TheMuso_xivulon: You were lookign for me earlier?00:31
xivulonah yes00:32
xivulonTheMuso_, you have vfat partition right? Could you install wubi there and see if virtual disks are created in c:\ubuntu\disks?00:33
xivulonno need to reboot00:33
TheMuso_viSure. Which version of wubi?00:33
xivulonthe one on the rc or website00:33
TheMuso_Oh right. Is that on the latest disk?00:33
TheMuso_Ok then.00:34
xivulonplease comment on00:34
TheMuso_What size should I use for disk space? Should that make a difference?00:34
xivulon>6GB if possible00:34
TheMuso_Thats certainly possible.00:36
* TheMuso_ has a 20GB partition reserved for wubi installs.00:36
xivulonbasically the issue seems to be that the part that creates the (empty) virtual disk files fails in vfat00:40
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xivulonevand, slangsek uploaded the metalinks on cdimage09:55
xivulonmy preliminary tests seem ok09:55
xivulonI got metalink verification and it is downloading the right image now (let's see if md5 works)09:56
xivulonand md5 does not work...10:42
xivulonfun day ahead...10:42
xivulonI think the md5 of the metalink file gets mixed with the md5 of the target file...11:07
xivulonhmm no the target md5 is correct... For some reason the md5 off the ISO is different11:22
xivulonah my fault, had an old partial download around (partial checksums are needed to avoid that).12:24
xivulonanyway green light for me, evand please test rev 49212:25
xivulonand upload12:25
xivulon492 is now the default download on wubi-installer.org12:45
xivulonevand can you please have a look at #195905?20:00
xivulonthe user name is fine, not sure if there is another issue with invalid chars in the windows name20:02
xivulonhmm and now got a new one:20:11
xivulonpartman-auto-loop: Error: Partition number 1 not found in /var/lib/partman/devices/=dev=sda20:11
xivulonMETAGET partman-target/no_root Type20:16
xivulonpreseed is in the bug report but looks good to me20:17
xivuloncjwatson, evand ^20:17

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