could have other problems. There is no way to safeguard.02:35
firstohitOk will this is April isn't time to upgrade. Will there be a smother upgrade soon, should I wait or do it now?02:35
bruenighas nothing to do with "beta" has to do with the clumsy model02:35
Pelocharles|64_, do you see it in places > computer ?02:36
dmsupermanfirstohit, wait til it's actually released, and even then i like to wait at least a few weeks to see if their are any major problems02:36
imaginativeoneplease help02:36
Jack_Sparrowcharles|64_, did you burn the iso as a single file or as a disk image02:36
dmsupermanfirstohit, usually if there are major problems there will be a massive outrage, then it will be fixed, then it's good to upgrade safely02:36
* Pelo thinks dmsuperman is trying to become the new Pelo02:36
Peloimaginativeone, what with ?02:36
dmsupermanPelo, why do you say that?02:36
dmsupermanPelo, because I'm trying to help?02:37
stercorshutting down and restarting xdm didn't do anything new.02:37
firstohitOk, how can I know when is time to upgrade?02:37
bruenigpoor blippy solutions02:37
dmsupermanfirstohit, read my message :P02:37
Pelodmsuperman, help , waiting before upgradeing,  ets02:37
=== wicked_ is now known as sudobash
stercorfirstohit: two weeks after the release date.  You can always tell the pioneers.  They're the ones with arrows in their backs.02:37
dmsupermanPelo, heh, it's just common sense for the upgrading02:37
Pelobruenig, be nice02:37
dmsupermanPelo, it's why I still haven't upgraded my windows box to vista, nor will I with XP being continued until beyond release of Windows 702:38
bruenigfirstohit: look, the problem is with the model. Discrete releases will always be dangerous. Some will tell you not to take to hit and destruction and let others do it, but even then, the model is always sketchy. Whether you do it now or later, discrete release is discrete release, so I would just go for it especially if there is something in the new release that you can't access.02:38
firstohitI will wait, I am not in hurry everything is working now, How do I know about the release?02:38
charles|64_hey guys how do i check if my dvd rom drive is working right? in ubuntu. I can boot from it just fine but when i put a disk in nothing detects or happens02:38
MrStitchOk, I pressed F6, and I still have all my options, but this little line of text popped up at the bottom right of the sreen. It says: Boot Options :casper initrd=/casper/initrd.gz quiet splash--02:38
con-manso its on discrete release right now?02:38
dmsupermanfirstohit, I'm sure you could just watch ubuntu.com02:38
Pelocharles|64_, can you see a dvd drive listed in  Places > computer ?02:38
imaginativeonePelo, I need help with seeing ubuntu from windows02:39
Peloimaginativeone, hold on02:39
danbhfiveimaginativeone: is this samba?02:39
dmsuperman!samba | imaginativeone02:39
bruenigcon-man: it has always been on discrete release.02:39
ubotuimaginativeone: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.02:39
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:39
philidoxdoes anyone have any knowledge on ubuntu mobile?02:39
imaginativeonedanbhfive: yes02:39
=== dmsuperman is now known as dmsuperman[orang
MEtaLpREsdoes anyone know if adobe plans on fixing flash player at some point so it stops crashing firefox?  i just got a flash player update a couple days ago but it didnt fix the problem02:39
sudobashimagineativeone TCP/IP is the same for windows and NIX02:40
danbhfiveimaginativeone: http://www.europe.eclipse.co.uk/Ubuntu/Ubuntu-on-win-network.htm   you can try this site02:40
Peloimaginativeone, http://www.howtoforge.com/access-linux-partitions-from-windows02:40
MrStitchno ideas?02:40
rpj8Hey, for whatever reason, a friend of mine wants to change the side the scroll bars around on (vertical scrollbars) in gtk. I guess because he's a lefty. Is there an easy line one can put into their .gtkrc.mine to switch them up?02:40
rpj8are on*02:40
firstohitwell, the reason I like to upgrade is because I want to install latest 169.12 nvidia driver from the 100 driver. I want to use envy to do it, but Envy says I shouls uninstall the driver before upgrading but Envy NG is for heron is does not require uninstalling,02:41
dmsuperman[orangfirstohit, you could always copy your whole drive to a virtualbox drive, and upgrade in there02:41
dmsuperman[orangand see how it goes02:41
GzzrtSo are we allowed to ask support questions here?02:41
bruenig!envy | firstohit02:41
usserfirstohit, envy is not a good idea02:41
ubotufirstohit: envy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »02:41
dmsuperman[orang!ask Gzzrt02:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ask gzzrt - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:41
=== mpalatnik is now known as migm
Danish989dmsuperman, that didnt work, now I get this error : GRUB Loading stage1.5.02:41
Danish989GRUB loading, please wait...02:41
Danish989Error 2202:41
=== migm is now known as migm07
bruenigfirstohit: more dangerous than jumping to the next release is using envy02:41
Gzzrt!ask ntfs partitions02:41
* Pelo will break the fingers of then next person to trigger the bot 02:41
dmsuperman[orangDanish989, that means your menu.lst is still not pointing to the right drive. do you by chance have SATA drives?02:42
n8tuserDanish989--> do you have stage1_5 files in /boot/grub?02:42
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE02:42
bruenigno regard02:42
Pelo!ntfs > Gzzrt check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu02:42
charles|64_hey guys how do i check if my dvd rom drive is working right? in ubuntu. I can boot from it just fine but when i put a disk in nothing detects or happens02:42
Danish989dmsuperman: yes I do have SATA drives02:42
Pelocharles|64_, do you pay attention ?02:42
firstohithow much am I missing I have the 100.14.19 and latest is 169.12?02:42
dmsuperman[orangDanish989, and do you have 2 of them?02:42
dmsuperman[orangDanish989, at least?02:42
Danish989yes, 2 of them02:42
firstohitmy card is GeForce 6200 A-LE02:43
charles|64_Pelo: what did i miss?02:43
Danish989dmsuperman[orang: yes, I have two, how did you know that?02:43
dmsuperman[orangDanish989, heh, exact same problem as I do. according to BIOS, my system drive and storage drives are reversed, with System being second and Storage being first.02:43
Nasrajack_Sparrow: how do I use Ubuntu pastebin ...to paste some text in the channel of in another word ...that part where it says Syntax: what do I choose in there so I can paste in....02:43
TyrHi folks02:43
linkinxpi had to turn Gnome in safemode, cause when i go in normal mode my screen goes gray and i cant see the windows02:43
Pelocharles|64_, check in the places menu under  my computer, do you see a cd drive listed there02:43
dmsuperman[orangDanish989, In your menu.lst, change it from hd1,X to hd0,X02:43
Danish989dmsuperman, were you able to fix it?02:43
dmsuperman[orangfor the entries02:43
charles|64_pelo no02:43
IdleOneNasra: use text02:43
GzzrtDoes hardy heron still require you to mount partitions before you can read them?  I know that you need to, but if they show up in the file manager, shouldn't I be able to access them?02:43
MrStitchok, I just went ahead typed 'dir' and it looks like it started initializing the installation. Will undoubtedly encounter the same problem.02:44
Danish989dmsuperman, can you give me the link to that thread again please? oh, and if possible, IM me private?02:44
firstohitHow long before I can use the 169.12 driver safely?02:44
Pelocharles|64_, look in menu > system > prefs > hardware info ,  see if you can locate your cd/dvd drive in there02:44
bruenigfirstohit: you can use it now if you want02:44
NasraIdleOne: so use text ...okay ....then paste it...correct?02:44
bruenigfirstohit: I am using the latest nvidia driver, no problems02:44
charles|64_pelo yes it in there02:45
=== dmsuperman[orang is now known as dmsuperman
IdleOneNasra: yes paste whatever in the box then click paste at the bottom then give us the url?02:45
TyrCan anyone help me with the graphic effects in ubuntu?02:45
* Hysteria is to scared to put ubuntu iso into dvd drive and reboot computer02:45
rpj8!ask | Tyr02:45
dmsupermanfirstohit, I'm using the 169.12 driver right now02:45
ubotuTyr: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:45
dmsupermanHysteria, DO IT02:45
firstohitso, should I go a head and install the latest nvidia driver on Gutsy for GeForce 6200 A-LE?02:45
IdleOneHysteria: why?02:45
Pelocharles|64_, ok so it is seen ,  check in menu > system > prefs > removable media, there are actons to be done when a cd is incerted02:45
Danish989dmsuperman? help? :(02:45
rpj8firstohit: If you want to yeah.02:46
bruenigfirstohit: if you want to, what is this sillyness, this is linux, it is your computer, do what you want02:46
dmsupermanDanish989, see your tab, i'm talking to you in it :P02:46
firstohitDo I use the instruction from Nvidia website, bassically?02:46
HysteriaIdleOne: first time ever going to use linux02:46
rpj8bruenig: Howdy02:46
bruenigrpj8: hey02:46
IdleOneHysteria: worst that will happen is the pc explodes :)02:46
dmsupermanDanish989, I've already PM'ed you, open that tab02:46
Danish989dmsuperman, lol, I'm not getting any messages there :/02:46
dmsupermanthen we'll just talk here02:46
NasraIdleOne: use the URL.....what you url ..you talking about....I thought the whole idea was to paste it..in the channel...please elaborate thanks...02:46
dmsupermanalright, are you on a livecd?02:46
IdleOneHysteria: best that can happen is your eyes will be open :)02:46
PeloIdleOne, did you manage to get that nasa image thing working ?02:46
Danish989dmsuperman, im using pidgen right now, and somehow I can't see your pm's in that tab because I pm'ed you too and I dont think you got those either02:46
firstohitI am asking because the Nvidia driver is going to compile a kernel etc and I wasn't sure if my card GeForce 6200 A-LE will work ?02:47
IdleOnePelo: yes02:47
charles|64_Pelo: for blank media nautilus --no-desktop burn:02:47
HysteriaIdleOne: hehe ok ill give it a shot02:47
bruenigHysteria: I wouldn't do it if you don't need to. There is no reason to change just for change sakes.02:47
dmsupermanDanish989, are you on a LiveCD?02:47
tarelerulzI am trying to install the yahoo messager for Linux and it keeps saying I don't have libglib1.2 .  and I looked it up and synaptic says I do have it.  The dev verion debug .  So I am lost as to what I would do to get it ? so I will see those02:47
Tyrok ok, The prob is rather simple i cant start the "window effects", altough i installed the restricted driver02:47
Pelocharles|64_, or start music and such ,02:47
HysteriaBruenig: im bored and its the school holidays02:47
Danish989dmsuperman, yes I am02:47
dmsupermantarelerulz, just install Pidgin, it's a much better client ;)02:47
charles|64_pelo yup02:47
IdleOneNasra: the web address at the top after you click paste02:47
dmsupermanDanish989, open up your menu.lst in gedit, using the command "sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst"02:47
danbhfiveTyr: did you use the restricted drivers manager?02:48
bruenigHysteria: ok, hopefully you don't mess up02:48
tarelerulzDo the version I am trying to install have voice chat ? or is no different then pidgin?02:48
Pelocharles|64_, try this ,   put a dvd in ,  open a terminal ,   sudo mkdir /media/cd1 && sudo mount /dev/cdrom0 /media/cd102:48
MrStitcharg... yup, same problem as before02:48
firstohitI am going to try to go ahead and download the latest nvidia driver from nvidia.com and install it, I will have to close x and go from there. Well Ilose my GNOME and compiz settings?02:48
dmsupermanfirstohit, you can use the 169.12 driver, i'm using it. don't get it using the restricted driver manager though, it's not the latest and in fact causes problems (at least for my card)02:48
dmsupermanfirstohit, no02:49
charles|64_Pelo: mount: special device /dev/cdrom0 does not exist02:49
firstohitok how?02:49
NasraIdleOne: never used it before.....let me try a text in here...02:49
dmsupermanfirstohit, from the nvidia.com website, like you thought02:49
Danish989dmsuperman, I did, and that file is empty02:49
bruenigfirstohit: if it fails, you won't even be able to start the graphics02:49
dmsupermanDanish989, that's odd.02:49
bruenigso be prepared for that02:49
Pelocharles  sudo /dev/scd0 /meida/cd102:49
MrStitchbuffer i/o errors, can't read from ata1, squashfs error, error loading shared libraries, failed file system check02:49
Pelocharles|64_,   sudo mount /dev/scd0 /meida/cd102:49
dmsupermanPelo, From the livecd, it's /boot/grub/menu.lst right?02:49
BSG75anyone know how add plugin to opera?02:49
bruenigopera has plugins?02:49
Pelodmsuperman, what ?02:49
BSG75bruenig: it no play video :(02:50
TyrYes everything is activated, i installed even the Nvidia software via envy. Can the prob be that i have 2 cards with 2 displays?02:50
bruenigTyr: the problem could be that you used envy02:50
dmsupermanPelo, on a LiveCD, is the computer's menu.list at /boot/grub/menu.lst?02:50
IdleOne!envy | Tyr02:50
ubotuTyr: envy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »02:50
bruenigTyr: we do not support hackish third party python vomit02:50
Pelodmsuperman, if from the live cd ,  you'll have to navigate to the /boot on the hdd , and not the one in the filesystem02:50
firstohitIs there instructions for installing the new 169.12 nvidia driver from NVIDIA-Linux-x86-169.12-pkg1 in Gutsy?02:50
dmsupermanPelo, oh yeah, duh02:50
dmsupermanDanish989, alright, open a terminal02:50
bruenigwell we support all of those things, just not "third party"02:50
charles|64_pelo mount: mount point /meida/cd1 does not exist02:50
firstohitwill upgrading to Heron now better or can I still upgrade to heron later?02:51
dmsupermanDanish989, and type "cd /media"02:51
Danish989dmsuperman, okie, opened a terminal02:51
MrStitchit wants me to repair the file system manually. Something tells me that Ubuntu can't physically get to the hard drive(s).02:51
dmsupermanDanish989, then "dir"02:51
imaginativeoneis there a gui for folder ownership?02:51
dmsupermanDanish989, and tell me all the "sdXX" it gives you02:51
Pelocharles|64_,  sudo mkdir /media/cd1 sorry02:51
TyrBut i had the same prob without it.02:51
MrStitchIt wants me to either do a control-d or press enter for a maintenance thingy02:51
owen1how to embedd subtitles in .avi?02:51
Danish989dmsuperman, after going nto cd /media I sent the ''dir'' command but it didn't do anything02:51
Peloowen1, http://www.howtoforge.com/access-linux-partitions-from-windows02:52
firstohitWill the driver NVIDIA-Linux-x86-169.12-pkg1 give me better performance than  100.14.19repo ?02:52
Peloowen1, sorry wrong link02:52
charles|64_Pelo: the file exists but same error02:52
owen1Pelo: sure...02:52
Peloowen1, http://gnome-subtitles.sourceforge.net/02:52
repleyhi all, i have a strange output with: 'file -i ./favicon.ico' (for example http://www.ubuntu-it.org/favicon.ico), i obtain 'application/octet-stream' instead of 'image/x-icon'. it's normal?02:52
dmsupermanDanish989, try "ls -la"02:52
Pelocharles|64_,  can you pastebin your /etc/fstab file please02:52
charles|64_hang on02:52
dmsupermanPelo, where does the LiveCD mount the local filesystem to by default?02:53
TyrWell i guess that was it then.02:53
MrStitchouch... cntrl D launched it into insanity with too much stuff flying by. It finally stopped at "User not known to the underlying authentication module"02:53
firstohitI want to try to upgrade and I have made a backup using simple backup, if I can't start x can I still restore my system from comman?02:53
MrStitchwhat the heck does that mean?02:53
charles|64_Pelo: the dvd just poped up It just took forever?02:53
Danish989dmsuperman, that worked, it gave me a list, what did you want me to tell you?02:53
Pelodmsuperman, the local filesystem ? do you mean the one on the hdd ?  should be monted as disk or disk1 on the desktp02:53
dmsupermanDanish989, everything that starts with "sd"02:53
dmsupermanPelo, thanks :d02:54
Danish989dmsuperman, there's nothing here that starts with sd, only dr or - rw02:54
dmsupermanDanish989, the files are on the rightside02:54
Pelodmsuperman, check under  places it migth be listed but not mounted yet02:54
dmsupermanDanish989, probably highlighted in green02:54
charles|64_its working now what the hell02:54
GzzrtHow do I turn off the status (join \ quit, etc) messages in xchat.02:54
bruenigright click on the tab02:54
Pelocharles|64_, might be a bit defective,  try another one , it might also be the burner that is old and borky02:54
Danish989dmsuperman, the files are hightlighted with lightblue, and still no file starting with an sd02:55
PeloGzzrt, see the channel tab ? rigth click on it02:55
Gzzrtgot it, thank you02:55
charles|64_Pelo: the burner is two weeks old lol02:55
bruenigin irssi it is /ignore -channels #ubuntu * JOINS PARTS QUITS02:55
dmsupermanDanish989, probably highlighted in green02:55
bruenigprobably works for xchat too02:55
dmsupermanDanish989, sorry, accidently pasted. Give me a pastebin of everything it gave you, including your command02:55
Pelocharles|64_, well I can trade you for mine if you want, it's a year old it's been thoroughly tested :-)02:55
GzzrtI also managed to figure how to access some of my windows drives.  There seems be some problem with one of my partitions, but I'm suspecting because I'm using Wubi and it's installed in that partition02:56
Danish989dmsuperman, im a complete linux Newb, can you tell me how to give you a pastebin?02:56
dmsuperman!pastebin | Danish98902:56
charles|64_Pelo: lol and pastebin coming at you http://pastebin.com/mca4d38902:56
firstohitIf I upgrade to latest Nvidia driver, can I upgrade to Heron later when it is released?02:56
dmsupermanDanish989, go to http://pastebin.com and paste it02:56
ubotuDanish989: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:56
dmsupermanubotu, you're slow02:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about you're slow - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:56
bruenig!give dmsuperman thanks02:57
* mindframe gives dmsuperman the Win2k Buglist02:57
* FooAtari gives dmsuperman a boy scout02:57
jayQuestion - I need a program that can query and return information on my HDD's. Something to give me block.device id's and what not. Any suggestions?02:57
Pelocharles|64_, did you edit that file yourself at some point ?02:57
Nasra!pastebin \ idleOne02:57
bruenig!thanks | dmsuperman02:57
ubotudmsuperman: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)02:57
charles|64_Pelo: yes I added my NAS mounts and then commented them out why?02:57
dmsupermanhaha, i believe i just got owned by like 5 people at once02:57
danny_I have ubuntu 8.04 beta.  No sound in Firefox when i go to anything on the internet .  When I go to system/preference/sound.  on the devices tab, sytems  tests work.... but on the sounds tab none of the systems sounds work. when I play games like ioqake.. I DO have sound....02:58
Danish989dmsuperman, this pastebin thing is pretty cool .. here ; http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63135/02:58
daekdroomdanny_ No sound in what? Flash stuff?02:58
Pelocharles|64_,  the /dev/hda and fd0 at the two lines form the bottom look odd to me but I 'm not expert , I 'm gonna give you a loine to ad see if that does anything for you02:58
dmsupermanDanish989, you forgot the /. "cd /media"02:58
danny_yup and start up sounds.. and stuf02:58
Pelocharles|64_,   /dev/scd0 /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user,noauto 0 0  , then remount with  mount -a02:58
dmsupermanDanish989, and then "ls -la"02:58
danny_flash and start up sounds..02:59
danny_I can get music to play and in games like quake I have sound02:59
Pelocharles|64_, actualy forget that , just change t he /dev/hda for /dev/scd0  in the cdrom0 line02:59
danny_but no internet sounds and no start up sounds...02:59
daekdroomdanny_: Are you sure you've installed adobe flash, not gnash?02:59
firstohitdmsuperman did you install the Nvidia driver using the nvidia wizard with no problems? what is your card?02:59
Danish989dmsuperman, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63136/02:59
danny_let me ceck on the flash part02:59
maynards-girlwhat is a good program for a checkbook?03:00
dmsupermanfirstohit, yeah, and a 7900 GS KO by EVGA03:00
boum1ive been searching the forums. i want to install the intel fortran compiler, ive seen advice to run sudo aptitude install build-essential, is this correct ?03:00
danny_I havr flash installed03:00
charles|64_Pelo: done03:00
Nasradmsuperman: same boat here...stranded with what seems to be simple is giving problem.....I wrote a text pasted in so now what where did it go or else what should I with it?03:00
firstohitOk, I have 6200 A-LE I am going to try it.03:00
Pelocharles|64_, sudo mount -a to reload fstab03:00
charles|64_Pelo: no dice03:00
daekdroomdanny_: flashplugin-nonfree package or gnash?03:00
dmsupermanDanish989, are there are any "disk" shortcuts on your desktop?03:00
charles|64_Pelo: ill brb03:01
firstohitdmsuperman was it worth it?03:01
danny_daekdroom:  i do have flash installed03:01
ttrojaWhen Hardy Heron comes out can one upgrade their system via a command rather than reinstalling?03:01
dmsupermanNasra, I got it installed no probs03:01
Flannelttroja: yes03:01
Pelottroja, yes03:01
dmsupermanfirstohit, considering before it I wasn't able to even get my video working properly, absolutely :P03:01
fishHello folkds03:01
Danish989dmsuperman, no there arent03:01
tarelerulzDanny I would go with the none-free version of flash player.  gnash has nothing ,but error when I try to use it03:01
Nasrasmsuperman: what you got installed....don't get (complete newbie)....thanks03:01
firstohitdmsuperman Do you have gutsy ?03:01
Danish989dmsuperman, the only shorcuts on desktop are examples and install becaus im on from the live cd03:01
dmsupermanfirstohit, aye03:01
ttrojaFlannel, okay, thanks, I thought so since you can do it so easily while it's still in development but I wasn't sure. Thank you very much.03:01
danny_let me check in synaptic and see which one i have installed03:02
dmsupermanDanish989, what about in the Places shortcut at the top, any links to any of your disks?03:02
dmsupermanDanish989, Beside "filesystem"03:02
danny_I have this one installed flashplugin-nonfree package03:02
firstohitdmsuperman when new release will the driver still be there ? I mean heron03:02
dmsupermanfirstohit, it should be, I don't see why it wouldn't03:02
Danish989dmsuperman, no there are no shortcuts to disks in places03:03
Pelodanny_,  there is a newer one from adobe check on their website, dl the tarball and copy the .so file over in the two locaition where it is already on your hdd03:03
dmsupermanfirstohit, but I'm going to make a virtual machine with an exact copy of my current one and test before i upgrade03:03
dmsupermanDanish989, Go to Places -> Computer, and what's in there?03:03
danny_pelo.  has that been an issue?  so i need the new flash one?03:03
firstohitdmsuperman I am going to try it then. I will have to boot to recover mode from command and run the wizard. is that right ?03:03
fishHey is this a support channel?03:03
imaginativeonedo I have to add the windows account to access ubuntu?03:04
Starnestommyfish: yes03:04
firstohitdmsuperman how can I make a backup incase I can't get back?03:04
dmsupermanPelo, Any clue why it won't let me change the label of one of my partitions? it's ext3, and stuck as sdb2, where all my other partitions let me have things like "Media" or "Documents03:04
Danish989dmsuperman, there is Floppy Drive, CD Rom Drive, CD-RW/DVD Rom Dive, 14.0 GB Volume, 19.5 GB Volume, 30.1 GB Volume, My 2 SATA hard disks and "filesystem''03:04
dmsupermanfirstohit, no need to reboot, you can run it live03:04
tarelerulzHas empathy with voice chat been add to Ubuntu's repository ?  I got the one from the ppa ,but  Ubuntu keeps wanting to install empathy in the updates? I don't want to miss me empathy up03:04
marc_so del moyo dask per kin reich alta mata fordosamer?03:04
Pelodanny_, I've had  problem with sound in flash way back ,  I'm not sure the the nonfree package in he repos gets updated a lot,  I don'T have that problem with the latest or the last two latesst ,so I recommend it03:04
bruenigawesome is a window manager03:04
dmsupermanDanish989, go into whichever of those is your partition with Ubuntu on it03:04
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dmsupermanfirstohit, You'll have to reboot afterward. And as far as backing up, that I'm not sure03:05
imaginativeonecan I turn samba off?  remove it?03:05
fishI am wanting to move my Ubuntu Installation from one HD to a New HD, can I  just move it somehow or am i going to need to do an uninstall/re-install?03:05
firstohitdmsuperman I did sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-169.12-pkg1.run I got  You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before03:05
linkinxpmy windows dont have borders!!!!!03:05
Pelodmsuperman, that's a mount ppoint,  unmount it ,and remount it to a new mountpoint with the name you want03:05
mpalatnikhi i'm trying to running vncserver and i've been having the grey screen problem03:05
mpalatniki finally got the point where im getting a terminal window upon connecting03:05
danny_the same version in the repos is the same version on flash websight...03:05
mpalatnikbut no more03:05
dmsupermanfirstohit, Just kill X and do it from a TTY03:05
brueniglinkinxp: neither do mine03:05
mpalatnikcan someone help?03:05
CJS3141Can someone please point me to an online tutorial of linux variables used when executing a program? What I mean is commands like "gimp %U" or "inkscape %F". What parameters do those variables pass to the program?03:05
firstohitdmsuperman how ?03:05
Danish989dmsuperman, okie done03:06
danny_pelo  the same version in the repos is the same version on flash websight...03:06
wilHi, I have a problem with firefox on ubuntu... All flash movies happen on the top layer so menus are not visible, it is annoying the hell out of me... I am posting it here as I do not get this issue on firefox on windows or mac, so it must be ubuntu specific, is there any advice?03:06
PeloCJS3141, just a filename03:06
dmsupermanfirstohit, run "sudo /etc/init.d/?dm stop" then just run it from the commandline it should give you. if it doesn't give you one, Ctrl Alt F1 will bring one up03:06
elmerhow would I go about killing the default windows manager to start wmii?03:06
linkinxpmy windows dont have borders!!!!! how i fix this????03:06
Pelodanny_, I don,t know then03:06
mpalatnikCJS3141, http://lowfatlinux.com/linux-script-variables.html03:06
imaginativeonejesus christ I HATE linux03:06
dmsupermanDanish989, you found your ubuntu partition? What's the location it gives you?03:06
firstohitdmsuperman kiil x and run wizard then reboot?03:06
brueniglinkinxp: oh you want borders?03:06
dmsuperman!patience | linkinxp03:06
ubotulinkinxp: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:06
Peloimaginativeone, don'T use it then , no one is forcing you03:06
elmerlinkinxp, make sure the windows decoration setting is on in Compiz Advanced Settings03:06
danny_pelo. thanks for the try though03:06
fishlinkinxp, mine dont have borders either03:06
CJS3141mpalatnik: Thanks much--I'll check it out now. :-)03:06
dmsupermanfirstohit, yeah, i'm not even sure you have to reboot, but I know I did03:06
Danish989dmsuperman, how can I be sure its the ubuntu partition? I took a guess because I resized the partition to 30 Gigs before installing ubuntu the location is disk-203:06
fishlinkinxp, i think that they way its supposeto be03:07
Pelolinkinxp, change the theme03:07
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bruenigdoes anyone else not use borders on their windows?03:07
dmsupermanimaginativeone, it's not for everybody, it takes some work to manage but it's doen that way on purpose, so you can custom tailor it to your every need03:07
firstohitdmsuperman I am going to try it now, actually it is sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop03:07
fishanyone knwo about moving an installation from hd to hd?03:07
firstohitdmsuperman I will be back, maybe03:07
dmsupermanDanish989, it should have the normal folders of ubuntu03:07
charles|64_Pelo: back03:07
Pelocharles|64_, and ?03:07
danbhfive!clone | fish here is a start03:07
ubotufish here is a start: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate03:07
dmsupermanfirstohit, I just put in ? because I wasn't sure which one you were using03:07
imaginativeone(10:06:44 PM) Pelo: imaginativeone, don'T use it then , no one is forcing you << why M$ will ALWAYS win (just ask Oracle)03:08
Danish989dmsuperman, it has folders like 'bin' and 'boot' and 'cdrom' and two files called 'initrd.img' and 'vmlinuz'03:08
charles|64_Pelo: nothing03:08
gatoHi, I need some help with my toshiba u305 and bluetooth03:08
Peloimaginativeone, what problem are you having now ?03:08
imaginativeonesame problem03:08
bruenig!show xdm03:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about show xdm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:08
danbhfivefish, I think everything else that you would need to copy is in your /home03:08
Pelocharles|64_, pastebin your new fstab please03:08
firstohitdmsuperman look for me I will be back03:08
fishwouldnt that require me installing ununtu on the new hd first?03:08
dmsupermanimaginativeone, MS only wins for the people who want it to "just work". Those of us who want it to work perfectly how we want it, however, are quite happy with it03:08
firstohitdmsuperman bye03:08
imaginativeonethe desktop server is not accessible03:08
Danish989dmsuperman, im sure its my ubuntu partition because my sata hard disks dont get mounted on the livecd and the other two discs are my other partitions03:08
dmsupermanDanish989, as long as that's not "Filesystem" then it should be good03:08
elmerhow would I go about killing the default windows manager to start wmii?03:09
Danish989dmsuperman, i'm pretty sure it's not ''filesystem''03:09
dmsupermanDanish989, Alright, what's the path it says then?03:09
hansengelHi, I have a question about apt-get:03:09
hansengelI'm trying to install the 'giggle' package, and it has a dependency on 'git-core'. The problem is this: I have Git built from source on my machine, so if I installed from a package there would be big problems. Is there some way I can force apt-get to ignore dependencies and only install what I request?03:09
charles|64_Pelo: http://pastebin.com/m6501b2c203:09
bruenigelmer: killall whatever ;wmii03:09
imaginativeonedmsuperman: you seem to be making the same mistake my HS educators made...03:09
Danish989dmsuperman, it just says disk-203:09
danny_I have ubuntu 8.04 beta.  No sound in Firefox when i go to anything on the internet .  When I go to system/preference/sound.  on the devices tab, sytems  tests work.... but on the sounds tab none of the systems sounds work. when I play games like ioqake.. I DO have sound.... Adobe flash (latest version) is installed. not Gnash..03:09
imaginativeoneyou're forgetting to mention MONEY03:09
imaginativeonemy kids won't get any medical care without it03:09
dmsupermanDanish989, click the little icon that looks like paper with a pencil on it, it'll tell you the actual location03:09
gogetadmsuperman lol i was abought to yell untill i read the second half03:10
gatoHi, I need some help with my toshiba satellite u305 and bluetooth03:10
Danish989dmsuperman, it's /media/disk-203:10
Pelocharles|64_, I hate to say this but try reboot03:10
imaginativeoneM$ clearly understands that people need to get the job done for money03:10
gogetadmsuperman isnt windows works when it fells like it03:10
dmsupermanimaginativeone, You don't make money with Windows OR Linux, so how does that make anything03:10
charles|64_Pelo: brb03:10
Peloimaginativeone, is this a recent installation of ubuntu ?03:10
jdonmoyerhello, lvm problems here after hardy beta upgrade.  Anyone able to help?03:10
dmsupermangogeta, heh, yeah03:10
fishdanbhfive, wouldnt that require me installing ununtu on the new hd first?03:10
imaginativeonePelo: about a month...03:11
Flanneljdonmoyer: #ubuntu+1 for Hardy support03:11
dmsupermanDanish989, alright, then "sudo gedit /media/disk-2/boot/grub/menu.lst"03:11
Peloimaginativeone, and it was wokring before ?03:11
danbhfivefish: yeah03:11
jdonmoyerthanks flannel03:11
fishthen how do I remove the install on mycurrent hd?03:11
imaginativeonePelo: no.  I just learned about Samba today03:11
Peloimaginativeone, boot the live cd,  copy your /home folder to a seperate partion and reinstall ubuntu03:11
Danish989dmsuperman, should I make a pastebin of that?03:11
dmsupermanimaginativeone, I make more money with linux, actually. I'm definately more productive with it, and since my job depends on the internet and on computers in general (I'm a programmer) that's a huge thing03:11
dmsupermanDanish989, sure03:12
imaginativeonePelo: thanks03:12
owen1Pelo: gnome-subtitles is buggy with 8.04. any other app/idea?03:12
Peloimaginativeone, your trying to get samba to wrok ? this is an all other things we all thougth you were trying to get your wndows intall to read the ubuntu hdd , now the same thing03:12
gogetadmsuperman kinda offtopic03:12
imaginativeonedmsuperman: that's cool for you and like the 150 in the world who can say that03:12
Peloowen1, that's all I have,  remember that it's generaly hardy that is bugy at this point not the apps on it03:12
dmsupermangogeta, he was saying how MS is better and somehow was bringing up money03:12
owen1Pelo: someone told me about this:  transcode -i MichaelClayton.avi -x mplayer="-sub MichaelClayton.srt" -o outputfile.avi -y xvid   but it made the fonts huge.03:13
imaginativeonethe 1000s of us that have to eat too...well...03:13
dmsupermanimaginativeone, of the top 10 fastest growing jobs in america, mine and related jobs make up a good portion of them03:13
bruenigthat a new discrete release is buggy indicates there is some system problem in the distro03:13
Danish989imaginativeone, I'm confused .. what are you doing in an ubuntu room?03:13
gogetadmsuperman linux admin jobs are growing fast03:13
Peloowen1, man transcode and look at the options available you can probably specify the size of the font to use03:13
eigmawhich package provides /usr/lib/locale/en_US.utf8 (dpkg -S says 'not found') and how can I get the en_US.iso-8859-1?03:13
imaginativeoneDanish989: trying to get some help with Ubuntu03:13
owen1Pelo: man. r u part of canonical? thanks a lot.03:13
dmsupermanDanish989, alright, there's 3 lines, 131, 142, and 137 that reference (hd2,4)03:14
Danish989imaginativeone, no offence but I don't think comparing ubuntu with any other os will actually help03:14
Peloimaginativeone, right now you are trying to get help with samba I beleive , you ahve two machines and you are trying to get thtem to communicate is that correct ?03:14
Danish989dmsuperman, and in linux newb language, that means?03:14
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imaginativeonePelo: yes03:14
gatoIt's not working03:14
gogetaimaginativeone ubuntu03:14
dmsupermanDanish989, The first bit is the drive, the second is the partition. So, drive 2, and partition 4.03:14
Peloimaginativeone, well startwith taht ,  do you have shared folders in your windows machine ?03:14
dmsupermanDanish989, look at lines 131, 142, and 13703:14
Danish989dmsuperman, so that makes it (hd2,4) . the location I have to set grub to?03:15
imaginativeonePelo: yes03:15
stwange_hey, I installed mailutils and tried this but it doesn't work: echo testing | mail -s Blah myemail@gmail.com (no error log, just doesn't deliver)03:15
Peloimaginativeone, haveyou installed samba on ubuntu ?03:15
imaginativeoneI can access them from ubuntu03:15
gogetaimaginativeone go give him a slackware install and watch him compare windows then lol03:15
Orbixx|MobHow do i change my resolution to one that is not listed?03:15
imaginativeonePelo: yes03:15
elmerhow would I go about killing the default windows manager to start wmii?03:15
Danish989dmsuperman, that is what I did by following the instructions on the thread you sent to me before, but it didn't seem to work :/03:15
dmsupermanDanish989, Currently, GRUB is trying to boot from (hd2,4), according to those lines. We need to play with it to figure out where it is really located. I wasn't able to find a sure-fire way of determining it, but I switched it from hd(1,5) for mine to (hd0,5) and it worked03:15
Peloimaginativeone, ok half way there,  have you autorzied samba accept connections from yur windows machine ?03:15
fishAnyone: How do i remove my ubuntu installation? How do i uninstall my current ubuntu install?, I am currently using Ubuntu 7 and Fedora 8 and I am wanting to remove them both03:16
dmsupermanDanish989, Those instructions get you installed, then since we have SATA drives and the BIOS gets confused, we'll have to do a little bit of trying03:16
gogetaelmer go to session03:16
Danish989dmsuperman, make a suggestion?03:16
dmsupermanDanish989, do you have another PC with internet?03:16
gogetaelmer at the login screen03:16
Peloelmer, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop03:16
birge-localOrbixx: are you comfortable editing a configuration file?03:16
stwange_fish, why not just delete the partition?03:16
elmergogeta, OK03:16
imaginativeonePelo: yes, but...perhaps not (since ubuntu is not accepting connections from my windows machine)03:16
fishwhat about my bootloader?03:16
Danish989dmsuperman, give me a list of locations that I should try in succession until one works, and I'll boot into live cd until it works ... or is there another way of checkign without actually restarting the computer?03:16
Danish989dmsuperman, that's the problem, I do not have another pc with internet03:17
dmsupermanDanish989, Yes, there is. Do you have another PC?03:17
elmerPelo, I did that and I got stuck and running "wmii" did not work03:17
dmsupermanDanish989, alright, then03:17
elmerI will try gogeta's idea03:17
dmsupermanDanish989, When you boot up, you'll have your grub. With that grub, you have the list of OSes03:17
elmerbrb maybe03:17
Peloimaginativeone, I would review that part , I am not ffamiliar with samba, you can try asking for more help on this in #samba , and leave the money and bitching out of it03:17
dmsupermanDanish989, Highlight the first one, and hit "e"03:17
Danish989dmsuperman, the problem is I'm not getting the list of OSes either03:17
birge-localok, first, make a backup copy of /etc/X11/xorg.conf. (name it something like xorg.conf.back or something.)03:17
Danish989dmsuperman, it just starts loading GRUB and goes into that error03:17
imaginativeonePelo: cool beans...thanks for helping03:17
charles|64Pelo: ok that froze my system as soon as it loaded fstab03:17
dmsupermanDanish989, either way, try hitting e03:18
stwange_fish - (might want to confirm this first, but:) edit file /boot/grub/menu.lst and delete the lines for the entry.03:18
MrStitchHey, I just tried to open a MS Office 2007 spreadsheet file, and now my Open Office is complete scrambled. Is it crashed, or do I just need to reboot Ubuntu?03:18
dmsupermanDanish989, and from there, you can hit "e" again on the first line it should give you03:18
Danish989dmsuperman, even if I'm stuck on the error?03:18
Some_PersonThis may sound absurd, but could I order free ubuntu 5.10 live cds somehow? 5.10 was my favorite ubuntu version, and i want to use it for one day, just for nostalgia. My dialshit stops me from downloading it, and my dad used the live instead of the install cds on my mousetrap car (unlike my requests) so im screwed. Please help me see 5.10 again for a day.03:18
dmsupermanDanish989, not entirely sure03:18
dmsupermanDanish989, Oh yeah, duh03:18
dmsupermanDanish989, Alright, from bootup here's what you do03:18
Pelocharles|64, is it ok now ? maybe the /dev/scd0 is not the good devtree for your dvd player03:18
fishstwange: what about my bootloader? I am using the BL that i believe is used by Ubuntu, because when i installed fedora 8 i had a blue screen bootloader and after installing Ubuntu i got a black screen and now Fedora is Under "Other Operating Systems" in the loader menu03:18
dmsupermanDanish989, Hit escape after it boots. That will give you the list of OSes03:18
Lifeisfunnywhen a beta version is put out, are there updates posted for it ?03:18
dmsupermanDanish989, From there, highlight the first one, and hit "e"03:18
fishstwange: ok03:18
charles|64Pelo: not sure i commented that line out to get it to boot03:18
fishstwange: I will check that03:19
birge-localOrbixx: now, open the file (using sudo) with your favorite editor and look to see if you can find a section called "Screen"03:19
dmsupermanDanish989, Then, the first line should say something about (hd2,4), hit "e" again03:19
rx4thHello --please excuse me.  I would like to upgrade my MotoQ from Verizon from Windows Mobile Version 5.0 to 6.1.  Would somebody be able to point me in the right direction for this?03:19
birge-localhopefully there will only be one.03:19
Orbixx|MobOk. I'm there.03:19
Pelocharles|64, go back in hardaware info , find your dvd drive again,   check in the tabs for it and find the /dev thing for it , use that in the fstab instead fo /dev/scd003:19
Some_PersonCan anyone tell me how to fulfill my request?03:19
Orbixx|MobOnly one.03:19
dmsupermanDanish989, From there, you can just edit the line with your keyboard, backspace, and try replacing 2 with different numbers until it boots Ubuntu03:19
boum1does anyone know of a way to calibrate the rgb gamma for xwindows ?, similar to the nvidia wizard under xp ??03:19
PeloSome_Person, you are not being ignored , restate your problem03:19
dmsupermanDanish989, After you edit it, save it and hit "b" to try to boot to it03:19
Some_PersonThis may sound absurd, but could I order free ubuntu 5.10 live cds somehow? 5.10 was my favorite ubuntu version, and i want to use it for one day, just for nostalgia. My dialshit stops me from downloading it, and my dad used the live instead of the install cds on my mousetrap car (unlike my requests) so im screwed. Please help me see 5.10 again for a day.03:19
birge-localgood. there should be a list of "modes" with either one or a series of elements like "640x480"03:19
dmsupermanDanish989, You might want to write these directions down03:19
Orbixx|MobNo list of modes. That's my problem.03:20
evilbughey,would i have any problems putting ubuntu on a vista laptop?03:20
birge-localyou can just add another resolution to the list.03:20
gogetaSome_Person newer versions walk all over 5.1003:20
birge-localahh. that is a problem.03:20
Some_Persongogeta: i know, but thats not the point03:20
* MrStitch is a ghost03:20
Danish989dmsuperman, so what I do is hit escape so it gives me the list of OSes .. from there, press ''e'' so it opens up that grub thingy .. and then over there, I can just use my keyboard to change the value of 2 into other numbers, and try them all out until ubuntu finally decides to boot?03:20
PeloSome_Person, you can download it from the servers on the www.ubuntu.com site03:20
stwange_you shouldn't do evilbug, but always backup anything you can't afford to lose03:20
Some_Personpelo: not on dialshit03:20
gogetaSome_Person welcome to the club03:20
Pici!language | |03:20
Danish989dmsuperman, are you sure hitting escape will get me to the list of OSes?03:20
ubotu|: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:20
dmsupermanDanish989, So, quick version. From bootup, "escape" "e" "e", try replacing 2 with 0, then 1, and so on. Change 2, hit enter, and hit b to try to boot03:21
PeloSome_Person, youcan try and ordr it from shipit , also on the www.ubuntu.com site,03:21
gogetaSome_Person wardrive on a laptop frind wifi dl it03:21
dmsupermanDanish989, yes03:21
Some_Personpelo: shipit only give you 7.1003:21
biabiacan someone point me to a guide that explains "sudo -s"  "sudo -"  "su" or which command(s) are proper to use to gain a root prompt03:21
MrStitchhow about now?03:21
evilbugstwange_- it would be a brand new one,nothing to backup.i just thought of the possiblity of having issues just like with downgrading from vista to xp,some bios issues maybe.03:21
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.03:21
Some_Persongogeta: i have no laptop03:21
birge-localso, the format is like this: within the "Screen" Section, add SubSection "Display" <return> Modes "1440x900" <return> EndSubSection03:22
PeloSome_Person, I'M sure there is a contact email on the website whre you can inquire , this shouldn't be very hard and I am sure they will be glad to get rid of hold stock03:22
dmsupermanbiabia, no problem03:22
stwange_evilbug, you said from vista to ubuntu?03:22
birge-localbut of course use whatever resolution it is you're trying to add.03:22
gogetaSome_Person some areas have free city wide wifi maybe youll luvkout03:22
birge-localhopefully that will work.03:22
MrStitchdmsuperman, can you see my text, or did I screw something up?03:22
Some_Persongogeta: i have no laptop03:22
birge-localyou'll have to log out and log back in to restart X11, though.03:22
dmsupermanMrStitch, I can see you now03:22
evilbugstwange_- yes.03:22
stwange_sorry I misunderstood evilbug03:22
dmsupermanMrStitch, did you PM me?03:22
Saint`DiaWhat's a good firewall for ubuntu? Like, an interactive one.03:22
gogetaSome_Person wifi pc steal nabers connection03:22
Some_Persongogeta: i have no fruggin wifi03:23
birge-localif it breaks everything, do you know how to use one of the tty terminals to restore your xorg.conf backup?03:23
MrStitchdmsuperman, i left earlier and used the 'away' command. Do I need to issue another command to show that I'm back?03:23
evilbugstwange_- thanks!03:23
stwange_stwange_, no you shouldn't have issues, although check the license when you buy it - I've heard that some acer laptops encrypt the bios so you can only access it if vista is installed03:23
firstohitdmsuperman hey I am back but I have some problem03:23
stwange_sorry, evilbug, not stwange_ - see above :)03:23
usserSaint`Dia, firestarter is pretty good03:23
MrStitchdmsuperman, been asking questions and not the faintest reply... hahahaha03:23
dmsupermanMrStitch, I'm pretty sure away only changes your status, it shouldn't affect your ability to message03:23
Danish989dmsuperman, I'm going to try that out now, thanks a lot .. I'll be back in a bit with either good news or bad news03:24
dmsupermanfirstohit, what happened?03:24
dmsupermanDanish989, alright03:24
Orbixx|MobHow do i logout without ing the interface.03:24
firstohitdmsuperman resolution is missed up and when I run nvidia-settings I get error You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.03:24
Saint`Diausser: I'm using firestarter, but it does'nt seem very interactive, you would think, this being linux, it would have an awesome firewall with port options and the works.03:24
MrStitchdmsuperman, ok then... it's just me. ;)03:24
dmsupermanMrStitch, messaging "???" probably isn't a good way to see if people can see your text haha03:24
Some_Personpelo: who would i contact?03:24
Orbixx|MobThe current resolution is bigger than my monitor, and i can't see the right side of the desktop.03:24
birge-localOrbixx: you can't. :-( welcome to the fun of using a graphical user interface developed in the 1980s.03:24
amenadoSaint`Dia-> interactive? you want a firewall tool to be interactive?03:24
dmsupermanfirstohit, "sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg-bak/xorg.conf"03:25
PeloSome_Person, isnT there some customer service or some general information email ?03:25
xiaocaohow to remove the package03:25
usserSaint`Dia, but its linux and it does have an awesome firewall - iptables its just nobody bothers to write a nice gui for it03:25
dmsupermanfirstohit, "sudo nvidia-xconfig"03:25
Saint`Diaamenado: Yeah, something like some of the programs that windows has.03:25
dmsupermanfirstohit, "sudo nvidia-settings"03:25
dmsupermanfirstohit, and if it still gives you an error, reboot and try again03:25
Some_Personpelo: not that i know of03:25
usserSaint`Dia, just how customizable u want the firewall to be03:25
birge-localOrbixx: when you go to the display setting control panel, it doesn't offer a smaller resolution?03:25
xiaocaoplease tell me03:25
MrStitchdmsuperman, good point. Say, do you know anything about open office? I just tried to open a 2007 excel spreadsheet file and my whole open office software is messed up... scrambled. Reboot, or do I re-install the open office?03:25
FructoseDoes Ubuntu have any software packages that do the same thing as DBAN (without having to boot from them)?03:26
amenadoSaint`Dia-> im not sure how much interactivity you would like...can you not use command line? or that is too challenging for you?03:26
CJS3141If I open a media file by right-clicking on the file and choosing "open with MediaInfo" (I added it to the menu), it opens MediaInfo but not the file: the executable path is: /usr/bin/mediainfo_gui %f. So which %variable should I be using to make it work?03:26
Pelousser, iptable is not a firewall it's the cli userspace for netfilter , netfilter is the firewall,  firestarter is just a gui for the same03:26
dmsupermanMrStitch, There are some problems with opening Office 2007 files in OO.o03:26
Orbixx|MobAh. I did it.03:26
dmsupermanMrStitch, I used to be a huge OO.o fan until 2007 of MS Office came out03:26
PeloSome_Person, didyou check the contact email on the ubuntu website ?03:26
usserSaint`Dia, try guarddog03:26
birge-localOrbixx: excellent. what did you end up doing?03:26
dmsupermanMrStitch, Office 2007 is the first good product they've put out03:26
Saint`Diausser: I should be able to filter port information, and I should be able to see IP's connecting to my PC in realtime. It is not that command line is challenging, but will all the awesome gui options, you'd think that something as significant as a firewall would have it's share of programs.03:27
dmsupermanMrStitch, So I just run a VM of windows XP and use Office 2007 with that :P03:27
Some_Personpelo: they are in categories, and none fit my needs03:27
Orbixx|MobThere was another spot to logout on the gui i could see.03:27
PeloSome_Person, show03:27
PeloSome_Person, let me have a look03:27
Orbixx|MobXorg  to have hung.03:27
FructoseDoes Ubuntu have anything to securely delete partitions?03:27
Saint`Diawill = with^ in my last post.03:28
MrStitchdmsuperman, sounds like a good fix. However, the file is from a friend, and I don't personally have Office 2007. Maybe I should just reboot and see if it clears up?03:28
charles|64Pelo: not seeing it ill try a few other things thanks though03:28
birge-localdamn. i take it you have gotten the graphics card to work at that resolution when running another OS?03:28
firstohitdmsuperman still getting it, gott reoot03:28
amenadoSaint`Dia-> once you learned iptables, you can make rules to log or display each ip's connecting realtime03:28
firstohitdmsuperman be back03:28
aimchangersnitch: poo should support office 200703:29
Saint`Diaamenado: I guess I will study Iptables.03:29
PeloSome_Person, ask there mailto:info@shipit.ubuntu.com03:29
dmsupermanMrStitch, you could try that. Also, ask him to save it as a 97/2000 or 2003 format, and that will more than likely clear it up03:29
MrStitchI'll be back03:30
=== Jadder_antonio is now known as jadder
cirkitmy new laptop gets here this week which has a 3945 intel pro wireless ABG card in it ... is this supported in Ubuntu?03:30
alphakampSaint `Dia: there are other solutions to Iptables, just open up synaptic and search firewall03:30
Orbixx|MobIt worked. But the resolution hasn't taken effect.03:30
lindenle Hi I am trying  to follow the example at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SeamlessVirtualization03:30
lindenlebut nothing is *seamless*03:31
aimchangercirkit... almost anything is supported by ubuntu03:31
zerohey, is there any version of ubuntu i can install w/o a cd drive, like fluxbuntu or somthing similar and really light03:31
Pelolindenle, that may depend on your cmputer's capacity03:31
birge-localwhat if you try the display resolution control panel? does it now give you the option of setting the resolution you added to xorg.conf?03:31
cirkitaimchanger: ok03:31
lindenlePelo: Why i get the full rdesktop just fine03:31
Pelo!install > zero  check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu03:31
iceswordere4si, hi.03:32
birge-localdamn. i'm afraid i've exausted my meager knowledge. i'm sorry i couldn't help you. hopefully somebody else here might be able to.03:32
zeroPelo, thanks03:32
ace12345cirkit: I've been having some trouble getting the 3945 abg to work, but it seems like it should work eventually03:32
ere4siicesword: g'day :)03:32
dmsupermanPelo, I just want to re-iterate that I love you. There's probably only one _minor_ thing I would change in gedit, then it would be the perfect editor03:32
Orbixx|MobThanks anyway.03:32
aimchangerjust search the forums for it03:32
Pelodmsuperman, tell me and I'll see what I can do but you'll have to compile the source I am not making you a deb packge03:33
* Pelo is kidding of course 03:33
dmsupermanPelo, It's even better than notepad++, except it doesn't have code collapsing, and there's one tiny little thing in n++ I love, where the horizontal scrollbar only goes as far as any of the currently text needs03:33
dmsupermanPelo, :O03:33
dmsupermanPelo, do you know what I mean though?03:33
Orbixx|MobDoes anyone know how to start a wireless connection? It's configured, just not startin.03:34
techqbertis kpresenter any better than open office impress?03:34
Pelodmsuperman, about the scroll bar ? yes,  can't you turn off text wrapping ?03:34
ace12345cirkit: only advice I'd give is to switch to the iwl3945 module and blacklist ipw3945, the rest should be ok...03:34
cirkitace12345: ahhh will keep that in mind :)03:34
IdleOnePelo: how do I change ownership of a file in my home folder?03:35
ani1IdleOne: chown03:35
dmsupermanPelo. Yeah, that's fine, only what I mean is that like, if a line only goes out to column 150, then the scrollbar only goes that far. If a line goes out to column 400, and that line is currently being viewed, then the horizontal scrollbar gets longer. this is just a little stupid feature, don't worry about it03:35
Pelodmsuperman, check in gedit > menu > edit > prefs > first tab ,03:35
dmsupermanPelo, but I'd really love code expanding03:35
ace12345obixx: should be able to do an ifup on it, e.g. ifup eth1 or ifup wlan0, if it's all configured...03:35
IdleOneani1: chown /path/to/file username?03:35
firstohitdmsuperman still getting the error You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.03:35
Pelodmsuperman, check the pluggin tab in the prefs03:36
ani1IdleOne: chown group:user filename  man chown :)03:36
Orbixx|MobAnyone know how to bring03:36
dmsupermanfirstohit, You ran all 3 of those commands I gave you?03:36
Intangiris there an easy way to switch back andforth between metacity and compiz in ubuntu? like via a notification icon03:36
dmsupermanPelo, yeah it's not in there03:36
Intangiri used to have one on a much older version of beryl03:36
dmsupermanPelo, I've checked03:36
Intangirbut i dont know what it is now03:37
Orbixx|MobAnd if ifup says my interface is already configured?03:37
firstohitdmsuperman let me give it antoher try, I keep getting the message upon boot about the low resolution and I like to cancel it because it does not loook right, it does not show my card or the right resolution03:37
aimchangertangir... you cud trya launcher or bash script03:37
Danish989dmsuperman, it didn't work .. after booting it directly took me to that error screen and I tried pressing esc as soon as the computer loaded (even repeatedly) but it didn't take me to the OS choice screen .. and pressing E at the error screen didn't work either03:37
Pelodmsuperman, hold on , checking www.gedit.org to see if there is any pluggins that you can add03:37
ubotulimewire is a popular P2P client running on the Gnutella network. To get it running, install /msg ubotu java first, then download Limewire from http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireSoftOther and finally run runLime.sh. Consider /msg ubotu FrostWire as an alternative.03:37
ani1Intangir:  you could probaly metacity --replace .. also you could write a bash script for compiz --replace and metacity to switch back and forth03:37
dmsupermanfirstohit, that's because it hasn't been configured yet, just click continue03:37
ace12345orbixx: hmm yeah i hate all this wireless config... try doing an ifdown on it first - ifdown wlan0 or whatever?03:38
ace12345i dunno :s03:38
spork969how to i open a read-only file as administrator? i have a slide show that somebody made and burnt, onto a cd and for some reason its read only, but i need to edit it...03:38
IdleOneani1: thanks03:38
Pelodmsuperman,  I don't see anyting,  looks like you'll have to take it as is03:38
dmsupermanfirstohit, it'll bring it up in low-settings mode. backup your xorg.conf, and run nvidia-xconfig as root, then try nvidia-settings03:38
=== SeveredC1oss is now known as SeveredCross
dmsupermanPelo, darn :(03:38
firstohitdmsuperman more annoying is I can't see the nvidia logo at boot because of the tyy did not exit properly how can I get rid of it and verify which driver I am using?03:38
Danish989dmsuperman, I even tried coming on #ubuntu from my ps3 .. lol .. but apparently I need java 1.4x for that chat to work so I couldnt and had to boot from live cd again03:38
bosanacpeople somebody knows some program for Linux to download mp3 music? ( program like bearshare or something like that ? )03:38
nickrudspork969 copy it to your home dir (or desktop)  and edit it from there03:39
Pelobosanac, www.frostwire.org03:39
dmsupermanPelo, can you help Danish989 out with getting into the grub menu at boot?03:39
ubotufrostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire03:39
PeloDanish989, you donT' see the grub menu when you boot your computer ?03:39
dmsupermanPelo,  I thought it was just Escape but he wasn't able to get it figured out. He needs to edit the commands from the grub menu so he can test it out and figure out which one is his working ubuntu partition03:40
Danish989pelo, no, it starts loading grub (stage 1.5) and then gets an error 2203:40
ani1I have a Belkin 7050 using rt73 driver the device is recognized but it cannot scan for new networks the modules are loaded correctly as rebooting shows my wlan0 with correct iwconfig output. I have wifi-radar and kwifimanager both of which will not show new devices. Kwifimanager is flaky and sometimes displays our neighbors router but not often. I have tried sudo iwlist wlan0 scan but it...03:40
ani1...never pulls results any way to scan for wifi networks for the rt73 usb devices?03:40
PeloDanish989, it's not finding your ubuntu partion and the /boot/grub folder on it ,  the easiets way I know to fix that is to get the super grub cd and use that to tell it where it is03:41
firstohitdmsuperman how can I get rid of the tyy at boot ?03:41
PeloDanish989, hold on I 'm gettin hyou a link03:41
dmsupermanfirstohit, Try sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start ?03:41
bosanacHello people i am running Linux Ubuntu 7.10 and can somebody tell me how to install FrostWire on my pc ?03:41
dmsupermanPelo, he already did that03:41
amenadoani1-> what kind of output you get when you do  iwconfig wlan0 scan  ?03:41
spork969thanks nickrud03:41
dmsupermanPelo, he's got the same problem I do03:42
Pelodmsuperman, what ?03:42
spork969how do i change the background of a slideshow to a solid color?03:42
dmsupermanPelo, the live cd told me hd1,5, but my bios has my SATA drives backwards, and i actually had to boot to hd0,503:42
ani1amenado: no scan results03:42
Pelosigh  dmsuperman Danish989 meet me in #grub03:42
robbysmithis anyone familiar with mythbuntu?03:42
ubotuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P03:43
dmsupermanPelo, I've already gotten it figured out for me, or do you want me there to help with him?03:43
amenadoani1-> and that interface is up?  if it is up, do you have a longer antenna?03:43
Pelodmsuperman, well it might help, I'm a bit tired and I need some background and this channel is just too busy I can't deal with agrub problem in here03:43
firstohitdmsuperman ok let me try to reboot, what should I do with the low resolution thing, should I cancel or click ok with whatever it offers?03:43
PeloDanish989, join me in grub03:44
=== icesword is now known as ddif
Danish981pelo, I don't see the Grub menu03:44
dmsupermanfirstohit, Just click continue, it's not going to let you see it in high res until you configure using nvidia-settings03:44
PeloDanish981, type /join #grub03:44
Danish981pelo, it says Grub Loading Stage 1.5 and then just goes into this Error 2203:44
ani1:\ bad connection03:44
dmsupermanDanish981, join #grub03:44
Danish981oh, I didn't know grub had it's own room03:44
dmsupermanPelo and I are in there03:44
firstohitdmsuperman ok I have an older copy of the xor.conf file I will try using it now03:45
robbysmithis anyone familiar with mythtv?03:45
firstohitdmsuperman I will beeot03:45
ani1!ask | robbysmith03:45
uboturobbysmith: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:45
robbysmithok, here goes03:45
Nithafter running for a while in ubuntu, my computer makes a wining noise until I shut it down for a few seconds03:45
ani1any ideas on why no wireless networks are found after correct driver is installed, through kwifimanager or wifi-radar?03:46
robbysmithcan someone walk me through connecting to a backend with a remote frontend on mythtv (mythbuntu)?03:46
NithI think it's the fan, is there any way to resolve this without shutting down?03:46
gregcha117so, my sound is busted on ubuntu, but it works fine on the livecd anyway i can take the sound information from the livecd and replace it on my current ubuntu install because i cant figure out why its not working03:46
ani1!mythtv | robbysmith   if you just need general information look here03:46
uboturobbysmith   if you just need general information look here: MythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV03:46
bosanacHello people i am running Linux Ubuntu 7.10 and can somebody tell me how to install FrostWire on my pc ?03:46
Jordan_U!frostwire | bosanac03:47
ubotubosanac: frostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire03:47
ani1gregcha117: have you checked alsamixer to make sure its not muted?03:47
gregcha117ani1: yep03:47
Jordan_UNith, Could be simply that your computer is getting hot and that is causing the fans to turn on, try under clocking the CPU with the CPU frequency applet03:47
efirewickDoes anyone know of any customer database software for ubuntu?03:48
gregcha117ani1: my sound has been missing for a while and it seems to be recognized properly by the sound settings and alsamixer but yet i get no sound, i booted from a livecd i downloaded and it works on this but not on my actual install03:48
gregcha117id rather not have to reinstall it completely03:48
ani1!alsa | gregcha117  check here if you havent already03:48
ubotugregcha117  check here if you havent already: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:48
NithJordan_U: I'll try underclocking but it only takes a few seconds for the sound to stop and then I start back up and it works without any problem03:49
robbysmithis your livecd newer than your installed distro?03:49
firstohitdmsuperman same message You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.03:49
firstohitdmsuperman and Compiz is not working03:49
Jordan_UNith, it may then be that you will only have to underclock the CPU for a few seconds03:49
firstohitdmsuperman What is solution ? how can I find out if the nvidia driver is working ?03:50
NithI've underclocked it, now we'll give it a few03:50
Jordan_UNith, To be clear, I mean to use the CPU frequency applet to change the frequency in software03:50
ani1I have a Belkin 7050 using rt73 driver the device is recognized but it cannot scan for new networks the modules are loaded correctly as rebooting shows my wlan0 with correct iwconfig output. I have wifi-radar and kwifimanager both of which will not show new AP's. Kwifimanager is flaky and sometimes displays our neighbors router but not often and its never displayed any of the 3 routers in...03:50
* Nith nods, I just chagned it from 1.7 to 0.603:50
ani1...our house that the windows machine finds :\. I have tried sudo iwlist wlan0 scan but it never pulls results any way to scan for wifi networks for the rt73 usb devices or wireless tricks to get this working?03:50
owen1how to change the fonts size when using transcode to embedd subs into an .avi?03:51
efirewickani1: I don't know if it will help, but I had to assign my card to eth0 to get it to work properly.03:52
HaibaraAii'm running linuxmint right now and trying to get on wifi but there is no  "connect to other wireless network"  option. does anyone have any idea how to get that option to show up?03:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about iwconfig - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:53
alekaI am using the current Firefox[] package from the ubuntu Repos on Gutsy... Firefox has been terribly slow and eats up a lot of CPU if I have 2 or more tabs open (can't even switch tabs while the new tab is loading). I do not have compiz enabled... is there a know issue with this? What can I do to improve FF performance?03:53
amenadoani1-> how did you verify that rt73 module is loaded?03:54
travisataleka: do you have any plugins for firefox installed?03:54
loufoquealeka: try using firefox in safe mode and see if you encounter the same problems03:55
loufoquealeka: if you don't, then something is wrong with your profile03:55
loufoquepossibly your extensions03:55
ddifguys,rise,use swiftfox,lol03:55
ere4siswiftfox isn't open source03:55
ani1amenado: dmesg | grep rt73 && lshw03:55
efirewickDoes anyone know of any customer database software for ubuntu?03:56
friedtofuisnt there another? swiftweasel that is opensource03:56
ani1aleka: theirs firefox tweaks you can make with about:config like disabling ipv6 amongst may other things  http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=8GZ&q=firefox+tweaks&btnG=Search03:56
usserefirewick, what do you mean?03:56
IndyGunFreakddif: swift fox isn't that much different from firefox... but FF is free03:56
ddifhaha,i like swiftfox03:56
alekatravisat: Only active Add-on I can think of is Adblock Plus03:56
usserefirewick, if u have somebody who knows a bit of sql u can use mysql or postgresql03:56
friedtofuiceweasel / or icecat is more "free" haha03:57
firstohitdmsuperman I have nvidia-glx-new I am now instlling nvidia-glx03:57
travisataleka: oh well, that doesn't have any problem at least for me,  The only problems with cpu I have ever had came from plugins03:57
spork969i made a button in my presentation. how do i go about making that button make a text box appear?03:57
efirewickusser, thanks I'll look into it.03:57
Niththere's been no change in this noise -.-03:57
usserefirewick, or u can use openoffice base tool similar to access03:58
Nithanyone know how in software to stop and start the fan?03:58
Nithas in an applet or command to do it?03:58
alekaYeah, even trying to switch between open/loaded tabs makes the cpu jump up to 85%+ >.. wonder if the anti-phising feature makes FF slow03:59
boumais there a way to do a rgb gamma calibration under linux (ubuntu) the same way as the nvidia wizard does under xp ?03:59
efirewickusser, I didn't know if anyone has made specific software or not. I've never used sql03:59
usserefirewick, try openoffice base first its easy and to a large extend self explanatory much like MS access04:00
efirewickI am currently using openoffice, I was just looking for something a bit more complex and configurable.04:01
robbysmithsurely bouma i think it depends on driver04:01
CapaHDoes anyone here know an "easy" way to take a harddrive partition that is lets say 30 gigabytes, but only has 10 gigabytes used -- and create an image of JUST the 10 used gigabytes ?04:01
CapaHsomething like dd if=/dev/ad0 of=/file.img  but where /dev/ad0 is only the 10 used gigabytes04:02
robbysmithresulting image will be less than 10gb04:02
cynyris there a way to set each X screen to have a seperate background with gnome?04:02
ddif!backup | CapaH04:02
ubotuCapaH: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning04:02
efirewickusser, It just seems that you search on it and windows has hundreds of programs. but I have not found 1 for ubuntu...04:02
CapaHrobbysmith: Well just piping through gzip will achieve a -- less than 10 gig storage space, but my goal is to --- basically obtain just a disk image of the 10 gigabytes itself04:03
efirewickusser, I just can't stand to use windows for anything important...04:03
CapaHI think the only way to do this (that I know of) is to create a 10 gig file, newfs it, mount it as a virtual drive, and copy the 10 gigs to it (gzippd perhaps)04:03
ScuniziI suddenly find myself as "another one"!.. I've just installed server then ubu desktop on top and need to get my wireless working.. lspci reports Atheros AR5212/AR5213 Multiprotocol rev 01.. Any help?04:03
fishcan someone point me to s a good ISO burner for linux?04:03
Scunizifish k3b'04:03
CapaHfish: Ubuntu has one built in - - just right click an iso and 'write to disk'04:03
cynyrfish: or the one built into gnome04:04
usserefirewick, mysql would be your best bet but you'll have to spend some time configuring and learning it04:04
cynyrCapaH: dd and bzip is probably your best bet if you need a disk image04:05
HaibaraAiRolling Star3:09YUIRolling StarRock371/6/2008 7:45 PM04:05
HaibaraAier. wrong thing.04:05
fishScunizi, CapaH, and cynyr, thank you... I was thinking about k3b before I asked, I just wanted someone else to recommend it, thanks04:06
cynyrfish: i haven't used it recently, but it was ok last time i used it04:07
=== \etc\bin is now known as e1mer
usserefirewick, i usually use phpmyadmin to do configuration tasks and something like mysql-navigator for client04:07
ddifpen, hiya04:07
penddif: hi04:08
efirewickusser, is it pretty stable?04:08
ani1!info mysql-navigator > efirewick04:09
ani1mysql is stable yes04:09
usserefirewick, what mysql? well yea lots of companies use it04:09
fishAnyone: does k3b require a kde?... I started thinking about that when i realized it started with a k...lmao......?04:09
fishi use gnome04:09
efirewickusser, good, thanks.04:09
usserfish, kde libraries04:09
ani1no it was built for kde but you dont have to install it04:09
usserfish, not kde itself04:09
usserefirewick, np04:10
cynyrfish: your best bet then is to just use the iso burner built in to "gnome"04:11
ScuniziI've found that I need to install the restricted-drivers modules to enable wireless (I think)  however the system recommends linux-restricted-modules-<kernel #> - server.. there isn't a package with -server at the end.. :/04:11
IndyGunFreakfish: gnomebaker is pertty good, thats wha ti use.04:11
buzzsawwhen i did    sudo echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward i am getting a premission denied04:11
IndyGunFreak!info gnomebaker | fish04:11
ubotufish: gnomebaker (source: gnomebaker): application for CD/DVD creation in the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.2-2 (gutsy), package size 996 kB, installed size 2972 kB04:11
ddifhehehe,so quiet today04:13
fishI am using the Write to disc option in the context menu in gnome04:13
buzzsawi am trying to make it less quiet but not working ;-)04:14
Scuniziso what's the difference between packages ending in -generic and -386?04:14
IdleOneone your insurance provider will pay for the other is on you ?04:15
IdleOneguess you need to be in the US to get that joke04:15
c0Ldis there any way to force nautilus to NOT use a .trash folder for usb keys?04:15
firstohitdmsuperman I was not succesful installing the new driver, I am back to older driver but compix does not work I get Desktop effects could not be enabled04:16
firstohitdmsuperman any suggestions?04:16
CloudFXwhat app can i use to take over for microsoft publisher?04:17
spork969is there ANY way for me to change a text box or image to a button that makes something on the page appear?04:17
amdma2003does anyone know if the new ubuntu 8.04 have better support for atheros wireless cards?04:17
IndyGunFreakCloudFX: http://linuxappfinder.com/alternatives04:18
ScuniziCloudFX, you can use Openoffice Draw which does pretty good and has great output or if you need a full on multipage pagemaker type program Scribus04:18
CloudFXamdma2003: go to #ubuntu+1 for hardy support04:18
amdma2003ok thanks04:18
ani1I have a Belkin 7050 using rt73 driver the device is recognized but it cannot scan for new networks the modules are loaded correctly as rebooting shows my wlan0 with correct iwconfig output and dmesg | grep rt73 along with lshw show that the driver is loaded. I have wifi-radar and kwifimanager both of which will not show new AP's. Kwifimanager is flaky and sometimes displays our neighbors...04:19
ani1...router but not often and its never displayed any of the 3 routers in our house that the windows machine finds :\. I have tried sudo iwlist wlan0 scan but it never pulls results any way to scan for wifi networks for the rt73 usb devices or wireless tricks to get this working?04:19
ZeltaI think I have just the guide for you, ani104:19
c0Ldis there any way to force nautilus to NOT use a .trash folder for usb keys?04:20
Scuniziani1, wifi-radar?04:21
ani1its a gui prog for setting up wifi networks04:21
lee__hey all!04:21
Zeltaani1: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56354704:21
IdleOneunop__: evening. I have a curious issue with that script you wrote for me. some of the image is cut off and it seems to be displayed in reverse on my desktop http://img329.imageshack.us/img329/566/wpsetscreenshotni6.png04:22
meatpuppethi, after live Cd boot screen, everything goes totally black for a few moments, then it loads the desktop.... is this a bad sign?? I cannot see the text on the screen durring shutdown too... i want to install it , is it safe? TIA04:22
Scuniziani1, sorry I was mentioning wifi radar but then I saw your previous post that you already had it..04:22
Scunizimeatpuppet, no..04:22
Scunizimeatpuppet, the live cd takes a little while to set itself up..04:22
Julolidine If anyone is a networking expert, I have kind of a bizarre problem.  After a restart, my wireless network card stopped "scanning" and can't see any networks anymore.04:23
Julolidineiwlist scan yields     eth1      No scan results04:23
ani1hmm Zelta  i would prefer not to taint my kernel with ndiswrapper seeings how the linux driver is loaded correctly but i suppose i could give it a whirl thanks04:23
meatpuppetok thanks :)04:23
cynyris there a way to set each X screen to have a seperate background with gnome?04:24
puttersonIn xoscope I am getting "sound ioctl Bad file descriptor" is there any way I can get it to work?04:24
polysiliconHi my synaptics touchpad was functioning properly, but today it is not responding. I checked the /dev/input/mice file, it is not outputting anything when use touchpad.. how to debug this problem?04:26
Draconicuspolysilicon: How are you checking it? Have you reconfigured X recently?04:27
DraconicusIf it was working when you reconfigured X, and you've only restarted since then, you likely disabled it accidentally.04:27
polysiliconno I tried. cat /dev/input/mice04:27
polysiliconno output to console04:27
Draconicuspolysilicon: Ah.04:27
DraconicusWell then...04:27
cynyrpolysilicon: update the kernel recently?04:28
Draconicuspolysilicon:  Yeah, that's bad. Done anything funny in the kernel? Removed any software?04:28
polysiliconnothing like that, no system modification04:28
titanhello everyone04:28
f0rmati wan't to run ubuntu on my laptop but it is slow booting up and shutting down :( it also has problems shutting down the same as with my desktop and goes to ctrl + alt + F1 screen and then just shows console output of the shutdown :S04:28
polysiliconI even tried Knoppix Live CD04:28
Draconicusf0rmat: Welcome to Linux. :\04:28
polysiliconits showing device synaptics, but touchpad doesn't wotk04:29
f0rmati use ubuntu all the time on my desktop for my servers04:29
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:29
cynyrf0rmat: does it still shutdown correctly?04:30
JulolidineKnoppix didn't work?04:30
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu04:30
cynyrpolysilicon: disable it in the bios?04:30
f0rmatalso i can't get wireless to work so i have had to use windows :( the drivers for my wireless work with it and yes it shuts down but it's really slow both ways and kicks up a major fuss saying everything is failing04:30
dmsupermanfirstohit, sorry, was helping somebody in #grub.04:30
efirewickusser, have you heard of the LAMP install for 7.1004:30
dmsupermanfirstohit, I honestly don't know, like I said it worked for me but I wasn't able to get it working _until_ i upgraded04:31
Guest03I am looking for somebody who can help me upgrade my moto q w/ windows mobile 5.0 to windows mobile 6.104:32
lee_go some where else most likely04:32
geniiGuest03: ##windows please04:32
=== charles__ is now known as charles|64
charles|64Pelo: you still around?04:33
LycusI have a working ubuntu install and can apt-get etc. but I get unable to initialize frontend: Dialog errors from debconf when apt-get using. Do I just install ubuntu-standard?04:33
Pelocharles|64, yes ?04:33
charles|64Pelo: ok so i did a clean re-install (i had other reasons to do it) and the cdrom will auto mount the install cd and detect packages but still wont for a blank one04:34
nickrudLycus try installing the package   dialog04:34
Pelocharles|64, it mounts data cd rigth away ?04:34
usserefirewick, yea sure thats how its usually done04:35
charles|64Pelo: yup04:35
=== Guest03 is now known as rx4th
Pelocharles|64, but when you put in a blank cd nothing happens, ok , can you still burn to it using gnomebaker ?04:36
CloudFXhi what apps are there similar to microsoft publisher that have templates for newletters, brochures, etc..04:36
bullgard4What is the value of the DVB-T data stream data rate?04:36
Pelocharles|64, are you suer you have burner and not jsut a reader ?04:36
charles|64Pelo: its a dvd cd burner lightscribe04:36
efirewickusser, good, thank you.04:36
williamPelo: this is _Silhouette_. I´m in Ubuntu now04:37
Pelowilliam, congrats04:37
usserefirewick, no problem so u decided to go with it?04:37
williamPelo: the trackpad is killing me, though :P04:37
williamPelo: ps I booted via usb04:37
IdleOnebullgard4: I might wrong but I believe a question like that might be better answered in #ubuntustudio04:38
williamPelo: I am looking in xorg.conf like some people suggested but see nothing about synaptics or touchpad04:38
Pelowilliam, I'm sorry I've been on a roll tonight helpign a lot of ppl I don't remember you issue04:38
williamPelo: but I do see something about a stylus?04:38
bullgard4IdleOne: Ah, that's an idea. I will give it a try. Thank you.04:38
IdleOnebullgard4: because they use audio/video software and such they should be able to answer04:39
IdleOnebullgard4: np04:39
bullgard4IdleOne: yes, indeed.04:39
efirewickusser, yeah, I am going to give it a try. I hope it is easy to add/edit, because my wife is the one entering and locating customers...04:40
ubotuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad04:40
Pelowilliam, read up  abit04:41
Pelonickrud, are you around ?04:41
charles|64Pelo: did you get back to me i was on the other system trying to figure this out04:41
nickrudpelo yes04:41
williamPelo: where?04:41
Pelonickrud, you have a server window opened in yoru chat client right ?04:41
Pelo!touchpad | william04:41
ubotuwilliam: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad04:41
nickrudPelo yes04:41
efirewickusser, I am just worried about the interface. I haven't seen any screen shots or anything about it yet, just info about the install so far.04:42
Pelonickrud, all my /notice to you go there04:42
nickrudPelo no, they come up in channel04:42
Peloah ok so you are just ignoring me04:42
nickrudPelo oh, bad me. I"m on the computer but xchat's on another desktop, and I have a sound that notifies me of a channel highlight. Notices don't04:43
charles|64Pelo: does it matter that im running 64bit?04:43
Pelonickrud,  tsok04:43
Pelocharles|64, not for this I dont, think , but it migth have to do with it being a lightscribe,  look it up in the forum ,  itmight need some special handling04:44
IdleOneirc joke: how does a person in need of attention get it on irc? /notcie me :P04:44
IdleOnedarn typos04:44
charles|64Pelo: kool thanks04:44
=== jmibanez_ is now known as jmibanez
patrickva I keep getting redistribution errors and BusyBox when I'm trying to install Ubuntu04:45
CloudFXhow can i get my built in memory card reader to work?04:45
patrickvaCan someone help me out?04:45
Pelopatrickva, what is the issue ?04:47
nickrudPelo no, no, no. Just saying that you're doing a damn good job, don't sweat the ones you can't catch.04:47
patrickva I keep getting redistribution errors and BusyBox when I'm trying to install Ubuntu from the splash screen.04:48
shadow420hey nickrud04:48
nickrudshadow420 hi04:48
Pelopatrickva, try the alternate install cd , it is less fussy about hardware and such04:48
jimlayHow can do you get a list of the devices showing up in the nautilus "Comptur" view on the cli?04:49
patrickvaWhere can I get the alternative install cd?04:49
IdleOnepatrickva: you can also try using all_generic_ide as a parameter04:49
ubotuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Gutsy, and help keeping the servers' load low!04:49
=== [1]Netham45 is now known as Netham45
patrickvaWhich one is the alternative?04:49
patrickvafrom http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com/04:49
IdleOnepatrickva: hold on a sec04:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about request - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:50
Pelopatrickva, there is a a text based installer cd that usualy does a better job at installing without any fuss,   you can get it from the www.ubuntu.com site same as the live cd, but you check the alternate cd box below the download button04:50
patrickvaI don't know how to do text based installers..04:50
IdleOnehttp://nl.releases.ubuntu.com/7.10/ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso patrickva  here you go04:50
Danish989dmsuperman, still here?04:50
IdleOnepatrickva: it is simple you will see04:50
patrickvak, thanks idle04:50
shadow420Pelo I used the live CD to install to install ubuntu and I had no problems04:50
Peloshadow420, some ppl do , some hardware configurations are just a little more problematic a live cd is  a very demanding envirommenent04:51
hamedany body here?04:52
=== foka__ is now known as foka_
patrickvaI tried LiveCD already04:52
dmsupermanDanish989, yeah, but if Pelo couldn't get it going then I'm likely not gonna be much more help :s04:52
hamedok hi to all04:52
Pelodmsuperman, don't underestimate yourself,  or overestimate me04:52
shadow420pelo I have an old p3 1GHz with 512MB of Ram Old Graphics and sound card and it had no problems04:53
IdleOneshadow420: usualy older machines work well with ubuntu04:53
Peloshadow420, GOOD FOR YOU NOW PISSOFF04:53
patrickvaBut the newer ones dont04:53
IdleOnePelo: lmao :/04:54
dmsupermanPelo, nonsense. Just because you can't sit there and recompile your kernel doesn't mean you're a n00b. Not as experience as some of the others, sure, but we all have to start somewhere04:54
jimlayAnyone use nautilus?04:54
dmsupermanPelo, and trust me, I've only used linux for a week haha04:54
dmsupermanPelo, so yeh, you're more likely to get it going. I ran out of suggestions before we even got into #grub04:54
efirewickusser, is there anywhere I can read about how to configure/use this LAMP stuff? I am reading about how to install it on the internet, But I would like to learn more about it before I install it, and I can't find any other info about it...04:54
h00k_jimlay: sure, I do04:54
Pelodmsuperman, see the special colour my last msg was , that's becaue it was private04:54
shadow420pelo I am sure I can get it to work with my uncles P4 2Ghz 2GB of Ram Decent Graphics card and sound04:54
jimlayDo you understand where the items in the "computer" view come from?04:55
IdleOne!lamp | efirewick04:55
ubotuefirewick: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)04:55
shadow420pelo these are Dells04:55
Peloshadow420, if yuou know how to get ubuntu live cd to install on patrickva 's computer wiithout issue by all means have a crack at it04:55
dmsupermanPelo, see, even more of a reason i'm a noob. I didn't even know that haha04:56
premwhich is the easiest version of linux for a beginner04:56
dmsupermanPelo, how do you even private message04:56
dmsupermanprem, you're probably in the right channel04:56
fedex1993How can i reinstall firefox on hardy ?04:56
h00k_fedex1993: sudo apt-get remove firefox04:56
h00k_fedex1993: sudo apt-get install firefox04:56
dmsupermanfedex1993, "sudo apt-get remove --purge firefox" "sudo apt-get install firefox"04:56
=== SVI is now known as DBO
geniiprem: Ubuntu and other variations are generally considered best for new users04:56
h00k_or purge, as well ;)04:56
BalthHey guys, how do I downgrade wine to a lower version?04:57
premu say ubuntu is easy to learn for a beginner04:57
shadow420pelo I just have to use a personal Grub Floppy to boot linux until I can get grub to boot from windows bootloader04:57
shadow420Balth why would u need to do that?04:57
BalthBecause it would seem a game I play broke with the new version.04:57
h00k_jimlay: "computer:///" shows your mounted drives04:57
shadow420Balth just send them an e-mail to tell them that a game stopped working with the new version04:58
exophonixquelqun pourai me guider pas a pas pour metre une image de font a grub svp :(04:59
cpk1Balth: uninstall the one from the repos and then get the .deb of the older version from winehq04:59
h00k_Balth: also. there's software called CrossOver Games that specialize in making games work in a linux environment04:59
shadow420patrickva are you still there?04:59
cpk1Balth: you will also need to make sure you dont upgrade to the new version of wine on accident until you want to04:59
cpk1h00k_: wine is basically the same as crossover but free04:59
BalthOk thanks.05:00
h00k_cpk1: well, they modify it specifically to get certain games to work05:00
arunkaleHello all05:00
supriehello all05:00
arunkalehello suprie05:00
shadow420well as soon they have all of the popular games to work they will have them all working05:00
supriei have a problem with my wifi05:00
cpk1iirc crossover is geared more towards productivity applications while cedega is more game oriented05:00
supriesometime it doesn't caught any wifi signal05:01
h00k_I have CrossOver Office for productivity05:01
h00k_I like OneNote200305:01
Danish989dmsuperman, remember what you said about bios not getting it right and you had to take a guess at correctly fixing grub?05:01
suprieim using atheros chipset05:01
suprieand using ndiswrapper to make it worked05:01
Jordan_Usuprie, system -> administration -> restricted driver manager didn't work?05:02
supriesometimes it worked05:02
gideanhow do I kill pppoe?05:02
supriebut sometimes it didn't worked at all05:02
gideanneed to configure it but it says its already running05:03
nickrudgidean sudo poff should take it down05:03
jimlayh00k_, thanks. do you know how to list that at the cli? Where is nautilus getting thil list from?05:03
gideankill gives me "no process killed"05:03
nickrudgidean yeah, pon/poff is the way to start stop pppoe05:04
lindenleamyone have seamless mode working with virtualbox?05:04
LiMaOlindenle ➡ it works here. lemme double check once again05:05
shadow420pelo these are Dell Computers what I have heard are the hardest ones to get a Dual Boot to work with Windows/linux05:05
Peloshadow420, why are you telilng me this ?05:05
dmsupermanshadow420, it doesn't really matter what brand the computer is05:06
patrickvashadow420, it's easy.05:06
patrickvaNot hard at all with Dell Computers.05:06
h00k_jimlay: It might be taking it from fstab, and maybe searching /media as well05:06
Pelodmsuperman, wereen't you talking about seamless in vbox yesterday ?05:06
dmsupermanshadow420, I've never heard of a Dell computer that doesn't allow you to change boot order, and that's really all you need so you can install ubuntu05:06
dmsupermanPelo, yeah, it's so awesome05:06
millertime_018hey, if i installed limewire on my linux and its not in the add/remove how do i get it off?05:06
Pelodmsuperman, let me introduce you to lindenle05:07
dmsupermanPelo, I still haven't rebooted since installing the closed source one, which should allow me to network guest and host OS05:07
geniimillertime_018: You installed how?05:07
PifferMost Dell computers support F12, which gives you the boot order list upon startup05:07
dmsupermanlindenle, I do05:07
gnychisdoes anyone know what version of madwifi is pre-installed with ubuntu?05:07
millertime_018from the internet. like downloaded it05:07
millertime_018from limewire.com05:07
h00k_Sometimes DELL used DELETE, F1, or F2 as well.05:07
shadow420dmsuperman thats one thing I will not do is change the boot order in bios05:07
Pelognychis, you'd have to look it up in synaptic , the package manager in the admin menu05:07
Pifferand I've not run into any Dell computers over the last...7-8 years that did not allow you to change boot order...05:07
dmsupermanshadow420, erm, any reason for that?05:08
lindenledmsuperman: I think I may have just figured it out05:08
h00k_Piffer: you are right - they all do.  They pretty much have to05:08
dmsupermanlindenle, all you have to do is go into the seamless button from the vbox window, tell it to download the iso, mount it to cd05:08
shadow420dmsuperman I am confused alittle05:08
h00k_bed.  back later.  Peace.05:08
Pelomillertime_018, you an remove it from synaptic in the admin menu05:08
dmsupermanlindenle, then inside windows vm, install it, reboot, and choose Seamless integration from the vbox window and it should work05:08
efirewickidleone, thanks, that was a lot of good info. not too much on how it works though, just mainly install notes...05:08
millertime_018how do i do that? system>...?05:08
CapaHI just mounted a new harddrive that is type ntfs --- I am surprised that simply right clicking it doesn't present a "format disk" option, so I am wondering wehre I go to find that05:08
shadow420dmsuperman well I am trying to get grub to boot from windows boot loader05:08
PifferYou have to go faaaaar back in time to find a BIOS that did not allow you to change that, and then you'll probably have a DIN keyboard plug as well :-) hehe05:09
kelvin911how to send custom smiley gif in pidgin?05:09
lindenledmsuperman: yes, how do i enable seamless with the VBManager?05:09
dmsupermanlindenle, it does force the windows taskbar overtop of your main taskbar, but I either just hide it or unlock it and move it to 1 side05:09
Pelomillertime_018, menu > system > admin > synaptic package manager,   use the search button, type limewire   it will show up in hte list ,  see the green button,  right lick  uninstall05:09
dmsupermanlindenle, from the vbox window with your guest OS, from the main menu, there's a button for Enable seamless mode05:09
htmljunkieso mack are you in here?05:09
PifferWe're WAY many people in this chan...1200 +    :-) Ubuntu rules05:09
dmsupermanlindenle, or something to that effect, it's in the first menu05:09
gidean/usr/bin/poff: No pppd is running.  None stopped. but when I run pppeoconf it says somethinf is already running?05:09
lindenledmsuperman: also it looks terrible ... I mean without the windows....05:09
CapaHWhere do you go to format a disk?05:10
nickrudgidean try sudo killall pppd05:10
dmsupermanmillertime_018 i suggest frostwire instead05:10
rullieCapaH, fdisk05:10
Danish989dpsuperman, help!05:10
dmsupermanlindenle, what do you mean?05:10
dmsupermanDanish989, what happened now?05:10
CapaHrullie: There is no simple gui way?05:10
gideanwill try ..05:10
CapaHI mean I can always use newfs etc but -- thought there was a simpler 'clickable' way05:10
nickrudgidean if that doesn't work, give the exact error message it gives05:11
lindenledmsuperman: I want to start it this way : VBoxVRDP -startvm "winXP"05:11
htmljunkiethere is a simple way05:11
htmljunkieuse a live cd05:11
shadow420dmsuperman when I try to load file ubuntu.bin or bootsect.lnx all I get is GRUB and frezzes05:11
htmljunkieif you want to reformat the drive05:11
djikjust a quick question: does hardy install from windows but onto an xfs partition?05:11
CapaHhtmljunkie: It is an external drive05:11
rullieCapaH, why do you assume having button means simpler?05:12
Robinsonhey, through SSH, can I send my ubuntu system into hibernation and then wake it up through ssh again?05:12
LSGdjik: Go to #Ubuntu+1 for question concerning Hardy05:12
CapaHrullie: I don't -- but I like to know the full featureset I have available with Ubuntu05:12
rullieRobinson, no05:12
nickrudRobinson if it's hibernating, it's not listening to anything05:12
dmsupermanlindenle, you mean start your vbox from the commandline? i'm not sure how, i usually just open vbox, start the os, then close the vbox window and turn on seamless05:12
dmsupermanshadow420, that's over my head, sorry05:13
PifferRobinson: Only via another system and WoL... which I guess spells 'No'  :-(05:13
rullieCapaH, with gnome, you mean :)05:13
shadow420dmsuperman and I used sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=/home/username/Desktop/ubuntu.bin bs=512 count=105:13
CapaHyes with gnome05:13
CapaHcorrect :)05:13
RobinsonPiffer: no indeed, its an old old p3 system05:13
lindenledmsuperman: and what about it looking bad?05:13
gideanneed to run pppoeconf but when I do I get:  Sorry, I scanned 1 interface, but the Access             │05:13
gidean          │ Concentrator of your provider did not respond. Please    │05:13
gidean          │ check your network and modem cables. Another reason      │05:13
gidean          │ for the scan failure may also be another running pppoe   │05:13
gidean          │ process which controls the modem.05:13
=== bbuuzz is now known as buzzsaw
FloodBot3gidean: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:13
Robinsonem, is there a similar state to hibernation where fans are off and hd is off also ?05:13
boumarobbysmith, yeah true. i guess i just need a good image/guide to do the calibration with05:13
PifferWonder if you can setup a modem and do a wake on dial... but that would suck, cause who has phone lines these days? heh05:14
nickrudgidean ah,  if ps -A | grep  ppp doesn't come back with anything, then it's the first reason in the error message05:14
buzzsawi have tried https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/firewall-configuration.html many times over and i cant seem to get masquerading to work :-(05:14
shadow420dmsuperman do you have an Idea how I can get windows to boot grub?05:14
gideantrying to get my father online....over the phone... :(05:15
dmsupermanlindenle, it doesn't look bad to me. Of course, the XP windows don't match the ubuntu theme, but you could always patch your windows uxtheme.dll and find a similar theme05:15
gideanhe loves ubuntu....'cept right now :)05:15
eddyqwI'm looking for help with updating, I keep getting an error "bzip2: Data integrity error when decompressing." when I run 'apt-get update' (on the gutsy/main package, if that makes any difference)05:15
dmsupermanshadow420, no, i did it the other way05:15
geniigidean: Welcome to the wonderful world of IT support05:15
dmsupermanshadow420, i have grub boot windows05:15
hamedwhat means "cyber man"05:15
nickrudgidean you might find it easier to let the modem handle the connection, try pointing the browser at , 1.1, 0.254, 1.254 and see if you can configure the modem directly.05:15
lindenledmsuperman: looks like 8 colors to me...05:15
gideanLOL I'm IT lmao05:15
Peloshadow420, weren't you the one I fixed it for earlier?05:15
dmsupermangidean, just give up haha05:15
dmsupermanlindenle, even with seamless turned off?05:16
lee_Hello one and all05:16
shadow420dmsuperman I have went that way and windows gave me sh** fits about it05:16
dmsupermanshadow420, I just installed Ubuntu first, then installed windows, then re-wrote grub and chainloaded to windows XP05:16
shadow420pelo no I don't think so05:16
gideanconfigure the modem?05:16
dmsupermanPelo, there was another shadow but it was Shadow and then some numbers05:17
Robinsonsoooooo, no wannabe-hibernation state that still leaves which can awoken from ssh ?05:17
dmsupermanshadow420, that also lets me hibernate windows, since it goes to grub first and won't force me to resume my hibernation05:17
lindenledmsuperman: changed it back to 32 bit and it looks  ok05:17
DBautellmaybe look into wake on LAN, but I know nothing05:17
CapaHIf I want to format a disk to be useful in a variety of platforms such as Open/FreeBSD - Linux - etc -- what is the best format to use? ext3 ? ufs ?05:17
gideando what to the modem?05:17
Pelodmsuperman, ah, so many shadows05:17
dmsupermanlindenle, 16bit you mean? er, 24bit, one of the 205:17
dmsupermanPelo, heh, yeah05:17
lindenledmsuperman how do i move the taskbar?05:18
dmsupermanso, has anybody gotten the Kate tab bar extension to work?05:18
dmsupermanlindenle, right click the taskbar, disable Lock taskbar05:18
shadow420dmsuperman well I don't use hybernation and windows I use it more often than linux05:18
lindenledmsuperman:  did that now?05:18
dmsupermanlindenle, then just drag it somewhere else. I have dual monitor, so I like to just put it on the top of my right monitor, but i'm not sure what you'd like05:18
nickrudgidean yes, most pppoe modems can give you a dhcp addres.  Make sure the file /etc/network/interfaces has the two lines:   auto eth0  <newline> iface eth0 inet dhcp  , then run sudo ifup eth0 . then if you get an inet address in ifconfig , eth0 stanza, you can talk to the modem05:18
lindenlecan i put it on the left?05:19
eddyqwI'm looking for help with updating, I keep getting an error "bzip2: Data integrity error when decompressing." after it downloads the gutsy/main package (this is using 'apt-get update')05:19
dmsupermanshadow420, regardless, i find it easier just to install grub and chainload windows xp05:19
shadow420dmsuperman I use linux to play some games and other project05:19
arvind_khadriCapaH, i thik ufs05:19
gooodywhat is the recommended java IDE for ubuntu gutsy?05:19
mosnogooody: eclipse?05:19
dmsupermanespecially since windows xp is more likely to get reinstalled, so when i do that i can just re-fix grub. it's more of a pain to get windows bootloader reinstalled and booting to grub for me05:19
dmsupermanshadow420, I have switched to linux full-time now, windows is only for games and some windows only apps i need for work05:20
=== Weramasu is now known as Taco
=== Taco is now known as Tirams
shadow420dmsuperman well I am looking the other way so when windows does need to be reinstalled all I have to do is add the line to the bootloader then I get linux back05:21
SeaPhordmsuperman: what games do you play?05:21
Tiramsi have a ATI card and i've been forced to use Hardy Heron, but I want to switch to Gutsy.  Is there a way to repackage the ISO so that the proper graphics drivers are in the livecd?05:21
dmsupermanshadow420, I personally would find it easier to reinstall grub, all you have to do is run grub, root (hdX,Y), setup (hdX)05:21
dmsupermanshadow420, otherwise you have to re-find the ubuntu.bin file again don't you?05:21
dmsupermanSeaPhor, Assassin's Creed lately, UT3, COD4, Supreme Commander05:22
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ get a playstation 2 and an xbox 360. then you will have one more reason to get rid of windows05:22
shadow420dmsuperman I keep a copy on my external HD05:22
cwall0868noob messing around w/AIGLX on a 64bit followed the walk through rebooted and was prompted system was crashing..... selected diff option and loaded fine any help?05:22
lindenledmsuperman: Can i make x-paste work with it?05:22
dmsupermanLiMaO, no, not a console fan. I don't care that windows is on my system, I just use ubuntu primarily. Plus, Supreme commander isn't on console :P05:23
shadow420which Windows/Ubuntu can read and write too05:23
dmsupermanlindenle, you man a clipboard that works between guest and host?05:23
SeaPhordmsuperman: was asking because most of the games i want to play actually play better in Ubuntu linux, Delta force, star Wars, City of Heroes, etx05:23
dmsupermanlindenle, it's just a normal option, i think it was even enabled by default05:24
buzzsawyou should try crossfire ;-)   fun linux baised game :-005:24
dmsupermanSeaPhor, yeh, the games i play are pretty demanding and i highly doubt they'll work too well in linux05:24
CapaHHow do I format as ufs ? there is no such thing as mkfs.ufs ?05:24
dmsupermanSeaPhor, Oh yeah, and Halo, Halo 2, and Crysis05:24
SeaPhordmsuperman: have you tried Cedega?05:24
dmsupermanSeaPhor, This machine was really built to game, but I use it as a heavy workstation for photoshop and cinema4d work too05:25
kelvin911cedega, wine, which one is good?05:25
dmsupermanSeaPhor, no, what genre is it?05:25
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ the only game i've ever missed on windows is age of empires. oh man i used to love that05:25
Peddycan anyone tell me where the image file for the Volume icon that pops up when I hit the keyboard volume button is?05:25
dmsupermanLiMaO, I couldn't go without my Supreme Commander, that's the most epic of all epic RTS games05:25
SeaPhordmsuperman: Cedega is like Wine,,, only better, for latest games05:25
lindenledmsuperman: does not seem to work for me...05:26
gnychiswhat packages contains the madwifi modules in ubuntu? I can't determine it... it seems as though linux-restricted-modules contains ath_hal but not ath_pci for example05:26
cwall0868is xgl compiz worth the time it takes to set it up on 64bit?05:26
dmsupermanlindenle, I think there's an option for it somewhere. i don't have it open, and I can't open yet until I reboot so I can't look for you05:26
dmsupermanSeaPhor, _really_05:26
cwall0868or should i just say f it05:26
dmsupermanSeaPhor, Is there a compatibility list?05:27
kelvin911is cedega only for games?05:27
dmsupermanSeaPhor, I'd LOVE to at least get guitar hero working on ubuntu05:27
kelvin911what about windows app?05:27
dmsupermanthen I could survive without booting into windows for days at a time05:27
CapaHcwall0868: Compiz is pretty much worth it period :)05:27
SeaPhordmsuperman: ooooooohhhhh yeah,,, 1 sec05:27
cwall0868can u help me then05:27
kelvin911is guitar hero for the gays?05:27
CapaHdmsuperman: Get virtualbox if wine wont do it05:27
kelvin911did u watch southpark?05:28
LiMaOPre-Order Supreme Commander 360 - We're thrilled to announce that Supreme Commander for the Xbox 360 is now available for pre-order.05:28
SeaPhordmsuperman: http://games.cedega.com/gamesdb/05:28
CapaHcwall0868: Even if you have a 64 bit proc, install 32 bit Ubuntu -- and Compiz is enabled anyways out of the box05:28
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ good news at their site ;) it's a pity you're not into consoles heh05:28
Pelog'night folks05:28
kelvin911how does virtual box work?05:28
LiMaOkelvin911 ➡ very well05:28
cwall0868thats all i needed to know05:28
kelvin911can i install winxp?05:28
CapaHIt allows you to create a virtual machine to run multiple OS simultaneously05:28
LiMaOkelvin911 ➡ sure you can05:28
kelvin911or can i just use the one already installed in c:\?05:28
dmsupermanLiMaO, it couldn't ever possibly measure up, the sheer automation and management skills require a keyboard05:28
dmsupermanHOLY CRAP05:28
SeaPhordmsuperman: PM me if you want mor info05:29
dmsupermanSeaPhor, I love you, that list has Supreme Commander05:29
dmsupermanAND forged alliance05:29
dmsupermansadly, no guitar hero05:29
kelvin911LiMaO: can i run everything in virtual box if i have xp installed there?05:29
CapaHyou can but it would make no sense05:29
dmsupermankelvin911, everything but games05:29
CapaHjust run the stuff that you are forced to05:29
LiMaOkelvin911 ➡ well, virtualbox will not be able to run 3d games inside your xp installation05:30
cwall0868so why bother offering 64bit? you dont need to get to indepth05:30
CapaHLiMaO: Hmm are you sure?  I have heard otherwise05:30
kelvin911then there is no point installing it then05:30
kelvin911the only thing xp is there for me is game05:30
dmsupermanit definitely won't, CapaH05:30
CapaHkelvin911: What games?05:30
dmsupermankelvin911, then there's really no point05:30
CapaHeh do a dual boot then05:30
kelvin911winning eleven, PES405:30
kelvin911doom3, quake405:31
LiMaOkelvin911 ➡ as i said a few minutes ago, get a playstation 2 and an xbox 360. avoid the ps3. you will be much happier05:31
dmsupermanalright, don't want to be a total hypocrite but we should probably get back onto topic05:31
CapaHdoom3/quake4 will work I am quite sure in Wine -- check the list05:31
jwoah12I just edited some values in xorg.conf, how  do I reboot Xwin so I can see the changes, without rebooting the whole OS?05:31
kelvin911no money05:31
Robinsonwhat is the difference between sleep and hibernate ??05:31
dmsupermanthen again I really have no say in the matter, just sayin is all05:31
LiMaOkelvin911 ➡ doom 3 has a native linux version05:31
dmsupermanjwoah12, Ctrl + Alt + Backspace05:31
kernfreakLiMa0, whay not ps3.I love it05:31
dmsupermanjwoah12, and if that doesn't show the changes, then "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart"05:31
calcRobinson: sleep just puts the system into temporary low power mode, hibernate writes memory to disk and turns off entirely05:31
kelvin911i have doom3 and quake4 but the cdkey i got doesnt work in linux05:31
gideannot working...cant getinto modem05:32
calcRobinson: sleep more or less turns off everything but memory (and maybe a few other things)05:32
LiMaOkernfreak ➡ not too many titles, slow in sports games. that's what i've heard... never played any title on it myself.05:32
Robinsoncalc: does sleep shutdown fans and hard drive and only leave RAM and CPU ?05:32
kernfreakNOT TRUE05:32
kelvin911i installed rtcw with wine its awesome05:32
kernfreaksrry bout the caps05:32
geniigidean: Is it some usb dsl/cable modem?05:32
calcRobinson: i think sleep even turns off the cpu, or at least puts it in a very low power mode, yea05:32
Danish989can anyone tell me how to uninstall ubuntu?05:32
kernfreakI even have Ubuntu on my ps305:32
gideandsl modem05:32
calcRobinson: with hibernate the system is completely off, you can remove the battery, etc05:32
DBautellDanish989, install something else over it05:33
Danish989I wanted to try installing ubuntu on my ps305:33
ddifDanish989, hahahah,why05:33
Danish989but first i wanted to check on my pc, and now look what happened05:33
Robinsoncalc:  okay cool thanks... do you have any idea if it watched network packets while in sleep ?05:33
kelvin911how does ubuntu running in ps3?05:33
geniigidean: OK, dsl but is it connected to computer by usb/ethernet/wireless/other?05:33
patrickvaWho gave me that ubuntu alternative iso link before?05:33
kelvin911is it good?05:33
patrickvaI lost the link05:33
Danish989I don't even see the OS choice menu and GRUB gets Error 22 each time it tries to load05:33
dmsupermanLiMaO, is cedega in the repos?05:33
calcRobinson: i think you can set your system to do so, depending on the bios05:33
Danish989Grub Loading Stage 1.5 .. Error 2205:33
|LiMaO|dmsuperman ➡ no, not cedega.. just wine05:33
lindenledmsuperman: Suppose there is no way to integrate it with kicker...i.e. for task switcher...05:33
dmsuperman|LiMaO|, oh05:33
Robinsoncalc: hum I guess you're reffering to Wake on Lan05:33
SeaPhordmsuperman: no not in repos05:33
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
|LiMaO|damn, ctrl+alt+backspace killed my actual x, not the virtualbox one05:34
kernfreakyou can install another os on ps3 kelvin91105:34
dmsupermanlindenle, highly doubt it, but seamless has only been included in the latest release05:34
patrickvaWho gave me that ubuntu alternative iso link before?05:34
patrickvaI need the link again05:34
Danish989patrickva, why dont you just download via Torrents?05:34
Cpudan80|LiMaO|: Thats what it's supposed to do?05:34
Robinsoncalc: which my old system would't dream of having ...but it would be cool if it watched network packets, it would be the next best thing to Wake-on-Lan05:34
dmsupermanlindenle, i'm sure those types of things will be added in later versions05:34
geniigidean: OK. Does it have a web interface?05:34
calcRobinson: sorta, its probably the same overall, wake on lan can also turn on a completely 'off' system, as long as the nic has power05:34
kelvin911why do u wanna install linux in ps3?05:34
dmsuperman|LiMaO|, heh, what did you expect?05:34
Danish989that's how I downloaded it, patricckva, using torrents it was a lot faster05:34
ddifwhat is ps305:34
tr-33how can i identify myself on this irc network?05:34
dmsupermankelvin911, because that's what linux geeks do05:34
=== max is now known as maxspacemax
gideanlike this: my father moved...when he hooked up his modem it worked (7.10) but the net was cut off eventually...he called, it was reinstated but now it wont work...modem is on (green lights) but the box won't connect to the net05:35
dmsupermankelvin911, nobody knows why, it's a phenomena05:35
Danish989ddif : Ps3 is Playstation 305:35
calckelvin911: its a cheap computer for tv05:35
|LiMaO|dmsuperman ➡ i was so immersed on the virtualbox that i forgot of the actual system running it lol05:35
Starnestommy!register | tr-3305:35
ubotutr-33: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.05:35
lindenledmsuperman: Stupid netflix !!!!!05:35
patrickvaWell do you have the torrent file?05:35
gideannot sure I'm afraid....att modem05:35
lindenledmsuperman: i hate windows05:35
* calc is actually going to install linux on ps3 when i get some spare time as well05:35
dmsupermanlindenle, why?05:35
ddiftr-33, /msg nickserv identify **05:35
cwall0868ok sorry 1 more thing then im leaving..... anyone running moblock? does it do what it says it does? or is it garbage?05:35
dmsupermanlindenle, why at netflix, obviously why for hating windows hah05:35
kelvin911how big is the hd in ps3?05:35
tr-33ddif, thanks.05:35
kernfreakmine is 60gb05:35
|LiMaO|kelvin911 ➡ there are different versions of it05:35
Danish989can anyone tell me what to do? Grub keeps getting Error 22 while it tries to load stage 1.5 and I can't even get into windows xp05:35
calckelvin911: 40/60/80 depending on model05:35
lindenledmsuperman: Cuz i need windows to watch the instant stuff05:35
patrickvaDanish989 do you have the torrent file?05:35
kelvin911how much is ps3?05:36
kernfreakyou can put any sata in it05:36
dmsupermanlindenle, yup, i have to as well05:36
calckelvin911: ubuntu takes ~ 2gb so plenty of space05:36
calckelvin911: $400 same as a low end bluray player05:36
lindenledmsuperman: them and mlb.com05:36
dmsupermanlindenle, you could always try running ies4linux, does that play netflix?05:36
geniigidean: OK. Because if it's in "bridged" mode then you need the pppoeconf to make computer do the auth. If it's in "router" mode then you need to go into it's web interface and have it do the auth05:36
lindenledmsuperman: no idea05:36
kelvin911can u get the 3d desktop on ps3 too?05:36
dmsuperman|LiMaO|, aw, cedega costs money :'(05:36
calckelvin911: no idea05:36
geniigidean: For the web interface modem and computer need IPs that can talk to each other05:36
lindenledmsuperman: but this is pretty slick too05:36
gideangenii: thanks so much...05:36
SeaPhorcedega costs $5 a month05:37
dmsupermanlindenle, yeh05:37
* calc wants to use firefox from his 61" 1080P tv05:37
gideanIts a 2wire modem....gonna google for the ip05:37
kelvin911cedega is not free?05:37
patrickvanvm i got it05:37
Peddycan anyone please tell me where the image file for the Volume icon that pops up when I hit the keyboard volume button is?05:37
SeaPhorcedega costs $5 a month05:37
gideanand thank you nickrud05:37
Danish989can anyone help me? Grub doesnt load, it goes into an error .. can anyone tell me what command to put in the terminal so the windows xp loader loads instead of grub and i can get into windows?05:37
kelvin911is cedega somthing like wine?05:37
|LiMaO|dmsuperman ➡ you may not need cedega. wine may be enough to satisfy your gaming needs05:37
Robinsonthanks anyways calc ! :)05:37
gideanstill havn't solved but I REALLY appreciate the help05:37
kelvin911how can they charge u money once u installed?05:38
dmsupermanDanish989, from windows recovery console, type "fixboot" and "fixmbr" and that'll restore windows bootloader05:38
ddifPeddy, /usr/share/app?not sure?05:38
timsandtomsIs there a way to automatically remove a phrase from the filenames of a big group of files?05:38
SperMiteI was wondering. I just ordered a new harddrive, a 250gb seagate. should i give /home its own partition ?05:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about icon - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:38
Danish989dmsuperman, cant I use some command in the terminal? how do I get into the windows recovery console, anyway?05:38
dmsuperman|LiMaO|, I highly doubt it for a big complicated game like SupCom. I've run into little bugs with simple apps like notepad++05:38
calckelvin911: updates05:38
Peddyddif: that directory does not exist :O05:38
DBautellSperMite, yes05:38
calckelvin911: cedega is the kind of program where you want the updates05:38
dmsupermanDanish989, terminal is for ubuntu, there's no way to install the windows bootloader with ubuntu :s05:38
Danish989isn't there someway I can just make ubuntu go away, and make Grub go away?05:38
kelvin911why calc?05:39
Danish989and go back to using Windows xp?05:39
cpk1dmsuperman: have you looked up the game you want to play on winehq?05:39
=== |LiMaO| is now known as LiMaO
SeaPhorcedega costs $5 a month by your choice after the initial first $5, i still pay because i like the product and the support i get and the DB updates05:39
kelvin911it will expire?05:39
calckelvin911: i'm pretty sure you can get most of cedega for free just not the parts that are licensed from eg macrovision, etc05:39
ddifPeddy, then it is /usr/share/application/,not sure,go and see05:39
Peddyddif: oh, sorry. Browsing ;)05:39
calckelvin911: they update it to work with newer games, to work better with older games, etc05:39
dmsupermancpk1, no, not yet. i've got a bad taste in my mouth for wine since trying to run simple apps like uTorrent (which was designed specifically for wine, btw) and notepad++05:39
cpk1I dont like to use cedega on principle05:39
=== msuiter__ is now known as demonspork
dmsupermancpk1, so i've just been running a seamless vbox05:40
calckelvin911: ask SeaPhor for details, i don't play games, i just know about what they do05:40
kelvin911i guess $5 a month isnt that bad05:40
cpk1doesnt wine come with notepad?05:40
Danish989dmsuperman, if I just format the ubuntu partition, will that remove ubuntu?05:40
TechnovikingDanish989: search for the fixmbr on google05:40
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ how long have you been away of wine?! i use undercoverxp, photoshop, dvdshrink and some other windows apps just fine with cedega... never had a single problem with it05:40
kelvin911big mac crappy meal cost more than $505:40
geniiDanish989: You get into windows recovery console by booting the windows cdrom and choosing to boot into the windows recovery console. From there is where you isue the commands like fixboot or fixmbr or so on, I'm sure they can assist far more with this in ##windows channel05:40
calckelvin911: its the price of a coke in london ;-)05:40
goldsniperhow to connect to a 'B' only wifi access point?05:40
c0Ld'w' reports that I have 6 bash terminals running when I only have one + X (2), is that normal? =/05:40
dmsupermankelvin911, for you, maybe, but $5 a month to play games i already own and could just reboot into windows to play isn't cool for me05:40
kelvin9115 bucks for a coke?05:40
dmsupermanLiMaO, 3 days ago05:40
Jordan_Ucpk1, notepad++ is an open source programmers text editor05:40
calcand as i found out today its cheaper than the cost of 12oz coke in Prague airport05:40
dmsupermanDanish989, sure05:40
calckelvin911: ~ $4 from what i recall05:40
CorbinFoxcalc: so £1.50, or about $918.72 :P05:41
geniiDanish989: If you format the ubuntu partition the boot manager will not be affected05:41
phuzionThe taskbar at the top right corner of my screen has remnants of an icon from wine that I had open earlier.  Is there a way to restart the taskbar or something so it cleans up?05:41
Danish989genii: so that means my computer will still continue to try to boot Grub?05:41
dmsupermanLiMaO, neither app would run properly 3 days ago, so i've just got my seamless vbox. i like it more anyway, wine (even with a good skin) makes the windows look so terribly ugly and hard to read :P05:41
calcCorbinFox: iirc the cokes when i was there were ~  £2 each05:41
geniiDanish989: Yes05:41
kelvin911how does grub work?05:41
goldsnipermy intel 3945ABG can connect to G wifi router but cannot connect to 'B' access point wifi05:41
dmsupermanDanish989, like i said, windows recovery console, "fixboot" "fixmbr"05:41
geniiDanish989: The fix has been exlained to you05:41
kelvin911is it in the c:\ ?05:41
CorbinFoxprice when up since i went there a few summers ago then :P05:41
dmsuperman!grub | kelvin91105:41
ubotukelvin911: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:41
calcand they wanted 60 Cz per coke in the prague airport this morning05:41
elphiashow do i get 32 bit apps to work in 64bit ubuntu?05:42
* calc is back in houston now, where cokes are cheap and free refills... are free ;-)05:42
Jordan_Ugenii, Danish989 If you are using grub and you remove your Ubuntu partition grub will no longer work, even to boot another OS05:42
DBautellelphias, multilib05:42
kelvin911what if for some reason grub is gone, how to fix it?05:42
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ i think you have a problem i used to have a long time ago.. when fonts and windows were ugly as hell within wine apps...05:42
elphiasDBautell: what is the command for that or just search synaptic?05:42
DBautellelphias, one second05:42
geniiJordan_U: Actually, yes if he used / for /boot that is correct05:42
kelvin911like if i can only boot in winxp how to fix the boot so i can choose the bootup screen again?05:42
SeaPhorcalc: im in rosenberg!05:42
Jordan_Ugenii, That is the default configuration in Ubuntu05:43
dmsupermanLiMaO, yeah, but that's only a minor problem. the main problem was that uTorrent, designed for use in Wine, wouldn't even work well, so I'm just avoiding it05:43
dmsupermanLiMaO, I've found plenty of good alternatives anyway05:43
calcSeaPhor: ah cool, i'm near willowbrook05:43
goldsniperanyone? any ideas why i can connect to 'G' wifi AP but can not to 'B' wifi AP?05:43
jwoah12So I only made changes to the touchpad section of xorg.conf, and then did ctrl alt backspace, and not its running in low graphics mode and can't detect my display05:43
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ dude, uTorrent works perfectly in here.. better than Transmission05:43
dmsupermanLiMaO, KTorrent is a decent alternative to uTorrent, and Kate is an even better alternative to Notepad++05:43
Peddyddif: not there, any other suggestions?05:43
Jordan_U!grub | kelvin91105:43
ubotukelvin911: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:43
calci was in Prague for the GoOOCon meeting05:43
dmsupermanLiMaO, no clue why I don't then :s05:43
DBautellelphias, looks like apt-get multilib, but it's been a while since I set mine up05:43
Danish989jordan_u so I will be stuck without an operating system booting?05:43
SeaPhorcalc: no idea, lol- just moved here05:43
calcSeaPhor: do you know where I-45 and FM1960 is?05:44
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ let me show you a screenshot, just a second05:44
geniiDanish989: To replace the grub boot manager, it needs to be overwritten with a new Windows one. This is done as previously explained by booting to Windows CD, selecting Recovery Console and then issuing the commands fixboot and fixmbr.05:44
Jordan_UDanish989, If you do not make another /boot partition or install another bootloader, yes05:44
calcSeaPhor: north of downtown05:44
kelvin911when u do sudo grub in liveCd whats the password?05:44
SeaPhorcalc: yep i work at HP05:44
dmsupermanLiMaO, it's not looks. a lot of buttons are unresponsive until i click twice05:44
Jordan_Ukelvin911, It shouldn't ask for a password05:44
elphiasnope v.v05:44
Danish989ok so do I first fix the boot problem or format the partition?05:44
calcSeaPhor: ah i used to work for HP, so i probably live about 5mi from where you work05:44
geniikelvin911: There isn't one05:44
calcSeaPhor: if you work off of SH24905:45
dmsupermanLiMaO, I'll take a look though, where's the compatability list for wine? I'm not seeing it right on the front of the site05:45
elphiasgoggleng the issue i came acrost something that requires your to force05:45
Jordan_UDanish989, What problem are you having exactly?05:45
kelvin911hey i have a question is it good idea to have root password and my normal user password the same?05:45
elphiasthat dosen't sound right to me...why should you have to -force something to work? o.o05:45
SeaPhorcalc: yep just before louetta05:45
Danish989when I start my computer, Grub starts loading stage 1.5 and then it gets an Error 2205:45
elphiasthere has to be a way to get 32bit apps to work in 64bit ubuntu05:45
Danish989and after that , nothing happens at all ..05:45
Jordan_Ukelvin911, You should not have a root password, just use sudo05:45
calcSeaPhor: i worked there until ~ june 2007 when i started working for Canonical05:45
dmsupermankelvin911, you don't really have a root password05:45
kelvin911i mean in ubuntu now liveCD05:45
calcSeaPhor: looks like a really long drive from rosenberg though05:45
dmsupermankelvin911, same thing05:46
SeaPhorcalc: any chance you're hiring?05:46
Jordan_U!root | kelvin91105:46
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ http://appdb.winehq.org/05:46
ubotukelvin911: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:46
dmsupermankelvin911, still, just use sudo, and you don't ever really need root05:46
calcSeaPhor: they always are :) http://www.ubuntu.com/employment05:46
kelvin911i think i did set a password for root05:46
calcSeaPhor: most positions are work from home05:46
SeaPhorcalc: yes, it is for the lousy amount that the recruiter is paying05:46
kelvin911for some reason i set a password for root05:46
DBautellelphias, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AMD64/FirefoxAndPlugins#head-80c70f72e09f16a22241fdfa70c2cb373ee48d7005:47
dmsupermanLiMaO, yeh, none of the games I want are suppored by wine05:47
DBautellit ia32-libs and such05:47
timsandtomsIs there a way to automatically remove a phrase from the filenames of a big group of files? Say, getting rid of the D20 from the beginning my .pdfs in my D&D folder?05:47
Danish989jordan_u do I format the ubuntu partition first or fix the booting problem?05:47
=== elphias is now known as cute_bettong
AliRezaTaleghanihello,  i have assined an alias , on my NIC, but the "Firestarter" don't detect it!  what should i do05:48
dmsupermanah, nvm05:48
dmsupermanit has supcom05:48
trollboyI'm mounting a share as ssh:// in nautilus, is there any media players that can see that?05:48
trollboyExaile doesn't see it05:48
dmsupermanLiMaO, it has guitar hero, not even cedega has that :D05:48
* gkg like siftin.com05:48
DBautellI'm probably remembering multilib from when I had time for gentoo05:48
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> assigned an alias to your nic? how?05:48
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ http://img236.imageshack.us/img236/1561/screenshotxs0.png05:49
Danish989dmsuperman, a little help please? do I format the ubuntu partition first or fix the booting problem?05:49
dmsupermanLiMaO, nevermind, everybody is saying it doesn't work05:49
dmsupermanDanish989, format, then fix05:49
kelvin911anyone heard of E/OS?05:49
dmsupermanLiMaO, yeah, like i said it's a problem with responsiveness of the interface05:50
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ what version of ubuntu are you running?05:50
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: as a second IP adress! yep it is possible  "sudo ifconfig eth0:0 up"05:50
jwoah12Ubuntu is running in low graphics mode and can't detect my display correctly, how can I fix this?05:50
dmsupermanLiMaO, gutsy05:50
supriejwoah12, try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:50
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto05:51
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> and what is the problem?05:51
jmpespxoreaxthis is an mdadm question - I absentmindedly tried to execute 'mkfs.ext2' while the array was building, but quickly terminated mkfs when it started to write the inode tables. am I screwed? should I overwrite the hard drives with zeros and try mdadm --create again?05:51
brunotorresHi all, I've installed the ATI drivers on my gutsy installation. I use two monitors, one 19in wide and the other is 17, both LCD. The first one is 1440x900 and the other is 1280x1024. They're working fine, except for I can't initialize compiz. Could anyone help me with this?05:51
dmsupermanLiMaO, yeah, none of the games are really playable. the games i usually play are barely even playable in windows as it is, haha05:51
DBautellcute_bettong, did you catch that link?05:52
kelvin911dmsuperman: what games are they?05:52
kelvin911old dos games?05:52
amenadojmpespxoreax-> seems to make sense, restart over05:52
sudobashis there a way to mount fatx partitions in ubuntu 7.10... I will have to upgrade the mount binary correct?05:52
kernfreakbrunotorres , install xgl05:52
cute_bettongdbautell yes i did thank you05:52
kelvin911i wonder if i can play rollercoaster in ubuntu with wine05:52
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: now, i want to share internet, on that , but the firestater don't show it,   i can use iptable , but want run it with firestater!   ((i did it one time before))05:52
DBautellno problem05:52
dmsupermankelvin911, haha, no. Guitar Hero III, Supreme Commander, Crysis, and Assassin's Creed05:52
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ lol.. guess you'll have to live with windows for a while then =P05:52
jmpespxoreaxamenado: ok thanks05:52
dmsupermanLiMaO, like I said, it's really no big deal to dual boot.05:52
kelvin911dmsuperman: never heard of those games05:53
kernfreakbrunotorres , install xgl, and compiz manager, and it should work05:53
dmsupermankelvin911, _really_?05:53
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> what is the ip address of the parent interface?05:53
dmsupermankelvin911, they're all very popular games05:53
brunotorresxserver-xgl? (sorry if it's a stupid question)05:53
=== mm__202 is now known as mm_202
kelvin911i am still playing et regularly05:53
brunotorresok, i'm gonna try05:53
AliRezaTaleghanii now they are not in the same rang!05:53
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ do you have the guitar?05:54
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> and the alias ip address?05:54
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: 85.198.48.XX i now they are not in the same rang!05:54
Calicoanyone have a solution for the HDC drive not ready for command error I'm getting when I try to boot the live cd?05:54
sudobashhow do you add filetypes to mount?05:54
sudobashlike fatx05:54
dmsupermanLiMaO, of course ;)05:54
kindofabuzzsudobash, man mount05:54
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> can you paste your  sudo iptables -n -vL ?05:55
kelvin911anyone plays winning eleven here?05:55
kelvin911or pro evolution soccer thats how they call it in europe05:55
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ i've tried that game on the ps2 once.. no guitar, on the gamepad.. and it was just impossible.. but i have dance dance revolution supernova 2 and two dancing mats.. my wife and i really enjoy jumping on that thing05:56
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63142/05:56
kelvin911still playing dancing game?05:57
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: it dose not have any rule, cos firestarter dosn't detect my alias now!05:57
kelvin911that was like 10 years ago05:57
LiMaOkelvin911 ➡ it's still lots of fun =D05:57
sudobashkindofabuzz fatx is not a standard fs.... ubuntu mount doesnt support it is there a way to change that?05:57
dmsupermanLiMaO, meh, it's no where near as fun on the controller. the guitar is _so_ much fun though. Until I removed windows, I played at least once a day05:57
Calicono love on my error question?05:58
CalicoHDC drive not ready for command05:58
LiMaOkelvin911 ➡ i just didn't buy an xbox 360 yet because i couldn't find dance mats for it05:58
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> what do want done? share the connection? what ip address domain will your client sharing this will have?05:59
dmsupermanLiMaO, sweet, Frets on Fire is for Linux05:59
dmsupermanLiMaO, it's a freeware alternative to guitar hero :D05:59
shadow420I found this grub4dos how good is this05:59
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: they will be in the range of 192.168.1.X05:59
LiMaOdmsuperman ➡ you see.. i can bet you'll leave that dual boot thing in a while ;)06:00
spellingeveryone leave ubuntu for fedora. it is the shit. excuse me but how do i install mp3 support in fedora and amarok? thank you06:00
kelvin911is fedora good?06:00
CalicoWell, atleast fedora installs...06:01
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> okay,  cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward  and let me know the result06:01
spellingkelvin911 trust me it is easy and best06:01
dmsupermanit's always been good06:01
dmsupermanbut it's a bit harder to manage06:01
kelvin911which distro has the most users?06:01
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: it is equal to 106:01
kelvin911i wonder06:01
geniikelvin911: According to distrowatch it's this distribution06:01
nickruddistro wars are totally offtopic ;)06:02
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> do you have a client now? can they ping your
=== gaurdro is now known as gaurdro|away
geniinickrud: Yes I agree06:02
dmsupermannickrud, we haven't been ontopic for about an hour06:02
Odd-rationalekelvin911: checking the number of people in respective channels (#ubuntu and #fedora) will give you a slight idea...06:02
nickruddmsuperman you sorta tried, once ;p06:02
newbieuuHey, i installed nVidia drivers , now when i try to change the "visual effects" custom , i get the error message "desktop effects could not be enabled"06:02
dmsupermannickrud, i know, but suddenly nobody could hear me when i said we should get on topic haha06:02
kelvin911fedora is seocnd most popular?06:03
=== gaurdro|away is now known as gaurdro
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: yep, i am useing it, not just ping , :)  but SSH samba filehsare , all them are Okey06:03
kelvin911what about red hat, mandrake?06:03
Odd-rationaleIt is all about choice.06:03
kelvin911are they dead?06:03
rockysynerg1Right now on my laptop, I installed ubuntu 7.10. Because my bank only support Windows IE. I do not want to install Ubuntu again, Is that doable I install IE as the secondary OS?06:03
dmsupermanOdd-rationale, exactly right06:03
dmsupermankelvin911, none of them are dead06:03
dmsupermankelvin911, it's not a battle like windows06:03
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> whats the content of  /etc/resolv.conf of those client?06:03
dmsupermankelvin911, if you make a distro that even a single person likes, you've succeeded06:03
goldsnipe1why im signed out just now?06:03
dmsupermankelvin911, it's about customizing to your own likes, rather than following the crowd06:03
brunotorreskernfreak, I installed both xgl and compiz manager and now compiz works, but on the second monitor I have just a blank screen. I can see the mouse pointer on it if I move it there, but nothing else06:04
nickrudrockysynerg1 not sure what you're asking, you want to keep ubuntu and install windows again?06:04
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: i use OpenDNS (
Odd-rationalekelvin911: my suggestion is to try a distro that seems to interest you. You will learn a lot. Decide for yourself. don't just listen to anyone who says that one distro is the best06:04
dmsupermanbrunotorres, can you move windows over there? perhaps you just have a black wallpaper06:04
brunotorresI also don't have two monitors on system -> preferences -> screen resolution06:04
Odd-rationalekelvin911: hint: virtualbox helps too...06:04
rockysynerg1nickrud: you are right.06:04
kelvin911i try mandrake 3 years ago, didnt like it06:04
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> the client can ping that address ?06:04
kelvin911now i try ubuntu, wow its so nice06:04
newbieuucan someone please help me ?06:05
kelvin911maybe i am lazy i dont wanna type so many commands and ubuntu is for dummy like me06:05
dmsupermankelvin911, yeah...i'll agree there. generally, no distro is "bad" but i _really_ didn't like mandrake/mandriva06:05
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: no :) this is the problme06:05
nickrudrockysynerg1 you can make some space on the drive with gparted , and then install windows there. You'll have to fix grub, see the next link for a howto06:05
supriehow to set mode master on atheros based chipset06:05
brunotorresdmsuperman no. If i move a window to the right it appears just at the left on the same monitor06:05
nickrud!grub | rockysynerg106:05
uboturockysynerg1: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:05
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> now can you paste the result of  route -n   of this client?06:05
kelvin911anyone try E/OS?06:05
kelvin911it said it can run any system apps on it.06:06
brunotorresi didn't change anything on xorg.conf06:06
nickrud!ask | newbieuu06:06
ubotunewbieuu: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:06
dmsupermanyou guys have kept me from finishing my work for hours now, i'm leaving you :P06:06
CalicoI like Gentoo's package management, like to try Ubuntu, but apparently it hates my computer06:06
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: 1 minute :) yep06:06
geniisuprie: man iwconfig06:06
brunotorresshould I?06:06
suprielike this ? sudo iwconfig ath0 mode master06:06
suprieit said, invalid argument06:07
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63143/06:07
nickrudnewbieuu if you've already asked and not got an answer, repeat the complete question about every 4-5 minutes, someone will probably come in that knows the answer06:07
=== dmsuperman is now known as dmsuperman[sleep
=== dmsuperman[sleep is now known as dmsuperman[afk]
goldsnipe1anyone, please help, i need to connect to wifi access point. I can connect at home... a ' G' wifi router, but can't connect to 'B' wifi router06:07
dmsuperman[afk]stupid nick length limit06:07
kelvin911hello?  i guess no one knows E/OS here?06:07
dmsuperman[afk]!patience | kelvin91106:07
ubotukelvin911: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:07
=== arturo is now known as arturo__
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> well for one, if the clients are going to use your eth0:0  then their gateway must be not
newbieuu, i installed nVidia drivers , now when i try to change the "visual effects" custom , i get the error message "desktop effects could not be enabled" . before i was getting all the effects except the cube06:08
SteelemaxI always hated weddings because all the grandmas would always poke me and say "You're next". They stopped when I started doing it to them at funerals.06:08
rockysynerg1nickrud & ubotu: Thank you for your help!06:09
Steelemaxthat was random06:09
Steelemaxpenis kissing a butterfly with bitchtits06:09
brunotorresthe cursor I see on the second monitor is that one that looks like an X, as if there's no window manager running06:09
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: :) yep, sorry cos, it was my wrong at first reply,   1.1 is my DSL modem, whith is now just a bridge,  1.2 is the NAT server i have :)06:09
nickrud!language | Steelemax06:09
ubotuSteelemax: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:09
bazhang_Steelemax: please stop06:09
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> can you translate that to real address, i dont want to guess wrong info06:10
CalicoAny attempts to boot Ubuntu installation media, result in a soft lock, the message "HDC drive not ready for command" being spammed at me, and a drop into a very basic shell, any help or suggestions would be lovely06:10
=== arooni_ is now known as arooni-mobile
goldsnipe1anyone, please help, i need to connect to wifi access point. I can connect at home... a ' G' wifi router, but can't connect to 'B' wifi router06:11
evilbugwould there be any side-effect if i try to install the newest graphics driver for my geforce 4 mx?06:11
bazhang_Calico: this is all media? the live cd, alternate cd, minimal cd, wubi, unetbootin etc06:11
goldsnipe1im using network manager06:11
nickrudCalico boot the disk, hit F6 and try some of those kernel options it lists, start with all_ide_generic (or the one similar)06:11
dmsuperman[afk]guys, what's the default permissions on /usr/share?06:11
Calicook, I'll try it, I've tried noprobe, nodma, cdrom, etc for hdc but no dice so far06:12
nickruddmsuperman[afk]   755 , owned by root:root06:12
dmsuperman[afk]nickrud, thanks :D06:12
bazhang_goldsnipe1: is this B an open wifi spot? wep/wpa/wpa2 or what06:12
=== \etc\bin is now known as elmer
goldsnipe1bazhang_ --> yes it is, no wep, so do the G06:13
=== elmer is now known as e1mer
goldsnipe1bazhang_ --> open wifi06:13
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: OKey?!06:13
bazhang_goldsnipe1: open up a terminal and try sudo dhclient (interfacenamehere)06:13
=== dmsuperman[afk] is now known as dmsuperman
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> can you translate that to real address, i dont want to guess wrong info..what is the ip addreses?06:14
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: i give u my real adress, on PM06:14
=== uki is now known as Cw_Cute
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: didn't u saw?06:14
kelvin911what is nautilus?06:14
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> i can not accept pm's06:14
evilbugdisplay manager06:14
=== Cw_Cute is now known as Cw_cute
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: OK, w806:15
Danish989dmsuperman, can you tell me one last time how you fixed your problem? because I think we're having the same thing, I need to experiment with different numbers like you did and try that before I completely wipe out ubuntu06:15
bazhang_kelvin911: file manager06:15
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> so nope i have not seen it..just paste it in pastebin06:15
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63144/06:15
kelvin911how to make the new open windows not opening at the bottom of the screen?06:15
brunotorreswell, it seems pretty difficult. I didn't find an answer for that anywhere06:15
bazhang_kelvin911: this is using compiz?06:16
kelvin911because i am running awn dock, sometimes the OK, Canel button is block by the dock06:16
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> and the  85.198.48.x is on eth0  ?06:16
bazhang_Steelemax: please take it elsewhere thanks06:16
kelvin911yes i am using compiz06:16
kelvin911and awn'06:16
=== Cw_cute is now known as Cw_Cute
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: yep06:16
Steelemaxbazhang, what did i do06:16
bazhang_kelvin911: there should be a setting for that in ccsm06:16
Steelemaxi said "test"06:17
bazhang_!ot | Steelemax06:17
ubotuSteelemax: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:17
kelvin911whats ccsm?06:17
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> try this  sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE06:17
bazhang_advanced desktop effects/settings manager kelvin91106:17
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> then ping www.yahoo.com from your client06:17
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: :D06:18
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> result?06:18
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: :D :D :D , i don't know, how it get work06:18
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: :-*06:18
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> responding?06:19
AliRezaTaleghanithis is the last job i did,   yep let me say06:19
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado:         name Ethernet alias LAN card06:19
kelvin911bazhang: i cant find it06:20
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> come again? what does that mean?06:20
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado:this is the last thing i add to my interface config, and restart network, :)06:20
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: i mean, is this line important on "/etc/network/interfaces"  cos i dodn't use it befor!06:20
=== ddif is now known as icesword
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> i still did not get a confirmation, you were able to ping www.yahoo.com from client?06:21
bazhangkelvin911: advanced desktop effects settings? should be in your menu there--poke around a bit, unless you do not have it installed that is06:21
gideanppoe problem....modem was set to pppoa06:21
gideanthanks very very much to all who helped!!!!!!!!!06:21
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: yep ,  all are okey, ping ing, and surffing the web :)06:21
bazhangif not kelvin911 then sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager06:22
kelvin911bazhang: but which one will cahnge that setting?06:22
kelvin911bazhang: i have compiz installed06:22
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: tnx, for ur help  :-*06:22
amenadoAliRezaTaleghani-> okay..you're welcome..06:22
kelvin911bazhang: but which one will make new open window not stick to the bottom?06:22
bazhangkelvin911: best bet is to ask in #compiz-fusion06:22
AliRezaTaleghaniamenado: :) tnx06:22
kelvin911i ask but people there dotn help06:23
fortruthhi, gays. I meet a problem in synaptic:when i open it with non-su,it can search directly,but when with su, it doesn't work. can any one know how fix it.06:24
bazhangfortruth: best to use sudo and not su; also apt-cache search in the terminal is more efficient--with gui apps use gksudo as well06:25
gaurdrofortruth,  synaptic requires root priviledges to install packages.06:25
gaurdrorun it as root06:25
FlabobI need a little help06:26
=== AlleeX is now known as iadu
fortruthyes ,i know! to install need root, but in root it can't locate the package when i press key06:26
bazhangfortruth: what package06:27
nickrudfortruth    try:   gksu synaptic06:27
fortruthbut in non-root it can locate.!06:27
fortruthgksu synapic the same to any root synaptic.!06:28
bazhangfortruth: what package06:28
xpointfortruth, /usr/sbin/synaptic06:28
iadu /msg NickServ IDENTIFY roxana06:28
bazhangiadu: best to leave no space before /06:28
fortruthwhat i means when i press s,  it don't locate at the s***** packages06:28
* nickrud runs to reidentify06:28
meatpuppetDo I need a special kernel to take advantage of my core 2 duo quad core processor?06:29
jefffromhellwhat is the command that opens a gui version of sudo?06:29
FlabobOh, nevermind, restarting fixed it06:29
=== acke_n is now known as acke
bazhangmeatpuppet: the generic will do06:29
meatpuppetok bazhang , thank you06:29
xpointiadu, thanks for the password in public :-)06:30
bazhangfortruth: if you give a sensical answer then folks can help: what package please06:30
nickrudfortruth you mean, when you don't run as root, when you press 's' it jumps to packages that start with s ? It doesn't do that here in either06:30
bazhangjefffromhell: I think you mean gksu/gksudo06:31
fortruthbazhang: any package else! synaptic don't lcoate at root.06:31
jefffromhellthanks bazhang06:31
bazhangfortruth: give me an example package06:31
fortruth<nickrud> yes ,that 's  my means.!06:31
jefffromhellcan i put that in front of an applications launch command so that it will ask fro the pass when i launch it?06:32
levanderhas arstechnica.com stopped responding for everyone, or just me?06:32
bazhangjefffromhell: yes for gui apps06:32
bazhangnp ;]06:32
levandercan someone check, i've been wondering if i have problems with my local network config06:32
ubutomlevander, its dead for me too06:33
jefffromhellbazhang, for example gksudo virtualbox is all i need?06:33
levanderubutom: cool thanks06:33
bazhangjefffromhell: no need to run virtual box as anything other than user if I recall correctly06:33
bidgethey can anyone give me a hand with some wine games?06:33
bidgetI've got starcraft installed and Im just wondering how I would run it in a window06:34
levanderubutom: That happens to me with Ars.  I'll be in the middle of reading something I clicked on a couple of minutes ago.  Then I'll click on another link which won't come up.  About five minutes later Ars starts responding again.  But, apparently it's a server issue and has nothing to do with my machine.06:34
corrosioneso far so good..no crashing or freezes06:34
jefffromhellbazhang, everytime i try to run it as user, i tells me i dont have acess to the virtual box kernel or something06:34
ubutomlevander, i just pinged it and got no response06:35
robbysmithi am seeking help with mythtv06:35
bazhangjefffromhell: then you need to install it I believe06:35
robbysmithon mythbuntu06:35
bidgetanybody know how to make a wine app run in a window?06:35
bazhang#ubuntu-mythtv would be the best bet robbysmith06:35
levanderubutom: Yeah, thanks for checking.  I'm sure it's just the server.  I'm starting to think I'm imagining my network problems and have just been using several servers lately that are having problems.06:35
jefffromhellbazhang, shouldnt it be installed since i install virtualbox06:36
bidgetanybody know how to make a wine app run in a window?06:36
levanderbidget: That's the normal way wine runs apps.06:36
bazhangjefffromhell: that would be logical yes, not sure that it is though06:36
bidgetall of the stuff Ive installed runs fullscreen06:36
jefffromhelli mean, with sudo, it does work06:36
ubutomlevander, I know that problem, the first thing one thinks about is: "aaah, my network is broken again..." ;-)06:36
fortruthbazhang: sorry, may be i have wrong diecribe. no any package have wrong. just the synaptic doesn't jump the the packages start with which i press06:37
bullgard4What is the service that provides the GNOME 'Service' System > Administration > Services > (Service Settings) > 'Audio settings management (alsa-utils)'?06:37
bazhangfortruth: sounds like you want some function that does not exist in synaptic06:37
levanderbidget: I've only done it one time.  But, all I did was "wine install.exe" and then "win appname.exe" and I got the appname program up in a window on my Ubuntu desktop.06:37
bidgetI see06:37
bidgetI'll see if google has the answer :D06:38
bidgetthanks though06:38
levanderbullgard4: Go into System -> Preferences -> Main Menu and see what program that menu item launches.  Then "dpkg -S <full path to program>".  That's what I do.06:38
fortruthit's not new function what i want. may be mistake of synaptic06:38
fortruthbazhang is a android?06:39
bazhanggood luck with your issue fortruth06:39
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
timsandtomsIs there a way to automatically remove a phrase from the filenames of a big group of files? I have a bunch of files named D20_Blahblahblah.pdf, I wanna remove the D20.06:43
amenadouse sed06:43
timsandtomsamenado: Was that directed at me?06:44
* iadu bye all06:45
Danish989I'm trying to use grub-install on a disk, but it says permission denied, can anyone tell me what the problem is?06:45
bullgard4levander: I have done "System -> Preferences -> Main Menu" The Main Menu opened. I do not understand what do you mean by "and see what program that menu item launches." Simply calling the Main Menu does not launch any other program. Please explain.06:45
patrickvawell i installed ubuntu, but i think I installed GRUB on the wrong partition06:46
timsandtomsamenado: What's sed? Is it something Ubuntu comes with, or do I hafta go install it?06:46
patrickvaI get Error 206:46
amenadoDanish989-> are you root?06:46
MoLE_Danish989: are you running grub-install as root?06:46
patrickvaWhich partition does GRUB go on?06:46
Danish989amenado: how do I find that out?06:46
amenadotimsandtoms-> its installed06:46
Danish989amenado: Im on the liveCD06:46
akatsukihello, i just buy a lcd monitor.. .and i want to use with my laptop.. i buy a vga cable and i cant see any image of ubuntu!06:46
amenadoDanish989-> is your prompt ending in #  ?06:46
akatsukican someone help me please06:46
shadow420patrickva depends on what are u trying to do06:46
timsandtomsamenado: How do I use it?06:46
patrickvaI'm trying to boot into Ubuntu06:47
patrickvaWhat else?06:47
amenadoDanish989-> sudo -s06:47
bazhangakatsuki: you hot plugged it or started up with it?06:47
MoLE_Danish989: you need to preface the grub-install command with sudo06:47
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.06:47
=== bbuuzz is now known as buzzsaw
ubutompatrickva, do you have an usb-disk attached?06:47
akatsukibazhang i start it with06:47
patrickvaI made a swap partition, root partition, and a boot partition i guess?06:47
patrickvaI do actually06:47
ubutomremove it06:47
shadow420patrickva GRUB needs a home are you going to install it to the MBR or what06:47
amenadotimsandtoms-> write a for loop and inside you replace D20_ with blank06:48
patrickvaUh, I dont thikn I can06:48
patrickvaCause it wanted to wrtie GRUB to the Windows hard drive06:48
patrickvaI'm using 2 hard drives06:48
bidgetis anyone in here using xchat-gnome?06:48
mrpocketsso cry about it06:48
patrickvaI didnt think that was the right drive06:48
bazhangakatsuki: can your card handle it? do you have your lcd properly connected? have you checked the monitor/display preferences in ubuntu?06:48
ubutompatrickva, when i leave my usb hd attached, grub gives me an error too, because i think it tries to boot from the usb hd06:48
mrpocketsbidget, i am06:48
patrickvaAh ok06:48
patrickvaWEll I'll try that06:48
bidgetmrpockets: how do i connect to 2 networks at once?06:49
patrickvaBut which partition is it supposed to be installed to?06:49
patrickvaDoes anyone know?06:49
mrpocketsbidget,  XChat > New > Server tab06:49
akatsukii had not.. how can i check the monitor display preferences in ubuntu?06:49
shadow420patrickva well if you have a floppy disk I would try making a grub boot disk06:49
ubutomprimary hard disk partition normally paradon06:49
bidgetmrpockets: thanks man06:49
timsandtomsamenado: I really dont know much about Linux... How do I do that? :(06:49
ubutompatrickva, sry06:49
kexp903I'm currently having some problems with Usplash06:49
patrickvaThe boot, root or swap?06:49
geniipatrickva: as ubutom says, the MBR of the pimary hard drive.06:49
bidgetmrpockets: ehh... wait a sec... where sis the XChat button???06:49
patrickvauh okay06:49
patrickvaIs the MBR the boot partition?06:50
patrickvaYeah thanks kex06:50
mrpocketsupper toolbar, far left06:50
amenadotimsandtoms-> well you have to learn how to write a script, or else do it one a time to remove that D20_ infront06:50
mrpocketswhat version you running?06:50
geniipatrickva: Yes, MBR= Master boot record.06:50
bidgetmrpockets: ummm... 0.1806:50
patrickvaI know that..06:50
timsandtomsamenado: Ah, dang... It'll probably just be quicker to rename em all individually. Thanks for the help06:50
geniipatrickva: From ubuntu the drive is normally called sda06:50
mrpocketsyou should upgrade...06:50
mrpocketsa year ago06:50
amenadotimsandtoms-> that the same in windows, writing a script to automate things you'd like done06:50
bidgetmrpockets: my bar at the top shows: IRC, Edit, Network, Discussion, Go, Help06:50
bullgard4What is the service that provides the GNOME 'Service' System > Administration > Services > (Service Settings) > 'Audio settings management (alsa-utils)'?06:51
geniipatrickva: On some linux the drive will be hda     but they are same thing06:51
bidgetmrpockets: oh where do i upgrade? I figured if it was an old version it would update automatically06:51
bullgard4bidget: There is a difference between 'update' and 'upgrade'.06:52
bidgetmrpockets: I went to the website and 0.18 is the newest version lol06:52
evilbugwhen the stable 8.04 comes out how would it be better to upgrade: fresh install or through update manager?06:52
geniipatrickva: The important thing to remember is don't put it on a subpartition like sda1 or such. Just sda06:52
bidgetbullgard4: oh... I see...06:52
bidgetbut upgrade to what?06:52
bidgetis xchat-gnome a shitty irc client?06:52
bazhangevilbug your choice ask the folks in #ubuntu+1 for more opinions ;]06:52
shadow420patrickva well right now windows has first rights to boot first but when we install grub to the MBR or the master HD grub will run then you can chainload windows06:52
bazhanglanguage please bidget06:52
evilbugbazhang- thanks.06:52
bidgetoh sorry06:53
evilbugbidget- i like xchat.06:53
mrpocketsi like it ALSO06:53
* buzzsaw likes xchat too06:53
bullgard4bidget: I will refrain to talk to you if you are using street language as 'shitty'.06:53
evilbugbidget- i use xchat aqua on OSX.06:53
bidgethmm I see06:53
shadow420patrickva it's alot of techno lingo sorry06:53
bidgetIm using ubuntu though, not osx lol06:53
evilbugit's the same program...06:53
buzzsawme too :-)     xchat aqua for os x is nice      however i wish it did spellcheck :-)06:54
evilbugand i like the gnome/windows interface more than the osx one.06:54
seanieb64buzzsaw, I use colloquy06:54
evilbugit does.06:54
seanieb64I kinda like it...06:54
buzzsawi cant get it to work :)06:54
bidgetwould xchat aqua be in the package manager thing?06:54
evilbugbuzzsaw you just have to set it for spellcheck.06:54
shadow420I use mIRC on windows and Xchat on Ubuntu06:54
seanieb64thought this was the mac chat, sorries06:54
bidgetyeah xchat was a little complicated so I got xchat-gnome instead06:54
seanieb64or BitchX if you wanna use the command line06:55
evilbugbidget- package manager?06:55
bidgetyeah isnt that what its called evilbug06:55
bidgetohh no wait I had bitchx before but that was the command line one so I ditched that and got xchat-gnome06:55
evilbugbidget- i installed mine via terminal.06:55
bidgetevilbug: what do I have to type?06:56
evilbugbuzzsaw- you want to enable spellcheck in xchat?06:56
shadow420evilbug bidget you mean synaptic?06:56
buzzsawyes :-)06:56
bazhangirssi is worth a look as well06:56
bidgetsynaptic package manager yes06:56
evilbugbidget- i mean apt-get.i used> sudo apt-get install xchat06:56
shadow420evilbug thats correct06:56
evilbugbuzzsaw- go to Preferences>Input Box>Enable Spellcheck06:57
bidgetis it command line based06:57
bidgetcause Im not so.. fluent...06:57
evilbugbidget- no,it has an interface.06:57
bidgetoh right on06:57
bidgetok well I just installed it so hold on I'll exit this one06:57
=== ePax is now known as epax
evilbugbuzzsaw- did you get it?06:58
evilbugInput Box is under Interface06:58
buzzsawah it does work06:59
evilbugtold ya.06:59
=== bidget_ is now known as Bidget
evilbugBidget- welcome back.06:59
pclynchcan i create a "sleep timer" for shutdown/hibernate options?06:59
dmsupermancan anybody hear me?06:59
pclynchdmsuperman... yes06:59
evilbugdmsuperman- "hear" you? :)07:00
Bidgetalrighty so.... what do I have to do to get onto another server? xchat->new->server tab?07:00
kalowanyone here ????07:00
dmsupermanpclynch, well it just said network manager encountered an error and couldn't continue, i was wondering it disconnected me07:00
kalowI would like to fuck a woman up her pussy07:00
evilbugBidget- you can have it connect to servers on startup.07:00
kalowany women in here?07:00
kalowI wanna fuck a woman07:00
stdin!ops | kalow07:01
Bidgetthats great man07:01
ubotukalow: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpatrick or jussi01!07:01
Bidgetok so...07:01
dmsupermani don't see how that was offtopic07:01
pclynchcan i create a "sleep timer" for shutdown/hibernate options?07:01
evilbugBidget- are you ubuntu-only?07:02
buzzsawi think it was just a bit off topic07:02
Bidgetevilbug, what do I have to do to get it to connect on startup?07:02
mrpocketspclynch, kalarm07:02
Bidgetevilbug, I have ubuntu and windows xp on this machine07:02
dmsupermanonly in #ubuntu...people are here asking questions for 10 minutes and get no response. one guy start spamming, then 3 people jump on it :P07:02
evilbugBidget- don't remember,haven't had to mess with it in months.let me see if i can figure that out.07:02
pclynchmrpockets : what is kalarm?07:02
Bidgetevilbug, ok07:02
Bidgetevilbug, I'll see if I can find out where to go too haha07:02
=== TheFrugalGeek is now known as MattRyam
evilbuggo to Server List07:03
evilbugFile>Server List that's what it is for me.07:03
UbuntuNewBieHelp me07:03
mrpocketspclynch, disregard. I'm baked...07:03
UbuntuNewBieIm new on Ubuntu07:03
pokerfacepenguinpclynch: you can pass parameters to the shutdown command as well07:03
evilbugi'm in osx btw...07:03
UbuntuNewBieI was install OS Ubuntu07:03
dmsupermanevilbug, i'm so sorry.07:03
UbuntuNewBieI want to install Cpanel hosting on Ubuntu07:03
dmsupermanevilbug, did you lose a bet?07:03
UbuntuNewBieWho can help me to install...07:03
Bidgetevilbug, well it should be pretty similar though it's the same program right07:03
buzzsawevilbug thanks i just never was able to get it to work before dont know why07:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cpanel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:03
pclynchpokerfacepenguin : how and what would that do?07:03
evilbugdmsuperman- what are you talking about?07:04
=== MattRyam is now known as MattRyan
dmsupermanUbuntuNewBie, try cPanel's website07:04
evilbugbuzzsaw- no worries.07:04
pokerfacepenguinpclynch: the sudo shutdown -r now shuts your computer down now....you can pass different parameters to shut down at a certain time, etc07:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cpanel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:04
evilbugBidget- yes,similar.07:04
pokerfacepenguinpclynch: i guess i should say that restarts it07:04
pokerfacepenguinpclynch: sudo shutdown -h now halts it07:05
buzzsawnow if getting my masquerading to work was that easy :-) i would be set ;-)07:05
evilbugbuzzsaw- :)07:05
evilbugBidget- still there?07:05
Bidgetevilbug, yep07:05
UbuntuNewBieThank u anyway07:05
bazhangdmsuperman: people give answers if they know them; as far as 'spam' this a family channel and that talk is never welcome here07:05
BidgetUbuntuNewBie, I would help you but I am quite new as well07:05
newbieuui installed nVidia drivers , now when i try to change the "visual effects" custom , i get the error message "desktop effects could not be enabled" . before i was getting all the effects except the cube . Can someone help me ?07:05
evilbugBidget- just highlight a server and click on Show Details.on Connection Options make sure Connect On Startup is checked.07:05
evilbugthat's all you need.07:06
Bidgetevilbug, k we'll see how it goes :D07:06
BailieI am running Ubuntu on VirtualBox in Windows and testing Wine. Ubuntu is kinda slow as compared to Windows *inside* VirtualBox and Wine is superslow. Anything I can do abou it?07:06
evilbugBailie- try it on another machine and NOT in VM07:06
dmsupermanbazhang, what are you on about?07:06
evilbugBailie- if it's still slow,then it'll be slow.07:06
bazhangnewbieuu: what does cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf say the driver is?07:06
dmsupermanbazhang, oh, that like 5 minutes ago07:07
evilbugBailie- what are you trying to run in wine?07:07
Bailieevilbug: I have Windows and Ubuntu INSIDE VM, Windows is faster, why?07:07
dmsupermanbazhang, i was merely making a humorous comment at how everybody jumped at him07:07
dmsupermanbazhang, nothing trying to downplay anybody in here, i've done my fair share of helping myself :s07:07
evilbugBailie- oh...no clue,not good with VM's.07:07
Bidgetalright so anyway... anyone have any experience installing games with wine? I'm having a few performance issues, wondering what I can do to make it better07:07
evilbugBailie- maybe an anomaly.07:07
bullgard4What is the service that provides the GNOME 'Service' System > Administration > Services > (Service Settings) > 'Audio settings management (alsa-utils)'?07:08
dmsupermanevilbug, VirtualBox is so easy, plus seamless integration is great07:08
evilbugBidget- you can't really make Wine faster.07:08
Bidgetevilbug, I was afraid of that07:08
evilbugdmsuperman- i don't like VM,never will.07:08
bazhangBailie: you might consider wubi if you want an easier way of doing that07:08
Bidgetevilbug, it just sucks how on the wine website they list steam as having "platinum compatibility" or whatever, but the games still only run at 20fps hahaha07:08
evilbugBidget- just use windows for gaming,that's what i do.07:08
benanz1When using sudo is there a way to pass the password on the command line rather than interactively?07:08
Flannelbenanz1: No07:09
Bidgetevilbug, yeah, it's looking like thats what I'll have to do07:09
buzzsawi installed ubuntu-server and just did a apt-get install ubuntu-destkop     however i dont want it to auto start x every time how can i disable that?07:09
damo22benanz1: gksudo = gui sudo07:09
BailieI was thinking...in windows I disabled all special effects. And Ubuntu has more effects than windows originally did. Any way to disable ALL those effects?07:09
bazhangBailie: sure set them to none07:09
evilbugBidget- i wish every os would do gaming as well as win,then i could ditch it and be free of dumb issues that not even microsoft can fix or figure out.07:10
Bailiebazhang: Where's that?07:10
Bidgetevilbug, I agree 100% man07:10
benanz1I am writing a GUI app on the iPhone but need to call sudo -- can't figure out how to get the password without supplying it on the command line07:10
bazhangBailie: in appearances07:10
Flannelbenanz1: You need to a) sudo the app, or b) tweak sudoers.  a is probably your better bet I guess.  It really depends on what you're doing.07:11
Flannelbenanz1: Or, prompt the user.07:11
buzzsawjust play linux biased games :-)07:11
evilbugBidget- i love it when i read/ear about microsoft execs having macs and not touching windows,ever.07:11
buzzsawi have been playing crossfire for YEARS and find it great07:11
evilbugbuzzsaw- what's wrong with you???07:11
evilbugbuzzsaw- linux based games??????????????????07:12
buzzsawwhat do you mean whats wrong with me?07:12
benanz1well, can't prompt the user or sudo the app since both require interactively putting in the password and there's not gksudo-like facility for iPhone yet.07:12
evilbugBidget- what steam games do you have?07:12
evilbugbuzzsaw- busting your chops.07:13
tds5016can somoene help me get dual montiors configured?07:13
spellingwhat is a linux distro that is like a game?07:13
* evilbug can't help.07:13
bazhangtds5016: as dualhead or xinerama?07:13
tds5016:-/. no worries.07:13
evilbugspelling- like a game?07:13
buzzsawhum... broken x :-(07:14
tds5016bazhang what's the difference?07:14
troubledcrys about a bitflip bug07:14
Bidgetevilbug, tf2, css, hl2, dod:s07:14
Bidgetevilbug, and all of the older hl1 mods as well07:14
tds5016bazhang, aka, I don't know where to start.07:14
zcat[1]spelling: linuxgames live DVD ?07:14
evilbugBidget- i have all the hl1 stuff,the source games,and the orange box.07:14
bazhangtds5016: one stretches a picture across two monitors; the other has two distinct desktops07:14
kernfreakthere is a distro like a game?07:14
zcat[1]there are a few gamer-oriented distros07:15
Bidgetevilbug, cool07:15
buzzsawi get    errors where encounterd while processing     acpid; acpi-support; powermanagment-interface; ubuntu-desktop :-(07:15
tds5016I am using an ati driver too, btw.07:15
bazhangtds5016: you can /msg ubotu xinerama or /msg ubotu dualhead for more info and links07:15
evilbugspelling- http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/gaming-games-multimedia-entertainment/54309-game-distro-live-cd-w-doom.html07:15
tds5016.msg ubotu xinerama07:15
Joe_CoThey, is there any way to determine the video driver i'm currently using? And no, i don't mean in the xorg.conf. I need to see if it's loading a different driver than it's supposed to07:16
trollboywhat's a good mp3 player for gnome that will see nautilus's ssh:// mounts?07:16
bazhangtds5016: with a / not a .07:16
trollboyrhythmbox won't work07:16
tds5016put that together..07:16
evilbugBidget- how do you like xchat?07:16
tds5016some typos just so happen to make you look dumb :-).07:16
Bidgetevilbug, it's great07:16
Bidgetdefinitely an upgrade from xchat-gnome haha07:17
evilbugtds5016- have you tried xmms?07:17
bazhangspelling: see mib live games distro07:17
tds5016is there a way to configure dual monitors with a gui?07:17
BidgetI just instantly sprung on the one with -gnome cause I knew it would have a gui07:17
BailieWhat is apt-proxy?07:17
tds5016I am just asking, because I am going to be switching to and from dual monitors to only a single monitor often.07:17
evilbugBidget- a console based irc client would be confusin as hell.07:17
spellingzcat[1] where can i find linux games live dvd07:17
ExlaxQuestion from a linux noob, is there any disadvantage to installing KDE on ubuntu instead of installing Kubuntu?07:17
Bidgetevilbug, yeah well I had installed bitchx first but it was completely textbased07:18
bazhangspelling: search for mib live distro--or go to #ubuntu-offtopic thanks07:18
bazhangExlax: well there will be redundant apps of course07:18
ExlaxRedundant apps?07:18
zcat[1]spelling: http://live.linux-gamers.net/07:19
ExlaxThis is all new terminology to me.07:19
bazhangExlax: two apps that do the same thing07:19
evilbugBidget- i prefer a gui on most things.07:19
evilbugBidget- ESPECIALLY on a irc client...07:19
buzzsawgurr time to restart install process :-(07:19
tds5016anyone know if I can have a gui on this?07:19
bazhangtds5016: gui on what?07:20
Bidgetevilbug, yeah it's definitely a lot easier, the command line is ok for some stuff but... not everything haha07:20
=== uki__ is now known as laela_cute
sluimersI have a new monitor (samsung lcdtv LW20M21CP) for my computer and Ubuntu seems to have problems with that as in I can no longer get into gnome.. I'm in the terminal looking at xorg.conf, when I try dpkg-reconfigure I get a error inderting battery /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/drivers/acpi/battery.ko NO SUCH DEVICE error.. what to do?07:20
Exlaxbazhang: if i don't like it, can i remove KDE and the redundant apps without 9 million terminal commands?07:20
=== Adlai_ is now known as Adlai
tds5016bazhang, setting up multiple monitors.07:20
tds5016I don't want to have to reconfigure my xorg.conf every time I want to plug the second monitor in :-)07:21
bazhangExlax: you can /msg ubotu puregnome for the two or so commands you need to do for that07:21
evilbugBidget- how's your full screen video in ubuntu?07:21
Jordan_Usluimers, What command are you running exactly?07:21
bazhangtds5016: did you even read the links?07:21
ExlaxThanks much, bazhang.07:21
tds5016that link?07:21
NeoGeo64hello all i will be upgrading from windows xp to ubuntu 8.04 soon07:21
NeoGeo64no vista for me07:21
sluimerssudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg07:22
bazhangNeoGeo64: there is an upgrade path for that?07:22
Bidgetevilbug, what exactly do you mean?07:22
NeoGeo64ill probably dual boot07:22
NeoGeo64keep xp for whatever07:22
bazhangjust joking NeoGeo64, sorry07:22
dwatson_neogeo just run windows xp inside a virtual machine if you have to07:22
bullgard4What is the service that provides the GNOME 'Service' System > Administration > Services > (Service Settings) > 'Audio settings management (alsa-utils)'?07:22
NeoGeo64do i need samba to share files between two ubuntu machines07:22
dwatson_NeoGeo64, no you can use nfs or even scp07:23
spellingwhat is the best music player07:23
evilbugBidget- when i run fullscreen video off of anything (youtube,vlc player,etc.) the bottom half of the screen has a short delay.07:23
bazhangNeoGeo64: depends on you; many using network shares like nfs07:23
bullgard4NeoGeo64: Yes. But there is an alternative.07:23
Jordan_U!best | spelling07:23
ubotuspelling: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.07:23
bazhang!amarok | spelling07:24
ubotuspelling: Amarok is an audio player for Linux with an intuitive interface. The latest version is 1.4.8 (1.4.3 for Dapper LTS). Packages are available for Kubuntu at www.kubuntu.org See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Amarok07:24
Bidgetevilbug, I havent actually tested any media yet... anyone know a good winamp-type clone for linux?07:24
evilbugBidget- xmms07:24
mosnoBidget: audacious?07:24
evilbugBidget- that's the exact purpose of XMMS.07:24
bazhangxmms is still under development?07:25
Bidgetevilbug, ok cool07:25
mosnoi thought projects like audacious and beep set out to replace XMMS07:25
evilbugbazhang- it's actually official and stable.07:25
evilbugthe only media player i use in ubuntu is VLC,i don't use ubuntu that much though...07:26
bazhangdoes vlc use sql for its db?07:27
evilbugbazhang- i don't know technical details about it.07:27
evilbugit just does what i needed to in the 3 main os's.07:27
Peddycan someone please tell me the directory where theme buttons etc are stored?07:28
evilbugBidget- try VLC and see if you like it> sudo apt-get install vlc07:29
Bidgetevilbug, vlc is great for video but I'd prefer something more like winamp for audio07:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about luks - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:29
Peddycan someone please tell me where theme icons etc are stored?07:30
evilbugBidget- that's fine.like i said,i don't use ubuntu much so i don't even play media for myself in it.07:30
evilbugBidget- why don't you try Add/Remove Programs and look for media players in that list?07:31
evilbugBidget- then you can really see which one you like better.07:31
dmsupermanBidget, totally agreed. I tried amarok, it was too buggy07:32
=== Sinn3rman is now known as Sinnerman
dmsupermanBidget, but I've got Exaile now07:32
dmsupermanBidget, haven't used it a ton, but so far it's exactly what I want07:33
dmsupermanBidget, check it out07:33
evilbugdmsuperman- exaile looks nice,a sort of itunes-ish feel to it.07:33
evilbughelpfromu- hey.07:34
Bidgetdmsuperman, ok thanks man07:34
evilbugi wish kde wouldn't be so buggy on my machines :( i've only had bad experiences with it so far.07:34
MrDoughey, this is my first time using IRC, I have a ubuntu issue, but is it cool if i just butt in or should i wait07:34
helpfromuim still having a problem with the SHUTDOWN icon cuz i cant see all(logout,switch user,hibernate and etc is there except for shutdown icon, how can i solve this anyone pls? im using 7.1007:34
cjzjm100Hi guys!I want to use the command:":n1、n2s/word1/word2/g" in vim,how can i input the "、"  in english?07:35
evilbugMrDoug- ask whatever it is you need to ask.07:35
evilbugMrDoug- that's how things go around here parts.07:35
dmsupermanevilbug, no, definitely not. I hate iTunes, even if it would run smoothly in windows.07:36
dmsupermanevilbug, It's more like Windows Media Player 1007:36
dmsupermanwhich was my favorite07:37
evilbugdmsuperman- the screenshot i saw made me think of itunes/songbird.07:37
dmsupermani love the huge tree view of artists expanding to albums expanding to songs07:37
MoLE_dmsuperman I think a little piece of me just died with that remark.07:37
dmsupermanevilbug, iTunes has that 4 panel layout of artist, album, song and playlist07:37
evilbugdmsuperman- i quit liking wmp 4 years ago.07:37
dmsupermanMoLE_, that's how i like it, shut up :P07:37
dmsupermanevilbug, I only liked it for the treeview, it's terrible for actual playback07:38
MoLE_lol ;-P  he likes the pain of making tea07:38
dmsupermanevilbug, but for managing, it's good07:38
dmsupermanfoobar2000 is the best media player though, once you can find a good functional skin for it07:38
evilbugdmsuperman- i actually use itunes in osx and winamp in windows.vlc in both for playback.07:38
dmsupermanevilbug, try foobar, with a decent skin it's amazing07:38
dmsupermanevilbug, and not just because of eyecandy, skins make up functionality07:39
=== epax is now known as ePax
MoLE_I think we're moving offtopic here - perhaps move to #ubuntu-offtopic07:39
evilbugdmsuperman- i actually don't mind itunes in osx.so far i've had no trouble with it and it sounds good.i've tried foobar before and didn't like it much.07:39
bazhangfoobar for ubuntu?07:39
MoLE_MrDoug: ask your question07:39
dmsupermanbazhang, i wish, i doubt it07:39
reloophi guys. im on ubuntu 8.04 x86_64. i have installed fglrx driver. fglrxinfo says: OpenGL renderer string: ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT. But im not able to activate the desktop effects. :(07:39
evilbugdmsuperman- i just want to install it and play media,not look for skins and whatnot...07:39
spellingbunshe and listen both of them can't play mp3 how can i install mp3 on them07:40
arstanjis everydns.net down?07:40
bazhangthen take it elsewhere please07:40
MoLE_reloop: does glxgears work?07:40
bazhangspelling: this is gutsy07:40
BailieI disabled effects in appearance-style-effects, but there still windows animation effects and mouse cursor effects, how do I disable those?07:40
evilbugreloop- ati isn't very linux-friendly.07:40
zcat[1]!info non-free-codecs evilbug07:40
ubotuPackage non-free-codecs does not exist in gutsy07:40
MoLE_yes sorry Hardy questions to #ubuntu+1 please07:40
dmsupermanevilbug, agreed, and it's why i steered clear at first, but then i found a skin that had some good panels in it and so i just tried it out, and loved it07:40
zcat[1]!info w32codecs07:41
ubotuPackage w32codecs does not exist in gutsy07:41
dmsupermanevilbug, but back to the topic07:41
reloopMole: yes, 31061 frames in 5.0 seconds = 6212.085 FPS07:41
dmsupermanor rather, sleep07:41
bazhangBailie: try alt f2 metacity --replace07:41
zcat[1]!codecs | evilbug07:41
ubotuevilbug: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:41
reloopevilbug, i know. but i have to deal with it now :)07:41
evilbugzcat[1]- i'm not having codec issues.the other guy is.07:41
zcat[1]sorry... someone asked how to play mp307:41
=== NewNick is now known as mr_doug
MoLE_reloop: at risk of angering the channelops - this is usually a composite extension issue.  You may need to tweak your xorg.conf manually.07:42
evilbugspelling- just install the non-free codecs like zcat[1] said.07:42
Bailiebazhang: it says "could not run the specified command"07:42
dmsupermanzcat[1], calm down with the factoids, haha. "did somebody say MP3?! !mp3 !codecs !whocares-its-a-factoid"07:42
mr_dougsry bout that, i got disconnetced for some reason and then my nickname didnt work07:42
bazhangspelling: install ubuntu-restricted-extras for gnome gutsy gibbon 7.1007:42
zcat[1]in hardy the package is called 'non-free-codecs' :)07:42
evilbugspelling- via apt-get07:43
zcat[1]ten days? nine now?07:43
dmsupermanwhy change the name of the package? if it's the same thing, the only thing that accomplishes is people having to memorize a new name :S07:43
bazhangdmsuperman: are you familiar with the code of conduct around here?07:43
reloopmole i already added section "Composite". is there a guide i could have a look?07:43
zcat[1]dmsuperman: It's a metapackage.. you can still install gstreamer-codecs-bad or whatever the real package is called07:44
dmsupermanzcat[1], ah07:44
zcat[1]but the rest of us with aging memories can easily remember 'non-free-codecs'07:44
xpkillerhow can i repair my external hdd like on xp with chkdsk?07:44
shysterHaving problems connecting a logitech bluetooth mouse and keyboard.  Can anybody help?07:44
xpkillerhow can i repair my external hdd like on xp with chkdsk?07:44
=== Atomic is now known as Atomix_UE
Jordan_Uxpkiller, fsck07:45
=== Atomix_UE is now known as Atomic_UE
zcat[1]shyster: if it's the same as mine; dissable the bluetooth, unplug it, plug it back in. It behaves as a plain ordinary USB keyboard and mouse07:45
shysteri'll try that,  thanks a lot07:46
bazhangbailie this is gutsy gibbon 7.10?07:46
doolzshyster: yo07:46
mr_doughelp.... im trying to install ubuntu but after i press "start or install ubuntu" and the loading bar fills, my moitor says No Signal and dies07:46
mr_dougim using ubuntu-7.10-desktop-amd64.iso07:47
zcat[1]mr_doug: there's a save vga option I think..07:47
zcat[1]*safe, not save..07:47
Jordan_Umr_doug, Have you tried safe graphics mode?07:47
bazhangmr_doug: how long do you let it run before aborting the process07:47
spellingevilbug how would banshee and listen recognise no-free codec is installed? is no-free codec requires money?07:47
mr_dougno, i tried changing the resolution but not safe mode07:47
mr_dougummm, i let it run until the CD stops spinning07:48
bazhangspelling:  ubuntu-restricted-extras is the package to install and no money is required07:48
zcat[1]spelling: most programs in ubuntu use the same 'gstreamer' framework to figure out media ...07:48
zcat[1]spelling: and 'non-Free' just means source isn't available, not that you need to pay anything07:48
Jordan_Umr_doug, There is an option when you boot for safe graphics mode, try it07:48
mr_dougwhat will safe VGA mode do07:48
mr_dougkk brb thanks07:49
xpkillerJordan_U: how do i know witch dev is my external?this my first time on ubuntu i normaly does be on kubuntu07:49
simplexiobut its not "legal" in every country,07:49
Jordan_Umr_doug, It will use generic work everywhere drivers and safe 800x600 resolution07:49
evilbugspelling- it's just called non-free but you don't have to pay for them.07:49
zcat[1]yes, non-free also means that the codecs may be covered by patents or other restrictions in some countries07:50
evilbugspelling- all you have to do is install them and you're done.07:50
Jordan_Uxpkiller, "sudo fdisk -l" or if you have it mounted somewhere run "mount" with no arguments07:50
bazhangspelling: this is gutsy or hardy07:50
evilbugBidget- still with us?07:50
simplexioi think that no-free is ok, in every country which dosent allow software patents07:50
ConexionI was wondering... is there a reason I can't set my panel to stay on the bottom? I go to the properties and change the position, but it just switches back.07:52
evilbugConexion- that's weird :( no clue though.07:52
evilbugit should stay...07:52
xpkillerJordan_U: so i do fsck/hdd1?07:52
bazhangConexion: this is gutsy gibbon? gnome or kde (or other)07:52
Conexionbazhang: Gutsy Gibbon Gnome07:53
bazhangConexion: you wish to have only one panel? reset them to the default, or what is your end goal here07:54
Conexionbazhang: I just wish to have one panel for now, and have it on the bottom07:54
bazhangConexion: the default gnome panel or the awn panel/dock07:54
ojk007can someone help me regarding dual monitors on an 8800GTX on Gusty07:55
ConexionI'm just using the default bazhang07:55
xpkillerJordan_U: so do i enter the command fsck/hdd1?07:55
evilbugi want to get the following for my grandfather who is not computer savvy but don't want to spend $1000+ for a mac,what do you think? > http://www.dell.com/content/products/productdetails.aspx/inspnnb_1525?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&~oid=us~en~29~linux_3~~07:55
bazhangConexion: and how are you setting them? via configuring the desktop or other method07:55
evilbugi'm thinking since dell created drivers for stuff,he shouldn't have trouble with whatever when i'm not around to fix it.07:56
spellingevilbug what is the best video player and please no vlc07:56
bazhangojk007: you want a shared desktop between the two or two distinct desktops07:56
spellingwhat is the best video player and please no vlc07:56
Ragespelling: try smplayer07:56
Jordan_Uxpkiller, fsck /dev/hdd107:56
simplexiospelling: mplayer :)07:57
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.07:57
evilbugspelling- MPlayer tends to be popular07:57
Conexionbazhang: Well, I originally had the default setup. Then I got rid of the top panel, customized the bottom one via the properties menu (right clicking)... then I added a few different things using Add To Panel (Right Click) and then, I restarted later... and now it's stuck on top07:57
Ragesmplayer is just mplayer with a better GUI for people who like GUIs07:57
MoLE_reloop: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/Xgl and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58074807:57
xpkillerJordan_U:  Error 2 while executing fsck.ntfs for /dev/hdd107:58
mr_doug(reg: moniter dies while installing ubuntu)  ok, i tried the safe graphics mode and had the same problem07:58
bazhangConexion: my guess would be to reset the panels and begin again you can /msg ubotu resetpanels for the command to do that07:58
xpkillerJordan_U:  fsck.ntfs: not found07:58
Jordan_Uxpkiller, Linux cannot fix ntfs partitions07:58
spellingRage i like smplayer but no xine or mplayer07:58
xpkillerJordan_U: its in fat3207:58
RAdamsHas anyone here see sound-juicer forget your format profiles? I can't access any mp3 profiles, and if I make a new one, it isn't selectable as an "output format" even after I check the "active" box07:59
simplexiome likes mplayer. i havent found way to get keys work in vls like they do in vlc, easy fast forward etc..07:59
Jordan_Uxpkiller, can you pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l" ?07:59
evilbugspelling- i personally like vlc since it's simple and it's played everything i've thrown at it so far,i haven't ventured much with media players ESPECIALLY out of the OSX and Windows range.07:59
Conexionbazhang:  alright :) thanks. I'll try that07:59
thenetduckif I compressed 36gbs of computer information including music, movies, docs programs etc... about how many gbs would it end up as if I used tar.bz2 ?????07:59
thenetduckis there some kind of calc for that?07:59
simplexioevilbug: mplayer work in windows too07:59
spellingevilbug vlc is poor gui07:59
spellingvlc look like a shithole in the ass08:00
Jordan_Uthenetduck, music and video won't compress much since they are usually already compressed08:00
evilbugspelling- all i need are the main controls and a volume bar.08:00
spellingso does ubuntu08:00
bazhangspelling: you have heard many options so please try them out and watch the language08:00
evilbugspelling- so why are you using it?08:00
thenetduckJordan_U, it would be more than 4gb wouldn't it? because I did a system back up compressing and my file is only 4gb big08:00
simplexiospelling: where you need gui ?. usuallu when i look videos i just klick video file press F for full screen,08:00
thenetduckJordan_U, I am worried I am missing something ....08:00
bazhangspelling: this is not a polling channel thanks08:00
spellingevilbug so you admit it does look like it08:00
evilbugsimplexio- i know that,but i stuck with it just because...08:01
evilbugspelling- it doesn't look bad,it's just simple.08:01
RAdamsevilbug: do not feed the troll >.>08:01
mr_dougwhen i click "install ubunu" and the loading bar fills, my monitor says "No Signal" and dies.  I tried using a dif resolution, and safe graphics mode with no luck.  any other ideas08:01
evilbugRAdams- :) don't worry,i can handle myself.08:01
spellinghey what is a good headphone model or manufacturer and a good webcam company. i am about to buy some08:01
bazhang!ot | spelling08:02
ubotuspelling: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:02
thenetduckJordan_U, doh I am so stupid! FAT32 only supports 4gb files... I need to back up to a larger media! duh......08:02
RAdamsHas anyone here see sound-juicer forget your format profiles? I can't access any mp3 profiles, and if I make a new one, it isn't selectable as an "output format" even after I check the "active" box08:02
zcat[1]spelling: perhaps you would prefer beep-media-player, it's completely themable with winamp skins iirc...08:02
Jordan_Uthenetduck, :)08:02
simplexiothenetduck: split helps08:02
* zcat[1] thinks spelling looks like a troll08:02
bazhangI agree08:02
* RAdams agrees with zcat[1]08:02
evilbugzcat[1]- :) a tiny one with big ears?08:02
thenetducksimplexio, you mean building smaller files? or is there a program called split08:03
simplexiothenetduck: there is program called split, you can also man dump08:03
evilbugsimplexio- man dump =D08:04
zcat[1]I prefer my media players to be stable and reliable.. I really do not need something that looks 'fancy' -- I'd rather it matches everything else on my desktop.. or more often sits almost invisible in my tray08:04
thenetducksimplexio, thanks!08:04
mr_dougHELP :'(08:04
mr_dougwhen i click "install ubunu" and the loading bar fills, my monitor says "No Signal" and dies.  I tried using a dif resolution, and safe graphics mode with no luck.  any other ideas08:04
zcat[1]mr_doug: what video card do you use?08:05
evilbugmr_doug- maybe ubuntu is not for you.08:05
Starnestommymr_doug: try waiting a few minutes and see what happens08:05
mr_dougATI X130008:05
RAdamsmr_doug: telling us what graphics card you use would be helpful08:05
bazhangmr_doug: try with the boot params acpi=off and remove quiet so you can see the errors08:05
evilbugmr_doug- ati :( ungood for linux.08:05
mr_dougorly ATI no good ?08:05
evilbugmr_doug- not friendly for linux.08:05
mr_dougand how do i add boot param08:05
mr_dougi am really pissed at windows and would really like linux08:06
mr_dougbut i am a n00b08:06
mr_dougnever used it b408:06
evilbugwhat issues have you had with windows?08:06
mr_dougall of them :) lol08:06
babyeaterim trying to install 8.04 beta and i keep getting a wireless error repeating on boot-up and i cant even get to the live desktop.08:07
Jordan_U!hardy | babyeater08:07
ubotubabyeater: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu08:07
xpkillerJordan_U:  sudo fdisk -l is not showing my external hdd08:07
evilbugmr_doug- i've installed ubuntu 7.10 on my mac with an ati x1600 with no video issues.08:07
babyeatersays b43-phy0 ERROR08:07
* zcat[1] comments that people who have many problems in windows often have just as many problems in ubuntu because they are 'fiddlers' and cause those problems..08:07
mr_doughmmm, well it works fine until after that loading bar fills08:08
evilbugmr_doug- i don't know what the problem with yours is.maybe it's like me and kde,every machine i've ran it on so far doesn't work for me :(08:08
evilbugmr_doug- indifferent of it being a crap comp or a high-end machine.08:08
mr_dougevilbug- how do i add boot paramaters08:09
* evilbug not that good with linux... X(08:09
xpkillerJordan_U:  sudo fdisk -l is not showing my external hdd08:09
Jordan_Uxpkiller, Are you sure that /dev/hdd1 is the correct drive/partition ?08:09
=== LL00 is now known as Chiku
mr_dougevilbug- another guy told me to add acpi=off what will this do08:09
nxusrmy blacklist is not working because the modules still gets loaded08:10
RageTrash in nautilus shows me that I've got two directories in my trash, both of them are shown to contain directories that I do not have permission to read. Now, I tried checking .Trash in my home directory as well as the .Trash-sukarn (sukarn is my user name) in the only other partition I have on my computer. Both are shown to be empty by nautilus as well as by ls in terminal. Clicking Empty Trash in nautilus does not delete these directories as I (somehow)08:10
Rageappear to not have the permission for it but "Empty Trash" does not give any error either. It just seems to fail. Any ideas what I might do?08:10
xpkillerJordan_U: i dont know but normaly its in fat32 my hdd but im not seing it08:10
evilbugmr_doug- i'm really not good with linux,have just been using it for a month (rarely though).08:10
mr_dougevilbug- o i c08:10
evilbugmr_doug- try #kubuntu08:10
meowludoi am running ubuntu 7.04. I am using wine to run a game (diablo II) and it says that there is a critical error loading direct draw. I have had a look through some forums but am having a bit of trouble knowing where continue trouble shooting. Any Ideas?08:11
evilbugmr_doug- maybe they can help you.kubuntu is Ubuntu but with kde instead of gnome.so it's the same thing really.08:11
mr_dougevilbug- even though im not using kubuntu?08:11
bazhangthe issue is the same no need for that channel; mr_doug have you tried the alternate install cd?08:11
Izziis there anyway to re-route keyboard input over a network to another machine?08:11
xpkillerJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/m1a49051f08:11
mr_dougo i c08:11
simplexioRage: sudo rm ~/.Trash/* -rf , use with caution08:11
mr_dougall- thank you :)08:11
evilbugmr_doug- sure.08:11
gluonmanI am trying to send a video to my friend who is using Windows XP and I have Linux ubuntu. I have to compress the files into an archive in order for them to fit in an e-mail, but can my newly made tar.gz be usable at all on her computer?08:12
shysterAnybody know how to get 5.1 with my soundblaster audigy card08:12
simplexioIzzi: ?08:12
evilbuggluonman- yes.she can download 7zip for free and extract it with that.08:12
Ragesimplexio: rm: cannot remove `/home/sukarn/.Trash/*': No such file or directory08:12
gluonmanevilbug, thank you.08:12
nxusrcan someone help with blacklisted modules that still loads?08:12
bazhangIzzi: you mean a keylogger?08:12
simplexioRage: hmm. does it make Trash for every oartition ..08:12
aygluonman: I think even winrar can handle tgz08:12
evilbugay- it didn't work for me when i used it.08:13
Jordan_Uxpkiller, I don't know how else to find your drive, but try as a stab in the dark "fdisk /dev/sda1"08:13
gluonmanay, but if she has the basic unzipping program that Windows comes with, she should be fine, right?08:13
Ragesimplexio: yes, that has been what I've experienced with ubuntu. It seems to make a .Trash-sukarn directory in every partition, but the only partitions I have are /, /home, swap and /media/storage08:13
evilbuggluonman- not from my experience.7zip will handle anything thoughl.08:13
simplexioRage: for me it has created into ntfs partiotion .Trash-username directory08:13
ayevilbug: you sure? Cause I'm pretty sure I once dled tgz and un"zipped" winth winrar08:14
gluonmanevilbug, how will she download 7zip? I'm not that familiar with Windows.08:14
zcat[1]gluonman: might be easiest for you to install 'zip' -- it's in the repos I think08:14
ayyeah 7zip is nice08:14
IzziI found what I am looking for08:14
evilbuggluonman- one sec.08:14
Izzithanks bazhang and simplexio08:14
gluonmanzcat[1], I'll look for zip in the repos and see what I can find.08:14
Jordan_Ugluonman, You can make it a regular zip file rather than a tarred gzipped file08:14
zcat[1]gluonman: if she googles 7zip the first result should be the right place08:14
evilbuggluonman- http://www.7-zip.org/08:14
evilbugjust give her that link.08:14
gluonmanJordan_U, how do you make a zip file in Linux?08:15
meowludodoes anyone have experience ith wine?08:15
Ragesimplexio: sukarn@Rage:~$ sudo rm /media/storage/.Trash*/* gives - rm: cannot remove `/media/storage/.Trash*/*': No such file or directory08:15
newbieuubazhang , sorry i was away . in xorg.conf file the driver is "nvidia"08:15
gluonmanevilbug, I guess making a zip file, if I can, would be better than instructing her to download something, because she frankly sucks at computers.08:15
Jordan_Ugluonman, In nautilus ( gnome ) right click it :)08:15
ayWinRAR supports the following features:08:15
evilbugmeowludo- i do a little bit,tried to install steam but didn't get it to work :)08:15
ay* Complete support for RAR and ZIP archives, and unpacking of ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7z and Z archives. Future versions of WinRAR are planned to include 7z creation.[1]08:15
gluonmanevilbug, I had to teach her how to restart.08:15
* zcat[1] has given up on wine and moved onto the vodka..08:15
gluonmanJordan_U, thank you.08:15
ayso perhaps it doesn't take care of tgz :)08:15
evilbuggluonman- :) but just zipping won't make the file smaller.08:15
Jordan_Ugluonman, np08:15
Jordan_Uevilbug, What do you mean?08:16
gluonmanevilbug, doesn't it compress the files?08:16
simplexioRage: you could use find / -name "program that sould be in Trash"08:16
bazhangtar and gz are tgz correct ay?08:16
simplexioRage: or find / | grep fileintrash08:16
evilbugJordan_U- it makes a file into a .zip but it doesn't actually resize it to something smaller.08:16
patrickvaOkay, so I got Ubuntu installed, however, when I'm trying to log in, it automatically logs me out and says there might be an installation problem since my session lasted less than 10 seconds08:16
zcat[1].tar.gz is the same as .tgz  -- and .tar.bz2 is the same as .tbz08:16
patrickvaDoes anyone know the deal?08:16
ayevilbug: I think he needs it zipped to be able to send through msn08:17
Jordan_Uevilbug, That's surprising, you sure you aren't thinking of tar?08:17
gluonmanevilbug, it doesn't make it smaller, but it compresses it, right?08:17
evilbuggluonman- correct.08:17
ayevilbug: or maybe I'm yet again totally wrong08:17
bazhangcompress does not = make smaller?08:17
evilbugJordan_U- i'm sure. .rar can compress though.08:17
gluonmanevilbug, so that's fine. I don't need to shrink it, just be able to e-mail it.08:17
patrickvaOkay, so I got Ubuntu installed, however, when I'm trying to log in, it automatically logs me out and says there might be an installation problem since my session lasted less than 10 seconds08:17
evilbuggluonman- k.08:17
Jordan_Uevilbug, It compresses for me08:17
patrickvaWhat's the deal?08:17
evilbugay- you can send anyhting through any messenger app.08:17
simplexiopatrickva: check logs08:18
zcat[1]patrickva: if it booted the live CD ok, I'd say you messed up the install somehow08:18
evilbugJordan_U- it never did for me.08:18
patrickvaI used the alternative install cd08:18
ayevilbug: yes but you can't accept .avis straight out of the box in LIVE Messenger evilbug08:18
patrickvaCheck what logs?08:18
evilbugay- .avis?never heard of it.]08:18
Jordan_Uevilbug, I think you must be mistaking .zip and .tar08:18
zcat[1]patrickva: ahhh.. well, alt-F1 and log in there .. then you can check the logs08:18
evilbugJordan_U- nope.08:18
bazhangevilbug: indeed you are mistaken08:18
ayevilbug: mkay its a videclip format08:18
aypretty common08:18
evilbugJordan_U- i've never ".tar-ed" that much anyway.08:19
patrickvaWell, what should I look for in these logs?08:19
evilbugay- gotcha08:19
patrickvaI'm a first-time installer08:19
dfgasughh, how do you get a processor to stop freq scaling?08:19
patrickvaSo I have no idea what's going on08:19
Ragesimplexio: thanks a lot. that showed me that it was in "/home/sukarn/.local/share/Trash/files/"08:19
Jordan_Udfgas, You can use the frequency scaling applet08:19
ayevilbug: nor can you recieve .exe's08:19
nxusrcan someone help with a module (bcm43xx) that i blacklisted but loads on boot?08:19
aysince they are totally dangerous according to MS08:20
evilbugay- throug msn mess?08:20
ayLive Messenger08:20
foibleshas anyone here used openbox?08:20
simplexionxusr: rmmod08:20
patrickvaAnd when I try to view the log, nothing shows up.08:20
foibleshow do you add startup programs for it08:20
bazhangfoibles: aye08:20
ayAt least that was the dealio last time I used it08:20
foiblesim having a hell of a time finding out how08:20
simplexionxusr: assuming that you can go and remove it08:20
evilbugJordan_U- , bahzang- .zip never compressed anything for me,if anything it made it a bit larger.08:20
bazhangevilbug: your linux experience seems a bit limited then08:21
nxusrsimplexio, i have do rmmod and also blacklisted it but it still loads08:21
evilbugay- i don't use live messenger X( what i use,you can send anything.08:21
simplexioevilbug: it dosent compress videos, but make txt file with 0 and say tha again08:21
aywhat I use you can't send any files nor recieve any files08:21
patrickvaCan anyone help me out?08:21
zcat[1]Going to try loading a bunch of educational games in wine tomorrow.. anyone want to place bets on how many will actually work? :)08:21
evilbugbazhang- i've set it to compress but it never did...so i switched over to .rar's and whatnot.08:21
evilbugay- what are you using?08:22
simplexiopatrickva: go console, and cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log08:22
bazhangpatrickva: this is the live cd? have you considered using the alternate cd08:22
htpc1100 Hi, i following the guide on the page http://stacktrace.org/index_html/200600912lirc-imon-the-debian-way to get lirc going, but I get stuck after stopping the deamons, can someone help me please? I just need to know what my "YourRemotesLIRCKernelModule" is, or how I would be able to find that out. FYI, I tried @ the #lirc channel first, but noone answered there and @ the #debian channel I got a sermon about not writing "plz" inste08:22
htpc1100ad of spelling it out.08:22
patrickvaI used the alternative cd08:22
n3urogodanyone know if windows mobile / pocket pc sync support has been enhanced for 8.04?08:22
patrickvaI said that before.08:22
zcat[1]going by my current trach record, '0' is a fairly safe bet..08:22
dfgasJordan_U, figured it out08:22
bazhanghtpc this is on ubuntu?08:22
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
* evilbug says "good night" to all of you.08:23
bazhangpatrickva: and what were the errors you got using the alternate cd08:23
aylol good night :)08:23
bazhanghtpc1100: why ask in the debian channel then?08:23
ayI say good morning :D08:23
patrickvathe session lasted less than 10 seconds error08:23
patrickvaIt gives me a choice to view the error file08:23
patrickvabut nothing appears08:24
ayBut I'm off to lay some flooring08:24
DustanAre there any network security professionals present?08:24
* zcat[1] wonders if perhaps 'error: no space on /' might have been reported during the install08:24
bazhangDustan: please ask your question08:24
bazhangpatrickva: the session? on the alternate cd there is no session08:25
Hermanonhello , when i try to build some driver i get this error : error: linux/config.h: No such file or directory , where can i find config.h ?08:25
htpc1100Because i've had the experience that many things work alike in both distris08:25
patrickvaEh, I installed Ubuntu from the alternate cd08:25
patrickvaAnd I get into the log screen08:25
zcat[1]bazhang: they got through the install, they can't log into the freshly installed desktop08:25
patrickvaThat's it.08:25
bazhangthanks zcat[1]08:26
patrickvaWhat zcat[1] said08:26
htpc1100and I was sent menay times from here to there by others... so I tried there first this time08:26
bazhangpatrickva: try booting in safe mode and report the errors you get08:26
zcat[1]patrickva: not sure if the install allows this, but the only time I've ver had that kind of login problem was when there was no free space in /home08:26
patrickvaShould I use the failsafe terminal?08:26
zcat[1]patrickva: alf-F1 and you shoulf be able to log into the text terminal08:27
bazhanghtpc1100: please pastebin your sources.list thanks08:27
zcat[1]then df -h and make sure nothing is 100% used08:27
patrickvaWhat's the command to get the errors in terminal?08:27
bazhangDustan: you should probably take that to #ubuntu-offtopic08:27
patrickvaWhat if something is 100% used?08:28
zcat[1]less .Xsession.errors or something, I can't recall08:28
zubuhow can i instal linux on a symbian device?08:28
bazhangzubu which device08:28
zcat[1].. of course if there's no space in /home, it can't even log that as an error because there's no space to create the file08:28
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:28
zubuany kinda mobile08:28
patrickvathat's probably it zcat[1]08:28
patrickvaBecause I saw no file08:28
patrickvaor error reporting08:28
patrickvaeven though there was an error08:28
zcat[1]so what does df -h say?08:29
newbieuui installed nVidia drivers , now when i try to change the "visual effects" to custom , i get the error message "desktop effects could not be enabled" . before i was getting all the effects except the cube . in the xorg.conf file the driver is "nvidia"08:29
patrickvaI have to reboot08:29
patrickvaIll see though08:29
bazhangzubu without some specificity we cant offer much help here08:29
patrickvaill brb08:29
bazhangnewbieuu: how were the drivers installed08:29
Jordan_Unewbieuu, The cube is not enabled  by default, that was a compiz preference , not a driver problem, now you DO seem to have a driver problem though :)08:31
zububazhang: symbian 6 devices.like the usual nokia phones08:31
fat_ratis kraken (botnet) any danger for ubuntu (linux) users?08:31
zubucoz. i thought that if ipod can have linux why cant mobile phones have too!!08:31
bazhangfat_rat: depends on how secure your usage is; do you login as root? do you have a weak password?08:31
Bailiedoes apt-get retrieve the same packages both in KDE and Gnome?08:31
zcat[1]gvfs-fuse-daemon       18G   17G  749M  96% /home/zcat/.gvfs  -- What is this?08:31
JaccoHany xen users on gutsy here?08:32
bazhangBailie: aye08:32
JaccoHim having stability issues.. kernel oopses/crashes08:32
zsiavas2a configuration manual says "adding the all-ones  to your /etc/hosts file:" but my question is how can make it. when I add if to that file nothing would happen,any post or prefix needs ?to configure dhcp server08:32
zcat[1]Oh.. gvfs , yeah.. I remember now :)08:32
patrickvaOkay, so my boot partition /dev/sdb2 is being used 100%08:32
patrickvaAll 2 GBs of it08:32
bazhangthat cant be good08:33
patrickvaDoes this mean anything?08:33
DOOM_NXgood morning :)08:33
newbieuufirst i enabled the Nvidia graphics driver in the restricted drivers , but i did not get the cube effect , so i downloaded the file and installed it following this guide http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_amd64_169.12.html08:33
zcat[1]hmmm.. you generally dont need a seperate /boot .. and yes, being 100% used is probably bad08:33
patrickvaWhat can I do about it?08:33
bazhangzubu have you tried anything or are you just wanting to chat about it08:33
patrickvaI used the guided partitioner from the alternate cd by the way08:33
zcat[1]how much space did you allow for all of linux and how did you partiton it?08:34
bazhanga 2GB boot?08:34
patrickvaI put it on a 1TB drive.08:34
twocarlo_ just wanting to chat about it i gues08:34
zcat[1]guided partitoner seems to have a bug then!08:34
patrickva997GBs is the primary08:34
patrickva2Gbs is the boot08:34
patrickvaAnd a little less is the swap08:34
bazhangtwocarlo_: this is not a chat channel; #ubuntu-offtopic is for chat08:34
JaccoHyikes.. 2GB is too small for the /boot?08:34
patrickvaI guess08:34
biabiaim not sure whats wrong, my usb drive has no files on it, but here is the df info for it08:35
bazhangtoo big08:35
biabiaFilesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on08:35
biabia/dev/sdb1              3991136        32   3991104   1% /media/disk-208:35
JaccoHwhat the heck is on there?08:35
patrickvaUh okay.08:35
patrickvaSo what can I do?08:35
JaccoHmy /boot is 100Meg08:35
zcat[1]kinda sounds like the installer got confused and tried to put the whole isntall into /boot08:35
bazhang100MB is more than enough08:35
damo22my /boot is 250mb08:35
patrickvaI'm about to give up on this08:35