ftamozilla bug 42581400:21
ubotuMozilla bug 425814 in Reporter ""Report Broken Web Site..." Broken with Adblock Plus or No Script" [Major,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42581400:21
Jazzvafta, sorry, I was away for a while, so I didn't look a lot. Though, I noticed something strange - there's an audio sink, which is not used in the procedure which is supposed to play the song. That might be the reason (I don't know yet how do you play a song :))...00:30
ftaJazzva, you mean, how to test ?00:30
JazzvaNope. I'm looking into gstreamer docs to see what do you need to code in order to play a sond00:32
Jazzvathough, I might be wrong :)... Still learning :)00:33
Sergeant_PonyJazzva was it you I talked to last night about my tb and lightning freezing?00:38
JazzvaSergeant_Pony: A bit ...00:38
Sergeant_PonyJazzva: ok, cool. I have things running good. so far no freezes and the calendar doesn't lock things up either. saw that I was missing a required package.00:39
Sergeant_Ponydid some research on the website00:40
ftawhat required package ?00:40
JazzvaSergeant_Pony: Umm, that's wrong if the package wasn't installed ... What's the package that was needed and which one needed it :)?00:40
Jazzva*wasn't auto-installed00:40
Sergeant_Pony1 sec00:40
ftahow come it wasn't dragged in by apt during install?00:41
JazzvaMissing depend?00:41
Sergeant_Ponylibstdc++5  says libstdc++6 is installed by default on newer linux systems00:42
Sergeant_PonyI put in 5 and all is working great00:42
JazzvaAnd which package needed it?00:43
Sergeant_PonyI know the calendar needed it.. not sure about tb itself00:43
ftahardy ?00:43
Sergeant_Ponyall I know is it doesn't freeze anymore.00:44
Sergeant_Ponyyes hardy00:44
JazzvaBoth lightning-extension and thunderbird depend on libstdc++6, but not on 5... fta, I suppose you know more :)00:44
Sergeant_Ponywent by the website00:44
Sergeant_Pony(Many modern Linux distributions only package libstdc++6, which is incompatible with Lightning. Therefore please install the package "libstdc++5" or "compat-libstdc++" on your system before  installing Lightning)00:45
Sergeant_Ponyversion 0.800:46
ftaI don't do lightning, asac does it, you should either file a bug on lp or tell him when he's back00:47
mfethanks for hardening my browser!03:15
mfeit's like having my own personal IT department03:16
Jazzvafta, found the place where it stops... After disabling patch 90_...something.patch it plays the sound, but it doesn't stop it :)03:18
JazzvaWell, it initialized that audio sink, but not where I thought it should initialize... anyway, now to learn about sinks :)03:19
ftabut 0 extension03:21
JazzvaHehe :)03:21
ftaas it's on par with 3.0pre, i guess I can massively bump all my extensions03:22
Jazzvago for it :)03:22
ftaI'll script that tomorrow03:23
[reed]there's no point in using Fx4 for a while ;)03:25
Jazzvait's a pretty number :)03:25
ftai wanted to update my toolchain03:25
ftai've packaged it so it could be used along with ff3, not sharing the profile03:28
ftai just start with a clone of the main profile then, it will diverge03:29
ftahm, it's supposed to be minefield, not official branding03:30
JazzvaNot sure if this is right, but this only stops the sound when it reaches end of stream, and not when tea cup is clicked...03:40
ftaI expect it to stop when the cup is clicked03:40
JazzvaWe all do :)03:40
Jazzvafta, it works :)04:14
JazzvaI'll submit it when I wake up :)... just to clean it up a bit04:14
Jazzvain the meantime, I can give you this deb...04:15
ftai'm going to bed too. it's 5am04:15
JazzvaMe too... good night, all :)04:15
=== asac_ is now known as asac
JazzvaHmm, getting some strange FF behavior. If I run it from the menu it reports an error in browser.xul (I think), and if I run it from the terminal, it starts normally... Any ideas?12:51
JazzvaXML parsing error in chrome://browser/content/browser.xul, line 1001, col 7: <menuitem id="bookmarksShowAll"12:53
JazzvaThat's what it reports12:53
asacJazzva: any locale?12:54
JazzvaI think that serbian locale was installed in this update ... noticed it in the addons dialog, but unable to remove it...12:55
asacJazzva: you probably don't run beta5?12:55
JazzvaUmm... Just updated to what's in fta's repo12:55
asacJazzva: you should be able to disable extensions12:55
JazzvaI'll try :)12:55
asacJazzva: that calls for trouble ;)12:55
JazzvaHeh ... I know :)12:56
Jazzvalocale was the problem :)12:56
JazzvaThanks for the help :)12:56
asacJazzva: locale?13:00
asaci cannot really get that ... whats in your locales install.rfg?13:00
JazzvaWell, it starts from the menu, after disabling serbian locales13:00
asacplease tell me whats in the install.rdf then please13:01
JazzvaJust to find locale first :)13:01
asacof the langpack-XX@... in xulrunner-addons and firefox-addons13:01
Jazzvaasac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7585/13:03
asacJazzva: and what are you running? 3.0pre?13:05
asacimo those shouldn't be loaded then13:05
JazzvaOk :)13:06
asacJazzva: does addons really show you that its enabled?13:06
asac(and compatible)?13:06
JazzvaWell, it showed as enabled ... and compatibility check is disabled13:06
asacok that calls for trouble13:06
asacJazzva: could you pleast uninstall flash and try if the plugin finder wizard works good still13:07
asaci updated the database13:07
asacso there should be swfdec as well now13:07
JazzvaSure thing...13:07
asacit works for me ... but better have a second opinion on somehing like this13:07
Jazzvaswfdec, gnash and flashplugin-nonfree :)13:12
JazzvaIs swfdec good?13:12
Jazzvainstalling it anyway :)13:13
ftatoo bad those langpacks are bundled with tons of gnome stuff.13:54
asacfta: yeah ... not my idea to put that into gnome langpacks14:14
asackick ubuntu folks that said that they don't want any firefox langpacks on their CD14:14
mdkehey asac14:15
mdkeasac: we had a bug report about the homepage not working for the czech locale (cz) - there is a cz_CZ homepage file in ubuntu-docs, do you know if that is treated differently by firefox to the "cz" locale?14:16
ftaasac, we already have thunderbird-locale-ja and mozilla-firefox-locale-ja-jp, we could just merge all those into mozilla-locale-ja or something14:16
mdkeasac: it's bug 219842 if you can get LP to load it for you14:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 219842 in ubuntu-docs "firefox start page not showing in cs_CZ locale" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21984214:16
asacmdke: whats the accept language?14:16
asacfta: well ... that would be similar. we should discuss why they can't go into the general langpacks14:17
asaci didn't have time to do this discussion properly, but we can do that for intrepid for sure14:17
asacif kubuntu folks really don't want firefox kde users to not have langpacks, we can do the unified mozilla-langpack-XX approach you suggest. sure.14:18
ftawe have no control over the general lang pack and they arrived too late. we should have addressed that sooner14:18
asacfta: we have control in that we develop the software that wraps those langpacks.14:21
asacso we can decide what goes it ... however, you are right we cannot decide without coordinating, where those langpacks go in14:21
asacs/goes it/goes in/14:21
mdkeasac: what's meant by "accept" language?14:21
asacfta: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/rosetta/po2xpi14:21
asacmdke: please look in preferences -> content -> languages -> choose ...  what do you see there?14:22
asac(e.g. whats there in what order)14:22
mdkeasac: cs14:22
mdkeat least, that's in the dropdown menu14:23
asacmdke: ok. i see. most likely an apache rule issue again14:24
mdkeasac: I think the bug also refers to the local page, although I'm not sure. Should users who have "cs" see the "cs_cZ" local page?14:25
asacmdke: well ... unless usrs haeve never been online or they have the disk cache turned off, they won't see the local page anyway14:26
asacfirefox falls back to cache even if offline14:26
asacbut let me check14:26
mdkeasac: yes, although we have to assume that some users will see the local page14:26
mdkei.e. those without internet access14:27
asacmdke: yeah i am testing that :)14:27
* asac offline for a few minutes14:27
mdkeasac: great, I'll leave that with you. The same principle will apply to any language which has a specific "cc_NC" code in its ubuntu-docs homepage file14:27
mdkethanks again for the help14:27
asacmdke: file:///usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/locales/index-cs_CZ.html14:30
asacthats what i get when starting with cs langpack installed14:30
asacboth work: LANG=cs firefox  ... and LANG=cs_CZ firefox14:30
asacmdke: i cannot see the actual translation here because i am using the kubuntu alternative - which is busted14:31
asacbut the path is correct so it should work14:31
asacmdke: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7590/14:32
asacthats what is in the kubuntu package ... so the links are bad and thus kubuntu users won't have any translation14:33
asaci checked that its not a regression over gutsy and told riddell about it, but i guess he doesn't have the time to fix this.14:33
asacmaybe you know someone who takes care for the technical details of the lang packs?14:33
mdkeasac: I will tell nixternal. Thanks for testing - i guess the cs prob is only with the online page then14:34
asacmdke: thanks14:34
asacmdke: will you be avaialble later so we could talk about details for the update process of the online page?14:34
mdkeasac: ok, i'll look for you14:36
asacmdke: great. maybe nixinternal wants to be there as well :)14:36
asacnixternal ;)14:36
asacfta: ok firefox-3.0.hardy branch created for hardy-updates/security maintenance14:56
ftawasn't .dev good enough ? just a rename14:58
asacfta: .dev will be our release branch for current development distro15:00
asacat least it makes sense imo to use that branch for what was uploaded15:00
asacdamn LP code is so slow for me :(15:01
ftayes, since yesterday15:03
ftathey had a power outage15:03
ftait's back but slow since15:04
JazzvaAnyone who would help me in testing teatime? It plays the sound, but my computer also locks up when teatime is running ... dunno if it's teatime, since my system has been showing up some strange behaviour lately...15:10
Jazzvafta? :)15:10
asacwhats teatime?15:10
ftaJazzva, ok15:10
Jazzvaasac: some applet that's buggy ...15:10
Jazzvayou set the time and it popups a teacup and plays a sound when your tea is ready :)15:11
asacJazzva: what does java use for sound? alsaƟ15:13
Jazzvajava? dunno :)15:13
JazzvaI'm not really working with sound ...15:13
asacis that java applet at all? or gnome applet?15:14
Jazzvagnome applet15:14
asacwhere is the source?? bzr?15:14
JazzvaNo, it was just synced from debian, afaik15:15
Jazzvathere is a bzr at debian15:15
JazzvaHmm, maybe not... guess it was some other pkg15:15
JazzvaI got the source with "apt-get source teatime"15:16
asacsounds useful ;)15:16
asaci regularly forget my cooking ;)15:16
asacSergeant_Pony: hi15:16
Jazzvahello Sergeant_Pony15:16
Jazzvaasac: I guess you can use it for that :P15:17
ftaJazzva, see? it's useful after all :)15:18
JazzvaNot to me... I would forget to set the timer :)15:18
JazzvaBut that's my problem :)15:18
asacJazzva: do other gstreamer apps work well?15:18
asacJazzva: maybe fire up gstreamer-properties15:19
JazzvaFor me? yes... rhythmbox uses gstreamer and it works good15:19
JazzvaUbuntu is using pulse by default?15:20
asacJazzva: you should select ESD in that properties dialog i guess15:20
Sergeant_Ponyasac: I was told to talk to you about tb and lightning?15:20
asac(if not properly auto detected)15:20
JazzvaESD? Why not pulse?15:20
asacJazzva: is there pulse as well?15:20
asacthen use that ;)15:20
asacthought its a synonym for ESD15:20
Jazzvaasac: yes... and esd is not working for me :)15:20
asacSergeant_Pony: sure15:21
asacSergeant_Pony: go ahead ;)15:21
Jazzvaalsa, pulse and oss work, esd doesn't... fta, any system lockups so far?15:21
Sergeant_Ponyasac: I was having issues with lightning and tb freezing...15:21
* Jazzva hopes it's just his system that's buggy15:21
asacJazzva: i'd guess thats an application bug causing this ... if everything else gstreamer based is working well15:22
Jazzvaasac: Ok, I'll play around with sinks and try to make them use pulseaudio (since, ubuntu does use it by default)15:23
JazzvaIs that ok approach?15:23
ftaJazzva, damn, it's also forgetting my timers.15:23
ftanot your fault i guess15:23
Jazzvafta: It is? Haven't tested that :)15:23
JazzvaI suppose the application is buggier then... It also reported a lot oh unused variables at build time. I don't see the reason why they're left...15:24
ftaadd a new drink, remove the applet from your panel, re-add it, it's gone15:24
JazzvaI think it uses gconf for storing properties... Maybe it deletes them when the applet is destroyed...15:25
asacMirv: please test to unpack fi.tar.gz from my people.ubuntu.com/~asac/ directory15:26
asacMirv: that should fix the issue15:26
asacSergeant_Pony: did you figure why?15:26
Sergeant_Ponyasac: yes... after some research I found I was missing a required package.15:27
asacSergeant_Pony: which?15:27
ftaJazzva, alarm works fine, even when rhythmbox or mplayer is running and it stops when I click the cup. Good job15:29
JazzvaYay :)... That's cool15:29
JazzvaI'm looking for the documentation for panel functions that work with gconf...15:29
JazzvaTo try to fix that too ...15:29
JazzvaBut, there might be some other problem..  Can gconf entries be removed upon applet deinstallation?15:30
asacJazzva: most likely not15:30
ftaI don't think they should15:30
asacbut not 100% sure15:30
asaci concur with fta, its usually not what you want15:31
asacmaybe if you remove --purge that package  ... but since its user-settings that doesn't work either15:31
JazzvaRight ..15:31
JazzvaIsn't that creating a gconf mess?15:31
ftaasac, i've updated mozclient a lot, it's ready for mercurial now15:32
asacJazzva: well ... not more than any other app creates a $HOME mess when it leaves your  .APP folder around15:32
asacfta: yep, saw that15:32
Jazzvaasac: Good point :).15:32
asacfta: will you add git as well?15:32
asac(for midbrowser for instance)?15:32
JazzvaWell, I'll just try to find and remove the part of the code that removes gconf properties15:32
Jazzvaoff to lunch...15:33
ftaasac, yes, i just have a few more things to add for hg. such as DEBIAN_DATE=1234 should do ~hg1234~2008042015:34
ftamaybe use DEBIAN_REVISION instead15:34
asacyes, use that15:34
asacDATE should gather the proper revision if thats possible ... but if not, then just bail out with an error "date not support for hg"15:35
ftahere, the date is just for information, it's not used at all.15:36
ftaproblem of changing the variable is that it makes the code even more complex15:37
ftait's already a pretty complex makefile15:37
asacmaybe we should refactor it to untangle multiple backend support15:39
asacnot sure though15:39
asaci think we have to know what we need before doing the refactoring properly15:39
asacso for now add complexity ;)15:39
ftayep, that's why I did it that way. but after git and svn, it will be ugly15:41
asacfta: could you please set the branch details for https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~fta/firefox/mozclient either to merged or abandoned? so it doesn't show up in firefox branch list anymore?16:00
asacfta: should i mark the video branch as abandoned for now?16:09
asacSergeant_Pony: apparently you don't use our packages, but the upstream tarballs?16:12
JazzvaHmm, not sure why teatime removes entries from gconf. I'll submit this patch as it is now...16:47
JazzvaBTW, any other noticed problems?16:47
JazzvaHmm ... looks like weather applet also doesn't remember location ... It just loads the system-wide setting...16:51
ftayou mean, in the new clock ?16:53
JazzvaNo, the old weather applet16:53
JazzvaI set it to Canbera, remove it from the panel, add it again and it loads with report for Belgrade.16:54
Mirvasac: hi. the fi.tar.gz you linked to seems to work great here.16:56
fta-rw-r--r-- 1 fta fta  49755626 2008-04-20 00:45 xulrunner-2.0_2.0~a1~hg14385~20080416+nobinonly.orig.tar.gz16:57
fta-rw-r--r-- 1 fta fta 180626700 2008-04-20 17:50 xulrunner-2.0_2.0~a1~hg14385~20080416+nobinonly.orig.tar.gz16:57
ftaasac, ^^16:57
ftathe 2nd is with DEBIAN_KEEP_VCS=116:57
fta.hg is big!16:57
asacyea :)17:06
asacMirv: thanks17:06
asacJazzva: is sr your locale?17:07
Jazzvaasac: yes17:07
asacJazzva: i think its rather incomplete still so i will blacklist it now for hardy :)17:08
JazzvaHeh ... got used to non-localised Firefox, anyway ;)17:08
asacJazzva: will you finish the translation ;) ?17:08
Jazzvaasac: No problem...17:08
asacwould be nice as we could probabyl also figure the process on how to send back such translations to mozilla17:09
JazzvaJust to prepare the patch for teatime17:09
asacJazzva: if you need info how to create .xpi from the .po files you can export in launchpad, let me know17:09
JazzvaBTW, I sent mail to the coordinator of Serbian translation team, but still no reply :/... Though, I am a member of that team on LP, so I suppose it's no big deal if I just jump in FF translations :)...17:10
Jazzvaasac, ok...17:10
asacremember to start with xulrunner :)17:10
JazzvaI will :)17:10
asacits just 5000 strings :) ... so probably a week to get things up and another to flash out any issues ;)17:11
JazzvaHeh :)... BTW, there's a localised version on mozilla's site... Could we use that?17:12
asacit its in b5 then we probably already have it17:12
asacthen don't bother ... thought it wasn't released upstream17:12
JazzvaIt has a few weird shortcuts. For example, "Select all" is Ctrl+A, but in the menu it's Ctrl+ADD DICTIONARIES ... never saw that before17:12
JazzvaI'll take a look where it is... I think I had to install separate xpi17:13
JazzvaNope, it is in beta517:14
asacyeah ...we hsould have it then17:14
JazzvaOk. I'll just look later for those shortcuts...17:15
JazzvaFunny ... this package mentions debhelper twice in Depends line :)...17:57
JazzvaHmm... that was auto-generated from control.in. :/18:01
mdkeasac: still here?18:07
asacfta: can you please test the latest config patch from crimsun for pa?19:48
asaclooks good here19:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192888 in libflashsupport "firefox crashes on flash contents" [High,Confirmed]19:48
asacfta: please19:48
asacthat sounds like the best we can do now19:48
asace.g. thats with libflashsupport dumped19:49
asacand is supposed to cure all ;)19:49
asacfta: please comment on that bug if it still doesn't work for you19:50
asacfta: be sure that have the original pa config before applying that patch19:50
ftaam i suppose to kill pa ?19:59
ftaasac, ^^20:00
asacfta: it certainly needs to be restarted, yes.20:03
asacclean relogin should be enough20:03
ftado i need libflashsupport ?20:03
asacno that should go20:03
asac20:49 < asac> e.g. thats with libflashsupport dumped20:03
asacjust that config without libflashsupport should allow you to play multiple streams at once now.20:04
asacfta: welcome back :)20:17
ftaseems ok. I have sound everywhere. not sure for the crashes yet.20:21
asacfta: please comment on the bug20:28
asacfta: do you know if removing packges from ppa works now?20:29
ftait does. but it wipes out all versions of the package.20:32
ftacomment added20:44
asaclets hope doors are still open for this one20:44
Sergeant_Ponyanyone using "buttons" addon for tb?21:57
asacSergeant_Pony: i think used it once, but not for a long time22:02
asacno idea if that was actually the same extension22:02
Sergeant_Ponyhmm... it's supposed to replace the hotkey's and move to the next message instead of the next unread message. can't get it to work.22:07
Sergeant_Ponyunless I put up the wrong icons22:08
ftaasac, pa breaks on wine now22:13
asacfta: maybe ask crimsun in -devel22:18
ftajsut did22:18
ftakeyboard pref ui is broken, empty window22:21

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