floambeuno: was I using it right?00:10
floamI was guessing on the sftp sytnax00:11
beunofloam, syntax is correct00:11
beunois kcp.lofiart.com a directory?00:11
floamdoes it need to be absolute?00:11
beunofloam, probably, yes00:12
floamoh, weird00:12
beunoare you still getting the unbound error?00:12
floammost stuff is just relative to your home. I'll change it00:12
floamI only got that once00:12
beunohm, that's add...00:12
floamI think that's when I tried just foo@foo.com:foo00:13
floamlike rsync00:13
floamit actually tried a local directory00:13
beunoah, could be00:13
floamok, it might now be working when I give the full path from /.00:14
beunonext time you do bzr puload00:14
floamoh shoot00:15
beunoit will just upload whatever files where changed since the last upload00:15
floamit finished and it worked, but I get that UnboundLocalError agaain.00:15
beunofloam, could you report a bug on that?00:15
beunoI'd like to look into it00:15
beunowith a "bzr info" and "bzr status" on the branch you are trying to send00:15
beunoplus the traceback00:15
beunothanks  :)00:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219739 in bzr-upload "Getting an UnboundLocalError" [Undecided,New]00:17
beunofloam, thanks so much!  I'll try and work on that tomorrow00:18
beunofloam, what does "bzr info -v" say?00:18
beunomeh, never mind00:18
beunoit's enough with what you posted00:19
beunoI'll look into it00:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219739 in bzr-upload "Getting an UnboundLocalError" [Undecided,New]00:19
beunofloam, :)\00:19
* beuno runs off offline for a while00:20
toasterfunIf anybody here tried git (vcs), why is bazaar better?01:18
toasterfunhas tried*01:18
ubotuNew bug: #219754 in bzr ""bzr missing" is slow" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21975401:36
gotgenesHow does Bazaar handle symbolic links? Could it follow them and add the files to the repository/track them?02:05
jblackbzr became a gnu project? Awesome!04:14
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Odd_Blokekeithy: 'shame' in what sense?05:57
keithyI prefer mit06:17
keithyand mit gpl aren not compatible06:17
Odd_BlokeWell, bzr was licensed under the GPL long before it became a GNU project.06:19
bob2also gpl and mit are compatible, leaving the derived work effectively gpl06:21
Odd_BlokeWell, that's kinda the point. :p06:40
Odd_BlokeSo I'm getting some really weird test failures ATM.  The BzrDir.open_containing* tests are failing in a non-deterministic manner with "error: (55, 'select/poll returned error')".  Initial pokings suggest that this is something to do with the port number of the URL returned by TestCaseWithMemoryTransport.get_readonly_url...06:48
Odd_BlokeAnd am kinda wishing it wasn't 7am on a Sunday morning, because everyone else is asleep. :p06:53
Odd_BlokeWell, it appears that the issue happens on more than the open_containing tests, though still seems to be BzrDir-local.09:06
Odd_BlokeOh, no, it's happening all over the place.09:08
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sabdflthanks james_w11:49
ubotuNew bug: #219832 in bzr "KnitCorrupt: corrupt: incorrect number of lines while branching from svn" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21983211:50
johHi, I was wondering how stable the bzr-eclipse plugin was. Anyone here got some first-hand experience?14:19
hsn_me me14:29
johhsn_: bzr-eclipse? Tell me about it :-)14:29
hsn_its stable enough for production, there are some small bugs14:30
johOk, how is it compared to Subclipse?14:30
hsn_i never used it14:31
johCause on the website, it says bzr-eclipse is alpha...14:31
hsn_we are using it in production for months14:31
hsn_some operations still needs to be done from command line14:32
johOk? Like?14:32
hsn_and bzr st and bzr diff is better from command line too14:32
hsn_unless you have large changes per commit14:33
hsn_gui diff works14:33
johOk? Cause the diff in eclipse is very nice.14:33
johAlright, thanks :-)14:34
hsn_its too slow for me. i am keeping command line window open and use bzr diff14:34
hsn_slow -> lot of clicks14:35
emgentheya people16:10
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VadiHow can I make bzr nano instead of vim?22:08
DavieyVadi: change the EDITOR enviroment variable22:09
VadiDaviey: Thank you22:09
Davieyexport EDITOR=nano22:10
VadiExcellent. Thank you very much22:10
Davieyadd to .bash_rc for long term22:10
Daviey~/.bash_profile, probably better22:10
VadiAdded to both!22:11
datoDaviey: (nb, ".bashrc")22:19
Davieydato: yeah.. i thought that once i pressed enter :/22:19
floamI take offense to everybody assuming bash22:36
* dato uses zsh22:36
jelmerfloam: somebody not familiar with the EDITOR variable is probably using bash since it's the default shell on the major linux distros and bsds22:37
jelmerfloam: so I think it makes a lot of sense to assume bash in this case22:37
jelmerand I should mention I'm also a zsh user :-)22:38
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VadiHow can I completely remove bzr from a directory in order to start over?22:45
VadiI've messed up and somehow even managed to get data loss.22:45
mwhudsonVadi: rm -rf .bzr, but be careful before doing that :)22:46
VadiAlright thanks22:47

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