FujitsuWill apport's upgrade failure stuff also be disabled post release?00:26
FujitsuOr just crashes?00:26
TheMuso_asac: According to that bug, it doesn't work for a user.00:29
crimsunTheMuso_: just asked for follow-up, thanks00:36
crimsunTheMuso_: more than likely, the stale gconf config is loading the detect module that attempts hw:0 after default is opened, and that will fail.00:41
crimsuns/loading/loaded by/00:41
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crimsunTheMuso: it appears to be a race in the load order of suspend-on-idle and alsa-sink modules02:57
Hobbseei'm really hating the fact that if i plug the power in when it gives me the warning about critical power, laptop will shut down if you dont' put the power in, that it just shuts down a few mins later anyway.03:29
Hobbseebah.  that sentence failed the "making sense" idea.03:44
Hobbseei hate the fact that the power manager says "plug in now to avoid a shutdown", then shuts down in a few minutes anyway, even if you do plug in.03:45
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FujitsuHobbsee: Hm, doesn't do that for me.03:51
FujitsuAnd I often get that warning.03:52
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FujitsuTheMuso: As a Canonical person, can you poke somebody to unbreak LP?04:29
TheMusoFujitsu: Whats up with it?04:30
* TheMuso is about to head out.04:30
HobbseeTheMuso: it's broken.04:30
FujitsuIt's hanging, returning OOPSes with the ID `None', and some of the appservers seem to just not be working.04:30
HobbseeFujitsu: they'll be asleep, it's a weekend.04:30
FujitsuAnd my usual sysadmin-waking contact is also asleep.04:30
TheMusosorry guys, heading out with family and kinda gotta go now...04:31
FujitsuOK, see you.04:31
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Hobbseeoy!  someone broke sudoku!08:26
Hobbseewe can't release with that!08:26
FujitsuHobbsee: WFM. What's borked about it?08:32
HobbseeFujitsu: can't launch it08:32
Hobbsee  File "/var/lib/python-support/python2.5/gnome_sudoku/game_selector.py", line 151, in make_saved_game_model08:36
Hobbsee    sudoku.sudoku_grid_from_string(g['game'].split('\n')[1].replace(' ','')).grid,08:36
Hobbsee  File "/var/lib/python-support/python2.5/gnome_sudoku/sudoku.py", line 232, in sudoku_grid_from_string08:37
Hobbsee    assert(len(s)<=GROUP_SIZE**2)08:37
FujitsuRemove the saved game?08:42
HobbseeFujitsu: where is it?08:43
Hobbseeworks on a new profile.  must be a config issue08:43
Hobbseei just can't find the saved game08:43
Hobbseeah ha.  .sudoku08:44
FujitsuIt'll be in ~/.gnome2/gnome-sudoku.08:44
FujitsuOr there, maybe.08:44
* Hobbsee didn't check for the obvious place08:44
Hobbseeyeah, that fixed it08:44
FujitsuYeah, ~/.sudoku is right.08:44
Fujitsu~/.gnome2/gnome-sudoku is the generated ones.08:44
FujitsuI can't see how a game could have violated that assertion.08:45
Hobbseeno idea....08:49
HobbseeFujitsu: i like the winning screen now.  it reminds me of my myspace page.08:52
realistHobbsee: I'm not sure if that's a good thing?08:54
Hobbseerealist: of course it is!08:55
FujitsuOh yes. It's a very good thing indeed.08:55
Hobbseeit was a *lovely* page.08:55
FujitsuI was disappointed to find it missing several months ago :(08:55
* Hobbsee shakes her fist at the evil myspace page for deleting it08:55
Hobbseeer, people08:55
FujitsuAw... why did they delete it?08:55
realistI've never seen one that doesn't look like a dog's breakfast08:55
Hobbseei'm assuming they did, as it's not there now08:55
Hobbseerealist: oh, you never saw it?08:56
FujitsuIt was a work of art.08:56
HobbseeFujitsu: the comments were the best08:56
FujitsuI wonder if archive.org caught it.08:56
realistHobbsee: Nope, but it sounds like it was amazing.08:56
FujitsuArgh, no.08:56
Hobbseerealist: similar to http://www.klickibunti.org/buntibunti.php08:57
Hobbseerealist: with added bits about people cursing me for burning their eyes out.08:57
FujitsuYeah. And the pony.08:57
Hobbseeand "it bothers you less the longer you look at it.  SERIOUSLY!"08:57
Hobbseeforgot about the pony for a bit there08:58
Mithrandirmm, ponies.08:58
Mithrandiralmost as good as brains.08:58
FujitsuNot even close.08:59
* Hobbsee hugs Mithrandir08:59
Mithrandirwhy do you run around with your at on?08:59
FujitsuLook, a Mithrandir! Haven't seen one of them around these parts in a while.08:59
MithrandirFujitsu: I've been around08:59
HobbseeMithrandir: it makes good armour.08:59
Mithrandirnew job and such takes most of my time, though.08:59
realistI've never understood the pony references...09:00
* Hobbsee uses the @ as a shield against Mithrandir09:00
* Fujitsu steals Hobbsee's donut.09:00
* Hobbsee steals Fujitsu's computer, but happily lets Fujitsu have the donut.09:00
realistThat doughnut looks more like a snail!09:00
Fujitsurealist: But it's no good stealing snails.09:00
Hobbseerealist: http://i-want-a-pony.com/09:00
* Mithrandir ruffles Hobbsee back09:01
FujitsuYou can never beat the April Fools Slashdot theme.09:01
Hobbseeheya ogra09:01
HobbseeFujitsu: now, if slashdot put in that background....09:02
realistHobbsee: ahhh09:02
FujitsuI'm glad to see it's valid XHTML 1.1, too.09:02
FujitsuIt just needs the scrolly rainbow background now.09:02
* Hobbsee heads out for a while09:04
Hobbseeenjoy the rainbows.09:04
realistI just discovered a new pet peeve today09:04
realistUsing proprietary software, you have more reliance on the vendor for support09:05
realistWhereas, help for F/LOSS is a mere google search09:05
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Hobbseerealist: this was a surprise to you?11:30
Whoopiemjg59: yes, there's a uevent BAY_EVENT=3, but the drives are "deleted" automatically, so that I don't know if a script has the time to unmount the drives successfully.11:31
lagaoh my god. mjg59. *cries*11:31
lagamjg59: i stayed up until 2am to read your blog. you rock.11:31
realistHobbsee: it'd never occurred to me before today.11:31
Hobbseerealist: ah.11:32
mdkeneed a bit of help with sed. Is there a way to replace all instances of X in a file, but only where they appear in a line containing the string Y?11:33
Hobbseemdke: i'm sure there's a more elegant solution, but why not grep for Y, pipe the output thru the sed command, then save to a file?11:34
realistmdke: use awk?11:34
lagaHobbsee: because anything not Y will be missing?11:34
Hobbseelaga: good point11:35
mdkerealist: I'm not familiar with awk, is it easy to learn?11:35
affluxmdke: sed '/Y/s/X/Z/g' -- where Z is the "new" pattern11:37
affluxerr, new string that is11:37
mdkeafflux: ok, thanks - I'll try that. is it ok just to escape "/" in the pattern with a period or do I need something else?11:38
highvoltageHobbsee: hmm, the problem with your solution would be that you lose the lines that doesn't contain the string11:39
affluxmdke: not sure, try it :P11:39
Hobbseehighvoltage: yeah, you'd need a if else thing.11:39
affluxmdke: ah, according to the manpage Y is a regex11:39
highvoltageit works here11:41
highvoltagereplace foo with bar in every line that contains STRING:11:41
highvoltagesed /STRING/s/foo/bar/g filename > newfile11:42
mdkedoesn't seem to work with backslashes in the foo and bar strings11:43
mdkeI tried to escape them with a period each time11:44
affluxmdke: hm? Can we see the command?11:44
highvoltagecould you give an example?11:44
lagaescaping with a period with in a regex?11:44
laga-with ;)11:44
mdkethe command I tried was sed '/Xinclude/s/./C.//./hu.//g' index-hu.xml > index-hu.xml11:44
mdkestring X being "/C/" and string Z being "/hu/"11:45
mdkelemme try escaping with a \11:45
* highvoltage was thinking the same thing11:45
mdkenope, that doesn't work either, results in an empty file11:46
lagamdke: try using "," instead of / for the sed command. eg s,foo,bar, instead of s/foo/bar/11:46
lagaor did you try to do that with the periods?11:46
mdkelaga: so I tried sed '/Xinclude,s,\/C\/,\/hu\/,g' index-hu.xml > index-hu.xml - that didn't work either11:47
affluxmdke: the following should work: sed '/Xinclude/s/\/C\//\/hu\//'11:49
affluxat least it works on a local test file I just made up11:50
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mdkeafflux: it works except for the "> index-hu.xml" bit, that seems to cause an empty file11:51
Fujitsumdke: That's because the shell overwrites it first.11:51
lagause sed -i index-hu.xml11:51
FujitsuUse -i on the sed, rather than shell piping.11:51
highvoltageok, you can put the /C/ part in brackets, that will make it find the string correctly11:51
realistMuch more elegant than my awk solution, at least11:52
mdkeFujitsu: ah, I see - thanks everyone11:52
mdkethat works alright :)11:52
realistcat file |awk '{match(Y) print gensub(X,Z) else print $0}' > outfile - or some such11:53
realistif(match(Y,$0)!=0) rather11:54
realistneeds a semicolon too - absolutely not tested11:55
mdkegah, there is one more thing11:55
mdkeif I need to use a "for y in x ; do" type script, and I need ${y} for one of the strings, how can I do that? It seems just to be putting ${y} in the file11:56
mdkesed, I mean11:56
mdkethe command I tried was:11:57
mdkefor i in *.po ; do y=$(basename ${i} .po) ; echo ${y} ; sed -i '/XInclude/s/\/C\//\/${y}\//' ../../index-${y}.xml ; done11:57
mdkebut sed takes ${y} literally11:58
mdkenot sure if I'm explaining myself :)11:58
affluxthats because of the ', try using " instead11:59
realist' would prevent shell expansion, yes11:59
mdkethanks afflux12:00
highvoltagemdke: try using " instead of '12:02
highvoltageoh sorry, didn't see that being mentioned already.12:02
hermanrhttp://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=311188#272 <-- Is this worthy of discussion with the APT developers?14:49
ubotuDebian bug 311188 in debian-edu-config "debian-edu-config: Messes "programmatically" with conffiles of other packages" [Important,Open]14:49
hermanrMy comment was a spin-off: Apt repository interoperability14:50
hermanrI suggested extending APT with metadata for declaring compatiblity between repositories.14:51
james_wwe discussed either removing debian-edu, or ripping out all of the parts that do bad things like this on Ubuntu to protect users14:53
hermanrThat's the manual short term fix.  I was concerned about the wear and tear on users, helpers and developers caused by the frequent bad surprises mixing of Apt repositories lead to.14:56
highvoltagemdke: fwiw, sed '/include/s#/C/#/hu/#g' filename works for me14:56
hermanrjames_w: IMO, mixing of Apt sources should not be as dangerous as it is.  It's powerful.  Sometimes it's even necessary.14:58
hermanrHowever, improving matters is not low hanging fruit. :-/14:58
hermanrjames_w: Has Ubuntu included Debian-edu in their proposed sources?15:01
james_whermanr: yes, it's in universe15:02
hermanrjames_w: That's implicitly endorsing Debian-edu, for better and for worse.15:03
hermanrAnd evidently, Debian-edu will not accept any responsibility for that.15:04
hermanrjames_w: Have you approached Debian-edu and asked them if they are willing to support cross-installations like that?15:04
hermanrjames_w: Or, vice versa, has Debian-edu approached you?15:05
* hermanr is only loosely involved in debian-edu now15:05
james_wnot me personally, no.15:05
james_wI'm not sure what would be required for cross installations.15:06
hermanrI just resent situations where pointing fingers lead to people washing their hands.15:06
james_wif you want to look at the viability of making debian-edu work on Ubuntu, that would be appreciated15:08
james_wotherwise I think that just neutering the package so that user's can't harm their installations is the best approach.15:08
hermanrI'm not into the tech side of it, so I'm afraid not. :-(15:08
james_wI have a suspicion that most people are just interested in the meta-packages, rather than the configuration stuff.15:08
hermanrSo there should be a derivative that isn't "real" Debian-edu, just a dry run with all the packages?15:09
hermanrAlas, it won't work for a full Debian-edu setup.  And that has to be made clear!15:10
jdonganyone know the timeline for vmware server in Hardy partner?15:12
hermanrAdaptive configuration that will never mess things up, irrespective of the environment, is hard!  That's why custom distros is such a common workaround.15:12
hermanrjames_w: Yes, I think you need to neuter the Debian-edu packages before adding them to Universe.  They make assumptions based on stock Debian.  Ubuntu isn't stock Debian, so the assumptions fail.15:16
socdid someone get pulseaudio working on 8.04?15:33
socis there maybe a bugreport already?15:33
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emgentheya people16:10
crimsunsoc: do you have a specific issue?  If so, please inform in #ubuntu+1.16:13
Darklockis tkamppeter ever around?16:24
johanbrDarklock: SeenServ- I last saw tkamppeter (n=till@p54BEEFAC.dip.t-dialin.net) 1d 13h 11m 59s ago16:26
mjg59Whoopie: On a Thinkpad? There should be a separate event when you flick the eject lever, which doesn't cause the deletion16:36
mjg59Though on most devices, all we get is the eject16:36
lagaslangasek: can you merge r1300 from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/debian-cd/mythbuntu-debiancd ?17:23
Whoopiemjg59: there isn't with my thinkpad R52.18:11
mjg59Whoopie: Did you get one with the bay driver?18:12
mjg59Whoopie: Ok. event=2 shouldn't destroy the device.18:13
mjg59Whoopie: The hotplug code is only called if event is 0 or 118:13
Whoopiemjg59: with the bay driver, I got a BAY_EVENT=3 on eject and 1 on insert18:14
Whoopiemjg59: and now, I only get 318:16
mjg59Whoopie: Ok, 3 certainly shouldn't be causing the device deletion18:18
mjg59Take a look at line 128 of drivers/ata/libata-acpi.c18:18
Whoopiemjg59: and now? ;)18:23
mjg59Whoopie: The hotplug call is only made if the event is 0 or 1 - the 3 should just go to userspace, and the device only be destroyed when you actually pull it out18:24
Whoopiemjg59: what i see in drivers/ata/libata-acpi.c in 2.6.25 is different from this: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commitdiff;h=237d8440cb2b104a3b97fc971a9bce67960bb61618:27
mjg59Whoopie: Are you using 2.6.25 or 2.6.24?18:30
Whoopiemjg59: 2.6.2518:30
mjg59Someone's broken it18:30
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crimsunTheMuso_: / asac: ok, I think I have a middle-of-the-road solution that addresses all the regressions from previous Ubuntu releases and allows hal-aware hot(un)plug.  I've been testing it for the past hour, and it seems reasonable.  I've added comments on the bug.19:26
asaccrimsun: interesting19:31
asaccrimsun: any idea why my pulseaudio might not start with device hw:0 being busy?19:36
crimsunasac: which pulseaudio config are you using, the default one in the current pulseaudio package or one patched?19:38
asaccrimsun: i think it should now match the one from your patch19:38
asaci manually changed it that way19:38
asacoh wait19:38
asaccrimsun: thumbs up from me :)19:47
asacogra: ^^19:47
asaccan you test that as well?19:47
asacogra: its bug 19288819:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192888 in libflashsupport "firefox crashes on flash contents" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288819:52
asac\sh: ^^19:52
slangaseklaga: done19:52
lagaslangasek: yay.19:55
superm1slangasek, did you talk to tjaalton already about fglrx 8.04?19:56
slangaseksuperm1: I think so, I think I declined it for final20:01
slangasekand recommended making it an SRU for 8.04.120:01
superm1even though it fixed a few of the pending issue w/ regard to the proprietary aticonfig tool?20:01
slangasekyes; there are always pending issues to be fixed, but I don't want to be accepting black-box upgrades between RC and final20:07
slangasekit should go through the SRU process at this point so we can take our time with it and make sure it's done right20:07
superm1alright :)20:07
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Adri2000slangasek: the debdiff for the tasks upload sitting in the queue is http://adrishost.net/~adri2000/ubuntu/toupload/tasks_0.13-1ubuntu1.debdiff, it will allow the package to be translatable in rosetta and its translations to be available in the langpacks20:45
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Whoopiemjg59: I can't find the commit where they changed your patch.21:25
popeyis it possible to specify the video driver for x to use when the live cd boots? to force (for example) to use intel over i810?21:32
popey(specifically for hardy)21:33
jojo4uhi! upgrade xubuntu 7.10 to 8.10 using update-manager -d fails on my sources.list. default sources.list works fine. should I file a bug?21:33
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ftacrimsun, i've tested your pulseaudio patch, looks fine for everything except wine. I used to run an app with padsp wine foo.exe, now it freeze during startup. and wine foo.exe has no sound at all.22:17
crimsunfta: you shouldn't be using padsp to wrap wine, since pulseaudio no longer grabs hw:0 but plug:d{mix,snoop}22:18
ftacrimsun, so, what should I use instead ?22:19
crimsunfta: what results do you get with aoss -- wine foo.exe ?22:19
ftacrimsun, no sound22:19
ftahm, wait22:20
fta"--" :)22:20
ftacrimsun, ok, thanks22:20
superm1crimsun, having pulseaudio grab dmix : doesn't that unintended latency?22:35
superm1*introduce unintended latency22:37
TheMuso_crimsun: Thanks will likely see it in my bug mail this morning.22:43
asacTheMuso_: bug 192888 ... good feedback so far22:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192888 in libflashsupport "firefox crashes on flash contents" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288822:55
beasty_anyone here in .deb building22:56
TheMuso_asac: Ok will take a closer look when I get to it in my morning email run.23:00
ScottKbeasty_: #ubuntu-motu is a better channel for basic packaging questions.23:02
beasty_ok thanks23:03
TheMuso_...and not so good feedback also.23:23
calccan someone who has access to look at this bug #218793 tell me if it is marked for OOo?23:27
ubotuBug 218793 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/218793 is private23:27
calcsomeone claimed this bug was related to OOo but i can't see it23:27
Fujitsucalc: That's nice and private. Maybe poke a security person.23:29
calckees: ping23:29
calcjdstrand: ping23:30
calci normally have access to security marked bugs if they are for OOo23:31
calcso that bug must be mismarked somehow23:31
calcor the user typoed23:31
Fujitsucalc: By default only the reporter and ubuntu-security have access to security bugs...23:32
FujitsuUnless you're talking about the OOo project, in which case that might be true.23:32
calcFujitsu: hmm maybe i am specifically added on OOo bugs then23:32
calcFujitsu: because i can see bugs marked as security in lp for OOo usually23:32
FujitsuRight, you are explicitly added by a member of the security team.23:33
calcFujitsu: ah ok23:34
calci don't have any marked that way currently to check on, i can see private bugs but that is different23:37
juliethe problem is I changed my system lang to persian then tried to change it back to english but now its stuck on persian, kde menu is stuck on persian23:48
keescalc: that bug isn't security -- I don't have access.23:49
calckees: ok23:49

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