nhainesI hate to jump in and out of the channel, but I'm wondering how Edubuntu is to be installed for 8.04 LTS.00:26
nhainesWill there be a Desktop CD again?  I ask, because my godchildren's computer will need to be updated offline and I am not certain if I will need the Ubuntu alternate intall CD as well as an Edubuntu alternate install CD.00:27
nhainesI'll figure it out.  Thanks.04:43
justme____anyone know why on a fresh install of 8.04 alternate LTSP, that I can't run any applications in the gui as the main user added during installation?07:44
xomphello, could someone help me with adding user accounts that are restricted?15:50
xompI'm trying to make sense of "System > Administration > Users & Groups" but am not really sure this is the correct thing to do?15:53
xompI have created a user account for my daughter as "Unprivledged" but when I click the "Advanced" tab I notice her "Main group" is empty. Should I change that to any particular group?15:55
Muhammad_SaadHello, I have installed some new games. Although each one came with its own .desktop file but some games did not appear in the menu. What is the reason and any possible solution?18:38
johnnymaybe the desktop files are broken19:01
johnnyor they are in the wrong place19:01
johnnyif you installed them via apt-get/synaptic/etc19:01
johnnythen the desktop files must be in /usr/share/applications19:01
johnnyhmm.. gksu still being used in hardy?19:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219790 in sabayon "Can't launch sabayon on Hardy" [Undecided,New]19:43
johnnyit's missing gksu :)19:43
johnnyunless somehow policykit can be made to work on it without any code changes..19:43
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