ubotuNew bug: #219752 in malone "Bug subscriber listed twice" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21975201:31
jkakarFYI, I got an OOPS about one minute ago with 'None' as the ID when accessing https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/215903.01:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215903 in bzr "'bzr pull' should report number of new revisions retrieved" [Wishlist,Confirmed]  - Assigned to Martin Albisetti (beuno)01:55
jkakarI hit reload and my browser is still spinning.01:55
Hobbseebarry-away: thanks for the replies02:19
FujitsuHmmm, LP is seriously sucking ATM.02:22
FujitsuSome of the app servers aren't responded, by the look of things.02:22
FujitsuAnd now it's oopsing.02:22
Fujitsujkakar: Aha, I just got that too.02:22
jkakarFujitsu: Something must be going on. :(02:23
HobbseeFujitsu: power still out?02:23
Hobbseeor otehr effects from that still?02:24
FujitsuCould be, but I thought that was meant to be resolved 10 hours ago.02:24
Hobbseeyeah, launchpad is borken.02:26
HobbseeSorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad. We’ve recorded what happened, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.02:26
HobbseeIf this is blocking your work, let us know on the launchpad-users mailing list (requires subscription). Include the error ID None in your message.02:26
Hobbseejust loading https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue?batch=50002:26
FujitsuSounds very recorded indeed.02:26
FujitsuRefresh a couple of times, and it normally works.02:27
Hobbseeoh, so the edge conversion isn't working02:27
FujitsuAs long as you catch an app server that isn't either down or None-OOPSing.02:27
FujitsuDare I try to upload something...02:27
artfwoHobbsee: the same URL just opened for me with edge redirection02:27
Hobbseeartfwo: yeah02:27
Hobbseeartfwo: after you put in the edge, it seems OK02:27
HobbseeFujitsu: timeout.02:28
Hobbseeooh, a number!02:28
Hobbseehmm.  i think i might have just black holed them.02:29
FujitsuIt worked.02:30
FujitsuI have accepted mails.02:30
FujitsuMaybe it just timed out on the listing afterwards.02:30
Hobbseethe listing doesn't show it anywhere02:30
FujitsuNice from address, though.02:30
Hobbseei got a timeout for accepting, but they're nto still showing in unapproved, which they usually do02:30
Fujitsu`Default Sender'02:31
Hobbseeheh, what is it?02:31
FujitsuNice and old.02:31
Hobbseehmm.  the source is listed as pending still.02:33
FujitsuThat's normal.02:33
HobbseeFujitsu: you migth want to check that after the next publisher cycle02:33
FujitsuIt all worked, apart from the bogus sender.02:33
FujitsuIt will be pending for another 32 or so minutes.02:33
FujitsuIt has even built in most places.02:34
Hobbseeoh goody.02:34
Hobbseethen it didn't break02:34
FujitsuI wonder if your acceptances normally generate that sender, or if it's just because LP is all screwed up at the moment.02:35
FujitsuCan you please kick through pdns-recursor too?02:35
FujitsuMore NoneType OOPSes. Yay.02:35
HobbseeFujitsu: trying02:36
HobbseeFujitsu: there you go.  accepted without a timeout.02:36
Hobbseeyou're welcome02:37
FujitsuIsn't it nice of Kinnison to be processing the queue years after his departure.02:37
awmcclainI'm getting an error when building a package in my ppa. Is something up with the build servers? http://dpaste.com/45880/02:48
FujitsuOh dear.02:48
FujitsuLP is generally broken.02:49
FujitsuBut that's an unrelated issue.02:49
FujitsuRetry it after the next XX:20, XX:40, or XX:00.02:49
FujitsuBug #19678202:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196782 in soyuz "First build in a new PPA fails" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19678202:50
ubotuNew bug: #219767 in soyuz "Kinnison still dutifully processing the queue years after his departure" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21976702:51
FujitsuCan anybody get through to production at all at the moment?02:55
artfwolooks ok02:57
artfwobut some icons don't show02:58
FujitsuDo we want to find a Canonical person to poke a sysadmin?02:59
artfwopages generally load with occasional None-oopses fixed by reloading :)03:00
FujitsuIt's somewhat better for me.03:03
FujitsuEdge redirections now work more than 10% of the time.03:04
awmcclainFujitsu: You're correct, it "seems" like it built. However, I've added my PPA to my sources.list, sudo apt-get update, and now sudo apt-get install <package> gives me Package <package> is not available, but is referred to by another package.03:04
Fujitsuawmcclain: Did it finish building within the last 6 minutes?03:06
awmcclainFujitsu: One finished 2 hours ago, one 5 minutes, one 6 minutes. I can't install any of them.03:07
FujitsuGive it 15 minutes, and try again.03:07
FujitsuNew packages are only published every 20 minutes.03:07
FujitsuSo at least those last two won't be there yet.03:08
awmcclainFujitsu: Ah. I see. So there's a chance I can see it on my page (https://launchpad.net/~awmcclain/+archive) but not access it from apt-get?03:08
FujitsuThe build should say ACCEPTED, rather than DONE.03:08
Fujitsu... except I don't think PPAs actually show that.03:08
* Fujitsu looks.03:08
awmcclainFujitsu: Yes, yes it should. :)03:09
FujitsuNone of the builds have actually succeeded, you realise?03:09
awmcclainNext you'll tell me that there's no Santa!03:10
awmcclainWhere can I check build status? Everything was so finnicky I didn't know what to believe.03:10
FujitsuNote the big red X.03:10
FujitsuNext to all of the archs.03:10
FujitsuIf you expand each of those packages, you'll see a more detailed status.03:11
FujitsuHovering over the icons (which is a shocking UI decision) will give you the status of each arch individually.03:11
awmcclainI swear, my page before i reloaded didn't have x's on it.03:11
awmcclainI'll debug.03:11
FujitsuHm, did you kill gold with your lib-io-aio-perl?03:11
FujitsuI'm glad it chrootwaited everywhere else.03:12
awmcclainI read the docs, I swear!03:12
awmcclainSo... is there something I should do? Restart the build on libio-aio-perl?03:14
FujitsuPlease don't retry it just yet - work out why it killed gold.03:15
* Hobbsee waits for the next timeout03:16
Hobbseeyup. dead as a doornail03:17
Hobbseesomeone else will have to fix it first03:17
FujitsuHobbsee: What is? gold?03:17
HobbseeFujitsu: no, acccepting form the queue03:18
* Hobbsee tried to accept a few more builds. no dice03:18
HobbseeFujitsu: so pdns-* will need to wait03:18
awmcclainThat wasn't me, was it? All I received was a chroot email03:19
FujitsuHobbsee: It was accepted more than 45 minutes ago.03:19
Fujitsuawmcclain: You killed gold, but not what Hobbsee's talking about.03:19
awmcclainGreat. I'm a killer.03:19
HobbseeFujitsu: oh, so it did work03:19
HobbseeFujitsu: the others didn't - or at least, still show on the unapproved queue03:19
awmcclainHere's the build log: http://dpaste.com/45884/03:20
Fujitsuawmcclain: That's a normal issue.03:20
FujitsuBug #196782, as I mentioned above.03:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196782 in soyuz "First build in a new PPA fails" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19678203:20
awmcclainFujitsu: I then tried to "restart build" using the launchpad ppa03:20
awmcclainlaunchpad page03:20
FujitsuYeah, I suspect your package is buggy.03:21
FujitsuAt least it's not silly enough to run an interactive CPAN session.03:21
awmcclainWell, I've built and installed it on my local gutsy machine03:21
awmcclainUsing apt03:21
awmcclainNo problems.03:21
FujitsuHave you built it in sbuild or pbuilder?03:22
FujitsuPreferably both.03:22
awmcclainNo, debuild.03:22
FujitsuAh. That doesn't count as building.03:22
awmcclainI wish someone would have told me that.03:22
Hobbsee...i'm fairly sure that if you read the documentation on building packages, they did.03:24
awmcclainWell, since I already read and complied with the debian packaging policy; built, uploaded, and tested on my distribution using a local repository; and asked in #launchpad and #ubuntu-motu multiple times whether or not there were any caveats about converting a perl module built with dh-make-perl from debian to ubuntu, I figured I had done my due diligence.03:28
awmcclainPbuilder or rebuildd is the package I want?03:29
FujitsuNot rebuildd.03:29
Fujitsupbuilder is easier, but sbuild is better.03:29
FujitsuAs sbuild is more like LP.03:29
awmcclainFor these broken builds, is it better to delete or just dput --force?03:31
FujitsuUpload a new version.03:33
awmcclainah, change the ppa number?03:33
FujitsuEvery time you delete a version and replace it, a whole flock of kittens die.03:33
awmcclainWell, I don't like that.03:34
artfwomake sure you build the source package with -sd03:34
awmcclainnot -S?03:34
artfwo-S -sd03:34
awmcclainok, will do03:34
Fujitsu-sd is default, isn't it?03:34
awmcclainThat's what I thought03:34
FujitsuAt least it was when I uploaded something 10 minutes ago.03:34
awmcclainNo, si is default03:35
awmcclainWait, so I _shouldn't_ upload original source? Even if it's the first revision?03:35
awmcclainI thought that went against deb policy03:35
Hobbseepoor kittens.03:36
HobbseeFujitsu: no, -sd is *not* the deafult.03:36
Hobbseeawmcclain: if it's the first revision, you need to.  if not, you don't, because the same file is already in the archive.03:36
FujitsuHobbsee: My *_source.changes disagree.03:37
awmcclainHobbsee: Understood. And if the first version is a horrible malformed orphan that killed gold?03:37
Hobbseeoh, interesting.03:37
Hobbseei'm completely on crack there03:37
Hobbsee       -si    By  default,  or  if  specified,  the  original  source  will be03:37
Hobbsee              included if the version number ends in -0 or  -1,  i.e.  if  the03:37
Hobbsee              Debian revision part of the version number is 0 or 1.03:37
FujitsuSo the same effect as -sd, but conditional.03:37
FujitsuThat makes more sense.03:37
* Hobbsee has written scripts to avoid having to specify the switches, so....03:38
FujitsuBut -sd is irrelevant in Ubuntu, as we never have a version number matching either of those.03:38
awmcclainJust to make sure I don't break anything again... I create the source package, then test the build using sbuild?03:38
FujitsuYes please. But sbuild might not be practical if you're not already using LVM.03:40
FujitsuIn that case, use pbuilder and hope for the best.03:40
HobbseeFujitsu: i wonder if we patch that - or should.03:40
HobbseeFujitsu: would be nice to patch it03:40
awmcclainMm, no, not using LVM03:41
artfwoas I've never used pbuilder or sbuild, would someone clear for me: does it download packages from the net every time or does it pick them from some cache?03:42
Fujitsupbuilder caches them.03:43
Fujitsusbuild doesn't by default.03:43
awmcclainHrm... strange. I've installed pbuilder but I don't have 'pbuilder' in my path03:43
artfwoaha, thanks :)03:43
Hobbseeawmcclain: don't you have to run bash again to do so?03:46
Hobbseeor open a new terminal?03:46
awmcclaini did, no luck03:46
FujitsuHobbsee: It shouldn't be updating PATH, so that shouldn't be necessary...03:46
FujitsuI can't see why it wouldn't be in the default PATH, though.03:46
artfwodpkg -L pbuilder?03:47
awmcclainThere we go, had to terminate the connection.03:47
awmcclainStrange. Normally never have to do that.03:47
awmcclainThere we go.03:48
awmcclainYou have to admit, packaging, when it works, is such magic.03:48
awmcclainReally. It's like you're living in the future. I half-expect a flying car to jet past my window.03:49
awmcclainOk, I see how this all works now. My guess is that it's a dependency issue in the chroot environment.03:52
Hobbseevery likely03:54
awmcclainAh ha! Ok. This is interesting: The default perl version dependency generated by dh-make-perl is perl (>= 5.8.8-7ubuntu3.1), but pbuilder is trying to satisfy with 5.8.8-7ubuntu303:55
FujitsuYou're using a Gutsy pbuilder, then/03:56
awmcclainSilly that the versions wouldn't match.03:56
awmcclainShouldn't I?03:56
FujitsuThat sounds like it wants a Hardy perl.03:56
awmcclainI'm running gutsy, I downloaded dh-make-perl for gutsy. :-\04:00
awmcclainOr rather, apt-got it. :)04:00
awmcclainAh. I have perl (5.8.8-7ubuntu3.1) gutsy-security; urgency=low  installed on my machine.04:07
awmcclainSo, my version of perl was updated in a security update, but the version that pbuilder uses isn't. Is that correct?04:07
awmcclainFujitsu: Safe to try again on launchpad to verify that's what went wrong?04:08
FujitsuThat wasn't what went wrong.04:08
FujitsuIt wasn't a dependency issue.04:08
awmcclainWell, I'm baffled if it could be something else. It's not like the installation is doing anything special.04:09
FujitsuIt's running tests and failing after a forking test. That sounds special.04:10
FujitsuThis is the slowest I've seen LP in a very long time :(04:10
Hobbseejust as long as it doesn't require cpanplus...04:10
awmcclainGot it. Stalls on tests, since (i think) it's trying to find folders that don't exist (since its chrooting)04:20
FujitsuCome on LP, I can't accept three minute latency for comment submission.04:27
macothe internet said to come here04:28
macosaving new irc nicks doesnt work....spin spin spin...then boom04:29
FujitsuIt's horridly broken.04:29
FujitsuAnd there's nobody here.04:29
FujitsuRefresh a few times.04:29
Fujitsuyou might get it to work eventually.04:29
emgentmorning people04:29
maco31 more minutes til morning here04:30
FujitsuAt least we're not getting OOPSes with NoneType IDs any more.04:30
FujitsuHey emgent.04:30
emgentFujitsu: thanks for sympa :)04:30
Fujitsuemgent: You're welcome.04:31
* Hobbsee ponders trying to accept more04:35
Fujitsuemgent's audit should be in unapproved by now.04:35
emgentoh ok04:36
FujitsuThe Hardy CVE list is looking nice and yellow. It's rather good to see.04:37
* emgent should fix wordpress <= gutsy04:38
Fujitsuemgent: What about CVE-2008-0191 in Hardy?04:39
ubotuWordPress 2.2.x and 2.3.x allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive information via an invalid p parameter in an rss2 action to the default URI, which reveals the full path and the SQL database structure. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2008-0191)04:39
FujitsuAh, it's that one.04:39
FujitsuSo not important.04:39
emgentI`m working to CVE-2007-601304:40
ubotuWordpress 1.5 through 2.3.1 uses cookie values based on the MD5 hash of a password MD5 hash, which allows attackers to bypass authentication by obtaining the MD5 hash from the user database, then generating the authentication cookie from that hash. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2007-6013)04:40
FujitsuSo I saw.04:40
FujitsuWhy does LP break on days I have lots of time to deal with security bugs?04:40
FujitsuJust before release?04:40
Hobbseebecause it likes breaking just before release.  duh04:40
emgentlp is very slow now ARGHù04:41
HobbseeFujitsu: which bits do you want accepted?04:41
Fujitsuemgent: It's very, very slow, and often finally OOPSes or gives pound-like failures after 5 minutes.04:41
FujitsuHobbsee: Just audit ATM. LP is holding up my other fixes :(04:42
emgentI will complete my work later04:42
Hobbseecome on edge.  don't die.04:44
FujitsuIt's a lot worse than it was earlier.04:45
emgentFujitsu: http://cansecwest.com/post/2008-03-20.21:33:00.CanSecWest_PWN2OWN_200804:51
emgenthave you read? :)04:51
emgentonly ubuntu not owned in this hacking contest04:52
FujitsuYeah, I saw that.04:53
=== jamesh__ is now known as jamesh
crimsunHobbsee: please accept trang and phatch, too (both approved by MOTU-R)05:22
Hobbseecrimsun: ELAUNCHPADTIMEOUTS.05:23
FujitsuAnother trang?05:27
FujitsuI thought I saw it on -changes earlier.05:28
agmishraHI i am not able to access https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/p7zip/+bug/132884 for almost past 1/2 hr05:44
agmishraIs launchpad down?05:45
Fujitsuagmishra: Try bugs.edge.launchpad.net. Launchpad is having big issues, and all the sysadmins are asleep.05:45
bullgard4Accessing Launchpad is extremely slow at this moment.06:07
Hobbseeyes, it is06:07
bullgard4Launchpad asked me to report this fact here.06:08
=== Hobbsee changed the topic of #launchpad to: Launchpad is slow, and only partially working, probably until monday | https://launchpad.net/ || Next meeting, all welcome: Thu 24 April 2008, 1800UTC #launchpad-meeting | Help: https://help.launchpad.net | Questions and spam reports: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com
Hobbseebullgard4: no one's around who can change that page :(06:08
Hobbseebullgard4: topic updated though, thanks06:08
FujitsuI was wondering how I could best phrase somehting like that for the topic.06:09
FujitsuThat's not a bad job.06:09
FujitsuHopefully we'll be able to poke some Canonical person within a few hours.06:09
bullgard4Hobbsee: Have a nice sunday! (I am still enjoying Ubuntu.)06:09
Hobbseebullgard4: will do06:10
=== asac_ is now known as asac
=== Odd_Bloke changed the topic of #launchpad to: Launchpad is slow, and only partially working, probably until Monday | https://launchpad.net/ || Next meeting, all welcome: Thu 24 April 2008, 1800UTC #launchpad-meeting | Help: https://help.launchpad.net | Questions and spam reports: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com
Odd_Blokes/monday/Monday/ for those wondering.07:27
ubotuNew bug: #219828 in soyuz "Copies of sources including only architecture independent binaries result in a failed-to-upload build" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21982810:25
ubotuNew bug: #219829 in soyuz "Show SourcePackageRelease original information in PPA pages" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21982910:30
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andrea-bshi there! there's a problem with bugs atom feeds: "HTTP error code 0: Remote host did not finish sending data"12:23
affluxI guess that's related to general launchpad-slowness today12:24
mptGooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!15:01
Hobbseegood evening mpt!15:02
johI recall there being an SVN to BZR howto on launchpad - anyone know where to find it?15:15
Hobbseempt: any idea how many hours until LP is up in a satisfactory fashion?15:17
mptHobbsee, I didn't know it wasn't15:18
mptWhat's wrong?15:18
Hobbseempt: use it for something.  You'll see.15:18
Hobbseempt: it's slow, constant timeouts, can't accept packages at all15:18
Hobbseesometimes they're getting none-type oopses15:19
Hobbseevarious people have beem coming in here all day from it15:19
Hobbseeit's been going on since the power outage.15:19
Hobbseempt: didn't you see the /topic?15:19
mptI didn't15:19
mptone moment15:19
mptHow long has it been like this?15:20
mptEight hours??15:20
* Hobbsee thinks15:20
Hobbseewhen did the power actually come back on?15:21
Hobbseeit would be at least that, i'm fairly sure15:21
mptHobbsee, please tell me all you know15:21
mpt(about this, I mean:-)15:21
Hobbseempt: there was a mention of a power outage in the /topic of #ubuntu-devel, hours ago15:22
Hobbsee[Sat Apr 19 2008] [21:55:02] Topic The channel topic is "Reduced buildd service till 3pm UTC due to power outage || <rest of #ubuntu-devel topic>15:22
* Hobbsee looks for when someone first mentioend it was slow15:23
Hobbseempt: people were commenting 13 hours ago15:24
Hobbseempt: looks like that was the first (fujitsu was talking about it)15:24
mptOk, so what parts of it are working?15:24
Hobbseelooks like bugs are.15:25
HobbseeFujitsu's thought was that a whole lot of the app servers were down15:25
Hobbseei could get a few packages accepted before i started getting mass timeouts15:25
Hobbseei think elmo redid a whole bunch of the builds that died15:25
Hobbseempt: tbh, launchpad has been so painfully slow (and timing out consistently) today that no one's really tried to do work with it for an extended period of time, just due to the data loss.15:26
Hobbseeso i'm not sure of the extent15:26
Hobbsee(and yes, it's 4 days before the ubuntu release, and no, i'm sure people won't be happy about it)15:26
mptok, I've called SteveA, he's calling elmo now15:27
mptI can't load bugs.launchpad.net either15:27
Hobbseempt: oh yes.  producion is totally down, and you have to use edge.15:27
mptoh, edge is up?15:27
Hobbseeknew i forgot something important.15:27
Hobbseewell, fsvo up.15:27
Hobbseeit loads some LP pages without timeouts, at least.15:27
Hobbseempt: it would be good if some of you actually published contact numbers.  if none of the canonical folks are around, which they often aren't on the weekend, this situation isn't uncommon.15:28
mptyeah, I'm thinking about that15:28
Hobbseelast i knew, IS contact numbers were given out to canonical people only.15:28
mptbut that's something to sort out tomorrow15:28
mptpriority #1 now is to get it back up again15:28
Hobbseecome to think of it, i could have called SteveA myself.15:28
Hobbseedidn't really want to wake him up and having yelling at me, though.15:29
mptI'm not getting any response from edge.launchpad.net either15:29
Hobbseehmm. it was working.15:29
Hobbseelooks dead now15:29
Hobbseeno, it's here.  slow, though15:29
Hobbseempt: you're looking for at least a minute each page load atm.  so, patience...15:29
Nafallowhat's up?15:31
NafalloLP borked?15:31
Hobbseetry using it15:31
=== mpt changed the topic of #launchpad to: Launchpad is mostly down, IS staff are fixing it | https://launchpad.net/ || Next meeting, all welcome: Thu 24 April 2008, 1800UTC #launchpad-meeting | Help: https://help.launchpad.net | Questions and spam reports: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com
Nafalloah. IS is on it already :-)15:32
Hobbseempt: good thing you happen to turn up on weekends....15:32
HobbseeNafallo: you clearly havent tried to use LP for the last 13 hours...15:32
NafalloHobbsee: no. I've been a bit sleepy ;-)15:32
Hobbseelucky you15:32
mptHobbsee, did you try contacting other LP developers here in #launchpad?15:33
Hobbseempt: i didn't try pinging them individually, no.15:33
mpt(or heck, even anyone from Canonical)15:33
Hobbseethoguth they weren't here, if they weren't talking, or looking at their screens.15:33
Hobbseempt: i've tried that before.  it didn't work last time.15:34
Hobbseethen again, it wasn't so close to release last time.15:34
* Hobbsee is surprised you don't have an alerts system for mass oopses, or something.15:35
Hobbseemind you, that would probably be down too15:35
mptI doubt the proximity to release would affect anyone's responsiveness to this problem15:36
=== afflux_ is now known as afflux
mptok, edge is working for me now15:36
Hobbseempt: last time this happened (christmas buildds breaking), it was discussed that they'd write up a procedure as to how they wanted stuff escalated.  That never happened, and I never heard anything more, so I assumed that they didn't care/want to be notified15:36
HobbseeOr if they did, I never saw info on it15:37
Hobbseepresumed it was for a subset of people, and i wasn't one.15:37
Hobbseempt: the first item there was done.  repeatedly.15:38
Hobbseempt: no help if no one's watching15:38
mptok, everything's working for me now15:42
leoquantthere is no planned maintenance, but launchpad seems down now?15:42
mptIs there anything still not working for you (that was working before), Hobbsee?15:42
mptleoquant, what were you trying to do in particular?15:42
leoquantbugs/launchpad account etc15:43
* Hobbsee smacks LP bad UI design.15:43
Hobbseei'm hitting the button below the menu option, not across from it, so it's not updating, it's actually doing nothing.15:43
Hobbseempt: i still can't acccept from the queue.  (Error ID: OOPS-841EA43) 15:44
Hobbseempt: i filed a bug last week, couldn't reproduce it a few days later, and it's back now.  It's a load problem15:45
mptBelow what menu option?15:45
Hobbseethe queue.  it's getting redesigned, and the dogfood stuff looks saner.15:45
Hobbsee(but thanks)15:45
leoquantweird ...it is very, very slow. but its there :)15:48
leoquantwaiting for launchpadllibrarian...15:51
=== elmo changed the topic of #launchpad to: https://launchpad.net/ || Next meeting, all welcome: Thu 24 April 2008, 1800UTC #launchpad-meeting | Help: https://help.launchpad.net | Questions and spam reports: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com
Hobbseemorning elmo!15:51
mptthanks elmargol 15:52
mptelmo, even15:52
Hobbsee(Error ID: OOPS-841EA48) 15:53
Hobbseesigh, more timeouts.  i assume slangasek will have to deal with the queue on monday.15:53
mptYour first oops is still too new for me to see15:54
Hobbseempt: can you add it to your meeting agenda to actually get an emergency plan written and published?  This isn't the first time, and the "we'll deal with it later" approach didn't seem to work too well last time.15:55
Hobbseempt: can't imagine you guys want to be called up for random things, by any community member, if there's no protocol of what you do and don't want to know about.15:56
Hobbseeespecially while you're asleep15:56
mptHobbsee, done.15:58
Hobbseempt: thankyou.15:58
mpta queue timeout, eh16:36
mptHobbsee, anyway, until we have a published plan of that type, I'll elaborate on the one described on <http://news.launchpad.net/maintenance>: Refer to Launchpad developers by IRC nickname, and if that fails, any Canonical person16:40
Hobbseempt: right.16:40
nandThe QA webserver (ISO testing tracker && brainstorm) was down until recently. I wonder if this was related...17:12
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johHi, how do I import my svn repository into bzr on launchpad?21:12
ZelutI have followed the PPA instructions here - https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart21:22
Zelutmy submission was accepted but there is no .deb available.  Did I miss a step?21:22
johEh wth, how did launchpad discover 2 of my old email addresses? :S21:33
stdinZelut: how long ago did you upload?21:35
mdkeany lp-bzr gurus around? I'd like to upgrade some branches on LP but am having some issues21:47
beunomdke, what seems to be the problem?21:48
mdkebeuno: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7616/21:49
beunomdke, you should use sftp for upgrades21:50
beunogive that a try21:50
mdkebzr info on the same url gives "format: unnamed"21:50
mdkebeuno: ah, it doesn't work at all with bzr+ssh?21:50
beunomdke, IIRC, upgrading doesn't work with bzr+ssh on LP, np21:50
mdkeis there anything else besides sftp? the server doesn't have paramiko installed21:51
beunoI don't think you can write to LP anyway else21:51
mdkebeuno: ok, thanks anyway21:53
beunomdke, np  :)21:54
beunoof course21:54
beunoanother alternative might be21:54
beunoupgrade locally21:54
beunoremove the current one21:54
beunoand upload the upgraded one21:55
beunoto some extent, that might be faster21:55
beuno(upgrading in LP makes several round trips)21:55
mdkebeuno: I might do that. is it possible to delete branches in launchpad?21:55
spaceplukhi, can I have packages in PPA which depend on universe, multiverse, etc.?21:56
beunomdke, yup, there's a "Delete Branch" option on there21:56
mdkebeuno: hmm. i can't use it - it would delete subscriptions and bug links21:56
mdkebeuno: I'll try and get paramiko installed on the server and do it with sftp21:57
spaceplukI've just uploaded the source package and I'm having a "Chroot problem"21:57
beunomdke, alright, good luck with that then  :)21:57
awmcclainHey all... is there an easy way to specify a list of custom repositories for pbuilder? I've tried specifying lines in my source.list by setting the OTHERMIRRORS variable in my rc file and by passing them in via --othermirrors. Am I missing something?22:15
awmcclainOr: is there an ubuntu package developer IRC? Similar to debian-mentors?22:17
spaceplukawmcclain: have you tried sudo pbuilder login, and then edit the source.list inside?22:24
awmcclainspacepluk: Oh! No! Will that take effect for all default builds?22:24
spaceplukawmcclain: I think so22:24
awmcclainspacepluk: I'll try that. Thank you!22:24
spaceplukawmcclain: np :)22:25
awmcclainspacepluk: Oh, actually, I just found a good way to do it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto, where you can copy over your existing apt directory to pbuilder22:32
spaceplukawmcclain: I was about to point you to that howto :P22:33
awmcclainHrm, though, it's not working with my .pbuilderrc. Probably because I'm running it as sudo?22:34
Zelutstdin: probably a week ago..22:41
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Zelutstdin: ...and that's odd.  I just uploaded another .changes and this one generated a .deb.22:47
Zelutstdin: fluke I guess.22:47

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