darthanubisdoes anyone here have succcess with mythexport?01:54
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
rcampbel3just upgrade my master backend - lots of nvidia probs - nvidia settings doesn't detect nvidia X driver, dmesg shows it loaded... see on launchpad others having this problem... any solutions here?02:51
h3xdoes 8.04 install with xfs for /var/lib05:46
h3xin live cd, or should i use alternate05:46
sshirleyHey all. I have a newbie question about Linux in general. I want to run mythwelcome instead of mythfrontend first on bootup. How can I change the startup scripts?05:49
sshirleyDamn it's dead in here!05:54
h3xpretty much05:58
h3xthey're all busy watching tv. hahaha.05:59
sshirleyrighto :-)05:59
sshirleyAny idea on how to change the startup scripts on ubuntu? i want to run mythwelcome first before mythfrontend05:59
h3xi donno where they put that06:00
h3xi would start greppin06:00
sshirleygrep in /etc?? :-)06:05
h3x0rits probably in the home directory in a .* file06:06
h3x0rlike for xdm06:06
h3x0ror its in /etc/X11 is my guess06:06
h3x0rbut i donno its probably buried somewhere in /var/X11 or whatever06:06
h3x0ror is that xorg now06:06
h3x0rmy finger memory sucks06:07
zeke...and so we come to the crux of my dilemma...Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 24XX...and...Unable to execute "/bin/sh" for rc-default errors when trying to install Mythbuntu 8.0406:22
zekewould an alternate-iso possibly have better results?06:25
=== zeke is now known as gnub_daemon
gnub_daemonor has anyone ever gotten this/ know what it means?06:29
gnub_daemonpretty dead in here tonight06:46
alibyzeke you may want to run a disk check on your drive06:46
alibyI've had something similar happen and an xfs_check and xfs_repair fixed it06:47
gnub_daemonalready on the second disc check...the first one turned up errors in 8 files06:48
gnub_daemon9 this time06:48
gnub_daemongonna try an alternate-install...haven't had much luck with those in the past07:10
gnub_daemonbut that was with freebsd...I ended up without a desktop environ07:12
gnub_daemonI'm getting a "No UPnP" error when I try to run the initial setup...08:35
gnub_daemonNo UPnP backends found08:35
gnub_daemonanyone listening in?10:42
lagayeah, what's the problem?10:42
gnub_daemonfresh install of hardy...libdvdcss2, libdvdread3, ffmpeg and other codecs installed yet I can't get dvd playback in xine, vlc or mplayer10:44
gnub_daemonwhich is what got me into the whole reinstallation debacle in the first place10:44
MythbuntuGuest83hi, somebody from germany here who can explain me how to add the "premiere direkt" channels to mythtv?13:20
MythbuntuGuest83the get skipped by the channel scan13:21
BobSlobanyone know why i'd be having choppy playback in 8.04 on a c2d 2.13ghz, 2gb ram, 6800gt, using the restricted drivers? seems like no matter what playback settings i pick its choppy.13:25
MythbuntuGuest83try to disable the bob2 deinterlace13:26
MythbuntuGuest83i think its enabled in almost every playback group13:26
BobSlobokay, i made a custom profile... what would you recommend as my decoder and renderer?13:30
lagaMythbuntuGuest83: it's been discussed in the forums and on the mythtv-users mailing list13:32
MythbuntuGuest83laga thats my post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4746803#post474680313:32
MythbuntuGuest83BobSlob I am using the xvmc-nvidia setting13:33
BobSlobhmm... i dont even see that one. that the renderer?13:33
MythbuntuGuest83BobSlob sorry, as decoder standard xvmc and renderer xvmc-opengl13:34
lagaxvmc-opengl isn't supported. it will fall back to something else13:35
MythbuntuGuest83ok then I don't know which I use ;)13:35
lagait's still listed in the menu.. should be fixed :)13:35
BobSlobusing standard xvmc and xvmc-blit caused mythtv to crap out =P13:36
lagaBobSlob: maybe it's a problem with the video timing method. try opengl vsync?13:38
BobSlobi switched to just standard and its working okay13:38
lagai guess you don't need xvmc on the E6400 ;)13:39
BobSlobweird though, the "ticker" on sports channels is choppy as its scrolling... hard to read13:40
BobSlobxvmc is the best choice right?13:40
lagaif it's jittery, you can usually benefit from a 2x deinterlacer13:41
lagaBobSlob: no, it's just "a" choice.. check the mythtv wiki on xvmc ;)13:41
MythbuntuGuest83laga so you can't help me with premiere?13:57
MythbuntuGuest83ok danke trotzdem14:16
BobSlobthink i'd get better performance if i went to the offical nvidia drivers over the restricted drivers?14:39
jdugganmost definitly14:44
BobSlobshould i just use envy to install them?14:45
lagawhat's the difference between "official nvidia drivers" and the "restricted drivers"? ;)14:46
lagabut in any case, use envy, don't install from source14:46
jduggani think he's using restricted as in, 'useless' rather than to say proprietary14:46
a1faErr http://packages.medibuntu.org hardy/free Packages14:48
a1fa  404 Not Found [IP: 80]14:48
a1faclicky dont work no more :)14:48
a1fano, i am saying mythbuntu control panel is selecting 404 package tree14:49
MythbuntuGuest15just popped in to say thanks for advice yesterday - I got 8.04rc running and i'm very impressed - esp the multirec (3 recordings simultaneously on one tuner!)14:49
a1fa3 different channels?14:50
jduggan3 channels on the same mux using one tuner14:51
a1fawhy would you do that?14:52
a1fathey are having server issues over at medibuntu14:58
MythbuntuGuest15indeed, 3 channels on the same mux is the restriction - but 2 tuners means you pretty much have no chance of recording clashes15:14
BobSlobanyone have any ideas why my recorded shows display no video (i hear the sound, and in the menu the video shows in the little window)15:15
darthanubisBobSlob, may have to remove and readd your capture card from the setup15:17
darthanubisanyone with nuvexport or nythexport experience?15:18
darthanubisnuvexport is not renaming the file correctly15:19
darthanubismmythexport is not working at all15:19
darthanubisnuvexport is not renaming the files it creates correctly, then end up like this %t_-__00_(04).avi15:21
BobSlobdarthanubis: okay... although i dont see how that'll work... the video is recorded15:29
a1fa3 MUX?15:29
a1fawtf is a mux?15:29
BobSlobi can hear the sound, just no video15:29
darthanubisI miss understood the ?15:30
BobSloboh.. np =D15:30
darthanubis!google | a1fa15:31
ubotua1fa: google is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux15:31
a1fa!google | ubotu15:31
ubotuubotu: google is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux15:31
darthanubisIn electronics, a multiplexer or mux (occasionally the term muldex is also found, for a combination multiplexer-demultiplexer) is a device that performs multiplexing; it selects one of many analog or digital input signals and outputs that into a single line.15:33
a1faso i dont get it what does have to do with recording 1 show 3 times15:33
a1fadoesnt make sence15:33
BobSlobsomeone mentioned to me, a plugin or something that could download missing episodes off usenet automagically within mythtv16:07
BobSlobany truth to that?16:07
laganot gonna happen16:08
Raspberryhmm -- so my problem of mythtv-frontend not holding focus...  must have something to do with either the SVIDEO out to the TV (2nd display) or it has to do with the fact that I upgraded the mythtv box from 7.10 to 8.04 -- my 8.04 workstation that has been installed since Alpha2 -- works fine with the frontend19:16
bogus-is there also a way to setup mythbuntu via usb?19:17
superm1via usb stick?19:18
superm1you can copy all the contents of the iso to the stick19:18
superm1and then install grub/syslinux19:18
superm1or similar19:18
lagaRaspberry: wait. you have a dualhead setup? yeah, mythfrontend tends to loose focus then, especially if you do work on the other head19:19
bogus-hmm nm, the machine doesn't support it :p19:19
Raspberrylaga: the tv is the only head... i think i explaned things wrong earler :)19:27
mary|mythi just tried to give mythbuntu 8.04 a try, I'm using it as a live frontend19:39
mary|mythbut it isn't able to play recorded programs19:39
mary|mythit gives: NVP::OpenFile(): Error, couldn't read file: myth://
mary|myththe previews show up in the recorded programs window19:40
mary|mythand livetv works19:41
mary|myth...i guess i just want to know if I'm doing something wrong or if i should report a bug19:41
mary|mythi think there should be a file appended after myth:// but there isn't one19:44
mary|mythand i don't know why19:44
superm1mary|myth, is that on a secondary backend that you are connecting to?19:50
superm1or to a primary?19:50
superm1hm okay then it isn't likely a recording prefix error19:51
superm1is that the right ip of the backend?19:52
superm1is it listening on that port?19:52
superm1try nmap..19:52
mary|mythmy other frontends work :/19:52
superm1what kind of video card?19:53
superm1maybe xv isn't working..19:53
mary|mythi did have to change the video player19:53
mary|mythbut livetv from the backend is working19:53
superm1just recordings dont work?19:53
superm1that's really bzr...19:53
mary|mythand they show up in their preview19:53
superm1well the preview does different stuff19:54
mary|myththose silly mini-videos in the right corner19:54
superm1so i would think that's much to go on19:54
superm1do you have a secondary backend setup anywhere?19:54
superm1or have you ever?19:54
mary|mythi don't think so19:54
superm1possibly with the same hostname that you are using on the live disk19:54
mary|mythi set it to always stream recordings from the backend, before that it was saying that it could find /home/mythtv i think20:00
mary|mythi just tried setting a different hostname in the mysql.txt and that didn't change anything20:13
superm1does the mythfrontend log indicate that error, or the backend log?20:17
mary|mythi don't see any errors in the backend20:18
superm1does the backend by chance complain at the same time about anything?20:18
superm1 hm20:19
superm1well could you by chance do an install from live disk somewhre?20:19
superm1and see if it persists upon install?20:19
mary|mythunfortunatly i don't can a computer to do it on right now20:20
superm1even to a flash drive?20:20
mary|mythno :/20:20
mary|myththats why i was trying the live mythbuntu20:20
superm1i've had no issues with it in the past, so it's a bit surprising this is cropping up20:21
superm1especially if other frontends work20:21
laga(i sometimes get "recording not foundt" too but i havent investigated yet)20:23
mary|mythin one of my google searches, someone said they were missing a perl script20:26
mary|mythbut didn't say what it was20:26
mary|mythjust one of those "oh i fixed it, was missing a perl script"20:27
superm1shouldnt be using perl for anything at that time....20:27
superm1and anyhow libmyth-perl is installed already20:27
lagamaybe optimize_mythdb.pl or myth.rebuilddatabase.pl but i doubt that.20:30
superm1especially on playback20:32
mary|mythi just noticed up two likes it gives: 2008-04-20 19:36:40.227 GetRecordBasename found no entry20:37
lagai used to see these 1-2 months ago, then i updated from trunk to 0.21, now it seems to be back..20:37
lagaalthough it's still possible it's just a case of bad reception for me20:38
superm1mary|myth, can your database for consistency20:38
superm1see if you can repair some tables20:38
superm1mythweb has a nifty button for that20:38
mary|mythhm mythweb stopped working when it update to .21 and i haven't looked at it since20:39
superm1related issue possibly :)?20:39
mary|mythmythweb is fixed20:39
mary|mythi hadn't tried it in a long time20:40
superm1well you know an important question here then based on laga's statement20:40
superm1are you working off the 8.04 disk?20:40
superm1or 7.1020:40
superm1yeah well try to repair the DB20:40
superm1see if there is any luck20:41
mary|mythmy backend is debian20:41
superm1well no one's perfect ;)20:43
mary|mythheh, its my fiance's computer not mine20:43
lagajust replace the sources.list, he'll never know20:44
mary|mythhaha, i tried that one time on a computer of mine...it turned out very bad20:44
mary|mythi had a ubuntu install and wanted to turn it into a debian install...20:45
lagayes, i imagine..20:45
lagai tried to convert my ubuntu i386 into and amd64 install once20:45
mary|mythi didn't care too much if it got messed up, i just gave it a try20:45
superm1well its actually very doable20:45
lagasuperm1: i386->amd64?20:45
superm1you need to first have an update to date i38620:45
superm1and then debootstrap an amd64 into another directory20:46
superm1and over write everything in i38620:46
superm1and then use apt to reinstall everything20:46
lagai tried to do everything in place20:46
superm1yeah that's never gonna work20:46
lagainstalling the amd64 kernel went ok, but glibc sucked ;)20:46
mary|mythok...my database is all 'OK'20:46
superm1well your fiance's database is okay.20:47
superm1but yeah20:47
mary|mythhis computer, my tv20:48
superm1it was okay before, or it is "now'?20:48
mary|mythwas ok before20:48
superm1well makes for a perplexing problem then20:48
lagawould be interesting to see the database entry for one of the affected recordings20:57
mary|myth*all* recordings are like this20:58
mary|mythbut only with this frontend20:58
superm1are all the others the same os?20:58
superm1or what are they?20:58
mary|mythmy laptop is running regular old ubuntu20:58
superm1well the backport is still very similar to the 8.0420:59
superm1so it shouldnt be anything major between the two20:59
superm1could you try to set a diff hostname in the live frontend?20:59
superm1in the gui20:59
superm1so it gets fresh settings20:59
mary|mythyeah, i tried that21:00
mary|mythand i tried the hostname from my laptop21:00
mary|mythand both had the same result as before21:00
superm1perhaps try booting that live disk on your laptop21:00
superm1to rule out some weird hardware issue of this machine21:00
superm1since you know the hw in your laptop works21:00
mary|mythheh, my latop is ultra portable, it has no CD drive21:00
mary|mythand this hardware worked with debian21:00
superm1using a prop graphics drivers?21:01
superm1or open source21:01
mary|myththe intel one21:01
mary|mythsame driver as my laptop21:01
mary|myth...and livetv streaming from the backend works21:01
superm1okay only other thing i could think is to bump the verbosity up on the frontend launch21:02
lagacan you pastebin the whole frontend and backend log?21:02
mary|myththat's the frontend21:06
mary|mythhere is the end of the backend: http://lug.mtu.edu/pastebin/273821:11
superm12008-04-20 16:05:46.272 RemoteFile::openSocket(control socket):21:12
superm1                        Could not connect to server "" @ port -121:12
superm12008-04-20 16:05:46.272 RemoteFile::openSocket(file data socket):21:12
superm1                        Could not connect to server "" @ port -121:12
superm1that doesn'g look very nice21:12
superm1nor that21:12
superm12008-04-20 16:05:46.273 RingBuffer::RingBuffer(): Failed to open remote file ()21:12
superm12008-04-20 16:05:46.326 RingBuf() Error: Invalid file descriptor in21:12
superm1you sure your other machines are working properly right now?21:12
mary|mythjust checked again21:12
lagai've had the same error messages21:13
lagalet me look at my logs21:13
* laga waits for his backend to power up21:14
lagamine seem different...21:17
laga2008-04-20 22:17:23.034 RingBuf(/GetPlaybackURL/UNABLE/TO/FIND/LOCAL/FILE/ON/screwless/56621_20080420165800.mpg): Could not open /GetPlaybackURL/UNABLE/TO/FIND/LOCAL/FILE/ON/screwless/56621_20080420165800.mpg.21:18
laga2008-04-20 22:17:23.039 RingBuf(/GetPlaybackURL/UNABLE/TO/FIND/LOCAL/FILE/ON/screwless/56621_20080420165800.mpg) Error: Invalid file descriptor in 'safe_read()'21:18
lagafrontend: 2008-04-20 22:18:04.944 Error: File 'myth://' missing.21:18
laga_lots_ of these.21:18
* laga looks at the database21:19
mary|mythi think mine might have been from when i tried to delete a recording from the live frontend21:20
mary|mythit didn't register i deleted it until i left the recrdings menu and went back into it21:20
mary|mythbut it did actually delete it21:21
lagathe recording i'm currently looking actually doesn't exist. so we might not have the same problem.21:23
lagamary|myth: you can try to change the LocalHostName in mysql.txt.. so you start with fresh settings21:23
lagaon your frontend21:23
mary|mythi tried that already21:23
lagaoh :/21:23
lagai used to have that problem when my BE and Fe had slightly different versions of mythtv.21:25
laganot saying that it's related, but it went away after upgrading to 0.21 :)21:26
mary|mythhttp://lug.mtu.edu/pastebin/2739 <- verbose one21:27
lagawell, i dont see any error messages at all in that one?21:29
laga'video_output' mean = '33340.60', std. dev. = '245.63', fps = '29.99'21:29
lagalooks like its working?21:29
mary|mythsee line 3721:29
lagaah, right.21:30
lagamary|myth: -v network might interesting, or -v database21:30
lagaboth will be huge21:30
lagayou can also combine them ;)21:30
lagaand why can i only ever find references to spongebob in my logs21:30
lagaokay, looks like i need to rescan my transports.21:31
mary|mythSELECT basename FROM recorded WHERE chanid = '1073' AND       starttime = '2008-04-20T02:00:00'21:35
mary|myththat is the query it is doing21:35
mary|mythand that is returning nothing21:35
superm1look at taht table and see what looks wrong related to it21:37
superm1perhaps a timezone issue?21:37
lagacan you work out what the query is on other boxes?21:37
superm1are the locales on your other boxes different at all?21:37
mary|mythmy other startimes dont' have the "T02" in them21:38
mary|mythinstead there is a space there21:38
lagacan you run  'export' on both boxes so we can see the environment? strip all sensitive information of course21:39
* laga goes to sort his channel list21:42
mary|mytheven without the "T" there isn't a recording at that time21:44
mary|mythit is 3 hours earlier21:44
lagamary|myth: can you please give us the output of "date" from both boxes?21:45
mary|mythSun Apr 20 20:45:35 UTC 200821:45
mary|mythSun Apr 20 16:45:46 EDT 200821:45
lagaokay, and where are you located?21:45
lagawell, can you see the problem? ;)21:46
mary|mythso, um, how do i change the timezone?21:46
mary|mythwithout a reboot21:46
superm1so sounds like we should have an option in the live frontend for settings timezone huh laga?21:46
mary|mythbecause usually i reboot21:46
superm1mary|myth, i think just tzselect21:46
superm1will do the trick21:46
lagaoh neat21:47
lagasuperm1: no. people just need to have their time (zone) configured correctly21:47
lagain the _live_ frontend21:47
lagasome graphical timezone thingamajic21:47
mary|mythi just used tzselect and date is still wrong21:47
superm1sudo tzselect?21:48
laga       Note that tzselect will not actually change the timezone for you. Use ’dpkg-reconfigure tzdata’ to achieve this.21:48
superm1so that it updates /etc/localtime and stuch21:48
* laga slaps superm1 21:48
superm1hey how am i supposed to know that21:48
lagai usually just update the symlink manually21:48
superm1what is the point of a utility to just "view" timezones21:49
superm1that seems incredibly un-useful21:49
mary|mythyay it works21:49
mary|myththanks! :)21:49
lagaand my backend works, too.21:49
lagaat least i hope that :)21:49
mary|mythdarn timezones21:49
superm1i think that we need an FAQ question on that21:49
superm1mary|myth, would you mind addin gthat to the FAQ?21:50
mary|mythis it just a wiki or something?21:50
superm1yeah it should be21:50
lagasuperm1: how's lost season 4?21:50
lagaany good?21:50
superm1well even if it wasnt21:51
superm1would you stop watching?21:51
mary|mythwhere is the faq?21:51
lagasuperm1: no.21:51
superm1yeah see21:51
mary|myththere doesn't seem to be a 8.04 section21:52
superm1well that will pertain to 7.10 or 8.0421:52
lagasuperm1: i'll probably be importing season 4 on DVD21:52
superm1just a general question21:52
superm1laga, you can't just watch via the intarweb on abc's website?21:52
lagasuperm1: i'm not used to such generosity on part of media companies21:53
superm1well they might lock it down for .de21:53
superm1but that's how i've caught up on all the south park (www.southparkstudios.com)21:54
laga"only viewers within the united states can watch these full-length episodes"21:54
lagai knew i should have rented a server in .us.21:54
superm1that's so ridiculous21:55
lagayup :)21:55
lagasuperm1: can everyone in the US just watch them in HD on the intarwebs? that's very neat21:56
superm1yeah but it's all add ridden21:56
lagahow much?21:56
superm1actually i dunno.  i've only ever used it to watch the start or end of an episode21:56
superm1that got cut off21:56
lagagah, i need to stop reading the episode description21:57
superm1some networks adblock works on though21:57
superm1like southpark's21:57
superm1so its not a bad deal at all then21:57
lagascrolling through 70 episodes of lost trying to find the correct one gives away lots of endings on my mythtv box ;)21:57
lagasuperm1: south park is ok21:57

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