dekelaFirst of all I want to say that Hardy is so Beautiful!!00:00
dekelaI just finished installing it from srcath00:00
spookylukeysocketbind, malnilion: would you mind telling me what settings you have in 'Manage Repositories' ?00:00
dekelaI would like to install Nvidia Propriety drivers however my card in not recognized in the Hardware window00:01
spookylukeyI have manually edited /etc/apt/sources.list in the past, but now it is back to standard I think00:01
dekelaI have a G-Force 9600 GT00:01
tomaskowow bleeding edge00:01
dekela01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Geforce 9600 GT 512mb (rev a1)00:01
malnilionspookylukey, I'm on regular Ubuntu, but I know I couldn't upgrade in the past when I forgot the -d tag when I ran update-manager00:01
socketbinddekela: afaik it only works with the recently released 173.08 drivers00:02
dekelaShould I go with the manual driver installtion or there is a deb file somewhere?00:02
socketbindspookylukey, i no longer have kubuntu sorry00:02
dekelasocketbind: I know thanks..00:02
socketbinddekela: i couldn't find a prepackaged driver, but installing it manually is relatively painless00:03
tomaskodekela: i just use the manual installation with my 8300 GS00:03
dekelaI was wondering if there are any plans on getting it into the repositories before the final release00:03
dekelasocketbind: I agree but every Kernel update will require a reinstallation00:03
socketbindyup but i had no choice00:03
socketbindsad thing is that display switching works only with those new drivers for me00:04
spookylukeyOK, cheers, I'm going to try using 'do-release-upgrade' instead00:05
socketbindbtw it seems that gnome guys have a bad habit of removing existing features : |00:05
socketbinddoes anybody have a slider for brightness adjustment in "Power Management Preferences" on the battery tab?00:10
_derspankstersocketbind: No, do you?00:12
socketbindno, and i wonder where is it gone : |00:12
socketbindi hope it didnt't get removed for some reason00:13
_derspankstersocketbind: can't you use the function keys on your laptop?00:14
m0u5eanyone else have problems with multiple displays with hardy rc00:14
m0u5eis it just me or has i810 crt/lcd switcher regressed -__-;00:14
socketbindi could, but this was convenient00:14
m0u5eit used to work in feisty, but doesn't work since then00:14
x0xi have chmod to 700. after that i cant see my website.00:15
socketbindit would automatically set to that brightness when on battery : |00:15
sharperguyok how do i get java to use pulseaudio?00:15
x0xcan anyone tell what chmod i should set?00:15
JohninLexYea I have a problem when I try to use 32 windows everything slows down00:15
Monobix0x, you must place your website in /var/www00:15
MonobiAssuming you have apache2 installed and configed00:15
Monobinah what?00:16
x0xi wanna set it to home dir ;p00:16
x0xlike before00:16
MonobiThen go to apache200:16
x0xeverything is ok00:16
MonobiThis is for Ubuntu development ;)00:16
x0xall i need is chmod to my home dir00:16
x0xto fix it00:16
Monobichmod 77700:16
_derspankstersocketbind: I never used it anyway00:17
socketbindwell it is bad that it is gone00:18
x0xto home dir00:18
x0xare you crazy00:18
socketbindi'm going through the source code now but i'm by no means an expert in gtk00:18
Monobix0x, slightly00:19
mikegriffinanyone else chmod /home 711 to annoy others?00:19
socketbindyup, it is really removed i guess i have to fix it for myself somehow00:19
sharperguyseriously guys there must be a way to set the java plugin to output to pulseaudio, otherwise it pretty much ties up the entire soundcard00:20
sharperguyIt only ever seems to do oss, unless i use aoss but thats no use now00:20
socketbindwell i have never tried to make java use pulseaudio00:21
socketbindbut i think pulseaudio had some kind of oss emulation layer or what00:21
mikegriffini have never used java to play any audio00:21
socketbindlemme check00:21
crimsunsharperguy: padsp.  It will probably crash.00:21
crimsunbecause the jvm sucks?00:22
socketbindit is just like aoss yup00:22
crimsun(not to mention padsp does, too)00:22
sharperguywell ill try00:22
sharperguyi aggree though i hate java00:22
sharperguyseems to be working ok for the moment00:23
RyanPriorCreeping up on release day and still Firefox won't load Java applets.00:24
ProN00bany op going to ban bauglir soon ?00:25
socketbind* src/gpm-prefs-core.c: (prefs_setup_battery):00:25
socketbindDon't have a slider for brightness reduction on battery - it confuses00:25
socketbindtoo many people00:25
socketbindoops sorry00:25
socketbindmiddle button00:25
ProN00bi wouldn't be able to get away with this kind of trolling...00:25
bauglirpoor ProNOOb00:25
_derspanksterProNoob: agreed, please somebody!00:25
HoellPgn8 all00:26
bauglirpoor ProNOOb00:26
ProN00bpoor bauglir00:26
bauglirdo you admit you're poor, ProNOOB00:27
bauglirpoor mOu5e00:29
Zambezibauglir: Can you part please or cut the crap?00:30
bauglirpoor Zambezi00:30
hydrogenhmm... I seem to have lost compositing support after upgrading00:36
bauglirThere seems to be an alien pubic hair in my Gin.00:38
jburdpoor bauglir00:39
bauglirNever seen it before in my life. Have you?00:40
sonik887Anyone available for a grub question?00:40
mnemosonik887: dont ask to ask, just ask00:41
sonik887i got everything working fine with my ubuntu install, but i had to modify grub to point to root(0,3) instead of root(1,3) that it setup.00:41
sonik887i pointed it to the correct hard drive in the 8.04 installer, but it set up the drive numbering wrong.00:41
_derspanksterbauglir: warum00:41
sonik887i've seen this with previous ubuntu versions as well00:41
sonik8872 sata drives (both 750 seagates)00:42
sonik887once i modified grub, everything worked fine00:42
sonik887i've seen this issue on 2 different computers that each have multiple sata drives.  curious if there's a better way to make it work "out of hte box" versus having to reconfigure grub after installation.00:42
timboyCompiz-Fusion screenshot is not working properly for me. If I hold down Super then click and drag over what I want to take a screenshot it takes it but it is about 2.5 inches above where I wanted the screenshot to happen.00:44
timboyit worked fine before upgrade to hardy00:46
maneyI'm sure I'm wasting my time, but... how come the packages site lists packages that aren't listed in the corresponding Packages file on any mirror (including archive.ubuntu.com)?00:47
crimsunmaney: which packages site?  which package?  which version?00:47
Zambezicrimsun: You got chanop. Can you save us here from bauglir's stupidity/trolling?00:48
maneyeg. vlc - listed in Hardy (universe) by packages,ubuntu.com, version seems to be int he pool (only checked one mirror for that), nowhere in universe/i386 Package file00:49
crimsunZambezi: if it becomes excessive, yes.00:49
Zambezicrimsun: Good.00:50
maneyI noticed that one because the upgrade wanted to throw out the only decently working video viewer I had00:50
crimsun(currently it's annoying but nothing that an /ignore doesn't resolve)00:50
markgreeneHey fellas. I am testing out the latest 8.04 release. I am unable to browse a windows network. I go to "Places" -> "Network" -> "Windows Network" and from there i see all the computers. From here I would click the computer I want and be prompted for user credintials. However instead I am presented with nothing but an emtpy window and "smb://[COMPUTER_NAME] in the address bar.00:51
toronto_!bug 21974300:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219743 in linux "4 GiB of RAM installed, ~3.8 GiB reported" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21974300:51
maneysimilarly rhetorical, is there somewhere I haven't yet found where I can get the timestamps of when package versions went into the repository, as I can at Debian's packages site?00:52
maney(now that I've asked, I'm thinking I've asked that before and been told that Ubuntu's version just doesn't do that)00:52
maneynow there's a bug I know the FAQ answer for...00:53
crimsunmaney: don't rely on packages.ubuntu.com; it's on a crontab.00:53
crimsunmaney: the definitive source version is available via rmadison -uubuntu, or launchpad.net00:54
crimsunmaney: launchpad & launchpadlibrarian expose timestamps for accepts, builds, etc.00:54
Zeker_i'm having a problem: when ubuntu is loading something (like a window) or when I'm loading certain pages in firefox, my mouse cursor disappears.  Can anyone offer some help please?00:54
maneycrimsun: uhm, okay, so that would matter if, what, vlc has been dropped from universe altogether since the crontab last fired?00:55
ZambeziZeker_: I have no idea, but if you mention the page, someone here could try.00:55
Zeker_zambezi, it's not just a certain page, it does the same thing even when I'm not online, like when I load the add/remove program.00:56
ZambeziZeker_: Haven't heard of that problem.00:57
crimsunmaney: it was intentionally demoted from universe.00:57
crimsunmaney: it contains embedded source that correctly forced its demotion to multiverse.00:57
crimsun     0.8.6.release.e+x264svn20071224+faad2.6.1-0ubuntu3 000:57
crimsun        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com hardy/multiverse Packages00:57
crimsunnote the inclusion of x264 and faad2 in the vlc source.00:57
Zeker_well it's doing it quite a bit with me zambezi00:58
Zeker_also, I can't get any sound in my system.  Crimsun suggested checking the alsamixer and it looks fine, all the volume settings are up.  Can anyone offer suggestions?00:58
crimsunZeker_: we need info that I requested in #ubuntu.  Please provide it.00:59
maneyah, a mysterious notation that explains nothing!  thanks, got it.  dunno why they couldn't just *say* so.  BTW, I don't see anything on launchpad that would help me figure any of this out - it just says "yeah, there's a version in Gutsy.  somewhere.  go grep for it?"00:59
maneywhich is the kind of stuff that I would have hoped packages.ubunutu.com would help with, and i guess it usually does01:00
crimsunmaney: launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vlc01:00
maneyby a not so odd coincidence, that's the page I'm looking at01:01
Zeker_crimsun, I'm trying to get it01:01
Zeker_i'll have it ready in just a bit01:01
maneythe page contains the word "multiverse"... why, not at all01:01
crimsun- New versioning scheme to bring attention to the fact that faad and x264 are in the .orig.tar.gz.01:01
crimsun0.8.6.release.e+x264svn20071224+faad2.6.1-0ubuntu1  ^^01:01
crimsunmaney: I agree that it's not clear01:02
maneysure, I saw that cryptic nonsense a long time ago.  if i were a VLC developer i guess I'd understand it right off01:02
maneythat was on packages's listing too.  with the version that must have just been dropped01:03
Zeker_ok i tried the ./alsa-info.sh command and it says "no such file or directory"01:03
crimsunmaney: see bug 20691201:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 206912 in vlc "Demote vlc and rdepends to multiverse" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20691201:03
Zeker_was I supposed to install something beforehand?01:03
crimsunZeker_: to where did you download the script?01:04
Sergeant_Ponyis there a way I can change what default program opens when I put a cd in my drive?01:04
Zeker_i didn't download a script01:04
Zeker_i just typed ./alsa-info.sh01:04
maneywell, we've already proven the information exists *somewhere* :-)  thanks, guess I'll have to open the floodgates to multiverse now.01:04
Zeker_into the cmd prompt01:04
crimsunZeker_: you have to download the script and /then/ execute it using bash01:05
Zeker_let me see how to download it...01:05
crimsunright-click the URL, choose Save As..01:05
fracnywhere can i go for hardy + ati help01:07
Zeker_ok I downloaded the script into my home folder01:07
Zeker_how do I run it?01:07
fracnywhere can i got for hardy/fglrx help01:08
crimsunZeker_: in a Terminal, bash ~/alsa-info.sh01:09
marko-_-fracny, first tell what you need...01:12
marko-_-and maybe someone from here can help you01:12
DanaGArgh, my Xorg is being dmanasmasdf01:13
DanaGbeing damn slow... so slow I mangled that last wored.01:14
DanaGStupid nvidia.01:14
DanaGAnd I'm not even running compiz at the moment -- because my GPU's stopped working in 3D.01:14
crimsunZeker_: any progress?  I need to leave in 10 minutes.01:14
DanaGI'm so sick and tired of nvidia.01:14
hydrogenone hickup later!01:15
RyanPriorDanaG: maybe time to go buy a Linux-compatible video card?01:17
crimsun(not present)01:17
_derspanksterI'm running the beta on my laptop. My desktop with a Nvidia 6600 is still running Gutsy. I'm concerned about upgrading the desktop because it has the nvidia gpu, should I be?01:24
DrUnKnMuNkYhey everyone i'm having some trouble with GRUB. i'm able to boot using the 2.6.24-12-server kernel but when I try to boot from the 2.6.24-16-server kernel I get an error 24 (Attempt to access block outside partition) and when I try to boot from the 2.6.24-15-server kernel I get an error 16 (Inconsistent file structure). Any ideas what's wrong?01:31
ShpookHello everyone. Is it possible to just upgrade to 8.04RC? I don't want to have to download and burn another cd.01:31
DrUnKnMuNkYAlso: e2fs returns no error on disk check01:31
_derspanksterShpook: are you running beta now?01:32
Zeker_sorry I took so long you guys01:32
Zeker_here's the pastebin01:32
Zeker_i thought maybe restarting the system would help but it didn't make a difference :(01:33
Shpook_derspankster: Nope, Gutsy01:33
penis there a way to change file system format from reiserfs to ext2 without losing my data?01:34
_derspanksterShpook: I don't know why you couldn't upgrade to the RC, I upgraded to the Beta.01:35
lufisI need big time help. I just updated to hardy through update-manager -d, and I'm having the same problem I was having a few months ago with hardy. Gdm comes up and everything works great until i log in. At that point I get a black screen. Everything else works... just the display is black. dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg doesn't do anything.01:35
Zeker_crimsun, are you still there?01:35
calcpen: backup, format, copy the data back01:35
lufisI'm on a dell inspiron laptop, btw01:35
Shpook_derspankster: I was wondering how, I did it from Feisty to Gusty, but I can't remember how to force it.01:36
pencalc:  I'm just curious. I tried reiser, it's fine. But is it better than ext3 overall?01:36
calcpen: i like ext3 better since it is more tested01:37
lufis...and i just fixed it. Guess what it was/01:37
Zeker_can anyone help?  I have no sound in my system01:37
lufisit was outputting to the vga port by default01:37
calcpen: but that is probably because i have been using linux a very long time and have been burned by the non-ext3 filesystems in the past01:37
_derspanksterShpook:  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2008-April/000110.html01:38
calcpen: the most used linux fs is ext3 so it is most likely to be bug free01:38
pencalc: ok, but not necessarily faster?01:38
calcpen: not sure which is fastest, iirc it used to be xfs, but then that one definitely ate data for me01:38
xboxkiller88dont sacrifice stability for speed01:39
Zeker_I have no sound in my system and I just checked the alsa mixer and nothing is muted, I checked my hardware and it's all installed correctly, and I just ran the alsa mixer script with this output (http://pastebin.ca/99016801:39
Zeker_) I still get no sound.  Can someone please help?01:39
Shpook_derspankster: Thank you, I just found it on google, it was "update -d"01:39
calcpen: of course it ate data for me around 5-6 years ago01:39
DanaGStupid nvidia.01:39
DanaGI had to reboot because my consoles were blank.01:39
pencalc: that's a long time ago01:39
* calc has been using linux for 13 years01:39
Shpook_derspankster: I appreciate the help. :-D01:39
pencalc: :O01:39
_derspanksterShpook: np, good luck!01:40
DanaGCome summer, I WILL be switching to ATI.01:40
calcaiui part of the reason it ate data was due to it only journaling metadata (iirc)01:40
DanaGPeople may say ATI's drivers are crap, but so are NVIDIA's, in my experience.01:40
_derspanksterDanaG: what nvidia card are you using?01:40
DanaGATI's drivers are also getting better over time.01:40
DanaGCard is GeForce Go 7600.01:40
xboxkiller88im using ati01:40
pencalc: should I wait for ext4?01:40
Zeker_can anyone please help me with my sound problem?01:40
DanaGAnd even if ATI's drivers are crap.... I'd rather have open-source crap than closed-source crap.01:40
xboxkiller88with drivers from there site better that what i get from yum (fedora 8)01:41
calcpen: ext4 probably won't be used until 8.10/9.04 at earliest01:41
DanaGyum?  Sounds like what I say about food.01:41
pencalc: oh01:41
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!01:41
_derspanksterDanaG: I have a 6600 on my desktop but it's still running Gutsy but without issues.01:41
pencalc: I have heard it's better than it's predecessor.01:41
DanaGI left my system up over the night, running Azureus with Compiz also active, and Xorg hard-locked.01:42
DanaGI killed it with a SAK, and when I logged in again, my desktop was severely slow and laggy -- like it was entirely CPU-drawn, even with metacity.01:42
wastrelwhat's SAK?01:43
DanaGI went to stop gdm... and found all my consoles to be blank.01:43
DanaGSAK is alt-sysrq-k.  It's a kernel-level kill of everything on the current TTY.01:43
pencalc: well01:43
IcemanV9hardy is coming along nicely!! :-)01:43
pencalc: then should I switch back to ext3?01:43
wastrel"swiss army knife"01:43
DanaGOh, and my dmesg had that "NVRM: Xid" stuff.01:45
DanaGUsually, running azureus + compiz results in a complete hard-lockup of the whole system after a while.01:46
DanaGThis time I was using a cardbus NIC instead of my integrated one, and only Xorg froze.01:46
testing8hello there. just downloaded&burnt 8.04, booted fine, but it doesn't let me use existing partitions.. only all at once01:47
testing8any ideas?01:47
_derspanksterDanaG: disheartening for sure. But, I've not experienced anything like that, sorry.01:48
DanaGSo, in summer, I'll be getting a new laptop (for a host of other reasons), and jumping ship from nvidia.01:49
wastrelazureus is a java program isn't it?01:49
wastrelyou could try with a different jvm01:49
DanaGBut it only causes lockups if I also have a 3D app running at the same time.01:50
DanaGAnd by "3d app" -- even the rss-glx screensavers count.01:50
calcpen: its up to you :) pretty much all of them are better at least in theory its up to how well debugged they are, you may want to search to see if anyone has been having problems with eg reiserfs lately if not you might want to just stay with it01:50
calcpen: er better than ext3 i mean01:51
testing8i can see and mount all the drives, but the installer wants me to make a new partition list...01:51
pencalc: well, I have done some research on those formats before. But almost every format has users who have experienced problems with it.01:57
=== nivek_ is now known as nivek
pencalc: so I'm confused to choose the best one for my computer setup01:57
pixelmonkeyhey there; I'm trying to upgrade my Ubuntu install from 6.10 to the 8.04 release candidate, however when I pull up update-manager -d it says the latest release is 7.10, not 8.0401:57
luderacer8.04 anit out yet is it?01:57
penpixelmonkey: then update again after you get to 7.1001:57
penluderacer: 5 more days for official01:57
pixelmonkeypen, oh, I need to do it like that?01:58
MTecknologyI think the only other thing I really want to figure out is how to make the login screen not take up 4x the size of my screen. It's just trying to use a resolution that my monitor can't support. Once I log in, it's fine01:58
luderacercant wait01:58
penpixelmonkey: I think so. Since there are too many changes from 6.10 to 8.0401:58
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
penMTecknology: that's interesting... try to change the themes maybe?01:58
calcpen: the one least likely to experience problems at least IME is ext3, but it has had problems as well many years ago, I just didn't get personally burned by it since I was using xfs at the time (i think)01:58
calcpen: so its up to you which fs to use but ext3 is generally the most widely used, and widely used == widely tested/debugged :)01:59
MTecknologypen, will do - I was just wondering the same thing01:59
pencalc: but I don't undersatnd why it takes so much space for just format into it01:59
calcpixelmonkey: the official upgrade path from 6.10 is to 7.0401:59
DanaGwtf?  quodlibet just stopped showing folder contents.02:00
calcpixelmonkey: the only direct upgrade paths to 8.04 are 6.06 (LTS) and 7.1002:00
DanaGThat's b0rked.02:00
calcpen: hmm?02:00
calcpen: you mean what df shows?02:00
pixelmonkeypen, if calc, I see... but at the end of the day, if I do the two-step (->7.10 and then ->8.04) upgrade, that's not going to cause major problems, will it?02:00
pencalc: if you format a fresh partiiton to ext3 the used space is greater than other formats02:00
calcpen: there is a smallish area used for journal and then iirc 5% is set aside for root user for cases of disk full problems02:01
MTecknologypen, nope - same problem02:01
calcpen: you can tweak that with tune2fs02:01
pixelmonkeyat the end of the day, it's just software :-D02:01
penpixelmonkey: it shouldn't be, but try to research it on google and see if anyothers are having the same problems02:01
calcpixelmonkey: it shouldn't cause a problem02:01
pencalc: oh02:01
pixelmonkeygreat, thanks very much for the help guys02:01
penMTecknology: are you using the default theme?02:02
Sergeant_Ponyis there a way to change the default program that opens when I put in a cd?02:02
calcpen: tune2fs -l /dev/filesystem should show you the stats02:02
penSergeant_Pony: system|preferences|preferred program02:02
penSergeant_Pony: something likt that02:03
calcpen: i don't know that it is safe to change settings on a mounted fs though02:03
Sergeant_Ponyok, cool02:03
calcpen: so if you tweak the settings then you probably want to boot off the livecd02:03
MTecknologypen, I switched back to it - same result - it's just that Ubuntu thinks it can use a higher resolution than my monitor can handle02:03
pencalc: would it damaged my data?02:03
calcpen: it might if you do it to a mounted fs02:03
calcpen: i'm not sure02:04
calcpen: which is why i said to do it when booted off a livecd instead, that definitely won't damage it02:04
penMTecknology: when did it start malfunctioning?02:04
Sergeant_Ponypen: I installed vlc and it doesn't list it02:04
pencalc: ok02:04
calceg on my system i have: Reserved block count:     41939602:04
calcwhich is 1.6GB reserved02:05
penSergeant_Pony: hold on. I think it's somewhere else02:05
calcfor a 32GB fs02:05
MTecknologypen, I just installed the system today - i wouldn't consider it a malfunction, just in incorrect setting.... basically, it's bigger than I can see on my monitor but I can still log in02:05
pencalc: I see02:06
calcpen: the reserved space is for the root user so that you don't end up screwing up the machine if a regular user tries to use of all of the disk02:06
Sergeant_Ponypen: preferred applications02:06
calcpen: so it usually a good idea to leave it alone, at least for the root (/ ) filesystem02:06
MTecknologypen, I need gdm using 1280x1024 instead of 2048x153602:07
calcif you end up running (/ ) out of space then logs stop working, etc02:07
calcwell if /var is on the same partition anyway02:07
pencalc: I see, but I see lost $ found folder after I format to ext302:07
DanaGMoving /var is a bit tricky.02:07
penMTecknology: go to xorg02:07
DanaGYou need /var/run and /var/log on the root fs.02:07
penSergeant_Pony: It's somewhere else I remember02:08
penSergeant_Pony: where you can specify what action should take when you insert a cd02:08
calcpen: that is not a problem, that is where it sticks inodes that it can't figure out what to do with, it should normally always be an empty directory02:08
penMTecknology: I mean go to xorg and comment out some of the predefined resolution02:09
penMTecknology: and see if it's still doing that02:09
canen_i am trying to upgrade to the kubuntu rc with the instructions here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades/Kubuntu02:09
canen_but the "version upgrade" button is not showing up02:09
canen_i have 3 party repos disabled02:10
pencalc: ok02:10
canen_anyone experienced this problem?02:10
MTecknologypen, I tried deleting them completely - no effect02:10
calcpen: files will only show in that dir if the filesystem gets screwed up and it can't determine what to do with the files, eg like on windows with chk0001.dsk files02:10
penMTecknology: is your GtkRC file check box checked?02:10
calcpen: or however they are named, its been a long time since i used windows much02:10
pencalc: i see02:10
pencalc: that makes sense02:10
MTecknologypen, ?02:11
penMTecknology: in login screen under menu system|adminstration02:11
calcpen: if you use ext2 and lose power while writing to the disk it will create files there most of the time, for ext3 it usually can determine what to do about the problems02:11
MTecknologynope - what's that for?02:11
chucklargetimboy you were helping me earlier, are you still around ?02:11
timboychucklarge, yeah just got back on not too long ago. did that work?02:12
chucklargeno, I disabled the onboard ethernet and have some new settings, but still nothing02:12
thompadvds open with the default player and it will not play the menu only one episode.02:13
penSergeant_Pony: sorry, I just can't seem to find it now02:13
pencalc: what do you mean by that for ext3?02:13
Sergeant_Ponypen: it's not preferred applications?02:13
penMTecknology: specify your own GTK options02:13
chucklargetimboy new setup http://pastebin.ca/99020402:13
penSergeant_Pony: well, that's one place02:13
penSergeant_Pony: there is another place for specification02:13
calcpen: since ext3 is journaling fs it can usually recover from power loss problems02:14
pencalc: you mean if I create a text file it would save the file to the disk if somehow my power is off?02:14
calcpen: ext2 is not journaling so it would create files in /lost+found if power was lost while writing to the disk, etc02:14
pencalc: no, ext3 do that too02:15
pencalc: i mean02:15
timboychucklarge, try putting the auto eth1 before the eth1 settings02:15
pencalc: ext3 creates the folder too02:15
calcpen: no ext3/reiser/xfs/etc keeps your disk in consistent state, ext2 can't and so it sees something wrong it moves the inodes entries into /lost+found02:15
calcpen: on ext3 is it an empty dir for you?02:15
pencalc: that's strange. I always see /lost+found in ext302:15
calcpen: on ext2 pull the power while writing to disk and you will see lots of files in the /lost+found dir02:15
pencalc: it's an empty dir02:15
calcthe dir will always exist on ext2/ext3 and probably ext4 even02:16
pencalc: oh, got it02:16
calcits the dir where they stick lost inodes02:16
MTecknologypen, so - after i check that, then what?02:16
DistroJockeySergeant_Pony: you talking about an audio cd?02:16
penMTecknology: do you have any experience with xorg.conf?02:17
MTecknologypen, xorg.conf, yes02:17
MTecknologynot gdm configuration02:17
penMTecknology: go to xorg and change the resolutions available to only the desire one left02:17
MTecknologypen, I said I already did that02:18
chucklargetimboy : no change02:18
MTecknologypen, 8.04 relies a lot less on xorg.conf02:18
chucklargetimboy : restarted network02:18
patifaWhat's the package that has a graphical interface for configuring wine?02:18
patifaI had it installed, by default, into gnome before, now it's gone.02:19
penMTecknology: then attach your xorg.conf02:19
MTecknologypen, k - i did that, I'm trying it out02:19
bazhangpatifa: winedoors?02:19
timboychucklarge, what is the error?02:19
penMTecknology: ok02:19
ProN00bwhat filesystems are supported in heron ?02:19
patifaI'm not sure, bazhang.02:20
MTecknologypen, no change02:20
patifaI had a neat interface for wine in my applications list, then reinstalled wine and lost it.02:20
penMTecknology: try this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4716926#post471692602:21
penMTecknology: hopefully this would solve your problem02:21
chucklargetimboy , no error.  network seems to restart fine.  but i can't even ping my router02:21
DistroJockeyMTecknology: are you restarting the X server after you change xorg.conf?02:22
MTecknologyDistroJockey, normally that doesn't work on this particular computer so I restart02:23
DistroJockeyMTecknology: ahh, k02:23
timboychucklarge, oh ok.02:24
timboychucklarge, and what is your router's ip? 1.1? does your router not do dhcp?02:25
chucklargetimboy , yeah 1.1 .  it does dhcp but this is my fileserver, so static02:26
* DanaG wants to see somebody accidentally put an ascii 0001 (initiates CTCP) in a quit message.02:26
chucklargei can take it off static and see if that works..02:26
timboychucklarge, I was just going to suggest trying to make it try to pull an ip from your router by setting it to dhcp then see if you can ping the router so we can test more variables.02:27
Sergeant_Ponydistrojockey: yes that and dvd's02:28
DistroJockeySergeant_Pony: In Nautilus, goto the Edit menu, then Preferences, then the Media tab02:28
Sergeant_PonyDistroJockey: nautilus? I don't see it02:30
MTecknologypen, no go02:30
DistroJockeySergeant_Pony: filemanager thingy02:30
DistroJockeySergeant_Pony: Places - HomeFolder ?02:30
Sergeant_Ponyhmm... VLC isn't listed02:31
DistroJockeySergeant_Pony: not sure how to add other options there :(02:31
Sergeant_Ponyhmm..no option that I can see02:33
chucklargetimboy, set it to dhcp and restarted network, this is the echo http://pastebin.ca/99022602:34
timboychucklarge, looks like it is a router issue to me. Are there any other computers working on the network? if you set it to static can you ping them?02:36
DistroJockeySergeant_Pony: hmm,   gnome-volume-manager   comes close (but not quite)02:36
Sergeant_PonyDistroJockey it's a pita when I put in a cd and have to close out the "default" program and open up VLC. Hoping I can find a way around that.02:37
MTecknologyI think I may have found the setting that was wrong02:38
DistroJockeySergeant_Pony: are there any options when you right click on the CD?02:38
Sergeant_Pony2 options open with rythmnbox or cd extractor02:38
MTecknologyGOT IT!02:39
MTecknologynot exact yet, but 1000x better02:39
DistroJockeySergeant_Pony: did find this, is related:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-volume-manager/+bug/19696202:39
MTecknologythe "Virtual" setting in xorg.conf is what I need to change02:39
DistroJockeySergeant_Pony: maybe try this: Goto  Places - Computer  and right click on the CD there and choose Open with Other Application02:42
crimsunZeker_: now I am.02:42
Sergeant_PonyDistroJockey is nautilus the same thing as opening up the home folder?02:42
DistroJockeySergeant_Pony: yup02:42
Zeker_crimsun, haha02:43
Zeker_welcome back02:43
markgreeneHey fellas. I am testing out the latest 8.04 release. I am unable to browse a windows network. I go to "Places" -> "Network" -> "Windows Network" and from there i see all the computers. From here I would click the computer I want and be prompted for user credintials. However instead I am presented with nothing but an emtpy window and "smb://[COMPUTER_NAME] in the address bar.02:43
MTecknologydpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg .... I wonder if that can fix my issue....02:45
cucumbersushihow are people's experiences with 8.0402:47
MTecknologycucumbersushi, A+02:47
Sergeant_PonyDistroJockey : I get this error: Unable to open 'cdda://scd0/' if I open vlc and hit play it works02:47
MTecknologyA- **02:47
Sergeant_Ponydistrojockey and I missing an extra command?02:48
DistroJockeySergeant_Pony: got something similar when I tried to open an Audio CD with mplayer02:48
DistroJockeySergeant_Pony: not to sure sorry02:48
cucumbersushiwas thinking of dling 8.04 and installing it over 6.06; is 8.04 more demanding on system req's compared to 6.06? will the system run slower/02:49
virtualdmy update-manager is frozen when it should be asking for my password, anyone want debug info?02:49
MTecknologycucumbersushi, I think I finally got screen resolution working perfect on my old hardware02:49
DanaGbug 19288802:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192888 in libflashsupport "firefox crashes on flash contents" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288802:50
DanaGWhat are null-sink and pipe-sink?02:50
cucumbersushiMTecknology cool! i remember having to play around with drivers and xorg or xserver to figure out screen and videocard stuff02:50
DanaGOh, and something to watch out for: if you use 'default' -- there'd better be some detection for when 'asoundconf set-pulseaudio' has been done.02:50
cucumbersushii think that was the scary thing of installing or reinstalling the system -- figuring out screen stuff and plugins etc02:50
DanaGOtherwise, you get this:02:51
eltuxI'm trying to install avant-window-manager onto 8.04 and its telling me I have a "Broken" package02:52
eltuxIt gives me the following error: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/libawn0_0.2.1-0ubuntu2_i386.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libawn.so.0.0.1', which is also in package libawn-bzr02:52
eltuxHow can I fix this?02:52
visualdeceptioneltux: try sudo apt-get install -f02:53
ProN00bwill heron have ext4 support ?02:53
eltuxtux@linux-pc:~$ sudo apt-get install -f02:53
eltuxReading package lists... Done02:53
eltuxBuilding dependency tree02:53
eltuxReading state information... Done02:53
eltuxCorrecting dependencies... Done02:53
eltuxThe following extra packages will be installed:02:53
eltux  libawn002:53
eltuxThe following NEW packages will be installed:02:53
eltux  libawn002:54
eltux0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.02:54
eltux2 not fully installed or removed.02:54
eltuxNeed to get 0B/48.6kB of archives.02:54
eltuxAfter this operation, 164kB of additional disk space will be used.02:54
eltuxDo you want to continue [Y/n]? y02:54
eltux(Reading database ... 123827 files and directories currently installed.)02:54
eltuxUnpacking libawn0 (from .../libawn0_0.2.1-0ubuntu2_i386.deb) ...02:54
eltuxdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libawn0_0.2.1-0ubuntu2_i386.deb (--unpack):02:54
eltux trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libawn.so.0.0.1', which is also in package libawn-bzr02:54
eltuxErrors were encountered while processing:02:54
eltux /var/cache/apt/archives/libawn0_0.2.1-0ubuntu2_i386.deb02:54
DanaGMake sure not to be trying to use official AND unofficial packages at the same time.02:54
eltuxE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)02:54
visualdeceptionwhoa, you should use paste bin02:54
eltuxSorry about that02:54
eltuxThats what It gave me though02:54
homer_flood :-)02:54
DanaGBetter build an ark.02:54
eltuxvisualdeception: yeah, I figured it wouldn't do that02:54
DanaGSorry, felt like being random.02:54
eltuxEveryone: SORRY!!02:54
VoidedCheckyou're forgiven02:55
VoidedCheckso there's no OP here eh02:55
eltuxI upgraded from 7.1 to 8.04 today and I prevously used avant before and all of the packages have the extension -bzr at the end (don't quote me on it)02:56
eltuxso should I be getting rid of all of the old packages then?02:56
visualdeceptioneltux: yea, i would02:56
eltuxshit, better find out all of the names again lol02:56
VoidedCheckI would back up my home directory and fresh install myself, I noticed a lot of cruft when I tried to upgrade02:57
visualdeceptionthen you can install out of repository sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator02:57
VoidedCheckand fresh install + updates cost me about an hour02:57
DanaGThe new packaged one has zero plugins.02:57
DanaGYOu're better off keeping the bzr one, I think.02:57
homer_eltux,  better use the bzr one02:58
eltuxVoidedCheck: Thats what I'm going to do next weekend, I don't have my external hard drive here for this weekend02:58
eltuxhomer_: its giving me futs02:58
DanaGI have too much custom stuff -- I won't fresh-install.02:58
homer_change your /etc/apt/sources.list02:59
homer_add: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/reacocard-awn/ubuntu/ hardy main02:59
eltuxDanaG: I might be ok, I think I have enough where I can remember what it is02:59
homer_these are the new hardy packages for awn (they are a little bit newer)03:00
eltuxtahdurr, well that fixed my problem. Went through synaptic and deleted the installed awn related packages03:00
penMTecknology: still no?03:00
eltuxhomer_: Is awn-manager and the applets in there too? I noticed that all of mine are now gone D:03:01
homer_yes the applets are in there03:01
eltuxwell that does it then, here I come new source!03:02
eltuxdoes it require a key?03:02
homer_hm there is no key03:02
=== billisnice__ is now known as billisnice
alecwhWould it be a good idea to upgrade to the RC of 8.04 to avoid the massive traffic on the actual release?03:04
L0rd_RahlWhat happened to PATA support in the 2.6.24 kernel?03:04
eltuxhomer_: awn-manager won't open now03:05
homer_eltux, try to start it from a shell03:06
eltuxthere it goes03:06
L0rd_RahlSuddenly my ATA cards aren't recognized and my hdx devices changed to sdx. The installer didn't update my fstab...03:06
nickrud!uuid | L0rd_Rahl there's a link at the end03:07
eltuxhomer_: still no applets though D:03:07
ubotuL0rd_Rahl there's a link at the end: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)03:07
L0rd_RahlAlso the Hardy beta is trying to fsck my encrypted partitions before the crypto loop is setup. Not cool...03:07
crimsunDanaG: yeah, the cyclical part is a pain, but thankfully it won't occur by default.  i.e., a user has to manually run asoundconf set-pulseaudio to effect that cycle.03:08
L0rd_Rahlnickrud: Thanks, I read some of that earlier. I guess sometimes you have to stop supporting devices to move forward.03:08
homer_eltux, sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator-bzr awn-manager-bzr awn-core-applets-bzr03:09
nickrudL0rd_Rahl luckily I had everything set by uuid's when I switched to hardy03:09
L0rd_RahlKind of sucks though... one of the strengths of linux was that you could run on older hardware. Now it seems that we'll have to buy new hardware every few years to keep up like the windows crowd.03:09
homer_eltux, and you should have the applets03:09
eltuxhomer_: yeah, i just opened synaptic and did it that way instead :D03:09
L0rd_RahlYeah the uuid thing is no big deal, just lost support for 2 different ata cards. Gonna have to do roll back for now.03:09
crimsunI suppose I could hack alsa-plugins to detect the cycle, but I'm not comfortable doing that for hardy.  In three days.  Right.03:09
nickrudL0rd_Rahl it shouldn't have lost any devices, just renamed them. If it did, it should be a bug03:09
nickrudcrimsun what's sleep, or reliability got to do with anything?03:10
eltuxwhat's the command now to get firefox 3 beta 5 to open?03:12
Sergeant_PonyDistroJockey: I did find a workaround on ubuntu forums03:12
homer_eltux, /usr/bin/firefox03:12
DistroJockeySergeant_Pony: ahh, nice03:13
mhalcrow_homeFYI, with Hardy, no luck getting /dev/md0 to show up on reboot, so I have no root VFS. I'm building 2.6.25 from kernel.org w/ the requisite drivers built in now.03:13
mhalcrow_homeapt-get install mdadm supposedly modified my initrd. That made no difference though.03:14
eltuxhomer_: not a directory for me D:03:14
mhalcrow_homePromise SATA 300 TX4 card.03:14
eltuxhomer_: whoops, I'm dumb lol03:15
Optimus55hey can anyone tell me if the laptop harddrive wear and tear issue has been resolved in the latest release?03:15
homer_eltux, you can start it from gnome menu internet :-)03:15
eltuxhomer_: trying to put it on awn03:15
flankhow do i blacklist "i82875p_edac " and "edac_core "03:15
homer_eltux, command: firefox %u03:16
homer_eltux, worked for me03:17
* mhalcrow_home is of the opinion that certain drivers should never be built as modules... such as device mapper03:17
tannerOptimus55: your more likely to have hd damage via physical abuse than "wear and tear" from the filesystem options in ubuntu.03:17
flank how do i blacklist "i82875p_edac " and "edac_core "03:18
paddy2khi, i'm having some trouble with 8.04 and my graphics card, where would I submit a bug report?03:18
tannerblacklist <module name> in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist03:18
nosrednaekimflank: add them to the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist03:18
tannerpaddy2k: what is the "bug"03:18
eltuxhomer_: it doesn't show up on it D:03:18
=== Anonona_DC|ZZZ is now known as Anonona_DC
eltuxhomer_: oh wait, there it is03:19
flankcant get my compiz working with aiglx and ati03:20
paddy2ki have a similar problem03:20
paddy2kEnvy says that the operating systems isn't supported by the drivers03:21
flankhow about fglrx03:21
paddy2knot workin03:21
flankso your screwed if you have an ati03:22
paddy2ki don't know03:22
flanku use envy03:22
nosrednaekimno... ati+fglrx+compiz works here03:22
ubotuenvy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »03:22
paddy2kfrom what i've found some people are having the same issue03:22
paddy2kwell I have a radeon 9000 that worked perfectly under 7.10 but stopped working under 8.0403:23
flanknosrendernaekim how did you get ati+fglrx+compiz03:23
tannerisn't radeon 9000 a fairly old card03:23
flankdid u follaw a guide03:23
Qwellpretty safe to dist-upgrade from gutsy at this point?03:24
crdlbyou cannot use fglrx with the radeon 900003:24
Qwell"safe", relative03:24
eltuxI love when i use the 3d windows in compiz now it slows wayyyyy down :D03:24
paddy2ktanner: it's about 5 years old, but as I said it worked earlier today03:24
tannerpaddy2k: radeon 9000 wont work with the fglrx drive03:24
crdlbpaddy2k: what's the problem exactly?03:24
tannerdriver*, you'll have to use the radeon driver03:24
eltuxqwell: I'd say so, I've been running it for awhile now and only had one hiccup which I fixed (avant-window-navigator)03:25
Qwellsed -i -e 's/gutsy/hardy/' /etc/apt/sources.list  ?03:25
paddy2kdesktop effects won't turn on. Ubuntu started up in low graphics mode, so I manually selected the ati, radeon 9000 from the dialogue and it still doesn't work03:26
eltuxdoes anyone know of a plugin for pidgin that will make it transparent like you can do with their windows version?03:26
nosrednaekimeltux: compiz ;)03:26
flankany know where i can find a guide to install ati+aiglx+compiz-fusion03:26
nosrednaekimflank: they are very scarce for hardy03:27
eltuxnosrednakim: tell me how, I have compiz running right now03:27
paddy2keltux: atl+button303:27
nosrednaekimeltux: you need to mess with the transparency settings in ccsm03:27
crdlbpaddy2k: you need to use the 'ati' driver03:27
flankdose anyone know where i can find a guide to enabe drect rendering03:28
paddy2kcrdlb: i've tried teh ati driver from the official site but no joy03:28
eltuxblarg, I'M LOST lol03:28
crdlbpaddy2k: not that one03:28
crdlbpaddy2k: that's fglrx03:28
paddy2kcrdlb: oh ok, where would i get the ati driver? (thats not goole? ;) )03:29
crdlbpaddy2k: it's installed by default03:29
paddy2kcrdlb: ah right, but it isn't workin. I might try to reinstall. I upgraded. actually might just hold out till the official distro is released.03:30
crdlbpaddy2k: you set the Driver to "ati"?03:30
crdlbis xserver-xorg-video-ati installed?03:30
eltuxWhat would button 4 be? my mouse button?03:31
paddy2kcrdlb: yup, i reinstalled it too03:31
crdlbeltux: scroll up03:32
eltuxcrdlb: ah, there we go03:32
homer_does any one know how to keep packages setup in apt config03:32
crdlbbutton 5 is scroll down03:32
paddy2keltux: it;s teh scroll wheelor the right side of your track pad if you ahve a laptop03:32
crdlbpaddy2k: so edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and set the driver to "ati"03:32
eltuxpaddy2k: I just have a fancy mouse with btnx thats why I asked. I figured it was one of the side buttons that I was going to have to disable for a minute03:33
eltuxwhat would be a good SSL support module for pidgin? It's been giving me errors ever since I updated it03:36
eltuxor SSL library03:37
keithclarkHi all03:37
eltuxIts hindering me from using GTalk and MSN03:37
eltuxhi kiethclark03:38
paddy2kcrdlb:  started the low-graphics version there and selected ati but I still got "Desktop Effects could not be enabled" and then I checked my xorg.conf and ati was the driver03:38
crdlbpaddy2k: ok, but you had direct rendering?03:38
=== macogw is now known as maco
paddy2kcrdlb: sorry i'm very clueless when it comes to xorg, direct rendering?03:39
crdlbglxinfo | grep direct03:40
=== lakin_ is now known as lakin
paddy2kcrdlb: no it looks like I'm not03:42
crdlbthen pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:42
latituiam using partimage (as backhand of g4l) it says cant read image from block 0. iam trying to make an image... and i cant use some other app. they are too difficult and i want to make an image of the full partition (excluding freespace). how can i check the partition? (i have already done fsck)?03:45
icanhasSo does this channel disapear on the 24th?03:45
latituicanhas no i think. it will be there for the next03:45
latitui think..03:46
icanhaso i see :D I guess that makes more sense lol03:46
paddy2kcrdlb: http://pastebin.com/m3e6a82c103:46
icanhascrdlb: Hello today.03:46
latituany help for me?03:46
latituicanhas hi yesterday03:46
crdlbpaddy2k: your xorg.conf is set to Driver "ati" right now?03:46
duncanmhello, i'm having issues with the nvidia driver03:46
duncanmi think it has to do with the fact that my pci id is not listed?03:47
duncanmi installed the RC from an existing gutsy install03:47
crdlbpaddy2k: is your /var/log/Xorg.0.log any different?03:47
crdlbpaddy2k: is your /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old any different?03:47
paynitoi have just upgraded from 6.10 to 8.04 via update manager, now all my menus and cancel, ok, login, password only show boxes, some kind of font issue, i can type in the terminal and see the letters fine, i can type and read letters inside of firefox but the firefox window name is only boxes03:48
latituiam using partimage (as backhand of g4l) it says cant read image from block 0. iam trying to make an image... and i cant use some other app. they are too difficult and i want to make an image of the full partition (excluding freespace). how can i check the partition? (i have already done fsck)?03:48
paddy2kcrdlb: it looks the same, i think there#s an extra line at the bottom about the freefontpath03:49
crdlbarg BulletProofX03:50
crdlbthere's no way to see what the real error is unless you stop gdm and startx manually03:50
paynitosorry, make that 6.0603:51
paddy2kcrdlb: thanks for all your help, but it's gettin late here and i think i'm just gonna turn in.03:51
nosrednaekimpaynito: and thats the only problem? awesome :)03:51
crdlbok, I'll be doing the same soon03:52
paynitothanks nosrednaekim, that really puts things into perspective03:52
nosrednaekimpaynito: wounds like some sort of font issue.... try running "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" to make sure you have all the packages, if that doesn't work, try making a new user03:53
paynitoi was watching the terminal window in update manager, it kept saying "can't find En:Au Language, reverting to C"03:54
DanaGEn:Au is mis-capitalized.03:54
jgt157does anyone know if the problems with wine are being worked on?03:54
DanaGGo back to the language thingy in system admin menu.03:54
paynitotons of dependency errors  . . .depends: gnome menus but it is not going to be installed , depend:xorg but it is not going to be installed E:broken packages, this after running03:56
paynitosudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop03:56
nosrednaekimsave those errors, they are important to the ubuntu devs03:57
latituiam using partimage (as backhand of g4l) it says cant read image from block 0. iam trying to make an image... and i cant use some other app. they are too difficult and i want to make an image of the full partition (excluding freespace). how can i check the partition? (i have already done fsck)?03:57
jgt157is there a separate support channel for kubuntu hardy?03:58
nosrednaekimjgt157: nope03:59
nosrednaekimpaynito: and file a bug03:59
paynitook, i copied it and will file at bugs.launchpad.net??04:01
keanubeen trying the past few days without much of an answer - can someone explain why libsdl1.2debian-alsa is still installed by default instead of libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio?04:01
latitu if i dd if=/dev/hda1 | gzip > /home/hda1.bin.gz      , it will copy data including freespace too or just files ?04:06
=== billisnice___ is now known as billisnice
icanhaskeanu: alsa works better?04:07
keanuicanhas, alsa doesn't work at all04:07
keanuicanhas, tested with rockbox simulator and frozen bubble - no sound unless -pulseaudio is used04:08
icanhaskeanu: Well then configure it :D To answer your question, i'm honestly not sure. I found the same thing to be true (about the default alsa install).04:08
keanuicanhas, there's no configuration to change it04:09
latituif i dd if=/dev/hda1 | gzip > /home/hda1.bin.gz      , it will copy data including freespace too or just files ?04:09
keanuicanhas, since pulseaudio is the default sound server, it makes sense to have -pulseaudio installed by default over -alsa04:10
icanhaskeanu: absolutely that makes sense. honestly i was slightly confused also.04:10
gunashekari dont think pulse audio is a replacement for alsa04:12
keanugunashekar, then explain why -pulseaudio is required for sound in SDL applications04:12
hydrogenpulseaudio is a layer over alsa04:12
hydrogenit's not a replacement04:12
keanubut even so, when i tested, libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio was required to prevent segfaulting and sound output - -alsa (default installed) didn't work04:13
gunashekarapplications using ALSA will output sound to PulseAudio, which then uses ALSA itself to access the real sound card.04:13
icanhasThere you go. knew there was an answer :P04:14
timboychucklarge, news?04:14
keanugunashekar, so why doesn't sound work without -alsa being replaced with -pulseaudio?04:14
keanu(on SDL applications)04:14
keanuexample applications being frozen-bubble and the rockbox simulator (frozen bubble being easier to get)04:15
gunashekarPulseAudio also provides its own native interface to applications that want to support PulseAudio directly04:15
keanugunashekar, just to make sure it isn't my system that isn't screwed up, can you try installing frozen-bubble and see if there's sound?04:16
gunashekarpulseaudio aims to act as a sound server04:16
gunashekarok wait04:16
keanudon't want to be sitting here making useless arguments ;)04:16
latituiam using partimage (as backhand of g4l) it says cant read image from block 0. iam trying to make an image... and i cant use some other app. they are too difficult and i want to make an image of the full partition (excluding freespace). how can i check the partition? (i have already done fsck)? it was working fine until i  upgraded to hardy..........04:16
mooboo1please put kernel 2.6.25 in the repo04:16
mooboo1or in hardy-proposed04:16
mooboo1or in hardy-backports04:17
mooboo1or just make a .deb that we can download and install manually04:17
timboyI second that mooboo1 !04:17
wastreli have 2.6.2404:17
wastrelhrm no i have .2204:17
timboywastrel, you are running gutsy if you have .2204:18
icanhasWhat's so special about 2.6.25?04:18
Dr_willisif making an image of a drive with freespace. its often worth wile to zero out the freespace from what ive read/done with Mondo/mindi. otherwise your freespace will be random data. that wont compress very well.04:18
hydrogenI'm pretty sure 2.6.25 is not going to be packaged for hardy04:18
wastrelheh i'm ssh'd into my gusty box04:18
wastrelyeah i have 24 on the laptop04:18
mooboo1icanhas, PIE execute memory randomization, group scheduling, etc04:18
wastreli knew i had 24 somewhere. but i did uname -r to check :]04:18
timboywastrel,  you're just trying to be cool... we all know. ;)04:19
latituhow to completely check a partition? ext304:19
chucklargetimboy, hey.  well no luck.   i see the computer in my router cp with a dhcp address.   In network settings on computer, I see the dns servers show up and search ... .  but i can get any network connections.   aside from that, other odd stuff is happening with gnome, but i am not worried about that right now.04:19
Dr_willisi wonder if .24 could have those optins. and if they are just disabled...04:19
Dr_willislatitu,  badblocks command, and fsck.04:19
mooboo1latitu, fsck04:19
gunashekarkeanu: the sound works well04:19
latitufsck does checks badsecots?04:19
mooboo1Dr_willis, fsck calls badblock if you use a certain parameter04:20
keanugunashekar, and you have libsdl1.2debian-alsa installed?04:20
latituDr_willis what is the badblocks comand ?04:20
mooboo1latitu, yes, if you have a certain parameter04:20
Dr_willislatitu,  whats why i said 'badblocks' specifically.04:20
mooboo1-cfv i think or something04:20
Dr_willismooboo1,  does it? never noticed . perhaps becase i never had badblocks.. :)04:20
gunashekarkeanu: lemme check04:20
mooboo1Dr_willis, hehe, you dont know that :p04:20
Dr_willisoh. its an optional thang eh.04:20
timboychucklarge, ok weird. sorry for all the trouble. I like it more when people say that fixed it... ;)04:20
Dr_willismooboo1,  im a leet haxor. my hardware is perfect! like my os!04:21
rcampbelCan anyone help with nvidia over svideo issues? Everything working hooked to lcd. No video out on TV via svideo once nvidia drivers load :(04:21
mooboo1Dr_willis, yeah, maybe if you made it yourself04:21
gunashekarkeanu: yes it is installed04:21
mooboo1i cry because ubuntu dont come with full disk encryption :(04:21
latituDr_willis mooboo1 i did "sudo touch /forcefsck"     and it checked my distro partition  on reboot. is that enough?04:21
Dr_willisrcampbel,  to enable tv out for my nvidia cards i had to use twinview and set the tv to be cloned, or part of the larget desktop04:21
keanugunashekar, weird04:21
keanumaybe it is just my system then04:21
Dr_willislatitu,  depends on what you are wanting to do exactly. that checked the filesystems.04:21
latituDr_willis i want to check each and everything possible on the partition. how can i do it. i run my os in that. ubuntu04:22
rcampbelDr_willis: Thanks. I'll try that.04:22
mooboo1latitu, not sure04:22
Dr_willislatitu,  badblocks checks the drive for bad blocks, and other erores. fsck checks the filesystem. Run each and see.04:22
latituDr_willis how to run all in one command04:23
Dr_williswhy are you doing all this work onyour hard drive? is ther some actual problem? or are you jsut being parnoid?04:23
paynitoinside the language thingy I think it is the one with the flags04:23
paynitoi can only see boxes, no words like english french etc04:23
paynitowhich checkbox should i check04:23
paynitothe first the 5th ???04:23
latituDr_willis i want to be sure and check04:24
chucklargetimboy, thanks, I really appreciate your help. not sure what i can do either.04:24
timboychucklarge, np that's what we're supposed to be here for... ;)04:25
Dr_willislatitu,  i normally boot a live cd and fsck the various filesystems.04:26
Dr_willislatitu,  thats about all ive ever needed to do.04:26
latitufsck -t ext3 /dev/hda204:26
latituI want to check everything. files badsectors. etc04:27
Dr_willislatitu,  which is basicially iendital to what you did with the touch /forcesfck thing on bootup.04:27
paynitocan some one open the language selector and tell me which check box is english and which item in the drop-down menu?04:27
latituDr_willis how can i check every thing by touch /forcesfck        ?04:27
Dr_willislatitu,  run the badblocks command for each partition beforhand i guess.   seeif it reports any error messages., but im not seeing how badblocks fixs things. Im checking its man pages now.04:27
Dr_willislatitu,  that does a fsck, that does check everthing basicially04:28
latituDr_willis complete command?04:28
Dr_willisfsck.ext3 /dev/devicename04:28
timboyouch that sucks paynito. where's the language selector?04:28
Dr_willistime to check the 'man fsck.ext3' and 'man badblocks' pages.   Im rereading them now.04:29
paynitothere are 3 menus on top of the screen04:29
Peloevening folks04:29
Dr_willisaha. for fsck.ext3 -c     This  option  causes  e2fsck  to use badblocks(8) program to do a read-only scan of the device in order to find any bad blocks.  If any bad blocks are found, they are added to the bad block inode to prevent them from04:29
Dr_willis              being allocated to a file or directory.  If this option is specified twice, then the bad block scan will be done using a non-destructive read-write test.04:29
Pelowhat happened to the "hardware info" app in sys>prefs ?04:29
paynitothe 3rd, then the one with the gear, then the flags04:29
Pelopaynito,  applications , places , system ?04:30
paynitosystem, then admin?04:30
Pelopaynito, what are you inquireing about ?04:31
paynitoi can only see these boxes04:31
paynitono letters04:31
Pelopaynito, did  you change the theme ?04:31
paynitoapplications is only as many rectangles04:31
paynitoi upgraded 6.06 to 8.04 using upgrade-manager04:32
paynitoit gave me several errors about not finding australian english and04:32
paynitodefaulting to C04:32
paynitobut i don't know if those errors are directly related to the menu problem04:32
Pelopaynito, ther is a good chance, hold on04:33
paynitobut i can see fonts and letters in terminal and firefox04:33
Pelopaynito,  run this command in alt+f2  gksu  /usr/bin/gnome-language-selector04:33
Peloselect standard english from it04:34
paynitoPangoWarning: pango_font_get_metrics called with bad font, expect ugly output04:34
paynitoyes, i have gnome-language selector open, but i can't tell which one is standard english, can you tell me is it the first one?04:34
paynitothere are check boxes and also a drop-down selector04:35
=== FliesLikeABrick_ is now known as FliesLikeABrick
Pelopaynito, just pick the one that says english , with noting else after04:35
Peloyou can see the text right ?04:35
paynitono, i can't see the text04:35
Pelopaynito, ok close that04:36
Pelopaynito, right click the desktop,   select   change wallpaper,   that gets you to the apperance dalog box,  the first tab is the theme one ,  clickc on it and select the default human theme for ubuntu,  the title bar is orange  there should be only one like that , then click the apply button04:37
Pelonvm the apply button it shoud apply on it's own ,04:37
Pelodo the colours of the text in the top pannel change so you can read the text ?04:38
paynitojust a sec04:38
bullgard4After upgrading, Hardy shows the letters in the GNOME terminal blurred. But the letters of GNOME menu items and Tracker Search are crisp. How to explain this?04:39
mooboo1no idea, screenshot?04:39
Pelobullgard4, I don't04:39
Pelopaynito, better ?04:40
paynitoi will reboot, there is something like a bug reporter that pops up and won't let me do anything else, it has an ugly cockroach in the top right04:40
Pelopaynito,  donT reboot yet,04:41
Pelopaynito, in that same dialog from the change wallpaper menu ,  the middle one is the fonts,  put them all to sans 1004:41
paynitoi keep trying to right click on the desktop and nothing happens, no menu04:41
Pelopaynito, try other buttons on your mouse04:42
Pelopaynito, ok try this,  in alt f2  put  gnome-appearance-properties04:42
Pelotell me if  you get the dialog box opening04:43
Pelopaynito, gettng there ?04:44
paynitosure it's not apperances?04:44
paynitoi get some error04:44
Pelopaynito,  I copy pasted , try this instead maybe  gnome-appearance-properties %F04:44
ATOMBOMBIIVive updated some packages04:45
ATOMBOMBIIVi reboot04:45
ATOMBOMBIIVand i have auto-login set04:45
ATOMBOMBIIVso i get in and then try and do something04:45
ATOMBOMBIIVit asks for password my user password doesnt work :/04:45
PeloATOMBOMBIIV, one line please04:45
ATOMBOMBIIVi even tried my root password it didnt work04:45
ATOMBOMBIIVPelo: Sorry04:45
paynitostill error04:45
PeloATOMBOMBIIV, cap locks ?04:45
Pelopaynito,  reboot, and come back04:45
paynitook, the irc is on a second computer04:46
PeloATOMBOMBIIV,  did you have cap locks on when you typed your password,  linux is case sensitive04:46
Pelopaynito, ah ok04:46
DanaGHmm, I usually end up force-quitting Firefox 3.0 because it takes too long to quit.04:46
ATOMBOMBIIVi cant use internet because my firewall locks the traffic to the outside world out until i start the GUI04:47
ATOMBOMBIIVwhich requires Root privilages04:47
PeloATOMBOMBIIV, what were you doing that it asked for your password ?04:47
ATOMBOMBIIVPelo: read above04:47
paynitocan i use cli to make sure i have the hardy repositories selected?04:47
PeloATOMBOMBIIV,   " so i get in and then try and do something" does not tell me what you were trying to do04:48
Pelopaynito,  if you did the upgrade properly you should only have hardy repos,  how did you do the upgrade ?04:48
paynitofrom upgrade-manager it asked me to insert a cd and i inserted a 8.04 beta, not the alt-install beta04:49
ATOMBOMBIIVPelo: the thing about my firewall....i use a firewall that unless i start the GUI i cant use the internet and it requires root privialages to start04:49
paynitoit was downloading alot of stuff, i don't know what it was taking from the cd04:49
Pelopaynito, is that computer connected to the internet ? boot the recovery mode and run  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade , maybe it didn'T get to finish04:50
paynitoi select recovery from grub?04:50
Pelopaynito,  it was probably taking the basic stuff from the cd and the rest from the web04:51
Pelopaynito, yes04:51
paynitothat sounds worth a try04:51
ATOMBOMBIIVPelo: Basically my password that i set for my first account doesnt work anymore.04:51
PeloATOMBOMBIIV,  if you can get your password to work in recovery mode ,  sudo iptables -f will clear  your firewall and should restore your connection04:53
PeloATOMBOMBIIV,  I have no idea how to recover or reset a password04:53
mhalcrow_homeWell, after sacrificing a goat and sprinkling its blood on my drives, I was finally able to get Hardy to boot from a RAID-5 array.04:54
Pelomhalcrow_home, goat blood, thanks i'll make a note for future references04:54
Dr_willisboot live cd, chroot in, as root  passwd USERNAME04:55
Dr_willisis how ive reset the passwords befor.04:55
paynitook, Pelo it's working on sudo apt-get update, i will go to lunch04:55
* Pelo makes a note after virgina+volcano for ati and blackcoq + fullmoon for wifi04:55
Pelopaynito, best of luck04:55
ATOMBOMBIIVDr_willis: Could i use the recovery console?04:56
ATOMBOMBIIVdoesnt it automaticly login as root?04:56
Dr_willisATOMBOMBIIV,  try it and see.04:56
paynitothank you man, i'll try right clicking the desktop again if the fonts are still bad after this04:56
ATOMBOMBIIVi think from a root prompt i could use passwd to change the pass04:56
Dr_willisof course tehres the 'password not working' problem.. thats different from a 'i frogot my password' problem04:56
Pelopaynito,last option at the bottom of the right lcick menu,   and middle tab04:56
Peloarighty , good night folks04:57
LabThugHardy RC is generating this ata error on my machine, how do I fix?  <http://www.labthug.com/~adrian/DSC01219.JPG>04:59
LabThugmoya, do you know anything about ata errors?05:01
ATOMBOMBIIVDr_willis: i havent forgot my password.05:02
ATOMBOMBIIVit just doesnt work :/05:02
Dr_willisATOMBOMBIIV,  that can be a .. harder problem to figure out then.05:02
bullgard4After upgrading, Hardy shows the letters in the GNOME terminal blurred. But the letters of GNOME menu items and Tracker Search are crisp. How to explain this?05:02
Dr_willisbullgard4,  change tghe fonts  gnome-terminal is using perhaps?05:03
Dr_williscould be the  anti-aliasing settings are  set to only enable AA for specific sized fonts or higher also.05:03
LabThugooooh, thunder05:05
LabThugLOUD thunder05:05
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs05:06
* Dr_willis watches LabThug 's lights dim.05:06
Dr_willisxmms is no longer in the repos ibelive05:07
penwhat do you guys think of xmms2?05:07
penI know05:07
penI 'm considering installing xmms205:07
Dr_willisWe had a discussion of this ysterday. :)  I cant seem to get xmms2 to do .. err... much of anytying. heh05:07
penis it good?05:07
VoidedCheckI'm fine with rhythmbox for now05:07
zionpsyferaudacious ftw05:07
Dr_willisaudacious does what i need. Xmms2 is a bit.. extream in what its trying to do from what little i usedit.05:08
penDr_willis: what do you mean?05:08
VoidedCheckxmms2 is recent?05:08
VoidedCheckin the repositories?05:08
Dr_willisinstall it and see. its  like a whole music server/tool, not just a player any more05:08
Dr_willis!info xmms205:08
penVoidedCheck: it's in the repository05:08
ubotuxmms2 (source: xmms2): Client/server based media player system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2DrJekyll-4ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 10 kB, installed size 56 kB05:08
VoidedCheckI mean is is it a recent addition to the repositories, sorry05:09
penDr_willis: does it still maintain the winamp style?05:09
penDr_willis: what is the difference?05:09
Dr_willispen,  technically xmms2 dosent have a gui. :) you install the various front ends for a gui05:09
penDr_willis: What good about the server thing05:09
Dr_willisapt-cache search xmms205:09
Dr_willisand look at all the stuff it has05:09
penDr_willis: I see05:09
Dr_willisi dont need a 'media layer system' i wanted a player. :) plain and simple for my tunes.05:10
penDr_willis: I wonder why xmms is not xmms anymore05:10
zionpsyfermore like fubar 2k than winamp now imho.  Agreed with Dr_willis.05:11
Dr_willispen,  i heard debian droped it due to unfixed security issues.. last  i used xmms - it had a lot of other issues.05:11
penDr_willis: I see05:11
Dr_willisIf you want xmms, you can compile it from source I guess.   Audacious is very close to xmms.05:11
Dr_willisI perfer bmpx since i like to listen to last.fm05:11
VoidedCheckyeah fubar was great05:11
penDr_willis: I tried, but just not used to it. I would wish it's better library management05:11
VoidedCheckbasicly like ncurses, should be easy enough right?05:12
zionpsyferDr_willis: Have you experienced any lag or weirdness with streams from shoutcast/etc from audacious?05:12
Dr_willisI really dont mess with  my libary much.. select all, play random..05:12
Dr_williszionpsyfer,  not that ive noticed.05:12
penVoidedCheck: never use that before, what is it like?05:12
penDr_willis: I don't like a separate mp3 tag editor05:13
VoidedCheckwhat was that webcomic with the guy making out with gf and he had his player on random, and it started playing.. "Go go power rangers!"05:13
VoidedCheckfubar is crack for music on windows05:13
Dr_willispen,  i got my tags set.. so i dont need to edit them any more. :)05:13
VoidedCheckit's not pretty, but it gets the job done in spades05:13
VoidedCheckand now it's not as ugly as it used to be05:14
Dr_williszionpsyfer,  im playing some shoutcast with  audious now..  lets see if i have any issues05:14
VoidedCheckor were you asking about ncurses?05:14
bullgard4Dr_willis: I have changed the font that gnome-terminal is using. The GNOME terminal still displays letters blurred. My guess is that the GNOME terminal takes a wrong dpi value (96 dpi instead of actually needed 85) and displays the letters using using anti-aliasing.05:15
Dr_willisI for one would perfer to see all these players go back to a more 'standard/common/normal program interface' then all these themeable Eyesores ive seen so many use05:15
zionpsyferHere's hoping... audacious in 7.10 worked great for local files but took a good 30 seconds to load playlists from shoutcast.05:15
VoidedCheckncurses is basically a way of having some interactive interface to a command line05:15
zionpsyferxmms was my backup for streaming.05:15
DanaGVoidedCheck: comic is xkcd05:15
VoidedCheckyeah  :)  :)05:15
VoidedCheckthat comic rocks05:15
Dr_williszionpsyfer,  Hmm. Im using Streamtuner to get the shoutcast playlist, it then loads/sends them to audacious05:15
Dr_williszionpsyfer,  not even noticed audacious having its own shoutcast listing area. lets ee05:16
VoidedCheckI like "Make me a sandwich."  "No way!"  "sudo make me a sandwich,"  "ok."05:16
IdleOne!info libc6-i68605:16
ubotulibc6-i686 (source: glibc): GNU C Library: Shared libraries [i686 optimized]. In component main, is important. Version 2.7-10ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 1213 kB, installed size 2724 kB05:16
AHarunHey cool, suspend works on Hardy. (Just thought I'd share my glee.)05:17
mooboo1i want kernel 2.6.2505:17
zionpsyferDr_willis:  yeah, I just had audacious set to handle .pls, I always queued from FF05:17
VoidedCheckI'm going to roll my own next.05:17
VoidedCheckI tried it before, and I choked at modules, but I think I got it overed now.05:18
VoidedCheckwasn't really that hard05:18
zionpsyferstreamtuner... never tried that.  added to my post upgrade list05:19
VoidedCheckall the knowledge is literally at your fingertips05:19
* DanaG wants THIS:05:19
VoidedCheckchroot is freaking kewl05:19
penI installed audacious now there is no sound05:19
penit doesn't even start playing05:20
penomg haha05:20
crimsunpen: install audacious-plugins-extra05:20
pencrimsun: k05:20
crimsunif you're using a default Ubuntu install, you probably need to configure audacious to use the pulseaudio output.05:20
Dr_willisYea - it pays to apt-cache search whATEVER for all these tools.05:20
pencrimsun: i did change it to pulse05:20
zionpsyferpulse... I'm a bit apprehensive.05:20
Dr_willisHmm,.. Im using KDE. so i dident need to change it to pulse. :)05:20
VoidedCheckdefault ubuntu install from which source?05:21
pencrimsun: I'm going to install extra05:21
DanaGI want that HP MDPS driver.05:21
VoidedCheckbeta, rc, eh?05:21
penrc I think05:21
Dr_willisPluse- has a lot of neat features. - but ive got like no need for them. :)05:21
penI update05:21
VoidedCheckplease do05:21
penVoidedCheck: I mean I follow every update05:22
VoidedCheckah ok  :P05:22
penafter install the extra still no sound05:22
VoidedCheckdo you have sound on other players?05:22
penI have firefox opened05:22
penI change audio back to alsa still no sound05:23
zionpsyferDr_willis:  The promise of solving the esd, oss, alsa mess would be worth it alone though wouldn't you agree?05:23
Dr_williszionpsyfer,  amazingly enough.. i rarely have any problems with my sound..05:24
DanaG....as long as they fix the "apps eat all RAM if Pulse dies" issue...05:24
VoidedChecksound and video are the major hangs when there are hangs atm05:24
crimsunpen: do you have a Flash applet open?05:24
pencrimsun: flash and applet? maybe05:24
crimsunif so, you have to close Firefox, or you have to install libflashsupport, or you have to use my pulse config diff.05:24
zionpsyferDr_willis: really?  Any gaming?  I have a heck of a time with gaming/voice chat/music.05:25
penI install libflashsupport05:25
crimsunI hate how hackish this all became at the last moment.05:25
DanaGargh, why the **** does quodlibet stop showing any files after a wile?05:25
pencrimsun: why is this not working out of box?05:25
VoidedCheckdid you install flashplugin-nonfree ?05:25
penI did05:25
Dr_williszionpsyfer,  i cant recall any issues. I do recall doing teamspeak while jamming to Kenny G. befor.  and skype.  no issues.05:25
VoidedCheck32 or 64 bit?05:25
penI install all I need to make flash and java work05:25
Dr_williszionpsyfer,  i know a lot of others have issues.. but i enver seem to have any05:25
crimsunpen: because libflashsupport was pinpointed as the culprit of many Firefox crashers with Flash.05:25
Dr_williszionpsyfer,  perhaps its very good that i have a creative sound card. :)05:26
pencrimsun: I install the patch from the perfect setup in pulseausio page05:26
crimsunpen: which patch?05:26
pencrimsun: it's in the perfect setup05:26
crimsunpen: there are a /lot/ of those mentioned.  Which?05:26
VoidedCheckthere's a perfect setup of flash?05:26
Dr_willisperfect flash = dont use it. :P05:27
Dr_willisit had to be said...05:27
Dr_willisheh heh05:27
penVoidedCheck: yay...hehe05:27
zionpsyferDr_willis: heh, that might be it.  :)05:27
pencrimsun: the one in whcih you have to download the source and compile05:27
crimsunpen: meaning libflashsupport that's in universe?05:27
VoidedCheckwhere did you download it from?05:27
pencrimsun: no05:27
zionpsyferMoment of truth... reboot time..05:28
penlet me find it05:28
bullgard4After upgrading, Hardy shows the letters in the GNOME terminal blurred. But the letters of GNOME menu items and Tracker Search are crisp. How to explain this?  My guess is that the GNOME terminal takes a wrong dpi value (96 dpi instead of actually needed 85) and displays the letters using anti-aliasing.05:29
VoidedCheckdid you compile from source?05:29
crimsunpen: that's the old, deprecated version of libflashsupport.05:30
pencrimsun: really?05:30
VoidedCheckwhat a mess05:30
crimsunpen: you should be using the version that's in the universe component.05:30
penbtw, this is the error mesg I got from audacious when I click play05:30
penMADPlug-Message: failed to open audio output: XMMS reverse compatibility output plugin05:30
pencrimsun: ok05:30
crimsunI sense impending doom.05:30
Dr_willisxmms still haunts us!05:31
VoidedCheckit's just your nerves05:31
DanaGOh wait, the libflashsupport in the repos is old?  Is that why it crashes?05:32
pencrimsun: btw, what version is it in the repos?05:32
DanaG(Or part of it, at least.)05:32
pencrimsun: you said it's the latest05:32
VoidedCheckthat's the one I see05:33
penthat's the one I got too05:33
penis that the lastest?05:33
crimsunDanaG: no, revolutionlinux hosted the original pulse support05:33
crimsunDanaG: lennart cleaned it up, and it's what is known as libflashsupport in hardy05:34
DanaGOh yeah, if you do use the 'default' device, how will you prevent infinite recursion?05:34
crimsunDanaG: answered above.  Currently, no way, and although I can hack up something for alsa-lib, there's no way I'd put it into hardy.05:35
pencrimsun: btw, even after I close firefox audacious still have no sound when play05:35
DanaGPerhaps you could have asoundconf itself do it?05:35
penMADPlug-Message: failed to open audio output: XMMS reverse compatibility output plugin05:36
DanaGHave asoundconf look at the pulseaudio config file.05:36
penwhat does this mean?05:36
crimsunpen: well, do you hear anything from `paplay /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav'?05:36
penI use mpg12305:36
pendoes that make a difference?05:36
crimsunno, use paplay.05:36
crimsunwe're testing PulseAudio output specifically.05:36
crimsunDanaG: I considered it, but that really complicates asoundconf05:37
pencrimsun: wav file?05:37
crimsunpen: yes05:37
pencrimsun: I have only mp305:37
crimsunpen: ...no, you also have wavs.05:37
pencrimsun: nvm05:37
pencrimsun: yes, there is sound05:38
bullgard4[GNOME] System > Preferences > Appearances will open the Appearance_Preferences_dialog. Go to the Fonts dialog. What are the names of the upper 5 fields there in English? (I am using a foreign Hardy version and should like to know their English names.)05:38
penwhat happened to audacious?05:38
crimsunpen: no idea.  I'm not familiar with it.05:38
bullgard4[GNOME] System > Preferences > Appearances will open the Appearance_Preferences_dialog. Go to the Fonts tab. What are the names of the upper 5 fields there in English? (I am using a foreign Hardy version and should like to know their English names.)05:38
penwhy audacious have sound noise when I switch to oss plugin?05:44
DistroJockeybullgard4: Application, Document, Desktop, Windows title and Fixed width05:44
crimsun...the real question is why are you using the oss plugin if you're not using OSS v4.1?05:44
pencrimsun: I'm not, just experienting05:44
pencrimsun: i'm surprise there is some "sound"05:44
DanaG ô˛ô05:45
kahrytanI just installed Hardy RC.. not bad.05:46
bullgard4DistroJockey: Thank you very much for your help.05:46
DistroJockeybullgard4: no problem05:46
VoidedCheckyeah the hardy rc is amazingly stable05:46
kahrytanWhy did they removed xchat from live cd in the past?05:47
crimsunDanaG: part of the rationale for not cluttering asoundconf with such checks is because it's better to have the logic in a UI05:47
kahrytanxchat is a valuable support tool when needing live help05:47
VoidedCheckas is any irc client05:48
crimsunI really should separate the check logic completely, however.05:48
dmsupermanSo when it releases, what are some of the big features I'll be able to see with Hardy Herron?05:48
VoidedChecklike...  irc05:48
DanaGWhere WOULD you put the loop check? That's a good question.05:48
Black_MagicWould anyone know how to make Gnome-Terminal transparent?05:48
Hobbseekahrytan: because xchat-gnome is there, last i checked.05:48
VoidedCheckthat it is05:48
crimsunDanaG: in alsa-plugins, specifically the pulseaudio module.05:48
VoidedCheckand I installed vanilla xchat05:48
kahrytanHobbsee,  It's not in the gnome menu.05:49
kahrytanHobbsee,  or did they different name then Xchat Gnome?05:49
VoidedCheckkahrytan, I think he (?) meant in repositories05:49
DistroJockeykahrytan: Pidgin works for me (didn't like xchat much)05:49
Hobbseekahrytan: oh, that's right.  htey've gone to pidgin now :(05:49
kahrytanVoidedCheck,  I mean installed05:49
Hobbseewhich has irc05:49
VoidedCheckwell, it isn't05:49
kahrytanPidgin is worset client to use for irc, imho05:50
VoidedCheckand pidgin sucks ass05:50
VoidedCheckI prefer dedicated clients05:50
naliothlet us be civil05:50
dmsupermanfor IRC, pidgin does a half decent job. XChat is very certainly better (as is mIRC in windows) but if you don't feel like getting another app just for a quick fix (livecd for example) then it does the job05:50
VoidedCheckit's not a matter of civility, pidgin is awkward and a waste of time05:50
bullgard4After upgrading, Hardy shows the letters in the GNOME terminal blurred. But the letters of GNOME menu items and Tracker Search are crisp. How to explain this?  My guess is that the GNOME terminal takes a wrong dpi value (96 dpi instead of actually needed 85) and displays the letters using anti-aliasing.05:50
VoidedCheckbecause it's multiprotocol05:51
kahrytanPidgin is best client for Instant Msger services05:51
VoidedChecksuch as?05:51
penis there a solution to my audacious problem?05:51
kahrytanAOL IM for Linux really does suck.05:51
dmsupermanall of them...05:51
crimsunbullgard4: are you sure it's not because they're different fonts?05:51
dmsupermanAIM, YIM, MSNM05:51
dmsupermanthe majors05:51
VoidedCheckIRC for Pidgin sucks BADLY05:51
dmsupermanread my above statement05:51
VoidedCheckand here I am, on IRC05:51
DanaGIRCHelper helps.05:52
dmsupermanIRC isn't instant messenger as well05:52
VoidedCheckit's not through Pidgin, I tell you05:52
crimsunbullgard4: i.e., Sans vice Monospace?  (both Deja Vu ...)05:52
bullgard4crimsun: I have set different fonts. The effect remains the same.05:52
kahrytanHobbsee,  I take you that you dont like the switch either?05:52
=== macd_ is now known as macd
crimsunbullgard4: are you using "Best shapes" or "Subpixel smoothing (LCDs)"?05:52
VoidedCheckbasically, the only protocol I run for IM is IRC05:53
Hobbseekahrytan: not really, but i do understand about limited cd size, too.05:53
VoidedCheckI guess that's just me05:53
VoidedCheckbut here I am05:53
bullgard4crimsun: Monochrome.05:53
dmsupermanI don't really count IRC as IM, I tend to think of AIM / YIM / MSNM as the IM clients, whereas IRC is more a chat type protocol05:53
kahrytanHobbsee,  Before long, DVD might be required. And most modern pcs  have them.  Older pcs barely boot live desktop now anyways05:54
VoidedCheckit's a real-time, text-based chat client.05:54
VoidedCheckif that isn't an IM what is?05:54
crimsunbullgard4: did you happen across http://johan.kiviniemi.name/blag/2008/01/12/ubuntu-hardy-fonts/ ?05:54
DistroJockeyso what's wrong with Pidgin then VoidedCheck?05:54
dmsupermanThe typical IM tends to be more 1 on 1 instant messaging between 2 people05:54
wastreldo people still use that?05:54
Hobbseekahrytan: i'd suggest you check the ubuntu-devel mailing lists, as that issue has been extensively discussed already.  it also won't change for this release.05:54
VoidedCheckit doesn't give you an intuitive interface to a CLI05:55
dmsupermanwastrel, I honestly haven't ever met anyone that uses it haha05:55
VoidedCheckif that makes any sense05:55
DistroJockeyVoidedCheck: fair comment05:55
VoidedCheckthat's why I'm using xchat05:55
wastrelxchat is good05:55
dmsupermanI can agree with you there, but it wasn't really designed for CLI05:55
x1250I use konversation05:55
kahrytanHobbsee,  Nor do i expect it. Though, It will probably come to that05:56
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, does XChat have a commandline interface?05:56
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, I like to just use irssi for cli irc05:56
VoidedCheckdmsuperman, hen it shouldn't try to interface IRC, which is entirely CLI05:56
bullgard4crimsun: What is meant by the phrase "to happen across"? Please say it in other words.05:57
Dr_willisi recall some xchat console tool ages ago.. but i think it got discontined05:57
VoidedCheckyes, I'm typing in a cli right now, I can load scripts, jump channels, connect sercers, right from this interface05:57
DanaGCD is better:05:57
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, So because IRC is based mostly on text based commands pidgin should just entirely ignore that community? Nobody is forcing you to use it for IRC, and to hardcore bash it for seemingly no reason really helps nobody05:57
DanaGCheaper.  Faster to download.  Faster to burn.05:57
VoidedCheckirssi is ugly  :P05:57
Dr_willis "to happen across" --> to find at random.,05:57
DanaGCD burners are also more prevalent than DVD burners.05:57
XceIIHEY!..Whats up with X?,, i just loaded this 2wice, and when (in my final stages) of setting x right, it reverts to 640, im waiting, what a bunch of waisted time and man power to download a bunch of crap, im disappointment.05:57
VoidedCheckbut I like the ability of irssi for running on a terminal05:58
VoidedCheckw/o X05:58
dmsupermanDanaG, not really lately, any PC that they sell as a bundle has DVD burning05:58
DanaG"as a bundle"05:58
DanaGStill, it'd unnecessarily restrict the market.05:58
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, agreed, I like to SSH home and irssi to chat, so I don't have to bother with redownloading and configuring a client for every computer I'm on (my school literally has hundreds, so i can't hope to just set it up a few times)05:58
XceIII have a feeling ubunru has been bought off.05:59
dmsupermanXceII, what makes you say that?06:00
VoidedCheckyeah, SSH is a godsend in this respect, the platform doesn't matter.  I use vnc clients and servers myself, but there's always a loss when you rely on a GUI.06:00
XceII HEY!..Whats up with X?,, i just loaded this 2wice, and when (in my final stages) of setting x right, it reverts to 640, im waiting, what a bunch of waisted time and man power to download a bunch of crap, am disappointment.06:00
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, I have cable, so GUI just runs so incredibly slow (I get _terrible_ upload speeds) so it's really not an option06:00
wastrelyeah we heard you the first time06:00
VoidedCheckthank my lucky stars for my true DSL conn06:01
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, plus most of the things I ever do remotely are easier with cli06:01
VoidedCheckdamn straight06:01
crimsunbullgard4: roughly, "have you read and made any of the changes mentioned on that page?"06:01
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, it's usually just making some changes to apache or some other sys config06:01
XceIIya ouch, what a unch of garbage, this sure isnt making things look rosey, unless the rose is in the future, u decide06:01
VoidedCheckit's always as easy as editing a text file06:02
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, that's certainly not to say the GUI isn't helpful, for things like text editing I always certainly prefer to have a mouse and gui in front of me06:02
VoidedCheckthat's why I love linux06:02
DanaGMy top reasons for using Linux:06:02
VoidedCheckit works06:02
DanaGAwesome features on touchpad, and great font rendering.06:02
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, and Ubuntu particularly, for noobs like me who don't always know how to edit the config file, there's usually a gui that you either have or can get to edit it for you :D06:02
DanaG2wice?  twowice?06:02
Dr_willisDanaG,  gee.. normally people say  the font rendering is bad on X/Linux06:03
XceIIlinux is great, but these cats are making things awful hard, for  example, nothing matches, u fogure it out,06:03
VoidedCheckthough that is true, the cli and editing text files isn't as bad as nay-sayers would let you believe06:03
bullgard4crimsun: No, I have not yet read the article which you are mentioning. Thank you very much for bringing it to my attention. I am going to study it now. --  Thank you.06:03
HobbseeXceII: you could try being helpful, instead of just sayign "it sucks".06:03
VoidedCheckit's simple ladder logic06:03
dmsupermanSo who uses the Dynamic option for loading music from last.fm in Exaile (based on your currently playing song)?06:03
DanaGI have it set to subpixel rendering.06:03
VoidedCheckif your brain works, so does linux06:03
DanaGI can't stand Windows Cleartype.06:03
x1250I like font rendering too.06:03
XceIIHobbsee:  im trying, but in the obvious previous events id say itlooks pretty bleek,06:04
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, sure, i'm no stranger to it and get my fair share of info, but sometimes I just don't get enough of the big picture (i'm a recent linux switcher) to know what i'm actually changing overall06:04
Dr_willisi tend to set up large fonts :) so i dont really notice  the diferances much06:04
VoidedCheckdmsuperman, then don't change it until you understand it.06:04
HobbseeXceII: X works for me.  i've yet to see you give any indication of what's wrong, beyond the resolution, or what HW you're running.06:04
x1250Dr_willis: large as?06:04
Dr_willisx1250,  about 1/2 inch tall letters :)06:05
XceIIshould it matter?06:05
Dr_willisor taller. :)06:05
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, but then how can one learn without playing? =) =P06:05
HobbseeXceII: if you're going to be here and contribute, at least be useful and provide that sort of info, if you want a reply.06:05
DistroJockeyXceII: did you upgrade or a clean install?06:05
Dr_williswife has her fonts set about an inch tall.06:05
VoidedCheckby breaking it!  :D  :D06:05
HobbseeXceII: if you want to actually see it fixed, then yes, probably.06:05
kahrytanHow much Python does ubuntu use?06:05
Hobbseekahrytan: a lot06:05
x1250kahrytan: a fair share06:06
kahrytanHobbsee,  Good. I want to learn it.06:06
VoidedCheckw/o playing is not what what I was saying btw06:06
VoidedCheckbut common sense, while not that common, is still common06:06
x1250kahrytan: "ubuntu" uses is too generic though. There are some programs, and some shell scripts that use python...06:06
VoidedCheckponder on that if you will06:06
Micrllhello all06:06
x1250"ubuntu uses", I mean06:06
x1250python is a nice language to learn...06:07
DanaGOh yeah, one important thing for good font rendering:06:07
Dr_willis Python - is gettting used all over the place. :)06:07
VoidedCheckit's one of the easiest06:07
kahrytanx1250,  Ubuntu uses certain software to make it what it is now. That software could be python based.06:07
DanaGMake sure DPI is set correctly!  Don't just blindly set it to 96!06:07
VoidedCheckbut I'd recommend learning a "harder" language first06:07
DanaGIf the fonts are too small, increase font sizes, don't decrease DPI settings.06:07
VoidedCheckjust to give you a taste of reality06:07
Micrllwhat is the best way of checking the DPI06:07
MicrllI like fonts much larger than most people06:08
XceIIHobbsee:  you and Dr_willis are nothing but show offs, always ending your statements with the term (I think), this is a tech channel, go other places to show off your plastic talent, while others look for concrete answers, sorry to the channel for my anger, it was ove due.06:08
kahrytanVoidedCheck,  I know...knew... used to know Perl.06:08
dmsupermanPHP ftw06:08
crimsunHobbsee: show-off!  :-)p06:08
kahrytandmsuperman, I was the reluctant type to switch to php.06:08
VoidedChecklol php06:09
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, PHP4, agreed06:09
wastrelwell that one was mostly spelled correctly06:09
dmsupermanVoidedCheck, but 5 has made some strong steps, and 6 is going to be a good product06:09
VoidedCheckI'm laughing out my ass btw, I don't know the first thing about php06:09
dmsupermandon't worry06:10
kahrytanVoidedCheck, Do you think Perl is dying?06:10
dmsupermanmost people do the same thing06:10
dmsupermankahrytan, hardly06:10
Micrlloh and also, I will report that I am now running from Hardy RC, insted of windows06:10
VoidedCheckruby is burying it in the sand06:10
dmsupermankahrytan, but PHP certainly is gaining06:10
x1250I like php also06:10
kahrytandmsuperman, I use sites mostly using php now.06:10
VoidedCheckagain, I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about06:10
dmsupermanmeh, i don't want to bother learning another language. I've heard some decent stories about it, but that overall it really lacks in power06:10
Hobbsee!language | VoidedCheck06:10
ubotuVoidedCheck: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:10
VoidedCheckgah that damn bot again, checking me for a word found on every dictionary on the planet06:11
dmsupermankahrytan, When you get into some good PHP5 OOP stuff you'll really love it06:11
dmsupermanMySQLi is so awesome06:11
MicrllI was going to say that sounded like a bots response06:11
DanaGWoah, compare /usr/share/gdm/themes/Human/background.png to /usr/share/gdm/themes/HumanList/background.png06:11
kahrytandmsuperman,  I hate learning oop.06:11
dmsupermankahrytan, you a single developer?06:11
Micrllthey have us learn java at my university06:12
kahrytandmsuperman, uh?06:12
x1250kahrytan: thata a good thing to learn06:12
HobbseeVoidedCheck: please don't repeat the stuff in -offtopic06:12
DanaGThe former looks almost painful, by comparison.06:12
VoidedCheckhobbsee, stfu06:12
kahrytanOOP is complicated.06:12
dmsupermankahrytan, do you program php alone?06:12
Micrlloh is there a offftopic chat?06:12
kahrytanI saw that coming a mile away.06:12
Hobbseewhy on *two* channels must he try to be a pain?06:12
wastrelMicrll: #ubuntu-offtopic06:12
dmsupermanyeh...thinking about it this is hardly herron talk06:13
dmsupermankahrytan, are you in -offtopic?06:13
kahrytandmsuperman,  never started. Looking into learning it more. used to do small time stuff in Perl. never oops.06:13
Micrllstrange I cant get the offtopic section working06:13
dmsupermankahrytan, so you don't program PHP at all?06:14
x1250kahrytan: its not complicated at all. Anyway when I started to learn OOP I really didn't get it until I started to code some classes and read some good designed opensource/propietarty programs.06:14
dmsupermankahrytan, ah. If you ever get a job programming, you'll very much definitely appreciate OOP06:14
kahrytandmsuperman,  thought OOP i read was perl modules.06:15
dmsupermanif you're making something completely alone, then OOP is hardly useful06:15
Micrllnow see, I first learned programming in java06:15
Micrllso I am more of a OOP06:15
wastrelperl oop is difficult06:15
kahrytanwastrel,  thank you06:15
dmsupermankahrytan, It's all pretty similar. I'm learning C# right now, and once I learned the syntax differences I pretty much got the whole thing06:15
x1250dmsuperman: why do you say that? I code completely alone, and is very helpfull.06:16
dmsupermanx1250, like I said, hardly. There are some instances where it helps (for example modularizing code) but overall since you're the only one managing the code it just adds extra work06:16
kahrytanIt's probably been 5+ years since I did anything in perl.06:16
dmsupermanx1250, I write my own code with OOP so that later on I can come back to it and don't have to remember what I'm doing, or to allow others to get into my code, but I'm just one of those rare programmers who is really anal about their code06:17
MicrllI like OOP, but again thats what I started with06:18
kahrytandmsuperman,  OSS programmers must both you somewhat?06:18
x1250I code a lot of OOP, in python and php.06:18
* icanhas wonder's what channel he's in06:18
dmsupermankahrytan, certainly not, much of what I code is for the community06:19
dmsupermankahrytan, I don't care what people do with my code to be honest, but when I'm writing it if there's even like extra spaces or anything that's not completely formed well (even indentation is a big issue) I get all freaked out06:20
crdlbfind somewhere else to chat please06:20
kahrytandmsuperman,  You write pretty code?06:20
x1250I'm that kind of guy too, pretty coder06:20
dmsupermankahrytan, join #ubuntu-offtopic, so we don't get yelled at ;)06:21
kahrytancrdlb,  Where do you suggest?06:21
DanaGwhat the hell? quodlibet thinks no files exist.06:21
crdlbI don't care06:21
eternal_pevening all, I just did a clean insatll of RC1, I'm just wondering, what is the best virtuization program that allows for bridged wireless networking, without headache?06:21
crdlbmake up a channel if you have to06:21
kahrytandmsuperman,  I would but .. i can't. I'm not allowed.06:21
markgreeneHey guys. Is anyone having issues browsing windows network shares?06:22
Roeyhey all06:22
dmsupermankahrytan, ...why?06:22
kahrytandmsuperman,  try my nick channel06:22
dmsupermanmarkgreene, I have no problem06:22
Roeydo you guy plan to release 8.04 without scanner support?  can't find the "scanner" kernel module here.06:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155348 in quodlibet "Filesystem browser stops listing files with GtkWarning" [Undecided,New]06:24
markgreenedmsuperman, Where can I start debugging the issue? From 7.10 I go to "Places->Network->Windows Network" and then I click the computer on my network and then the shared folder I want to access. On 8.04, I get a blank screen after clicking Windows Network with "smb:///" in the address bar06:24
x1250in general, my programs look like this: http://pastebin.ca/raw/99051806:24
x1250pretty nice, IMO06:24
DanaGShould I mark this bug confirmed?  The quodlibet one06:24
jdrakeI have installed 'pam_mount' and now I can't use sudo or su, or login because it talks about an unknown module. How can this be fixed? I have no priviledged users logged in.06:25
dmsupermanmarkgreene, I dunno, mine just works. It takes a little while to load the file/folder list, but it works. Plus, I type in the address manually06:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155348 in quodlibet "Filesystem browser stops listing files with GtkWarning" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:27
jdrakeDoes single user mode require pam working properly?06:30
Micrllhey a question for you guys06:31
Micrllhow do I tell how much space is left on my main partition06:31
x1250$ df -h06:32
chucklargedoes hardy have Guarddog on by default ?06:33
Micrllits a little hard to read but I think I get it06:34
Micrllit does not all add up06:35
icanhasHow can I see how much RAM is currently being recognized?06:36
Dr_willis'free' command shows ram ussage06:36
x1250$ free06:36
x1250Micrll: whats the problem? I didn't get what you meant06:37
Dr_willisI perfer  'free $' :)06:37
icanhasok, is there anyway to see what is taking up what ram? and don't say top :P06:40
DanaG!info htop06:41
ubotuhtop (source: htop): interactive processes viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.6+svn20070915-1 (hardy), package size 45 kB, installed size 176 kB06:41
Dr_willisor use the ps command with some options06:41
icanhasps has it's idiosyncracies, although it's probabaly just me being an idiot06:41
Dr_willisicanhas,  it needs more options! it osent have near enough!06:41
icanhaslol, i only know how -e, -aux, and -auxw work.06:42
Dr_willis841 lines in the manpage. :)06:42
Dr_willisactually the - is optional for most of those options06:42
Dr_willisi think06:42
x1250-A :P06:42
Micrlloh oh sorry was looking at something06:43
Dr_willisthat just saved you 20% of the work!06:43
Micrllthe df -h command, the amount reported does not really match the drive size06:43
Micrllthere seems to be about 10gb missing06:43
Dr_willisa % is reserved for root/lost+found usage. and theres rounding.. and then theres how the companies defind gb. vs how it should be defined. :)06:44
Micrllah ok06:44
Micrllits a 80gb drive06:44
DistroJockey5% reserved by default06:44
Micrllbefore I installed hardy, windows reported a 74gb size06:44
x1250marketing uses 1 byte = 1000 bits. Maybe thats the thing. It should be 1 byte = 1024 bits.06:45
icanhashtop is hot. maybe that's what the h is for06:45
Black_MagicDr_willis: You know anything about  servers?06:45
x1250maybe there are the 10gb?06:45
Black_Magicwell my servers used to work but something happend and i cant load my own server with my IP06:45
Dr_willisBlack_Magic,  i know that i see a LOT of people in #ubuntu installing the 'server edition' when they dont even know shell basics.. :) and ive yet to figure out WHY they do so.06:45
Micrllwindows pegged the drive at 74gb with the 1024 degination06:45
calcMicrll: to see how much is reserved use tune2fs -l /dev/sdX#06:45
calcMicrll: for whichever partition you have it installed on06:45
icanhasis there linux support for xfat? not that i'd want to use it..06:46
Black_MagicDr_willis: comes pre installed with LAMP so they dont have to install it them selves ;)06:46
Dr_willisxfat? Hmm..06:46
Black_MagicLAZY Peoples!06:46
calcicanhas: not that i know of, xfat was just added to vista what last week?06:46
Dr_willisBlack_Magic,  these people i see.. dont even know what lamp is. :)06:46
x1250I hate preinstalled packages :/06:46
Dr_willisBlack_Magic,  heck.. i barely know what LAMP is.06:46
icanhascalc: lol, want to crack.. er.. i mean 'reverse engineer' it with me? ;)06:46
Micrllpremission denied06:46
Black_MagicDr_willis: Linux Apache Mysql PHP06:47
x1250my favorite installation is debian netinstall, not even standard packages, just apt and some basic system stuff. 80 or so packages download.06:47
Dr_willisBlack_Magic,  they all seem to want to know how to install X on their servers. : - figure that out.06:47
calcicanhas: not particularly i don't use vista (its yuck) and i don't have time anyway06:47
DanaGdf --si06:47
calci use xp whenever i have to use windows for something06:47
DanaGuses 1000 instead of 102406:47
icanhascalc: no one uses vista, it was a jest at best mate ;)06:47
Black_MagicDr_willis: sudo apt-get install <Package Name>06:47
calcicanhas: hehe :)06:47
Micrllok lets see...06:48
Micrll/dev/sdb3              65G  7.8G   54G  13% /06:48
Micrllvarrun                506M  128K  505M   1% /var/run06:48
Micrllvarlock               506M     0  506M   0% /var/lock06:48
Micrlludev                  506M   84K  505M   1% /dev06:48
Micrlldevshm                506M   12K  506M   1% /dev/shm06:48
Micrlllrm                   506M   38M  468M   8% /lib/modules/2.6.24-16-generic/volatile06:48
Micrll/dev/sdb2             4.7G  4.0K  4.7G   1% /media/common06:48
Micrllgvfs-fuse-daemon       65G  7.8G   54G  13% /home/roy/.gvfs06:48
calcxfat support does sound useful in the future though since it supports > 4GB files06:48
calcand ntfs is horrid06:48
Micrlloh wait06:48
calci've had ntfs eat itself several times where nothing could recover it06:48
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: Dr_willis: if you run  tasksel  from terminal, you can choose LAMP06:48
* Micrll smacks head on keyboard06:48
icanhascalc: the fact that vista -sp1 can't even READ an xfat drive is hysterical to me06:48
zionpsyferDr_willis: friend did that this last week.... server install, then wanted gnome  b/c he was uncomfortable with ftp from cli06:48
Black_Magic!paste > Micrll06:48
icanhascalc: actually, chkdsk /r almost always fixes ntfs ;)06:48
MicrllI see the problem06:49
Black_MagicDistroJockey: that taskel stuff never worked for me >.>06:49
calcicanhas: hold on vista sp1 can't read xfat, that was where the support was added06:49
icanhascalc: no, - as in MINUS sp1 :)06:49
calcicanhas: you aren't talking about the xbox filesystem are you?06:49
calcicanhas: oh ok06:50
Micrlloh never heard of pastebin06:50
Micrllnow I know06:50
Dr_willisSo... err.. Nothing can read xfat? :)06:50
zionpsyferouch, no multiplexing for sound now.  =/06:50
* calc wrote a driver many years ago to read xbox filesystem06:50
* icanhas thinks is because calc is a fognogging genius06:50
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: ohh, I'll have to check it out (worked for something I tried a bit ago)06:50
chtrianyone can look into this issue? bug 21974306:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219743 in linux "4 GiB of RAM installed, ~3.8 GiB reported" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21974306:50
Black_Magici thought xbox used Mac format?06:50
Zoemanyone familiar with hardy bluetooth?06:51
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: you ran it under sudo?06:51
Black_Magicit just gives prompt back06:51
Black_Magicor i used to get errors >..>06:52
calcchtri: thats most likely not a bug06:52
calcchtri: looking at it though06:52
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: hmm, I get a nice blue/grey text menu screen06:52
Black_Magici know i get that too06:52
Black_Magicbut if i select anything i just get the prompt back06:52
calcBlack_Magic: not it uses something called FatX (iirc)06:53
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: ahh, I see what you mean06:53
calcBlack_Magic: it was a btree dir structure06:53
calcBlack_Magic: i'm talking about Xbox (not xbox360, dunno about it)06:53
Zoemanyone *not* familiar with hardy bluetooth?06:53
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: did you have synaptic open?06:53
x1250I'm not very familiar...06:53
* calc can't get that bug to show up06:54
Zoemx1250: thanks for at least letting me know I'm actually sending to channel06:54
Black_Magicdo i need it open?06:54
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: that' killed my tasksel, close synaptic and all good06:54
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: nope06:54
Black_Magicwhat do the *'s mean?06:54
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: installed06:55
calcdoes lp work for anyone else right now?06:55
x1250Zoem: whats the problem?06:55
calcwell bugs.launchpad.net in particular06:55
chtricalc: work for me...06:55
calci can get the main page to come up06:56
Zoemx1250: I have my bluetooth headset paired, but I can't use it in anything06:56
calcok it finally came up06:56
Black_MagicDistroJockey: why is Wicd always removed when i update and it uses the Dist-upgrade thing06:56
Black_MagicOoh DNS server installed06:56
Black_Magici dont need it but...06:56
calcchtri: this is almost certainly a bios issue06:57
calcchtri: on my machine i can only access 3287 of 409606:57
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: no idea sorry, don't do wireless06:57
x1250anyone knows how to make kde apps use the gnome theme? is it possible without using the qtcurve stuff?06:57
calcchtri: but my machine doesn't have the remap option06:57
Black_MagicDistroJockey: ok real problem how come when i plugin my USB device Ubuntu doesnt notice it but if i go into windows and plug it in it does?06:58
Black_Magicat one point it worked but it doesnt anymore :/06:58
calcchtri: even with remapping part of the memory space may be needed by something06:58
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: what device?06:58
calcchtri: but the kernel guys would know more about it than me06:58
chtricalc: if it is bios issue or not, it is probably may be decided by analyzing attached logs, i can't do it06:58
Black_MagicDistroJockey: Your favorite ;) WD Passport06:58
XceIII spoke out of line out of anger, I aoplogize.06:58
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: lol06:59
calcchtri: yea, the kernel guys probably can determine whats up :)06:59
XceIIhave a good day folks06:59
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: well, is it NTFS format?06:59
Black_Magiconly massive thing i can think of between the time it worked and when it didnt06:59
Black_Magicwas i booted an OS off of a partition06:59
Black_Magicor that my kernal is newer07:00
icanhasBlack_Magic: does it show up in /dev/?07:00
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: or in  sudo fdisk -l07:00
Black_Magicsecond plugging it in...07:01
icanhaswell then you must get some sort of dmesg error when you plug it in07:01
* calc bbl07:01
* Black_Magic hits head on lamp07:01
* Black_Magic i mean the hangy lighty thing 07:02
Black_Magicive been meaning to raise that :/07:02
icanhasand your dmesg?07:02
Black_Magicplugging the thing in sheesh07:02
adredhi, i was downloading hardy iso b4 i left home. how do i resume it?07:02
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: btw: my install of LAMP via tasksel seems fine07:03
icanhasadred: wget -c07:03
Black_Magic[ 6811.025965] usb 3-3: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 407:03
Black_Magicnope doesnt show in fdisk -l07:03
Black_Magicjust SDA07:03
icanhashm... what operating system did you boot off it?07:04
Black_MagicBack <-07:04
icanhasdid it work?07:05
murlidharhow do  i make my window manager work again ???07:05
Black_Magicicanhas: Yea...the first time...07:06
gluer_hi, how do i install all the restricted codecs?07:06
Black_Magicicanhas: now it gives an error07:06
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: you could also check   mount   but I doubt it shows there either07:06
icanhasmurlidhar: metacity?07:06
murlidharicanhas, compiz with beryl themes07:07
Black_Magicso Emerald?07:07
Black_Magicdo emerald --replace07:07
murlidharBlack_Magic, was that for me ?07:07
icanhasBlack_Magic: there must be something else in your dmesg.07:07
* Black_Magic scratches head07:08
Black_MagicNope thats all07:08
icanhasnothing under that line you pasted? even if you wait a sec and check again?07:08
Black_Magici got a new cord but its too long >.>07:09
Black_Magicthe original is 18in so i dunno07:09
icanhasBlack_Magic: output of lsusb ?07:09
Black_Magicthe longer one just makes it start then stop alot07:09
Black_MagicBus 003 Device 001: ID 0000:000007:09
Black_MagicBus 002 Device 003: ID 047d:105e Kensington07:09
Black_MagicBus 002 Device 002: ID 15ca:00c307:09
Black_Magicand that 002 is a USB Mouse07:09
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: powered USB would fix that (I assume)07:10
DistroJockeyUSB hub^07:10
icanhasBlack_Magic: is it a HDD or flash?07:10
icanhasand you're using a hub?07:10
=== nivek_ is now known as nivek
Black_Magici know it can supply enough power tho...07:10
murlidharBlack_Magic, if u have an old unused cd bundle then make two holes in it and wrap ur cord inside it bringing the ends of the cord outside through the holes07:10
kahrytanAfter I customize hardy .. im gonna have to compile a driver. :(07:10
icanhaseh.. that shouldn't be a huge deal...07:10
murlidharBlack_Magic, that way it will be less messed up07:11
Black_Magicmurlidhar: cd bundle..?07:11
icanhasBlack_Magic: does the drive have an external power option? or a second usb connection for more power?07:11
Black_Magicthose plastic cd holders?07:11
Black_Magicicanhas: Nope...07:11
Black_Magicwish there was a way to make it bluetooth :P....07:11
murlidharBlack_Magic, the one u get when u buy about 20 cd to 50 cds at a go07:12
icanhasBlack_Magic: try another usb port for me?07:12
DistroJockeyit being a 2.5" HDD, souldn't need more07:12
Black_Magicthat round plastic top thing?07:12
icanhashe means a spindle07:12
Black_Magicicanhas: ok second07:12
murlidharBlack_Magic, spindle to be more precise07:12
MDFrostTplease help:  using ubuntu 8.04 on a dell inspiron e1705.  wireless shows available networks, but I can't connect to any of them (whether they be b or g, open or protected, WEP or WPA or WPA2).  I found a few references in the forums, but nothing of use.  Anyone have any ideas?07:12
kahrytanAnyone know how to move bookmarks in Firefox?07:13
icanhasDistroJockey: in theory, it could be triggering an overload protection if it's spiking over 500mah at start07:13
Black_Magic[ 7213.461554] usb 3-3: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 507:13
murlidharBlack_Magic, yes those plastic cd holders that look like in cylindrical shape07:13
Black_Magici think i have one...07:13
icanhasBlack_Magic: and lsusb again?07:13
DistroJockeyicanhas: I guess, but I'm starting to think it's a partition issue07:14
Black_Magicsame as the last07:14
murlidharBlack_Magic, then u could use that to put ur long cord in07:14
icanhasDistroJockey: that would usually cause dmesg errors..07:14
Black_Magicwhat was that about overload thing?07:14
Black_Magicsecond lets try this with the longer cord07:14
Black_Magicwithout the cd holder thingy07:14
icanhasBlack_Magic: what other usb devices are plugged in?07:15
Black_MagicUSB Bluetooth....USB Optical mouse07:15
Black_Magicthats it07:15
murlidharBlack_Magic, what exactly do ya want?07:16
Black_Magicto be able to use my USB HDD again07:16
DistroJockeyWD passport drive (2.5" HDD via USB)07:16
Black_Magici partioned it07:17
Black_Magiccould that be the problem?07:17
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: maybe, what partitions it got?07:17
murlidharparititioning a extern\al drive can never be a problem07:17
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: format wise07:17
Black_Magicfat32 same as the first format07:18
DistroJockeymurlidhar: can if there's an NTFS involved07:18
icanhasDistroJockey: i really don't understand how that's an issue. even if it was in KALAMAZOO filesystem, it wouldn't mount, but it would still show up in /dev/07:18
DistroJockeyicanhas: agreed07:18
Black_Magicpicture of the cd thing so i know exactly what your talking about...07:19
icanhasi'm just flaberghasted that there's no dmesg msgs after the one he pasted.07:19
Black_Magicim trying it with the longer cord.... just makes it stop and start over and over..07:19
icanhasBlack_Magic: that's very odd, maybe it's your drive.07:19
Black_Magicworks in windows >.>07:19
* Black_Magic hates comparing linux to windows07:19
icanhaswhen's the last time it worked in windows?07:20
Dr_willisi have quite a bit of hardware that no longer works in windows-vista.. but works in linux now. :)07:20
Black_Magicit will work if i reboot and go to windows07:20
icanhasBlack_Magic: dmesg | grep USB07:20
Black_Magiclast time about 3 hrs ago07:21
DistroJockeydoes sorta sound like a supply of power to drive issue07:21
DanaGOne thing I need to do for myself: create a better IRC name.  First name and last initial is rather lame, and not unique.07:21
icanhasBlack_Magic: wait, how can you be using fat? is this drive under 4GB?07:22
MDFrostTplease help -- using ubuntu 8.04 on a dell inspiron e1705.  wireless shows available networks, but I can't connect to any of them (whether they be b or g, open or protected, WEP or WPA or WPA2).  I found a few references in the forums, but nothing of use.  Anyone have any ideas?07:22
icanhasDanaG: , I told you Ganad07:22
DistroJockeyicanhas: I've seen 200GB drive formated as FAT07:22
DanaGWhen I play HL2DM, people seem to think the name is pronounced "dannagg"07:22
icanhasDistroJockey: yeah but it sucks lol07:22
Black_MagicvFat really but linux showed it as fat3207:22
bicyclistMDFrostT One hint, try using wicd instead, it helped for me and i find it better thna networkmanager07:22
DistroJockeyicanhas: maybe :)07:23
icanhasaDNGa :D07:23
DanaGOr they'll just call me "Dang"07:23
icanhasaGNDa :D it's almost like Agenda!07:23
icanhasthere, call yourself Agenda, it's perfect.07:23
MDFrostTbicyclist:  thanks.  I'll give it a go!07:23
DanaGif I could use tildes, I'd be DanaGo~1  (8.3 version of the folder name I was given when I was in high school)07:23
icanhaslol nice07:24
fatejudgerSo what's going on with flash in hardy now? They removed the libflashsupport package to fix the stability issue, and now it seems that flash hijacks my sound device so that no other program can output sound. Is this a known problem?07:24
Black_Magichere is the grep USB thing http://pastebin.com/f766d2c8d07:24
calciirc vfat just implies long filenames07:25
calcie you can vfat on fat1607:25
calcat least iirc07:25
icanhascalc: that's pretty accurate07:25
fatejudgeris there any way to force flash to output to pulseaudio?07:26
Black_Magicuhm can i see a picture of this thing your talking about to rig this longer uSB cord?07:26
murlidharwait a sec07:26
* Black_Magic unplugs everything USB07:27
Black_Magichave a feeling you where going to have me do it anyways07:27
DistroJockeyyup :)07:27
icanhasBlack_Magic: hm.. were ALL those times in dmesg you unplugging/plugging, or was it doing that itself? I'm thinking it's a power issue still07:28
murlidharBlack_Magic, http://www.lifehacker.com.au/tips/clever_uses/07:28
Dr_willisI had issues with a usb drive unplugging/plugging itself in.. due to a loose usb conector once.07:28
Black_Magicyep deffinantly got one of those07:29
Black_Magicnever use it anyways...07:29
Black_Magichow will that help?07:30
icanhasBlack_Magic: It could be a USB 2.0 problem. If your drive is 1.1 and it's connected to a 2.0 hub, timing might be too far off to actually sync up with the drive07:30
Black_Magicits USB 2.007:30
murlidharBlack_Magic, i thought u were uncomfortable with the long cords , if u are watch i first video07:30
murlidharwatch the first video07:31
Black_Magicno i said i think it was the problem with the longer cord07:31
DanaGDamnit, that killed Firefox.07:31
Black_Magicits 6ft and the original is 18in07:31
Black_Magicor it could be the type of cord...07:31
icanhasthat's really odd07:32
Dr_willisi got like a 15 ft usb cord. :)07:33
Dr_willisit has some special bits in it however.07:34
Black_Magicthe connection type is USB A to Mini B for the original the newer ones box says  A/5-pin Mini-B Plug07:34
kahrytanWhatever happened to Hardware information applet?07:34
icanhaskahrytan: i've asked that like 30 times07:35
kahrytanicanhas->  lol07:35
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: you not in a VM are you?07:36
DanaGRandom off-topic:  http://wordsmith.org/anagram/anagram.cgi?anagram=hardy+heron&t=100007:36
kahrytanicanhas->  It was there in Gutsy, not Hardy?07:36
icanhaskahrytan: correct07:36
kahrytanicanhas-> Windows has it in XP and Vista.07:36
DanaGRan Dry Eh Oh07:36
DistroJockeyBlack_Magic: just saw this is why I asked:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysvinit/+bug/15608507:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 156085 in qemu "Could not open /proc/bus/usb/devices" [Low,Confirmed]07:36
DistroJockeybut looking in my /proc/bus/usb after mounting my external usb drive, it's still empty07:37
icanhasBlack_Magic: make and model of drive again?07:38
DistroJockeysaw this quote "If the /proc/bus/usb directory is empty, you have not mounted the filesystem,"   which is not true07:39
Black_Magicuh WD Passport 160GB07:39
murlidharmy windows are still without border since upgrade07:39
murlidharany ideas to solve ?07:40
kahrytanmurlidhar-> you mean titlebar?07:40
Black_MagicModel is WDME320007:41
kahrytanthen run metacity in bash07:41
Black_Magicwoops second...07:41
murlidharkahrytan, i have emerald theme manager07:41
icanhasBlack_Magic: can you sudo modprobe -l | grep usb-storage07:42
kahrytanmurlidhar->  try going back to metacity?07:42
murlidharkahrytan, how ?07:42
Black_Magicicanhas:  after replugging the drive in?07:42
kahrytanmurlidhar->  purge emerald.07:42
trosephHere is my problem: I can't authenticate to change the settings in network-admin. I "authenticate" with a user with sufficient rights, but it says I am not authorized to make the changes after I click "ok"07:42
icanhasmurlidhar: ps -e | grep compiz07:42
icanhasBlack_Magic: shouldn't matter07:42
murlidharso which one should i follow?07:42
murlidharicanhas, or kahrytan  ?07:43
icanhasmurlidhar: run my command, it doesn't do anything, just gives me information07:43
murlidhar 5741 ?        00:00:00 compiz07:43
Black_Magicicanhas: /lib/modules/2.6.24-15-generic/kernel/drivers/usb/storage/usb-storage.ko07:43
murlidhar 5809 ?        00:00:10 compiz.real07:43
kahrytanmurlidhar->  icanhas07:44
icanhasmurlidhar: and emerald --replace doesn't give you your windows back?07:44
murlidharicanhas, no07:44
murlidharit doesn't07:45
icanhasmurlidhar: try gtk-window-decorator --replace &07:45
icanhasBlack_Magic: well then your mod is running :P just thought i'd check07:45
Black_Magiccant get into my precious!!07:45
kahrytanicanhas->  try installing hardinfo extra07:45
murlidharicanhas, that works but where is my beryl theme?07:46
Black_MagicPOOH YEA!07:46
Black_MagicI get feedback after plugging it in07:46
Black_Magicfrom dmesg07:46
kahrytanicanhas->  its not the orginal applet butmight dothe trick07:46
icanhasmurlidhar: well that will give you title bars while you fix emerald :P07:47
icanhasBlack_Magic:  like?07:47
icanhasmurlidhar: do you know why emerald stopped working all of a sudden?07:47
icanhasmurlidhar: or did it never work?07:48
murlidharicanhas, ever since i upgraded to gutsy it never worked07:48
kahrytanicanhas->  metacity --replace is better07:48
icanhaskahrytan: no, that shuts down compiz :P well it used to in gutsy...07:48
icanhasmurlidhar: hm, did you originally compile it from source?07:49
kahrytanicanhas->  It's compiz issue anyways07:49
icanhaskahrytan: i doubt that07:49
murlidharicanhas, no i installed it in gutsy07:49
icanhasmurlidhar: I'm no emerald guru, i would try #compiz-fusion for help07:50
Black_Magicicanhas: it shows nothing in lsusb...07:50
kahrytanicanhas-> emerald obviously isnt starting when compiz is07:50
Black_Magicits like its not even there...07:50
icanhaskahrytan: emerald isn't starting AT ALL, even when invoked, compiz can't help that07:50
icanhasBlack_Magic: what new dmesg info did you get?07:50
icanhasoh nm, i see it07:50
Black_Magici pasted..07:50
kahrytanicanhas-> I would remove emerald and use compiz with metacity07:51
Black_Magicdoesnt look lioke anything helpful tho07:51
Black_Magickahrytan: isnt emerald embeded into compiz now...?07:51
icanhasBlack_Magic: that's really odd man, you SURE this drive works in windows?07:51
kahrytanBlack_Magic->  no07:51
Black_Magicicanhas: IM SURE!07:51
icanhasBlack_Magic: no, not "embeded", you can use any compositing window manager / decorator07:51
DistroJockeyicanhas: I agree07:51
Black_Magici can get to all the files and such07:51
kahrytanblack Compiz works with Metacity or Emerald07:51
Black_Magici know that07:51
Black_Magicbut emerald thing is built into compiz i think07:52
Black_Magicso you wouldnt need an extra package07:52
kahrytanBlack_Magic-> It's not install on Ubuntu by default.. whats that tell you07:52
crdlbemerald isn't installed by default07:52
murlidharicanhas, kahrytan,  after upgradation my update manager shows 255 updates , maybe after that i could to get my emerald back07:52
icanhasmurlidhar: yes, upgrade fully first :)07:52
kahrytancrdlb->  Nice timing07:52
tanneranyone have a recent model thinkpad?07:52
Black_Magiclast time this thing worked was in -12 kernal :/07:52
icanhasBlack_Magic: ah, then it's a kernel issue. do you still have access to -12 to test that theory out?07:53
Black_Magicnever delete kernals07:53
Black_Magici still have the gusty kernal :/07:53
kahrytanWhereis UUID for drives listed?07:53
DistroJockeykahrytan: blkid07:53
kahrytanthat didnt make sense.07:54
murlidhari can access my internel only through gutsy kernel not through hardy one :(07:54
murlidhari can access my internet only through gutsy kernel not through hardy one :(07:54
icanhasBlack_Magic: can you try rebooting into -12 to test that theory plz?07:54
Black_Magickahrytan: its a command07:54
DanaGsudo vol_id -u /dev/sdaX07:54
DistroJockeykahrytan: sudo blkid   rather07:54
Black_Magicicanhas: yea07:55
sparrare mixed-release ubuntu systems supported?07:55
* DanaG hates how Firefox 3.0 sucks at quitting.07:55
kahrytanDistroJockey->  thanks. i need to mount my ext3 partition07:55
DistroJockeysparr: as in multi upgardes?07:56
DanaGIt freezes, so I give up and force-quit approximately every time.07:56
kahrytanDanaG->  thats the definition of beta07:56
DistroJockeykahrytan: no problem07:56
sparrDistroJockey: as in ive got feisty, but i installed some pacakges from gutsy07:56
kahrytanDanaG->  You could just go back to ff207:56
DanaGI need the blocks-redirects feature.07:56
DistroJockeysparr: no idea sorry, I usually like to start afresh :)07:57
LynoureDanaG: Oh, mine quits prettier than ff2 did, even gets saved with the session07:57
DanaGMine sits there and freezes for 15-30 seconds, on iowait.07:58
icanhasFunny, ff3 crashed _more efficiently_ for me.07:59
DistroJockeymy ff3 works fine (fresh Hardy rc) flash and all08:01
ZoemI still get the flash insta-kill thing08:01
Zoembut thats not ff08:01
DanaGthe nspluginwrapper fixed it for me.08:02
alex_mayorgaDanaG, can you elaborate?08:02
sparrNeed to get 3230MB of archives.08:04
sparr^^ :(08:04
ZoemD: what did you do?08:04
sparrthats my gutsy to hardy upgrade08:04
sparr2097 upgraded, 248 newly installed, 90 to remove and 6 not upgraded.08:05
Zoemlol@ 6 not upgraded08:05
sparroh, and 12 not fully installed or removed.08:06
DistroJockeysparr: I'd just get the alternate RC CD, or wait 4/5 days for release08:06
sparrthat's due to package borkedness in hardy recently08:06
bardyrsparr, how much software do you have installed :O08:06
sparrbardyr: about 2100 packages, soon to be 2350, it seems08:06
sparrDistroJockey: and one CD will replace 3GB of downloads?08:07
DistroJockeysparr: probably not08:07
kahrytanFile Operations dialog reminds me of MacOS 8.508:08
trosephlol yeah08:08
trosephbut sometimes behaves like Vista08:09
kahrytanThat's insulting08:09
troseph"Calculating Time Remaining..." or "Preparing..."08:09
kahrytanCalculating is Mmacos08:09
trosephmeh, I don't mean to insult. Nothing to fret over.08:10
kahrytanUbuntu will never be Vista08:10
trosephNot even 1k and it had to think about how long it would take.08:10
trosephI knw08:10
kahrytanVista copied MacOS08:11
trosephnothing to get defensive about I just had an annoyance with it.08:11
trosephI don't care who copied who, I just know it was annoying08:11
kahrytanVista takes to long to do anything08:11
dotechmy monitors never turn off anymore08:12
philip_what's the command to configure gnome? gconf?08:12
philip_kahrytan: ah yes good man :)08:12
kahrytanphilip_-> I gotta use with each new install ... add My Documents to desktop08:13
kahrytantroseph-> I change Home to My Documents for the fun of it08:13
philip_kahrytan: I use it to hide the top panel :)08:13
dotechi have my screen saver set to 1 minute08:13
dotechbut it never comes on08:13
kahrytanphilip_->  I use bottom panel like Windows setup and I use top panel as transparent and quick click apps08:14
philip_kahrytan: ah. I get rid of bottom panel completely, wiped the apps off, just the main ubuntu button08:15
LynoureThree panel happiness here :) (all much shorter than full length)08:16
kahrytanI use Gnome Main Menu... not the default one08:16
philip_that's the damn beauty of open source folks...customizations galore08:16
AdysAnyone has had problems on reboots with menus and tooltips appearing under all applications?08:17
kahrytanLynoure must be the type to use expanding panels08:17
philip_although I wish there were an app to create a script to record customization changes so we can quickly do it from version to version08:17
kahrytanphilip_-> Oh man .. I miss MacOS for that08:18
kahrytanphilip_->  gone are the days of AppleScript.08:18
philip_I have a minor BIG issue08:19
tannerwell i sure hope they fix the automounting issues before the 8.04 release08:19
kahrytanphilip_->  thats a contradiction08:19
davidfour whole days to go :P08:19
Black_Magicnope that wasnt it08:19
ethana2you want to see a sweet panel config?08:20
philip_I added a password to my HD in BIOS (making it ask a password on boot). I swapped that drive into an external enclosure. So now I'm screwed and I really don't want to reinsert the drive back in08:20
philip_so, question is, how do I access my files in the drive?08:21
alex_mayorgawould there be another RC?08:21
kahrytanphilip_->  bite the bullet and reinstall in case?08:21
philip_kahrytan: hehe yeah...so now you understand my minor BIG issue08:21
kahrytanalex_mayorga->  I don't think so .. ubuntu isnt windows.08:21
ethana2http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=64764&d=1207179493  <- my idea of awesome panels08:21
DistroJockeyalex_mayorga: pretty sure the answer in nope08:22
alex_mayorgaI still see some breakage or minor glitches08:22
alex_mayorgabluetooth and wifi still act up moe than they should08:22
DistroJockeyalex_mayorga: reporting issues will help08:23
alex_mayorgadoes an ubuntu laptop have ssh enabled by default08:23
alex_mayorgaI've got issues reported since gusty that have been largely ignored08:24
icanhasalex_mayorga: sudo apt-get install openssh-server openssh-client08:24
alex_mayorgalike https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/12415908:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124159 in linux-source-2.6.22 "Broadcom bcm43xx Wireless driver regression in gutsy" [High,Confirmed]08:24
icanhasthe 43xx drivers are just a mess in general08:25
Riskbreakerhey guys. recently switched to ubuntu hardy from kubuntu gutsy. having problems with power usage.08:25
alex_mayorgawhy don't you take a look at my bug log https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~alex-mayorga08:25
BonezAUhi, all of a sudden today when I booted up hardy I am unable to access my windows NTFS partitions, in Gnome it says "You are not privileged to mount the volume 'VOLUME'08:25
Riskbreakerubuntu uses a LOT of power; i used to get 3.5-4hours on kde with minimum CPU frequency and LCD brightness,08:25
Riskbreakernow i get 2.5 hours max, regardless of what i set CPU or LCD to08:25
icanhasBonezAU: oh just force mount it. it'll be fun.08:26
alex_mayorgaeither I have really pesky hardware or no one care about the issues that affect it08:26
Riskbreakerand a lot of heat is generated, also regardless of CPU frequency08:26
Riskbreakerwhy is it using so much power08:26
BonezAUicanhas: will that break anything?08:26
Jordan_URiskbreaker, Is it an intel machine?08:27
alex_mayorgaDistroJockey: do you know who to poke?08:27
kahrytanI really hate the new Mozilla addon site08:27
alex_mayorgaI do try to keep them current08:28
DistroJockeyalex_mayorga: nope, you loom like you have it covered08:28
icanhasBonezAU: nah, probabaly what happened is you didnt shutdown windows right last time. i mean it _could_ break something, but i do it al the time :)08:28
alex_mayorgathe bugs I mean08:28
BonezAUicanhas: I just did it and it works fine, thanks :) - and yes, vista was pissing me off and it would not shut down so I just hard-powered the laptop off :)08:28
ZoemBonezAU: just be careful doing that with your ubuntu partitions mounted08:29
Jordan_URiskbreaker, Is it an intel machine?08:29
Zoemyou'll be fscking for hours08:29
icanhasBonezAU: generally speaking, i dont suggest force mounting, but ultimately i do it quite often :P08:30
RiskbreakerJordan_U: it's AMD08:30
RiskbreakerZoem: that's what she said08:30
icanhasfscking for hours isn't so bad.08:30
ZoemRiskbreaker: :P08:30
BonezAUicanhas: ok thanks for your help08:31
BonezAUthanks zoem08:31
DanaGwtf?  http://troy-watson.com/fun/3_vnorvono%5B1%5D.gif08:32
Zoemnice shop08:32
LynoureDanaG: that's photoshop or gimp for you.08:33
kahrytanWhat is the name of the firefox extention that blocks javascripts site by site case?08:33
Zoemisn't that like, the #1 most popular extension?08:33
ethana2#2 or 308:34
ethana2#1 is adblock08:34
kahrytanZoem->  I agree08:34
alex_mayorgaone of the top security features :)08:34
kahrytanit's top 5 of the most used extentions08:34
alex_mayorgathat and adblock alone make my life better :)08:34
kahrytanI allow adsense ads to appear08:35
ethana2text ads are great08:35
kahrytancuz On sites I like, I click them08:35
ethana2anything bandwidth intensive, distracting, power consuming is fail08:35
DanaGI can't stand the pop-up-on-hover text ads.08:35
alex_mayorgagiven that I have around 0 money I block ads as a courtesy to the advertisers ;)08:35
DanaGI also can't stand ads that masquerade as content, or as links to other content.08:35
DistroJockeylol alex_mayorga :)08:36
alex_mayorgajust being honest :)08:36
kahrytanDoes anyone else try to make it habit of supporting fav sites with adsense?08:36
icanhaskahrytan: that's called.. fraud i think08:37
alex_mayorgaI used to back when ABP had the option08:37
DistroJockeykahrytan: my fav sites don't use adsense08:37
kahrytanicanhas->  No.08:37
sparrkahrytan: people like you are why my site gets flagged for fraud08:37
kahrytanicanhas-> It's fraud when site owner does it08:37
alex_mayorgaI don't find it anymore, nor care that much anymore08:37
Zoemkahrytan: I click through often08:37
ZoemI don't use adblock, either08:38
kahrytansparr->  Or you click them selves08:38
sparror not08:38
alex_mayorgawhat should one be testing on this last week?08:39
Riskbreakerfixing my power problem!08:39
WaSrDI am virgin ubuntu 8.04 x64 user here with a few complex questions, if I may have help please? or is this wrong channel?08:39
kahrytanI look for ads I am interested in08:39
alex_mayorgaI do have an AMD here08:39
icanhas!ask | WaSrD08:39
ubotuWaSrD: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)08:39
alex_mayorgabut never really venture that far away from a power outlet :)08:40
WaSrDvery well...I spent 6 hours trying to install on a wiped raid array08:40
Zoemalex_mayorga: agreed. I borked my hardy upgrade three times by running out of power in the middle08:40
WaSrDhave no idea how I finally got it...but did...now I'm trying to make my network visible08:40
WaSrDI can see one of 2 machines08:40
WaSrDbut can't browse to them08:40
WaSrDdo I need to install more things?08:40
alex_mayorgaI maybe should reinstall this laptop from generic to x64, whould I see any major breakage/advantage?08:41
DistroJockeyalex_mayorga: nope08:42
Zoemalex_mayorga: no. but I do believe there was something floating around for using reduced amd power consumption features08:42
alex_mayorgaso is it an improvement or mostly the same thing?08:42
Zoemit's 64-bit support08:42
alex_mayorgais that a real advantage or would I be hunting for 32 bit packages in the end?08:43
DanaGWHO THE **** thought it'd be a good idea to make gnome not have screensaver settings?08:43
ethana2heh, I don't know08:43
ethana2but it's horrible08:43
alex_mayorgaDanaG: the gnome maintainer08:43
icanhasDanaG: I'd imagine the GNOME developers. Want me to ask them?08:43
ethana2Miguel de Icaza08:44
DanaGThe rss-glx screensavers have really bad defaults, too.08:44
ethana2...on behalf of his uh..08:44
alex_mayorgabug 2200708:44
DanaGSo the "don't need configuration" is a lie.08:44
sparrDanaG: the same people who think openbox shouldn't have a startup programs list, because "that's not the WMs job"08:44
DanaGThen whose job is it?08:44
ethana2the sub window manager08:44
RAOFDanaG: Because xscreensaver was crap, and no one has written the settings thing again.08:44
icanhassparr: well that's not the WM's job ;)08:44
ethana2I think there should be two layers08:44
gnub_daemonhmmm...how might I go about allowing myself to connect to SQL?08:44
DanaGTry installing rss-glx and running solarwinds with no parameters.08:45
DanaGThat's exactly how gnome-screensaver runs it.08:45
sparricanhas: and yet, the people who design all the OTHER software assume that it is08:45
RAOFDanaG: So it's not so much that they were removed, but that no one has written a new settings editor (it'd be quite easy).08:45
alex_mayorgaI for one have subscribed to https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screensaver/+bug/2200708:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 22007 in gnome-screensaver "no 'Settings' button in gnome-screensaver" [Wishlist,Confirmed]08:45
sparricanhas: try convincing the gdm developers that it's the session manager's job to store non-session'd startup programs08:45
icanhassparr: well it is, imho08:46
icanhasgdm needs to have a 'sub session manager' or something08:46
sparrthat would be nice08:46
xtknightnotice how when tabcompleting a command containing $(uname -r) or `uname -r`, it does not complete properly?08:47
xtknightused to.  try "cd /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/ [tab]" :(08:47
icanhasis it suppose to?08:47
xtknightit did in earlier versions for me altho not sure about Gutsy08:48
xtknightit's pretty obvious it tries and does it wrong08:48
Riskbreakerso does anyone know anything about my power isue? maybe heard of other AMD users with power issues?08:49
xtknightRiskbreaker, run powertop08:49
Riskbreakeras root?08:49
sparrpowertop on amd?08:50
xtknightwhy not?08:50
xtknightit just detects progs that wakeup the cpu i hink08:50
Riskbreakeralright... what am i looking at here08:50
xtknightand gives you possible optimizations08:50
sparrbecause its an intel program that only, as of the last time i checked, worked on certain mobile intel CPUs?08:50
RAOFOh, yay!  Someone has started to actually _write_ a screensaver settings editor, rather than simply bitching about it!08:50
paynitoi am having a localization or font issue after direct 6.06-8.04 upgrade, could someone look at my screenshot and give me a clue what to try?08:50
Riskbreakerthis is really interesting:08:51
xtknightRiskbreaker, i dont know too much about powertop, but it should lead you in the right direction08:51
Riskbreakertop causes for wakeups08:51
Zoempaynito: what locale is that supposed to be?08:51
Riskbreakerps/2 keyboard/mouse/touchpad08:51
Riskbreakerfollowed by "Extra timer interrupt"08:51
Riskbreakernow i think i know what's going on08:52
xtknightsparr, it can not get "detailed C-state information" for amd cpus08:52
xtknightbut works otherwise08:52
paynitoduring install it kept saying it couldn't download En:Au and would default to C08:52
sparrRiskbreaker: do you have any ps/2 devices attached?  monitoring those interrupts is a horrible waste of cpu time08:52
xtknightactually my intel core  2 cant get the c-state stuff either08:52
Riskbreakerthere is a problem with my laptop. i dont know how to fix it, actually. it's convinced i'm pushing an unnamed key on the keyboard at all times08:52
sparrheh, yeah, that might do it  :)08:52
Riskbreakeri looked at some stuff on the intarwebs using google08:53
sparrelaborate on "unnamed"08:53
Riskbreakerthey suggested updating my bios, which i did, and it didn't solve the problem08:53
Riskbreakerwell, observe my dmesg outpout08:53
xtknightwhat;s your ps2 keyboard entry say08:53
xtknightmine is like 0.1% on this pc08:53
Zoempaynito: what is in your /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local?08:53
Riskbreaker[11110.020647] atkbd.c: Unknown key pressed (translated set 2, code 0x8d on isa0060/serio0).08:53
Riskbreaker[11110.020654] atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes e00d <keycode>' to make it known.08:53
paynitolet me check08:53
xtknightRiskbreaker, i mean how much interrupt % is it using08:53
DanaGRAOF: try running this:08:53
Riskbreakerand dmesg has thousands, thousands of lines liek that08:53
xtknighti doubt that's the reason for power use though unless it's truly persistent08:54
DanaGAnd see how bad it is with no parameters.08:54
kahrytanAnyone know how to remove the oh-so-annoying live search in ff3 url box?08:54
Riskbreakerpowertop says 36.5% is the ps/2 line08:54
Riskbreakeri think i need to get on the phone with dell support about this keyboard issue08:54
DanaGDefault is no FPS limit, and not nice, and all presets (including "jiggly")08:55
DanaGTry that with no parameters.08:55
DanaGThen try08:55
DanaG /usr/lib/xscreensaver/flux --regular -n -x 6008:55
sparrRiskbreaker: i hope that isnt getting written to /var/log/syslog  :)08:55
sparrand now, good night08:55
Riskbreakerit could be.08:56
DanaG!info rss-glx08:56
uboturss-glx (source: rss-glx): Really Slick Screensavers GLX Port. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.1-8ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 4891 kB, installed size 5732 kB08:56
DanaGI guess I should file a bug on the bad default settings.08:56
paynitoen and local are in /var/lib/locales/supported.d08:56
Zoemok, what is the output of locale?08:57
DistroJockeyDanaG: running flux as I type. What was the issue?08:57
DanaGRuns way fast, with no FPS limit, and not 'nice'08:57
DanaGAnd with random presets, instead of the nice tame one.08:58
DistroJockeyit is glitchy08:58
kahrytannevermind... il killing ff3 in ubuntu.08:58
paynitothere are 10 lines like that08:58
Zoemok, add "en_AU UTF-8" to your /val/lib/locales.d/local08:58
paynitothe last is LC_ALL=08:58
xtknightRiskbreaker, making the key known will at least prevent it writing huge stuff to dmesg all the time ;)08:59
paynitohow do i add that?08:59
Riskbreakerxtknight: perhaps, but wont that cause other problems?08:59
xtknightRiskbreaker,  i dont think08:59
Zoemsudo gedit /var/lib/locales/supported/local08:59
Riskbreakerwhat keycode should i give it08:59
xtknightno idea08:59
DanaGDistroJockey:  Now try flux with parameters.09:00
Riskbreakeris it reversible?09:00
DanaGIt should look nice and .... nice.09:00
Zoempaynito: sudo gedit /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local09:00
DistroJockeyDanaG: I used the:   /usr/lib/xscreensaver/flux --regular -n -x 6009:00
kahrytanWho here likes Firefox 3?09:00
xtknightRiskbreaker, i dont know that either but probably09:00
Zoempaynito: I'm terrible at typing :(09:00
RAOFDanaG: Oh, I *know* that they want to have configuration.  But the point is that it's not a case of "why did they remove this functionality", it's "the old one was crap, and noone has written a replacement for this part of the oldone's functionality".09:00
xtknightRiskbreaker, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=398783709:00
xtknightseen that?09:00
DanaGAah.  The odd thing:09:01
Zoemso, nothing is better than bad something?09:01
DanaGThe first half of the upstream bug seemed to be a "we removed it on purpose" answer.09:01
paynitoall i have is boxes now inside of gedit09:01
Zoemlol, ummm... oops09:01
valehruUpdated to Hardy.  The nvidia_new driver is enabled but not in use, whats the story with that?09:01
paynitoi should do it in nano instead09:01
Zoemor a cli editor09:01
xtknightvalehru, probably need to logout to get it to use the driver09:02
Zoemnvm, I don't use nano09:02
Zoemyes, nano09:02
valehruxtknight, no dice. logged out, disabled it, re-enabled it.  Still not in use in restricted devices.09:02
paynitoit has09:02
paynitoen_AU.UTF-8 UTF-809:02
paynitoen_US.UTF-8 UTF-809:03
Zoemthat's good then09:03
Zoemnow, in /etc/environment09:03
Zoemchange it to read LANG="en_AU"09:04
paynitoshould i add en_IN.UTF-8 to local?09:04
alex_mayorgaRiskbreaker, just try to change your kbd layout to a Dell one and the messages should go away09:04
Zoemand LANGUAGE="en_AU:en"09:04
Riskbreakeralex_mayorga, i've tried that09:04
paynitook, going to /etc/environment09:04
DistroJockeyDanaG: all GL screen savers are fubar'd (have been for a while for me)09:04
DanaGBut try it with the parameters.09:04
DanaGIt's a nice preset, run 'nice', and fps-limit to 60.09:05
DanaG /usr/lib/xscreensaver/flux --regular -n -x 6009:05
Theo_If I download and install 8.04 BETA will I be able to upgrade when it is released in 4 days? Or will I have to re-install using the CD of the final 8.04?09:05
Dr_willisYou can upgrade09:05
Riskbreakeri did this:09:05
Riskbreakersudo /etc/init.d/hotkey-setup stop09:05
Zoemthere is a difference?09:05
Riskbreakerand now at least th ekeyboard entry doesn't show up in powertop09:05
paynitook I changed to instances of en_IN to en_AU09:05
xtknightRiskbreaker, interesting09:05
Riskbreakerbut tehre is something labeled "extra timer interrupt"09:05
Riskbreakerbut the dmesg messages still show up09:05
Theo_if I have 7.10 installed is there any way of upgrading to 8.04 without deleting files?09:06
Zoempaynito: reboot ;)09:06
Zoemone more thing.... I forgot09:06
DistroJockeyDanaG: as I said, I ran that before and i id glitvhy09:06
Zoempaynito: run sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales09:06
Zoempaynito: first09:06
WaSrDhow come I was able to get add/remove to add 2 apps, but the other 99% of the time, if I try to add an app, it sits with working icon, no progress bar, and I have to reboot to close the add/remove window?09:06
xtknightRiskbreaker, grep NO_HZ /boot/config-`uname -r`09:07
xtknightcheck if tickless s on09:07
paynitoit said everything was up-to-date09:07
Riskbreakerdidn't work09:07
Zoemok, go ahead and reboot09:07
Riskbreakerdo you maen powertop grep all that09:07
xtknightRiskbreaker,   no   "  grep NO_HZ /boot/config-$(uname -r)  " in the terminal09:07
DistroJockeyDanaG: smooth but glitchy09:07
alex_mayorgatried the powertop thing myself09:08
xtknightRiskbreaker, how much % is extra timer interrupt09:08
alex_mayorgait suggest "hal-disable-polling --device /dev/cdrom", how bad is that?09:08
xtknightRiskbreaker, anything  dmesg|grep -i NOHz09:08
Riskbreakerbut 20% is the keyboard again...09:08
xtknightalex_mayorga, hal-disable-polling --device /dev/cdrom 'hal' is the component that auto-opens a09:09
xtknightwindow if you plug in a CD but disables SATA power saving from kicking in.09:09
Riskbreakernothing with that last one, xtknight09:09
xtknightthat's the description09:09
alex_mayorgaxtknight, being a while since I've used a CD09:09
kahrytanAnyone know where liferea config is?09:09
alex_mayorgacan I safely implement that?09:10
xtknightalex_mayorga, yea it just disables autorun i think09:10
alex_mayorgaOK, let me try09:10
alex_mayorgaRiskbreaker, what's your lap model?09:10
Riskbreakerdell inspiron 150109:10
DarkMageZwhat programs does ubuntu have available that can identify what encoder was used to make an mp3 file09:10
paynitono change09:11
paynitoi have another screenshot for you in a sec09:11
Zoemwhat does locale say now09:11
alex_mayorgaRiskbreaker, we have the exact same bugger :)09:11
xtknightRiskbreaker, and dmesg | grep -i HPET09:12
xtknightplease pastebin this09:12
xtknightif you get anything09:12
WaSrDhow do I close this frozen add/remove window without rebooting please?09:12
xtknightWaSrD, repeatedly press the X window?09:12
xtknighter X button09:12
WaSrDthank you09:12
ZoemWaSrD: do you have access to the system moniter?09:12
WaSrDdidn't work09:12
Zoempaynito: that is interesting :(09:12
Riskbreakernothing, xtknight09:13
WaSrDsystem monitor? I'll check09:13
alex_mayorgaRiskbreaker: do you by any chance have loads of APIC error on CPU1: 40(40) on your dmesg?09:13
xtknightRiskbreaker, http://ww.linuxpowertop.org/faq.php09:13
xtknightWhat is "(interrupt) : extra timer interrupt"?09:13
ZoemWaSrD: kill the process "gnome-app-install"09:13
paynitothis box with 3 buttons, can't get rid of it no matter, what i click09:14
xtknightalex_mayorga, Riskbreaker maybe you guys could pastebin your dmesg09:14
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)09:14
Riskbreakeralex_mayorga: i've seen those, yes.09:14
WaSrDthank you that worked09:14
xtknighti'd be curious... that laptop seems to have power problems w/ linux09:14
paynitoi had a suggestion before to right click the desktop and try to change to ubuntu human theme09:14
Zoempaynito: I have no idea what that box was09:14
alex_mayorgaxtknight: do you need us both paste?09:14
DanaGActually: disabling CD polling makes it not find new media at all, even when you manually try to open it.09:14
xtknightalex_mayorga, i guess it would be helpful09:14
alex_mayorgaOK, glad to "help" :)09:15
xtknight<- curiosity09:15
DanaGSome Dells don't have HPET.09:15
xtknightprobably the cause of the extra timer interrupt is no hpet09:15
DanaGBut MS demands hpet for vista certification.... how can that be?09:15
xtknightRiskbreaker, haha well i knew that already09:16
Zoempaynito: what does it say in your letc/default/locale?09:16
Riskbreakerxtknight: yeah ,sorry09:16
kahrytanHow do I restore firefox?09:17
kahrytanurl box, buttons. etc09:17
xtknighti wonder if alex_mayorga is getting the same thing with his 1501 then09:17
Riskbreakeranother dmesg09:17
Riskbreakerhad the same stuff09:17
Riskbreakerwith these two lines inserted in there:09:17
Riskbreaker[11941.102843] APIC error on CPU0: 40(40)09:17
Riskbreaker[11941.073362] APIC error on CPU1: 40(40)09:17
paynitois that an l in front of the etc?09:17
paynitoor a /09:17
xtknight /09:17
xtknightRiskbreaker, yeah i wonder what booting with noapic would do09:17
paynitothere is nothing in /etc/default/locale09:18
* DanaG is going to bed now.09:18
DanaGGood nighty-oh.09:18
DanaGSun Apr 20 01:18:13 PDT 200809:18
Riskbreakerwhat is noapic?09:18
DistroJockeynight DanaG09:18
alex_mayorgaxtknight: http://pastebin.com/m2d89fe3f hope it helps09:18
xtknightRiskbreaker, disables use of APIC09:18
RiskbreakerOH OKAY THANKS09:18
ZoemRiskbreaker: it is a kernal switch to turn off apic timing, because amd boards often don't support it09:18
Riskbreakeri was kind of hoping for an explanation abouat apic too =-)09:18
kaminixMy adventures in module land aren't going very well.09:18
DanaGI just hope my damn nvidia doesn't lock up again.09:19
Riskbreakeri'll just wikipedia it09:19
xtknightyeah i dont see the errors on alex's09:19
DanaGI think I'll just switch off compiz for now.09:19
Riskbreakerin the meantime, how i turn this switch on09:19
Zoempaynito: please don't get mad at me09:19
xtknightRiskbreaker, probably not a good idea right now09:19
Zoempaynito: I don't know what else to do09:20
xtknightlets compare bios versions of you two ;o09:20
paynitono, i think you are probably working and looking up something to help me, i am waiting patiently09:20
alex_mayorgaxtknight, any ideas to fix my apic error?09:20
paynitooh, well, thanks man, it was a valient effort09:20
xtknightalex_mayorga, well yeah i was going to suggest noapic but i dont know, that disables a lot of other stuff too09:20
xtknightnot a good idea in general09:20
paynitocan i change it to french or something?09:20
kahrytanCan Someone please tell me how to get the URL panel back for Firefox?09:20
Riskbreakerkahrytan: right click one of the toolbars, go to customize09:21
Riskbreakerin the dialog that pops up, look for an "Address bar"09:21
Riskbreakerand drag it where you want it09:21
kahrytanRiskbreaker->  Onlything left is bookmarks  toolbar09:21
xtknightRiskbreaker,  alex_mayorga, sudo lshw|grep -m1 version09:21
kahrytanRiskbreaker->  and that doesnt offer that09:21
paynitoi posted my error messages on the ubuntu forums09:22
WaSrDthoughts on why add/remove is freezing repeatedly?09:22
Zoemmaybe if you sudo apt-get --reinstall locales09:22
Zoemsudo apt-get --reinstall install locales09:22
kahrytanCan Someone please tell me how to get the URL panel back for Firefox?09:22
ZoemWaSrD: you have a bunch of dead repositories?09:23
xtknightkahrytan, view toolbars navigation09:23
WaSrDI just installed fresh tonight09:23
WaSrDgot 2 apps09:23
paynitoE: invalid operation locales09:23
Riskbreakeryou can't see the "customize" option?09:23
WaSrDand freezes now09:23
WaSrDhow do I find dead?09:23
DistroJockeykahrytan:  View - Toolbars - Navigation Bar ?09:23
kahrytanxtknight-> doh... I have main bar hidden09:23
Zoempaynito: it needs to be the second one. I'm terrible at terminal09:23
Zoemeven though I use it all the time09:24
Riskbreakerxtknight: a couple of things showed up momentarily, and thenversion:notspecified09:24
xtknightah hmm09:24
paynitothe second one?09:24
xtknightso you do have the latest bios?09:24
Riskbreakerit seems like it is the latest bios, the dell site doesnt offer anything newer09:24
Zoemsudo apt-get --reinstall install locales09:25
paynitosounds promising with sudo apt-get install locales09:26
paynitothe following extra packages will be installed09:26
paynitothe following packages will be upgraded09:26
paynitoneed to get 4016 kB additional archives09:26
paynitoit's going at it09:26
xtknightRiskbreaker, cat /proc/timer_list |grep -i hpet09:26
Zoemlol, that sounds like a good paynito09:26
* DanaG has one HPET and 2 lapic.09:28
Riskbreakernothing, xtknight09:28
paynitoi have 8 postcards sitting here already stamped if you want one pm an address09:28
xtknightRiskbreaker, ok you dont have HPET, there is a patch however to force enable it but you'd need to recompile your kernel, i think.09:28
xtknightthat's supposed to help power use09:28
paynitojust as a thank you, they are from the great wall of china, but i live in shanghai09:29
Riskbreakeri am not proficient with compiling the kernel09:29
Zoemoh, thats ok09:30
Zoemthank you though :)09:30
DanaGdamn dell.09:30
bazhang1 MIcrosoft Way09:30
DanaGIf they really supported Linux, they'd put a damn hpet in their dsdt.09:30
Riskbreakeri know right09:30
Riskbreakerno hpet in their dsdt. wtf.09:31
DanaGAnd no gigabit ethernet in laptops?  weaksauce.09:31
paynito12 mins left on upgrade locales09:31
xtknightRiskbreaker, do you know if you're using a cpufreq governor..ok ill put that in english if youd like09:31
Riskbreakerpowernowd i think.09:31
RAOFDanaG: Thinking about it, even without the configuration you raise a valid point; it's a bug that our screensavers have bad defaults.  We should fix that for Intrepid (and work with that guy to make his configuration editor useful).09:31
xtknightRiskbreaker, do you know if it's actually throttling your cpu at all?09:32
xtknightcat /proc/cpuinfo  for instance09:32
DanaGI'll submit a bug for rss-glx, with a diff for the config file.09:32
Riskbreakercpufreq applet on the panel says so, yeah09:32
DanaGDefault to 60, and add a spinbox.09:32
RAOFDanaG: Well, we won't add the spinbox (without the config editor thingy), but defaulting to 60 is much much better than 'as fast as possible'.09:33
DanaGAnd enable nice.09:33
xtknightRiskbreaker, looks like for any further improvement you will have to recompile your kernel with the 'force HPET' patch and even then no guarantee anything will be better with the "extra timer interrupts".  what % is that vs the keyboard interrupts?09:33
Riskbreakerxtknight: it varies09:33
Riskbreakerevery number i gave you was a ballpark figure09:33
xtknightread the keyboard one only when ur not typing eles itill be inaccurate09:33
xtknightlike just let it stabilize09:33
DanaGAnother useful thing would be to have screensaver thingy set sync-to-vblank for nvidia.09:33
xtknightunless it's constantly fluctuating09:33
xtknighteven when you're idle09:34
DanaGFPS limit at 60 doesn't guarantee lack of tearing.09:34
DanaGOh, and try solarwinds with Jiggly preset.  It's actually a health risk.09:34
RAOFDanaG: Quite true.  Do the hacks offer a --sync-to-vblank option?09:34
DanaGIt's both nauseating AND seizure-inducing at the same time.09:34
mcp_Hi. The new CPU-usage graph is really nice looking, but also useless to me. When my system is idele, ive got 15% cpu-load @800mhz. As soon i switch to the cpu-load-graph, load goes up to 100% @2000mhz. Is this common behavior?09:34
DanaGNope; just the nvidia variable.  :(09:34
xtknightvsync should just be in screens&graphics properties09:35
Riskbreakeryeah you're right, the keyboard/mouse stuff goes away if i dont do anything.09:35
xtknightor screen res whatever they call it now :)09:35
Riskbreakerbut im getting 200 wakeups per second for extra timer interrupts09:35
xtknightRiskbreaker, well then maybe it is not a problem?09:35
gabbsCan someone tell me how to get rid of avahi? Its pre-occupying my ath0 interface (ath0:avahi) so it won't connect to my router on boot09:35
RAOFDanaG: Right, so fixing that would be to patch the hacks to use the ask for vsync.09:35
xtknightat least the kb09:35
DanaGIt's both nauseating AND seizure-inducing at the same time. -- wow, that's quite an achievement.09:35
DanaGSure, it's easy enough to be one or the other.... but both?  Wow.09:35
xtknightRiskbreaker, yeah the extra timers you're pretty much screwed unless you can find out how to enalbe HPET on your laptop09:36
RAOFmcp_: Common behaviour for people with bad drivers*, yes. * - ie: nearly everyone.09:36
DanaGExcuse me while I go off to sieze and barf...  :Þ09:36
DanaGI think I'll file a bug on those bad defaults some time, unless you get to it first.09:36
xtknightRiskbreaker, seems to be a lot of results with inspiron 1501 and hpet09:36
xtknightpositive results i dunno tho09:36
DanaGFlux looks most "tame" with the Regular preset.09:36
RAOFDanaG: I'm off to make dinner, so you'll probably beat me too it.09:37
xtknightRiskbreaker,  supposedly there's a bios option for HPET.09:37
DanaGEeh, going to bed now.09:37
Riskbreakera bios option...09:37
DanaGAnd have to study for a Monday exam, tomorrow.09:37
Riskbreakerso should i be enabling it or disabling it?09:37
xtknightRiskbreaker, try enabling it09:37
DanaG(move 'tomorrow' 4 words leftward)09:37
DanaGGood night.09:37
WaSrDthoughts why add/remove keeps freezing?09:38
DanaGSun Apr 20 01:38:27 PDT 200809:38
DanaGyeah, bed.09:38
LynoureWaSrD: Synaptic or Adept?09:38
DistroJockeynight DanaG again!09:38
WaSrDnot synaptic09:38
mcp_RAOF, sad news actually. Especially because i really like the redisinged the resources-tab. Thanks for your reply09:39
WaSrDjust the normal off menu09:39
xtknightmcp_, you just need to install your video drivers.  goto system->admin->hardware drivers09:39
mcp_xtknight, ive the nvidia-drivers installed09:39
xtknightand they are loaded?09:40
LynoureWaSrD: oh, Synaptic then, Adept in KDE is actually called Adept in the menus too. Sorry, cannot help you then.09:40
RAOFmcp_: Yeah, the nvidia drivers really really suck at Cairo acceleratioo.09:40
xtknighti have nvidia drivers and no problem wit hit09:40
xtknightjust looking at cpu load graph/09:40
Riskbreakeri'm so stupid09:40
Riskbreakerwe've been talking about HPET for a while now huh09:40
Riskbreakerand we mentioned it stood for "high precision event timer"09:40
Riskbreakerand i'm sitting here like... i've heard this phrase before... where did i hear it before09:41
RAOFxtknight: It may depend on what GPU you've got.09:41
Riskbreakerwell i looked it up on wikipedia and saw that's what it stood for. anyway, i had heard the phrase before but couldnt remember where09:41
Riskbreakeryeah it was a bios option lololollolol09:41
xtknighti hear gf8 is bad at 2d accel09:41
xtknightah so did hpet help09:41
Riskbreakermy lappy is all quiet now, but still hot, which isn't that surprising at the moment09:41
mcp_xtknight, did you install your nvidia driver with the restricted-driver manager? Or some other driver version?09:42
RAOFxtknight: For me, with a 7600go, the cpu graphs eat up approximately one core, and go jerk. slide... slide... jerk!09:42
xtknightwell first let's see if it's even on09:42
Riskbreakerbut it is cooling down09:42
xtknightmcp_, restricted09:42
Riskbreakerlet me check powertop09:42
xtknightcat  cat /proc/timer_list |grep -i hpet09:42
xtknightcat /proc/timer_list |grep -i hpet09:42
xtknightRAOF, weird09:42
xtknightRAOF, oh it depends how big u make the graph09:42
RiskbreakerClock Event Device: hpet09:42
Riskbreaker set_next_event: hpet_legacy_next_event09:42
Riskbreaker set_mode:       hpet_legacy_set_mode09:42
RAOFYup, that too.09:42
xtknightit's horrible if i make it bigger09:42
xtknightRiskbreaker, well at least we enabled it09:43
xtknightRiskbreaker, does powertop mention extra interrupts now?09:43
Riskbreakeryes unfortunately09:43
RAOFmcp_: So, in short, (probably) blame nvidia :).  The nouveau drivers render that graph nice and smoothly with minimal CPU usage :P09:44
Riskbreakerand the keyboard entries still showing up in dmesg09:44
xtknightwill gobuntu ever include nouveau?09:44
xtknightfor 8.0409:44
xtknightseems .. expedient09:44
xtknightRiskbreaker, yeah keyboard is normal . but that wont be happening during idling.09:45
mcp_RAOF, do you use the nouveau drivers? Are they already capable of some 3d acceleration (i really need tremouous support)?09:45
xtknighttremendous?  tremulus? either way prolly not ;)09:46
Riskbreakerthis is pretty frustrating.09:46
RAOFmcp_: They _might_ run tremulous.09:47
mcp_tremulous was what i tried to type09:47
popeyxtknight: there is a lot of discsussion about the future of gobuntu at the moment09:47
xtknightmcp_, nouveau wouldnt support it now09:47
xtknightit's very alpha for 3d09:47
Riskbreakeri think it has a lot to do with my laptop and its bios issues. so i wont take up any more of your time09:47
RAOFmcp_: The 3d support varies widely from card to card, and you shouldn't _expect_ it to work.09:48
xtknightRiskbreaker, yeah well i enjoy debugging that stuff :p09:48
RAOFmcp_: But on my card, it runs ppracer, openarena, neverball just fine.09:48
xtknightwell the 3d support still causes out of memory right until they use gallium3d?09:48
RAOFxtknight: Oh.  The non-galluim3d never really worked, and is totally abandoned.09:49
mcp_openarena should be pretty much the same than tremulous. I think ill try the novou drivers09:49
xtknightyeah i just wish nouveau would start consistently on my system.. grr.09:49
xtknightit did work for a while09:49
Riskbreakerwell if i make any more progress i'll be sure to come back and let you know09:49
RAOF!nouveau | mcp_09:49
ubotumcp_: Nouveau is an experimental open-source nVidia driver, aiming for full 3d support.  Homepage at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/ - EXPERIMENTAL packages at https://launchpad.net/~raof/+archive09:49
xtknightRiskbreaker, cool.  good luck09:50
RAOFmcp_: Also, that won't do 3d; you need to grab the gallium-0.1 branch from the nouveau/mesa git repository on freedesktop.org.09:50
Riskbreakerhey xtknight09:51
Riskbreakerpowertop... it's telling me something09:51
RAOFmcp_: Don't expect anyone in #nouveau to care if tremulous doesn't work - the 3d is known incomplete and they don't want bug reports yet.09:51
Riskbreakersuggesting that i use SATA power link management or something09:51
xtknightRiskbreaker, oh yeah there are a lot of suggestions, i mean you can try 'em all if you want09:52
RAOFmcp_: On the other hand, _do_ care if it doesn't work for 2d.  They care very much if the randr12 codepath doesn't bring up your screen(s).09:52
xtknighti dont think any are particularly dangerous09:52
RAOFmcp_: Because that code will be enabled by default soon, and then head into the kernel.09:52
xtknightnouveau is heading into kernel tree you mean?09:53
Perundoes hardy has a xen kernel?09:53
RAOFxtknight: No, the modesetting code is heading into the kernel tree.09:53
xtknight!info linux-image-xen | Perun09:54
ubotuperun: linux-image-xen (source: linux-meta): Xen Linux kernel image. In component universe, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 25 kB, installed size 52 kB09:54
Perunoh ok09:54
RAOFxtknight: Or, rather, the modesetting is heading to libdrm, which will be merged into the kernel tree.09:54
xtknightRAOF, ah so like resolution changing and primitive 2d stuff but not a whole video driver?09:55
Perunwhats better, new install or upgrade gutsy->hardy?09:55
xtknightPerun, new install09:55
xtknightupgrades can cause package problems and disagreements09:55
ZoemI ran upgrade->hardy09:55
Perunaha ok09:55
xtknightor unveil bugs09:55
RAOFxtknight: Not even primitive 2d stuff.  Just resolution changing, IIUC.09:55
Zoemand with the multiple updates... half my packages got borked09:55
Zoemso I fresh installed09:55
Zoemand it runs beautiful09:56
xtknightRAOF, well so right now drivers like "nv" that are in linux-image, what is in them vs. the xorg .so file?09:56
kahrytanCan someone tell me where libc-2.1 is in repos?09:56
RAOFPerun: Depends, basically.  New install should definately work.  Upgrades are supported, though, so it should also work.  It probably depends on how much time you have.09:56
xtknightkahrytan, ubuntu has glibc 2.709:56
xtknightsure you need older one?09:57
kahrytanxtknight->  Yeah but game requires 2.109:57
xtknightoh i thought that stuff was supposed to be backwards compatible09:57
RAOFxtknight: Aaah, that'd be a framebuffer driver.  There's also various *dri*.ko objects, which the mesa drivers use to talk to the hardware; this is where the modesetting will go.09:57
kahrytanxtknight->  Enemy Terroritory09:57
RAOFxtknight: There are also plans for a nouveau framebuffer driver.  Someday :)09:58
xtknightkahrytan, oh ET definitely should run fine09:58
paynitoErrors were encountered while processing:09:58
paynitoE:Subprocess /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)09:58
xtknightkahrytan, just ignore it09:58
kahrytanxtknight->  Nope.09:58
kahrytanxtknight->  wont install09:58
xtknightkahrytan, aint believing that... it must be something else09:58
xtknightare you running 64bit?09:58
xtknightRAOF, so without the framebuffer dont the TTYs not work?09:58
AlexC_hey all09:58
xtknightor hmmm09:59
Zoempaynito: that is bad09:59
paynitohey AlexC09:59
AlexC_with Hardy, is it possible to rename my other mounted EXT3 hard drives/partitions? With Gutsy I could rename them to like 'web_dev', 'storage' etc, but now they are stuck on just '106.4 GB Media'09:59
xtknightobviously my TTYs worked when i used nouveau 2d but i dont know, it must be using a vesa fb or something?09:59
AlexC_kinda hard to remember which one is which just by the size of it09:59
kahrytanxtknight-> It is having problems loading libgtk-1.2.so.010:00
Dr_willisAlexC_,  ive right clicked ->properties (i think) and under gnome i could change their names.10:00
xtknightkahrytan, what are you running it with10:00
xtknightkahrytan, type uname -a10:00
Zoempaynito: I dunno how bad that is, just bad10:00
kahrytanoh wait.... liibgtk1-2 isi n repo10:00
RAOFxtknight: No, that's not right.  You'll still have ttys, but with a framebuffer driver you can have 1680x1500 TTYs :)10:00
Zoempaynito: try rebooting again10:00
paynitorebooting now10:00
xtknightRAOF, oh dont think my video card supports those :(10:00
AlexC_Dr_willis, that is what I did in Gusty, however with Hardy I can only change things like Mount Point, Mount Options etc10:01
kahrytanxtknight->  huh what!? It's an installer10:01
xtknightkahrytan, uname -a10:01
xtknightjust need reuslts of that command10:01
RAOFxtknight: It does, or rather, it could.  As long as it's got enough VRAM :)10:01
xtknightRAOF, it doens't have to bein the fb modes list?  i looked before and hadn't seen it10:01
kahrytanxtknight->  no need. Libgtk-1.2 deb fixed it10:01
xtknightman that guy really was against giving me his uname -a10:02
xtknightprolly installed some deb from sarge or something10:02
xtknightand rammed it in lib10:02
xtknightoh well10:02
RAOFxtknight: That's because you don't have a proper framebuffer driver, and will be using the vesa one :)10:02
xtknightRAOF, nvidiafb?10:02
xtknightnot that i expect that to be good10:03
paynitostill boxes everywhere after reboot10:03
RAOFxtknight: Maybe?  Dunno.  It'll break nouveau (and nvidia, I think), though.10:03
xtknightpaynito, did you upgrade from gutsy?10:03
xtknighti mean like dist-upgrade10:03
paynitono from 6.0610:03
alex_mayorgaxtknight: Version: Not Specified10:04
paynitousing uprade-manager10:04
xtknightalex_mayorga, yeah he got that too.  dont wory10:04
xtknightalex_mayorga, was just trying to get bios version10:04
xtknightpaynito, boxes where?10:04
alex_mayorgais 2.6.3 here IIRC10:04
xtknightya that's what he said10:04
xtknightsame and you dont have the keyboard errors10:04
xtknightit's weird10:04
alex_mayorgabuggy dell bios10:04
xtknightyeah it's sad there's no way out of that10:04
alex_mayorgaI changed my layout to Dell and it went away10:05
paynitoinstead of applications, places, system, anywhere that is inside the "finder" including :username and password10:05
alex_mayorgaI remember I had those10:05
xtknightpaynito, maybe pango is messed up10:05
paynitopango is messed up10:05
paynitoi have a ton of error msgs about pango10:05
xtknighti dunno i never tried this10:05
xtknightsudo apt-get --reinstall install libpango1.0-010:06
paynitook, trying that now10:06
alex_mayorgaxtknight, shall I accept all powertop "advice"?10:06
xtknightalex_mayorga, you should probably be able to make an informed decision based on the descriptions it gives you10:06
Dr_willisI noticed on my laptop some powertop advice. was not doable.. :) it wasned me to enable some features that dident exist on the kernel..10:06
xtknighti'd say go ahead i havent seen it marquee anything deadly by me10:06
paynitocouldn't find package libpango10:06
dekelaYo People10:07
xtknightpaynito,   libpango1.0-010:07
alex_mayorgaI also have PS/2 taking 47%10:07
dekelaI got a very strang problem10:07
xtknightalex_mayorga, but when you are not typing, is it 47%?10:07
ubotudekela: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)10:07
dekelaI am trying to play a movie on Hardy10:07
alex_mayorgaif I don't do anything is 37%10:07
alex_mayorgaand then firefox is 23%10:07
xtknightyeah the dell bios keeps sending keyboard events i guess10:07
xtknightinspiron 1501 problem10:08
xtknightmust waste a ton of power10:08
AlexC_with Hardy, is it possible to rename my other mounted EXT3 hard drives/partitions? With Gutsy I could rename them to like 'web_dev', 'storage' etc, but now they are stuck on just '106.4 GB Media' - kinda hard to remember what each is just by it's size10:08
dekelaok so here is goes: I open an avi file with (totem/mplayer) and it loads without an error, but dosent play, when I move the slider I see the movie frames but it dosent play10:08
paynitoit's downloading 2 megs and will take 45 mins, update you later, and thanks10:08
xtknightpaynito, 56k?10:09
Black_Magicso has anyone figured outb hoq to label partitions?10:09
alex_mayorgaxtknight: anything else you need before I go to sleep?10:09
xtknightBlack_Magic, yes10:09
Black_Magicxtknight: How?10:10
LynoureBlack_Magic: yes, if ext3, tune2fs does a good job10:10
dekelahere is the error from mplayer running in terminal: vo: couldn't open the X11 display ()!10:10
xtknightBlack_Magic, nautilus, Go-->Computer10:10
xtknightright click rename it10:10
xtknightat least if you mean the same thing as AlexC_10:10
AlexC_Black_Magic, by Label do you mean give it a name, instead of just having to remember what it is by the size?10:10
AlexC_yeah, just checking ^^10:10
xtknighttune2fs gives it a filesystem label10:10
Black_MagicAlexC_: yea10:10
xtknightbut wouldnt be picked up by hal i tink10:10
AlexC_oh, that is weird. I can rename them by going to 'computer:///'10:11
xtknightdekela, echo $DISPLAY10:11
AlexC_no I can't, not supported hum ..10:11
Black_Magicit gives me Operation not supported by backend...10:11
AlexC_so install tune2fs then?10:11
dekelaI tried mplayer -vo gl2 but get the same issue10:11
IdleOneanybody in here using SongBird 0.5?10:12
dekela echo $DISPLAY empty...10:12
Black_MagicAlexC_: Whats tune2fs do anyways?10:12
xtknightdekela, really10:12
alex_mayorgaxtknight, I guess that if my putter won't go to sleep at least I can :)10:12
paynitono man 1.5 MB/sec adsl in shanghai10:12
AlexC_Black_Magic, I have no idea, never even heard of it10:12
xtknightalex_mayorga, oh sorry.  dont need much else10:12
AlexC_xtknight, should we install tune2fs I take it then?10:13
alex_mayorgaxtknight: shall I file a new bugger on this or should I chase Dell?10:13
Black_Magicwhere exactly does /// go?10:13
xtknightBlack_Magic, AlexC_ dont think that does what u want.  ill find the answer in a sec10:13
AlexC_x1250, thanks =)10:13
xtknightalex_mayorga, dell10:13
Black_Magicit seems trash  is at trash:///10:13
xtknighti dunno :\10:13
Dr_willisisent that    i dunno :\\\10:14
dekelaxtknight: anyidea?10:14
xtknightdekela, DISPLAY=:0 mplayer -vo x11 file    ?10:14
alex_mayorgaxtknight: OK thanks, have a great day/night10:15
dekeladifferent error: mplayer: could not connect to socket10:16
dekelamplayer: No such file or directory10:16
dekelaVDec: vo config request - 560 x 304 (preferred colorspace: Planar YV12)10:16
xtknightdekela, seems like your X is messed up ox auth10:16
dekelaBut still nothing10:16
xtknightor xauth10:16
dekelaStrange, Its a new Hardy Installation10:16
xtknightAlexC_, Black_Magic still looking10:16
dekelaDidnt had the time to mess with it yet.. ;-)10:16
bXii'm having some issues with my wireless10:16
Black_MagicOkie Dokie10:17
AlexC_xtknight, ok10:17
dekelaShould I tried to restart X?10:17
xtknightdekela, ya10:17
bXii'm gettin glots of [  129.265643] wlan0: RX disassociation from 00:90:4b:22:6d:b4 (reason=7)10:17
dekelaok, Thanks.. BRB10:17
xtknightAlexC_, Black_Magic  ok10:18
xtknightsudo hal-set-property --udi /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/volume_uuid_57759cc3_4510_4f25_a5b5_bb7ae54db500 --key volume.label --string ext3test10:19
xtknighte.g. ^10:19
xtknighta little complicated10:19
xtknightyou need to find your disk's UUID10:19
Black_MagicWHOAH thats a big command...10:19
xtknighti don't even know if this is permanent10:19
xtknight hal-find-by-property --key volume.labehal-find-by-capability --capability volume10:19
AlexC_talk about a step backwards ...10:19
xtknightto find uuids10:19
xtknighterr    hal-find-by-capability --capability volume10:19
Dr_willisls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid10:19
xtknightthis one's a little diff10:20
Dr_willisor somthing like that.10:20
Black_Magictheres got to be an easier way >.>10:20
AlexC_why on earth would they remove the simple - right click rename option? That is crazy10:20
xtknightnew gvfs (vs gio) backend doesnt support it10:20
xtknighti guess10:20
Black_MagicThats too much to do10:20
xtknightmany regressions due to gvfs10:20
Black_Magicjesus crist...10:21
Black_Magicthats too much..10:21
ericWell good evening all10:21
ericOr Morning or day which ever time it for you10:22
ericAnyone have any issues with upgrading from gutsy to hardy10:22
AlexC_xtknight, =( ok, well thanks anyway10:22
Black_Magicit could be because of scripts10:22
hydroboyanyone using the RC on an intel macbook?10:22
xtknightAlexC_, i might be able to make a script to make this more feasible10:22
Black_Magicsame xtknight10:22
dekelaxtknight: I am Back10:23
Black_Magicxtknight: Pythhon script?10:23
xtknightjust a cmd really10:23
dekelaThank you.. The issue seems solved now echo $DISPLAY gives :0.010:23
dekelaVery Strange10:23
kahrytanHow do I delete mount options for a partition? (not related to fstab)10:24
kahrytanAnyone here?10:25
erickahrytan, I see your on hawiiantel same here where you located?10:25
xtknightkahrytan, right click it in ComputeR?10:25
kahrytaneric-> makaha10:26
ericwhich island10:26
kahrytanxtknight->  tried10:26
kahrytaneric->  oahu10:26
dekelaxtknight: Anyway.. Thank you!10:26
AlexC_xtknight, I have to go for now, thanks again =)10:26
ericI'm on the big island in puna10:26
Perunis there somewhere a docu how to install hardy with debootstrap?10:27
kahrytanxtknight->  I screwed up and set invalid mount option (automount) in nautilus10:27
kahrytaneric->  and i got no idea where that is10:27
ericWhere the lava flows daily :-P10:27
Dr_willisPerun,  ive seen some guides   befor..and they were a little scary. :) also a bit out of date. Not seen any new ones recently10:27
ericanyone have any issues after a gutsy to hardy upgrade with the gnome panels10:28
kahrytaneric-> and where you can buy real estate for dirt cheap10:28
erickahrytan, very true lol10:28
orvokkiHow cheap is dirt cheap?10:28
kahrytaneric->  Just reinstall and use separate home partition10:28
ericit only happens on 1 profile though10:29
ericI have 2 profiles and only one has panels that I can't edit10:29
Black_Magiceric: did you try unlocking the applets ?10:29
aldi1can someone tell me how to stop X server on ubuntu 8.04 *live version i want to install nvidia driver10:30
ericBlack_Magic, if I right click the panel in an empty spot the only option I get is about panel10:30
ericI know it's weird10:31
kahrytanAnyone know how to reset mount options in nautilus?10:31
ericeverything else s working pefect10:31
ericI didn't know nautilus has seperate mount points.  I thought it was all done by the fstab10:31
Dr_willisaldi1,  you are using the nvidia driver isntallers from nvidia.com? you have tried the restricted-manager tools yet?10:32
xtknightBlack_Magic, sudo hal-set-property --udi $(hal-find-by-property --key block.device --string /dev/sda1) --key volume.label --string XP10:32
xtknightquick way to label disks based on block device10:32
ProN00bcan i somehow have ubuntu redo all the harddisk detection and setup and overwrite all potentially bad changes i did to files such as fstab and mtab ?10:32
kahrytaneric->  lol Properties on any media. You got mount options.10:32
ericah that part I never messed with that option10:33
kahrytaneric->  I did.. big mistake...10:33
Black_Magicxtknight: thanks10:33
aldi1Dr_willis: i tried it wont i dont have it listet when i run restricted manager10:33
aldi1like in 7.0110:33
xtknightBlack_Magic, is there a launchpad bug on that10:33
erickahrytan, what did you change and what is happening?10:33
Black_Magici dunno :/10:33
Dr_willisaldi1,  what is your video card? you could just do a 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx or nvidia-glx-new'10:34
kahrytaneric-> I added automount in nautilus prefs for partition10:34
aldi1Dr_willis: mz xorg.conf doesnt have driver line, why is that10:34
kahrytaneric->  partition that isnt in fstab10:34
Dr_willisxorg.conf is now useing a very minimal  'featureset'  most of the stuff auto-detects and auto configs10:35
aldi1Dr_willis: how can i change resoluton and driver, i have only 800X60010:37
orvokkiDr_willis: Meh, there were still bugs in it with Beta. I hope they're fixed.10:37
orvokkiDr_willis: Managed to get compiz to crash with one of those "minimal" xorg.conf's.10:37
kahrytanNo one knows how to reset Nautilus mount options for partitions?10:37
Dr_willisaldi1,  once i installed my nvidia drivers.   the various tools let me change the res.10:37
Dr_willisthe nvidia config tools are not installed by default either. they are seperate packages also i recall instgalling them also10:38
orvokkiThey are? o.O10:38
naught101kino isn't in the hardy repos?10:38
orvokkiOh, apparently yes. nvidia-settings seems to be the package.10:39
xtknightBlack_Magic, did Rename work in gutsy?10:39
xtknightBlack_Magic, ok i will file a bug10:40
xtknight might need to put some volume.label property in /etc/hal/fdi/policy/preferences.fdi permanently as well, not sure10:40
Black_Magicoksie doksie10:40
erickahrytan, what is happening?10:40
kahrytaneric->  Nautilus is misbehaving?10:40
aldi1Dr_willis: i installed sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx10:42
orvokkinvidia-glx-new is imo a better first choice unless the card is rather old.10:43
Dr_willisI used nvidia-glx-new for my 8800gtsXXX10:43
aldi1i cant find nvidia.ko module?10:43
IdleOnewhere can I ask for an app to be included into Ubuntu?10:44
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports10:45
IdleOnethank you10:45
bullgard4What programs do evaluate the variable font-size?10:45
xtknightBug 219836 Black_Magic10:45
Black_Magicwhoah theres that many bugs :/10:46
gnub_daemonis there some trick to getting dvd playback in hardy?  I have all required packages installed10:46
xtknightyea hehe10:46
kahrytanAnd now mount says my partition isnt in fstab but it is\10:46
kahrytanHardy is still buggy10:46
ChaosParsergnub_daemon: what program are you using?10:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219836 in gvfs "can no longer set volume label of hal drive through nautilus" [Undecided,New]10:46
xtknightBlack_Magic, confirm if you can10:46
Black_Magicmeans i got to reinstall gusty >.>10:47
xtknightBlack_Magic, oh..no10:47
xtknighti mean just confirm it doesnt work in hardy.  all i mean is set status to confirmed on that bug if you have a launchpad account10:48
gnub_daemonthey all give basically the same error10:49
Perunis kde4 in hardy already useable?10:49
jussio1Perun: Im on it, yes :)10:49
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/10:50
jussio1Perun: you are welcome to join #kubuntu-kde4 if you want support for it :)10:50
WaSrDwhen getting firefox flash player what do you choose to install? tar.gz or rdm or YUM?10:53
gnub_daemonit seems an update has fixed it10:53
Dr_willisWaSrD,  Hmm None of the above., You want to isntall flash with the package manager tools.10:53
Dr_willis!flash | WaSrD10:53
ubotuWaSrD: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash10:53
WaSrDok thank you10:54
Dr_willisI wonder if the 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' package grabs flash or not.10:54
paynitopango fixed my boxes problem, now on starup i have an error box10:56
xtknightRecommends: flashplugin-nonfree, gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg, gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad, gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse, gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly, gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse, icedtea-gcjwebplugin, libdvdread3, liblame0, msttcorefonts, unrar10:56
paynitothe application nautilus has quit unexpectedly10:56
Dr_willisi have my own little scripts that install all sorts of stuff when i do a new install. i forget what gets installed by what.10:56
paynitorestart application     close       inform developers10:56
paynitothere is no way to get rid of this box10:56
xtknightpaynito, i realy recommend a clean install.  sounds like yours is all messed up now10:56
paynitoaw, shucks, picked the wrong time to pull out the power cord while it was on update 100 of 38110:57
xtknighthehh ermmm ya10:57
* xtknight must go to sleep :)10:58
pwangnow ya need to do dpkg --configure -a, eh, paynito?10:58
xtknightor even "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a" if it's really messed up10:58
xtknightbut that cmd is like reinstalling10:58
kahrytaneric->  hey?10:59
xtknightthey really shouldn't make those so similar because ppl would swap those i'm sure10:59
paynitoi was going to do sudo apt-get dist upgrade, it's asking to insert the cd, should i try dpkg first?10:59
kahrytanxtknight->  its 2am here11:00
Niklas_Ehowcome does thunderbird doesn't open url in firefox nowdays?11:00
kahrytanNiklas_E->  did you set prefs for preferred apps?11:02
Niklas_Ecan't find anypreferense for that11:03
kahrytanPreferred Applications11:03
gnub_daemonhow about power options when I do ctrl+alt+del...all I get is shutdown, restart and logout11:03
gnub_daemonit should have suspend and hibernate in there too11:04
kahrytangnub_daemon->  it does11:05
WaSrDcan ubuntu desktop be configured as a DHCP server?11:07
Dr_willisWaSrD,  yes.11:07
kahrytanWaSrD-> yes and if you dont have experience in it ... firestarter wizard will help with it11:08
paynitorunning apt-get upgrade dist from root in recovery mode Buffer I/O error on device hdc, logical block 35166011:09
paynitodoes that mean an error on my cd or on the hdd?11:09
WaSrD:) ok thanks for the tip...I wiped my longhorn trial and installed ubuntu today11:09
erickahrytan, sorry stepped away for a sec11:09
kahrytannot wizard11:09
kahrytaneric->  you should register with nickserv11:09
bullgard4What programs do evaluate the variable font-size?11:09
kahrytanWaSrD-> firestarter has prefs for dhcp11:10
zekewhere were we?11:10
orvokkikahrytan: It's already registered.11:10
WaSrDit firestarter already locally installed?11:10
delightanybody here got problems with running sun-java6-jdk on haryRC (arch: amd64)11:10
Syntuxany idea how to dial to umax connection from Ubuntu ?11:11
delightI'm getting some strange error on java -version ... java is not able to locate a lib11:11
delightjava: error while loading shared libraries: libjli.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory11:11
kahrytanmy bad .. its me11:11
WaSrD...i see, so firestarter is a firewall for ubuntu, correct?11:12
WaSrDand it needs to be installed from?11:12
kahrytanWaSrD->  It configures  iptables11:12
kahrytanguarddog does same thing but more advanced11:13
WaSrDah...I think it's already running....lol...moving at speed of stupidity...give me a day or two11:13
zekeabout power-manager and shutdown options11:14
zekehow can I get all the options to show up when I press the power button or ctrl+alt+del11:14
LynoureI just heard some rumours about hibernation causing filesystem corruption in Hardy? Any truth to it? Which filesystems?11:14
kahrytanLynoure->  and thats not a rumor I want to test .. production system here11:15
zekepossibly...I recently had to reinstall XP and Kubuntu on my laptop...though I think it was fsck that did them in11:15
Lynourekahrytan: I've been hibernating about 20 times with hardy already, so far fine11:15
mcp_How do i disable tracker? I unchecked the entries in gnome session-editor. Trackerd still gets executed11:16
Lynourekahrytan: mostly production here already, but I have lovingly done backups :)11:16
kahrytanLynoure-> I am using RC cuz Mark considers Beta ready for consumers.11:17
kahrytanWell.. It was stable enough for it11:17
Lynourekahrytan: I don't know Mark well enough to tell if I'd take his word for it =)11:18
kahrytanJust read his blog then11:18
Lynourekahrytan: :)11:18
Leeuwanyone encountered the infamous 'failed to initialise HAL' bug with philips tv-card (713x) ?11:19
kahrytanLynoure->  I miss the Hardware Info applet11:19
ac3anyone uses virtualbox-ose with bridge networking in hardy? This works when i use static ip´s inside the virtual hosts, but not with dhcp. (i do have a dhcp server on my lan, and dhclient br0 works just fine)11:20
murlidharok everything is fixed after partial upgrade.11:21
murlidharexcept that internet does not work in the hardy kernel but gutsy11:22
murlidharany ideas how to fix that/11:22
murlidhari am forced to boot from gutsy kernel due to non-availability of internet11:23
Lynourekahrytan: you said the hibernation thing is not something you want to test... But do you have any info on it? I only heard a very vague rumour, trying to decide if I want to stop hibernation as the result.11:23
kahrytanLynoure->  Im new to hardy11:23
kahrytanIf it works for you now.. chances are it probably wont11:23
Black_Magicmurlidhar: are you sure you have restricted modules for that newer kernal?11:23
kahrytancould be hardware based issue?11:23
murlidharBlack_Magic, i am not sure  . where to check that?11:24
Wilberthardware info is not any longer available in hardy?11:25
murlidharone sec11:25
Wilbert hardware info is not any longer available in hardy?11:26
lummive just installed hardy in a crypted LVM..11:26
lummafter first start i got an update for lvm offerd11:26
lummnow i cant mount the disk anymore :/11:26
murlidharBlack_Magic, do i have to search restricted-modules in synaptic or there is an option in repositories?11:26
kahrytanmurlidhar->  what you installing?11:27
murlidharkahrytan, nothing i want my internet get worked in the hardy kernel11:27
Black_Magickahrytan: hes not installing anything ATM11:27
Black_Magici was having he check if restricted-modules where installed for that newer kernal11:27
Black_Magicthat was my problem a couple mins ago11:28
Lynourekahrytan: It worked for me on Hardy already... actually not at all on Gutsy :)11:28
murlidharBlack_Magic, restricted module -generic is installed11:28
Black_Magicmurlidhar: are you fully up to date?11:28
murlidharBlack_Magic, yes11:28
Black_Magicwhats the new kernal named?11:28
Black_Magiclike is it -14 -15 or -16?11:28
kahrytanLynoure->  I use desktop11:28
Black_Magicwell i tried sorry :/11:29
murlidharno probs u tried :)11:29
Leeuw anyone encountered the infamous 'failed to initialise HAL' bug with philips tv-card (713x) ?11:29
murlidharkahrytan, any idea how do i make internet work in hardy kernel?11:30
kahrytanmurlidhar->  no11:30
Lynouremurlidhar: that's a daunting task, the whole net :) (more seriously: what network card?)11:30
murlidharLynoure, intex ethernet11:31
murlidharLynoure, it works beutifully in gutsy kernel11:32
Lynouremurlidhar: rtc8139d or something else?11:33
kahrytanLynoure->  did you hear .. I want to learn Pyton11:33
Lynourekahrytan: You'll prolly have fun with it :)11:34
orvokkikahrytan: Ruby is also said to be nice.11:34
kahrytanLynoure->  and ill make ubuntu python code my play ground11:34
murlidharLynoure, it is RTL11:34
murlidharLynoure, u want me to recompile the kernel??!!11:35
* murlidhar is worried11:35
kahrytanYou guys sure it's the kernel?11:35
murlidharyes kahrytan since it is working when booting from gutsy kernel11:36
Lynouremurlidhar: I didn't tell you to do anything yet?!?!?11:36
Lynourekahrytan: I'm not sure of anything yet.11:36
murlidharLynoure, i was worried11:36
Lynouremurlidhar: tune down your mindreadering, it seems jumpy =)11:37
* murlidhar tunes down his mindreading11:37
murlidharnow it will be less jumpy :)11:37
Lynouremurlidhar: hmm, haven't found anything really interesting either way. Have you checked if there is a bug on launchpad on it yet?11:38
Lynouremurlidhar: do you have module 8139too loaded? (I think that's the right module)11:42
murlidharLynoure, ?11:43
Lynouremurlidhar: if you type  lsmod  do you see that module there?11:44
WaSrDubuntu doesn't appear to be detecting any DHCP binaries what to do?11:45
Lynouremurlidhar: uh, some sources say that the chipset is really Silan sc923001 and does not work with 2.6 kernels, but if you had it working in Gutsy, that's weird11:45
murlidharLynoure, didn't find anything with 813911:45
Lynouremurlidhar: try  sudo modprobe 8139too11:45
murlidhari just came out11:46
mnemodoes anyone know if there will be another kernel update before hardy is released? the last kernel update totally screwed me sound (alsamixer wont even start now, it says i dont have a soundcard) ...11:46
murlidharit just came out did nothing11:46
Lynouremurlidhar: if it says nothing, it probably loaded fine :)11:46
Dr_willischeck dmesg output perhaps11:47
murlidharLynoure, what is fealnx?11:47
Dr_willisI was thinking there was at one time 2 or 3 different modulkes for the 8139 chipset.  - I  had a system that worked with one. but not the other.11:47
murlidharis it related to ethernet11:47
Lynouremurlidhar: it's a module for another nic, I think11:48
murlidharLynoure, well it is in my lsmod11:49
murlidharso is it weird ?11:50
Lynouremurlidhar: some of the Intex cards work with that, it seems. (Never touched an Intex myself)11:51
murlidharLynoure, so fealnx doesn't work with hardy kernel?11:51
Lynouremurlidhar: I really don't know. what's the device id  lspci gives for your card?11:52
kahrytani found a bug in hardy11:53
murlidhar01:05.0 Ethernet controller: MYSON Technology Inc SURECOM EP-320X-S 100/10M Ethernet PCI Adapter11:53
murlidharnow thats weird i have an intex card11:53
Lynouremurlidhar: that was one of the cards fealnx was for, I think.11:54
murlidhari have only one ethernet card11:54
Lynouremurlidhar: there should be a device id like 1904:2031 or some other xxxx:xxxx there too11:54
kahrytanLynoure-> I play ET allot and now monitor keeps saying Out of Range ..as if..11:54
Lynouremurlidhar: oh, that's enough data, sorry11:55
murlidharshould i lspci from hardy kernel ?11:55
murlidharand see what there?11:55
Lynouremurlidhar: no need to11:56
kahrytanWhy would Hardy cause a game i play to be out of range for monitor?11:56
Dr_willisIts trying some mode  i guess that your monitor dont like.11:57
Dr_willisstart the game in windowed mode perhaps and change it?11:57
murlidharor press crtl+alt+  +++/---- to decrease the resolution11:57
murlidharor increase the resolution11:58
Dr_williscant? is that word even ALLOWED in a Ubunut chat room! :)11:58
kahrytanIt doesnt do windows11:58
murlidharDr_willis, any idea why my internet is not working when booted through hardy kernel11:59
Dr_willisHmm... last i tried ET and most any of theother id games they had command line options for a windowed mode.11:59
kahrytanEnemy Territory doesnt do Windowed mode11:59
Dr_willisit may have command line options to select some other fullscreen mode also.12:00
Lynouremurlidhar: no further ideas, seems like a bit troublesome card but should work with fealnx, more problems than for most cards, though :/12:00
Dr_willismurlidhar,  no idea. sorry12:00
kahrytanDr_willis->  nope12:00
gaminggeekalt enter work?12:00
murlidhargotta go srry guys12:01
gaminggeeksometimes that is toggle window12:01
murlidharcya all12:01
Dr_williskahrytan,  looks like you are stuck then.. you might want to double check the et docs, or google a bit on it.     Or manyally alter the configs to change the mode the game uses.12:01
Dr_willisthis is ET? or RTCW:ET?12:01
kahrytanits not a game bug12:03
kahrytansince it works in Gutsy12:03
kahrytanSomething in Hardy causes the game to break12:03
Dr_willisWolfenstein™: Enemy Territory   - has a windowd play mode according to the web site. Good Luck.12:04
kahrytandr_w and how?12:04
kahrytanbesides, I want full screen.12:05
rosehey guys, my nvidia driver resets itself every reboot - with the nvidia installer and the restricted-driver manager installer too.12:05
kahrytanHardy has a new bug that needs a fixin12:05
Dr_willisset it to windowwed mode, then try setting to some other modes to see if its just one specific mode thats causing the issue.12:05
kahrytanOutof range means I can't access prefs12:05
Dr_willisI recall some command line options to force it into a failsafe/windowed mode.12:06
toogreenok here's my issue, i always had wifi working fine under Gutsy and even after upgrading to Hardy for a while, and then suddenly lately after an update it completely stopped working, i don't even see my card from anywhere... I think its an Atheros, the brand is TP-Link tho12:06
kahrytanDr_willis->  and there is no --help switch to the binary12:07
Dr_willisgoogleing for enemy teriroty command line options,  is getting a lot of hits.12:08
kahrytanAnyone else care to help me?12:08
Dr_willisi recall those games having so many  optins it was scary12:08
bullgard4My GNOME terminal renders the letters blurred. But GNOME displays all menu items crisp. Changing to other fonts does not help. Rendering=Monochrome. How to troubleshoot?12:09
kahrytanGoogle something is not an answer.12:09
kahrytanand two, command lineoptions could refer tothe in gameconsole12:10
kahrytanwhich is inaccesible12:11
kahrytanDr_willis->  and there is no command line options from google search. try again12:12
Dr_willisyou can set most of those options from the command line some how. or edit the correct .cfg file to set windowed mode.12:13
Dr_willisr_fullscreen  ETMain  Client  Toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode12:13
kahrytanVIA CONSOLE12:13
kahrytan that means in gameconsole12:13
OsamaKhello. could someone see this image <http://osamakm.googlepages.com/Screenshot-media-FileBrowser.png>, this is my media folder. I have an external hard-disk that uses NFST filesystem. Fpr some reasons, I have too many icons for it even it ejected! What to do?12:14
kahrytanAnd i dont want windowed mode... bug needs fixin12:14
Dr_willis"~/.etwolf/tcetest/profiles/your-profile-name/etconfig.cfg" and changed the line seta r_fullscreen "1"         I belve you do somthing like  '+seta r_fullscreen "1"' from the command line12:14
Dr_willisthey work as command line options  also12:15
kahrytanagain .. no windowed mode12:15
sperry201can anyone help me install Nvidia Geforce 6200?12:15
kahrytanit doesnt fix the bug12:15
* OsamaK waits12:16
kahrytanAloha benplaut_12:16
Dr_willis+set r_fullscreen 012:16
Dr_willis  or +set r_fullscreen 1 to get to a windowed mode where you can then try the other modes. And you are right - this is just a work around so you can play the game.12:16
kahrytanDr_willis->  And I want full screen12:16
benplaut_aloha :)12:16
kahrytanDr_willis->  so it needs troubleshooting12:17
benplaut_where ya from, kahrytan?12:17
kahrytanbenplaut_->  makaha12:17
Dr_williskahrytan,  set to windows mode.. try a different /lower res.. THEn try that different res as fullscreend mode. Other then that.. good luck12:17
benplaut_cool, kona here12:17
kahrytanDr_willis->  I tried 1440x900 . .native12:17
kahrytanbenplaut_->  where is that?12:18
benplaut_big island, west side12:18
kahrytanbenplaut_->  You know where makaha is?12:20
roseguys, how can i stop hardy reverting my graphics drivers every time i boot?12:20
benplaut_west oahu, right?12:20
kahrytanbenplaut_->  yeah12:20
benplaut_are you a HOSEF person?12:20
kahrytanbenplaut_->  Where all the natives seem to hang out here.12:20
kahrytanno and Scott seems to be making enemies12:21
axionhmm can anyone in here tell me where I can find the changelog for packages ?12:21
benplaut_heh :)12:21
kahrytanbenplaut_->  i am on the mailing list for LAUA12:21
axionI have been having freezes with firefox/pidgin..12:21
axionI solved it by stopping ufw.12:21
axionthe freezes where so severe I had to kill -9 firefox/pidgin several time12:22
Dr_willisits odd that firefox and pidgin are both getting affected12:22
axionskype had no problems..12:23
Dr_willisfirefox seems to contatntly have flash related issues..  havent heard of any issues with pidgin lately.12:23
axionand the load avarage would go beyond 5..12:23
Dr_willisYou  enable ufw and firefox crashes on any web site?12:23
axionthe ufirewall was causing the problems..12:24
axionupon doing /etc/init.d/ufw stop propblems where solved12:24
axionprobably only happens with very slowww harddrves12:24
Dr_willisok.. what would the hard drive speed have to do with any of this?12:25
axionwell I am using a flash drive with 3 to 5 mb/s write speeds.12:26
Dr_williswell i was going to try to replicate your bug..but cant do that. :)12:27
Dr_willissince i dont have a flash drive axion . I still dont see how the hd speed affexcts that.12:27
Leeuwanyone encountered the infamous 'failed to initialise HAL' bug with tv-card (Philips 713x chip) ?12:27
Dr_williskahrytan,  going to try ti replicate your bug also.. be back in 10 min.12:28
axionwell I have a 1.4 Ghz lptop, with 768 MB ram 8 Gb cf hdd..12:28
axionand I had the same problem with 7.10 before I upgraded..12:29
axionwell betagraded..12:29
axionuntil I stopped the firewall.. nothing helped not even running firefox without any plugins did not help.12:30
kahrytanDr_willis-> game is defaulting to 800x600. A game bug issue but it never caused a problem in Gutsy but it is in Hardy12:31
kahrytani did /r_fullscreen 0 and restart  in thegame12:31
kahrytanIt ignores all config prefs and always defaults to 800x60012:33
Dr_willisHmm its defaulting to 1024x768 here12:34
Dr_willisI cant even get the game to go to 1680x105012:35
Dr_willis but i cant find a mode it cant handle of the options.. some however do not go fullscreen. they stay in windowed mode even if i say fullscreen12:35
kahrytanDr_willis-> Maybe it has to do withthe fact screen resolution cant be changed by the game when it starts?12:36
axionthe compact flash hdd is a cheap 133x cf card available for $25 some internet stores.. combined with a cf->2.5" ide adaptor available for less then $5,- at some ineternet stores12:36
axionthere are also cf->3.5" adapters12:36
kahrytanDr_willis-> It's quake based and can handle widescreen.12:37
Leeuwaxion: how much meg/gig is that nifty li'l thingy ?12:37
kahrytanPrefs in game was setup for widescreen though12:37
Leeuwaxion: wow; where do I gettit ?   and what exactly is a cf card ?   like pcmcia ?12:38
axionreads at 14MB/s, only problem is it's sub 5MB/s write speeds12:38
axioncompact-flash card12:38
axionLeeuw, you dutch ?12:38
Leeuwaxion: oh....   didn know about the cf to ide adapters, thatś pretty cool, isn't it ?12:39
kahrytanHardy doesnt seem to allow to to change screen resolution on start. monitor can do 800x60012:39
Dr_willisYea it has a few widescreen modes..but not the right ones for my monitor.  -  i also notice i got no sound. but it did let me pick a lot of modes.12:39
axionwell seeing as the cf connector is actually a miniature ide-connector.. and the adapter just replicates the pins without any needs for ic's12:40
Dr_willisi got a dvi monitor  - with a 8800gtsxxx video card here. -      i cant find any  modes the game can do that it  goofs up the display12:40
kahrytanI dont like windows mode cuz the desktop is a distraction to me12:41
Dr_willisi cant even connect to any servers. they all want to download these mod packs - I rember why i quit playing the game now. Heh.12:41
axionLeeuw, can we chat in priv ?12:41
kahrytanDr_willis->  Jaymod .. get it.12:41
kahrytanStable one is best. It doesnt changehow you play the game really12:42
ubotuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php12:42
kahrytanI didnt know et was valid12:42
Dr_willisI may not have the same vesion of ET.  this one says 2.55 -  i think theres a newer one12:43
Leeuwaxion: thatś amazing... didn 't know that !12:43
axionaha Leeuw also on the isp of choice ..12:43
kahrytanI cant do the security fix12:44
kahrytanserver i play on doesnt use it12:44
Leeuwaxion: how find that out ?   Zit je in Holland ?12:44
axionbut this is an english channell..12:45
axionetiquette would be to chat only english12:45
axionbut to be exact: Zuid Holland12:45
Leeuwaxion: hehheeh, and looks like you understand more about pinging and stuff than I do, or is it some IRC command I don know (blijf maar in engels, is beleefder hier)12:45
Leeuwaxion: like I said...12:46
it_rainshello! anybody knows why my laptop can't make any sound?12:46
kahrytanIt sucks that ET breaks in Hardy12:46
Leeuwaxion: you have a clue about the HAL-bug I asked about earlier ?12:46
axion well simply /whois NICK12:46
it_rainsmy laptop is B1906tu12:46
kahrytandue to a bug in a bug in the game12:46
axionLeeuw, Hal bug ?12:46
Leeuwaxion:  Oh yeah, I knew that...:-[12:47
it_rainsprobably it uses ATI SB450 or ALC26012:47
axionno Leeuw don't know anything about the phillips hal bug12:47
Leeuwaxion: yeah; happened after updates; after a lotta searching in launchpad it had to do with tv-card , philips chip; took it out, all works.   Before: no initialise hal, noothing worked, had to reinstaalll at first...12:48
axiondid you try enabling restricted drivers ?12:48
Leeuwaxion: yep, but since no intialise hal, nothing ...   is there a restricted driver for philips tv-chips ?12:49
axiondon't know..12:49
axionmaybe you should manually load the modules..12:49
Leeuwaxion: if there is, I could try install that before I puttit back in..12:49
penis there a way to speed up compiz animation?12:50
Leeuwaxion: thatś good idea; not so sure about how to do that...12:50
penwhy some animations are so laggy, not smooth12:50
Leeuwaxion: I was thinking compile new kernel with philips drivers in it12:50
axionmaybe it has been blacklisted..12:52
Leeuwaxion: loading modules would be easier; how do I do that so they stick around for restart (after putting card back ) ?   Or is that to complicated to say here ?   (then I'll google...12:52
axiontry commenting the drvier in the blacklist..12:52
Leeuwxioblacklisted ?   as hardware for hardy ?   seems not likely... lotsa those chipz around.12:53
axionthe laters update of 7.10 blacklisted all framebuffer-drivers..12:53
Leeuwaxion: oh.. wait, I'm lost, where is that list and whatś it do ?12:53
Leeuwaxion: is tv-chip a framebuffer driver ?12:54
axionso they might have blacklisted tv-card modules as well..12:54
Leeuwaxion: makes sense...12:54
Leeuwaxion: butta.. what where ?12:54
axioncd /boo12:54
axionsorry wrong keyboard12:55
Leeuwaxion: yeah right...12:55
Leeuwaxion: used to dvorak ? ;-)12:55
Leeuwaxion: hey.. yer name is on my monitor !12:56
axionI thought of that name waaay back..12:57
Leeuwaxion: the one that doesn't work in penguin... 3d screen... other longterm prob12:57
axionand entered in a contest.. which I might have won.. but I'll never know for certain.12:57
Leeuwaxion: why ?12:58
axionbecause I think I used fake name-info.. who used to use thier real name on the internet.12:58
axionall that needed to be correct is your postcode and housenumber.. then the mail would arrive and you would know if the contest was genuinine or just a mail harve$ter12:59
thompaim having a couple problems. One file system check fails and I have to do ctrl + d always12:59
axionLeeuw, check in /etc/modules.d/13:00
axionyou'll find some blacklists..13:00
axioncheck if your card is in the list and comment it out..13:00
Leeuwaxion: ok...   will do ! thanx; have t' go now; will let ya know if I 'm back if it worked !13:01
Leeuwaxion: eh... why blacklists ?   not easier to just remove modules ?   I don 't get the principle of it13:01
thompaon my box i have two partitions: one for 64 other 386. 64 has no sound device anymore and fs check fail on boot, 386 no automount of usb devices like walkman13:02
axionso you can uncomment the one you might need.. adn still have the module laying around..13:02
Leeuwaxion: makes some sense, still don  really gettit though..   will do some googling.   thanx 'n'bye !13:03
axionthompa, try manually running fsck on the partition..13:03
axionlaters Leeuw13:03
thompaaxion: do i have to mount it live first?13:04
axionthompa, no a mounted filesystem cannot be checked13:04
Leeuwaxion: massul !13:05
thompaaxion: im wondering if I should reinstall instead. move all the files to the 386 partition13:06
thompaaxion: on hardy in 386 usb devices wont work, namely walkman, its same on a couple laptops13:06
thompathey work in 64 though for some reason13:07
thompamaybe not after this update13:07
thompaI need to decide whether to keep 64 0r 386, since I don't want to be fixing both of these. right now the usb issue is showstopper13:08
axionjust run fsck manually on the '4 partition when booted from the 386 partition..13:11
thompaaxion: hey good idea13:12
thompaill start there13:12
Carroarmato0How can I see if I'm using the release candidate and not the beta version?13:13
axiondon't forget to make sure the '64 partition is unmounted..13:13
kahrytanDr_willis->  i think that little hardy et issue will be a pain in my side for rest of the the release13:13
thompaaxion: yes thanks,13:13
kahrytanAnyone know what the UTc prefs are for time?13:14
seamus7hi all .. when I upgraded to Hardy I chose to keep my local menu.lst rather than allow it to be upgraded .. now I see that it's booting to an old kernel .. I tried 'sudo update-grub' and it recognize the new 2.6.25 kernel but menu.lst still lists an older kernel ... how can I fix this?13:15
seamus7I meant 2.6.2413:16
kahrytanI have this bad feeling that authorizations applet will be bad thing for Gnome13:16
thompai wonder what the deal is with usb walkman though, here in 64 it comes up sony walkman usb 2, mount point /media/WALKMAN, in 3 other computers running 386 unknown device except i get a usb icon i cant open13:17
kahrytanOne could .. almost set all apps to allow access and not need any password anything13:17
thompathis is worrying me, but nice to see 64 running better for some reason13:17
ompaulCarroarmato0, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade     << that will force all things to RC13:18
thompadoes this mean i cant use 386 on a amd 64? seems like it unless this bug is fixed13:18
ompaulCarroarmato0, or to the place they are at right at this time13:18
Carroarmato0ompaul: oh thx! I only did a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade13:18
kahrytanompaul->  do you subscribe to irc council mailing list?13:19
Carroarmato0ompaul: hmm.... doesn't do nothing... seems like I'm already in RC?13:19
ompaulkahrytan, as I am not a member of the IRC council then I would not13:19
Carroarmato0Isn't there a script or a file I can access to verify that I'm currently in RC?13:22
dns53you can roll forward from alphas to what is current through dist-upgrade, if they are calling the current a rc then that is what you will get13:24
hubuntuwhen are the last changes for the RC applied in the ISO? Meaning when is the daily build actually final?13:24
hubuntuThis is important for me to know because I will be sending CDs to a event, but I have to send them on wednesday, so it means I will have to burn them monday & tuesday... So are the last bits applied on wednesday? Or is it close enough to just use the ISO from monday?13:24
ompaulCarroarmato0, that would be correct you are at rc13:24
ompaulCarroarmato0, it is that simple accept it ;-)13:24
dns53they try not to add anything on the last day unless they really need to13:24
Carroarmato0ompaul: oh ok, thx :D13:25
Carroarmato0ompaul: hmm... Does the Pulseaudio server have any fancy interface to it, or is it just sitting in the background?13:25
hubuntuWe will use 7.10 as the "starring distro" anyway, but I would like to show and install 8.04 to those who want to give it a shot. I guess then 8.04 from monday is good enough then13:25
dns53well can you wait a few days? it is getting close but who knows13:26
hubuntuI'll test the monday or tuesday ISO and test it. If it works OK I'll just send that. We are focusing on 7.10 anyways... Thanks!13:30
it_rainsLAPTOP(COMPAQ B1906TU),   SOUNDCARD(ATI SB450) my laptop doesn't make any sound. somebody help me please!13:34
starscallingwhen i open a new window its not selected13:36
starscallingwhat can i change to fix that?13:36
ompaulstarscalling, work smarter not harder?13:38
* ompaul runs13:38
ompaulCarroarmato0, no idea on your last question there13:39
it_rainsLAPTOP(COMPAQ B1906TU), SOUNDCARD(ATI SB450) my laptop doesn't make any sound. somebody help me please!13:39
Carroarmato0ompaul: thx anyway ;)13:39
starscallingompaul: just needed to restart X it seems13:39
starscallingwho knows what got borked :P13:40
ompaulstarscalling, did you update first?13:40
ompauli.e before it borked13:40
maneywell, Firefox 3 isn't exactly borked, but until the missing pieces catch up it's not useful to me :-(13:40
=== marko_ is now known as marko-_-
maneyare they truly planning to carry a patched beta release through the life of LTS?13:41
Hobbseevery unlikely13:41
ompaulna the situation is that the beta will fix some security along the way so I can see it get replaced13:41
maneywell, someday it may be useful - right now only one of the three extensions I consider essential parts of the browser has as much as an easily findable pre-release that works with 313:42
it_rainsLAPTOP(COMPAQ B1906TU),   SOUNDCARD(ATI SB450) my laptop doesn't make any sound. somebody help me please!13:45
yao_ziyuani'm under kde4 now13:46
yao_ziyuani wonder if it's possible to apply the kde4 theme to gtk2 apps13:46
yao_ziyuanjust like kubuntu/kde3 does13:46
dns53i think the engine has been delayed so i am not sure13:47
yao_ziyuankde4 is still a mess13:48
b4l74z4rthere's a bug in the "Listen" music player on Hardy; the next/previous track buttons doesn't work and when a track is finished playing, it doesn't jump to the next track, it just stops13:58
ikoniab4l74z4r: log it14:03
yaccHmmm, I wonder what tool would be most useful for generating sprite animations?14:11
rskyacc: read the wesnoth guides for spriting14:12
dns53for building the model or processing in a game?14:13
jaffarkelshacis there any video editor that supports ogg14:14
dns53is there a linux one that doesnt?14:15
jaffarkelshacnone i have used14:17
ikoniajaffarkelshac: pretty much all should14:18
ikoniajaffarkelshac: although they will have had to have been linked against ogg or have a module system14:18
jaffarkelshacdo you use any video editors14:19
ikonianot at the moment14:21
ikoniaI do on occasion, but very rarley, I'm not a big video editing guy14:21
khaurinstalling from a usb stick is apparently still not officially supported by ubuntu in any way? anyone happen to know what's the best way nowadays to transfer the cd image into a usb stick?14:22
thompai got 100% on cpu #2, evolution data server is only thing using 50% cpu14:22
goodhabitHello. Help me please - after update from gutsy to hardy I cannot use two applications with sound, works only one. How I can set-up software mixing?14:22
thompai never even opened evolution yet14:23
kahrytanthompa->  do you even evolution?14:23
thompanot yet, but i will14:23
kahrytanthompa->  I hate the program .. I plan to kill it14:24
thompai just killed evol data server cpu now 10%14:24
kahrytanthompa-> I am thunderbird person14:24
thompakahrytan: i have a complicated schedule14:25
TuxIceIntrepid Ibex is INtriguing14:25
thompamaybe will have to use kmail until this is fixed14:25
kahrytanthompa->  and google calander doesnt do the trick?14:25
wigreni have a minor annoyance. when ever i restart my laptop or log out and back in my screen brightness goes to the darkest setting. i have to use the function button to reset it. any ideas on how to fix this?14:25
ikoniathompa: you could investigate sunbird ?14:25
thompakahrytan: what eles is there, i just dont feel like being part of a marekting scheme with google14:26
kahrytanikonia-> good idea14:26
thompaikonia: i tried it a while back, will look at it again14:26
ikoniathompa: it's in development and is progressing at a reasonable pace14:26
kahrytanDo you use ekiga, thompa ?14:27
thompagoogle mail creeps me out. I guess someone or something reads the messages14:27
thompakahrytan: i will, dads in tailand14:27
kahrytanWhat? no skype?14:28
thompahes using skype there on a powerbook, dont knwo if they talk14:28
thompai still got some major bugs on hardy, but overall its faster and stable in some areas14:29
kahrytanIf he uses skype then wouldnt it be better for you to use it?14:29
thompausb and sound are broke on various machines14:29
thompakahrytan: yah maybe, is it free too14:30
thompaanyone got a walkman here they can test with usb?14:30
kahrytanSkype to Skype is free14:30
thompakarmue: cool14:31
CP2Hello folks, I'm still using 10.06. Is a GUI PPPoE client been added to the newer versions of Ubuntu? Or is still necessary to use pppoeconf to setup an adsl pure bridge mode connection? thanx14:31
wigreni have a minor annoyance. when ever i restart my laptop or log out and back in my screen brightness goes to the darkest setting. i have to use the function button to reset it. any ideas on how to fix this?14:31
kahrytanCP2-> I recommend you get yourself a router.14:32
axionproblem solved.. I hope.14:32
ProN00bi am getting an error "WARNING: Error inserting padlock_aes (/lib/modules/2.6.24-16-generic/kernel/drivers/crypto/padlock-aes.ko): No such device" when i am trying to do "modprobe aes", does anyone know what that means ?14:32
kahrytanCP2-> thats assuming you have pppoe dsl14:32
axionthe firewall cf files where probably bad..14:32
CP2kahrytan: I could do that, but some distros like SuSE have a GUI client. It's strange that Ubuntu has never inserted a GUI PPPoE client. Yes, I have a PPPoE connection14:33
kahrytanCP2->  Well, a router would fix any need for a gui or login.14:34
kahrytanCP2-> Router logins  for you and all you do is connect to router.14:34
kahrytanCP2->  Nicer that way with live cds ... no special software. Just open firefox and surf.14:34
CP2kahrytan: I know, many ISPs in Italy send their customers ETH modem in RFC 1483 Bridged IP. A GUI setup would be must easy for some people14:36
ProN00buhm, could it be that the 2.6.24 kernel in heron does not support aes-xts-plain ?14:36
ikoniaProN00b: can't see anything in the release notes to suggest not14:41
_Rambaldi_does anyone recommed a webcam that works seamlessly under ubuntu14:41
ikonia_Rambaldi_: most will do14:41
ProN00bhmm, then why does "cryptsetup -c aes-xts-plain -y -s 128 luksFormat /dev/md0" fail ?14:41
_Rambaldi_nothing to install? you just stick it and it work?14:42
ProN00bit works with aes-cbc-essiv:sha256 instead of aes-xts-plain14:42
ProN00boh, keylength too short *_*14:43
rohanthe ubuntu 8.04 cd by default has java installed? free or non-free?14:45
kahrytanrohan->  Thus far on my install... no java14:48
kahrytanThere is java policy pref and java-commom14:49
rohanok, so i won't need to remove it and then install sun java :)14:49
yski have kubuntu 8.4 and i want ubuntu desktop14:49
rohanysk: sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop14:49
kahrytanI did synaptic search for java14:49
kahrytanall there is java-common14:49
rohankahrytan: there should be sun-java6-jdk14:50
kahrytanbase packages14:50
rohankahrytan: ah, sun java is in universe i think14:50
kahrytanand not included14:50
yskrohan bhai mein nahi janta k kia kahani hai mujhey wazahat se bata saktey hain aap?14:50
ProN00bhmm, as a filesystem i use ext3, right ?14:50
kahrytanjava5 and 6 are avail14:50
ompaulProN00b, not a bad choice14:51
rohanProN00b: yes14:51
ProN00bompaul, there are no other choices, are there ?14:51
ompaulProN00b, none that make sense14:51
rohanProN00b: there are. reiserfs, ext414:51
kahrytanext3 is the default choice really14:51
rohanompaul: why don't reiserfs and ext4 "make sense"?14:51
yskrohan: i dont know i am windows user can u guide me what u just wrote what it was and how to do it14:51
ProN00bthere is no mkfs.ext414:51
ompaulriser has eaten my data in the past14:52
rohanysk: open a terminal, type that command -- "sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop" press enter14:52
rohanProN00b: yes, i don't think it's supported well yet, that fs is highly experimental14:52
kahrytanProN00b->  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems so you know what some of them are14:52
rohanusable, though not recommended14:52
rohanysk: that's it, then14:53
ompaulrohan, ergo does not make sense ;-)14:53
rohanompaul: :D but reisferfs does14:53
ProN00bi am thinking of using ext214:53
ompaulrohan, I don't trust it with anything at all - xfs I would trust faster14:53
rohanthough even that is unmaintained now, it seems.. and reiser4 is suspended i guess?14:53
yskrohan bhai there are many updates and i opened it couple of minutes b4 to upgrade14:53
ompaulProN00b, that would be silly14:54
rohanProN00b: no, ext2 is not a journalling fs14:54
yskand now there are many upgrading processes are running14:54
ProN00bbecause i don't really crash often so i don't need that journaling hack14:54
yskshould i restart my pc?14:54
rohanysk: yes, you are installing the complete gnome14:54
rohanysk: no, not needed14:54
rohanProN00b: journalling is not a "hack"14:54
kahrytanProN00b->  Just stick to ext3.14:55
ProN00bwell, stuff is written to a journal instead of right in the place they belong, i don't get how that helps with anything14:55
rohanProN00b: that's not how journalling works14:55
ompaulProN00b, there is a reason things are default - learn the defaults then you can compare things to that - starting off in some pseudo experimental configuration is not a great idea14:56
rohanProN00b: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journaling_file_system14:56
rohanA journaling file system is a file system that logs changes to a journal (usually a circular log in a dedicated area) before committing them to the main file system. Such file systems are less likely to become corrupted in the event of power failure or system crash.14:56
FraeonHmh, my RT73 stick and WPA don't mix apparently14:56
rohanthat reminds me.. JFS is an option too! :)14:56
ompaulrohan, xfs tends to be good - this I can say from experience14:57
rohanah yes, xfs too14:58
ProN00brohan, don't you see that that doesn't make sense ? changes are just written somewhere else, corruption can occur there too14:58
rohanbut most distros these days prefer ext314:58
rohanProN00b: did you read the complete article? the Rationale?14:59
zionpsyferProN00b: Trust me, as a person who has used ext2 quite a bit, and dealt with bad superblocks and an unbootable system... hours in fsck..  journaling is the way to go.14:59
zionpsyferI've yet to have the journal cause me an issue.15:00
VadiMy friends X server crashes everytime the screensaver comes in and when he goes to change the screensaver too. What's the terminal command to change it without doing a preview? This is on an 'intel extreme graphics 2' onboard card, because ubuntu refuses to use the better ati radeon one15:00
kahrytanThats something nice about Linux distros these days ...You don't have to sit and wait for hours waiting for defrag to finish.15:00
rohankahrytan: you never had to!15:01
kahrytanin Windows. you gotta15:01
rohanoh, comparing linux and windows, yes15:02
kahrytanLinux desktop is more productive desktop because of the defrag need15:02
rohananyway, i'm off.. cheers to ubuntu, can't wait for hardy :)15:02
VadiOr does anyone know how to get Ubuntu to choose a different card when two are available? Because that would be a lot better (he can't use compiz or any gaming atm)15:03
zionpsyferVadi is the one being used as default an onboard?15:03
VadiThe other one is a Radeon 9200.15:04
kahrytanVadi->  turn off onboard graphics?15:05
zionpsyferIf it isn't, in System->Preferences->Screen Resolution.  Does it detect both?15:05
VadiWe tried that on 7.10, it has a disastrous effect. We can try again15:05
VadiOk moment15:05
sharperguycan I use audacity with pulseaudio?15:06
kahrytanWhat happened15:06
Vadikahrytan: the other one wasn't being used at all, and he got kicked into the terminal15:06
zionpsyfersharperguy: audacity seems to work ok with pulse on my system.15:06
sharperguyzionpsyfer, well i cant get it to do anything15:06
kahrytanin Gutsy. Pulse dominated sound driver15:06
kahrytanpreventing anyother audio app access15:07
sharperguyand it doesnt have an option for pukse either15:07
kahrytanit wouldntself terminate15:07
zionpsyfersharperguy: despite its promises, pulse only allows me to use one audio source at a time.  anything else using sound?15:07
sharperguynot really15:08
sharperguyanyway if you set everything to pulse it should work, but audacity doesnt have an option15:08
kahrytanpulse sound preview wont activate with sound is used15:09
zionpsyfersharperguy: Hmm, pulse appears in the Audio Output plugin list15:09
Vadizionpsyfer: how can he tell if it detects both?15:09
kahrytani just rested it15:09
BravewolfWhy hardy doesn't recognize my nvidia card (proprietary drivers not listed in the specific application in system->administration)15:09
zionpsyferVadi:  Hmm, it would have hoped it would have given you a list.  No?15:10
Vadizionpsyfer: no, it doesn't. Should we try the bios now?15:11
nemook. why'd my 4 workspaces drop down to 2 in recent compiz updates?15:11
kahrytandoes anyone know how to turn off firefox 3's live  bookmark search?15:11
zionpsyferVadi: do both cards show up in  xorg.conf?  Yeah, I'd try the bios first as that would be the simplest way if it worked.15:11
nemothey still show up in metacity15:11
kahrytanHas anyone went to about:config in ff3?15:13
blottoPassing arguments to a perl script that is called with backticks15:13
Vadizionpsyfer: here's his xorg.conf: http://pastebin.com/m1b8407d415:14
ProN00bwhy does mkfs.ext3 take so long ?15:14
Vadizionpsyfer: from the looks if it I don't think it does15:14
sharperguyyay, the entire system froze and i had to hard reset15:15
zionpsyferVadi:  Agreed, all I see is the generic video card.15:15
Vadizionpsyfer: So I'll tell him to try the bios now15:15
sharperguythats happened like 3 times now since i installed hardy on friday night15:16
=== erle64- is now known as erle-
zionpsyferVadi: k, hopefully that solves it.15:16
BravewolfError in the post install script of acpid. impossibility to upgrade acpid. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63833/. Any tips?15:17
sharperguyeven the boring elephants thing didnt work15:17
Vadizionpsyfer: actually he says the onboard one is already disabled. But I told him to check and toggle it15:19
zionpsyferBravewolf: can you run : sudo fuser -v /proc/acpi/event ?  Something is using that file.15:20
zionpsyferVadi:  Yeah, if he's getting video out of it.....  Or is he plugged into the radeon?15:20
murlidharmy internet is not working with hardy kernel15:21
murlidharbut with gutys kernel it works fine15:21
Vadizionpsyfer: both cards are plugged in15:21
Bravewolfzionpsyfer: /proc/acpi/event:    root       7989 f.... acpid15:21
zionpsyferVadi:  I mean to the monitor. If the onboard is plugged into a monitor, he should unplug it.15:22
Bravewolfzionpsyfer: so? I've tried both i386 and amd64 without success15:22
Vadizionpsyfer: You mean there's a cable for each card?15:22
Vadizionpsyfer: sorry, laptop user here15:22
murlidharmy internet is not working with hardy kernel15:23
zionpsyferBravewolf: if a process is using that file, it blocks access to other processes.  We need to stop whatever is using it.  Temporarily so that you can finish the install.15:23
filthpig_hiya, I have an ironic kind of problem: When I partitioned my hdd a few months ago, I wanted / to be small, so that I could dedicate as much space as possible to my /home partition. When I now try to dist-upgrade to hardy, I get a message claiming "not enough space on disk", because the /tmp folder is on the / partition and I only have approx. 1 gb free space there...... is there some way to tell the upgrade tool to use a folder on my /home15:23
zionpsyferVadi: No, I mean his monitor cable, that plugs into the video card.  He needs to verify which video card the monitor is plugged into.15:23
blottomy internet is not working with hardy kernel.. but with gutys kernel it works fine15:24
blottouse apt with -d to d/l only15:24
murlidharblotto, ?15:24
murlidharcould get what u were saying15:25
Bravewolfzionpsyfer: i tried to stop acpid (/etc/init.d/acpid stop) without success15:25
murlidharcould NOT get what u were saying15:25
murlidharblotto, could NOT get what u were saying15:25
zionpsyferBravewolf: What was the error?15:26
Bravewolfzionpsyfer: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63833/plain/15:27
murlidharblotto, my internet works only when i boot from gutsy kernel15:27
murlidharblotto, my internet does not work when i boot from hardy kernel15:27
Vadizionpsyfer: he says he's now on his onboard ones, and ubuntu went into the low graphics mode15:28
blotto ?. could get what u were saying15:28
murlidhar<murlidhar> blotto, my internet does not work when i boot from hardy kernel15:28
blottoError in the post install script of acpid. impossibility to upgrade acpid. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/63833/. Any tips?15:29
murlidharblotto, sorry for my english15:29
zionpsyferBravewolf: Can you try stopping acpid and acpi-support from a terminal.  '/etc/init.d/acpid stop'15:29
blotto my internet works only when i boot from gutsy kernel.. blotto, my internet does not work when i boot from hardy kernel15:29
murlidhardoes anyone has a solution for my problem?15:30
Bravewolfzionpsyfer: yet done. no success15:30
blottodoes anyone have any ideas of how i can get my sound to work?15:30
zionpsyferVadi:  He needs to NOT plug his monitors into the onboard card. He needs to plug in the monitor to the video card he wants to use.15:30
ProN00buuhm, can anyone tell me why my newly created totally empty ext3 filesystem got 46gb "used" ?15:31
Bravewolfzionpsyfer: I'll try to search in the bts15:32
_Lucretia_ok, kind of got my x working. I've got 3D acceleration, the keymap is still broken and the screen is bigger than it should be, i.e. it's like there's a virtual size set15:32
_Lucretia_but I can't actually scroll around the area15:32
murlidharmy internet does not work when i boot from hardy kernel15:32
zionpsyferBravewolf: what does lsof /proc/acpi/event give?15:33
Gnimshanyone else have issues with audio?15:33
murlidharme here15:33
Gnimshmurlidhar, what kind of issues?15:33
_Lucretia_ok, that's wierd, opened the screen resolution app and it fixed the display size15:33
murlidhari had issues with audio15:33
blottoanyone else having issues with "move to trash" not showing up in the trashcan but actualy being in ~/.Trash and notbeing able to empty the trach from right clicking ?15:33
GnimshI've got pulseaudio enabled, and have skype/twinkle set to use the default device15:33
_Lucretia_zub: if you're there, can you help?15:34
murlidharit got solved when i fully upgraded and updated15:34
Gnimshbut in order to use audio in one I have to close all other devices trying to use the sound application15:34
GnimshI'm in 8.04 myself...ran the update manager this morning15:34
Bravewolfzionpsyfer: acpid   23249 root    3r   REG    0,3    0 4026531944 /proc/acpi/event15:34
blottoanyone else have issues with audio?15:34
GnimshI'm actually starting to get really fed up with it15:35
blottois there some easy way to tell what application is using my hard disk? it's been thrashing for about half an hour or so15:35
GnimshI wouldn't have this problem if I could connect to my bluetooth headset, but there's been a bug and its not fixed yet, but is committed for the final release.15:35
bazhangblotto: top15:35
murlidharis blotto a mad bot?15:35
zionpsyferBravewolf: this is ugly, but try a killall acpid15:35
GnimshI personally think its ridiculous that a modern OS can't share the audio devices between many applications at once15:36
blottoanother bot?15:36
GnimshI have to turn off firefox and npviewer to make a phone call, or close rhythmbox to watch a movie...  it just doesn't make sense15:36
=== afflux_ is now known as afflux
Gnimshmurlidhar, are those the kinds of issues you were having as well?15:36
* murlidhar kicks blotto15:36
Bravewolfzionpsyfer: I tried kill 23249 (acpid PID), but it doesn't work. In my opinion it's a bug of acpid post install script. With hardy beta it works perfectly15:36
PriceChildGnimsh: i don't have that problem15:37
bazhangGnimsh: using oss?15:37
murlidharGnimsh, no my audio wasn't working at all15:37
Gnimshusing pulseaudio15:37
murlidharmy internet is not working with hardy kernel15:37
PriceChildmurlidhar: what do you mean 'internet' ?15:37
PriceChildwireless card, ethernet?15:37
GnimshI'm actually considering going back to windows now15:37
murlidharPriceChild, ethernet15:37
PriceChildmurlidhar: have you filed a bug?15:38
PriceChild(don't try now)15:38
Gnimshits so difficult to make and receive phone calls, and when my computer is my only way to do that, its a problem.15:38
VadiGnimsh: I'd just downgrade to the current stable release if I were you.15:38
murlidharPriceChild, no but lspci gives me this  01:05.0 Ethernet controller: MYSON Technology Inc SURECOM EP-320X-S 100/10M Ethernet PCI Adapter15:38
Gnimshis there a way to do that without reinstalling?15:38
PriceChildVadi: that is a good point.. why is he using hardy on a machine he 'needs' to be able to make phone calls from...15:38
VadiGnimsh: I doubt any OS can do that.15:38
GnimshI upgraded cuz I had video issues in the last one, certain programs would not run.15:38
blotto user:group, should i put the groups as admin or users15:38
Gnimshya, that's what I was afraid of.15:38
VadiGnimsh: The warning was clear though not to test if you need the machine. :|15:39
blottobazhang: then select macbook15:39
murlidharwhat is blotto is doing here15:39
PriceChildmurlidhar: when launchpad comes back online, you should consider filing a bug and trying to help get things fixed rather than just complaining here.15:39
Gnimsheh, at that point I had nothing to lose as 7.10 wasn't exactly working how I wanted either15:39
PriceChildblotto: what version of ubuntu are you using?15:39
bazhangblotto: not sure what you mean15:39
Gnimshnow the video issue is fixed and I can use my audio, just one problem at a time.15:39
murlidharPriceChild, i think i was missing some settting that was not letting me to  connect to the interne15:40
GnimshI kinda doubt that this audio issue will be fixed though because it seems to be more a trademark of linux than a bug15:40
PriceChildmurlidhar: so the card works fine?15:40
murlidharPriceChild, yes of course it is . i am using the same card from gutsy kernel15:40
VadiGnimsh: Sure thing, but it's failing to represent it here. I'm feeling left out now...15:40
blottothere really is not much of a market in data destruction. yet.15:40
murlidharPriceChild, i just have to use gutsy kernel to use internet15:41
GnimshSo you're saying that you do not have this problem15:41
bazhangblotto: do you have an actual computer support issue?15:41
PriceChildmurlidhar: gutsy kernel on a hardy install, so does the interface get shown in ifconfig on hardy?15:41
VadiGnimsh: Of course15:41
PriceChildblotto: what version of ubuntu are you using?15:41
HobbseePriceChild: edge is online.  ish.15:41
blottomy internet is not working with hardy kernel.. but with gutys kernel it works fine15:41
PriceChildblotto: could you pastebin lsb_release -a please?15:42
PriceChildHobbsee: doubt these people have access to edge :/15:42
Gnimshvadi, could you run skype and youtube and rhythmbox all at the same time and see what happens?15:42
murlidharPriceChild, i didn't check but network manager on the panel shows settings  there15:42
Gnimshset pulseaudio as your default15:42
bazhangblotto: that sounds like someone else's issue15:42
murlidharPriceChild, blotto is is a bot he is just repeating what i said and what other say15:43
murlidharblotto is a mad bot15:43
VadiGnimsh: I don't have skype, but youtube and rhythmbox do work at the same time along with mumble. I'm not sure what's my default sound thing is though (I just left it as it is, because it's workign)15:43
Gnimshwell could you look at least? system>pref>sound15:44
bazhangGnimsh: would not skype cut those others off so that you could hear the call? that would make the most sense15:44
Gnimshit didn't...I tried to make a call this morning and I heard the ringing and then it went silent halfway through15:45
VadiGnimsh: Which category am i looking at15:45
PriceChildskype doesn't play nice with pulseaudio.....15:45
GnimshI could neither hear the other person or be heard15:45
VadiGnimsh: it says "autodetect" for all of them15:45
PriceChildthat's not a problem with it being 2 apps at once... it just doesn't play nice15:45
VadiGnimsh: and ALSA for sound capture.15:45
Gnimshmaybe I shall try that15:45
WidgetHardy heron comes with kde4 too doesn't it ?15:46
Widgetor is it only gnome15:46
PriceChildand if you start skype first, it'll grab alsa, preventing pulseaudio doing its thing for other apps15:46
bazhangWidget: the non lts15:46
kahrytanWidget->  not exactly15:46
topyliWidget: there's kubuntu with kde3 and a separate kde4 version afaik15:47
kahrytanWidget-> kubuntu has two cds .. kde 4 and 3.515:47
Gnimshright now skype isn't even turned on15:47
Gnimshand twinkle can't connect to alsa devices15:47
kahrytankde3 and kd4 two separate cds15:47
GnimshI found npviewer.bin is still running even though I have no flash videos open.15:47
Widgetah k15:47
PriceChildGnimsh: close firefox15:48
Gnimshand it works after I kill npviewer15:48
GnimshI understand why you want me to close firefox but really, why should I have to stop browsing just to take a phone call? or get some other audio application to work15:49
PriceChildpretty sure because you've broken something15:50
Gnimshno, I said it worked after closing npviwer15:50
GnimshIf I did, what kind of thing could it have been?15:50
Vadizionpsyfer: he plugged the radeon in and disabled intel in bios, and says resolution is better. What now?15:52
GnimshI just did that, and I think it worked15:55
Gnimshskype and twinkle all work while music is playing15:56
Gnimshcan't get audio from a video file while music's playing, but when would I ever really wanna do that anyway...15:57
bazhangGnimsh: so sticking with linux after all?15:57
Gnimshwell, we'll see if it sticks when I restart15:58
Gnimshsome times that kind of thing is tricky, in my experience15:58
GnimshI would much rather stay with linux than windows at this point15:58
GnimshI tried reinstalling it the other day, was told my "my music" folder was corrupt...there was only the example folder in it15:58
Gnimshand then the task manager was corrupt15:58
Gnimshand I love not having to install drivers15:58
=== _Lucretia__ is now known as _Lucretia_
_Lucretia_Gnimsh: what is npviewer.bin?15:59
Gnimshthat was the reason I switched back in January again was because I didn't have the right drivers for XP for my laptop, since it was only bundled with vista.15:59
Gnimshflash player15:59
zionpsyferVadi: Now he needs to make sure that the drivers and modules are installed for his card so he can get 3d acceleration.15:59
_Lucretia_Gnimsh: oh right, thanks16:00
Gnimsh_Lucretia_,  if you've ever noticed after playing a flash video or something and your system starts to hang after you close it, its almost always npviwer16:00
_Lucretia_Gnimsh: not everything hangs, just FF16:00
Gnimshok I need to go for a walk, its warm outside and cold inside16:01
bazhangwhy bother with that? just get youtube-dl16:01
mRSeriisomeine use zen kernel?16:01
_Lucretia_Gnimsh: well, that's not true, flash just doesn't work with multiplt copies, so I end up killing them16:01
_Lucretia_Gnimsh: I meant that FF hangs with JS16:01
Gnimsh_Lucretia_ have you used swiftweasel?16:01
_Lucretia_in the last version...16:01
_Lucretia_Gnimsh: nope, what's that?16:01
GnimshFor me, if I have too many tabs open, flash just crashes and all my videos will disappear16:02
Gnimshits an optimized build of iceweasel, the opensource version of firefox16:02
Gnimshthere a few different versons for AMD 64/Pentium core 2 duo, Pentium IV, other processors, etc16:02
Gnimshuses a lot less resources than firefox, but all the features16:02
Gnimshbut I only use firefox in linux because it works better than opera16:03
GnimshI miss my wand16:03
_Lucretia_Gnimsh: o i c. if I get the same problem with 3 beta 5, I'll try it16:03
luboszsince rc1 flash and vlc cant have sound together16:03
luboszor firefox and vlc16:03
Gnimshlucretia, there's also swiftdove, which is the same thing but for thunderbird.16:04
Vadizionpsyfer: How can he do that? it's a radeon 920016:05
_Lucretia_anyone know about the gnat stuff in ubu?16:05
Gnimshgnat or gnash?16:05
Gnimshnot I16:05
Gnimshok I'm gonna go now16:05
GnimshI wanna get outside while its still nice16:06
_Lucretia_I want to install other packages like asis and aunit, but they're only compiled for use with gnat-4.1, can they be recompiled for 4.2 or should I just stick with 4.1 for now?16:06
Gnimshthanks for the help everyone16:06
_Lucretia_Gnimsh: ta16:06
pvandewyngaerdehow do i play realplayer files ?16:06
_Lucretia_pvandewyngaerde: mplayer16:06
Gnimshthere's also a realplayer for linux, but 1) I despise realplayer and 2) I downloaded it and couldn't figure out how it works.16:06
kahrytanWheres the best place for feature suggestion for future development?16:07
djdarkmanhello, am I`m de only one who has problem with wine after upgradeing?16:08
kahrytanSuggestion would be a seemeless transition between Usplash->GDM-Gnome Desktop16:08
kahrytandjdarkman->  I reinstalled :)16:08
djdarkmanand does wine work for you?16:08
zionpsyferVadi: System->Administration->Hardware Drivers.  Drivers for the radeon should be listed there.  I'll dig up a howto online in case it isn't.16:09
djdarkmanI upgradeed and it doesn`t want to creat the wine prefix16:09
kahrytanIt's related to upgrades then16:09
kahrytandjdarkman->  never did that16:09
djdarkmankahrytan: you did, you just didn`t know16:09
djdarkmanwine prefix ~ fake windows drive16:10
kahrytanutorrent works fine16:10
djdarkmanthen probalbly it`s upgrade related16:10
sharperguysigh, how come the sound support in hardy is worse than in gutsy?16:10
sharperguyI thought pusleaudio was supposed to fix all that16:10
kahrytanGnome 2.22?16:10
djdarkmansharperguy: dekstop?16:11
kahrytanGnome 2.22 brought some big changes16:11
sharperguyWell I mean, amarok will only play some times, and other stuff like audacity just doesnt seem to work16:11
fahadsadahWhat is the default window manager in the current Hardy RC?16:11
sharperguyI set amarok to pulse so that should work, right?16:12
_Lucretia_which is the default toolchain version in hardy? 4.1?16:12
zionpsyferVadi: This looks like a good reference: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4332355&postcount=1316:12
kahrytanfahadsadah->  Metacity16:12
kahrytanfahadsadah->  cuz Compiz needs video drivers and thats nonfree16:13
Vadizionpsyfer "You have something earlier than a Radeon 9500: Modern Catalyst drivers don't support your card, use the open-source "radeon" driver" okay, we fall into that category16:13
_Lucretia_zionpsyfer: does the composite extension need to be disabled for radeon now or now?16:14
_Lucretia_zionpsyfer: my xorg.conf http://phpfi.com/31130516:14
zionpsyfer_Lucretia_: to be honest, I'm not sure.  I'll check.16:16
VadiHow can I change the driver that's being used graphically? There was a tool in 7.10 that did that but I can't find it here now16:16
socdid someone get pulseaudio working on 8.04?16:16
soc is there maybe a bugreport already?16:16
socno sound with pulseaudio running16:16
crimsunsoc: no sound at all, or no sound in Firefox+Flash, or no sound in [..]?16:17
socafter killall pulseaudio sound works, but only for one application at a time16:17
socno sound at all16:17
zionpsyferVadi:  in the xorg.conf file, under the device section where the radeon is, the Driver line.16:17
orvokkisoc: For any program?16:17
crimsunsoc: please download http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa/raw-file/tip/alsa-info.sh and execute it using bash16:18
_Lucretia_Vadi: I installed hardy yesterday and it couldn't start X, it tried, then started with a gui driver selctor app, this set up my monitor and everything, but it didn't work properly, so I've had to had fiddle with the config file and I've no idea what that app was either16:18
_Lucretia_and it's still not quite right16:18
zionpsyferVadi:  Example xorg.conf http://wiki.x.org/wiki/radeon16:19
daningHi, I use ibm x61 laptop. And I install hardy beta. And I update beta to rc. My wireless card don't work well. It works sometimes and don't work sometimes. Do anyone know this problem?16:20
crimsundaning: yes, that's a known issue with iwl*.  Have you tried installing linux-backports-modules-$(uname -r)?16:22
orvokkicrimsun: Btw, does killing off pulseaudio completely disable it and let me use ALSA?16:22
crimsunorvokki: currently, yes.16:22
orvokkiIt isn't going to later on?16:22
socorvokki: yes16:22
crimsunorvokki: I'm investigating the last blocker to make pulseaudio use 'default'.16:23
crimsunorvokki: there's currently a race condition in the load order of the suspend-on-idle and alsa-source modules that will cause it to fail.16:23
orvokkicrimsun: Is it still possible to disable pulseaudio somehow after that?16:23
daningcrimsun: No.16:23
daningcrimsun: what's $(uname -r) means?16:24
orvokkicrimsun: I've put chmod u-x /etc/init.d/pulseaudio to my system spesifically because PulseAudio doesn't support as high audio quality for my sound card as ALSA.16:25
crimsunorvokki: it will always be possible to disable pulseaudio, either by unchecking the "Enable software sound mixing" option in GNOME's System> Preferences> Sound, or by removing one or more of pulseaudio & pulseaudio-esound-compat packages, or [..]16:25
orvokkiAnd run all my sound through ALSA. :)16:25
crimsunorvokki: we don't use the system-wide initscript by default.  Only Edubuntu does.  We use the per-user GNOME session method via esound compatibility.16:25
orvokkiOh? I was unaware of that.16:25
crimsundaning: it's a shell command that means, roughly, "get me the version of the running kernel"16:26
crimsundaning: i.e., it's a literal command.  You need that precise syntax.16:26
orvokkicrimsun: Hmm, apparently disabling it that way also makes it impossible to run any log in and whatever sounds on Gnome. Whatever, I can take that cost.16:26
daningcrimsun: Thx. I am trying this.16:27
crimsunorvokki: if "that way" refers to removing either/both pulseaudio or/and pulseaudio-esound-compat, yes.16:27
daningcrimsun: I have installed this. Do I have to reboot my box?16:28
crimsundaning: that's the most foolproof method, yes.16:28
orvokkicrimsun: "That way" implied unchecking "Enable software sound mixing". Removing the actual pacakges is a bit of a bad choice imo since it also requires removing ubuntu-desktop meta package.16:29
crimsundaning: be aware that linux-backports-modules contains very new software, and it may not work, even, but it's worth a try.16:29
daningcrimsun: Ok. I'm gonna reboot it. Bless me.16:29
crimsunorvokki: oh, losing system sounds? Right, that's not that big of a deal.16:29
crimsun(however, if you need system sounds for a11y, that /would/ be a big deal.)16:30
Roeyhey Daniel :)16:31
Roeyhey all16:31
Roeycrimsun:  hi!!16:31
soccrimsun: http://pastebin.ca/99089616:32
RoeyCrimsun, I'm playing Youtube in a KVM guest (on Kubuntu 8.04) but I don't hear sound (note however that I can indeed play a .wav & .mp3 sound in the guest).  I'm using konqueror with flash plugin (non-free) to display youtube16:33
Roeywhat could be the issue, ya think?16:33
crimsunRoey: remove libflashsupport, disable pulseaudio, and try again.16:33
crimsunsoc: sec, phone16:33
sochow did you get my number?!16:35
thompajust curious if 64 is working as well as 386?16:37
Roeycrimsun:  http://rafb.net/p/quCyqR83.html  <-- it says it wants to remove amarok too16:38
Roeythompa:  no youtube16:38
=== jacob_ is now known as jacob
thompaRoey: thats hard to believe16:39
thompai think that is fixable16:39
Roeythompa:  I don't know if we'll see a working youtube till '10 maybe16:39
thompamy problem is that 386 is not opening usb devices as it should, while 64 automounts them16:39
Roeythis is *really* holding back GNU/Linux adoption on the consumer level.16:39
thompaRoey: i think i had youtube working in 64 once16:40
dotechyoutube works here...16:40
crimsunsoc: ok, let's clean up some conffiles first.16:40
crimsunsoc: rm ~/.asoundrc*16:40
thompacant remember if it was ubuntu though16:40
Roeydotech:  how?16:40
dotechinstalled the flash plugin16:40
orvokkicrimsun: Actually that doesn't seem to have worked. PulseAudio still started. :) Oh, well. I suppose I can just remove the packages, install ubuntu-desktop back when the release comes and then remove PulseAudio again after release...16:40
dotechand it just works16:40
Roeydotech:  I did too; it doesn't work16:41
crimsunRoey: why are you attempting to remove libpulse0?16:41
thompadotech: are you on 64 bit?16:41
Roeydotech:  i have gnash isntalled too...hmm16:41
dotechthompa: yes16:41
Roeycrimsun:  I thought it's part of pulseaduio?16:41
crimsunRoey: only libflashsupport (if installed) and pulseaudio (if installed)16:41
crimsunRoey: no, I meant /those/ specific packages16:41
Roeyohhhhh ok16:41
Roeylibflashsupport I got rid of16:41
thompadotech: is everything working? what about usb devices16:41
Roeyas you said16:41
dotechRoey: all i did was install hardy, update, open youtube and followed the in-browser plugin thing to add adobe's flash plugin16:41
crimsunorvokki: what doesn't?16:42
dotechthompa: what about usb devices?16:42
Roeydotech:  what's the in-browser plugin thing?16:42
dotechRoey: firefox has a plugin installer16:42
dotechyou should use that to install flash16:42
orvokkicrimsun: Hmm, unchecked the "Enable software something something", logged in again, pulseaudio was started again.16:42
dotechthompa: i use a usb audio decoder, it works16:42
thompadotech: well i am doing a new install of 64 cause my sound device is not found now anymore and I want to see if walkman wont automount16:42
dotechthompa: and it was auto-detected without the need for any software16:43
thompadotech: walkman wont come up in any 386 on a few computers16:43
Roeydotech:  oh... you're using firefox16:43
orvokkicrimsun: But really, I suppose it's a non-issue. Maybe I don't need ubuntu-desktop installed besides just after the release.16:43
dotechRoey: yeah, thats the browser of choice for ubuntu16:43
thompadotech: im hoping it still works in 64 after upgrade16:43
Roeycrimsun:  ok, I removed those packages, but now all I have is a gray box16:43
dotechhardy comes with beta 3b5 now16:43
Roey(on youtube)16:43
Roeydotech:  it's so unfortunate that gnome is the default Ubuntu "brand"16:44
dotechthompa: worst case you can install the 32-bit version of applications16:44
crimsunorvokki: sorry, that's part of the pulseaudio-module-x11 package that's the culprit.16:44
dotechi have to do that if i want java to work in firefox, but i haven't done so yet16:44
crimsunorvokki: (namely, /etc/xdg/autostart/pulseaudio-module-xsmp.desktop)16:44
thompadotech: Its wierd, but I think somehow whatever was fixed in 386 broke the usb, 64 hasnt been fixed to break it yet16:45
orvokkiAh, right.16:45
dotechthompa: if you run "lsusb" do you see your device?16:45
thompadotech: i think the only issue in 64 might be real player. I need that for bbc16:45
adinchello when my desktop starts it takes a while untill the desktopis visible it stays black for about a second. this wasnt the case in the past before upgrading, has someone got an idea what this behaviour could caused?16:46
thompadotech: Bus 002 Device 004: ID 054c:0325 Sony Corp.16:46
orvokkicrimsun: Marking it unreadable should do the trick, right?16:46
dotechits possible that 64-bit real player doesn't function correctly16:46
dotechyou could always install the 32-bit version and give it a shot16:46
soccrimsun: and now?16:46
crimsunsoc: now, let's test ALSA directly:  use multiple invocations of `aplay /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav' in separate Terminal16:47
thompadotech: it shows up as only usb in my computer, im moving to 64 anyway so may not waste my time here16:47
thompai feel like i need to file a bug report, cause its broke on all 3 machines running 38616:47
crimsunRoey: is this on x86_64 or ia32?16:47
dotechthompa: give it a shot, i'm using many usb devices in hardy amd64 with an intel core2 quad, works great so far16:47
Roeycrimsun:  I'm runinng an ia32 guest on x86_64 host16:48
Roey(8.04 on 8.04)16:48
adincand when i move windows the content gets black and is not anymore visible during movement of that window16:48
Zoemadinc: that is the delay between loging in and starting the current window manager (eg, metacity or compiz)16:48
thompadotech: 64 works better which is strange16:48
socsoc@desktop07:~$ play /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav16:48
socplay soxio: Failed reading `/usr/share/sounds/startup.wav': unknown file type `auto'16:48
crimsunRoey: ok, can you see what kvm is attempting to use?16:48
Zoemdunno about black windows16:48
adincZoem: but this also happens when login has been done and switching desktops16:48
thompadotech: i would have to say right now 386 is broke for me16:48
crimsunsoc: not `play'.  `aplay'.16:48
Roeycrimsun:  this I am positive of16:48
thompaof course i can manuualy mount and fstab and all,16:49
crimsunRoey: ok, is pulseaudio/arts running?16:49
socaplay /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav16:49
soc*** PULSEAUDIO: Unable to connect: Connection refused16:49
socaplay: main:546: Fehler beim Öffnen des Audiogerätes: Connection refused16:49
Roeycrimsun:  ah,point.16:49
Roeylemme chek16:49
crimsunsoc: sudo lsof /dev/dsp* /dev/snd/*16:49
dotechthompa: sounds strange, i haven't had a problem with usb in 64-bit16:49
soccrimsun: nothing16:49
Roeycrimsun:  yeah, artsd was.  I killed it.16:50
crimsunsoc: ok, and `aplay -Dplughw:0 /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav'?16:51
socfirst one worked16:51
soc aplay -Dplughw:0 /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav16:51
socaplay: main:546: Fehler beim Öffnen des Audiogerätes: Device or resource busy16:51
crimsunsoc: good.16:51
crimsunsoc: now let's test both with `aplay -Dplug:dmix /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav'16:52
soc^mmmh, i'll deactivate the smileysupport ...16:52
socah ok+16:53
socboth work16:53
crimsunsoc: please rerun the alsa-info.sh script16:53
sailaway85Question? My router has a firewall do I need one in linux too16:55
tomd123but it depends if you have a good firewall built in or not16:57
tomd123there could be more features in the linux firewall that you might like16:57
tomd123sailaway85: if you want to be safer, go with the firewall on linux16:59
savvasdo you know a command that allows me to print only 1,3,5... or 2,4,6,8,... up to number 32 and separate them with a comma character?16:59
sailaway85Next question: then azureus was running no dl or up's and cpu  when to 40% ... manager showed azureus as the user ... net activity skyrocketed too16:59
crimsunsoc: sorry, you need to rm /etc/asound.conf, too17:00
tomd123savvas: you mean just to print out the numbers w/ comma and that's it? Look into shell programming17:01
Zoemsavvas: or perl, since that doesn't even merit a complete line17:02
Perunhmm have a problem with hardy xen and network in a domU... I use the same conf file like for the other domU's (where it works) and have a eth0 iface in hardy domU but if I try dhcpclient or set manually the ip, it doesnt work... I cant ping my other hosts... is there a bug?17:02
dbmoodbthere is a bug i thinks17:02
Perunso no solution at now?17:03
dbmoodbwait no .. maybe not just check you are using the correct set up17:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vtun - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:03
sailaway85tomd123: azurues was in my router exception table... and its the problem17:03
soccrimsun: ok17:03
dbmoodbhas the bug with kde 3.5 and compiz been fixed -- it doesn't work with the cube effect for the number of workplaces last time i checked17:05
Perunthats my config: http://paste.debian.net/1177/ ais with other domU's with same conf there is no problem17:05
dbmoodbso hardy is where -- a guest or a host ?17:07
tomd123sailaway85: I'm not familiar with azurues, if you really don't need the net on it then you can put it on the block list.17:07
dbmoodblower the number of connections on your router / modem thingy if it cannot handle them and port forward, sometimes turning off firewall features can help17:08
dbmoodbif you want to torrent that is17:08
Perundbmoodb: guest, host is debian etch + xen backports (3.2)17:09
sailaway85Tomd123:  its a torrent client in the repository:17:09
tomd123sailaway85: sorry I thought it's a music player17:09
dbmoodband i take it other distros / things work on the network ?17:09
tomd123sailaway85: try dbmoodb's proposal17:09
Perundbmoodb: yes, have 3 other domU's here (etch, sid and gutsy)17:10
crimsunsoc: progress?17:10
crimsunRoey: progress?17:10
dbmoodboh wow etch sid and gutsy ?17:10
dbmoodband hardy is the only one with the problem this is interesting17:11
bXianyone here whom uses firebug?17:11
Perundbmoodb: yep17:11
Zoemsailaway85: if the problem is only with azureus cpu usage, switch to a non-java torrent client. az has a history of cycle eating17:11
crimsunbXi: not compatible with 3.0b5 last I heard.17:11
Perundbmoodb: found something about it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xen-3.2/+bug/20401017:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204010 in xen-3.2 "networking not working" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:11
soccrimsun: 2 times aplay works17:13
adinchow can i disable the loginsound, in the login options there is no setting for it17:13
dbmoodbwhat ?17:13
crimsunsoc: ok, now `pulseaudio -vv&' in a separate Terminal17:13
socmhhh, sorry crimsun, guests ,,, have to go17:13
dbmoodbthere should be17:13
dbmoodbah ... gdm configuration ? .... (if not just move the sound files elsewhere)17:13
geuhi I have a problem: Id like to use xen but I get exactly this problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xen-meta/+bug/215558  but nobody posted some help, does one of you have an idea?17:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215558 in xen-meta "hardy: ubuntu-xen-desktop ist missing xenman and cannot be installed" [Undecided,New]17:13
soccrimsun: http://pastebin.com/m33e9263e17:15
dbmoodbwell .. i thought hardy had some new xen / virtualisation stuff17:15
dbmoodbperhaps there is a conflict going on, personally try compiling the kernel from source and ensuring the correct things are ticked ....17:15
dbmoodb(that is what i would do if all else fails)17:15
geudbmoodb that is too much for me Im still a newby17:16
sailaway85dbmoodb:  Zoom:  tomd123:  thanks17:16
crimsunsoc: now, multiple instances of `paplay /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav'17:17
dbmoodbsailaway azurues is an ok client but there are some other good ones - lighter ones17:17
geuI actually wanted to use hardy because I read it would support Convirt17:17
dbmoodbktorrent is ok too17:17
savvastomd123: well yeah.. tried that, but something's wrong: z=""; x=1; until [[ $x = 32 ]]; do z="$z, $x"; x=$(($x+2)); done; echo $z17:17
soccrimsun: paplay?!17:18
crimsunyes, paplay.17:18
mhalcrow_homeCan I install Hardy from a CD?17:18
ubotuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.17:18
bazhangmhalcrow_home: sure17:18
sailaway85dbmoodb: ktorrent is banned on some private trackers ei:  MT17:18
dbmoodbah not that one...17:18
dbmoodbsailaway85 oh really now and pigs fly17:19
dbmoodb-- sorry but why ?17:19
mhalcrow_homeThat only has DVD images.17:19
mhalcrow_homeIs there a CD iso I can grab anywhere?17:19
dbmoodbktorrent is a fairly equal client and it used to be bad but it has been fair for quiet some time ...17:19
py3k-erhow can i install gparted in ubuntu hardy?17:19
socwith paplay i don't hear anything17:19
dbmoodbyes you can grab an iso17:19
rskpy3k-er: install it from system> administration> synaptic package manager17:20
py3k-errsk thank you17:20
crimsunsoc: did you set the correct sink using pavucontrol?17:20
tomd123I personally find transmission adequate17:20
crimsunsoc: (install pavucontrol if necessary)17:20
adincis anyone using a wireless network eduroam at the university with wicd?17:20
dbmoodbrofl eduroam i thought that was unique to my uni --- what is it adinc ?17:21
Zoemdeluge works very well for people with more advanced torrent needs, also17:21
tomd123only wired connection here17:21
py3k-eri think there's a big bug in ubuntu or i am just mistaking myself...17:21
tomd123I don't like to use wifi17:21
dbmoodbpy3k-er: that is why i am on lenny atm17:21
tomd123py3k-er: what is the big bug?17:22
py3k-eri have a mouse with a scroll-wheel  but this does not work17:22
sailaway85added kde and when setting up dektop my windows could not be moved or close... what did i do wrong ... used kwin --replace ... but haved solved problem17:22
tomd123the scroll wheel?17:22
py3k-erwhen i want to scroll anything, this does not work17:22
rskmhalcrow_home: http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-rc-desktop-i386.iso17:22
py3k-eryup, the scroll wheel17:23
dbmoodbnar its fine17:23
geuis there an howto for installing xen on hardy?17:23
dbmoodbjust need to configure it again maybe...17:23
Zoempy3k-er: have you tried a different mouse?17:23
dbmoodbgo to system preferences mouse then try under touchpad ?17:23
tomd123py3k-er: oh, try searching google for problems with your mouse model and see if there are solutions, seems like an easy fix17:23
py3k-erZoem i am using this mouse all the timew17:23
dbmoodbthink you said touchpad17:23
soccrimsun: sink?17:24
py3k-eri have a regular logitech mouse with the scroll wheel17:24
crimsunsoc: yes, playback/sink17:24
soci have playback, output devices and input devices17:24
py3k-erLogitech RX-30017:24
bazhanglogitech mouse works fine here17:24
soc"no streams available"17:24
crimsunsoc: you need to play something :-)17:24
dbmoodbpy3k-er: what about with compiz on ...?17:24
=== Zoem is now known as Zoe
tomd123py3k-er: I have a Logitech LX3, works fine17:25
=== Zoe is now known as Zoe_
soccrimsun: paplay doesn't work17:25
py3k-erdbmoodb maybe the issue is because i run ubuntu in vmware?17:25
crimsunsoc: "doesn't work"?17:25
Zoe_py3k-er: I'm using Logitech G5 and it works better now than ever before17:25
dbmoodbnar should be fine in what ever you use py3k-er17:26
socok, paplay shows up, but no sound17:26
crimsunsoc: while it plays, right-click and choose the correct playback device17:26
mhalcrow_homersk: thanks17:27
socit uses ALSA PCM on front:0 (AD198x Analog) via DMA17:27
ubotuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto17:28
ubotuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto17:29
_Lucretia_what's the difference between videooverlay and opengloverlay? which should I use? thanks17:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about evil - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:29
dbmoodb... just watch aa and skype -- a while back it was going firefox password looking apparently17:30
dbmoodbapp armour17:30
socsorry, closed the window17:31
soccrimsun: alsa-utils doesn't get started ... is that normal?17:31
socjust looked into services17:32
socagain ...17:33
sparr_it's gonna be a long day...  http://rafb.net/p/ZAQlHC81.txt17:34
dbmoodbwhat now sparr_17:34
dbmoodboh that is nothing17:34
sparr_damn, didn't mean to have two copies in there17:34
dbmoodbsparr_:  i have removed ubuntu-desktop before and then apt-get installed it (for fun)17:34
dbmoodband all the deps of it pretty much (bar what i needed to reinstall from a base system ;) )17:35
sparr_meh, ive got two (three?) -desktop package sinstalled17:35
PerunI get this error on boot: "/etc/rcS.d/S07resolvconf: line 48: /etc/resolvconf/run/enable-updates: Read-only file system"... whats the problem? '/' is mounted rw17:36
Roeycrimsun:  on hold17:36
Roeycrimsun:  I didn't do anything past my last message17:36
sparr_Perun: is / mounted rw at the S07 stage of your init?17:37
Perunhow can I fix it?17:37
draginxxIs anyone else experiencing weird problems with FF3b5in ubuntu 8.04? Like the text being displayed as a huge font for some pages?17:40
sparr_where can i find a list of ubuntu repository mirrors?17:40
mohbanais the new ubuntu going to have support for ext4?17:40
socmohbana: no ....17:42
socext4 was mostly a 2.6.25 thing ...17:42
_Lucretia_ok, in the screensaver view (this is with full 3d effects on) if the preview pane renders over the top of the power management window, what does that mean? also the preview pane flickers like mad17:45
=== fdd-0 is now known as fdd
crimsunsoc: it's invoked directly from udev.17:49
crimsunsoc: and it's not an ALSA issue (and thus not alsa-utils), because you've already heard it via aplay.17:49
atlefgot skype working on hardy 64bit, yay17:50
atleffor those of you who are interested : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43229517:51
bullgard4After upgrading to Hardy Ubuntu looses LAN connection after a while. Restarting the computer will bring up LAN connection again (for a while). nm-applet reports then a hardware address but no IP address. sudo ifdown -a followed by ifup -a does not restore the LAN (and thus the ADSL) connection. How to troubleshoot?17:52
crimsunbullgard4: which wifi chipset?17:52
ikoniabullgard4: sounds like a ppoe persitance check, how is your network card connected to the internet, router/modem etc17:53
bullgard4crimsun: Wifi is irrelevant as it is not operational.17:53
ikoniabullgard4: this is a wired connection ? how do you connect to the internet17:54
crimsunbullgard4: sorry, misparsed your statement regarding nm-applet.17:54
bullgard4ikonia: My LAN interface is connected to an ADSL router 'Fritz!BoxFon'.17:54
bullgard4ikonia: This is a wired LAN.17:54
ikoniabullgard4: ok, so your card doesn't appear to be able to hold onto it's IP address, if you do a dhclient on the card when it has the problem, do you see it searching for an address / getting one / failing / complaining ?17:55
bullgard4ikonia: My network card is a DHCP client. --  "sudo dhclient eth0" obtains: "No DHCPOFFERS received. No working leases in persistent database - sleeping."17:59
ikoniabullgard4: ok, so it appears your network card actually "goes away" rather than just lose an address18:00
ClintegerHey, everyone! I set up Samba on my laptop running Ubuntu. I have this desktop running XP, and I can see my laptop's samba share from XP but I can't see any workgroups in Ubuntu, therefore I can't see any of the computers, either. What do I need to do to fix this?18:00
bullgard4ikonia:  "to go away" is no exact description. What do you mean?18:01
ikoniabullgard4: become unavailable tot he system18:01
ikoniabullgard4: if the card loses IP address but responds to commands, that in my mind is different to the card not being able to participate on the network at a native level (eg: see the dhcp server)18:02
bullgard4ikonia: Yes. And please tell me what I have to do to re-establish network connection besides re-booting.18:02
ikoniabullgard4: What card / model did you say it was again please .18:03
_Lucretia_how do I get a list of screen modes that my monitor can handle?18:05
ankitHow exactly does Linux audio work... I've googled around and tried to figure it out myself, but I just don't understand it. What exactly is pulseaudio, esd, alsa, oss, etc.?18:05
_Lucretia_the ones I have were automatically detected, somehow18:05
bullgard4ikonia: lspci obtains: "Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ (rev 10). Nota bene: It worked all right in Gutsy.18:05
hyperairhi. supposing i have a wifi card that doesn't support WPA in windows,can i use wpa_supplicant with it on ubuntu?18:05
nemoankit: just a bunch of different sound systems people wrote18:05
ikoniabullgard4: ok, just going to do a little research18:05
ankitnemo: They can all run at the same time?18:05
nemoankit: depends on your card and their capabilities.18:05
nemoankit: a lot of sound system stuff was due to crappy audio cards18:06
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto18:06
ankitnemo: So which one of those is really the "best" if you have a good sound card?18:06
nemoankit: a decent sb16 never had issues with hardware mixing, but a crappy intel softchip needed a sound system18:06
hyperaireither way pulseaudio's really good whether your sound card is good or bad18:07
nemoankit: for a good sound card, probably doesn't matter much. use whichever one you want that offers the features you want.  esd is not recommended though18:07
nemohyperair: was getting to that :)18:07
mattikHello, what is version of fglrx in Hardy18:07
ankitwhy is esd not recommended?18:07
hyperairlatency issues18:07
nemohyperair: although for a good sound card he probably won't notice much diff.18:08
nemohyperair: pulseaudio offers networked sound support though, right?18:08
hyperairaside from mixing, esd does nothing18:08
ankitwell I'm using esd with festival for text-to-speech... what should I be using?18:08
hyperairpulseaudio? =p18:08
hyperairit supports the esd protocol18:08
ankithow would I configure festival to use pulseaudio?18:08
hyperairjust switch to pulseaudio18:08
hyperairdoesn't matter..18:09
hyperairfestival will automatically use pulseaudio18:09
hyperairmattik:  1:7.1.0-8-3+
ankitwell when I didn't have a configuration file, festival didn't play anything.18:09
ankitthen I added one for alsa, and that didn't work (device busy)18:09
mattikhyperair: Thank you very much :)18:09
hyperairankit:well if it's configured for esd, then it'll work with pulseaudio18:09
hyperairmattik: you're welcome18:09
ankithyperair: so... esd works... under... pulseaudio?18:10
hyperairankit: if i'm not mistaken, anything configured to use esd will be able to use pulseaudio18:10
hyperairpulseaudio supports the esd protocol18:10
hyperairbut no esd and pulseaudio shouldn't run at the same time18:10
nemoankit: device busy? :)18:10
hyperairapps which are configured to use esd will think that they are using esd, but actually use pulseaudio18:11
nemoankit: sounds like your card is crappier than initially reported :-p18:11
hyperairnemo: agreed18:11
ankitnemo: well I think it's just not properly configured...18:11
nemoankit: nope18:11
nemoankit: I mean, yes...18:11
nemobut even if it wasn't properly configured18:11
hyperairimproper configuration doesn't matter if your sound card is good18:11
nemoyou wouldn't get device busy on a $10 SB1618:11
linasI've got som many problems with Hardy, I don't know where to begin18:11
TheOriginalRippecan i remove firefox 3 beta 5 and install
linasJust about no app works18:11
linasgnoem terminal is blank18:11
linasfirefox doesn't start.18:12
=== [NNUser] is now known as ike_x
hyperairTheOriginalRippe: just install firefox-2 and switch your default browser to that18:12
linasgnome panel hangs18:12
linasmost apps don't start.18:12
ankitI get "unable to open slave" when I try and use ALSA18:12
linasOnly knoquereor seems to work.18:12
hyperairlinas: pulseaudio issues imo18:12
khamaeldoes hardy have better support for webcams than gutsy?18:12
hyperairlinas: when pulseaudio hangs, then gnome-terminal and a whole lot of other apps go weird18:12
linaswhy would pulseaudio cause gnome panel tocrash, and gnome terminals to not work?18:12
hyperairgod knows18:13
hyperairprobably a bug18:13
hyperairGNOME sounds perhaps18:13
=== Seveas changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto | RC Rel. Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/RC | Final release April 24
hyperairi just know that when my pulseaudio hangs, gnome-terminal is a black screen with no input for me18:13
linasI suppose maybe I can uninstall it .18:13
nemo*sigh* I was really really hoping that last kernel update had finally fixed bug #217809 for me :(18:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 217809 in linux "iwl3945 does not associate in Hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21780918:13
hyperairlinas: you shouldn't. just restart it18:13
nemoah well...18:13
linasPackage pulseaudio is not installed, so not removed18:14
ankitkhamael: in general, I've noticed that Hardy's got better support for most hardware out of the box than Gutsy...18:14
hyperairlinas: are you sure you're using hardyO_o18:14
nosrednaekimlinas: are you running Kubuntu?18:14
linasI did apt-get dist-upgrade a month ago, and its been a total didster for a month now18:14
khamaelankit: ok. lets hope18:14
ankitkhamael: what sort of webcam?18:15
linasno not kubuntu, regular ubuntu18:15
khamaelankit: microdia18:15
hyperairlinas: try a fresh install. sounds like it screwed up halfway18:15
duncanmis there a way to tell apt to put the downloaded packages somewhere else?18:15
linasI've done about 2-3 fresh installs, and none help18:15
hyperairlinas: you're also advised _not_ to use apt-get dist-upgrade, but use their upgrade program from update-manager18:16
linaserr .. rather ..18:16
hyperairwhat happens with the fresh installs?18:16
linaswhat's the correct way to do a fresh install?18:16
hyperairdownload a livecd18:16
linasI recently did an apt-get install --reinstall on all packages, that didn't do a thing18:17
hyperairbackup your /home18:17
linasI can't burn CD's18:17
hyperairthat just sucks ><18:17
ankitkhamael: some people seem to have that one working, so you have hope...18:17
linasI'll ask someone to burn me one I guess...18:17
hyperairlinas: try sudo apt-get --reinstall --purge "*"18:17
hyperairoh and make sure you've got ubuntu-desktop18:18
hyperairthe package i mean18:18
ang3lo5hello i have ati driver istalled but my video playback looks kind crapy...any ideas18:18
unimatrix9 i have seen a really nice theme on an hardy beta version  , wich gives the gnome dropdown menu an colour line on the left of it, does any one know how to achive this, or what theme it could be?18:18
linashmmm hyperair, I will try that.18:18
nemoang3lo5: "kind crapy" is a bit vague18:20
nemoang3lo5: can you improve the specificity of that18:20
hyperaira screenshot would help lots18:20
ang3lo5it is not smooth...18:20
hyperairor tearing?18:21
hyperairwhat video card?18:21
ang3lo5choppy eaven hd videos...my card is a x800 series18:21
nemowould kind of expect hd to be more choppy on a wimpier card18:22
nemonot less :-p18:22
ang3lo5i tried vlc in order to tweak the preferences but nothing happend18:22
ang3lo5on win i dont have any problems even with HD videos18:23
ang3lo5the video its like it runs on lower resoloution18:23
DanaGYay, I'm back now.18:23
DanaG"   the "Completely Fair Scheduler", a new process scheduler introduced in Linux 2.6.23 that provides improved interactive performance.  " -- bull.   Not without CGROUP!18:24
nemoang3lo5: personally I use mplayer - might be interesting to run it from the cli in that, gives bit more feedback, and you can experiment with different video outs as you try to track it down18:24
hyperairx800 = what brand?18:24
ang3lo5i tried mplayer...it crashes18:25
ang3lo5x800 gto-MSI18:25
hyperairwhat drivers are you using?18:25
hyperairalso try going to gstreamer-properties (in the run dialog) and tweak your video settings18:25
ang3lo5the fglrx18:25
hyperairfglrx eh/18:26
hyperairi'm not sure about that one18:26
nemomplayer *crashes* ??18:26
nemowhat error does it give?18:26
hyperaircould your pastebin your "xvinfo" output?18:26
ang3lo5im new to linux...im NOOB18:27
ang3lo5thank u all!!!18:27
nemook. that was odd18:28
linashyperair -- apt-get --reinstall --purge "*"   gives me   E: Invalid operation *18:28
hyperairlinas: sorry.. sudo apt-get install --reinstall --purge "*"18:30
linasthe part that I don't get is that I've been running debian unstable on vairous machines for almost a decade, and its been spotless and flaw-free. Buy contrast, In Hardy, basically just about nothing has worked yet.18:30
DanaGfirefox 4.0?18:31
linaseMaX: Regex compilation error - Invalid preceding regular expression18:31
DanaGNow there's a Firefox 4.0 package?18:31
ankitDanaG: damn, they move fast...18:31
ankitDanaG: I was still on just a week or two ago...18:32
_Rambaldi_i certainly hope its better handling firefox18:32
_Rambaldi_handling flash18:32
mrunagiwhat time on the 24th will hardy be released18:32
linasI can't begin toi imagine how hardy will even be vaguely rready by the 24th18:33
linasI'd say it has many  many months before its ready18:33
derspanksterI can18:33
mrunagiwhats broken in hardy that it wont be ready linas18:33
fadeyHi. I've upgraded to hardy RC. On booting I get :ALERT! /dev/sda2 doesn't exist. How do I combat that?18:33
linasmrunagi -- pretty much everything is broken18:33
linasit boots, but that's almost it18:34
mrunagiwhy are they releasing it then?18:34
derspanksternot much wrong with my install18:34
linasI can use konqueror, but only if I'm careful not to touch the gnome panel18:34
bazhanghardy is superb18:34
linasfirefowx doesn't even come up.18:34
linasgnome panel hangs after 5 minutes18:34
linasyou can't log out18:34
VadiHow can I restart the pulseaudio sound server?18:34
mrunagiill be using kubuntu18:35
derspanksterthe only thing I'm lacking is firefox extension that I became used to18:35
rcampbellinas: you must be doing it wrong18:35
Vadizionpsyfer: We got it sorted out and compiz now works, thanks much18:35
linasWhen my wife logs out, I have to ssh-in remotely, and killall -u all of her stuff so she can log in again18:35
_Rambaldi_linas that its only for you18:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 129142 in rss-glx "Really Slick Screensavers use 100% CPU" [Undecided,New]18:35
linasI can't imagine how its not like that for everybody.18:35
hyperairlinas: like i've said you've messed up your hardy installation big time18:36
derspanksterlinas: well, it's not at all18:36
linasI just can't imagine how it got so messed up.18:36
linasI've reinstalled a number of times, it seems to get a little worse each time.18:36
bazhanglinas you have done some damage to your own system18:36
rcampbellinas: sudo vi /etc/... lets you mess stuff up pretty badly on any distro :)18:36
linasLiek I say, I've been using debian unstable on about 3-5 systems for nearly a decade, and consider myself to be an expert.18:37
derspanksterperhaps you should start over18:37
linasI just can't begin to imagine what ius messed up18:37
linasand why reinstalls don't fix it18:37
bazhanglinas ubuntu is not for everyone18:37
mrunagiare u reinstalling after reformatting?18:37
mrunagior just on top of the current install18:37
hyperairhe's just running apt-get --reinstall18:38
hyperaira fresh install would be best but he doesn't have a disk18:38
ankitcompletely random comment for today: LaTeX is sexy.18:38
mrunagimy god dude....18:38
linasI've run other version of ubuntu on another 3-5 machines over the last 2-3 years, and those have been flawless18:38
linasIts just Hardy that is driving me nuts18:39
hyperairbecause you didn't bork your installatino through dist-upgrade18:39
mrunagiand they all have the exact same config?18:39
VadiDanaG: Oh, I really hope that bug gets fixed. These screensavers are sexy18:39
hyperairyou should have used update-manager18:39
DanaGAlmost every time I quite Firefox 3.0, it freezes on IOWAIT for a while.18:39
linasI did update-manager for the first one.18:39
mrunagii think you are doing it wrong18:39
bazhanglinas without specific info then there will be no fixes; you have been venting for quite a while now18:39
linasbut its graphical18:39
DanaGVadi: quick fix for that: edit /usr/share/applications/screensavers/(each screensaver name).desktop18:39
linasand I can't update remotely18:39
VadiDanaG: And change what?18:40
DanaGAdd the parameters '-x 60 -n'18:40
DanaGMakes it 60FPS max, and Nice.18:40
linasso I have the chicken-egg problem: nothing graphical works, so I have to do everything from ssh18:40
hyperairlinas: dist-upgrade has always been weird, especially if you upgrade before the release18:40
linasI don't know what specific info to give.18:41
zionpsyferVadi: Nice!  Glad you got it working. Wish I'd had been more help.18:41
linasI don't know how to get out of this jam.18:42
derspanksterlinas: expert or not, I think you borked your box somehow18:42
linasI've been trying for a month.18:42
VadiDanaG: With the ' or without?18:42
linasso How do I un-bork it?18:42
bazhanglinas well you have shared your opinion; no need to repeat it ad nauseam18:42
linasI'm stumped.18:43
VadiDanaG: that didn't quite work, at least previewing still hogs the cpu18:43
linasI need a "borked" detector.18:45
DanaGHmm, try running the screensaver itself.18:45
DanaGOh, and without »'« that thing.18:46
ankitWhoa.... suspend... it... worked.18:46
VadiDanaG: What's the command?18:46
VadiDanaG: I'm trying it with the "Helios" one18:46
ankitSuspend worked! Right out of the box! NO WAI.18:46
sailaway85just added kde and noe the windows cant be moved and cant be resized anyone know how to fix18:46
DanaGgnome-screensaver-command -a18:46
DanaGfor -activate18:46
sailaway85noe = now18:46
VadiDanaG: It works beautifully but still hogs18:47
Vadisailaway85: Try doing alt+f2 and "metacity --replace"18:47
VadiDanaG and my "/usr/share/applications/screensavers/Helios.desktop" file only has this in it: -x 60 -n18:48
philip_I can't seem to change the panel autohide preferences in gconf-editor (ie hide delay, unhide delay etc). Anyone having this problem?18:48
TATTERSjust installed hardy and my graphics not working how do I reconfigure it to use vesa mode, dpkg-reconfigure is not used anymore is that right?18:49
linasSo ... aside from burning CD's, is there any way to reinstall from a shell command? None of hyperair's apt-get commands seem to be valid18:49
taconeupgrading for gutsy should I add manually relatime to /etc/fstab ?18:50
DanaGDOes it have -r for --root?18:50
VadiDanaG: The .desktop file?18:50
VadiDanaG: no, it was completely empty and I just pasted your command in.18:51
DanaGAah, try it with one of the others, such as flux.18:51
DanaGPerhaps Helios is just a cpu hog by nature.18:51
VadiDanaG: Can I pick another one, really don't like flux18:52